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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Peter Murphy: New Album on the Way! report a new Peter Murphy album is expected this Autumn: ViaStar Signs Legendary Pop Icon Peter Murphy to Multi-Album Recording Contract:

ViaStar Records is set to release Peter Murphy's upcoming full-length studio album this fall, which has been recorded in London, Istanbul, Montreal and Phoenix and is currently being mixed in Los Angeles.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:22 PM

The Go-Betweens Reissues

Tracklistings are confirmed for the forthcoming reissues of three Go-Betweens albums: The Go-Betweens: 2004 reissues tracklistings for

[1986] Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express
[1987] Tallulah
[1988] 16 Lovers Lane

These albums will be released July 26th on Lo Max.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:42 AM

Pitchfork review Pan American - Quiet City

# posted by DJ Martian 12:36 AM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

The Cure - The Cure

Cure, one of the most influential bands of the past two decades, release their brand new studio album "The Cure".

2xLtd CD
This limited edition double pack includes a bonus DVD of studio footage, plus two exclusive bonus tracks "Truth Goodness And Beauty" and "Going Nowhere".

The Fall - Sparta FC 2

Taken from the highly acclaimed "Country on the Click" album, this is the track that just cried out to be released as a single. It came No. 2 in John Peels Festive 50, only beaten by one point from the No.1 position. On the latest tour this was one of the highlights of the set and, for months now, Fall fans have been emailing the web site asking when it was going to be released as a single. In typical Mark E Smith style, he has gone and re-recorded the song which is an added bonus to Fall collectors.

The CD singles includes "My Ex Classmate's Kids (Live In Cologne 2001)" and the video for "Theme From Sparta F.C."

George - All Good Things
Lejos Discos

Having had previous releases on Bad Jazz and Earworm, local duo George return with this four track EP. Michael Varty and Suzy Mangion (sometime singer with Piano Magic & Arbol) produce a strange kind of music, not easily described. Odd without flagrantness, more a result of old props and sleight-of-hand than special effects and attention seeking. It is the kind of music made by people who've been schoolfriends and still use the same pre-teen electronics and percussion trolley to make old-fashioned adult music.

Gravenhurst - Flashlight Season

Stunning album from new Warp signings Gravenhurst, whose music chronicles tales from the darker side of life with a clarity of sound, voice and lyricism that is breathtaking. Gravenhurst's dark romanticism and production values call to mind such artists as Simon and Garfunkel, Jeff Buckley and My Bloody Valentine, while his delicate voice and picked guitar strings recall Nick Drake. Both formats come in a brown card, embossed sleeve - lovely!

Ministry - Houses Of The Mole

Following the success of last years "Animositisomina" Al Jorgensen and Paul Barker are back with Ministry's latest release "Houses of the Mole". This is not just a return to form it may well be their most hard-hitting assault on the senses so far.

Mission Of Burma - Four Hands EP

"Dirt", was a live favourite when Mission of Burma were playing 22 years ago. Since they have returned the track has been updated and takes pride of place on the album as one of the more melodic, Clint Conley (bass, vocals) penned songs.

CDS - OLE614 2 -- limited cheap price
The CD single includes a cover of seminal West Coast punks The Dills’ "Class War" and a dub mix of the album track "Wounded".

Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere

This is powerful stuff, especially if you like your rock to disorientate you. Locked into churning grooves but always tuneful, you could lump these in with the Nu Prog heads because this is certainly psychedeiic. It's shifting, spatial heavy music.

Sufjan Stevens - Presents Greetings From Michigan
Rough Trade

Having previously been available on import, this album now gets a UK release on Rough Trade. Incase you don't know the script so far, Sufjan Stevens is a part time member of the Danielson Famile, and this is the first in a planned series of CDs dedicated to each US state. His music is a mix of Stereolab meets Philip Glass meets indie-folk - a delicate vocal with intricate instrumentation.

The CD features two tracks that weren't available on the import version.

Sunn O))) - White 2
Southern Lord

Amazing new album from Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley aka Sunn O))). Unsuprisingly, "White 2" is the follow up to "White 1" and features contributions from Attilla Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor, etc), Joe Preston (Thrones, ex-Melvins), Rex Ritter (Fontanelle) and Dawn Smithson. Sunn O))) is not your standard doom metal band... taking influences from legends Earth, adding electronica and stpping ahead of the crowd, Sunn O))) appeal to fans of electronic music, metal and experimental all at once.

Molasses - Trouble At Jinx Hotel
Alien 8

The group's utterly original music displays the raw, world-weary voice of old americana, the abandon of improvisation and experiment, the spiritually-charged atmosphere of church music, and the adventure of the avant-garde. Featuring members of the Shalabi Effect, Set Fire To Flames, Codeine, Come, Boxhead Ensemble and the Bonnie Prince Billy band. Cut among the songs are some stunning drone-driven outros and four instrumental interludes culled from field-recordings, found sounds and makeshift instruments. Molasses receives lavish praise from around the world for its music and for the exquisite hand-crafted packaging of its albums. It is housed in a beautiful tea-green gate-fold sleeve.

Charles Atlas - To The Dust: From Man You Came To Man You Shall Return

Their fifth album, and this drifts along superbly in the style of ambient Eno mixed with La Bradford and Piano Magic.

No More Records

DNA was Arto LIndsay, Ikue Mori, Robin Crutchfield and Tim Wright. "DNA ON DNA" is a defintive 32 track compilation of this legendary 'no wave' band containing all the rare and out of print songs together on CD for the first time. This highly anticipated release includes the "You & You" 7", "A Taste Of DNA" EP and various compilation appearances alongside previously unreleased songs and early live versions.

CD - DNA12
Deluxe 16 page booklet packed with photos, flyers, lyrics and extensive notes by Byron Coley, Jason Gross and Glen O' Brien.

Kinski - Don't Climb On And Take The Holy Water
Strange Attractors

'A full length collection of improvised material that they'll never be able to play again', it says on the cover. This isn't a proper new album but a blissed out ambient groove experiment that just worked so well it had to be put out!! Excellent stuff!

Wolf Eyes / Black Dice - Split

Wolf Eyes have a massive underground following, with their special annihistic brand of cassette mangling noise. Like Throbbing Gristle manhandling Suicide with even more underlying and disturbing intensity than say, Whitehouse. Truly thrilling and possibly the scariest noise you will hear. On the flip are their brother in arms, Black Dice who have been messing with people's psyche for a while now, and their Ruins / Boredoms influenced psycho insanity is tempered with a wash of electronica that seems to soothe, but as with Wolf Eyes, the nascent insanity and out there free rock takes over. Recorded Oct 2001.

Available at last on CD!

Cursor Miner - Plays God
Lo Recordings

Think of Gary Numan mixed with everything from Syd Barrett to Aphex Twin to the Fat Truckers. Electro new wave madness combining a smell of the 70s with the taste of the noughties.

Various Artists / Lektroluv 5
News NV

Dr Lektroluv is back with another fantastic set of electro-disco / electro-techno tracks for our listening pleasure. Opening with one of the most influential 80s records, Telex's "Moskow Diskow", the compilation also includes tracks by Polygamy Boys, Fad Gadget, STR, Break 3000, Abe Duque, Solvent and even the Detrechno stylings of Drexciya.

Atreyu - The Curse
Victory Records

This is the second full length release from Orange County's emo / hardcore / retro-metal outfit. It's crystalline production doesn't detract in any way from their tortured energy, but it does add clarity to their sound, providing the perfect frame for a catchy cocktail of hardcore and melodic indie rock. A definite progression from "Butterfly Kisses..." that proves that accessibility and passion are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Time In Malta - Alone With The Alone
Equal Vision

The follow up to "A Second Engine", Time In Malta's excellent debut, sees them adopt a more aggressive and refined approach, with more brutal breakdowns, complex song structures and extended acoustic intros making for a singular hardcore sound. Todd Gullion's distinctive vocals are lower in the mix and are more effective for that, flowing effortlessly into the music. A very impressive, powerful release.

Various Artists / Exceptionally Remixed

Jap-jazz supremo Nik Weston selects the tracks for this Exceptional remixes compilation. He includes all our faves from the past 12 months or so: Osunlade's mix of UFO's "Listen Love", Spitiual South's mix of "Suite Espagnole", also by UFO, Swell Session's mixes of Fat Jon and Susumu Yokota, Bugz In The Attic and Kyoto Jazz Massive mixes of Susumu Yokota too, and reworks by Jimpster and Akufen too.

DJ Shadow - In Tune And On Time

Premiered in Manchester in 2002, and evolving over two years, the "In Tune And On Time" live show is captured here at Brixton Academy, on wax, CD and DVD. Shadow adds live DJ overlays and scratching to his own music, which is backed by visuals linked up to the tracks (you'll have to watch the DVD for that!). Over the 21 tracks (plus extras on the DVD) you get all the DJ Shadow classics past and present - "What Does Your Soul Look Like", "The Number Song", "Stem / Long Stem", "Lost & Found", "Organ Donor", "Mashin' On The Motorway" etc.
2xDVD - CIDV8146
The DVD will delight all Shadow fans with its unique format which also includes an audio CD of the live set. "In Tune & On Time" is cut with an 'intermission' featuring candid, on-the-road footage from various countries, vox pops with fans and a montage of crowd stills. DVD's extras include a battle on MPCs between Cut Chemist and DJ NuMark in LA at the MYAN Theatre, and Malcolm Catto in Detroit and also three extra live tracks not featured on the vinyl or CD.

Quantic - Mishaps Happening
Tru Thoughts

Drawing from a wide range of musical influences, prolific producer Will Holland once again delivers a veritable melting pot of grooves, fusing erstwhile soul, funk and jazz with roughed up, toughed up future beats. Guest vocals are delivered by longtime collaborator Alice Russell, French MC Trinidad, legendary soul-jazz singer Spanky Wilson (on "Don't Joke With A Hungry Man" and "When You're Through") and Sonny Akpan from Nigerian group The Funkees. If you thought 2002's "Apricot Morning" was good, then this is even better!.

BC Gilbert - Ordier
Table Of Elements

In his post-Wire work Bruce Gilbert has utilized a variety of modernist tools and explored a vast range of experimental music, from white noise to ambient drones. "Ordier" (recorded for Table Of Elements in 1996, but subsequently believed lost) is another combative classic, as Gilbert stirs up a wild swarm of electronics with his usual deft touch.

Kid 606 - Who Still Kill Sound?
Very Friendly

Otherwise known as "Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You - Volume 2", more nails in the coffin, purging the soul, flogging a dead laptop, milking the cow dry, cleaning out the hard drive, stuff that didn't fit anywhere else and stuff that maybe doesn't even fit here.

Murcof - Utopia

A specially priced collection from Murcof, featuring reworkings of tracks from "Martes" the two tracks from last year's exceptional "Ulysses" 12" and two further previously unreleased Murcof tracks, "Una" and "Ultimatum".

