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Monday, January 31, 2005


Cocteau Twins live reunion @ Coachella Valley Music Festival on Saturday April 30, 2005.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:18 PM

Stylus review Goldmund - Corduroy Road

# posted by DJ Martian 2:39 PM

Pitchfork interview Dälek

# posted by DJ Martian 2:37 PM

This week's new releases @ Fopp

# posted by DJ Martian 2:35 PM

Fantomas - Suspended Animation

Blabbermouth.Net report FANTOMAS: New Album Due In April titled: Suspended Animation will be released on Ipecac Records on April 5th.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:32 AM

Blabbermouth.Net report on Burst: BURST To Support MASTODON And DOZER In The U.K.

Also the next Burst album is scheduled for Autumn 2005:

Plans to record a follow-up to the successful "Prey On Life" album are also materializing, with sessions planned for May 2005 in the classic Music-a-matic studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Relapse Records will issue the album early fall 2005.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:27 AM

Frantic Bleep - The Sense Apparatus

Two reviews for the debut album from, Norwegian Art-Metal band Frantic Bleep

Metal Storm review Frantic Bleep - The Sense Apparatus

If some albums are bound to change your life, "The Sense Apparatus" is one of them. Dark atmosphere, progressive rhythm, powerful melodies, haunting vocals, beautiful background vocals… This album is like the call of a siren, mixing beauty and dread, anguish but utmost interest, irresistibly striking. It takes more than a couple of listens to get totally into it but it grabs the attention in less than one minute.

Incredible first albums can be counted on one hand and "The Sense Apparatus" is one of them. It's already on my shortlist for best albums of 2005!

AVERSIONLINE.COM review Frantic Bleep - The Sense Apparatus

it's diverse and technical material, and you could draw comparisons to Opeth and Madder Mortem, or loose parallels to labelmates Arcturus and Peccatum, to name but a few. But the end result is something all its own, shifting quite frequently, but still coming off as fluid and linear. It all makes sense: Thick chord progressions and distant melodies, flurries of more complex lead bursts, perfectly acceptable accents of keyboards that take the lead on occasion and never disappoint, jazzy passages represented well through both guitar and synth work, and vocals resting largely on singing (rarely showcasing more aggressive styles) that sways from more laidback and basic to emphatic harmonies – at times employing female singing both as lead and backup.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:23 AM

Sunday, January 30, 2005


BLABBERMOUTH.NET report on Paradise Lost: PARADISE LOST: 'Forever After' Video Posted Online

# posted by DJ Martian 11:57 PM

The latest Nine Inch Nails news: BLABBERMOUTH.NET - NINE INCH NAILS: New Single To Go For Radio Adds In April

"The Hand That Feeds". The song is reportedly scheduled to go for radio adds on April 11.

The album: "With Teeth", is scheduled for release in the U.S on May 3 (one day earlier internationally).

# posted by DJ Martian 11:52 PM

BW & BK report the latest Nile news: NILE - New Album Clocks In At 65 Minutes

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

Stunning front cover artwork for the new Porcupine Tree album: Deadwing: displayed @ Rate Your Music

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing will be released March 21st.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:40 PM

Ulver - Blood Inside - April 2005

Jester Records proudly announce the arrival of the upcoming Ulver album: Blood Inside

Tracklisting and mp3s from ULVER's much anticipated Blood Inside is here. The cover image is tentative. Megalomaniac announcements will be made soon

Ulver - Bood Inside

ULVER Blood inside

Due April 2005 - March from the Jester shop.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:31 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat [January 31st]

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Bitstream - Domestic Economy 7
Modern Love

When it's taken you the bast part of ten years to complete your debut album, it better be sick!! "Domestic Economy Seven" is a pummeling beast of devastation from the brothers Steve and Dave conner, a blistering assault of darkest electro grinds and industrial machinations falling appart at every joint and seam. Having never been confined by any mediocre or slapdash IDM templates, this music can be illuminated by its guiding influences - old school electro, Detroit Techno, choral transmissions as perfected by Penderecki and Ligeti, the ability to fuse the tricks of the old turntablist masters with the advanced digital techniques that lend everything on this awesome record such an uncompromisingly dark, twisted scale. The few people who have already heard `Domestic Economy 7' have been totally floored by its unusual, uncompromising bass brutality - Andrea Parker has already described it as "the sickest electro album I have heard for time.." while even Depeche Mode's Martin Gore has been spotted spinning Bitstream 12"s in Berlin. In an age where inspired fractured electronic music is an absolute rarity - Bitstream not only re-define the agenda, they not only rule the show, they goddamn OWN it. Killer!!!!! ..

La Mano Fria / Beta Bodega Coalition - Bandeja Paisa
Bandeja Paisa
Book and CD //

Finally it's here. Beta Bodega Coalition proudly presents Bandeja Paisa. A 64-page book and cd set, highly limited, hand numbered and silk screened. Brought to you by Beta Bodega's new publishing arm: Mano Fria Press along with allies, Orange Press. This book has been an absolute labour of love from one of the most mysterious operators on the scene - La Mano Fria. In the space of the last Decade the man has not only managed to infiltrate the mediocre through every pore of good music - running not only the Beta Bodega Coalition but also its hip hop arm (Botanica Del Jibaro) and its more decimated offshoot (Rice & Beans), but has also become one of the most in-demand graphic designers working in the music industry today. This beautiful book explores LMF's visual stylings through his work on record sleeves and visual identities - exploring the socio-political angles the Coalition has been known for from the start. There are some genius moments in here - like the Beta Bodega Coalition going from one record store to another in Tokyo - challenging staff members to hand wrestling tournaments, ghetto style, plus some tips for the hardened traveller with your hosts La Mano Fria, Stres, DJ Infamous, Soarse Spoken, Prefuse 73, DJ Rupture, Jack Splash from Plantlife, Climber, Supersoul and many more. The cd that's included has been pressed up in a strictly limited edition and is only available with this book - featuring La Mano Fria's hand-picked selection of favourites from all his labels' output to date, including some never-before-available-on-cd material from Prefuse 73, Spike (Phonem), Evolver, Soarse Spoken, Otto Von Schirach, Manuvers, Patcha Kutek, Megadebt and loads more - 13 tracks of inspiration housed in a specially designed card wallet. This is a strictly limited release and an object of desire - hurry!...

Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman
Rough Trade

It's been a deliciously mixed and surprising career so far for Italo-Icelandic singer-songwriter and wunder-producer Emiliana Torrini. Some of you may know her from a string of adequately obscure releases for Bjork's One Little Indian imprint, or possibly from those collectable remix 7" releases for Fat Cat a good 5 years ago. In actual fact most of the country will be unknowingly familiar with Torrini's incredible work behind the scenes - including most recently co-writing and producing Kylie Minogue's "Slow". All the more interesting to discover just how beautifully understated "Fisherman's Woman" is (this time round for the seemingly unstoppable Rough Trade imprint) - a bittersweet lilting melancholy permeating each of these 12 songs, almost entirely performed on a quietly plucked guitar, with beautifully sparse yet shimmering arrangements of piano, bass, melodica, organ and percussion dropped in from time to time. With her mildly eccentric accentuation and almost unfathomably sweet delivery playing such a central role here, this is an album that needs treating gently, gorge on this record (believe us, its tempting) - and it all gets a little too much. "Fishermans Woman" is a wondrous record - receiving unstoppably heavy airplay in our office despite every intention of cooling off from it for a while, mesmerising anyone who's stood in its melancholly path or come into contact with its priceless charm. For fans of everyone from Laura Veirs to Nick Drake and Bjork - this is an absolute must. Highly Recommended....

Wasteland [ I-Sound & Dj Scud ] - October

This second full-length outing from Craig Willingham (aka I-Sound) and Toby Reynolds (aka DJ Scud) finds them falling even deeper into an ice-cold landscape of tough padded-beats and dense soundscapes. Their collaboration in many ways pre-empted the Grimey fascinations of so many of their contemporaries, but there's an equal balance here between the grind of percussion and the atmospherics of its surroundings to make this music without any obvious peers. There are some useful points of reference here - from classic rave-stabs to the hybrid instrumentals most notably perfected by Kaman Leung, but the overall effect here is unique - coming across like Grime stripped of all the guff and unnecessary padding to create a wasteland filled with menacing beats. Although conceptually at odds, this is a combination that for our money has managed to provide both Willingham and Reynolds with the best material yet from both their respective careers. Killer....

Alog - Miniatures
Rune Grammofon

One of Rune Grammofon's most admired pairings (featuring Dag-are Haugan and Espen Sommer Eide, aka Phonophani) return for their anticipated third album - "Miniatures". Despite the descriptive gesture of its title, this is an album that's as much concerned with the slow evolution of sound-pieces as it is with their scale. The individual components that make this noise are, indeed, sonic miniatures that are assembled and re-configured in a manner not entirely disimillar to that perfected by Nobokazu Takemura at the end of the last decade, morphing Steve Reich's effortlessly dogmatic approach to looping with a quasi-repetetive stutter that eventually frees itself into something more fluid and melodic. These are hugely absorbing sounds - a close listen will leave you unable to determine quite what you're listening to - the recording containing an organic quality that's instantly at odds with the seemingly digital method of assembly. These are sounds that fully come to life when listed to with headphones - the detail in every stretch here truly inspired, allowingy ou to make much more sense of the detail alluded to in the title. Amazing....

