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Thursday, February 28, 2002


Aquarius Records New Arrivals List #131

Aquarius Records New Arrivals List 131 including reviews of:

SALVATORE - Clingfilm (Racing Junior)

BOARDS OF CANADA - Geogaddi (Warp)

BURNT BY THE SUN - Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution (Relapse)

DELAY, VLADISLAV - Naima (Staubgold)

HECKER, TIM - Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again (Substractif)

JAPANESE TELECOM - Virtual Geisha (International Deejay Gigolo)

L. STINKBUG - The Allure Of Roadside Curios (Starlight Furniture Company)

SHALABI EFFECT - The Trial Of St. Orange (Alien 8)


# posted by DJ Martian 12:52 AM

A Small Good Thing - Album due April report:


A Small Good Thing release 'Slim Westerns Vol II' on April 29, the long-awaited follow up to the 1994 'Slim Westerns' (released on US label Soleilmoon).

Like its predecessor, 'Slim Westerns Vol II' is a highly evocative soundtrack to an imaginary Western: think Morricone, Badalamenti, Adamson, Cooder, Calexico and The KLF�s Chill Out for a taste of the frontier ambience ASGT have made their own.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:26 AM

Wednesday, February 27, 2002


Jonny L - New Music coming in April

Bombsounds report that Jonny L has signed to Goldie's Heads Up label

Jonny L in some time, stepping to the label with "Synchronise / Phreak" (METH45) due in April

No news of plans for album yet - but lets hope that Jonny L does follow up his Magnetic album soon!

# posted by DJ Martian 10:52 PM


STNT is mostly French language website that covers the more leftfield/ experimental fringes of contemporary music culture. There are some news entries in English, as well as links and playlists etc.

SANS TAMBOUR NI TROMPETTE - Hard core - Noise - Rock - Electronica - Free - Improvisation - Experimental

# posted by DJ Martian 10:38 PM

the Milkfactory - March Reviews

themilkfactory delivers another month load of reviews including:

[Summaries below are the milkfactory's - visit their website for full reviews! ]

XINLISUPREME - Tomorrow Never Comes

Japanese duo Xinlisupreme's first album, Tomorrow Never Comes, promises to shake up both the rock establishment and the padded confinments of IDM. Vaguely reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, KID606 and everything in between, this album is a definite winner.

[A day after I proclaimed Xinlisupreme as an exceptional talent for 2002, the milkfactory seconds my motion ! with a stunning 5/5 review]

Xinlisupreme have created with Tomorrow Never Comes a truly magnificent record, fuelled by its own perverse abstraction and complexity. Impressive in many respects, this album is above all persistently beautiful and utterly dramatic.


One of the most proheminent figures of the British dance scene comes back with a brand new album. Follow up to 1997's Headphoneasy Rider, Sacred Machine explores once again the darker side of minimal techno. This album proves if necessary that Ford hasn't lost his touch.


Nearly four years after releasing the seminal Music Has The Right To Children, Scottish duo Boards Of Canada return with another gem. Nothing has changed much here, and for once, it is a rather good news.

CAPITOL K - Island Row

When he released Island Row on Planet Mu a couple of years ago, Capitol K's main man Kristian Robinson wasn't entirely happy with the finished product, so he returned to the studio, reworked on it, and offers now a very different record.

CHRIS DOOKS - To Look North

Chris Dooks is a respected filmmaker, and is becoming recognised as an important member of the electronic scene. Following on his recent Bovine Life project, Chris presents a totally different project, based on his recent residency at the University Of Teesside, in Newcastle. Built around sonic excerpts taken from films documenting life in the North of England over the last hundred years, this record encompases Dooks's visual and audio work.

FUNKST�RUNG - Vice Versa

Second collection of remixes from the Funkst�rung crew, and a very different to Additional Productions at that. The remixes and collaborations presented here add some funk to the harsh electronic. Brilliant.

GAMMON & KHAN - Stitch

Stitch is a twenty-two minute film about a little town in South Alabama, and more precisely about the tradition of quilt making cultivated by a group of women over decades. The soundtrack, provided by Austrian Gammon and Khan, contrasts with the subject of the film by its modernity.

PSI PERFORMER - Art Is A Division Of Pain - Remixed 1&2

Released last year, PSI Performers's Art Is A Division Of Pain was a brilliant collection of dark intimist electronica. As the tracks get the remix treatment, by the likes of Gimmik, Ovuca, Two Lone Swordsmen or 310, and are collected on two absolutely essential albums

# posted by DJ Martian 6:43 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Xinlisupreme

This week's front cover choice is Xinlisupreme. They are from Japan. This is the most intoxicating, exhilarating and exciting new music I have listened to in 2002. Their debut album Tomorrow Never Comes will be unleashed on March 18th on Fat Cat Records.

I have listened to a few tracks from Xinlisupreme and I am overwhelmed by the twisted sonic power overdrive, you read it her first but I predict Xinlisupreme are about to unleash a masterpiece that come the end of year will be a leftfield landmark album of 2002. Their sound as outlined below:

The debut album from this stunning new Japanese band. This is getting rave feedback already. If you loved early Jesus & Marychain, or My Bloody Valentine, this is for you. 11 great diverse tracks, drenched in feedback and DMX beats open out a dazzling, obsessive and highly emotional soundscape.

..the music hits you as supreme as My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realize or The Jesus and Mary Chain on Psychocandy with updated, advanced better production. There are waves and waves of textured sonics as the music builds up, psychedelic walls of noise going up levels - the power in the music is immense - not since the 2nd Gen album last year - has music connected to me on these levels. Indeed this is not just guitar music, severe twisted electronics play a role - ala 2nd Gen or Panacea.

Where BRMC are a just comfort pleasant radio listen, Xinlisupreme reach for the skies and hit outer orbit. It is my belief as I have mentioned many a time before that music press should set the agenda, take risks and back artistic music regardless of previous profile - by putting Xinluspreme in the limelight - this is recognition of their supreme artistic talent.

The build up to Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes on Fat Cat Records on March 18th - starts here. You have the knowledge - Use it. Yes it is a few weeks to go - but Xinlisupreme demand the advance attention NOW and your adoration.

[Back in the real world the NME are boring me rigid with their stupid and irrelevant Carling Music Awards - strung out over two flaming weeks! Just reading the winners list is tedious The Strokes, Ian Brown, Radio 1 Evening Session, Ash, U2 best live act, Lostprophets etc. This certainly did not represent my music interests in 2001. Xinluspreme are needed as a strong tonic to this ghastly view of music that NME supports.]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 AM

Tuesday, February 26, 2002


Chunky Records - Coming Soon

More forthcoming additions @ Chunky Records - Coming Soon including these:


JACKMATE - Ghetto Of My Mind (Authentic Music) German Import

"Arriving through the reliable Kompakt crew, Jackmate delivers his first full length album. 8 tracks cover the spectrum of techno, all in the best possible taste. The opening track 50Hz funks into it straight away, using an off-beat chord stab that seems to add the �swing� effect that�s used in modern day R&B, a booty-shaker for sure. The title track itself is a classic techno track, just check the bassline stabbing under the beat, a real groove is created, it�s a straight up floor winner with an added voice sample saying �bass ghetto style". The rest of the tracks hold up very well, the bpm�s are slightly varied which is ace for dj�s and breaks the album up well. Kompakt choose the cream of the crop so often it�s uncanny, keep it going Kompakt"

STEWART WALKER - Reclamation 1997-1999 (Persona) US Import

"Stewart's first long player on his Persona imprint is a collection of rare and unreleased material. Stretching from the minimal techno territory that he does so well, to soundscape like ambience, this is an opportunity to see both sides of this highly respected producer. After releases on Tresor, Force inc, and Ritchie Hawtin's Minus label Stewart decided to start Persona as a platform for his own music"


EL-P - Cannibal Oxtramentals (Def Jux) US Import

"Finally (And Probably Just Before The Bootlegs Start To Appear), The Instrumental Versions Of Last Year's Genre-Shaking 'Cold Vein' By Cannibal Ox, A Record Whose Backdrops Were So Dramatic And Expectation-Twisting That They Fully Deserve To Be Heard As A Suite In Their Own Right With The Producer Occupying Centre-Stage"

CHRIS SMITH - Map Ends 1995-2000 (Emperor Jones) US Import

"Melbourne's Chris Smith Has Released Two Previous Australia-Only Cds. His Dead C Like Guitar Fog Has Garnered Him Many Fans. This Cd Compile Material From The Second "Replacement" Cd Release Plus New Material. For Fans Of The Dead C, Stars Of The Lid, Roy Montgomery And Glue"


