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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Lambgoat report the next High on Fire album: tentatively titled Blessed Black Wings is expected February 2005 on Relapse Records.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:05 PM

BBC Collective review Mike Ladd - Nostalgialator

# posted by DJ Martian 5:15 PM

Saturday's The Blue Room show on Radio 1: The Blue Room Tracklistings includes classic tracks from Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Bob Marley, Sabres of Paradise, Aphex Twin and Fleetwood Mac.

Listen Again @ The Blue Room

# posted by DJ Martian 5:13 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - A Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Pandatone - Lemons and Limes
Neo Ouija

Pandatone is the latest in a small line of artists that have, over the last year or so, delicately sliced, diced, re-worked and pieced together fragmented sounds and diverse ideas into something you could more or less describe as home listening for the 21st century. It's not quite 'folktronic' or 'Post' anything in particular, more the result of a thirst for new sounds and a love of more styles of music than could possibly be condensed into one album, at least if you're to stick to traditional ideas of what an album should sound like. One listen to this debut album by Trevor Sias, however, confirms what many felt on hearing his initial contributions to the Cottage Industries compilation series - here was a voice begging for a bigger canvas. Fitting into the latest currents of the new york leftfield flora and fauna, moments here bring to mind a more electronic take on the activities of Tomlab's amazing "The Books", perhaps comparable at points to some of Zammuto's own early cdr only releases. Check 'Bureen' or the benign strummed and recorded folk-tinged 'Broadwalk' for an idea. Equally 'go f7' keys into some of the elements of new york serialism a la steve reich, yet adding some 'dance' chording bringing the style fully up to date. Eclectic-acoustic sound collages, glitched laptop shenanigans, inexplicably strange and yet curiously warm feeling - here's an album that dispenses with rules and formulas, instead delivering blissed out charm and diversity on a musical whim that gloriously fits in with the sound of the moment. Lovely.

Xela - Listen With Xela Volume 1
Boomkat Selected Mixtapes

And now for something completely different. For the 6th installment in our mix cd series we head deep down and low into an out of focus world of modified symphonies, alien soundtracks, smokey jazz basements and electric lullabies. This extremely special mix from John Xela acts as a perfect bridging point between the sublime electronic minimalism of his debut album "For frosty mornings....' and the rewired acoustic lovesongs of his recent "Tangled Wool" album for CCO. It's a journey that perfectly reflects Xela's cinematic obsessions, offering a narrative that spans almost a century's worth of music, taking in a lifetime supply of neon folk, jazz vapours, midnight minimalism through to reduced pop, Twin Peaks oddities, Berlin-bound electronic pulses and everything in between. For late night loveliness, the selection just doesn't get any better......or more inspired. Perfect.

Various / Merck - Merck Mix 3

The 4-year anniversary of merck brings us their third mix cd, composed entirely from tracks from the label's extensive back catalogue and some tasty first tasters of things to come. The mix includes tracks adam johnson, aphilas, blamstrain, deceptikon, esem, frank and bill, ilkae, landau, lackluster, machine drum, md, mr projectile, proem, proswell, secede, sense, syndrone, tiki obmar and more. Spanning the merck time-line, the full spectrum of styles is represented, with the extra bonus of exclusive previously unreleased tracks by sense, lackluster and a remix of ilkae by landau thrown in for that collectable vibe. This is the second merck mix by ben cormier and dan hartrell from toronto, who displayed their killer mixing skills on the last volume. Ace

Various / Virtu - Virtu : See Level

Ran from NYC this label (with help from Matthew Herbert's Accidental crew) are offering a new high design factor into compilation albums, taking them from the supermarket shelves and placing them in your home amongst your other prized musical collectables. While the music stays within a certain respectable and hardly revolutionary style the choices do show a knack for audio story telling and mood. The first CD subtitled, 'Below See Level' drops into aquatic downtempo waters, perfectly kicking it off with the amazing Cinematic Orchestra track 'Burn Out' from the 'Every Day' album. Other tracks on disk 1 come from amongst others Charles Webster, Wax Poetic f/ Norah Jones, Dani Siciliano, Arto Lindsay, Recloose, Boom Bip, Mum, Notwist with an exclusive from Inertia records Hefner. The 2nd disk includes tracks from Akufen, Metro Area, Jazzanova, Blaze, Chris Brann, Luomo with an exclusive track from Herbert's archive '24 Hrs', which is smoothed out funk house halfway between his Phono sides and 'Around The House'. The packaging is amazing, just like the Accidental CD's, and with an exclusive Herbert track it makes for really rather good summertime listening. Check it.

Brotzmann Clarinet Project - Berlin Djungle
Unheard Music / Atavistic

Latest amazing reissue from Atavistic's Unheard Music division. A concert from 1984 that linked up legendary free jazz maniacs Peter Brotzmann and John Zorn along with an array of equal legends of avant jazz such as Tony Oxley, William Parker, Toshinori Kondo, Tony Coe and Louis Sclavis. The CD contains one continuous piece lasting just short of 50 minutes, only broken up to reflect the sequencing on the original vinyl issue. Six clarinet players meet trumpet, trombone, bass & drums. From reflective, lyrical and open _expression to all out thrash rage. A big recommend.

Christian Marclay - DJ Trio

'DJ Trio' is the long awaited Asphodel follow up to Christian's 2000 duo album with Otomo Yoshihide titled 'Moving Parts'. As you'd guess by the name this CD showcases trio performers utilising turntables in a style completely removed from most standard hip hop deejays to make sounds that really spark your imaginantion. Joining Christian for each of the trio's featured are DJ Olive, Marina Rosenfeld, Toshio Kajiwara and Erik M. Musically up there with the best 70's electro acoustic sounds, imagine tape edit style John Cage mixed with an amalgam of Phillip Jeck and D-Styles. Completely wigged out sounds but also essential for fans of the outer reaches of turntablism and high quality improv. Highly recommended.

Herve Boghossian - Mouvements
Raster Post

French sound artist Hervé Boghossian makes his debut for Raster Noton's Post edition after works for labels such as Beau Rivage and his own label List. Like Akira Rebelais, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Christian Fennesz this CD is made from the subtlety altered sound of guitar playing. Of the artists listed above Herve's guitar sounds the most removed from the original sound source and thus feels more mysterious and strangely humanist. The tracks act as gliding drones of sound - long classically framed notes that seem to be spliced into shards of sound in their thousands. This makes a mirage connection to the natural world in your mind. For example imagine grains of metallized sand individual recorded as they hit a tin roof, a different listen through speakers or headphones. Though not harsh, this is experimental music at it's warmest and lushest. A quiet release, recorded in the treble end of the soundscale. One of the finest Raster Noton releases in the last couple of years. Massively recommended.

Various / Musica Futurista / Musica Futurista - The Art Of Noises

"Musica Futurista: The Art of Noises" is a 73 minute collection of music and spoken word from the Italian Futurist movement 1909-1935,including original recordings by Marinetti, Russolo and Balilla Pratella. As well as period recordings,including "free verse" readings by Futurist figurehead F.T. Marinetti and the celebrated "intonarumori" created by Luigi Russolo which influenced Stravinsky, Stockhausen and John Cage, the CD includes contemporary performances of other key Futurist works.This is a definitive collection with all material digitally remastered and a deluxe booklet with many rare images and detailed sleeve notes by noted author James Hayward.

Cage And Tame One Are Leak Bros - Waterworld
Eastern Conference

Though their output is less hectic you can always rely on Eastern Conferance to hit you full on like Def Jux did back in their early days. Cage's last album 'Movies For The Blind' was awesome though slept on and the same could be said for Tame One's 'When Rappers Attack'. Together they create lyrical heat on this album that's helped no end by some amazingly deep and full production from Camu Tao, J-Zone, Mondee, El-P, Mighty Mi, Reef and on large form RJD2. If street rap from NYC was consistently this good then I'd die as a homeless destitute, as that's not the case here's more reason to love this album. Fourteen tracks of pimp sh*t.

Wax Poetics
Issue 9 Summer 2004
Wax Poetics

Latest volume from the finest publication on the planet. This edition nearly tops all previous simply for it's in depth interview of Dante Ross. Office boy at Def Jam, a&r at Tommy Boy and Elektra. This man had had a hands on involvement with nigh on all the classic albums released between 1989 and 1992 (the mid school golden years), peep De La Soul 'Three Feet High and Rising' (he also co signed Digital Underground but left Tom Silverman's label prior to 'The Humpty Dance'). On his arrival at Elektra he signed KMD, Leaders Of The New School, Brand Nubian, Del and each of those artists dropped classic debuts. The best thing about this interview is the secrets he reveals, many completely incendiary, others will bring a smile to your face. I've been waiting nearly 15 years for this interview and it answers all my questions even touching on the KMD 'Black Bastards' fiasco. You might also want to read the two part MC Serch interview in Grand Slam to get a different side to topics touched on here as Dante gives the man a rough time. If that's not enough elsewhere in this issue are in depth features on legends such as Joe Zawinul, Pucho and Willie Mitchell. Plus interviews with RJD2, the second part of Phillip Sherburne's article on avant turntable playing and so much more. You know what you need to do. Completely, utterly essential.

Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam (+ Bonus CD)

The excellent, CLASSIC debut from Buffalo's finest available for the first time shrink -wrapped with free compilation 'Mint Humbucker' with Mercury Rev & friends.Bonus cd featuresfeat: Dean Wareham, Radial Spangle, Cellophane, Mutton Gun & Sterling Roswell plus Mercury Rev's rare debut single 'Car Wash Hair'.

