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Tuesday, December 31, 2002


Reminder: Neumu: Year End Features

Reminder Neumu are still publishing individual writers year end features, e.g see Yancey Strickler's Favorite Recordings Of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 11:22 PM

Matt Cibula's Top Ten Albums of 2002

Matt Cibula's Top Ten Albums of 2002 published @ Southside Callbox.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:06 PM

The Thirteen Best Records You Didn�t Hear This Year

The Thirteen Best Records You Didn�t Hear This Year @ Pure Rock Fury So here�s a list of stuff you more than likely missed out on.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:59 PM


Andy of Permafrost, is now @ Dubscrape also see 2002 list

# posted by DJ Martian 10:56 PM

Michaelangelo Matos�s 2002 A-Lists

Michaelangelo Matos�s 2002 A-Lists @ You Can't Wear Nail Polish to a Surgery

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM


Clive @ somnolence lists some of his favourite music of 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:29 PM

Twine - Recorder

Stylus review Exceptional experimental electronic music from Cleveland Twine - Recorder - one of the finest electronic albums of the year [and overlooked by most critics]

# posted by DJ Martian 10:13 PM

The 2002 Annual Nightingale Awards

Radio 1's The 2002 Annual Nightingale Awards

# posted by DJ Martian 9:56 PM

Almost Cool - My Top 20 Albums of 2002 .

Notwist's Neon Golden take top spot on Almost Cool - My Top 20 Albums of 2002

Also Top Albums of 2002 Reader List your encouraged to send your list in.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:54 PM

No Matter What You Heard Top 10 (11, really) Albums of 2002

From Music Weblog, No Matter What You Heard : No Matter What You Heard Top 10 (11, really) Albums of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 9:48 PM

Braquage - Best of 2002

Music weblog Braquage present Braquage - Best of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 9:42 PM

Brainwashed Brain - Last Two Issues of 2002

Last week: Brainwashed Brain - V05I49 - 12222002

This week: Brainwashed Brain - V05I50 - 12292002

# posted by DJ Martian 9:35 PM



Surprising the German, Die Zundfunk vote The Streets as Number one album, the yank critics praise Mike Skinner now the Germans.

UPDATED: Another Mention for Jumping Fences Collated Critics Poll of Polls

For stats fans the updated collated Critics' Best 100 Albums of 2002 made up of 34 polls (so far), currently has The Streets as number 1, with The Flaming Lips at number 2.

Listed below are the 100 most critically acclaimed albums of 2002. This list is - at the moment - based on 34 end-of-year magazine/webzine polls and is calculated using 'elaborate' mathematical formulas! Needless to say, many more lists will be added to the brew until the festivities are (usually) wrapped up with Village Voice's Pazz & Jop poll in mid-February.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 AM

More 2002 Lists

More lists found @ Jumping Fences

Greg Kot's Best Albums

Jim De Rogatis' Best Albums

# posted by DJ Martian 1:22 AM

Exclaim: 2002 - Year in Review

2002 - Year in Review from Exclaim in Canada. Lots of specialist genre lists.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:11 AM

The Best Of 2002 Jazz, Avant-Garde and Beyond

By Derk Richardson, special to SF Gate: The Best Of 2002 Jazz, Avant-Garde and Beyond

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 AM

Scaruffi The Best Rock Albums of 2002

Piero Scaruffi has updated his The Best Rock Albums of 2002 ratings list.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:48 AM

Tech-House Best of 2002

There are various end of year lists on the Tech-House mailing list, see the December Archives @ Tech-House

Some Best of 2002 lists by:

Morgan Page Link
Matty Pond Link
Cairan Walsh Link
Dres S Link
EEntity Link
Frederic Simon Link
Bernhard Pucher Link
Coogano Link
Jose Eduardo Link
Daniel Petrov Link
Phil Downey Link
Jon Shanks Link

# posted by DJ Martian 12:37 AM

ST Karnick Reviews Music in 2002

ILM links to one of the most eccentric best of 2002 reviews I have seen this year, from National Review music critic: S. T. Karnick beware of trad progressive rock bias.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:13 AM


Various end of year personal lists of the best music of 2002 from members of the electroambientdreampop music discussion group.

[To see the links below you need to join the above Yahoo Group, as archive messages are set for members only]

Founder of electroambientdreampop discussion group, Fred of LA electroambientdreampop

50) Sybarite "Nonument"

49) Margo "The Catnap"

48) Aarktica "Or If You Could Just Be...."

47) The Telescopes "Third Wave"

46) Piano Magic "Writers Without Homes"

45) Veloce "Veloce"

44) Lolo "Bad Idea"

43) Flunk "For Sleepyheads Only"

42) Sigur Ros "( )"

41) Cinematic Orchestra "Every Day"

40) Cooldown "Vivid"

39) Kohann "Don"

38) Mastretta "Mastretta"

37) The Ecstasy Of St. Theresa "Slowthinking"

36) Telepopmusik "Genetic World"

35) Tom Waits "Blood Money"

34) Moby "18"

33) Christian Basso "Profania"

32) Entre Rios "Idioma Suave"

31) Max Tundra "Mastered By Guy At The Exchange"

30) Coppe "Pappa My Buddha"

29) Lol Hammond "All This Is Bliss"

28) Julee Cruise "The Art Of Being A Girl"

27) Bel Canto "Dorothy's Victory"

26) Loveliescrushing "Glissceule"

25) 2raumwohnung "In Wirklich"

24) The Polyphonic Spree "Beginning Stages Of..."

23) Future Bible Heroes "Eternal Youth"

22) Donna Regina "Northern Classic"

21) Dahlia "Emotion Cycles"

20) Park Avenue Music "To Take With You"

19) Schneider TM "Zoomer"

18) Guitar "Sunkissed"

17) Tim Bowness/Peter Chilvers "California, Norfolk"

16) Ian Van Dahl "Ace"

15) Koop "Waltz For Koop"

14) Clinic "Walking With Thee"

13) Amp "L'Amour Invisible"

12) Frou Frou "Details"

11) Montgolfier Brothers "World Is Flat"

10) Salif Keita "Moffou"

9) Slowpho "Hi Fi Sounds For Young Norwegians"

8) Tujiko Noriko "Make Me Hard"

7) Glifted "Glifted"

6) Donna Lewis "Be Still"

5) Murcof "Martes"

4) Seaworthy "The Ride"

3) Nate Ruth "Whatever It Meant"

2) Mum "Finally We Are No One"

....and, finally, my pick as best album of 2002:

1) Laub "Filesharing"

Lists by

Tommy, see electroambientdreampop

Duif Pigeonboy, see electroambientdreampop

PK, see electroambientdreampop

Dmitry Elentuck, see electroambientdreampop

Stefan S�rensen, see electroambientdreampop

# posted by DJ Martian 12:03 AM

Monday, December 30, 2002


Breakin Point

New edition of Breakin Point magazine is now in the shops. Shy FX & T Power are on the front cover.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:42 PM

Careless Talk Costs Lives

Bleed Music provide details of the new edition of Careless Talk Costs Lives the music magazine edited by Everett True

Available in all good local independent newsagents � and also Borders, Andy�s Records, Virgin, HMV, Rough Trade, FOPP, Selectadisc, university shops, etc � from January 1st.

Contents: Nick Cave cover (Limited edition of 1000 with Erase Errata on the cover); Live: Bright Eyes, The Danielson Famile, Electrelane, Ladytron/Gold Chains, El-P; Features: Erase Errata, Cat Power, Nick Cave, Graham Coxon, Kid 606, The Blood Brothers, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Electric 6, Mooz, Ari Up; Albums: Racebannon, Buck 65, Billy Childish, Camper Van Beethoven, Daniel Johnston, Ludus, Kawabata Makoto, Mercury Tilt Switch, Ninetynine, Pavement, Razorcuts, �Teutonik Disaster�, Venetian Snares� plus a bonus hip-hop column and loads more, all in a handy A-Z format

# posted by DJ Martian 9:26 PM

OUTBURN #20 / January 2003

Details of the new edition of Outburn magazine

[PS if your in London, check Tower Records or Borders in a few weeks time as they should have it in stock, also Resurrection Records, Camden]

AFI: The fire inside AFI continues to burn brightly as the band prepares to unleash their new album in early 2003. From all-out aggression and brutality to haunting atmospheres and brooding vocals, AFI captures the power of punk rock and hardcore with the menacing overtones of metal, industrial, and gothic music. Founding members Davey Havok and Adam Carson provide an in-depth preview and a rare all-access pass behind the scenes into the inspirations, evolution, and recording of AFI�s highly anticipated new album. 7 page feature, 5 big exclusive color photos, & 5000+ word interview!

MINISTRY: Al Jourgensen goes head-to-head in a no holds barred brawl, err interview, with Outburn's Rev. MOOSE. Ministry is set to hit the streets with their ninth studio album, Animositisomina. It is yet another onslaught of piss and vinegar running rampant through a stack of amps. Al has cleaned up his act and gone sober and drug free. But don�t fret too much as the new and improved Al is still a roar to talk to. 6 page, 4000+ word interview featuring exclusive photos shot at New York's CBGB.

PEACHES: They call her Peaches�the woman with the trademark pink hot pants and unruly nest of hair. Armed with a Roland MC-505 Groovebox and the sharpest tongue in modern rock, Peaches has invaded, and subsequently conquered, the underground. Catching up with the bad girl of indie rock, Peaches was preparing for, perhaps, the most important month of her career in the US.

UNDERWORLD: Things at the Underworld camp have changed dramatically.Rick Smith and Karl Hyde saw the departure of longtime band member Darren Emerson, and without the DJ, some were left wondering if the duo would be able to stay afloat. For their part, Smith and Hyde wondered if they�d be able to move on.

