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Sunday, March 31, 2002


First Quarter Report: Best Albums of the Year So Far

Tracking the best albums of the first three months of 2002:

1. Aardvarck - Find the Cow (Delsin)
2. Aarktica - Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life And Be Happy Anyway..(Bliss Out)
3. Abfahrt Hinwil - Links Berge Rechts Seen (Toytronic)
4. AC Acoustics - O (Cooking Vinyl)
5. Acid Mothers Temple - Absolutely Freak Out (Static Resonance) UK Release 2002
6. Aesop Rock - Daylight (Def Jux)
7. AGF - Head Slash Bauch (Orthlorng Musork)
8. Sven Andersson - Hem Ljuva Hem (Longhaul)
9. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Sources Tags and Codes (Interscope)
10. Antibalas - Talkatif (Ninja Tune)
11. Apoptygma Berzerk - Harmonizer (Hard:drive)
12. Aqua Bassino - Beats n Bobs (F Communications)
13. Ashbury - A Dream Indoors (Landscape)
14. Attention Industies Meets Patricia Oakley - Pattern Of L (Heimelektro Ulm)
15. Ativin - Interiors (Secretly Canadian)
16. Bed - The Netwon Plum (Ici D'Ailleurs) UK Release 2002
17. Beige (AKA Oliver Braun) - En Konigreich Fur Eine Handgranate (Nonplace)
18. Black Sun Ensemble - Hymn of the Master (Camera Obscura)
19. Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (Warp)
20. Bola - Fyuti (Skam)
21. Bourbonese Qualk -On Uncertainty (Korm Plastics)
22. Frank Bretschneider / Taylor Deupree - Balance (Mille Plateaux)
23. Burnt by the Sun - Soundtracks to the Personal Revolution (Relapse)
24. The Cancer Conspiracy - The Audio Medium (Big Wheel Recreation)
25. Capitol K - Island Row (XL) New Version
26. Cerberus Shoal - Mister Boy Dog (Temporary Residence)
27. The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us (Virgin)
28. Chicago Underground Duo - Axis and Alignment (Thrill Jockey)
29. Clinic - Walking With Thee (Domino)
30. Coldharbourstores - More Than the Other (Rocket Girl)
31. Cornelius - Point (Matador)
32. Crossover - Fantasmo (International Deejay Gigolos)
33. Cut Rate Box - Dataseed (Accession) UK release date
34. Dabrye - One Three (Ghostly International)
35. Greg Davis - Arbor (Carpark)
36. Death Cab for Cutie - The Photo Album (Fierce Panda) UK Release 2002
37. Decal - 404 Not Found (Planet mu)
38. December - The Lament Configuration (Earache)
39. Disco Operating - You Don't Have To Be Mad To Love (RSI)
40. Do Make Say Think - & Yet & Yet (Constellation)
41. Tanya Donelly - Beauty Sleep (4ad)
42. Drexciya - Harnessed The Storm (Tresor)
43. Dynamo - Aussen Vor (Din)
44. Electric Wizard - Let Us Pray (Rise Above)
45. Ephel Duath - Rephormula (Earache Records)
46. EU - Tuner (Pause 2)
47. Fila Brazillia - Jump Leads (23 Records)
48. The Fire Show - Above The Volcano Of Flowers (Perishable) UK Release 2002
49. John Foxx & Louis Gordon - The Pleasure of Electricity (Metamatic)
50. From Autumn To Ashes - Too Bad You're Beautiful (Ferret) UK Release 2002
51. Fuxa - Supercharged (Rocket Girl)
52. Global Goon - Vatican Nitez (Rephlex)
53. Headman - In Rough (Gomma)
54. The Heads - Trollo Ampio (Sweet Nothing)
55. Tim Hecker - Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again (Alien 8) UK Release 2002
56. Hocico - Signos de Aberracion (Out of Line)
57. Infant - Growing up (Neo Ouija)
58. Isobella - A 24 Syllable Haiku (Clairecords)
59. Milton Jackson - The Bionic Boy (Glasgow Underground)
60. July Skies - Dreaming Of Spires (Rocket Girl)
61. Kepler - Missionless Days (Resonant)
62. Christian Kleine - Valis (Morr Music)
63. Thomas Koner - Daikan (Mille Plateaux)
64. L.Stinkbug - The Allure Of Roadside Curios (Starlight Furniture)
65. Laub - Filesharing (Kitty Yo)
66. Larsen - Rever (Young God)
67. Limp - Orion (Morr Music)
68. Llips - Dos Partes (U-Cover) UK Release 2002
69. Los Planetos Del Agua - Too Many Bricks And Not Enough Sea (Antenna)
70. Loveliescrushing - Glissceule (Sonic Syrup) US Release - Import only
71. Main - Tau (Kraak)
72. Timo Maas - Loud (Perfecto)
73. Markant - Vice Versa (Markant)
74. Metamatics - From Death to Passwords Where You're A Paper Aeroplane (Hydrogen Dukebox)
75. Microphones - Glow Part 2 (K) UK Release 2002
76. Mono - Under The Pipal Tree (Tzadik)
77. Morika - Plee (Mille Plateaux)
78. The Necks - Hanging Gardens (Recommended)
79. Neutral - Motion of (Hymen) Import
80. New Flesh - Understanding (Big Dada)
81. 90 Day Men - To Everybody (Southern Records)
82. The Notwist - Neon Golden (City Slang)
83. Nurse with Wound - Man with the Woman Face (United Dairies)
84. Phantom Ghost - Phantom Ghost (Ladomat)
85. Phonem - Ilisu (Morr Music)
86. Poison the Well - Tear From The Red (Trustkill)
87. Prophets of Sound - Circus (Ink)
88. Donna Regina - Northern Classic (Karaoke Kalk)
89. Req - Sketchbook (Warp)
90. Rinocerose - Music Kills Me (V2)
91. Steve Roach - Streams & Currents (Projekt)
92. Salvatore - Fresh (Racing Junior)
93. Sand - Still Born Alive (Satellite)
94. Sandoz - Afrocentris (Intone)
95. Sandoz - Sandoz In Dub: Chant To Jah (Soul Jazz)
96. Savoy Grand - Burn the Furniture (Glitterhouse)
97. Shalabi Effect - The Trial of St-Orange (Alien8)
98. ShelleyDevoto - Buzzkunst (Cooking Vinyl)
99. The Shroud - In the Garden (Neue Aesthetik)
100. Six by Seven - The Way I Feel Today (Mantra)
101. Skanfrom - Hand-Picked Fragments (Suction)
102. Small Rocks - Carbondating (Hot Air)
103. Smash TV - Electrified (Bpitch)
104. Somatic Responses - Augmented Lines (Hymen)
105. Soul Designer - Walking On A Little Cloud (F Communications)
106. Source of Tide - Blueprints (Candlelight)
107. Static - Eject Your Mind (City Centre Offices)
108. The Streets - Original Pirate Material (Locked On/679)
109. Summoning - Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (Napalm) UK Release 2002
110. Sunno))) - Flight of the Behemoth (Southern Lord)
111. Nobukazu Takemura - Sign (Thrill Jockey)
112. Telepopmusik - Genetic World (Chrysalis)
113. Thuja - Ghost Planets (Emperor Jones)
114. Tiamat - Judas Christ (Century Media)
115. Ron Trent - Musical Reflections (R2 Records)
116. Vibracathedral Orchestra - Dabbling with Gravity and Who you Are (VHF)
117. VNV Nation - Futureperfect (Dependent records)
118. Weatherman - Curious Liquid (Just Music)
119. Charles Webster - Born on the 4th July (Peacefrog)
120. When - The Lobster Boys (Jester Records) UK Release 2002
121. Benjamin Wild - With Compliments (Forced Tracks)
122. Jah Wobble & Temple of Sound - Shout at the Devil (30 Hertz)
123. Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes (Fat Cat)
124. Yagya - Rhythm Of Snow (Force Inc)
125. Richard Youngs - May (Jagjaguwar)

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Saturday, March 30, 2002


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This Week's new releases @ BOOMKAT A PELICANNECK ONLINE MUSIC STORE include:

HERRMANN AND KLEINE - Our Noise - Morr Music

Occam�s Razor : the doctrine that states that, all things being equal, the simplest hypothesis must always come first. This is the starting point for �Our Noise� - a recation against the complexisation and cold technical development of electronic music, the adjustment of ears and tastebuds to an ever-increasing melange of innovation and intricacy. Herrmann and Kleine, in the simplest terms, piece together melodies and sounds that appeal to our most innate emotional yearnings. Music that speaks to that part of our soul that wants to sing along with arms aloft and wide smiles gracing faces. �Our Noise� really is a pop masterpiece. The collaboration between Christian Kleine and Thaddeus Hermann, both veterans of the Berlin electronic scene , this album finds itself a sun-drenched halfway house between the ethereal/lush guitar strums and electronic sceneries that Mr Kleine has mastered across his work for the City Centre Offices and Morr Music Labels, and Thaddi�s delicious, crunchy beat work and his adherence to all things analogue and blue. The result is overwhelmingly optimistic, uplifting, hedonistic. Start with the truly devestating opener �drop� - a simple guitar flowing with a water-pop beat and the slowly..slowly..introduction of a butter-soft breakbeat and midnight electronic funk. Or �Headlights� : a reflective and upfront break searing through pessimism and obliterating all doubts, warm and dusty, beautiful with such effortlessness that notions of naivety or bliss race around your mind and succumb to the need to just listen. �Blue Flower� takes things to the next step : Ariane�s childlike voice echoing a timeless folk-appeal that soon gives way to layers of treated guitars, distortion and underlying beats and treatments that leave us in no doubt that this is very much a record produced in the here and now. Ariane�s whispered vocal sprinkles goodness once again over the pure bliss that is �Shuttle� - slow and introspective, washed out spaces that sound like the world presenting itself within a womb of warmth. This is a truly unique record, one that manages to sing in key with the zeitgeist whilst operating in timeless waters. And we all know that records like that only really come round when we least expect them. Listen and fall in love.

