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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Eternal Fusion - latest show dated [March 27th]

Eternal Fusion - Latest Show On-Line NOW! - you have tomorrow and Saturday to listen in before the next show.

Latest Show: 27th March

Master Musicians Of Bukkake - 'Enter The Wang'
'The Visible Sign Of The Invisible Order', Abduction, 2004

Beequeen - 'On The Road To Everywhere'
'The Bodyshop', Important, 2005

International Karate - 'Tonight I Can See Around Corners'
'A Monster In Soul', Sensory Projects, 2004

Boom Bip - 'One Eye Around The Warm Corner'
'Blue Eyed In The Red Room', Lex, 2005

Monade - 'A Few Steps More'
'A Few Steps More', Too Pure/Duophonic, 2005

Laurent Garnier - 'Controlling The House Pt. 2'
'The Cloud Making Machine', F Communications, 2005

Caribou - 'Boreal Forest Opper'
'Yeti' E.P., The Leaf Label, 2005

Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 'Glogli'
'Artifact', System Recordings, 2005

Out Hud - 'It's For You'
'Let Us Never Speak Of It Again', Kranky, 2005

Bird Show - 'All Afternoon Pt. 2'
'Green Inferno', Kranky, 2005

Add Noise - 'Surface Noise'
'Earsugar Jukebox', Earsugar, 2005

When's The Future - 'Choiroid Plexus'
'Same Time Tomorrow', Stone Premonitions, 2005

Hall Of Fame - 'Endless Returns'
'Paradise Now', Social Registry, 2004

Cold Bleak Heat - 'Never Give 'Em What They Want'
'It’s Magnificent, But It Isn’t War', Family Vineyard, 2005

Gang Gang Dance - 'Rugs Of Prayer'
'They Keep Me Smiling' : Various, United Bamboo, 2004

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy - 'My Home Is The Sea'
'Superwolf', Domino, 2005

Paul Angelosanto & The Melting Poetry Collective - 'Phantom Space'
'Jihad Cafe', Self Released, 2004

Jason Martz - 'The Battle 4'
'The Pillory/The Battle', Under The Asphalt, 2005

'Street Guns & Studio Drums'
'Radio Phnom Penh', Sublime Frequencies, 2005

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band - 'Great Is The Gorse'
'Toadsman's Bell', Digitalis Industries, 2005

# posted by DJ Martian 11:37 PM

Kompakt is Today Mix CD by Superpitcher

Pitchfork report Superpitcher has put together a mix compilation for Kompakt titled: Kompakt is Today - due for release May 17th

The mix tracklisting:

01 Lawrence: "Spark" (Ghostly International)
02 DJ Koze: "Let's Help Me" (Kompakt)
03 Michael Mayer: "Lovefood (Matias Aguayo Mix)" (Kompakt)
04 Triola: "Leuchtturm (Wighnomy's Polarzipper Remix)" (Kompakt)
05 Oliver Hacke: "21:31" (Trapez)
06 The Psychonauts: "The World Keeps Turning (Highfish & Zander Remix)" (International Deejay Gigolo Records)
07 Nathan Fake: "Dinamo" (Traum)
08 Wighnomy Bros.: "Wurz+Blosse" (Kompakt)
09 Superpitcher: "Happiness (Lawrence Mix)" (Kompakt)
10 Max Mohr: "Old Song" (Playhouse)
11 Sebastien Tellier: "La Ritournelle" (Record Makers)

# posted by DJ Martian 11:23 PM

Sonar 2005 programme

Manuel on ILM provides a news scoop on the line up of this year's Sonar festival: Sonar 2005 programme

M.I.A. (XL/GB)
NOAH23 (2nd REC/CA)
AREAL presenta
COMPOST presenta
GOMMA presenta
HÄPNA presenta
M-NUS presenta
REGULAR presenta
TYPE REC. presenta

Official website for Sonar Festival that takes place June 16th to June 18th.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:10 PM

Splendid review Hella - Church Gone Wild/Chirpin Hard

# posted by DJ Martian 10:59 PM

Billy Corgan to deliver TheFutureEmbrace in June

Billy Corgan News @ relay the news that Billy Corgan will release an album titled: TheFutureEmbrace, on June 21st. Robert Smith provides guest vocals on a track.

Official Warner Bros. Records press release @ marketwire

# posted by DJ Martian 10:53 PM

Pitchfork review Jaga Jazzist - What We Must

# posted by DJ Martian 10:44 PM

Pet Shops Boys - Double Back to Mine Compilation

dancefrontdoor report Pet Shop Boys invite you Back to Mine

Neil Tennant's idea when compiling the CD was "To create a sequence of late-night listening music, Sequencing electronic, ambient, classical and pop music"

CD1 – Chris Lowe

Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight
Mr Flagio – Take A Chance
Klein and MBO – Dirty Talk
The Flirts – Passion
Matia Bazaar – Ti Sento
Justice vs. Simian – Never Be Alone
Queen – The Show Must Go On
Celestial Choir – Stand On The Word
Carl Bean – I Was Born This Way
Dusty Springfield – I’d Rather Leave While I’m Alone

CD2 – Neil Tennant

Fairmont – Traum
Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia/Daniel Lentz – Pulse, Pause, Repeat
Biosphere – Microgravity
Vladimir Martynov – Come in! 2
Vladmimir Cosma – Promenade Sentimentale (From Diva)
Etienne Daho – La Baie
Vessel – Tiny
Craig Armstrong – Laura’s Theme
Dettinger – One, Two, Three, No Gravity
Dusty Springfield – Goin’ Back
Hans Joachim Roedelius – Lunz
Edward Elgar – Sospiri
Jz-arkh – DDRhodes
Video Kid – Video Kid
Lobe – Movement
John Surman – At Dusk
Greig – Melodie ‘Melody’ (op 47/3)

# posted by DJ Martian 10:42 PM

New blog to check: AVERSIONLINE.COM - THE MP3 BLOG

# posted by DJ Martian 10:33 PM

Blabbermouth.Net report on Kayo Dot: KAYO DOT Sign With ROBOTIC EMPIRE - a new album is expected in the Autumn.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:03 PM

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Jockey Slut Refugees

New-ish URL for the music forum connected with the ex readership of Jockey Slut music magazine: Jockey Slut Refugees

# posted by DJ Martian 10:10 PM

Playlouder review Fischerspooner - Odyssey

# posted by DJ Martian 2:38 PM

Stylus review Out Hud - Let Us Never Speak of it Again

# posted by DJ Martian 2:36 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON an email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 2:28 PM

Terrorizer - April 2005 Issue

New issue of Terrorizer magazine is on sale tomorrow. Nile are on the front cover.






Meshuggah 'Shed'
Nile 'Lashed To The Slave Stick'
Napalm Death 'Silence Is Deafening'
Isis 'The Beginning And The End (Venetian Snares)'
Cephalic Carnage 'Dying Will Be The Death Of Me'
Overkill 'Love'
Aborted 'Dead Wreckoning'
Trivium 'Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr'
Bleed The Sky 'Minion'
Modern Life Is War 'D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.'
Born From Pain 'Rise Or Die'
Callisto 'Worlds Collide'
With Passion 'Train Wreck Orchestra'
Path Of No Return 'Holocaust'
Zero Mentality 'Traitor Of My Own'
Suicide Watch 'In The Mouth Of Madness'
Grave Flowers 'Save Me Or Destroy Me'
Thy Kingdom Come 'From This Day'

# posted by DJ Martian 1:47 PM

Splendid review AK-Momo - Return to New York

# posted by DJ Martian 8:42 AM

Monday, March 28, 2005


Details of forthcoming The Breezeblock shows on Radio 1

This week's show:
March 28th
Techno god Surgeon + live hip hop from Dalek

April 4th
Fourtet Vs Luke Vibert mixing exclusively for the block

April 11th
Roots Manuva Soundsystem live from Maida Vale

April 18th
Berlin Special
Ewan Pearson, Plastikman and the Kompakt crew

Coming Soon:

Keaton Mix Vs Future Prophesies
Mike Patton
James Murphy

# posted by DJ Martian 11:36 PM

Progressive Ears have started an Album of the Year 1976 Poll

# posted by DJ Martian 1:15 PM

Somewhere Cold interview Ulrich Schnauss

# posted by DJ Martian 12:49 PM

This week's new releases @ Fopp

# posted by DJ Martian 12:47 PM

Sunday, March 27, 2005


One World - Sunkissed Special

Radio show of the year so far ? Listen in...

This week's One World show on Radio 1 is a celebration of Norwegian contemporary music: One World - Sunkissed Special

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 28th March 2005: 0100-0300

This week's One World features live music from the recent Sunkissed event which celebrated 100 years of Norwegian Independance and was held at Fabric in London.

All the artists involved hail from Norway so basically this week's show is a Norwegian music special.

The show swings right from the dark full on death metal of Turbonegro & Satyricon to the bleached icy soundscapes of Biosphere.

The line up features music & interviews from the following artists :

Turbonegro (live)
Satyricon (live)
Nils Petter Molvaer (live)
Frost (live)
Biosphere (live)
King Midas (live)
Xploding Plastix (live)
Bugge Wesseltoft (live)
Trulz & Robin (live)
Magne F (formerly mags from AHA - live)
Doc L Junior
Rune Lindbaek

# posted by DJ Martian 11:25 PM

A new website & URL for Julian White's

At the end of each year, critics & readers of music publications select their favourite albums and singles of the year.

Lists from publications including: New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Select, Q, Mojo, Rolling Stone, Spin, & Village Voice, various European publications and several independent fanzines from around the globe plus the complete John Peel Festive 50's are included on this site.

