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Wednesday, October 31, 2001



What a superb set from Appliance tonight on the Peel show as part of One live In Birmingham - they way they mesh electronics into art-rock is sublime. Imperial Metric is of the finest albums released this year by a British band/artist.

Also new Appliance music next year !

The band have started demoing new tracks during the summer and intend to record during the winter.

More Appliance info @ Mute and a new single LAND, SEA AND AIR was released last week.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:59 PM

Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia

As part of one live in Birmingham / Peel show tonight Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia played live - a band who are based in Oxford.

Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia are a band to keep tabs on in the future they have a lot of potential and a distinctive arty glacial sound that part reminded me of Seefeel, Insides and Piano Magic.

An interview with Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia

Musical influences would be Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Primal Scream, Arab Strap, Massive Attack, Warp Records and Steve Reich

Hopefully Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia will release a debut album in 2002, they certainly are a lot more interesting than the pathetic choices the NME came up with last week - with their embarrassingly naff ten British guitar bands feature. [Also it must be said that after a promising debut release by The Music - what I have heard since is absolutely awful in a sub-Verve way - looks like they have lost it before they start]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:35 PM

Motion Reviews - Hellfish & Jetone albums

Motion review two albums that I would like to listen to:

Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

Jetone - Ultramarin

# posted by DJ Martian 11:18 PM

M.Gira/D.Matz - What We Did

Michael Gira teams up with Dan Metz (Windsor for the Derby) for a new album, called What We Did. This album will be available as an import from November 19th, according to Chunky and Young God Records have the following information:

Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby, Birdwatcher) and I recorded these songs at his (various) house(s) over the course of two years. This was completely collaborative, in that one of us would present the other a simple, basic idea, and then we'd build on it together, sharing completely in the songwriting process. In general, we alternate lead vocals from song to song throughout the album. We used a variety of instruments. They include: our voices, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, various organs, piano, synthesizer, drums/percussion (as well as some simple drum machine), harmonica, banjo, a few samples here and there, various toy and miniature percussion instruments, etc. James Plotkin contributed guitar and background voice on a few songs. Anna Neighbor contributed background voice on a few songs as well.

This album was a pleasure for us both to make, completely free of the stress usually associated with working on our other projects, and devoid of ego (for me, a big step!). Dan did all of the engineering on the record, to excellent effect, I believe. We both learned how to do this recording as it unfolded, and let the songs grow according to their own will � whatever seemed called for at the time. Nothing was really pre-conceived by either of us, in terms of arrangement.

As I've said elsewhere regarding this project, we look at it as a "pop" record. However, admittedly, our view of that term might differ from the usual implied connotation! Anyway, here's some songs, and we hope you enjoy them.

The cover paintings, by the way, are by my friend, the esteemed Simon Henwood.

Michael Gira/Angels of Light/Young God Records.

Here Are Some Of Our Influences:

The Cars, The Beatles, Townes Van Zandt, The Rolling Stones, 808 State, Bob Dylan, Chad And Jeremy, Spk, The Germs, The Incredible String Band, Negative Trend, Joe Byrd, Black Flag, Desfinado, Magazine, Sylford Walker, The Pop Group, Louis Armstrong, Lamonte Young, The Byrds, Tony Conrad, Emmit Rhodes, Johnny Cash, John Fahey, Diamanda Galas, Sylvia Jean, Can, Mouse On Mars, Faust, Pink Floyd, Neu, Tennesse Ernie Ford, Roxie Music, Public Image Limited, John Cale, July, Nico, Lou Reed, The Righteous Brothers, Phil Spector, Throbbing Gristle, Love, Suicide, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks,Howlin Wolf, New Order,Smog,Captain Beefheart, Nick Drake, The Mothers Of Invention, Pinback, Burle Ives, The Ronettes, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, Ralph Stanley, Miles Davis, Del Shannon, Gil Evans, Mississippi John Hurt, Whitehouse, Merzbow, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Nina Simone, John Lennon, Psychik Tv, Teddy Pendergrass, Oval, Pansonic, Butthole Surfers, Enio Morricone, Ligeti, Arvo Part, The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Pj Harvey, Maryanne Faithful, Bobbie Gentryovan, Gene Clark, Home,The Carter Family, The Delfonics,Credence Clearwater Revival, P. Mcartney And Wings, David Bowie, Monroe Mustang, D'angelo, Rain In July, Brian Eno,Fred Macdowell, Yes, U2, Bradford Red Light District, Charley Patton, Sightings, Tampa Red, Michael Hurley, The Dave Ware Band, Flat And Scruggs, James Brown

# posted by DJ Martian 6:51 PM

Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By

Darla Coming Soon have details of a forthcoming release from Ulrich Schnauss on the City Centre Offices Label. According to Brainwashed Releases this will be released sometime in December.

Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By - City Centre Offices (Germany)

MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! For fans of Hermann & Kleine, B. Fleischmann. it took a while. it wasn�t easy. and no one took them serious. no wonder, though. it simply does not happen very often that people running record labels call up cd-plants and vinyl cutting rooms talking about the most beautiful, most colorful, warmest dream lying in front of them on the table, urgently requesting both duplication and at the same time extreme care, simply because these 6 tracks are the most fragile ones city centre offices ever released. fortunately, all misunderstandings could be sorted out in the end and ulrich�s cd went into production. fortunately, nothing went wrong. �far away trains passing by� grabs you by the heart. all 6 tracks, full of heavenly melodies and harmonies, do not even think about caring about unwritten laws of the so-called electronica genre, but switch on sun after sun in the sky instead, hover old drumboxes and breakbeats and explore the more than impressive collection of maschines in schnauss� studio. Everything works and flows on autopilot here and sounds much more like a studio with wooden floors and walls rather than harddisk cooling fans. ulrich schnauss? no, the name should not ring any bell, although it might sound familiar to his berlin neighbors. however, mr,. schnauss released more records over the last couple of years than you might think, all of them appeared in quite different contexts though. and does it matter? �far away trains passing by� ist the most astonishing debut of the year and at the same time only the beginning of a long story. next time, everyone will take them serious though....

# posted by DJ Martian 6:42 PM

themilkfactory - November Reviews

Once again the excellent themilkfactory delivers us a monthly quota of reviews: [summaries below are taken from an e-mail newsletter, go here for the full themilkfactory reviews ]


During the nineties, Chris Dooks was a respected music filmmaker. In
1999, Dooks developed a debilitating disease, and got confined to his
Edinburgh flat, where his computer became his lifeline. Social
Electrics compiles some of his solo and collaborative work, with
artists from all over the world.


Following The Dirty Rope and After All, the good people at Leaf have
decided to finally give the two first 310 albums a full release.
Originally released on the band's small imprint, Aug 56 and
Snorkelhouse were very much thought after records. They have now been
collected on this double CD set. Essential.


The Godfather of electronica is back after four years of near total
silence, but was it worth the wait?


Ex-Strictly Ballroom Jimmy Tamborello offers with Life Is Full Of
Possibilities a very mature and clever first album, taking pop music
to very complex territories, while retaining the pure essence of folk


Outer Space jazz has just landed, and it is down to Flanger. The
German duo offer here their third and most accomplished excursion
into the world of electronic jazz. Magnificent.


Forget Daft Punk, the new sound of the dance floor is here. Trevor
Jackson is one of the most prominent members of the dance scene, and
with this album, he entertains with grooves and style.


One of the most prolific musicians to have emerged of the French
electronic scene pays a vibrant homage to the father of disco. This
is one Quantum leap that you shouldn't ignore.


Borrowing from ancient music forms and mixing them with modern
structures, Zohar create here a brilliant cross over album.


Plus, we're also reviewing four of the best compilations of the
moments, including If I Was Prince, an album of cover versions of
Prince songs by mostly electronic artists, Le Maquis Presents
Residence 2001, the astonishing Bip-Hop Generation 4 by French label
Bip-Hop, with the likes of Mira Calix, Si-Cut.db and Twine, and the
monumental Hefty Immediate Action, collecting the five ultra rare
Immediate Action 12" plus some extra tracks and remixes.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:05 AM

Tuesday, October 30, 2001


Article - Breaking The Mold In 2001

The PRP have put together a new article Breaking The Mold In 2001 artists include Candiria, Cave In, Dredg, Shun and a few artists that I am unfamiliar with, that I need to check out.

2001 has been a year that has brought us some great music, but it also has unfortunately brought us a lot more of the same. From cookie cutter clich� new metal, to bland uninspiring emocore and a resurgence of glam tinged radio rock, the more progression the heavy music makes, the more diluted it becomes. In light of this, we at The PRP have taken it upon ourselves to assemble a list of up and coming acts who prefer to stray from the norm and deliver innovative music that doesn't cater solely to mainstream tastes, while still sticking close to contemporary tastes. As such, we present to you, Breaking The Mold In 2001

# posted by DJ Martian 1:50 PM

Ben Christophers - Spoonface review Ben Christophers - Spoonface

# posted by DJ Martian 1:38 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Godflesh

Godflesh have just released their new album Hymns on Music for Nations . There is also a multimedia ecard to promote the album.

Ben Green is no longer in Godflesh - Raven (Killing Joke / Prong) joins
I have no news as to how and why this is the case, but it is indeed true. Raven, seen to the left and one of Ted Parsons' bandmates from Prong, arrived yesterday in England to rehearse for the upcoming European tour starting in a couple of weeks. It seems that this has been brewing for a while and so Justin and Ted had discussed what to do had this happened.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:03 PM

Fat Truckers

Look out for a new band called Fat Truckers from Sheffield - they have a new single, Superbike that has a very similar vibe to vintage NYC band Suicide.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 AM

Monday, October 29, 2001


The Wire - November edition

New edition of The Wire with Jim O'Rourke on the front. I will hopefully be picking up my copy tomorrow.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:31 PM

Miss Kittin And The Hacker - The First Album

NME review of Miss Kittin And The Hacker - The First Album (International Deejay Gigolo Records) lots of synths, electro and techno sounds with unique vocal style of Miss Kittin, this album will be released on the November 12th.