A CERTAIN RATIO - Early - Soul Jazz

A Certain Ratio are name-checked by everyone. Andy Weatherall, for instance, describes ACR as his all-time favourite band. ACR were the first group (alongside Joy Division) to sign to Factory Records in 1978. As purveyors of dance music in the aftermath of Punk, A Certain Ratio led the field. After Punk, a new set of groups emerged who wanted to mix Dance music- Funk, Soul, Reggae, Disco with the spirit of Punk. In New York�s dance clubs, ACR�s �Shack Up� became an underground hit, leading to a live appearance for the band at New York�s Danceteria alongside the seminal ESG. Their first album was recorded in New Jersey mixed by legendary Factory producer Martin Hannett. Soul Jazz Records are releasing this definitive compilation of ACR featuring classic tracks along with lots of rare stuff, interviews and original photos. As well as the greatest hits collection, the CD comes with a limited-edition bonus CD featuring the infamous John Peel sessions, which have never been released, as well as rare tracks and B-sides. The vinyl comes on super-loud, super-heavy double vinyl! The CD comes as an enhanced CD featuring super-rare footage of Tribeca, an early short film by Michael Chumburg, featuring ACR filmed in New York City .


The return of one of our absolute favourite labels � Tomlab. Peel listeners will know all about this music already, as he�s been hammering it for weeks now. Austrian Angelika, as well as running her own fine label, is clearly a talented and original artist in her own right. Spanning a gorgeous if wilful range of styles, from the delicious, rainy day acoustic sadness of �where you are�, to the wistful, but glorious �ilya�, Angelika has a wonderful voice, occupying a shy, crowd fearing, shimmering private space in these recordings. Well worth playing to singersongwriter bores as an example of what is possible within the genre. Occasional but always involving, I could really go on all day about this, but I won�t � 24 tracks to delight in any mood. Underestimate this label at your peril.

CYBERNET SYSTEMS - Robot Movement - Bass Junkie

Also known as Bass Junkie, Phil Klein has dropped electro on numerous labels : Dynamix II, Breakin� Records and Battle Trax. 6 cuts are exclusive to the CD, the rest are taken from various Battle Trax and Dynamix II releases. This is a journey through the world of 808 madness, classic sounding drums, noises et al, crossing between Drexciyan sounds and early electro beats. If you enjoy a good romp through classic sounding tracks and 808 madness, check this and wig out.

DAT POLITICS - Plugs Plus - Chicks On Speed

Brand new album from French laptop quartet extrodinaire � Dat Politics, featuring contributions from Kid 606, Matmos, Blectum from Blechdom, Lesser and Felix Cubin. Dat Politics have recorded for the likes of Mille Plateaux, Skipp, Fat Cat and Tigerbeat, their cheap laptops generating the kind of epileptic micro-rhythms escorted by child-like acid melodies and distorted vocals that you won�t be able to resist. Especially if you�re on heavy medication or Class A�s .Futuristic electronic pop at its finest.

ELLEN ALIEN - Stadtkind - Bpitch Control

On seven track double vinyl and eleven track compact disc. Electropop in the past year has traversed a huge arc in public attention, from the clearblueskies of Morr music via the dedicated jetrash Gigolos to the rhythmmelody heavens of the CCO boys. Bpitch themselves are sitting up there in the firmaments, listening to this record lets you know why these urban kids are treading with such a surestep. Peppered with absolute scorching series of twelveinch potential killers, �Dataromance�, �Stadtkind�, �Send� all fit the bill. On the vocal cuts Ellen�s voice is treated severely, like Nico for a new machine age. Amazing how fresh this sounds on the first day of summer, partyrockin electroid block party sensations, touched with a bpitching funloving heart, and the tuffest sounds. Bonus cuts on the cd. The soundtrack for city driven nights in two places called beats paradise. Berlin. Manchester.


A man with a foot in each pond, Lazyfish has built up a back catalogue that spans the deep and crunchy electronics of labelmates Fizzarum and EU, as well as managing a series of mindbending micro-house cutups for the mighty Trapez label. This collaboration with Alexander Petrunin, aka Mewark, brings to life 12 tracks of dark, atmospheric ambient-dub laying somewhere between Plaid, Autechre and Coil. Atmospheric in that Ice cold way that could only really have emerged from Russia. Check

PIIRI - GPU (Revised) - Vertical Form

Devestation once again on Vertical Form � a label that must surely be ranked as one of the UK�s, if not the world�s finest electronic imprints. Pan Sonic�s Ilpo Vaisenen�s Piiri project is here given a thorough restructuring from a brilliantly assembled host of artists : Farben, Phonem, Smyglyssna, Dual Exciter and Pan American. The original version of �GPU� opens up proceedings here : Ilpo�s trademarked rigid loop selection, dripping with fat bass stabs and incoherent metalic structures, harsh and engrossing with equal measure.....stripping itself to the barest form as the track progresses. Straight through to Jan Jelinek�s reworking as Farben, and you know that this is something truly decimating. This man is responsible for so much of Germany�s development of micro dance music � challenging form whilst retaining an undeniable funking groove � his �Hello Cello� mix here embodying these traits with crushing defiance. The detached structure of the original is turned into an industrial-strength alien discoid monster, fractured and spannered with a twist of dancefloor juice that you�d find truly impossible not to shake yr limbs to. Perfect. Mark Nelson�s Pan American project is up next, offering here a glimpse of what to expect with the release of his debut full-length for the label in the coming weeks : dub structures popped full of static and low-end oscillations, a delicate hybrid of richly extracted sound textures and the rigid tones of the industrial-strength source material. Smyglyssna re-writes the book with yet another destroyed hip-hop funk assault : dirty and deep in the most terrifically squashed way, before Phonem ends things off with an intricate beat-structured odyseey through electronica�s darkest recesses, steering clear of the super-dsp�d sounds of old and, instead, opting for a deep-rooted hiphoptronica grind. Essential.

RICHIE HAWTIN - Selections 1990 to 2000 - Hardware

Ritchie Hawtin�s name is now synonymous with Techno history due to the amount of releases, labels and projects he has worked on. From the beginning of the revered +8 label Ritchie has pushed boundaries both musical and technological, and he continues to do so today. This is a selection of the finest moments in one of techno�s most illustrious careers. Starting with the Fuse release � a new day �(1993), a wonderful Detroit influenced track that clocks in at around 110 bpm laden with lush, warm strings - designed for 4am listening. Providing an almost serene feel to the start of the CD �a new day� gives way to what is probably the most influential track Ritchie has devised: �fu 2� , an acid classic from 1991. Thumping drums and sweeping synths build up to one of the most played out acid lines in the world, 303�s litter this track in the most old school way, it�s actually quite a joy to hear 303�s used so blatantly again, as they became somewhat over used in the years that follow. The old school gives way to the new school as Ritchie switches monikers for the next track - the infamous Plastikman project. Using 303�s again, yet with a lot less background noise, the Plastikman material was a step forward in the evolution of techno, the sound stripping itself and heralding the beginning of minimal techno - �krakpot�(1993) being a perfect example of this. Back to 1991 for the next track, and an old psuedonym �Circuit Breaker� drops �Overkill�, a squelchy beast of a track with awesome dark bass movements under the ( obligatory ) 303�s. A 4/4 kick drum carries the track with the 303�s fighting for domination, and cymbals crashing around the rolling snares. This is a choice selection from the world of Ritchie Hawtin and could well have been 3 cd�s long, so if you arent aware of the mans work, this is a perfect place to start. Essential.

CERBERUS SHOAL - Mr Boy Dog - Temporary Residence

'Mr Boy Dog' is the flawless synthesis of the many sides of this indescribalbe portland six-piece. This epic album furthur blurs the lines between avant rock, free jazz, ambient, middle eastern and russian folk, and gamelan inspired counterpoint. With Coltrane inspired bursts of free jazz to Can style rock hooks, Cerberus Shoal are truly genre defining. Nearest comparables are the Sun City Girls and Volcano The Bear.

ROB MAZUREK - Amorphic Winged - Walking Road

This is the long awaited proper debut solo effort from the enormously gifted and hardest working musician in Chicago Mr Rob Mazurek. Putting the Chicago Underground brandname on the back burner here he fully utilises the acoustic/electronic/laptop interface with astounding results. All tracks we're composed at John Mcentire's Soma studio gaff with Commander Mindfuck tweaking the production knob. Featured collaborators are Sam Prekop's searching guitar strums, Bundy K Brown's all in genius, Casey Rice and Tortoise's John Herndon amongst others. Musically touching on various emotions through beauty and abstraction. Especially blissful is the extended 'The Shaping Light' - otherworldly trumpet sonics reaching out into space like La Monte Young's explorations with Ben Neill. This is a work of understated brilliance and a career highlight that needs to be checked. Recommended.
AL SHID Ign'ant Old Maid

DOSE ONE - Slow Death - Dose

Second time on cd (forget the first pressing which was around for about five seconds 2 to 3 years ago). This is probably (so far) the only complete journey into the headspace of Anticon's wayward genius. Part beat poetry update, insomnia induced thought ramblings and trips to a hip hop confessional. Slow Death is a modern classic that sounds years ahead of it's time but fit's perfectly into the current Subtle CD series and could slip inbetween the land mass shifts of cLOUDDEAD. Abstraction, that fuses with moodshifting / created by Odd Nosdam with minimal live instruments, samples and electronics, all smoked out in psych detail and beauty. Just under one hour long, this will not hang around for long and is a limited once only final ever repress for psycho's like you and me. Show your appreciation and buy! Essential and very limited.

GREENTHINK - Blindfold - Dose

Holy shit!!! The one I never thought would show it's face again. The one I once sold to a friend with the worrying artwork. The one I never got round to checking before selling to the same friend in 1999. The one that existed for one weekend only. Now it's 2002 and it seems i've been forgiven by the one called Dose One and again Greenthink is within my grasp. This is the project of Dose, Why? and Odd Nosdam that predates cLOUDDEAD but in my opinion stomps all over it. This is in no way a diss towards cLOUDDEAD it's just that Greenthink is on some other shit. Crammed to bursting point with ideas, hip hop mightyness (beats/rhymes/classic structures all shot through with Anticon sense), sampladelias as eclectic as rarely previously realised, bizarre references, much cut and pasting, rapid back and forth interaction and hip hop musique concrete par excellance. You'll also find Dose and Why? having much fun on the mic, singing at times (very funny). Then you're in another time and space completely. Re-sequenced over previous CD edition (which was withdrawn due to a faulty master DAT which caused the previously recorded music to bleed through at one point) but thankfully still has the same mad artwork. Guests buried somewhere include Slug, Illogic, Mr Dibbs, Sole, Jel and Purple The Cat??? The whole Anticon universe is travelled here in seventy minutes. so don't be stoopid now, buy this and you won�t have to live the hell i've endured these last few years. The cold Anticon essential item, not that we can restrict to one only, BUY THEM ALL!!! Very limited.