Spatialize - Dryad's Bubble
3rd Stone

The influences of Neil Butler AKA Spatialize include artists such as the Orb and his work has also been compared to leftfield and ambient Aphex Twin.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:19 AM

Stylus have an interview with 2 Kompakt artists [Michael Mayer/ Reinhard Voight]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 AM

Stylus review Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro

# posted by DJ Martian 12:06 AM

BW & BK report Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs will be released on September 27th on Nocturnal Art Productions.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:02 AM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004 review The Cure - The Cure

# posted by DJ Martian 11:52 PM

The latest The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 features a Dave Clarke Glasto Mix.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:38 PM

BBC NEWS report Pet Shop Boys plan free film gig

The Pet Shop Boys will unveil their latest project - a soundtrack to the 1925 film Battleship Potemkin - at a free show in London's Trafalgar Square.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:23 PM

Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 95/ 30.06.04]

This week's kultureflash

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering happenings and openings in and around London. Each week we track down some of the most interesting and unusual events taking place in the capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the best of what's on in London.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:45 PM

U2 to name album: Vertigo ?

Speculation that U2 may have named their forthcoming album: Vertigo as indicated by this research @ [via []

If history is any indication, U2's next studio album might be named Vertigo.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:00 PM

The Independent interview Peter Hammill

# posted by DJ Martian 5:48 PM

The Blue Nile: New Album: High - Due 30th August

Legendary Scottish band, The Blue Nile have signed to Sanctuary records and will release a new album High in late August. This will be their forth studio album in 20 years, previous albums were released in 1984 [A Walk Across the Rooftops], 1989 [Hats] and 1996 [Peace at Last].

This is confirmed by three different sources @ This unofficial The Blue Nile fans website: The Blue Nile
[Sources:, The Independent mention Sanctuary Records and BBC Scotland] also list The Blue Nile - High as an August 30th release in the UK.

The Independent have a new article about The Blue Nile

The release of High will be one of the most eagerly anticipated music events of the year

# posted by DJ Martian 5:09 PM

The Departure = The British Interpol

New band alert: The Departure are from Northampton, have signed to Parlophone records. Their debut single: All Mapped Out is released on August 2nd.

Sam Harvey – lead guitar
Lee Irons – guitar, backing vocals
Ben Winton – bass
Andy Hobson – drums

The Departure are Parlophone’s latest signings and one of Britain’s most exciting new bands. Destined to appeal to both hearts and minds, theirs is a sound which unites rock’s capricious guitars and funk’s sentient bass with lyrics fated to be scratched into diaries up and down the land.

All Mapped Out, the single reminds me of Interpol and early Echo & the Bunnymen: Crocodiles era.

BBC Berkshire interview The Departure

Rockcity interview The Departure

Mapped Out’ is coming out on August 2nd, the second single we’re aiming to get out in October and then the third single will be in January of next year…
Ben: …with hopefully an album to follow in February.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:57 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON a weekly email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 1:21 PM

Musique Machine review Sunn 0))) - White

# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 PM

Monday, June 28, 2004


Innerviews interview Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree

# posted by DJ Martian 11:51 PM review Ministry - Houses Of The Molé

# posted by DJ Martian 11:32 PM

BW & BK report the latest Opeth news update:

Mikael Åkerfeldt has started writing for what is supposed to be the next Opeth album. Hopefully to be recorded sometime in the early Spring of 2005

# posted by DJ Martian 11:26 PM

Junkmedia have an interview with !!!

With Louden Up Now their first full-length on Touch and Go, !!! have claimed a huge piece of the growing New York dance-punk scene for themselves. Except that they're not just another New York band, and Louden isn't just about the dance floor. The band still possesses physical roots in Sacramento, CA, where it developed the iconoclastic post-disco mix that drove last year's critical darling, Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story).

# posted by DJ Martian 1:26 PM

Barcode review the comeback album from Campag Velocet: Campag Velocet - It's Beyond Our Control

# posted by DJ Martian 1:02 PM

Pitchfork Redesigned - Poor User Interface Design

Pitchfork has a new design today.

It may look better at first glance at the homepage - but the user interface for the reviews section is useless - you need to use the bottom scrolling bar to read the review - with my current screen resolution.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:45 PM

BBC 6 Music featured Album of the Day is The Cure - The Cure

Pitchfork review The Cure - The Cure

# posted by DJ Martian 12:06 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2004


The Great British Music Debate 2004 on Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 are back with another British Music Debate on Wednesday 21st July [this is the day after after the Mercury Music Prize nominations, which will no doubt be topical].

» The Great British Music Debate 2004

More About: The Great British Music Debate 2004

They are asking for listener input for the debate, with a series of themed questions: Got A Question?

# posted by DJ Martian 11:33 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - A Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Various / Kompakt - Kompakt 100

Those of you who've been asleep for the last month will have missed the buzz of excitement surrounding this epic centenary celebration from Cologne's mighty Kompakt imprint. There's been the full page review in this month's wire magazine, signalling perhaps the more overtly intelectual assessment of where this label stands, something that dancefloor afficianado's and lovers of ecclectic and innovative electronic music everywhere have known for a good while now. Then there's been the endless amount of radioplay, style-magazine generated hyperbole and the whispers of excited followers of the label in all 4 corners of the globe. The premise for this tantalising compilation is simple : each participating Kompakt artist was asked to choose one title of the previous 99 kompakt releases and make a remix. The result flows from the incredibly evocative organic ambience that the label has termed "pop ambient", to the precise teutonic house and techno fractures (less minimal than you would think!) that has established Kompakt as the most formidable and well respected dancefloor imprint in the world today. If you've followed the label even selectively over the last 6 years you will have found, with this compilation, the definitive cross section of what Kompakt stands for, those of you who've always wanted a taste of what the fuss is all about - look no further.

Lali Puna - Micronomic
Morr Music

Excellent follow up single to Lali Puna's third album "Faking The Books" which was released to worldwide critical acclaim back in April. Lali asked two of their favorite artists for remixes, Anticon affiliate and Lali Puna's tour support Alias providing a deep and intricate percussive mix for "Alienation", while "Micronomic" itself is re-worked by Lex beat chopper in residence - boom bip. The EP also includes two brand new Lali Puna songs - both written and recorded while the band worked on "Faking The Books". "The Daily Match" focuses on Lali Puna's pop sensibilities, bringing to mind the effortless genius of sister band the notwist, while "Harrison Reverse", meabwhile, strips everything back to deliver one of Lali's first instrumental, largely electronic and ecclectic pieces in some years. For pop with a twist, this is as good as it gets.

Mikey Dread - African Anthem

Definitely a staunch and abiding favourite from Michael Campbell - David Katz's curation of this excellent reissue series continues right on point, after their supreme job on Upsetters' Blackboard Jungle Dub. Mikey's legendary status centres on his infamous four hour saturday night radio shows from the late seventies on JBC, where he would run straight dub plate specials, hot off the press, garnished with sculptural sound fx and wild interjections, from one of the most sampled voices in reggae music. This is perhaps the album which comes closest to the experience of actually hearing one of these shows, Katz has pulled out 6 unreleased 'specials' of his own to close the album, tubbys music, steppers of high abandon, propulsive, bad boy crazy music - killer killer killer materials.

Coti - Lido / Lato
Poeta Negra

With his debut material appearing on the Basic-Channel sponsored "Vibrant Forms" label a couple of years back, this interesting double cd from Coti explores the more stripped down end of microscopic emissions, found sounds and organic minimalism. The first cd, "lido", has a more abstract and fluid identity, bringing to mind aquatic textures with post-industrial scenery. The second cd, "lato", has a more melodic and compact identity, with successive piano parts and strings imbuing the composition with direction. Coti is also a member of free music improvisation club 2-13, and has played live electronics with many musicians including evan parker, phil durrant, nikos veliotis, rhodri davies, andrea neumann, coh, philip glass. Check.

Daedelus - A Gent Agent
Laboratory Instinct

More than anything 2004 will be the year when Daedelus' name will be on everybody's mind when it comes to the best of year charts. This still mysterious artist debuted on the hard to describe Phthalo imprint back in 2001 and since has released music on Eastern Developments, Mush and most notably Plug Research where his two albums 'Invention' and 'Of Snowdonia' have brought him an army of fans including even MF Doom and Madlib who sampled him just recently. For the excellent Laboratory Instinct label comes his second release in as many months following up the mini album 'Meanwhile...' and his contribution to the wicked 'Advanced Public Listening Comp'. This thirteen track full length album (all new exclusive tracks) differs from the out and outergalactic cinematic sampling of his Plug Research material by throwing a spanner into his sampler. Several tracks drop a new pallet of disguised rave stabs, junglist rhythm wreckage which wrestle with his new style of cinematica - you are amongst a bewildering array of influences in perfect harmony. Imagine new school Vibert getting down with his classic Plug output. 'Desperate Measures' and 'Escape Artists' are two examples of tracks that'll keep the downtempo fans happy - one track sampling Charlie Parker with Strings and the other cutting up The Beach Boys. One of the most complete works yet from Daedelus the one-off lunatic sampling genius. Very highly recommended.

Dat Politics - Go Pets Go
Chicks On Speed

Tigerbeat affiliates Dat Politics have always managed to pair advanced electronic tinkering with the absolutely absurd. They return here after a couple of years hibernation with quite easily their most demented and pop-tinged work to date, perfectly suited to Chicks on Speed and their own brand of strange. The album spreads it's wings with digital folk (aided and abbeted by the likes of Kevin Blechdom and Nathan Michel), a couple of Nintendo techno mini-hits and compositions based on insects and pets doing their thang. Strange but true - id you like your pop music messy, f*cked up and filmed in glorious technicolour - you'll love this.

Murcof - Utopia

So, not quite the new album we were all hoping for, but with 2 brand new tracks, plus the 2 tracks lifted from the Ulysses EP (for the first time on cd) and 7 remixes (from Colleen, Sutekh, Deathprod, Fax, Icarus and more) - it's ample food to keep you going for quite some time. Murcof's blend of classical plucked strings and electronic layering has been so influential on its surroundings that the sound has almost slipped into musical cliché. The new tracks on board offer a tantalising glimpse of what may follow - a masterful command of spacious string arrangments and dark, almost intrusive broken soundscapes. The remixes are also chosen with much sensitivity and good taste, excellent broken house arrangements by Sutekh and Fax (previously available on the Utopia 12"), while Colleen strips "Muim" right down to a whisper of strings and delictae piano cascades (amazing stuff), and Biosphere collaborator Deathprod harnesses the sound into a buzzing mass of textured ambience, making for a shimmering beast of organic drone that's just breathtaking. Excellent stuff from Murcof and co, now bring on the new album...pleaseeee.

Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush
Ninja Tune

Luke Vibert returns following his soujourn to the disco with his Kerrier District project for Rephlex, here deliveriong the first new Wagon Christ material for quite some time.This is quite possibly Vibert's most commercial material to date, reconisable percussive samples and sci-fi clips still making for the bulk of what's on offer - an undeniable feelgood vibe permeating almost every moment across these 10 tracks. Comes with the video for "Receiver" from the last album.

Black Strobe - Chemical Sweet Girl EP

This cd edition of `Chemical Sweet Girl' features all of Black Strobe's classic releases as well as exclusive, previously unreleased, material. Features: ·The current 12" release `Chemical Sweet Girl',`The Abwehr Disco', cult electro classic `Me & Madonna', `Innerstrings', an exclusive unreleased remix of `Chemical Sweet Girl' by Alter Ego (Playhouse/Klang), and Ivan Smagghe and Ewan Pearson's `Two Fairlight Bitches' remix Of `Me & Madonna', and `Fitting Together', previously unavailable on CD

Noel Akchote / Roland Auzet / Luc Ferrari - Impro-Micro-Acoustique
Blue Chopsticks

Composer Luc Ferrari, one of the progenitors of musique concrete and a pioneer of electroacoustic music, has previously written scores for improvising musicians. Prior to Impro-Micro-Acoustique, however, Ferrari himself had never played the role of an improviser. Several years ago, Ferrari chanced to see the Parisian guitarist Noel Akchoté mistreating his instrument in his characteristic, inimitable manner. Ferrari was surprised to be reminded of musique concrete techniques -- especially by an instrumentalist, and outside of the studio. He referred to what he'd heard as 'new, real-time concrete.' Then he thought to take up improvisation. As regards sympathetic players, Akchoté was an obvious choice. Equally so was Roland Auzet, who had previously performed the demanding percussion part in Ferrari's Cellule 75. Impro-Micro-Acoustique presents Ferrari at the piano and utterly at home, utterly in-the-moment for this trio's first encounter. Improvisers generally opt for a documentary approach to recording. Stereo mics in a fixed position is par for the course. By contrast, Impro-Micro-Acoustique is a meticulously crafted assemblage of shifting sonic perspectives. It's a play of depths, in which individual attacks come abruptly and unpredictably to the fore. Recommended.

Sunn O))) - White 2
Southern Lord

Intriguing new album from Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley, aka Sunn0))). White 2 follows up the Julian Cope sponsored Volume 1, this time round featuring Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor, etc.) , Joe Preston (Thrones, ex-Melvins), Rex Ritter (Fontanelle) and Dawn Smithson. Sunn o))) is not your standard doom metal band ...taking influences from legends Earth, adding electronica (those of you who caught them at last year's Autechre curated ATP festival will know how intense this lot really are) and fusing Strands of metal and experimental music all at once. Doom metal indeed - check.

Various / Output - Channel 3

Third in the series of label compilations from Trevor Jackson's hugely succesful Output imprint. Includes new, exclusive, and previously unreleased tracks alongside label classics. Include Black Strobe `The Abwehr Disco', The Rapture `I Need Your Love' - Playgroup remix. Manhead `Birth School Work Death', Colder `The Slow Descent' (exclusive b-side), DK7 `Slipstream' - follow up to last year's `The Difference' - plus an exclusive guest track from electronic music pioneers Yello, originally released as an extremely rare b-side in 1982, and soon to be reissued on 12" vinyl on the label. Zeitgeist city - check.

Bigg Jus - Black Mamba Serums V2.0
Big Dada

This is the planet quaking ill hip hop styles that still make me believe that abstraction in hip hop has a bright future. From Bigg Jus, El-P's partner in Company Flow, this album offers brain workout political lyrics over incredible production that's abstract as sh*t but with a warm honest soul infused with rare hip hop melancholy. Rugged like the dirtiest street rap but high art as the finest hip hop aspires to. Thirteen tracks, all self produced in an awe inspiring fashion with added ill scratching from Dust of Mars Ill. Label boss and massive Co Flow fan Will Aston reckons this album is "a stone cold, bona fide classic" and I agree. This album feels like the long lost sequel to the classic 'Funcrusher Plus' album. Where El' went off to the Def Juxland the Jus keeps the Company Flow musical legacy frighteningly real, sick and relavant. Awesome, one of the years best. **CD version includes 23 bonus MP3's tracks**

LMNO - Economic Food Chain Music
Up Above

Now available on cd. One of the finest but least known emcee's from the west coast ,LNMO product has always got me hyped up and this album is his best collection to date. Killer head nod business with serious lyrics and rap flows. Produced in main by Oh No, also Madlib's little bro's finest collection of music to date. Elsewhere production is handled by Rhettmatic, Liferexall, Keykool, Discreet Merchants and Evidence. Guests include Visionaries, 2Mex, Wildchild, J-Rocc and DJ Romes. Most definetely dope. Fourteen trax, a must check.

Writer's Block - En Route
Up Above

Now available on cd. From the Visionaires comes Zen & Dannu aka Writer's Block with this wonderful album. Feeling like it might have been made upto ten years ago there's a similar hip hop swirl and innocence in the music that reminds me of the classic debut albums of KMD and The UMC's. Writer's Block deliver highly poetic lyricisms with harmonic deliveries. From complex conceptions to basic elemental boom bap, their microphone charisma adapts to any rhythm, and the dazzling array of production talent enlisted here makes their debut album one to freak over. Production contributions come from Keykool & DJ Rhettmatic, Omid and Mum's The Word. With an amazing 'Belleville Rendezvous' styled sleeve this fifteen track album 'En Route' is another class release for the quietly burning Up Above label. Highly recommended.

Charles Atlas - To the dust: From man you came to man you shall return

Charles Atlas, much like Piano Magic, is a fluid lineup of musicians who have over the years included Charles Wyatt (Piano Magic), Matt Greenberg (the Rosemarys), Erik Kowalski (Casino Vs. Japan), Sacha Galvagna (Rosa Mota), and more. This latest album is their most gripping to date - all downcast, mostly instrumental pieces, shifting mood with strings, piano and acoustic guitar - hugely evocative and highly cinematic. Odessa Chen's vocal, when introduced, elevates proceedings to an ethereal level, introspective and somehow incredibly touching. A highly recommended listen for those with a broken heart or insomnia, lovely music.

Gravenhurst - Flashlight Seasons

More diversifying from Warp here, this time extending their repertoire to the nether reaches of alt-folk with the debut album from Gravenhurst, who's 7" for the "For Us" imprint brought them to the attention of a fast-widening audience. "Flashlight Seasons" sits itself somewhere between the more hushed output of My Bloody Valentine, the folk pioneering of Nick Drake and the cross-platform innovation and charm of Vincent Gallo. What matters most with updated folk, if you will, is the quality of the songwriting, something that Gravenhurst have in ample supply. With that as a foundation, each gentle tweak of the format with strange instrumentation or unusual production makes for an ever more accomplished and addictive set of songs. In other words, Warp couldn't have chosen a better release for their debut foray into campfire territory - a beautiful album that will hopefully find favour with fans across the board. Lovely.

Molasses - Trouble At Jinx Hotel
Alien 8

With its Godspeed! affiliation firmly intact, Molasses return with another excellent album ofraw, world-weary old Americana crossed with the abandon of improvisation and experiment, the spiritually-charged atmosphere of church music, and the adventure of the avant-garde. This time round featuring members of the shalabi effect, set fire to flames, Godspeed, codeine, come, boxhead ensemble and the bonnie prince billy band, the album also features some stunning drone-driven outros and four instrumental interludes culled from field-recordings, found sounds and makeshift instruments. Lovely.

Pinback - Offcell
Touch & Go

First Pinback release of new material since 2001's `Blue Screen Life' and their first release for Touch and Go. Delicate harmonies combine with pleasantly rollicking tempos and simple, pretty melodies in a way that is both innovative and immediately familiar. The EP features five brand new non-LP tracks including the live crowd pleaser `Victorious D'. For fans of American Anolog Set, 3 Mile Pilot, Teenage Fanclub, Portastic and The Postal Service.

Pink Grease - This Is For Real

Latest album from Pink Grease featuring twelve new tracks of pure loud guitar abandon, glam and discoid vibe that reeks of punk attitude. Highlights include recent single `Fever' plus `Superfool', `Into My Heart' and `Peaches' - combining a mix of frenzied rock `n' roll and twisted pop music. `This Is For Real' will find a home with fans of high-octane rock'n'roll of The Stooges, 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster and The New York Dolls.

Sufjan Stevens - Presents....Greetings From Michigan The Great Lake State
Rough Trade

In sharp contrast to this week's other release from the great Sufjan Stevens, "Greetings from Michigan...." is a sublime, largely acoustc ode to the state in which the man was born. Overflowing with evocative solitary piano, muted trumpet and a songwriting ability that's quite hard to fathom, the overall tone here is melancholy and introspective, evoking not only the pastoral greenery and wildlife of the Lake State, but also the functional, mundane, grey, day to day reality of its troubled industry.There's also a sporadc spray of more disjointed, sometimes instrumental pieces that offer a startling and often beautiful arrangement of sleigh bells, glockenspiel, whistles, oboe, xylophone, vibraphone, flute, banjo and trombone, a carefully orchestrated weave of ideas and a gift for songwriting that make Stevens quite easily one of the most impressive and original songwriters in the world today. Huge recommendation.

The Anamoanonn - Derby Ram
Houston Party

The Anamoanon is Ned Oldham's project, backed by his brothers Will and Paul. This fourth Anamoanon album displays delicacy and intensity played with homespun recklessness. Pooling high vocals and harmonies, spare enigmatic lyrics, snaky vocals and rock chord progressions, they remind many of quality 60's neo-traditionalist mavericks, imbuing alt-country with a rougher, rockier edge. Check.

Various / Regular My Friends And I - A Regular Compilation

The much underrated Regular label compiles tracks from some known and unknown artists, with their specific blend of ultra deep tech house chosen superbly for a class compilation. With Duplex 100, Falko Brocksieper, Rene Breitbarth, Jaumetic and more there's plenty to choose from. Rene Breitbarth delivers a killer deep house cut with `Mbass' which has a Basic Channel style synth running through the drums and modulating around the groove perfectly, and a solid sub bass that holds the track to the floor, a top number. Also the rumbling acid of Jaumetic's `Cresp' makes for a killer cut, the wildly tweaked bassline makes the track stand out straight away, while the solid drums do the rhythmic work and deliver another reason for the Regular label to be checked out, top cut. Falko Brocksieper has released a few tracks in his time, from Trapez to Triebstoff and Sub Static, here he drops `Dense' which is a disco tinged electronic house cut that sets a proper funky feel and has some classic synth work. A lush and varied comp of top tech house numbers.