[Note that the spelling of Miss Kitten, should be Miss Kittin - it seems that I am not the only one to get it wrong until now! ]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:51 PM

Absorb Reviews

Absorb have reviewed the following albums:

Playgroup - Playgroup (Source)

' this is the most fun i've had with a 'dance' album in the longest time '

Donnacha Costello - Together is the New Alone (Mille Plateaux)

developing on his love of minimalist techno, donnacha has created ten tracks of lush digital ambience. pushing the elements of melody, tone and atmosphere to the fore, his work is reminiscent of early ambient pioneers such as brian eno and daniel lanois.

Mocky - Mocky in Mesopotamia (Mocky Recordings)

distorted beats, animal screeches and enough samples to last 3 albums, 'mocky in mesopotamia' moves from hard and fast to sweet and slow, that is fun and entertaining at most points. the beats and production are top notch, yet the overuse of samples literally all over the place,

Richard Devine - Aleamapper (Schematic)

this is _real_ scratch-your-chin stuff, pure electronic music-meets-art exhibition experimentation. but in a good way. and it will enrich your life, your music collection. devines soundscapes are something only feasible right here, right now - this is the advancement of sound unfolding in our very midsts.

Cornelius - Point (Matador)

difficult to fault this album really, the overflowing stream of ideas barely drops and it's relentless pace may be out of reach for some tastes. but for those willing to embrace inevntion like it's running out of fashion then this work is an absolute must. compulsory, really.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:32 PM

Brainwashed Brain - V04I42 - 10282001

This week's Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of these albums:

Einst�rzende Neubauten - Strategies Against Architecture iii

Brothomstates - Claro

cEvin Key - The Ghost of Each Room

# posted by DJ Martian 12:08 PM

Monolake - Cinemascope

Gridface review Monolake - Cinemascope

# posted by DJ Martian 11:52 AM

Kirlian - de todas partes = futuristic tech-house sounds

Ah! this is the type of sublime tech-house that MR C spins - deep clear shards of crystal techno over a floating funky house beat with touches of breakbeat and electro, you recognise quality - Laurent Garnier, Circulation, Layo & Bushwacka, Funk D'Void, Slam... add in Kirlian. The closest comparision to Kirlian would be Circulation and their excellent colours album, the same deep swirling intoxicating vibes or Layo & Bushwacka who by the way have signed to XL recordings, and a new album is on the way in 2002.

Disko B records has the following information on kirlian - de todas partes -you can also listen to 3 tracks in real audio. Each track showcases Kirlian's music - some of the most futuristic, creative and sublime electronic music you will hear this year.

vanity of vanities
punish the violent
the mind of he

De Todas Partes" means from all parts and places. Refering to the universality of man and the plight of this one man to struggle to fit into a global picture. It is about world travels and world troubles. Four years in the making, "De Todas Partes" was recorded in many stops around the globe, including Vienna, Bogota, NYC, Munich, Morroco,and many more.

"De Todas Partes" is about adventure and exploration. It is about the quest to feel home on planet earth. It is a coming of age story full of joy and sorrow. It is where east meets west and south becomes north. It is about that ageless question we all have beating inside our hearts. A question so deep that no one has even correctly formulated it yet.

"De Todas Partes" is not about mankind or about modern society it is about life and its connected vanity. It is about the fact that even though there is nothing new under the sun every day feels like a new day. It is about nature. And how it does a great job at fooling you. It is about how if you don't let nature fool you don't feel complete.

You get what you go for.

This album is a milestone work for Abe Duque. Powerful music, extremely polished production, and a sprinkle of Kirlian magic make this Album an instant classic.

Kirlian - de todas partes is released in the UK on Monday 29th October, distributed by Southern Record Distribution/ SRD and it can be ordered from Musica this is equal to the top grade sounds on Soma this year, i.e Slam and Funk D'Void !

# posted by DJ Martian 1:51 AM

Sunday, October 28, 2001


Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Chunky Records - Coming Soon webpage has been updated, including details of these forthcoming releases:

Due This Week

Ghislain Poirier - Il N�y A Pas De Sud (12k) US Import

"Il N'y a Pas De Sud" is the debut release from Montreal native Ghislain Poirier on Taylor Deupree�s excellent 12K label. In an alluring departure from the sound of 12k's recent output, Il n'y a pas de Sud... blends broken melodies and sonic slips with a stripped down variation on the Berlin/Cologne-focused minimal 4/4 school of sound. The result is a sparse blend of rhythm and space with a slow diffused groove as beats flux and vibrate beneath lo-fi oscillations of warm chords and clouds of bass"

Quench - Exclude (Eat This) Dutch Import

"Quench are obviously aware of most Autechre fan's longing for the duo to take take a step back and further expore the areas of electronica music created by the genius of Amber. While not being guilty as pure copyists the influence is obvious and the melodies are pinpoint and the production is killer. Squelchy beats and noises create the sound we all know and love, tending towards the spookier moments in IDM's short history Quench have put together an album of top quality 'tronics"


Mocky - In Mesopotamia (Mocky Recordings)

"Coming to a zoo near you... Expect the agenda of sun ra combined with a strange electropop innocence, gangst a-chic mc-ing and chet baker style crooning. muzik described 'me-so-funky' as 'a combination of money mark and squarepusher', and you could comfortably add jimi tenor and other hyped-up basket-cases to his unique blend of styles"

Alva Noto / Scanner - Uniform (Sfmoma)

"carsten nicolai and robin rimbaud performed in march this year for the opening of the exhibition 010101 : art in technological times at the san francisco museum of modern art. the music navigates paths between processed and experimental clicks and cuts and layered dark ambient scapes with long and beauteous droning. a unique collaboration between two (in)famous producers, edited at nicolai\rquote s raster-noton studios"

Skipsapiens - Skipsapiens (U-cover)

"From santiago, pier bucci and daniel nieto enter the international elecronic scene with a most charming and pleasen debut cd, a beautiful mix of idm, clicks & cuts, and melodic arrangements, not unlike the warmer textures of funckarma. fans of early black dog and aphex circa 'selected ambient works' will have fun exploring the 10 tracks offered here. Limited pressing"

Transient - The Conceptual World Is Losing It's Grip (Tbtmo)

"Transient, the new kid in Philly's elitist electronic collective tbtmo, has dragged in some new melodic uptempo breaks & drum 'n bliss for the zero-one, programming away hard with old skool Impulse Tracker on an outdated PC, making albums worth of music a year, all quality. Leave it to us to scoop this guy up and give him a new home after a brief stint at For fans of Uziq, Boards of Canada, Drum & Bliss"


Adria - Palaio Faliro (Speakerphone)

"500 copies hand printed and numbered covers. The debut album is finally ready and with their loveable naive semi-elektro-pop adria will take you on a magical trip with beautiful vocals and genial beats and melodies. Melodies that work the same magic when instrumental. ten tracks for you listening pleasure. The music is a cross CAT POWER, APHEX TWIN and LADYTRON"

Hood - Cold House (Domino)

"The most forward thinking, innovative and radical album by any British band this year. Landing somewhere between Joy Division, Talk Talk and Autechre, it's an emotive, engaging and completely unique recording. Modern English music, naturally informed by electronica, and featuring stunning guest appearances by DOSE ONE and WHY? of the acclaimed U.S. avant-rap team cLOUDDEAD"

Lemko Hall - Left And Right (Speakerphone)

"Available as a limited run of 500 copies in hand printed numbered covers with inserts. 'Left & Right' takes you deeper into the lemko machine and beyond. eight tracks and approx. 50 minutes of beautiful melodies and cinematic soundscapes. For fans of ISOTOPE 217 and MOGWAI"


Pierre Bastien - Mecanoid (Rephlex)

"A selection of tracks chosen by RICHARD D JAMES and GRANT WILSON CLARIDGE. Pierre Bastien has created an orchestra of robots built from meccano called the 'Mecanium' with each either a traditional musical instrument or a lock groove from an old record in a repetitive loop. The ten palindromic titles reflect the way the robots function, they play palindromes back and forth creating a strange hypnotic swing of wheezy scratchy noises which underpin nostalgic melodies"


Chessie - Overnight (Plug Research)

"Somewhere between being awake and asleep there is a suspended dream state where sounds float and pulsate, where you can no longer trust your senses. CHESSIE is the soundtrack to this special place. Inspired by the sounds of railways, their work has blended electro-acoustic production techniques, live playing and non-sequenced electronics in an effort to capture the spirit and emotion of rail travel. The propulsive, inexorable clank of steel on track forms the rhythmic backbone of the CHESSIE compositions, and makes a particularly American counterpart to the motorik rhythms of much post-Kraftwerk music"

Donnacha Costello - Together Is The New Alone. (Mille Plateaux)

"The influences of BRIAN ENO, HAROLD BUD and DANIEL LANOIS integrate with precisely designed tones that bring forward a gentle rhythmic property that moves clearly in mesmerizing formation"

Cylob - Mood Bells (Rephlex)

"Beautiful new ambient album from Cylob, one of Rephlex's most hotly tipped artists, beloved by APHEX TWIN / BJORK / ARTHUR BAKER amongst others. Cylob's thoughts on the album: "Mood Bells was started after a two week trip to Japan where I got to check out a few temples , gardens and mountains. The unique vibe of these places inspired me. This album is my idea of a japanese traditional music that doesn't exist, based around bell and gong type sounds.The music is intended for contemplation and relaxation"

Japanese Telecom - Virtual Geisha (Gigolo)

"Last year the JAPANESE TELECOM buzz started with the hard to get Intuit Solar debut of this mystical new group.Now we have a new album on GIGOLO. It is a musical journey from Dusseldorf (KRAFTWERK-City) to Detroit (DOPPLEREFFEKT-City) and Tokyo (PLASTIK-POP-City). Great Pop-Songs with special Detroit-Funk"

Lightspeed Future Lullaby - The Spirit Of Pop (Secret Agent)

"Excellent debut album from Lightspeed Future Lullaby of lo-fi, intricate and melancholic electronica that treads similar ground to the understated charm of artists such as PLAID, PILOTE and the TOYTRONIC label"

Transllusion - The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate (Supremat)

'The Opening of the Cerebral Gate' is the solo album from one half of DREXCIYA under the project name TRANSLLUSION. This Drexciyan has left the underwater battlefield for a while and moved onto a different level of imagination, transferred into music that sounds more playful, softer than DREXCIYA. The Dopplereffekt is missing, the melodic sound constructions are the ones wooing the beat"

Various Artists - Komfort Labor Presents Native Lab (WMF records)