IN FLAMES: At the forefront of the next revolution in heavy music, bassist Peter Iwers calls in to shed light on the progression of this unique metal outfit.

PRICK: The enigmatic and ever-elusive Kevin McMahon shares his thoughts on the creative process that led to The Wreckard.

DOT ALLISON: Dot Allison has returned with We Are Science where she mixes it up between samples and organic instruments to create a dancier, darker album closer to her roots. On her cell phone from a taxi ride in Manhattan, Dot talks about her new record, science and technology, and the benefits of working at her new studio.

LACUNA COIL: From joy to rage, from sorrow to hope, the music of Lacuna Coil provides an outlet for all of life�s emotions. And with their latest release, Comalies, the band ascends to a higher level. Frontwoman Cristina phones in from her home in Milan, Italy to unwrap the continuing evolution of Lacuna Coil.

ZEROMANCER: Bassist and main songwriter Kim Ljung stays up late to discuss the inspirations behind Eurotrash, as well as the genesis of Zeromancer and the inner workings of the band.

MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO: When Jack Dangers created Meat Beat Manifesto in 1987, he would probably be surprised to see himself crowned a pioneer merely 10 to 15 years later. But that�s exactly what happened, and deservedly so. R.U.O.K? is a fantastic return for Meat Beat Manifesto, the result of an unprecedented freedom no longer squashed by a stifling record deal.

ZOAR: Zoar ventures off in yet another unfamiliar area, this time exploring the concept of adding vocals and spoken word from some of the industry�s most talented artists: Matt Johnson (The The), Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields), and the ever masterful Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance). Michael Montes gives his insight to the creation of Clouds Without Water, as well as his poignant view on the state of the world.

SISTER MACHINE GUN: As part of Chicago�s seminal Wax Trax! label, Sister Machine Gun launched an industrial rock revolution in the early 1990s. Chris Randall talks about his latest string of releases, 6.0, 6.5, and 6.6, his own Positron! Records, and his take on the state of today's industrial music.

FAULTLINE: Getting signed to a label in England might not be as hard as you think. If you�re David Kosten, the man behind Faultline, all you have to do to get there is have one of your vital organs burst as a teen, spend your summers working at a deli counter to finance your first synthesizer, then collect unemployment for half a decade while you obsess about music.

ROTTING CHRIST: With a legacy that dates back to the formative years of black metal, Rotting Christ helped define the sound, look, and philosophy of this misunderstood genre. Vocalist Sakis explains where Rotting Christ is taking the listener on their latest opus, Genesis.

Amon Tobin
Claire Voyant
John Creamer & Stephane K

BACKFEED: Readers write!
SHOTFIRE: Movern Callar, Neurosis, The Angels of Light, Kittie & KMFDM, Simple Minds
LABEL PROFILE: Accidental Sirens
SINGLES/EPs/REISSUES: Cesium 137, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mad Capsule Markets, Pig, Rasputina, Slick Idiot, and more.
ALCOVE: Self-releases, CDRs, & Newcomers
LAST SHOT: Fields of the Nephilim

AND OVER 150 ESSENTIAL NEW MUSIC REVIEWS: Add N to (X), ...And Oceans, Android Lust, Assemblage 23, Jessica Bailiff, The Berzerker, Betty's Trash, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Biffy Clyro, Bloodbath, The Blood Group, Boards of Canada, Cabaret Voltaire, Cattle Decapitation, Charlene, The Church, Constant Flux, Gabor Csupo,, Daylight Dies, Demon Hunter, DJ? Accucrack, Doll Factory, Dominion III, Dragpipe, Dryft, Evolution, Marianne Faithful, Funker Vogt, Hopesfall, Isis, Jets to Brazil, KMFDM featuring Pig, Komputer, The Kovenant, Ladytron, Lemon Jelly, Living Sacrifice, Low, Male or Female, Mclusky, Mindless Self Indulgence, Mount Sims, Nile, Non, Ours, PP Roy, Primal Scream, Project Pitchfork, Puretone, Racebannon, Marky Ramone, Bill Ricchini, Saint Etienne, Shadow's Fall, Simian, Sirenia, Snapcase, Soil & Eclipse, Squarepusher, Star of Ash, The Streets, Suicide, Sybarite, Thine, Transllusion, Tsunami Bomb, Yakuza...and more!

# posted by DJ Martian 9:13 PM - Year in Review

An article by wookubus @ - Year in Review

Those of you who have been following for the past few years know that we usually end the year with a top 10 best of from various artists, however this year we decided to forego the feature as most would be hard pressed to be able to even pick ten memorable albums from this past year, let alone compile a list they could be confident in publicly acknowledging. To put it bluntly, 2002 was not one of metal's most defining 365 days.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:02 PM

The Wire

The January 2003 edition of The Wire is in the shops, Asian Dub Foundation are on the front cover.

Details of The Current Edition

# posted by DJ Martian 8:40 PM

Stylus 20 Favourite Albums of 2002

Stylus 20 Favourite Albums of 2002

I�m not here to declare these the best albums of 2002. In fact, no one at Stylus would be so bold to do that. Instead, due to an elaborate point system and individual will, we present with this feature the 20 favorite albums of the year from Stylus writers

# posted by DJ Martian 8:29 PM

BBCi Music Readers Albums of the Year

Find out BBCi Music Readers Albums of the Year in various genre categories.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:20 PM

BigO's Albums of 2002

An interesting best of list from ezine BigO: BigO's Albums of 2002

Spring Heel Jack take top spot for their Amassed album, followed closely by the Number 2 choice: Jackie O Mother****er -Change (Textile)

The list includes a couple of releases I am not familiar with:

12. K-Rad
Deli Mood Spot (Someoddpilot Records)
Ambient that goes on an experimental, industrial bend. More chilling than chill-out.

19. Porcelain
I�ve Got A Really Important Thing to do Right Now But I Can�t Do It Cause I�m Asleep (Talitres/Drunk Dog)

More info @ Listening Room

Porcelain I've Got A Really Important Thing To Do Right Now But I Can't Do It Cause I'm Asleep [Talitres/ Drunk Dog]

Remember The Blue Nile from way back when � they of the droning sonority and the ethereal vocals? Porcelain are a French four-piece � Francois Barriet (vocals, guitar, organ, keyboard), Nicolas Levasseur (guitar, keyboard, samples), Yvan Le Guenec (bass) and Jeremie Prod'homme (drums) � whose debut album recalls The Blue Nile's 1984's Walk Across The Rooftops (minimalist electropop with sincere, aching and introspective (choose your adjectives) vocals). But for newer/younger readers, a more current reference point would be Godspeed You! Black Emperor (check out that mouthful of an album title), only with more of a rock creed...

# posted by DJ Martian 8:00 PM

Delusions of Adequacy - Top 10 of 2002

More end of year best of lists: Delusions of Adequacy - Top 10 of 2002

Due to the varying tastes and location of DOA's music writers, we have not attempted to put together a top 10 list that represents the zine as a whole. What makes DOA so special is the wide variety of music taste and expertise among its writers. So, instead, each writer gets the chance to give their own top 10 list of albums released in 2002 and their reasoning. Scroll down the list, or select your favorite writer from the list on the right.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:49 PM

Saturday, December 28, 2002


The Washington City Paper - Top 20 of 2002

The Washington City Paper publish their Top 20 of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 8:38 PM


The top albums of 2002 from German Magazine Spex

# posted by DJ Martian 8:37 PM

No Ripcord - The Top Fifty Albums of 2002

No Ripcord publish their The Top Fifty Albums of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 8:34 PM

All Music Guide - Best of 2002

AMG present Best of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 8:32 PM

Thursday, December 26, 2002


All Winners 2002

The Top 50 of 2002 as voted by listeners of Giles Peterson's show on Radio 1: All Winners 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 11:40 PM

Top 10 Albums of 2002 by Andy Gill

The Independent The top 10 albums of 2002 chosen by Andy Gill.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:25 PM - Top Ten Albums 2002 have started to count down their Top Ten Albums 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:10 PM

Junkmedia Top Albums of 2002

Junkmedia publish their Top 10 Albums of 2002 also see individual writers lists.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:04 PM : Top Albums of 2002 : Top Albums of 2002 also includes best genre choices for 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:53 PM


WFMU, Independent radio station from NYC present: WFMU's BEST OF 2002


Some excellent choices !

# posted by DJ Martian 10:37 PM

Lost at Sea - 20 Albums from 2002

A predictable set of choices for Lost at Sea - 20 Albums from 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 10:25 PM

Tuesday, December 24, 2002


The Wire's Albums Of The Year

See this ILM thread: The Wire's Albums Of The Year

the list has been posted in the Wire yahoo group today.

