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Sunday, February 29, 2004


Onino offers a music database of over 144, 000 albums. Including links to album tracklistings, and a price comparision search engine:

There is a section for new releases and forthcoming releases.

One of the unusual things about Onino for the music section, there is no search engine to search for artist names - however Google seems to be have indexed the site fairly well. [e.g use google search: Onino [artist name]. Note, If you have the Google toolbar utilize the search site button.

Why Onino doesn't have it's own site search engine, is rather strange.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM

Ground and Sky are now reviewing albums with increased regularity in 2004.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:21 PM

Candiria Album due in June

Blabbermouth report the latest news concerning Candiria

CANDIRIA have posted a sound clip of the new song "The Nameless King" at their official web site. Check it out here.

"The Nameless King" comes off the group's upcoming album, "What Doesn't Kill You", due in June through Type A Records.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:10 PM

Blabbermouth report RELAPSE Artists Comprise One-Quarter Of AP's 'Important Bands In Metal' List

Relapse artists the DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, MASTODON, HIGH ON FIRE, NEUROSIS, PIG DESTROYER and NILE join an impressive list of the magazine's leading heavy music acts which also includes LAMB OF GOD, the MELVINS, ARCH ENEMY, HATEBREED, OPETH and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, amongst others. The full list of AP's "25 Most Important Bands in Metal" can be found in the magazine's April, 2004 issue � on stands now

[AP = Alternative Press, a US monthly rock magazine that for the past 2 years supported a lot of rubbish punk-pop and emo bands]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:03 PM

Funprox relay the latest Skinny Puppy news:

cEvin Key:
"The LP is now 100% finished and on its way to mastering. Ken Marshall (producer) has said that he believes it is our strongest LP in 15 years."

# posted by DJ Martian 7:52 PM

All About Jazz review Satoko Fujii Quartet - Zephyros

Checking Fujii's biography on her web site, you'll read that her music combines elements of jazz and classical music mixed with traditional Japanese folk songs. They left out�especially when considering her Quartet recordings�progressive rock, with muscle.

Personnel: Natsuki Tamura--trumpet; Satoko Fujii--piano; Takeharu Hayakawa--bass; Tatsuya Yoshida-- CANOPUS drums

Style: Modern Jazz/Free Improvisation

# posted by DJ Martian 7:43 PM

BBC Collective review Liars - They Were Wrong So We Drowned

Whilst the reviewer at Cokemachineglow gives the album a right roasting.

[Since I have started this blog, this album must rank as one of the albums that has had the most divergent opinions expressed by critics]

Collated reviews @ Metacritic Music

# posted by DJ Martian 7:18 PM

New website design for

# posted by DJ Martian 7:06 PM

This week's Freak Zone show on 6 Music presented by Paul Morley includes an interview with Blonde Redhead

# posted by DJ Martian 6:49 PM

BBC Music review DJ Spooky - Rhythm Science

# posted by DJ Martian 6:37 PM

One World Shows: March 2004

Advance notification of forthcoming One World shows on Radio 1

4th March
Alan McGee Presents Death Disco 3.

11th March
Goldie Looking Chain Show / Lambchop / Zero 7

18th March
John Peel Is Not Enough - hardcorebeats and turbulance with the cream of the hardcore DJ scene.

25th March
Sia/ Nu Jam

# posted by DJ Martian 6:33 PM review New Sector Movements - Turn It Up

# posted by DJ Martian 6:27 PM

This week's 6 Mix on 6 Music features Coldcut

The 6 Mix welcomes the legends that are Jonathan More and Matt Black. The Sony Award winning Solid Steel radio show comes to 6 Music. . Tonight they will be letting us listen to some of their influences and tunes that have caught their ear recently. Ninja Tune artist DK will be performing a bootleg mix and Strictly Kev will be winding it down for us.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:36 PM

The Brainwashed Brain - V07I07 - 02222004

The latest The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Trans Am - Liberation
Thrill Jockey

Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

Volcano the Bear - The Idea of wood

Electrelane - The Power Out
Too Pure

Secret Mommy - Mammal Class
Orthlorng Musork

# posted by DJ Martian 5:28 PM


Key new album releases for February 23rd [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

Ayuo / Ohta Hiromi - Red Moon (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Peter Blegvad/ Andy Partridge - Orpheus the Lowdown (Ape House)
Chemlab - Oxidizer (Underground Inc Records) [Available at Music Non Stop]
Datach'i - Male And Female (Planet �)
Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix (Earache)
Fred Frith - Eye to Ear II (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Frost - Talking To God (Rage Of Achilles)
Funk D'Void - Volume Freak (Soma)
Hauschka - Substantial (Karaoke Kalk)
Gary Husband - Aspire (Jazzizit)
Into Eternity - Buried In Oblivion (Century Media)
Jazzkammer - Duperkammer (Smalltown Supersound) [Import at]
Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Liars - They Were Wrong So We Drowned (Mute)
Manyfingers - Manyfingers (Moteer)
Ernesto Martinez - Mutaciones (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Brad Mehldau - Anything Goes (Warner Jazz)
Robert Miles & Trilok Gurtu - Miles_Gurtu (Salt)
Mr Projectile - Sinking (Merck)
New Concept - The Outer Gates (Strangeways) [Available @ Music Non Stop]
Paal Nilssen-Love & H�kon Kornstad - Schlinger (Smalltown Supersound/Pinnacle) [Import at]
Nitrada - We Don't Know Why But We Do It (2.nd Rec) [German Import]
Numbers - In My Mind All The Time (Tigerbeat 6)
Anthony Pateras - Mutant Theatre (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Pathos - People (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Michael Reissler/ Singer Pur - Ahi Vita (ACT)
Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks (FatCat)
Jenny Scheinman - Shalagaster (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]
Trans Am - Liberation (Thrill Jockey)
Trapist - Ballroom (Thrill Jockey)
Ramon Valle - No Escape (Act)
Yoshida / Fujii - Erans (Tzadik) [Available at Boomkat]

# posted by DJ Martian 3:52 PM

Saturday, February 28, 2004


Attention XTC fans: 6 Music

Sunday 29 February: Andy Partridge

This Sunday Tracey's guest is XTC's Andy Partridge. As well as picking the key tracks from his life, including selections from The Kinks, Pink Floyd and The New York Dolls, Andy talks about his career with one of Britain's classic art pop bands, the breakdown that led him to give up touring and his record label, Ape.

[Don't worry you don't need to get up early sunday morning, the show is repeated the following saturday - also there will be a listen on demand option after the broadcast]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:24 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - A Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Remarc - Unreleased Dubs 94-96
Planet Mu

The Sound Murderer once again comes absolutely correct with this compilation of unreleased dubplates, I will say now this is a release that's had us smiling all week with its deliciously warm old school strings mangled in with the fiercest, most robust Amen breaks the jungle scene delivered almost 10 years ago. "Unreleased Dubs" features 12 tracks of jungle ruffige, Amen breaks galore, super loud 12" pressings and killer bass lines to boot. Open up with `Bad No Bloodclat' which has a killer reggae loop backed by the obligatory sub bass and some goddamn awesome drum editing, proper ruffige!! Remarc's sound is definitely of the jungle underground, no dodgy piano, no safe synths, just uncompromising jungle brutality, check the class `In Da Hood' with its darkcore beginning, hip hop samples and classy speeded up funk break, all combining to drop a gem of old skool goodness that sounds fresh as you like. For propa darkness check `Darkworld' with its evil tek step beginning that gets really dark when the hoover synths and stabbing bass arrive, delivering a very alien feel, close to the King of Dark Doc Scott's more harder cuts, genius. I havent had as much fun since the last Remarc release, props to Planet Mu for delivering 4 slabs of unmissable classic junglism. Awesome.

Various / Ai - Station

The third (and last for the time being) compilation from the jubilant Ai imprint drops barely a week after the release of the awesome "Section" EP by Claro Intelecto and displays a host of names both familiar and unfamilar to define what the people behind the label like to listen to when the lights get turned down low and the tempo slides down a notch. "Station" offers a kind of closure to previous compilations conceived by Ai , it's not so much a concept album, more of an attitude - station as a place leading somewhere new, motion and stasis, at once urban and yet suggesting other destinations, new locations. A truly international base of artists bless each track with unique musical criteria and direction - from urban mind funk through electro to purest pop. From the new names on board head straight for Sinner DC's awesome "Alice", totally f**king awesome hybrid music that utilises the vocoders of Boards of Canada with a malladjusted, blue-lined squash of downtempo electroid beats and a totally unusual layering of effects. Mesmerising stuff. Traject's "Laroche and Dolson", meanwhile, delivers icy icelandic precision to clanking machinery and future electronics, slow motion basslines bringing to mind robotic malfunction in that distinct glacial way. The detuned melodies of "Welk" from Steve Hyland's Normal and Praveen's "Small Clues" deliver evidence of a generation reared on the shamanic pastoralism of the Boards of Canada, while Yellotone's Simon Harding drops the Channel One influenced digital steppa Dubbly More, and Michael Manning runs it down with some Bola-esque percussive voodoo. Italy's Tin-Tole-Lata blur the divide between electronic and acoustic with aplomb, while Intonamori provides an unguent, welcoming lullaby for the synapses, and Ascoltare and Sofalofa achieve great things with chiming melodic vibes and deep acoustic drums, processed in their own inimitable style. Its left to Ai's own puerto rican - miami connection, Chris Roman's 214 project to bring the boom to this album - reared on classic bass, and it really shows, "From The Outside" asks listeners to submit to the get on down and party with a dose of classic Detroit inflection. Station provides a sense of the diversity this critically lauded label has made its watchword, never content with mere stasis - looking ahead for the next destination with what may be termed wanderlust. A concentrated dose of the right stuff.