FLY PAN AM - Ceux Qui Inventent N'ont Jamais Vecu - Constellation

Recorded by Thierry Amar of Godspeed You Black Emperor and A Silver Mount Zion....After a debut album in 1999 and a follow up EP in 2000, Fly Pan Am sharpen their sonic and conceptual knives to shiny surgical points on this third, tightly wound masterpiece. The new songs are marked by a full embrace of stuttering, fucked up post-rock guitar skuzzed-up funk. The LP comes in chipboard jacket printed with opaque , silk screen quality inks and a printed inner record sleeve.The Cd is similarly printed on a gatefold chipboard jacket. The LP and CD feature a different, format specific mix of �Sound Support Surface Noises Reaching Out To You�. Check.

LOREN CONNORS - The Departing Of A Dream - Family Vineyard

This is Connors' first album of 2002, and the first ever credited sans Mazzacane. This finds Loren exploring distant voices of slowly churned darkened hues - each collapsing onto themselves and his signature ghost melodies. Spaced through 8 parts 'The Departing Of A Dream' is a solo affair that hovers near a black, horizonless space, more bleak than any album before it. The album closes with 'For NY 9/11/01', Connors' first acoustic piece in over 10 years, taking the compositional depth of Gorecki and fusing it with the despair of a nation.

VARIOUS - You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right - Geographic

Nicely priced debut compilation from the emerging Scottish label Geographic. A fantastic introduction to the style and music of the label, featuring seventeen exclusive tracks from amongst others: Label curators � The Pastels, Sister Vanilla (featuring Jim and William Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain), Future Pilot AKA, Bill Well�s Octet, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Nagise ni Te Me, Barbara Morgenstern, Empress, Appendix Out, Telstar Ponies, National Park and, of course, the first new track from Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) in ten years. Check

# posted by DJ Martian 1:12 PM

Friday, March 29, 2002


Rush - Vapor Trails

Atlantic records have details of the forthcoming album from Rush called Vapor Trails, with a release date of May 14th, [So UK: May 13th?]

The grandiose press release reads as follows:

VAPOR TRAILS sees the legendary power trio - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart - redefining their intensely individualistic music, blending their famously complex dynamics with driving melodic hooks and a passionate, personal lyrical approach. Tracks like the kinetic "How It Is," the emotive "Sweet Miracle," and the propulsive album-opening "One Little Victory" are angular, atmospheric and altogether extraordinary. With the visionary new VAPOR TRAILS, Rush has taken a bold step forward, making it clear that one of rock 'n' roll's all-time great bands are more than just back, they're better than ever.

The album will be heralded by the single, "One Little Victory," slated to ship to rock radio outlets nationwide on March 29th. The band is currently finalizing plans for a major North American tour. Tentatively set to kick off in late June, the trek will mark Rush's first live performances since July 1997. The tour's first leg will be announced shortly.

VAPOR TRAILS is Rush's 17th studio recording, and their first all-new collection in over 5 years. The Canadian trio's 22 albums have all been certified RIAA gold-or-better, with cumulative worldwide sales of over 35 million. Their most recent Anthem/Atlantic releases are 1996's gold-certified TEST FOR ECHO, followed by 1998's gold-certified multi-disc live set, DIFFERENT STAGES.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:15 PM

Limp - Orion

BBCi review Limp - Orion

If you�re into the sound of bands like Tortoise, Mogwai, Pan American, etc.. - I�m afraid you�ll just have to add one more CD to that shopping list. This is a very pretty and impressive release from a talented group of musicians

a lovely little CD that is equally reminiscent of Mogwai as it is Godspeed You Black Emperor!, The Orb or even early Autechre...

# posted by DJ Martian 3:02 PM

The Bays - A Live Instrumentation Improv Project

I must admit when I listened to this live Peel session by The Bays earlier this year, I was amazed at the creativity and sounds they reached out and extended you into their sonic world - very instrumental /epic/ flowing music that I adore - I should have taped it, anyway those folks at Radio 1 have put up on their website. Take some time out to listen to it over Easter.

The Bays in session for John Peel
Updated 27 March 2002

Originating from one-off live gig in November 1999, this 'improvisation band' project has grown from pub gigs into a festival phenomenon. For details of gigs see their official website (link below).

The band have no studio album and have no immediate intention of releasing one. Their stunning Peel session earned extended encores.

The Bays website.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:43 AM

Irish Music - Hot Press Music Awards 2002

Nominations for the Hot Press Music Awards 2002 have been announced, sadly it reflects the blandness of current Irish music, with only Decal in the dance category doing any interesting at the mo.

On a related note expect the best current rock band from Ireland the celestial dark art metal band Primordial to release a new album in 2002 - still no news of a title though.

[Unfortunately Primordial are ignored by the conformist Irish media mafia of Hot Press, who prefer to put high profile rubbish such as Corrs, Westlife, Samantha Mumba and Ash etc on their front covers ]

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BBCi New Room feature - Ulver!

BBCi New Room have a feature on the most creative bands operating in music today Ulver

One of the most radical and influential bands coming out of Norway today, Ulver began as a simple black metal band and have recently forged ahead into avant-garde jazz, musique concrete, ambient techno and microsound. Ulver aren't on the cutting edge - they ARE the cutting edge. Check out their top ten and some great new Norwegian music here

Ulver's future plans

New releases scheduled for 2003 to mark Ulver's ten years in metabusiness:

1. A collection of transformations from the Ulver catalogue by artists such as Kid 606, Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Jazzkammer, Martin Horntveth, Kim Hiorth�y and others. Both classic and current Ulver material will be remade through contemporary noise, glitch and electronic frolic.

2. A new album with texts and images in one grand package (the size depending on our sponsors). A return to vocals and violations with a maximum incorporation of audio technology, beauty and - predicting the misunderstanding - pretence. We've killed too many darlings to please the police.

As many long term readers on this weblog I rate Ulver's music extremely highly - yet I have never heard them on BBC radio. The people in charge on the BBCi New Room are on the ball, if I had my way these people would be shipped into BBC 6Music - to sort out their dire Playlist that consists of too much boring / dull trad guitar music: Haven /Travis/Satellite/ Stereophonics and their ilk - should be melted down not given airplay.

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Feature...Reykjavik Underground

BBCi have an interesting set of articles on the Reykjavik Underground

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XTC - Boxset - Coat Of Many Cupboards

BBCi review XTC - Coat Of Many Cupboards it is hard to believe that it was 21 years ago (1981) when I first heard XTC in the last year of Primary school. I only own Skylarking and the Fossil Fuels compilation 1977 - 1992, must investigative XTC more.

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One World - Vienna Music Special

Details of Radio 1's One World - Vienna Music Special featuring:
Couch :: Sunshine Enterprises :: Mego :: Cheap.

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Loop Guru new offshoot project - Thaw release Holy Cat album review Thaw - 'Holy Cat' (Elsewhen) a Loop Guru offshoot project, set for release 1st April.

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Soft Cell - Compilation review Soft Cell - 'The Very Best Of Soft Cell' (Mercury) set for release on 1st April 2002. With the increase in cool cred popularity of electro/ synth music - this is a timely reissue.

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Thursday, March 28, 2002


Deftones - Lovers

Deftones bassist Chi Cheng informs that the forthcoming Deftones album is entitled, Lovers and is due for an autumn release on Maverick Records.

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Cool Music Central

A plug for music website Cool Music Central that has recently moved to a new URL. I mentioned Cool Music Central many moons ago, but it deserves another mention and the author sent me a recent e-mail - so respect.

Cool Music Database has just been put back on the website:

Cool Music Database contains all our favourite albums of the 80s and 90s. Here you can find the overall lists with the Top 50 Albums of each decade, as well as extensive lists with the best albums of each year. By clicking on the cover of an 'Album of the Year' you will be directed to a site dedicated to the relevant band or artist.

Also section on Best albums of the 80s

Also section on Best albums of the 90s

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David Bowie

David Bowie has signed a new deal with Columbia expect a new album "Heathen", on June 11th.

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Side Line

Details of the upcoming edition of Side Line magazine:

The new issue n�39 of Side-Line Music Magazine will be released on 5th April 2002. This time our 64 glossy pages magazine is featuring Deine Lakaien on the cover. Issue n�39 is furthermore including interviews with Deine lakaien, Front 242, Icon of coil, Coil, Sven V�th, Das Ich, Autechre, KMFDM, Theatre Of Tragedy, Zeromancer, Sphere, Neon Electronics, Persephone, Y-Front, Swarf, Vomito Negro, Somatic Responses , Murderous Vision, Massiv In Mensch, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Morthem Vlade Art, Mesh, Frogpad, Witkin, Celluloide, Lith, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Nebula-H, Red Sparrow, Carol Masters, Noise Process, Pulcher Femina, X:Machina, Astrea Redux, Fiction 8, A Spell Inside, Cal.andra, Y-Luk-O, Apoptygma Berzerk, etc. and hundreds of new CD releases reviews.

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Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes

Playlouder review the exhilarating debut album from the Japanese band, Xinlisupreme Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes

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The Rapture

Just listened to a sublime band called The Rapture on John Kennedy's Xfm radio show they have a single coming out April 15th on Trevor Jackson's Output label. The Rapture are from NYC on first listen this is a real find for 2002 - avant punk funk dance, with sublime guitar/ bass lines over an edgy yet free flowing electronic backdrop - think ACR/ Gang of Four/early New Order/ Shriekback - but updated.

Some background info on The Rapture

The Rapture have a big future.

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Cybernet Systems presents a real audio feed of one of the electro albums of the year Cybernet Systems - Robot Movement due for release next week in the UK.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2002



From Northern Ireland, a band called Obeah, David Holmes has signed them to his 13amp label. According to Mr Holmes - they are a sound fusion of MBV and Suicide.