Bizz Circuits - Volume 1 : Nishbar Li Haza'een
Mille Plateaux

Long overdue and much anticipated first release on Mille Plateaux's "Media" offshoot, reaching us at long last following the label's hibernation over the past 18 months. This amazing release features the work of Sebastian Meissner (Autopoieses, Klimek, Random_Inc) in collaboration with a whole raft of new electronic musicians and visual artists based in Israel. The cd further explores Meissner's interest in Jerusalem - as originally investigated On Random Inc's `Walking in Jerusalem', and Jerusalem: Tales outside the framework of orthodoxy, released on Mille Plateaux and Ritornell. This new album has been expanded into a digital gallery platform which Documents Meissner's collage-like live performances in different venues (for example Transmediale Berlin, OK-Zentrum Linz, Kulturhuset Stockholm , Krowoderska52 Krakow) and presents acoustic works of Israeli Electronica and Spoken Word artists as well as peace activists. Besides Meissner's own documentary and video material, the double-sided DVD offers contributions by Israeli artists, such as the video-based works of Grunwald, Weichselbaum, Finkelstein, Ziolkowsky, which document and simultaneously artistically transform the building of the security/segregation wall, as well as the confrontations between Palestinian villagers and radical Israeli settlers. Music and visual contributions are also made by the likes of Zegunder, Faction, Binya Reches, Plastic Venus, Taapet and Yoram Elyakim, the man responsible for bringing so much alternative music to Israel - both through his seminal record shop (Balance) and groundbreaking record label (Fact). Highly absorbing material that's as moving as it is political. Highly Recommended....

Thomas Koner - Nuuk
Mille Plateaux


With a heritage in minimal music that extends all the way back to his pioneering work as one half of Porter Ricks, Thomas Koner is one of the most respected and influential modernist minimal composers. Alongside Wolfgang Voigt's "Gas" project, Koner has been centrally responsible for electronic music's fascination with depth and reduction, enveloping washes of nothingness with all the density of an unbearably foggy plain. This release sees Koner, for the first time, exploring these reductive techniques in both audible and visual formats - the DVD accompanying this album showing slowly mutating still life shots from Greenland, slowly transforming from the glow of nightime lights into vast expanses of pure snow. Needless to say, followers of Mille Plateaux, as well as the heritage of Basic Channel / Chain Reaction and the more recent death ambience of Sunn o)) will find this an absolute must. Deep!...

Radar - Easy Listening

Here is a young trio of musicians from the kansai area on soprano sax, bass and piano who have created a remarkably original world of sound. although one can hear occasional influences from steve lacy and the jimmy giuffre three, this music is uniquely japanese in its sense of sound, space and time. "Easy Listening" is a beautiful fusion of subdued smokey jazz structures played on shimmerimg solitary piano, double bass and clarinet and more unusual organic recording techniques most commonly associated with Norway's groundbreaking modern jazz scene. Highly recommended....

Shining - In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster
Rune Grammofon

Brand new album from young quartet counting two former Jaga Jazzist members and writers in their ranks, giving new meaning to the concept of progressive art rock and marking a change in musical direction from their two previous jazz albums. For the first time they use a number of guitars, vintage keyboards, horns and percussion instruments, but forget about endless synth soloing and long symphonic excursions leading nowhere. This is young, fresh and vital music with a strong sense of direction, bridging the gap between classic King Crimson and ECM lyricism....

Koby Israelite - Mood Swings

Another exhilarating cd of stop on a dime genre smashing courtesy of koby israelite, who jumps from death metal and jazz to klezmer, balkan and gypsy music like a chameleon on acid. This is music of great imagination, filled with humour, virtuosic technique and fabulous detail. koby has matured since his first cd for tzadik, and mood swings is the work of a master. in the tradition of naked city and mr bungle, koby israelite is forging a new jewish music with power, wit and an intense passion for life. Features the acclaimed Gilad Atzmon!...

Lemon Jelly - '64-'95

Third album from the Jellies, pieced together in its entirety from an unlikely pool of samples swiped from their vast record collections. Each track is built around one single snippet and then fleshed out with the full Jelly treatment. The list of musical mavericks willingly plundered includes 70s popsters Gallagher and Lyle, Scottish post-punkers The Scars, UK R&B star Terri Walker (singing a Monica cover) and heavy metallers, Masters of Reality. Nice and polished as you'd expect, and entirely undemanding. Limited triple-gatefold cd packaging! (when this runs out, it will be replaced by a slipcased jewel-case version)....

Atmosphere - Headshots : Se7en

Before there was Rhymesayers and before there was Atmosphere there was Headnods. The battle hungry emcee Slug quite literally cut his teeth on these hella rare Headnod cassette releases, sharpening his diss skills but also growing in mature confidence and stature that eventually brought us the Slug of today. The seventh and final cassette has been lovingly remastered here from the original 4-track masters and it sounds ridiculous, even as good as the early 'Lucy', 'Ford' releases. 22 tracks deep - a serious history lesson. Plus as an initial bonus you get a free CD of the best of the first six editions of the Headnods series. Rhymesayers continue to fully rule things!!...

Airborn Audio - Close Encounters : The Mixtape
Airborn Audio

You'll not be alone in thinking that the Antipop avant hip hop sound is past it's sell by date. Witness the press hate that the Beans releases on Warp got plus reaction to ex-members High Priest and M.Sayyid 12"s on Sound-Ink have been less than impressive. So it was with some trepidation that we greeted the news that Sayyid and Priest had launched a new project - Airborn Audio, with an album due for Ninja Tune in the USA. Then word spread to us from the ears to the ground posse on the hard streets of New York that a mix CD was making the rounds by the same Airborn Audio and that it was awesome. 'Close Encounters : The Mixtape' has given me the same type of Edgy satisfaction and feeling that I had when I chanced upon the very first indi label 12" by Priest at least a couple of years prior to them inking their 75 Ark deal. The mix finds Priest and Sayyid mixing down a half hour blast of exclusive tracks from their lab, with nuff dope rhyme flows and spinbacks, used and abused backing tracks and an all round blast to back on serious form attacking all wannabee leftfield rap fools with their intelligent wordplay and devastating deliveries. If that's not all they also drop an insane 'quickmix' that includes raw editing, splicing and dicing of tracks such as Eric B & Rakim's alltime classic 'Follow The Leader' and even Prince's mighty 'Erotic City'. Priced just right - this will fly out and lead nicely into the bomb album 'Good Fortune' due next month with a sampler 12" in stock now. Essential next level mixtape business. Buy!...

Grandmaster Flash & The Furios Five - The Best Of Grandmaster Flash and Sugar Hill
2CD //

25 years ago hip-hop was virtually unknown outside of New York until a small independent label by the name of Sugar Hill released a record called "Rappers Delight" from the Sugarhill Gang. This definitive greatest hits of Sugar Hill Records, and their most important artist, Grandmaster Flash is a deluxe two-CD set including a special bonus disc mixed by Prime Cuts from the Scratch Perverts. Tracklisting as follows : DISC ONE: 01. GRANDMASTER & MELLE MEL - White Lines (Don't Do It) 02. SUGARHILL GANG - Rapper's Delight 03. GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE - The Message 04. WEST STREET MOB - Break Dance - Electric Boogie 05. GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE - Step Off (Part 1) 06. POSITIVE FORCE - We Got The Funk 07. FUNKY 4 + 1 - That's The Joint 08. GRANDMASTER FLASH - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel 09. THE SUGARHILL GANG - 8th Wonder 10. GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE - Pump Me Up 11. MELLE MEL & DUKE BOOTIE - Message II (Survival) 12. THE SUGARHILL GANG - Apache 13. FUNKY 4 + 1 - Rapping & Rocking The House 14. SPOONIE GEE & SEQUENCE - Monster Jam 15. GRANDMASTER, MELLE MEL & THE FURIOUS FIVE - Beat Street Breakdown. DISC TWO: Exclusive Sugar Hill Mix by Prime Cuts from the Scratch Perverts....

Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep
Big Dada

After 1999's 'Brand New Second Hand' and 2001's 'Run Come Save Me' I thought I'd heard the last of Roots - this feeling getting stronger and stronger as the month's went by fuelled by rumours that he was out of contract with Big Dada. Phew then this might well be his last album but it's a great way to go ... all but a couple of tracks here are as good as anything that Roots has delivered to date, check the new school dubbed out wickedness of 'Mind2Motion', the deliciously sly ska flavoured 'A Haunting' and the deep and crisp dancefloor wrecker 'Chin Up' an obvious choice for next single (but what do I know). A master of self-deprication and killer production, even the post-grime grinds of the shuffles here make you root for the man to carry on producing. For this limited edition version (hurry, hurry) you get a bonus six track of demo versions and live tracks. Give this album a few spins and you'll proudly file it next to the other two Roots album you cherish so much. Highly recommended....

Bibio - Fi

Recommended to mush by Marcus Eoin of boards of canada (theres even a sticker on the front to prove it!), the debut release from Stephen Wilkinson (aka bibio) has been decribed by Eoin as "the antidote to the modern laptopia of pristine electronic music, curing us with majestic drones, gnarly disintegrating guitars and warbling tape loops filtered through your parents broken 1970's hi-fi". - and believe it or not that's pretty much bob-on. Comprised of seventeen atmospheric stretched built on samples of his own work rather than the work of others, using manipulated live instrumentation, field recordings, and a host of effects, focusing on location recording using cassettes, a half-broken sampler, dictaphones, and experimental ways of affecting sounds, "Fi" contains all those detuned, nostalgic washed Boards have become so well loved for. Recommended listening....

Charles Wuorinen - On Alligators

Four masterpieces by one of the world's greatest composers of classical concert music, including three pieces that have never been released before. The fourth quartet is perhaps wuorinen's most complex and exciting composition, and it receives a passionate performace by the prestigeous Brentano quartet. Also included is the intense and colorful chamber piece on alligators, conducted by the composer, and a moody piece for organ performed by one of the world's greatest organists on one of the world's greatest organs. Completing this eclcetic program is the phenomenal third piano concerto, newly remastered and reworked by the composer himself. Intense and beautiful music by a modern master....

Magnolia Electric Co - Trials & Errors
Secretly Canadian

Recorded only a few months after they had formed, trials & errors captures Jason Molina'a Magnolia Electric Co on onenight in brussels in 2003. Two years in the planning process, the new project took its name from the last Songs: Ohia full-length album. On trials & errors, the new magnolia grinds through three old molina favorites (two from songs: ohia's `didn't it rain' and one from the songs: ohia album magnolia electric co), three songs which will be released on the upcoming magnolia electric co studio album as well as four songs that will only exist on record in their live form as presented here....

