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Saturday, March 31, 2001


1, 000 Violins - the greatest The Smiths inspired band ever!

Whilst browsing through the weekly new release e-mail that the nice folks send to me @ Rough Trade I noticed that a reissue compilation for an obscure English band from the mid to late 80s was listed - 1, 000 Violins.

1, 000 Violins were a special talent and recorded a number of John Peel sessions. They drew inspiration from The Smiths and Orange Juice, The Go Betweens but added a unique something. Indeed I recently commented in a music forum that 1, 000 Violins were one of the few very decent bands that The Smiths inspired.

The first time I heard 1, 000 Violins was on John Peel show in 1985 as a 15 year old, when I was intriqued with all this strange, esoteric music that Peel played that was annexed from pop mainstream of the charts - 1985 was a pivotal music year for me. At the end of 1985, the track like one thousand violins by 1, 000 Violins also featured in the esteemed John Peel listeners festive 50 at number 49.

This is a Brazilian website dedicated to 1, 000 Violins written in English!

Such is the brilliance of 1, 000 Violins music that I recall the melodies, the witty lyrics, vocal styles and guitar sounds of nearly every one of these tracks listed below, even though it is years since I heard them. They just had the ability to imprint the songs on to your psyche just like The Go Betweens and The Smiths.

Like One Thousand Violins", the new CD of One Thousand Violins was released on 02/18/2001, by Vinyl Japan Records.

It's a compilation of hits and B-sides.
The tracks are:
1. Like 1000 Violins
2. Halcyon Days
3. Locked Out Of The Love-In
4. Please Don't Sandblast My House
5. If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I'd Find A Way To Your Heart)
6. If Only Words
7. All Aboard The Love-Mobile
8. Almost Dead And Nigh On Forty Years To Go
9. A Place To Surf
10. I Was Depending On You To Be My Jesus
11. I Remember When Everybody Used To To Ride Bikes...Now We All Drive Cars
12. You Ungrateful Bastard
13. The Only Time I Got To Rock Was In My Granny's Chair

Of course the hits, referred to are the independent charts unfortunately - Radio 1's iron grip of the daft playlist system and wally DJs meant that 1, 000 Violins were never played on the daytime radio, thereby denying them of a larger audience.

the record label Vinyl Japan have more details of the reissue 1, 000 Violins

also 1, 000 Violins Discography

and it is not just me that likes 1, 000 Violins in the Freaky Trigger 2nd Year Birthday special Karen Scott - writes about One Thousand Violins - "You Ungrateful Bastard"

So if all this stimulates you they you know what to do ...order it from Rough Trade
and if you live in the US I notice that Siren Disc stock it as well.

Trust me if the music of The Go Betweens and The Smiths are your bag then 1, 000 Violins are very highly recommended, and if people still remember an obscure band and write about them, devote websites to them 16 years after the band was formed - then that tells you a lot about the artistic importance of this bands music.. even if you have never heard them before.. please trust my knowledge on this one, you will thank me..

# posted by DJ Martian 11:10 PM

Accelera deck

You can Real Audio samples of the forthcoming Accelera deck album, Digital Headrest at the Neo Ouija website under the discography section.

Official Accelera deck website.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:51 PM


New edition of XLR8R Issue 48 is now in the shops, picked up my copy yesterday.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:22 PM

Chunky Records: Forthcoming Release dates - Updated

Chunky Records: Forthcoming Release dates updated, including


Roots Wreck Remix. (Varunee) US Import
"Three years in the making from this Boston collective (founding member of the Toneburst Collective). An ambitious and warm hour long flow of dub, ambient, and sampled beats forming patterns of chill-out electronica and distorted psychedelic jungle, in three distinct thematical sections (Roots, Wreck, Remix). EOOS have performed with Looper, DJ Spooky, Yo La Tengo, We, Hrvatski, U-Ziq, Tranquility Bass, among many others, and they are currently collaborating on the next Cul de Sac album"

# posted by DJ Martian 3:46 PM

Pennyblack Music Forthcoming Releases - Updated

Pennyblack Music Forthcoming Releases has been updated a few albums that caught my attention are highlighted below

Aarktica : Morning One

Ochre OCH049.
Released On: 09 April 2001

'Morning one' is the follow up to aarktica's highly acclaimed 2000 debut album 'no solace in sleep' which received favourable comparisons to flying saucer attack, azusa plane, labradford and windy & carl. The 'no solace...' album was released on silber records based in north carolina. Jon de rosa is the sole member of aarktica and is currently is based in new york where he is studying compositions with dr kenneth valitsky, a former student of stockhausen. 'Morning one' sees a lean towards a more lush and intricate sound built on piano, glockenspiel, samples and voice in addition to the familiar guitar wash. Shoenberg meets glass perhaps? Alternative press on reviewing 'no solace...' stated "in this dark musical terrain, jon rolls out a remarkable new map, the kind used by adventurous travellers to move across stricken borders through unusual terrain and down lost highways. It is a work of unresolved tension, astonishing harmonies and timbres and spooky moments of forlorn beauty".

Andrea Parker : The Dark Ages

Quatermass QS120.
Released On: 09 April 2001

Surely needing no introduction after a plethora of releases on Mo'Wax, R&S and Infonet, and remixing the likes of Depeche Mode, Lamb, The Orb and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Andrea Parker releases a new 5-track mini-album exclusively on Quatermass. * With a running time of nearly half-an-hour, Andrea moves into deep, dark, pure electro territory, reminiscent at times of the likes of Two Lone Swordsmen or 7-Hurtz, but with her own unique blend of atmospherics and melody. Also available is a limited-edition, 3-track 12" version (see below), although you'll soon note that ALL FIVE tracks are up to the high standard you'd expect. The NME says "Brilliantly hard-hitting... a screeching rush of breakbeat electro. This is trademark Parker, equally mesmerising and disconcerting". Track listing: Empty Words, The Swamp, Expedition, Invasion, No Excuse.

Eblake : Limit

Delux DLX009CD.
Released On: 02 April 2001

Eblake is one e. Blake davis, current seattle resident and master musicologist. �limit�, his debut solo release, is a picturesque journey through refreshingly simplistic worlds, that reveal deeper territory with each listen. As a means to limit oneself and strip composition down to it's barest forms, �limit� suceeds with it's eerie "chamber house" sound and spliffed-out dubby ambience. From sparse ocean floors to lush dreamy vistas, acoustic chamber instruments rise out of a distant echo chamber as somber piano melodies circle above deep thumping bass tones. Combining cold dub-infused techno (a la chain reaction or plastikman) with the warm ambient naturalism of harold budd or brian eno, �limit� recalls the pulsing atmospheres of gas or early orb, with profound landscapes, lush mbv-esque moments, and a mystique redolent of hassell & eno�s �fourth world�. A highly recommended set that pushes the boundaries of modern ambient music, without ever once resorting to the hackneyed psychedilic tricks that have come to characterise the genre.

Re:mnant : Remnant

Constellation CST015.
Released On: 23 April 2001

First album of 2001 from the mighty fine Constellation label, home to GODSPEED, SILVER MOUNT ZION, DO MAKE SAY THINK amongst others. Awesome (as ever) Constellation artstock packaging. Re:mnant is a project of Aden Evens (Boston) and A Silver Mount Zion's Ian Ilavsky (Montreal). An album of sound collage grooves, MNANT features densely layered songs formed by overlapping loops and filter treatments whilst RE: relies heavily on the cut and paste technique popularised by microcomputers. File next to : FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, GODSPEED, MAIN.

Tennis : Europe On Horseback

Bip Hop BLEEP03.
Released On: 02 April 2001

Tennis is benge (ben edwards) and si-{cut}.db (whose mum knows him as douglas benford), both of whom are renown solo artists in their own right. Edwards runs expanding records, and releases cds on sub rosa. Benford has many aliases, including radial blend, phoenix jig, and pantunes, covering electronica, drill�n�bass, jazz glitches and dub. He runs the sprawl club and label, has worked with or remixed scanner, st etienne, janek schaffer, momus, and add n to (x), and has a shedload of compilation appearances to his name. Tennis is part of an on-going collaboration exploring digital and electro-acoustic sounds and rhythms combined with 2ist century audio software. Tennis' first release was 'wooden sweets' on cologne label electrochemicalresearch. This second album shows a development and progression of their sound into a harder, more digital / glitchy (but still accessible) rhythmic realm, with dub and german electro influences to the fore. Definitely one to rank alongside the work of such recognised greats as kit clayton, vlad. Delay, and pole (who has just commissioned tennis to provide a new track for his ~scape label�s forthcoming �staedtizism 2� set). Look out for plentiful reviews, plus ads in the wire and jockey slut.

Xploding Plastic : Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt

Released On: 23 April 2001

Imagine Charlie Mingus plucking the bass. Along comes Gene Krupa on the drums - only with four arms, and playing as if an evil spirit possessed him. Behind the decks Amon Tobin are sneaking in everything from samba rhythms to piano and horn samples. This is the sound of Xploding Plastix - a duo from Oslo, Norway, who could have been booked permanently at the residents of Jabba The Hut in "Star Wars. Xploding Plastix is Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen and Jens Petter Nilsen, with their mixture of obscure jazz-samples, cool beats, melodic feel, an "anything goes"-mentality and quite a bit of humour, they have created their own unique style. A kind of older Amon Tobin meets Scott Walker on a smoke filled sleazy jazz-club with a taste for film-noir. This is Balearic beats, lo-fi, state of the art-f*** upz, simply sweet! This is what the NME said about there debut UK performance during the In The City festival in Manchester last year : "Meanwhile, over at Jam, Norwegians Xploding Plastix - two nutcases with lots of small boxes and a terrible name - are offering upheaval of a different kind. Theirs is a big, disorienting future-jazz racket, splicing DJ Food's mad drums, Aphex Twin's time signatures and The Herbaliser's moodiest, cinematic bits. Awesome."