Spectrum - Refractions: Thru the rhythms of time 1989 - 1997
Space Age

Sonic boom/spectrum/pete kember started producing solo work shortly before the end of spacemen 3 and released his first solo project, sonic boom 'spectrum' in 1990. from the success of this release he signed to silvertone records and released the highly sought after and respected 'soul kiss (glide divine)' in 1991 and continued releasing work through silvertone until 1994 when the unique 'highs, lows & heavenly blows' was released to rave reviews. Later on spectrum moved to space age recordings where he released the groundbreaking 'forever alien'which remains a perfect example of the use of technology in experimental music.'Refractions' takes the best and hardest to find output of spectrum on one fascinating cd. Check.

Sufjan Stevens - A Sun Came
Asthmatic Kitty

More goodness from one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of the generation, here displaying his excellent debut from 1999 "A Sun Came". The album here has been skillfully re-mastered, with two previously unreleased tracks and new art by Stephen Halker. Recorded on 4-track while still in college, A Sun Came first demonstrated Sufjan's eclectic instrumentalism - he plays over a dozen instruments here -- noted production skills, and heartfelt songwriting. Though little known until listeners and reviewers discovered Michigan last year, A Sun Came foreshadows Sufjan's later work, and stands on it's own as an _expression of his unique talents. A Brilliant debut, thankfully available once again.

Marcus Belgrave - Gemini
Universal Sound

As I just recently mentioned to a close colleague 'there's so much good music around these days'. Take for example this wicked reissue of trumpeter Marcus Belgrave's 1974 album for Detroit's Tribe label. To be honest it's worth your money for the title track alone, 'Space Odyssey' is an outright classic track, so much so that Carl Craig covered it on The Detroit Experiment album. This ain't no one track album scenario. The band on this album is stupid, joining Marcus is Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison, Roy Brooks (Horace Silver's drummer on so many classic Blue Note albums) plus the don of the electric piano Harold McKinney. From downhome modal blues numbers like 'Odoms Cave' to Max Roach protest jazz and wicked spiritual inclined post bop. It's all here. Thanks Soul Jazz, killer material from start to finish.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:36 PM

The latest Mixing It show on Radio 3, includes tracks by DJ Spooky, Jaga Jazzist, Univers Zero, Squarepusher and Fripp & Eno.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 AM

The 2004 Shortlist Prize selects Judges

Billboard report on the judges for the Shortlist Prize

2004 Judges, known as listmakers include:

The Cure's Robert Smith
System Of A Down's Serj Tankian
Massive Attack's 3D
Perry Farrell

and numerous others.. including bland adult rawker John Mayer and Norah Jones, Miss MOR easy listening.

The criteria for eligibility for this year's Shortlist Prize:

» any artist's full-length release that came out between July 1, 2003, and June 30, 2004 [released in the US]

» that at the time of its nomination has not been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Official website: 2004 Shortlist Music Prize

To give you an idea of what albums could be selected these are my 4 quarterly summary lists: [however remember some albums get released in the UK prior to a US Release, and vice-versa]

Q3: 2003
Q4: 2003
Q1: 2004
Q2: 2004

US Release dates for particular albums can be checked @

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 AM

Friday, July 30, 2004


Leonard's Lair review Junior Boys - Last Exit with a 5/ 5 review.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:52 PM

BBC Collective have an Amon Tobin interview.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:18 PM

Life Blood for The Manics report Manic Street Preachers have named their forthcoming album: Life Blood due for an October release.

Nicky Wire commented:
It's modern, shiny, pure pop, elegiac pop, It really is the poppiest album we've ever done. The mixer of Goldfrapp (Tom Elmhirst) has been working with us, and he's really given it a lovely sheen and a modern edge. We've been listening to The Associates, early New Order, Joy Division. It's 'The Holy Bible' for 35 year olds!"

# posted by DJ Martian 11:17 PM

VOTE: I Love Music: Top 100 Albums & Tracks 2000-2004

Organized by stevem @ ILM you can vote for this decade's best music: nominations are listed: I Love Music: Top 100 Albums & Tracks 2000-2004

The voting system allows 15 choices each for the Tracks and Albums listed.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 16th August, 12pm BST.

The nominations were selected by ILM users. The methodology of the nominations has it's limitations - only one nomination each [for an album/ track] per ILM user was permitted.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:40 PM

Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 2:18 PM

Marc Riley's Rocket Science show tomorrow on 6 Music features:

Geordie from Killing Joke will be talking about the band's new album

[Update: Geordie was busy so Raven deputized]

[That will be the Killing Joke - For Beginners compilation - due for release next week]

This will get Nick @ Auspicious Fish excited Embrace will be coming into the studio to play two tracks

# posted by DJ Martian 2:10 PM

Luke Vibert - 6 Mix

This coming Sunday, Luke Vibert is on the 6 Mix on BBC 6 Music.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:37 PM

Dusted Features spotlight the listening interests of Clinic

# posted by DJ Martian 1:31 PM

Almost Cool review Deathprod - Deathprod

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 PM

Pitchfork review Comets on Fire - Blue Cathedral

Sub Pop debut from these chaotic Santa Cruz psych-feeders beefs up their production values to touch down as their hardest-hitting record to date. Drawing influence from Zeppelin, Hendrix, and Hawkwind, Blue Cathedral scales back the wanton experimentation of their previous albums to fire off post-Vietnam rounds of knotted feedback, monolithic riffs and outer-space jams. And perhaps its most impressive feat? At 53 minutes, it almost feels short.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:12 PM

The Guardian review Spring Heel Jack - The Sweetness of the Water

# posted by DJ Martian 12:35 PM

Thursday, July 29, 2004


The Independent interview Tuxedomoon

The US avant-rock band Tuxedomoon have sustained a 20-year career by turning their backs on their homeland. Andy Gill meets them in Rome

# posted by DJ Martian 11:45 PM

The Independent interview The Futureheads

# posted by DJ Martian 11:43 PM

Mansun - Kleptomania: September 27th

DiS have further info on the Mansun 3CD set: Mansun - Kleptomania

# posted by DJ Martian 11:05 PM

BBC Jazz Awards 2004 - The Winners

Winners anounced: BBC Jazz Awards

The Independent report on the BBC Jazz Awards

# posted by DJ Martian 10:58 PM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

Sufjan Stevens - A Sun Came
Asthmatic Kitty

Hope you're already familiar with Sufjan? Last year's "Michigan" (given a proper UK release this spring) and this year's "Seven Swans" are already dead certs for our End Of Year Top Ten. Now comes the reissue of his debut LP. Where "Seven Swans" is a more distilled effort and "Michigan" simply one of the best records in recent times, on his debut, recorded straight to four-track but overflowing with multi-instrumental magic, Stevens sets out his stall and amazes us again. It's insanely ambitious folk music with celtic, middle-eastern and even Chinese motifs, crazy Sonic Youth-ish atonal-ness and sweet, soft ballads. It's got that totally non-mainstream, try-it-and-see D.I.Y. musical toyshop feel, but amidst the madness true beauty lies. It's not as good as his last two meisterworks, and some of it will have you reaching for the 'skip' button but the mind-boggling magic easily outweighs the quirkiness factor and this still comes through as a thing of wonder. He's a wizard!

Bardo Pond / Tom Carter (Charalambides) - 4/23/03

Both Bardo Pond and Tom Carter have been luminaries of their respective subgenres of the resurgent underground psychedelic movement over the better part of the past decade. Bardo Pond has not been afraid to explore the interplay between complex musicianship, volume and tranquility. Tom Carter, as a solo artist as well as within the framework of his band Charalambides, has created soundscapes built on the combination of delicate tones. "4/23/03" marks the first product of these like-minded artists working together.

Bark Psychosis - Codename Dust Sucker

The release of "Codename:Dustsucker" marks the return of Bark Psychosis after a ten year retreat into virtual obscurity. The previously released LP, "Hex" has spent that time sustaining the sense of enigma that has become synonymous with the name and garnering the warm reverence of critics and fans alike.

Special limited edition CD includes an 8 page booklet lovingly tucked into a full colour 6 panel digi-pack.

Beats For Beginners - Don't Fly Into The Sun
Faith & Hope

Manchester's Beats For Beginners bring us their debut album for Faith & Hope, creating a delicious mix of 70s pop, 80s electro-pop and 00s indie-pop sounds. NME say 'A surprisingly tender electronic indie-pop crossover'. Includes the singles "Summer Lovers" and "Kill All DJs".

Logh - The Raging Sun
Must Destroy

Second album from Swedish post-hardcore band Logh. "The Raging Sun" expands upon their trademark slide guitar and Television-esque guitar interplay to veer between moments of piano melancholy, gentle ambience and sub-hardcore ferocity.

The Memory Band - The Memory Band
Hungry Hill

The Memory Band features Stephen Cracknell, Adem (from Four Tet / Adem), assorted members of Hot Chip and Polly Paulusma. Gorgeous folk-tronica for fans of James Yorkston, Adem, Fence Collective etc.

Polysics - Poylsics Or Die
Sur La Plage

Polysics, three mysterious characters, half animal, half machine, transported back through time from Neo Tokyo making music that will flatten cities, drain oceans and split atoms. Think Devo locked in a lift with Kraftwerk with the wardrobe designer of The Residents on board for a laugh and you are there. This is 21st Century new wave. Nine mini and full albums in their five year career form the basis for this best of collection, which features 18 audio tracks, plus two videos.

Sunburned Hand Of The Man - The Trickle Down Theory Of Lord Knows What

The second album from this Massachusetts-based multiple-piece gang of free, social sound explorers. Five heady tracks of celebratory and spiritual music played with guitar, pipes, keyboards, percussion, horns, bass, and an assortment of extras. A breath of the same exhaust huffed by No-Neck Blues Band, Suntanama, Michael Hurley, and others of the same persuasion. One-time pressing of 1,000 copies, packaged with an insert in full-color sleeves with artwork by the band.

