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Tuesday, September 30, 2003


John Peel just played a new track off the forthcoming album from The Fall an interesting sound - psychedelic electro-rock production and Mark E Smith vox swamped over the top. Another track tomorrow sez Peel.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:23 PM

Dusted have a feature on Japanese post rockers Mono

Japan's epic, instrumental rock quartet Mono discuss their inspirations, urge to create, and how to communicate without words

# posted by DJ Martian 10:58 PM

Details of the new issue of: e|i magazine - music electronic and otherwise

+ canadian electronica pt 1
+ evan parker
+ pulseprogramming
+ 808 state
+ mother mallard
+ zoviet france
+ electric birds
+ guest columnist: synth inventor/pioneer robert moog
+ label profiles: deluxe, background, plop, 12k, biphop, progressive form, vivo
+ well over 150+ reviews

# posted by DJ Martian 3:42 PM

Details of the next 3 Mixing It shows on Radio 3:

3 October 2003 22.15-23.30

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix
of musical styles and influences.

10 October 2003 22:15-23.30

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present an interview
with Brian Eno about his latest projects which include
an album of bell music, inspired by his work on the
Clock of the Long Now, a working clock which will mark
time for ten thousand years.

17 October 2003 22:15-23.30

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of
musical styles and influences, including a session with
New York punk band Sightings.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:33 PM

Junkmedia review the avant jazz sounds of David S. Ware String Ensemble - Threads

# posted by DJ Martian 3:24 PM

BBC Music review Minamo - Beautiful (Apestaartje)

# posted by DJ Martian 3:10 PM

dotmusic report Air will release a new album: Talkie Walkie in January 2004.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:48 PM

Splendid interview electronic popsters Client

# posted by DJ Martian 12:48 AM

The Brainwashed Brain V06I38 - 09282003

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Landing - Passages Through
K Records

Mojave 3 - Spoon and Rafter

23 Skidoo - The Culling is Coming

The Black Eyed Snakes - Rise Up!

"Feedback to the Future"

Akatombo - Trace Elements

Wevie de Crepon - The Age Old Age of Old Age

The Fire Theft - The Fire Theft

Crackletone - Journey to the Sea of Sparks
Iris Light

# posted by DJ Martian 12:24 AM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

The Appleseed Cast - Two Conversations

When the Appleseed Cast released their debut back in 2001, people rightly sat up and took notice. Their inventive approach explored new territory, even given emocore's loosely defined parameters, and this LP continues that trend. It's slower and more considered than their previous outings, with subtle, sparse piano lines and spacious, open arrangments in place of the maybe more obvious guitar led power. It's coherent, consistent, clever - and beautiful. An understated gem.

Doves - Lost Sides

Proper songwriters. Proper producers big on feel, ambience and the notion of songs taking you somewhere. They don't do B-sides, Doves. And this compilation is the perfect companion to their two proper albums. Okay it's probably more drawn out, looser and more languid, more cinematic than their last tidy, lush album. Slightly more experimental but still rocking, still super-catchy. This is the only place you can get their thumping pop rush of Warren Zevan's "Hit The Ground Running".

Felt - Forever Breathes The Lonely Word
Cherry Red

Yes, Felt go pop. Perfectly! Upbeat, catchy and full of trebly guitars, velvety Hammond and Lawrence's trademark vocals (if you've heard hotly-tipped West Coasters The Tyde, well that's what Lawrence sounds like) this was a very British, wistful independent sound. No-one would release this nowadays. But it was incredible intelligent, beautiful music that got nowhere near the mainstream but took a mainline to our hearts.

Felt - Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death
Cherry Red

Another incredibly inspired, fiercely original, irredeemably messed-up, post-punk indie pop dreamer. Who wrote great songs. That's Lawrence and the band Felt. This 1986 release, originally on Creation, is a 10 song, 20 minute collection of the prettiest instrumentals. Atmospheric and arty, without Lawrence's Lou Reedish semi-spoken croon, it's left to Martin Duffy (now of course in the Scream) to shine with warm organ and tinkling electric piano. All this music needs is a beautiful film!

James Orr Complex - Chori's Bundle
Rock Action

The James Orr Complex is former Eska front man Chris Mack. This is his debut album, and his first release since his EP a couple of years back. His songs combine wonderful intricate guitars and melancholic vocals and will appeal to fans of Will Oldham, Nick Drake and John Fahey.

Jet Johnson - Micropolitan
Seriously Groovy

After a slew of singles and splits, Jet Johnson bring us their debut album. Featuring the charming vocals of Caroline Nesbo (ex Peachfuzz w/ Erlend Oye of Royksopp / Kings Of Convenience), plus members of Billy Mahonie, Meets Guitar, Glider, Reynolds and Econoline. The chiming tinkle of guitars, light skippy drums merged with oblique strains of a Theremin and other bizarre instruments provide a nectar-sweet backdrop to the most beautiful Nordic female vocals you will ever hear. Ethereal, and completely charming.

Mountaineers - Messy Century

With its stunning artwork, "Messy Century" features 13 superb tracks full of hooks and great songwriting. Highlights from the album include "Ripen", "Want to Write You", "All My Life" and particularly "I Gotta Sing", one of the album's stand out tracks. Originally from Wales, and now based in Liverpool, Mountaineers have so far released two limited, untitled EPs (on Deltasonic and Mute) and have been described by the NME as '..lush postmodern electronica complemented by delicious songwriting'.

Oceansize - Effloresce
Beggars Banquet

This is one deep, heavy, dreamy, other-worldly, incredibly large all round album! For fans of Elbow, you'll love this too but it's darker, moodier, much more out there. It's an insult to review this in 10 sentences, there's so much involved here. It's drift is swirling, moody psychedelia, with a touch of early Verve, Cocteau Twins, maybe Doves, definitely Elbow. So intricate, strange, atmospheric and powerful, they're not bothered about the charts this lot! Dive in, get pulled under, lose yourself. Oceansize did!

Iggy Pop - Skull Ring

For his umpteenth new album, the lizard king of garage rock invites some young(-ish) blood to the studio. As well as his own band, the Trolls, Peaches lends some X-rated vocals and scuzzy electro beats while Green Day and Sum 41 also crop up. For us rock bods though, the real gems here are the four tracks reuniting the Pop-ster with his old cohorts THE STOOGES!!! (Well the Stooges mk.1, so no James Wiiliamson, just the Asheton brothers) God knows how, but they still manage to whip up a gloriously dumbass rock'n'roll frenzy in the same spirit as their first two albums that puts 99% of bands half their age to shame!

The Relict - Tomorrow Is Again
Vegas Morn

Lost songs and new directions: the long awaited debut collection by The Relict, shaped around the songs of Innes Phillips and a spectral production by The Clientele's Mark Keen, is by turns beautiful, minimalist, spacious and quite simply heartbreaking. Featuring exquisite vocals by Pam Berry, Lupe Pipas and Abigail Marvel, shaded with piano, accordion, slide and acoustic guitar, this haunting work recalls the dark complexity of Townes Van Zandt, Chris Bell and The Duritti Column. Truly out of time.

The Robocop Krause - Living With Other People
L'age D'or

"Living With Other People" is the third album (and the first UK release) from Germany's The Robocop Kraus. Hailing from Nuremberg; the name means, basically The Robocop Smith � Kraus being a mundane and typical German surname. But there's nothing mundane or typical about their sound, drawing upon their shared resource of influences: the searing, emotive and melodic hardcore of Rites Of Spring (heard clearest on the sardonic riot of "Fashion"), the clipped and fierce grooves of Gang Of Four (the ghostly funk of "Sometimes You Can Still Hear Them Clapping Hands In The Ground"), and the seething sexmuzik of Girls Against Boys (check the murderous disco of "Fake Boys").

Rosie Thomas - Only With Laughter Can You Win
Sub Pop

This her second album again showcases Rosie's knack for laying bare her individual experience is buoyed and enriched by an emphasis on collaboration and increased instrumentation. Along with her gorgeous vocals, reflective lyrics, and understated accompaniment, Rosie enlisted family and friends to collaborate on the album. Among them are her mother (on the brief opener, "Let Myself Fall"), Sam Beam of Iron & Wine ("Red Rover"), and Lucy Wilkins (who currently performs in Massive Attack) for violin parts on "You And Me" and "Gradually". Guitarist Eric Fisher (who plays with Damien Jurado) also lends Martin Feveyear a hand with production.

27 - Animal Life
Escape ARtist

Boston mellow rockers 27 return to action with the European release of their album "Animal Life". They play hushed and intense guitar, with vocals and experimental samples. For fans of Mazzy Star, Low and Slint.

Willis - Come Get Some

Quickly signed up by 679 after her first self financed 45 did big things at the Rough Trade and Soul Jazz shops, this is Willis's debut album after a couple of remixed (by Fat Truckers and Brooks) releases. Her sound is lo-fi and mostly acoustic, but she's also a fan of more avant, electronic music like Add 'N' To X, which also seeps in too. All the tracks are topped off with her unique sounding, folkie voice. Raved about in Jockey Slut, The Face and Uncut, this is one of those must have LPs for 2003.

Various Artists / Crammed Global Soundclash 1980 - 1989
Crammed Discs

An EP of six underground 'club classics' (from the world's weirdest club!) circa the mid 80s, from the vaults of Crammed Discs - the best label ever to come out of Belgium! Check "Next One Is Real" by Minimal Compact, a band at the forefront of the DOR (Dance Oriented Rock - let me guess, this was a US college radio term!) movement that we now call punk-funk, or Karen Finlay's much sampled "Tales Of Taboo", which is pure mid 80s NY performance art and totally on the edge. The EP also includes Tuxedo Moon's 1978 electro-punk classic "No Tears", Zazou Bikaye's "M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba, which is a weird afro-electro Fela Kuti meets Kraftwerk track produced by Hector Zazou, Karl Biscuit's "La Morte" and The Honeymoon Killers' "Histoire A Suivre".

Various Artists / Lost In Translation OST
Emperor Norton

Hey! Four brand new songs by Kevin Shields. His first recorded output since My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" album in 1991! The rest of this LP is fine - it's the soundtrack for Sophia Coppola's new film and has tracks by Phoenix, Sebastian Tellier, Death in Vegas, Squarepusher, the Mary Chain and a cute 'n' lovely new instrumental by Air. But it's the reclusive genius Shields you want to know about, right? Well he's teasing us with three ambient soundscapes, one inconsequential and breezy with a tickling drum machine ("Are You Awake"), one like Eno's "Apollo" all swathes of sound, hovering ("Goodbye") and one so gorgeous, fragile and pretty ("Ikebana") that you'll be gnashing your teeth as it fades out after 1 1/2 minutes! Doh! But hang on, "City Girl" played on guitars, slow, (dare I say it) grungy and with a half there vocal straight from the "Loveless" era, sounds just like the Valentines but without the layers of noise: catchy, sad, laid-back, dreamy. Much like the rest of this lovely soundtrack.