Go to this webpage @ Evening Session - Northern Ireland to listen:

Obeah - Who do you love

A huge talent from North Down. Responsible for our 'Mercurial' favourite this year and about to be signed by David Holmes.

From listening to the track - they remind me of the spatial psychedelic music associated with One Dove, A.R.Kane, Seefeel, Laika and Disco Inferno.

No idea when Obeah will release music on 13 Amp - but remember the name.

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BBCi Reviews: Mclusky, The Prophets of Sound and Sand

Steve Albini produced Mclusky - Mclusky do Dallas - Too Pure

Mclusky have taken it upon themselves to assault the new wholesome image of The Rock Band, teeming with refreshingly impertinent punk rock.

Prophets of Sound - Circus - Ink Records

Cracking debut album from Dylan Barnes and Jem Panufnik aka Prohpets of Sound. Stomping disco house, big strings and old skool hip hop.

Another recommendation for the experimental music of Sand - Still Born Alive - Satellite

imagine Dark Magus era Miles Davis played by Black Sabbath and mixed by Conny Plank

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Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Yet more forthcoming releases listed @ Chunky Records


31 KNOTS - A Word Is Also A Picture Of A Word (54 40 Or Fight)

"31knots music moves with a nervous frenet icism. Complex yet catchy drumming shifts nimbly amidst the jagged, anxious fretwork of guitar and bass, as each works in concert to propel the songs through various layers toward their proper conclusion. Unafraid to vary the pace or to take a listenerd own an untrodden path, Portland, Oregon's 31knots is in complete control despite sounding as if they're on the verge. That comes from being such technically gifted musicians, we suppose. Along the lines of Faraquet, Sweep the Leg Johnny"

CALLIOPE - Braille (Thick)

The fourth full length from Calliope is a defining work - unquestionably their best to date. Sophisticated yet charming, Braille is a swirling space-pop post-rock spectacle that is part organic instrum entation, part digital perfection. With quaint songs and hooks galore, layered melodies and psychedelic jaunts, Braille plays with Jazzy dynamics and lush texture. Immersed in their own home studio in Lansing, Michigan loosely recording songs over much of the last 12 months, braille is Calliope\rquote s masterpiece. It\rquote s unbelievable that Calliope consistently deliver AMAZING records yet remain a well kept secret. In good company: Luna, Pinback, Solex

CAVE IN - Jupiter (Hydrahead)

"Hydra Head are reissuing "Jupiter" with TWO BONUS TRACKS (!!) and new artwork. This LIMITED EDITION package comes with a slimline bonus CD featuring t he BRAND NEW TRACKS: "Stained Silver" and "Bigger Riff", and if these new tracks are anything to go by, the new album is going to be even more groundbreaking than Jupiter"

[Lets hope that NME - actually REVIEW this seminal Cave In album - this time round, as Cave In - are supreme/ multi-dimensional/celestial - and make The Strokes, The White Stripes - sound irrelevant, ordinary and basic one dimensional bores]

WARN DEFEVER - When Flowers Covered The Earth (Perforate My Heart Music) US Import

"Having spent the the last several years concentrating on HIS NAME IS ALIVE, WD decided to make an instrumental record that concentrated on arrangements & compositions, as well as collective improvisations. He assembled a small ensemble to perform this tonal yet free flowing mystical sounding music. There are a variety of sounds & structures from minimal string trios stripped of all frills, to fully orchestrated and lush pieces. There are drones, chimes, bells, gong-tones, strings, & tenor sax, all arranged as a continuous evolving suite. The meditative, almost chamber music is relaxing yet full of tension. Often subtle & sad"

SHARRON KRAUS - Beautiful Twisted (Camera Obscura) Aussie Import

"Drawing on diverse influences such as 60s folk legends Shirley Collins, Martin Carthy & Anne Briggs on the one hand & contemporary artists such as The Violent Femmes, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Coil & the Swans on the other, Sharron Kraus cre ates timeless original folk music characterized by soil-rich vocals, fine acoustic guitar & banjo picking, & masterful visionary word craft. Her songs are populated by a carnival array of fatally charismatic characters & tell tales of enslavement, pervers ion, incest, obsession, death & various supernatural phenomena. Which has always been the palette of folk music, we suppose. File under : Dark folk, gothic, acoustic, singer-songwriter"

PATRICK PORTER - Reverb Saved My Life (Camera Obscura) Aussie Import

"We are chuffed to bring you t he extraordinary recordings made by Patrick Porter (one half of the spacepop duo Raining on Vivian St previously known as PHINEAS GAGE) in 1997-98. Committed by the then teenager to a friends basement 16-track ADAT in the early hours of the morning, the songs have a Nick Drake-like internalization & soul. These recordings, originally self-released on cassette have now been re engineered & expanded instrumentally to present them sonically as their scope & sweep deserves. Lyrical, lilting & rhythmic, the s ongs share some similarity to work by the likes of Spiritualised, Low, & Piano Magic, but seem more like floating in a zone of sleep-deprived questioning & seeking rather than in space. Ambient & glorious"

RYE COALITION - On Top (Tiger Style)

"Their songs are tight, clean and confrontational. Tweaked out and brutally sparse, RC are all muscle, no fat, covered only by a thin layer of scarred, shivering skin. On their 3rd album (first for Tiger Style) "On Top" takes their tradem ark heavy drums, deep bass, minimal guitars and yelps into the stadium rock arena allowing their AC/DC influences to break through the JESUS LIZARD stylings. For fans of: AC/DC, JESUS LIZARD, SHELLAC, TOMAHAWK, US MAPLE etc"

VERMONT - Calling Albany (Kindercore) US Import

"VERMONT is the ultimate Emo-Pop supergroup - made up of Davey Von Bohlen (THE PROMISE RING), Dan Didler (THE PROMISE RING) and Chris Roseneu (PELE). Their beautiful subdued sound emerged as a reaction to the volume and energy they had become accustomed to in their other bands - VERMONT allows them to focus on the songs based more on mood and lyrics - the lush, understated arrangements offset with unique vocals and intelligent lyrics. The results are akin to RED HOUSE PAINTERS and LOW and showcases an untapped segment of their shared musical background"


GROUND ZERO - Plays Standards (Rer Megacorp)

"Throughout the 90s Otomo Yoshihide's Ground Zero were one of the key acts on the Japanese underground, releasing a number of seminal albums and touring the world with a mind crushing live show. 'Plays Standards' is perhaps their most traumatically joyous recording. Its a manic roller coaster ride through Western favourites like 'Those Were the Days' and 'Say a Little Prayer', kitsch Japanese TV themes like 'Ultra Q', contemporary alternative classics from Fred Frith and Steve Beresford, and even some Brecht and Eisler. Sometimes the co nflicting genres - Kung Fu movie sound effects, raucous jazz, free improvisation, noise, heavy rock, MOR come in shockingly contrasted segments"

MATHIAS SCHAFFHUSER - From 4 To 6 am (Blaou)

"Like many modern tech - house artists Cologne - based MATHIAS SCHAFFHUSER entered the electronic music scene in the early nineties, JOHN AQUAVIVA & RICHIE HAWTIN picked him up to work on their PLUS 8 tech house sublabel DEFINITIVE & his first release was l aunched in 1996 under the name MATH U MATIX. This led to numerous other projects for internationally known imprints like FORCE TRACKS, POKER FLAT, his own label WARE & of course BLAOU. This mixed compilation presents the complete 'Blaou Years'. 10 tracks of versatile and highly inspired sounds that sounds like a concept album /soundtrack for modernist urban electronic dancing"

THAW - Holy Cat (Elsewhen)

'Holy Cat' is an alluring cohabitation of heavy beats and shamanisc chants. The result is nine tracks and over 60 minutes of some of the headiest samples to be heard in a good while"

YONA-KIT - Yona-Kit (Skingraft)

Another classic reissue from the Skingraft vaults: this studio excursion, beautifully & materfully captured i n full flight by STEVE ALBINI, teams up JIM O'ROURKE & his BRISE GLACE chums with KK NULL from ZENI GEVA & Yasuko O from MELT BANANA for some avant/prog/metal mayhem - a glorious volumous affair chock full of gasps and surprises"

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: FC Kahuna

This week's front cover choice is FC Kahuna, who are set to release one of the most anticipated British dance/electronic albums of the year, Machine Say Yes on April 15th on City Rockers.

This is the Jockey Slut magazine, 5 star album of the month review:


Flashback to 1998. Since big beat committed hari kiri on Tzant's 'Sounds Of The Wickedness', The Chemical Brothers are said to be 'going back to four-four', while genre poster-boy Norman Cook is casting around for a new direction. Amidst all this, the Kahuna Brothers - still stuck in pub basements chuckling over cheesy Hammonds and footie jokes - are a byword for big beat buffoonery, readying for residence in history's bargain bins. Fast forward to 2002, and FC Kahuna are Radio 1 regulars, championed by Weatherall and Felix Da Housecat and hipper than a Hoxton after-hours watering hole. The words 'chemical' and 'brother' are still never far away, it's just that this time the Kahunas find themselves approaching their erstwhile mentors as equals. So 'Machine Says Yes' takes the 'Surrender' route of techno bleeps, housey beats and indie vocals but does it with individuality and inspiration. Their collaborators, for a start, are no mere marketing department chart-magnets. On astonishing opener 'Fear Of Guitars', Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys is happy to have his voice twisted and tweaked almost beyond recognition. In Gus Gus's Hafdis Huld, meanwhile, the Kahunas have found their own Beth Orton, her soft, icy vocals contrasting perfectly with the Warped buzzes and parps of the title track, while ekeing every ounce of machine melancholy from the stunning 'Hayling', the tune that stated the Kahuna's intent last year. Their third vocal collaborator is country singer Eileen Rose, who graces closer 'North Pole Transmission' with a vocal of almost Kate Bush-like otherworldiness. Add to that two stunning dancefloor tracks in the shape of the already familiar 'Glitterball' and Weatherall fave 'Mindset To Cycle' and - a lapse into predictable Princey-ness in the middle aside - you have one of the dance albums of the year. So, reinvented, renewed and well reviewed. Now can they do something about that rubbish name?

Machine Say Yes, a possible candidate for the Technics Mercury Music Prize shortlist?