Jody Wildgoose - Lovely White Teeth

Another gem from the Sketchbook label. Jody Wildgoose is one of Britain's best kept secrets, a curious mix of woolly charm and ambition. This album is compiled from a huge collection of songs, instrumentals and weirdness. While some tracks are just one-minute sketches, others are perfectly formed lo-fi masterpieces. Jody's work is a surreal melting pot of Led Zep, Beck, Syd Barrett, Skip Spence, Motown, a bit of Prince, a smidgen of hip hop and the kind of psychedelia that shone before it lost it's pop heart.

Various Artists / Unearthed - Liverpool Cult Classics Vol 3

Another storming collection of Scouse nuggets from the 70s to present day. Vol three begins back in 1977 with The Spitfire Boys featuring future Frankie Goes To Hollywood member Paul Rutherford on vocals. It ends with one of the best of Liverpool's current crop of talent, The Hokum Clones. Also included are "Up" by Shack, thought to be destroyed in a fire in 1991, The ID, an early incarnation of OMD with the original version of "Electricity" and "Hey Disco Joe" by Wah!Heat live at the last night of Erics along with many more gems.

Pan American - Quiet City

"Quiet City" is the fourth album from Mark Nelson's (Labradford) Pan American project. Combining the computer-centric approach of Pan American's last album "The River Made No Sound" with the organic instrumentation that characterised Nelson's work in Labradford.

2xCD - KRANK065
The CD is accompanied by an exclusive DVD produced and directed by Mark Nelson. It is a series of 'visual medetations' for each of the albums eight tracks.

Far - Water And Solutions

The second release for Epic was still granite hard and the arrangements every bit as engagingly eccentric as their opener "Tin Cans With Strings To You", but it was more textured. The little extra effort demanded of the listener was definitely worth it though - and if you're prepared to take my word for it enough to get your sticky hands on a copy of this passionate, multilayed 1998 groundbraker, you'll find out why.

Deluxe edition includes a bonus DVD featuring unreleased live performances, bootlegs and photos.

JR Ewing - Calling In Dead

One of the most talked about bands in the European indie / hardcore scene finally get a UK release for their brilliant debut album. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, JR Ewing have taken everyone by surprise with their superb songwriting abilities that mix latter period Refused's indie rock and groove feel with the heaviness of modern hardcore heavyweights such as Botch and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Mara Carlyle - The Lovely

Opening with the enchanting vocal and saw duet "Saw Song", "The Lovely" goes on to use subtle lounge jazz trio backing, forties-style harmonies and pop hooks, while sounding totally contemporary with co-production by Plaid, who add an electronic edge.

Steve Reid - Rhythmatism
Universal Sound

Originally released in 1976, this is one of four albums Reid recorded for his own Mustevic label. Only 1000 copies were pressed up at the time, making it a jazz collectors must have LP ever since. Jazz drummer Reid played with such luminaries as Sun Ra, Freddie Hubbard, Gray Bartz, Ornette Coleman, Lester Bowie (Art Ensemble Of Chicago), Fela Kuti, Leon Thomas and Miles Davis, even backing James Brown at The Apollo! Sounding similar to Tribe and Strata East records of the time, "Rhythmatism" brings us a mix of free and spiritual jazz tracks, with Les Walker (piano), David Wertman (bass), Michael Keith (trombone), Arthur Blythe (sax) and guests all taking their turn to add improvised solo work.

Alvin Curran - Lost Marbles

A compilation of Alvin Curran's wildest musical projects from 1987-2003. Featuring a seductive work for chorus and ensemble, an incredible piece for eleven shiphorns(!), an electro-acoustic tribute to John Cage using the sound of his laughter and the purring of Merce Cunningham's cat, the strangest orchestral music you've ever heard, etudes for diskklavier, dance music for Trisha Brown and much more. This long overdue release will surely confirm Curran as one of America's most courageous and outrageous musical mavericks.

Faultline - Closer Colder

Originally released in 1999, Faultline's debut album was a groundbreaking release for the Leaf label. Five years on, it still sounds utterly fresh, and compares favourably with the recently released "Your Love Means Everything" album.

The Necks - (Music From The Feature Film) The Boys

Sound-track to the prize-winning movie "The Boys". The Necks break with convention here and put several shorter pieces on one CD. All gems and all pared back to the imperfection that is the Necks' unique and glorious signature. This is a band that seems to be coming into its golden age.

Wax Poetics / Issue Number Nine, Summer 2004 [Magazine]

This issue has RJD2 giving us an insight into his influences on Record Roots, interviews with legendary hip hop A&R man Dante Ross, Henry 'Pucho' Brown, Poppa Willie Mitchell and jazz keyboard king Josef Zawinul (who's also the cover star), a history of "Love Money" by the Funkmasters, features on experimental electronic turntablists Janek Shaefer and Philip Jeck, Jamaican / Canadian funk-soul man Wayne McGhie, the NYC Record Show, collecting 78s from the lost provinces and jazz / soul covers of The Beatles.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:35 PM

New music blog: ArtsJournal: Critical Conversation Classical Music Critics on the Future of Music

# posted by DJ Martian 6:15 PM

Sonic Youth / Mats Gustafsson Album Out September 27th

As announced @ Smalltown Supersound

The Mats Gustafsson/Sonic Youth 'Hidros 3' album on Smalltown Supersound will be released the 27th of September. It contains 9 tracks of sonic delights and some amazing vocal from Kim Gordon.

[Alerted via It's a trap]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:44 PM

ALT*CTRL @ The Brixton Telegraph

Details of an electronic music event happening in London: AltCtrl

ALT*CTRL @ The Brixton Telegraph
Saturday 31st July 2004
CLICK for e-flyer

Doors: 6pm – 6am
Tax: £8 after 9pm

ALT*CTRL Outdoors >>>
Come down before 9pm and get some nosh in for the night ahead while the Paul Louth and the Inhale crew gently warm your ears with their distinctive brand of low-slung electrofied funk. (

CLUB >>> Electro, Acid, Breaks, Bass
Mr Velcro Fastener LIVE (UK Exclusive Gig)
Tim Wright LIVE (Novamute)
Chris Clark LIVE (Warp Records)
Debasser LIVE (Novamute / Haywire)
Cursor Miner LIVE (Lo Records)
ALT*CTRL Soundsystem LIVE (Showcase)
Addictive TV (AV Set)
Sigma (Uglyfunk)

BAR: Wheels Instead Of Hooves >>>
Markus (Rephlex)
Buddy Peace (Lex)
John (Soul Jazz)
Tomp (Warp DJ)

Sheik Ahmed (
Wheels DJs
Plus very special guest!

Visuals >>>
The Men In The Corner
Adverse Camber VJs
Proscan Lighting

More Info: / Click for Map
@ The Telegraph, 228 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1HE

Nearest Tube is Brixton
Nearest Overland Train Streatham Hill
Buses 133, 159, 45, 59, 109, 118, 250, 333

ALT*CTRL regulars are in for a treat with a new venue and an excellent line up featuring many of the artists previously heard on vinyl, now playing live. With an all-live attitude to the presentation of electronic music, ALT*CTRL provide a rich alternative to normal club nights.

The spacious new home at The Telegraph in Brixton is well regarded as a top live and club music venue and for its top quality sound system. The space and the bass will definitely be needed on the 31st as the event features a total of six live acts, six VJs and eight DJs across the two rooms.

The line up is a sparkling list of unique performers, including Finnish electro act Mr Velcrofastener playing an exclusive rare UK show, Warp records wunderkind Chris Clark, Novamute’s Debasser and Tim Wright, fresh from his recent Fabric performance, and the phenomenally entertaining Cursor Miner. The ALT*CTRL Soundsystem will also feature, while visuals come from Addictive TV, Kurst, Sunny V and the Men in the Corner.

The omnipotent presence of the Wheels Instead of Hooves crew on the London electronica scene is maintained in room two, featuring DJs from Warp, Rephlex, Soul Jazz, Lex and Kraked records, and Wheels VJs. All of which makes this one of the most interesting and lively underground nights on in London this weekend.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:35 PM

Iceland Airwaves Festival, October 20-24, Reykjavik, Iceland

Intuitive Music have the latest line up of Iceland Airwaves Festival taking place in Reykjavik - October 20-24.

Iceland Airwaves celebrates it's 5th year with another outstanding showcase of new music and great musicicians. This year's festival will include names like Four Tet, Thievery Corporation, Fatboy Slim, Sigur Rós, Gus Gus, and many others.

Official website: Iceland Airwaves

# posted by DJ Martian 5:05 PM

Southern Newsletter, August Edition

The latest newsletter from independent music distributor Southern: SOUTHERN | word including:

recent and upcoming releases
tours roundup
hanalei interview
a letter from france
sunn 0))) feature
tours & live reviews
what's on the southern stereo

# posted by DJ Martian 2:00 PM

The latest releases are reviewed @ NYC's Other Music: The Other Music Update including:

Comets on Fire
Kings of Convenience

# posted by DJ Martian 1:39 PM

Radio 1's Annie Nightingale has a feature on breaks music: Slam on the Breaks

Annie Nightingale has been supporting the worldwide Breaks scene since its inception and describes it as 'the most exciting musical journey she's been on'. With her new show moving to an earlier slot she is about to take breaks to a whole new level. Here she explains her inauguration in to this global movement.

Reminder: As of this week Annie Nightingale show on Radio 1 moves to a new slot:

Don't miss Annie's new show starting this Thursday night/Friday morning 01.00 - 03.00...

# posted by DJ Martian 10:34 AM

Annie Mac - Radio 1

Radio 1 launches a new show presented by Annie Mac at the 9pm - 11pm slot each Thursday. The first show is later today.

Apparently it's focus is to provide a diverse outlook on new dance/ beats music.

