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Monday, October 26, 2009

  Uncut Magazine - New Issue

New issue of Uncut Magazine features Velvet Underground on the front cover.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:19 PM
  Mojo - New Issue - December 2009

New issue of Mojo magazine features Roger Waters / Pink Floyd on the front cover.

FREE CD! THE WALL RE-BUILT: DISC ONE! MOJO celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s dark masterpiece with an exclusive re-recording featuring Sweet Billy Pilgrim, The Young Republic, The Amazing, Astra, Woodpigeon and many more.

PINK FLOYD: It has been his greatest obsession for 30 years, but how does the creator of The Wall view his tormented triumph today? With a Broadway version in the works, MOJO’s David Fricke joins Roger Waters for an emotional journey back through time. PLUS! THE WALL LIVE! The inside story of Floyd’s legendary 1980 tour!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:58 AM

Friday, October 23, 2009

  Field Music 2010 Double Album: Measure

Pitchfork: Field Music Return With Double Album titled: Measure on Memphis Industries on February 16th 2010

# posted by DJ Martian 3:13 PM
  Fever Ray: Interview

interview: Fever Ray: 'My music is a lot of everything' | Music | The Guardian

Under the name Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson made one of this year's best albums. She talks about dressing up, Miami Vice and her new hobby: racing cars

# posted by DJ Martian 2:30 PM

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

  Yeasayer New 2010 Album Announced: Odd Blood

info via Prefix: Yeasayer Announce Sophomore Album, Odd Blood, Due Out in Feb 2010 via Secretly Canadian

Title: Odd Blood

When: February 9th 2010

The album will be released by Mute in the UK.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:41 PM

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

  New Book: Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and its Legacy

New Krautrock book: Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and its Legacy - Music - Black Dog Publishing - ex Melody Maker writer David Stubbs is also a contributor

Krautrock charts the history of this influential music genre, from its roots in free jazz, psychedelia and the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, to the groundbreaking experiments of Faust, Kraftwerk and Can.

Nikolaos Kotsopoulos

Michel Faber, Erik Davis, David Keenan, Ken Hollings

November 2009

# posted by DJ Martian 12:19 AM
  Daniel Miller Interview: Mute Records & The Synth Britannia Revolution

Daniel Miller interview: The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Daniel Miller Interview: Mute Records & The Synth Britannia Revolution

The Quietus talks to Mute Records head honcho about synth pop, his record label, and Kraftwerk's synth that he bought on eBay

# posted by DJ Martian 12:15 AM
  Ramadanman and Chef Dubstep Mix Compilation on Tempa

RA News: Ramadanman and Chef mix it up for Tempa -
Tempa will release Dubstep Allstars Vol. 7 on November 10, 2009

CD 1 (Mixed by Chef)
01. Dub Mechanics - Main Goal
02. Chefal and Coki (feat. Doctor) - Stages
03. G Double E - The Highest
04. Von D feat. Lady Phe Phe - Show Me
05. Von D feat. Lady Phe Phe - Show Me
06. Kito - LFO
07. DJ 200F and J Kamata - They Don't Know What Love Is (Chef VIP Special)
08. Dub Mechanics - Spotted
09. Cyrus - Sleeper (Chef VIP Special)
10. Mala - Level 9
11. Mr. Lager feat. Alys - Be Tell Me (Distance Remix)
12. Mr. Lager feat. Alys - Be Tell Me (Von D Remix)
13. Conquest - The Unknown
14. Benga - Man On A Mission (Chef VIP Special)
15. Silkie - 51 Times Stronger
16. Noah D - Serious (Chef VIP Special); Cotti - Real Hustler (Chef Special) [Tease]; Unknown - Gangsta For Life [Tease]
17. Benga - iTunes
18. Ghost - Think They're Greezy
19. Silkie - Untitled
20. Christine Vaccine - Fever (Kito Remix)
21. Distance - No Warning
22. LD - Fibre Optics
23. Silkie - Float
24. LD - Day Dreamin'
25. Mr. Lager - Four Leaf Clover
26. LD - Hard Skank
27. Chef - Sub Soca
28. Trolley Snatcher - The Future
29. Kutz - Itch (Chef VIP Special)
30. Skream - WTF
31. Silkie - Full Moon
32. Cluekid - '09 Lick (Chef VIP Special)
33. Benga - Who Remembers
34. D1 - Just Business