AUDIO EXPLORATIONS - Audio Explorations (Action Reaction) US Import

"Sophomore album from Jacksonville, FL duo follows their ambitious debut on Stripmine & outstrips even that effort. Textural, highly atmospheric pop music centered on guitar & drums with newly added bass & synths to round out the soundscapes. Beautiful, somber, intricately adorned lo-fi melodies. Fans of such purveyors as Church, Galaxie 500, A Set, Low or even Disco Inferno will definitely enjoy. RECOMMENDED"

ATOM TM - Replicant Rumba Rockers (Non Place)

"AtomTM has spent the last decade eccentrically cranking up and taking techno and Latin-style vocabularies to digital extremes, under a swathe of pseudonyms including ATOM HEART, SENOR COCONUT, LB, GEEEZ 'N' GOSH, SUBSEQUENCE, LOS SAMPLERS and many, many more. Nonplace label-boss Burnt Friedman trawled through tunes from the Latin- inspired RI repertoire and concocted a continuous mix of AtomTM-penned delights Time to give the record selector a break, he thought, and time to make the music of AtomTM available on vinyl (almost every RI title has been released on CD only). At times drastically editing, at others subtly overdubbing, Burnt Friedman blends his own favourite RI moments into an emphatically rhythmic, acoustically coherent yet stylistically extravagant audio cinemascape"

TONY CONRAD - Early Minimalism Vol 1. (Table Of The Elements) Ltd US Import 4CD Boxset

"After Being Out Of Print For Two Years Plus, We Can Announce The Return Of The Tony Conrad Boxset. A Set Comprising 4 Cds In Individual Jewel Cases, Packaged Inside A Slipcase Box With A 96 Page Book. These Recordings From 1964-65 Feature The Music From Conrad's Amplified Strings Creating A Sustained Drone Which Was To Become Known As "Minimal" Music. "A Landmark Recording In Every Sense" (The Wire)

HEIKO LAUX - Ornaments (Kanzleramt)

"Ornaments" reflects bits and pieces of all the previous records: the Detroit flavour of "Liquidism" and "Souldancer", the laidback mood of the "Old School Street", the house tunes of the Yoshitoshi record and finally the jazz-appeal and funk of "Sense Fiction"

MORIKA - Plee (Mille Plateaux)

"Stockholm's ANDREAS TILLIANDER aka MOKIRA caught everyone's attention with last year's influential Raster Noton release CLIP-HOP, then followed by MILLE PLATEAUX's LJUD, the latter being one of the label's most popular releases of 2001...and rightfully so. MOKIRA has the uncanny ability to take the popular aesthetic of minimalist glitchy soundscapes then spasmodically integrate it with the essence of r'n'b and hip-hop's most outlandish sensibilities. 'Plee' is a key link between popular hip-hop and r'n'b production and the new wave of experimental electronics"

NOIZECREATOR - NoizeCreator (Ambush) US Import CD

"Another quality Ambush release from Dresden's hardcore-meister NOIZECREATOR, proving that like Poland's own Slepcy (Ambush), all the best extreme electronics are coming out of the former Eastern Bloc. Must be something in the vodka. Stefan Senf has been a consistent force and presence in the hardcore techno scene since he started producing back in '94, selling a ton of straight 4/4 hardcore with his own labels Brutal Chud & Russian Roulette. He branched out into more experimental breakcore territories in '97 with his existing labels Suburban Trash Industries & Appareil. A first outing on a UK label by this drum & noise specialist, these tracks are a pulverising sonic barrage that are guaranteed to tear down more twisted dancefloors and experimental sessions in the Ambush tradition. Noize Creator's achievement here is a measured combination of fast (and refreshingly clean) breaks, troughs of tense, brooding silence and sheets of visceral, tooth-jarring noise, all executed with clinical precision and fused into complex arrangements. Determined to push electronic dance music to new extremes, Ambush remain committed to exposing the most advanced and radical signals from the digital underground"

RUISORT - Acapulco Now (Certificate 18)

"This album is a splendid post lounge electronica collection, full of electro / chillout moods through to breakbeat mirages, and would sit happily in any collection of downtempo grooves. Featuring Fussibles' (part of the Nortec collective) uptempo rework of Ruisorts 'Suite Caleta' in breaks fashion, the diversity of this whole project cannot be questioned (the artists influences ranging from Uwe Schmidt, Kraftwerk, The Orb, Howie B and Kruder & Dorfmeister - all of who are felt within these grooves)"

VARIOUS ARTISTS - True Spirit - Tresor Compilation (Tresor) 3CD Boxset

"ONE OF THE FINEST TECHNO COMPILATIONS EVER TO CELEBRATE TRESOR'S 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. This album celebrates A DECADE OF TECHNO HISTORY, a definitive historical guide to Tresor's vital contributions to the Electronic Underground. The exclusively designed digi box includes 48-pages booklet with details about the history of Tresor club and label,the artists, photos and tracks. TRIPLE CD ana DOUBLE VINYL, highlights include FOR THE FIRST TIME ON CD, tracks by JEFF MILLS, MODEL 500 akaJUAN ATKINS, JOEY BELTRAM, THE ADVENT, BLAKE BAXTER and SURGEON as well as HARD TO FIND CLASSICS by UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE/X-101, MAURIZIO, VAINQUER, CRISTIANVOGEL, MARSHALL JEFFERSON, K.HAND, EDDIE FLASHIN' FOWLKES, ROBERT HOOD,NEIL LANDSTRUMM, 3MB and BAM BAM. 38 tracks (3.5 hours!) of pure Techno and House from one of the most influential labels in Electronic music ever. Of note to all Tresor fans and rare record collectors will be the EXCLUSIVE exclusive appearances of JEFF MILLS' Hypnotist and Late Night (Mills Mix), JOEY BELTRAM'S Ball Park (DJ Rush First Bass Mix), THE TINY ROBOT (akaDANIEL BELL) debut, MIKE DEARBORN'S rare remix of JOEY BELTRAM'S Game Form, OPTIC NERVE'S Premonition, K.HAND'S Mystery and many more hard-to-find and extremely rare collectors titles. VINYL : first 2000 include b/w Tresor logo poster feat. X-101, 3 Phase�s Klang Der Familie, unreleased and exclusive tracks by Jeff Mills, Tiny Robot aka Daniel Bell (Tiny Robot), unreleased and exclusive mixes: Joey Beltram�s Ball Park by DJ Rush, Beltram�s Game Form by Mike Dearborn and many many more rare classics includng X-101�s Sonic Destroyer- currently only available on True Spirit, Jeff Mills� Hypnotist (exclusive/unreleased), two hard-to-get-tracks by Maurizio and Vainqueur , first licensed from Basic Channel for Tresor Compilation"


BRICK LAYER CAKE - Whatchamacallit (Touch & Go) US Import

"Brick Layer Cake Is The Solo Project Of Todd Trainer, Drummer Of Shellac, Rifle Sport And Breaking Circus. This, His Second Solo Record Was Recorded With Steve Albini At His Electrical Audio Engineering Studio. In The Seven And A Half Years Since His Debut Solo, Trainer Has Moved Away From Simple Four Track Fooling Around To A Fully Realized Rock And Roll, He Plays All The Instruments On This Record. Imagine T Rex On A Boatload Of Painkillers, Or As Albini Says "Imagine Nick Drake On Downers Fronting Black Sabbath, If Black Sabbath Played Only The Good Parts Of Their Songs "


SAGE FRANCIS - Personal Journals (Anticon) US Import

"The Emotionally Intense Songs, Freestyle Rhymes And Vocal Collages Of Sage Francis Have Been Revealed To The Huge Anticon Fanbase Via His Two Self-Released Cd Scrapbooks. Now It's Time For The Rest Of The World To Pay Attention To 'Personal Journals', A Comprehensive And Definitve Introduction To A Unique Mc And Inspired Verbal Artist. Serviced In The Beats Department By A Host Of Anticon Producers, Including Sixtoo, Jel (Atmosphere / Them / Deep Puddle Dynamics), Mayonnaise, Odd Nosdam, Mr Dibbs, Alias, And Others. An Album Destined To Be The Touchstone For Emo-Hop. Don't Waste Time Waiting For Ninja Tune To Make Your Mind Up For You By Signing Sage For An Album Next Year (Like Clouddead In 2001 And The Fog Right Now)"

# posted by DJ Martian 8:51 PM

Doves - The Last Broadcast - New Album

Epic Manchester rock band, Doves will release a new album, The Last Broadcast on April 29th, this will follow up the much praised Lost Souls album.

A single called There Goes the Fear, will be released on April 15th

From the Heavenly record label's website:

The first single from the album, "There Goes The Fear" will get it's first, exclusive play, in all it's full 7 and a half minute glory, on Steve Lamacq's Evening Session on Wednesday 27th Febraury

I don't normally endorse the Lamacq show - indeed I avoid his show and selection of "alternative" music but as this is an upfront exclusive I thought it worth a mention!