"The third edition of [KOMFORT.LABOR] features the NATIVE LAB, an evening organized by the music software company NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. Electronica stars from all over the world played there and now made new tracks for this album (only VERT's has been released before). A very special feature on this CD is the CD-extra part, music by LAZYFISH from Russia, design by fork.unstable media from Hamburg. There you'll find a Reaktor application generating LAZYFISH'S new track and you'll be able to interact, to modify the music, create your own track on the basis of Lazyfishs programming. VLADISLAV DELAY, JAKE MANDELL, RICHARD DEVINE, ROB ACID, KID 606, SIEGMAR KREIE, SOLAR X, ERRORSMITH, MIKE DRED AKA KOSMIK KOMMANDO, F.X. RANDOMIZ, KENT, NITRADA VS VGER, VERT & CD-EXTRA by LAZYFISH"

# posted by DJ Martian 8:03 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2001


One Live in Birmingham

Radio 1 have launched a special website for One Live in Birmingham

Every year, Radio 1 decamps to a UK city for a week of live music and events. In previous years, we've taken over the likes of Leeds, Newcastle and Cardiff, and this year we're in Birmingham

The Broadcast Schedule includes:

Tues 30th Oct
John Peel, with Ritchie Hawtin, Surgeon and Regis - 10pm-midnight

Weds 31st Oct
John Peel, with Pulp, Appliance and Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia - 10pm-midnight

# posted by DJ Martian 8:58 PM

Don Letts Mix Compilation

iCrunch have details of a compilation by DON LETTS COMPILES PUNK DUB LP

# posted by DJ Martian 8:45 PM

Etronik Frontline

Etronik Frontline have the following news:

Drexciya new album 2002

Lock up your plankton, Detroit electro fish men Drexciya return with a new single, �Digital Tsunami� on Tresor on December 16th, Drexciya follow up the single with an album, �Harnessed The Storm�, available on the German label early next year.

The Black Dog and Metamatics: albums for 2002

Leftfield label Hydrogen Dukebox has announced that they are releasing a new album by The Black Dog early next year. According to the label, the new album is called �Unsavoury Products�, and is a �dip into the world of William Burroughs.� The label is also releasing an album by Metamatics in February 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:33 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck include:

MOCKY - In Mesopotamia - Mocky

So just who are Mocky? Wake up, who cares!! They are simply the freshest genre-defying outfit ever to have re-tuned your eardrums. Stevie, Kanzi and Mr.Mocky, we'll guess, but it might as well be Super Collider meeting Patrick Pulsinger's Sluts and Strings project while Atom Heart keeps you guessing and some lonely MC reminises about his glory days. Fourteen tracks in total with quicktime video action thrown in as well... Pimped out, loose rapping style flows over silk beats that twist and flip in time to your heart and feet then up rises the dirtiest disco funk this side of Jolly Music . �Heavy Shit� features partners in khryme Gonzales and Peaches on genius form. A warm slightly pissed feelling flows forth but it's all delivered with warmth, humour and startling originality that always equals, fly!!! That's what this album shouts out - funky funky fresh, for 2001, you suckers!!!! Killer.

PHOENECIA - Odd Job Discrimination - Schematic

Originally intended as a Japanese-only release, Phoenecia�s legendary �Odd Job� gets served with another fine selection of reworkings from an inspired set of contributors. Matmos are up first with another one of their larger than life reworkings � 3 billion ideas contained within a 6 minute time frame and iced with a slight ironic giggle somewhere in between the beats and grinds. Breaking into an accoustic drum workout halfway through, the track lifts into excellence with the close of the break and the introduction of underwater pops and glitches that cascade to form a gorgeous cut-up electronic rotation that brings to mind Autechre and John Barry rolled into one. Adult, an inspired choice, are up next, obliterating the crunch of the original and, instead, opting for a rigid synth-anthem (Adult doing what Adult do best) that contains the legend �all you jealous fucks...�, proof that the remixing brief can be modified to one�s own advantage with the most tantalising results. Killer. Dino Felipe is up next with a short glitch-fuelled tinkle lullaby that swims delicately in found sounds before Prefuse 73 deliver another standard Prefuse 73 track � very nice but, ahem, nothing new here folks. Otto Von Schirach mashes tings up in his vocalbeatgrindchopup stylee, sounding like Richard Devine battling it out with the funk, before Jeswa round things off with a lovely, nay Gorgeous excursion into melody, warmth and, best of all, the sound of babies blowing electronic bubbles. Excellent.

QUENCH - Exclude - Eat This

Quench have obviously listened to Ae�s Amber quite a few times, and have done their best to re-evoke the electronic spirit of �96 with a deep, melodic foray into stringtronics. Had it come out at the time, �exclude� would have been regarded as a modern-day it stands, Quench�s latest full-length will most likely be regarded as one of a myriad of projects that plagarise the same source material. Shame really, because the brothers Funcken do it ever so well � depth at the right places, cutups when necessary and, best of all, a rich grasp of melody and evocation. Listen to �Corb� and you�ll know what we�re on about. Lush.

TIM KOCH - Shorts in Alaska - Defocus

Following the release of his �Volume� EP earlier this year and contributions to labels as diverse as Isophlux, Neo Ouija, Surgery, Carpark etc, Tim Koch returns with his debut full-length for the Defocus label. The 9 tracks on offer deliver poptronica with varying levels of emphasis on 80�s synth revivalism. �Black Magic�, for example, is so deeply immersed in the time of pastel-coloured Chino�s that we�re convinced here at the Neck that the break has come straight outta Michael Jackson�s abysmal �Liberian Girl�. Listen and see for yrself. �Switch Invert� swifty follows, a gorgeous exercise in alpine melodies and rolling percussion. Herein lies the charm of this LP, at times veering towards the cheesier end of the 80�s sound and yet varying proceedings with enough originality and warmth to merit repeated listening. Charming.

VARIOUS - Komfort Labor presents Ocean Club - WMF Records

Thomas Fehlman and Gudrun Gut�s legendary Ocean Club Radio show has given birth to this second compilation on Berlin�s WMF label. Featuring tracks from Fehlmann and Gut themselves, the compilation brings together gems from : Malaria, Contriva, Erik Satin (Atom Heart), Closer Music, Barbara Morgenstern, Rhythm and Sound, Arto Londsay and loads more. Check.

VARIOUS - The Cosmic forces of Mu - Planet Mu - 2CD

Seriuosly long-awaited compilation on Mike-Paradinas� Planet-Mu label. None of the tracks included here have appeared on CD before, and there are several unreleased tracks on-board. The comp also features gems from the legendary Criminal EP!! Tracks come from : Paradinas himself (under the Mu-Ziq, Kid Spatula, Tusken Raiders and Rude Ass Tinker monikers), Luke Vibert, Hrvatski, DJ Hellfish, Jega, Capitol K, Kettel, Bit Meddler, Joseph Nothing, Venetian Snares, Electric Company and shitloads more across 2 CD�s. Essential stuff kids.

GHISLAIN POIRIER - Il N'y A Pas De Sud - 12K

Il n'y a pas de the debut release from Montreal native Ghislain Poirier on Taylor Deupree�s excellent 12K label.
In an alluring departure from the sound of 12k's recent output, Il n'y a pas de Sud... blends broken melodies and sonic slips with a stripped down variation on the Berlin/Cologne-focused minimal 4/4 school of sound. The result is a sparse blend of rhythm and space with a slow diffused groove as beats flux and vibrate beneath lo-fi oscillations of warm chords and clouds of bass. Il n'y a pas de Sud... was created using an ageing PC with so little processing power that Poirier was forced to compose each work in parts and later piece them together. Although the aroma of the pieces on offer is not entirely unfamiliar, Ghislain incorporates distinct elements to produce an incredibly original blend of atmosphere, composition and accoustic variation. This is a subtle and moving release, immaculately refined with delicate textures that build and drop at perfect intervals and sooth with an almost effortless circulation of spacious warmth. Highly recommended.

KIT CLAYTON - Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) - Vertical Form

After last years acclaimed Lateral Forces EP, Joshua Kit Clayton returns to the Vertical Form label with the full-length Lateral Forces (Surface Fault) release. Based on seismic activity seen worldwide over the period 1999 - 2001 the release is, dare we say it, a concept album (without the guitar solos) that is neither indulgent or overblown. Tight and focused, 21st Century music both in theme and sonics, Joshua shows how electronic music can be abstract whilst rooted in very real, everyday concerns. Minimal but rich in texture and detail,the album works to a conventional narrative structure, but in an unconventional way. Starting with early tremors and progressing through aftershocks, finally to peace and resolution, the music depicts the emotional and physical effects of such extreme enviromental catastrophes through digital and analogue synthesis. Sometimes edgy, often beautiful, Joshua creates a work of emotional breadth and depth that is not just for the purists, nor limited just to Its subject matter. Made partially of field recordings from the San Francisco Bay Area, close up sounds of water and rocks, sloshing and grinding, processed and organised into Lateral Forces' idiosyncratic vision, Joshua takes isolated tracks from the first EP that share an edgy, low, grinding sound quality, tears them apart and then ties them together to create the quake story. Crafted into a continous 38 minute long piece (split into two parts for The vinyl release) that can be enjoyed either as a complete listening experience or equally as individual tracks, the music works on many different levels, with or without its narrative structure. The quality of the music shines through and contains many of the classic hallmarks of Kit Clayton's work, from his dub based soundscapes through to the rhythmically sparser and more grainy compositions - the final effect is of a rich time based collage still pushing back the boundaries in electronic music. Excellent. Vinyl version available next week.