CD 2 (Mixed by Ramadanman)
01. Ramadanman - Tread
02. Untold & D. Franklin - Beacon
03. Peverelist - Bluez
04. Blawan - Fram
05. Mickey Pearce - Innami
06. Footsie
07. Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling (Pangaea Remix)
08. Scuba - Tense
09. Ramadanman - I Beg You
10. Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce - Tripped Up
11. Pangaea - Router
12. Ramadanman - Old Thumbs
13. Peverelist - Jarvik Mindstate
14. Martyn - Vancouver
15. Headhunter - OSS
16. Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix)
17. RSD - Over It
18. D1 - Subzero
19. James Blake - Sparing The Horses
20. Quest - Arawak
21. Joe - Untitled
22. Ramadanman - Humber
23. Skream feat. Earl 16 - Tune In (A Dub Tribute)
24. Compound One - Space Odyssey
25. Pangaea - Why
26. Untold - Stop What You're Doing
27. Mount Kimbie - Fifty Mile View

# posted by DJ Martian 12:11 AM
  Music Blogosphere Links

listing of music blogs links: Music Blog Master List at Pretty Much Amazing!

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 AM
  Pitchfork: Techno: Column

latest column: by by Philip Sherburne: Pitchfork: Techno: Techno

# posted by DJ Martian 12:08 AM
  BBC Four Programmes - Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany

Documentary on Friday October 23rd on BBC 4: BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany - includes tracklist

Documentary which looks at how a radical generation of musicians created a new German musical identity out of the cultural ruins of war.

Between 1968 and 1977 bands like Neu!, Can, Faust and Kraftwerk would look beyond western rock and roll to create some of the most original and uncompromising music ever heard. They shared one common goal - a forward-looking desire to transcend Germany's gruesome past - but that didn't stop the music press in war-obsessed Britain from calling them Krautrock

# posted by DJ Martian 12:06 AM
  MIC Norway: Tord Gustavsen Ensemble UK tour and New Album

MIC Norway: Tord Gustavsen Ensemble heads out on UK tour - Mid-Occtober sees masters of lyrical Nordic piano-driven jazz, Tord Gustavsen Ensemble, heading out on a UK tour.

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble’s new CD “Restored, Returned” was recorded in Oslo in January 2009, and will be released in the UK in time for Gustavesen’s autumn concerts

# posted by DJ Martian 12:02 AM
  RA: Top 10 November 2009 festivals

RA: Top 10 November 2009 festivals

RA picks the November festival highlights from across the globe. Winter may be almost here in the northern hemisphere, but that simply means it’s all kicking off down south. We’ve got boats, stadiums and airfields for you this month. Allow RA to be your guide to all things November and festivals..

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Monday, October 19, 2009

  PopMatters @ 10

PopMatters @ 10 | PopMatters

It is this very week that PopMatters passes a milestone and celebrates our Tenth Anniversary in existence: ten years of interviews, reviews, thorough features, and smart, analytical cultural commentary.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:59 PM
  JA JA JA - A big Nordic Music Affair!

JA JA JA - A big Nordic Music Affair! - music event in London on November 19th

Ja Ja Ja is an exciting new monthly club night in London showcasing the best emerging talent from the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:55 PM

check the flyer for dates: Italians Do It Better: GLASS CANDY / DESIRE Europe Tour

# posted by DJ Martian 11:53 PM
  Peverelist Debut Album: Mindstate

RA News: Peverelist preps Jarvik Mindstate

Peverelist is set to drop his debut full-length next month.

With his position as manager of Bristol's premier new vinyl stockist, Rooted Records, Tom Ford has found himself at the centre of the city's burgeoning dubstep scene, with his Punch Drunk imprint now established as one of the go-to labels for listeners and DJs looking for a forward-thinking take on UK bass music. His own productions have been one of the primary reasons why Punch Drunk has become so lauded, forging influences from jungle, techno and dub to create a sound that is very much his own.

01. Esperanto
02. Revival ft. Pinch
03. Bluez
04. Jarvik Mindstate
05. Yesterday I Saw The Future
06. Infinity Is Now
07. Not Yet Further Than
08. Valves
09. Clunk Click Every Trip

Punck Drunk will release Jarvik Mindstate in November 2009.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:51 PM
  6 Mix with Gary Numan

Now on listen again: BBC - BBC 6 Music Programmes - 6 Mix, 17/10/2009

Electronic music expert and Wall of Sound label boss Mark Jones host the fourth in his series of shows exploring the origins of synth pop.