# posted by DJ Martian 3:21 PM


Recycle your ears review the latest Penumbra album.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:30 PM print edition to the hit the streets next week

Another new music magazine Magazine

# posted by DJ Martian 2:12 PM

Rothko - In the Pulse of the Artery

Leonard's Lair review Rothko - in the Pulse of the Artery

Jonathan Leonard makes a comparision to Yellow6, who featured in my top 10 albums of 2000. A closer comparision for me would be the highly underrated Larmousse who released their debut album last Autumn on City Slang.

Going back to Rothko I have been listening to it for two weeks now, what strikes me most about Rothko is the skill in the atmospheres they inject in their music working with limited instrumentation, primarily 3 bass guitars ! Some of the sound passages are intricate and sublime in their attention to detail, the music flows as you follow the bass guitar patterns ever changing and evolving. A pretentious music journalist would come up with phrases such as cathederals of sound, or sonic architecture - but they would be right.

At times the style is similiar to Peter Hook on Joy Division albums, and Mogwai but I keep coming back to the obscure 4AD 80s band Dif Juz as a strong reference point. If you are looking for expansive, dreamy and dark arty atmospheric instrumental music then I can highly recommend Rothko.

Rothko Music

In the Pulse of the Artery is also picking up good reviews in the press

***** "in the pulse of an artery" out now on Bella Union.

"it's so open ended as to leave you lost" - sharon o'connell, Time Out magazine.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:31 PM

Thursday, March 29, 2001


Chunky Records Forthcoming Releases - Cex

Chunky Records


CEX. Starship Galactica. (555) CD

"Six track EP of brand new tunes. Hot on the heels of the 2 previous sold-out 555 releases, and the well-recieved full length for Tigerbeat6, our 19 year old Cexyboy continues to teach his pretentious elders what electronic music is really about. More hip-hop and fuller sounding than his previous releases, but packed with as much sincerity and humour as ever. Its a good time for Cex right now"

More information on Cex

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 AM

Mice Parade Album Review

Playlouder review the new album by Mice Parade - Mookondi

Mice Parade is Adam Pierce one of the most talented improvisers in modern music, if you are looking for music that lets go, naturally ebbs and flows then his music is highly recommended, however if you like music that is formulated and conventionally structured look elsewhere!

# posted by DJ Martian 12:37 AM


Skindive an Irish band drawing comparisions with Massive Attack, Bjork, Curve and Garbage. Their website is also one of the best designed I have seen this year.

Electronic and distorted rock textures provide the dynamics for this engaging, propulsive track. Kick back with a previously unreleased remix of "Tranquillizer," the first single from Dublin-based Skindive's debut album, in stores on April 3rd.
See site for download details.

Skindive album was produced by ON U SOUND main man Adrian Sherwood!

Skindive are signed to palm, an Island Records offshoot label.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:08 AM

Wednesday, March 28, 2001



Portsmouth's finest band Cranes have a forthcoming album entitled Future Songs.

A demo of the title track of the album is available to download. Do it now !

On the matter of the album release date, the new Cranes tour manager (Jason White) has apparently commented that the album will be released in late May or June.

AMG profile of Cranes who once apon a time achieved front cover adoration from Melody Maker and Sounds.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:43 PM

Manitoba even NME loves them: essential leftfield electronic music for 2001

NME review Manitoba- Start Breaking My Heart

I have said before but there we will be a lot of converts to the Manitoba sound as 2001 unfolds, remember who first told you! I will be getting my copy soon.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:27 PM

John Eden, Ras.Al.Ghul and Andy Weatherall

John Eden -Lost in Music a nice collection of links and original writing spanning, dance, industrial, dub and anarcho-punk.

John also runs an excellent Mp3 of the month feature


Our ninth mp3 of the month is a slice of atmospherica all the way from Portugal. Ras.Al.Ghul are named after an arabic demon from outer space(!). Their previous projects stretch back to the mid 80s and have included an industrial electronic group, a record label, and a counter-culture bookshop. The music is difficult to describe - it takes in percussion, ambience and techno, but isn't really any of these. The group have been compared to everyone from Tangerine Dream to Autechre, but I don't think they sound like either of them...

I strongly recommend this download very spacey, expansive and dreamy ! this music would definately appeal to Boards of Canada fans!

Also on the site a link to an Andy Weatherall Interview

Including an archived Andy Weatherall interview from the mid 90s.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:13 PM

Michael Gira Interview

Michael Gira Interview

very recent interview with Michael Gira. He talks with about his online presence, the nature of music sharing, and the new Angels of Light release, "How I Loved You."

The point Michael makes about the net as mechanism for communicating and promoting music is an interesting one

But, with the options available to interesting, non-commercial music steadily shrinking, it became obvious that the net is/will be one of the most important ways to reach people around the world who might care about the music we release.

Michael Gira's point of view is backed up Matt Johnson in his essay The The Versus the Corporate Monster which is worthy of a read.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:08 PM

Tuesday, March 27, 2001



A resource on electronic music pHinnWeb from Finland.

This is one of the best collection of links relating to electronic music resources that I have seen on the web. Go explore there are hundreds of avenues to explore.

pHinn Web

A: pHinnWeb is a World Wide Web homepage located at pHinnWeb has now been running since April 1996, and has its origins in the material of Finnish techno scene reports written for the American fanzine Skreem in '95.

pHinnWeb's purpose is to spread information and educate mainly on Finnish but also international electronic dance, listening and avantgarde music scene, rave and club culture, artists, record labels and underground in their various subgenres, forms and history. pHinnWeb keeps information and discography pages on all the most important Finnish electronic music record labels and artists it might be difficult to find anything about otherwise.

Besides that, pHinnWeb also spreads information on both "high" and "low" culture of all kinds (from literature to philosophy, pop culture to artistic fringe movements and so on), and our intention is to keep the page interesting for more diverse people than music fans and professionals only. pHinnWeb has already been mentioned at such international music magazines as De:Bug (GER), The Wire (UK) and XLR8R (US), just to mention a few examples.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:03 PM

Haujobb album review

seven review the new Hajoubb -polaris album, extending their appeal beyond industrial scene to appeal to techno, electro, drum n bass and IDM types.


# posted by DJ Martian 12:11 AM

Monday, March 26, 2001



Thanks to John Kennedy on the Xfm Xposure show for playing a brilliant track off the Minus album Jesus Christ Bobby - must get that album soon.

Minus are an Icelandic band, like Refused and Fugazi - they rip it up, shredding style - the track sounded excellent on the radio what a refreshing contrast to the muck the station pushes on the playlist!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:46 PM

Ladytron Reviews

SceneOne gather together reviews of the Ladytron album 604.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:21 PM

Brainwashed Brain Update V04I11 - 03252001

Another weekly edition of the superb Brainwashed Brain including album reviews of

"It's yet another masterpiece"

Thomas Brinkmann is a prolific producer of numerous minimal/experimental techno platters, both digital and analogue.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 PM

Milkfactory - April Edition

The Milkfactory presents albums reviews from the likes of:

The new Autechre album returns to a more organic feel, after the
metallic ambiences of LP5.

Daft Punk:Discovery
The long awaited second album by French disco terrorist is another
step forward in the world of dance music. It is incidentally one of
the best dance albums ever.

Pan Sonic:Aaltopiiri
Finland's most exiting band is back with another pioneering album.

Ian Simmonds:Return To X
Ex-Sandals Ian Simmonds comes back with his second album under his
own name. Inspired by the giants of Jazz and John Barry, Return To X
is an unusual mix of genres.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:02 PM

Fake Jazz - New Reviews

Fake Jazz have a batch of new reviews. Check for yourself, to see if there is anything of interest.

including Portal -Falling EP

Portal had a peel session last year, their music would appeal to Cocteau Twins and Durutti Column fans.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:56 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: South

South a band who mix the sounds of DJ Shadow with The Stone Roses.

Their debut album From Here On In is released today, Monday 26th March on Mo Wax.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Sunday, March 25, 2001


Appliance - Imperial Metric and Mogwai - Rock Action - latest update

Two of Britain's leading experimental bands Appliance and Mogwai have forthcoming albums, here is the latest information


Appliance have now finished their 2nd Album. We can now officailly announce that it is titled "Imperial Metric".

The release date is to be June 11th preceeded by the single "A Gentle cycle Revolution" on May 28th. A 12 track album of 1 hour of music. A year in the making at the bands own studio "The Maproom"

The Track order is as follows:

1. Separate Animals
2. Map of the Territory
3. F.L.F (Precious bodily Fluids)
4. Land, Sea and Air
5. Comrades (In a Moscow Hotel)
6. H20
7. Skylight
8. AM / PM
9. A little more Information
10. Navigating the Nursery Slopes
11. A Gentle cycle Revolution
12. Where has the Space Race gone?

DJ Martian's comment
Good to see that there is 1 hour of music by Appliance but those mean spirited Scots Mogwai have a forthcoming album clocking in around 40 minutes. Is this the best way to reward fans? Surely Mogwai's music is instrumental that they could have chucked in an extra track !