Annie Mac - Biography

With a show that bridges the gap between daytime and specialist for dance music heads, Annie presents every Thursday night from 9pm to 11pm on Radio 1.

Her show takes a light-hearted look at the tracks that are filling every kind of dancefloor up and down the country, playing the very best of house, hip hop, bass and beats. "I couldn't have asked for a better show that defines me and what I stand for, I am absolutely over the moon and can't wait to get started."

# posted by DJ Martian 12:39 AM

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Terrorizer Issue #121 - August 2004

» Terrorizer magazine.

Details of the new August issue of Terrorizer that features Dillinger Escape Plan on the front cover.


Also Terrorizer: Next Issue [on Sale late August]



# posted by DJ Martian 11:33 PM

dense promotion, Berlin: newsletter 048

Upcoming releases are profiled @ dense promotion

[CD N&B Research Digest]
[LP/CD morr music]
COBRA KILLER - 76/77 [CD/LP Monika Enterprise]
JULIAN FANE - Special Forces [CD Planet Mu]
MAX EASTLEY / DAVID TOOP - Doll Creature [CD Bip-Hop]
MINIT - Now Right Here [CD/LP Staubgold]
OUTPOST - Time-based Landscapes [CD Institute for Transacoustic Research]
PETER SZELY - Welcome To My World [CD mosz]
RADIAN - Juxtaposition [CD Thrill Jockey]
SWOD - Gehen [CD/LP City Centre Offices]
THE BEANS - Bassplayer [intr_version]
THE GO FIND - Miami [CD/LP morr music]
TRANSFORMER DI ROBOTER - Metal Kings [CDEP deco 008]
V.A. - BiP_HOp Generation [v.7] [CD Bip-Hop]
V.A. - AMµNITION [CD Planet Mu]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:24 PM

BBC Jazz Awards are announced tomorrow.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:41 PM

Kirsty MacColl box set

Ananova report EMI to release Kirsty MacColl box set

Titled: From Croydon to Cuba the three-disc box set of recordings by Kirsty MacColl will be released by EMI on October 11.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:35 PM


The Wire Magazine are co-sponsoring part of The Oslo Jazz Festival in Norway 9th - 15th August.

Annual Oslo jazz bash featuring mainstream jazz and avant garde sounds
alike, spread over various venues in the Norwegian capital. The Blå
club space hosts a Smalltown Superjazzz (sic) label launch night with The
Thing, a punk rock inspired jazz trio featuring Mats Gustafsson, Paal
Nilssen-Love and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (12 August), an eclectic night
featuring Chicago jazz giant Fred Anderson, electric avant funkers
Spektrum and Four Tet (13), and a Saturday night blowout with Mats
Gustafsson & Hamid Drake, Fred Anderson & Paal Nilssen-Love, LCD Sound System
and Mental Overdrive (14). Other highlights of the festival include a
Rephlex night (featuring Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and Russell Haswell) plus
Farmers Manual and Nils Petter Molvær. A number of the events to be
held at Blå are sponsored by The Wire.

Oslo various venues, 9-15 August

Source: The Wire conduit e-mail

Official website for Oslo Jazz Festival 2004 include artist profile summaries.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:16 PM

DiS relay the latest Aereogramme news: Aereogramme sign new deal

A five track EP, 'Seclusion', is due in September.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:24 AM

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


NME Executive admits that they can't stand out and be Alternative !

The Independent provide an insiders perspective of NME/

The NME publisher Neil Robinson tells Chris Gray how he transformed the ageing music title into a global brand

In the article both Robinson and McNicholas state the NME is [blatantly] aimed at 19 year old male students.

Robinson sees that as the magazine simply being more honest about where it lies in the "supply chain" between record companies, retailers and fans; but former writers like Paul Morley insist such language had no place in the NME world they inhabited.

Paul Morley:
"I would never have considered there was such a thing as a supply chain," says Morley. "NME then was coming out of the Sixties and Seventies and it had a radical spirit. It is now an odd combination of a commercial enterprise with a fanzine level of enthusiasm. It has lost the idea that it was about writing. Now it is more like a weekly guide."

This supply chain questions raises ethical questions: i.e relationships NME has between record companies/ PR companies and also relates to matching the editorial content with advertising sales strategy.

Neil Robinson:

It's not NME's fault that the world has moved on as it has. We can't stand out there and be alternative; commercially that would be suicide now. The irony is we are still more alternative than anything else.

What an admission ! alternative to anything else - what can this mean Q magazine or Virgin Radio?

What can be said about this - NME has become a stagnant fixed lifestage mag: where the contents are always skewed to the lowest common denominator male student - aged 19, who is not particularly alternative.

What a hideous concept for a music magazine - it's no wonder that people in their 20s/ early 30s - find the NME such a useless magazine. [cross reference with various music boards: BBC Collective/ Onetouchmusic/ Jockey Slut and ILM etc]

it begs the question - why hasn't a publisher launched a new weekly music magazine - that has higher aspirations for music? There is a massive gap in the market for a diverse, radical, informative weekly music magazine - many music fans don't want to wait for the monthlies - they would like a more regular reading fix.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

In the City - Manchester, September 17th - 21st

Official website for: In The City - the UK's International Music Convention

In The City is the UK's international music convention - a meeting point for music industry professionals from across the world to come and talk, debate, argue and experience the world's premier new music showcase

# posted by DJ Martian 5:46 PM

Bark Psychosis - Hex

Ned Raggett @ Stylus Magazine spotlights Hex album by Bark Psychosis: Bark Psychosis - On Second Thought

on Second Thought replaces the classic reviews section with a more focused look at albums from the past. Each week we’ll be taking a look at an album over two years old which has been unjustly ignored, unfairly lauded or misunderstood in some fundamental way. With it, we aim to provide a fresh look at albums that need it.

In the wake of the Britpop and trip-hop booms in England of the early 90s, Bark Psychosis’ Hex fell through the cracks for many years, available only to a select few on disc. Stylus is proud to let AMG contributor Ned Raggett say “on second thought” to this underheard gem.

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Music critic Tom Hull has updated his Music Year 2004 webpage.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:34 PM

Orbital Live

Alert: Orbital are on the John Peel show, tomorrow at

# posted by DJ Martian 1:07 PM

Cult of Luna provide Salvation this October

Lambgoat report Cult Of Luna finishes full-length

Cult of Luna have named their upcoming album: Salvation - that is due for an October release.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:56 PM

The UMA (Urban Music Awards)

BPI announce BPI support new Urban Music Awards .

The UMA (Urban Music Awards) is a new award ceremony supporting the best of UK Urban and Dance music.

Strangely this includes jazz, rock and ambient - that could all reflect non urban music ! Does the UK need another music awards ceremony !

UMA Awards 2004 November 9 2004, Barbican (London), 9-12.30pm
Deadline for Nomination Entries September 7 2004

-Best World Music Act 2004
-Best UK Radio DJ
-Best Jazz Act
-Best R&B Act
-Best House DJ
-Best Hard Dance DJ/Artists
-Best Ambient DJ/Act
-Best Underground Producer
-Best Rock Act (New)
-Best Gospel Act
-Best Club/Radio DJ
-Best Club Night 2004
-Best Radio Station
-Best Music Video 2004
-Best Independent Record Label
-Best Hip Hop Act
-Best Drum & Bass Act/DJ
-Best Nu-Soul Act
-Best Crossover Chart Act
-Best Garage Act
-Best Underground DJ
-Best Compilation
-Best UK Nationwide Unsigned Act 2004

# posted by DJ Martian 12:39 PM report John Cale - Hobosapiens album will finally get a US release. [Apparently it's due September 7th]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 PM

The Wire - August 2004 Issue

Finally The Wire have updated their website, to reflect the new issue - the worst The Wire front cover in terms of design and content - in living memory.

It's weird Wilco, one can only think that The Wire are going for the US Magnet magazine crowd - with this dreadful choice.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:17 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON a weekly email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 PM

Monday, July 26, 2004


This week's new releases @ Rough Trade Shops

# posted by DJ Martian 5:20 PM

This week's new releases @ Fopp

# posted by DJ Martian 5:09 PM

Tiny Mix Tapes review Comets on Fire - Blue Cathedral with a 5/ 5 score.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:51 PM

Technorati: Searching the World Live Web

Technorati has a new look.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:07 PM

Bark Psychosis - Graham Sutton Interview

Stylus have a Bark Psychosis interview article.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 PM

Nick Southall @ Stylus reviews Bark Psychosis - ///Codename: Dustsucker

# posted by DJ Martian 1:26 PM review The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place

# posted by DJ Martian 12:38 AM review Mojo Jazz Boxset: Take Four - Various

This is a Mojo magazine branded 4cd compilation set - that provides an introduction to some of the key canonical jazz artists. Released July 26th [today].