This week, Mark is joined by electro pioneer Gary Numan to talk about his career and upcoming tour.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:48 PM
  Underworld unveil Athens Mix Compilation

RA News: Underworld unveil Athens -
Underworld will release the first in a two-part compilation series next month.


01. Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda
02. Mahavishnu Orchestra - You Know, You Know
03. Squarepusher - Theme From Sprite
04. Soft Machine - Penny Hitch
05. Roxy Music - 2HB
06. The Detroit Experiment - Space Odyssey
07. Moodymann - Rectify
08. Osunlade - The Promise
09. Underworld - Oh
10. Laurent Garnier - Gnaumankoudji (Broken Afro Mix)
11. Miroslav Vitous - New York City
12. Brian Eno & Karl Hyde - Beebop Hurry

!K7 will release Athens on November 23rd, 2009

# posted by DJ Martian 11:45 PM

Thursday, October 15, 2009

  The Wire - New Issue - #309 | Julian Cope | November 2009

New issue of The Wire features Julian Cope on the front cover.

On The Cover: Julian Cope - How the modern antiquarian, megalithic European and Odinist rock 'n' roll heretic orchestrates elegant chaos with his new group Black Sheep. Plus: Cornelius Cardew, Henry Threadgill, Peter Walker, Jim Jarmusch's Invisible Jukebox, 00I00, Mordant Music, Bernie Krause in Cross Platform, William Bennett on Yoko Ono, Ian Penman on disco, Bill Orcutt, Susan Stenger's Epiphany, Tanya Tagaq and more

# posted by DJ Martian 11:34 AM

Monday, October 12, 2009

  David Sylvian Interview @ The Quietus

The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | David Sylvian Interview: From Japan To Manofon, The Man Revealed - David Gavan talks to David Sylvian about why there's no 'I' in Manofon . .

# posted by DJ Martian 10:31 PM
  Synth Britannia & Related Links

Next Friday on BBC 4: BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Synth Britannia [including tracklist]

Documentary following a generation of post-punk musicians who took the synthesiser from the experimental fringes to the centre of the pop stage.

In the late 1970s, small pockets of electronic artists including the Human League, Daniel Miller and Cabaret Volatire were inspired by Kraftwerk and JG Ballard and dreamt of the sound of the future against the backdrop of bleak, high-rise Britain.

The crossover moment came in 1979 when Gary Numan's appearance on Top of the Pops with Tubeway Army's Are Friends Electric heralded the arrival of synthpop. Four lads from Basildon known as Depeche Mode would come to own the new sound whilst post-punk bands like Ultravox, Soft Cell, OMD and Yazoo took the synth out of the pages of the NME and onto the front page of Smash Hits.

By 1983, acts like Pet Shop Boys and New Order were showing that the future of electronic music would lie in dance music.

Contributors include Philip Oakey, Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, Bernard Sumner, Gary Numan and Neil Tennant.

Followed by BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Synth Britannia at the BBC

With Moogs turned up to 11, a 1970s/80s journey through the BBC's synthpop archives from Roxy Music to New Order.

Simon Reynolds: article: One nation under a Moog | Music | The Guardian

As new BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia shows, the synthesizer first dehumanised then re-humanised British pop, fulfilled the DIY promise of punk, and changed how bands looked forever

Rusty Egan On listen Again: BBC - BBC 6 Music Programmes - 6 Mix, 10/10/2009

Listen Again - Electronic music expert Mark Jones hosts the third in his series of shows exploring the origins of synth pop. This week he's joined by Rusty Egan, a founding member of 80s electro group Visage.

John Foxx interview The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | A John Foxx Interview - Impossible DNA

Emily Bick conducts an in-depth interview with John Foxx about cinematic ghosts, Battersea Power Station and psychogeography. Current portrait of John Foxx: Craig Hewitt

# posted by DJ Martian 1:58 PM

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

  Terrorizer Magazine - New Issue #189 October 2009

New issue of Terrorizer magazine features Immortal on the front cover: Terrorizer #189 October 2009 |

Feature Highlights:

# posted by DJ Martian 5:34 PM
  2009: The Year That Dubstep Broke - NME Feature

dubstep and remix culture: 2009: The Year That Dubstep Broke - Timeline Playlist - New Music Radar - NME.COM - By Jaimie Hodgson

So to follow on from my feature in the mag I've had a few requests to supplement '2009: The Year That Dubstep Broke' with a playlist blog feature. So I put together a time-line of references.