Various Artists / New Deutsch

Thomas Bar and Gigolo head honcho DJ Hell select the tracks (from their own collections) for this extensive look at late 70s / early 80s German new wave / elelctro-pop sounds. Includes Neon, Stratis, Pyrolator, Der Plan, Weltklang Keine, Ahnung etc. If you liked the "Teutonik Disaster" CDs, you'll love this!

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas And Lost Ghosts

In a style of Mogwai recreating Joy Division via My Bloody Valentine on analogue machines complete with the breaks of Plaid, M83 are far from yet 'another French electronic act'. M83's distinct sound emerged after just one album: both modern and melancholic.. In early 2001, their first album, bearing the same name as their group was released by the cutting-edge French Gooom label. Critics emphasised the album's graceful and nuanced melodies and the cinematographic quality of the dialogues, as well as the band's ability to make synthesizers sound like guitars. This, their second album, is more ambitious than its predecessor, complex yet accessible thanks to its melodic effectiveness, as heard in the super-powerful "America" and the dreamlike "Beauties Can Die", with its virtual chorale sounding an endless final note.

Bomb 20 - Reality Surpasses Fiction
Make Some Noise

Long awaited follow up to his 1999 Digital Hardcore released album "Field Manual". He melds polished electro with hip hop subsonics, rough edged breaks and alternately poignant / hilarious vocal sample cut-ups. All but together with production qualities honed through collaborations with Gonzales and Peaches.


Originally formed in Paris, KMFDM was founded by Sascha Konietzko and German painter/ multi-media performer Udo Sturm. They have returned with their most concentrated masterwork since 1993's "Angst". Sascha and co have a story to tell and it ain't pretty. Going from points of pure aggression to, dare we say, electronica, the album is the next step in an already fabled career.

Zoot Woman - Zoot Woman
Wall Of Sound

Adam Price (AKA Les Rythmes Digitales' Jacques Lu Cont) is back with brothers Adam and Johnny Blake for the second Zoot Woman LP. Totally inspired by 80s pop, especially electro-pop, this is a total electroclash throwback!

Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland

After six years away, Robert Wyatt finally returns with a new album. Eclectic and superb as ever, Wyatt is joined by amongst others Paul Weller, Dave Gilmour, Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera. Drawing on influences from around the world, Wyatt originals nestle comfortably next to a few cover versions across these 16 wonderful tracks.

Steve Howe's Remedy - Elements
Inside Out

Enlisting the help of his sons to add a contemporary feel, Steve Howe's latest album will still draw in the older Yes fans!!!!

David Sylvian - Alchemy An Index Of Possibilities

One of a series of reissues redesigned under the personal supervision of David himself, and long time Sylvian photographer Yuka Fujii, to create a stunning matching series. A metallic gold theme will run throughout the packaging, with rare textures and colours, and beautiful candid photographs, some of which have never been seen before. This CD features extra tracks not on the original album, "Preparations For A Journey" and "Steel Cathedrals" taken from the cassette version of "Alchemy" along with "The Stigma Of Childhood (Kin)" and "A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce" - B-sides from the "Pop Song" single.

David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees

One of a series of reissues redesigned under the personal supervision of David himself, and long time Sylvian photographer Yuka Fujii, to create a stunning matching series. A metallic gold theme will run throughout the packaging, with rare textures and colours, and beautiful candid photographs, some of which have never been seen before.

David Sylvian - Gone To Earth

One of a series of reissues redesigned under the personal supervision of David himself, and long time Sylvian photographer Yuka Fujii, to create a stunning matching series. A metallic gold theme will run throughout the packaging, with rare textures and colours, and beautiful candid photographs, some of which have never been seen before. This double CD features three extra tracks on the first CD, "Riverman (Remix)", "Gone To Earth (Remix)" and "Camp Fire: Coyote Country (Remix)" all remixed by David Sylvian and Richard Moakes. There are also four extra tracks on CD2 - all previously on the vinyl / cassette version, "Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples", "Camp Fire: Coyote Country", "A Bird Of Prey Vanishes Into A Bright Blue Cloudless Sky" and "Sunlight Seen Through Towering Trees".

David Sylvian - Secrets Of The Beehive

One of a series of reissues redesigned under the personal supervision of David himself, and long time Sylvian photographer Yuka Fujii, to create a stunning matching series. A metallic gold theme will run throughout the packaging, with rare textures and colours, and beautiful candid photographs, some of which have never been seen before. This CD also contains the track "Promise (The Cult Of Eurydice)" which was previously only available on the Japanese version in place of the "Forbidden Colours" track.

Various Artists / The Electric Chair
Electric Chair

If you're a Chair regular, then you'll know I am too and can be regularly spotted dancing all night and getting soaked with sweat... The reason for this is the music... an awesome mix of nu jazz, hip hop, disco and future funk - this is a small selection of Chair faves picked by resident DJs Luke and Justin Unabomber. Hot sweaty basement sounds from the best club night in the country (well... joint best with "Keep It Unreal"). The only thing lacking is Luke shouting 'future' over the mic (with lots of echo). Buy. Love. Be Happy.

Various Artists / The Unabombers - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Electric Chair Part 2)
Electric Chair

Brilliant second compilation from the Electric Chair duo. It's their usual mix of hip hop, disco, house, nu-jazz and general groovy tracks. Includes Black Science Orchestra "New Jersey Deep", Craig Mack "Flava In Ya Ear", Freaks' "Turning Orange", Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam "Let The Beat Hit 'Em", Incognito "Castles In The Sky", Grace Jones "Nipple To The Bottle", T-Coy "Carino", Kool & The Gang "Open Sesame", Shola Ama "You're The One I love" (a reworking of Gwen Guthrie's "Seventh Heaven" that had Danny Krivit clamouring to find out what it was), Loose Ends "Hanging On A String" etc - and that's just on the vinyl! Extra tracks on the CD are by Kaori, Maurice Fulton, Atmosfear, Waiwan, Prophets Of Sound etc. It'll have you reliving those sweaty basement moments in the comfort of you own home!!

Robert Hood - Wire To Wire

The former UR operative presents another full length for Peacefrog and a mighty return to form, furthering his 'vision' of Motor City electronic music. The extreme Detroit sound of "Interior Suspect" would be cliche if it wasn't so good and the intricate harpsichord arrangements that flood the LP elsewhere recall the classic machine-music of Carl Craig's "Landcrusing". There are also delicate moments aplenty. As with every album he's made previously, the downtempo, almost hip hop moments often serve as the most surprising and "Wire To Wire" is full of these widescreen compositions. The result is the most mature album of his career and certainly on a par with the awesome 90s "Nighttime World" pair.

Remarc - Sound Muderer
Planet Mu

Planet Mu collect together the best of Remarc's junglist career circa 1993 - 1997. Includes 17 tracks released on Suburban Base, Kemet, Labello Blanco, White House and Dollar. Mostly built round the 'Amen' break, but with loads of chopping up and timestretching, the tracks include classics like "Thunderclap", "Bagga Worries", the ultimate burial tune "RIP" and the title track "Sound Murderer". A not-to-be-missed trawl through jungle's sound system history.

Rhythm & Sound - The Versions
Burial Mix

For some, the B-sides of the last eight Burial Mix releases have been just as exciting, if not more so than the vocal A-sides with the production getting even more sickeningly deep! Get your headphones on, get suitably intoxicated and let yourself be TAKEN DOWN!!!

Rhythm & Sound - W/ The Artists
Burial Mix

The Basic Channel duo follow tradition and mark the end of the label by releasing all the 12"s on CD, and what a mighty label Burial Mix has turned out to be! Concieved as an outlet for their collaborations with vocalist Tikiman (the first five releases are available as "Showcase" CD), phase two has seen a series of heavyweight veteran reggae vocalists adding their magic to Mark & Moritz's unbelievably deep dubscapes... All the 10"s have been must-haves, so this CD is 8xESSENTIAL!!!

Ty - Upwards
Big Dada

With featured guests like Bembe Segue, Tony Allen (Fela's drummer), Breis and Shortman, Ty's second LP is as much about broken beats, afro-funk and soul as it is about hip hop. Includes the single "Groovement" / "Ha Ha". Gilles is such a big fan that he played eight tracks off this LP over five 'Worldwide' shows! Brilliant.

Phuturistix - Feel It Out - LP

Zed Bias and Injekta (AKA Sefton from Manchester's E-Bloc and Slam Jamz shops) already had strong credentials on the 2-step scene, having released twelves on the Locked-On label, but when they added broken beats, nu-jazz, bossa and dancehall to the mix they gained a whole new following, including one Gilles Peterson, who's a big fan!

Georg Levin - Can't Hold Back
Sonar Kollektiv

All the tracks on Levin's debut LP, whether they're house, nu-jazz or electronic downbeat, are infused with a deep, heartfelt soul (in fact many of them are pure soul!), as you might expect from someone who lists Prince, Earth Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye as their favourite artists! Includes the sought after singles "(I Got) Somebody New", "In Your Car", "When I'm With You" and "You Know What You Want..."

Olav Brekke Mathisen & Sideshow Jogge - NAOMB (Nugatti All Ova Me Butty)

Crazy Norwegians Olav Brekke Mathisen and Nils Jorgen Kaalstad are back with a whole LP (or five track EP) of their 80s-inspired sticky electro-disco with ultra-tight drums, funky badass basslines and electro-pop edges - that's how they describe it anyway. Might I add a touch of broken beats in there too.. Harvey and Chicken Lips are fans, as are the Idjut Boys cos it's on their label.

Various Artists / Goya Music Pres. The Selector Series Vol.2 - Mixed By Dego
Goya Music

The belated second mix from within Goya's own stable of labels sees the 4Hero / 2000 Black DJ and producer laying down a selection of his favourite tracks from the adjacent studios. More obscure joints from Bugz In The Attic, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Stephane Attias, the Blacktonez, Likwid Biskit and many more, seamlessly blended in a broken beat frenzy. Keep your ears out for the exclusive Starlight Express track too!

Koma & Bones - Shutterspeed

Wicked nu-skool breaks LP that's full of fat, funky basslines and chunky, tech-edged breaks. Also includes the old skool hip hop flavoured "Flip Flop".

Zinc - Faster

Zinc's two-years-in-the-making LP finally drops, and it's definitely worth the wait! The title gives away the concept behind the track order - they start slow and get FASTER! Opening with the slo-mo 50bpm title track (which speeds up throughout the song to 90bpm) he works his way up through chunky breakstep and drum'n'bass rollers to the speed fuelled 174bpm "Here No Evil".