# posted by DJ Martian 12:37 AM

Sunday, July 25, 2004



Key new album releases for July 12th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

Oren Ambarchi - Grapes From The Estate (Touch)
Kenny Barron - Images (Emarcy)
Billy Mahonie - Dust (Tritone)
Bloc Party - Little Thoughts (Wichita) Single/ EP
Candiria - What Doesn't Kill You (Type A) [US Release]
Charalambides - Joy Shapes (Kranky) [UK Release Date]
Crisis - Like Sheep Led To Slaughter (Blackend) [UK Release Date]
Eight Frozen Modules - The Abduction Of Barry (Orthlorng Musork) [UK Release 2004]
Mike Fellows - Limited Storyline Guest (Vertical Form)
The Futureheads - The Futureheads (679)
Kim Hiorthøy - For The Ladies (Smalltown Supersound)
Charlie Hunter Trio - Friends Seen and Unseen (Ropeadope)
Loose Cannons - Make The Face (Island)
Paik - Satin Black (Strange Attractors Audio House) [Available at]
Pitchtuner - Spiny Lure (Doxa)
Prince Po - Slickness (Lex)
Rico - Violent Silences (Manufactured)
Sagor & Swing - Orgelplaneten (Hapna)
Secret Mommy - Mammal Class (Orthlorng Musork) [UK Release 2004]
Seelenluft - The Way We Go (Klein)
Sex In Dallas - Around The War (Kitty Yo)
Sigur Ros - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do (EMI) EP
Today is the Day - Kiss the Pig (Relapse)
Patrik Torsson - Kolväteserenader (Hapna)
Marshall Watson - The Time Was Later Than He Expected (Highpoint Lowlife)
Winds - Imaginary Direction Of Time (Blackend) [UK Release Date]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:20 PM

Marshall Watson - The Time Was Later Than He Expected

Just released on Highpoint Lowlife Records an album from Marshall Watson

Marshall Watson - The Time Was Later Than He Expected

Marshall Watson describes his music as "crunchy, pretty, emotive, nostalgic, bittersweet, childlike, sad and smoky." and we heartily agree!

The sound of machines in love; Beautiful melodies layered with the grittiest electronic beats to create works of extreme joy and inspiration. Marshall Watson leaves you with the impression that he has mastered his technologies to the point of allowing the machines to step aside and become secondary -- the medium is not the message -- with his aching sense of awe and wonder at the world, an eternal optimism in his sound, the melodies careen and bound around your head, as the music draws you in.

"The music changes with the seasons. The same song that works in the spring, will work in the fall, and have a completely different meaning. I am highly affected by the weather, and Seattle has great weather for staying inside and working on music obsessively. Lots of gray skies and rain, but when it is sunny here, there aren't words to describe how beautiful it can be."

Marshall Watson has been busy cultivating his sound for many years now -- from the regular club nights he ran in New Orleans (from '96 - '98, which involved a mutant hybrid of keyboards, sequencers, and the then-innovative pioneer CDJs) to his dub techno project Polar Frequencies to now. Having settled in Seattle, where he has befriended local hip hop producer and label owner Jeremy Moss of Zero BPM records, Marshall released his first track on a compilation of Seattle hip-hop and down-tempo.

Marshall Watson's music indelibly leaves his unique mark on the indie-electronic landscape and injects a healthy dose of originality, soul, and a kick up the arse for anyone who thinks all you need is the correct software to make beautiful music!

Rough Trade Shops:

fresh, melodic and intricately woven textures that recall early ulrich schnauss or b.fleischmann crossed with jan jelinek, quality, rhythmically forceful electronica on highpoint lowlife

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

More Music Blogs Added

Some more music blogs added to my music updating list:

A Million Love Songs
The Catbirdseat
Clash d'Urbaine
Dog Latin's Epic Rant
Ear in Sound
looking askance from '63
Marx vs. The Monorail
Music For Torching
The Number One Songs In Heaven
popshots dot org

# posted by DJ Martian 10:17 PM

Norberg Festival 04

Norberg Festival 04 takes place in Sweden next week [28-31th of July 2004] - has an impressive line up of electronic artists.

5th Norbergfestival, we are proud to launch the complete line up.

Around 110 artists will spread electronic vibes around and
inside the Mimerlaven iron mine and don´t miss the gurus of
the masterclasses this year:

Fennesz (AUT), Pole (DE), Luke Vibert (UK), DJ Food (UK),
Andreas Tilliander (SE), Europussy band (DK), Philip Jeck(UK),
Guds Söner (SE), Strafænn Hákon (ISL), Råtasseriet (NO),
Dead Letters Spellout Dead Words (SE), Meat Katie (UK)
and J m´apelle Mads (DK).
Also pay attention to newcomers on Norberg,
DJ Tom Collins (DK) - electro(Funk/Punk), Donna Summer (US) (Cockrock disco),
SK/UM (ISL), Tench(UK)(Expanding) and Benge (UK).
And for installations fans:
Rytmobile (SE) and Touch installation by Mike Harding (UK).
And of course night visuals, heavy lighting and doomesday fireworks !

Styles: Ambient, noise, dub, click-hop, looping, 8-bit, (micro)house, tech, avant-garde and loads of weird stuff...

Norberg is: 170 km from Stockholm.

Norberg Festival 04 - Full Line Up

# posted by DJ Martian 9:54 PM

Dusted review Comets on Fire - Blue Cathedral

According to this album will now be released on September 6th in the UK.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:17 PM

The Blue Room - Radio 1

The latest The Blue Room show on Radio 1 is now available on listen again: The Blue Room Tracklistings includes tracks from Kings of Convenience, Two Lone Swordsmen and The Earlies.

As of next weekend The Blue Rooom - will gain an extra show as part of the new Radio 1 Schedule.

Next weekend: The Blue Room shows will come from The Big Chill Festival

» Saturday Morning Fever with Rob Da Bank
» Sunday Morning Chills with Chris Coco

Reflecting ten years of BIG CHILL Festival

» The Big Chill Festival @ Eastnor Castle, Malvern Hills, Herefordshire.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:07 PM

Playlouder review Campag Velocet - It's Beyond Our Control

# posted by DJ Martian 2:48 PM

The Secret Machines vs The Flaming Lips

The Secret Machines have a new single: Nowhere Again - that virtually lifts/copies the melodies of: The Flaming Lips track: The Golden Path

# posted by DJ Martian 2:44 PM

Brainwashed Releases has been updated.

a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases

# posted by DJ Martian 2:19 PM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

[New releases for July 19th]

The Earlies - These Were The Earlies

This is Music! No room for their romantic, cross-continental story (oh, ok: Texan / Manc. 4-piece combine on either side of the Atlantic and release a handful of 7" and 10" EP's which stun and awe those of us with record players) because this isn't 'lifestyle' or 'personality' fixated rock, this is pure music-loving artistry. If you like Mercury Rev or Spiritualized for scope, ambition and magic, then prepare yourselves to be blown away. The Earlies' sound is more a blend of folk and electronica than those two, but it shares a similar woozy, other-worldly, baroque, chamber-pop landscape. It's an enchanted place. They also pull in proggy, Krautrock directions (see Neu! for grooves and Stereolab for a love of melody) with long instrumental passages, cinematic and roving, stretching between the gorgeous lullabies which make up most of the songs on this album. All the singles are here, and they most certainly are Pop, but how many bands do you know that are capable of furnishing their songs with mellotron, melodica, flutes, oboes, sax, cellos, accordians, Hammond and mini-choirs? And no other band this year could even come close to the melancholic majesty of "One of Us Is Dead" or the insistent, pulsating groove and splendour of "Morning Wonder". The whole record really flows together; this is a proper album to be listened to all the way through, and with beautiful packaging and evocative lyrics (included) embellishing the lush widescreen soundscapes, you'll be going on a journey. You'll absolutely love it!

...Bender - Run Aground
Loose Lips

Debut release for this new collective, featuring James Johnstone (Gallon Drunk, the Bad Seeds), Geraldine Swayne, and Steve Gullick (photographer). The results can only be described as dark, heavy cinematic folk music.

The Chinese Stars - A Rare Sensation
Three One G

The Chinese Stars include Craig Kureck and Eric Paul formerly of Arab On Radar, already legendary for disbanding at the height of their popularity, and Rick Pelletier formerly of the severely under rated Six Finger Satellite, a band considered far and wide as 'the founding fathers of chaos'. This debut displays all the taut avant rock as dealt with by its formative bands, but with a more skewed take on the pop / rock slant.

Comes With A Smile : #15 - Summer 2004

Another quality issue of CWAS, this time with features on: AC Newman, Blonde Redhead, Vic Chesnutt, Johnny Dowd, 50 Foot Wave, The Innocence Mission, Iron & Wine, Mission Of Burma, Mountain Goats, Papa M, Sufjan Stevens, Sonic Youth and Laura Veirs. The free CD includes rare and previously unreleased tracks from Bauer, Andrew Bird, Blonde Redhead, Daryll-Ann, Johnny Dowd, 50 Foot Wave, The Flucts, The Innocence Mission, Iron & Wine, Dawn Landes, The Last Town Chorus, Mission Of Burma, The Mountain Goats, Papa M, (The Real) Tuesday Weld, The Scene Is Now, Sufjan Stevens, Laura Veirs and The Wisdom Of Harry.
Magazine - £4.49

Mike Fellows - Limited Storyline Guest
Vertical Form

Vertical Form pull off an almighty coup by nicking this exceptional album from under the noses of the 'establishment'. Maybe the occasional presence of glitchy drum machines put them off (it's no surprise then that the record was mastered by Stefan Betke AKA techno minimalist Pole!), but they can hardly fail to have missed the melodic magic of "Chinese Houses" or the bluegrass blues that infiltrate "Way I Love". Past associatons with Royal Trux and Silver Jews might not be apparent straight away, but you can't ignore the presence of one Stephen Malkmus, guesting on guitar on one track, or the nods to Bonnie Prince Billy (he extends special thanks to Paul Oldham). So, with connections like that, all that's left to say is that this is one of the most beguiling, casually graceful and best records we've heard all year.

Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat
Rough Trade

Second album from brother / sister duo Fiery Furnaces.

Exclusive, upfront import copies.

Kinky Disco - Pleasures Unknown
Kinky Disco

You could call it sleazed up electroclash or jacking robo-punk but somehow the term 'Kinky Disco' seems to fit the band like a leather-studded glove.

Lake Trout - Another One Lost
Palm Pictures

On "Another One Lost", this accomplished songwriting fivesome mine wholly uncharted terrain. The album's rock experimentalism will quite naturally elicit comparisons to Talking Heads, Pixies, Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth. But the live drums somehow manage to evoke both John Bonham's thunder and Aphex Twin's drum machine. Elsewhere moody atmospherics will recall Amon Tobin, Kool Keith, and DJ Shadow. While the groups sonic explorations bring to mind Steve Reich and Brian Eno.