1 sonic youth 'murray street' geffen
2 derek bailey 'ballads' tzadik
3 boards of canada 'geogaddi' warp
4 asa-chang & junray 'jun ray song chang' leaf
5 various 'improvised music from japan' improvised
music from japan
6 jim o'rourke 'insignificance' domino
7 gy!be 'yanqui uxo' constellation
8 cecil taylor feel trio '2 ts for a lovely t' codanza
9 dj /rupture 'minesweeper suite' tigerbeat6
10 philip jeck 'stoke' touch
11 barbara ess & peggy ahwesh 'radio guitar' ecstatic
12 eliane radigue 'adnos I-III' table of the elements
13 el-p 'fantastic damage' def jux
14 suicide 'american supreme' blast first
15 vajra 'mandala cat last' psf
16 antipop consortium 'arrhythmia' warp
17 radian 'rec.extern' thrill jockey
18 low 'trust' rough trade
19 henri chopin/various 'revue ou' alga marghen
20 raoul bj�rkenheim/ingebrigt h�ker flaten/paal
nilsen-love 'the scorch trio' rune grammofon
21 lol coxhill 'spectral soprano' emanem
22 recloose 'cardiology' planet e
23 akufen 'my way' force inc
24 david s ware 'freedom suite' aum fidelity
25 super_collider 'raw digits' rise robots rise
26 tom waits 'alice' anti
27 the liars 'they threw us all in a trench and stuck
a monument on top' blast first
28 murcof 'martes' leaf
29 sigur r�s '()' fat cat
30 missy elliott 'under construction' elektra
31 soul center 'III' novamute
32 polwechsel & fennesz 'wrapped islands' erstwhile
33 cinematic orchestra 'everyday' ninja tune
34 various 'the fire this time' hidden art
35 ekkehard ehlers 'plays' staubgold
36 heiner goebbels 'eislermaterial' ecm
37 terry riley 'atlantis nath' sri moonshine music
38 blevin blectum 'talon slalom' deluxe
39 tin hat trio 'the rodeo eroded' rope a dope
40 burnt friedman & jaki liebezeit 'secret rhythms'
41 jackie-o-motherfucker 'change' textile
42 vincent gallo 'recording of music for films' warp
43 mr lif 'I phantom' def jux
44 farben 'texstar' klang elektronik
45 patti smith 'land 1975-2002' arista
46 the notwist 'neon golden' city slang
47 rocket from the tombs 'the day the earth met...'
48 otomo yoshihide 'ensemble cathode' improvised music
from japan
49 cheb-i-sabbah 'krishna lila' six degrees
50 kid 606 'the action packed mentalist brings you
fucking jams' violent turd

# posted by DJ Martian 5:16 PM

Monday, December 23, 2002


Aquarius Records Staff Faves 2002

More lists, but Aquarius Records lists are always amongst the most interesting, so don't skip this! Aquarius Records Staff Faves 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 12:36 AM


Key new album releases for December 23rd [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: December 23rd

Bohren And Der Club Of Gore - Black Earth (2000 Wonder)
Mileece - Formations (LO Recordings)

For Reference

Last Week: December 16th

Masha Qrella - Luck (Monika)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:27 AM

Sunday, December 22, 2002


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: REVIEW OF MUSIC 2002

An A-Z List that includes over 800 releases: DJ Martian Tracking the Best Albums of 2002

DJ Martian's Top 250 Albums Selection for 2002

This list is my no means definative, it merely is a snapshot that includes my favourites in 2002 along with artists I have sampled via radio listening, MP3 downloads, CD samplers from magazines etc. In the future I will provide a weblink for each of these artists/albums.

See other opinions: More Best of 2002 Links

I started an artictle on 2002, however it's not ready to be published. It just seemed strange to do a wrap up of the year overview before Christmas, or indeed until the year is finished.

So at the moment, if you want you can look at the archives for 2002 for this weblog, and see the year unfold:

Year 2002:

In early 2003 I will publish the 2002 overview article.

As in the tradition of the weekly music press, thie weekly feature will take a rest next week and will return on January 1st with A 2003 Preview - when I will speculate what are the 100 most anticipated Artists/ bands that will release albums in 2003, from my viewpoint.

Thanks for reading in 2002. I will be posting a few weblog entries between now and the end of the year - but they will not be as prolific in quantity as usual.

DJ Martian

# posted by DJ Martian 11:56 PM

Don't post your best albums of 2002 lists here.

Stylus Magazine forum have an interesting end of year lists thread: Don't post your best albums of 2002 lists here.

Some superb listings.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:29 PM

Dredg - El Cielo

Musique Machine recently reviewed Dredg - El Cielo

My top pick for 2002, and I'm sure a good number of people who already own this veritable masterpiece of melodic rock sensabilities intertwined with progressive rock undercurrents will agree. If there was only one album that I would recommend out of the crop of excellent releases that have surfaced during 2002, I'd have to go with El Cielo.

Perfection personified.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:08 PM

Shy FX & T-Power - Set It Off

Playlouder review Shy FX & T-Power - Set It Off

# posted by DJ Martian 7:24 PM

Top 40 from Rock De Lux

Top 40 from Rock De Lux (Spanish premier monthly magazine):

1 EL-P 'Fantastic damage'
2 The Streets 'Original Pirate Material'
3 Sleater-Kinney 'One beat'
4 Song: Ohia 'Didn't it rain'
5 Programme 'L'enfer ti�de'
6 Lauryn Hill 'Unplugged 2.o'
7 Ms. Dynamite 'A little deeper'
9 The Delgados 'Hate'
9 Today is the Day 'Sadness will previl'
10 Lambchop 'Is a woman'
11 SuperCollider 'Raw Digits'
12 Mr Lif 'I Phantom'
13 Johnny Cash 'American IV. The man comes around'
14 Boards of Canada 'Geogaddi'
15 Tom Waits 'Alice'
16 RJD2 'Deadringer'
17 Low 'Trust'
18 Tujiko Noriko 'Make me hard'
19 Neil Michael Hagerty 'Plays that good old rock'n'roll'
20 Dj Spooky 'Optometry'
21 Sutekh 'Incest/Lice'
22 Soul Center 'Soul center'
23 The Montgolfier Brothers 'The world is flat'
24 Dj Vadim 'U.S.S.R. - The arto of listening'
25 Red '33'
26 Dj/Rupture 'Minesweeper suite'
27 Youssou N'Dour 'Nothing's in vain'
28 Akufen 'My way'
29 Antipop Consortium 'Arrhythmia'
30 Faultline 'Your love means everything'
31 Dj Shadow 'The private press'
32 Wilco 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'
33 The Flaming Lips 'Yoshimi battles the pink robots'
34 Solomon Burke 'Don't give up on me'
35 ESG 'Step off'
36 David Grubbs 'Rickets and scurvy'
37 Sonic Youth 'Murray Street'
38 Early Day Miners 'Let us Garlands bring'
39 Baxter Dury 'Len Parrot's Memorial Lift'
40 m�m 'Finally we are no one'

Found on this ILM thread.

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Dutch magazine OOR end of year list: Jaarlijst Oor 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 6:46 PM

Swizzle-Stick Staff's Best of 2002 lists

More end of year lists Swizzle-Stick Staff's Best of 2002 lists

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Pitchfork Top 50 Albums of 2002

The sneaky Pitchfork types have only gone and published it a day early: Pitchfork Top 50 Albums of 2002

01: Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights [Matador]
02: Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [Nonesuch]
03: And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Source Tags & Codes [Interscope]
04: The Books - Thought for Food [Tomlab]
05: Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots [Warner Bros]
06: Spoon - Kill the Moonlight [Merge]
07: Notwist: - Neon Golden [City Slang]
08: Boards of Canada - Geogaddi [Warp]
09: Sonic Youth - Murray Street [Geffen]
10: Liars - They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top [Mute]
011: El-P - Fantastic Damage [Def Jux]
012: Max Tundra - Mastered by the Guy at the Exchange [Tigerbeat6]
013: Keith Fullerton Whitman - Playthroughs [Kranky]
014: Sleater-Kinney - One Beat [Kill Rock Stars]
015: Enon - High Society [Touch & Go]
016: Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons [DFA]
017: Fennesz/O'Rourke/Rehberg: - The Return of FennO'Berg [Mego]
018: The Streets - Original Pirate Material [Vice/Atlantic]
019: Deerhoof - Reveille [5RC/Kill Rock Stars]
20: Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown [Sub Pop]
21: Wire - Read & Burn 01 & 02 [Pinkflag]
22: Fire Show - Saint the Fire Show [Perishable]
23: Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays [Staubgold]
24: McLusky - McLusky Do Dallas [Too Pure/Beggars]
25: Neko Case - Blacklisted [Bloodshot]
26: GZA - Legend of the Liquid Sword [MCA]
27: The Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone [StarTime]
28: Missy Elliott - Under Construction [Elektra]
29: Sigur R�s - () [Fatcat/PIAS/MCA]
30: Mr. Lif - I Phantom [Def Jux]
31: Isis - Oceanic [Ipecac]
32: Philip Jeck - Stoke [Touch]
33: Rjd2 - Deadringer [Def Jux]
34: Tim Hecker - Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again [Alien8]
35: Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice [Swami]
36: DJ /Rupture - Minesweeper Suite [Tigerbeat6]
37: Secret Machines - September 000 [Ace Fu]
38: Eminem - The Eminem Show [Interscope]
39: Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma [Mego]
40: Derek Bailey - Ballads [Tzadik]
41: Talib Kweli - Quality [MCA]
42: Beck - Sea Change [Geffen]
43: Pretty Girls Make Graves - Good Health [Lookout!]
44: Hrvatski - Swarm & Dither [Planet �]
45: Acid Mothers Temple - In C [Squealer]
46: Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow [MCA]
47: Songs: Ohia - Didn't It Rain [Secretly Canadian]
48: Tom Waits - Alice and Blood Money [Anti]
49: D�lek - From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots [Ipecac]
50: Comets on Fire - Field Recordings from the Sun [Ba Da Bing!]

Analysis later.

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Fake Jazz - Issue 33

Some reviews from Fake Jazz Issue 33

Charles Atlas - Worsted Weight(Ochre)

Jessica Bailiff - s/t (Kranky)

Deerhoof - Reveille (5 Rue Christine)

Kinski - Semaphore EP (Sub Pop)

Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone (Startime)

Windy & Carl - Introspection (Blue Flea)

Xiu Xiu - Chapel of the Chimes EP (Absolutely Kosher)

Youngsbower - Relayer(VHF)

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December edition of Ambientrance covering Ambient, electronic and experimental music.