Dillinja & Lemon D - The Killa-Hertz

Another must-have LP from the Valve-meisters! Includes eight brand new tracks (the CD also features the recent 12"-only singles "Fast Car" and "Generation X") that have been smashed off dubplate by all the A list DJs. You know their sound by now; CRUNCHING breaks, loadsa noise and HUGE basslines, with some lighter soulful moments in their too.
3xCD - VLV02CD
Double CD includes 14 track unmixed or 14 track DJ mixed versions AND a bonus DVD featuring 45 minutes of behind the scenes footage!

Various Artists / Soul:ution Vol 1

Bargain price mix CD from Marcus Intalex and his Soul:R label. Includes 16 soulful drum'n'bass tracks from the likes of Calibre & Zero Tolerance, DJ Marky & XRS, Nu:tone, Jaheim (Calibre mix) and his own MIST project with ST Files.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:01 AM

Monday, September 29, 2003


The Independent interview David Sylvian

# posted by DJ Martian 7:57 PM

Dusted review Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn

# posted by DJ Martian 5:26 PM have the peliminary line up details of: VAPOUR METROPOLITAN FESTIVAL OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC @ Various venues, London - October 30 � November 1

[On a side note, it looks like Zan Lyons has signed to Wichita records]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:22 PM


Key new album releases for September 29th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.].

This Week: September 29th

Denys Baptiste - Let Freedom Ring (Dune)
Bomb 20 - Reality Surpasses Fiction (Make Some Noise)
Tim Deluxe - The Little Ginger Club Kid (Underwater)
Dillinja & Lemon D - Killa-Hertz (Valve Recordings)
Fibla - Lent (Spark)
Robert Hood - Wire to Wire (Peacefrog)
In The Woods - Live At The Caledonien Hall (End) [Live Recordings from the seminal Norwegian Dark Metal band]
Georg Levin - Can't Hold Back (Sonar Kollectiv)
Chris Liebing - Evolution (CL Recordings)
Olav Brekke Mathisen - Nugatti All Ova Me Butty (Discfunction)
Moonspell - The Antidote (Century Media)
Novel 23 - Architectural Effects (Bip Hop)
Oceansize - Effloresce (Beggars Banquet)
Phuturistix - Feel It Out (Hospital)
Remarc - Sound Murderer (Planet �)
Rhythm & Sound - The Versions (Burial Mix)
Rhythm & Sound - With The Artists (Burial Mix)
Ty - Upwards (Big Dada)
Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland (Hannibal)
Zinc - Faster (Polydor)
Zoot Woman - Zoot Woman (Wall of Sound)

For Reference:

Last Week: September 22nd

Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth (Def Jux)
Agoria - Blossom (PIAS)
Atmosphere - Seven�s Travels (Epitaph)
Sylvie Courvoisier - Abaton (ECM)
Edge of Sanity - Crimson II (Black Mark)
e.s.t. /Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Seven Days of Falling (Act)
Nick Holder - Other Side (NRK)
LFO - Sheath (Warp)
Lithops - Scrypt (Sonig/Thrill Jockey)
Matmos - The Civil War (Matador)
M83 - DeadCities, RedSeas and LostGhosts (Gooom / Labels) [UK Release Date]
Mojave 3 - Spoon & Rafter (4ad)
Omid - Monolith (Mush)
The Opposition - Blinder (Mrs Jones Records) [Available direct from record label website only]
Nicholas Payton - Sonic Trance (Warner Bros)
Place of Skulls - With Vision (Southern Lord) [Import]
Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling (Constellation)
T. Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout (Mute)
Sex Mob - Dime Grind Palace (Rope a Dope) [Import: Available to order at]
Dwayne Sodahberk - Unfortunately (Tigerbeat 6)
Stellastarr* - Stellastarr* (Twenty-20 recordings)
Toolshed - Toolshed (Twisted Nerve)
UNKLE - Never, Never Land (Mo Wax/ Island)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:01 AM

Sunday, September 28, 2003 review Zoot Woman - Zoot Woman

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM

New releases @ Fopp for this week [week beginning: 29th September] with added press quotes. Including:

label: Beggars

Features 12 tracks mixing shimmering, delicate ambient keyboards and their trademark hypnotic, 3-guitar attack. All the tracks were recorded and produced by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Feeder) during Spring /Summer 2003. The album includes �One Day All This Could Be Yours� from their last EP, as well as their upcoming single �Remember Where You Are�. Compared to bands like Mogwai, Tool, Nirvana, Jane�s Addiction, My Bloody Valentine, Can, and Faith No More amongst others, leading to them being championed by NME as spearheading the so-called new-prog rock revolution...

"Merchants of intricate layers of noise, Oceansize are at the forefront of an exciting new frontier. The Manchester-based five-piece's debut clocks in at well over an hour, and there isn't a second of 70s style indulgence. 'Efforlesce' means to suddenly burst forth into bloom. And here Oceansize do just that."


Immediately recognisable as a Robert Wyatt album )even before that trademark voice makes its entrance), 'Cuckooland' is another album to be cherished and further proof of Wyatt's idiosyncratic genius...

"Maybe we should start putting up the bunting and proclaiming Wyatt a 'national treasure', but somehow you can't imagine that title fitting him too comfortably. True, his work has always been imbued with a generosity of spirit and a chummy, often surreal humour, but on 'Cuckooland' other equally typical characteristics re-emerge: in particular a profound melancholy and a sympathy with the plight of those at the wrong end of geopolitical powermongering."

"Wyatt's first album in six years should come, like most of those in his 30 years as a solo artist, with a free black beret. Left bank, left field, left politics, all set to dislocated jazz and dreamy textures. An assured, inventive, adult album leavened by Wyatt's abiding playfulness."

"A new Robert Wyatt album is cause for celebration. He has had an enormous (and mostly positive) influence on the most influential people in music - yet his recordings have an unfinished air, an artlessness or shyness that the unprepared listener may find disconcerting. Joined by loyal chums such as Annie Whitehead, Gilad Atzmon, David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera, Wyatt maps out an alternative pop universe, as British as a cup of China tea."

label: PLANET MU

Planet Mu are more than proud to be releasing the first ever re-issue jungle �artist album� - by the legendary junglist Remarc. The �95 era "cut-up breaks" and "ragga" sound is making a resurgence in the scene thanks to DJs such as Bailey, Hype and others, as well as being very popular as an influence on the "drill�n�bass" scene and artists like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin...

label: BIG DADA

More marvellous UK hip hop from the label that brought you the splendour of Roots Manuva. Lyrically deft, with a real eloquence and intelligence shining through...

"An eloquent, compassionate lyricist, he has a knack for arresting imagery, observing on' Ha Ha': "In my corner of the world faces disappear like memories/ Only to appear on yellow noticeboards saying did you see this or that felony." Even when he enters the dread realm of jazz poetry on 'Music To Fly To', he does so with wit and style."

# posted by DJ Martian 10:38 PM

ANATHEMA have named their forthcoming album: A Natural Disaster - tentatively due in November through Music For Nations Records.

The follow-up to 2001's "A Fine Day to Exit" was recorded and mixed at Parkgate Studios near Hastings, U.K. (except for two songs, which were mixed in Nottingham at Electric Mayhem) and was produced by the and engineered by Dan Turner, with cover artwork from Travis Smith.

The track listinging for "A Natural Disaster" is:
01. Harmonium
02. Balance
03. Closer
04. Are You There?
05. Childhood Dream
06. Pulled Under
07. A Natural Disaster
08. Flying
09. Electricity
10. Violence

You can listen to a track [Are You There?] off the album @ Music For Nations

Are You There ? is stunning, think Talk Talk: on Spirit of Eden, or Bark Psychosis on Hex, or the band No-Man.

a stunning track: gentle reflective emotional vocals, rippling arcs of guitar work, delicate cymbals, atmospheric keyboards - all expertly executed - coming together as a spiritual whole.

Anathema, have once again evolved, proving that they are one of the finest and talented British rock bands of the past ten years.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:20 PM

Details of the next issue of Side-Line magazine:

You can now order the brand new Side-Line issue #45 including interviews with:

Suicide Commando, Anne Clark, Front Line Assembly, Clan Of Xymox, Ohgr, Cevin Key, And One, Camouflage, The Klinik, Implant, Glis, The Eternal Afflict, Fair Sex, Faith & The Muse, Combi Christ, The Cr�xshadows, System 22, Absurd Minds, Fictional, Re/Work, Seize, Pride & Fall, Ganymede, Kub, Haujobb, Namnambulu, Last Dance, Interface, Codename Sugar, Zonk�t, Liquefaction, X-fusion, Common Dream, Daybehavior, Past Perfect, Land, Ayria, Fabrice Billard (Divine Comedy) and the usual shipload of reviews!

[Source: Side-Line e-mail]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:47 PM

It looks like the forthcomng Mick Karn album: More Better Different has been delayed to early 2004, see this fansite for info: Mick Karn

# posted by DJ Martian 8:37 PM - October 2003 deliver another fine selection of reviews. [The summaries below are taken from e-mail/website, to see the full reviews go to the link above]

310 - Recessional
Two years after their last proper album, 310 return as a trio with this, their most accomplished and accessible record to date.


Riow Arai - Mind Edit
It is to wonder why it�s taken so long for Riow Arai to finally make it to this side of the world. Although he already has a long career behind him, Mind Edit is his first album released outside of his native Japan.

Cylobotnia - Cylobotnia
The fruit of a collaboration between Cylob and Astrobotnia, Cylobotnia is a truly playful and exiting record in the great Rephlex tradition.

Richard Devine - Asect:Dsect
Richard Devine returns with his third album. As he returns to the drawing board to reassess his sonic landscapes, he presents here his most compelling record to date.

Esem - Serial Human
Second album for Bulgarian musician George Marinov, aka Esem, and his first for Merck. Serial Human drifts away from Esem�s original sound to incorporate more intricate soundcapes.

Fort Lauderdale - Pretty Monster
This third Fort Lauderdale is by far their more complex and unexpected piece of work to date. Far from the realms they once emerged from, Toby Jenkins and Steve Webster venture into some disconcerting new territories.

Novel 23 - Architecture Effects
Russian musician Roman Belousov presents his first widely released album and establishes his project alongside the likes of Arovane and Phonem.