Limn - Joyranch
4th Harmonic

The second release from 4th harmonic is an EP by London-based instrumental avant-rock group Limn, whose five members comprise a brass section of trumpet and trombone in addition to guitars, bass, drums, vibraphone, and synth. This EP demonstrates the different aspects of Limn's sound, which pursues a sometimes angular, often beautiful and always intriguing approach to rhythm and composition. Influences include Steve Reich, Stereolab, Television, The Sea and Cake.

Low - A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief - 10 Years Of B-sides And Rarities
Rough Trade

An exhaustive collection of B-Sides, rarities, out-takes and demos from the past ten years of Low's career. Featuring more than 53 songs assembled by the band, this box set contains three audio discs and a DVD. "A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief" includes Low's first bedroom recordings (1993), all the way through to vinyl-only tracks from their recent CD, "Trust" (2003). Combined with a DVD that includes 11 Low videos, live footage and a series of documentaries, along with notes and images in a 32-page booklet compiled by the band, this box set truly encapsulates all that is Low.

Mellow - Perfect Colors

After getting a first film soundtrack out of their systems (they provided the music to Roman Coppola's film 'CQ' last year), Mellow have taken time in piecing together their grand statement. The result of two years of intense nurturing in their Paris basement studio, "Perfect Colours" is a tapestry woven from pastoral psychedelia, electronic jazz-punk, old film scores, 80s pop, tubas, clavichords and string sections in excelsis. This is the album they've been threatening to make since they came to the world's attention in 2001 as purveyors of retro tinged futuristic soundscapes with meshed electronics and horns, lounge and psychedelia.

Metal Boys - Tokio Airport

The definitive re-issue of Metal Boys, the avant-new wave spin-off project of Paris' Metal Urbain, containing their original LP from 1980 plus nine unreleased bonus tracks on CD for the first ever time!

Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News

A fantastic album from Modest Mouse, who have sculptured an amazing epic sound that will be loved by fans of cool indie guitar bands such as Mercury Rev and Yo La Tengo; this could well see them break through to the big time.

Rivulets - You've Got Your Own

Rivulets is composed basically of dusty bedroom folk and two thirds of the band Low. Featuring what is probably the most focused Rivulets to date, these are five compelling and emotional songs, stemming from a guitar with old wood reminiscences and haunted vocals bordering between whispers and agonic vibrations.

Der Plan - Die Verschworung

Pioneers of German 80s electronica / avant garde pop are back with a brand new studio album on Marina, their first in 15 years.

Doctor Mix & The Remix - Wall Of Noise

Trading in the electro-punk of Metal Urbain for true metal machine music in 1979, Paris' Eric Debris, known as Dr. Mix, unleashed his new concept, Dr. Mix And The Remix. With nothing more than a distorted guitar and a fuzzed-out drum machine, Dr. Mix and the remix mixed originals with drastically distorted and deconstructed cover versions of 60's garage and avant-rock staples (Stooges, Bowie, Velvet Underground, et al.)

The Flesh - Sweet Defeat
Gern Blandsten

For fans of the Faint, the Rapture, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Gogogoairheart, etc. A smouldering crossbreed of keyboard driven death disco and frenzied punk rock mania!

Glenn Jones - This Is The Wind That Blows It Out
Strange Attractors

Most folks know Glenn Jones as guitarist extraordinaire for Cul De Sac. A scholar of sorts of the acoustic steel string tradition, Jones has written extensively on the subject, as can be found in the wave of Robbie Basho and John Fahey reissues on fantasy (not to mention the great essay on Fahey that accompanies his final album, "Red Cross"). Jones befriended his idol John Fahey in the mid-70's, eventually collaborating with him via Cul De Sac. Upon Fahey's passing in 2001, Jones went back to the acoustic guitar with renewed earnest. This album winds its way through rich expanses of varied stylistic terrain, charting a rich and unique course.

Lucky 15 - Colour Code White
Blow Up

This London based trio hailing from Japan and the UK, have created digital hardcore cinematica, a combination of symphonic arrangements and sultry vocals merged with heavy dance beats. Influenced by such artists as Debussy, Serge Gainsbourg and the KLF, Lucky 15 incorporate pseudo-classical ideas with authenticity, not parody. The result is an exhilarating eclectic mix of lusciously designed pop music.

Dennis Young - Old Dogs: New Tricks
Day & Nite Music

Dennis Young is best known his for work with NY band Liquid Liquid, from the same school as ESG. With eight additional musicians (including vocalist Salvatore Principato of Liquid Liquid), Young has created this eclectic collection of 12 songs reflecting his broad interest in alternative, jazz, and world music. His trademark marimba and percussion are heard through out the recording. The CD is taking the inventive sound of Liquid Liquid to the next, more mature level.

Various Artists / I Robots - Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics

Conceived and compiled by Gianluca Pandullo, this collection brings together some ace Italo electro-disco tracks. Very influential to the early 80s Detroit techno pioneers, these gems and are finding a whole new set of fans in the electroclash community at the moment. He's gone for a less well known, and consequently more rare selection (Klein & MBO and Alexander Robotnik being the most well known tracks here), mixing up gay electro-disco, proto-electro / techno, and electro-new wave: Charlie "Spacer Woman", Capricorn "I Need Love", Sun-La-Shan "Catch", 'Lectric Workers "Robot Is Systematic", Kano "Ikeya-Seki", Peter Richard "Walking In Neon", Dharma "Plastic Doll", Scotch "Penguins Invasion", Sphinx "Collision" and more.

MC5 - Best Of - The Big Bang

The band for whom the term "high-octane rock'n'roll" must surely have been invented, this lot came out of Detroit ('Rock City!') in the late Sixties wanting to stick it to the man, blow away the West Coast hippies, and get high and have fun along the way! Three incredible albums are all well represented here, and there's the bonus of super-rare early single "Looking At You" (an ear-splitting, punk rock, noise and melody clash) and the previously unreleased "Thunder Express". They were a huge influence on Punk and indeed anyone for whom Rock'n'Roll was about more than just the music. That's all you lot, then. Buy it!

Simon Finn - Pass The Distance
Durtro / Jnana

The official legit re-issue of this incredibly rare dark acid folk masterpiece, originally released in England on the legendary Mushroom label in 1970, has been remastered from the original two-track tapes. Four extra unreleased tracks, including the never-released seven-inch single of which only a solitary acetate remains, are also included on this 54-minute CD. There's also a 20-page booklet, with full-color cover reproduction of the original artwork, all the lyrics to the album, photographs of the musicians, and extensive liner notes by Simon Finn, David Toop (who also plays on the album), Vic Keary of Mushroom records, and David Tibet of Current 93 (who has released this CD on his own Durtro imprint as a collaboration with Mark Logan's Canadian Jnana label).

3 Chairs - 3 Chairs Album
3 Chairs

Yep, it's another album from the Detroit squad in 2004. The misnomer that is the 3 Chairs present their first full length together, as Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite and Malik Pittman come mob-handed with Amp Fiddler, Bubz Fiddler (his brother), Norma Jean Bell, Sherad Ingram and Andres in tow! The tracks here are the natural collision of Kenny Dixon Jr's inherent jazziness and Theo Parrish's more submerged rhythms, as the producers turn each other on in ways that none would be able to accomplish alone. Where else would you go from the slurred disco of "System Sauce" to the half-live riffing of "Midday Blues At Midnight"? The increased number of jerky techno joints like Moodymann's Planet E work is another welcome factor. Buy now so as not to be disappointed in the future...

2xCD - 3CHCD1
The second CD features Theo Parrish's white label 12" only, 9/11 tribute "Instant Insanity", Rick Wilhite's "Good Kiss", plus four previously unreleased (we think) tracks!

Various Artists / Fabric 17 - Akufen

This is the first ever DJ Mix CD by the hugely respected Akufen, one of the hottest properties in cutting-edge electronic music. Featuring 21 tracks by artists like Philippe Cam, Matthew Dear, Cabanne, Krikor, Pantytec, Kalabrese, The Rip Off Artist, Herbert, Freaks, Crackhaus, Mossa, Luciano and Serafin, Soul Center, Horror Inc. and more (including five unreleased tracks), this is a collection of up to the minute click-house, minimal techno and glitchtronics.

Various Artists / Florian Keller Presents Party Keller Vol 1

German label Compost employs longtime Munich DJ Florian Keller to compile this release, which acts as an overview of his Party Keller club nights. This collection features some rare, sampled and influential tracks, as well as being an eclectic party rockin' mix up. There's reggae by Althea & Donna and Greyhound, funky stuff from Dorondo, Ellen McIlwayne and Hypnotics, boogie by Chanson, hip hop / electro by Daniel Sofer (featuring a young Dr Dre scratching things up), Tyrants In Therapy, Paulett & Tanya Winley, Black Sheep and Freddie Love, The Giorgio Moroder produced "Tears" by Children Of The Mission - where DJ Shadow sampled his famous "Organ Doner" - and more.

El-p - Feat. The Blue Series Continuum: - High Water
Thirsty Ear

As part of seminal hip hop group Company Flow, El-p blew onto the scene in 1997 with the release of "Funcrusher Plus", and anti-industry rhetoric that cemented the stature of Rawkus Records. Emerging from the ashes of Rawkus he set up Definitive Jux, focussing on uncompromising raw and edgy acts. Shifting gears yet again, he teams up here with jazz outfit The Blue Series Continuum to make this abstract hip hop / experimental jazz LP for Thirsty Ear. Includes the single "Sunrise Over Bklyn".