Patrick Wolf - The Libertine
Cd Single

Much hype about this - Patrick Wolf is still only a nipper but theres a kind of arrogance exuded here that displays all the self importance you'd imagine a man with so much praise thrown his way to carry. This is much better than last years "Lycanthropy" - nice subtleties added to the recording process that stand in sharp contrast to Patrick's uber-confident voice. It's clear that Patrick considers himself something of a David Sylvian its clear, and though he really isnt quite there yet, this isn't a bad offering at all. ...

General Patton Vs X-Ecutioners - Vs The X-Ecutioners

If you thought Mr Bungle was mental....check this!! Kings of beat juggling and turntable trickery The X-Ecutioners (Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Roc Raida and Total Eclipse) throw down with the master of voice and electronic manipulation Mike Patton. Ready for war? Here we go. Musical war veterans Mike Patton and The X-Ecutioners lay deep down in the trenches throwing back and forth scratches and scowls to the underlying beatsbrought into battle. From Latin to Jazz, Bluegrass to Soul, Indian to Sixties Psych, all with a demented vocal overlay only patton could possibly deliver with such dignified, mental vigour. Comes in a lush military inspired digipak with silver foil eagle on the front and fold out map insert. Strange but true!...

Andreas Tilliander - World Industries

Always a pleasure to be passed a new album from Andreas, one of the most prolific and more importantly, consistent producers at work today. His curriculum vitae speaks for itself - as artist,. producer and all round talent. Last year's tremendously deep Mokira exploration for Type records eschewed beats in favour of advanced low end, harmonic and melodic research, developing a cycle begun with Raster Noton's equally innovative Clip Hop. So this new set on Resopal out of germany is another delicious surprise - seeing as Andreas's years for the Mille Plateaux - Force Inc axis saw him become an integral component as one of the godfathers of click or glitch. Here Tilliander rediscovers the straighter more dancefloor inclined impulses which must have drawn him into the scene in the first place. Ably assisted on sensitive vocals by David Fransson, Magdelaena Krantz and Sofia Hogberg this sounds like glitzy glamourous hi-fashion house. Stuck in traffic halfway up Cheetham hill road, reviewing this record, it's the gleefully stupid-clever house of the instrumental tracks which are doing it for us - imagine Brooks and Blectum from Blechdom deciding to make a full on house record together, and torching the duck costumes. Andreas sounds relaxed and easy with the straight dancefloor agenda, and we've never been known to say no to a good knees up....

Justus Kohncke - Doppelleben

Justus Kohncke is a sponge and seems to have soaked in the whole history of pop music with all its inherent, structural beauty and styles. Five years after his debut album of cover versions "spiralen der erinnerung" and two years after his album "was ist musik", Kompakt deemed it high time to wring out the sponge - filled with impressions collected during Justus' numerous spectacular freestyle dj-performances all over the world. Combining Kompakt's techno message with disco jewels of the last three decades the man is full of knowledge and somewhat prone to regular, scientific analyses of his all-time, most favourite songs. Fighting on the front line of new club sounds Justus' track "timecode" was by consensus one of the biggest hits of 2004 - yet he plays the pop card so unashamedly, killing two birds again with one stone. "Schwabylon" is hard and elegant cruising disco funk Daft Punk would have loved to add to their recent album; "herz aus papier" is a cosy ballad called made in cooperation with Barbara Morgenstern; and there is the intoxicating, exotic and psychedelic version of "the answer is yes" and of course Kohncke`s famous brand, his german electronic pop music for the charts of tomorrow ("wo bist du", "alles nochmal"). The heart of the cd album is the 10-minute disco track "elan", with a bonus dub for cd buyers....

Mikkel Metal - Close Selections

The long awaited album "Close Selections" by Mikkel Metal contains a selection of tracks produced between 2001 and 2004. Most of the material has been released earlier on 12' inch vinyl by the danish label Echocord. Building compositions on elements of deep Basic-Channel fuelled 4/4 and spacious arrangements taking in dub, house and ambient sensibilities, mikkel metal manages to create a killer set for all you Berlin-bound digital steppers out there, and nice to see an entirely vinyl label up til now, offering its pleasures up to a new audience. Very good indeed....

A Guy Called Gerald - To All Things What They Need

For our money one of the most inspired and influential characters in the evolution of electronic music, Gerald has been a pioneer in every manifestation of the genre he's turned his hand to - culminating in the release of the proto-junglist masterpiece "Black Secret Technology" in the early 90's. Since then it's been a bit of a mixed bag - his output for K7 has often edged a little too closely to the coffee-table for comfort, his previously deviant production style smoothed over in favour of something much more "mature" and, as a result, endlessly less interesting. Following a move to Berlin Gerald seems to have caught up with his maverick skills once again, his last EP "First Try" displaying all the Detroit-influenced depth and skill with which he originally made his name as a member of 808 State. As a result, much was expected from this new album - and while it's in places very good indeed, the best tracks on here have already been aired on the aforementioned vinyl-only EP, in particular the storming Detroit-tinged energy of the killer "First Try". In sharp contrast, Gerald plays it safe on a number of tracks here, reaching a crescendo of electronic MOR with the re-introduction of Finley Quaye for vocal duties on one of the tracks. So, a mixed bag - this man's music would be so much better if he stopped playing it safe and got back to his old role as an innovator. Check....

# posted by DJ Martian 12:22 AM

Saturday, January 29, 2005


New Releases @ Boomkat [January 24th]

New releases @ Boomkat include:

Psapp - Tiger, My Friend

Run by Isan's Robin Saville, the wonderful Arable label has very slowly and meticulously built up its perfectly formed, fledgling catalogue with a series of beautiful vinyl-only EP releases. This incredible debut from Psapp marks the label's first foray into the grown-up world of full-length albums, and without any fluster or awkward self-awareness has delivered the loveliest debut you could possibly have the pleasure of listening to this side of summer. The band features Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann, who have managed to put together an album with all the structure of traditional songwriting but with the rough edges left exposed. These are classic songs that manage to employ the wit and intelligence of underground production within a framework that you could only truly describe as pop. This music is tantalisingly light, airy, complex and always hugely charming, massively life affirming. The genius of tracks like Calm Down, Curuncula and King Kong rest within the delivery of unashamed choruses that proudly sit atop intricate, warm electronics, plucked violins, broken toy keyboards and microphones left in the rain. The oddest of sounds and fragmented melodies all jostle for space in your warm, glowing living room. It's very hard to write about music you've so utterly fallen in love with - though a quick listen to these tracks and you'll no doubt feel the same. Just please, for the love of all things good and bright, bring a little bit of summer into your life straight away and get this gorgeous album. We implore you!!! ..

Badly Born Droid (Vector Lovers) - Black Eyed Girl EP

Better known for his Vector Lovers output on IWARI, Static Caravan and Soma records, York based computer synthesist Martin Wheeler returns with his new project, Badly Born Droid. The `black eyed girl EP' comprises four tracks of warm quirky electronica with a nod to sources of inspiration such as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and `Autobahn' era Kraftwerk.With its drooling bass sounds and overdriven Bontempi percussion the opening title's wistful dreamy vibes lead us along an enchanting path, pausing for breath before plunging into a wailing backwash of synthesizer feedback. Track two, `odd mannequinisms' begins with a bass line reminiscent of Delia Derbyshire's most famous theme and builds into a quirky electro roller coaster; demented melodies conjuring up images of sinister alien dummies. The pace slows again with the tranquil and beautiful `Sulphuric Dawn', a synthetic sunrise of bubbling oscillators and hissing analogue hi-hats, the beats kicking in for a superbly programmed rhythmic conclusion. The closing track `something on the moor' pulls the listener into a genuinely eerie landscape where unintelligible snatches of guttural speech only serve to increase the feeling of isolation and suspense built up by the creepy ambience. A desolate choir and thick electroid bass stabs accompany the listener to the end of the journey, most likely in need of warm blanket and a good reviving cup of tea... just what the doctor ordered! 200 copies only!...

Grooves Magazine - Issue 016
Grooves Magazine
Mag // £ 3.99

Sixteenth issue of the most comprehensive electronica magazine anywhere in the world, complete with their own picks for 2004's finest releases and features on Michael Mayer, Buck 65, Richard Chartier, Styrofoam, Ultra-red and an absolute lorry-load full of reviews, new gear and an article about drone and modern music. Bumper-packed.....

Apparat - Silizium

Edging closer towards fully-orchestrated songs with every release, "Silizium" is a perfect mini-album follow-up to last year's acclaimed "Duplex" , building itself around a core of tracks originally recorded for the late John Peel back in May 2004 and adding contributions from Raz Ohara on vocals, beautifully arranged strings from Kathrin Pfander and Saxophone from Hormel Eastwood. The release also features remixes from Telefon Tel Aviv, Rechenzentrum and Bus. The title track rests at the core of this set, vastly expanding Sascha Ring's sonic vocabulary into one fully aware of its acoustic surroundings, integrating a weave of strings into a delicately fractured electronic underlay. Beautiful music taking Murcof and Max Richter for influence, imbuing them with a specially modified Apparat agenda. Raz Ohara's Vocals feature on three of these new tracks and go even further to illustrate Sascha's compositional prowess, the intricacies and fluctuations of the production never stealing the limelight from the harmonies that just work so well. This is another scene-stealing release from Apparat, marking himself apart from the stale formulaic disciplines IDM has struggled to free itself from over the last year or so. Buy without hesitation....

Secondo / Dreck - Reala

If, like us, you've been floored by London's Dreck imprint and its meticulously executed series of devastating twelve for both home and floor, or if you've started to notice how Secondo has become one of the most talked-about producers of the moment (expect some very interesting remixes over the next few months), you'll have already searched high and low for this hard to find debut release from both artist and label. Clocking in at over 80 minutes, this collection compiles Secondo's earliest work, including the killer stagger-edit of Laura Brannigan's Self Control and all manner of tracks produced between 1997 and 2000, some displaying the immense cathartic depth of the more recent AM/PM releases. The cd also features songs by the swedish synth-combo Re:Re:Re and a piece by Dreck co-founder Lrnt. Get in while you can!...