Vilain Accelerate - Maid Of Gold
With this first musical collaboration, Sixtoo and Stigg Of The Dump, aka Vilain Accelerate, present a truly dense and beautiful record which wonders far beyond the realms of hip-hop.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:27 PM

Saturday, September 27, 2003


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - a Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Rhythm & Sound - The Versions
Burial Mix

This second breathtaking CD leaves out the vocal accompaniment and exposes the terryfingly deep Basic Channel production as it drifts off into instrumental effervescance. Look back at our archive of reviews for releases on the Burial Mix label and you'll probably realise that we've always had a reverential approach to what these people do. The credentials are all there : the godlike production talents of mark ernestus and moritz von oswald have already set the world ablaze once, twice, three, four times with the seminal work as Basic Channel and the splintering into microscopic, heavyweight offshoots by way of the M series (Maurizio on proud display), Main Street (Chicago rhythms floating into dub), Chain Reaction (reduced, spacious techno blueprints), Rhythm and Sound (largely instrumental dub coloured mountains of space) and, of course, Burial Mix (vocalists brought forth, reggae re-invented). It's hard to over-emphasise just how important this music has been to us personally over the last 10 years and, for that matter, just how substantial the impact of the Basic Channel model has been on everything that has taken place in electronic music since. Following the convention of vinyl precedence, each of these labels has offered a catalogue up on record (in this case 10" releases) before compiling the music onto one cd. This is, in fact, the second Burial Mix compilation, the first "showcase" concentrating on the label's collaborations with Paul St Hilaire, aka Tikiman, for its opening set of releases. This second installment divides itself into Vocal and Instrumental "Versions" (the Vocal tracks are collected seperately on a second cd), displaying the last seven releases in their entirety, plus the upcoming "Mash Down Babylon" (a new take on the awesome, rare as hell "March Down Babylon"), and features a quite simply breathtaking collection of tracks that in their time have all been singles of the week for us here. Just thinking of the majestic exuberance of "King in My Empire", or the breathtaking midnight spaciousness of "Making Histroy" brings goosebumps to this already seasoned listener, and that's just an opening gambit. There's no room for mistake or argument - we have been waiting for these two releases for a long long time, it really doesn't get any better. Absolutely essential.

Rhythm & Sound - With The Artists
Burial Mix

Look back at our archive of reviews for releases on the Burial Mix label and you'll probably realise that we've always had a reverential approach to what these people do. The credentials are all there : the godlike production talents of mark ernestus and moritz von oswald have already set the world ablaze once, twice, three, four times with the seminal work as Basic Channel and the splintering into microscopic, heavyweight offshoots by way of the M series (Maurizio on proud display), Main Street (Chicago rhythms floating into dub), Chain Reaction (reduced, spacious techno blueprints), Rhythm and Sound (largely instrumental dub coloured mountains of space) and, of course, Burial Mix (vocalists brought forth, reggae re-invented). It's hard to over-emphasise just how important this music has been to us personally over the last 10 years and, for that matter, just how substantial the impact of the Basic Channel model has been on everything that has taken place in electronic music since. Following the convention of vinyl precedence, each of these labels has offered a catalogue up on record (in this case 10" releases) before compiling the music onto one cd. This is, in fact, the second Burial Mix compilation, the first "showcase" concentrating on the label's collaborations with Paul St Hilaire, aka Tikiman, for its opening set of releases. This second installment divides itself into Vocal and Instrumental "Versions" (the "Versions" are collected seperately on a second cd), displaying the last seven releases in their entirety, plus the upcoming "Mash Down Babylon" (a new take on the awesome, rare as hell "March Down Babylon"), and features a quite simply breathtaking collection of tracks that in their time have all been singles of the week for us here. Just thinking of the majestic exuberance of "King in My Empire", or the breathtaking midnight spaciousness of "Making Histroy" brings goosebumps to this already seasoned listener, and that's just an opening gambit. The vocalists on offer here are : Cornel Campbell, Paul St. Hilaire, Shalom, The Chosen Brothers, Love Joy, Jennifer Lara and Jah Batta. The tracks included are : King in my Empire, Queen in my Empire, Jah Rule, We been Troddin, Mash Down Babylon, Music hit you, Best Friend and Making History, all on cd for the very first time. There's no room for mistake or argument - we have been waiting for these two releases for a long long time, it really doesn't get any better. Absolutely essential.

Bomb 20 - Reality Surpasses Fiction
Make Some Noise

Underground producer BOMB 20, aka Berlin-based David Skiba, releases his long-awaited follow-up to the excellent "Field Manual", the classic lesson in cut-up deviance hailed by NME as "the best pop album of 1999" originally released on Alec Empire's notorious Digital Hardcore label. Bomb's obsessive and alternately poignant/hilarious vocal sample cut-ups are combined with a new production quality, honed through collaborations with Gonzales and Peaches and remix work for Max Turner, Hanayo and Angie Reed, amongst others. Previously accessible only to the more extreme electro dancefloors, the current live set and new material has taken on a more polished electro sound while retaining the hip-hop subsonics and rough-edged breaks familiar to Bomb 20 fans. Tracks such as `Rich' meld a greater melodic emphasis to a thundering tech- funk break and civil rights-themed vocal splices. `Forever' allies 9/11 news soundbites with `Assault On Precinct 13' style synth riffs; and `The Funeral', with its dubbed-out frequencies and top horn lines. Nasty, but deliciously so.

Fibla - Lent

Fibla returns with this fantastic album of deep textured IDM lullabies and crunchy constructions."Lent" means literally "slow" in Catalan, and it finds Vicent in composed and fully assured form, employing trademark electronic elements, yet finding enough distinction to set it above and beyond the vast conveyor belt of the contemporary electronic scene. There's an unhurried, slow motion grace at the heart of this release, and it shows considerable amounts of heart and feeling at every turn. 'Krud' immediately settles into a sedate, majestic progression - booming bass and chords like ointment. 'Making the most of it' carries the feeling of impending time, building up from washes of sound and layer, emerging poised and smooth from a relatively crunched up beginning. 'La baie des anges' adopts a more architectural approach, perhaps more Autechre than Gaudi, but still, anyone who's visited the Sonar festival in Vicent's home town should understand the thrust and the context of this graceful piece. 'Boringly repetitive' takes the slanderous, almost journalistic term and fires it right back at the critics. Bumping along at an increased tempo, there's a defiant, joyous electronic hook which in the right hands could rock any party, worth the name. 'Antaix' brings us back to earth, crumpled but still nicely crisped around the edges, while 'Inside' enlists the assistance of DJ 2D2 on turntables, support dj on the latest Prefuse 73 tour. Summing up, we find the concluding track 'An incredible shared moment' and that could stand as fitting comment on the inclusive, sunblessed, shimmering web of sound that is 'Lent'. Just stick it on continuous play for a while and the feeling starts to build... Gorgeous.

Plastikman - Disconnect

Ritchie Hawtin lines up his new album for Novamute with this tasty little 12". Featuring 3 cuts of Hawtin's tweaked and minimised sonic experiments, it's the b-side which steals the show, `Digital/Divide' is a long and frequently evolving number, all manner of pitching and strange sounds splinter off before a beautiful string ties all sounds together for a moment of absolute crisp clarity. An experimental but superb track from Plastikman. The A-side deploys more minimal wobbles on `Headcase', a lesson in low end rumble and bass rattling, a track that builds while pitching drums almost fly from the high to the low end of the spectrum. Crazy, deep, good.

Remarc - Sound Murderer
Planet Mu

This is serious - serious - serious - seriously tasty material from the legendary Remarc, collecting 12 junglist riddims released between 1993 and 1997 on labels such as Suburban Base, Kemet, Labello, White House and Dollar. If you are, like me, addicted to the sound that came to life with the release of A Guy Called Gerald's legendary "Black Street Technology" album back in 1993 you'll absolutely crease listening to these gems. Remarc exemplifies the kind of junglist attitude that sounds like it was made between London's Westway and the deepest reaches of Detroit - that rudebwoy attitude perfectly intertwined with deepest synths and midnight strings. It's with those strings, rather than the breaks and ragga vocal stylings, that this material becomes so utterly memorable - transporting me back to a time (before Reprazent turned this all into coffee table fodder) where the music was not only about posturing but about innovation. The tight edits and sample cuts sit brilliantly next to the recent Amen Andrews material and make me realise why some years back music like this was all I listened to. Awesome.

Tiki Obmar - High School Confidential

New on Merck! High School Confidential is the debut CD from the Minneapolis based band Tiki Obmar. With 3 members, friends for years and playing together for almost as long, baring their souls with the intricate framework of the dense indie-idm compositions. Guitar originated sounds bounce and grind in with excellent drum sensibilities and floaty touching pads. Basically, they are multi-instrumentalists running live drums, bass, guitar, and keys through samplers and effects. Another quality Merck CD with aesthetic and tunes that move you with deft arrangements and mood-driven melodies.Highly Recommended.

Various / Lost In Translation - Original Soundtrack
Emperor Norton

Ok, loads of you have emailed us about this recently - it features the first new My Bloody Valentine material in years, plus exclusive and new material from Squarepusher, Kevin Shields, Jesus and Mary Chain, Air and more. The soundtrack is for Sofia Coppola's new film in which music, apparently, plays a pivotal role. As for the tracks : Kevin Shields provides a blistering MBV gem that finds THAT vocal underneath layers of fuzzed-out guitars and washes of space, while his own solo material finds a more overtly soundtracky strategy built around electronic means. The Squarepusher track "Tommib" is a beatless number, all delicate synths and lullaby progressions in a self-restrained and surprisingly focussed manner, while the rest of the album selection manages to pose acoustic versus electronics with much flair and a show of very evident good taste. Recommended.

Various / Gigolo - New Deutsch

`New Deutsch,' compiled by Thomas B�r and DJ Hell provides the first extensive overview of early European Electro-Punk and New Wave music. `New Deutsch' documents over 24 carefully selected tracks from the first explosion of synthetic music in Germany. The Synthesizer was discovered by the then punk world and used as a practical way to produce music. This compilation from DJ Hell and Thomas Bar doesn't stop at genre borders, rather it lays together the most underground indie singles alongside chart hits of the early 80's. Tracks are : Weltklang - VEB Heimat Neon - Neon Grauzone - Film 2 Der Plan - Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimentale Gleitzeit - Ich Komme Aus Der DDR No More - Suicide Commando Stratis - Herzlos C. Glowalla - Erde 80 Eiskalte Engel - Kinder Aus Asbest Echowest - Engelst�r DAF - Tanz Mit Mir Za Za - Zauberstab Keine Ahnung - Plastik Die Gesunden - Die Gesunden Kommen Fehlfarben - Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran) Der Plan - Leb Doch Pyrolator - Max Blindganger - Spiel Ohne Worte Pyrolator - Die Haut Der Frau Grauzone - Eisbar Pyrolater - Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disko Die Hornissen - Zeittunnel Pyrolator - Gold Und Silber Der Plan - Wir Werden Immer Mehr (Liebe, Brot, Einfachheit, Tod).

Ty - Upwards
Big Dada

An absolutly killer triple-cut that pays much respect to true school uk hip hop from back in the day, taking it from the streetsound of today to the future with it's dancefloor intent. From fatty hip hop gems like 'Ha Ha', 'Hot Spice', 'I Want 2' and 'Oh U Want More' to the more afrocentric world grooves of 'Groovement', 'Inner Love (Samba)', 'Music 2 Fly 2' and the Tony Allen guestspot afrobeat gem 'The Wiling' - it's all hot. This album deserves to be as big as Roots Manuva and with the quality level on display here he'll soon be as big as the man himself. Extremely good party hip hop.