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Musique Machine

Some of the writers/ contributors @ Musique Machine have listed their favourite 2002 albums.

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Saturday, December 21, 2002


Boomkat: End Of Year Lists


Evening one and all. Welcome to the last Boomkat newsletter for 2002 - and it's a special one. Listed bellow you'll find a selection of our favoured Boomkat listening for 2002, followed by a gargantuan compilation of charts from friends and colleagues around the world.

If you like long lists then go to this ILM thread: Boomkat & Associated IDM/ Electronic artists End of Year Lists

However if you prefer small chunks of info then go to the links below:

Boomkat Top Selection of 2002

Boomkat - Boomkat top 25 chart for 2002

1. MURCOF - Martes - Leaf
2 ARDISSON - Ardisson EP - Seed
3 SUPERCOLLIDER - Raw Digits - Rise Robots Rise
4 THE OTHER PEOPLE PLACE / MYSTIC TRIBE - Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Caf�
5 BITSTREAM - Crab Nebula - City Centre Offices
6 PAN AMERICAN / KIM HIORTHOY / ISO 68 / CORKER / CONBOY - Pro Bono Publico - Vertical Form
8 MORGAN CANEY & KAMAL JOORY - Magic Radios - City Centre Offices
9 KLIMEK - Milk & Honey - Kompakt
10 SMYGLYSSNA - We Can Fix It - Vertical Form
11 LUSINE ICL - Sustain - Delikatessen
12 STATIC - Turn On Switch Off - City Centre Offices
13 KHAN - Say Goodbye - Playhouse
14 MODESELEKTOR - Death Medley EP - Bpitch Control
15 TRIPLE R - Friends - Kompakt
16 POPULOUS - Quipo - Morr Music
17 VARIOUS - Produce LP - Ai
18 BITSTREAM - Radiotherapy - Modern Love
19 DONNA REGINA - Northern Classic - Karaoke Kalk
20 SOUNDHACK - Soundkit EP - Soundhack
21 MCENROE - Billy's Vision - Peanuts & Corn
22 THE REMOTE VIEWER - Here I Go Again On My Own - City Centre Offices
23 DABRYE - One / Three - Ghostly International
24 FYM & S-MAX - Bingo Bubble Burner - Boogizm
25 WECHSEL GARLAND - Liberation Von History - Karaoke Kalk

Accute Home Treatment Selection
compiled by: The Listening Room
from: Manchester
Accute Home Treatment Selection

Styrofoams Top 20 for 2002
compiled by: Styrofoam
from: Belgium
One of Morr Music's original crew, veteran of two albums and one 7", Arne is due back in 2003 with a new album and a change of direction. Keep yr eyes peeled!

Styrofoams Top 20 for 2002

Kompakt's Top Ten Chart for 2002
compiled by: Michael Mayer / Kompakt
from: Cologne
The legendary Michael Mayer is head of the equally legendary Kompakt imprint. He the man!

Kompakt's Top Ten Chart for 2002

Mitchell Akiyama's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Mitchell Akiyama
from: Canada
Mitchell has made a name for himself as one of Quebec's finest operators, running his Intr_Version label, as well as releasing his own material for the Raster Noton label, Eat This, Force Inc and many others.

Mitchell Akiyama's Top 10 for 2002

NMB Allstars Top 20 for 2002
compiled by: NMB Allstars
from: Manchester
Erm, we could tell you who these guys are, but why spoil the fun!?!

NMB Allstars Top 20 for 2002

Chris Coco's Top 10 Singles of 2002
compiled by: Chris Coco
from: London
Radio One DJ, Presenter of the much Coveted Blue Room show.

Chris Coco's Top 10 Singles of 2002

Chris Coco's Top 10 Albums of 2002
compiled by: Chris Coco
from: London
Radio One DJ, Presenter of the much Coveted Blue Room show.

Chris Coco's Top 10 Albums of 2002

DMX Crew's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: DMX Crew
from: London
Head honcho of the ace Breakin' imprint, as well as luminary of labels like Rephlex, Ersatz, Ghostly International and many more.

DMX Crew's Top 10 for 2002

Datathief's top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Brian Datathief
from: Manchester / Miami
Brian's a busy guy, recording material under both Datathief and Gique guises, running his Device Electronic Entertainment label, travelling back and forth between Manchester and Miami writing computer games and running his Studio Moo design project, responsible for some sleeves on the Skam label. Phew.

Datathief's top 10 for 2002

SCSI's Top 10 Singles for 2002
compiled by: Scsi Daz Quayle
from: Leeds
Daz has run the UK's foremost electro label - SCSI - since 1998, responsible for Carl Finlow's finest output, Plus releases from Ultradyne, Wee DJ's, Dez Williams, Scape One and more. Daz also works with us in the Pelicanneck shop.

SCSI's Top 10 Singles for 2002

DJ Ennui's top 20 vinyl selection for 2002
compiled by: DJ Ennui
from: Manchester
DJ Ennui runs the Listening Room in Manchester, working through the spectrum of audio and visual materials and mixed applications. His work will be exhibited at some point in 2002 in the Like Galleri, Manchester.

DJ Ennui's top 20 vinyl selection for 2002

Errorsmith Top 10
compiled by: Erik Errorsmith
from: Berlin
One half of Berlin's legendary MMM crew, as well as Soundhack collaborator on Smith N Hack and veteran of collaborations with the likes of DJ Scud and I-Sound.

Errorsmith Top 10

Bola's Top 10 Chart for 2002
compiled by: Darrell Fitton
from: Rochdale
Darrell Fitton is better known as Bola. He is one of the key figures with Skam, and has exerted his influence on the electronic community ever since his contributions to the seminal Artificial Intelligence compilations back in the early 90's. The last year has also seen Darryl release material under the Jello moniker for the Peacefrog imprint.

Darrell Fitton

Rob Hall's Top 20 Releases for 2002
compiled by: Rob Hall
from: Manchester
Rob Hall. International DJ. Part of the Skam Crew. Part of the Gescom collective. Spins tunes in Pelicanneck every other Saturday. Nuff said.

Rob Hall

Thaddi's Top 20 Chart for 2002
compiled by: Thaddi Herrmann
from: Berlin
Thaddi is co-owner of the City Centre Offices imprint, as well as one half of recording duo Herrmann and Kleine. He's been a long time honourary member of the crew and part of the family.

Thaddi's Top 20 Chart for 2002

Heiko Hoffmann's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Heiko Hoffmann
from: Berlin
Heiko is an ex-DHR affiliate, Editor-in-Chief of Germany's Groove magazine and head honcho at Mobile Records - who just recently gave us the excellent 'Asthmatic Worm' and 'Seasons Greetings' compilations.

Heiko Hoffmann's Top 10 for 2002

Post Human top 5 Albums and Top 5 Tracks for 2002
compiled by: Post Human
from: London
Responsible for releasing Boomkat's absolute favourite 12" of 2002 - Ardisson's devastating EP, the Post Human boys have been nurturing their Seed imprint and London Underground raves over the last 12 months. Expect much more for the double 03.

Post Human

I-Sound's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Craig Willingham I-Sound
from: United States
Craig first came to public attention with his 'Full Watts' dubplate imprint and the release of the awesome Jah Vengeance and Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth 45's. He's collaborated with To Rococo Rot, Errorsmith and, most recently, with DJ Scud on the long awaited 'Wasteland' album, due to be released in January 2003.

I-Sound's Top 10 for 2002

Ai Top 24 for 2002
compiled by: Area Industries
from: International
One of our favourite new labels, Ai promise to deliver some of the most exciting and varied electronic music for 2003 and beyond. Trust us, this lot are gonna be huge.

Ai Top 24 for 2002

Claro Intellecto's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Claro Intellecto

Claro Intellecto's Top 10 for 2002

Robin Isan's Top 11 for 2002
compiled by: Robin Isan
from: England
One half of the ever-endearing Isan, creators of some of the most beautiful, delicate, tinkling analogue electronic music you'll ever hear. Bloody nice blokes too.

Robin Isan's Top 11 for 2002

Toe Isan's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Toe Isan
from: England
One half of the ever-endearing Isan, creators of some of the most beautiful, delicate, tinkling analogue electronic music you'll ever hear. Bloody nice blokes too.

Toe Isan's Top 10 for 2002

Matt Default's Top 10 Chart for 2002
compiled by: Matt Johnson
from: London
Matt is the technical genius who brought Boomkat to life, and who makes things like this charts page possible. He is, well, the Don!

Matt Default's Top 10 Chart for 2002

Rhys's Welsh Bakers Dozen
compiled by: Rhys Jones
from: Liverpool / Manchester
Rhys is the latest adition to the Baked Goods crew, running the F.K.S. operation from his bedroom on weekends and selected weeknights.

Rhys's Welsh Bakers Dozen

Vertical Form Top 15 Albums for 2002
compiled by: Mark Kirby
from: London
One of the UK's most exciting and continuously excellent imprints. Albums from Corker / Conboy and Sixtoo already promise to be two of the best for 2003.

Vertical Form Top 15 Albums for 2002.

Casino Versus Japan's Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Erik 'Casino Versus Japan' Kowalski
from: USA
Erik is responsible for one of our favourite albums, the sublime 'Go Hawaii'. His long-awaited follow-up 'Whole Numbers Play The Basics' was released earlier this year on Car Park Records to high acclaim. Roll on 2003.