There are critic single and album lists from 1974 to 2004, pop poll results from 1952 to 2004, personal lists from critics including Dave Marsh and Robert Christgau plus All Time Best Film Soundtrack and Banned recordings.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:09 PM

This week's The Freak Zone show on 6 Music features an interview with Tunng

Sunday 27 March 2005
Tunng, the band currently at the forefront of the Folktronica scene (of which we so love), will be dropping in this Sunday to talk about their debut album, This Is ... Tunng, which they released recently to rave reviews.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:03 PM

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Leonard's Lair review Noise626 - A Thin Cold Line

I listened to tracks from this band on internet radio [Progressive Soundscapes Radio], an interesting yet strange mixture of Bauhaus, Legendary Pink Dots, The Cure, Fields of the Nephilim and Play Dead.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:19 PM

Yahoo! Groups have a new look including the music section now branded as Y! Music Groups

# posted by DJ Martian 2:20 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Insen
Raster Noton

When Carsten Nicolai and Ryuichi Sakamoto got together to record 2003's highly acclaimed "Vrioon", it probably hadn't occurred to them that they were single-handedly re-positioning minimal piano music at the head of the electronic food chain. Sure, Richard D James introduced his army of devotees to the works of Satie on his sprawling "Drukqs", but "Vrioon" managed to intigrate the discipline into something altogether new and unfamiliar. Coupled with the fact that it was impossibly hard to obtain in good quantity in this country and that it was released by the boundry-pushing design team at Raster Noton, "Vrioon" was cited as a classic more or less as soon as it hit the shelves, eventually championed by The Wire as the best electronic release in their coveted year-end poll. To imagine that a follow-up might match the transparent loveliness of the original, not to mention transcend its soul-searching beauty, would, at best, seem unlikely. And yet as soon as you hear the opening, lonely notes of the incredible "Aurora" you realise that the pair have once again realised an ambition to embed complex discpilines into a sound that's so unbearably archetypal and moving you can't imagine anyone even approaching it's masterful grasp of all things sublime. "Insen" finds Carsten Nicolai treating Ryuichi Sakamoto's cascading piano compositions with a surgeon's hand, embelishing notes and melody with a tapestry of digital emissions and breakages that seem to envelop the whole album with a reflective neon glow, becoming a vessel for all the emotions and memories each and every listener to this amazing work will no doubt find hard to control. "Insen" is not only a worthy sequel but a re-imagined companion piece to "Vrioon", an album that simply cannot fail to become one of your most cherished poseesions as soon as it's unwrapped. Incredible....

Gustav - Rettet Die Wale

You know we like to keep our ears to the ground, so when we got word from our Berlin-based operatives that this album from the unfeasibly intriguing Gustav was starting to spread uncontrollably through to every cool record shop and listener across the country (literally, the place is absolutely buzzing with talk about this album, she had two shows in berlin on consecutive nights last week alone attended by pretty much every cool record label and promoter you could imagine, now starting to get airplay on the country's most influential radio stations) - we decided to check it out for ourselves. Gustav is the debut release from Eva Jantschitsch, a sort of alpine-electronic hybrid that sounds like a crackling log-cabin variation to Bjork's icy charms. She writes songs on her laptop, plays along on her trusted accordion and sings with the sort of inimitable fragility you cannot muster up any resistance to. With an origin in Austria, her songs are sung in various languages, sometimes English, sometimes French, sometimes German - but the appeal is completely universal. This is an intimate, ambitious, hugely personal album that will no doubt start spreading like wildfire over to these shores before too long, a magnificent debut that you should snap up immediately, just in time for the first spring blossoms. Gorgeous music....

Praveen - Backed By Spirits
Neo Ouija

Having released music on a number of collectable and well-respected imprints, Praveen Sharma is at long last ready to deliver his debut feature-length release, this time for Neo Ouija. Although the sound here is firmly rooted in electronic music tradition, Praveen imbues each of the 9 tracks with a warm density and honesty that positions it at the polar extreme to `pre-set' IDM. The opener "Sad sad day" is filled with melancholy, and yet an overriding sense of expectation emerges as the presiding feeling. Music in this zone takes its time - `Float' could almost be a credo for this, settling down next to a fire with an approach that will be familiar to all lovers of Kompakt's Pop Ambient series. Its almost impolite when programmed bass and drums intrude on the sound settling like ash, but they learn to get along somehow. `Haze' relishes one of the more addictive melody lines of recent times, and `Melody' brings Praveen's main preoccupation centre stage - again expect nothing hurried, this is sedate, carefully unfolding music. Co-opting apparently dissonant frequencies into a coherent whole is the strategy on `Real memories', while `New Lovers' blooms into a soft utterance, a strummed guitar echoing the optimism of the title. `Please begin' shows that darker textures can function next to the pillowy ambient from Praveen, perfectly balanced by the delicate sound of a drumstick on cymbal. "Piano in a hurricane" ends a distinctive debut with not a whimper, but a gentle caress. Lovely....

Martin Siewert - No Need To Be Lonesome

The first solo album release from Martin Siewart is a loose limbed (but flocculent) collection of Sunny-D electronics and live instrumentation which the man himself describes as "pop music, to a certain degree...". Opening with the slow build electronica of 'Just When We Thought It Was Safe', Siewert appears to have left his more abstract days behind as swirly digital fuzz and sharp cornered beats conspire to produce a sound not unlike that of Radiohead's 'Kid A'. Yet just when you thin you can see where it's going Siewart gets down to some jiggery pokery and demolishes the whole thing from within, slowly reintroducing elements until you bow out with a Theremin on one side and click and splutter debris below. From here we are moved to the barebones production of 'Attraktor' where flourishes of tight coiled rhythm bring to mind a less whimsical Minotaur Shock or a tipsy Donnacha Costello - it depends where you're looking from. Closing with the decadent atmospherics of 'Any Other Way to Go?', Siewert lets stuff fizz, things pop and rhythms grumble as he closes with 14 minutes of bleeping clunktronica. Very nice indeed....

Scanner - Reason By Heart, Sleep By Twilight

"Scanner's music is both tiny and grand. it is like the delicate movement of a watch spinning through space. microscopic clicks, wood blocks and everyday sounds are painted over rumbling, dark canvases." the guardian newspaper, london. Scanner is recognised for his sensitivity to sound and space. Through a myriad recorded works, performances and installations he continues to explore a world that shifts between digital pop culture and visual arts. For "reason by heart, sleep by twilight" he has created a lucid-dreaming, insular world. Recorded exclusively for Bine music, this work is a tangled web of disturbed vocals, obtained who knows how, scrawling, spidery sounds wrap themselves sinuously around a central, muted rhythmic motif, that slowly draws you into a sleazed vision, reeking of Scanner's usual obsessions. Maybe some of you might share them....

Son Of Clay - Two Abstract Paintings

Son of Clay (known to his mates as Andreas Bertilsson) is a Swedish artist who on 'Two Abstract Paintings', his third full length release, takes the notion of aural morphology to its logical conclusion. Using sound as he would any other medium, Bertlisson has collated an anthology of captured auditory fragments that range from the rustle of dry leaves and shuffling paper, through to bird mimicking wind instruments and unconnected phone lines. Painstakingly constructed in what at first seems random distribution, Son Of Clay's 46 minute piece (divided into two untitled parts) recalls the early minimalist Terry Riley or the pioneering mathematical music of Peter Maxwell Davies and his employment of durational ratios, ciphers and magic squares. Slowly revealing itself as much more than the sum of its parts, time and concentration are rewareded with glimpses of sylphlike structures ebbing to the surface as Bertlisson concocts a miasma of conscious lulling soundscapes. With the only useful comparisons centreing around Oval or Fennez, 'Two Abstract Paintings' is likely to be a few steps removed from anything you've ever heard before and, whilst wilfully esoteric, somehow manages to be infectiously listenable. Accompanied by reproductions of over 20 photogram portraits of shadowy indefinable objects, Bertlisson has put together a work of capricious scope that whilst adamantly not light listening, is a thoroughly rewarding experience and tacit artistic document....

Tod Dockstader - Aerial
Sub Rosa

With a CV as long as your arm, 73 year old Tod Dockster has done everything from writing and editing films at UPA Studios in the 1950's, leading the design contingent at Montreal's Expo '67 through to producing American TV films throughout the 1980's. You might therefore think that he'd view his 1990 retirement as an opportunity to put his feet up and spend some time with the grandkids. If so you'd be woefully wrong. Taking his new found wealth of time as a cue to build a home studio, he then started work on this 15 years in the making Aerial series, the first of which is released with box-set style packaging designed to accommodate the two future Aerial instalments. Entirely built around his passion for shortwave radio, Dockstader collected in excess of 90 hours of recordings all taken at night and comprised of jumbled cross signals and odd auditory fragments plucked from the ether. Opening with the drone of dissonant airwave prolix 'Song', Dockstader gradually allows elements to skim into sight and in doing so summons up a stiflingly crepuscular atmosphere that'll have you glancing over your shoulder all night. This kind of malignant placidity continues throughout and conjures up the impression of stumbling upon late night activity being broadcast for ears other than yours. Whilst you may believe this would shun you as a listener, it instead has the converse effect, pulling you down further into the mix as you seek to decipher the barrage of sounds on show. Is that a backward voice on 'Dada' or the sound of the sea on 'Harbor' and if so, who was broadcasting it in the first place? Prolific and uncompromising definitely, Tod Dockstader is so enthralled with his subject matter that he'll soon have you utterly submerged in his world....

Various / Soul Jazz - New Thing!
Soul Jazz

Wow! This dedicated exploration of the ancient to future movement in post-civil rights, post-Coltrane america sprawls luxuriantly over 2 discs, and there's never a false second on the entire album. From Alice Coltrane's reimagining of `A Love Supreme' with narration by Swami Satchinanda, Sun Ra's early `Angels and demons at play', Archie Shepp's raucous "Money Blues" with Joe Lee Wilson providing the vocal - there's spiritual and emotional highlights attained and surpassed on every tune. Soul Jazz have of course countenanced the Strata East catalogue with two compilations in the past, but this outstanding collection is set to usher in a whole deeper mining of the most special music that exists: Eddie Gale, Stanley Cowell, Art Ensemble, other names you won't have seen anywhere before - for afficionadoes or even newcomers and absolute joy. Treat yourself, this is unmissable music, whatever you're into - and watch this space for all the future spinoff projects. Highly Recommended....

Rothko And Caroline Ross - A Place Between
Lo Recordings

An absolutely beautiful album, the most pleasantly surprising new release we've had in this year - a must for all lovers of evolved, inspired home listening music. With only Mark Beazley left from the original 3 bass line-up, Rothko has teamed up with Aberdeenshire's Caroline Ross for 'A Place Between'; a candidly intimate record structured around Beazley's bass and Ross' vocal and flute mastery. Opening with the thick and swampy bass of 'Traces of Elements', what at first seems head crushingly claustrophobic is soon revealed to be expansive and welcoming as Ross' supine vocals puncture the skin. As the song develops, Beazley's time spent collaborating with Japan's ambient maestro Susumu Yokota becomes clear to see with the closing minutes of 'Traces of Elements' indispensable to those who soaked up 2001's 'Grinning Cat'. 'Divided Lines' follows on with a darkly optimistic pairing of bellicose piano and leaden vocals, whilst 'An Open Breath' soars into a breathless lucidity. Although it would be easy to classify 'A Place Between' as dark hearted fragile folk akin to Bert Jansch, its many textures defy pigeonholing with 'The Only Way Out is Through' existing somewhere between several genres - this is intangibly delightful that's as moving as it gets. Wonderful....