Various / Bunker - Sound of Suomi

Now available on cd. Known for releasing music by artists initially regarded as strange before soon being accepted into the wider consciousness (eg Funkstorung, Legowelt, Bangkok impact...), bunker deliver another 12 track set of mostly unknown electronic arists... but before you yawn and think "next!...", remember, this is Bunker from finland, where the long polar nights are filled by either alcohol abuse, suicide, or the creation of extreme music... Check in here for moroder-style electro disco, pounding industrial tekno, maniacal B12 synth atmospheres, Drexciyan aqua funk, dark robotics, and other mean twisted machine sounds. Ace.

Basil Kirchin - Charcoal Sketches / States Of Mind

Following on from the recent success of the the Kirchin recording `Quantum...', Trunk bring to life these two amazing albums that have NEVER been released before. Both are very different recordings, but are important missing parts in the mysterious musical life of Basil Kirchin. `Charcoal Sketches' , was recorded before `Quantum' and represents the initial musical jottings made by Basil before he built up his ideas into the magnificent avant garde opus we all know and love. The music is far gentler than `Quantum', featuring some sublime piano and the early use of slightly manipulated birdsong. This trio of sketches falls into an eerie, radiant home-spun jazz experimentalism that works perfectly as soundtrack material - quite amazing that the pieces haven't been heard before. The Second part - `States Of Mind' was a recording made by Basil in the late 60's for a medical documentary about mental disorders. Its important to note that this recording represents an early collaboration between Kirchin and the avant garde hero Evan Parker - this has to be one of the first times Parker is captured blowing in his new, free style. Fascinating listening that comes highly recommended.

Greg Davis - Curling Pond Woods

Defining the term "laptop folk" way before it became fashionable to mix acoustic guitars and electronic sounds, Chicago's Greg Davis is keeping ahead of the curve once more with his second full-length "Curling Pond Woods". While still retaining elements of "laptop" and "folk", Curling Pond Woods evolves from his debut with a larger array of instrumentation, richer arrangements, more defined song structurs, and vocals. Sections of acoustic songs intermingle in and out of drones, field recordings and digital processing. Greg's range includes the psych-folk of the incredible string band, the songcraft sensibilities of brian wilson and john cage's embrace of randomness, a cohort of the Animal Collective, Davis will appeal to fans of theirs also. Includes covers of the beach boys' "At My Window" and the incredible string band's "Air". A lovely album, infused with warmth throughout. Recommended.

Joshua Treble - Five Points Fincastle

Cincinnati based Joshua Treble (aka Tony Boggs) has quietly been making beautiful, delicate and enduring music for the past four years. Author of the sublime 'Cold Filthy Techniques to Keep you Close' on American IDM label Pitchcadet, Treble, along with Mitchell Akiyama. also makes up half of the instrumental deconstructionist duo D�sormais. The group's two albums of sublime post-rock/post-classical compositions have received almost unanimous critical praise, earning them comparisons to Fennesz and My Bloody Valentine, among others. `Five Points Fincastle', Joshua Treble's second solo full length, is an album of delicate fragments and little epics. Smeared guitars, obscured strings and ghostly field recordings are woven into melancholy tapestries. Treble's compositions are full of a blurry majesty - enormous in ambition and instrumentation, but far away, somewhere on the horizon, enshrouded in mist. An essential album for fans of future instrumental electronic music.

Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks
Fat Cat

After albums by Set Fire To Flames and Sylvain Chauveau, Max Richter's `The Blue Notebooks' is the 4th release on FatCat's 130701 imprint, an outlet for more orchestrated, instrumental material. . `The Blue Notebooks' is Max Richter's second solo album, a distinctive and adventurous work that is beautifully recorded and cinematic in scope. Opening with a text from Franz Kafka over a sparse piano melody, the album moves through gorgeous, heart-wrenching string swells of `On The Nature Of Daylight' through to sparse but lyrical piano pieces; hazy, swirling atmospherics, avalanche pulse-beats and partially occluded melodies that recall Aphex Twin's `Ambient Works' albums; and to reverberant organ / choir recordings. Utilising piano, cello, violin and viola, alongside electronic beats (made using a variety of antique electronics and Reaktor), spoken word passages and the occasional field recording, other sounds were generated via old guitar pedals and vocoders. Its lovely to see the Piano making a bit of a comeback, with last week's sublime album from "Hauschka" on Karaoke Kalk, Richter's "Blue Notebooks" and the forthcoming album from Helios on the Type imprint being three of the loveliest exapmples of just how moving this timeless instrument can be. Life affirming music.

Team Doyobi - Choose Your Own Adventure

New album from Chris Gladwin and Alex Peverett, aka Team Doyobi, once again for the Skam imprint. Unlike so much of the 8-bit music that's fallen in and out of favour over the last few years, Team's sound concentrates on the sound of Arcade machines as they start to malfunction, fray and errupt in unexpected bursts of random short-circuitry and plastic madness. In keeping with the garish sleeve-design, "Choose your own Adventure" is a multicoloured version of Tron where all the wires arent quite where you'd expect them to be and every route leads to the wrong place. It's a cacophany of rude, dirty beats, 8-bit mashups, white noise emissions and bashed-up Atari's trying their hardest to confuse, disrupt and dement any user sat at the controls. To say that this was "Easy" listening would be, erm, dishonest - its a harsh, often disjointed collection of tracks that refuse to compromise and that every so often hit the mark with just the right balance of crunch, melody and undoubted originality. For those of you looking to the future - choose this adventure. Recommended.

Various / Hydrogen Dukebox - Electronic Music For Heroes Volume 3
Hydrogen Dukebox

Third in Hydrogen Dukebox's `Electronic Music For Heroes' series, available at the usual bargain price and featuring 11 tracks including Norken, Pentatonik, Nacht Plank, A1 People and brand new and exclusive Metamatics track remixed by the legendary John Foxx.

Cass Mccombs - A

The arrival of a genuinely distinctive new talent, Cass McCombs blends darkly mordant humour, dazed lyricism, deadpan surrealism and moments of real tenderness into songs that quiver with surreptitious confidence. His voice is full of wayward slurs and swoops, an intuitive croon which negotiates a constant stream of lyrical surprises unfazed. `A's opening track, `I Went To The Hospital', navigates it's way from the acutely personal ("is it dying that terrifies you, or just being dead ?") to the biblically universal ("we are living in an era of kings") without a pause, carried along by a ramshackle backbeat and a wave of shimmering organ. Later comes the epically resolute and deeply resonant `AIDS In Africa', a subject that few of Cass's contemporaries would care to tackle, however obliquely. � Throughout, the songs are supported by loose-limbed, drone-suffused grooves which range from the glacially slow (`A Comedian Is Someone Who Tells Jokes') to the deceptively jaunty (`Gee, It's Good To Be Back Home'). �All told, `A' is something special - offbeat, intriguing, and, ultimately, rewarding in the extreme.

Dean Roberts - Be Mine Tonight

"Be Mine Tonight" is a recording of songs. Slow, often wrenching songs where the brush of a cymbal, a voice or a plucked string can have great impact. Through arrangement, processing and editing Dean Roberts has crafted out acoustic music of the most gentle, moving kind that takes in improvisational and electronic strategies to develop a unique minimal sound. The album was recorded in Bologna, Italy from December 2000 to December 2002. Giuseppe Ielasi, of Fringes Recordings and a legend of Italian improvisational guitar, contributed prepared guitar, as did Christian Alati. The deft drumming by Antonio Arrabbito marks his recording debut. Roberts played acoustic and electric guitars, piano, percussion, bass, harmonium and glass harmonica. Highly recommended.

Lone Pigeon - Schoozzzmmii
Whizz Kidzz

Latest release from Beta Band member Lone Pigeon, recorded at home and resulting in a 4-track quality being attached to each and every track, the lyrics worthy of pure pop glory. There's an undeniably catchy, slightly psychedelic element at play across these tracks that lends itself charmingly to the underlying sense of madness and utter doo-laliness that accompanies each listen and every look at the slightly spannered sleeve. Lo-fi pop with the catchiness factor turned up to 10.

Papa M - Hole Of Burning Alms

A clutch of rare tracks, B-sides and a previously unreleased song from David Pajo aka Aerial M, Papa M or indeed sometimes just `M'! �Influential guitar innovator David Pajo (Slint, Tortoise, Stereolab, Palace Music) presents this collection of rare, hard to find and out of print singles. The very first M 7" single is here (`Safeless' / `Napolean'), so is the first M 7" split single side (`Vol de Nuit'). �The Aerial M CD Singles of '97 and '98 (`M is...' and `October') are also in evidence. So is the Papa M 1999 Tour Single. An old Christmas card from 2000 is included (a sixteen minute version of The Byrds' `Turn Turn Turn'), and a previously unreleased Christmas song, to boot. Plus another fifteen or so minutes of the timeless, eternal sounds of M! If you like your Americana infused with a rich cinematic quality that at times dips into electronic terrain - look no further. Highly Recommended.