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Reminder, Woebot has become WOEBOTNiK

# posted by DJ Martian 5:20 PM

Paul Morley on Radio 2: Vox Pop: Art and Music

Paul Morley will be presenting a radio show on BBC Radio 2 this Tuesday evening [29th June]: [8.30-9.30pm] that looks at the relationship between: art and music.

» Radio 2 - Vox Pop

Art has always been a consistent thread in music linking emergent '60's art school musicians, such as Lennon, Townsend, Ray Davies and the Velvet Underground, to the '70's wave of David Bowie and Roxy Music, to Throbbing Gristle and Joy Division, from Kraftwerk, Can and Faust to Magazine, Wire and Gang of Four.

Ultimately, Morley argues, the most striking, revolutionary and myth-making music was produced by musicians who were interested in art, who looked to the worlds of surrealism, dada, pop art, expressionism, to the more serious, innovative worlds of jazz, classical and film, as well as the art of literature.

More recently, along with Bjork, the popularisation of avant garde art music, through artists such as Tortoise, To Rococo Rot, Squarepusher, Matmos, Four Tet, and Lali Puna, has proved that it is music driven by artistic impulse that ultimately has the most contemporary resonance.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 PM

This week's Stuart Maconie's Critical List show on Radio 2 selects PHYSICAL GRAFFITI by LED ZEPPELIN as Featured Album of the week.

Produced by Jimmy Page
Swan Song, 1975

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Key new album releases for June 14th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

Arovane - Lillies (City Centre Offices)
Blue States - The Soundings (Memphis Industries)
Stefano Bollani - Smat Smat (Label Bleu)
Roberto Carlos Lange Presents Boom & Birds - Confetti (Rice & Beans) EP
Tom Carter - Monument (Kranky)
Cursor Miner - Cursor Miner Plays God (Lo Recordings)
Directions - Have You Felt This Way Before (Diaspora In Session)
Dykehouse - Midrange (Ghostly International)
Yuichiro Fujimoto - Komorebi (Smalltown Supersound)
Rachel Goswell - Waves Are Universal (4ad)
Gringo Grinder - Breakfast included (Onitor)
Brent Gutzeit - Drug Money (Kranky Records)
IQ - Dark Matter (GEP) [US Release to follow on June 22nd on Inside Out America Records]
Kinski - Don't Climb On and Take the Holy Water (Strange Attractors)
Daniel Menche - Eye on the Steel (Substractif)
Midlake - Bamnan & Slivercork (Bella Union)
Monne Automne (Luciano And Pierre Bucci) - Introducing Light and Sound (Lofi Stereo)
The New Year - The End is Near (Touch & Go)
The Rip Off Artist - New Clear Days (Inflatabl Labl)
Sasha - Involver (Global Underground)
Team Shadetek - Burnerism (Warp)
Technova - Electrosexual (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Jimi Tenor - Beyond the Stars (Kitty Yo)
Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding (Planet Mu)

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All About Jazz review Eivind Aarset - Connected

Aarset should be considered more of a sound sculptor. What is improvised and what is structured is rarely clear but, in the final analysis, it’s an unimportant distinction. What is important is how, with Connected as on his two previous releases, Aarset utilizes contemporary sonic tools to create a world all his own, with a distinctive imagination and unerring visual sensibility.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Almost Cool review Pan American - Quiet City

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BBC 6 Music present an exclusive Orbital 6 Mix music at 12.00 midnight Sunday - 2am Monday morning.

This weekend the 6 Mix takeover is a Glastonbury special with festival stalwarts Orbital taking us through our paces.

Orbital have just announced that this year's Glastonbury will be their last as they are splitting up.

Their 1995 gig at the festival was voted one of the best ever, so this year promises to be rather spectacular.

They are also about to release their final album, the Blue Album, so this show will not only feature the best of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll's influences and inspirations, but also new and exclusive material from their studio. An essential listen for all ears!

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BBC Collective review Secret Machines - Now Here is Nowhere

# posted by DJ Martian 1:38 AM

Music blog to check: Vinyl Mine

# posted by DJ Martian 12:59 AM

Mwanji Ezana @ be.jazz lists some of his personal fav jazz related albums of 2004 so far.

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Radio 3 - New Website

BBC Radio 3 have a complete new look website.

Looking at the new website - it seems rather lightweight on content, compared to the old Radio 3 website. The information / interface design and site structure/ navigation [Informaton Architecture] is very consistent/ unified/ simplified but the content / information provision has been neglected [e.g re upcoming shows], which is unusual for BBC websites.

About Radio 3: Introducing: About Radio 3
» Radio 3: Schedule
» Radio 3: Programmes
» Radio 3: Presenters
» Radio 3: Listen Again

Specific Radio 3 shows of interest:
» Hear and Now [Modern Composition/ Contemporary Classical]
» Jazz on 3 [Contemporary Jazz]
» Late Junction [Diverse: Experimental/ Electronic/ World Music/ Contemporary Classical/ Folk music/ Jazz etc]
» Mixing It [Diverse Experimental Rock & Electronic Music: ala The Wire magazine]

Themed Radio 3 pages:
» Radio 3: Classical
» Radio 3: Jazz
» Radio 3: New Music
» Radio 3: World Music

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Friday, June 25, 2004


BBC Collective interview luke vibert (wagon christ)

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Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 5:44 PM

Individual writers lists @ Pitchfork for Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s

[Once again Pitchfork ignore basic information design concepts - they could have easily improved the presentation of the information by creating html anchors for each writer. ]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:21 PM

The Guardian review Carla Bley/ The Lost Chords - The Lost Chords

# posted by DJ Martian 2:28 PM

The Guardian review Django Bates - You Live and Learn (Apparently)

# posted by DJ Martian 2:24 PM

The Guardian review The Cure - The Cure

# posted by DJ Martian 1:55 PM

Glastonbury 2004: Media Coverage

For those not going to Glastonbury, here is an extensive guide to media coverage of Britain's foremost live music festival:

The main BBC Music website: BBC Glastonbury 2004 provides a central resource for Glastonbury 2004 media coverage.

Radio 1 have some coverage, concentrating on dance music: Radio 1 Glastonbury 2004

BBC 6 Music will be broadcasting some shows live from Glastonbury: 6 Music: Glastonbury 2004

Listings: 6 MUSIC AT GLASTONBURY [6 Music will be focusing on new bands]

The local, BBC Somerset have a Glastonbury website: BBC Somerset: Glastonbury 2004

The BBC provide a sequential guide to it's coverage of Glastonbury on Radio and TV: BBC Radio/ TV: Glastonbury

BBC Glastonbury 2004 Radio & TV Schedules: in a chart format: TV & Radio Schedule - View by week

If you have Digital TV then BBC 3 have live evening coverage from Glastonbury.

The Official website for: Glastonbury Festival 2004

The Guardian have a comprehensive guide and will be providing news updates The Guardian: Glastonbury 2004

NME: will be providing news updated @ NME.Com

Playlouder are an official Glastonbury Festival media partner, there will be selective live webcasts: Playlouder - Glastonbury 2004

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The final day @ Pitchfork for Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s

Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s: 20 - 11

020: T.Rex
Electric Warrior
[Reprise; 1971]

019: Can
Ege Bamyasi
[United Artists; 1972]

018: Miles Davis
Bitches' Brew
[Columbia; 1970]

017: Funkadelic
Maggot Brain
[Westbound; 1971]

016: Buzzcocks
Singles Going Steady
[IRS; 1979]

015: The Who
Who's Next
[Decca; 1971]

014: The Velvet Underground
[Cotillion/Atlantic; 1971]

013: Nick Drake
Pink Moon
[Island; 1972]

012: The Stooges
[Elektra; 1970]

011: Rolling Stones
Exile on Main Street
[Rolling Stones; 1972]

Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s: 10 - 1

010: Brian Eno
Another Green World
[Island; 1975]

009: Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures
[Factory; 1979]

008: Gang of Four
[Warner Bros; 1979]

007: Led Zeppelin
[Atlantic; 1971]

006: Kraftwerk
Trans-Europe Express
[Capitol; 1977]

005: Bob Dylan
Blood on the Tracks
[Columbia; 1975]

004: Sly & The Family Stone
There's a Riot Goin' On
[Epic; 1971]

003: Television
Marquee Moon
[Elektra; 1977]

002: The Clash
London Calling
[CBS; 1979]

001: David Bowie
[RCA; 1977]

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The Independent have a feature on African Music: Out of Africa: the 20 must-have albums

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 AM

The Independent interview The Killers

# posted by DJ Martian 12:46 AM

BILLBOARD report Jane's Addiction Members Form New Band

Jane's Addiction members * are now forming a NEW band with a new singer, Steve Isaacs.

[* = Dave Navarro, bassist Chris Chaney and drummer Stephen Perkins]

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The Independent review Orbital - Blue Album

# posted by DJ Martian 12:24 AM

Andy Gill @ The Independent endorses the comeback Tuxedomoon album: Tuxedomoon - Cabin in the Sky

Cabin in the Sky finds them back together again, arguably more potent than ever. Using piano, bass, violin, clarinet and trumpet, with occasional jazz guitar or harmonica, they've crystallised a sound that's equal parts cabaret, jazz, rock, and contemporary chamber music - a distinctly European sound

# posted by DJ Martian 12:22 AM

Deviation Detroit Special

BBC IXtra present Deviation Detroit Special including Derrick May, Recloose and Kenny Larkin

Check below to hear Detroit legends talk about the impact the Motor City has had on black music. Don't forget to tell us what you think about Detroit.

As BBC Music note:
1Xtra's Benji B took a trip to Detroit - listen again to the programme, where legends talk about the impact the Motor City has had on black music. Then add your point of view on the messageboard.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004


Issue 25 of Earplug

JUNE 24 - JULY 7

Earplug is a biweekly email magazine, delivering a handpicked selection of news, sounds, videos, and original features for the international electronic music community.

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k-punk presents K-PUNK TOP 100 BRITISH ALBUMS

# posted by DJ Martian 6:59 PM

Playlouder review Kings of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street

# posted by DJ Martian 1:11 PM

Dusted review Noxagt - The Iron Point

# posted by DJ Martian 12:11 PM

Dusted review Tomasz Stanko Quartet - Suspended Night

# posted by DJ Martian 12:09 PM

Day 2 @ Pitchfork for Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s

Today, we're offering the second of three installments, which covers #60-#21, with the third and final installment, showcasing our top 20 favorites, due tomorrow.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:51 AM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Playlouder have developed a microsite for Glastonbury: PLAYLOUDER | GLASTONBURY 2004

There'll be up-to-the-minute Glastonbury NEWS, REVIEWS, and shedloads of COMPETITIONS to win loads of gear - sorry, not THAT kind - from Glastonbury Festivals and the bands gracing its hallowed fields. There'll be INTERVIEWS with loads of famous people, pissed people, and insane people - and in some cases they'll be all three.