Mogwai - Rock Action

track listing


released the 23rd April.

Review of Mogwai - rock action by

# posted by DJ Martian 11:13 PM

A Look back to the 80s print magazine: jamming

jamming was a music fanzine/magazine run by Tony Fletcher. This is part 3 of the story that traces the last year of the magazine in 1985. I enjoyed reading how Tony explains the problems and difficulties of running an alternative music magazine in the UK on a budget, front covers choices and design choices etc.

Nice photo of Liz Cocteau looking incredibly cute and pensive on the front cover of jamming December 1985, spiky hair, deep gazing grey eyes...

Also the fact that Tony started the fanzine in 1977 as a 13 year old is a fascinating story, the enthusiasm and dedication to music is natural and addictive. It still comes across in his excelent website and writing as a 36/37? year old

The latest web edition of Ijamming

# posted by DJ Martian 10:37 PM

Zero 7 : Chill Out music from London

I have just heard an interesting Zero 7 track on the radio show played by DJ Nick Luscombe on Xfm.

Forthcoming debut album 'Simple Things' due out in April 2001 on Ultimate Dilemma (distributed by 3MV/Pinnacle) including tracks from their now unavailable first EP!

"Zero 7 are set for success on a Himalayan scale - these boys craft sublime horizontal epics, slowly unwinding delicious tendrils of cozy ambience"
- Calvin Bush, Muzik

"ZERO 7 EP (Zero 7) Cult Radiohead remixers relocate the Air agenda in a timeless soul tradition, Zero 7's debut single is a sublime triumph. 'This World' and 'Out Of Town' are Quincy in opium heaven, 'Likufanele' an Afro-gospel anthem."
- Naim Equipment, The Face

"I first heard them when they remixed Radiohead and I got them in to remix Terry Callier. They'd hate to be called it, but they're the UK Air. They were doing it all before Air, but Air steamed in! It's like (Sixties orchestral soul producer) Charles Stepney meets Air."
- Gilles Peterson, Muzik

Irish music website Muse have a Zero 7 Interview

# posted by DJ Martian 9:50 PM

Freq Album Reviews

The latest experimental electronics/ abstract/ IDM music album releases reviewed

Freq Album Reviews including these updated March 24th

Lars �kerlund - Rivers Of Mercury/Via Styx

Auch - Remix Tomorrow Goodbye

Banned-X - Songs An' Trax

Aeron Bergman - The Tale Of The Unhappy American

Pierre Bouchet - Sale Timbale

COH - Iron

Dr. Nerve - Ereia

Download - Effector

Eat Static - In The Nude

Exist - Exist

Fon - Fakt

Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding Jazz Records

Edward Ka-Spel - Red Letters/Scriptures Of Illumina

K.C. Accidental - Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills

Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide - Moving Parts

Muslimgauze (Untitled)

Vidna Obmana & Serge Devadder The Shape Of Solitude - Suite For Electric Guitar, Atmospheres And Recycling

Boyd Rice -The Way I Feel

Schizoid - All Things Are Connected

Scratch Pet Land - Solo Soli Iiiiii

2nd Gen - Irony Is

Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Organ Transplants Vol. 2

10ft Ganja Plant - Hillside Airstrip

Ilpo V�is�nen - Asuma

Marques Wyatt - Sound Design

# posted by DJ Martian 9:38 PM

Pelicanneck - this weeks new releases

Manchester music outlet Pelicanneck this weeks new releases a few highlights that caught my attention

ANTON PRICE : Collapse of the state vector - Audioview

Anton Price's crushing debut full length album!! Mr Price, a.k.a. Dagobert Sondervan, shares with us his vast array of influences - a touch of crispy electro, some accoustics, some squelchy basslines and some lo fi emmissions. Polyrhythmic structures, minimal voyages, evolving melodies (an AP trademark), live drumming, postpre-elektro, black dogism and breakbeats are all there to be discovered....Killer dancefloor bizzness and more.

MACHINE DRUM : Now You Know - Merck

I am not the biggest fan of hip hop, as I prefer the more electronic instrumental side of music, i.e. DJ Shadow, electro, techno and drum n bass, but this release certainly provokes an interest in me,

warped distorted hip hop meets electronica

Album Of The Week! In our opinion the finest full length from this spot-on Miami based Merck label. As the artist's moniker suggests rhythm is at the heart of his music. More specifically hip-hop which he splices with melodic electronica. Along with Push Button Objects and Prefuse 73, Machine Drum is as good and downright enjoyable as anything this fusion has yet thrown up. Its track after track that gets your attention. Rap vocals are shredded, versered, re-versed, and on two tracks local MC Poly-Sci drops off his fresh vocal to be used and abused. If any of these tracks appeared on say Warp, then they would be universally swooned over. The production is frigteningly good, material that would make any MC sound chopped-up. If that is not enough the final track Jewlea is as sweet and delicate a downtempo beauty as youd be likely to hear anywhere, spine tingling. Honestly, if you liked what was hinted at with Prefuse 73 and PBO, check this out. Massive.

You can hear real audio clicks up here machine drum - now you know limitation

MANITOBA : Start Breaking My Heart - Leaf

This is being raved about everywhere! you must experience it

Stunning album from Manitoba aka Toronto resident Dan Snaith. This is pure lush territory. Think of Alice Coltrane gently jamming it up with the Cinematic orchestra..add a little electronic ambience and, well, you have an idea of the beauty of Manitob's output. Fragile harmonies ebb and flow over snappy beats, cicada like clicks and cricket chirrups rub against burbling analogue, beautifully arranged - equal parts grace and dexterity, the album manages to sooth and stimulate at the same time. One of those albums you just know youre girlfriend will love too......Highly Recommended.

MELODIUM : QuietNoiseArea - Disasters by Choice

Following their lovely 7"s for Static Caravan, Melodium return with their debut full-length. 'Quiet Noise Area' is full of those Isan-esque analogue flutters that do so much with so little. Effortless understated beauty


Loren is one of those guitarist who has truly conceived his own instrumental language. That language speaks clearly and purely, and in short clusters of notes says more than most guitarists work says in a lifetime. His genius is rendered in his simultaneously abstract and intuitive improvisations; whether the work is fragile and quiet or loaded with feedback, it all seethes with a gorgeous lyricism. This is true even of this work which incorporates a good deal of drone, noise and sustained chords and phasing. Still Loren's solo work is as necessary and vibrant as ever. "This started out as a portrait of a person (full of life, I think). But as it developed, I became more and more aware of the impossibility of people ever really connecting with one another. And it became a saddened self portrait of a man who is simply running out of time. The last piece is a prayer, not hopeful, or religious, but to myself, that I must be satisfied." -- Loren Mazzacane Connors

# posted by DJ Martian 4:35 PM

Splendid Reviews

Another batch of albums reviewed at Splendid Reviews -Week of March 26, 2001 including

Align / Some Breaking News / Iguana Align sound remarkably like Glassjaw to me, I am surprised the reviewer failed to notice this!

The Braindance Coincidence a Rephlex various artists compilation, due out April 2nd. Rephlex was set up by Richard D James.

Over the last ten years, Rephlex Records has put out 100 releases, and The Braindance Coincidence appears to be a quasi-celebration of that milestore.

Other Releases including

Windy & Carl / Consciousness / Kranky (CD)

Electro Group / A New Pacifica / Omnibus (CD)

A New Pacifica combines shoegazer dreaminess with downtown, noise-pop dissonance

More information at Electro Group

Modern English / Life in the Gladhouse 1980-1984 / Beggars Banquet (CD)

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Chunky Records Forthcoming Albums - Update

Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Two more forthcoming releases that caught my interest

April 2nd

HELGOLAND. Media Music. (Storage / Reis-Schallplatten) German Import

"It would be very easy to dismiss Helgoland as totally insane. It's not techno, not house, not triphop, not drum&bass, not easy listening, not bossa, not samba, not bhangra, not highlife...but somehow fits snug between them all. It�s Helgoland� vocals, electronics, drums, guitars� from tipsy lounge to all out thrash and every point inbetween. Again John Zorn comes to mind as an influence by way of leaving no strand of music unused � unabused. Daft yet totally brilliant at the same time, spooky..."

April 16th

Remember Loveliescrushing?

Loveliescrushing released a couple of fine albums that extended the My Bloody Valentine: Loveless influence influence, in many ways these were like substitute MBV albums as lets bet honest Kevin Shields was a lazy bastard in the 90s!

Anyway one part of Loveliescrushing is back - as Astrobite

ASTROBITE. Crush. (Claire) US Import

"After 6 grueling years labouring over and refining home recordings, Astrobrite have re-recorded the best tracks, for an end product of refined gorgeous noisepop. Astrobrite is one Scott Cortez. The name should be recognizable from his established work under the guise 'Lovesliescrushing'. This project applies the same sonic-extreme ideas of Lovesliescrushing to more reverbed and distorted guitars performing genius pop songs. 12 examples of 4-track sonic bliss that hark back to the early 90s dreampop heyday, retaining all the beauty and charm of that period. Astrobrite create more sonic noise blast extremes than on MBV's 'Loveless' and the Lilys 'In the Presence of Nothing' combined, while retaining as much, if not more, pop melody than both of those landmark albums"

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The Wire

Details of the new edition of The Wire to the hit the streets this upcoming week.