Theodore - A Summer Has Never Been, A Winter She Fears
Lo Recordings

A truly sublime handpicked album of miniature middle-of-the-night home listening gem, Théodore opens his debut album with the glockenspiel and music box grandeur of 'I Dreamt I was Throwing Stones At the Sea' which proves that Théodore is no po-faced Fridge wannabe. Constructed from a fusion of live instrumentation, samples and natural sounds, 'A Summer Has Never Been, A Winter She Fears' is both frosty and warm, precisce and diffused, half heard and blindingly clear and knitted together throughout by Théodores predatory instinct for what creates a cohesive whole. Whilst 'No Spring' is a stilted, almost atonal set of acoustic guitars and rupturing string fissures, 'Tree Wish' is a conversely shimmering collection of fluttering chimes and hypnotic rhythms that can't help but bring to mind the less abstract excursions of electronic music at its finest Elsewhere, 'Madam Ortance' treads a similar path to Leaf's Colleen, 'Montmartre' is a gloriously unsettling visit to a haunted Eastern Bloc fairground whilst 'Isobel' takes Sigur Ros-scope orchestration and under wires it with rancorous digital rumbles and pulsing, filtered synths. An album of utter melodious rectitude - highly recommended!...

Berend - Tagesthemen

In 2003 Berend Intelman founded the band Guther together with singer/songwriter Julia Guther. Guther's first album "I Know You Know" was released late 2003 on Morr Music. Kleckenplatten is a new label begun by the duo behind this album: "Tagesthemen" a german news programme presented on state TV: non-sensationalist, well researched information and a fixture in every german household. Context over this is much edgier fare than you'll recall from the Guther project, the music filled with energy, driving guitars, while string arrangements and choirs lend subtelty to the more reflective moments. The upbeat and catchy melodies never stray into pop shallows but stay with you from the first listen. At times Teenage Fanclub and The Strokes come to mind. Expect lyrical takes on contemporary news, comments on wars fought and the climate of fear and suspicion fostered by them. Berend seems trapped in the moment somewhere between resignation and rebellion, and yet still strikes an experiential chord with other tunes about relationships, the tried and trusted interplay of personal and national politics. Berend is a cornerstone of the Berlin music scene, and is supported here by his friends Carsten Diekmann on guitar, Christoph Schneider on bass and Daniel Klingen on drums. At times Teenage Fanclub and The Strokes come to mind. Moses Schneider, producer of well known German acts Tocotronic and Beatsteakes, added the finishing touches. Klecken is Berend's hometown, a village south of Hamburg: striving away from small town life but not looking back in anger, Berend seems to thrive on the energy of his new home Berlin....

Sam Prekop - Sam Prekop
Thrill Jockey

For many, including myself, Sam Prekop's 1999 debut remains one of the most compelling and evocative records Thrill Jockey have ever released. The Sea and Cake frontman handpicked a backing-band to die for, featuring Jim O'rourke, Chad Taylor, Archer Prewitt and Josh Abrams, delicately crafting a blend of post-rock traditions and an airy brazillian melancholy inspired by Arto Lindsay. The result was at once life affirming and deeply introspective, brimming with the sort of songwriting confidence that allowed itself to expose vulnerability one minute and exuberance the next. This re-issue is long overdue, particularly with the number of enquiries we've had about it since it was last in print a couple of years ago. For a long time one of the most played records we've ever stocked in our shop, Sam Prekop definitely ranks as one of our desert island discs - if you're as yet unfamiliar with it, boy you're in for a treat. Huge recommendation....

Bizzy B - Science Ep Volumes Iii + Iv
Planet Mu

PARTS 3 AND 4 NOW AVAILABLE ON ONE HANDY CD!! Another legend unearthed, Planet Mu follow up the blistering Remarc set with this ace COLLECTION from Bizzy B (Brain/Joker/Sub Base/Whitehouse) - a pioneer of junglist raves and hardcore pirate radio (Centerforce, Fantasy, Kool fm, Conflict). He's been releasing records since '91 and set up one of the most influential Hardcore/Jungle labels "Brain" which also released the debut material of Peshay , Zinc, and Marc Caro (Technical Itch) among others. Vol.3 features all new material from Bizzy B.and follows up Volumes 1 and 2 that came out in '93 and '94 respectively. What you get is some killer bass-heavy amen break driven darkcore tumblin' without a moments pause for breath. Part IV finds Bizzy pairing up with Equinox (Bassbin/Inperspective/Intasound) for the awesome `Merda Style 2004', bringing the 1993 original up to date with tearing Acid-Rain style amens and deep 808 bass kicks. `Fire' on the flip is another bass-heavy pitched down amen killer with evil distorted bass stabs that shudder with every bar while `Deep in my Soul' combines soulful female vocals with dub FX and `Strength' with a more jump-up flavour retaining the old skool vibes with nuff Mentasm and Outlander stabs. Heavy!!...

Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music
Planet Mu

Whilst the name Electronic Music Composer may sound like the kind of thing they gave away as prizes to slavering teens on Blockbuster back in the day, it is in fact the collaborative project of Ian Read and Eight Frozen Modules' Ken Gibson. Coming at you like a snarling electronic bison, EMC are straight at your throats with the rotating beats and acid dusted peaks of the dancehall influenced 'Everything New is Old'. Taking a leaf out of Bogdan Raczynski's less pink hued back catalogue, EMC keep things taut on the agitated rhythms of 'Submit Code' rattling through beat signatures as bubbling shards of electro assault you on all sides. For those who think Squarepusher has wussed out in recent years, 'Regional Carcas' will serve as a potent remedy, daubing fist fulls of shredded digital debris over the walls as a rising tide of crunching electro submerges the lot. Slowing down just long enough to catch breath on the bleeping souled 'Too Many Gringos Moving to the Neighbourhood', EMC then launch a beat of Plastikman relentlessness onto which they graft jittery vocals and some proper Ye Olde 808 action. Like a Fisherman's Friend enema, check!...

Various / Terminal Dusk - Crimson
Terminal Dusk Records

Check this for a lineup - exclusive tracks from Soundmurderer, Shitmat, Chevron, Enduser, Doormouse, Eight Frozen Modules, Duran Duran Duran and loads more - 16 tracks for a bargain price! 'Crimson' is a journey through coagulated jungle, choleric gabba and GM electro with Terminal Dusk consummately leading the expedition. Kicking off the tour is the Happy Breakcore (if it didn't exist, it does now...) of Doormouse and 'El diablo en botas negras', wherein Looney Tunes are fed through the digital shredder and scattered over chaotic, hip-hop marshalled drums. Moving across the savannah at breakneck pace we are then alerted to the old school, techno troubadour of EmotionalJoystick and his grunt laden, snare-kick infused 'I Got the Hits and Party Jams Vol. 35'. With barely time to get out your binoculars it's time for Chevron's oasis full of amen breaks and vista expanding synth washes before we are thrust head first into Duran Duran Duran's 'TBI Theme' and it's no prisoner Gabba, so hard you'll need a helmet. Changing species we are treated tp the hip-hop breaks and refractory laced soundscapes of Rusuden on 'Thoth Breath', early 90's dark jungle of Enduser's 'Derminal Tusk' and Alec Empire taunting gabba on Shitmat's 'Soundclash@MyHouse'. Camp bound and with the sun setting behind us we come across the shadowy figure of Pale feasting on a carcass of choral interludes and spastic beats, topping off a wonderfully deranged trip. Ace....

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Gina X Performance on CD

Darla profile GINA X PERFORMANCE - Nice Mover

Release Date: May 3rd on LTM

LTM is proud to announce the first release on CD of the debut album by Gina X Performance, an acknowledged new wave/electro classic first released in 1979. Formed in Cologne, Germany, the core of Gina X Performance comprised charismatic Gina Kikoine (vocals and lyrics) and writer-producer-musician Zeus B. Held. Between 1979 and 1984 the group released four albums of cool arthouse electro-disco: Nice Mover, X-Traordinaire, Voyeur and Yinglish. Their classic 1979 single No G.D.M. was a club hit on both sides of the Atlantic and remains a cult classic thanks to electro/synthcore compilations such as Nag Nag Nag. Slinky second single Nice Mover is also an established favourite, having appeared on the Andrew Weatherall compilation Nine O’Clock Drop. As well as stand-out tracks No G.D.M., Nice Mover and Be A Boy, this new extended CD edition also features four bonus tracks: two remix versions of No G.D.M. and two rare cuts, Babylon Generation and Homage a BB. In 2005 Q Magazine’s electro-pop special rated No G.D.M. as “one of the most influential songs to come out of the Continent” – a fact made clear by even the most cursory listen to Ladytron, Goldfrapp or Miss Kittin and the Hacker. The CD features twelve digitally remastered tracks and runs for 60 minutes. The booklet preserves the original artwork from the 1979 album release as well as a detailed artist biography. Also available: X-Traordinaire (LTMCD 2453).

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A Hawk And A Hacksaw - New Album

PostEverything provide info on 'Darkness At Noon' by A Hawk And A Hacksaw [The Leaf Label]

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ILM on the music year so far: "Don't You Think It's a Little Early for Your 2005 Top Eleven List?"

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k-punk presents Lions after slumber, or What is sublimation today? a Cultural Studies essay on Scritti Politti

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Brian Eno album list: Albums That BRIAN ENO Collaborated On, Guested On, Or Produced -- Rate Your Music

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Friday, March 25, 2005


Billboard interview DJ Spooky about the Drums of Death project: DJ Spooky, Slayer's Lombardo Drum Up New CD

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Blabbermouth.Net report NILE: New Song Available For Download

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New Longwave Album in June

Pause & Play's On The CD Front state that US epic rock band Longwave will release an album: There's a Fire on June 28th on RCA. The album is produced by John Leckie.

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PopMatters review Strapping Young Lad - Alien

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The Guardian review British Sea Power - Open Season

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Rough Trade have finally launched their new e-commerce website.

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All About Jazz review Polar Bear - Held On The Tips Of Fingers radical avant jazz from Britain

It's the most radical, invigorating and heartening Britjazz album to be released so far this year and, even though it is still only March, it's certain to be close to the top of many end-of-year Best Albums lists in nine months time.

Polar Bear reflects the mega-eclectic, post-modern listening tastes of Rochford (who wrote all the tunes) and his colleagues, moving with equal enthusiasm through Björk and Beethoven, Pig Destroyer, Coltrane and his tenor legacy, Monk, Stockhausen and the ghost of Rip Rig & Panic. With some of Kurt Weill's crudely syncopated, rough edged, fairground-meets-cabaret pit band arranging aesthetic thrown in for good measure. It is jazz alright, 100% and no mistake, but with bongfuls of left-field electronica and mutant, rocked-up and pfunkified groove spicing the free-improv centred mix.