Various / Traum - Interkontinental 3

Interkontinental has proved itself as a forum for Riley Reinhold to break and foster new talent along side his growing and respected roster. Process of course has been there from the start, Jorge Gebauhr, Oliver Hacke and Broker/Dealer have all been willing accomplices. Pobnebo is best remembered for a quite remarkable twelve for Schnitstelle a couple of years back, more for Below, as well as strong sales technique at the Freebase store in Frankfurt. New recruits in the guise of homelanders Adam Kroll and Boris Heinzmann, Harry Hohnen and Victor Berman from Australia, Kosuke Anamizu from Japan; while Michael Fentum and Donal Tierney from England and Ireland respectively, represent the growing audience for quality minimal electronichouse of this kind all over the islands west of europe. Add a bonus quicktime video and extra track from Process, and you have another quality package from the ever reliable Traum.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:41 PM

Friday, February 27, 2004


Almost Cool review Matthew Dear - Leave Luck To Heaven

# posted by DJ Martian 5:01 PM

Pitchfork review Greg Davis - Curling Pond Woods

# posted by DJ Martian 4:40 PM

Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 2:55 PM

Stylus review Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - List of Lights and Buoys

# posted by DJ Martian 1:37 PM

Thursday, February 26, 2004


fast 'n' bulbous has been updated, with 42 albums from 2004 currently graded and ranked.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:44 PM

a new blog started by two music writers: Scott Seward and Matt Cibula: The Freelance Mentalists

# posted by DJ Martian 9:39 PM

Funprox report that a retrospective compilation for The Sound is on the way:

The Sound - BBC Sessions (2CD) [This is made up for session material and live shows recorded by the BBC.]

More info renascent

So starts CD1 of The BBC Recordings - possibly the most dynamic start ever to a CD. This record simply EXPLODES out of the blocks with Heartland and doesn't stop for breath.

The BBC sessions & In Concert series have a legendary reputation - all the greats have done them (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin - the list is endless) and many have released them. The Sound recorded 2 of each, they are all here in their entirety, and they are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

According to this gets a UK release on March 15th.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:43 PM announce that a New Order retrospective Radio 1 sessions album is on the way in April: [also should that be 1988 not 1998?]

New Order - Radio 1 Sessions,
Enhanced CD includes 5 tracks from 1998 plus 4 tracks from 2001. Tracks:

1.True Faith
3.Touched By The Hand of God
6.Slow Jam
7.Your Silent Face
8.Close Range
9.Rock The Shack
10.Transmission (2002 Live Video) (see picture)

Country: UK Release Date: 14-Apr-04
Catalog Number: SFRSCD128
Label: Pinnacle (Strange Fruit)

# posted by DJ Martian 2:57 PM

NYC's Other Music review the latest releases: The Other Music Update

Famous When Dead Vol. 3
Kenny Dope (2 mix CDs)
Broken Social Scene (reissue)
Federico Aubele
Shadow Huntaz
Cyann & Ben (domestic)
Luomo (domestic)

Will Oldham
Susanna & the Magical Orchestra
Papa M (early works)
Air (CD single)
Pass Into Silence
The Decemberists

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 AM

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: The Magnificents

This week's front cover choice features a band from Edinburgh - Scotland, The Magnificents. Their self titled debut album, is released by KFM Records. According to it is available to order from Feb 23rd.

The Magnificents have a powerful electro-rock sound ala Magazine meets Joy Division.

Review of The Magnificents album @ Stylus Magazine

Free Mp3 downloads at Vitaminic The Magnifents

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 PM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases [and a few re-issues] listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart

It's mad. With Ryan Adams suddenly making an album choc-full of 80s indie references, it's obvious; anything goes. The Stills hark back to that golden era too, with doomy but pretty jangles, chimes and descending basslines. There's noisy slashing guitars, rumbling drums; They're slightly reminiscent of the Cure or the Bunnymen. The Stills are from Montreal but moved to NYC two years ago to record this debut. Right place, right time (bizarrely!) and another excellent band. All us oldies will be down the front pushing the kids out of the way!

!!! (CHK CHK CHK) / Out Hud - Lab Series 2

One long (ten minutes) mesmerising track from punk / funk masters !!! (CHK CHK CHK) who sound like a fantasic mix-mash of James Brown's backing band, ACR, Liquid Liquid, Happy Mondays and The Meters. Out Hud contribute three remixes of a song in a rich reverb heavy dub / funk instrumental style.

Black Heart Procession & Solbakken - In The Fishtank 11

Lead singer Pall of the Black Heart Procession suggested Dutch prog rockers Solbakken to become sparring partners for their "Fishtank" session. Both bands cherished some fine memories of playing together on different occasions over the years, the first time being way back in '98. The result of this collaboration ended up somewhere in the land of the Bad Seeds, uncovering a bag of Morricone leftovers.

Fuck Off Machete - My First Machete
Lost Dog

Fuck-off Machete is the latest project to feature Natasha Noramly, previously of Domino Records signings Ganger. The album is as eclectic in its influences as it is fresh and engaging. Guitar, bass, drums and vocals combine on nine tracks of inventive, emotional and rocking music. From the opening track "Minority Gang", to the closer (somewhat deceptively called "Panda"), the debut album from this youthful but well travelled Scottish three piece has all the hallmarks of a classic.

Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

Eagerly anticipated new album from NYC's artpunk garage renegades Liars. The album was written deep in the woods at Hickory Lane, New Jersey, and explores the facts and folklore of witches and their craft.

Loose Lips Sink Ships : #01 Spring 2004

Fresh from the ashes of Careless Talk Costs Lives, (their remit was to release 12 issues and then close up shop!) Steve Gullick (famous and damn good photographer chap) and Stevie Chick (Kerrang / Mojo writer cum fan of much music) have put together a new music magazine, a different size to Careless Talk, this 78-84 page magazine takes on a look akin to an art book, gallery catalogue, or maybe even both. Terse writing (and in fact music writing you actually want to read, not scan through and whinge about). The inaugral issue has features on Liars, Mark Lanegan, Fake Ideal, Mars Volta, My Morning Jacket, Madlib, Sebadoh, Cass Mccombs, Lambchop and tons of reviews.

10000 Maniacs - Campfire Songs

Here's another band with it's roots in punk and post punk UK indie music, though only the name perhaps would lead you to believe it. They ended up selling millions of slickly produced, sweet folk pop, but their constant inventiveness, originality and defiantly uncool image definitely has it's roots in that early 80s era. There was a freedom about their sound, and lyrically, a constant alertnessto life's possibilities; a call to humanity to blooming well treat each other better! This is a 31 track double CD featuring all their best loved songs and tons of rare and unreleased nuggets and oddities. It's beautifully packaged and full of ace band memoirs but it's Natalie Merchant's voice that will floor you. Elusive, enticing and magical while the music was ever intelligent, adventurous and melodic, she was the most refreshing un-star like star. She had something bigger going on that just 'Pop', and this incredible collection proves it. A lot of this music is simply amazing.

Laura Veirs - Carbon Glacier
Bella Union

Stunning new album from Seattle based Laura Veirs. Released hot on the heels of her acclaimed first album "Troubled By The Fire". Her song writing has clearly matured to a new level and Tucker Martine's production skills have ensured her beautiful melodies, lyrics and music are blended to perfection. Wonderful skewed folk songs.

Young People - War Prayers
Dim Mak

Dizzyingly beautiful experimental pop almost too special to describe. Imagine a young Loretta Lyn singing to John Cage's music, or early Bjork in her Sugarcubes years, making angular, expressly American, simple, traditional songs.

Various Artists / Death Disco - Songs From Under The Dance Floor 1978 - 1984

The late 70s / early 80s was a golden era for mould-breaking, genre crossing post-punk sounds from the UK and US. This bargain price compilation rounds up some of the finest moments from EMI and its distributed labels. Includes PIL, Gang Of Four, Delta 5, The Normal, Throbbing Gristle, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Rip Rig & Panic (long overdue a revival!!), Buzzcocks, Arto Lindsay, The Human League, Simple Minds, Heaven 17, The Higsons etc. It's had me, Martin and Andy getting all misty-eyed!

Nicely packaged with informative (and funny) booklet notes by Roger Quail.

Isan - Meet Next Life
Morr Music

The belated follow-up to "Lucky Cat" takes Isan's brand of melodious sound further into fairytale soundtrack realms. Not entirely dissimilar to Boards Of Canada's mellow moments, they manage to coax the sweetest harmonies from overclocked processors, maintaining a warm and tender connection with their machines as if they were antique musical instruments. Combining the relaxing hum of 240volt computers with gentle acoustics and wooden percussion conjures up a magical, quiet blend.

Kopernik - Kopernik
Eastern Developments

On Eastern Developments, the upstart imprint spearheaded by Scott Herren (Prefuse73 and Savath & Savalas). This is one for fans of Godspeed and the Rachels, this is a dark and mystical based journey full of strings, organic beauty and avant-garde compositions. Quite simply, haunting and stunning!!!!

Numbers - In My Mind All The Time

Numbers embrace shouted robotic minimalism, and take on such weighty topics as consumerism, disease, fun, going to shows, and obsession.

Savath & Savalas - The Rolls And Waves EP

Awesome mini album release from Scott Herren's other masterful project (besides Prefuse73) which was released on Hefty in between his Warp full lengths, 2000's "Folk Songs For Trains, Trees And Honey" and 2004's "Apropa't". Witness the introduction of jazz, acoustic and post-rock into Herren's uncompromising, original productions.

Shalabi Effect - Pink Abyss
Alien 8

While "Pink Abyss" retains elements of their other two albums, there is decidedly more emphasis placed on melody on this release, with more use of vocals and more prominence given to the guitar. Without a doubt, it is Shalabi Effect's most rocking effort thus far, featuring impeccable musicianship and a brilliant and powerful recording quality.