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NME report the latest news on the return of Mansun in 2002. I hope the forthcoming music matches the creativity of the Six album, as the last album was disappointing.

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Six by Seven - The Way I Feel Today

Playlouder review Six by Seven - The Way I Feel Today this Nottingham band have their own style in 2001 - from what I have listened to on the radio - this would suit the guitar Radiohead fans that enjoyed The Bends.

On a side note the front cover - is blatant copy of Pulp's Trees single from last year. However Echo & the Bunnymen started this trees trend back in 1980 with Crocodiles.

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Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity

John Robb @ Playlouder reviews the brilliant Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity - this has just been repromoted in the UK, DEP are supporting current METAL faves System of a Down.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2002


Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Chunky Records - Coming Soon has been updated including these albums:


A CERTAIN RATIO - Early (Soul Jazz) 2CD

"A Certain Ratio are name-checked by everyone. Andy Weatherall, for instance, describes ACR as his all-time favourite band. ACR were the first group (alongside Joy Division) to sign to Factory Records in 1978, As purveyors of dance music in the aftermath of Punk, A Certain Ratio led the field. Soul Jazz Records are releasing this definitive compilation of ACR featuring classic tracks along with lots of rare stuff, interviews and original photos. As well as the greatest hits collection, the CD comes with a limited-edition bonus CD featuring the infamous John Peel sessions, which have never been released, as well a s rare tracks and B-sides. The vinyl comes on super-loud, super-heavy double vinyl!"

SWAYZAK - Groovetechnology Vol 3 (K7) 2CD

"To make a long list short: What Swayzak celebrated on two LPs so far (Snowboarding In Argentina / Himawari), is the art of uniting alleged contradictions in an endless and deep cosmos of sound. Minimal effects generate hypnotic miracles in a music whose 4/4-bassdrum has just checked into a warm and cosy hotel, leaving the sparse dwellings of Techno to the cold. This album is the third in the highly acclaimed Groovetechnology\rquote series which is exclusively under license to !K7 Records and is a direct reflection of the radio show broadcast by Swayzak on internet radio station. Features PHILLIPE CAM, AKUFEN, ELLEN ALLIEN, BASIC CHANNEL, LUOMO, CIM, HERBERT, CLOSER MUISK, MONOLAKE, BERGHEIM 34, BITSTREAM etc etc"


EL GUAPO - Super / System (Dischord)

"El Guapo was born as a two-piece in Washington, DC in 1996. Through the last five years and various instrument/lineup changes, the band has continually blurred the lines between art-punk and the avant-garde. In March 2001, El Guapo began work on its third full-length album at National Recording Studio in downtown DC. With Phil Manley (Trans Am) behind the mixing board, the band recorded a collection of heartfelt pop tunes, irresistable electronic tracks, and whimsical improvisations that have cohered into "Super/System"

ROBERT HOOD - Caught In The Act (Logistic)

"The Modest Don Of Detroit Has Hooked Up With Frances Leading Underground Techno Label, After A Simple Remix Project Led To A Real Meeting Of Minds And Mutual Respect. Further Remixes Followed, Then This, A 29 Track Mixed Set Combining Seminal Moments In Global Techno With No Less Than 15 Original Hood Tracks, Many Exclusive To This Release. Other Artists / Labels Represented Are Mark Broom, John Thomas, Rhythm Is Rhythm, Murat, G. Force, Cheap, Tresor, Loop, And Zync. Hard, Minimal, Propulsive, Complex, Subtle, Delicate\ 'Caught In The Act' Is All These And More, And A Welcome Addition To Any Discerning Techno Follower\S Collection"

MEDICINE BALL - Fresh Ape (Rubric)

"Medicine Ball Hailed by the late Raygun magazine as "one of indie rock's sadly overlooked groups" and praised by Option magazine as a band that "scratch(es) an itch that Television and the Stones only tickle," MEDICINE BALL have been perfecting their unique brand of guitar rock for the better part of ten years. Medicine Ball remain dedicated to bringing psychedelia to the masses; the band was instrumental in organizing the first Terrastock"

SUTEKH - Fell (Orthlorng Muzork) US Import

"Manipulating Computers, Samplers, Synthesizers, Broken Radios, Scrabble Pieces, And Found Sounds, San Francisco-Based Sutekh Has Created Everything From Minimal House And Techno To Dense, Dissonant Noise Collage. On 'Fell', Techno Inclinations Give Way To An Even Deeper Exploration Of Texture And Composition. This New Album Works Primarily With Acoustic Sources, Amplifying Bits Of Recorded Music And Sound To Discover, Duplicate And Modify Hidden Subtleties. Samples Of Instruments Including Piano, Strings, And Toy Harmonica, Are Slowed Down And Digitally Processed To Uncover Aspects Otherwise Unrecognizable In Their Original Playback Form. Also Woven Into The Narrative Is A Disparate Collection Of Field Recordings, From Stolen Archives Of Corporate Meetings To Household Objects And Pets. An Amalgam Of Composed And Stolen Melodies, Free Improvisation And Noise. Represents Sutekh's Most Personal Release To Date"


OCTOPUS PROJECT - Identification Parade (Peek A Boo) US Import

"The Octopus Project Is The Latest Development Between Longtime Collaborators Josh Lambert, Yvonne Lambert And Tot Miranda, Filling The Gap Between Electronic And Rock Musics. Best Described As "Ambidextro Us Equipment Failure Junk Tronica", Perhaps Something Like The Rock-Plus-Electronic Sounds Of Iqu, The Flying Lizards, Stereolab Or Cornelius, But Way More Rock!"


DOS TRACKS - : ) (Schematic) US Import CD

"One Of The Many Aliases (Alii?) Of The Prolific And Quite Possibly Schizo Atom Heart (Aka Senor Coconut, Flanger, Geez N Gosh). A Neo-Minimalist Masterwork, And The Only Known Work Credited To Dos Tracks"


WIRE - Read & Burn 01 (Pink Flag)

"Read & Burn 01' Is The First Phase Of A Series Of New Works And Stage Appearances Planned For This Year And On Into 2003, Marking A Fierce Return To Recording For The Band, Setting A Standard That Many Of Todays New Chasers Of Art-Rocks Golden Fleece Will Be Hard Pressed To Emulate, And Serving Emphatic Notice That The Gauntlet Is Down"


DJ SPOOKY - Modern Mantra (Shadow) US Import

"That Subliminal Kid Tackle The Highlights Of The Shadow Records Catalogue To Produce The Most Adventurous Instalment Yet In The Shadow Mix Series. A Collection Of Hand-Picked Tracks Sequenced To Perfection, With A Variety Of Beats Nd Moods That Say As Much About Spookys Chops As A Conceptual Selector As They Do About The Label He's Plundering. 'Modern Mantras' Incredible Aural Tapestry Weaves Threads Of Dj Krush, Goo, Dj Cam, Aesop Rock, Jack Dangers, Moby, Amon Tobin, Russell Mills, Sharpshooters, Sneakster, Spaceways, Shinju Gumi, And Many More"

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Monday, March 25, 2002


earthtone9 - Split - Shock !

DrownedinSound alert me to the very sad news that earthtone9 have decided to call it a day, it seems that band as a whole could not agree on the future sound direction of the band.

I am shocked because I rated earthtone9's last album, arc' tan' gent as the finest intense/epic rock album from an English act since Killing Joke's Pandemonium album in 1994 !

earthtone9 had such promise indeed the demos I heard last year, where going in a direction that earthtone9 were developing into sonic terrain ala A Perfect Circle. They were looking for deal with larger record label - the future was theirs for the taking.

"As many people are already aware, the future of earthtone9 has been hanging in the balance for a while, and in my view things have not been ideal within the band for a while. There has been no outward malice, just a feeling that we were not all pulling in a unified direction with where we believed the music should be heading, and how we wanted to be perceived by the people who listened to our music.

I feel as though at some point, perhaps as long ago as a year (or possibly longer), in some quarters an obsession with commercial success usurped the enjoyment and satisfaction we all strove for from the beginning of earthtone9, and without that sense of a common purpose, it was inevitable I guess that eventually this would lead to the end of the band.

In any band there must be compromises, simply because no one person can control all parts of how the whole band performs, writes and looks. But in some ways, I feel that the compromises became too unequal, and this left people feeling more frustrated by their feelings of impotence and irrelevance in deciding how the band operated and set its standards.

Having said all of this, the last 6 years have been full of good times, laughs, stress, excitement, boredom and fulfilment and I feel grateful to have played my part in a band that achieved much more success than I ever dared hope for. I enjoyed the time we had, and feel that if we were to carry on as earthtone9, it would feel like a contrived and fake version of what should, by rights, be everything or nothing at all. There should be no lowering of standards with the intent of staying together regardless, and I trust that people who are fans of the band will appreciate this.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends we made, the people who genuinely cared (and still do) for the band and the music it made. The people who made me feel so welcome and who ultimately made the greatest difference to the belief I had in myself, and made it seem so much more important that we took earthtone9 as far as we could. To these people I am most grateful. Thank you."

If you need to know more, about earthtone9's history/music see the official earthtone9 website.

Why do esteemed bands such as Botch and earthtone 9 call it aday? when the rock music that is commonly played on the radio - is generic formula crap.

A very sad day. However earthtone 9 have achieved alot musically and anyone who has listened to their music - will testify this.

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The Brainwashed Brain - V05I11 - 03242002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes many reviews, to reflect the busy Spring release schedule:

Trabant - Moment of Truth

Clinic - Walking With Thee

Chicago Underground Duo - Axis and Alignment

Abfahrt Hinwil - Links Berge Recht Seen

Do Make Say Think - &yet &yet

Small Rocks - Carbondating

Fila Brazillia - Jump Leads

Antibalas - Talkatif

Francisco Lopez - Untitled #123

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Darla Records - Coming Soon

Darla Records - Coming Soon has been updated including these albums:

PARLOUR - Octopus Off-Broadway - Temporary Residence

COMING March 26th (US)

In the late 80s and early 90s, Tim Furnish helped cultivate a local rock scene in Louisville, KY that was eschewed from the dominant hardcore movement of the time. Starting with art rock sextet Cerebellum � whose various members would later form Rodan, Matmos and Sunspring � and on through the influential Crain, Furnish and company sowed the seeds for a legendary local scene that to this day still thrives with brilliance from bands like Papa M, Kilowatthours, My Morning Jacket and Halifax Pier. In 1999 he turned his ideas into adventures by joining forces with local instrumental pop band, Paden to become the sturdy, hypnotic beast that we know now as Parlour. Recorded over a four year period in various home studios, Parlour combines gentle arpeggiated guitar chords, warm synthetic washes and confident, down-tempo drum beats to create a truly meditative rock experience. With a certain krautrock leaning ala Can and This Heat, Furnish leads the groove all the way to edge without falling into monotony. The rhythm section is the dense, tightly wound cord pulling the heavy load along with comfortable ease. A definite must-have for fans of Papa M, The For Carnation, Bedhead, Fridge, Pluramon, and Tortoise.