James Orr Complex - Chori's Bundle
Rock Action

Debut album from James Orr Complex, released on Mogwai's Rock Action imprint and will appeal to fans of Nick Drake, John Fahey and Bonnie Prince Billy. "Chori's Bundle" is the first release from James Orr Complex since 2001's Figa EP. At the heart of The James Orr Complex is one Chris Mack. Chris is perhaps better known as frontman of the seminal Glasgow band Eska. The James Orr Complex/Chris Mack has become one of the most influential figures on the Glasgow scene and he has toured with the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, Television, Tara Jane O Neil and Chris Brockaw. Vinyl limited to 500 copies only

Mountaineers - Messy Century

`Messy Century' features 13 superb tracks full of hooks and great songwriting. Originally from Wales, and now based in Liverpool, Mountaineers have so far released two limited, untitled EP's (on Deltasonic and Mute) and have been described by the NME as "...lush postmodern electronica complemented by delicious songwriting", it saw Mountaineers tipped as ones to watch by publications as diverse as Jockey Slut and The Sunday Times. �Having recently toured with Goldfrapp and Sparklehorse, the band have also played their own headline shows across the country. Check.

Various / Domino - Worlds Of Possibility

To mark their tenth anniversary Domino Records are releasing "Worlds of Possibility", a special super-cheap, brilliant value double CD compilation . CD1 features a selection of earlier tracks from classic Domino artists such as Sebadoh, Royal Trux, Clinic, Pavement, Elliott Smith and Smog whilst CD2 showcases recently signed artists and new tracks from Four tet, Adem (Fridge) and U.N.P.O.C. �Exclusive material comes courtesy of To Rococo Rot and Franz Ferdinand whilst pre-release tracks from new Domino signing The Archie Bronson Outfit and Movietone`s forthcoming album "The Sand and The Stars" are also featured. Tracklisting is as follows : "Soul And Fire" - Sebadoh "The Spectre" - Royal Trux "More Brother Rides" - Palace Music "Standard 8" - Quickspace "Outdoor Miner" - Flying Saucer Attack "Worlds Of Possiblity" - The Pastels "Three-Quarter Blind Eyes" - Plush "Held" - (Smog) "Neskwik" - Woodbine "Speed Trials" - Elliot Smith "Distortions" - Clinic "Ghost Ship In A Storm" - Jim O'Rourke "Sleepy Sweet" - Pram "Plastic Energy Man" - Papa M "Whale Bones" - Preston School of Industry "Free To Go" - Folk Implosion "Random Rules" - Silver Jews "The Hexx" - Pavement , "User Friendly" - The Blueskins "Darts of Pleasure (Home Demo)" - Franz Ferdinand "Us" - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Wait" - The Kills "I Wonder If The Snow Will Settle" - Clearlake "They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here" - Hood "She Moves She" - Four Tet "St. Patrick" - James Yorkston "Here He Comes" - Archie Bronson Quartet "Codes" - Jason Loewenstein "Hot Shit" - Quasi "Been A While Since I Went Away" - U.N.P.O.C "Ocean Song" - Movietone "Lights" - Max Tundra "Everything You Need" - Adem "The Way" - Bonnie "Prince" Billy "Rock On, Lovers" - To Rococo Rot "The End" - Matt Elliott. Bargain.

Virginia Astley - From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
Rough Trade

"This reissue of From Gardens Where We Feel Secure had been remastered from the original tapes. Unfortunately, the original artwork was lost which meant a new design had to be built based on a brief by Virginia. The album's theme was a blend of live recordings of countryside sounds and music written by Virginia designed to evoke the atmosphere of a summers day. The album was divided into two sections titled 'Morning' and 'Afternoon'. The sound effects used on the album were recorded at various times between April and June 1982 at locations in and around Moulsford, Oxfordshire. A Summer Long Since Passed originally featured as the B-Side to the 12" release of the single Love's A Lonely Place To Be in January 1983. When The Fields Were On Fire originally appeared on the compilation cassette "Meridians Two" released in May 1983.

Ricardo Villalobos - Alcahofa

House album of the year anyone?? Ricardo Villalobos has emerged over the last few years as one of the foremost producers in the Zone That Has No Name - minimalism too vital to be called minimal, techno too slinky to be techno, house too determinedly anti-anthemic to be called house. On singles for Playhouse, Perlon, and many more, Villalobos has cranked up an old drop top convertible and reconfigured its techno motor to run on nothing but pebbles and honey, silicon and grass. Less minimalist than profoundly, proudly, regally restrained, his music is full of pauses, patience and white space; he overlaps genres until only their outlines remain, blotting out all but the essence. This isn't techno as we knew it; it's a biological experiment, a Petri dish of private elation and muttered damnations, voices, tones, exhalations rubbed raw with salt and gravel. 'Alcachofa' presents metamorphosis in play: restless, irrevocable, the world sounds different now. Opening track "Easy Lee..." will stick in your mind for months. Killer set - invest.

Robert Hood - Wire To Wire

The man like Rob Hood drops an absolutely outrageously good long player on Peacefrog, a storming journey through the finest forms and mutations of deep Detroit techno. The opener `Make A Wish' is a melodic tour de force with fast synth stabs hammering out a lush melody that builds and explores to create a mood that's almost celestial in its feel, simple kick drums emphasise the patterns and high-end notes add harmonics for a dash of the Rob Hood of old. Genius. The vibe changes for a downtempo number with `The Game' complete with a hip hop vibe, a broken beat and snapping snares surrounded by lush synths and backing strings for subtle and simple bass notes a la Basic Channel. `The Wire' is a class slice of Hoodian genius, sparkling synths backed by minimal beats are joined by a melodic synth that is pure Detroit in its excecution, a build up to the kick-drop re-affirms the Rob Hood blueprint and the harmonic synths join in and ice-off this loop-based stormer, ace. Commanding classic from a true Techno pioneer.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 PM

Released on October 6th: Blu Mar Ten - The Six Million Names of God on Exceptional

Blu Mar Ten are probably best known for the melodious D&B they put out in the mid to late 90�s. Following a brief hiatus, the pair has shown their versatility, thrilling listeners with a wondrous variety of material. This longplayer for Exceptional is a tranquil laid-back offering, focussing on the mellower side of their sound. �The Map Of Love� sees calming watery sounds, tender gorgeous acoustic influences, barely there pattering percussion and genuine listening keys combine on a supremely soothing outing. �The Date� suggests there�s no need to be nervous if you feel the same way as your partner, as blessed strings, lapping waves and a serious yet inviting underpin understanding vocals. �Trauma� will relieve you of any ailment, courtesy of its startling golden keys, free running splintered percussion, curiously shaped synths and intriguing eastern keys. This album, which calls on material from the last six years, sees Blu Mar Ten express their emotions wonderfully.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:23 PM

Friday, September 26, 2003


Playlouder report The Fall finally to release their new album: 'The Real New Fall Album' it will be coming out on the 27th of October, produced by Grant Showbiz.

The original version surfaced some time in February, and was leaked onto the internet. At the time it was to be called 'Country on the Click'

According to the ears of Playlouder it's brilliant. Earlier this year The Fall session on Peel was promising - let's hope for a return to form ala 2000's The Unutterable [the follow up to that was poorly received by virtually everyone and had a ghastly drab lacklustre production]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:42 PM

BBC Music review Ty - Upwards

Embarking on a journey that is reminiscent of the true essence of hip hop, by using a hybrid of diverse musical flavours incorporating, hypnotic African rhymic beats, smoothed out jazz, old school funk, not forgetting a touch of soul.

I am far from an expert on Hip-Hop, but from an outsider perspective like Roots Manuva this Ty man has a distinctive/ unique / interesting flowing sound from the tracks i have listened to on the radio recently.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:26 PM

BBC Music review Koma and Bones - Shutterspeed

# posted by DJ Martian 8:16 PM

BBC Collective review the 80s inspired electro/synth sounds of Zoot Woman - Zoot Woman and the atmospheric rock of Doves - Lost Souls

# posted by DJ Martian 7:33 PM

An article by Stuart Nicholson on STIM/The Swedish Music Information Center website: The Nordictone in jazz - does it really matter? [found via It's a trap]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:27 PM interview Tim Deluxe

# posted by DJ Martian 5:11 PM

310 new album: Recessional

PostEverything provide info on 310 - Recessional, that is due for release October 13th on Leaf

�A love song for the melting of the polar ice caps�

Sonic storytellers 310 return with their fifth album - without doubt their most accomplished and accessible to date. Distilled from two years of work, and including four vocal tracks that accentuate the dreamlike narrative that emerges as one explores the album.

The seamless mix of songs and instrumental pieces creates a deep river of sound that more than repays repeated listening. From the lush, hypnotic opener �Opposite Corners�, through the ambitious, eastern-sounding �Night On The Ocean�, to the nouveau prog of �ExuMix� (which started life as remix of a track by Voodoo Muzak), there�s a variety and depth to these adventures in hi-fi that draws the listener in.

Now a fully fledged trio, and spread right across the American continent, 310 are Tim Donovan (Brooklyn), Joseph Dierker (Seattle) and Andrew Sigler (LA).

�We created a lot of tracks before we found the voice of the record�, says Tim. �310 continues to evolve and with each record we feel that it's our best work. That's all you can ask for with a creative project.�

Formulated around themes of cities and oceans, streets and rivers, the album takes elements of music from the last three decades to synthesise something that could only have been created in the 21st Century. The aquatic travelogue is perhaps most apparent in the lyrics to �Pacific Gravity�, a track that was introduced as an instrumental on the group�s 1999 album,

[This is the follow up to 2001 album: 310 - Afterall]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:19 PM

Next week's new releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 1:56 PM

Xpander report Michael Mayer mixes Fabric 13

Fabric 13 - mixed by Michael Mayer - is released on November 3, 2003. The album features music from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Westbam & Nena, Heiko Voss, Superpitcher a.o.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:11 PM

Andy @ Dubscrape is back in blogging action, with an overview of some of his recent faves.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:34 PM

This week's reviews @ Almost Cool include:

Matmos - The Civil War

Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling

T. Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout

# posted by DJ Martian 12:24 PM

The Guardian review Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland

# posted by DJ Martian 11:56 AM

Forthcoming Releases @ Music Non Stop

Some forthcoming releases mentioned in the latest Newsletter [via e-mail] from Music Non Stop

The Creatures - Hai ! - Fullfill

Brand new album from The Creatures available as 3 editions.
LIMITED EDITION CD + DVD - This version includes the regular studio album CD plus a bonus DVD which features the filming of the original sessions from which this album was created. Limited to 6000 copies worldwide.
LIMITED EDITION CD + BONUS CD Version of the new Creatures album "Hai !". This version includes the regular studio album CD plus a BONUS full instrumental CD of unreleased music. Limited to 6000 copies worldwide.
HEAVY DOUBLE VINYL package with gatefold sleeve.