Trans Am - Liberation
Thrill Jockey

Over the course of six albums and three EPs, Trans Am have pleased and confounded critics with their ever-changing music style. From their most Deutsch-influenced self-titled debut to "Futureworld", their 80s inspired super-synth pop tunes (about 2 years before it was cool) to the raw rock of "Red Line", their musical style has always varied. Touring for at least six months of every year, Trans Am are a consistent draw throughout the world. While their music style may be ever changing, the force of their live performance is always undeniable. Musically "Liberation" (their seventh album) is classic Trans Am. Styles continue to shift from track to track, culling from a vocabulary familiar to fans of their previous six records.

Various Artists / Tracks For Horses

14 track compilation from Melodic. Features new and exclusive tracks from Lucky Pierre, Minotaur Shock, Pedro and The Earlies amongst others. Melodic have collected together a diverse range of musicians covering everything from folktronica to old skool hip hop to p-funk. And all for a bargain price too.

Various Artists / Wooden Guitar

A simple title with a simple concept. "Wooden Guitar" is an inspired excursion into the creases and folds of modern deltadelica & a thinly veiled homage to the great Takoma compilations of yore where guitarists could sit back, work those muscles in their fingers and go the extra musical distance. Four of the great worldwide guitarists - Germany's Steffen Basho-Junghans, Seattle's Sir Richard Bishop (the Sun City Girls), Japan's Tetuzi Akiyama & Virginia's Jack Rose (Pelt) give us a fresh look at a very old instrument with gloriously stretched out solo compositions.

Was (Not Was) - (The Woodwork) Squeaks

The perfect companion piece to "Out Come The Freaks", "(The Woodwork) Squeaks" gathers together all the early dance remixes of Was (Not Was) from 1980 � 1982, including "Out Come The Freaks", "Wheel Me Out", "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming", "Hello Operator" etc. Mind expanding twisted disco music for the body and the brain. All these tracks are long unavailable, and many are sought after collector's items.

Was (Not Was) - Out Come The Freaks

The long overdue reissue of the classic debut album from Detroit mavericks Don & David Was. Originally released in June 1981, "Out Comes The Freaks" is a wild confabulation of R'n'B, funk, disco-not-disco, rock and downright weirdness - it's a striking mutant funk experiment that wrecked the lab and boogied off into the night. It features the classic "Wheel Me Out", plus additional singles "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming", "Where Did Your Heart Go?"' (later covered by George Michael!) and the title track, with a myriad of mixes.

Various Artists / Kitsune Midnight

French label Kitsune collect together 12 tracks (one each for 12 strikes of the midnight clock) that cover house, electroclash, electronica, disco-not-disco and even reggae (by Colder of all people!) by the likes of Blackstrobe, Freeform Five (the you blinked and missed it "Eeeeaaooww"), Zongamin, Midnight Mike, The Whitest Boy Alive, Man With Guitar, Captain Comatose, Cut Copy, Cosmo Vitelli, Julien Jabre etc.

Alan Watts - This Is It!

A psychedelic holy grail re-issued. "This Is It!" originally cut in 1962, is regarded by many of the who's who of psych fanatics as the first aural document of psychedelia. It is a plundering, blistering, free form freakout of totally unselfconscious group sonic exploration. Legendary zen guru Alan Watts led a group of musicians and non-musicians through communal chant and raw American tribalism. All very strange indeed!!!!

Various Artists / Raw Fusion Presents Inside Scandinavia
Raw Fusion

Sweden's ace Raw Fusion label collect together some of their best moments for compilation. First appearing in late 2002 with A Bossa Eletrica, the label has gone from strength to strength putting out some of the best nu-bossa, nu-jazz and house around. This collection includes tracks by Beatfanatic, Povo, 3 Foot People, Stockholm Cyclo, A Bossa Electrica, Damn! etc.

AGF - Westernization Completed
Orthlorng Musork

Strange loose electronica with Germanic ice cold spoken vocals.

Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale
Planet U

Moving away from the more impressionistic drill 'n' splatter of his first two albums, this is something far more sharper and far more dangerous.

Various Artists - Enjoy Detroit
Premier Cru / Third Ear

The second volume of Third Ear's Detroit hip-no-tech collection gathers more exclusive examples of Motor City musicial diversity. As a companion series to the Detroit Beatdown works, "Enjoy Detroit" features more soulful, offbeat and anti-4/4 productions. Planet E's Jason Hogans contributes a couple of diamonds, as does super hip hop producer Wayne Kounty and project coordinator George Katsiris has his hand in a clutch of the tracks.

Various Artists / Tracks For Horses

14 track compilation from Melodic. Features new and exclusive tracks from Lucky Pierre, Minotaur Shock, Pedro and The Earlies amongst others. Melodic have collected together a diverse range of musicians covering everything from folktronica to old skool hip hop to p-funk. And all for a bargain price too.

SixToo - Almost A Dot On The Map - The Psyche Years 1996-2002
Vertical Form

You'll be hearing a lot more from Vaughn Squire in the future and not just because the ink's drying on his Ninja Tune contract. This Vertical Form collection features impossible-to-find productions from six years of ultra-underground activity by the Canadian MC / producer. A mate of Buck65, he progressed from making bedroom audio cassettes, to DIY releases, to Anticon regognition and now stands on the brink of greatness. The 21 tracks of fiercely independent hip hop within provide a six year prologue to this moment.

Gerardo Frisina - Hi Note

Along with compatriot Nicola Conte, Schema label boss Gerardo Frisina is at the forefront of the nu-bossa / nu-latin-jazz scene. On his second LP he brings a more organic feel to his music, backed by a seven piece live band, with a bit of post production studio trickery.

Clara Hill - Restless Times
Sonar Kollektiv

Produced by Jazzanova, this is Clara Hill's debut LP for Sonar Kollektiv. Using a mixture of broken beat, nu-jazz, soul and folktronica styles, Clara's clean, clear voice shines through, holding the different strands together. Includes the single "Here" and 11 other fantastic tracks. I heart this LP!

Ilya - They Died For Beauty

After a handful of sporadically released singles ("Bellisimo", "Bliss", "Heavenly" - all included here), Ilya release their debut LP. Reminiscent of early Portishead in places, these tracks mix up heartfelt torch-song / easy soul vocals with lush, layered electro-acoustic 60s style cinematic soundscapes.

Fred Frith - Eye To Ear II

With a career spanning over three decades, Fred Frith continues his fruitful relationship on Tzadik with this, his fifth release in as many years. Always breaking new ground "Eye To Ear II" his second volume dedicated to his work for films, is an adventurous voyage into unexplored territory. Four amazing sound collages, improvisations and lyrical dance music from one of the most consistently original composer / performers working today.

Masada String Trio - Volume One

Inaugurating this exciting new series documenting the best live shows from Zorn's historic performances in September 2003 at Tonic is one of the highlights of the month: the incredible set by the Masada String Trio. Featuring three of the most amazing string improvisors in the world in peak form, urged on by Zorn's inspired conducting, this set is every bit as breathtaking on CD as it was that very night.

Jenny Scheinman - Shalagaster

Jenny Scheinman, a frequent collaborator of guitarist Bill Frisell, is one of the most sought after violinists on the scene today. Her second CD for Tzadik, created especially for the oracle series, features her brilliant quartet augmented by the beautiful keyboards of Myra Melford. Eleven dynamic new compositions, masterfully conceived, make up this heartfelt program of modern folk jazz.

Space Machine - 3

Space Machine is Yamazaki Maso's (Masonna) solo synth-psych side project. This CD release includes both the Space Machine "3" studio sessions as well as Space Machine live at Big Cat in Osaka, Japan with Makoto Kawabata of the Acid Mothers Temple.

Yoshida / Fujii - Erans

Featuring Ruins drummer Yoshida Tatsuya going head to head with versatile jazz pianist Satoko Fujii, "Erans" is a meeting of masters. Twelve intense compositions showcasing the passion and virtuosity of these two Japanese visionaries. Absolute breathtaking.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:10 PM

Playlouder report that the release date of the forthcoming Nine Inch Nails album: Bleed through - has been pushed to later in the year.

The album was expected this spring but it is now likely to surface later in the year, with the recording process scheduled to finish in the summer.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:04 PM

Slightly revamped Terrorizer magazine website, with details of:

Coming next issue in terrorizer:



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Dusted review 90 Day Men - Panda Park

# posted by DJ Martian 12:45 PM

Eternal Fusion with Gary Fosster on SpydaRadio

Latest show now available @ SpydaRadio

Current Show: Tuesday 24th February 2004

King Crimson - 'Drop In'
John Cale - 'Zen'
Califone - 'Trick Bird'
The Fall - 'The Last Commands Of Xyralothep Via M.E.S.'
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - 'Eyes Of Green, Green, Green'
Parsley Sound - 'Spring's Near'
Kinski - 'One Ear In The Sun'
Do Make Say Think - 'The Fare To Get There'
Fridge - 'The Traps'
Nobukazu Takemura - 'Mahou No Hiroba'
Super Numeri - 'Beaks'
Jessamine - 'Oscillations'
Silver Apples - 'Snake Bite'
Hovercraft - 'Halopadriol'
Circle - 'Teraskylpy'
Volcano The Bear - 'Millipede For The Little Boy'
Shalabi Effect - 'Bright Guilty World'
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - 'Why'
Ui - 'Banjo'
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - 'Centrifuge'
Doof - 'Yesterday's Future' (Underwolves Remix)
Tonto's Expanding Headband - 'Riversong'
Boards Of Canada - 'Julie And Candy'
Loka - 'Safe Self Tester'
Adrian Sherwood - 'No Dog Jazz'
Air - 'How Does It Make You Feel' (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
Noiseshaper - 'Dunk'
Ott - 'Spannered In Pilton'
cLOUDDEAD - 'The Teen Keen Skip'

Next Scheduled Show: Friday March 5th

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


According to Pause & Play the forthcoming Tears for Fears album has been delayed, no further info at the mo. delayed could mean anything from a week to a few months?