Casino Versus Japan's Top 10 for 2002

Lali Puna Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Valerie Lali Puna
from: Berlin
Valerie Trebeljahr is the sublime singer / songwriter with longtime Boomkat favourites Lali Puna. Look out from some new material from the Lali's very soon..on Morr MUsic.

Lali Puna Top 10 for 2002

Lex Records Top 20 Chart for 2002
compiled by: Tom Brown Lex Records
from: London
As well as working for the illustrious Warp label, Tom's Lex imprint has gone from strength to strength, reaching its highest point with the release of Boom Bip's acclaimed 'seed To Sun' album earlier this year.

Lex Records Top 20 Chart for 2002

Robert Lippok's Top 10
compiled by: Robert Lippok
from: Berlin
Founder member of To Rococo Rot, more recently acclaimed for his solo material on the Raster Noton label and his collaborations with Barbara Morgenstern.

Robert Lippok's Top 10

Manual's Top 10
compiled by: Jonas Munk Manual
from: Denmark
Morr Music's youngest member, with 2 highly acclaimed LP's already under his belt, plus a release for Hobby Industries and collaborative material with his friends - known as Limp.

Manual's Top 10

Warpmart's top 24 for 2002
compiled by: Warp Mart
from: London
Online store for the mighty Warp imprint. Nuff said!

Warpmart's top 24 for 2002

Howie's Top 10 Singles for 2002
compiled by: Howard Mather
from: Manchester
Our resident b-boy and partner, 'H', as he's known to his friends, splits his time between spinnin' '83 electro and being all-round vinyl doctor for his company - Baked Goods Distribution.

Howie's Top 10 Singles for 2002

Howie's Top 10 Album's for 2002
compiled by: Howard Mather
from: Manchester
Our resident b-boy and partner, 'H', as he's known to his friends, splits his time between spinnin' '83 electro and being all-round vinyl doctor for his company - Baked Goods Distribution

Howie's Top 10 Album's for 2002

Morr Music Top 10 Albums for 2002
compiled by: Thomas Morr
from: Berlin
Little introduction necessary, Thomas Morr's imprint is growing from strength to strength, expect big things for 2003!

Morr Music Top 10 Albums for 2002

Morr Music Top 10 Singles for 2002
compiled by: Thomas Morr
from: Berlin
Little introduction necessary, Thomas Morr's imprint is growing from strength to strength, expect big things for 2003!

Morr Music Top 10 Singles for 2002

Tom Mugridge - Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Tom Mugridge Muzik Magazine
from: London
London-based journalist, Reviews editor at Muzik magazine.

Tom Mugridge - Top 10 for 2002

Scape One Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Scape One
from: Bognor Regis
What a hectic year for Kurt, more tracks and 12"s out then we could possibly count now, and lots more to follow. The man has totally asserted his dominance over British electro in a very short space of out for a new Scape One 12" on Scsi early on in 2003!

Scape One Top 10 for 2002

Marco Passarani's Top 7 for 2002
compiled by: Marco Passarani
from: Italy
Head honcho of the Final Frontier collective, running the mighty Nature imprint, as well as new addition Pigna Recordings. Luminary of releases for Skam, Hyman and Nature, among others.

Marco Passarani's Top 7 for 2002

Progressive Form's Top 15 Album's for 2002
compiled by: Form Progressive
from: Tokyo
Japan's most advanzed and innovative new electronic label, collaborating with the likes of Jan Jelinek, Robert Henke, Kit Clayton and their very own Aoki Takamasa and Indopepsychics.

Progressive Form's Top 15 Album's for 2002

Lackluster's top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Esa 'Luckluster' Ruoho
from: Finland
Esa has built himself a solid following over the last couple of years with releases for Zeal, Inc.Us, Merck, Rykos and Defocus, who at long last released his much delayed 'Wrapping' album some weeks ago.

Lackluster's top 10 for 2002

DJ / Rupture's Top 10 Tunes for 2002
compiled by: DJ Rupture
from: Spain
Jace Clayton, aka DJ/Rupture, has had a busy year. Releasing 2 mix CD's to the highest acclaim on Tigerbeat 6 and Violent Turd has brought in a series of global live dates, together with releases under the Nettle moniker, lots of remix work and the excellent 'Mutamassik' 12" on his own Soot imprint.

DJ / Rupture's Top 10 Tunes for 2002

Ulrich Schnauss Top 20 for 2002
compiled by: Ulrich Schnauss
from: Berlin
Mr Schnauss has had a phenomenal success with his 'Far Away Trains Passing By' album for CCO. His next album is due with us in the spring, 2003.

Ulrich Schnauss Top 20 for 2002

Sonia's Limited Edition Chart
compiled by: Sonia Stott
from: Manchester
Sonia. Is the best.

Sonia Stott

Team Shadetek Top 10 for 2002
compiled by: Sozer.Sht Team Shadetek
from: New York
Expect big things from teh Shadetek in 2003. New York's finest beat manglers come correct with some heavy wax on their own Shadetek imprint, while they're own material will drop on some serious imprints. Watch out!

Team Shadetek Top 10 for 2002

Simon's Baked Top 20 for 2002
compiled by: Simon Tonkinson
from: Manchester
Simon is another central member of the Baked Goods/Boomkat/Pneck crew, and is, simply put, our fountain of knowledge. Walking encyclopedia styles. Respect is due.

Simon's Baked Top 20 for 2002

Miles' Lancashire Top 20 for 2002
compiled by: Miles Whittaker
from: Burnley
Miles has had a good year, after a totally life-affirming set at Sonar, his activities with Baked Goods, Boomkat, Pneck and the mysterious Pendle Coven set. Who knows what 2003 brings?

Miles' Lancashire Top 20 for 2002

Xela's Top 20 Singles and Albums for 2002
compiled by: John Xela
from: Birmingham
Mr Xela is without any shadow of a doubt our big big tip for 2003! His debut album, due out at the end of January, is quite simply one of the loveliest records we've come across in the last couple of years. Keep your eyes peeled! John also records for Musik Aus Strom, and is working on material for CCO with writing partner Gabe, under the Yasume moniker.

Xela's Top 20 Singles and Albums for 2002

Zorn's Top 16 for 2002
compiled by: Michael Zorn
from: Berlin
Zorn was responsible for one of our favourite 12"s of all time, the mighty 'Tower Park' EP on the Lux Nigra imprint. He has also recorded a 7" for CCO, and is currently working on new material for both labels.

Zorn's Top 16 for 2002

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Friday, December 20, 2002


End of Year Lists from European Music Magazines

I found the below end of year lists @ Jumping Fences

If you can read Swedish: nojesguiden
From France Les Inrockuptibles
From Germany Intro
From Germany Music Express/ Sounds
From Germany Visions

# posted by DJ Martian 8:44 PM

Rolling Stone's Best 50 Albums of 2002

Do you really want (or need) to know Rolling Stone's Best 50 Albums of 2002

The list is arranged alphabetically per page.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:34 PM

Jumping Fences - Collate Critics Best 100 Albums of 2002

More proof of why most of the time I don't agree with music magazine critics: Jumping Fences have started to collate Critics' Best 100 Albums of 2002

Here we go again! Listed below are the 100 most critically acclaimed albums of 2002. This list is - at the moment - based on 13 end-of-year magazine/webzine polls and is calculated using 'elaborate' mathematical formulas! Needless to say, many more lists will be added to the brew until the festivities are (usually) wrapped up with Village Voice's Pazz & Jop poll in mid-February.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:26 PM

Triple J - Best Albums of 2002

OZ alt-radio station, Triple J have 300 albums listed: Triple J - Best Albums of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 8:10 PM

Playlouder Top 50 Singles of 2002

Playlouder present Playlouder Top 50 Singles of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 7:43 PM

Playlouder Top 50 Albums of 2002

Playlouder present Playlouder Top 50 Albums of 2002

a mixture of the good, the bad, the dull, the predictable and a few surprises!

1 The Streets
2 Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
3 Doves
4 Queens Of The Stone Age
5 Sonic Youth
6 Eminem
7 Flaming Lips
8 Coldplay
9 McLusky
10 Idlewild
11 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
12 Ikara Colt
13 Gonzales
14 The Delgados
15 Interpol
16 The Polyphonic Spree
17 Cornelius
18 System Of A Down
19 Missy Elliott
20 Audioslave
21 DJ Shadow
22 Lambchop
23 Ms Dynamite
24 Tom Waits
25 Sigur Ros
26 Luke Slater
27 David Bowie
28 Jurassic 5
29 Red Hot Chili Peppers
30 El-P
31 Fischerspooner
32 Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man
33 Add N To (X)
34 Soulwax
35 Primal Scream
36 The Vines
37 McAlmont & Butler
38 The Von Bondies
39 Lemon Jelly
40 People Under the Stairs
41 Foo Fighters
42 Tom Waits
43 Radio 4
44 Mum
45 Sahara Hotnights
46 Moby
47 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
48 Badly Drawn Boy
49 Faultline
50 Dalek

# posted by DJ Martian 7:40 PM

DiS Staff: Top 20 Albums Of the Year

Drowned in Sound present: DiS Staff: Top 20 Albums Of the Year

# posted by DJ Martian 6:58 PM

CMJ Staff Picks of 2002

US monthly music mag CMJ present CMJ Staff Picks of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 6:10 PM

Spring Heel Jack - Amassed

Splendid review Spring Heel Jack - Amassed

# posted by DJ Martian 4:46 PM

BBC Collective - Music Tips for 2003

BBC Collective have selected their music tips for 2003.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:45 PM

Blogger Archives

Just a quick mention, at the moment all Blogger Archives are down on most Blogspot sites (i.e the ones that have not upgraded to Blogger Pro). This means that at the moment all content from previous months cannot be seen.