# posted by DJ Martian 6:40 PM

Trans Am album due May

Pitchfork are once again on the ball with details of the forthcoming album by Trans Am - tentatively titled T.A.

[According to record company sources this will be released May 6th.]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:03 PM

Throwing Muses - The Return of

Pitchfork alert us to the news that Throwing Muses are to reform for one album!

The rumors were a bit premature, but now it's "official" -- there WILL be another Throwing Muses record!

It's recorded, but not yet mixed and is due out late January 2003.

Personnel will be Kristin, David and Bernard with Tanya doing backing vocals on several songs. The recordings rock. Hard. The few people who have heard what was done have all commented on the speed, intensity and rawness of the songs -- 12 in all.

Excellent news. I still rate the debut album by Throwing Muses that came out in August 1986 as one of most vibrant, cathartic and passionate albums of alltime. However I have never seen in it on one of those greatest albums of all time lists, and yet ghastly muck by Alanis "the horse" Morissette regularly appears !

# posted by DJ Martian 12:13 AM

The Brainwashed Brain - V05I07 - 02242002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

In The Beginning, There Was Rhythm

The Wake - Harmony & Singles

Shalabi Effect - The Trial of St-Orange

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Monday, February 25, 2002


The Wire - March Edition

This month's The Wire magazine has Sonic Youth on the front cover.

On the cover:
SONIC YOUTH SPECIAL: Hello 21 st Century: Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo talk through their involvement with the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Los Angeles, and dispense the secrets of eternal Youth. Plus The Primer: A collector's pathway through the recorded catalogue of the sovereigns of Daydream Nation plus a host of Sonic Youth solo side trips.
Also featured: Sam Rivers, Sofa Records, Mus�e M�canique, Steinski's Invisible Jukebox, Cex, Bohman Brothers, Christof Migone, Thomas Buckner and much more

Beatless, The Nels Cline Singers, Hugh Davies, Diskaholics Anonymous Trio, Do Make Say Think, Jewlia Eisenberg, Fog, Erik Friedlander, Giles & Fripp, David Grubbs, The Herbaliser, Jaga Jazzist, Jason Kahn, Locust, Massacre, Will Menter, Monolight, Mujician, Gordon Mumma, Jack Nitzsche, Dylan Nyoukis, Frank Pahl & Klimperei, Radio Boy, Req, Rocket From The Tombs, Sand, Sandoz , Soul Center, Joseph Suchy, Town And Country, Tu M', Various: A New Guide To Sound Sculpture And Invented Instruments Vol 1, Iannis Xenakis, Xinlisupreme, Richard Youngs, John Zorn and more

Free Agents: A History Of Washington DC Graffiti (Roger Gastman);
Dondi White: Style Master General: The Life Of Graffiti Artist Dondi White
(Andrew 'Zephyr' Witten and Michael White); In Their Own Write: Adventures In The Music Press (Paul Gorman); Moonchild: The Films Of Kenneth Anger (Jack Hunter); In Griot Time (Banning Eyre); Latin: 100 Essential CDs - The Rough Guide (Sue Steward); An Emotional Memoir Of Martha Quinn (Alan Licht)

Merz Nite in London, Cannibal Ox + Aesop Rock in San Francisco, Brigitte Fontaine in London, Frequencies [Hz] in Frankfurt, After The Loop in New York

Source: The Wire e-mail The Conduit 03.02

# posted by DJ Martian 4:32 PM

Flo-Motion on Xfm

Nick Luscombe's excellent Flo-motion show on Xfm moves to a New time! Tune into Flo-Motion, 22:00-01:00 from Sunday February 24.

[Flo-motion is the best leftfield electronic music show on British radio with a range of atmospheric grooves from deep house through to IDM/experimental electronics to some drumnbass to ambient to offbeat leftfield downtempo cuts. I recommend you sign up to the weekly mailing list to see what Nick Luscombe plays, also wherever you are in the world the radio show can be picked up via the web! Give it a go sometime - put in your diary now!]

also details of a club night: Flo-Motion To Make Its Club Night Debut

Join Nick Luscombe, Pilote & Tom Middleton at the first Flo-Motion night on March 7 @ Cargo featuring an unpredictable, cutting edge selection of electronica, atmospheric grooves and beat-filled weirdness from global clubland.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:12 AM

Black Dog

Absorb review the black dog + black sifichi - unsavoury products (hydrogen dukebox)

... 'unsavoury products' is the result of the black dog teaming up with parisian poet and artist black sifichi to celebrate the works of william 'naked lunch' burroughs. electronic beat poetry if you will. now for those unfamiliar with the work of burroughs needn't worry. an appreciation isn't needed for the twenty tracks on offer. twenty tracks of complex rhythms, dense basslines and off-kilter effects. all fused with the distinctive growling voice of black sifichi. the black dog's use of arabic and eastern song structures that defined his work with ofra haza ('babylon') so well is also here, both in terms of rhythm and melody.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Sunday, February 24, 2002


Billy Nasty Compilation - VARIOUS (BILLY NASTY) "BN01" (TRUST THE DJ)

Godbrain Distribution have details of a Billy Nasty compilation coming out through Trust the DJ label in March. Billy Nasty is one of the leading DJs in techno music in the UK.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 PM

TownB - Underground Music Webcast Network

TownB - Underground Music Webcast Network offers realtime live audio feeds from a range of music radio stations around the world, including Kiss 100 from London.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:07 PM

Interesting music portal site for current dance music

# posted by DJ Martian 11:04 PM

The Gathering report that epic Dutch rock band The Gathering have split with their record company, Century Media. This does not come as any surprise as The Gathering have been openly critical of Century Media regarding the marketing and promotion of the band.

The Gathering are now in the process of negotiation with several labels and distributors while simultaneously writing the follow-up to 2000's acclaimed If_Then_Else effort.

The Gathering next album will be due in the Autumn,

Early indicators say the album will be "gloomy and dark," a sort of post-nightmare in sound and feeling. The Gathering also say their new material contains the "best tracks we ever wrote," and will be one piece of music, no fragments.

Ulver Vocalist to appear on next album

In similar news, The Gathering is collaborating with Ulver mainman Trickster G (aka Christophorus G. Rygg) for their next album. Rutten says The Gathering is coming up with ideas for Trickster G to develop and there will definitely be a song where Trickster G and The Gathering frontwoman Anneke van Giersbergen sing together

On a side note I still rate The Gathering's - How To Measure A Planet? as one of the finest rock albums of the 90s.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:04 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2002


Clinic - Walking With Thee review Clinic - Walking With Thee

# posted by DJ Martian 8:22 PM

Jah Wobble & Temple Of Sound - 'Shout At The Devil' review Jah Wobble & Temple Of Sound - 'Shout At The Devil'

This album is released on February 25th.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:34 PM

Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases

Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases include:

CORNELIUS - Point - Matador

This is the eagery anticipated new full-length from Tokyo�s multi-talented Keigo Oyamada, aka Cornelius. Much has been made in the press over the last few weeks over the ingenuity and excellence of this LP, and it really never fails to dissappoint. The sound is an amalgamation of Folk, Bacharachian whimsy, punk, electronica and, above all, Pop. The intrigue is supplied with the diversification and experimentation with technique employed by Keigo in his studio :unusual field recordings, the sounds of trickling water, delicate filtration adjustments and so on. The opening �Bug� sets the scene perfectly, accoustic foundations and a chug-a-long rhythm, the vocal sounding vaguely Stereolab/High Llamas -ish, but the behind-the-scenes constructions steal the show, birds chirping and an intricate assemblage of barely recognisable found sounds that somehow manage to avoid creating clutter and expand on the pop aesthetic. �Brazil� employs a Vocoded computerised speech emulator for the vocal, but stays clear of electropop and instead offers a lovely and somewhat tongue-in-cheek cover of the classic samba of the same name, all refreshingly soothing and entertaining. 12� track �Drop� expands with enough loveliness to fill you with sunshine, before the slowly punctuated drum machine flow of �Tone Twilight Zone� strums away into the sunset blissfully. A perfect pop album, and what could be better?

APPARAT - Tttrial and eror - Shitkatapult

Shitkatapult�s crunchy electronic side rears its fibre-optic head once again with this devestating second LP from the excellent Apparat. Surfing in IDM waves throughout, Apparat seem to have aquired much of their sound by listening and analysing �Chiastic Slide� , but this really is no bad thing. The mechanised percussive rumbles of �First Eror� clink along with a semi-industrial flavour, the melody disguising itself under digits and calculations, but keep enough of a presence to develop further with every listen. �Bugs and Fixes�, meanwhile, takes a leaf out of Funkstorung�s guide to squashed Hip-Hop, some nice DSP work on board and a wash of melancholy grapples with the underlying beat, a crunchy metallic affair. This is strong electronic territory from start to finish, another indispensable full-length from the shit-throwing crew. Check!.