Jeff Parker - The Relatives
Thrill Jockey

Jeff Parker is a member of the genre-splitting outfit Tortoise and has also played in the Chicago Underground Quartet/Trio, as well as the fusion leaning Isotope 217. Parker is one independent jazz's most in-demand guitarists He is widely considered it's most versatile guitarist and is gigging constantly throughout the world. The Relatives is Jeff Parker's first solo record on Thrill Jockey, but his second solo record to date. The first was released on legendary Blues and Jazz label, Delmark. This is a gorgeous record, opening up with the wondrous "Istanbul", most reminiscent of the backing to Sam Prekop's amazing self titled debut album. Although the jazz sequencing here is often the central focus, there's enough of the quiet post rock tradition to remind you of Jeff's dayjob - something that imbues this album with the cross-generic appeal Thrill Jockey so often excel at. Lovely home listening, recommended!...

The Thing - Garage
Smalltown Superjazzz

Smalltown Supersound's "Superjazz" offshoot delivers this much-discussed darkcore jazz fusion album led by sometime sonic youth collaborator Mats Gustafsson, here rummaging through improvs and cover versions like a garage band picking up trumpets, double bass and drums for their heavily skewed but massively charming workouts. Sticking a hairy a tongue out at the polished slickness of the Bad Plus, The Thing offer up cover versions of tracks by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes and Peter Brotzmann in a highly effective, gritty and often massively entertaing fashion. Very good indeed....

Mercury Rev - The Secret Migration

By now I think we all really know what the Rev are gonna do, and this is for sure a new album from the boys. Well worth spending far longer than I can, and I'm sure there's already turns and twists we've come to expect from latterday Rev revealing themselves. What's intriguing is quite how poppy Mercury Rev have become, or more likely, is it perhaps the mainstream has moved inexorably closer to what they do? I tend to feel the latter and that's got to be good, when tunes as nice as this become commercial. Lovely

M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us

M83 have long been mentioned in the same breath as Ulrich Schnauss - listening to this excellent second album it becomes clear once again just why these comparisons have been made. "Before The Dawn Heals Us" is the sound one would Mr Schnauss would produce had he more or less got rid of his electronic demons, immersing himself fully in a mesh of guitars and weaves of feedback levelled out by that rarest of electronic conceits - vocals. M83 certainly bring to mind the euphoric, epic arrangements Schnauss is so fond of, while their admiration for the production values of My Bloody Valentine seeps through every pore of this fine record. Well worth a listen....

Archer Prewitt - Wilderness
Thrill Jockey

Latest from Prewitt and up front we can say we heartily approve of any release featuring three men on mellotrons. Archer of course is possesed of a lovely voice as instrument, and this hints of spring afternoons and balmy early summer evenings to come. Lyrically plenty to get to grips with, but the special thing about this record is the arrangements from Dave Max Crawford and considered range of instrumentation, aside from the afore mentioned mellotrons, there's violin, cellos, sax, trombone, trumpet, assorted vibes from stylophone and even archer himself on drawing. An album to return to for sure, echoing lost early seventies classics, both in the folkiness but also in the careful musicianship on offer. On a quick breeze through this lunchtime, sounds mighty fine to me....

Low - The Great Destroyer
Rough Trade

Having already more or less written the guidebook, manifesto and manual for understated rock music, Low's hushed acoustic minimalism and fairytale arrangements have already won them a following that's as devoted as it is large. "The Great Destroyer", to a collective gasp of surprise, finds low turning up the controls on their amps, dusting off their effects pedals and delivering their most robust and loud release to date. It's a mark of their undisputed genius that despite this marked shift, nothing sounds out of place or forced, an effortless transition into a space that will no doubt open up a whole new raft of supporters for their unique sound. The opening "Monkey" attaches a lyrical vitriol to a beautifully distorted, gnarly bassline, while a similarly jarring narrative follows on the sublime restrained hush of "Pissing". "The Great Destroyer" finds Low at the peak of their powers, you can almost imagine all those years of whispered sessions and candle-lit performances building up this store of noise and adrenaline, finally emerging in this beautifully angry shape. A massive recommendation....

Six Organs of Admittance - School Of The Flower
Drag City

This latest album from Ben Chasnny finds the Six Organs of Admittance at their most reflective, sculpting a collection of homespun acoustic pieces and offcuts that, for our money, are the best thing yet from this much respected Drag City act. "Eight Condition" starts the album with a roll and a tumble of crashing drums, slowly unravelling into a barely audible, hazy lullaby. Never quite sterring wide enough to be considered in any way countrified, "School of the Flower" owes much to the downtrodden, life-affirming singer-songwriter minimalism the likes of Low have made their own over the last decade. These quiet, reflective songs becoming the audible equivalent of low-lit rooms and half-forgotten campfire get-togethers. Beautiful music....

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

Look at the broken mirrorball on the cover of this hugely anticpiated debut album from James Murphy's Lcd Soundsystem and you get a pretty good idea of the band's ironic but unspeakably cool agenda. Despite all protestations to the contrary, the thing about these guys is that they've managed to ride the crest of the zeitgeist for long enough to bypass the false messiah's New York's art-rock scene has churned out with such cocaine-induced passion over the last couple of years. Murphy's cultural reference points and observations are undeniably clever and brilliantly funny, and every now again matched by astute funk-fuel inspired from all the greats before him - Talking Heads, Esg, Liquid Liquid - and most surprisingly The Fall, particularly with that extended intonation-ah. Alongside these 9 new tracks, the cd edition comes with a bonus cd featuring all 6 cuts featured on the first three singles, and for my money "Losing My Edge" still walks home with the gold ribbon. Good stuff....

Duran Duran Duran - Very Pleasure
Very Friendly

9 tracks of sample munching 80's sh*t, blow jobs, and amen breaks from the disturbed minds of ed flis, michael chaiken, and tony gabor. while both michael and tony contributed to "very pleasure", ed flis is, however, the main working member of duran duran duran. a young lad from philadelphia, ed flis has been traveling around the world stealing your girlfriend and exploding laptops. one might call him the new john holmes. this is the first release from cock rock disco, founded by jason forrest & is a split with very friendly records. Check!...

Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't
Planet Mu

If Gabbacore was played by orchestras, "No One Said You Didn't" sounds like its musicians tuning their instruments before an ear-grinding performance. Dimitri Fergadis is a veteran of this game, both as an artist and as curator of the amazingly astute and always challenging Phthalo imprint. When you think that artists as noted as Dntel and Daedalus emerged from his home-spun cottage industry, you get a good idea of just how on-the-money his selection skills have been. "No One Said You Didn't", despite the cacophanous racket, actually shows signs of the man as musician starting to mellow out. Nesstled alongside the crashing structures and tumbling, squashed breaks, you'll find a finely tuned melodic determination with a decidedly blue slant. Almost like a jumbled-up Aphex Twin, keeping the edits tight, witnessed best on the killer rewinds decimated to full effect on "Hilbert Space" or the psyched-up adrenaline rush of the closing "Gunslinger's Death". A cracking start to the year for Planet Mu, good to have one of its earliest signings back for the party....

Triple R / Various - Selection 3 - Trapez Compilation in the mix

Precious little remains to be said about Trapez that hasn't been well stated and often on these pages already, but across the past five years and seventy some twelves, Riley Reinhold's label has stealthily established itself as one of the most important european tec-house labels around. Seldom receiving the glamorous reception accorded mothership Kompakt, or the critical mass backing Playhouse, with scant and infrequent mentions in the press, Trapez has spoken for itself as a deejay's favourite. With the majority of the limited twelve inch series selling out nearly instantaneously, Triple R has retained the integrity to maintain the original dancefloor brief of the label, gradually refracting it through the lens of techno's evolution. Remaining this credible for this long should be resoundingly applauded, and this is a mix of the calibre and pedigree we've come to take for granted. Cheers Trapez!...

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New Releases @ Boomkat [January 17th]

New releases @ Boomkat include:

Shuttle 358 - Chessa

Shuttle 358's undisputed masterpiece - "Frame", was released a good four years ago and has been one of the most admired and sought after minimal electronic albums we've ever had the pleasure of listing across these pages. At a time when the whole "clicks and cuts" movement became homogenised and labelled as part of Mille Plateaux's mission to imprint new generic forms into an already over-labelled scene, "Frame" stood as an irresistably human collection of tracks, glowing with an irrepresible warmth at a time when the machines really had it their own way. "Chessa" is quite easily Dan Abrams' finest work since, developing its own sense of introspection through sounds that (despite the "microscopic" tag) suggest vast expanses of sound, pitched through layer after layer of radiating warmth. Abram's keen eye for photography seems to accompany these pieces as both inspiration and concept, creating small vignettes of reverberating space, like a series of photographs capturing snapshots of everyday life. Again, there's much here to compare to the other-worldly layering of Brian Eno and Harold Budd, Markus Popp's effervescent work as Oval or even the unrivalled crackling hum of Wolfgang Voigt's "Gas". "Chessa" is a deeply intimate album, a late night companion that you should engulf yourself within without delay. **Limited to 1000 copies only - packaged in an expanded digipack featuring small snapshots of Abram's photographic work**...

Hood - Outside Closer

To follow-up the wondrous frost of Hood's last, groundbreaking album "Cold House", the band have quite obviously taken their time to formulate a new collection of songs that don't tread the same solitary path. After a dense, short intro, "Outside Closer" opens up with "the negatives" - a sort of ode to loneliness performed by Hood and several stray musicians that have at one time or another been involved with the band - including members of the Remote Viewer and Nicola Hodgkinson from the sublime Empress. The song asserts the bittersweet tone of this incredible album, the camaraderie of the recording session is almost audible, despite the lyrics " need to go to the furthest place from your house, stand there a while, make sure you're broke". "Any hopeful thoughts arrive" is up next, employing a stuttering rhythm section, perhaps in ode to Scott Herren whom the band openly admire. "Winter 72" is vintage Hood - a ghost of a track seeped in a reverberating dubwise aesthetic that offsets the intimacy of its production with the grey-lined shape of its noise. Truly inspired music. "Fading Hills" is another breathtaking moment - almost unbearably sad echoes of a simple piano refrain, trumpet, horns and that signature Hood percussion, the vocal you don't quite follow but that you feel you completely understand. "Outside Closer" is a very different sort of beast to "Cold House", it's much less of a "showy" album and, as a result, somewhat less instantaneous. After spending a long xmas with this album for companionship - everything has fallen into place. This is an amazing record, aided in no small part by Hodgkinson's unique voice, growing in stature and intimacy with every one of its countless repeated listens. Beautiful music....