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Staubgold release a new album by Kammerflimmer Kollektief: Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Absencen

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BBC collective review tarwater - the needle was travelling

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Now updated: The Wire with Mike Patton on the front cover of the April 2005 issue.

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music blog: aurgasm your favorite music you've never heard

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


music blog to check: Whatever Happened 2 Bay B Kane?

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CMN Tours present The Bays, Barbieri and Torn an English based tour in May featuring The Bays, Richard Barbieri [Japan / Porcupine Tree] and David Torn


A festival phenomenon and one of the hottest tickets on the live music scene in recent years, The Bays have attracted worldwide attention for their unorthodox approach to live performance. With no rehearsals or prior planning, they interact and improvise together completely spontaneously ‘like a DJ set that starts at around hip-hop speed, stops off at house and disco (traces of Fila Brazilia, Lemon Jelly and Bob Sinclair) and crashes out with drum'n'bass’
The Guardian 2005

For this unique tour they will be joined by two of their musical heroes, seminal US experimental guitarist David Torn (described by David Bowie as ‘The Yo-Yo Ma of electric guitar’) and keyboardist and founder of ‘80s cult band Japan, Richard Barbieri.

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SONIC ARTS NETWORK present Cut & Splice 2005: Dots and Lines a series of events in London in May and early June.

Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3 are proud to announce the programme for the most ambitious Cut and Splice to date.

This year’s Cut and Splice presents DOTS AND LINES, a cluster of events that explore the idea of notation and the relationship between score, image, text and sound in electronic music and sound art.

What is Cut & Splice?

Cut & Splice is an annual festival of performance and exhibition that explores key themes and ideas in the history of art, technology and music. It is co-curated by the BBC and Sonic Arts Network and it takes place in May each year. Each year the festival showcases the work of the leading artists in the field of radical electronic music and digital sound art

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BBC Music review Silicone Soul - Staring Into Space on Soma

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Listen to New Order Album tracks have an official Warner Music online streaming PREVIEW for all tracks from WAITING FOR THE SIRENS' CALL

# posted by DJ Martian 7:49 PM have info on New Order Day, Saturday March 26 on BBC 6 Music

# posted by DJ Martian 7:42 PM review Kirsty MacColl - From Croydon To Cuba: An Anthology

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Metacritic now present Metacritic: Best Albums of 2005 [so far]

Top 30 Albums of 2005 Ranked By Metascore

The following table displays the highest-scoring albums for the year in Metacritic's database with a minimum of 7 reviews.

currently at number 1 Arular by M.I.A

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New Electrelane Album

Too Pure will release a new album by Electrelane titled: Axes

Electrelane's recently completed new album, 'Axes', will be released May 9th (May 10th in the US). The follow-up to last year's 'The Power Out', the new album is the first to feature new bassist Ros Murray. The band are currently taking a breather but are planning live dates from April onwards.

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Another online RSS reader: Read A Blog - RSS Feed and Blog Search Engine

Submit your blog's RSS Feed.

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Uranium Music present a 2004 Year End Review and Top 30: Article by Dmanx [Extreme Metal]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:59 PM review New Order - Waiting For The Sirens' Call

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Mike Patton is on the front cover of the new April issue of The Wire

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Sound 323 the North London based music retailer have a new e-commerce website.

featuring avant jazz/ avant rock/ free improv/ modern classical / experimental electronic music.

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Playlouder review Autechre - Untilted

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Splendid review Hangedup - Clatter to Control

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BBC Music review Kirsty MacColl - Kite (Remastered)

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BBC NEWS report UK 'world's biggest music buyer'

UK consumers are the biggest music buyers in the world, according to new figures released on Tuesday by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

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The latest The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 includes tracks by artists as diverse as Vitalic [techno] to Bob Drake [Avant Prog] to Black Flag [US Hardcore Punk] to Tiefschwarz [electro-house] to Autechre [Experimental Electronics] to Alex Smoke [Tech-House] to Fantomas [Art Rock]

This is what BBC 6 Music should be more like !

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Deadwing Delayed in the UK

::: porcupine tree : the official site ::: report Delay with UK release of Deadwing 03-21-2005

A statement from Atlantic Records UK:

Due to an unprecedented surge in demand for Deadwing at UK retail, and the disruption to manufacturing and distribution services over Easter, Atlantic Records are in the unfortunate position of being unable to supply all the orders for the album to make a March 28th release.

However, in order to give fans the chance to buy and listen to the album before the UK tour starts, we have been able to provide Amazon with enough stock so that they can still hold the March 28th release. Other retailers (HMV, Virgin, MVC, independent stores etc) will have the album instores from April 4th. Thus, fans keen to buy the album before the shows can go to and pre-order there. Pre-ordering in good time should enable the album to be despatched to arrive on the 28th March.'

Please note that this does not affect the full retail release date of 28th March in other European countries.

What a strange situation:

1. a major label unable to schedule the release of an album on time.
2. available at but not other retailers? a week earlier - that is NOT going to go down well with other retailers

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing is number 2 on the pre order album at Amazon UK and now they state an April 4th UK release.

Even stranger Porcupine Tree are still not on the BBC - 6 Music - Playlist the cloth-eared Q/ NME reading chumps ! Sack the lot of them for incompetence and ignorance !

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NME.COM report on Radiohead: Radiohead start work on new album

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This week's flavourpill LONDON an email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

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Stylus review Shining - In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster

# posted by DJ Martian 5:25 PM report Leeds and Reading Festival Bands Revealed!

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Monday, March 21, 2005 report Roxy Music To Record A New Album

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Brainwashed Releases a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases has been updated.

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This week's One World show features: !K7 Special: Presented by Princess Superstar

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 21st March 2005: 0100-0300

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This week's new releases @ Fopp

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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Swarm of the Lotus have signed to Abacus Recordings an album titled: The Sirens Of Silence will be released in the Summer.

Swarm of the Lotus will appeal to fans of Botch, Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Abacus Recordings announce the signing of Baltimore’s SWARM OF THE LOTUS!

With their devastating mixture of boulder-cracking riffs and subtle musical soundscapes, the four-piece made their mark most notably on the music world last year with their debut record When White Becomes Black. Brandishing an intensely heavy, down-tuned aural assault, it didn’t take long for overwhelming praise for the record to spread, including a feature in the most recent issue of Revolver. The band hit the road and pummeled audiences across the U.S. in support of the record while spending much of their time writing for their Abacus Recordings debut. Recorded at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou (Converge), the new record, titled The Sirens Of Silence, takes the band’s penchant for avalanche-sized cacophony to a whole new level. Mastered by Alan Douches (A Life Once Lost, Burnt By The Sun) the new album is set to be released this summer with massive touring planned throughout the U.S. in support of the record.

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Genesis report the delayed release of the new mix of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Due to various decisions about the world-wide release dates of 'The Lamb SACD' and some other technical issues a decision has been made to postpone the release of the SACD until much later in 2005. More news when we have it.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 PM report on Negura Bunget: NEGURA BUNGET: New Album Delayed

Transilvanian black metallers NEGURA BUNGET have pushed back the projected release date of their new album, "OM", to this fall "due to delays with the composition and recording

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BW & BK report on Fear Factory: FEAR FACTORY Commence Work On New Record

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NattJazz - Bergen, Norway

Nattjazz festival will be held in Bergen, Norway between May 24th and June 5th

Nattjazz (Nightjazz) is the longest jazz festival in Northern Europe and is arranged annually in late May / early June in Bergen, Norway. Nattjazz was founded in 1972 and is despite its age now stronger than ever.
Every year more than 60 concerts are presented throughout the festival period. The main festival aerea is an old sardines factory which now contains several concert venues plus exhibitions, theatre, cinema and artists studios. This old factory is named USF Verftet (United Sardines Factory).

In addition the festival uses various other venues in Bergen, including a outdoor stage with free concerts in the city centre.


The music profile of Nattjazz spans through a wide range of styles, with a main focus is on modern jazz. During Nattjazz the borderlines between jazz, rock, ethno and electronica are explored and often whiped out.

Some artists appearing: Nattjazz

» Abdullah Ibrahim (ZA)
» Cloroform (N)
» Django Bates Human Chain (UK/S)
» Farmers Market (N)
» Free Fall (US/N)
» Henri Texier Strada Sextet (F)
» Jason Moran Bandwagon (US)
» Maja Ratkje solo (N)
» Marc Ducret trio (F)
» Matthew Herbert Big Band (GB)
» Medeski, Martin and Wood (US)
» Shining (N)
» Silje Nergaard (N)
» The Bad Plus (US)
» The Thing (N/S)
» Tord Gustavsen trio (N)
» Vandermark/Marhaug/Nilssen-Love (US/N)
» Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio

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Eternal Fusion - New Show Online [dated: March 20th]

Eternal Fusion Latest Show On-Line NOW!

Available on demand for a week. Also available to download as a Podcast for offline listening.

Playlist: Eternal Fusion - Latest Show On-Line NOW!

Latest Show: 20th March

Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 'Musical Story Yes/Forest Hu'
'Artifact', System Recordings, 2005

Prefuse 73 - 'Pagina Dos' (featuring The Books)
'Surrounded By Silence', Warp, 2005

The Books - 'Be Good To Them Always'
'Lost And Safe', Tomlab, 2005

M83 - 'I Guess I'm Floating'
'Before The Dawn Heals Us', Labels, 2005

Bola - 'Eluus'
'Gnayse', Skam, 2004

Harris Newman - 'Cloud City'
'Accidents With Nature And Each Other', Strange Attractors, 2005

Greg Weeks - 'Don't You Open Up (Your Eyes)'
'Blood Is Trouble', BaDaBing, 2005

Fit & Limo - 'Golden Floor'
'Terra Incognita', September Gurls, 2004

Valerie Webb & Paul La Brecque - 'High Country Jig'
'Trees, Chants & Hollers', Wooden Finger, 2004

Oneida - 'Hakuna Matata'
'Nice: Splittin' Peaches' E.P., Ace Fu, 2005

Damon & Naomi - 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'
'The Earth Is Blue', 20/20/20, 2005

Avarus - 'Donkkaavaräppäävä Kaalikoira'
'Jättiläisrotta', Secret Eye, 2004

Kemialliset Ystävät - 'Kyyn Sisuksissa'
'Alkuhärkä', Fonal, 2004

Space Debris - 'Phobos Was Here'
'Krautrock Sessions 1994-2001', CDR, 2004

Walter Wegmüller - 'Der Magier'
'Tarot', Ohr Kosmische Kuriere, 1973

Amon Düül II - 'Hawknose Harlequin'
'Carnival In Babylon', United Artists, 1972

Subarachnoid Space - 'The Red Veil'
'The Red Veil', Strange Attractors, 2005

Charalmbides - 'Ea'
'In Cr Ea Se', Eclipse LP, 2002

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This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Quinoline Yellow - Dol-Goy Assist

Hard to remember just how long this album has been in development, though Quinoline Yellow has been on the scene for a good 5 years now with only scraps of material available for the consumption of his sizeable following. This debut album comes housed in exceptionally nice packaging that (with the cd edition) includes a gorgeous 32 page booklet featuring the carefully modified photographic work of one of Skam's better-known in-house deigners. Get past this and into the suitably crunchy lining of album opener "Sealed" and you get a perfect idea of where this album is gonna take you. "Dol-Goy Assist" unfolds through layers of squashed intricate electronic music of the highest order, a decimated beast of an album that takes in elements of industrial electro, melodic IDM and classic Skam soundtracking, chewed up and sput out as a brilliantly machine-modified killer. A classic Skam album through and through, play this extremely loud for maximum bass shuddering and sci-fi posturing. Ace....