Includes a free CD

Stuck to the cover of this month's issue: Exclusive 13 track MATADOR compilation available on newsstands worldwide. Contributors include Matmos, Techno Animal, Live Human, Mr Len, Solex, Bardo Pond, Yo La Tengo, Lesser, The Wisdom Of Harry and more

Full details of The Wire - MATADOR Free with The Wire April 2001 issue 206

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Saturday, March 24, 2001


Changes at NME? a new marketing strategy executive arrives - but can he sort out the mess alone?

Mediaguardian report Mixmag publisher defects to IPC

IPC has hired Ian Jenkinson, the former publishing director of Mixmag, for the new role of music projects director.

On the one hand, although Mixmag publication circulation has risen over the past year their web presence has been non existent. So maybe Ian has been brought in to to improve the print circulation of NME and Muzik?

He will be responsible for developing the NME and Muzik brands as well as overseeing NME's 50th anniversary.

Mr Jenkins began his music career as a promoter for Tribal Gathering, which was one of Europe's first large-scale dance music festivals.

Does this mean that NME's poor coverage of alternative electronic / leftfield dance music will improve and extend? More techno, IDM, tech house, breakbeat, jungle, electro and progressive sounds?

Of course it is just not NME lack of coverage of leftfield electronic music is wrong, it is was that they choose to include for short term gain.

Also the other areas that NME ignore or give marginal coverage, the experimental/ leftfield coverage of The Wire and the extreme music covered in Terrorizer (hardcore/ metalcore/ noisecore, dark metal) or the industrial/darkwave music coverage in Outburn and Side Line

"He will play a key role in shaping the marketing strategy for NME."

With music magazines if you are to extend the brand, you must improve the content and editorial direction of the magazine.

the brand = content.

Then you have the job of developing a marketing strategy to win back readers dissatisfied with the NME's conservative and dull editorial direction. But how much can a marketing strategy work if you don't alter the content and editorial direction of the NME, which will result in PR push that then can be built on via marketing campaigns.

Whether these IPC executives have the intelligence to work this out remains to be seen.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago putting Hear' say on the front cover, just after the audit figures are sliding ever downwards - is hardly a credible strategy to develop the NME as an essential magazine for music enthusiasts on a weekly basis. The cult of celebrity must die lets get back to music coverage.

Another worrying trend is this weeks NME that comes across as a MORI market research survey - What are the attitudes of the youth of Britain? If I wanted to read about this I would pick up Marketing Week or read a Mintel report, What has this got to do with music? but some useless and pointless pseudo sociological lifestyle study.

Surely these pointless theme editions will die out later this year there are plenty of opportunities to give front covers to the more higher profile yet artistic British talent such as New Order, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Orbital, Kate Bush, Aphex Twin, Tricky, The Chemical Brothers, Elizabeth Fraser, Underworld, Basement Jaxx, Spiritualized, Death in Vegas, Radiohead and Mogwai.

Whilst the following Boards Of Canada, Tool, DJ Shadow, Kraftwerk - should be all dead certs for front cover status!

The NME has turned its back on creative and the more radical areas of music coverage, instead if focuses on the celebrity, the mediocore, the stupid, the retrogressive and the dull guitar generic.

For instances this week saw new album releases by Alder and Elius, Crane Ak, Robert Merdzo, Penumbra, Andreas Tilliander - no mention in NME while the Windy & Carl album was dismissed. Each week there are many other examples of music that the NME ignores.

No Marketing Executive can seriously extend NME brand with its current editorial direction without turning the NME into a cross hybrid that it is heading for - Heat (a UK celebrity and entertainment weekly), Q (mainstream rock) and Kerrang (the worst elements of) and Smash Hits (faddish pop trends) - a nightmare! but that is the course they have chosen to follow at the moment!

NME future it can either buck its ideas up, or drift the same way as MM - extinction like the dinosaurs.

Next week sees new releases by Manitoba - that will be one of the finest experimental electronics album of the year that will rival Boards of Canada, the sublime atmospheric rock of Katatonia, the tech house sounds of Funk D'Void, the electronic sounds of PSI Performer (AKA Anthony Rother) while Michael Gira ex of Swans releases his second Angels of Light album. Will the NME promote talent?

No instead we have Missy Elliott a r'nb /rap celebrity star that belongs in Heat, and duffers like Linkin Park and the generic Feeder that belong in the dustbin.

Why can't NME this forthcoming year and the past two years promote diverse British music talent on the front cover? the likes Ed Rush & Optical, Layo & Bushwacka, Dillinja, Earthtone9, The The, Swayzak, 2nd Gen, The Chameleons, Rico, Ladytron, VNV Nation, Circulation, Two Lone Swordsmen, Life Without Buildings, Kosheen, Xpress 2, Faultine, Sulpher, Slam, Defenestration and Britain's leading sound experimentalist Zan Lyons.

Steve Sutherland - the overall NME brand director will you ever listen and learn!

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Friday, March 23, 2001


Playlouder Reviews of the New Albums by Pilote and Wagon Christ

Pilote -Doitnowman

Wagon Christ - Musipal

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Basement Jaxx

Playlouder have heard the forthcoming Basement Jaxx album.

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David Sylvian Interview

Ijamming have a David Sylvian Interview

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Terrorizer Issue 88

Terrorizer list the contents of their forthcoming edition, that will hit the streets late March.

'Terrorized' Vol 11
Paradise Lost
Current 93
Dimmu Borgir
Darkane & Soilwork
Extreme Noise Terror
Alan Moore
Albums Of The 80's: Part Two


Underule, Groinchurn, Kilkus, Downer, Antony & The Johnsons, Artsonic
Nile storm the UK, The Haunted, Malevolent Creation, Hammerfall, (Hed) pe
Selected & Dissected
Thorns, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Nick Cave, Paradise Lost, Ulver

More details of Terrorizer -Issue 88

What to expect from Issue 88, including

Albums of the 80'S
part two: 1986-1989
Here it is, the second and closing chapter of a decade in extreme music, covering the remainder of 1986 to 1989. If this month's offerings seem a little more eclectic than before that's a testament to the scope, and the enduring legacy its pioneers have given rise to. This also covers the period where many of us came in, and found our senses being assaulted from all directions.
Whether we prostrated ourselves before the likes of Swans and Godflesh, heeded thrash metal's call to arms or simply lost ourselves among Sonic Youth and The Young Gods' ecstatic instabililty, we all felt the pull to return to the source. This truly was a decade of discovery.

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Thursday, March 22, 2001


Windy & Carl

Pitchfork review the new Windy & Carl album Consciousness.

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Dotmusic review the new album by Jan Jenilek

German techno tinkerer Jan Jenilek's latest excursion into sonic experimentalism takes it's cue from the world of fine art.


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New London Quarterly Music Lifestyle Magazine - X-Ray - Jockey Slut/Sleazenation team up with Xfm!

Sleaze Nation launches aspirational music title

"The publisher behind lifestyle and clubbing titles Sleaze Nation and Jockey Slut is to publish X-Ray - a magazine for radio station Xfm - as a standalone magazine from April."

But Swinstead Publishing is to turn X-Ray into a quarterly music lifestyle publication.

"X-Ray is the result of the natural evolution in the magazine market that has caused the demise of Select, Melody Maker and Touch," said chairman John Swinstead.

"X-Ray will reshape this market to reflect readers' demands for a more clued-up and aspirational approach to editorial, design and photography."

From April, X-Ray will go out to a controlled circulation of around 195,000 in London.

The magazine will be produced by the existing Jockey Slut and Sleaze Nation editorial teams.

Now I respect Jockey Slut and Sleze Nation for their music coverage, but teaming up with Xfm will be interesting, maybe they can influence the direction of the music policy of the station, towards the leftfield!

Bring on X-Ray I am curious!

More information on Jockey Slut

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Wednesday, March 21, 2001 have a collection of essays on electronic music.

Mentioned at Allsound

# posted by DJ Martian 9:18 PM Alternative Music News Issue 15 - March 15, 2001

Have you seen Alternative Music News including this feature

Ten essential albums that no music fan should be without including albums by MBV, Sonic Youth, Jane's Addiction, Husker Du.

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The Brainwashwed Brain V04I10 - 03182001

This weeks The Brainwashwed Brain includes an album review of


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Tuesday, March 20, 2001


The Pixies

Tom @ Freaky Trigger reviews The Pixies - The Complete B Sides

Extra - Who was privileged to see The Pixies on the Doolittle tour back in 1989? Me and it was rather excellent too.

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Cane 141 - Garden Tiger Moth

Rough trade list the new album by Cane 141 - Garden Tiger Moth

newly formed setanta imprint decor records presents the new cane 141 album.a more electronic american post rock influence than previously but you still hear the go betweens mixing it up with slint and flaming only.

Mixing Go Betweens and Slint! is this possible?

the rest of this weeks new releases at Rough Trade Shops

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Windy & Carl Album Review

Fakejazz review the new album by Windy & Carl - Consciousness
that scores 12/12. Space rock par excellence.

Consciousness is easily Windy & Carl's most direct and coherent album. It synthesizes the experiments seen in their previous work and develops and focuses these directions into what is their most mature and rewarding album to date

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Life Without Buildings

Bleedmusic have an interview with Life Without Buildings

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Sirius Album Review

Digitalmetal review the new Sirius album Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius

This is one most anticipated albums in the dark / black metal scene this year, Sirius are influenced by Emperor and indeed are signed to Samoth of Emperor, record label Nocturnal Art Productions.