Hopefully the folks at Pyra (Blogger/ Blogspot) will solve the problem and inform us soon. Maybe they have taken the whole archives down [as there have been problems with November archives since November 18th] and at long last they are trying to fix this problem and other associated archive template publishing problems!

But why can't they at least communicate with a short notice of what is going on?

This is bad business practise, yes most people are still using the free blogger version - but will many want to upgrade? when they are ignored for weeks and nothing is communicated !

Update: Friday Evening: Archives are back ! Although Still a Problem with November Archive !

Marcello Carlin's Best of 2002 (Continued)

Marcello Carlin is annoyed about this archive problem as well, but to cheer everyone up he has now published the Top 25 albums of 2002 (having previously counted for 50 - 26).

Some highlights:

1 EL-P Fantastic Damage
2 SUICIDE American Supreme
6 MY COMPUTER Vulnerabilia
12 SAINT ETIENNE Finisterre
15 XINLISUPREME Tomorrow Never Comes
19 LADYTRON Light & Magic
23 UNDERWORLD 100 Days Off

# posted by DJ Martian 1:25 PM

KindaMuzik Goes Dutch

This is disappointing KindaMuzik Goes Dutch

I enjoyed reading KindaMuzik as it was good to get a different perspective. There are too many music websites that are dominated by British or American based Axis - the decision by KindaMuzik smacks of crawling inwards of recreating national barriers (at the time when EU unity is increasing) and language barriers, when the whole philosophy of the World Wide Web enables geography to shrink - you could reach out and influence people on a global basis.

I know this from my webstats that I have readers and links to this weblog across the global, from many European countries, US, Australia, New Zealand, even one site from Japan links to my weblog.

Now KindaMuzik say they will concentrate more on Dutch/ Belgian artists, but if artists from these countries release exceptional music, people who are unable to understand the Dutch language - will be unable to know about them. Who in the Netherlands will be there to enthuse about these artists on an international basis? This further reinforces the twin Anglo-American axis of music media.

Furthermore most Dutch people have a good grasp of English and most music they listen to is in the English language, even most Dutch based artists probably sing in English !

KindaMuzik should re think their decision.

From Belgium: Side-Line

From Sweden: Release Music

From Netherlands - No English Language ...KindaMuzik

As of 2003 KindaMuzik will be shutting out non Dutch speakers and denying their national artists exposure and denying their writers from communicating and influencing opinion on a global basis.

By all means increase content that is geographic specific, have some content in Dutch - but for reviews at the very least how about a dual Dutch-English approach as a compromise?

# posted by DJ Martian 1:01 AM

Thursday, December 19, 2002


The Church of Me

Marcello Carlin @ The Church of Me this week is presenting his favourite albums of the year. Tomorrow will feature Marcello's Top 25 albums of 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:32 PM - Best Albums of 2002 present their best albums of 2002:

1. MURCOF - Martes
BAY23CD - The Leaf Label

2.XINLISUPREME - Tomorrow Never Comes
FATSP03 - Fat-Cat Records

PUPLP3- Hydrogen Dukebox Records

4. SQUAREPUSHER - Do You Know Squarepusher
WARPCD97 - Warp Records

5. SIGUR R�S - ( )
FATCD011 - Fat-Cat Records

6. THE SQUIRE OF SOMERTON - Transverberations
MI024 - Memphis Industries

7. ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY - Jun Ray Song Chang
BAY22CD - The Leaf Label

8. M�M - Finally We Are No One
FATCD018 - Fat-Cat Records

9. BOARDS OF CANADA - Geogaddi
WARP101 - Warp Records

10. LEMON JELLY - Lost Horizon
5016020616 - XL Recordings


11. SUSUMU YOKOTA - The Boy & The Tree (The Leaf Label)
12. BOOM BIP - Seed To Sun (Lex Records)
13. BETH GIBBONS & RUSTIN MAN - Out Of Season (Go Beat)
14. LOCUST - Wrong (Touch)
15. BLUE STATES - Man Mountain (Memphis Industries / XL Recordings)
16. BIOSPHERE - Shenzou (Touch)
17. THE STREETS - Original Pirate Material (Pure Groove Ltd)
18. ALPINESTARS - White Noise (Riverman Recods)
19. DOT ALLISON - We Are Science (Mantra Recordings)
20. BABY FORD & THE IFACH COLLECTIVE - Sacred Machine (Klang)

# posted by DJ Martian 11:20 PM - Jan 2003 deliver another fine selection of reviews. [The summaries below are taken from a e-mail, to see the full reviews go to the link above]


Follow up to last year's beautiful Audio Tourism project, Human takes
the concept of ethnic sounds to the heart of the machines, and proves
to be a true masterspiece.

ANGEL - NR.1 > NR.10

Pan Sonic Ilpo V�is�nen and Schneider TM main man Dirk
Dresselhaus join forces for a disconcerting piece of industrial noise


This first release from Derby-based label Fast Flange Records bring
together the talents of Duplo_Remote, previously heard on Fat-Cat or
Romz, and new comer Cato for a split mini-album ranging from classic
drill'n'bass to avant rock.


Hanno might have only been around for five years, but he has already
released twelve albums, worked on a couple of soundtracks and
collaborated with Ruiyshi Sakamoto's Code structure.

HRVATSKI - Swarm & Dither

Although Keith Fullerton Whitman has been around for some time, Swarm
& Dither is only his second album under his Hrvatski alias. Finding
its natural home amongst Planet Mu's twisted beats musos, this album
is a condensed version of current contemporary forms of music.

SCANNER+TONNE - Sound Polaroids

Originally an installation part of Imaginaria '99 at London's
Institute Of Contemporary, this collaboration between Scanner and
digital art studio Tonne explore urban life by way of images and
sonic elements.

JIMI TENOR - Higher Planes

The king of sleazy pop/jazz returns with his seventh solo album. More
complex than its predecessor, Higher Planes shows the Finn back at
the top of his art.

ANDY VOTEL - All Ten Fingers

Graphic designer, label boss, remixer, producer, musician... Andy
Votel is one true multi talented man. This album, his first, displays
some of the multiple facets of the man's musical persona.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:06 PM


New Music & Culture gets accelerated:
XLR8R re-launches with a new look @


Charles Webster - Arkitip - Schneider TM - Groove Corporation
James Jarvis - Ego Trip - Dzihan & Kamien - and much more...

Article on post-punk Dance Punk: Riot in the Discoteque

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 AM

Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Kerrang and NME: Tweedle Dee Going Songs for the Def and Tweedle Dumb getting dumber with more trad RAWK

So the collective writers polls of the only two weekly rock mags left in the UK: Kerrang and NME are published. This year they are both particularly very poor.


See ILM thread: Kerrang Albums Of The Year 2002

No surprise that Queens of the Stone Age taking top slot at Kerrang. For me they are average run of the mill hard rock act, that write catchy guitar hooks and songs. Nothing to get excited about.

the top 20 is clogged up with retro rock singalong rubbish: Hundred Reasons, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, The Datsuns, RHCP, A, Weezer.

The only top tier albums IMHO are by Opeth and Satyricon.

One of the interesting things of the Kerrang Poll, is that individual writers charts are published

Some of the better rock albums of 2002 that missed out on the top 20, that gathered a few votes

Cave in - Tides of Tomorrow [Phil Alexander (19), Scarlet Borg (19), Simon Young (1), Catherine Chambers (13), Mark Griffiths (15)]
Snapcase - End Transmission [Ashley Bird (15), Rae Alexandra (11), Daniel Lukes (17)]
Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors [Dave Everley (1), Daniel Lukes (1)]
Tiamat - Judas Christ [Dave Everley (8)]
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines [Dave Everley (9), Dom Lawson (10), Catherine Yates (2)]
Primal Scream - Evil Heat [Lucy Williams (9), Lucy Bryant (3), Ben Myers (13), Emily Rayner (1), Ian Winwood (6)]
Rush - Vapour Trails [Simon Young (20)]
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights [Rae Alexandra (15), Emily Rayner (14), Joshua Sindell (15)]
Sonic Youth - Murray Street [Paul Brannigan (19), Stevie Chick (2)]
Liars - They Threw... [Stevie Chick (6)]
Isis - Oceanic [Alistair Lawrence (18)] I am shocked that only 1 Kerrang writer choose this, as I expect it will feature very highly in the Terrorizer end of year albums poll.
Cephalic Carnage - Lucid Interval [Dom Lawson (12)]
Red Harvest - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi [Daniel Lukes (13), Catherine Yates (6)]
Sunn O))) - Flight of the Behemoth [Birgit Martinussen (7)]
90 Day Men - To Everybody [Ben Myers (11)]
Radio 4 - Gotham [Emily Rayner (8)]
Knut - Challenger [James Sherry (14)]
Sand - Still Born Alive [Catherine Yates (3)]


See ILM thread NME Albums Of The Year

I knew the NME Albums choices this year were going to be crap - as throughout the year the artists NME has championed I have (mostly) actively disliked and not agreed with.

Oh dear where to start, top spot went to mild rock bores Coldplay - Chris Martin whining over a plodding backdrop - no thanks not my cup of tea. Interesting to note that Coldplay are now faves with both Q and NME.

In the NME world in 2002 saw the promotion of naff RAWK bands this year, unfortunately most were utter crap.