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Friday, October 26, 2001


Reviews: Aphex Twin - Drukqs

The diversity of opinion of The Aphex Twin Drukqs album continues, however these two are very positive reviews from Playlouder and Jockey Slut - Album of the Month

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I have transferred the artists links from the main blogger/blogspot template (i.e this webpage) to the Archives template webpage

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Albums Released in September

Once again time to prune back my blogger template, so I have republished September album releases below for reference:

ALBUM RELEASES: September 3rd

Lisa Carbon Trio - Trio De Janeiro (Quatermass)
Circus of the Scars - Home Is Where the Hurt Is (Beta-Lactam Ring, US)
Darkthrone - Plaguewielder (Moonfog)
Departure Lounge - Jetlag Dreams (Bella Union)
Andre Estermann - Balloon (Selwell)
Fort Lauderdale - Time is of the Essence (Memphis Industries)
Ganja and Frontline - Stillsmokin (Frontline)
Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System (planet mu)
Him - New Features (Fat Cat), Howie B - Folk (Polydor)
Le Hammond Inferno - My First Political Dance Album (Bungalow)
Lusine Icl - Coalition 2000 (Inc.Us)
The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop (Warp)
Planetary Assault Systems - Atomic Funkstar (Peacefrog)
Rechenzentrum - The John Peel Session (Kitty Yo)
Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Masters of Confusion (Mute)
Senking - Silencer (Karaoke Kalk)
Sensorama - Projektor (Ladomat)
Si Futures - The Mission Statement (Mute)
Soulo - Soulo (Plug Research)
Soulwhirlingsomewhere - Please Send Help (Projekt)
Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork (Underfire)
Stereolab - Sound Dust (Duophonic)
Tarwater - Not The Wheel (Kitty Yo)
Ulver - Silence Teaches You How To Sing ep (Jester)
Susumu Yokota - Will (Leaf)

ALBUM RELEASES: September 10th

Adam F - Kaos (Chrysalis)
Animals That Swim - Happiness from a Distant Star (Snowstorm)
Arsonists - Date of Birth (Matador)
Bovine Life - Social Electronics (Bip Hop)
Calibre - Music Concrete (Creative Source)
Circle - Pori (Feldspar)
Converge - Jane Doe (Equal Vision Records)
Mr Dan - How Things Work (Virgin)
The Devics - My Beautiful Sinking Ship (Bella Union)
Dredg - Letimotif (Interscope) US Import (R)
Ken Ishii - Slapdash (Exceptional)
Kettel - Dreim (Krackfive) US Import
King Of Woolworths - Ming Star (Mantra Recordings)
Francisco Lopez / Zbigniew Karkowski - Whint (Absolute)
Last Rites - Guided by Light (Dreamcatcher Records)
Love & Rockets - Express (Beggars Banquet) (R)
Mina - A to B (Bungalow)
Rob - Don't Kill (Source)
Rollins Band - Nice (SPV)
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Damage (remastered) (R)
Devin Townsend - Terria (SPV)
Ultraviolence - Superpower (Earache)
Zuco 103 - The Other Side of Outrolado (Ziriguiboom)
V/A Chris Cowe - Best Behaviour (Bellboy)

ALBUM RELEASES: September 17th

Alva Noto - Transform (Mille Plateaux)
Blechtum From Blechdom - Haus De Snaus (Tigerbeat 6)
Brothomstates - Claro (Warp)
Cable - Northern Failures (Hydrahead)
Cult of Luna - Cult of Luna (Rage Of Achilles)
Curve - Gift (Hip-o/Universal)
Ellen Allien - Flieg Mit (Bpitchcontrol)
Richie Hawtin - DE9: Closer To The Edit (Novamute)
Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson and Sigur Ros - Angels Of The Universe (Fat Cat)
I-F / The Parallax Corporation - Cocadisco (Viewlexx)
Jetone - Ultramarin (Force Inc)
cEvin Key - The Ghost of Each Room (Metropolis)
Kosheen - Resist (Arista)
Lost Signal - Catharsis (Inception Records)
Love As Laughter - Sea to Shining Sea (Sub Pop)
Mazarin - A Tall Tale Storyline (Rocketgirl)
Merzbow - Dharma (Hydra Head)
MuM - Please Smile My Noise Bleed (Morr Music)
Nuw Idol - The Sound of Light (Wellwicked)
Oneida - Anthems of the Moon (Jagjaguwaar)
Play Dead - Company of Justice (Cherry Red) (R)
Pole - R (Scape)
Saint Etienne - Best of Smash the System (Heavenly) (R)
Sirconical - But I Won't Do That EP (Twisted Nerve)
Smog - Reign of Lens (Domino)
Soilent Green - A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down (Relapse)
Solex - Low Kick And Hard Bop (Matador)
Spiritualized - Let it Come Down (Spaceman)
Fumiya Tanaka - Unknown Possibilities Vol 2 (Tresor)
Vim - Linden, Home Of The Hits (Surgery)
The Zephyrs - When The Sky Comes Down It Comes Down On Your Head (Southpaw)
V/ A Carl Craig Presents - Abstractfunktheory (Obsessive)
V/A Ray Keith: Vintage Dread (Dread Recordings)

ALBUM RELEASES: September 24th

Aereogramme - A Story in White (Chemikal Underground)
Aesop Rock - Labor Days (Def Jux)
Big Country - Greatest 12" Hits V.1
The Boy Lucas - Out of the Wires (Output)
Kit Clayton - Lateral Forces (Vertical Form)
Dark Funeral - Diabolis Interim (No Fashion)
Fridge - Happiness (Text)
Jasmine Minks - Popartglory (Genius Move Records) (R)
Korovakill - Waterhells (Red Stream)
Anita Lane - Sex O'Clock (Mute)
Llorca - Newcomer (F Communications)
Stephan Mathieu - Frequency.Lib (Ritornell)
Moonspell - Darkness & Hope (Century Media)
Pimmon - Electronic Tax Return (Tigerbeat 6) US Import
Post Human - The Uncertainty of the Monkey (Seed)
Radioactive Man - Radioactive Man (Rotters Golf Club)
Ride - OX4 The Best of Ride (Creation?) (R)
Suv - Desert Rose (Full Cycle)
System 7 - Seventh Wave (a Wave)
Team Doyobi - Cryptoburners (Skam)
Techno Animal - The Brotherhood of the Bomb (Matador)
Tweaker - The Attraction To All Things (Six Degrees Records)
The Waterboys - Too Close to Heaven (RCA)
Jah Wobble / Bill Laswell - Radioaxiom A Dub Transmission (Axiom/Palm)
Susumu Yokota - Zero (Exceptional)

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Music Non Stop - Forthcoming Releases

Music Non Stop inform us of the forthoming releases in the industrial/synth pop underground: including these

Aktivate Sin - Psychology of the Hateful

This is the first official release from Aktivate Sin. Another classic
discovery fromt the Ant-Zen family of labels, featuring dark-electro-
sounds with different industrial rhythms, together with distorted and
depressive voices and different samples.

Released 29th October 2001.
Label - Luidspreker

Azure Skies - Azure Skies

Azure Skies is a brand new project, that is composed by Mental
Destruction and two musicians from Sanctum. Solemn post-industrial
rhythms, extremely touching melodies and powerful male vocals.

Released 29th October 2001.
Label - Ant-Zen

cybernetic:fuckheadz - cybernetic:fuckheadz

This is the long awaited collaboration project of Noisex &
Hypnoskull. is a harsh urban laboratory where
all kinds of influences from both artists become mixed into a new
form of electronic breakbeat industrial with an edgy touch. From up
to 200 bpm to soundscape-like tracks, breaks any rules set to
industrial, breakbeat or drum n bass music.

Released 5th November 2001.
Label - Pflichtkauf

Regenerator - War

The American duo Regenerator return with their 5th full length album
in which they express nothing less than the simple emotion of "War".
This is perhaps the band's darkest and most emotionally triumphant
effort to date, but it's definitely the most club-minded and catchy
work they have ever written. With spiritual and physical conflicts as
core subject, "War" is an album of rich rhythm and haunting
atmosphere, which evokes contemplation yet urges people to the
dancefloor... for battle! Regenerators characteristic male / female
seductive vocals beautifully enter in symbiosis with their enticing
melodies, carrying synth lines and pumping groundbreaking industrial
beats. Tuneful songs like "Shores Of Forever", "Faith", and "Nowhere"
will get you singing along in no time; while pumping tracks like "God
Is On My Side", "Blink" and the harsh industrial club mix of "War"
will make you dance till you drop!.

Released 23rd November 2001.
Label - Alfa Matrix

Sombre View - I Want To See The World Go Under

The Swedish synth pop band Sombre View presents its come back with ''I Want To See The World Go Under''. The trio became famous with the tracks ''Against The Tide'' and ''As It Fades Again'' some years ago, with the type of the club-hit that you never get fed up with. This album sounds like an tribute to pop music of the 80�s but remains innovative and Sombre View present impressive and loving pop songs, along with a voice comparable to Marc Almonds.

Released 29th October 2001.
Label - Life Is Painful

Xingu Hill & M2 - This Anxious Space

This collaboration between Xingu Hill and Squaremeter (the alter ego
of Panacea) is a perfect melting of Squaremeters cinematic
atmospheres and the abstract sci-fi feeling of Xingu Hill - it's
calm, but very intense and full of atmospheric click & cut

Released 29th October 2001
Label - Hymen

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Prospective Magazine - new edition with Depeche Mode on front cover

Prospective the english language based in Finland industrial/synth/darkwave music ezine has a new edition Prospective with Depeche Mode front cover

Latest issue (with Depeche Mode on cover), has special features on
Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, and has interviews with Ladytron, Echo
Image, Fear Factory, Obscyre, Claire Voyant, S.P.O.C.K., Cradle of
Filth, Mobile Homes, Glampire, Lahka Muza, No Comment, Thorns, Velvet
Acid Christ, Sinmasters, Davantage, Gothmininster, Chicks On Speed,
No Big Silence, Marlow, Lab, Run Level Zero, Dark Side Cowboys,
Neverwood, Converter, Massiv In Mensch, Apoptygma Berzerk, Ncc, Ordo
Rosarius Equilbrio, X:Machina, The Nine and Aavikko.

It comes packed with lots of reviews and a free cover CD featuring tracks from
Apoptygma Berzerk, Ladytron, No Comment, Neverwood, S.P.O.C.K.,
Claire Voyant, Ordo Roasarius Equilibrio, Gothmininster, Lab, Marlow,
Run Level Zero, Massiv In Mensch, No Big Silence, Sinmasters,
X:Machina, The Nine and NCC. �4.75

In the UK it is available from Music Non Stop also I have seen previous editions for sale in Resurrection Records in Camden.

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Review: Ben Christophers - Spoonface

The Independent review Ben Christophers - Spoonface David Kosten proves a congruent collaborator, weaving the singer's pastel threads of melody into vivid tapestries of sound, marked by a sophisticated sense of musical space, in the manner of Talk Talk's Mark Hollis.