For anyone who's a wee bit lost - the feature was based around the fact that this year we've seen what over the past decade has not only consolidated itself as the most important British dance-culture of the past ten years, but arguably organic UK genre, full-stop, explode in alarming fashion.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:02 PM
  Forthcoming Releases - Listings & Links

New Releases listing @ Pitchfork: Pitchfork: The Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Fall 2009

Metal Releases: INVISIBLE ORANGES - THE METAL MP3 BLOG: Upcoming metal releases: October 2009

Releases promoted by Cargo Distribution: Cargo Records Distribution UK - News: Cargo Collective: October 09

Ground and Sky - Blog Archive - New stuff that will probably rock

# posted by DJ Martian 1:22 PM
  Magda mixes Fabric 49: Tracklist

RA News: Magda mixes Fabric 49 -
Fabric will release Fabric 49: Magda on November 16th, 2009.


01. Goblin – Al Margini Della Follia / Bostro Pesopeo – Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix) / Marc Houle – Voices
02. Circlesquare - Non-Revival Alarm / Gaiser – mfnstmp
03. Magda - At The Gate / Artem Folevski - Empörung (Original Mix) / Groupshow – It’s Not Just Country Birds That Are Attracted (To The Blue Glass Bird Bath)
04. Cristian Vogel - Mungo / Magda - Draculan Love Attack
05. Goblin - Buio Omega (Alternate) / Magda - Moroder's Revenge
06. Catorze – Luscofusco / Marc Houle - Deep Sea / Heartthrob - Miss Pig
07. Robert Babicz – Chordy / Madato - The Night's Rumors
08. Click Box - Bad Fish (Magda Edit) / Boosty – Telescope
09. Artem Folevski - Guido / Isomer Transition - San Pellegrino
10. Hobo - 23:59 / Luciano – Saulitude
11. Marc Houle – Profounding / Yello – Heavy Whispers
12. Heartthrob – 101 Loop / Farben – Aufschlag/Abschlag
13. Hobo - Mobius Trip / Rafael Droors – Blue
14. Bruno Pronsato - We Were... / Arsenal – The Coming (Idjut Boys Version 2)
15. Jimmy Edgar - Beat Squared / Jan Jelinek - Tierbeobachtungen (Live Played By Anne Westphalen & Peter Ley)

# posted by DJ Martian 1:12 PM
  King Midas Sound Album on Hyperdub

Cargo Records Distribution UK - News: New King Midas Sound LP on Hyperdub

After two singles on Hyperdub, and a release on Soul Jazz, King Midas Sound's ‘Waiting For You’ is the debut album from Roger Robinson and Kevin Martin's new group.

Due November 9th: more info Waiting For You by King Midas Sound @ Cargo Records

# posted by DJ Martian 1:10 PM
  Circulasione Totale Orchestra: Bandwidth

Circulasione Totale Orchestra album on Rune Grammofon to be released on October 26th: Rune Grammofon RCD 2089 - Circulasione Totale Orchestra: Bandwidth (3CD)

This international improvising ensemble has been going since 1984 with various members, but a couple of years ago leader and legendary Norwegian sax and clarinet player Frode Gjerstad handpicked a new band of musicians that has meant something special for him during his long career. The title of this monumental 3CD set is relevant on several levels. Between the youngest and oldest musician there are some fifty years, they come from three continents and they cover a wide range of musical ideas with their unique blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Frode Gjerstad wanted this to be a celebration of improvised music and we can only agree that he has succeeded on all levels.