Album Tracklisting :-
1. Say Yes!
2. Around The World
3. Seven Tears
4. Godzilla
5. Imagoro
6. Tourniquet
7. Further Nearer
8. City Island
9. Tantara
All Released 20th October 2003.

See below for full information on The Creatures new single 'Godzilla'.

The Creatures - Godzilla - Fullfill

The Creatures brand new single ''Godzilla'' hits the streets 13th October 2003. Three numbered special formats of 6000 per edition are being released. Please note that CD 2 and CD 3 will be deleted after first week.

Full Tracklisting CD Single 1.
01.Godzilla ( Radio Edit )
02.Temple Of Dawn
03.Attack Of The Super Vixens

Full Tracklisting CD Single 2.
01.Godzilla ( Video )
02.Godzilla ( Instrumental Video )

Full Tracklisting CD Single 3.
01.Godzilla ( Budgie's Tokyo Fist Mix )
02.Godzilla Instrumental
03.Godzilla Tokyo Session

Released 13th October 2003.Fullfill

Implant - Horseback Riding Through Bassfields - Alfa Matrix

IMPLANT deliver a monumental milestone in their rich discography ! "Horseback Riding Through Bassfields" rediscoveres the dark-side of IMPLANT, while still being faithful to the dance-vision of their electro-side. Back on ( surprisingly aggressive ) vocals is Len Lemeire who conjures some genuinely chilling moments within a complex landscape of ethnic drums, catchy baselines, icy synth-lines, freaky rhythms and an endless stream of weird samples. Destined to become one of the best albums from the entire Alfa Matrix catalogue. Legendary ! Available as both a limited 2CD version and standard edition.
CD Tracklisting :-
01 saddle-up
02 victim of the 60's
03 the age of experiment
04 too many puppies (*)
05 we are doing fine
06 patterns of awareness
07 what's going on?
08 heartbreak & mass-destruction
09 is it fear or is it love?
10 full moon
11 addicted to the baseline
12 here comes the butterfly

The limited edition of the album will contain the normal version of the album plus postcards, stickers and a bonus disc featuring amongst others remixes by Gin Devo (ex- Vomito Negro), Armageddon Dildos, Glis, Massive In Mensch, Lights Of Euphoria, Headscan, Plastic Noise Experience, Razed In Black, Vidna Obmana, Moonitor (Icon Of Coil project), Mimetic, Seize. (complete track list still tbc.)

Released 27th October 2003.

N.F.D. - Breaking The Silence - Jungle

The debut release from ex-Fields of The Nephilim Tony Pettitt's new band ! With Fields Of The Nephilim / Nefilim's Simon Rippin and new vocalist Peter Bob White, plus guest player Peter Yates ( the original Fields Of The Nephilim guitarist ). "Breaking The Silence" contains references to the Nephilim's sound, but is done in NFD's unique, catchy, rocking own style ! After Fields Of The Nephilim's "Fallen" album last year, Tony Pettitt decided to move to a more active outfit. Teaming up with vocalist Peter Bob White and drummer Simon Rippin ( ex Nefilim and FOTN touring band ), new recordings have been coming out at a pace with an album's material nearly finished. "Breaking The Silence" gives a sneak preview into that album delivering an amazing and rocking single. Please note that the Maxi CD and Vinyl 12" EACH contain one EXCLUSIVE track !
CDS :- Full Tracklisting :
01 Break The Silence
02 No Love Lost
03 Unleashed ( Exclusive to CD single )

12" Full tracklisting :
01 Break The Silence
02 No Love Lost
03 Awaken ( Exclusive to 12" )
Released 5th October 2003.

And Also The Trees - Further From The Truth - AATT

Nearly 5 years after their previous release ( and after more than 20 years as a seminal influence on Dark Music in general ) legendary act And Also The Trees return with a brand new studio album."Further From The Truth" marks something of a departure from the retro-Americana with which they have become synonymous in recent years. Gone are the twanging guitars and mood-noir organs of old. Justin Jones' somnambulant guitars mix with the whirling, relentless rhythms of bassist Steve Burrows and drummer Paul Hill, the creepy / pretty music arranged sparsely around Simon-Huw Jones' tense and strangely vulnerable vocals. Delicate, monotone synthesizers and melotrons merge to create a soundscape not industrial or pastoral but somewhere in between. Hallucinatory, quiet, dense and integrated, age has not withered them. Perhaps their first album that draws on contemporary influence rather than those of the past. Yet at no point is one in any doubt that this is an AATT album and in truth, perhaps their finest release for some years.

Released 27th October 2003.

Bunnyhug - Like Kissing An Ashtray - Elefant

Chicago USA duo BUNNYHUG, release their debut album of turbulent techno-pop on the Spanish Elefant label. Influenced by electro and eighties techno-pop, with a nod to late-seventies post-punk, they are an impossible mixture of Joy Division, Kraftwerk and The Human League. Bunnyhug's "Like Kissing An Ashtray" mixes together the best electro-funk ( Hashim, Newcleus, Jonzun Crew ), 80s techno pop ( O.M.D., New Order, Depeche Mode ), German music ( Kraftwerk, D.A.F.) and other current acts ( Fischerspooner, Ladytron ). Infectious, electronic-tinged pop.
Released 29th September 2003.

Common Dream - Gravity - Strangeways

COMMON DREAM are another new discovery from the Strangeways label, that will please open minded fans of Electro with a slight touch of electric guitars ! "Gravity" offers the finest combination of heavy modern electronics and synthetic rhythm patterns with the warm sound of an electric guitar. "Gravity" features eleven tracks of diverse synth /electro, from the potential hit-single "Someone Could", to the refined electronics of "Save Me" and "First and Last" to the electronic rock'n'roll of "Pass It Over" the tranquil atmospherics and modern acoustic electronics of "Read the Thoughts" and "Word Was Said", and finally - the album's closing composition - the sad / melancholic and heart-breaking "Don't Say Anything". A wonderfull debut-album that promises a lot for this young band !
Released 13th October 2003.

Die Form - Zoopsia - Trisol [MCD]

Brand new 6 track release from this legendary French band, heralding the forthcoming album "InHuman". "Zoopsia" is the first piece of new music from PHILIPPE FICHOT and ELIANE in more than 3 years. "Zoopsia" contains both typical DIE FORM electronic sounds plus some more modern beats which are used to form songs that have a very rhythmic edge and are more repetitive than usual. The singing is done by PHILIPPE, and ELIANE's voice is not limited to background melodies like on the previous releases. The result of the songs remind of the ""Confessions"" or ""Tears of Eros"" period of DIE FORM, being at the same time more rhythmic and darker. Finally this Maxi CD comes in a magnificent digipak presenting new impressive photos from PHILIPPE FICHOT and an enhanced video track of ""Akuma 3"", which has been filmed and produced by PHILIPPE FICHOT himself ! This crowns a single which is a must for all DIE FORM fans and an interesting release for those into the darker side of electronic music. After 20 years of musical activity Die Form proove to be as irresistible and as unique as ever.
Full Tracklisting :
02.Lost By Lust
03.Dementia Praecox
04.Transgressions 2
05.Itopsia Atropos 2
06.Akuma 3
07.Akuma 3 ( video track )
Released 31st October 2003.

The House Of Usher - Cosmogenesis - Equinox

"Cosmogenesis" transports the listener on a musical journey through a dark and cold cosmos ! Following 3 years of industrious toiling, the German Gothic rock band THE HOUSE OF USHER released an album that not just electrified their loyal fans. Sampled acoustic guitars as psychedelic elements, the clear separation of rhythm and lead guitars and a combination of synth and live bass guitars mix seamlessly together, giving unique charm to the 12 gothic hymns presented here. "Cosmogenesis" sounds strong and melancholic, but it doesn't spread an apocalyptic mood. Great Gothic Rock!
Released October 6th 2003

John Foxx & Louis Gordon - The Drive - Fullfill [EP]

Synthesizer pioneer John Foxx releases his, ''The Drive EP'', which he recorded with Mancunian electronic genius Louis Gordon. This release includes remixes of ''Drive'', ''Broken Furniture'' and includes tracks not on the album ''Crash and Burn''. The EP opens with one of Foxx's career bests, ''Drive'', a pounding techno-pop track with an oddly emotional lyric, while Sex Video is set to fire-up in electro clubs any day now. Please note that this EP is extremely limited and will be available for a short time only.
Full Tracklisting :
01 Drive
02 Broken furniture
03 Underwater dream sex
04 Making movies
05 Your shadow
06 Broken furniture ( album version )
07 Drive ( album version )
Released 13th October 2003.

Lassigue Bendthaus - Cloned - Metropolis

Originally released on the Contempo Label in Italy - this is the US version ( including 3 bonus tracks ) of Lassigue Bendthaus' simply stunning second album. Featuring the singles "Biofeedback" and "Biohazard", "Cloned" is simply the most unique and invigorating electronic music listening expierience : Crisp electronic sounds merge with electro bleeps amid great compositions and arrangements. For anyone into clean, precise electronic music, and for all fans of KRAFTWERK - get "Cloned".

Lassigue Bendthaus - Matter - Metropolis

The fourth version of this classic CD to be released. This debut milestone in electronic music from Lassigue Bendthaus includes 3 BONUS tracks : "Statique" ( flows ), "Velocity life" ( hz ), and "Automotive" ( 2nd edit ) from the original 12" releases of "Automotif" and "Hertz". All tracks have been digitally remastered. Simply put "Matter" is an indispensible album of classic electronic music for all fans of Kraftwerk, and melodic, pulsing electronica.

Stereoskop � Malevich - Stkm Records

Spanish dark electro group Stereoskop produce polished and varied electronic music ( similar in parts to Depeche Mode and The Cocteau Twins ) "Malevich" ( dedicated to the Russian artist of the same name ) introduces experimentation with carefully arranged vocal melodies delivering a complete and well rounded album with clear influences from the contemporary European electronic music scene. Influences of techno pop, EBM and electronic dance abound complimented by heavenly female vocals to underscore the dark atmosperics of the music.
Released 6th October 2003.