LAUB - Filesharing - Kitty Yo

Vladislav Delay�s Girlfriend and all-round electronic deconstructionist AGF makes a long-awaited reappearance with her band Laub on the Kitty Yo label. Having left the traditional band concept behind this new laptop collaboration incorporates a modern futuristic sound with innovative digital production concepts, a mixture of pop, experimental electronics, processing, and a delicate injection of AGF�s mesmerising and memorable vocal. Recommended.

PERSON - From person to you - Spezial Material

Bit of a special one this, attention to detail has always been a well known Swiss trait, but this sublime release on Switzerland�s Spezialmaterial label has really got us by the balls - including one of the loveliest concepts in vinyl packaging we have seen and 6 tracks of total electronic perfection. This is very much in the crunchy Ae/Toytronic/Team Doyobi vein, but the quality is seriously high, with the opening �In Karton� managing to bounce in all the right places and is just dark enough to qualify for cinematic approval. �Orte Artuis� kicks in with a filtered and blanched-out skittering breakbeat and slowly simplifies itself into a tweaked electroid monster, the programing and sound control here is superb, and when the heartfelt melody refrains drop, the evolution is natural and works beautifully. The EP comes with a CD that includes some audio, some sound generators, animations and some gorgeous SM images. The whole thing is housed in a lush card sleeve that�s inserted into a semi-opaque fabric surround, this really looks amazing. For aesthetic freaks and collectors, as well as those of you into the crunchy stuff... please, don�t miss out on this one!

RICHARD SEN PRESENTS - Power Cuts - Obsessive

Compilations are rife in todays market, there are compilations of every sort of genre coming out the woodwork. �Powercuts� is a collection of quite obscure and extremely well known Electro cuts. From the large tunage of Arthur Bakers mix of New Order�s �Confusion�, to the dark soundscapes of Cybotron�s (Juan Atkins) �R9�, there is a varied if not a bit strange collection of early electro. The gems on this compilation include the rare and funked up Pieces of a dream track �Mount airy groove�, the awesome dub version of Newcleus �Automan�, and the Information Society �Runnin� track�. These cuts alone make the compilation worthwhile, add on the early Ice T track �The coldest rap� and Paul Hardcastle�s vocoded �Sound Chaser� and the breadth of early electro is complete, a fine collection of B-Boy grooves.

SHALABI EFFECT - The trial of St Orange - Alien 8

Shalabi Effect is made up of Sam Shalabi [Molasses, trio w/ David Kristian and St-Onge, Detention] on electronics, guitar, prepared guitar and oud, Anthony Seck on electronics, guitar and moog, Alexandre St-Onge [Et Sans, Undo] on electronics and upright bass and Will Eizlini on percussion. The sound on the Trial of Saint-Orange is incredibly rich in texture and boasts a very organic feel. This is psychedelic music done in a way that is incredibly rare these days; the band is more about creating lush texture than rocking out. A good comparison would be the more ethereal side of the Acid Mothers Temple, the La Novia recording in particular. There also seems to be influence drawn from the style of horror/drama soundtracks conducted by Ennio Morricone and much of the accompanying music to Argento's more memorable films. This is most notable in the recording's closing epic piece, which has a duration of over 20 minutes.

LUC FERRARI - Cycle des souvenirs - Blue Chopsticks

New work from one of the finest exponents of electro-acoustic musique concrete, ever. This is the first ever release of Luc's large scale electroacoustic piece which has been five years in the making. It revisits numerous periods from Ferrari's five decades of work. From the composer's liner notes: "I have been composing a new series of works under the general title Exploitation des Concepts. The point is to take concepts I have been experimenting with throughout my entire life as a composer, and to put them to use in every possible direction: in instrumental as well as electroacoustic music, in video, in multimedia installation, in new technologies as well as old ones.... These Exploitations go in all directions: the Tautology, superimposed cycles, the minimalism of the Presque Rien series, architectures of chance, anecdote, narrative, everyday sounds, arte povera . . . souvenirs . . . etc. - all these concepts that have always preoccupied me but which until now I hadn't really exploited. So we find images of my childhood, my street, my subway; places I passed through and which struck me enough to record them, certain villages in Italy or the sea in Portugal; of my present, too: workplaces, my souvenirs, my house. The Cycle des Souvenirs also means that all the elements are structured in cycles which, when superimposed, produce chance encounters." Superb material, brought to you via David Grubb's Drag City sponsored Blue Chopsticks label.


Both artists collaborated on original material over a week together in holland, then individually post-produced to achieve the final results. Stephan mathieu used to be the drummer in free-improv duo stol, and now works as a laptop artist, releasing various recordings as full swing on orthlong musork, as well as the excellent 'wurmloch variationen' on ritornell, and a near-future Recording on f�llt. Ekkehard ehlers was also in a duo, autopoieses, a laptop micro-glitch project, but also plays techno inspired click n cuts as auch (mille plateaux), and sublime pop as �Marz� on Karaoke Kalk. �Heroin� uses guitar, drums, organ, melodica but also laptops and plug-ins to create a rich, warm music, sometimes with simpleMelodies, sometimes with the trademarks of microwaves, always with �pop� references.

SUBTLE - Summer - Dose One

New from Dose One and Jel on Dose's Anticon sponsored label. Says here that this CD of 'improv collage music for quitting day jobs to" is a million miles away from the standard hip hop format, but then again what was cLouddead but fresh and original music using hip hop in it's loosest form. This is a six track mini album that will run to four editions based on the seasons of the year,all are very limited and will become serious collectors items. Flying Horse Plans let's you into the scenario's concerned, orchestral dissonance and creaking instrumentation while Dose One rambles away, then it falls into full on free jazzelectroacoustic jamming like they we're born to improvise behind live hip hop drumming. Outstanding. Hip hop arrives on the awesome Eneby Kurs almost indescribable cept' in my head sounds that would of been at home on the last Sea and Cake album and drifting vibrations like the sweetest of Mego music. Then of course there's Dose One's rapping, the most unique and identifiable voice out there at the moment. Shares a similar hallucinatory feeling as cLouddead but the emotions have been sharpened and normality abandoned. So again Dose One leads the way. Don't be afraid!!! Investigate genius at work.

VARIOUS - Definitive Jux Presents 2 - Definitive Jux

Crazy how quickly a year goes by. Start of year two and we have a round up of all that's good on El-P's groundbreaking Def Jux label. Artists involved are Weathermen (El-P, Copywrite, Camu Tao & Vast Aire), Aesop Rock, Mr Lif & Murs, Camu Tao, Rob Smith (Sonic Sum), RJD2, Masai Bey, El-P & Vast Aire, Atoms Family, Yak Ballz and El-P's recent solo hit. Joints to drop first include RJD2's heavyweight instrumental I Really Like Your Def Jux Baby Tee like all his killer work so far compressed into one bomb track. Aesop Rock's Dead Pan could be his best yet and the Mr.Lif & Murs joint Sneak Preview is truly incredible. What you notice is the Def Jux thread running through this entire compilation, this realised by being truly true to the cause rather than the usual fake posturing associated with the current scene. Twelve tracks = essential.

TOWN AND COUNTRY - C Mon - Thrill Jockey

C'mon is Town and Country's 2nd full length for Thrill Jockey, and 3rd album overall. This album picks up where 2000's It All Has To Do With It left off finding the group fine-tuning and expanding the timbre of their all-acoustic/no electronic line up. For C'mon their string-bass/acoustic guitar core is augmented by Jim Dorling's move from harmonium to bass clarinet which he often plays in tandem with Ben Vida's cornet. In addition Liz Payne's adept handling of the hand chimes gives the record an other-worldly feel in conjunction with Josh Abrams' work on the celeste. Compositionally, Town and Country have shifted as well. Their songs were often noted for their length as much as their beauty, but for C'mon the quartet has constructed 7 songs in 40 minutes time. C'mon is the result of an entire year's labor of love. The album also begins to reveal some heretofore unmentioned influences as well: the work of Arthur Russell, Jimmy Giuffre, and Eno's recordings in the 1970's for the Obscure label mesh with Town and Country's already original and minimally lush sound."

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Friday, February 22, 2002


Monster Movie - Last Night Something Happened

Almost Cool review Monster Movie - Last Night Something Happened a band that include ex members of Slowdive.

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Thursday, February 21, 2002


Disco (Not Disco) 2 Compilation report the details of Disco (Not Disco) 2 a compilation of post-punk disco anthems set for release on April 1st on Strut Records.

Tracklisting of Disco (Not Disco) 2

Yello � Bostich
Arthur Russell � Let�s Go Swimming
Eddy Grant � Timewarp
Can � A Spectacle (Sean P edit)
Laid Back � White Horse
Alexander Robotnick � Problemes D�Amour
The Clash � Radio Clash
Material � Ciguri
Barry Waits � Sting
Connie Case & King Sporty � Get Down
Lex � Fourteen Days

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Isis sign to Ipecac recordings report that Isis have signed to Mike Patton's Ipecac recordings, expect a new album in the Autumn. This will be the follow up to their highly praised album, Celestial that ranks as one of the most creative rock albums to emerge from the US over the past few years.