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Thursday, October 25, 2001


Jimi Tenor - Utopian Dream

Playlouder review Jimi Tenor - Utopian Dream

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The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us have details of the forthcoming album by The Chemical Brothers, called Come With Us due in January 2002 through Virgin/Planet Dust. A further single called �Star Guitar� will be released on January 15.

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Future Sound of London

The Guardian have a Future Sound of London article.

Also note that a new album is due next year under the monkier: Amorphous Androgynous:

They play me a few tracks from the album they hope to release next year under another old alias: Amorphous Androgynous. They've gone psychedelic - this owes more to Radiohead and Sgt Pepper's than to dance music. Cobain sings and plays acoustic guitar, sounding a little like Richard Ashcroft, alongside a sea of orchestras, Indian raggas, guitars, breakbeats and strange noises. They have a blind sitar player, Baluji Shrivastav, who sits in the middle of the studio to play. "They're songs with weird lyrics, but they've also got weird sounds," says Cobain. "And you know what? A band couldn't make a song like this. But we can."

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Tony Fletcher's iJamming website has been updated, new additions to the site include:

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN's Flowers take root

An interview with JOHN ACQUAVIVA on wine, DJ Culture and Finalscratch

A 1984 interview with U2 from the Jamming! Magazine archives

An interview with ironica pioneer LAPTOP

MUSING ON A SEPTEMBER MOURNING Three sets of album reviews: New albums, Mix CDs and albums that sound different after September 11

Forthcoming on iJamming

New features will always be announced here on the home page. November will see a lengthy interview with Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs, a New Order piece to accompany the Bunnymen one, Julian Cope's 'World Shut Your Mouth' as the Forgotten Classic, possibly a Paul van Dyk feature.

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EAR and Jackie O Motherfucker

Details of two releases that I have not mentioned previously, @ - This Week's New Releases

EAR - Continuum

On Space Age

Long awaited new full length release from e.a.r. limited edition (500 copies only) cd available in triple colour neon case...sonic boom's (spacemen 3/spectrum) experimental audio research - the name says it all. A constant pushing of the boundaries of sound to create a series of records and live shows which defy description and which stand as genuinely original and innovative in an era of tried and tested formulas. Since forming ear as both a solo and collaborative project in 1990, sonic boom has so far released 5 studio albums on a variety of labels in the uk and usa. Now settled on the space age recording label he helped to form, ear are all set to release their most audacious and ambitious record yet. The results are simply unlike anything else you will have heard, creating an incredible album of atonal wonder and spell binding intoxication. Ear have, without doubt, pushed the boundaries of sound to a new level with "continuum" and with live shows promised in the coming months, the mind enhancing spectacle of what they can achieve in a live setting should have us all watching impatiently for those dates to come around.

Jackie O Motherfucker - Liberation


'Liberation', JOMF's seventh full length, is as ambitious and
challenging a sprawl as the much heralded 'Fig 5' (MOJO underground
album of the Month), yet it ventures into new sonic realms. Strings and
vibes are given considerable weight here, adding a new dimension of
fragile beauty to JOMF's distinctly free approach to pattern and
repetition. But whether they spray improvised shards of shimmering noise
or billow soft clouds of psychedelic primitivism, JOMF create a distinct
whole from the cahotic orchestrations of sax, guitars, electronics and
more. 8 songs, 12 musicians, 23 instruments, 73 minutes.
Already listed on The Wire's office faves list.

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Locust - Wrong

Touch Records have details of a forthcoming release: Locust - Wrong that will be released on November 12th.

The album, Mark Van Hoen�s second for Touch after �The Last Flowers from the Darkness� [TO:31, 1997], features Holli Ashton on lead vocals, and various backing vocalists including Lisa Millet, Tara Patterson (Autocreation), Sarah Peacock (Scala, Seefeel, January) and 4AD artist Vinny Miller. The instrumentation is purely electronic analog synthesizers, edited and manipulated in Digidesigns' Protools. Mark Van Hoen, who programmed and produced the LP, wanted to invoke some of the spirit of late 70's British electronic music, combining that sound with his now familiar brand of electronics for which he became known during the 90's.

The fragility and unpredictability of vocalist Holli Ashton�s personality and vocals, combined with the decayed and warped quality of the sound offer a warmth rarely found in such pure electronic music. Imperfections are the source of that warmth and there are several connections here between the late 70's (the period which first inspired Mark to make music) and the last few years. Electronic music in the late 70's was forced to become more inventive because the limitations of the instruments of the time needed the musician to craft each sound by hand, and the instruments often went wrong; out of time and out of tune. These same instruments were used on this album; there are no samplers, guitars or anything else but analog synthesizers and vocals on this recording. More recently, artists such as Ryoji Ikeda, Pan Sonic, and Hazard have sought to bring out imperfections in digital music, and those influences are here, too. Even the second CD, to be played simultaneously with the first is a 'misuse' of technology, yet it makes a beautiful sound.

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Four Tet, Mice Parade and Junkmedia

I just heard some new remixes by Four Tet on John Kennedy's Xfm show - that sound remarkably like some of the guitar chords /playing on the last Mice Parade (Mookondi) album. I wonder if Kieran Hedben sampled them or this is just a remarkable similarity? Either way these are two of the finest albums this year.

Another review of Mice Parade - Mokoondi by Junkmedia

Junkmedia is an independently owned and operated Internet weekly. It is our goal to provide our readers with diverse, informed and intelligent writing on today's music scene.

We strive to highlight music and musicians who have been overlooked by the mainstream music press, as well as provide alternative viewpoints and opinions on the "popular" artists of today. In doing so, we hope to give our readers the most comprehensive coverage of the music they care about.

Junkmedia has been going since July 2001, I have got some reading to catch up with !

PS the Four Tet track was: Four Tet - Glue Of The Other World (Domino) from 'Paws' EP out 26th November

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Piero Scaruffi - Best of Rock 2001 (So Far)

Italian music critic Piero Scaruffi has listed his favourite albums of the year so far. Check his detailed website for reviews.

1. Solex: Low Kick And Hard Bop (Matador)
2. Lofty Pillars: Amsterdam (Truckstop)
3. Robert Rich: Somnium (Hypnos)
4. Neil Hagerty: Neil Michael Hagerty (Drag City)
5. Stars Of The Lid: The Tired Sounds Of (Kranky)
6. Boxhead Ensemble: Two Brothers (Truckstop)
7. Stereolab: Sound-Dust (Elektra)
8. Tool: Lateralus (Volcano Entertainment)
9. Radiohead: Amnesiac (Capitol)
10. Low: Things We Lost In The Fire (Kranky)
11. Matmos: A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure (Matador)
12. US Maple: Acre Thrills (Drag City)
13. Sparklehorse: It's A Wonderful Life (Capitol)
14. Tara Jane O'Neil: In The Sun Lines (Quarterstick)
15. Shannon Wright: Dyed In The Wool (Touch & Go)
16. Scott Tuma: Hard Again (Truckstop)
17. Simon Joyner: Hotel Lives (Truckstop)
18. Janet Feder: Speak Puppet (ReR)
19. Rockets From The Crypt: Group Sounds (Vagrant)
20. Rollerball: Trait Of The Butter Yeti (Road Cone)
21. Motion Picture: A Paper Gift (Words On Music)
22. Vladislav Delay: Anima (Mille Plateaux)
23. Keiji Haino: Abandon All Words (Alien 8)
24. Zen Guerrilla: Shadows On The Sun (Subpop)
25. Pelt: Ayahuasca (VHF)
26. Lucky Boys Confusion: Throwing The Game (Elektra)
27. Nebula: Charged (Subpop)
28. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Grand Opening And Closing (Seeland)
29. Coastal: Coastal (Words On Music)
30. Mouse On Mars: Idiology (Thrill Jockey)
31. Love As Laughter: Sea To SHining Sea (Subpop)
32. Daft Punk: Discovery (Virgin)
33. Butthole Surfers: Weird Revolution (Hollywood)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2001


Dismemberment Plan - Change

Pitchfork review the "American Indie Rock" faves Dismemberment Plan -- Change and Josh Blog is frustrated that the stores in the "Twin Cities" [come on you know where the Replacements and Husker Du/Prince come from] are having problems with the distribution of said album - from one of his fave bands. I know these problems well !

The fun thing about Dismemberment Plan's name is that they conjure up a sort of sickly/nasty Death Metal/Grindcore act - and I have seen records stores and online ecommerce site classify Dismemberment Plan - in METAL !

Mind you over the years I have seen some dumb classification in record stores - like this year in HMV Trocadero - getting the Him and Him from Finland mixed up - classifying Him a post rock and jazz influenced band from America in the METAL section. Dooh!

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XLR8R - We Love Electro

The next edition of American electronic music magazine XLR8R has a front cover called We Love Electro ! - This link includes an article on electro.

Funky robots, android breakdancers and the soul of synthetic culture are but a few of the memes that electro music has allowed us to dream into reality. Twenty plus years on, this genre is not only experiencing a major resurgence but a new-found maturity that promises to foster some incredible new electro recording stars as well as fans.

On an interesting side note, tonight John Peel plays a track requested by his son Tom from superb Teebee album, amongst the complex shreds of Teebee's music I detect an electro feel. Then I think back to 1985, 16 years ago when Peel was a big champion of the electro sound. 16 years on the pulse of electro is back with Andrew Weatherall and Dave Clarke spearheading the sound in the UK.

Electro is back and We all should love electro ! 16 years on and electro feels futuristic and fresh. As the XLR8R article ends:

In 2001, electro rocks on in evermore twisted shapes. It�s the funkyfresh ghost in the machine that can�t be exorcised, the virus in the circuitry that can�t be contained. It remains what it always has been: a signpost to the future.

- Tom Magic Feet

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Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough

BBC Online Music Experimental review Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Fahrenheit Fair Enough straddles post rock, electronica and even jazz (and as such pretty much reflects the concerns of Hefty Records); chiming guitars and blurred electric piano chords hover above intricate networks of glitches and analogue beats, glued together by warm, sinuous electric bass lines. Imagine Harold Budd and Vini Reilly jamming with Pole on chords donated by Joe Zawinul, and you might be someway there. Like Scott Herren's Savaath + Savalas project (also on Hefty), Telefon Tel Aviv blur the lines between what's played and what's placed, managing a wealth of detail but allowing acres of space between the instruments.