Playing on all three discs are Frode Gjerstad (sax and clarinet), Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums), Morten J. Olsen (electronics and drums), Anders Hana (electric guitar), Nick Stephens (acoustic bass), Børre Mølstad (tuba), Sabir Mateen (sax and clarinet), Kevin Norton (vibraphone), Bobby Bradford (cornet) and Lasse Marhaug (electronics). Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (acoustic bass) are playing on disc one and two while Per Zanussi (electric bass) and Hamid Drake (drums) are playing on disc three.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:06 PM
  New Lindstrøm Album With Singer Christabelle - Due January 2010

Another highly anticipated album for 2010: Pitchfork: Lindstrøm to Release Collaborative Album With Singer Christabelle

Real Life Is No Cool is due January 19 from Smalltown Supersound

# posted by DJ Martian 1:03 PM

Monday, October 05, 2009

  NEGURA BUNGET: New Album Title Revealed: Vîrstele Pamîntului

One of the most anticipated albums of 2010 announced: BLABBERMOUTH.NET - NEGURA BUNGET: New Album Title Revealed

NEGURA BUNGET — the Romanian band that incorporates elements of black metal, progressive metal, folk metal and dark ambient — has set "Vîrstele Pamîntului" (English translation: The Ages of the Land/Earth) as the title of its new album, tentatively due in early 2010.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:27 PM

Friday, October 02, 2009

  Updated: Pitchfork: 200 greatest albums of the decade: Summary

Pitchfork are counting down their fav albums of the decade:

Pitchfork: Staff Lists: The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s: 200-151

Pitchfork: Staff Lists: The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s: 150-101

Pitchfork: Staff Lists: The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s: 100-51

Pitchfork: Staff Lists: The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s: 50-21

Pitchfork: Staff Lists: The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s: 20-1


via: Acclaimed Music Forum: Pitchforks 200 greatest albums of the decade...

200. Jay Reatard- Blood Visions
199. Deerhoof- Apple O'
198. Boris- Akuma No Uta
197. Yeasayer- All Hour Cymbals
196. William Basinski- The Disintegration Loops
195. Bonnie "Prince" Billy- The Letting Go
194. Pulp- We Love Life
193. Devendra Benhart- Rejoicing in the Hands
192. Art Brut- Bang Bang Rock & Roll
191. Air- Talkie Walkie

190. Elliott Smith- Figure 8
189. Jamie Lidell- Multiply
188. M83- Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
187. Stars of the Lid- The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
186. The Thermals- The Body, The Blood, The Machine
185. Scarface- The Fix
184. Vitalic- OK Cowboy
183. Arctic Monkeys- Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
182. Max Tundra- Mastered by Guy at the Exchange
181. Andrew Bird- Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs

180. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus
179. Camera Obscura- Let's Get Out of This Country
178. Lil Wayne- Tha Carter II
177. Broadcast- The Noise Made By People
176. The Mountain Goats- Tallahassee
175. Various Artists- Total 3
174. Okkervil River- Black Sheep Boy
173. Herbert- Bodily Functions
172. Constantines- Shine a Light
171. The Go! Team- Thunder, Lightning, Strike

170. Bright Eyes- Fevers and Mirrors
169. Common- Like Water for Chocolate
168. Califone- Roots and Crowns
167. Annie- Anniemal
166. Jim O'Rourke- Insignificance
165. Ricardo Villalobos- Alcachofa
164. Les Savy Fav- Rome (Written Upside Down) EP
163. DJ /rupture- Uproot
162. Wu-Tang Clan- The W
161. Air France- No Way Down

160. Deerhunter- Cryptograms
159. Girl Talk- Night Ripper
158. Destroyer- Destroyer's Rubies
157. Lightning Bolt- Wonderful Rainbow
156. Bloc Party- Silent Alarm
155. Clipse- Lord Willin'
154. Ghostface Killah- The Pretty Toney Album
153. Jens Lekman- Night Falls Over Kortedala
152. Cannibal Ox- The Cold Vein
151. The Walkmen- Bows and Arrows

150. The New Pornographers- Twin Cinema
149. Tough Alliance- A New Chance
148. Erlend Øye- DJ Kicks
147. T.I.- King
146. My Morning Jacket- Z
145. Fiery Furnaces- Blueberry Boat
144. Andrew W.K.- I Get Wet
143. The Decemberists- Picaresque
142. Primal Scream- XTRMNTR
141. Neko Case- Blacklisted

140. TV on the Radio- Dear Science
139. Love Is All- Nine Times That Same Song
138. The Libertines- Up the Bracket
137. Iron & Wine- The Creek Drank the Cradle
136. No Age- Weirdo Rippers
135. Sigur Ros- ()
134. Queens of the Stone Age- Songs for the Deaf
133. Erykah Badu- New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War
132. Hercules and the Love Affair- Hercules and the Love Affair
131. The Notwist- Neon Golden