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Primal Scream - New Album Scheduled for June

According to product data @ Primal Scream's forthcoming album has a release date of June 24th 2002. No title has been confirmed yet for the album.

For further Primal Scream information over the next coming months before the album is released I recommend Primal Scream - Wepadelica an unofficial site that is updated frequently.

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24 Hour Party People Soundtrack

Playlouder have details of the 24 Hour Party People Soundtrack

# posted by DJ Martian 4:40 PM - Forthcoming Releases

A massive update of forthcoming releases @ including these:

Big Eyes - Love Is Going Mad

CD on Pickled Egg
Released on 11/03/02

Pickled egg are pleased to present �love is gone mad�, the third album by leeds/sheffield ensemble, big eyes. This 16-track collection is based around an exploration of the theme of love songs in all their many manifestations.the themes run the gamut from the full-on lust of �fast, loose & lovely�, to the intimacy of �inside�, the awkwardness of �jeffrey�s teeth�, the melancholy of �conway� and the loss of �the victi�m�. The album was recorded and arranged mostly for the first time with consideration to the live band set-up, and differs to its predecessors in this respect, perhaps being less experimental but more visceral. References, influences� think: penguin caf� orchestra, erik satie, dirty three, arvo part, spanish and eastern-european folk music.since their beginnings in july 1999, big eyes have enjoyed extensive radio play nationally on xfm, regional bbc radio and on numerous occasions on john peel�s radio 1 show, as well as featuring on many european and american radio shows. They have also played nationally with the likes of daniel johnston, dakota oak, pram, cinerama, bablicon, herman dune, sexton ming and the fat truckers.

Blowpipe - Sphere

CD on Robot Recordings
Released on 25/03/02

Blowpipe is about old and new, tradition and future, the symbiosis of the acoustic instrumentation of modal jazz with the production means of contemporary dance music. Blowpipe are led by the father-and-son team of Robin and Andrew Blick, a horn section who 'rival the famous' (Jockey Slut). Andrew has collaborated with Grooverider on the 'Mysteries of Funk' album, toured the UK, Europe and Japan and has appeared on over 30 albums and singles. Robin, former Trotskyist revolutionary and author of 3 political texts cut his musical teeth on the London jazz scene in the '60s. He plays at least a dozen instruments including alto and soprano saxophone, euphonium, French horn and various home-made contraptions. He recently made his acting debut as an evil doctor in a Smashing Pumpkins video. Integral to the Blowpipe sound is the contribution of DJ Patrick Mosley (decks, samples) who collaborated with Andrew under the Overman moniker to release a 12" on Detroits seminal Underground Resistance label. Completing the current Blowpipe line-up is guest vocalist and Blick family member (crickey!) Katharine Blake (founding member of Miranda Sex Garden and leader of The Medieval Babes), 1997 Guitar Magazine 'Acoustic Guitarist of the Year' Stephen Yates and Narinder Singh (tabla). Blowpipe have released three albums to date, all to critical acclaim. In 1997 'First Circle' received various plaudits, including a 9/10 rating in 'DJ'. 1998's 'Pendulum' was praised by publications such as 'The Wire', 'Jockey Slut' and 'Straight No Chaser' and John Peel repeatedly played tracks off the album on his BBC radio show. 3rd album 'Epilogue' (released on Harmsonic) was described in one paper as 'a series of mesmerising tunes that, for the most part, can best be described as 21st century chamber music'.On 'Sphere', their fourth album, Blowpipe explore the territories of drones, poly-rhythms and bi-tonality. The result has the feel of a futurist film-soundtrack.

Cerberus Shoal - Mr Boy Dog

CD on Temporary Residence
Released on 18/03/02

This is their most grandiose release to date, a monumental accomplishment spanning two discs, "mr Boy dog" is the flawless synthesis of the many sides of this indescribalbe portland six-piece. This epic Album futrthur blurs the lines between avant rock, free jazz, ambient, middle eastern and russian Folk, and gamelan inspired counterpoint. With coltrnae inspired burst of free jazz to can style "rock" hooks, cerberus shoal are truly genre defining. Nearest comparables are the sun city girls And maybe volcano the bear.

Ectogram - Tall Things Falling

CD on Ankstmusik
Released on 25/03/02

ANKST reaches its 100th release with this brand new ECTOGRAM album. 'Tall Things Falling' is the 3rd album from one of the truly great Ankst bands. Uncompromising, totally original, out there and now increasingly influential, this new CD contains some of the bestmusic yet recorded by group members Ann Matthews (vocals.guitar) Alan Holmes (guitar) and Maeyc Hewitt (drums). 'Tall Things Falling' is a brilliant guitar album - melody and noise hand in hand , quite a live sound - just the three members getting on with it. Touring March / April.

Frank Bretschneider With Dupree - Balance

CD on Mille Plateaux
Released on 11/03/02

Collaboration between two of electronicas leading foremost producers. "FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER paints a compelling portrait of music pushing the boundaries of 21st Century symphonics and the way we interpret sound" - XLR8R " TAYLOR DEUPREE is the BRIAN ENO (or maybe the MARK ROTHKO) of the IDM generation." - FAQT. BALANCE is the first collaborative release from FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (Berlin) and TAYLOR DEUPREE (Brooklyn). TAYLOR DEUPREE is one of New York's most vibrant electronic producers. From his early techno days as a member of PROTOTYPE 909 to his current status as one of N. America's key 'microscopic' electronic composers and to add runs the prestigious 12K and LINE labels. *FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER is key member and founder of the prestigious RASTER MUSIC label , he has critically acclaimed releases under the names Komet and Produkt. It's easy to say that FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER has created some of the most influential spatial electronics of the late 90's. The result is a looping and churning rhythmic work that is both synthetic, warm, dubby and tonally challenging. Thus BALANCE creates an engaging balance between the 2 artists aesthetics. BALANCE also includes Quicktime visuals for the track AUTODRIVE. *Tracklisting: 01 Interlock, 02 Moving Light, 03 Dug In, 04 Vertical Invader, 05 Freeze Frame, Autodrive, 07 Concrete, 08 Half-Mute, 09 Bluetime.

Fullswing - Edits

CD on Orthlorng Muzork
Released on 15/04/02

Compiles the tracks issued on the fullswing�s as-yet-incomplete �edits� series of 10-inch singles, in which the artist (stephen matthieu) reworks the music of others including antenne (korm plastics), monolake (ml/i), autopoieses (mille plateaux), laub (kitty-yo), yo la tengo (matador), kit clayton (orthlorng musork), and akira rabelais (ritornell). Based in saarbruecken, mathieu spent the 90s as an improvising drummer in berlin. Since 1998 his work has focussed on the digital processing of acoustic Events. His music is released on several labels around the world including ritornell, orthlorng musork, f�llt, bottrop-boy and kitty-yo among others and his sound has been described as warm, inviting and unique. His last full klength release "frequencylib" was voted one of the best electronic music albums in the wire�s 2001 rewind. 10 edit tracks here.

Fuxa - The Modified Mechanics Of This

CD on Antenna
Released on 25/03/02

14 mind expanding masterpieces from spacerock innovators Fuxa . 'The Modified Mechanics of This Device' is a collection of music previously only avalable in the US plus new modified versions of old favourites, including 'Sky High' , which was originally on a split single with Stereolab. Also featured is an updated version of a collaboration with ex-Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom (EAR / Spectrum) who provides vocals and electronics on a cover of the classic Suicide track 'Girl' as well as appearing on 4 exclusive electronic pieces. Fuxa are currently on tour in the UK, the onstage band line-up augmented by Steve and Jo from The Telescopes/Unisex, Willie B Carruthers from Spacemen 3/Freelovebabies and Jerry Hope from Los Planetos Del Agua: TOUR DATES - 22nd Feb - Burton Arts Centre [Antenna night with LPdA], 23rd Feb - The Fenton - Leeds [Antenna night with LPdA & Lo Casta], 28th Feb - London (TBC)

Gravenhurst - Internal Travels

CD on Mobstar
Released on 11/03/02

Debut album from Bristol's GRAVENHURST. Gravenhurst rose from the ashes of Bristol's much cherished Assemby Communications, a cult act cut down in its prime following the death of bass player Luke Gale. Gravenhurst revolves around writer / arrnger Nick Talbot, perhaps best described as neo-folk - ie. equal parts Nick Drake, Joy Divison, Red House Painters & Low. The debut album 'Internal Travels' is a dark mix of ornate and intricate guitar picking, surreal confessional lyrics and barren, shimmering atmospherics. Gravenhurst have already won over a sizeable following in the Bristol area.