More Information at Hefty Records

This album is scheduled for release in the UK on November 19th.

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Reviews @ Fake Jazz - Issue 21

Fake Jazz have updated their reviews including these:

The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band - Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward

Fugazi - The Argument

This Heat - Deceit

Amp - Saint Cecilia Sinsemilla

Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

Billy Mahonie - What Becomes Before

Four Tet - Pause

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Tuesday, October 23, 2001


Polar - Still Moving

Bombsounds review Polar - Still Moving 12 tracks with over 70 minutes of ambient and experimental drum and bass. This album is released 5th November 2001 on Certificate 18.

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23 Skidoo Reissues review 23 SKIDOO - SEVEN SONGS / URBAN GAMELAN (RONIN) that are reissued and finally in the shops this week.

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Review - Solefald - Pills Against the Ageless Ills

Another excellent review for Solefald - Pills Against the Ageless Ills with their unique blend of dark esoteric electro-metal. I hope to hear the album soon!

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Mortis - Smell of Rain

Playlouder review Mortis - Smell of Rain it seems that Mortis has changed direction indeed one of the tracks that I have heard from the album sounds like across between A-ha and Sisters of Mercy circa 1987. I never was a fan of Mortis previous music from the few tracks that I heard they were rather risible, bleak and boring and he still has that ridiculous face mask.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:58 AM

Rock Sound - Music with Attitude

Rock Sound the monthly British music magazine has launched a new website, that will compliment the magazine by offering daily news updates and a whole host of other features

Although Rock Sound front cover choices often annoy me (the magazine is aimed at a younger profile then myself i.e there is too much Nu Metal/ Nu Punk/ Generic by numbers loud rock), there is a lot of diversity of music covered in the magazine from black metal through to leftfield electronic releases to industrial/darkwave to Hardcore to leftfield hip hop such as Cannibal Ox and Clouddead to a whole host of rock bands from Trans Am to Elbow to Aerogramme to Tool to Anathema to Earthtone 9 to Mogwai etc.

Rock Sound are also willing to support new and upcoming artists (that the NME often ignore) and offer a free CD each month.

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The Brainwashed Brain

The Brainwashed Brain for this week including reviews of the following albums:

The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upwards

Lali Puna - Scary World Theory

"Swim Team 2" compilation - Swim is the label set up Wire's Colin Newman.

Christian Kleine - Beyond Repair

I have been reading The Brainwashed Brain regularly but not linking, here is a summary of recent past editions:

V04I39 - 10072001
Coil hit Europe, Fridge in N. America, Nurse with Wound reissue, Pan American / Komet / Fisherofgold, Tara Jane O'Neil, Loscil, Amp, Solex, Terrorists, Pole, The White Stripes, Skinny Puppy DVD's, UnderEZ for flatulence, what's in the Fridge player.

V04I38 - 09302001
Orchestra Terrestrial, Digital Terrestrial, Coh, Greg Weeks, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Anti Pop Consortium, ISAN, Merzbow, Hilmar �rn Hilmarsson, and the Tear Garden.

V04I37 - 09232001
C93 Cancels NY, Coil announces video, Carl Crack remembered, Fridge, Lustmord, � + Noto, Nick Parkin, Windy & Carl/Landing, Astrobrite, Susumu Yokata, Ex-Girl live, Ghost World and pictures from around the world.

V04I35 - 09092001
Telefon Tel Aviv, Rotoscope, Origami Galaktika, Pram, Bows, Godflesh, Techno Animal, Frankie Sparo, Detention, Maya Shore, Landing, Symptoms, "Or Some Computer Music 2", Lush Life Electronica, Four Questions with Scanner, Infinite Wheel's Dub Selector, and Low vs. the Thompson Twins.

V04I34 - 09022001
Coil, Einsturzende Neubauten, Little Annie, AFX, Black Faction, Aranos/Mueller/Rosenau, Thalia Zedek, Pullman, Niko Skorpio, Goldfrapp, Margaret Cho, Four Questions with Colin Newman and Malka Spigel, Local Band Gallery and Things You hate About your Roommate.

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Monday, October 22, 2001


Ben Christophers

It always is enjoyable to hear interesting new music on the radio from an artist that I am unfamiliar with, an example today being Ben Christophers that I heard on Late Junction on Radio 3 the title track off his forthcoming album Spoonface was played.

Ben Christophers music reminds me of a cross between a more acoustic Capitol K and Mark Hollis also their is hint of David Sylvian . Like Mark Hollis and laterday Talk Talk there is a lot of space in the music, attention to detail and deep reflection.

Ben Christophers album Spoonface is released on October 29th on the V2label. From doing some quick research on the web this is the follow up to Ben Christophers debut album My Beautiful Demon - an album that I completely missed out on, that was released two years ago back in the Summer of 1999. It seems the album was compared favourably to Jeff Buckley and Radiohead's the Bends by some critics.

More info @ The official Ben Christophers website. [At the Mo the server is down]

A recent life review of Ben Christophers from The Guardian

More Information available on the new album: Ben Christophers - Spoonface @ the reviewer describes the music as folk-electronica

Christophers' ethereal voice is anchored by crunchy beats, contemplative piano and slow-building, cyclical grooves.

I was most interested to find that the album was produced by Faultline's David Kosten a sonic artist I rate extremely highly for his exceptional last album Colder Closer

[So that's what he has being doing this year, and why the next Faultline album is delayed to Feb 2002.]

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Aphex Twin

No big surprise this week - Aphex Twin selected for front cover status. Drukqs is released today on Warp.

So far the reviews online and in print have been very mixed - ranging from heaped praise on Aphex Twin as a creative contemporary electronic composer through to those who judge the Aphex Twin work as derivative of 60s minimalism and 90s drillnbass.

Below are a few additional reviews of Drukqs that I have not linked to previously:

Metacritic reviews of Aphex Twin - Drukqs

Q4music review and Rolling Stone Review and The Independent review the end of the day though it is up to you as individual to experience and respond.

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Sunday, October 21, 2001


Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Chunky Records have updated their forthcoming releases including these:


BOLZ BOLZ - Human Race (Longhaul)

[I have mentioned this before, but note the bonus CD]

"Longhaul Records welcomes Bolz bolz to kick start the labels first album project of deep electronic grooves, 'Human Race' is a unique album of electro influenced by Detroit, created by one of Germany's leading electronic artists. Double Vinyl plus LIMITED EDITION DOUBLE CD, INITIAL COPIES COME WITH FREE 7 TRACK BONUS CD feat REMIXES OF 'TAKE A WALK' by PAUL DALEY (3 mixes) , SI BEGG, DJ BONE, JUSTIN BERKOVI and LA MONDE"

MOTORPYSCHO - Phanerothyme (Stickman)

[Worth mentioning again, because it sounds interesting]

"Brand New Studio Album From Norway's Finest. 9 Tracks Of Sublime Jazzy, Kraut, West Coast Psychedelic Rock With A Heavy Accent On The Pop, Imagine Moby Grape, Plush, Mc5, Burt Bacharach, Buffalo Springfield, Stereolab, Smog, Can, Notwist, High Llamas, Supersilent, But Theres So Much More Than Th At, Motorpsycho Transcend All Genres And Create A Niche Of Their Own"

TIMEBLIND - Rugged Redemption (Orthlorng) US Import

"Experimental in approach, lost in sound, but still twitching with rhythm, Chris Sattinger's music is an exact, high-tech, high-resolution rendering of a grainy, noisy, imperfect world. Rugged Redemption drops dub, pure techno and free jazz as its earthly reference points, varying from seriously-abstract hip-hop to sonic puddles of DSP haze"


BARRY ADAMSON & PAN SONIC - Motorlab 3 (Kitchen Motors) Icelandic Import

"A unique album by finnish electronic artists Pan Sonic, and Barry Adamson, formerly of magazine, the bad seeds, composer of countless scores & soundtracks, and respected sonic autuer in his own right. commissioned by kitchen motors to travel to reykjavik and compose a piece for the hljomeyki choir (conducted by horour bragason), the players have created a dark choral work bringing to mind Adamson's soundtrack work, seamlessly blended with Pan Sonic's deep and brooding pulsing electronics. this work truly comes to life under the re-editing skills of the hafler trio, shifting the composition from drifting cinematic ambience through to cut-up static rhythmic bursts. fans of both adamson and pan sonic will not be disappointed with this!"

CONVOCATION OF... Pyramid Technology (Tiger Style)

"Convocation Of... have released three records in as many years. From the Blue Cheer-esque psych/metal guitar work to the relentless, almost tribal, drum beats to the pounding rhythms of the bass lines, Convocation Of... are able to appeal to fans of pure energy rock and those who just appreciate the technical sophistication of the trio. 'For this record, the band has developed a richer sound by incorporating female vocals, organs and other instrumentation to push the limits of what the trio had previously accomplished on their two records with GSL. It's difficult to describe this music - it's heavy without the metal, it's punk with the rock, and it's post everything because what came before it was at least, in part, influenced by these three musicians' previous previous bands. Never mind, just decide for yourself"

JOHN HUGHES - Scarlet Diva (Hefty)

"John Hughes (aka. SLICKER ) scored the soundtrack for the Italian film Scarlet Diva with lush soundscapes and digital instrumenation... 'SCARLET DIVE' the movie was directed & stars Italian superstar Asia Argento (daughter of cult horror legend Dario argento). John Hughes is best known for his work as SLICKER and has recently finished collaborating with the ALUMINIUM GROUP. 'Scarlet Diva' includes collaborations with John McEntire (Tortoise, Sea & Cake) and the legendary Phil Ranelin (jazz trombonist and founder of Detroits infamous Tribe Records"

MAKOTO KAWABATA & RICHARD YOUNGS - Makoto Kawabata & Richard Youngs. (VHF) US Import CD

"This eponymous album of duets by Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) and Richard Youngs shows the pair in a relaxed yet psychedelic mood. Throughout the five untitled tracks, simple modal melodies are performed on acoustic guitar, autoharp, organ, voice and other instruments rubbing against the swirling production and layers of shifting haze. In all, some of the most beautiful sounds ever issued by either of these two gentlemen, both widely known for their edgy experimental work, is on this CD"

MONOLAKE - Cinemascope (Imbalance)