130. Clipse- We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 2
129. The Streets- A Grand Don't Come for Free
128. Life Without Buildings- Any Other City
127. Sleater-Kinney- The Woods
126. Mastodon- Leviathan
125. The Books- Thought for Food
124. PJ Harvey- Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
123. Four Tet- Rounds
122. Ryan Adams- Heartbreaker
121. Broadcast- Haha Sound

120. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- The Tyranny of Distance
119. Eminem- The Marshall Mathers LP
118. The Beta Band- Hot Shots II
117. Low- Things We Lost in the Fire
116. Michael Mayer- Immer
115. The Shins- Oh, Inverted World
114. Cam'ron- Purple Haze
113. LCD Soundsystem- LCD Soundsystem
112. Feist- The Reminder
111. M83- Saturdays = Youth

110. The National- Boxer
109. Band of Horses- Everything All the Time
108. Sonic Youth- Murray Street
107. Justice- †
106. Caribou- Up in Flames
105. Battles- Mirrored
104. The Postal Service- Give Up
103. M.I.A./Diplo- Piracy Funds Terrorism Volume 1
102. The Mountain Goats- The Sunset Tree
101. Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand

100. ...And You Shall Know Us By the Trail of Dead- Source Tags & Codes
99. Lil Wayne- Da Drought 3
98. Cat Power- You Are Free
97. The Dismemberment Plan- Change
96. Spoon- Girls Can Tell
95. Grizzly Bear- Yellow House
94. Mclusky- Mclusky Do Dallas
93. 2 Many DJs- As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 2
92. Björk- Vespertine
91. The New Pornographers- Mass Romantic

90. Jay Z- The Black Album
89. Wolf Parade- Apologies to the Queen Mary
88. The Wrens- The Meadowlands
87. Kanye West- Graduation
86. Belle and Sebastian- The Life Pursuit
85. Gas- Pop
84. Super Furry Animals- Rings Around the World
83. Joanna Newsom- Ys
82. Beck- Sea Change
81. Hot Chip- The Warning

80. The Clientele- Suburban Light
79. Justin Timberlake- FutureSex/LoveSounds
78. No Age- Nouns
77. Missy Elliott- Miss E... So Addictive
76. Junior Boys- Last Exit
75. Ghostface Killah- Fishscale
74. The White Stripes- Elephant
73. The Microphones- The Glow, Pt. 2
72. Sleater-Kinney- One Beat
71. Portishead- Third

70. Sufjan Stevens- Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State
69. Liars- Drum's Not Dead
68. Robyn- Robyn
67. The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
66. J Dilla- Donuts
65. Godpseed You Black Emperor!- Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven
64. The Hold Steady- Boys and Girls in America
63. Of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
62. Dizzee Rascal- Boy in Da Corner
61. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours

60. Exploding Hearts- Guitar Romantic
59. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Hearts of Oak
58. The Field- From Here We Go Sublime
57. The Rapture- Echoes
56. Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca
55. Animal Collective- Feels
54. M.I.A.- Arular
53. Clinic- Internal Wrangler
52. Clipse- Hell Hath No Fury
51. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend

50. Deerhunter- Microcastle
49. Antony and the Johnsons- I Am a Bird Now
48. The Hold Steady- Separation Sunday
47. Joanna Newsom- The Milk-Eyed Mender
46. The Shins- Chutes Too Narrow
45. Fugazi- The Argument
44. D'Angelo- Voodoo
43. Luomo- Vocal City
42. Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
41. Burial- Untrue

40. The National- Alligator
39. Boredoms- Vision Creation Newsun
38. Phoenix- It's Never Been Like That
37. Yo la Tengo- And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
36. The Streets- Original Pirate Material
35. Spoon- Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
34. Radiohead- Amnesiac
33. Basement Jaxx- Rooty
32. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
31. TV on the Radio- Return to Cookie Mountain

30. Boards of Canada- Geogaddi
29. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
28. Kanye West- The College Dropout
27. Animal Collective- Sung Tongs
26. Fennesz- Endless Summer
25. Madvillian- Madvilliany
24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Fever to Tell
23. Broken Social Scene- You Forgot It in People
22. M.I.A.- Kala
21. Radiohead- In Rainbows