Various Artists / Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - Classic West End Remixes
West End

Nine rare Larry Levan mixes of all time classic West End disco tunes, the definitive collection of Paradise Garage anthems from the pioneering New York label. The tracklisting yields some essentials that have never been officially reissued on 12", such as Taana Gardner's "No Frills", "Work That Body" and "When You Touch Me" (the latter being the the amazing 10'39" mix!). It also includes her "Heartbeat", Ednah Holt's "Serious, Sirius, Space Party", NYC Peech Boys' "Don't Make Me Wait", Loose Joints' "Is It All Over My Face", Sparque's "Let's Go Dancin'" (mixed with Francois Kevorkian) and Billy Nichols' "Give Your Body Up To The Music". Every self-respecting disco fan should have a copy.

Starbase 109 - Starbase 109
Starbase 109

Twelve track album from the strange Manchester phenomonon that is Starbase 109. A music never before heard to the human ear. It can only be described as industrial futurism.....

Fred Frith / John Zorn Duo - 50th Birthday Celebration Volume Five

Working together since 1978, the partnership of Zorn and Frith is one of the most enduring musical partnerships in the downtown scene. Their periodic duo concerts have always been special events in themselves, but when it happens in celebration of Zorn's 50th birthday, it takes on even greater meaning. Two masters of improvisation meet head to head in the red hot crucible of Tonic for an hour of telepathic communication and exploration.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:43 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - A Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Pan American - Quiet City

Mark Nelson, longtime man at the controls for Labradford and his own Pan American project, has long been developing his interest in quiet sounds and delicate expanses : a strange, individual, mindblowing mix of electronics and acoustic soundscapes - drifting along in a harmonious stretch of opulent melodic textures and precious found sounds. Somehow you can't call these pieces 'ambient', although in many respects they perfectly sum up the ambience of both vast open spaces and intimate hideaways. While on his last album 'River Made No Sound', Nelson explored the furthest reaches of electronic reduction, 'Quiet City' is a much more organic affair, re-introducing luxurious instrumentation and space echoes showered with love, even a lone melodica makes it's way to turn things even more ageless, beyond categorisation. Rarely has quiet, minimal music sounded as rich or as overflowing with as much warmth or evocative intensity for its vocabulary - a language that Nelson has spoken fluently for a good few years now, but has never managed to express with as much other-worldly beauty or compassion as found on this incredible album. 'Quiet City'is a vast, expansive album, an intimate huddle of ideas illustrated with fireglow red and icy-blue surrounds. A masterpiece of its kind - utterly breathtaking from start to finish and hugely, massively recommended. Breathtaking music. **CD Version comes with a bonus DVD produced and directed by Mark Nelson in collaboration with U.S. visual/audio artist Annie Feldmeier. The DVD features a series of distinct "visual meditations" for each of the album's tracks**

Various / Xela / Ludvig Elblaus / Andreas Tilliander - Skane Revisited
New Speak

New Speak's insistance on developing it's own individual roster of artists over time, plus selection skills to die for, has placed it in the top tier of labels to watch out for right now. The label has already delivered two of the most devastating electronic debuts of the last few years from Ola Bergman and Ludvig Elblaus, and is now finally releasing it's first cd issue - a long-in-the-making collection of tracks taking as their starting point the amazing "Skåne" track drawn from Andreas Tilliander's 1998 album 'Vena'. Tilliander himself lays the first card with a dubbed out reduction of the theme, while Ludvig Elblaus (one half of skam/merck operators Frank & Bill), continues his self-evident spate of good form, with a killer, drum-tricky, submerged stepper - awesome. Fridge collaborators Pluxus tease out an electropop throbber, filled with the sunburst ice melodies we've come to expect from these talented swedes, while Xela soothes the agitation of the preceding tune with drifting chords and a poised, soft-stringed ambient sense of bliss. Its left to the original, Tilliander's prescient roller, to close and fully mash up proceedings. Ace.

Asteroth - Songs From The Belfry

There are unfortunately very few homespun CDR labels worth their salt that pass our way but then one day along comes a release that flips that negative realisation on it's head. As Asteroth this artist ventures forth into areas populated by artists such as Max De Wardener, Keith Fullerton Whitman, The Remote Viewer and Oran Ambarchi - rich, incredibly lush drones revolviong around minimal classical undercurrents that reveal acres of subtle depth and shimmering keys. 40 mins long and not a second wasted, it's been out for a while and we've shamefully taken far too long to list it - but we'll try and make up for it by telling you it's an absolutely sublime debut and one of the nicest surprises we've had this year. Highly recommended, if you don't already own this it's an absolute must

Bark Psychosis - Codename : Dustsucker
Fire Records

Jeez, this is good. I remember picking up "Scum", perhaps the best known Bark Psychosis release, when I was still in my teens working the xmas holidays at Virgin Megastore on the Totenham Court Road in London. At the time I couldn't quite believe what I was listening to - a 21 minute epic that seemed to be recorded in a warehouse, abstract found sounds seeping into a mix of incredily rich instrumentation and a quiet/loud ambience that must have preceeded its time by a good 5 years. Only Talk Talk employed a similarly opulent, brave, dense layering of textures - creating a sound that seemed to tower above anything else available to my eager ears. Since then, and we're talking a good 10 years or so, Graham Sutton veered off into the heady underworld of Drum & Bass (as a DJ and under his Boymerang alias), looking at the darkside fron an entirely different perspective. Hard to fathom, then, quite how he's managed to resurrect Bark Psychosis without a hint of desperation or uncertainty. Codename : Dustsucker is an incredible listen - a blend of everything he sparked off and all the slight generic revolutions that have taken place since. It's post-rock re-invented, electronica re-written, soundtrack music writ large and new - and without question one of the most astonishing records of the year. If you're into Talk Talk, Hood, Tortoise, The Remote Viewer, My Bloody Valentine, To Rococo Rot, or if you just want to hear life-changing music from one of the scene's greatest unknown operators - we implore you to check this out without delay. Magnificent.

Donna Summer - This Needs To Be Your Style

Now re-pressed and finally available again. Classic release from Donna summer, aka jason forrest of brooklyn, new york. Currently the most talked about producer on the electronic underground after his groundbreaking debut cd "to all methods which calculate power" on omeko records of japan, album of the month in germany's influential de:bug magazine, jason has surpassed himself with this follow-up cd, a sublime mix of hardcore breaks, prog rock, and free jazz (with disco handclaps). But that's not to tell the whole story, for this is an album of such impressive originality it is set to become an all-time classic of electronic mastery. Jason forrest first received attention via his weekly radio show on wfmu, broadcasting across new york and new jersey, entitled "advanced d&d with donna summer", featuring live sets and interviews with the likes of Hrvatski, David Grubbs, Doormouse, Kevin Blechdom, Goodiepal, End, etc. One show featuring DJ/Rupture has been downloaded over 7,000 times from the archives.Fans of Kid 606, DJ Rupture, Venetian Snares, Hrvatski and Knifehandchop should check this out without delay! Ace.

Jody Wildgoose - Lovely White Teeth

Wildgoose is a curious mix of open woolly charm and ambition. 'Lovely White Teeth' is compiled from a huge collection of songs, instrumentals and weirdness, while some tracks are just one-minute sketches, others are perfectly formed lo-fi operas. While Jody willingly admits the influence of Hendrix and Ween, his work is a surreal melting pot of Led Zep, Beck, Syd Barrett, Position Normal, Motown and even a bit of Prince... a smidgen of Hip Hop and the kind of Psychedelia that shone before it lost its pop heart. Strange, but very true. Well, kinda.

Mara Carlyle - The Lovely

One of those oddball classics that feels like an old, strangely familiar friend, this fabulous Plaid-produced album from Mara Carlyle has been glued to our stereo's for weeks on end and is a firm office favourite. Known for her work with Plaid and more importantly and most relevantly the Matthew Herbert Big Band, Mara Carlyle makes her solo debut with this completely wondrous and haunting album. Taking the jazz elements associated with Herbert's most recent work this music takes it to a new level evoking the spooked out David Lynch soundtrack work of Angelo Badalamenti. Mara's highly tuned and trained vocals might just catch you off guard but it will enrapture you with the power and purpose. The band appears to be piano/organ, bass, drums and other strange instruments like ukelele, saw, mbira plus some luscious string arrangements. Many musicians feature but shamefully i've only heard of Alice Russell and the amazing Max De Wardener. Weirdly the music shares the lushness of Norah Jones' debut but being on Accidental you know there are other forces at work. Mysteriously provocative lyrics with multiple meanings are sung by an angel with a dark twist. An album that even, hard critic of todays music, Joni Mitchell could take heart from. One for dreamy late nights and subtle sunday morning wake up calls. Highly recommended - a magnificent record.

The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place

So, famously, the Album Leaf's Jimmy La Valle was invited to hang out with Sigur Ros in their native Iceland and ended up recording an album's worth of material at their recording-studio-inside-a-swimming-pool together with the band's vocalist Jon Thor Birgisson, Sigur Ros' breathtaking string section (called Amina) and various members of the Black Heart Procession and fellow loveable Icelanders Mum. The result is a moving, spacious album that veers from instrumental reflective euphoria (at times reminiscent of a more restrained Ulrich Schnauss) to cinemascopic film scores (completely dominated by Amina's incredible string arrangements) to broken vocal pop-songs littered with all the quasi-eccentricity and organic construction your favourite Sigur Ros / Mum moments have delivered in spades. It's a deceptively easy listen, every repeated play revealing another quirk of production or layer of instrumentation, fusing together to form one of the most enjoyable albums of its kind this year. For fans of Ulrich Schnauss, Mum, Herrmann & Kleine, Sigur Ros, Telefon Tel Aviv and Tortoise - this is a hugely recommended listen. Lovely.