"MONOLAKE'S fourth album, titled Cinemascope, is a homage to the city in a truly cinematic way: opening sequences filmed from the roof of some imaginary highrise building, dust and heat, rain, clouds, and distant cars riding endless highways, nameless people sitting in empty bars, full of emotion and desire. In musical terms the music of Cinemascope skirts the boundaries between minimal techno, ambient, elektro, and broken beats"

RETINA. Volcano Waves. (Hefty)

[Finally released in the UK? ]

is an avant-electronic-experimental-noise project that explores the boundries of digital music. Sound manipulations without handles that falls somewhere between dance, electronica, and space"

SUNROOF - Bliss. (VHF) US Import 2CD

"The atmosphere of this somewhat delayed yet unstoppable annual collection from uk vibe maestro Matthew Bower and friends (who include members of Vibracathedral, Richard Youngs, and the fantastic Jazzfinger) is mostly spaced and buzzing instruments and voices hovering and floating in the dense mix, all running together like some sort of alien shortwave broadcast. this is li ke a more intense and interesting Flying Saucer Attack"

VARIOUS ARTISTS. Electric Ladyland-The Clickhop Version 1.0. (Mille Plateaux) 2CD

"MILLE PLATEAUX'S STRONGEST COMPILATION TO DATE, A FUSION OF HIP HOP and ELECTRONICA FEATURING EXCLUSIVE TRACKS BY HIGH PRIEST of ANTI POP CONSORTIUM, KID 606, VLADISLAV DELAY, SPECTRE , DIN, SAFETY SCISSORS and many more. Click-Hop Version 1.0 attempts to fuse the sensibilities of hip-hop and r'n'b with some of the leading members of hip-hop and electronic music's experimental underground. Highlights include the twisted sonic assault of NYC's HIGH PRIEST of THE ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM, DJ SPOOKY and his unique conceptualizations, VLADISLAV DELAY and the ghostly vocals of ANTYE from LAUB refabricating r'n'b, SPECTRE of the illustrious WORDSOUND label shape-shifting the crackle of a skipping record with free flowing beats and ambience to the digital electronic genius of ALVA.NOTO (aka CARSTEN NICOLAI) precise usage of sine tones FULLCLIP' soulful click-stepper and SAFETY SCISSORS timba-beated opus. Features exclusive, unreleased tracks from: HIGH PRIEST OF THE ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM, SPECTRE OF WORDSOUND, I-SOUND, DJ SPOOKY, CAPTAIN COMATOSE, RIP OFF ARTIST, KID606, JETONE, SAFETY SCISSORS, M.R.I., M2 AND MC CHIEF, TWINTONE, ANDREAS TILLIANDER, DIN, ALVA.NOTO, FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, MONOPHACE, ZULUTRONIC, DELTIDSESKAPISM, VLADISLAV DELAY AND ANTYE FROM LAUB, AKUFEN, GEOFF WHITE, FULLCLIP, ERRORSMITH, and others!"


DE FACTO - Legende Du Scorpion A Quatre Queues (Modern City)

"With the untimely demise of the critically acclaimed and universally praised AT THE DRIVE IN, there is one bonus: The group have fractured into several camps all exploring different musical styles. Here OMAR RODRIGUEZ & CEDRIC BIXLER (the afro'd pair) form the rhythm section and backbone for this Dub based new band. The music is Dub. Pure and Simple. In the lineage of AUGUSTUS PABLO, KING TUBBY & SCIENTIST, although the sound is, on the surface, a million miles away from ATD-I, the spirit and approach is still there"

MELOCHROME - Stay A Little Longer (Loose Thread)

"Second full-length from the Chicago-based Melochrome. Blending influences like the Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, My Bloody Valentine, and Miles Davis"

VITA - Ena (Force Inc)

"VITA is the alias for critically acclaimed recording artist MIKAEL STAVOSTAND"


310 - Downtown & Brooklyn Only (The Leaf Label)

"Long overdue reissue of the first two albums from NYC duo 310. The albums were released on their own very tiny imprint in very limited quantities. This two on one CD is their first full release. The CD features the albums: 'SNORKELHOUSE' - hypnotic loops and rhythms, fusing hiphop sensibilities with shadowy found sounds and distant voices. 'AUG 56' - a much darker album somewhere between DJ Spooky and Zoviet France"

DNTEL - Life Is Full Of Possibilities (Plug Research)

"From (almost) nowhere, and with the help of SLINT/ THE FOR CARNATION's BRIAN McMAHAN , DNTEL have come up with ONE OF THE LEFTFIELD ALBUMS OF THE YEAR, a STUNNING album of electronica and post rock...... A blissed out album with lush female vocals, minimal techno, haunting melodies buried in static, cut up acoustic guitars, sampled symphonies, found sounds and drones"

DUB TAYLOR - Detect (Force Tracks)

"Germany's Dub Taylor delivers his debut full length album to FORCE INC's sister imprint FORCE TRACKS and the all new deep house tracks, some with vocals, will be of definite interest to fans of the recent LUOMO album. Since 1996 ALEX KRUGER has been the source of some outstanding minimal deep house singles under many different guises including PSYCHOPLASMA, KORSAKOW, RETRONIC and HAIR. 'Detect' shows off Dub Taylor's skills with smooth, high melodic elements translated into a majestic songlike formation where chilled house rhythms integrate with classy vocals, filtered guitars and gratuitous synth hooks"

LAND OF THE LOOPS - Puttering About A Small Land (Up)

"Finally the new album from Land Of The Loops delivered four years after the first. Big Al serves up a fine set of new loops and grooves. Sophisticated, with a more laid back style, 'Puttering Around A Small Land' , is worth the long wait. After finishing school, Alain relocated to Seattle to put the finishing touches on his new masterpiece. With this release, Land Of The Loops prove themselves individuals in the cluttered world of electronic music. The innovators return to reinvent again and it's a party for everyone. Guest vocals from Takako Minekawa, Heather Lewis, Jovita Carpenter (Lady Mallard Of Volume All Star), and DJ Trouble"

MINOTAUR SHOCK - Chiff Chaffs And Willow Warblers (Melodic)

"Sublime, woozy, melodic, folk tinged electronica" (NME) "Equating roughly to Boards of Canada gone pop or Radiohead gone merrily leftfield" (Mixmag)

TELEFON TEL AVIV - Farenheit Fair Enough. (Hefty)

"'Farenheit Fair Enough' is the debut release from New Orleans duo Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper. Their unique sound is a hybrid of live acoustic instruments, electro beats and exploratory studio techniques. They gained the attention of Hefty Records on the basis of a 4 track demo & started work on this album. During this time, they also collaborated with Danny Lohner (NINE INCH NAILS) on 3 remixes for the NIN remix ep 'Things Falling Apart, remixes on A Perfect Circle's 'Judas' & '3 Libras' cds & composed the original score for the Touchstone movie 'New Port South' ...Telefon Tel Aviv merge their interests in modern / contemporary electronica, carefully crafted and passionate compositions /arrangements with lush fragile melodies & harmonic interplay"

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October 22nd - New Release Monday - biggest release week of the year !

October 22nd is a massive new release Monday for albums, [statistically the peak of the autumn album release schedule] including these highlights:

Three high profile Brit releases

Aphex Twin - Drukqs (Warp)
Mogwai - My Father, My King (Southpaw) 22 minutes ep
Pulp - We Love Life (Island)

Dark Metal

Anaal Nathrakh - Codex Necro (Mordgrimm)
Borknagar - Empiricism (Century Media)
Emperor - Prometheus The Discipline of Fire & Demise (Candlelight)
My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours (Peaceville)


Justin Robertson - Presents Revtone (Nuphonic)
Schmoov - While You Wait (DIY Discs)

Industrial rock

Godflesh - Hymns (Music for Nations)

Instrumental releases

Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder (Fat Cat)
Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid (Kranky)

Leftfield Hip Hop

Mr Len - Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind The Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummy Smacks (Matador)

Mix Compilations

V/A Chicago Trax (Unisex) The Original Sound of House
V/A - A Drum N Bass Mix album (Trust the DJ Records)


Will Haven - Carpe Diem (Music for Nations)

post hardcore/post punk influences

Dismemberment Plan - Change (De Soto/Southern Records)
The International Noise Conspiracy - A New Morning Changing Weather (Burning Heart)


Acid Mothers Temple - Absolutely Freak Out (Static Resonance) 2CD version of the deleted vinyl album with 45 minutes of extra music, comes packaged in a thick card gatefold wallet sleeve

Piano Magic - Seasonally Affective (Rocket Girl)
Soft Cell - Twelve Inch Singles (Mercury)
23 Skidoo - Seven Songs CD [reissue] (Ronin)
23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan CD [reissue] (Ronin)

FYI - this is the list of (Scheduled) album releases for Monday October 22nd !

Acid Mothers Temple - Absolutely Freak Out (Static Resonance)
Almighty - Psycho Narco (Sanctuary)
Anaal Nathrakh - Codex Necro (Mordgrimm)
Anathema - Resonance (Peaceville) (R)
Ancient - Proxima Centauri (Metal Blade)
Aphex Twin - Drukqs (Warp)
Ballboy - Club Anthems: The First Three EP's (SL Records)
Bolz Bolz - Human Race (Longhaul)
Borknagar - Empiricism (Century Media)
Dismemberment Plan - Change (De Soto)
Emperor - Prometheus The Discipline of Fire & Demise (Candlelight)
Eyeless In Gaza - Rust Red September (Cherry Red) (R)
Terrence Fixmer - Muscle Machine (International Deejay Gigolos)
Freeform - Audio Tourism (Quatermass)
Funker Vogt - Code 7477 (Metropolis)
Godflesh - Hymns (Music for Nations)
Heaven 17 - Remix Collection (Virgin VIP) (R)
Hecate Enthroned - Miasma (Blackend)
Beth Hirsch - Titles & Idols (K7)
The International Noise Conspiracy - A New Morning Changing Weather (Burning Heart)
In The Nursery - Engel (ITN Corporation)
Lefthand - On Discovering Fire (3rd Stone/ Rayman)
Mr Len - Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind The Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummy Smacks (Matador)
Loscil - Triple Point (Kranky)
Mogwai - My Father My King (Southpaw) Cdep
Mortis - Smell of Rain (Earache)
My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours (Peaceville)
Orange Can - Home Burns (Regal)
Piano Magic - Seasonally Affective (Rocket Girl) (R)
Pulp - We Love Life (Island)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Nothing Wrong / Blow (Cherry Red) (R)
Reign Of Erebus - Humanracist (Blackend)
Robert Rich - Bestiary (Cold Meat Industry)
Justin Robertson - Presents Revtone (Nuphonic)
Run Level Zero - Symbol of Submission (Memento Materia)
Schindler - Raising Cain (Eastworld)
Schmoov - While You Wait (DIY Discs)
Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder (Fat Cat)
Soft Cell - Twelve Inch Singles (Mercury) (R)
Peter F Spiess - Crystal Polymorphs (Klang) UK release
Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid (Kranky)
Jimi Tenor - Utopian Dream (Sahko)
Terre Thaemlitz - Oh,No! It's Rubato.. (Mille Plateaux)
23 Skidoo - Seven Songs CD [reissue] (Ronin)
23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan CD [reissue] (Ronin)
Will Haven - Carpe Diem (Music for Nations)
V/A Chicago Trax (Unisex)
V/A - A Drum N Bass Mix album (Trust the DJ Records)