1. Radiohead - Kid A
2. Arcade Fire - Funeral
3. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion
4. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
5. OutKast - Stankonia
6. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
7. Panda Bear - Person Pitch
8. The Knife - Silent Shout
9. The Strokes - Is This It
10. Kanye West - Late Registration
11. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
12. Jay Z - The Blueprint
13. Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
14. The Avalanches - Since I Left You
15. Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun
16. Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica
17. Daft Punk - Discovery
18. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
19. Spoon - Kill the Moonlight
20. Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 AM

Thursday, October 01, 2009

  Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

new online journal: Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

volume 1 just published: Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

Editor's Introduction

Featured Articles

IDM as a "Minor" Literature: The Treatment of Cultural and Musical Norms by "Intelligent Dance Music" - Ramzy Alwakeel
Decline of the Rave Culture Inspired Clubculture in China: State Suppression, Clubber Adaptations, and Socio-cultural Transformations - Matthew M Chew
Neotrance and the Psychedelic Festival - Graham St John
Too Young to Drink, Too Old to Dance: The Influences of Age and Gender on (Non) Rave Participation - Julie Gregory
DJ Culture in the Commercial Sydney Dance Music Scene - Ed Montano

From the Floor

Convergence and Soniculture: 10 Years of MUTEK - tobias c. van Veen
The Hardcore Continuum? - Jeremy Gilbert
The Abstract Reality of the "Hardcore Continuum" - Mark Fisher
12 Noon, Black Rock City - Graham St John
The Inverted Sublimity of the Dark Psytrance Dance Floor - Botond Vitos


We Call It Techno! A Documentary About Germany’s Early Techno Scene (Sextro and Wick) - Hillegonda C Rietveld
Lost and Sound: Berlin, Techno, und der Easyjetset (Rapp) - Sean Nye
Chromatic Variation in Ethnographic Research: A Review of Psychedelic White: Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race (Saldanha) - Anthony D'Andrea
Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibiza and Goa (D'Andrea) - Charles de Ledesma
Breakcore: Identity and Interaction on Peer-to-Peer (Whelan) - Emily Ferrigno
The High Life: Club Kids, Harm and Drug Policy (Perrone) - Lucy Gibson

# posted by DJ Martian 10:24 PM
  Top 1000 Albums of 2009 @ - Updated

Top 1000 Albums of 2009 @ has been updated. Animal Collective still at Number 1.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:16 PM
  Uncut's Top 150 Albums of the 00s

full list via: Swear I'm not Paul: List: Uncut's Top 150 Albums of the 00s notice the absence of metal, prog, jazz and experimental electronic music.

150 - Band of Horses Everything All the Time
149 - Ray Lamontagne Trouble
148 - Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
147 - The Acorn Glory Hope Mountain
146 - Richard Thompson Front Parlour Blues
145 - Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days
144 - Robert Wyatt Comicopera
143 - Leonard Cohen Ten New Songs
142 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell
141 - Rahel Unthank and the Winterset The Bairns

140 - Espers Espers II
139 - Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
138 - Wilco Sky Blue Sky
137 - Elliott Smith From a Basement on a Hill
136 - The Strokes Room on Fire
135 - Willard Grant Conspiracy Regard the End
134 - Radiohead Hail to the Thief
133 - Bruce Springsteen We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
132 - Drive-By Truckers Brighter Than Creation's Dark
131 - Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head

130 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
129 - Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
128 - Antony and the Johnsons I Am A Bird Now
127 - The Handsome Family In the Air
126 - Neil Young Prairie Wind
125 - The Hold Steady Stay Positive
124 - Brightback Morning Light Brightback Morning Light
123 - Doves The Last Broadcast
122 - Donald Fagen Morph the Cat
121 - Hot Chip The Warning

120 - MGMT Oracular Spectacular
119 - Scritti Politti White Bread, Black Beer
118 - Super Furry Animals Love Kraft
117 - At the Drive-In Relationship of Command
116 - Sufjan Stevens - Michigan
115 - Steven Malkmus & The Jicks Real Emotional Trash
114 - The Raconteurs Consolers of the Lonely
113 - The Shins Chutes Too Narrow
112 - Beirut The Flying Club Cup
111 - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins Rabbit Furcoat