There's no denying Sirius is influenced by Emperor - hell, they even do a spot-on cover rendition of "The Majesty of the Nightsky" - but I'll be damned if I haven't heard something this majestic and aggressive in a long while. Similitude or not, Sirius is primed to put their own version of stellar black metal on musical map. Utterly amazing!

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Air Album

ICrunch have news of the forthcoming Air album, with a post rock, Kid A and Mezzanine dark influence!

new LP titled '10,000 Hz Legend' scheduled for release on the 28th May, on Virgin Records

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Overload Media Reviews

I mentioned that Overload Media was the most comprehensive electronica/ experimental electronics/ techno/IDM - British reviews website, back in January.

Then forget to check back!

Loads of albums reviewed including

DAVE TARRIDA 'Paranoid' (Tresor

IAN SIMMONDS 'Return To X' (Stud!o K7)

JAN JALINEK 'Loop-finding-jazz-records' (~Scape)

JOSEPH NOTHING 'Dummy Variations' (Planet Mu)

2ND GEN 'Irony Is' (Novamute)

MONOMORPH 'Departure Can Wait' (Nature)

THE ADVENT 'Time Trap Technik' (International Deejay Gigolo)

+ ONE 'Bare Necessities' (deFocus)

PAN SONIC 'Aaltopiiri' (Blast First/Mute)

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Dave Tarrida - Paranoid - Tresor

Forced Exposure New Releases

An album by Dave Tarrida - Paranoid on Tresor label of Berlin, mixes up techno, tech-house and electro sounds.

Edinburgh, Scotland, Dave Tarrida began his career in 1991 helping set up the legendary Sativa club and hosting the leading lights of the UK and international underground Techno scene. Tarrida spread this influence throughout the Nineties with partner Steve Glenncross by starting up the Sativae, Drought and Penalty imprints. Tarrida's own waves of all-new studio work are now tearing dancefloor havoc with aggro basslines and headstrong doses of freaky future Funk. Tarrida's ten key years in clubland speaks directly for his consistent angle on quality production and avantgarde sound. His all-new Paranoid album due February 2001 is splashing out all the tricks of shock-treatment style: the tracky DJ matter of 'Stop the Ride', 'Expediting Matters' and 'Filipando' work sophisticated Techno rhythms before the ferociously dark and stomping 'Horrormone' and 'Tested' tear out any 'mild' preconceptions. Downtempo sides to the album include jacking experimental Electro in 'Blood Simple', 'Glory Hole' and 'Live Young Die Fast', before the warm and sensual Tech-House anthem 'Missing Law Rain' rounds the project out in high style

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Monday, March 19, 2001


Is the Schematic label the American Warp?

Absorb have an interesting Schematic Profile

brief appraisal of the schematic label by Philip Raffaele, including an album that is picking up rave reviews

delarosa & asora 'agony' lp - the only way to describe this album is to call it an ideal hybrid between the instrumental nature of tortoise, combined with the rough electric noise of autechre. but through this blend, a healthy level of excitement in the music is maintained throughout the album. it's amazing to think, that scott herren, the man behind delarosa & asora, as well as savath +
savalas (hefty records),

I bought the Savath & Savalas album last year, excellent if a bit on the short side. Their music is very organic and textured with a full on sound, and is relaxing escape for the urban environment.

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Sepultura - Nation

SceneOne gather together reviews of Sepultura -Nation

Album released 19th March.

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Funk D'Void

Funk D'Void releases an album on Soma, called Dos, now set for release on March 26th!

Tech-House sounds for 2001.

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Sunday, March 18, 2001


Pelicanneck New Releases

Pelicanneck have more new releases listed.

New albums from the electronic underground keep emerging in greater magnitude as each week of 2001 unfolds.
A further 3 that caught my attention

ALDER AND ELIUS : Parental Guidance - Skam

New on Skam!! After what seems like a bit of an extended break, Skam return with this double LP from Alder and Elius. Once again turning their back on the fractured beats with which they established their sound (via gescom, pbo, jega et al) this is a unique sounding LP that brings together 80's synthlines with dark percussion-led soundtracks. Opening with 'Sickness in Gandahar' we leap into fairly chopped-up sequences where squelchy synthlines splice themselves onto slightly robotic, monotonal rhythms complete with flashes of dialogue sprinkled onto the interludes. Very Dark. The tone uplifts itself with 'Revolving..Squiggle...Drum' which opens up with what could have been the introductory moments of a Depeche Mode classic...beatless layered synths with a delicate, evocative feel which eventually glide into the dubby pop tones of 'Irksome' which fades out before it fully begins. Highlight track 'Alarm..Tatter' is a gorgeous slice of oldskool synthpop..lilting melodies and drum machined high hats. This is an intriguing LP - continuing the electropop, new wave revival that has been championed by the likes of Skanfrom but taking a much darker leap backwards to 1983. Martin Gore would be proud. Recommended.

ANDREAS TILLIANDER : Ljud - Mille Plateaux

Following his 'Komp' project and LP for the Komplott label, and the blinding 'Clip-Hop' CD for Raster-Static under the Mokira moniker, the multi-talented Andreas Tilliander returns with his debut LP for Mille Plateaux. The elements of click, pop, cuts and static are all in place, as one might expect, but the underlying source of exploration lies with hip-hop beat structures. Deep basslines pervade each of the tracks here, whilst the trail of static left behind evokes a kind of alternate beat juggle. These are, once again, glitch soundtracks that are drenched in warmth...exploring this fast-rising genre from a new vantage point. Interesting how, over the last couple of years in particular, Hip Hop has managed to pervade and influence a wide-ranging array of sub genres within the field of electronica. From the squashed beats of Push Button Objects to the splice-ups of the Anticon/Mush fraternity. Tilliander has managed to utilise the hip-hop beat structure into a sound that starts and ends with minimal approach. Lovely.

CRANE A.K. : Pink eyed pony - Force Tracks

Since its inception over a year ago, Force Tracks has risen to become one of Germany's leading house labels with over 25 12" singles and now up to its third album release, following the fantastic Vocalcity LP from Luomo. Crane AK are Markus Gniech (DJ Knigge) and Michael Friedrich - 'Pink Eyed Pony' moulds dancefloor techniques with Friedrich'ss attentiveness to production and sound. Minimal tracks based somewhere inbetween house and techno soundscapes with an ultra-warm dancefloor feel that comes complete with Click and Shuffle. Check!

Also out this week, new albums by

MICE PARADE : Mokoondi - Fat Cat

PILOTE : Doitnowman - Certificate 18

WINDY AND CARL : Consciousness - Kranky

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Pennyblack music Forthcoming Releases

Pennyblackmusic have updated the forthcoming releases, including a few that I have highlighted below

Biowire : Disparation

Kindercore KC062CD.
Released On: 26 March 2001

Solo album from Jason Crosse from the Ultra Wide Band Collective of Lund, Sweden and UK based DJ collective Persistant Deviants. An eclectic blend of drum & bass, electronica, electro and acid house. Fans include Good Looking main man LTJ Bukem who has been known to drop the odd dublate in his set.

Church Of Carbon : Angst

I mentioned this on my weblog this week!

Disko B EFA294966.
Released On: 26 March 2001

Vienna goes superdark. Patrick Pulsingers version of the 1979 BAUHAUS classic "Bella Lugosi's Dead" and RED LORRy YELLOW LORRY'S "Shout At The Sky". A real 80's dark wave elektro monster. The Ep also features a new Pulsinger / Potuznik original "New Role". Tracks: Bella Lugosi's Dead, New role, Shout At The Sky.

Colorsound : Auspicious Beginnings

Space Age STONE049CD.
Released On: 26 March 2001

"auspicious beginnings" is colorsound's third full length release, following on from '95's "you're only as good as your sound", which was released on summershine records through sub pop, a record which earned colorsound impressive critical acclaim. In cmj , david newgarden described colorsound as "perfectly focused, with throbbing drones and vibrant guitar tones, in the spacemen 3 style of song writing.� Then, thom duffy, for billboard magazine wrote - "one of the most hypnotic and alluring bits of music to appear in recent weeks", whilst in rolling stone, jeff apter wrote this is somnambulistic pop which is ideal mood music for your next dip in the sensory deprivation tank". Matthew j tow is also singer/songwriter for sydney based psychedelic pop band drop city who have toured extensively in the states with the likes of stereolab, yo la tengo, stone roses, plush and luna. Drop city have recorded 3 albums, the second of which was produced by andy wilkinson (famous for his work with my bloody valentine and stereolab] and which was released on red eye/polydor. A new drop city release will also be released soon, so keep your ears peeled for that, and which is likely to feature the recent collaboration with the brian jonestown massacre.for now, prepare to lose yourself in the genuinely beautiful world of sound that is colorsound. A sound like no other and one which will live with you for a long time to come.

Isis : Celestial

So that is why I have not seen in the Shops in London!

Hydra Head Europe 666HH59.
Released On: 09 April 2001

After what seems like an eternity, but is only a matter of months, we are extremely delighted to bring you the European version of critically acaimed ISIS album available for the first time at a domestic price. And a digi pak too! The sound of Isis is not unlike the cosmic forces it contemplates on its premiere full-length, Celestial. The record's otherworldly vibe is sustained by systematic rhythms and a deep, physically demanding bass rumble that permeates every orifice within earshot, rattling unsympathetically toward the core. It's plundering, monumental riffs continuously bombard, only occasionally appeasing the listener with calculated restraint. Interlace this sonic event with waves of electronics and a warlike banter, and you have witnessed ISIS in its pure, unweilding form. *Guitarist AARON TURNER is the head honcho of HYDRA HEAD, everyone's fave math metal mayhem label! *Remix album out soon on Neurot Records.