We'll also WEBCAST FULL performances from both the Pyramid and Other stages for your interwebbing pleasure -

FRIDAY: Elbow, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, PJ Harvey
SATURDAY: Lostprophets, Starsailor, Keane, Basement Jaxx
SUNDAY: BRMC, Muse, Orbital

You're not going to see these performances anywhere else except at the festival itself, so whether you can't get to Worthy Farm or are just too damn fond of indoor plumbing, this is the place to be.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:35 PM

BBC Music review The Killers - Hot Fuss

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The User Experience Honeycomb related to Music Criticism/Websites

In the 21st century, information about contemporary music has shifted from old 20th century paradigm of print [magazines, books] to the digital web.

From upfront music news due to the instant publishing nature of the web e.g blogs and XML standards through to indepth historical archive/ reference sites e.g All Music Guide, to multimedia elements [online radio, downloading] to interactive discussion forums - the web has become the foremost medium for information, communication and sound transfer.

The user experience of the digital environment can be understood better by the holistic concept of: User Experience Design

In terms of "music criticism" as the 21st century unfolds, the most valuable critics & publishing companies / collectives will have to adjust their methods to cope and take advantage of the challenges/ opportunities of the digital environment.

Consultant, Peter Morville has developed: The User Experience Honeycomb that looks at the different facets/ qualities of the user experience:

Peter Morville has also developed an indepth resource for Findability

There are many opportunities to apply these concepts in improving how music criticism/ music websites will evolve in the future.

An example of a music enthusiast that I believe is leading the way, in applying some of these facets is JahSonic

Also the BBC are pioneers in user experience design, in particular the way they apply information architecture to BBC Music and BBC Radio

# posted by DJ Martian 7:43 PM

Pitchfork's Top 100 albums of the 70s countdown

Alex @ close your eyes understands the concept of Information Design and is providing a useful summary list for Pitchfork's Top 100 albums of the 70s countdown

# posted by DJ Martian 5:47 PM

The latest releases are reviewed by NYC's Other Music: The Other Music Update

Kompakt 100 (Various Artists)
Black Dice
Wilco [the most overrated rock band in the US]
Oren Ambarchi

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Badly Drawn Boy [candidates for the most boring Brit band in 2004]
Children of Mu (Various Artists)
Pan American

# posted by DJ Martian 4:31 PM

Splendid review Loscil - First Narrows

# posted by DJ Martian 3:58 PM

Dusted review Biosphere - Autour de la Lune

# posted by DJ Martian 3:55 PM

Playlouder review Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush

# posted by DJ Martian 3:40 PM

Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 94/ 23.06.04]

This week's kultureflash

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering happenings and openings in and around London. Each week we track down some of the most interesting and unusual events taking place in the capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the best of what's on in London.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:06 AM

Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s

Pitchfork have started a 3 day, best albums of 1970s feature: Pitchfork: Top 100 Albums of the 1970s:

As the psychedelic 60s gave way to hippie backlash and high ambitions, one thing was clear: There was something damn funny about peace, love and understanding. Shaking off naturalism, daisy chains and acid tabs came easier than expected, and what resulted was a paradox of both striking diversity and remarkable coherence: From high-concept prog-nerds and high-octane guitar solo to high-heeled glam-rockers and high-ass punks, the 70s saw the rise and dominance of the album-as-unified-statement. Over the next three days, Pitchfork takes the opportunity to present this list of its favorite albums of that decade. As usual, boiling a decade of music down to just 100 albums has not been a simple task, but we feel it's resulted in what we feel is the most diverse and contentious list the site has ever put together.
Today, we're offering the first of three installments, which covers #100-#61. On Thursday, we'll unveil #60-#21, and on Friday, the top 20.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:54 AM report Biosphere will release his new album, Autour De La Lune, on Touch on August 23rd.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 AM

Tuesday, June 22, 2004



Marcello @ The Naked Maja was enraged with the predictability of the recent OMM best British Albums - so he produced his own list - with essay format notes.

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Barcode report on a David Sylvian free music download

# posted by DJ Martian 5:34 PM

Barcode report Propaganda & OMD team-up

# posted by DJ Martian 5:31 PM report Peter Gabriel Sells OD2 To Loudeye

# posted by DJ Martian 5:29 PM


BBC NEWS report on Mojo Magazine's inaugural awards event: The Clash win inspiration award

other winners:

The Mojo Icon Award: Morrissey

The Songwriter Award: Ray Davies

The Catalogue Release of the Year: Muzik City: The Trojan Records Story

The Mojo Vision Award: Led Zeppelin

The Mojo Medal: Geoff Travis

The Mojo Hall of Fame: Arthur Lee

The Mojo Hero Award: Roger McGuinn

The Mojo Classic Image Award: Bob Gruen

The Mojo Special Award: The Shadows

The Mojo Classic Album Award: Television's Marquee Moon

The Mojo Maestro Award: Jimmy Page

The Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award: James Brown

Are these awards necessary? the same predictable historical names honoured again and again - through different award events.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:43 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON a weekly email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 10:52 AM

BW & BK report the latest Dillinger Escape Plans news DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - E-Card Unveiled, Album Art/New Photos Posted

# posted by DJ Martian 12:15 AM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

Brother Danielson - Brother Is To Son
Secretly Canadian

The Danielson Famile of New Jersey has naturally become more and more of a collaboration and a group over the course of five full lengths. On this sixth Danielson release, the entire Famile along with familiar co-conspirators (father Lenny, Sufjan Stevens, John Ringhofer and Ted Velykis) are all here supporting Daniel. On "Brother Is To Son", all the special-ness that the full band brought to previous Danielson albums is fully present. He still leads his folk jamboree through the familiar boy-girl harmonies as the banjos, bells, piano keys and jaw harp all teem with kinetic energy, like a deconstructionalist jug band led by a man who follows in the bold footsteps of Sun Ra, Don Van Vliet and Johnny Lydon as a truly original art terrorist.

Call And Response - Winds Take No Shape

Call And Response are a musical ensemble formed in 1998 when Simone Rubi (keyboards, vocals) and Daniel Judd (guitar), who shared a love of obscure pop music, film soundtracks, and synthesizers, decided to collaborate on a musical project in the Bay Area, California. The music they compose has elements of classic pop, spacey jazz, film soundtracks, folk and soul music - only some of the musical inspirations drawn upon by the group. With this record, the band innovates a sound that is impressionistic, mystical, and beautiful. All ten songs on the album were recorded and produced in San Francisco by Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek, Low, Erlend Oye).

Chikinki - Lick Your Ticket

"Lick Your Ticket" sounds unlike anything else, its a drug-fuelled cocktail of synthesizer madness, rock power and attitude that makes pretty much every other band just sound dull. The boys have been touring constantly for the last six months and are now a finely tuned rock machine capable of destroying everything in their path!

Die Haut And Nick Cave - Burnin' The Ice
Hit Thing

Hit Thing re-issues the lost album "Burnin' The Ice" by the Berlin band Die Haut, which featured Nick Cave as guest singer. Furiously sought after by Cave collectors for twenty years, the lyrics have been printed as classics among Cave's archives, but these recordings were scarcely available. Originally released only on 12" vinyl in 1983, "Burnin' The Ice" quickly vanished into collector land. This digitally re-mastered edition marks its first appearance in any digital format. It documents a crucial moment in Cave's career, as it was recorded in 1982 during the short period after he disbanded The Birthday Party and formed the first line-up of The Bad Seeds in Berlin. It also documents the initial explosion of the unusual Berlin band Die Haut, who went on to produce albums with internationally renowned guest singers for nearly twenty years.

2xLtd CD - HTCD007
Limited to 5000 copies, the limited edition CD includes an elaborately detailed 24 page historical booklet plus a bonus DVD featuring live footage of Die Haut's first tour with The Birthday party in 1982.

Dykehouse - Midrange
Ghostly International

Lo-fi meets hi-fi on "Midrange", a brilliant lush pop album filled with dense electronic textures and instrumentations, all the more amazing for having been recorded solely in the artist's bedroom on a home computer. Michael Dykehouse, whose first album came out on Planet Mu, has crafted a postmodern and personal homage to the shoegaze genre from a ten-years-removed transatlantic perspective, echoing his heroes, the immortal My Bloody Valentine.

Glass - Gun In A Paper Bag
Soviet Union

Following the likes of I Am Kloot, Marian and Haven the band preceed this release with a residency at Manchester's Night And Day, just across the road from us incidently! This is the bands first recorded output - they've not even recorded demos before, but that's not say that this release is at all amatureish, in fact, quite the opposite. The EP feautres five sonically perfect and blistering anthemic songs with the vocal angst of, at times Thom Yorke, and at others Kurt Cobain. An excellent, assured debut.

Kings Of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street

Ah...too much loveliness. This sounds like Simon And Garfunkel harmonising while Nick Drake picks away! It's whispered, gentle acoustic pop and much like their debut of a few years back. They're helped on a couple of songs by Canadian chanteuse Feist, there's some nice softly jazzy inflections and there's a proper upbeat pop song in "I'd Rather be With You" but mainly it's a case of 'if it ain't broke'... Here's 12 strong, evocative songs and beautifully packaged, too. All hail the Kings!

Juana Molina - Segundo

Juana Molina's stint as a comedian may have brought her considerable fame at home in Spain, but the engrossing mix of playful Spanish and off-kilter electronic sounds on "Segundo" are set to make waves farther afield. This is an album that is both soothing and hypnotically engaging, one for those relaxing late nights i think!!

The Open - Just Want To Live

"Just Want To Live" is the latest single from The Open ahead of the release of their debut album "The Silent Hours". Once again, it's lovely, rich dreampop that shimmers and chimes like The Verve and latter-day Bunnymen, but produced by The Cocteau Twins...which, of course, it is!
CDS - 9866489
The CD single includes "Out Of The Box", "Without" and the video for "Just Want To Live".

Pink Grease - This Is For Real
Horse Glue / Mute

The new album features twelve new tracks that meld disco, guitar abandon, glam and true melody to a degree they've so far only threatened. The band combine a perfect mix of frenzied rock'n'roll and catchy yet twisted pop to great effect. "This Is For Real"' will find a home with fans of the high-octane rock'n'roll of The Stooges, 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster and The New York Dolls.

Plan B - Issue 0

Also from the ashes of Careless Talk, along side Loose Lips now arises the phoenix that is Plan B, this magazine is led by the editorial knowledge and experience of Everett True. This inaugral issue's featured artists include Chicks On Speed, Kaito, Von Bondies, Lightning Bolt, Spektrum, !!!, the Pastels, New Black, Gravy Train, the Cribs, Sunn O))), OOIOO, the Mountain Goats, Graham Coxon, Cocorosie, the Saints and many more including superb photographs and illustrations, hmmmm.