Tunng - This Is....
Static Caravan

Hugely anticipated debut from Static Caravan, this album from Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders has already been jumped on by every savvy critic and tastemaker in the land - and for once the hype is entirely justified. Tunng's production imbues the traditional structures and instrumentation of folk music with an electronic edge - though in the most unusual, retiring sense. Many comparisons have been made with early Beta Band - and its a good starting point. Much of the material on "This Is..." brings to mind the unusual compositions and layered vocals of the wondrous "3 EP's" - while the production values fit in with this label's continued infatuation with both sides of the musical spectrum. Like a re-configured rework of the folksy blue hue of Nick Drake, Tunng's debut is surely set to be one of this years more longstanding and influential debuts - a brilliant opening gambit for 2005 from one of our favourite labels. Huge recommendation....

Braun (And The Mob) - As the veneer of dumbness starts to fade....

Cologne-based Oliver Braun delivers the next installment in Burnt Friedman's mission to hiccup the funk in minimal, glitched-up fashion on his Nonplace imprint. With the help of Beige (playing ballon!, harmonica and various toys) and the vocals of Jessica Krueger, Dennis Kessler, Lars Kaiser and various others giving this album an oddly partied-up vibe, what we get here is a sort of morphed blend of p-funk, latino exuberance and rude-ass house music, all with an unsettling line in spasmodic jerks. Friedman should take out a trasemark for these kinds of releases - his label very rarely focusses on anything else.

Ochre - A Midsummer Nice Dream

More innofensive tricky IDM from Toytronic - the debut from Chris Leary under the Ochre moniker. This isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff, you feel you've been here countless times before, but nonetheless the production is superb and Chris has a good understanding of melody structures that sees him through. The finest pieces here are more toned down, ambient stretches that work so much better than the formulaic crunchy numbers you'll already know so well. All in all, good if unchallenging material, the debut Ochre release "Sound System Bangers Volume.1" disappeared in a flash and Toytronic has a habit of making its releases collectable before the month's out - so if this is your bag ..don't sleep....

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New Releases @ Boomkat [January 10th]

Time to recap on recent key releases @ Boomkat, info via Boomkat e-mail newsletters.

New releases @ Boomkat include:

Album Of The Week!
Various / 2046 - 2046 Original Soundtrack

In the finest tradition of world Arthouse, some of the most inspired creators of new film also have a knack of paring themselves up with some of the most evocative and groundbreaking score composers out there. Kieslowski always had Zbigniew Preisner by his side, while the films of Julio Medem owe much to the widescreen inspiration of uber-talented composer Alberto Iglesias. Wong Kar Wai is, without doubt, the most exciting auteur from the far east right now, having already melted away anyone who came into contact with "In the Mood for Love" a couple of years back and, this month, with the release of his incredible sequel "2046". The film, aired this last weekend at Boomkat HQ, is a must-see, another tale of lovelorn loneliness and the cruelty of bad-timing. Its soundtrack is once again a mixture of the sublime - featuring the breathtaking score of Shigeru Umebayashi, while even Preisner himself features on the emotive orchestral sweep of "Decision". Trademark Kar Wai standards also feature in among the original material - making for a moving counterpiece to one of this year's must-see films. Highly recommended. Limited edition comes in a card outer-sleeve and lovely 23-page photo booklet*...

Steinbruchel - Skizzen

From the excellent Bine label, a sometime Raster Noton affiliated imprint, comes this follow up to one of our stealth discoveries of last year, the wonderful Benjamin Brunn CD. `Skizzen' is a more self conscious, `difficult' affair, but when has this ever deterred us! Divided into almost random series of numbers and letters, the tracks range from short to interlude in length, making for a beguiling patchwork of sound and textures. The tunes seem to work on the mind exactlky because of this minute process of accretion. Reference points would certainly include Raster, as well as the discerning minimalism of Taylor Duepree and Richard Chartier, somewhere between the more contemplative moments of 12k and the noisier end of the Line imprint....

July Skies - English Cold
Make Mine Music

July skies is the musical project of Antony Harding, a member of the birmingham based electronic band Avrocar who were cited as an influence by radiohead during the recording their `Kid A' album. "English Cold" is a quite breathtaking album - all gliding drifts and lonesome lullabies that at one and the same time hark back to 4AD's heyday and more recent electronic emissions from an ever-increasingly cross-fertilised scene. Perhaps most reminiscent of the blissed-out washes created by the Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie - "English Cold" is a mesmerising collection of tracks that somehow fit in perfectly with the cathartic / reflective mood of the moment. Highly Recommended - beautiful music....

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Friday, January 28, 2005 provide an update from Davide Tiso of Ephel Duath on the forthcoming album.

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Metal Preview: Grind & Tech 2005

Uranium Music, writer Smathers provides a A Preview of 2005 - Grind & Tech

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Terrorizer Magazine Writer's Poll Albums of the Year 2004

ILM thread: Terrorizer Writer's Poll 2004 Results

40 Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell
39 Electric Wizard - We Live
38 Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind
37 Witchcraft - Witchcraft
36 Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath
35 Elend - Sunwar The Dead
34 Sunn 0)))
33 Behemoth - Demigod
32 Ministry - Houses Of The Mole
31 Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden
30 My Dying Bride - Songs Of Darkness : Worlds Of Light
29 Deathspell Omega - si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
28 The Haunted - rEVOLVEr
27 Exodus - Tempo Of The Damned
26 Nattefrost - Blood And Vomit
25 Krieg - The Black Horse
24 The Hidden Hand - Mother Teacher Destroyer
23 Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs
22 Arkhon Infaustus - Perdition Insanabilis
21 Einstürzende Neubaten
20 Nasum - Shift
19 Leviathan - Tentacles Of Whorror
18 Orphaned Land - Mabool
17 Old Man Gloom - Christmas
16 Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer
15 Textures - Polars
14 Jesu - Heartbreak
13 Motorhead - Inferno
12 Converge - Don't Tell Me
11 Cult Of Luna - Salvation
10 Isis - Panopticon
9 Anaal Nathrakh - Domine Non Es Dignus
8 Watain - Casus Luciferi
7 Esoteric - Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
6 The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine
5 Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God
4 Enslaved - Isa
3 Meshuggah - I
2 Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm
1 Mastodon - Leviathan

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BBC collective have an Optimo interview.

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Fast 'n' Bulbous has started to rate & rank 2005 Albums.

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The Guardian review Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep

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Junkmedia interview Nels Cline

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Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

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Dusted complete Dusted Features [ Dusted's Destined 2005 ]

Dusted brings you profiles of 10 artists to watch in 2005.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Musique Machine review High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings

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Junkmedia review Jeff Parker - The Relatives

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Two reviews of the new Pat Metheny Group album @ All About Jazz

Elena Gillespie reviews: The Pat Metheny Group | The Way Up

Doug Collette reviews: The Pat Metheny Group | The Way Up

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Froogle UK

Now in Beta Froogle UK - UK centric Google Price comparison search engine. Works remarkably well, enter any artist and/ or album title - and the search engine will retrieve prices from various online retailers.

There are a few glitches e.g the prices displayed from PlayCentric - don't seem to be displayed / calculated correctly.

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Dave Douglas - Mountain Passages

Dylan Hicks @ Seattle Weekly on Dave Douglas's new album: Mountain Passages

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Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - SACD remaster

News @ Genesis

We can now confirm that 'The Lamb.... SACD remaster' will be released on 18th April 2005. Engineer Nick Davis has gone to extreme lengths to find, sort and remix the new version from the original Lamb 24 track tapes. The SACD version will come with a new 5.1 SACD mix and a new CD stereo mix"

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Amp - 'US'

Details of a new album from Amp

"The latest release by the UK's foremost sonic subversives. This is
Amp at their most tender and angry, passionate and poignant. Multi-
textured and multi-layered, US has taken Amp to new heights both of
accessibility and abstraction" This album features alongside Richard
Walker (aka Richard Amp) and Karine Charff: Marc Challans (Fraud),
Ray Dickaty (ex. Spiritualized) and Donald Ross Skinner (Julian
Release date February 21

see also, pre Darla:

Darla - Coming Soon

COMING 2/21/05

"Us" is the latest release by the UK's
foremost sonic subversives. Clearly not just for old friends, these
10 songs hold their broadest appeal to date. Of course AMP are as
fiercely experimental as ever, collaging eccentric drums, pumping
bass and twisted guitar textures with voices and street sounds
collected during a recent sojourn in the states. But there is a new
intensity here, both emotionally and politically. Ambiguously
titled, us tackles both personal relationships and their
relationship with America. This is AMP at their most tender and
angry, passionate and poignant. Don't be scared by the dense
nocturnal cityscape of "opening", listen on, there are many delights
both dark and sweet in store. "get here" is a rush of pure post-punk
adrenaline, singer Karine Charff's voice sensually nonchalant and
teasing in sharp contrast to the political rage of the words she's
delivering. "implosion" tugs at heartstrings with its theme of
fragility in love and life. Dreamy but never saccharin, the
prettiness of its acoustic guitars and hypnotic washes of farfisa
organ never quite dispels the underlying sense of menace. "yousay"
builds from jagged fragments of guitar to a song-monster possessing
the epic scope of prog but with the pomposity gene removed. There
isn't a lazy moment here. Extremes are juxtaposed – from the calm-
before-the-storm reverie of "will you, i'm lost" to the sassy sax
and driven punk-jazz of "endgame". Multi-textured and multi-layered,
us has taken AMP to new heights both of accessibility and
abstraction.this album features alongside Richard Walker (aka
Richard AMP) and Karine Charff: Marc Challans (fraud), Ray Dickaty
(ex-Spiritualized), Donald Ross Skinner (Julian cope/Kiosk).

[thanks for the alert of FredofLa/ Electroambientdreampop discussion group]

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Fresh Air at Fabric: One Day Norwegian Music Festival in London - March 3rd

Sunkissed Live promote Fresh Air @ Fabric.