Manitoba : Start Breaking My Heart

This album is get top reviews all off the place, an essential electronica album for 2001!

Leaf BAY16CD.
Released On: 26 March 2001

Stunning album from Manitoba aka Toronto resident Dan Snaith. Looks set to emulate the success of The Leaf Label's Susumu Yokota album, MANITOBA is already one of the most hotly tipped leftfield electronica acts to watch this year!. A mesmerising album of warm organic electronics, fragile harmonies ebb and flow over snappy beats, cicada like clicks and cricket chirrups rub against burbling analogue, beautifully arranged - equal parts grace and dexterity, the album manages to sooth and stimulate at the same time. For fans of : SUSUMU YOKOTA/BOARDS OF CANADA/FAULTLINE/JIM O ROURKE

Robert Merdzo : Wide / Out

Another that I mentioned on my weblog this week, this is deep and unique

Disko B EFA294972.
Released On: 19 March 2001

Wide/Out is ROBERT MERDZO'S second solo album for Disko B. 14 tracks recorded and produced in 17 days with digital equipment as well as 'real' vibes, drums and guitars. Lush minimal house, ambient, sound experiments and a clear step towards song and harmonies combined with typical Merzdo dark and melancholic moods make up a much more accessible mixture than on his last collaboration album 'n.a.q.o.b'(EFA # 29475-2).

Ulver : Perdition City

Yes, I am anticipating this album, the last one put Ulver into the top echelon of innovative artists in rock music, I have mentioned this sublime many times on my weblog over the pasy 6 months!

Jester TRICK007.
Released On: 02 April 2001

Ulver' s first release was into the satanic metal scene emerging in Norway in the beginning of the 1990's. Their songs were manifestations of rebellious romanticism, combining elements from Old Norse folk music with the primal brutality of black metal. The first three albums form a trilogy exploring the sinister aspects of Norwegian folklore. The beastliness begins with Bergtatt (1994), is balanced with the all acoustic, neo-folk album Kveldssanger (1995), before returning with even more impact on Nattens Madrigal (1997), where the pure anger and anguish is a consequence of the quintessential lycanthropic lyrics. With William Blake`s The Marriage Between Heaven and Hell Ulver went further. Musically it explores a wide range of sound disciplines, including mbient soundscapes, industrial, cinematic jazz and rock/metal hybrids. Ulver's fifth full-length album, Perdition City presents Ulver more confident and subdued than before, at moments challenging the conception of what music usually encompasses. Here everything falls from absolute form in an unending process of decline, fragmentation and decomposition.

V/A : The Braindance Coincidence

Rephlex CAT100CD.
Released On: 02 April 2001

APHEX TWIN CELEBRATES THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS REPHLEX LABEL WITH A 16 TRACK CD GATHERING SOME OF THE LABELS FINEST MOMENTS. Co founded in 1991 and run by Richard James and Grant Wilson Claridge, this compilation serves as an ideal introduction to the labels first decade. Features deleted, rare remixes and tracks from AFX, SQUAREPUSHER, UZIQ LEILA, CYLOB, OVUCA, ...... TRACKLISTING: GENTLE PEOPLE 'Journey'. GLOBAL GOON 'Long Whiney', CYLOB 'Rewind', DMX KREW 'The Glass Room', D'ARCANGELO 'Diagram VII' (80's MIX), BOCHUM WELT 'Fortune Green', THE RAILWAY RAVER 'Keith's Trumpets', BABY FORD 'Normal' (Helston Flora REMIX BY AFX), UZIQ 'Swan Vesta', VULVA 'Happy Birdy, Sad Birdie', VIBERT SIMMONDS '(This Can) Robotic', CHAOS A.D. 'Psultan' (SQUAREPUSHER MIX), BOGDAN RACZYNSKI 'Death to the Natives' MIKE DRED / PETER GREEN 'Kymera', LEILA 'Dont Fall Asleep', OVUCA 'Afternoon Girl'.

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Splendid Reviews - March 19th

Splendid Reviews including

Guided by Voices - Isolation Drills

Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri

David Sylvian - Everything and Nothing

Other Reviews


Labradford / Fixed::Context Kranky

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Saturday, March 17, 2001


Geiom: New album

Skimo Pre Releases information on Geiom

GEIOM: Sellotape Flowers CD (NEO OUIJA) $16.15 "After his first two EP�s on Neo Ouija, Kamal Joory aka Geiom has been a very busy man. Releasing material on labels such as Skam, City Centre Offices, Lux Nigra and playing live at recent Warp records parties, its only fitting that Neo Ouija release his first full debut album. Sellotape Flowers is Geiom at his very best, a mixture of warm analogue expression, cool dry beats and perfect sound sculpture manipulation. Geiom gives back to electronica what�s been, with a few notable exceptions, missing for yearsS warmth, depth and emotion. This is state-of-the-art armchair electronica for the masses. Geiom has been likened to the sounds of Autechre, Metamatics and Arovane. Here he pushes the envelope just that one step further." RELEASE DATE: 3/26/01

Neo Ouija label, have some more information

geioms debut album 'sellotape flowers' will be released on the 26th march,available on cd and vinyl. The album is already to go, and looks amazing... but the music is what really counts and this album is sure to impress.. if you liked any of the other neo 12"s, or the City Centre Offices 7" then this is the next level...

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Friday, March 16, 2001



These people have heard some of the new radiohead tracks off Amnesiac First Impression: Radiohead's Amnesiac Can't Forget Kid A

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Brainwashed Releases

Brainwashed Releases has been updated

a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases

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Aquarius Records -New Arrivals 109

San Francisco record emporium Aquarius Records overview the latest releases including the following artists

(they also include sample real audio snippets of some tracks)

Record of the week
KATATONIA Tonight's Decision
-This is released in America, this came out in UK back in September 1999. Read every word of the review - why this band are not more well known is a mystery to me as well. I highly recommend the album.

2ND GEN Irony Is



ARAB STRAP The Red Thread

AZUSA PLANE The Highway's Jammed With Broken Heroes

BOGUS BLIMP Cords. Wires

BREAKESTRA The Live Mix Part 2

OPETH Blackwater Park



ZYKLON World Ov Worms

# posted by DJ Martian 10:27 PM

Bridge & Tunnel - 2nd Album on the way

Bridge & Tunnel of the leading British techno artists have news of a forthcoming single and album.

Bridge & Tunnel on the Harmsonic label

But now their 2nd album "Without Ghosts" is finished and the corresponding single "Nothing is Sacred" will be out in April 2001 as CD Single and 12". A spooky Video will promote the song.

The new Bridge&Tunnel sound makes us at Harmsonic sigh. In just 8 months Mark and Nathan managed to put together a piece of musical wonders in a sonic soundscape merging super- and surrealistic athmospheres with excellently written songs.

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Thursday, March 15, 2001


The Blender

The Blender is a portal for noise and experimental music in Australia.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:59 PM

New Order, Corgan and a summer single

NME have an interesting news item on New Order

# posted by DJ Martian 8:51 PM


Chunky Records forthcoming albums listed, including these that caught my interest

MARCH 19th

FIREBIRD BAND. Setting Sun. (Headhunter)

"Encompassing UK electronica, indie rock and emotional post-rock. Think Seam, Van Pelt, Joan Of Arc, The Pixies etc , Gorgeous melodies, intricate harmonies and unexpected sounds make the Firebird Band the most original band this year. The band feature ex-Braid main man Chris Broach"

PILOTE. Do It Now Man. (Certificate 18)

"Stuart Cullen aka Pilote adds to his longplaying selection with a second album that retains the fragile melancholy structures of it's predecessor whilst adding a darker edge and heavier beats. Opening track 'Paul Oakenfold' disturbes and entertains with it's vision of a top dj returning home after a gruelling session, wired and tired with unshakeablse traces of trance riffs flowing through the mind, the rest of the album veers around this point and leaves you unsure whether to dance or let the harmonics wash over you

SANDSPIDER. Sand. (Worm Interface)

"Electro ambient dub album from Sandspider, London duo Matt Embleton and Alan McDermott. This album is in the tradition of bands such as ORBITAL, FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON and HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCY"


AARKTICA. Morning One. (Ochre)

"The follow up to Aarktica's highly acclaimed 2000 debut album 'No Solace In Sleep' which received favourable comparisons to Flying Saucer Attack, Azusa Plane, Labradford and Windy & Carl"

ANGELS OF LIGHT. How I Loved You. (Young God)

Michael Gira / Swans
Confimation that this out in the UK !

PSI PERFORMER. Art Is A Division Of Pain. (Kanzleramt)
German Import

"The hugely talented Anthony Rother returns with an absolute monster. Breaking away from his ultra dark electro material, this LP steps into other genres whilst retaining his inimitable production sound. The opening track is a sub orchestral movement of immense power, an awesome way to start proceedings. From there undulating synth melodies slowly build over perfectly executed electroid techno rhythms that keep your feet fixed to the dancefloor while your psyche is taken somewhere else completely. The sheer emotion on display is truly shocking, as is the depth of this mans talent. The closing track lifts the album up from the deepest possible depths up to a crushingly beautiful oriental electro track that manages to merge Detroit with Tokyo (via Germany!)"

# posted by DJ Martian 12:31 AM

Wednesday, March 14, 2001


Church of Charbon - angst ep with BELA LUGOSI'S DEAD!