Official Fan Web Site for Tears For Fears: should be the best place for any further news: Tears For Fears

It does seem that Tears for Fears are going for a heavy promotional push in the US, with a number of high profile TV slots lined up for April.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:48 PM

Xfm report Elbow have started the process of formulating ideas for their next album. Guy Garvey mentioned a projected Spring 2005 release for their third album.

[Also: Elbow's Cast of Thousands album has just been released in the US. It is currently ranked 5th best album of the year @ Metacritic: Music ]

Metacritic Music: Elbow - Cast of Thousands

# posted by DJ Martian 4:28 PM

Pitchfork review Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - List of Lights and Buoys

Norwegian duo's sound ranges from the whimsical and dreamy, to torch songs on their debut album for Norway's prestigious Rune Grammofon label. Produced by Jaga Jazzist's Andreas Mj�s and labelmates Deathprod

# posted by DJ Martian 2:52 PM

All About Jazz review this outstanding forthcoming album due for release in May: The Nels Cline Singers - The Giant Pin

Pushing jazz into territory usually reserved for hardcore, ambient, and dark wave electronica, the Nels Cline Singers� latest release, The Giant Pin, employs a wide array of electronics, musical technique, and compositional audacity to produce a sonically varied, deadly experimental amalgam of genres and styles.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:32 PM

Dusted review TV on the Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

# posted by DJ Martian 2:18 PM

The latest The Breezeblock Tracklistings on Radio 1, now available to listen to on demand. Includes a DJ set from Matthew Dear.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:09 PM

This week's flavorpill LONDON

a weekly email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 1:56 PM

Mixing It

Details of the latest Mixing It show on Radio 3, now available to listen to on demand [until the next show on Friday Night]

Includes a track by Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge from their new album.

Also listen to a track by Arthur Russell: The platform on the ocean - that reminds me of Joy Division meets Bark Psychosis.

Forthcoming Mixing It Shows

>> Mixing It

27th February 2004 [this is a repeat show from last year]
Mark Russell and Robert Sandall explore the alternative
music scene in Newcastle and meet Jazzfinger, Jumbo,
Andrew Hodson, Guessmen, Richard Dawson, Astro and Prism,
Mushi Mushi, and Posset.

5th March 2004
To coincide with Radio 3's coverage of the Fuse
Festival in Leeds, Robert Sandall and Mark Russell
report on the city's underground music scene. They
visit the Termite Club, one of the country's longest
established showcases for live improvised music,
and talk to the vibracathedral orchestra, indie
band Hood, electronic artist randomNumber and
jazz drummer Paul Hession.

12th March 2004
Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present the
first of two programmes from last weekend's
Fuse Festival in Leeds with a live set by the
American group Yo La Tengo recorded at the
West Yorkshire Playhouse 6th M

>> Main webpage: Mixing It

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Monday, February 23, 2004


Hackneyed Central has a feature on the record label Ghostly International

Also on: This week's Breezeblock later tonight on Radio 1: features Ghostly International Pick of the labels.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:36 PM

BBC Music select Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks as their Album of the Week.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:29 PM

Pitchfork report Full-Length From !!! Due In June.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:05 PM

The Rub has set up a grading list for 2004 album releases. [Also the three column blog design looks very smart.]

# posted by DJ Martian 3:01 PM

Pitchfork have a feature by Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart who writes about his favourite singers.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:00 PM

Depeche Mode have set up an official Depeche Mode Box Sets: Micro-site to support the promotion of their singles Box sets [4, 5, 6] due for release at the end of March. Keep watching this page for more release info on the box sets

In the meantime:

>> Box Sets Info [from another source]

Singles Box V.4, 6CDS
Heavy cardboard, metallic-finish package, different from the U.S. version. Singles: 1.Strangelove 2.Never Let Me Down Again 3.Behind The Wheel 4.Everything Counts (Live) 5.Personal Jesus 6.Enjoy The Silence. Country: UK Release Date: 29-Mar-04

Singles Box V.5, 6CDS
Heavy cardboard, high quality metallic-finish packaging, different from the U.S. version. Singles: 1.Policy Of Truth 2.World In My Eyes 3.I Feel You 4.Walking In My Shoes 5.Condemnation 6.In Your Room. Country: UK Release Date: 29-Mar-04

Singles Box V.6, 6CDS
Heavy cardboard, high quality metallic-finish packaging, different from the U.S. version. Singles: 1.Barrel Of A Gun 2.It's No Good 3.Home 4.Useless 5.Only When I Lose Myself 6.Dream On. Country: UK Release Date: 29-Mar-04

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Sunday, February 22, 2004


Jazzland Records - Forthcoming Releases

The latest news from Norway's esteemed: Jazzland Records

Sidsel Endresen & Christian Wallumrod - Merriwinkle European release in March. Concert info coming soon.

Bugge Wesseltoft - NCOJ Film ing
Bugge Wesseltofts New conception of jazz "Film ing". New studio album from the keyboard maestro and his band. Release mid March all over europe. Check tourlist for concerts.

Eivind Aarset. New studio album coming in April. Check tourlist for concerts coming up.

Audun Kleive. New studio album coming in May

>>> Further info on Releases

Bugge Wesseltoft press release Film ing
Press release

Bugge Wesseltoft - Film ing - Jazzland Recordings/Universal 2004.

Bugge is back. The bespectacled Norwegian jazz keyboardist extraordinaire, leading light of the future jazz scene and this side of the new millenium`s answer to the unsolved equation between Herbie Hancock and Erik Satie.

Filming is the new masterpiece. Bugge back to his studio after last year`s phenomenal live output, recordings and tours and back to the roots and rudiments of his New conception of jazz Filmatic, melancholy nordic piano resonances, punishing synth funk, organic grooves, and guest musicianship of the highest calibre all directed by the ever watchful and forward thinking Bugge.

There is undoubtedly more colour to Bugge`s sound spectrum this time round, perhaps influenced by his wordwide travels and experiences as a touring future jazz maestro. This album dares to take the listener both to the loneliness of a winter dawn in Oslo, and yet simultaneously to an edgy cosmopolitan Jazzfunk underground club,and even further, out to wide open landscapes, warm and soulful and only in the unique way Bugge can.

It has been two years since Bugge`s last studio output, the much celebrated Moving, and slowly but surely through the superb live performances, word of mouth, super remixes, and the ever growing reputation of Bugge`s label, yes - the mothership Jazzland luckily the world can discover the gems of music that lie behind those Northern Lights.

And here we have Jazzland`s pride and glory Bugge Wesseltoft. By the piano, synth, drum machine and mixing desk a one man headhunter in an impressionistic world?

Let your mind, body and soul bathe in the sounds. Roll camera and leave your preconceptions behind.

Bugge Wesseltoft Filiming Jazzland/Universal
Release: March 2004

Sidsel Endresen & Christian Wallumrod - Merriwinkle Jazzland Recordings, 2004.

For the last decade both Sidsel and Christian have been at the forefront of the contemporary music, jazz outer-limits scene in Norway - both as performers, composers and bandleaders.

Their present collaboration started in 2002.

Outside of their improvising duo work (which has so far resulted in the present album Merriwinkle and various concerts) they have also joined forces for Endresen's commissioned piece for The Bergen Jazz Festival 2002: Living Rooms as well as her critically acclaimed Undertow project together with Jan Bang (various tours / festivals in Scandinavia, Europe, UK and Canada).

Their first release together Merriwinkle (Jazzland / Universal) presents their improvised and highly contemporary version of the classical duo format, in addition to several tracks featuring sound wizard Helge Sten (alias Deathprod). Sten also appears as co-producer on the album.

The music is completely improvised but does not really fall within the established categorys of improvised music. Rather, it draws freely from the duos wide and varied range of musical references without catering to any defined genre or style.
Another benchmark release for Jazzland. Making waves, as ever.

Audun Kleive - Uhmagoddabl (Jazzland)

Audun Kleive, Jazzland Recordings rebel without a pause, Norway?s beatmeister extraordinaire returns with the stunning new recording Uhmagoddabl...

Another dynamic release in Jazzland's quality catalogue of future jazz Uhmagoddabl is a fierce brew of trademark Kleive ber-groove, melodic abstraction, improvisation and of course, a perfect follow up to where Audun Kleive and his musical collective last left off on the previous outing Generator X.

Provocative as ever, this is Kleive's alternative (s)punky post-modern Jazz where he feels it really ought to be. Taking a ride to galaxies perhaps familiar to Sun Ra, Can and trippy Coltrane, it's also a genre-reaction to Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra or Warp Records e(c)lectronica - on a more educated night out in Scandinavia.

Confident as ever, Audun Kleive is here joined by his faithful instrumentalists,
a who's who of Norway's jazz edge including Wire Magazine flavours of the month Arve Henriksen on trumpet, famed ECM keyboardist Christian Wallumrod, synth maestro Stale Storlokken, and Norway's ubiquitous jazz/techno sampler-delic Jan Bang.

Uhmagoddabl not only captures and showcases Kleive's way-out rhythmic possibilities and improvisational skill, it also serves as a musical snapshot of his band?s live performances, stunning both jazz purists and techno-headz worldwide with this rare, raw and passionate talent.

For those unfamiliar with Audun Kleive, just a quick look at his vast CV is enough to raise a few eyebrows for fans of outer-limits jazz and electronica.
For those aware, you just have to press play.