The line up is full of talent from Annie [fresh electronic pop] to Nils Petter Molvaer [Jazztronica] to Satyricon [Black Metal] to Biosphere [Artic Ambience]

Full line up for Sunkissed Live presents Fresh Air announced [25.01.05]

The full line up for the Sunkissed Live event at Fabric is now ready. Spanning over thirty artists from Black Metal and rock through jazz and electronica to house, this event is a grand snapshot of the Norwegian music scene. The list includes Satyricon, Annie (dj set), Dj Ralph Myerz, Nils Petter Molvœr, Bugge Wesseltoft, Biosphere, Magnet, Magne F, Xploding Plastix, Wibutee, Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas, Rune Lindbœk and many more

'Celebrating a hundred years of free air'.
The Centenary of Norway’s Independence.

Thursday 3rd March at Fabric in London

Sunkissed Live reclocates to London for a one off bamboozle to celebrate a hundred years of Norwegian independence. Or more potently the explosion of Norwegian underground music in the last decade and some. Taking over all three rooms at the world renowned club Fabric with 30 acts covering jazz, electronica jazz and house it will be one of the biggest gatherings of Norwegian acts outside norway ever.

The full line-up is now ready, including diverse acts such as Satyricon, Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvœr, WE, DJ Ralp Myerz, Annie, Kango's Stein Massive, Magne F, Bjørn Torske, Magnet, Nils Noa, g-HA, King Midas, spoecial guests acts and many many more

As in previous years Sunkissed Live will be recorded for Paul Thomas’ One World show on BBC Radio 1. Though expect some of the artists to pop up other places on the station too.

Also look out for the accompanying promotional CD featuring tracks by Annie, Wibutee, Nils Petter Molvœr, Prins Thomas, Frost, Xploding Plastix, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ralph Myerz and more. The CD will be availble free from selected record shops and shops, as well as to the first 500 to enter Fabric on the night.

For more info, about the event and where to get tickets, got to the information page or send an email to

Sunkissed Live at Fabric is realised with the help of the Norwegian Embassy in London, The norwegian Foreign Ministry and have more info Fresh Air at Fabric

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Yancey Strickler inteviews French musician Colleen.

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Pitchfork review M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us

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Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 109/ 26.01.05]

This week's Kultureflash - Headlines from London

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

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Terrorizer magazine New Issue and New Website

A new website for Terrorizer magazine.

New issue of Terrorizer is a Black Metal special part 1.


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Music Blogs Update

More updates @ favorites for DJ Martian

Newly added to blog links and included in my system:
Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage Live from Brussels, Belgium - Colin O'Brien's weblog about design, music and more
Seven Inches Of Joy

These blogs are now included in my 24/ 7 update:
Momus's Click opera
Jeremy's Collection of FCC-Violating Frolic
De Subjectivisten
ol'-eth-ros :: blog
Rob's Blog

This was: Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher: now Orbis Quintus

I didn't realize that this blog has returned to action:
David Merryweather's He made their glowing colours

Mark e's blog: ireallylovemusic [this was in my system, but not linked on the blog]

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Caribou - The Milk Of Human Kindness

PostEverything report the new Caribou album: The Milk Of Human Kindness’ will be released in April.


Following the recent enforced name change, Dan Snaith is to re-emerge in 2005, bigger and better than ever, as CARIBOU.

His third album, entitled ‘The Milk Of Human Kindness’ will be released by The Leaf Label in April, preceded by a single, ‘Yeti’ in March

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Patrick Wolf provides an exclusive MP3 track: "Souvenirs"

now is the time we can present to you a souvenir
from the last year. This song "souvenirs" has been knocking around on peoples
hard disks as a live recording for some while now. It belongs to the wind in the wires
canon of work but never made the final family of songs this will be up here until february the 10th

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Avant Jazz Artist Nels Cline outlines his recording plans for 2005:

There will be a new Nels Cline Singers CD recorded sometime in 2005, plus another project of mine (TBA), both for Cryptogramophone. I plan to generate a lot of masters in the coming year. I'm hoping to document my Blue Mitt Ensemble, new Scarnella material, plus get started on my goal to make 5 CDs of improvised duets with 5 different turntablists

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Junkmedia interview Michael Mayer

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Check the new BBC Radio Player via BBC Radio website.

A well organized interface design, many new programmes to listen to on demand.

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Eternal Fusion ... freeform radio for the open minded listener.

Latest show available to listen @ Eternal Fusion

Playlist: eternal FUSION: New Releases January 24th

Latest Show: 24th January 2005
Streaming available on demand until replaced with new show.
You can also download this show as a 'Podcast' details from the Eternal Fusion site.


Dr Timothy Leary - 'The Trip: Root Chakra'
Joshua Burkett - 'Winter Together'
Antennas! Erect - 'Marching From The Womb'
Telephone Jim Jesus - 'Convertible Stingray'
No Neck Blues Band - 'Little Piece Of The Sky'
Cul de Sac - ' Sakhalin'
Axolotl - Track 3
The Orb Vs. Meat Beat Manifesto - 'Matron'
Andrew Pekler - 'Arches'
The Hafler Trio - 'Of The Building Of Forms By Vibrations'
Deathprod - 'Reference Frequencies #3'
Tangerine Dream - 'Journey Through A Burning Brain'
Dirty Three - 'Authentic Celestial Music'
Brokeback - 'In The Reeds'
500mg - 'Condition Of A Trance'
Råd Kjetil And The Loving Eye Of God - 'They Used To Be Like Children'
Damo Suzuki & Cul de Sac - 'Kopenhagen 3'
Samara Lubelski - 'The Boy Who Bought The Cosmos'
Jandek - 'I See The Open Door'
Six Organs Of Admittance - 'School Of The Flower'
Set Fire To Flames - 'Omaha'
Bill Laswell - 'Dystopia'
Ozric Tentacles - 'Aramanu'
Rhys Chatham - 'Die Donnergrotter'

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From Sweden: their Top 61 albums of 2004. [via ..: it's a trap!]

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Splendid review When - Whenever - psychedelic music from Norway.

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New lcd soundsystem website.

lcd soundsystem will do 2 instore performances during their trip to the UK. Rough Trade, Covent Garden, London on February 12th at 5.30pm and Piccadilly Records, Manchester at 1pm on February 15th.

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Stylus review L'altra - Different Days

# posted by DJ Martian 4:12 PM review Jesu - Jesu

# posted by DJ Martian 4:09 PM

Playlouder review Laurent Garnier - The Cloud Making Machine

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Pitchfork present Found Sound 2004: Pitchfork Feature

Found Sound
by the Pitchfork Staff
Each year, at the height of the post-holiday comedown, Pitchfork issues a new installment of Found Sound. A more relaxed counterpart to our massively labor-intensive year-end lists, it allows our staff the opportunity to write about older records they discovered in the preceding year-- many of which meant as much to them as any record that qualified for our proper top 50. These albums may not be easy to track down, but we assure you they're worth seeking out.

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This week's flavourpill LONDON an email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

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Monday, January 24, 2005


Forthcoming One World shows on Radio 1:

Monday's 1-3am

» 31/01 - One World Presents the Eurosonic Festival 2005 Part 2

» 6/02 - British Label Special - (Heavenly Records tbc)

» 13/02 - Thievery Corporation tbc

» 20/02 - Tom Middleton presents two hours of his deep grooves and breaks

» 27/02 - Atomic Hooligan / Tee Bee

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Coming Up on The Breezeblock on Radio 1:

This Week: Jan 24th » Laurent Garnier Playing tracks from the new album
Next Week: Jan 31st » Alex Smoke

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Playlouder review M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us

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The Fall - 'The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004'

Playlouder report The Fall to release every Peel session!

'The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004' will be released on March 28th 2005 as a six CD box set that features all 24 of the band's sessions for the BBC.

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Improved BBC Radio Player service: BBC - Press Office - Radio Player re-launched

This week, the BBC re-launches its internet Radio Player to make almost every BBC Radio programme available live and on-demand for seven days after broadcast, creating a massive, ever-changing library of music, talk shows, dramas and documentaries.

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New Order - New Album Press Release have the full official press release for Waiting for the Sirens Call, including comments by the band members.

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Anthony Braxton is on front cover of THE WIRE

Details of the Current Issue

# posted by DJ Martian 1:35 PM review L'altra - Different Days

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SPOTLIGHT...KEY NEW RELEASES [November 29th, December 6th, 13th and 20th]

Yesterday, I finally updated info on late 2004 album releases.

Key new releases for November 29th, December 6th, 13th and 20th. A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found via these links:

DJ Martian's November 2004 Album Releases Archive
DJ Martian's December 2004 Album Releases Archive

November 29th
Autistic Daughters - Jealousy and Diamond (Kranky) [UK Release]
Bloemfontein - The Longer Now (Label High Fidelity Recordings)
Bola - Gnayse (Skam)
Richard Crandell - Mbira Magic (Tzadik)
DACM - Stereotypie (Asphodel)
Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold (Seed) vinyl EP
Fertile Ground - Black Is (Counterpoint Records) via Kudos
Food - Last Supper (Rune Grammofon) [Now Available at Boomkat]
Kaada & Mike Patton - Romances (Ipecac)
Lukas Ligeti - Mystery System (Tzadik)
Lusine - Serial Hodgepodge (Ghostly International)
On Filmore - Sleeps With The Fishes (Drag City)
Phonophani - Oak Or Rock (Rune Grammofon) [Now Available at Boomkat]
Reverbaphon - Our Heart Beats With Joy (Benbecula)
Roberto Juan Rodriguez - Baila! Gitano Baila! (Tzadik)
Christina Rosenvinge - Foreign Land (Smells Like Records)
Scorch Trio - Luggumt (Rune Grammofon) [Now Available at Boomkat]
Sickboy - Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist (Tigerbeat 6)
Silver Ray - Humans (Broken Horse)
Wadada Leo Smith - Lake Biwa (Tzadik)
Souvaris - I Felt Nothing At All (Bearos)
Strønen/Storløkken - Humcrush (Rune Grammofon) [Now Available at Boomkat]
John Tejada - Logic Memory Center (Plug Research) Now on CD
Trembling Blue Stars - The Seven Autumn Flowers (Bar/None)
The Yellow Swans - Bring The Neon War Home (Narnack)
Zorn - All we can do is enjoy the ride (Lux Nigra)

December 6th
Richard Barbieri - Things Buried (Burning Shed) [Available now at Burning Shed]
David Carretta - Kill Your Radio (Gigolo) [UK Release Date]
Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold (Seed) EP now on CD
Emery Reel - For And Acted Upon Through Diversions (Resonant) [UK Release Date]
Thomas Fehlmann - Lowflow (Plug Research) [This week Vinyl]
Vordul Mega - The Revolution Of Young Havocs (Nature Sounds)
154 - Strike (Delsin)
Nils Økland - Bris (Rune Grammofon)
Akira Rabelais - Spellewauerynsherde (Samadhisound) [Now Available at Boomkat]
Scientific American - Strong For The Future (Mush)

December 13th
Black Mayonnaise - Ttssattsr (Emperor Jones)
Deru - Trying To Remember (Merck)
Thomas Fehlmann - Lowflow (Plug Research) [Now on CD]
July Skies - English Cold (Makemine)
Oddfellows Casino - Winter Creatures (Pickled Egg)

December 20th
Pita - Get Off (Hapna)

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Brainwashed Releases a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases has been updated.