Hella - Hold Your Horse Is

CD on 5 Rue Christine
Released on 18/03/02

Hella is two kids from sacremento on drums and guitar, comparable to lightning bolt, the oxes, zappa, Early meat puppets, and a touch of beefheart. This is their debut release, their demo gatting them Reviews such as "hella is the greatest spazz-core duo in the entire world" this is eclectic and Pounding rock with scathing and over the top guitars

Howard Hello - Howard Hello

CD on Temporary Residence
Released on 18/03/02

Led by tarentel / rumah sakit member kenseth thibideau, howard hello are equally inspired by john Fahey, steve recih, brian eno, fennesz and joni mitchell. This is drifting, melodic, and spaced out Acoustic / drone pop. Airy synthesizers, intricate acoustic guitar work, and angelic vocals make this An endearing release.

I Am Robot And Proud - The Catch

CD on Catmobile
Released on 11/03/02

Rigid rhythms underpin circuit-breaking grooves, textured melodies, idm-styled rhythmic pinpricks and a delicate rush of carefully tendered melodies. Captivating and breathtaking, shaw-han liem�s music is bright and vivid, never slipping into gaudy over-indulgence. The release of his debut �the catch� has created a growing ripple of excitement through the electronic pop community; he has received well-deserve praise from the wire, has been played on cbc numerous times, and has recently enjoyed airplay from bbc radio 1�s john peel. Shaw-han regularly plays live in toronto, and visited the uk in september 2001 for a short catmobile tour. A new release and uk tour will follow in 2002.

Knut - Challenger

CD on Chrome Saint
Released on 01/04/02

While Switzerland has long been considered a "neutral" territory, Their favoured sons KNUT are here to prove otherwise. Neutrality is the last thing on their mind, with their latest (and greatest) audio assault: What we get is layer upon layer of captivating, intellectual and focused aggression. This is the 3rd transmission from the KNUT camp and is a recognizable step froward from both "Bastardizer" (HH51) and the self titled mini album (HH66661). This full length sails by dolling out fistfuls of energy, battering frequencies and seemless rolling waves of thunder. Whilst the previous 2 releases were consistently harsh throughout, "Challenger" offers a wider range of textures and even a few placid moments of melodic bliss. Like previous fulll lengths on Hydra Head from bands like BOTCH, ISIS, CAVE IN, KEELHAUL & DISCORDANCE AXIS this will set new standards in heavy, extreme music. "Challenger" couldn't be more aptly titled�

Loren Connors - The Departing Of A Dream

CD on Family Vineyard
Released on 18/03/02

This is connors' first album of 2002, and the first ever credited sans mazzacane. This finds loren Exploring distant voices of slowly churned darkened hues - each collapsing onto themselves and his signature ghost melodies. Spaced through 8 parts "the departing of a dream" is a solo affair that Hovers near a black, horizonless space, more bleak than any album before it. The album closes with "for ny 9/11/01", connors' first acoustic piece in over 10 years, taking the compositional depth of Gorecki and fusing it with the despair of millions.

Los Natas - Corsario Negro

CD on Small Stone
Released on 25/03/02

After three albums on the now defunct man�s ruin label, argentina�s premier ambassadors of 70�s styled sludge and stoned groove! This is their fifth full length, and this time production is handled by the legendary billy anderson (melvins, neurosis, acid king, alabama thunderpussy etc etc ) , their strongest and most accessible opus to date, los natas cross breed early pink floyd with sepultura (minus the shouting/grunting) to maximum effect!

Los Planetos Del Agua - Too Many Bricks And Not Enough

CD on Antenna
Released on 25/03/02

This is the debut album from Derby's understated creative minimalists & avant rock group LPdA, featuring contributions by members of The Telescopes, The Dust Collectors, Unisex & Pedro Barracha. Los Planetos Del Agua first came to Antenna's attention, when John Peel played both sides of their first single for Birmingham's Bearos records - 'Selfish Killers & Patriotic Whores' / 'Mules for the Cinema' . The label were totally blown away by both tracks & knew they wanted to sign them on the strength of that. Seeing them play a truly explosive set supporting Unisex in Mosely confirmed this further. Their first live gig was in '98 supporting the ex-Galaxie 500 duo of Damon and Naomi, since then they have supported such inspirational indie high rollers as Billy Mahonie, Bablicon, Twinkie, Reynolds, San Lorenzo and Hirameka Hi-Fi. The band record almost everything live, using very little overdubbing. the interaction between the musicians dictates the direction & the feel of the music. Anyone who has heard their first single will be blown away by the album. Anyone who is new to the wonderful world of Los Planetos Del Agua is in for a huge treat. The band will be undertaking a full UK tour later in the year, in the meantime they will be playing the following dates: 22nd Feb � Burton [Antenna night with F�xa], 23rd Feb - Leeds Fenton [Antenna night with F�xa & Lo Casta]

Main - Tau

CD on Kraak
Released on 12/03/02

Main is back in grand form... After finalising his firmanent cd�s it�s been a bit quiet around robert hampson. Allthough very busy with other projects as comae (with janek schaefer), chasm (fatcat), his main output has been a bit low. �tau� shows the first full album in years from a talent whom Showed us the way to turn guitars into ambient. His unique way of concrete sounds and manipulating these into something of his own has always been his identity. �tau� is no more or less a classic mover for quiet, threatening soundscapes with lots of attention for details. Details who are there to Demand your attention. There is no way you can put this on as background music. The layers of overtones and quiet climaxes are very demanding for ears and brains. Very proud to present this to the world. Let�s hope the world is listening

Mushroom - Oh They're Weird And They're

CD on return To Sender
Released on 11/03/02

#35 in the strictly limited Return To Sender series. 15 songs recorded live 1999- 2001 by space rockers MUSHROOM, they reside at the blurred edges of psychedelic rock, muscular funk, electric jazz, musique concrete & void like ambience �all instrumental with some of the greatest song titles ever!�. Tracklisting 1. Are We Being Taped? 2. A Dusty Groove 3. Theme Songs For Stereo Steve 4. Sonia & Sonya 5. What's The Deal With 6. Brian Felix & The Trinity 7. I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation Destroyed By Acid Jazz 8. Party with Marty 9. If This Was Released On Thrill Jockey Or Kranky would You Like It More? 10. 4 Men With Beards 11. Wolfgang Dauner 12. Unless The People� 13. The Scream Of The Butterfly 14. My Sweet Eddie 15. Why don't Nick & Vince Ever Pay Their Bills.

O Type - Lugubrious

CD on Family Vineyard
Released on 18/03/02

After three albums credited under the often confusing and multiple hydra-heads of guitarist bruce anderson, sampler dale sophiea, and drummers marc weinstein and dave mahoney, this berkely based collective has decided to make future statements as the singluar o-type. Originally members of the Still active mx80, these four have been performing for the past two decades together. This album sees Them inspired by steve reich, neu, musique concrete, but with no boundaries!

Pop Unknown - The August Division

CD on Sessions
Released on 11/03/02

Long overdue follow up to 2000�s �if arsenic fails, try algebra�, is the best yet from this veteran austin based outfit. Amidst a fresh dose of melodic textures and mood driven orchestration this fivepiece manage to gracefully trace outside the lines of the current state of indie rock.

Printed Circuit - Reprints

CD on Catmobile
Released on 11/03/02

Printed circuit prides herself in arcade game melodies with epileptic, complex percussion, with comparisons ranging between commodore 64 themes, dat politics and adult. After a cdr on catmobile, a 7� on elefant (spain) and another on the ultra-hip irritant label (london), she compiled �reprints�, which features covers and remixes by the likes of lesser, frederik schikowski, random number and i am robot and proud. It has been widely recommended, and even hailed by some (including the folks at lux nigra records) as the best compilation of 2001. She has just completed a debut album full of arcade hits for doubtful records, which will be followed by releases on 555, monika and tigerbeat6. Printed circuit plays her first overseas show in berlin in february 2002, accompanied by djs frederik schikowski and skanfrom.

Rhys Chatham - Compendium

CD on Table Of Elements
Released on 18/03/02

This compendium is distilled from the comprehensive 3 cd boxset "an angel moves too fast to see" which includes all of chathma's major "minimal" pieces, ranging from the thunderous "two gongfs" (1971) and The no-wave tumult of "guitar trio" (1977) to the brass-based "massacre on macdougal street" (1982) and The epic, previously unreleased "an angel moves too fast to see" (1989) performed by an orchestra of 100 electric guitars.