CRISPY AMBULANCE - Scissorgun -Darla

April 8th Release (UK)

Former Factory Records band Crispy Ambulance have recorded a superb album of all-new material titled Scissorgun. The ten tracks were recorded in with producer Graham Massey, a long-term band associate, whose previous credits include 808 State, Bjork, Blue Pearl and Biting Tongues. Throughout their short recording career, Manchester band Crispy Ambulance were unjustly dismissed as sub-standard Joy Division plagiarists, notable only as proof that Factory was as fallible as any other label. The truth is very different, for as their Factory Benelux recordings unarguably prove, Crispy Ambulance were perhaps the most maligned and undervalued band of their time. Joy Division actually brought Crispy Ambulance to Factory. From Manchester (UK), Crispy Ambulance were first active during the post-punk era in 1978. Close associates of the Factory-Joy Division stable, they released four singles before their classic debut album The Plateau Phase in 1982. As well as two archive CDs, the band have also released Accessory After the Fact, a live set which documents their triumphant reunion show in Manchester in November 1999. Their back catalogue is available on LTM via Darla. Scissorgun was written during the last six months of 2001, and once again sees the Crispies sounding like no other band on the planet. The music ranges from the majestic alt.rock of "Step Up!", "Heatwave" and "End Game" to more austere terrain "Re-Animator" and the groove-based Moog loop of "Even Now In Heaven�" Scissorgun is a record that's timeless, powerful and even occasionally menacing, full of surprises and subtle twists in direction. A revelation! Crispy Ambulance are at the same time both minor note, cult band and an art/prog rock icon who inhabit an enormous and uniquely individual sonic mood-scape. The Joy Division influence is undeniable only insofar as Crispy Ambulance too are haunting, aggressive, and transcend both time & trend in similiar fashion. Crispy Ambulance have always confounded the listener with a sound that is at once post punk and Pink Floyd. It is a sound and a delivery so intensely moody, and so powerful, one can liken it to a rich chocolate cake served with a double espresso. You can't have them all the time, or too late at night, not if you want to avoid intense dreams and an altered state of conciousness; but sometimes there's absolutely nothing better. Sometimes no other sensory pleasure is so exciting or so satisfing and you wish it were good for you so you could have it three times a day. Now, as then, Crispy Ambulance comprises: Alan Hempsall (vocals), Gary Madeley (Drums), Keith Darbyshire (bass), and Robert Davenport (guitar). The release of the album will be backed up by select live performances in the USA and UK. "Phasers on stun! A brilliant album - the best since 23 Skidoo's Seven Songs. We are being spoiled" (Sounds, March 1982) "Here was a band that had a vision all of its own without any help from the rest of the pack� Long before Manchester crawled back into flared trousers, Crispy Ambulance were busily painting their city black with urban mood music" (NME, July 1990) Recommended if you like: Joy Division, Killing Joke, Magazine, Hawkwind.

MALORY - Outerbeats - Clairecords

COMING April 8th (US) UK?

"Late in the year 2000, Clairecords got a hold of one of the most incredible debut albums we have ever heard by a German band called Malory. The album, entitled �Not Here, Not Now� dug deep into our souls and we felt a compelling urge to spread the word of its brilliance. And so we did. We imported the disc through Clairecords Mailorder Direct and proceeded to sell copies at a rate we couldn�t even keep up with. It remains one of our best sellers to date - even outselling some of our own proud product on our own label. We knew we had to have a piece of the action on the next one. And so Clairecords is extremely proud to present the 2nd album from Malory, licensed from Alison Records/Solar3d of Germany. Malory picks up where they left off on their debut - and takes things about 1000 steps beyond. They retain the brilliant sheets of effected guitars, drawing comparisons to the unmistakable gorgeous guitar work of Slowdive. But they also add a subtle elec-tronic touch to this record with samples and chill beats (in addition to a live drummer) that makes Outerbeats deeper and even more bewitching than one could hope for. The leadoff track �Lake of Doubts� creeps in slowly, showcasing subtle electronics, wonderful male/female vocal interplay, and ebbing & flowing guitars. At around the 3-minute mark, when the guitars soar into the stratosphere and your heart skips a beat, you know you are hearing something beyond special. The rest of the album does not disappoint - every single track is 100% solid and amazing. The dual vocals of Jordis and Joerg will leave you weeping. The cascading walls of guitars (there are 3 guitarists in the band, plus a bass guitarist) will have you picking your jaw up off the floor. These tracks will make you forget about all that�s wrong with the world and see only bright, beautiful things. Absolutely stunning. Words definitely do not do it justice. More than an album, it�s rather a life-changing event."

PFEUTI - Pigeon Post - Oh! Tonito

COMING May 7th US (UK?)

Post jazz/post rock unit Pfeuti combine influences that range from free jazz to dub, noise, electronica, exotica and movie soundtracks. Angular, evocative themes are punctuated with jarring sax and guitar improvisations over a driving rhythm section to create Pfeuti�s unmistakable sound that is both immediate and constantly surprising.

INKBLOT - Love Your Mother - Audio Dregs Recordings

COMING April 6th US (UK?)

Keeping the same highly textural and organic experimental electronic compositions of last year�s Language Game album (Tomlab) Love Your Mother is Inkblot's second full length release. A slightly warmer sounding record than the first, it pushes the sparkling moments of piano, guitar, bass, further into gear while keeping the shimmering field recordings in top form as well. Though highly melodic, Inkblot creator Jeremy Ballard also creates a more deconstructed album, melting rhythms into vapor and gluing them back together between bits of found sounds and solid bouncy beats. The mix of these sparse tight beats with textured ambience have lead comparisons ranging from Labradford to Mouse on Mars, creating a mood that is often both playful and wistful.

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Key new album releases for March 25th, [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: March 25th

Sven Andersson - Hem Ljuva Hem (Longhaul)
Antibalas - Talkatif (Ninja Tune)
Frank Bretschneider / Taylor Deupree - Balance (Mille Plateaux)
Cerberus Shoal - Mister Boy Dog (Temporary Residence)
The Heads - Trollo Ampio (Sweet Nothing)
Inertia - Advanced Revelation (Cryonica)
Kepler - Missionless Days (Resonant)
Los Planetos Del Agua - Too Many Bricks And Not Enough Sea (Antenna)
Metamatics - From Death to Passwords Where You're A Paper Aeroplane (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Morika - Plee (Mille Plateaux)
The Streets - Original Pirate Material (Locked On/679)

[Due to changes in release schedules I may add in or make changes to this feature during the week as some releases get delayed]

For Reference:

Last Week: March 18th

Acid Mothers Temple - Absolutely Freak Out (Static Resonance) UK 2002 Release
Capitol K - Island Row (XL) New Version
Do Make Say Think - & Yet & Yet (Constellation)
Sandoz - Sandoz In Dub: Chant To Jah (Soul Jazz)
Benjamin Wild - With Compliments (Forced Tracks)
Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes (Fat Cat)

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Sunday, March 24, 2002


Sasha debut album due September

Rolling Stone report that Sasha is set to release his debut album in September.

Helping Sasha complete the twelve-track effort is a production team that includes engineer/mixer Charlie May (DJ Spooky, Paul Oakenfold), Junkie XL's Tom Holkenberg and programmer Simon Wright.

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Saturday, March 23, 2002 - Forthcoming Releases

Some additions to - Forthcoming Releases including:

Brice Glace - When In Vinitas - Skin Graft

[Released April 15th]

Before he turned his hand to his John Fahey-like solo outings and hooked up with SONIC YOUTH, JIM O'ROURKE formed this "cut-up" rock band with like minded fellows who have gone on to feature in BIG'N and DAZZLING KILLMEN. In the tradition of FAUST, CAN, THIS HEAT et al, they set about deconstructing and reconstructing "rock music" in the traditional sense into a guitar/bass/drum based studio experiment. It is pretty darn wild and wonderful! Also featured guest appearances from HENRY KAISER & DAVID GRUBBS. If you can't stand This Heat, stay out of the kitchen! .

Electro Goup - A New Pacifica - Omnibus

[Released April 15th]

Beautifully melodic indie-dream-pop meets wall-of-noise sonic dissonance head on. Ethereal vocals woven into a blanket of distortion and catchy pop prowess. Reminiscent of �Loveless� and �You Made Me Realise� era My Bloody Valentine, this trio takes the late 80�s shoegazer sound a step into the future with driving, off-timed drumming (think more recent Unwound), and an affinity for electronic loops, moog and samples mixed into the layers. Falsetto vocals and intermitent guitar jangle tips a hat towards the solo albums of Syd Barrett. The charming, Northern California noise pop kings. Tim Jacobson (guitars, vocals) was a member of one prolific incarnation of Slumberland Records.

Ruins - 1986-1992 - Skingraft

[Released April 8th ]

Japan's Drum(s) & Bass Duo RUINS are renowned the world over for their mindbendingly fast & complex hyper/prog/speed/punk/rock onslaught. Hardcore, psych, speed metal, art rock all these things and less could be used to describe their unique sound. They made their debut to European & American audiences in the early 90's with a pair of albums on Shimmy Disc. However, previous to that, the band had recorded several releases in their native Japan. "1986-92" unearths the band's earliest material, most of which is long out of print and has never been heard in the West. 23 tracks selected, remixed and remastered by the band themselves, making over 75 minutes of music, including their debut 7", and tracks from first LP, first 12" EP and much more. Oh yeah, and their latest album will be out later in the year on Mike Patton's superhip IPECAC label� FOR FANS OF: FANTOMAS, MAGMA, KING CRIMSON, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN etc.