The Vines (2), (scruffy rock from Oz, fronted by Craig Nicholls - the NME nominated them as a rock revolution, a voice of a generation - everyone over 20 were laughing at the NME and the Vines. This was the ultimate no mark hyped alt-rock band for know very little about music lower 6th (or whatever stupid year system they use in schools these days) middle class boys that have just passed their GSCEs)
The Coral (4) - retro rock from Liverpool, weedy vocals and a retro rock sound that has been done to death a thousand times before. A baffling episode whereby NME hyped them as the great new brit-rock band. They don't belong in 2002.
The Datsuns (9) - the biggest basic rock jokers of the year, they came from New Zealand - who would have thought that basic simpleton rock would be fashionable in 2002 - in the eyes of the NME they are, apparently Dolf Da Datsun is a cool figurehead. I have him and his band mates down on the naff list of 2002.
The Libertines (12) - Karaoke Clash or the Jam, more singalong rubbish for clueless Steve Lamacq listening teenagers.
The Polyphonic Spree (13) - the most annoying sickly uptempto Americana possible.
The Soundtrack of the Our Lives (18) - basic normal bland rock from Sweden, so ordinary.
The Hives (19) - ghastly grey limited basic rock n roll - with no substance, or atmosphere.
Foo Fighters (21) - big arena / radio friendly rock. dud.
Oasis (26) - how horrible can you get, grey ghastly songs rock - so bland, so naff, so retro.
Hundred Reasons (27) - British Emo - utterly gormless rawk act, stodgy production and naff vocals.
Idlewild (28) - sounding like REM did in 1985 is acceptable in 2002 according to NME, not to me it isn't.
Ryan Adams (29) - Captain Americana to NME (Uncut & Mojo) - Mr Dull Blandsville to me.
The Cooper Temple Clause (31)- my idea of fun doesn't include a band that sound like Oasis with amps turned up to 10. Risible angst rock for teenagers.
Wilco (35) - boring snoring mild rock americana, wake me up - went it's over
Badly Drawn Boy (37) - total MOR slop.
Electric Soft Parade (48) - boring vocals bland trad alt rock, sounding like a bad britpop/trad rock circa 1996.

What a ghastly collection of artists, far from showcasing some of the best music of the year - this risible lot were amongst the worst of the year !

But did NME get some things right? yes a few:

7 Doves, 10 Interpol, 17 Boards of Canada, 32 Radio 4, 41 Ladytron and Lairs at 50. However Interpol are the only inclusion in the NME poll that feature anywhere near the very top of my faves list of 2002.

Regarding my weekly feature, this week will be a special year in review including the best albums of 2002 - however you will have to wait to Sunday for it ! ( I am still working on it) yes later than usual - but it will be a special feature.

The following week, in the tradition of weekly music papers there wil be no weekly feature, and then I will return with the weekly feature on Wednesday January 1st (two weeks today) - with a special preview of 2003.

End of Year Charts, I have seen them all now (of the more established British rock mags): Q, Uncut (skewed too much towards americana boredom), Mojo, NME and Kerrang. Very disappointing, IMHO all useless in their pathetic collective attempts to reflect the most interesting and inspirational music of the year.

Is it just poor taste or lack of knowledge/ insight to what has actually been released this year?, what I do know - some of the artists on these polls - have made some of the most bland and dull albums of the year.

There must be many people that are neither served by the tastes of Kerrang or NME. Once again I say bring back a title like Sounds and Melody Maker at their respective peaks.

I look forward to Terrorizer and The Wire year end issues. Also Pitchfork will present their top 50 albums of the year, on Monday 23rd December.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:48 PM

Strapping Young Lad

Musique Machine relay the news that Strapping Young Lad will release a new album, SYL on Century Media on February 11th .

Go to Blabbermouth for an exclusive download of a new track, Devour.

Devin Townsend is a production genius, he said he would deliver something exceptional - and listening to this track he has. Multidimensional, epic, a stunning production, a barrage of battery-riffing guitars, electronic samples... industrial dark metal...and i detect a Killing Joke influence.

Strapping Young Lad are going to deliver one of the finest albums of 2003 !

# posted by DJ Martian 7:47 PM

Gothic, Ethereal, & DarkSynth/EBM - Top 20 Albums of 2002

Peter Murphy with the outstanding Dust album takes top spot on Gothic, Ethereal, & DarkSynth/EBM - Top 20 Albums of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 7:06 PM

Blue Room

Radio 1's chill out show Blue Room forthcoming shows:

Sat 21 Dec
Rob Da Bank
Best Of 2002

Sat 28 Dec
Chris Coco
Best of 2002

..yes you will be able to listen to these shows on BBC Radio Player Radio on Demand as per usual, you should know the score by now !

# posted by DJ Martian 1:08 AM

Neumu: 2002

Beginning today, we will be featuring a "best albums of 2002" list each weekday (with the exception of Christmas and New Year's) in the "Daily Report" area of Neumu.

Neumu have started a writers Best of 2002 feature. Starting with Anthony Carew's Favorite Recordings Of 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:25 AM

Evo Music

Evo Music a website for art/ progressive rock.

Including some news on Bark Psychosis

# posted by DJ Martian 12:16 AM

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Jane's Addiction - Hypersonic

Music website, Jam Showbiz report on the latest info on Jane's Addiction concerning the recording of Hypersonic.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:21 PM

Thomas Fehlmann - Visions of Blah

Pitchfork review Thomas Fehlmann - Visions of Blah

# posted by DJ Martian 6:23 PM


dotmusic has a new look.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:17 PM


Download mania @ Epitonic as they have added many new tracks in recent weeks.

A recommendation start with Loscil

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 AM

Jazz on 3

This Friday on Jazz on 3

20th December 2002
Adventures in Sound

Avant jazz metal from the Scorch Trio, sampladelic improv from DJ Spooky and free jazz action from Matt Shipp in two shows recorded at the London Jazz Festival.

A reminder this will be available to listen on BBC Radio Player Radio on Demand upto 7 days after Broadcast.

Some of the recordings of the recent London Jazz Festival however are already available @ this feature on Jazz on 3

# posted by DJ Martian 12:45 AM

The Brainwashed Brain V05I48 - 12152002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush
Smalltown Supersound

Tujiko Noriko - Make Me Hard

# posted by DJ Martian 12:19 AM

Monday, December 16, 2002



Pitchfork have a banner on their website: the Top 50 Albums of 2002: Monday, December 23rd.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:04 PM

Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma

Pitchfork review Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma

# posted by DJ Martian 11:02 PM

Fontanelle -Style Drift

Splendid review Fontanelle -Style Drift on Kranky.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:58 PM

Assemblage 23 - Defiance

Splendid review Assemblage 23 - Defiance

# posted by DJ Martian 10:56 PM

IDM Focus Group

Stylus have a IDM Focus Group feature.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:55 PM


From a Dusted e-mail

Hello Dusted Readers,

For the next two weeks, Dusted will forego the standard review format and publish Year-End Memoirs from many of our writers. We kicked the series off today with pieces from Ben Tausig and Nathan Hogan. We will publish two features per day until the New Year, or until we run out of material! We hope you enjoy this varied look back on 2002 through the eyes and ears of our writers.

Dusted Features - End of the Year: 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 10:48 PM

Piccadilly Records

Piccadilly Records of Manchester have now put up more end of year polls:

2002 Year End Chart

2002 Year End Chart: Top 50 Albums
Compilations & Reissues: Top 50

Genre Charts and Staff Charts

These are some of the better end of year lists I have seen so far this year.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:42 PM

FakeJazz The List 2002

The critics/writers @ select the List 2002.

The final selection: the list 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 7:44 PM

IndustrialNation - New Edition Jan 2003!

IndustrialNation will have a new edition for sale in January 2003.

IndustrialnatioN Issue #17 Coming!

Street Date: January 2, 2003

Back from hiatus! IndustrialnatioN, the bible of industrial and underground electronic music is in the works. Interviews with Patrick Codenys (Front 242) on his new project Male or Female, Hocico, Assemblage 23, Rhys Fulber (ex-Front Line Assembly/Delerium) on solo project Conjure One, Covenant, Psyche, A�boforcen, Noisex, Informatik, Massiv in Mensch, Suicide Commando, Kompressor, Bio-Tek, DJ? AcuCrack, Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot), Severed Heads, Somatic Responses, Corvin Dalek along with all the reviews, scene reports, and other IN special features you�ve come to know and love

# posted by DJ Martian 7:35 PM

US Music Magazines

East Bay Express published this article: What's wrong with American music magazines -- and how to fix them. BY ROB HARVILLA

I found this via a link @

# posted by DJ Martian 2:05 PM

Jody Beth Rosen's Top Fifty Albums of 2002

Jody Beth Rosen (of Freezing to Death in the Nuclear Banker and Southside Callbox) presents her Top Fifty Albums of 2002

Sonic Youth take top spot.

Good to see entries for Ladytron (11), Boards of Canada (14), Interpol (22), Metro Area (24), Cornelius (25), RJD2 (31), ShelleyDevoto (33), D�lek (34), the sensational Swayzak at (36), DJ Shadow (41), Amon Tobin (43) and Out Hud (47).