Prefuse 73 - Surrounded By Silence

First album project for the 05' from Mr Scott Heron is here. (Please excuse the extended review, there's much to absorb here). 'Surrounded By Silence' (with the ill bad sex cover art) is another in Pre's personal self produced mind mixtape albums, mixtape as metaphor but each Prefuse album to date has felt like just that - makin' beats for life.... this time straight outta New York city. The album title (and some track names) suggest pointed social and political commentary added to the Prefuse 73 formula for strictly snappin' necks. 'SBS' is also a 21 trak sixty minute myriad style-bomb-clusta sucked through Prefuse's filterbanks with special guest flavour including hip hop heavyweights El-P, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killah, GZA, Camu Tao, Aesop Rock, Beans and more suprisingly Melodic's Pedro, Broadcast, NYC's The Books aka Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong and Kazu Makino from 4AD's Blonde Redhead. In addition to the still warm 'Hideyaface' the instant hip hop track to snaffle is 'Now You're Leaving' with Camu Tao - hyped Freestyle Fellowship inspired crazed rhymestyle with a killer rustic production shuffle. Prefuse's love of the jazz is in place on the crisp bouncin' vibraphone fuelled 'Expressing Views Is Obviously Illegal' and the lushed out modal electric piano chords gliding through the exit point of the beatbox cut 'Ty Versus Detchibe'. The sublime beauty of 'Appropa't' is re-ignited with 'Pastel Assasins', Claudia & Alejandra Deheza sounding not unlike Laetatia Sadier and the late Mary Hansen of Stereolab. La Correcio, Scott's collaboration with Nobody, drops a treat on 'Exchange' - just what you hoped these beat makers would deliver. The Blond Redhead joint 'We Go Our Own Way' is another highlight -lifted with splashes of acoustic drumming and Kazu's lovely voice that to these ears bring to mind Dani Siciliano and Roisin Murphy. The much discussed collaboration with New York's plunderphonic duo 'The Books' is just amazing. 'Pagina Dos' is like Prefuse jamming with the Beach Boys and John Fahey with altered vocal harmonics seeming to be inspired by Windowlicker. Later this year, like 'One Word Extinguisher/Extinguished' we are promised a sequel which will hopefully feature some of the Diplo hookup's.... then later still the political 'Piano Overlord' full length for Money Studies/Chocolate Industries. Plus did I hear right that the next Savath album will feature brazillian music god Jorge Ben? I'm trippin'. For the here and now pick up 'Surrounded By Silence' you will not be dissapointed....

Marco Passarani - Sullen Look

If you like synths, crisp and dry electro(nica) and a side order of punishing beats then 'Sullen Look' is gonna have you gagging in delight. This long awaited album from Nature/Final Frontier label boss Marco Passarani sees him turning his highly refined remix acumen and mashed-up electro pioneering towards a sound that's much more jackin' for the floor, suitable for his generous new hosts over at Peacefrog. Opening with 'Earth's Heat', Passarani states his intent through a set of pounding, low end beats replete with synth-strings and lucid electronica which happily strides across into the realm of 'epic' without losing its bite. Over on 'In My World', Passarani takes some computer loving electro and shows it the funk, coming out with a clutch of lazy scratching and rubber coated beats. Elsewhere Alexander O'Neil's 'Criticize' gets a re-jiggin, peppeed with a shotgun full of warehouse cheese fora grin-inducing remix, whilst the Blade Runner grandness of 'C-B-S Master Theme' consummately beats Anthony Rother at his own game. Finishing with the highly sought-after cheeky cut-up cover of the Jungle Brother's now renamed 'Rendez Vous At 2099', Passarani delivers an album so full of treats you'll know exactly what to do. Good sh*t - buy!...

Various / Audiobulb - Intricate Maximals

The process of becoming a respected electronica imprint used to involve a bare knuckle boxing match held after dark in secluded home county barns but, just like fox hunting before, the city folk have gone and banned it with new labels wishing to make a name for themselves now required to release a compilation instead. The Audiobulb label here scatters a handful of names you already know (Ochre, Robin Judge, Diagram of Suburban Chaos) amongst a load you probably don't (Oti, Autistici, Taavi Tuley, Claudia). Featuring something to please all electronic cognoscente's palates, 'Intricate Maximals' showcases minimal style clicks and fizz with Autistici's 'Nurture Nature', chopped vocals and drifting digital proclivity on Diagram of Suburban Chaos' 'So Gone (Ventramix)' and the lint-like, half captured crackle of Jan Jelinek through Robin Judge's 'Fall'. Elsewhere Taavi Tulev comes across like a less breaks obsessed Keith Tenniswood with the penetrating beats and giddy percussion of 'Tuhikli'. Check....

Various / Gigolo - International Deejay Gigolos Cd Eight
2CD //

International Deejay Gigolos reaches it's 8th compilation with a personal guided tour from DJ Hell around their recent 12"s and upcoming releases. Taking in everyone from Eric Prydz (yes that Eric Prydz) through to the Psychonauts, this is a mixed tour of the various sounds Deejay Gigolo have unfortunately watermarked over the past few years. Highlights include the phosphorescence cover of Green Velvet's 'Lalaland' by Daft Punk relation Play Paul, the raffish lustre of the Justice vs. Simian 'Never Be Alone' and XLOVER's 'So Blue', a glimpse at their forthcoming album. Other appearances come from Tiefschwarz, Kiko and The Model, 27 tracks in total across two cd's....

Isis / Various - Oceanic : Remixes / Reinterpretations
Hydra Head

**includes remixes from Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Venetian Snares, Speedranch, Dalek, Thomas Koner, James Plotkin , Mike Patton and more!** 'Oceanic Remixes/Reinterpretations' sees a van load of disparate musical types sifting through ISIS' 'Oceanic' album and recasting the results to suit their vision. Kicking things off is Fennesz with 'Weight', a master class in minimalism even Phillip Glass would approve of. Starting off with a broad ambient wash, Fennesz slowly introduces fizzing circuitry and opaque production to conjure up a wildly successful tangle of textured abrasion that is followed up in similar style by Thomas Koner's 'Hym', a track which bears more than a passing resemblance to the slow build avantronica of Phonophani. Over on disc 2 Venetian Snares makes a typical entrance, kneeing you in the nuts and stealing your phone as a roughshod metal guitar rides along shotgun. Similarly, JK Broadrick takes some post-metal guitar riffs that Metallica would give an arm and a leg for these days then sets about assaulting your senses before easing you down with a supine closing three minutes. All over the place, but in a good way....

Steintryggur - Dialog

The idea of percussionist led projects may induce cold sweats as you envisage mutiple drum-kits set up on stage, but Steintryggur only take their percussive backgrounds as a starting point on which to build layers of colourfully textured vocals and instrumentation. Comprised of ex-Sugarcube Siggi Balders and Steingrimur Gudmundson, Steintryggur kick off Dialog with the caliginous double bass of 'Sara Meets The Ancients' which through, a serendipitous collision of Mum-like Icelandic vocals and giddy percussive stlyings, comes off sounding like a GM modified Badmarsh and Shri. Elsewhere, 'Reel Faktor' raises the intriguing proposition of how a bagpipe heavy Bollywood remake of The Wickerman soundtrack may sound whilst 'Swung' cocoons you in a web of exultant jazz that is both esoteric and listenable....

Jeremy Ellis - The Lotus Blooms

Best musics yet from the man like Ayro now firmly entrenched at Ubiquity. This album is the kind I wish Ubiquity would deliver more often. Jazzual detroit business not so heavy on the vocals instead mainly concentrating on some cool dancefloor workouts and deep soul drenched stoners. There is a very obvious knod to the school of 4 Hero on 'These Passing Days', elsewhere you get tracks that feel like a purer jazz based revision of the Innerzone Orchestra album. An oddball track that would appear to retro electro heads is 'Lil' 808 Thing' which booms like 84' Cybotron, well Jeremy does have a detroit legacy to follow on from. Best ubiquity artist album in a long time....

The Perceptionists - Black Dialogue
Def Jux

By the initial sound of it 'Black Dialogue' is another slow creeping hit for Def Jux as I would expect considering how much I like 2/3 of the members who make up The Perceptionists. 1/3 of my dream Boston hit squad Mr.Lif finally returns to full album territory a full three years after the so dope 'I Phantom'. Joined here by the scratch deejay and producer Fakts One who blessed the same album with nuff joints (inc. 'New Man Theme', still tha' joint) - completing the triangle is emcee Akrobatik. The album's sound is hard stompin' beats with half bragga and half political rhymes, the undercurrent samples keeping the vibe fresh throughout. Check the dirt bass infiltrating 'Let's Move'. Two El-P produced joints follow, both serious fire - 'People 4 Prez' floats deadly on a river of dark soundtrack funk blasts and 'Blō' add's serious Fakt's One scratching, ill. There's always room for a Bush diss track and 'Memorial Day' delivers large style. Guest's include Phonte of Little Brother, Guru, Camu Tao and even Humpty Hump - one for the ladies and one for tha jukkies....

Dalek - Absence

Finally available on cd. Thunderous new album from Dalek, once again refining their unique blend of industrial strength hip-hop and avant rock...musically somewhere between El-P, Cannibal Ox, Public Enemy, Techno Animal, Swans, Anticon and My Bloody Valentine. Darkness guaranteed, luscious gatefold doublepack on Mike Patton's Ipecac imprint....