You soon get the idea of why the man is such a source of inspiration for a whole generation of international jazz musicians...and if you've been lucky enough to experience him and his music live, it will all begin to make an explosive kind of way!

Recorded in Norway, mixed at Bill Laswell's Turtletone Studios, NY, mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, Audun delivers another defining work, an essential piece of recorded creative freedom, and a powerful reminder that Jazz and electronics can take you anywhere you the true spirit of Jazzland.

Audun Kleive's Uhmagoddabl .
So is it really all that - Ofcourseable?....

[Note I have had to change some of the formatting as Blogger doesn't support some of the Norwegian lettering and font style]

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Ulver: Blood Inside

BW & BK report that Ulver are in Los Angeles mixing their new album, titled: Blood Inside. They are using a producer/mixer, Ronan Chris Murphy who has previously worked with King Crimson.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:20 PM

New Neurosis Album Due in June

BW & BK report that Neurosis have named their forthcoming album: The Eye Of Every Storm

and will be issued by Neurot Recordings (the band�s label) in North America and by Relapse throughout the rest of the world in late June.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:15 PM review Funk D'Void - Volume Freak (Soma)

# posted by DJ Martian 10:00 PM

Morrissey - You Are The Quarry : May 17th UK Release

I am not a fan of Morrissey's solo era, only his first solo album [Viva Hate] with Durutti Column's Vini Reilly held any interest. Indeed the rest of Morrissey's musical output remains a blank void for myself - the singles released never engaged me on the radio - and I didn't buy the albums - but this new album could be worth a listen:

The press release of Morrissey's forthcoming album: Morrissey - You Are The Quarry - press release select quotes:

You Are the Quarry, the first new solo material in seven years from Morrissey, is to be released May 17th in the UK and May 18th in the US on Sanctuary's revamped imprint, Attack. Recorded in Los Angeles and London, Quarry is an album of extraordinary original songs using keyboards interwoven with crunchy guitars that work to create a lush, musical backdrop.

..From mandolin to flute to harp to moog keyboard, Quarry's richly textured musical layers see Morrissey exploring new musical territory. The album crosses many genres, incorporating subtle elements of dance, jazz, world and rock. Morrissey said the combination will definitely appeal to his core fanbase and will also reel an audience that may not be familiar with his earlier solo work.

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Key new album releases for February 16th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

Alaska Highway - Attitudes Of A Difficult Mind (Negative Gain)
John Beltran - In Full Color (Ubiquity)
Icon of Coil - Machines are Us (Metropolis)
Junior Boys - High Come Down (KIN) EP Vinyl only
Lake Trout - Another Lost One (Palm Pictures) [UK Release 2004]
Chick Lyall/ Joakim Milder - Broken Poems (Caber)
Mellow - Perfect Colors (Atmospheriques)
Modul - Isol (Raster / Noton)
Mokira - Album (Type)
Music A.M - Heart & Two Stars (Quatermass)
My Dying Bride - The Thirteenth Chapter (Peacevile)
Orphx - Circuitbreaking (Hymen)
Probot - Probot (Southern Lord)
Quench - Dyn (U Cover)
Sophia - People are Like Seasons (City Slang)
Tomasz Stanko Quartet - Suspended Night (ECM)
The Stranglers - Norfolk Coast (EMI)
Andy Summers - Earth + Sky (R & M)
The Veils - The Runaway Found (Rough Trade)
Mike Westbrook - Chanson Irresponsable (Enja)
Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles (5RC) [Import available at]

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EMI Release Compilation: Death Disco

This compilation is released 23rd February by EMI:

Death Disco: Songs From Under The Dancefloor 1978-84

1. Death Disco - Public Image Ltd
2. Haile Unlikely - Steel Leg Vs The Electric Dread
3. I Love A Man In A Uniform - Gang Of Four
4. Journey - Delta 5
5. Warm Leatherette - The Normal
6. United - Throbbing Gristle
7. The Jezebel Spirit - Brian Eno/David Byrne
8. Yashar (John Robie Remix) - Cabaret Voltaire
9. Bob Hope Takes Risks - Rip Rig & Panic
10. Put The Punk Back Into Funk Parts I and II - The Higsons
11. Do The Wrong Thing - Lounge Lizards
12. Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!) - XTC
13. Why Can't I Touch It? - The Buzzcocks
14. Theme For Great Cities - Simple Minds
15. Hard Times - The Human League
16. (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang - Heaven 17
17. Let's Be Adult - Arto Lindsay & The Ambitious Lovers

Check the front cover art @

# posted by DJ Martian 6:35 PM

Musique Machine review Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks

# posted by DJ Martian 6:30 PM

OMM - Observer Music Monthly: February / No. 6

New issue of The Observer Music Monthly is online and also included with The Observer newspaper, on sale today.

Front cover of the new issue of Observer Music Monthly

This month's lost tribes feature: Indie Kids caught in a time warp that is the Manchester/ Baggy Scene 1989/1991.

Also: Music Reviews

>> The Ten Featured Albums of the Month

including Stuart Nicholson's review of Tomasz Stanko Quartet - Suspended Night on ECM

Also More CD reviews including:

Clouddead - Ten
Lhasa - The Living Road
The Bad Plus - Give

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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Robert Fripp mentions that he has made a new album with Brian Eno:

Currently. I am refreshing my spirits listening to the new Fripp & Eno album, the first version of which was waiting on my DGM desk

Fripp & Eno III

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Brainwashed Releases has been updated.

a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases brought to you by feedback monitor and brainwashed

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This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - A Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Manyfingers - Manyfingers

Manyfingers is the work of Chris Cole, long time mover within the Bristol scene and master instrumentalist on a myriad albums from artists both known and unknown - most recently on Matt Elliot's superb `The Mess We Made" album for Domino. This is the second release on The Remote Viewer's own Moteer imprint - brought to us nearly a year after the quietly acclaimed debut by the Clickits crept out intoour collective unconscious from the Remote Views. Whilst working on their own new mini album for City Centre Offices, they've convened thisbeauty of a record, a magical arrangement of acoustic instrumentation and delicate crafting that sound both timeless and haunting. This is soundtrack music at its most evocative - an alchemical journey into audio imagery,with detuned pianos, accordions, flutes, reversed guitars, xylophones andcreepy atmospheres that congregate around the suggestion that life really can be elsewhere. Hard to believe that the delicate cacophony at play on each of the 7 tracks are the work of just one set of hands. Close your eyes and you'll imagine a room full of rogue musicians stretching their arms and preparing their many fingers, hundreds of them in fact, to tease and caress the strange and wonderful objects and instruments at their disposal - all in pursuit of perfection. We implore you to give this a listen - it really is beautiful music of the most moving, inspired kind. Gorgeous.

Various / Melodic Tracks For Horses

Fantastic and much discussed budget compilation on the Melodic imprint - featuring new and exclusive tracks from Minotaur Shock, Lucky Pierre, Pedro and a wealth of new talent that make for a hugely varied and almost entirely inspired selection of listening. From the ethereal, acoustic, cinematic emotive soundscaping of Baikonour's "Lick Lokoum' to Gavouna's tinkertoy and violin quirkisms on the gorgeous "Three", to Pedro's "Folded Arms" complete with a Four-Tet inspired string section, flutes and endlessly deep dusty beats, over to Psapp's jittering piano sample cut-ups finding Kid Koala going head to head with Isan, to Minotaur Shock's funked-up percussion and bassline disco winner to the Morricone inspired bliss of Lucky Pierre's quite amazing "Fan-Dance" - there really isnt a duff track on board and for less then a fiver this really must end up being the compilation bargain of the year. Buy without hesitation.

Datach'i - MMale and FFemale
Planet Mu

Datachi's third album (his first for Planet Mu) is by far his best, finding him moving away from the more impressionistic drill `n' splatter sound of his first two albums for New York's Caipirinha label. Joseph Fraioli has honed his sound into something sharper and far more dangerous, a dark opus that evolves with pliable textures that let you work your way inside the sound. Layers of analogue drums form the base of his tapestry of chanting male choirs and musique concrete shiver stabs. Its an album that veers from tumbling jacked-up percussive rambles to deeply engrossing glitch emissions in their most reduced form - another winner from the Mu.

Hauschka - Substantial
Karaoke Kalk

The scene: the welsh mountains, remote and harsh, a good place to produce a special album. Volker Bertelmann on pianos as well as bass from Stefan Schneider of Mapstation and To Rococo Rot, and a deftest trace of processing, barely discernible. This is tender, highly personal music, simply because it has always been there in some shape or form, because it has always been important. Think Satie, 'Koln Konzert' or perhaps even Bill Evans at his most european and romantic. The title points to the fact that this luscious album deals with the big stuff, not just finger exercises or background muzak. "Substantial" is based upon improvisation - each track is based upon an opening sequence, the theme of which is extended, modulated and varied, with no specific objective in mind. What emerges is music of substance: eleven atmospheric pieces allowed to break into consciousness, gently searing images with narrative depth unfold; double bass or vibraphone appear, at once lending a hint of pop, but at no time detracting from the central instrument. Sultry, tactile, candlelit music. Big recommendation.

Mr Projectile - Sinking

Toytronic veteran Mr Projectile drops his first album release for Miami's Merck imprint, developing his sound away from the trappings of IDM and into a much more open, textured arrangement of electronics, processed vocal slivers and simple, overflowing melodies. Those of you that picked up his awesome collaborative release with 1010 on the superb "And they Met" 12" will have some idea of what to expect - matthew has been honing his craft to make the bass tumbles ever deeper, and the glitch even more delicately woven into the mix of traditional and futuristic production conceits. Fans of electronic music spanning as far wide as Arovane on one end and Bjork at the other should investigate without further delay. Lush.