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Saturday, October 20, 2001


Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases

This week's new releases @ Pelicanneck include:

APHEX TWIN - Drukqs - Warp - 2CD

It�s not often that we find ourselves unable to think of an opening gambit for one of our write-ups on this list. �Drukqs� faces us with such a challenge � not knowing where to start, how to describe the unfeasibly elaborate and indulgent (in the best way) vinyl edition, how to pick which of the 30 tracks to relate, and, hardest of all, how to overcome the fact that most Aphex releases only really sink in after a couple of years of repeated us a chance to catch up with the great man and his fast evolving ideas. Well, simply put, �Drukqs� roughly splits itself between Richard James� experiments with Prepared Piano, sometimes reminiscent of Satie�s breathtaking work, and heavily, intricately produced percussive tracks that veer towards high-speed breaks territory. The opening �Jynweythek� falls into the former category, astonishingly accomplished and well crafted pictures of beauty, emotionally pregnant and breathtakingly formed. �Vordhosbn� comes next and sets the stage for the latter of these two flavours, the production and beat-construction are hard to comprehend in one sitting, there really isn�t much by way of comparison to this developed assemblage. Unlike Squarepusher�s beat trickery, for instance, Aphex�s talent lies in the balance between the seemingly discordant heap of beats and the fact that, hollistically, things become incredibly tight, and incredibly organised. But this academic review by and large misses the point � this is music that requires no interpretation, only close listening followed by a mixture of inspiration and awe. Not being a great fan of double albums (let alone quads!), there is a part of me that would have loved to have seen a single LP version of �Drukqs�, but given that there are a host of ludicrously good moments on this gargantuan album, such qualms are easily laid to rest. All that can be left to be said at this moment in time is � Investigate.

FIGURINE - The Heartfelt - Monika

Figurine create electronic pop music, perfectly poised at the transition between millenia. Hints of eighties synth pop mingle with early rave and current experimental electronics. A frantic, jungle break beat is coaxed into a sweet pop structure, all the while, girl/boy vocals sing of love and loss in an increasingly digital world. The result is something both fresh and familiar, a soundtrack to a future where both love and technology are of primary concern. The three members of Figurine live in separate cities, as a consequence, Figurine music is mostly created through independent work, traded recordings, and long-distance correspondence. The three members also pursue individual recording and remix projects as james, meredith, and david figurine. david and james just recently released a split 12" on uk label catmobile presenting some of their solo works. James also records under the name Dntel (for phthalo and plug research records) and was a founding member of the now defunct post-rock band strictly ballroom. Now finally we have their new full length, the heartfelt, which finds the three less interested in the sounds of the past and the world of the future, instead focusing on love in the present. the sound is still technopop, but finds it's inspiration more in the 90s and 00s, with nods to techno, house, booty music, glitch and just about every other electronic style you can think of. Monika continues to charm.

FREEFORM - Audio Tourism - Quatermass

Audio Tourism is the superb follow-up to Freeform's acclaimed �Green Park� LP and is based on a 2 month trip taken by Simon Pyke around East Asia last year taking in Vietnam and China. Pyke examines the relationship between organic/harmonic acoustics and the erruptions of the studio and its machines. The tracks range from slow building atmospheric snaps, interspersed with hints of Gamelan and toms, to beat driven percussive, almost looped tracks. The connecting influences, obviously Eastern, makes this collection a deeply engaging listen, far removed from the throwaway IDM that permeates a lot of releases within the genre. "The idea was to source snapshots of life", he says. "To collect sounds and instruments unique to the environment - the lashing monsoon, the serenity of Lugu Lake, the intense song of the Cicadas, and the chatter of Saigon." The artwork is by Designers Republic, and the LP sleeve is a lovely textured surface (think paper Lego). The CD includes 1 bonus track, and a full-colour 24 page booklet in a limited edition slipcase. Gorgeous.

TATSUHIKO ASANO - Genny Haniver - Geist

We won�t mince our words here � this is one of the most affecting, lovely and heartwarming album�s we�ve heard all year. Not exactly known for their love of melody, DHR�s Geist offshoot label have been planning Tatsuhiko�s debut release for several years. The result is a magical blend of diverse instrumentation : slide guitar, strings, an array of percussion...and extremely developed and weel crafted electronics. Like Fennesz on Pop, Tortoise on psychedelics, Stock Hausen and Walkman on love pills.....this is stunningly original terrain from a hitherto unkown artist of immense talented proportions. A record that�s hard to take off......a record that melts with compassion and genuine, unrestrained optimism. Essential.

MR LEN - Pity the fool - Matador

MR.LEN spent the last six years recording, performing and touring the world with Company Flow, and helping give rise to the global indie/underground hip hop sensation through the group�s seminal release �Funcrusher Plus�. �Pity the Fool� is his first solo offering, full of hard, dark funk, subversive melodies, dark street-beats, fractured dub bass and the inimitable DJ skills that established Mr. Len as an innovative master. His collaborators comprise the best of what�s happening in the underground today: Juggaknots, Mr. Live, Mass Influence, Dilated Peoples, Jean Grae, What What?, and Arsonists, among others. Check.

LOSCIL - Triple point - Kranky

Vancouver resident Scott Morgan records and performs under the name Locsil, using sampler, synths, fx, and a dose of computer programming. The album is based on the concepts of thermodynamics, the physical science which investigates the conversion of heat into mechanical force or energy and vice versa. Basically supreme ambient beatscape drifts from the allways interesting and quality driven Kranky. Recommended.

PIANO MAGIC - Seasonally affective Rocket Girl

Piano Magic, always the most varied and loosely manned of experimental collectives, have always managed to reach their creative peak within their numerous single releases. This long awaited double CD spans some four years of the exciting start to the career of Piano Magic and includes all the singles and rare compilation appearances from 1996 to 2000! Classic tracks to be found here include : Wrong French, The Fun Of The Century, Music For Annahbird, There's No Need For Us To Be Alone and many more. Superb.

STARS OF THE LID - The tired sounds of - Kranky

Oh boy!! A new album by the Stars always sends chill's down our spines here at the Neck. This album titled, as in nocturnal sweet dreaming, is a six suite work cut over six sides of lush US grade A vinyl and double CD, titles.. Requiem For Dying Mothers, Austin Texas Mental Hospital, Broken Harbors, Mullholland, Piano Aquieu, Ballad Of Distances and A Lovesong (For Cubs)+. Their usual minimal sound palette is expanded upon this time with the inclusion of strings, horns and piano in addition to guitars and field recordings. A personal innerspace that's relaxed, poised and breathtakingly beautiful. Highly Recommended.

TOMAHAWK - Tomahawk - Ipecac

Ipecac follow up the hugely acclaimed Fantomas album with their biggest production to date.
Tomahawk is a new project featuring ex Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton, Duane Dennison of the fearsome Jesus Lizard, John Stanier from Helmet and Kevin Rutmanis from the mighty Melvins! Tomahawk was recorded during May and June 2001. Fans of Mike Patton�s most recent work in Fantomas and Maldoror may be surprised to learn that he has returned to a more straight forward vocal sound. Denison�s twisted, dirty blues guitar riffs are picked straight from the gutter and mingle with John Stainer�s ultra powerful, syncopated drumming style while Kevin Rutmani�s distorted very low end provides a nasty foundation for Patton to add his trademark operatic bastard like vocals to. Fierce.

TRICOLOR - Non participant and milk - Atavistic

Comprised of Tatsu Aoki (Fred Anderson Trio) on bass, Jeff Parker (Tortoise/Isotope/Boxhead) on guitar, and David Pavkovic (T.O.E./Boxhead) on drums, Tricolor has delivered a great second full-length album entitled �Non participant and Milk�. Recorded live at Chicago's Hothouse, the LP finds them at their elemental best- the telekinetic vibes are flowing more freely than ever. Less composed and much more adventurous than their debut album, the tracks here superbly document Tricolor's uncanny improvisational sense as well as their uniquely tuneful nature.

23 SKIDOO - Seven Songs - Ronin

Unavailable for over 10 years , copies change hands for �25. Went straight to No.1 in Indie Charts when originally released in 1982. Produced by Tony, Terry and David aka Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson from Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV . Out of print since the late 80s Original artwork by Neville Brody.

23 SKIDOO - Urban Gamelan - Ronin

Includes �F.U.G.I.�, the alternative version of underground smash �Coup� legendarily plundered by The Chemical Brothers for �Block Rockin� Beats�, and sampled by Ice T and many others, �Coup� is the original dancehall bomb. Originally released in 1984, and more recently championed by Gilles Peterson, Andrew Weatherall, Patrick Forge and host of superstar DJs, this is the original post apocalyptic funk. First 23 Skidoo LP featuring services of now longtime member bassist Sketch.

JIMI TENOR - Utopian Dream - Sahko

Fantastic new album from Jimi Tenor, back to his finest possible form : cinematic, mellow and deeply spaced out. Having completed his three album deal with Warp, the Finnish legend returns to his original label PUU/SAHKO. �Utopian Dream� is a highly accessible album more in the original stripped down, intimate, fresh style that got him noticed in the first Place with his �Europa� and �Sahkomies� full-length�s, but lacking nothing in groove, mellow vibe or deep spaced out aura.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:51 PM

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