110 - Steely Dan Everything Must Go
109 - The White Stripes Icky Thump
108 - Comets on Fire Avatar
107 - Paul Westerberg Come Feel Me Tremble
106 - The Go-Betweens The Friends of Rachel Worth
105 - Steely Dan Two Against Nature
104 - Grizzly Bear Veckatimest
103 - Missy Elliott Miss E...So Addictive
102 - The Felice Brothers The Felice Brothers
101 - Neko Case Blacklisted

100 - Jim O'Rourke Insignificance
99 - Babyshambles Down in Albion
98 - The Avalanches Since I Left You
97 - Paul Weller 22 Dreams
96 - Rufus Wainwright Want One
95 - Grandaddy The Sophtware Slump
94 - Devendra Banhart Oh Me Oh My...
93 - The Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free
92 - Tom Waits Real Gone
91 - John Cale HoboSapiens

90 - Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, it's Morning
89 - Neil Young Living With War
88 - The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan
87 - Queens of the Stone Age Rated R
86 - PJ Harvey White Chalk
85 - MIA Arular
84 - David Bowie Heathen
83 - Outkast Stankonia
82 - Drive-By Truckers The Dirty South
81 - Okkervil River The Stage Names

80 - Levon Helm Electric Dirt
79 - Kings of Leon Only By the Night
78 - Johnny Cash American III: Solitary Man
77 - Kanye West The College Dropout
76 - Beck Seachange
75 - Gorillaz Demon Days
74 - Elbow Asleep in the Black
73 - Elliott Smith Figure 8
72 - Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl
71 - TV on the Radio Dear Science

70 - The Good, The Bad & The Queen The Good, The Bad & The Queen
69 - Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare
68 - D'Angelo Voodoo
67 - Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther
66 - Jay-Z The Blueprint
65 - Rufus Wainwright Poses
64 - Lift to Experience The Texas-Jerasulem Crossroads
63 - The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang
62 - Ghostface Killah Fishscale
61 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The Lyre of Orpheus/Abbatoir Blues

60 - Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose
59 - The White Stripes De Stijl
58 - Bob Dylan - Together Through Life
57 - Robert Wyatt Cukooland
56 - Sonic Youth Murray Street
55 - Bjork Vespertine
54 - Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs
53 - Interpol Turn on the Bright Lights
52 - Dizzee Rascal Boy in Da Corner
51 - Warren Zevon The Wind

50 - Cat Power The Greatest
49 - PJ Harvey Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
48 - Ry Cooder Chavez Ravine
47 - The National Alligator
46 - Drive-By Truckers Souther Rock Opera
45 - Solomon Burke Don't Give Up on Me
44 - The Libertines Up the Bracket
43 - The Streets Original Pirate Material
42 - Richmond Fontaine Post to Wire
41 - Bruce Springsteen Magic

40 - Boards of Canada Geogaddi
39 - Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
38 - Ryan Adams Gold
37 - The Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldiers
36 - Johnny Cash American IV: The Man Comes Around
35 - Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
34 - Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
33 - Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion
32 - Calexico Feast of Wire
31 - My Morning Jacket It Still Moves

30 - Sufjan Stevens Illinois
29 - Neil Young Chrome Dreams II
28 - Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf
27 - The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America
26 - Lambchop Nixonland
25 - Radiohead Kid A
24 - Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
23 - Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Out of Season
22 - Blur Think Thank
21 - Joanna Newsom Ys

20 - Amy Winehouse Back to Black
19 - Bruce Springsteen The Rising
18 - Kate Bush Aerial
17 - The White Stripes - Elephant
16 - LCD Soundsytem Sound of Silver
15 - Radiohead In Rainbows
14 - Primal Scream XTRMNTR
13 - Gillian Welch Time (The Revelator)
12 - Portishead Third
11 - The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

10 - Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
9 - Ryan Adams Heartbreaker
8 - Bob Dylan Modern Times
7 - The Arcade Fire Funeral
6 - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raising Sand
5 - The Strokes Is This It
4 - Brian Wilson Smile
3 - Wilco A Ghost is Born
2 - Bob Dylan Love and Theft
1 - The White Stripes White Blood Cells

compare and contrast with: Top 1000 Albums of the 2000s - Rate Your Music

# posted by DJ Martian 11:17 AM

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