Shalabi Effect - Pink Abyss
Alien 8

Shalabi Effect refer to their latest effort, `Pink Abyss', as their "pop record"-- an apt description in comparison to their two previous releases. While Pink Abyss retains elements of those efforts, there is decidedly more emphasis placed on melody on this release, with more use of vocals and more prominence given to the guitar. Without a doubt, it is Shalabi Effect's most rocking effort thus far, featuring detailed musicianship and a dark and powerful recording quality that's in keeping with the themes which they explore. Over the last seven years Sam Shalabi has established himself as one of Canada's most important music artists, known for his talents on guitar, oud and various electronics. Shalabi was also a member of folk noir Godspeed linked ensemble Molasses. Highlights on Pink Abyss include Bright Guilty World, which features beautifully seductive vocal work of Elizabeth Anka Vajagic who will be releasing a long-awaited solo record on constellation early next year. handsomely packaged in beautiful cardstock jacket.

Trapist - Ballroom
Thrill Jockey

Trapist is the Vienna based trio comprised of Joe Williamson on bass, Martin Siewert on guitar and Martin Brandlmayr on drums. The trio formed when a friend invited them to play a concert at the famed venue, Rhiz in Vienna. The show, largely an improvised affair with each member bringing pieces not songs to the show, relied largly on the give and take most often seen by jazz and experimental musicians. The three were so pleased with the results that a few weeks later they decided to continue working together and their debut perfomance at the Rhiz became their debut record on Hat Hut. The band recorded the basic tracks for Ballroom in one day, once again relying on improvisation for the direction of the songs. Trapist then brought the recording into their home studio where they overdubbed and drastically edited the resulting record. Using are variety of instruments including the vibraphone, a collection of synthesizers and modulators, as well as a few softwarebased treatments, the band gave even more life to their improvised recordings. Though relatively young, the members of Trapist have collaborated with a list of impressive players including Han Bennink, Evan Parker, Paul Lovens, Eugene Chadbourne, Elliot Sharp, Ken Vandermark, Christian Fennez, Kevin Drumm, Dean Roberts and Stefan Schneider among others. Trapist may be deliberate and sparse in nature, but Ballroom is a record that speaks volumes. Their unique blend of improvisation and delicate electronics is a welcome and refreshing change for fans of electronic, jazz and improvisational music.

Utabi - Manchurian Candy

Like his peers Com.A (Tigerbeat6) and Joseph Nothing (Planet Mu), Utabi Hirokawa is at the forefront of the Japanese electronica scene, mixing influences from idm artists like Aphex Twin and Mouse on Mars with japanese Manga aesthetics and time signitures. 'Manchurian Candy' is Utabi's second album, a follow up to his debut 'chiped plastic', an ultra limited, self-released, lo-fi electronic hodgepodge produced entirely on an old sharp x68000 computer. Although he now uses a PC to make music, the distinctive FM synthesis sound of the x68000 continues to characterize his output which blends lo-fi computer game influences with cut up vocal samples, intricate stuttering beats, and infectious melodies. Inspite of obvious comparisons to idm, Utabi cites more ecletic influences, such as jazz legend's Grant Green and Hermeto Pascoal as well as more obscure japanese artists like Expo, Yan Tomita and Cosmic Invention. Ace cartoon mentalist action.

Various / Enjoy Detroit Enjoy Detroit
Third Ear

Finally available on cd! Prime collection of deep soulful tracks from the motor city. Fifteen original tracks, featuring Grammy nominated producer Waynekounty (Mary J Blige, Busta Rhymes, and Cee-Lo), Planet E recording artist Jason Hogans, and upcoming talents, Ervin Green, George Katsiris, Jonathan Williams, and Borahm Lee. From the crafted, cosmic downbeat of George Katsiris on "Get Ready" and "Coming Up For Air", through Jason Hogan's "God Dub It", a night drive called L-U-S-H, via Ervin Green's awesome, busy electronic steppa "Funkbot", to the g-funk tinged, measured bling of Waynekounty's alter egos The Porno King and Q-Storm: this is a top drawer, all instrumental selection. If you're currently in thrall to the Dabrye "Instrmntl" set, then look no further for a superlative follow up. Perfect for mashing up against nifty acappelas, or just as plain funky, bass heavy instrumental hip hop sh*t, this is one bomb not to miss. Dope.

Alan Watts - This is it!

A psychedelic holy grail re-issued. This is it! was originally cut in 1962 and is regarded by many as the first aural document of psychedelia. It is a plundering, blistering, free form freakout of totally unselfconscious group sonic exploration. Alan Watts led a cadre of musicians and non-musicians alike through communal chant, primitive choogle and raw american tribalism that features many of the same bay area heads that appeared earlier on Locust's electronic kabuki mambo - the inimitable satirist and collage whiz henry jacobs, genius percussionist william loughborough (early performer with chet baker/harry partch) among many others. this is where the so-called "weird america" begins and if you don't find yourself with that rare facial twitch of awe, befuddlement and unbridled glee, then surely you need your head checked. Mad.

Anthony Pateras - Mutant Theatre

Dynamic and colorful music for percussion, prepared piano and electronics from a marvelous young Australian composer. Anthony Pateras has studied composition academically, toured extensively throughout Europe, North America and asia and has collaborated with numerous improvisors and electronic musicians the world over. "Mutant Theatre" is a twisted cornucopia of driving rhythms and wild sonic explorations. Creative insanity from down under.

Ayuo / Ohta Hiromi - Red Moon

Ayuo is one of Japan's great originals, having walked his own unusual path for over twenty years. His second cd for Tzadik is a charming and hypnotic collaboration with one of japan's most beautiful vocalists, pop star Ohta Hiromi. Touching upon various world music traditions, beautiful folk ballads and psychedelic raves, red moon is a lush and seductive collection of contemporary songs.

Ernesto Martinez - Mutaciones

Ernesto Martinez delivers his first recordings outside of his native Mexico for the Tzadik label after sculpting remarkably original polyrhythmic compositions for well over a decade. Inspired equally by Balinese Gamelan techniques, the piano masterworks of Nancarrow, and Mexican folk traditions, Martinez and his group Microritmica blend complex and virtuosic hocketing techniques, meticulously performed on a combination of piano, marimba and altered guitars, all with a striking sense of drama. Beautiful.

Fred Frith - Eye to Ear II

With a career spanning over three decades, Fred Frith continues his fruitful relationship on Tzadik with this, his fifth release in as many years. Always breaking new ground, Eye to Ear II, the second volume dedicated to his work for films, is an adventurous voyage into unexplored territory. Four amazing sound collages, improvisations and lyrical dance music from one of the most consistently original composers / performers working today.

Jenny Scheinman - Shalagaster

Jenny Scheinman, a frequent collaborator of guitarist Bill Frisell (and most recently with Carla Bozulich on her "Red Headed stranger" album), is one of the most sought after violinists on the scene today. Her second cd for Tzadik, created especially for the Oracles series, features her brilliant quartet augmented by the beautiful keyboards of Myra Melford. Eleven dynamic new compositions, masterfully conceived, make up this heartfelt program of modern folk jazz.

Masada String Trio - 50th Birthday Celebration Vol 1

People are still talking about Zorn's 50th birthday month, and if you weren't lucky enough to have been at Tonic in september 2003, this new series of recordings will take you there. Inaugurating this special series of cd's that have been hand picked for release by zorn himself is one of the highlights of the celebrations - the incredible set by the Masada String trio. featuring three of the most amazing string imporvisors in the world in peak form (Mark Feldman, Erik Friedlander and Greg Cohen), urged on by Zorn's inspired conductiuon, this set is every bit as breathtaking on cd as it was on the night.

Pathos - People

Michael Henning (Pathos) has been performing since 1982. Raised on the Canadian Prairie, he was classically schooled in violin, piano, voice and guitar. Discouraged by the parched landscape of contemporary western classical music, he gave up playing entirely for cross country travel. By 1999, his experiences, however memorable and formative, had ruined his health. You have never heard anything like the music of pathos, over the top vocals accompanied by intense violin improvisations worthy of Mark Feldman at his wildest. Instrumentals touching upon his private theories of "Reinterpretative sampling" and Tectonic counterpoint".

Rodd Keith - Ecstacy To Frenzy

Rodd Keith is known as one of the wildest and most creative of the "send us your lyrics" composers, but Ecstacy To Frenzy shows us a hitherto unknown side if this twisted genius. Two versions of a recently unearthed extended studio composition featuring Rodd's legendary backwards vocals, maniacal organ playing and more. Added as bonus tracks are three of rodd's song-poem masterpieces, including the infamous beat of the traps. Explorations into another universe from one of the world's "out-sider music" pioneers.

The Gamelan Son Of Lion - The Complete Gamelan in the New World

This is the first proper re-release of two legendary recordings by the innovative Gamelan Son of Lion. This New York performance group has counted as its founding members Fluxus pioneer Phillip Corner, electronics composer Daniel Goode (tzadik), and core member Barbara Benary. Equally inspired by the resonant decaying sounds of New York school composers like Morton Feldman, the stunning pacific gamelan music of its namesake & the wild antics of fluxus, their sound is trancelike and beautifully inspiring collection. Brought back into print for the first time in over 20 years, this fully remastered edition features new liner and original notes from both folkways vinyl releases.