Notice: April

Autechre - t.b.a. CD/LP (Warp, UK)

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This week's new releases @ Fopp

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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Pitchfork review Hood - Outside Closer

# posted by DJ Martian 8:11 PM

Laurent Garnier is presenting the 6 Mix show on 6 Music, 8pm - 10 pm [Sunday 23 January]

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Observer Music Monthly - January 2005 Issue

New issue of Observer Music Monthly with The Observer newspaper. Strangely, Mötley Crüe - those useless ugly long haired rockers from the 80s are on the front cover. [Even stranger Killing Joke are due to support Mötley Crüe later this year.]

Included in this issue:

Highlights of Hip Hop: the rise of rap

In a quarter of a century, rap has travelled from the Bronx in New York to take over the world. The leading US historian of hip hop, Nelson George, celebrates its rise - and and questions this new cultural hegemony, asking who stole the soul and Steve Yates picks 25 moments that defined the music.

OMM article on 2005 music tips: Flash-forward: Five acts to watch in 2005


From a Norwegian dance pop starlet and a big-haired jazz outfit to a cutting-edge grime duo, OMM's critics pick five incredible acts to watch in 2005


This Month's Reviews including:

Album of the Month: review written by Paul Morley: LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

Pat Metheny - The Way is Up

Doves - Lost Cities

The Observer | OMM | Reviews: The next 10 including:

4 stars EST
Viaticum (Act)

3 stars Roots Manuva
Awfully Deep (Big Dada)

3 stars Bloc Party
Silent Alarm (Wichita)

IMHO, Bloc Party do suffer from Bloc "Karaoke Post-Punk" Party syndrome - particularly people of my generation, [born 1970] can easily play spot the references from the music we first listened to in the 1980s.

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Simon Reynolds New NY Times Article


I do think that some people on ILM forget about contextual writing, check where this article was published: NY Times aimed at a broad readership - this article was simply to overview some current themes - without great detail.

I am sure if Simon pitched this themed article at a specialist publication - then a more longer, detailed and substantial effort would have been actioned.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005


Music Blogs: Added

The music blogs presented below have been added to my favorites for DJ Martian monitoring list - i.e the music blogosphere updated 24/ 7.

Calicacky Dreaming
cnwb's Journal [previously @ mt. disappointment]
Forward Ever
Iron Tongue of Midnight
just for a day
Marcus Maroney - Sounds Like New
Metal Fury
Occam's Discotheque
Razorblade Runner
Sequenza21/The Contemporary Classical Music Weekly
Street Lights as Fairgrounds
Trout Fishing in South-Central Wisconsin
You Ain't No Picasso

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Friday, January 21, 2005



This week it's the turn of IPC Media to look back at the early 80s:

NME Originals have a new issue, covering the 80s - A-Z of the New Romantics.

Compiled from archive material from NME and Melody Maker in the 80s.

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New look: :: improvised & experimental music event listings & discussion for London.

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BlogPulse are now indexing my blog posts. [I submitted my Blog to BlogPulse just after they launched but for some reason it's taken till now to implement.]

What is BlogPulse?
BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs. Blogs, a term that is short for weblogs, represent the fastest-growing medium of personal publishing and the newest method of individual expression and opinion on the Internet. BlogPulse applies machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques to discover trends in the highly dynamic world of blogs

Try BlogPulse - Search

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The Guardian interview Roots Manuva

'What would I do if I didn't do music?'

Roots Manuva, aka Rodney Smith, has been called the 'saviour of UK hip-hop'. But that doesn't stop him worrying. By Alexis Petridis

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The Guardian review Julian Cope - Citizen Cain'd

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Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

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Musique Machine present Musique Machine - 2004 Listed

Here we go again. Second year in a row that we submit to the trend: here's what rocked the musique[machine]'s writers world in 2004! Each contributor thought about his individual list, and we left it that way because we are very lazy, and we like it

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Some More End of Year 2004 Reviews/ Polls/ Charts etc

Another update, yesterday @ my More Best of 2004 Music Links including:


Find out how bad consensus can get: Amy's Robot: Every "Top Ten Albums of 2004" List on the Planet

What music Swedes bought in 2004: - Top 100 Selling Albums in Sweden in 2004

Poll from Sound Opinions: Sound Opinions Message Board -> SOMB TOP 40 ALBUMS OF 2004


Drawer B Top 20 Albums of the Year
Grace Hotel - Best of 2004
Ink 19 :: The Top 19 of 2004 - Rob Levy
PSF | Perfect Sound Forever: 2004 in Review
Regen Mag Wrap-up 2004 - The best new music of the past year
Scene Point Blank :: Top 30 Records of 2004 :: 2004 Somewhere Cold Awards ..
Lists: The Sound Opinions Best Music of 2004 "30's Top 30 Albums of 2004"

Deviated Septum Top Albums of 2004 - Kevin Keenan
narrowcast: My Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2004

Planet Sound - Top 50 Albums & Singles of 2004 [UK Channel 4 Teletext]
WNYU-FM New Afternoon Show Top 89.1 of 2004

Barbelith Underground > Music > Albums of 2004?

Jazz Views - BEST ALBUMS OF 2004
Jazz | JazzTimes Magazine > 2004 Critics' Picks
Jazz | JazzTimes Magazine > JazzTimes Critics' Picks 2004 - Top 50
The New Yorker: Goings On About Town: Recordings
2004 Rundown @ - Viewpoint by: Glenn Astarita
Jazz Viewpoint - The Best Jazz and Blues of 2004 @ Viewpoint by: Mark E. Gallo
Something Old, Something Blue, But Not Much New @ - Viewpoint by: C. Andrew Hovan
OH NO! Not another look back at 2004! @ - Viewpoint by: Mark Keresman

MAXIMUM METAL : Staff Year End Awards for 2004
UNRESTRAINED! Magazine - Top 20 Albums of 2004
Uranium Music - The Top 20 Albums of 2004

From Croatia: Monitor (Croatia) - Albums of the Year

Individual writers
Tricky Mickey's - Best Albums 2004

NAR Lifestyle Music Awards Nominees

From France: Best Of 2004 - SAOUNDS.COM

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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Playlouder Readers Poll!! results have been announced. Some bizarre selections:


# posted by DJ Martian 7:09 PM

MindspelL - a music webzine.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:16 PM

another music blog to check: Diary of Musical Thoughts

# posted by DJ Martian 6:04 PM

new music blog: Circus of Fools in English from Joris Heemskerk from [Lowtones]

Includes thoughts on the new Mu album: Out Of Breach (Manchester's Revenge)

# posted by DJ Martian 5:34 PM

Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - interview Propaganda’s Claudia Brucken

# posted by DJ Martian 11:11 PM

Seattle Weekly feature:

Departure and Arrival
Mexican-Canadian singer Lhasa leaves the circus and gets on The Living Road.

by Tim Finney

# posted by DJ Martian 11:04 PM

Drowned in Sound review LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

# posted by DJ Martian 10:14 PM

Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 108/ 19.01.05]

This week's Kultureflash - Headlines from London

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

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At Harvard University: Music E-145: Electronic Music - Spring 2005

Electronic Music
History and Aesthetics of Popular
Music Since the 1960s

Interesting course ! Includes reading lists and recommended contextual listening of many electronic / dance styles.

[found via ILM]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:24 PM have the tracklisting details for Waiting for the Sirens Call. 11 Tracks and no sign of Sugarcane !

01. Lordsy
02. Road To Ruin
03. Waiting For The Sirens' Call
04. Krafty
05. I Told You So
06. Pop 1
07. Minidisk 2
08. Jet
09. Fast Synth
10. Turn
11. Working Overtime

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New Gehenna & Disiplin albums on Moonfog

BW & BK report GEHENNA, DISIPLIN To Issue New Albums Through Moonfog, Bands Prepare For By:Larm Convention

Both new albums will be set for a same date release by Moonfog prior to spring.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:44 PM

Strange, front cover artwork of the new Paradise Lost album.

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DOTSHOP.SE - Special Music For Special People

Interesting that this Swedish e-commerce music store, DOTSHOP.SE have a full page advert in The Wire. They seem to be marketing internationally as the currency options also include the Euro, US $, and UK £.

Similar music coverage to Forced Exposure, Other Records, Rough Trade and Boomkat etc.

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Ephel Duath: Plan New Album: Pain Necessary to Know

BLABBERMOUTH.NET recently reported the latest news on Ephel Duath: EPHEL DUATH: Tentative Track Listing For New Album Revealed

Ephel Duath - "Pain Necessary to Know" is tentatively scheduled for release this summer via Elitist/Earache Records.

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ILM Top Albums of 2004

The 2004 albums poll results have been announced @ ILM: ILM Top Albums of 2004

With nearly 500 albums nominated, it does show in the 00s internet-music era, that increased listener choice does result in a more individualistic music listening culture.