VARIOUS ARTISTS / New Deutsch - International Deejay Gigolo

Compiled by Thomas B�r and DJ Hell "New Deutsch" provides the first extensive overview of early European Electro-Punk and New Wave music.� "New Deutsch" documents over 24 carefully selected tracks from the first explosion of synthetic music in Germany. The Synthesizer was discovered by the then punk world and used as a practical way to produce music. This compilation from DJ Hell and Thomas Bar doesn't stop at genre borders, rather it lays together the most underground indie singles alongside chart hits of the early 80's.
Full tracklisting :
01. Weltklang - "VEB Heimat"
02. Neon - "Neon"
03. Grauzone - "Film 2"
04. Der Plan - "Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimentale"
05. Gleitzeit - "Ich Komme Aus Der DDR"
06. No More - "Suicide Commando"
07. Stratis - "Herzlos"
08. C. Glowalla - "Erde 80"
09. Eiskalte Engel - "Kinder Aus Asbest"
10. Echowest - "Engelst�r"
11. DAF - "Tanz Mit Mir"
12. Za Za - "Zauberstab"
13. Keine Ahnung - "Plastik"
14. Die Gesunden - "Die Gesunden Kommen"
15. Fehlfarben - "Ein Jahr ( Es Geht Voran )"
16. Der Plan - "Leb Doch"
17. Pyrolator - "Max"
18. Blindganger - "Spiel Ohne Worte"
19. Pyrolator - "Die Haut Der Frau"
20. Grauzone - "Eisbar"
21. Pyrolater - "Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disko"
22. Die Hornissen - "Zeittunnel"
23. Pyrolator - "Gold Und Silber"
24. Der Plan - "Wir Werden Immer Mehr (Liebe, Brot, Einfachheit, Tod)"
Released 29th Setember 2003.

VARIOUS ARTISTS / Projekt : The New Face of Goth - Projekt

With this release, the legendary PROJEKT label celebrate TWO Anniversaries and offers its countless followers around the planet a compilation album at a very special price ! "PROJEKT: The New Face of Goth" celebrates both 20 YEARS OF PROJEKT, and also the 150th release on the label presenting an intense new compilation of passionate Gothic music. Featuring two tracks from label favorite Voltaire ( one a brand new song available only on here ) as well as the video edit of "Stained" by sultry new signing Android Lust, this is the release that will define the new sounds of Gothic Music. If you have been searching for artists to fill the gaps left by Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Cocteau Twins, then Projekt fills the bill with thirteen amazing tracks at a very special price. Other artists included: Lycia, Mors Syphilitica, Unto Ashes, Bleak, Love Spirals Downwards, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Audra, Mira, Attrition and Lowsunday.

Released 6th October 2003.

VARIOUS ARTISTS/ State of Synthpop - A Different Drum [5CD Box]

Amazing and essential Box Set including 5 Full length CD's ! In late 2002, A Different Drum planned together with several other synthpop labels ( Ninthwave Records, Nilaihah Records, Alfa Matrix, Cohaagen Music etc.. ), to put together a huge collection of synthpop that would present 85 different bands in one package. It was hoped that this collection would serve as a sort of snapshot of the modern synthpop scene, covering many styles, sounds, and moods. This huge library of music could be both a tool to new synthpop fans, allowing them to explore a lot of different artists with a single low-priced package, but could also be a release worth collecting even for the die-hard synthpop fan who knows these bands by heart. Some of the 85 bands included are : Aiboforcen, Atlantic Popes, Backlash, Celluloide, Color Theory, Cosmicity, Distorted Reality, Dynamic Masters, Echo Image, Echoing Green, Empire State Human, Epsilon Minus, Faith Assembly, Fiction 8, Glis, Hungry Lucy, Implant, Infam, Nebula-H, Neikka RPM, Neuroactive, No Comment, Obsc(y)re, Psyche, Regenerator, Syrian, The Azoic, The Nine, Virtual Server, Voice Industrie and 55 other bands ! A simply awesome collection for synthpop lovers everywhere !
Released 22nd September 2003. A Different Drum.
Complete Tracklisting for all 5 discs can be found on our website

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Two reviews from Like Vibert - Yoseph and Zinc - Faster

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Thursday, September 25, 2003


new blog that includes a music element: ArtfulCandor

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Music weblog: k-punk has moved from blogspot to a new virtual home, here: k-punk

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The Brainwashed Brain - V06I37 - 09212003

Thias week's The Brainwashed Brain includes review of:

Matmos - The Civil War

T. Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout
NovaMute / Shitkatapult

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The Independent review Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland

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Playlouder add to the praise for M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

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This week's One World show on Radio 1 features Jack Planck :: Bip Hop Records

Coming up tonight - Jack Planck aka Jacknife Lee and a mix from experimental French label Bip Hop Records.

>>> Forthcoming One World Shows

2nd Oct
Jon Kennedy, (signed to Grand Central), a mix from Agoria (top new French Techno) and turntablist tricks from this years DMC champs.

9th Oct
Peaches' feisty review of her new album, Unkle does a One World mix and Barry Ashworth spins some new music from 'Ugly'

16th October
Warp Records Special with Luke Vibert, LFO, Plaid, Broadcast and Chris Carter.

23rd October
Pork Records - label special, a mix from Plastikman & new material from Aquasky.

30th October
One Live In Brighton with Har Mar Superstar, Dub Pistols and DJ Zinc.

6th November
Mark Ronson mix from Brighton, M83 Maida Vale Session

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Anglo Plugging have more info on the Psychonauts

PSYCHONAUTS - SONGS FOR CREATURES (International DeeJay Gigolos) is released on October 27th.

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The new October issue of X-Ray magazine is also on sale this week - boring Matt Bellamy of Muse is on the front cover.

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New October issue of Jockey Slut magazine: has Basement Jaxx on the front cover.

details from Jockey Slut promotional e-mail, on what is in the new issue:

Basement Jaxx - Does the music really keep on playing on and on? The Jaxx boys are back and they still haven't got a clue what's going on. Jockey Slut dons its thinking cap and takes Felix and Simon back to the drawing board to discuss castles, growing up and, lest we forget, their sizzling third album.

"Meeting people ain't such a big thing," Madlib insists. Jockey Slut gets acquainted with the self-proclaimed hip hop hermit whose dearest friends are music and weed. The busiest man in hip hop gives us the lowdown on his collaboration with Jay Dee...

An Audience With... Derrick L. Carter. Just what the hell does the 'L' stand for?

Zoot Woman are back in town with a new album, and they're about to bring the fashion massive to its knees. Stuart Price, better known as Jacques Lu Cont, hides the shiny white suit and tells us about being in a band, the new album and the Madonna Experience.

Lessons in music with The Soulsavers. "Just because it's downtempo doesn't mean it has to be a chill out record," The Soulsavers point out. Jockey Slut takes them golf clubbing and finds out what the fuss is all about.

Twelve red-hot tracks, and for nowt! Including:
Jaylib, Luke Vibert, Junior Boys, Two Banks Of Four, Tortoise, Sascha Funke, Agoria, Derick L. Carter, Lady B, Munk & Princess Superstar, Phuturistix and Villalobos.

Album of the Month is

(International DeeJay Gigolos)
Being called trendy is something of a slur in music circles, the suggestion being that fashionability somehow equates to a lack of artistic integrity. Both dance musicians and fans are particularly sensitive to such accusations, especially if there is any implied trend-hopping; according to the trend police, it's better to stick to formula both artist and audience have long tired of than to try anything new. It's how deep house happened.

Somerset boys Paul Mogg and Pablo Clements, whether they like it or not, are trendy. They're on DJ Hell's label (admittedly not as trendy as it used to be, but... ), they DJ at all the right parties and people of a dandyish bent like their records. Not only that, but before their current incarnation they were strongly associated with the eclecticism of the late-'90s. Ooh, the inconstant curs...

But if the Psychonauts are trendy, they are among the best of the new breed of dance acts, too. 'Songs For Creatures', their debut, is everything you hope an album is going to be - varied, vital and adventurous.

Opening with the luxuriously languid 'Circles' and 'Life's Swift Charger' - the former echoing Zero 7, the latter beautifully breathy and ambient - they prove themselves possessed of a depth hitherto absent in other hotly-tipped acts. Then they heavily underline this fact with the sublime single 'Hips For Scotland', featuring folky Scot James Yorkstone on vocals. If anything, the biggest surprise is that a release on Gigolos, home of electro-techno, is so frequently downtempo and so effective when it is so.

When Psychonauts do up the pace, as on 2000's single 'Hot Blood' - their only previous release and one that saw them pre-empt the current fascination with punk-funk - the Simple Minds-like 'Fear Is Real' and the brilliant electro-meets-proper-song of 'World Keeps Turning', Paul and Pablo's songwriting strength is no less evident.

The verdict? If being popular in fashionable circles is a crime, Psychonauts are guilty as charged. More importantly, however, they're also culpable of making one of the strongest albums this year, and in some style.

Chris Blue (8)

"They almost remind me of a very modern, organic and gritty version of the very early Underworld stuff. I particularly like 'Magnetic'; it's softer than some of the others. And I like their ability to be dirty, atmospheric and trippy at the same time, but then I'm a sucker for delays and reverb. I enjoy this when they get dark and spacey, and I love the hypnotic stuff. That's when I think this album is at its best."

"Some people have been waiting for this for ages, and they won't be disappointed, but I also don't reckon it's likely to bring that many new people into the fold. It's a solid effort with good production and nice use of '80s loops, but it's not really doing anything new. It gets much better towards the end and the last track is probably the best. I like the way they've used the vocalists: they've obviously thought hard about who they've used and how, instead of just roping their mates in."

"I've always been a fan of Paul and Pablo's DJ skills. For me, they were a very early example of people using pure hip hop techniques to play music from across the genres - and this album is descended from those skills. It's a beautiful mix of all things great about music, past and present; it's a perfect blend of samples, live instruments and voices. They have created something special. My favourites are the Dr John-like opener 'Circles', the very, very hypnotic 'Empty Love' and the lush, closing 'Take Control', which is a little disturbing, but I like it!"

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Junkmedia interview/profile record label: Thirsty Ear

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Dusted review Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling

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I try to keep this music blog positive.. but's time to laugh at Q magazine again ! as the nominations for the Q Awards are announced: as reported by BBC News: Coldplay lead Q nominations

The full [mostly] dismal list of nominees: Q Awards i could rip into the list, but for now:

how the melodramatic bombastic and nauseating always sound the same Muse, or MOR trad songs rocker David Gray made it into the innovation category is particularly baffling. !

All these establishment music mag awards: Kerrang, NME and Q: are a national embarrassment to Britain, no wonder Simon Reynolds stated that blogs are the future !

# posted by DJ Martian 11:15 AM review the epic art rock sounds of the debut album from Oceansize: Oceansize - Effloresce

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The Music Blogosphere: getting recognition

The Guardian have an article that discusses the influence of Music Blogs on breaking new artists, specifically Mr Rascal, with comments from Tom Ewing and Simon Reynolds.

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Dillinja & Lemon D & Zinc

This week's choice is a drum n bass/ jungle special with Dillinja & Lemon D and Zinc featured on the front cover.

In recent times, 2003 has been a fairly quiet time for artist albums in the jungle/ drum n bass scene - afterall the drum n bass scene predominately revolves around upfront 12" vinyl - spun for the dancefloor. However this is set to change next week as two albums are unleashed.