Slowpho - Hi-Fi Sounds For Young - Beatservice

[Released April 15th]

Slowpho are Christian Watkins (electronics/programming) and Hilde Drange (vocals) and this, their debut album, is a result of four years of collaborations and experiments with various styles of music. Nu Jazz is a lazy term for their music as they encompass many styles from electronica to drum and bass to pop and jazz. The title of this 11 track collection is a reference to an old French Jazz LP called 'Music for Young Parisians'..

Xploding Plastix - Behind The Eightball - Beatservice

[Released April 15th]

Follow up to the amazing 'Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents' album is this 7 track cd from Hallvard Wennesberg Hagen and Jens Petter Nilsen (aka Xploding Plastix). 'Behind the Eightball' is a Bond-ish sleazy spy-thriller and is featured here in both Radio Edit and Remix versions. The other five tracks consist of a live version of 'Shakedown Shutoff' recorded at In The City at Manchester last year, plus 4 brand new exclusive tracks. XPLODING PLASTIX track featured on new Hospital comp� getting extensive play on specialist dance shows, 'Amateur Girlfriends' album picked up 4**** reviews across the board..

Zinkyl - Dance Music For Insects - Prudence

[Released April 8th]

Munich based composer and sound designer Zinkl embraces the worlds of electronic music, progressive rock, jazz and even world music into his work. 'Dance Music For Insects' continues in his musical science fiction adventure, creating an album dedicated and inspired by his favourite multi-legged creatures. The tracks are all instrumental and encompas many strange sounds and textures but all underpinned by an attention to groove and sophisticated production. TRACKS: 01. The Return Of Brundlefly, 02. Praying Mantis In Love, 03. Beetlebeat, 04. Sweet Hopper From Osaka, 05. Lucanus Cervus, 06. It's A Cocoon Life, 07. Caterpillar Drive, 08. Ant Hannibal, 09. Lepidoptera's Dream, 10. Billy Cockroach, 11. Tiddlywinks, 12. Day Of The Locusts, 13. Jazzbug, 14. The Exciting Life Of Dayfly, 15. Rule The Planet

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Aquarius Records - New Arrivals 133

Aquarius Records have another selection of reviews in New Arrivals - Number 133 including:

POISON THE WELL - Tear From The Red (Trustkill)

Every once in a while, there's a record that is so good and
makes me so happy, I find it virtually impossible to write a review
of it. There's all this pressure to somehow convey in the space of a
hundred or so words how goddamn good a record is. To convince YOU
that this record will move you as much as it did me. So I hem and haw
and write all my other reviews around it until I have no choice but
to face my fear and go for it. So here it is. The new record by
Florida's Poison The Well. Up until now, I've been a fan, and
definitely enjoyed their records. But 'Tear From The Red' is such a
colossal leap from their last record. Ostensibly a 'metalcore'
record, it manages to encompass so much more: rock, emo, hardcore,
death metal, even pop. The heavy parts, even when the vocals are
howled, are somehow as catchy and heart wrenching as any Get Up Kids
weeper, if not more so. And then when PtW -do- go for it, and break
it down and get all mellow and sweet and emotional it's just
devastating. And the playing on this record is so phenomenal. The
riffs are so thick and huge they just smack you upside the head, but
you just kind of bob along, oblivious, banging your head and spitting
out teeth and letting this wave of furious emotion watch over you.
The songs shift from crunching near-death metal, to wild free-metal,
to stuttering stop-start rhythms, to spacy almost Voi Vod-ish
melodies, and dreamy shoegazey bliss out parts. Halfway through the
record they break out with just vocals and acoustic guitar, but the
melody is so odd, and the voice is so impassioned and the chord
progression is so unexpected that it ends up being just as intense as
any of the heavy stuff, and not cheesy at all. And track three! What
can I say? If you could wear out a track from playing a cd too much,
I would definitely need a new one by now. Track three has the
absolutely most punishing part of almost any song I have ever heard,
where the kick drums, guitars, and bass all stutter then stop, over
and over. Huge and unbelievably heavy. I was listening to it in my
housemate's truck, and when that part came on I had to turn up the
stereo so loud that I could SEE the beat making little waves in the
rear view mirror. We have been getting a little worn out on this
whole metalcore explosion, but Poison The Well have stepped up to the
plate with not only one of the best metalcore records ever, not just
one of the best emo records ever, but one of the best records I have
heard in a long time. Period.

HELLA - Hold Your Horse Is (5rc)

Well now, this record is certainly a breath of fresh air. I
mean when was the last time you heard a decent mathrock record? Hella
is two Sacramento guys on guitar and drums and they've made this loud
'n awesome record, which is super listenable and accessible, so those
of you who aren't into mathrock, you should still hear this. While
the guitarwork is manic and soaring and epic (akin to Don Cab or
Storm & Stress), the drumming is even more insane! It's complicated
and full of energy; there are quick stops and it's almost all hectic
drum fills, one lightning speed kick drum attack after another, and
another. Hella is the smart math radness of the (Fucking) Champs
without the metal. Really cool. Highly recommended!

XIU XIU - Knife Play (5rc)

This record is great (and achingly sad)! Bravo to Xiu Xiu for
being original in an indie rock world where originality just doesn't
seem very important anymore -- groups like Adult and the Faint are
copying '80s electro, every other band has got a member who made a
(boring) "experimental" solo record with his laptop and wants to
sound like Fennesz, and just how many Get Up Kids copycats do there
need to be?
And then there's the local group Xiu Xiu who've put out a
record on Kill Rock Stars' sister imprint 5RC. The two girls and two
guys in Xiu Xiu are so familiar with indie rock's cliches that they
anticipate them... and then mess with the formula, thereby coming up
with a far artier and more interesting sound (kinda like how Bjork
and Radiohead do). Example: the lead singer's voice is this super
intense, desperate, achingly sad, warbly moan (a la The Cure / Talk
Talk / Ultravox), and we're used to hearing that kind of voice
accompanied with Brit-style synthpop stuff (i.e. "Melt With You").
Yet with Xiu Xiu the backup to that incredible voice is trumpets and
saxophones and clattery percussion (bells, gongs, perhaps even pots
'n pans), with a solid yet obviously lo-fi Casio beat keeping time,
and velvety basslines which are where the melody often resides. The
band are also admirably unpredictable in leaving guitar pretty much
in the background (if it's present at all) and instead letting this
crazy synth action function *just like a guitar solo* -- distorted,
climactic, wailing. So cool!
Xiu Xiu is arty and chaotic, but with new wave '80s poppiness.
This is a very weird record that is also accessible and really good.

ANTIBALAS - Talkatif (Ninja Tune)

Here at AQ we try as often as possible to review records
without quoting or paraphrasing from the press releases (and when we
do it makes us feel kind of dirty). But in the case of New York-based
Antibalas, their self-written bio says it better than I can:
"Antibalas (Spanish for "Bulletproof" literally "Anti-bullets")
is the next generation of afrobeat in the tradition of the Black
President, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. This fourteen-plus piece band hits
hard with the left and the right -- monstrous horns and bass layered
over funky polyrhythmic beats and breaks coupled with furious lyrics
challenging and attacking the dehumanizing capitalist system and
inciting insurrection in English, Yoruba, and Spanish. Antibalas
formed in May 1998 of members of Desco Records' Soul Providers and
Daktaris. This union of Latinos, whites, Afro-Americans, Africans and
Asian-Americans resides in New York, spread out over Brooklyn,
Harlem, and the Bronx."
So, if you don't already have some Fela albums, by all means
get one or two or twenty before you acquire Antibalas. But if you're
already familiar with Fela's Afrobeat sound, how wonderful is it that
a modern band can replicate the sound so joyously and exactly. This
group must be *amazing* to see live.

BRICK LAYER CAKE - Whatchamacallit (Touch & Go)

Man, it's been a while since we heard the name Brick Layer
Cake. Ten, twelve years maybe? Brick Layer Cake is Todd Trainer,
drummer for Shellac, and while he is definitely partially responsible
for the huge racket that Shellac kicks up, BLC is a much more
personal, stripped down, languorous affair. Not to say it's not
intense and heavy (in a way). Cause it is. It's just darker, and more
claustrophobic, with downtuned dirge-guitars, urgently whispered
vocals, and tarpit tempos. The label described it as Nick Drake
singing Black Sabbath, but ONLY THE GOOD PARTS. Hmmm. Well, we can
see where someone who wasn't entirely familiar with Black Sabbath or
Nick Drake might draw such a comparison: the riffs are slow and
plodding and minor key, there's a definite 'Children Of The Grave'
vibe, the vocals are hushed and whispered, urgent and plaintive. But
realistically, it's more of just a really cool, really dark,
sort-of-slow-core, dirgey almost-metal, kind of post-rock,
shimmering, brooding rock record. Really nice.

CONNORS, LOREN - The Departing Of A Dream (Family Vineyard)

Loren (Mazzacane) Connors' newest album is solo guitar work
again from this virtuosic player. The entire record is super slow and
dreamlike, and the *gorgeous* guitar tone is eerily reminding me of
the first track on Miles Davis' seventies jazz-fusion classic 'Get Up
With It'. I think Reggie Lucas was playing the guitar with Miles, but
anyway... here Loren Connors captures and distills that same guitar
sound -- a slightly scratchy, very warm exploratory tone that goes
wah wah wah as it trembles and whispers. Very very lovely, one of his
best solo recordings that I've ever heard.

NURSE WITH WOUND - Man With The Woman Face (World Serpent)

Having retreated from London to an Irish farm many moons ago,
Steve Stapleton has kept the personnel on his recent Nurse With Wound
recordings down to just a few other people, with only David Tibet,
Colin Potter, and Aranos appearing with any regularity. "The Man With
The Woman Face," Nurse With Wound's first album in almost two years
(discounting the recent terminally awful and painfully limited
collaboration with Aranos) finds Stapleton working exclusively with
Ora's Colin Potter, who has recently been working with Monos and
Jonathan Coleclough. Regardless of who's working with Stapleton,
Nurse With Wound actively pursues (or stimulates?) bizarre
psychological states, often via obtuse free-associations and
recontextualized leitmotifs. While many Nurse With Wound recordings
have recycled various elements from other albums into new operating
theaters, the only recurring theme that "Man With The Woman Face"
shares with previous albums is Stapleton's gentle use of feedback
generated by chains of effects boxes looped back upon themselves to
generate buzzing electric tones to be manipulated how he sees fit.
Here, Stapleton and Potter flutter warm pulses of feedback to
undergrid spartan loops and skittering samples of little toy piano
plucks, whirring motors, really angry bees, and something that sounds
like an electronic varmint scurrying past its metallic cage into a
pile of woodchips. Such strange whirring electronic sounds creak and
moan until NWW bursts out of these oddly calming drones into a couple
of minutes of nervous psychedelic grooviness that reminds us of the
Sun City Girls ("303,003 Crossdressers" era), before collapsing back
into whirring abstractions and murmuring vocal fragments. Nice.