The Memory Band - The Memory Band
Hungry Hill

The Memory Band are the latest in this year's seemingly endless line of post-folk-tronic-hybrid sorta band's, one half Devendra Banhart one half Four Tet, twisting and mangling folk music into a world of broken instruments, re-wired laptops and drug-addled songwriters taking a long siesta out on a lilo somewhere in the middle of the ocean. It's a lovely collection of tracks featuring Adem, Polly Paulusma, members of Hot Chip and orchestrated by Badly Drawn Boy's ex cohort Stephen Cracknell. You know the sound by now - if you're into it, you'll love this album. Lovely.

B.C. Gilbert - Ordier
Table Of The Elements

Reviewed while listening to Blair wriggling his way out of blame re: The Butler Report this seemingly random patchwork of sound gained some extra spooked out relevance maybe not contained in the CD itself. The work of Bruce Gilbert of Wire this crazily packaged CD wooden case with slider opener test's the frequency levels of your amp and speakers. Recorded for the label in 1996 but subsequently believed lost, 'Ordier' lets loose a wild swarm of electronics. As Gilbert writes: 'I'm taking a very, very minimalist approach and really getting inside some of the sounds and chasing them to destruction. It's done mostly with effects, guitar pedals pushed to the absolute limit.' Hard work but rewarding.

Fred Frith & John Zorn Duo - John Zorn 50th Birthday Celebration Vol 5

Wow! Hardcore jazz interaction from John Zorn and Fred Frith (both improv masters). Ten tracks recorded live at Zorn's 50th birthday celebrations. Amazing noises spurting forth from alto saxophone and guitar in a manic cartoon style. Really you'll be dragging your chin around for days after you've given this hatstand CD your time and attention. Completely original and very frightening.

Mike Ladd - Nostalgialator

'Nostaligialator' (dodgy title) is Mike Ladd's new album for K7. Eleven tracks of wayward hip hop hugging outside flavors such as emo-pop, gutter rock, poetical balladry and glam electro. The opening cut 'Dire Straits Play Nuremberg' go eh?!? hits shouty agro pop with right on political comment. 'Off To Mars?' pleading vocals over trip hop with live instrumentation (nice horns). Outrageously eclectic without really hitting any bullseye's. It's as far off hip hop as recent Anticon (aka Why? and Passage). Though where they wander off into whinging diy indie pop Ladd chooses a pompous avenue of plagiarism and other bewildering musical influences. Peep the samples and check it yourself but I'm going to stick with 'Welcome To The Afterfuture'.

Archie Bronson Outfit - Fur

Drawing on vintage folk and blues influences, gritty vocals and a ferocious New Wave exacting rhythms, the Archie Bronson Outfit give it up for Domino with their debut album, produced by Hotel, of The Kills. For some fashion-building British psych-blues - look no further. Check.

Tanya Donelly - Whiskey Tango Ghosts

In which ex-Breeder, Ex-Throwing Muse, Ex, er, Belly woman, Tanya Donelly gives up her third album in a singer-songwriter, almost stylee. "Whiskey Tango Ghosts" is, indeed, Donelly's most stripped down and (heaven help her) 'Mature' album to date, making the sugar-coated poppin' of Belly seem like a lifetime ago. Some moments here work beautifully - the reflective title track, or the lovely reflection of "The Promise"- but it's just a tad toooooo M.O.R. For this particular set of ears to enjoy from start to finish. Check.

Steve Reid - Rhythmatism
Universal Sound

Originally out in 1976 as a small edition on Steve's own Mustevic label, Soul Jazz get digging and pull out an obscure one from the vaults. Steve Reid is a lesser known, but no-less integral figure in US deep jazz from true left-field. Having worked within the heady environs of Sun Ra's Arkestra, as a Motown session drummer and behind James Brown at the Apollo [!] his career has seen some of the highest heights possible within the realms of music. No doubt, when you check a cv that further extends to work with Miles Davis, Leon Thomas, Fela Kuti, Ornette Coleman, Gary Bartz and so many more undisputed greats. Personnel includes Les Walker on piano, Michael Keith trombone, Arthur Blythe on alto sax, with guest spots from Charles tyler and Melvin Smith on the cosmic ensemble style piece 'Center of the Earth'. this is a great opportunity to check some real outside playing from a genuine unsung veterans of the free generation.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:46 PM

The latest Radio 1 - Essential Mix features breakbeat types Stanton Warriors

# posted by DJ Martian 12:23 PM

jazz music blog: night passage

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 AM

Music blog to check: Jazz Thinks

# posted by DJ Martian 11:45 AM

DJ John Kennedy from Xfm 104.9 now has a blog: X-Posure

X-Posure Mon-Thurs 11pm-1am 104.9 Xfm

# posted by DJ Martian 11:37 AM

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Fly Pan Am: New Album !

Canadian Avant-Rock collective band: Fly Pan Am will release a new album: n'ecoutez pas on September 6th.

Fly Pan Am - n'ecoutez pas LP | CD Constellation CST031-1
10 trks, 49 mins.

Monolithic slab of trouble-dub, mind-meld noise incantation ala Boredoms, with stranger rhythmic exerc ises. Feat. electronic efforts from Tim Hecker +Alex St Onge

Source: SOUTHERN | upcoming releases

Additional: front cover art & tracklising info

Constellation Records provide further info:

N'Ecoutez Pas is a collection of songs pushed to maximum density, marked by dark shoegazer guitars, distorted organ stabs, rubbery basslines, motorik drumming and various shrouded voices whispering, screaming and singing along the way.

N'Ecoutez Pas contains the band's most intense sounds yet; while each side of the record is anchored by a long, non-linear piece juxtaposing the band against tape and electronic treatments, a number of other tracks are the closest the group has come to traditional rock/pop structures, with 'chorus' breaks, melodic 'hooks' and vocals. Of course, being Fly Pan Am, all of this is duly bracketed - there is nothing traditional about the results and the various elements are pushed forward or pulled back in anything but conventional ways. These are careening, carnivalesque tunes that somehow wed the browns and pinks of FSA-style guitar washes with yéyé pop, Boredoms noise-incantations and hardcore punk.

N'Ecoutez Pas features a long list of local guest vocalists to supplant the band's own oral action, as well as electronic interventions from fellow Montrealers Tim Hecker (intr_version, Mille Plateaux, Force) and Alex St.Onge (alien8, Ambiences Magnétiques, Locust).

# posted by DJ Martian 3:55 PM


Details of the new Black Tape for a Blue Girl album:

BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL - Halo Star [Projekt]

Black Tape For A Blue Girl's 9th album, ''Halo Star'' is at once a departure and a return. Prominently featuring male vocals for the first time in more than a decade, songwriter / lyricist Sam Rosenthal meshes driving, male goth vocal-stylings with heavenly female voices and detailed percussion and acoustic guitar to create an involving album filled with songs that are both rhythmic and lyrically engaging. Twelve stark songs ( less washed in reverb and synthesizers ) which take a melodic route while the rhythm hammers in dangerous nails. In this the band return to their origins while incorporating elements of apocalyptic folk and goth rock. A stunning new album from one of Americas originators in the darkwave genre.

Full Tracklisting:

03.The Gravediggers
04.Your Love Is Sweeter han Wine
05.Indefinable, Yet (click to listen)
06.Knock Three Times (click to listen)
07.Scarecrow (click to listen)
08.Damn Swan ! (click to listen)
09.Already Forgotten
10.The Fourth Footstep
12.Halo Star (click to listen)

RELEASED 31st August 2004.

Source: e-mail newsletter from Music Non Stop

# posted by DJ Martian 3:35 PM

Clan of Xymox - Best of Compilation

Details of a Clan of Xymox best of compilation:

CLAN OF XYMOX - Best Of [Pandaimonium]

20 years have gone by, since Dutch Gothic / Wave superstars Clan of Xymox first stormed the charts with their first 4AD- single ''A Day / Stranger''. Two highly infective albums on 4AD, several albums on Major labels and a number of very successful releases on their own Pandaimonium label have been released since, and there seems just to be no end to the creativity and the popularity of this gifted and legendary act. 13th September 2004 sees the release of this very overdue and essential ''Best Of'' compilation which goes one step further than usual compilation by offering completely NEW and RE-RECORDED versions of some of their most classic tracks - including the all-time favourites ''A Day'', ''Stranger'', ''Muscoviet Musquito'', and also their last 4AD single ''Louise'' ! A long overdue album that explains, why Clan of Xymox after more than 20 years in existence have lost nothing of their relevance and appeal.

Full Tracklisting :
01.There's No Tomorrow
02.Jasmine and Rose
03.I Want You Now **
04.A Day *
05.Louise *
07.This World
09.Into Extremes **
10.Out Of The Rain
11.Muscoviet Musquito *
12.Back Door *
14.Stranger *

* Recorded & Mixed 2004@Torture Chamber
** New Mix 2004@the Torture Chamber

RELEASED 13th September 2004.

Source: e-mail newsletter from Music Non Stop

# posted by DJ Martian 3:31 PM

Summer Sundae Weekender

The event takes place over the weekend of August 13-15th at De Montfort Hall and Gardens in the City of Leicester.

BBC 6 Music are an official media sponsor: Summer Sundae Weekender

AngryApe have the full confirmed line up. Artists appearing include The Beta Band, Magnet, Adem, Kings Of Convenience, Blue States, Super Furry Animals and Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:57 PM

This month's All About Jazz newsletter: All About Jazz: Highlights | July 2004

# posted by DJ Martian 2:29 PM

The Haunted - rEVOLVEr

BW & BK have info on the upcoming album from Tha Haunted titled: rEVOLVEr that is due for release October 18th on Century Media.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:18 PM

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