The Dillinja & Lemon D sound is bass heavy, hard and as Simon Reynolds would no doubt say: Grimey. Tuff, Uncompromising urban sounds of today

Dillinja & Lemon D have a stunning mix set on the current Fabio & Grooverider show on Radio 1

Dillinja & Lemon D: KILLA-HERTZ is released on September 29th on Valve Recordings.

Zinc previously has recorded for the esteemed True Playaz drum n bass label, but has now secured a contract with a major label Polydor. Zinc's music has crossed over to other music scenes including the 2 step underground.

Zinc: Faster is released on September 29th on Polydor.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 report Orbital will release the soundtrack to the film: Octane on October 20th.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:55 PM have the full tracklist details of the forthcoming Audio Bullys Back to Mine compilation.

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Pitchfork review Need New Body - UFO

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The new [October] issue of The Wire includes a free 30 track double CD.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:42 PM review Miroslav Vitous � Universal Syncopations (ECM)

With a group that consists of saxophonist Jan Garbarek, pianist Chick Corea, guitarist John McLaughlin and drummer Jack DeJohnette, musicians who have all moved improvised music forward in their own way, one might expect a heavy blowing session, filled with extended solos. Instead, the album is more like a series of tone poems, where everyone solos and nobody solos. Players dish out phrases like splashes of paint on a canvas, collectively creating new and moving pictures.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:40 PM review Tim Deluxe - The Little Ginger Club Kid

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NovaMute have the press release on the forthcoming Plastikman album: Closer, due for release October 20th. Plus an opportunity to listen to all the tracks on the album.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Junkmedia interview Spacek

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Pitchfork review Sascha Funke - Bravo

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The latest e-mail newsletter from dense promotion Berlin, includes info on these forthcoming releases:

2ND GEN - Flicknives [CD/LP Quartermass QS143]

2nd Gen has received critical acclaim from numerous diverse sources
but actually defining this intense music deviation is close to
impossible. Containing fragments of techno, hip-hop and rock with a
driving industrial noise mentality, Wajid Yaseen's unique musical
project is a bulldozing distillation of genres, intertwining and
contorting sound to serve his will.
His new album titled 'Flicknives' to be released on the fiercly
independant Quatermass label, again threatens to break down any
expectations of what can be done with sound. 10 tracks ranging from
the melancholic opener 'Evox' to the sonic thrill of 'Middle Finger
Motif' to the stripped rawness of 'Sliding into Stereotypes' - even more seductive and adventurous than ever.

"Organised noise of the highest order" - Rock Sound
"This is the voice of the magpie with razor claws" - College Music Update
"Funky marching music for iron youth" - Uncut
"A guitar-less 'Songs of Love and Hate' or a hip-hop 'Heathen Earth'"
- Terrorizer

ASMUS TIETCHENS - FT+ [CD Crouton crou019]

From 2001 - 2002, Crouton released a limited and now out of print series of
triple 3" CD sets titled Folktales. Each disc featured a solo performance,
and hosted the work of C. Rosenau, Hal Rammel, John Kannenberg, Jon Mueller, Bhob Rainey, Achim Wollscheid, Kevin Shea, Adam Sonderberg, and Dan Warburton. The idea behind the series was to present an 'aural story' from each artist - a statement made outside of their work in other groups and collaborations.

Now in 2003, this series of stories are presented again, however, under the guise of a translator. With this release, legendary German sound artist Asmus Tietchens presents a total reworking of the entire Folktales series.
Though these sound statements were originally made by others, the retelling is completely Tietchens' own. Since 1965 Tietchens has been at the forefront of experimental studio sound work, and this release is proof that he continues to develop his work further still. FT+ is a continually surprising listen, very subtle and at moments extremely quiet, with strange colors and anti-rhythms occasionally peeking through. Tietchens once stated that he set out to explore the "white dots on the landscape of sound." Here he continues to find them, and present them in his own unique way. Those who have the original Folktales releases will find this to be a surprising finale to the series. Those who haven't heard these original gems will marvel still in Tietchens' sublime presentation.

Asmus Tietchens discography is massive, including releases on labels such as United Dairies, DOM, Die Stadt, and many others. He has also collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Roedelius, Merzbow, Thomas K�ner, Cluster, David Lee Myers, and many others.

NOVEL 23 - architectural effects [CD bip-hop bleep23]

Roman Belousov is an electronic musician from Moscow, Russia.
Novel 23 started making music back in 1997 and released several albums, most notable on Solar X�s imprint and Pitchcadet out of america. He was also invited to split EPs, remixes, and tracks for numerous international IDM compilations.

His sound originates in a combination of computer audio technologies and old soviet synthesizers, electro rhythms and romantic melodies, which evoke new visions for curious listeners. Alongside compatriots like Solar X, EU, Fizzarum, Novel 23 is one of the few who has managed to be heard outside the borders.
"Architectural Effects" was created between 2000-2002. Ten tracks combines into one conception which is dedicated to architecture. Each track reflects element of architecture, constructions or styles.
Musically it is pure melodic, blissful electronica.

[reciprocess : +/vs.] vol. 2 [CD bip-hop bleep 22]
-> no promo in UK, ES, IT, FR

Since its beginning BiP_HOp has expressed an interest in collaborative works, trying to go against the autistic side of contemporary electronica. In that tradition, Philippe Petit had the idea of starting a series of split CDs featuring the work(s) of two sound assemblers and documenting the process of musical reciprocality between them. To push the concept even further it was better to create an association between two labels.

BiP-HOp in association with F�llt are pleased to present Reciprocess + / vs. As the title of the series suggests each volume features the work of two sound assemblers contributing: a collaborative work; a series of independent works; and finally, contributing a remix of each other's work(s). Reciprocess + / vs. is co-curated by Philippe Petit (BiP-HOp) and Christopher Murphy (F�llt) and features artwork by F�llt designers Fehler.

Each volume in the series offers an overview of the two participating artists, with select discographies and specially commissioned sleeve notes by established critics. The design of the series reflects the different contributors with artwork that is readable from top to bottom, back to front and left to right - paper-based interactivity.

For some time, Stephan Mathieu "has been trying to reduce his compositional approach to a minimum by accepting sounds the way they are." Alike his contemporaries Cray, Pimmon, Taylor Deupree, or Komet he has managed to create his own and particular sound. Releasing for such labels as Mille Plateaux, Orthlong Musork, Ritornell, Lucky Kitchen, F�llt...

Douglas Benford has been releasing music under the alias Si-CUT.DB for years, he also the second player in Tennis, and founder & curator at the infamous London Sprawl. His next album has been commissioned by the Highpointlowlife label, the eagerly awaited "offices at night" album is due out on Fallt very soon... Si-cut.db has just appeared on two new compilations from the german label BackGround. He�s on the new Warpmart sampler, and working on another full-length for BiP_HOp. Gradually consolidating his sound into a mix of current rhythmic attitudes and highly processed microsound processes, there is no doubt that Douglas Benford is on his way to polite world domination.

SVEN-�KE JOHANNSSON/R�DIGER CARL/JOE WILLIAMSON � Hudson Riv (Autumn in New York) [CD Grob 542]

This CD is a sensation. We are not exaggerating and do not want to make any false pretences. But one has to listen to it in order to understand what�s really happening here.

The duo of R�diger Carl and Sven-�ke Johansson is well known, they�ve been working together for over 25 years. First in the legendary Bergisch-Brandenbrugischen Quartet (reinforced by Hans Reichel and Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky), from the middle of the 80�s then in the familiar twosome (GROB plans a studio production of the duo in 2004). The music is radical because it detonated the concept of the musical: their performances or better: performances are constantly gesticulate and theatrical and can afford to play around with clich�s, because their music fulfills no clich�. Seldom does improvised music gain such a committed as well as always surprising expression.

Their public appreciates this and doesn�t trust its own ears, when, after a performance, R�diger Carl, the clarinet virtuoso and accordion meister, sits on the piano and intones old standard, to which Sven-�ke Johansson, the BeBop archeaologe and drum genius, sings � and of course the original texts! This was not a gag, not an interlude, but rather a new program, which is perhaps the most radical step in the evolution of their cooperation. In November 2001 Carl and Johansson met in Johansson�s Berlin studio, grabbed the bassist Joe Williamson (see his fresh solo CD on GROB, The Ungrateful Carjacker, 536) and played a homage to New York: �No Moon at All�, �The Breeze and I�, �I Should Care�, �You and the Night and the Music�, and of course, �Autumn in New York�: Glittering Crowds and Shimmering Clouds in Canyons of Steel. They interpreted a total of 13 standards, true to the original and full of respect. Recorded in two takes. For the first time we hear Carl play only piano on record, and Johansson sing only standards. And always when Sven hits his snare (and only his snare) with the brushes, there is in the middle of autumn an anticipation of the next spring.

The cover art work is from Sven-�ke Johansson, David Grubbs wrote the liner notes: a reflection upon forbidden songs in the New York Autumn of 2001.

THE DORKESTRA - Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies [CD C0C0S0L1DC1T1 CSC007]

And so it came to be that The Dorkestra released their first album;
where the many splintered personalities of Ninja Tune drone, Dj Luv,
convened in the recording studio to lay down this beatsophrenic masterpiece. The album title hints at the sample-based ethos of this prolific artist whose first release was a solid experimental downtempo album under the guise of Identification. Now he comes sidling up to the table with dirty thoughts, scabby legs, and a tickle trunk full of electro breaks and freak funk gems for another original outing.

Snatching from soul, jazz, rock, spoken word, soundtracks, and anything else that will sit on vinyl long enough to press it. This album is a post-summer hummer for anyone who loves space age bpms.

VICNET - Vic [CD deco 005]
-> no promo in FR

VICNET is the solo electro-pop project of the young & active french designer : Vincent Tordjman. It is his first project, and his first record.

Beatful tracks, inbetween fun & sophistication, entirely composed on a
mactintosh laptop, often on headphones waiting for a plane, or on japanese subway trains, dreaming of a dancefloor...

A search for elaborated harmonies and rythms using a simple alphabet of
digital sounds and synthetic voices.

A sampleless music, where we can still hear a threading of influences 9 tracks alternating and mixing fat basses of the 80's, cheap electronic funk, absurd electro-pop hits, fake miami bass, commodore 64 snare drums, old school handclaps and 'laptopesque' experimentation.

The cd contains a cd-rom part, with the funky fresh video-clip of his track 'I need design' , the story of the 'Ear-Man'...
This video created by EMERESTE and directed by Stephane Robert was a ludical diversion that was used for a presentation of one of Vincent Tordjman's realisations in the 'Designer's Week' exhibit in Tokyo.
Vicnet also collaborates with other people on different upcoming projects :
Joana Preiss(vocals), Cedric Perrier (Alive One), Lionel Fernandez (Pllab)
& Erik Minkkinen (Vicdeath).

# posted by DJ Martian 12:30 PM

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