A Silver Mt. Zion - Horses In The Sky

A Silver Mt Zion are a seven piece multi-instrumental group who count three of the founding members of god speed you black emperor! amongst their ranks. 'Horses In The Sky', their fourth long player, further develops the Mt Zion sound; a soupy mix of bellicose atmospherics, vocals and doughy guitars. Almost choral at times, 'Horses In The Sky' looks to Celtic folk, traditional Turkish music and heavily layered guitar dissertations in the style of Mogwai to achieve an album that rewards your perseverance. Vinyl copies only for now - cd version available soonish....

Mia Doi Todd - Manzanita
Plug Research

Mia Doi Todd may or may not be a new name to you - though she's a musician and singer that's not only already managed to work on material with artists as well respected as Dntel, Ammon Contact, Nobody and the like, but has also released a handful of albums for labels as big and scary as Columbia. "Manzanita" is her first record for Plug Research - a natural choce for an artist with an obvious of shining material from the underground. Mia Doi Todd has crafted a collection of quixotic and enigmatically arranged songs which are happy to reduce things down to piano led acoustica ('Muscle, Bone & Blood') or draft in a full backing band to supplement her enchanting voice with the rock-steady, reggae inflected shrug of 'Casa Nova'. The Nick Drake comparison is at its most acute on the album's foundation stone 'The Last Night of Winter' which injects it's leftfield folk outlook with flourishes of orchestration and a beating rhythm that is shot through with optimism whenever it threatens to become moribund. 'Manzanita's' opens with the fantastic Bert Jansch influenced 'The Way' which allows Dia Todd's heartfelt vocals to be paired with their antithesis; brooding, churning instrumentation that builds to a thrilling conclusion, whilst 'What If We Do' displays this album's large crossover potential brilliantly. If you enjoyed Emilianna Torrini's fabulous "Fisherman's Woman" album a couple of week backs, make sure to check this album out without delay....

Out Hud - Let Us Never Speak Of It Again

Just when you thought the NYC funk scene led by James Murphy et al had produced everyone it could, along come Out Hud with 'Let US Never Speak Of It Again' the follow up to 2002's 'S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.'. With members of LCD Sounsystem and !!! populating their ranks, Out Hud certainly have some heritage in the DFA hierarchy but rather than pump out another Liquid Liquid tribute, Out Hud have instead decided to look back to the 1980's synthcore scene for inspiration. Opening with the pounding funk bass of 'This Just In', Out Hud then career wildly down the electro-pop freeway on 'It's For You' as synths erupt like fireworks and Phyllis Forbes puts in a Stygian vocal performance reminiscent of a more restrained Karen O. Elsewhere 'One Life To Lead' is a freshly minted electro-funk classic that merges axe-wielding bass and a chorus so addictively spiky it could take on daytime radio, 'Old Nude' adopts the swagger of Seelenluft and plunders Aphex's 'Girl/Boy' strings whilst 'The Song So Good They Named It Thrice' takes shades of Dr. Who, Le Tigre, The Moonflowers and early 90's rave then moulds them together into a paint blistering whole. Very very cool....

Angels Of Light - The Angels Of Light Sing "Other People"
Young God

Michael Gira's Angels of Light return with 'The Angels of Light Sing 'Other People'', a collection of 12 buoyant acoustic guitar led songs that range from the porcelain fragility of 'Destroyer' through to the almost Bryds like sunshine pop of 'Lena's Song'. By giving both the vocal and acoustic guitar 20/20 vision in the mix, Angels of Light hinges heavily around former Swans front man Michael Gira, often imparting his performance like a nursery rhyme (see particularly 'The Kid Is Already Breaking'), Gira is the kind of voice that once adjusted to becomes almost confessional in its intimacy allowing him to even get a way with some spoken word on closing track 'Jackie's Spine'. Backed up by a welter of precision tooled instrumentation from Brooklyn avant-rock mob Akron/Family that ranges from the mandolin and cello through to saxophones, Casio's and slide guitars, 'The Angels of Light Sing 'Other People'' is packed full of Heavinly, sometimes heavy suprises....

Skugge & Stavostrand - Humla

Minimal and Mitek sound great together and on the evidence before us, really belong together. The system of these Swedish Producers is far from limited to minimal means, indeed they head away from dogmatic genre-fixes - the production here is hot and if you get in the groove, extremely sweaty. Stavöstrand has established himself over the last few years as a key player - stealthing through a subtle blend of releases for Force Inc and Mille Plateaux and beyond. Together the deadly duo fashion an altogether quite fresh vision of techno, spiked with de rigeur cut ups and a buoyant attitude. Two eps have passed somehwat under the radar, but check this now and we think you'll agree these guys are well, hectic, still they manage to find a balance which puts booty straight on the dance floor. Chucking out traditional structures, cleverly choosing to opt for a flow of small (and big) changes and developments which takes the songs to unexpected levels, twists, turns, and flips, up and down and back again.. Imagine a supergroup-set-up with the Detroit legend Anthony "shake" Shakir duking it out with Matthew Herbert in cut and mangle mode - and you`re most of the way there. Impressive....

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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Andrew Collins article in The Guardian - And then came the wave ... - semantics and music.

And then came the wave ...

When he was growing up in 1970s Northampton, Andrew Collins would have killed anyone who'd called his favourite bands new wave

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RockWerchter 2005

4 day music festival in Belgium: RockWerchter 2005 takes place between Thursday June 30th to Sunday July 4th.

Artists appearing include: Kraftwerk, the Mars Volta, Bloc Party, Interpol and New Order.

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Simon Raymonde talks to 6 Music: Raymonde blames bandmates - Cocteaus reunion collapses

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Jazz on 3 - John Surman and McCoy Tyner

The latest Jazz on 3 show features live jazz music: Jazz on 3 - 18 March 2005

18 March 2005
Broadcast: Friday 18 March 2005 23:30-1:00 (Radio 3)
On BBC Radio PLayer Listen Again for 7 days after broadcast

John Fordham presents a special programme live from the first ever Gateshead Jazz Festival, featuring two headline acts playing at the stunning new Sage Centre.

One of the most influential pianists in jazz and a key part of the classic John Coltrane quartet, McCoy Tyner, appears in a trio. Before that, British saxophone master John Surman makes his return after a period away from music with a rare solo performance on saxophone and synthesizer.

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The latest Mixing It show: Mixing It - 18 March 2005 includes new tracks by Autechre, Caribou and The Necks.

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Splendid review The Octopus Project - One Ten Hundred Thousand Million

# posted by DJ Martian 12:40 PM review Tarwater - The Needle Was Traveling

# posted by DJ Martian 12:37 PM

6 Music - New Order Competition info:

We've got signed copies of New Order's eagerly-awaited new LP Waiting For The Sirens' Call to give away. All you have to do is answer the question and fill in the form below.

New Order on 6 Music

As part of 6 Music's New Order Day, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris of New Order will be talking to Marc Riley on Saturday 26 March, 1300-1600

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Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

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Kongsberg Jazzfestival 06 – 09 JULY 2005

The artist line up for Kongsberg Jazz Festival in Norway has been announced: Kongsberg Jazzfestival - Artister 2005 including:

» Alexander von Schlippenbach trio
» Arve Henriksen/Marc Ducret & Sissel Vera Pettersen
» Brad Mehldau
» Fe-mail & Wolf Eyes
» Ingebrigt Håker Flaten kvartett
» Gåte
» John Zorn Acoustic Masada
» Shining
» Cloroform

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BBC collective interview Out Hud

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Paradise Lost have a new website.

Their new album already released in many European countries will get a UK release in May.

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Friday, March 18, 2005


Dead Can Dance announce North American Tour

Billboard report Dead Can Dance's North American tour dates: Dead Can Dance Regroups For Fall Tour

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The Independent interview jazz legend Kenny Wheeler

# posted by DJ Martian 8:28 AM

efestivals report Roxy Music are headling the Isle of Wight festival !: Roxy Music & Morrissey for Isle of Wight

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The Guardian review New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' Call

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on ILM: NME: the final straw

More evidence there is a demand for a weekly rival to the NME.

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BBC Music review Polar Bear - Held On The Tips Of Fingers

...bands like Polar Bear are the most exciting development for years in post-jazz music...

The Guardian review Polar Bear - Held on the Tips of Fingers

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Kompakt launch KOMPAKT-MP3

# posted by DJ Martian 8:11 AM report ABORYM Sign With SEASON OF MIST

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Pitchfork review Konono No. 1 - Congotronics

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Harold Budd live for the last time

Harold Budd to perform his last concert @ Brighton Festival 2005 on May 21st at the Concert Hall, Brighton

Pianist/composer plays his last ever live concert. With The Balanescu Quartet, Bill Nelson, John Foxx, Jah Wobble and Robin Guthrie

Also appearing during the Brighton Festival

Concert Hall Sunday 8 May 2005 8pm
The Bays & Burnt Sugar

Pavilion Theatre Monday 16 May 2005 8pm
The Necks

Concert Hall Wednesday 18 May 2005 8pm
Esbjorn Svensson Trio
plus special guests Eivind Aarset Trio

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in the country - New website for Norwegian avant jazz band who are on the Rune Grammofon label.

Trio section:

in the country are three young musicians Roger Arntzen (double bass), Morten Qvenild (grand piano) and PÃ¥l Hausken (drums).

The trio mostly play originally written music. The music is executed with use of space, sonority and initiative. They make beauty and tenderness, but it´s often strange and cunning at the same time.

Inspirations to be mentioned are Paul Bley, Ornette Coleman, Bobo Stenson og Kenny Wheeler.

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Splendid review Out Hud - Let Us Never Speak of it Again

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Candlelight Records will release an album from Octavia titled Winter Enclosure on May 9th. [alerted via it's a trap]

New Norwegian Candlelight signings Octavia release debut album on 09/05/05!!

A Metal band from Bergen, one of Norway’s Metal headquarters, is certainly no rarity – but the female six-piece Octavia is something unique indeed. The dark empire of Octavia is founded on doomish Metal with heavy riffs and a massive, atmospheric expression – and the urge to conquer the world! And this is just the beginning….
For fans of Candlemass, The Gathering and Third and the Mortal.

Extravagant dramatic doom with a rock and roll heat – Dom Lawson, Kerrang

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Blabbermouth.Net report Former EMPEROR Drummer FAUST Joins ABORYM [alerted via it's a trap]

i am gonna go to Rome at the end of April to record the fourth album of these cyber black metallers," Faust said in a statement. "I am very excited to hear the result since this is the first time that ABORYM will combine acoustic, organic drums with the electronic beats they have used so far. Should be interesting I think."