Oh yes I love this a disturbing dark experimental breakbeat electronics cover version of Bela Lugosi's Dead by Church of Charbon - angst another on the disko b label,

If you thought Peter Murphy was from another planet - check this out.

Sublime I want my own copy this is way dark ! cyber dark vocals ! goth breakbeat in the vein of Witchman a few years ago.

If you have Real Audio - you must experience this. You Must !

# posted by DJ Martian 11:57 PM

Robert Merdzo - Wide/Out

Robert Merdzo on the disco b label

check out the real audio feeds!, "lush minimal house, ambience, sound experiments and harmonies." - this would appeal to Isolee fans

Wide/Out is Robert Merdzos second
CD soloalbum for Disko B.
14 titles that were recorded and produced
in 17 days with digital equipment as well
as "real" vibes, drums and guitars. ambient, miniatures, sound experiments and a clear
step towards song and harmonies combined
with the merdzo-typical dark and melancholic moods make up a much
more accessible mixture than on his last collaboration album "n.a.q.o.b".
release: march 2001

thanks to Hedonizm records of Brighton.

Tip subscribe to their mailing lists, they know their music!

UK based mail-order company specialising in the sales, promotion and distribution of electronic music... techno, house, electro & electronica. Saying that, we do not believe in categorising music to any great extent so to get an overview of our definition of electronic music please explore our site.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:36 PM

Exos - icelandic electronica

Exos new album Strength on force inc.

Exos makes music that flows and evolves into a definitive atmosphere, following the main genres between thumping techno and haunting minimal house with an ultra deep accent.

excursions into the realms of atmospheric minimal techno from the esteemed Icelandic based Thule collective 13 tracks of percussion, ambience, dubby rhythms.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:23 PM


ANTHONY ROTHER (aka PSI PERFORMER) - new album art is a division of pain. Anthony Rother the german king of electro releases an album on Kanzleramt.

Forced Exposure have the details

Anthony Rother's side project feat. dark electronic listening -- the musical interpretation of John Carpenter's visions. Art Is A Division Of Pain contains tracks from the last two 12" from Kanzleramt's sublabel K20, unreleased tracks as well as new material -- total playing time more than 80 minutes." Crystalline post-electro from Rother, subterranean sounding in a contemporary Coil-like way

# posted by DJ Martian 11:17 PM

Slam new album on the way

Although the website does not have any further information on Slam I read today that a new album is on the way.

Keep checking the Soma website for further details.

The 1996 Headstates album is a techno classic I await the forthcoming album with great anticipation.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:40 PM

X Press 2 single - Muzikizum

Skint news

I hereby declare this a classic single - X Press 2 - Muzikizum

Have you heard it yet?

energy, intoxication, tribal rhythms, piano riffs, techno synths snippets, basslines, breakbeats, in a months time many people will be respecting and digging this, perfect for the dancefloor as well as home listening or travelling.

Buy it April 16th!

a new album by X Press 2 follows later this year

The boys are also currently in the studio working on their debut album. We've just heard the very exciting news that the legendary David Byrne has hooked up with the band and contributed vocals on one of the new album tracks. It has the working title 'Lazy'. Damian (Skint Head Honcho) says, "You can imagine my excitement when the early mix of the track arrived in the post. David Byrne and X-Press 2 is a dream collaboration. Very exciting times ahead"

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

Moonface - Betweens Worlds album @ Bedrock

Moonface aka Phil Thompson unleashes his spectacular debut album Between Worlds. Touching Down between deep progressive house, hypnotic ambience, and techno tribal beats

Moonface - Between Worlds - album due March 26th.

More information soon at Bedrock

# posted by DJ Martian 10:27 PM

Faithless Forthcoming Album

ICrunch have news of a forthcoming Faithless album

Its called Outrospective," said a Faithless spokesperson, "because its more optimistic, faster and upbeat than the last LP which was more introspective and downbeat in places. The new LP is just as eclectic as previous Faithless records and just as song-based."

Outrospective is due in June.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:02 PM

Goldie dropped by major label returns to Metalheadz

dotmusic have the details relating to Goldie

# posted by DJ Martian 9:36 PM


A positive review of the Funk D' Void album @ dotmusic

also in todays Muzik magazine the album got a 5/5, a collection of lush techno.

This is an important techno/tech house album, remember the name Funk D'Void.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:33 PM

Tuesday, March 13, 2001


Need a Name for Your Band?

Need a good laugh? metacritic have a resource of possible Band Names

people do have vivid imaginations

# posted by DJ Martian 9:47 PM

Metacritic Music

Have you seen Metacritic Music the concept is to gather reviews from various media sources to aggregate scores out of 100 for an album. Artists reviewed include labradford, daft punk, arab strap, low, tortoise etc.

Find out how the scoring works

# posted by DJ Martian 9:42 PM

New Dave Clarke Mix compilation

Dave Clarke is to release a double mix CD according to Burn it Blue one will cover techno, the other electro.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:05 PM

Rough Trade Shop - This Weeks New Releases

Rough Trade Shop

including some interesting albums that I have not mentioned on my weblog so far


part of the Montgolfier Brothers
GNAC-biscuit barrel fashion

Carl Craig

a new Carl Craig mixed compilation, when are we going to get a new studio album though?

carl craig - onsumotahasheeat


recember d'arcangelo a few years back, released the brilliant D'Arcangelo- Shipwreck, now operating as Monomorph

Monomorph - departure can wait

venetian snares & speedranch

venetian snares & speedranch
who's up for the worlds first breakcore techno/grindcore metal mash up.deluxe limited edition orange vinyl version-500 copies only.accessible mind numbing hardness.on planet mu

More information venetian snares & speedranch

# posted by DJ Martian 2:03 AM


Atrecordings is a hidden tresure trove of aural delights. I mentioned this on my blog last year, since then it has expanded with new independent labels added to the website on a continual basis. Check it out. Covering experimental, avant rock and electronica and many other styles.

The concept behind atrecordings is a clever a central clearinghouse for independent labels where you can listen via real audio to new albums, and also purchase CD or make your own CDs up to order.

Welcome to atrecordings where you'll discover an exquisite selection of
quality niche music from the best independent labels from all over the world.
Listen to it for free in streaming audio, buy it on cd or vinyl, download MP3's or create your own custom cd

Try these for starters

Penumbra - Skandinavien

Kante -Zweilicht


# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 AM

Everyone is going for Daft Punk - Discovery

Sceneone gather together reviews of Daft Punk - Discovery

Music365 review

dotmusic have a very detailed and you can hear one track of the album, in an audio feed.

Release date: Monday 12th Mar
Artist: Daft Punk
Label: Virgin

# posted by DJ Martian 12:43 AM

Monday, March 12, 2001


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Dimmu Borgir and Thorns

This week I have chosen two artists from Norway, Dimmu Borgir and Thorns who have both just released benchmark albums in the extreme dark metal scene.

Back in the late 80s both Melody Maker and Sounds featured extreme artists on the front cover who can forget that legendary front cover of Skinny Puppy in MM , and also Sounds put Voivod on the cover. Also MM had front covers for Swans, Spacemen 3, Jane's Addiction, Faith No More circa introduce yourself, Front 242, Arkane and World Domination Enterprises.

Nowdays of course we are left with NME and they decide to put talentless gormless pub rock of Stereophonics on the front cover, have your heard that dragging languid pathetic new single of theirs! How lame and those ghastly vocals and plodding guitars yuck! I can never understand the appeal of this rubbish band!

There are a number of these poxy rock bands that are returning to bore us silly in 2001 on the radio, so this weeks choices are the ULTIMATE CATHARSIS in opposition to the dull conformists.

So this week is the extreme week.

Dimmu Borgir who today released their new album, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" if your interested in finding out what they sound like, rock comic mag Kerrang will be giving away a free CD this week that will feature a track off the album. Dimmu Borgir have been picking up excellent reviews for this album, I have heard a few tracks and the production is devasting, multi layered, symphonic and very epic.

and Thorns who are also from Norway their music is as complex as Voivod, Big Black, Strapping Young Lad and Killing Joke on Extremities, dirt and various repressed emotions. Very extreme, artistc and intense, in orginality this takes up the batton from fellow Norwegian's Red Harvest.