I haven't analysed omissions yet, but no placing for Isis - Panopticon is absolutely shocking !

There are scores of albums voted for that hold absolute zilch interest for me, and in a few cases absolute revulsion, whilst many others are just above average or quite good radio fodder - ok to listen to on the radio/ online radio but never strong enough to embrace fully.

There are some selections that I welcome / agree with/ pleased to see represented. Selected highlights of the top 492:

486 Pantha du Prince - Diamond Daze 1 1
481 Icarus - I Tweet the Bird Electric 1 1
473 TV on the Radio - Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes 2 1
470 The Knife - The Knife 2 1
469 The Earlies - Those Were the Earlies 2 1
468 Sunn0))) - White2 2 1
466 Samara Lubelski - In the Valley 2 1
465 Remote Viewer - You're Gonna Love Our Defeatist Attitude 2 1
464 Philip Jeck - 7 2 1
457 Chromeo - She's in Control 2 1
This was a 2003 release: 453 Ulrich Schnauss A Strangely Isolated Place 3 1
442 Felix Kubin - Matki Wandalki 3 1
436 Total Science - Audioworks 4 1
431 Manual and Syntaks - The Golden Sun 4 1
430 Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned 4 1
425 Ddamage - Radio Ape 4 1
423 Two Lone Swordsmen - The Double Gone Chapel 5 1
417 Necks - Drive By 5 1
415 Mastodon - Leviathan 5 1
413 Jack Rose - Raag Manifestos 5 1
410 Gabriel Anada - Tai Nasha No Karosha 5 1
409 Freeform Five - Strangest Thigns 5 2
404 Blockhead - Music by Cavelight 5 1
403 Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - Who is This America? 5 1
399 The Cure - The Cure 6 1
398 The Boredoms - Seadrum / House of Sun 6 2
392 Les Georges Leningrad - Sur Les Traces de Black Eskimo 6 1
385 Arthur Russell - World of Echo 6 1
378 Oxia - 24 Heures 7 1
370 Bertine Zetlitz - Rollerskating 7 1 [I need to check this out]
368 The Emperor Machine - Aimee Tallulah is Hypnotized 8 1
365 Matthew Dear - Backstroke 8 1
361 Dominik Eulberg - Flora and Fauna 8 1
358 Arovane - Lillies 8 1
355 Vector Lovers - Vector Lovers 9 1
353 The Hacker - Reves Mecaniques 9 1
352 The Eternals - Rawr Machine 9 1
351 The Earlies - Here Come the Earlies 9 1 [notice 469 !]
350 Taylor Deupree - January 9 1
349 Stahls Bla - Schlactplatte 9 1
345 Ivan Smagghe - Suck My Deck 9 1 [a compilation]
344 Diplo - Florida 9 1
343 Craig Taborn - Junk Magic 9 1
337 Arve Henriksen - Chiaroscuro 9 1
333 Tussle - King Klang 10 1
328 Sixtoo - Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures 10 2
321 July Skies - The English Cold 10 1
318 Dom & Roland - Chronology 10 1
314 Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori - Phantom Orchard 11 1
312 Triola - Im Funftonarum 11 1
311 Thomas Fehlmann - Lowflow 11 1
305 Radio Dept - Lesser Matters 11 1
302 Nels Cline Singers - The Giant Pin 11 1
300 Lucien-n-Luciano - Blind Behaviour 11 2
299 Le Dust Sucker - Le Dust Sucker 11 1
294 Califone - Heroin King Blues 11 1
290 Sagan - Unseen Fortune 12 1
288 Noxagt - The Iron Point 12 1
286 Miss Kittin - I Com 12 2
285 Marillion - Marbles 12 1
282 Der Zyklus - Biometry 12 1
280 Auburn Lull - Cast from the Fountain 12 1
272 The Boats - Songs By the Sea 13 1
271 Sten - Leaving the Frantic 13 2
270 Sightings - Arrived in Gold 13 1
268 Magma - K.A. 13 1
This was a 2003 release: 267 M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts 13 1
265 Jake Fairley - Touch Not the Cat 13 1
264 Islaja - Meritie 13 1
262 Dead Texan - Dead Texan 13 1
259 Alter Ego - Transphormer 13 1
256 To Rocco Rot - Hotel Morgen 14 1
This was a 2003 release: 253 Plus/Minus - You are Here 14 1
252 Mitch Akiyama - If Night is a Weed and Day Grows Less 14 1
237 Susie Ibarra Strange Liberaiton 15 1
236 Richard Bartz - Midnight Man 15 2
235 Pan Sonic - Kesto 15 2
This was a 2003 release: 231 Luomo - The Present Lover 15 1
228 Kevin Drumm - Impish Tyrant 15 1
225 Greg Davis - Curling Pond Woods 15 1
221 Comets on Fire - Blue Cathedral 15 2
220 Clouddead - Ten 15 1
213 Spektrum - Enter the Spektrum 16 1
This was a 2003 release: 210 Midwest Product - World Series of Love 16 1 [2003]
209 Kerrier District - Kerrier District 16 1
204 DJ / Rupture - Special Gunpowder 16 1
182 Arthur Russell - The World of Arthur Russell 17 1
179 Tortoise - It's All Around You 18 1
reissue on cd: 177 Talking Heads The Name of the Band is Talking Heads 18 1
175 Sebastian Teller - Politics 18 1
174 Scorn - List of Takers 18 1
170 Fred Anderson / Hamid Drake - Back Together Again 18 1
166 RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke 19 3
165 Ricardo Villalobos - The Au Harem d'Archimede 19 2
161 TTC - Batards Sensibles 20 1
151 Feist - Let it Die 20 2
150 Excepter - KA 20 2
148 Destroyer - Your Blues 20 2
144 Alice Coltrane - Translinear Light 20 1
137 Dani Siciliano - Likes 21 2
136 Charalambides - Joy Shapes 21 2
133 Yellow Swans - Bring the Neon War Home 23 2
128 The Secret Machines - Now Here is Nowhere 24 2
126 Richard X Back to Mine 24 2 [compilation]
122 The Beta Band - Heroes to Zeroes 25 1 1
This was a 2003 release: 117 Patrick Wolf Lycanthropy 25 1 1
116 Oneida - Secret Wars 25 1 1
113 High Contrast - High Society 25 2
This was a 2003 release: 111 Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place 25 1 1
108 Birchville Cat Motel - Beautiful Spark Triumph 25 1 1
107 Bill Frisell - Unspeakable 25 1 1
105 Tiefeschwartz - Misch Masch 26 2
102 Ghost - Hypnotic Underworld 26 2
100 Akufen Fabric 17 26 2 [mix]
97 Optimo How to Kill the DJ Pt. 2 27 3 [mix]
94 Max Richter - The Blue Notebook 28 3
88 Mouse on Mars - Radical Connector 31 2
85 Lali Puna - Faking the Books 32 2
82 Dungen - Ta Det Lungt 33 3
81 David Caretta - Kill Your Radio 33 2
80 Superpitcher - Here Comes Love 34 3
79 Marz - Wir Sind Hier 38 3
78 Oren Ambarchi - Grapes from the Estates 34 4
77 !!! - Louden Up Now 34 3
75 Adem - Homesongs 36 2 1
67 Tim Hecker - Mirage 42 3
66 Espers - Espers 42 3
62 Panda - Bear Yong Prayer 45 3
61 Arthur Russell - Calling Out of Context 45 3 1
58 The Knife - Deep Cuts 48 5
57 Michael Mayer - Touch 49 5
52 Stina Nordenstorm - The World is Saved 56 4
51 Morgan Geist - Unclassics 56 4 [a mix]

top 50 [with my selected "top tier" approval highlights in bold]

50 Nas - Street's Disciple 56 5
49 Bjork - Medulla 59 5
48 Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News 60 5
47 Tom Waits - Real Gone 60 4
46 Mountain Goats - We Shall All Be Healed 61 7
45 Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind 63 5
44 The Killers - Hot Fuss 65 6
43 The Futureheads - The Futureheads 66 6
42 Trick Daddy - Thug Matrimony 66 4 1
41 United State of Electronica - United State of Electronica 68 6 1
40 Stereolab - Margarine Eclipse 69 6 1
39 Teedra Moses - Complex Simplicity 69 7
38 Nellie McKay - Get Away from Me 70 6
37 Ada - Blondie 71 6
36 Stars - Set Yourself on Fire 71 4 2 [i need to check this further]
35 Morrissey - You Are the Quarry 73 7
34 The Delgadoes - Universal Audio 74 5 1
33 Bark Psychosis - Codename: Dustsucker 78 6
32 The Hold Steady - Almost Killed Me 79 5 1
31 Mylo - Destroy Rock n' Roll 81 7
30 Wiley - Treading on Thin Ice 81 7 1
29 Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse 83 7
28 Gretchen Wilson - Here for the Party 88 6
27 Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters 95 10
26 Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets 96 7
25 Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color 97 7
24 Devin the Dude - To tha X-Treme 98 7
23 Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand 99 12
22 Fennesz - Venice 106 8 1
21 Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles 111 8 1
20 Felix da Housecat - Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever 114 10
19 Animal Collective - Sung Tongs 116 10
18 Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat 118 9 2
17 Erlend Oye - DJ Kicks 121 8
16 The Go! Team - Thunder Lightning Strike 122 10
15 Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? 132 8 2
14 Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love 136 10 3
13 Air - Talkie Walkie 138 13 1
12 Phoenix - Alphabetical 141 12
11 Madvillain - Madvillainy 145 11
10 The Arcade Fire - Funeral 146 13 1
9 Various Artists / DFA Compilation #2 162 15
8 M.I.A. vs. Diplo - Piracy Funds Terrorism 182 16
7 Ghostface Killah - The Pretty Toney Album 188 15 1
6 Dizzee Rascal - Showtime 230 18 1
5 Brian Wilson - SMiLE 251 17 5
4 Junior Boys - Last Exit 301 23 4
3 Annie - Anniemal 312 21 2
2 The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free 321 22 3
1 Kanye West - College Dropout 342 23 5

# posted by DJ Martian 12:09 AM

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