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This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat


V/A - The Condition Of Muzak - Expanding

Over the course of the last year one of the most consistant enquiries we�ve had from people has been about the Expanding label and their ultra-collectable series of 7� releases. �are these tracks going to be available on CD?????� time and time again the same question, so we�re ever so pleased that at long last we can give something other than our customary �errr...dunno� reply. This is seriously SERIOUSLY good folks, a flawless 7� series collected and given coherence across 14 tracks of some the finest electronic music to have crossed our paths in recent times. The players : Benge, Abfahrt Hinwill, Stendec, Benge, Vessel, Fibla, Zorn, Tennis, Jan Jelinek, David Mooney and Antoni Frankowski. The sequencing has been done with loving attention to detail and the flow is perfect, from the blissful punctuated electronic ticktock of Stendec�s �Avro� to Benge�s unique melancholic playfullness on �Baud�, to the stuttered crunch dubism of Tennis and Abfahrt Hinwill�s developed popish introspection and beyond. Exclusive bonus tracks to boot and some gorgeously luxurious tripple digipak packaging. One of electronica�s most collectable labels has come of age and really does require your Essential.

Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree - Balance - Mille Plateaux

Having collaborated with SND on the second excellent �Blir� EP and continuing to build up his body of work as Komet for the Raster Noton label, Frank Bretschneider returns with this fantastic joint effort with 12k head honcho Taylor Deupree. �Balance� betrays much of the experimentalist tendancies of both these artists and instead brings to life a full and incredibly deep micro-dub machine. Bretschneider has always excelled in his intuitive understanding of low end bass constructs, �Balance� entwines this framework with a glwoing series of textural spaces and rhythm structures lovingly offered up be Deupree. Calmer and more bass-heavy then snd, �Balance� is a masterful and soothing exploration of minimalism at its most accessable. Recommended.

Metamatics - From death to passwords where you're a paper aeroplane - Hydrogen Dukebox

Lee Norris returns with this collection of new tracks and deleted vinyl gems. �From Death To Passwords...� is a beguiling exploration of electronic music at its gentlest, dew-drop melodies take hold of most of the 10 tracks (14 on the CD) on offer, subtlety and emotion seeping from every pore. The classic �Colmic Zeus� makes a reappearance here � gently reninstating its lilting lulaby qualities, asserting this artist�s ability to sound like no one else. The opening �What The Bird Overheard� introducing a crisp vocal to proceedings and a slight departure to boot, Metamatics effortlessly gliding once again across all things mellow, breathless and shimmering. Recommended.

Morika - Plee - Mille Plateaux

The man who single-handedly invented a genre and called it �Clip Hop�, Andreas Tilliander returns with his second full-length under the Mokira pseudonym (his first was for Raster Noton) and continues to explore the intrusion of hip hop styles into the micro medium. Segements dissassmebled and looped, the beats spliced to varying degrees of smoothness, Mokira�s finest achievemnet is in the insistance of always relying on the Groove. Close inspectoion of the Micro scene brings to light a growing number of artists intrigued by and focused on R+B/Hip Hop rhythm structures, Tilliander does so with much brilliance, a staggered assemblage of shuffled beats and light keys,undoubtedly influenced by SND�s remarkable interpretation of commercial percussive patterns into something altogether more stripped...but doing so with much originality and depth. Seriously good stuff.

Various - True Spirit : Tresor Berlin - Tresor

Seriously indispensable compilation of early, rare and absolutely unmissable techno gems on the Tresor label. Celebrating the label�s 10th anniversary, most of the tracks on offer really are unbeleivably good - the limited CD version featuring some of these tracks for the very first time on the format. Rare tracks included from Maurizio, Jeff Mills, Drexciya, Underground Resistance, Rob Hood, Vainquer, Surgeon, Cristian Vogel and shitloads more. Comes with an ace 48 page booklet detailing the history of the club, record label and Berlin scene. Unmissable.

Yuka Honda - Memories Are My Only Witness - Tzadik

A beautiful CD of quirky instrumentals from the hip mind of Yuka Honda, co-founder of the ace Cibo Matto. Combining a wry sense of humor with wit, elegance and impeccable taste, Yuka's charming instrumental miniatures cross all musical borders hypnotizing you with funky breakbeats, heartfelt melodies and nostalgic soundscapes. Recorded at her home studio and featuring longtime associates Duma Love, Timo Ellis, Bill Ware and Dougie Bowne, this is a breakthrough project for Yuka Honda, who is moving into a new musical universe on the heels of the demise of Cibo Matto. Ace.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Absolute Freak Out - Static Resonance

Well needed CD issue of this high-profile Acid Mothers release that made its appearance as a vinyl-only release last year. Spread across two cd�s, this version features over 40 minutes of exclusive bonus material, as well as the original LP in full. In total, 3 hours of highly ambitious Japanese psychedelia taking in all manner of electronic interjections, traditional folk and pure guitar noise. Tasty.

Fred Frith - Freedom In Fragments - Tzadik

Active since 1978, the dynamic Rova Saxophone quartet has collaborated with and commissioned from some of the world's greatest composers. Here they give a dynamic reading of Fred Frith's major composition �Freedom in Fragments�, which was written expressly for them and comprises a series of short compositions that can be played in whole or in part and in any given sequence. Rova has chosen the most rigorous of these, and the final sequence, created by the composer himself, gives a seamless flow to the overall listening experience. Messiaenic harmonic shifts, catchy folk melodies, complex dance rhythms and looping minimalism from one of new music's original border crossers.

Antibalas - Talkatif - Ninja Tune

Antibalas carries on the soul of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, founder of the unique Afrobeat sound uniting highlife, jazz, funk, and traditional African elements with unabashed political messages. Antibalas (translated as "anti-bullets" or "bullet-proof") shoots out monstrous horns and bass layered over polyrhythmic beats coupled with furious lyrics inciting insurrection in English, Yoruba, and Spanish. Antibalas formed in 1998 from members of Desco Records' Soul Providers and the Daktaris. They were quickly joined by like-minded New York musicians active in the worlds of jazz, rock, improvised music, and traditional drumming from Cuba and Brazil. The union of Latinos, whites, African Americans, Africans, and Asian Americans is based in Brooklyn, NYC. The group's players come from such diverse professional, cultural, and personal backgrounds that only a spray of bullets can shed light on the foundation of this musical insurrection

Cannibal Ox - Oxtrumentals - Def Jux

When Cannibal Ox's The Cold Vain dropped in 2001 the hip hop world was shook up by the absolute tidal wave of creativity involved. Many had the heads ripped by the torrent of verbal knowledge and wordplay that very few could touch. But this was only half the story, what really pushed the album to classic status was El-P's input. The self appointed El-Productor mined every emotion, dropped the most rigurously lab tested beats, sonic experimentation, funk and widescreen landscapes that fully justify's this instrumental set. Without Vast and Sham's verbal's, what was once is here fully realised. This is the album that many of todays electronica/hip hop artists only wish they could match, best to aspire and learn. Over fifteen tracks this is a major work that even blitzes this producers last masterpiece �Little Johnny From The Hospital� with Company Flow. A totally essential landmark guide to the total power of instrumental music that reaches far beyond the confines of hip-hop. Invest.

Kepler - Missionless Days Resonant

Brand new album from Canada�s premier exponents of whispercore, almost exactly a year since the acclaimed debut "Fuck Fight Fail". Currently supporting Godspeed on tour, Kepler expand on the lo-fi sound of their debut which saw parallels drawn to Red House Painters, Codeine and Low, and introducing a fuller, more accomplished feel which sees the band in a comparatively upbeat mood, while retaining the fragility that was so appealing and endearing with "Fuck Fight Fail". Breathless and engrossing throughout.

Richard Youngs - May - Jagjaguwar

This is the latest output from the UK's Richard Youngs, normally his release would reside in the avant/experimental section, however this release sees Youngs utilizing his acoustic guitar and voice with such skills, that this album can fit in with so called "indie-convention". There are drones, there is minimalist plucking, but there is also some of the most beautiful fractal psychedlia and acoustic warmth amidst these songs, Youngs needs a wider categorization than mere avant garde. There are elements of early Fahey, Brother JT and a very british folk sound.

The Winter Blanket - Actors and Actresses - Chairkickers Music

This is the follow up to 2000's critically acclaimed debut �Hopeless Lullaby�, it's also the band's first release for Low's label Chairkicker's Music. Production and featuring guest work by Low's Alan Sparhawk. Very much for fans of the "slowcore" movement, this is dynamic and very beautifully constructed music akin to Nick Drake for its simplicity and the Red House Painters for its orchestration. Check.

Windsor for the Derby - Earnest Powers - Emporor Jones

This 11 track compilation from Windsor collates singles, and unreleased material. Now ready to release a new full length on the cool Aesthetics label these quieter than thou offerings are all instrumental and display the ambient-meets-Krautrock-meets-spaced jams that the WFTD are reknowned for. Check.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:04 PM

Friday, March 22, 2002


Reviews: Mitchell Akiyama and Do May Say Think

Almost Cool review albums from Mitchell Akiyama and Do May Say Think:

Mitchell Akiyama - Hope That Lines Don't Cross (Substractif)

For a debut album, it's a good mixture of sounds that still manage to fall under an umbrella of slightly dark, minimal electronic music.

Do Make Say Think - & Yet & Yet (Constellation) with a 9/ 10 review:

The full-bodied sound works well for the group, and the album is rich, uplifting, and at times downright intoxicating.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:39 PM

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