Republic Of Loose - This Is The Tomb Of The Juice
Big Cat

Debut album from this group of deranged Irishmen! Kinda bluesy, kinda funky, kinda sleazy, rock'n'roll.

Spacemen 3 - Recurring
Space Age

The last album from Spacemen 3 and such was the extent of the dissolving partnership of Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) and Jason Pierce during the recording of this that they recorded away from each other and did a side each for this album. Sonic Boom's side is very much an epic affair and is in contrast to Pierce's downbeat bluesy minimalism with huge sways of effects which he would come to favour in his next project Spiritualized. Surprisingly the results are of a fantastic cohesive album that features many a classic including the single "Big City", "Hypnotized" and the awesome cover of Mudhoney's "When Tomorrow Hits", although there is the lingering 'what if' questions. Still a brilliant end to a brilliant band.

CD - ORBIT012CD - limited cheap price
Re-issued by Space Age, the original tapes have been remastered and the artwork has been re-designed but still in keeping with the original idea.

Valley Of The Giants - Valley Of The Giants
Arts & Crafts

Consisting of members Of Broken Social Scene, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think, A Silver Mt. Zion, and Shilabi Effect but without sounding like any of those bands, this is a superb slow desert americana rock epic. The recording was done under the influence of the cult classic film "Westworld" which features a cool Yul Brynner all dressed in black. Mainly instrumental, it features just two tracks with vocals one of those being the sublime slow burning epic called "Westworld", it's so evocative you can almost taste the desert air. Superb and essential!!!

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - A Hawk And A Hacksaw

"A Hawk And A Hacksaw" was conceived and performed by Jeremy Barnes of Bablicon and Neutral Milk Hotel. A gerne-defying one-man orchestra, the album features intricate piano based compositions, layered with accordion, percussion, horns and bells. It was recorded over the course of fifteen months in the Loire Valley with a variety of guest performers.

Agata - Spike

Melt Banana is one of Japan's most powerful and popular punk bands and at the center of it is the stinging guitar of Agata. Here he steps out on a rare solo outing created especially for Tzadik. Showing an amazing range of interests, a prodigious technique and a remarkable ear for new sounds, "Spike" is a classic of solo guitar music.

Black Forest / Black Sea - Forcefields And Constellations

Black Forest / Black Sea is a duo from Providence, RI, USA. Their performances are usually about fifty percent improvised, often building from live instrumental loops created in real time. An unusual folk styled duo who sound straightforward enough on first hearing, until something unexpected turns the simply plucked banjo song they are playing upside down. Backwards backwoods playing, electronic effects, a shortwave radio and some knob twiddling are all incorporated into their sound, which twists from traditional folk Americana to beatbox improv and back again.

Various Artists / Culture Club Volume 2

The Glimmer Twins and Troubleman Productions (TLP) mix a CD each here, with the Twins going for house, electro-pop, disco and indie (Coloursound, Body Talk, Yello, Polyester, Bobby O, Mu, Headman, Pleasure Zone, Fast Eddie, Primal Scream, Stone Roses, Simple Minds, Front 242, Neon Judgement, Mylo etc) and TLP taking in hip hop, reggae, soul, funk, house, disco and electro-pop too (Dawn Penn, The Roots, Ackie, MOP, R Kelly, Diana Ross, Angie Stone, Lynn Collins, Robin S, Salt N Pepa, Technotronic, NERD, Missy Elliott etc). It's a proper party mix up spread over 50 tracks!

Killing Joke - Chaos For Breakfast
Malicious Damage

Killing Joke's original label, Malicious Damage relaunches with this fantastic limited edition 5CD set. The great collectors piece includes CD versions of the bands first four singels: "Nervous System", "Wardance", "Requiem" and "follow The Leaders", all printed to look exactly like the original vinyl versions with original artwork, inserts and stickers. The fifth CD features nine unreleased tracks including demo versions of classic tracks. All packaged in a slip case, along with a wallet of 30 original photos and images.

Rudimentary Peni - Archaic EP

Drawing their inspiration from bands such as The Damned, Slaughter And The Dogs and Discharge, Rudimentary Peni formed in 1980 and have remained a tight unit ever since. Their line-up has remained constant, even though their style has evolved and changed. This EP follows the formula laid out in previous releases - short and sweet. This release sees the band concentrating on more personal subject matter rather than their political standpoints, marking quite a departure for the band.

Various Artists / Paradisco 3000 Presents Chicago Boogie

DJ Antal & All Out K compile and DJ mix this set of favourites from their Paradisco 3000 club nights. Because they play so many different styles of music, they've gone back to the roots of their sound, and the roots are Chicago house. The 18 tracks feature work by Virgo, Adonis, Master C & J, Liz Torres, Club Ice, Jeanette Thomas, Mr Fingers, Steve Poindexter, Frankie Knuckles, Disco D and even NY's Liquid Liquid.

Orbital - Blue Album
Orbital Music

The "Blue Album" will be Orbital's seventh studio album, and also their last! Featuring collaborations with Sparks, Lias Gerard (Dead Can Dance), and a cameo sample of Christopher Eccleston in "The Second Coming", these nine tracks are all instantly recognisable as productions by the brothers Hartnoll.

Damn! - Youth Style
Raw Fusion

As with other releases on Sweden's excellent Raw Fusion label, were given a mix of styles on this LP. The overall feel is delicious mellow pop-soul-funk, which, with the live playing on all the tracks, sound like some brilliant hybrid of Amp Fiddler, George Clinton and Phoenix. The Damn! quartet also drop some Barrio style late 60s / early 70's psyche-rock-funk, groovin' Afro-funk, dreamy 70s style vocoder vocal disco, electro, bossa-nova and of course the superbly uplifting percussive disco-funk sounds of "Leaving This Planet".

Intuit - Intuit

70s jazz heads Thomas Braun and Till Maragnoli have brought in a host of legends for the Intuit LP - Andy Bey, Doug Carn, Airto Moreira & Flora Purim to name but a few. Gilles says it's an 'immaculately produced celebration of all the good stuff. This is a tremendous album', while Rainer Truby adds 'an organic soulful masterpiece out of the Black Forest, faeturing some of my all time favourite musicians and vocalists - it's simply wonderbar!'.

Troubleman - Time Out Of Mind
Far Out

This is the debut album from Troubleman AKA Mark Pritchard (Jedi Knights, Global Communication, Harmonic 33), and I reckon it's set to be a future nu-latin classic! He presents us with a selection of sweet home listening acoustic mellowness and 60s inspired easy-bossa ("Paz", Lonely Girl", "Toda Hora" etc) set against the tougher, upbeat dancefloor slayers ("Change Is What We Need", "Strikehard" etc). Guest vocals come from Da Lata's Nina Miranda, Eska and Steve Spacek.
Vinyl to follow soon-ish! New single ("Strikehard") out next week!

Various Artists / Impressed With Gilles Peterson 2

Universal enjoyed Gilles' selection for volume one so much that they've asked him back to dig through his extensive vinyl junkie shelves and bring us another set of old school Brit jazz goodness. Focussing on the period between 1963 and 1974, the collection sees these UK players taking influences from the free-jazz movement of the time, as well as keeping things funky, smooth and cool. Featured artists include Amancio D'Silva, Paul Gonsalves Quartet, Harold McNair, Tubby Hayes & The Paul Gonsalves All Stars, Mike Taylor Remembered (a proper Jazz Club name!), Mike Westbrook, Stan Tracey, Neil Ardley and many more.

Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush
Ninja Tune

Fresh from his success as Kerrier District on Rephlex, and under his own moniker with the "YosepH" LP on Warp, Luke Vibert returns to Ninja Tune under his more off kilter guise as Wagon Christ. He seems to have brought along some of his disco and techno sounds from those two releases as well, mixing up clasic disco-P-funk breaks with squelchy digi-basslines, weird electronics, acid and lush keys. Totally off the wall!

Various Artists / Some Scientific Abstract Type Shit
Mo' Wax / Liberation

Originally out in 1995, this Mo' Wax compilation collcts together some of their best releases from that time: DJ Shadow's "In-Flux" and "Lost And Found", Attica Blues' "Contemplating Jazz", La Funk Mob's "Motor Bass Get Phunked Up" and "La Doctoresse", RPM's "2000", Palmskin Productions' "Slipper Suite" and "The Beast", Plaid's mix of UNKLE "The Time Has Come" and DJ Krush's "#1".

Passage - The Forcefield Kids

Anticon bring us the debut album from Restiform Bodies frontman Passage. "The Forcefield Kids" is an astounding, genre defying album full of distorted lo-bit jiggy drums, chopped up backwards harps, distintive synths, acoustic guitars and catchy-ass new wave melodies. Hip-electro-acoustic-poptronica!

Rip Off Artist - New Clear Day
Inflatbl Labl

This is the tenth full-length album for Matt Haines, but the first to be released on his own label, Inflatabl Labl (previous releases on Tigerbeat6). Nineteen short tracks of pulsing, rhythmic static beats with a dub-glitch undercurrent. This album is jam-packed with skilful electronics, a must for fans of Tigerbeat6 / Schematic /Warp and other electronic fuckery.

Stendec - A Study Of 'And'

Stendec make some of the most elegaic, harmonious and downright beautiful music to be heard in the world of new electronics. Their use of polyrhythm and injection of treated sounds always compliments and never overpowers their melodic sensibility, and although these tracks were recorded at isolated points over an extended period, they work as a whole to create an album that sets a new benchmark in subtle electronica, shifting from planitarium soundtracks to the notes that would be made by the distant haze on an arid Spanish road in high summer.

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Monday, June 21, 2004


Fast 'n' Bulbous review Junior Boys - Last Exit

Last Exit is a quietly revolutionary album. Within six months savvy producers will borrow and steal its innovations, changing the pop landscape for years to come. Few will realize where it started. But like rare finds like Massive Attack’s Blue Lines and Tricky’s Maxinquaye, this should still found fresh long after its innovations are formulized, diluted and beaten to death.

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Junkmedia interview Icelandic band Mum

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Album of the Week @ TrusttheDJ is !!! - Louden Up Now

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Musique Machine review Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm

The eye of every storm is a sort of symphony for the doomed. I’m not trying to be stupidly emphatic here… The depth of the sounds, the variety of the elements, the quality of the composition make for a really epic musical trip breathing, from start to finish, utter despair and hopelessness. Neurosis have been gradually playing down the in-your-face metal side of their music. It’s again the case here, except on a couple of tracks. However, they remain unrelentingly heavy and threatening. Few bands are able to make bleak music sound so damn beautiful.

One of the best albums of 2004, no doubt…

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Virgin Prunes Remastered Reissues

Mute records report: in Mute News that Virgin Prunes reissues are on the way, in September.