Richard Youngs - May

CD on Jag Jaguwar
Released on 18/03/02

This is the latest out put from the uk's richard youngs, normally his release would reside in the avant/experimental section, however this release sees youngs utilizing his acoustic guitar and voice With such skills, that this album can fit in with so called "indie-convention". There is drones, there is minimalist plucking, but there is alo some of the most beautiful fractal psychedlia and acoustic Warmth amidst these songs, youngs needs a wider categorization than mere avant garde. There Elements of early fahey, brother jt, and a very british folk sound also

SND - Tender Love

CD on Mille Plateaux
Released on 11/03/02

New album from Mille Plateaux priority outfit SND who have been going down a storm at live events of the last couple of years. Sheffield based duo MARK FELL and MAT STEEL aka SND mark their return with their highly anticipated 3rd album, Tender Love. Their ingenious sculpting of experimental sound constructions have earned the attention of artists such as RADIOHEAD and BJORK, but most notably are one of MILLE PLATEAUX'S favorite crowd pleasers. *Their last 2 albums Makesnd Cassette (EFA 08069) and Stdio (EFA 08092) have given these lads legendary status for their influencial progressions in electronic experimentations.Now with Tender Love, SND move in a far more melodic context than ever before. The results are striking but all the same familiar. The sensibilities of funk find it's way into syncopated rhythms, breakbeats and jittered doses of r'n'b percussives mingle with a unique assortment of tones and ambience. Could this be taken as new sources of lounge music in 21st Century living? You be the judge, with Tender Love SND reach a new level of pushing the notions of contemporary listening.

Sinister Luck Ensemble - Anniversary

CD on Perishable
Released on 25/03/02

Post Rock 'supergroup' deliver their debut album for Persishable Records. Charles Kim (FRUITBATS, PINETOP SEVEN, BOXHEAD ENSEMBLE) has created a world of heavenly beauty. Cinematic instrumental lushness provides the soundtrack to a film of your own imagination. This music suggests what may have been if Mark Hollis (late Talk Talk era) had the good fortune to be arranged by Gil Evans & Miles Davis. In the hands of Charles Kim & co, strains of dirty tangos, lunar waltzes & twisting dirges assume dreamlike suspensions & rumbling sonorities. Anniversary sets a new standard for cinematic songbooks of any genre. In fact it's pure music - there is no genre. Sinister Luck Ensemble members include : Rob Mazurek (ISOTOPE 217, CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO), Glenn Kotche (WILCO, JIM O ROURKE), Andrew Bird (�Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire), Ken Vandermark (Vandermark 5) & Jason Adaciewicz (Central Falls).

Stratford 4 - The Revolt Against Tired Noises

CD on Jetset
Released on 25/03/02

The Stratford 4's 'The Revolt Against Tired Noises' is awash in dreamy, My Bloody Valentine-inspired guitar parts and affected vocals. This San Francisco quartet specializes in an intoxicating variety of deep, dreamy blissful rock that takes its cues from a number of musical sources, most of them English. Their swirling, seductive guitar-rock style sounds deeply influenced by the brilliant Only Ones. Indeed, Stratford 4 singer Chris's voice is a near-dead ringer for that of The Only Ones' rakish frontman Peter Perrett. But the group melds that New Wave pop-punk style with the spaced-out drones and feedback squalls of more recent groups like Ride, Spacemen 3, and Spiritualized. The results are just terrific: this group has a sound totally unto itself, yet it works according to all the rules of what makes good pop music. Chris and Jake's guitars dance and swirl around one another with sad, reverberating slide parts, chiming repetitive riffs, and occasional sudden bursts of feedback to produce lush, eddying whirlpools of sound. Sheetal's bass is an anchor-solid low-end, while Andrea's drumming offers a steady, energetic backbeat. Occasional organ swells and subtle effects enrich each song. On JETSET records.

Windsor For The Derby - Earnest Powers

CD on Emperor Jones
Released on 18/03/02

This 11 track compilation from windsor for the derby collates singles, and unreleased material. Now Ready to release a new full length on theaesthetics label (due in may) these quieter than thou Offerings are all instrumental and display the ambient meets krautrock meets spaced jams that the Wftd are reknowned for.

Winter Blanket - Actors And Actresses

CD on Chairkickers Music
Released on 18/03/02

This is the follow up to 200's critically acclaimed debut "hopeless lullaby", it als othe band's first Release for low's label chairkicker's music. Production and featuring guest work by low's alan Sparhawk. Very much for fans of the "slo-core" movement, this is dynamic and very beautifully Constructed music akin to nick drake for its simplicity and the red house painters for its Orchestration

# posted by DJ Martian 2:26 AM - Next Two Week's Releases

RELEASES: February 25th Next Week's Releases including these:

Coloma - Silverware

CD on Ware

Classic British song writing meets smart beats and clicks in a style which might be categorised as "Click-Pop". "Silverware" is definitely not dance-floor. But it definitely is minimal electronic music, and from a perspective never quite heard before. ROB TAYLOR is the vocalist on MATHIAS SCHAFFH�USER's club hit "Hey Little Girl", and ALEX PAULICK doubles as bassist for D�sseldorf electro-pop purists KREIDLER. An otherwise classic approach to pop song-craft has been clearly influenced by constant exposure to the Cologne electronic scene.

Markant - Vice Versa Album

CD on Markant

For over five years, markant has tunedit�s quiet figures in the electronic music scene, slowly gaining a reputation via almost 30 limited edition vinyl releases. In the summer of 2001, the labels first ever cd release �infam� compiled 10 recent vinyl �only tracks, making markant material available worldwide for the first time, and leading to (at last count) 28 full reviews in the global electronic media, the majority of which have appeared entirely outside any efforts or promotional �putsch� on the part of the label. And now, �vice versa�, the real debut full length, less abstract than �infam�, with a calm and inner strength that comes from the collection being composed and executed as a long-form set. Both continuing and reflecting upon previous work, �vice versa� finds markant revisitng the analogue warmth of his earliest, early-90�s output, but bathing these sounds in a more mature and rich emotional wash, while also taking in more complex and delicately constructed rhythmic structures, even hip hop on the album�s title track. �vice versa� is simply beautiful modern music that happens to be electronic and instrumental, yet requires no agenda or particular level of proficiency on the part of the listener.

RELEASES: March 4th - Releases For The Week After Next including these

Bowling Green - Fabrications

CD on Spiky

Spiky Records proudly present the second album by Micko Westmoreland a.k.a. The Bowling Green. Here he has produced an album as colourful and flamboyant as his image. Whilst it's sometimes difficult to pigeonhole the breadth of styles on offer it makes for a truly satisfying listening experience. From the trashed electropop of 'Stereo Love' and 'Bi-Numbers' the breakbeat funk of 'Hot Potootie' through to the sleazy grind of 'Dirty Shag' and 'Alcatrash' the vibe is decadent, dazzling and anything but predictable. With guest contributors including The Stranglers' Jean-Jacques Burnell and Jimi Tenor�s right hand man Terry Edwards, 'Fabrications' blends lush live playing with undiluted funk and warped out sampladelia. No wonder 12 of Micko's tunes (including a clutch from this LP) feature on Hollywood flick 'The Fluffer' (featuring Debbie Harry and released in January) with 'Hot Potootie' currently being used on its promo trailer (download it at The one-sided 12" U-ziq remix of 'Bi-Numbers' from the album has been NME Dance Single of the Week.

Flying Luttenbachers - Infection And Decline

CD on Troubleman

The flying luttenbachers have been destroying puny earthling minds and souls for almost 10 years with an extreme, amorphous and unlikely fusion of hardcore punk anarchy, free jazz assault, death metal bombast, no waave skronk, and modern classical abstraction. Imagine a blend of beefheart, bartok and napalm daeth. This is their tenth album. You may not be ready for what you are about to hear!!

Mightyfew - Cinema

CD on Rage of Achilles

MINI ALBUM : From the faraway shores of Australia comes the debut release by Mightyfew. Based in Canberra and formed four years ago, the band have developed a defined vision of heavy, textured, soulful, post-hardcore metal experimentation, showcased here as 'Cinema'. At times soaring and melodic, then breaking into sonic chaos driven by the torn vocal screams of singer Chris Doyle, perfectly mixing desperation and beauty. In the same kind of area as the works of Will Haven and Refused, these six tracks lay down a blueprint for what Mightyfew will continue as they record their debut full length for release later in 2002

Req - Sketchbook

CD on Warp

New album from Brighton�s Req, and his first release for the Warp label. Req is a highly reputed Musician and artist of the Brighton sceneA more complete album than previous releases, �Sketchbook� proves Req is not only king of the beats, but also adept at building an album over an hour, which never loses focus and always intrigues. Req has already had two albums on Skint, as well as a number of 12� singles releasesThis is his first release for Warp.