Something equally good but totally different is lined up next week already, remember to visit DJ Martian next Monday to find out.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:05 PM

Brainwashed Brain V04I09 - 03112001

This weeks Brainwashed Brain including new releases from



# posted by DJ Martian 10:17 PM


Yes there is a lot to look forward to:

1. Accelera Deck
2. Barry Adamson
3. Anathema
4. Anyone
5. Appliance
6. Arovane
7. Ashfelt
8. Assemblage 23
9. Autchere
10. The Avalanches
11. Bardo Pond
12. Basement Jaxx
13. Beta Band
14. Beyond Dawn
15. Boards Of Canada
16. Botch
17. Bows
18. Boy Hits Car
19. Kate Bush
20. Cex
21. The Chameleons
22. Chemical Brothers
23. Corkyees
24. Couch
25. Cyclefly
26. Deadsy
27. Depeche Mode
28. Di Lacuna
29. Dillinja
30. Dillinger Escape Plan
31. DJ Shadow
32. Downer
33. Dredg
34. Echo & the Bunnymen
35. Eighteen Visions
36. Emperor
37. Faultline
38. Fear Factory
39. Filter
40. Flesh Field
41. Elizabeth Fraser
42. Fridge
43. Funk D Void
44. Futureshock
45. Godflesh
46. Gridlock
47. Haujobb
48. Hocico
49. John Hughes AKA Slicker
50. Katatonia
51. Killing Joke
52. Kosheen
53. Kraftwerk
54. Ladytron
55. Lemon D
56. Lo Fidelity Allstars
57. Longstone
58. Manitoba
59. Massive Attack
60. Meads of Asphodel
61. Messugah
62. Mesh
63. Mice Parade
64. Mogwai
65. Moonface
66. Moonspell
67. Mouse on Mars
68. Neurosis
69. New Order
70. The Nine
71. Raz O�Hara
72. Obeah
73. Orbital
74. Roland Orzabal
75. Penumbra
76. Portishead
77. Pressure Drop
78. Radiohead
79. Red House Painters
80. Retina
81. Rico
82. Sicbay
83. Sigur R�s
84. Sirius
85. 16B
86. Slam
87. South
88. Stabbing Westward
89. Starecase
90. Sulpher
91. Sunny Day Real Estate
92. System of a Down
93. Taken
94. Tapeworm
95. Technical Itch
96. Tindersticks
97. Dave Tipper
98. To Rococo Rot
99. Tool
100. Tricky
101. Ulver
102. Unearthed
103. Underworld
104. Way Out West
105. Will Haven
106. Windy & Carl
107. Violet Indiana
108. Viovod
109. VNV Nation
110. Void Construct

...and there will be many more.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:02 PM

Iris Light Records - New Releases including Corkyees

Iris Light right now are on a roll with new releases, on this form they are the one of leading creative independent labels in the UK fact.

First up, Aphelion and their stunning ethereal music release their debut CD in the UK March 12th - described by one independent reviewer as the finest CD of the year so far

Wholeheartedly recommended best c.d. of the year so far" (ACID ATTACK MUSIC - MARCH 2001)

I have only heard one sample and it is sublime like the late Ofra Haza and Dead Can Dance.

then next week (March 19th) sees the frozen ambient music of Penumbra with their new CD Skandinavien, featuring a member of the legendary experimerntal band Zoviet France I have mentioned this on my weblog recently

and a forthcoming release by Corkyees (see below for details),

and then Ashfelt with their cut up 23 Skidoo meets distorted Jungle style and an album to follow later this year "Fat Space Acid" in May 2001.

Iris Light have some new releases including Corkyees:

Corkyees stunning second album,
their first outside of Japan, is
superbly crafted mix of drum'n'bass /
trip hop / abstract beats and
song structures.

With 15 tracks of some of the most
memorable tunes we've ever heard
this release will sit happily alongside
the likes of Roni Size and LTJ Bukem.

A masterpiece

Corkyees check this page for tracks to download.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:34 AM

Sunday, March 11, 2001


Windy & Carl @ Epitonic

Epitonic have two tracks from the forthcoming Windy & Carl album

The tracks "Balance (Trembling)" and "Consciousness" both come from the Consciousness release.

The album is released on March 19th, on the Kranky label.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:51 PM

Epitonic - Labradford

Epitonic have two download tracks from the latest Labradford album.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:39 PM

Splendid Reviews

Splendid Reviews - March 12th including

Underwater - This is Not a Film

Despite the band's protestations, This is not a Film is a richly cinematic album brimming with lush trip-hop wrapped in a dark gothic overcoat. The natural entry point into the band's sound is Melissa Mileski's voice. Mileski sings with a throaty alto. Her sound often contains a dispirited sense of collapse which invokes a languid torch singer in a post-modern cabaret. With her lyrics barely enunciated, the words themselves take a backseat to her enthralling series of moans and sustained cries.

I enjoyed Underwater, sounded like a fine meshing of the trip hop sound of Bowery Electric and electro trip goth of Collide.

More information @ Underwater the official band website.

Air Formation - Air Formation The Jesus and Mary Chain, Kitchens of Distinction, MBV, Fuxa, Bardo Pond and Bowery Electric are all namechecked in this review.

Steve Fisk -999 Levels of Undo

# posted by DJ Martian 8:34 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2001


Pennyblackmusic Forthcoming Releases

Pennyblackmusic Forthcoming Releases has been updated a number of releases that took my interest are highlighted below

Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic : Petrophonics

Cuniform RUNE137
Released On: 19 March 2001

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic began in 1980 as a side project from half of Boston's now legendary Mission of Burma: Roger Miller and Martin Swope. Miller and Swope joined forces with Rick Scott and Erik Lindgren for what was originally conceived as a recording project only. Birdsongs innovative instrumental music, fusing rock, classical, minimalism, punk, and free-form sound, has earned the band wide recognition and audience appeal. Petrophonics, released as Birdsongs of the Mesozoic celebrate its 20th anniversary, is the band_s 10th album and first release in five years. In the words of long-term colleague C.W.Vrtacek, it marks "a maturation of their compositions and their sense of arrangements& Extensive use of mid and late 20th century classical techniques such as dissonance and texture nudges some of the music away from rock and closer to "new contemporary music".

Keiji Haino : Abandon All Words At A Strocke

CD Double cd
Alien 8 ALIENCD27.
Released On: 02 April 2001

2 new recordings focusing on hurdy-gurdy & wave drum, remaining very dark ambient. For the most part, each disc features one long piece based on one of the two aforementioned instruments. Disc 1 [hurdy-gurdy] is among the most gentle & beautiful pieces of work haino has ever released. Disc 2 [wave drum] recalls the work of nijiumu, another of haino�s earlier projects, though subtler and including lots of vocals. Starts off really quiet with metallic resonation, slices of treated voice fragments and loops of feedback, continues with rattling and bursts of vocal shrieks, with periods of absolute silence shattered by jarring belches of sound, eventually settling down to some percussion and dark chanting. Definitely one of haino�s most psychedelic releases, at times recalling early amon duul or acid mothers temple. Exquisitely packaged in black stock card gatefold wallet with purple & silver metallic artwork.

Kid 606 : Down With The Scene

Ipecac IPC7.
Released On: 12 March 2001

Fittingly, it's mike patton's ipecac imprint that serves upon the world the long awaited new full length from this rising electropunk laptoprock wunderkind superstar, 2 years in the making and the perfect follow-up to his seminal 'don't sweat the technics'set. 'Down...' races through 16 tracks of lovable sonic twists, and turns through every type of rock, techno, punk, idm, indie, emo, noise, jungle, hardcore, hiphop, ambient, and breakbeat bastardisation imaginable. Daring, scizophrenic, irreverant and brilliant. Includes a track called 'luke vibert can kiss my indiepunk whiteboy ass'.the kid's stock is in rapid ascent, with everyone looking for a bite on his electronic cherry.

Longstone : Static

Ochre OCH047.
Released On: 26 March 2001

New release from longstone features seven brand new studio recordings. This is the follow up to the 'auto//genous' album on space age recordings that featured bunnymen guitarist will sergeant and spiritual guidance from sonic boom. The album received a 9 out of 10 in future music whilst the wire hailed it as 'an intriguing mix of noise and calm'. Previously longstone have seen the debut album 'surrounded by glass' and the 'live in new york' 10" released on ochre. All three releases gained radio one airplay from john peel with longstone also becoming a mary-anne hobbs late night favourite. The new material inhabits the world between intelligent thought provoking electronica and twisted motorik melodies. Longstone have often been compared to classic hraut rock acts (kraftwerk, cluster) as well as more recent mavericks (autechre, kriedler).

Penumbra : Skandinavien

Irislight ILIGHT015CD.
Released On: 19 March 2001

Iris Light Records is proud to announce the release of Penumbras second album Skandinavien. Penumbra is one half of :zoviet*france: electronicas most consistently impressive outfit for the last 20 years. With Skandinavien Penumbra uses found sounds from the continent he takes the title from to create a monolithic, yet detailed release, that proves this artists own merits outside of the :zoviet*france:camp. This album is a minimal techno, beat driven release with long ambient loops and sound samples from flights taken to Scandinavia during regular visits to Norway.

Retina : Volcano Waves

Hefty HEFTY027CD.
Released On: 12 March 2001

New ffrom HEFTY RECORDS (home to Savath & Savalas, John Hughes etc)... RETINA is an avant-electronic-experimental-noise project that explores the boundries of digital music. Sound manipulations without handles that falls somewhere between dance, electronica, and space.

Unearthed : Unearthed

Rage Of Achilles ILIAD010.
Released On: 26 March 2001

From Thousand Oaks, California comes Unearthed. A quintet set on aural destruction, mixing a heavy post-hardcore sound, with haunting Apocalyptic experimental metal. Originally formed back in 1992, this is their debut album after years of delicately crafting their chaos and live shows across the west coast. 'Unearthed' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Deftones / Will Haven producer Eric Stenman at his own Enharmonik Studios.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:19 PM

Dead Kennedys

Plastichead Distribution have a feature on the Dead Kennedys

As you may be aware the Dead Kennedys CD have just been reissued

Details available @ Plastichead Distribution

Now available on Decay (DKD) Records the reissued and remastered Dead Kennedys
albums "Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust Inc.", " Frankenchrist"," Bedtime For
Democracy" , "Give Me Convenience....."

# posted by DJ Martian 7:59 PM

Punk 77

Punk 77 Provides an overview of UK Punk 1976-1979 scene.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:37 PM

MusicEzine - collated music news

I have just found MusicEzine that has similiar concept to my weblog. MusicEzine covers a variety of genres, but with a more mainstream/higher profile bias than you will find on DJ Martian's Page.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:00 PM

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