ABORYM have already established a reputation for the hyper-fast incisive industrial black metal, so adding more experimentation will be interesting.

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New website for Cult of Luna

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Swallow the Sun - New Album in September

BW & BK report SWALLOW THE SUN Complete New Record

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Roskilde Festival - 30 June - 3 July 2005

BLABBERMOUTH.NET report ISIS, ENSLAVED, SUNN O))) Confirmed For Denmark's ROSKILDE Festival

Official website for Roskilde Festival

Denmark's Roskilde Festival is one the premier European music festivals.

First and foremost, Roskilde Festival is music. We strive to remain the world's leading, up-to-date and progressive international music festival.

Artists confirmed so far.

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Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 116/ 16.03.05]

This week's Kultureflash

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005



PostEverything are very pleased to now be carrying releases from the catalogue of Norway's Rune Grammofon label... We're starting with some of Rune's more recent releases but hope to be adding items from their back catalogue in the near future.

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Junkmedia interview Ariel Pink

# posted by DJ Martian 5:51 PM

Playlouder review Prefuse 73 - Surrounded by Silence

# posted by DJ Martian 5:49 PM

Splendid review Eluvium - Talk Amongst the Trees

# posted by DJ Martian 5:46 PM

TrusttheDJ interview The Glimmer Twins

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Progressive Soundscapes Radio have a newly designed website.

Streaming Progressive Rock, Ambient, Fusion, and Prog Metal

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This week's flavourpill LONDON an email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

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Music retailer Rough Trade state a new website is on the way.

We hope to launch by Friday 18/3/05, but it may be a day or so either side.

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This week's The Breezeblock show features a mix from WARP's Parisian genius Jackson

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The latest One World show features Thievery Corporation, Whitey & Arcade Fire

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 14th March 2005: 0100-0300

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This week's new releases @ Fopp

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Sunday, March 13, 2005


The Breezeblock outline some 2005 music festivals:

» Sónar Festival
» Dedbeat Festival
» Movement Festival
» All Tomorrow's Parties
» Ether Festival
» Mutek Festival
» Glade Festival

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The Observer interview Björk

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The Gateshead International Jazz Festival - March 17th-20th

Another Jazz music festival happening in England ! this one takes place in Gateshead which is just across the River Tyne from Newcastle.

The Sage Gateshead is a stunning new purpose built £70 million project for live music and musical discovery in the North East of England.

The Gateshead International Jazz Festival is new to The Sage Gateshead in 2005. Running from 17-20 March many esteemed jazz artists are performing including Nils Petter Molvær, Arve Henriksen and EST (Esbjorn Svensson Trio), McCoy Tyner and Matthew Bourne.

Organized by music promoters: SERIOUS

The first Gateshead International Jazz Festival will feature informal performances, intimate jazz club-style events and concerts, making full use of The Sage Gateshead’s excellent performance spaces. The line-up spans the whole range of contemporary jazz, with the spotlight this year on piano players. The festival embraces the theme of bringing jazz and traditional music together with new collaborations, sees the premiere of one of The Sage Gateshead’s major commissions, and also a strong vocal theme ranging from an ensemble piece to vocal experimentation and classic jazz singers.

Venue website: The Sage Gateshead

The line-up spans the whole range of contemporary jazz, with the spotlight this year on great piano players. There’s the legendary McCoy Tyner with his only UK gig in 2005; EST (Esbjorn Svensson Trio) launching their new CD; the UK’s iconclast of the keyboard, Matthew Bourne; Stan Tracey, an icon of British jazz; Italy’s Rita Marcotulli. The strong European dimension has a marked Nordic focus celebrating links with Norway and Sweden; as well as EST the Festival includes Arve Henriksen, Brazz Bros, Sidsel Enderson, Christian Wallumrod and Stian Carstensen.

A full brochure of events running throughout the festival is available by calling The Sage Gateshead Box Office on 0870 7034555 or 0191 4434661.

MIC Norway report:

Norwegian jazz at Gateshead International Jazz Festival

It's a strong Norwegian focus at this year's Gateshead International Jazz Festival in the UK that runs from 17 - 20 March. The roster includes such vital acts as Nils Petter Molvær, Arve Henriksen, Brazz Brothers and Sidsel Endresen.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Tarwater - The Needle Was Travelling
Morr Music

"The Needle Was Traveling" is Tarwater's fifth studio album and their first release on Morr Music. Among those who already had a chance to listen it's widely considered to be their finest album since their amazing debut 'Silur'. Up until a couple of years ago it was still somehow possible to relate tarwater's music to buzzwords associated with Electronica. Today, Tarwater's hermetic and ambiguously shining sound alchemy is at a point where you just cannot tell anymore when it has actually been created. There is a new tone to tarwater's music now, breathing a narrative quality into their songs. Carried by a warm and softly insisting pulse, they glide from one track, one chapter to the next while exploring bewitched, yet strangely familiar landscapes. What used to be "tracks" is turning more and more into songs, a development that already started with their last album "Dwellers On The Threshold". For the first time, the band didn't develop their music by first layering keyboard sounds, instead using "traditional" instruments like bass,drums and guitar. Samples and other parts triggered by keyboards have only been added at a later stage of the songwriting process - as well as contributions by friends like Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM), Marc Weiser (Rechenzentrum) or Hanno Leichtmann (Static), who accidentally popped into Bernd Jestram`s newly established studio and got more or less spontaneously involved in the artistic process. During twelve months of recording, Bernd Jestram and Ronald Lippok came up with so much material that it hardly fits on on a single record. The CD version featurs 13 original songs, and also a cover version of "Babylonian Tower" by the almost forgotten, belgian-israeli Postpunk Band Minimal Compact. The vinyl version is released as a double album containing 20 minutes of bonus material on the fourth side....

Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett
Planet Mu

That's more like it. For our money the finest Snares album to date, blending Aaron Funk's classic tumbling breaks and Amen shuffles with a more spacious plunderphonic style first sampled on his career-topping "Moonglow" 7" and an incredible new-line in symphonic string constructions and ambient soundscapes that put many of his more pretentious contemporaries to shame. Incredibly, "Rossz Csillag Allat Született" is Funk's 12th studio album and was inspired by a trip to Hungary while on European tour. Aaron found himself on the Királyi Palota (Budapest's Royal Palace) imagining himself as a pigeon. This somewhat unlikely scenario was an epiphany for Funk, inspiring some of his most heartfelt work to date.For this record Aaron learned the trumpet and electric violin which both feature prominently. It even contains a cover of 'Rezsô Seress', notorius Hungarian Suicide Song, in it's Hungarian title 'Ongyilkos'. Awesome

Rafael Toral - Wave Field
Dexter's Cigar

Reissue of the 2nd album by this Portuguese guitarist/composer, originally issued by the small Moneyland label 1995. Dedicated to Alvin Lucier, with instructions to be played "very soft or very loud," this features Toral's trademark sound (lush, interstellar ambiance - not immediately identifiable as guitar-derived) at its finest. Purely radiant and suitable for the ultimate immersion, this is an artifact of sonic genius. 'Wave Field 5' and '6' were recorded to hard disk from the vibrating body of a Fender Jaguar wired through a Morley wah, Korg guitar synth (no synth, filters only), Dod graphic EQ, Alesis reverb and compressor, Ashly Parametric EQ and Sansamp. Amazingly warm, evocative drone music - highly recommended....

Tigersmilk - Tales From The Bottle
Family Vineyard

Shuffling instrumentation, electronic flutters and great big dollops of staccato horn are the calling card of the improvisational jazz trio Tigersmilk, all of which make an appearance on their second album 'Tales From the Bottle'. Taking a similar approach to that of Australia's Triosk, Tigersmilk serve loose-limbed organic structures and season them with a unique blend of the avant garde and the abstract that looks beyond the traditional jazz selection box for inspiration. Often centred around Rob Mazurek's complex cornet excursions, songs such as '3' marble Dylan van der Schyff's crackling percussion and Jason Roebke's brumous bass with an unbridled vivacity that is guaranteed to exhilarate even the most reserved of improv fans. Fierce, experimental and overtly intellectual, Jamie Cullum it ain't!...

Derek Bailey - Aida
Dexter's Cigar

Repress of this key reissue on Jim O'Rourke / David Grubbs' Dexter's Cigar label. Aida is a reissue of a long-gone Incus album, originally issued in 1981 (recorded in Paris & London, 1980) - possibly the finest of Derek's several solo LPs, records that forever changed what it meant for a guitarist to play alone. Bailey transforms the guitar into a small orchestra of strings and percussion; the music is simultaneously lyrical and aggressive...rated 'Number One' in Robert Nedelkoff's 'Top 100 LPs of the 80s'. Recommended....

Various / Haitian Vodou - Spirits Of Life : Haitian Vodou
Soul Jazz

The Soul Jazzers continue to explore their more folkloric roots and routes in this more occasional series. Spirits of Life was recorded at the same sessions which spawned Voodoo Drums for Universal Sound. This is spiritual music of life, centred on the drum and sounding quite unlike anything else, although if you dig deep enough I'm sure you'll find more than enough source material to the jazz, rock'n'roll, soul, reggae explosion which represents the entire bedrock of the label....

Edan - Beauty And The Beat

With 'Beauty and The Beat' Edan joins a very select bunch of hip hop mavericks who have managed to improve on their burning debuts by building on the formula that made them great in the first place without getting lost in the process - a claim you could throw at far too many dissapointing second album scenarios through hip hop's short history. The intro to this wondrous album scratches up echoic slide guitar add beyond dusted drums, adding several sampled voices demanding you to "LISTEN!!!" backed up hard style by "Listen Up' from 'Coast To Coast' the underrated 86 teeth rattler by Word Of Mouth. All the tracks from the previous two warm up 12"s ('I See Colours' and 'Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme') feature and they still sound like real dope sh*t. Of the new tracks 'Funky Voltron' brings Insight on board for a psyched J.B.'s styled track with real crazy and whacked out droplets of herbatious growth made all the better with sweet old school child singing samples appearing in the mix. 'Murder Mystery' is a killer mellow death rap track reeking of seventies slasher thrillers blending baad style into 'Torture Chamber' blown up by the man Percee-P on the guest rap - awesome manic fast rap that'll demand you body pop till you drop. 'Making Partners' features Edan's other best Boston mate Mr.Lif floating out on a voyage through the psychedelic hip hop cosmos, feel the vibrations - tune! 'Rock and Roll' is the heaviest sh*t on board, hard rhymes over creeping feedback and funky rock drums skuzzed up mightily, Insight's man Dagha supplies the incendary guest lyrics. Finally 'Smile' calls upon the spirit ghost of Jimi Hendrix to tell a deeply personal story and 'Promised Land' features the most mind mangling acidtrip influenced lyrics on this set and vocal samples from the incredible Isreali 70's folk singer Arik Einstein - Edan sure digs it deep style. Only slight downers are the old school running length 34 minutes (strictly no flab then) and where is the us pressed vinyl edition? Oh well never mind this will still be freaking with the best come my year end chart. What a year for brilliant music this is turning out to be - long may it continue. Essential....