# posted by DJ Martian 1:39 PM


Key new album releases for December 16th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

[The release schedule has slowed right down pre-Christmas]

This Week: December 16th

Masha Qrella - Luck (Monika)

For Reference

Last Week: December 9th

Deadbeat - Wild Life Documentaries (Scape)
Freeform - Human (Skam)
Monster Movie - Preface (Graveface / Claire Records)
Tristan - Substance (Twisted Records)

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 PM

Sunday, December 15, 2002


ILM Post-A-List Thread

A thread on ILM: This Is The Thread Where We Post Every Single End of Year List We Can Find I have added several lists on the thread, including Chunky Records customers end of year poll results.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

Elastic Heart - Top 20 Albums of 2002

Elastic Heart present their Top 20 Albums of 2002 with Sigur R�s taking top spot.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:11 PM

Q Readers The 100 Greatest Albums Ever

Townsend Records: Q Readers The 100 Greatest Albums Ever

I mentioned this several weeks back, worth a browse through to laugh at some of the turkeys that got voted in by readers of the dullest UK music monthly mag.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:49 PM

Rough Trade Shops Top 100 Albums

Another end of year list: Rough Trade Shops Top 100 Albums

1. james yorkston - moving up country
2. the polyphonic spree - the beginning stages of...the polyphonic spree
3. breeders - title tk
4. queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf
5. the streets - original pirate material
6. beth gibbons and rustin' man - out of season
7. tom waits - blood money
8. the boggs - we are the boggs we are
9. boom bip - seed to sun
10. wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot

for the full 11 - 100 see link above.

However good to see the following mentioned:

19= akufen - my way
19= barry adamson - the king of nothing hill
28= schneider tm - zoomer
30. sigur ros - ( )
35. dj shadow - the private press
36= boards of canada - geogaddi
36= the doves - the last broadcast
36= sonic youth - murray street
57= jaga jazzist - a livingroom hush
62. esg - step off
64= cornelius - point
78= ladytron - light and magic
78= rjd2 - dead ringer
80= blue states - man mountain
80= interpol - turn on the bright lights
80= my computer - vulnerabilia
80= susumu yokota - the boy and the tree
94= metro area - metro area

# posted by DJ Martian 9:02 PM


Leaf Label recording artists Eardrum have a new website

08/12/02: UK TOUR SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 2003, Featuring MURCOF and Leaf Label boss TONY MORLEY (sponsored by the ARTS COUNCIL).

[Expect a new Eardrum album also in 2003]

# posted by DJ Martian 7:41 PM

Soma FM

Soma FM is back.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:24 PM

Southside Callbox

I have not previously linked to: Southside Callbox

Southside Callbox is the internet's very own superheroic changing room. The theme is "music and movies," and as relates to such you'll find essays, criticism, poetry, apologias, tirades, top ten lists, and all the news that isn't too heavy for the young dudes to carry.

--Jody Beth Rosen, Editor-in-chief

There are 11 online editions of southsidecallbox to browse through so far. [Yes 11, it started with Issue zero]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:57 PM

Music Weblogs

I have added these music weblogs to my collection of music weblogs links:

Agenbyte is active once again, including a run down of the best albums of the year.

Basement Gallery another weblog doing a run down of the best albums of the year.

Braquage informs of a new Massive Attack website for 100th Window, and another new Massive Attack website and a link to Red Lines

Chromewaves have a Best of 20002 music feature.

Deviated Septum includes music news links.

Largehearted boy a moveable type powered weblog. a nicely designed, well organised blog.

No Matter What You Heard excellent weblog, nicely designed interesting content.

with musings on.....

*rock, punk rock, indie rock, electronica, new wave, hardcore, hip hop, rap, post-rock, post-punk, and any other post- genre that the real music critics beget.

*the music industry, law, & technology

*records you best buy

*underground music trends

*and all other goings-on in the music industry

The Original Soundtrack weblog by geeta a regular ILXOR.

Popism The UK pop culture weblog // music // media // pop culture // politics

Prolific smartly designed weblog.

Songs My Computer Taught Me includes a link to my weblog.

This is Not An Exit currently counting down the best albums of the year.

21st Century Schizoid Man a weblog started back in September 2000 on blogspot! just like my weblog !

Vain, Selfish & Lazy music weblog of Fred Solinger.

Virulent Memes self described as part of the mighty grudnuk creations empire

Waking Ear a music weblog started back in July 2002.

the Yes/ No Interlude an Englishman in Austin, Texas. Superbly designed weblog in a three column fashion.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:46 PM


I have not linked to Aversionline for some time. Worth a browse through if your interests are the extreme end of metal/ hardcore/noise etc

Providing comprehensive coverage and exposure for all forms of extreme/underground music, including metal, hardcore/punk, emo/indie rock, experimental ..

There are numerous reviews ! Aversionline: December - Reviews and Aversionline: October - Reviews

# posted by DJ Martian 4:11 PM

aquarius records new arrivals list #152

Another excellent aquarius records - new arrivals list

aquarius records new arrivals list #152, including:

Laddio Bolocko - The Life & Times Of (No Quarter)

We have been championing this band since the very first time we heard their mighty 'Strange Warmings' debut years ago but continually faced the problem of all three of their releases being practically impossible to get. And my (Andee's) only possible complaint about this comprehensive career retrospective collection is that I WANTED TO PUT IT OUT ON tUMULt!!!! Arrrrgghhh. But kudos to AQ pal Mike who runs the mighty No Quarter label, for his amazing taste (Earth, Pharoah Overlord and now LB!) and ability to unearth/rerelease these out of print gems.

Laddio Bolocko were absolutely one of the most amazing bands we have ever heard, taking the bloated corpse of 'post rock' and filling it with squirming, ultra complex, super dynamic kraut rock and out rock and...uhhhh trout (mask replica) rock? Or whatever. Imagine a modern day This Heat, but with bigger amps, more lo-fi production, free-jazz scud missle saxophone, unlikely melodies, relentless rhythms, ear-ringing dynamics and a sound unlike anything you've ever heard. Sounds good huh? Well, it is. In fact. as far as I'm concerned LB were probably one of the most important and most original rock bands of the last 20 years. High praise indeed, but once you hear this stuff you'll be hard pressed to argue.

The Life & Times Of collects all three Laddio Bollocko releases, their devastating debut 'Strange Warmings Of' and the two follow up eps, 'In Real Time' and 'As If By Remote'. Also included is a video playable on your computer (which, along with the nice digipak packaging, may even tempt those lucky enough to already have Laddio's hard to find releases).

Disc one is 'Strange Warmings Of', a pummelling and heavy drone rock masterpiece, in which an ex-Dazzling Killmen (Blake Fleming) takes his penchant for angular discordance a step further, forgoing the ferocious heaviosity of his former outfit, and instead, explores lengthy semi-improvisational psychedelic freakouts and repetetive hypno-krautrock instrumentals ala AQ faves Circle. Post rock jamscapes littered with shrieking and droning Albert Ayler-ish sax, jabs of no wave guitar, an overwhelming over-saturated super-distorted production and absolutely crushing drumming. Anyone into Circle or This Heat or Acid Mothers Temple or Faust or any or any of that, will be completely blown away.

Disc two contains the two later eps find Laddio Bolocko in a new space with a new sound. Showing an amazing amount of growth, LB have all but completely abandoned the bludgeoning, pounding shrieking bombast, and instead stretch out, and explore rhythms and textures, creating lengthy krautrock jams, and hypnotic drones. And their noisey, in your face, live recording has been replaced by what sounds like a serious exploration of the studio as instrument, with at least half the record full of innovative production and gorgeous textures. Also, the sax, which on 'Strange Warmings', was more textural and not immediately identifiable as a saxophone, is more of a presence here, giving it more of a sort-of-jazz feel on several tracks. This later, less ROOOOOOOAAAAARRRR sort of sound puts them even more comfortably in the sonic realm occupied by Faust, This Heat and Circle.

Diamatregon - Blasphemy For Satan (tUMUlt)

Diamatregon are a French black metal band who specialise in violently thrashing, ultra chaotic, on-the-verge-of-losing-control, over-saturated, super distorted and noisy, TRUE black metal. Fast and furious with the occasional midtempo breakdown and a once-in-a-while doomy dirge. But they also happen to have an amazing way with melodies, as 1000 mile an hour blasts can get pretty tedious, pretty quickly. So even though the songs sometimes sound like a black metal band being hurled down a stairway (a good thing, mind you) the songs stick in your head more than you would think possible. And the occasional midtempos, full of fuzzed out guitars and simple relentless drumming, definitely bring to mind the mighty Burzum. A thick, hyperspeed and hellish brew of harsh, inhuman howls, amp melting, overdriven guitars, thrashing drums with a lo-fi, but remarkably heavy production. They even cover the Misfits' Death Comes Ripping, turning it into a 90 second blast of sinister, speaker shredding, head banging, church burning high end brutality.
Blasphemy For Satan is eight metal thrashing mad tracks clocking in at 45 minutes.

Twenty of those minutes just happen to make up the crushing final track, an extended doom epic, equal parts, moody post rock, Sabbathy dirge, and all out noise assault, complete with bizarre samples, found sounds, and super complex arrangements, and as reminiscent of old AMREP bands as it is Norwegian black metal.

Diamatregon actually sent their cd to Andee/tUMULt because they were huge fans of the label as well as Circle and Acid Mothers Temple and lots of decidedly non metal music, and were really wanting to release their record on a not-specifically-metal label, which seems to work well with tUMUlt's good-music-is-good-music mantra and their mission to expose non-metalheads to metal, and metalheads to non-metal!

But whether you're a metalhead or not, Diamatregon spew forth some amazingly heavy, undeniably catchy, and totally intense blackened sounds.

Also reviewed:

The Roots - Phrenology (MCA)
Frost - Cursed Again (Rage Of Achilles)
Human League - Golden Hour of the Future (Black Melody)
Kaito - Special Life (Kompakt)
Nagisa Ni Te - On The Love Beach (Jagjaguar)
Primal Scream - Evil Heat (Epic)
Rush - Vapor Trails (Atlantic)
Saint Etiene - Finisterre (Mantra Recordings)
Scenic - The Acid Gospel Experience (Hidden Agenda)
23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea (Ronin)
Ulver - Lyckantropen Themes (Jester)

# posted by DJ Martian 3:57 PM

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