Wadada Leo Smith - Kabell Years 1971-1979

From 1971-1979 Wadada Leo Smith released four albums on his own, privately pressed label, Kabell. Under the supervision of the composer, this material has now been collected, remastered and coupled with over two hours of unreleased bonus tracks, including the second set of the influential Reflectavity concert and the legendary Mapenzi solo concert from 1976. Complete with a 28 page booklet featuring session photos and tributes from musical associates such as George Lewis, Alvin Singleton, Larry Ochs, Anthony Davis, Bobby Naughton, Henry Kaiser and John Zorn, this is an essential collection from the peak period of one of creative music's most important composer / performers. Amazing stuff.

Yoshida / Fujii - Erans

Featuring Ruins drummer Yoshida Tatsuya going head to head with versatile jazz pianist Satoko Fujii, `Erans' is a meeting of masters. Twelve intense compositions showcasing the passion and virtuosity of these two japanese visionaries. Absolutely breathtaking.

Loka - Beginningless
Ninja Tune

Three piece band hailing from opposite sides of the Mersey pond, Loka's music provides a soundtrack for a world where ambiguous morality and perverted desire fraternize with an uneasy thoughtful calm. The initial rumblings from an outfit going by the name of Loka where first heard on Ninja's `Xen Cuts' compilation where the track `My Life's In These Bottles,' was acclaimed as one of the standout offerings of the collection. `Beginningless', is a sinister and brooding debut that glides smoothly through dark deserted alleyways before crawling along kerbside and pulling you into the back seat. Combining scuzzed-up electronics, Morricone guitars and sweeping orchestral washes, this edgy, evocative and emotional music has been likened to the sound of Radiohead jamming with Fourtet.

Vikter Duplaix - Singles (Prelude To The Future)

A collection of Vikter's rare and highly sought after singles, includes : Manhood (Remix), Soon (with Jazzanova), Messages, City Spirits, Galaxy (Unreleased Original), That Night (with Jazzanova), Sensuality, I'll do it for you, Messages (Critical Point) and Manhood. Check the rather tasty Kraftwerk samples on the opener, sit back and lounge out....

Express Rising - Jeux De Ficelles

Four years in the making, Dante Carfagna's debut album is also the first full length release on the label he co-owns which has developed a mad cult following, despite having released only 6 instrumental hip hop 45's since june 1999. Carfagna is recognised as a leading funk & soul authority (check out his quite unbeleivable publication Wax Poetics and you'll have PURE respect) as much as he is known for his production work. Starting out at the age of 15 making beats for Professor Griff, he was also one of the performers present at the original brainfreeze session in 2000. And the music itself...? just about the most peaceful and folkily psychedelic instrumental breakbeat funk-soul-hop you ever heard. Someone like sage francis or buck 65 might find a way to float rhymes on Carfagna's light-as-air odes to solitude, but you're unlikely to see anyone breaking out doubles for juggling. Jus' nod ya mind ta absolute glorious gem of an album.

Black Heart Procession & Solbakken - In The Fishtank

Lead singer Pall of the Black Heart Procession immediately suggested dutch proggers Solbakken to become sparring partners for their "Fishtank" session. Both bands cherished some fine memories of playing together on different occasions over the years, the first time being way back in '98. In july 2003, when the Bhp's had just finished their 'tropico'-tour, both bands started recording. Apart from the obvious lengthy jam sessions, the guys of Solbakken, knowing their limitations in the improvisational field, prepared a couple of loose ideas to throw at the Black Hearts, who took it all pretty well. Years of rock experience and some high speed songwriting were combined with the ever fascinating voice of Pall, the reliable piano hands of Toby added to the unexpected input of swiss-mystery guest Rachael, where the whole thing was sustained by the nobleness of the musicians, resulting in these gloriously pretty tracks. Ending up somewhere in the land of bad seeds, uncovering a bag of Morricone leftovers. Recommended.

Numbers - In my mind all the time
Tigerbeat 6

Numbers embrace shouted robotic minimalism, and take on such weighty topics as consumerism, disease, fun, going to shows, and obsession ("brilliant anti-capitalist critiques are so damn sexy," gushed one enamored uk reviewer, cuz that's what they do). A live favorite in their hometown, Numbers toured continually through 2002 and 2003, sharing stages and tour vans with the coachwhips, Erase Errata, and Cex. Lo fi aesthetics for those with a penchant for messy make up.

Trans Am - Liberation
Thrill Jockey

Liberation is Trans Am's new record (seventh overall) and the first album on which politics have crept into their music. Their position is unambiguous. Recorded in summer and fall of 2003 at the band's own National Recording Studio, Liberation reflects the tension coursing through the city. While New York's skyline is the most radically altered in the past three years, life in Washington is palpably different as well since 9/11. Musically Liberation is classic Trans Am. Styles continue to shift from track to track, culling from a vocabulary familiar to fans of their previous six records. From the opening helicopter intro on "Outmoder" the journey begins, taking you through a run of mid- 70's crunching guitars ("Idea Machine"/"Divine Invasion") to late 80's snyth-tones ("Uninvited Guests"/"Remote Control") and back to 2004 with what's new is old again a la The Rapture and !!! ("June"). Like nearly all their albums, Liberation was engineered and mixed by the band. Production assistance was provided by Jonathan Kreinik (who often mixes them live), Paul Manley and Nikhil Randade. Together the team keeps Trans Am's agenda of Liberation in being as much political statement as recorded output. Collages of sound bites culled from radio and television give the tracks a dark tension that captures our current state of affairs.

Various / Wooden Guitar - Wooden guitar

A simple title with a simple concept. wooden guitar is an inspired excursion into the creases and folds of modern delta-delica & a thinly veiled homage to the great Takoma compilations of yore where guitarists could sit back, work those muscles in their fingers and go the extra musical distance. Four of the great worldwide guitarists - Germany's Steffen Basho-Junghans, Seattle's Sir Richard Bishop (The Sun City Girls), Japan's Tetuzi Akiyama & Virginia's Jack Rose give us a fresh look at a very old instrument with gloriously stretched out solo compositions. Beautiful.

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Friday, February 20, 2004


This week's Jazz on 3 on Radio 3 features live music from Bobby Previte

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Beta Band - Assessment

Just listened to the forthcoming Beta Band single: Assessment on the radio. It has guitar riffs that are virtually lifted from U2's - I Will Follow track [from debut Boy album back in 1980], others bits reminded me of Mansun, The Psychedelic Furs and the vocals are Stone Roses-alike.

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Ex Melody Maker writer Taylor Parkes has started a livejournal blog.

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tripTych Music Festival Scotland

The line up for the TripTych Festival 2004 to be held in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, between April 28th - May 2nd has been announced.

Artists appearing include: Colleen, Kid 606, Mum, Madlib, Prince Paul, Liars, Peanut Butter Wolf, Non Prophets, Fennesz, Franz Ferdinand, Fourtet, Explosions in the Sky, Dabrye, Danger Mouse, Trans Am, Fiery Furnaces and Animal Collective

On a side note, this is a prime example of a website that uses Macromedia Flash badly:

>> hideous split screen design
>> ghastly use of small text
>> a useless scrolling section for some sections
and the most inappropriate use of macromedia flash that I have seen for some considerable time.

This results in:

Bad information design, poor usability and due to the use of flash - poor performance for search engine optimisation, and finally there is no quick backwards navigation in the artists section due to flash.

This Triptych Festival website has set the benchmark - of how NOT to design a website in 2004.

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The Guardian reviewer John Fordham highly rates this album: Brad Mehldau - Anything Goes

# posted by DJ Martian 3:51 PM

The Guardian review Ramon Valle - No Escape

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Issue 16 of earplug


Earplug is a biweekly email magazine, delivering a handpicked selection of news, sounds, videos, and original features for the international electronic music community.

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Barcode report on future plans of FSOL: Future Sound Of London To Release More In 2004

# posted by DJ Martian 3:41 PM

Almost Cool review Trans Am - Liberation

Also reviewed by Junkmedia

# posted by DJ Martian 3:36 PM

Next week's new releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 3:31 PM

The new [March] issue of The Wire magazine is now on sale, Clouddead are on the front cover.

Details of the Current Issue

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Thursday, February 19, 2004


FuseLeeds 04 - Experiences in New Music

Radio 3 have developed a mini website to support an experimental music featival happening in Leeds in March [2nd -7th] Radio 3: Fuse Leeds artists appearing include:

Gary Husband's Force Majeure
Keith Rowe & John Tilbury
Django Bates' Human Chain
The Bays
Bill Frisell/Djelimady Tounkara

Some of these performances will be recorded for Radio 3 shows such as Jazz on 3, Mixing It and Andy Kershaw.

Official website for FuseLeeds

FUSELEEDS runs from 03 to 07 March 2004, presenting jazz, world, classical, electronica and popular are just some of the artists and events appearing during the festival:...


FUSELEEDS is a major new biennial music festival for the city of Leeds, celebrating the wealth and diversity of today's vibrant new music scene - from jazz to world and from pop to contemporary classical music. This first festival runs from Wednesday 3 ? Sunday 7 March 2004 in venues around Leeds' Quarry Hill cultural quarter as well as across the town centre.

Full Schedule: Fuse Leeds 04 [notice there are some pre-events before the official festival start, including ECM's Tomasz Stanko]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 PM report that Mark & Lard are leaving Radio 1. Mark Radcliffe will be moving to Radio 2, whilst Lard [Marc Riley, an ex member of The Fall] will host a show on 6 Music from April.

Also see BBC News: Mark and Lard leave BBC Radio 1

# posted by DJ Martian 9:27 PM

This week's One World show on Radio 1 features: One World: Trojan Records Showcase

A showcase of the world's leading vintage Jamaican music label

>> One World

# posted by DJ Martian 8:57 PM

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