Sole - Live From Rome

Put this album on at random, listen for 10 seconds and you'll be exposed to more wit, inventiveness and lyrical anger than most artists can manage over the duration of a full album. Following on from the hip-hop scotch of 'Selling Live Water', Sole delivers 'Live From Rome' a splice and diced buffet of styles with a serious dose of attention deficit disorder that is both fiercely polemical and doggedly listenable, shot throughout by a razor-sharp wit. With Odd Nosdam behind the glass, 'Live From Rome' is leftfield hip-hop of the highest order with Sole raging against the machine as he loads up his lyrical shotgun and takes a pop at the whole of society. Literally. Opening with the previously uncharted musical territory where Kayne West and John Carpenter meet, 'Cheap Entertainment' sees Sole rallying; "I'm not anti-anything, I'm anti-everything", in his nasal-lite style which is one part mcenroe, one part Beans and garnished with just a touch of Ad Rock. Straight from this we get the scattering electronic beats and paint blistering bursts of electro bass on 'Self Inflicted Wounds' with Sole targeting the American entertainment culture as he declares "When they kill Michael Moore I'll make a song about it..." whilst 'On Martyrdom" conjures up the finest electronic necromancy as flailing beats are stirred into a stew of stomp and doomtronica synths. Elsewhere reedy synths are jackhammered by SP1200 drums on 'Atheist Jihad' with Sole incandescent with rage as he spits "The Dalai Lama's got a Gameboy, Christina Ricci got a big forehead, Iraq ain't lookin' so good - but the mothafuckin' club is crunk", and the closing 'Drive By Detourment' will leave you breathless as Sole resigns to the fact that "everything but the air is against me...". Brilliant stuff....

Various / Old School Classics - Old School Classics - An Education In Hip Hop

In many ways this very useful mix (50 joints that defined an era) could be as useful to new school hip hop kids (too weed them off the MTV cack) as Morgan Khan's Streetsounds Electro comps were to me when I was still taking geography at 2:30pm on a hectic Friday afternoon in bleak Audenshaw, Manchester circa 1984. Not strictly old school if we are going to argue about it, only around 10% of the tracks were born prior to 1984. The rest is strictly mid school with artists shining including LL.Cool J (don't we just hate him now), Eric B & Rakim (always beyond), Black Sheep (first album heroes), Big Daddy Kane plus loads, loads more - in fact think of an artist from this era and my magically crop up somewhere in the 80 min running time. There have been better mixed CD's recently but nothing comes close to this with b-boy crowd pleasures backed up like buses on Wilmslow Road, Rusholme. In incredible education for anyone born after 1985 and a pickmeup for everybody else. Highly recommended. ...

Drekka - Extractioning

Drekka is the work of michael anderson, who also runs bluesanct, a label specializing in experimental folk releases. "extractioning" is an album that has been called 'strikingly diverse and surprisingly upbeat, shedding the acid folk veil and treading into acoustic indie pop at times'. it shows a strong progression towards complex songwriting and interesting musical arrangements, including radically reworked cover versions of cat power and donovan. Affinity can be heard to contemporaries such as devendra banhart and xiu xiu. while inspiration is drawn from such luminaries as flying saucer attack, coil, halfer trio, current 93, and nurse with wound....

Eluvium - Talk Amongst The Trees
Temporary Residence

Now and again an album will come along that seems to actively eschew the conventional palate available to those looking to express themselves through music, preferring instead to assemble a unique canon of sonic shards which challenge and delight in equal measure. No prizes for guessing then that 'Talk Amongst the Trees' is just one of these records, composed and performed in its entirety by Eluvium (aka Mathew Cooper) and seemingly intent on not giving the listener even a glimpse of recognisable instrumentation. But, just as vocals in a foreign language give you opportunity to admire the voice as an instrument, uncluttered by the need to process the actual message being relayed, similarly 'Talk Amongst the Trees' removes the distraction of its composite parts freeing you up to enjoy the soundscapes for what they are. The record opens with the fuzzy hearted 'New Animals From the Air', where an effortless fog of aural balm is evoked through organic elements coalescing around a gently chiming heart that brings to mind the spirit, if not the sound, of Markus Popp's Oval. Similarly, 'One' is almost monastical in its sound but again lacks any firm auditory fragments that would draw your attention away from the piece as a whole, whilst only 'Taken', with its guitar led mantra, could be considered conventional in its approach to incorporating identifiable instrumentation. Like lint from your speakers, it may at first seem insubstantial but once it snags you'll find yourself dragged in ever deeper. Recommended

Nagisa Ni Te - Dream Sounds

I sincerely wish my dreams were more like this four-track, but full length, collection of new and old material from Osaka based Japanese duo Nagisa Ni te. Whilst I've been having recurring night time visits by the porkpie hat wearing Hoffman Bear (I kid you not...), Nagisa Ni Te seem to slumber in a blossom scented hinterland that rewards melodious rectitude and meandering musical excursions. Comprised of re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered gems from their previous five albums, 'Dream Sounds' may be the closest Nagista Ni te may ever get to a greatest hits collection. Kicking off with the magisterial guitar led slouch of 'True World', Nagasti Ni te brew a hazy miasma of lazy rhythms and choral vocals that at times resemble the psych-pop of Gorky's Zygotic Mykni. With structures that range from the breakdown and white noise of Mogwai, to the sweeping tundra's of Sigur Ros, Nagisa display an ambition that turns their songs into wonderfully complex journeys through which the listener is affectionately led. Changing pace with 'Anxiety', they look to fellow Japanese export Cornelius in their Brian Wilson influenced guitar pop, whilst the closing 'True Sun' is a blistering 20 minute excursion that roams freely from brooding atmospherics to grinding alt-rock and back again. Utterly stupefying....

Pit Er Pat - Shakey
Thrill Jockey

Coming out of the recording studio like a whippet on speed, Pit er Pat's new album 'Shakey' was recorded in just six days, with the band laying down the basic tracks live then polishing up the results later. Whilst this approach could have led to a series of half-baked, partially realised songs Pit er Pat have managed to side-step this particular pitfall, with 'Shakey' displaying a dense and accomplished collection of guitar led music that shares a sound, spirit and outlook with that of a more footloose Sugarcubes. With vocals provided by both Rob Doran and Fay Davies-Jeffers, Pit er Pat allows disparate set of styles to evolve throughout 'Shakey', opening with the densely layered yet light of touch 'Bird'. Complex time changes, blunted vocals and tempered melodies converge around the pleas for our feathered friends not to relinquish their coats on our behalf and, although potentially suffocatingly twee, Pit er Pat pull it off to coruscating effect. Elsewhere nursery rhyme melodies are made to room share with brittle rock on 'Vultures Beware', ostracized beats clammer for attention on 'Underwater Wace Game' and the icy indie-pop of Cable is given a rinse down by Davies-Jeffers claustrophobic vocals on 'False Face'

Tarentel - Big Black Square
Temporary Residence

Clocking it at over 43 minutes, 'Big Black Square' is one big bugger of a track and, as the final part in Tarentel's series alongside 'Paper White' and 'We Move Through Weather', provides a suitably esoteric end to a grand, horizon expanding journey. Opening with a distant Dr Who-like sample of snatched speech, 'Big Black Square' proceeds to introduce a gently ebbing set of everyday sounds rendered alien through their familiarity before gradually incorporating more conventional elements to the mix. Allowing the music to dictate its own destination, Tarental somehow manage to fill the gaping hole of 45 minutes that would terminally consume many bands, producing an ineluctable broadcast of shifting elements that feels as if it's being beamed in from a parallel reality. Big and clever......

Tarentel - Paper White
Temporary Residence

Forming the first part of Tarental's holy musical trilogy, 'Paper White' emerged from the same sessions as last years 'We Move Through Weather' album and, along with this weeks companion release 'Big Black Square', is intended as a sprawling journey through their creative process which can either be enjoyed autonomously or as a concurrent whole. With a spectrum of elements that range from guitars, laptops and pianos through to tabletops, double ski horns and (most intriguingly) flubaphones, Tarentel create quixotic and elegantly arranged tracts of meandering instrumentation that bristle with intent and expertly constrained structures. Opening with the syncopated rhythms of 'Isalais Straight', Tarental take miring, roughly hewn bass and clouds of growling feedback then over lay them with serene piano and twinkly atmospherics which gently erode the malice until you are submerged in eulogistic clouds of soothing, abstract noise. Similar to the sonic stylings of Mogwai or even God Speed You Black Emperor! (albeit it with the sharper edges sanded off), 'Paper White' is a lustrous and deeply layered record that rewards repeated listens, existing both on its own terms and also as part of Tarental's grander plan

Monade - A Few Steps More
Too Pure

By day she is mild mannered Laetitia Sadier; front-woman for electro-popsters Stereolab, but by night she dons her cape and steps out into the Gaelic mist as Monade, proudly brandishing her first full album 'A Few Steps More' to all who dare stand in her path. Comprised of richly filtered, Gaelic guitar music, 'A Few Steps More' is a distinct move away from the DIY stylings of debut release 'The Bedroom Recordings', with Monade now a fully fledged band as opposed to a multi-instrumental solo work. Opening with 'Wash and Dance', what starts off as a tempered, almost languid take on Parisian tarnished grandeur, soon develops a locomotive urgency over which Sadier delivers her caliginous, instantly recognisable vocals. Following on from this is the bright and colourful title track, which marries a Metronome rhythm to some grubby Accordions whilst 'La Salle Des Pas Perdus' manages to get away with a load of kids supplementing Sadier's breathy vocals. Undoubtedly the standout track is 'Paradoxale' with it's alliteration pleasing trio of Hammonds, horns and haunting vocals all conspiring together to create an intoxicating blend of understated musical verbosity. Viva la Monade!...

Markus Guentner - 1981

Three and a half years have passed since Markus Guentner's sublime album "In Moll". Three and a half years where this master of textures has continued intensifying and refining his magnificent sounds. "1981" presents the whole spectrum of sound that Guentner explores - from the deep padded pop ambient textures to a shuffling groove more at home with Cologne's club aesthetic. Lovely....

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