The Grey Area of Mute is pleased to announce the release of 5 remastered CD albums by the truly inspirational and often controversial Virgin Prunes on September 27th. This will be the first time most of the Virgin Prunes catalogue has been officially available on CD.

The official Virgin Prunes website will be previewing the new front cover artwork over the next few weeks.

Virgin Prunes best known album, is 1982's: If Die, I Die - that was an important 1982 post-punk album to be ranked alongside gems such as The Birthday Party - Junkyard, The Cure - Pornography and Killing Joke - Revelations.

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Pitchfork review Black Dice - Creature Comforts

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Sunday, June 20, 2004


fast 'n' bulbous has been updated AGAIN, currenty 115 albums from 2004 are rated/ ranked.

I notice there is a new number 1: Junior Boys - Last Exit

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BBC Music review Martin Solveig - Sur La Terre

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Scottish electro-rocker Rico will release his album: Violent Silences on July 5th.

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Albums: July 5th

From SRD info @ New Release Information - Southern Record Distributors these 3 albums will now released on July 5th in the UK:

Capitol K - Happy Happy (Faith & Industry)
Dom and Roland - Chronology (Moving Shadow)
Pan-American - Quiet City (Kranky)

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The Guardian have a live review of new Brit art-rockers Grand National

# posted by DJ Martian 3:33 PM interview Envoy: Soma's Envoy - Music Saved Me From Street Life

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A Manchester based music website: AngryApe providing Music News, Reviews, Interviews, Competitions and more

So what is this? AngryApe ..About
AngryApe is an online music magazine, primarily covering the less commercial artists in the industry - those who make music for enjoyment rather than money. The initial idea was conceived by Jon Bailey, who wanted to create a place to expose these artists to like-minded music fans. After several minutes of planning he set about forcing his brother Dan to build it, and in April 2003 AngryApe was born.

Covering a diverse range of genres and unsigned music, we don’t just review the latest releases; we interview musicians, provide a regularly updated news section, and hold exclusive competitions. And like the musicians we write about, we do it because we like it.

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This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - A Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Apparat - Shapemodes EP
Neo Ouija

Sascha ring, aka apparat, has been quite the busy man these last few years. Manning the controls as producer and knob twiddler for renowned female operator Ellen Allien, sascha has also continued to run his highly acclaimed shitkatapult label, together with compadre T.Raumschmiere, as well as collaborating with Radiohead's favourite electronic men of the moment Modeselektor under the "Moderat" moniker for ellen's Bpitch Control imprint. "Shape Modes" is Sascha's debut for the neo ouija imprint, gliding through an array of malfunctioning machines, delicious tempo's, atmospherics and even more tempting low end theories, a feisty and palpable thump offsetting the melodic fireworks, testing the boundaries and evidently a move forward. Encapsulating digital and analogue processes, involving abstract forms within familiar song structures - making for a killer de-construction of squahshed beats and gently mashed and lovingly crafted electronic soundscapes. Recommended.

Jay Glaze & Pro-Celebrity Golf - Three Sinister Syllables
Chopped Herrings

Welocme to one of the most esoteric and hands-down mindblowing mix cd's you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. For the mix think Edward G. Robinson, Brass Eye, Larry David, Woody Allen, Bob Hoskins from 'The Long Good Friday', through to the exotic, fantastic and just plain unknown. Pop from all territories: neglected fourth albums, Japanese soul breaks, Israeli eurovision b-sides, country & western beats, obscure latin, hirsute eastern european songstresses, late sixties South African beats, swedish pop - all subjected to the Herring men's discerning ears and deft fingers. And for hardcore breaks' nuts there's pleasures still more intense - check the Tribute to MF Doom; an inspiration since KMD days, here's all the original source material for the classic 'Operation Doomsday'LP, and further breaks employed by MADVILLAIN, Special Herbs, Monsta Island Czars, MF(GM) Grimm and King Geedorah all surfacing in an unashamed homage to the man ruling Hip-Hop right now. It's been described by Stones Throw main man Egon as "...the bomb - the Super Villain MF DOOM wouldn't give me my copy back!", while J-Zone declared "One of the only CD's I got sent this year that didn't become a drink coaster!' and Fondle 'em legend Bobbito cried out "it's paced unlike any other mix cd I've ever heard....." and Wax Poetics magazine implored "here's your Kabbalah. Study up, young grasshoppers." and DJ Yoda and Dan Greenpeace descibed simply as "....absolute genius". Over two years in the making, it just doesn't get any better. Genius.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - A Hawk and a Hacksaw

The Leaf label comes up trumps with this hugely charming debut from the oddly titled A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Imagine, if you will, a cascade of Steve Reichian looped piano segments intermingling with a veritable menagerie of farmyard instruments, accordion, home made percussion, horns, bells and all manner of weird, wonderful and hitherto unkown musical toys. The album has a free-flowing, glowing world-cinema soundtrackish vibe and was recorded over the course of 15 months in the Loire Valley with a variety of guest performers. If you're into Yan Tiersen, Tom Waits, Kurt Weill, Asa-Chang & Junray, Captain Beefheart, Raymond Scott and Carl Stalling, you'll love this heartwarming album dearly.

August Engkilde Presents - Electronic Panorama Orchestra (EPO)
Pop Scape

The first release on Scape's 'pop' sublabel comes to us from longtime Senor Coconut band member and Atom Heart affiliate August Engkilde. After his infamous "Police Beat Box" set for Cheap, August spent some time hanging out in Havana and extending his already quite formidable knowledge of string instruments in time for his joyous coconut sets and the forming of this loose collective of musicians - EPO. Although the overall sound is based on jazz, EPO expand and extend this aural fundament with irreverent snippets of hiphop, dub, latin and funk. Subtle electronics determine the tracks' structures: most of the time, it might just be a gentle, almost indiscernible pulse ticking away in the background, swathed in a warm double bass, brass section and guitar. Then again, synthesizer and samples might fight their way to the surface and decide to lead the expedition for a while. Last, but by no means least, there is the voice of Frida Asmussen, leaving no room for uncertainty why Scape had to initiate a pop label just for this project: her characteristic, precisely accentuated vocals rush into wonderful choruses to warm the heart and open the sound. EPO blend elements of different styles and cultures into a cohesive whole, treating all of their influences with the greatest respect. Analogue sound generation and electronic foundation are so tightly entwined that the layers become almost inseparable. Very nice indeed.

Hdj Tom - Taste
Inflatabl Labl

A recent release from Matt 'Rip Off Artist' Haines' label. 'Taste' is one of those albums that grows on closer inspection, an album that could somehow be imagined as another one of Atom Heart's adventures on Rather Interesting or a less excitable Soft Pink Truth. Other tracks play with Basic Channel resonances and others peep Errorsmith's stylings - still with such stella reference points it's one to check if you like your glitch-funk lightly toasted.

Hearts Of Darknesses - Music For Drunk Driving

Crawling out of the decimated ooze that is 3rd period study hall, Schematic Waste Management is humiliated to announce Hearts of Darknesses' debut full-length, 'Music for Drunk Driving'. HoD's epileptic beats are pure placenta future pudding topped off with rancid whipped cream processed aggro vocals and guitar that will touch the Chrome/Renaldo and the Loaf fan in you. This is downloadable shareware punk rock at its finest. Frankie Musarra, AKA Hearts of Darknesses, is one part composer, five parts spaz and a dope emcee to boot. Musarra once became so entangled in his mic cord during a performance that he fell and broke his collarbone. Nasty.

Juana Molina - Segundo

The sort of record that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, 'Segundo' is the much touted European debut from cult Argentinean singer/actress/songwriter Juana Molina. Delicate folksy loveliness is key to this release, illustrated through sweetly sung lullabies with a reflective albeit exotic quality that somehow manages to sound unlike anything else. The dreamy bossa feel is fused with a subtle electronic wraparound and while the vocals do share much in common with singers associated with the sumptuous sounds of Milton Nascimento there is also a windswept link to the folksier reaches of Americana ala Hope Sandoval. Where the electronics are more pronounced even Donna Regina's work comes to mind. Only a handful of tracks stray from the course but that's understandable over the fourteen tracks on display. Simply one to treasure, huge recommendation.

Kettel - Volleyed Iron
U Cover

Despite operating in largely playful electronic arena's, with releases for the likes of Planet Mu, DUB, Kracfive, Neo Ouija and so on, Reimer Eising's Kettel project has always had something strikingly original and composed about it. "Volleyed Iron" finds Reimer piecing together easily his finest release to date, a glowing warm ambient album that falls somewhere between Brian Eno's Appolo, Satie's gentlest piano music, and the romantic soundtrack scores of nameless, unforgettable French films. Piecing together shards of found sounds and field recordings, the organic textures that underlay these pieces almost fall into some kind of electronic music cliché, but the honesty, incredible warmth and sheer beauty of this hour long collection of stories is just too moving to argue with. Open, involving, beautiful electronic music with slivers of violin, piano and broken, dusty old samples, music that comes with a huge recommendation.

Kid 606 - Who Still Kill Sound?
Very Friendly

Who still kill sound? Aka vol.2, More shiz that didn't fit onto the 'Kill sound before sound kills you' album. Ingredients: two booming thematically linked neo-rave breakbeat tracks, one live acidhouse basement party jam, two rinsing ragga jungle slammers, four booty bass bouncers/two with vocals from sue cie of gold chains fame, one crunked up dj screw tribute, one unfinished cex remix, one sweet emo monosynth song kid did when he was 17 and in lots of pain after coming home from the orthodontist, one really good different version of a remix kid did for com.a, and 2 gabber blowouts kid made to finish live shows with to try and crush the soundsystem while still retaining a element of danceable fun musical enjoyment (you can decide how it all came out). Add all new artwork from joel trussell, the man responsible for the 3Illness2 video and the illustrations from ksb4sku and you've got the freshest kid606 joint in your hands!

Kim Hiorthoy - Hopeness
Smalltown Supersound

'Hopeness' is Hiorthøy's first all new material since his contribution to the amazing 'Pro Bono Publico' album back in 2002. This five track, thirty minute EP finds Kim flexing his bittersweet muscle with engrossing, lilting melodies recorded with that all encompassing hi-fidelity lo-fi attitude that typified his classic album 'Hei'. 'Mandarinerna' start's off with it's clattering backwards drums, electric piano sounds, childlike voices and optimistic aura - wondrous. 'Soliga Dagens Släppiga Trosor' adds a looping acoustic bassline over freestyle static clicks and pops just like Jan Jelinek's loopy jazz sampling with a broad grin on his mug plus at the end a bugged out drum maniac gets busy rounding out another killer track. 'Alt Mäste Blu Anorlunda' is a mini-gem of melodic ambience before the 11 min 'You Know The Scorfe' drops. Imagine broken beat meeting funky alpine folk and your halfway to describing this track - dope cuts it straight to the chase. Last up is 'Ek, Bok, Tistel, Äpple' a simple gorgeous piano solo, plus the lo-fi'esque recording technique throughout brings to mind the unique stylings of Rhythm & Sound or Vincent Gallo. Come July 2004 we'll have the second long awaited full length album named 'For The Ladies', here's hoping it's as good as this EP. Spellbinding music.

Loscil - First Narrows

Loscil have always threatened to make a truly great record - 'First Narrows" is it. A perfect blend of the effervescent, floating accoustic traditions of one half of the mighty Kranky imprint (think Stars of the Lid, Pan American), and the midnight blue spacious soundscapes of a beatless Basic Channel, the album glides with the sort of depth and resonance you just can't muster up any resistance to. Minimal without being academic, warm without falling pray to romanticism, "First Narrows" is the latest in a long line of understated masterworks from one of the finest labels in the world right now. Featuring improvised Rhodes piano, guitar and cello, intertwined with computer generated electronic sequences, analogue and digital spaces, the album comes with a huge shout of recommendation. Beautiful music.

Milosh - You Make Me Feel
Plug Research

"You Make Me Feel" is an album which has found itself in near constant rotation every morning in the offices. When Mike sings, "something good is going happen" you can't help but feel he's right. His melodic, electronic vignettes are like blossoms unfolding in darkness. Even songs seeded in sadness are lined with bright, melodic hope. Mike Milosh expertly manipulates notes to take on fresh life and sounds - having erased his classical music training, in favour of unique self-construction. Throughout the album, light tones and static-clad drums roll under intricately treated vocals. His voice floats in on delicate waves that explode into exhilarating being. Milosh crafts emotional tones to stir strong reaction. You Make Me Feel is an album that guarantees instant and lasting attention. Ears glow and heads nod to the caress of each romantic composition. The more you listen the deeper you drift. Mike Milosh pulls all the right strings without forcing a thing. Lovely.

Mr 76 - Hits of 76

Finally available as a finished release! MR 76, the man on everyone's lips round these parts, allegedly Skam's ace in the pack and a long promised Massiah for all you rave freaks out there, at last gets a public airing. Based around his now infamous set for Autechre's ATP festival last year, this killer album gives up some vintage tough-assed Aphexisms, some acid, some amen break tumbling and a sprinkling of sweet sweet melodies - get busy and do it quick!! Believe the HYPE!!!

Mum - Summer Make Good (Limited Edition Book)
Fat Cat
Book and CD

Ten weeks late but nevermind, here is the lushlushlush hardbound book version of Mum's most recent album. 34 pages of scribblings, reflective art, short stories and photo's reflecting the albums mood. Even the CD is specially re-printed. Very limited edition, at this rate the 2LP version might be here in time for christmas - Múm return with their third full album after the genre defining and blissed out 'Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is OK' and the Fat Cat debut 'Finally We Are No One'. Now trimmed to a trio after Gya left to concentrate on her cello playing, the other twin sister Kristín now takes the full spotlight for the vocal duties. Musically darker (to reflect the times, no doubt) the trio, sometimes expandable to a quintet for live duties, still manage to make beautiful music from a seemingly random patchwork of toy instrumentation and analogue trickery. In fact the electronics that were such an important feature of their debut album have all but disappeared leaving instead the natural resonance of aged instruments and glowing wires. Recording in an isolated lighthouse in Iceland has added extra drama to this record, imbuing the music with some classic cinematic references - imagine music for a fairytale sequence in a Von-Trier film or the dark playfulness of Krystoff Komeda's soundtrack work for Polanski's early classic 'Cul-De-Sac'. The vocals can sometimes gnaw a little (ala Sigur Ros), so delicate and cutesy but this is countered by the killer musical backdrop. Fan's of Múm's previous albums will love this , special in that it grows in stature with every play. Highly recommended and VERY limited copies only.

o9 - Church of the Ghetto P.C.

It's been a long time coming, but o9's debut album is finally complete and available on Schematic. Having first come to our attention with a sublime 7" for Planet Mu and the standout track on Schematic's "Lilly Of The Valley" compilation, "Church of The Ghetto P.C." is a much more dense, complex affair. At times treading on minimal eggshells, at others unleashing his programming skills with a chorus of complex structures and percussive uber-arrangements, it feels like a perfect release for a label that has made itself known for innovative electronic sound design coupled with a hidden love of harmonious warmth - somethingt that's also on display here in the slightest fashion. The overall message, though, is : innovate. Excellent.

Stendec - A Study Of `And'

Responsible for quite easily the finest installment in the label's long running 7" series, Stendec is the collaborative effort of Expanding founders Ben 'Benge' Edwards and Paul Merrit. Featuring those two fabulous 7" tracks, plus tracks previously only available on limited 7" release for Static Caravan and a compilation for Catcus Island, "a Study of 'And' also includes 7 new and exclusive tracks. The music of Stendec seperates itself from much Idm by virtue of its delicate attention to detail and padded melodic warmth. At times reminiscent of Isan, at others floating out there on their own, Stendec manage to avoid dry electronic clichés by virtue of an innate understanding of emotive recording and listening processes designed for self reflection. Its an excellent collection of pieces veering from planitarium soundtracks to the notes that would be made by the distant haze on an arid spanish road in high summer. Lovely.

Various / Bip Hop - Bip_Hop Generation Volume 7
Bip Hop

After a bit of a hiatus, Bip Hop return with the 7th installment in their ...'generation' series. The line-up here is good : new and exclusive tracks from Taylor Deupree, Ghislain Poirer, Janek Schaefer, Emisor, Fonica and FM3. Deupree's thre contributions are typically inspired - crackling space and dronelike spacious echoes of beatless sound, executed with a clinical precision that at no point loses its warmth or appeal. The fabulous Ghislain Poirer, and newcomer 'Emisor', meanwhile, lilt through the tones of stripped down electricity blended with a smattering of percussive structure, usually with a nod to hip hop. Schaefer's closing 10-minute track, meanwhile, pieces together recordings made in six different cities over six months - typically dronelike and atmospheric. Nice compilation.

Gd Luxxe - Between Zero & Eternity
Ersatz Audio

Produced by Gerhard Potuznik, Ramon Bauer & Electronicat, GD Luxxe's latest incarnation, this time for Ersatz Audio, seems a million miles removed from Potuznik's previous outings, especially for those made for Mego, Its a nasty, trashy, highway speedfreak drive through punky trash beat craving and plastic pop - a post electroclash beast of a record that won't go down lightly. Check.

Agata (From Melt Banana) - Spike

Melt Banana is one of japan's most powerful and popular punk bands and at the center of it is the stinging guitar of Agata. Here he steps out on a rare solo outing showcasing an amazing range of interests, a prodigious technique and a remarkable ear for new sounds, spike is a classic of solo guitar music that's as varied and inspired, if drastically different, to the work of Melt Bananna. Recommended.

John Zorn / Electric Masada - 50TH Birthday Celebration Vol 4

The long awaited first release of Zorn's most recent and most powerful masada unit. A true downtown supergroup, blending the raw power of Naked City with the improvisational madness of Cobra and the lyrical soul of the Masada songbook, Electric Masada is considered by many to be the most exciting band zorn has ever had. This set, the taut climax of a three night run at Tonic, features the full octet at its wildest and most creative. Incredible solos, jaw dropping ensemble conductions and much more.

Max Eastly & David Toop - Doll Creature
Bip Hop

Third album in thirty years from these masters of ambient music... their first appeared in 1975 on Brian Eno's Obscure label and pioneered the idea of ambient installation, the second `buried dreams' (beyond) was voted third placed record of the year, behind portishead and massive attack, in the 1994 Wire critics poll, and was described by melody maker as "the scariest ambient record ever, beyond your disturbed imagination". `Doll creature' features Eastly playing mechanical and whirling instruments, bowed arc, and computer jiggery-pokery, while Toop takes over with computer, guitar, flutes, tubes, organic matter, book pages, dog whistles and various percussives. Fascinatingly dense ambient experimentation.

Pharoah's Daughter - Out of the reeds

An underground classic of the new jewish renaissance that has been out of print for years, is reissued here in a newly revised and remastered definitive edition. Featuring the lovely voice of basya schechter, and produced by legendary downtown Maven Anthony Coleman, 'Out of the reeds' is a lovely, rich, folksy arrangement of traditional jewish songs from both eastern european and middle eastern cultures given a radical reworking that's incredibly natural and easy on the ears. An absolutely lovely collection of old-time folk songs for the modern day.

Passage - The Forcefield Kids

Another excellent new artist debut on Anticon, the debut solo release from Passage, who previously blazed the outsider Anticon universe as part of the Restiform Bodies crew a couple of years back. A completely self produced affair, the album features a plethora of cheap drum machine beats, wonky keyboards and personal poetic outpourings. From track to track this album feels like the solo output of the other key Anticoners Sole, Dose One and Why, restamping the label's manifesto with a mesh of beats, acoustics and oddball songwriting.. Background help from Odd Nosdam, Sole and Kristen Erickson, highly recommended for fans of the label.

Plan B
Issue 0
Mag // £ 2.99

Also from the ashes of careless talk, alongside 'Loose Lips' now arises the phoenix that is Plan b. This magazine is led by the editorial knowledge and experience of everett true, and this pre-release issue (Issue zero) comes before the magazine kicks off proper in September.Artists featured this month include chicks on speed, kaito, von bondies, lightning bolt, spektrum, !!!, the pastels, new black, gravy train,!!!, the cribs, sunn o))), ooioo, the mountain goats, graham coxon, cocorosie, the saints...and many more. There's an article from neil kulkarni about cleaning out his chimney. There's an article from ian svenonius raving about his favourite board game. there's a brand new media section, wittily entitled media - where you can read about our favourite outsider art, including olympia wa postcard creator stella marrs, japanese horrorcore, children's books illustrators, charles schulz, pirate radio and blogs.There's a front section entitled the void - starring thurston moore, jeffrey lewis, erase errata and rammellzee.

Various / Tresor - Illumination Compilation Vol 12

Tresor return after a long period of hybernation, gathering themselves for some new cuts heading off with this retrospective compilation. Illumination drops with appearances from Joey Beltram, Regis, Stewart Walker, The Advent, Pacou, Dave Tarrida and more. Jump straight to Pacou's Phylyps Trak inspired `Optimistic' with its brilliant percussion clanging around the beat, filtered synths hammered throughout the track creating a brilliant tough techno cut. Joey Beltram hits the hard notes with his `A Universal Mind' which builds up to a huge flanging synth that champs at the bit, serious techno. The advent deliver a roller with their simple but effective `Replay' and Leo Laker unleahses the hardest cut of all with `Don't Push Me'. Heavy tech from Tresor, good to have them back.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:03 PM

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