Rinocerose - Music Kills Me

CD on V2

2002 sees the conquering heroes of the late 90s French revolution, rin���r�se return with the album �Music Kills Me�. Packed to the rafters with innovation and great, great songs. As suited to a late night home session as to the mainfloor of your favourite nightclub. rin���r�se was formed by two psychologists, Jean Philippe and Patou, who are the songwriting masterminds behind the band. This is their first material since 99�s seminal album �Installation Sonore�. �Music Kills Me� too has an organic slant to it, but feels more accomplished and more fluid in its production than its predecessor - full of gems. From the heavy metal/house pastiche of the recent EP lead track �rin���r�se In Rock� to the sing along choruses of �Resurrection D�une Guitar Hero�, 2nd single �Lost Love�, and the bossa laden �Dead Can Dance� there�s loads more treasures in rin���r�se�s house than you might think... Contemporary French house is associated with robo-disco, old samples revamped, fat bass driven beats and, of course the compulsory filters. However, rin���r�se take an all together more organic approach and rely more on playing their instruments than pilfering the past for buried treasure. Their revved up guitar riff and acid-line live shows reflect this and really jack the place. Their LP, �Installation Sonore� was lauded by critics and DJs alike for its unique hybrid of styles. �Music Kills Me� takes the music to a new, even higher level. .

Sand - Still Born Alive

CD on Satellite

Second album from UK tech-funksters Sand. Sand mix the warped tech-funk sounds of artists like Two Lone Swordsmen, Aphex Twin and Autechre with the sound of many of the post-punk groups such as A Certain Ratio, Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle. Sand�s second album mixes elements of warped electronic, dub and punk-funk giving them a unique sound From performing at the Vienna Opera house with techno-giants such as Robert Hood and Patrick Pulsinger to performing onstage with a Japanese dance company in Tokyo (where they played onstage with, amongst other things, goats, chickens, a cow and some rabbits!), Sand live events are unique. They are at the moment touring UK cinemas where they are performing with films by independent film-makers especially made for these events. Sand�s new tech-funk music is an essential link to Soul Jazz Records post-punk/dance material such as �In The Beginning There Was Rhythm� and the forthcoming A Certain Ratio compilation and Sandoz (Richard H. Kirk/Cabaret Voltaire) releases.

Time Maas - Loud

CD on Perfecto

Timo Maas unleashes his debut artist album LOUD on March 4. Eclectic just ain�t the word for this multi-genre straddling of rock, house, garage, progressive, downbeat and leftfield influences. Lithely protean, its supple feel is highlighted by tracks as varied as the forthcoming funk-fuelled rawk-edged monster �To Get Down� (released Feb 11th) and stellar collaborations with artists as different as Kelis and Finley Quaye. �It�s been a satisfying twelve months,� muses the superstar DJ. �To see my debut album progressing over such a long period of time is fantastic. It�s been the most important learning process so far in my career � to see it all coming together.� High points of the album, co-written and produced with studio partner Martin Buttrich, include last year�s Top 40 single �Ubik�, featuring a deliciously teutonic vocal by Germany�s answer to Beck, Martin Bettinghaus (also on vocal duties on �That�s How I�ve Been Dancin�); the atmospheric �Help Me�, in which R �n� B star Kelis delivers a hauntingly understated performance over a Fifties� Sci-Fi movie score; forthcoming single �Shifter�, a blast of eighties breakdancin� funk fronted by the agitated vocal of garage MC Chickaboo; and Finley Quaye�s star turn on �Caravan�, four minutes of confused chaos and lyrical ramblings from the stoned prince over a menacingly funky groove. Add to this the blissed out vibe of �Hash Driven� (�a true smoker�s song� laughs Timo) and lucid poetry of Hope Recording head honcho Leon Alexander on �We are Nothing�, Tracklisting 3LP � (1 track per side), Help Me, Shifter, Manga, Hard Life, Like Love, Hash Driven, Old Skool Vibes, O.C.B. To Get Down, Caravan, Ubik � The Techno, We Are Nothing. CD - Help Me (feat Kelis), Manga, Hash Driven, Shifter (feat MC Chickaboo), Hard Life, That�s How I`ve Been Dancin�, We Are Nothing, Old Skool Vibes, O.C.B. To Get Down, Ubik � The Breakz, Like Love, Caravan (feat Finley Quaye), Bad Days.

Waking Eyes - Combing The Clouds

CD on Endearing

The WAKING EYES debut album 'Combing the Clouds' is a colourful blend of art-rock, nostalgic pop, and futuristic psychedelia - the product of 15 months of recording, relocating and change. The Waking Eyes formed from the ashes of last years press faves THE PETS & largely due to this attention decided to reform.'Combing the Clouds' is a 12 song 47 minute pop epic featuring a winding post- modernist pastiche of layered vocals, instrumental passages and sampled sound. Suitablly psychedelic artwork (think Beachwood Sparks).

Wauvenfold - Splinter Switch

CDS on Wichita

The first two EPs received acclaim across the boards�. �Rarely was the sound of a camera put to such good use� dribbled Wax about �Crispy Little Digit� . �Beautiful attention to detail� The Wire oozed when talking about �on The Blink�. The duo have remixed Brothers In Sound, Ruby and Super Furry Animals and also received the Session treatment from Mr. John Peel

Xploding Plastic - Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt

CD on Beatservice

Repromotion : Imagine Charlie Mingus plucking the bass. Along comes Gene Krupa on the drums - only with four arms, and playing as if an evil spirit possessed him. Behind the decks Amon Tobin are sneaking in everything from samba rhythms to piano and horn samples. This is the sound of Xploding Plastix - a duo from Oslo, Norway, who could have been booked permanently at the residents of Jabba The Hut in "Star Wars. Xploding Plastix is Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen and Jens Petter Nilsen, with their mixture of obscure jazz-samples, cool beats, melodic feel, an "anything goes"-mentality and quite a bit of humour, they have created their own unique style. A kind of older Amon Tobin meets Scott Walker on a smoke filled sleazy jazz-club with a taste for film-noir. This is Balearic beats, lo-fi, state of the art-f*** upz, simply sweet! This is what the NME said about there debut UK performance during the In The City festival in Manchester last year : "Meanwhile, over at Jam, Norwegians Xploding Plastix - two nutcases with lots of small boxes and a terrible name - are offering upheaval of a different kind. Theirs is a big, disorienting future-jazz racket, splicing DJ Food's mad drums, Aphex Twin's time signatures and The Herbaliser's moodiest, cinematic bits. Awesome."

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002


Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Don't Be Afraid Of Love

Playlouder review Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Don't Be Afraid Of Love

The reviews for this album have been very mixed from a right drubbing in Muzik, through to fair number of average reviews, while Ian Moffat at Playlouder rates it highly. Again not much airplay on the radio, I thought the single 'Lo Fi's In Ibiza' was very poor - throughaway and weak - however the single/ Ep before that featuring All the All - was sublime that reminded me of PIL and Gary Numan.

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: ShelleyDevoto

This week's front cover choice is ShelleyDevoto the new album Buzzkunst is released next Monday. As I mentioned before the free track on Uncut magazine is sublime, refreshing and creative in music composition, clever songwriting and vocal delivery (that recalls the addictive dizzy heights of Human League's comeback last year) apart from that I have yet to hear any other tracks on the radio - which sums up the state of music radio in the UK. have two reviews the first is a complete rehash of the press release, the second by a punter enthuses about the album - Buy this album and prepare to be surprised.

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Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Chunky Records - Coming Soon has been updated included these releases:


Bevel - Where Leaves Block The Sun (Jag Jaguwar) US Import

"ON this second full length, bevel's electric pastoral folk music hints at a nick drake obsession in places yet has a modern take on the folk style, mixing more orchestration in with a pop sense. Co-produced and mixed with michael krassner (boxhead ensemble etc) and featuring fred longberg-holm, ryan hembrey (pinetop 7, edith frost), mick turner (dirty three), scott tume (souled american), deanna varagona (lambchop) and jessica billey (bonnevil)"

Kristuit Salu Vs Morris Nightingale - My Mines I (Merck) US Import

"Detroit Based Sound Artist Jimmy Edgar Aka Kristuit Salu / Morris Nightingale Has Established Himself As The Newest Member In The Merck Camp. Specia Lizing In Using Hybrid Sound Tools And Modern Computer Technology To Create Precisely Formed Sound. Kristuit Salu Is A Mathematical Process In Itself, Emulating The Rhythms Of Hip Hop Using Random Processes, Clicks, Glitches, And Other Exceptional Devices. Morris Nightingale Is A Vastly Different Approach, Using Vinyl Samples To Create An Opposing Addition. With 'My Mines I', These Two Aliases Of 18-Yr-Old Edgar Come Together To Stand Above And Prove Their Status In The Realm Of Computer-Generated Music. Th E Best Analogy For This Cd Among Merck Fans Would Be Something Like Proem Vs. Machine Drum, Gone Through The Digital Washing Machine And Spit Out 384 Kbits Short Of A Plug-In. Ltd To 1000 Worldwide In Special Digipak Sleeve"


Taylor Savvy - Ladies+Gentleman (Kitty Yo)

"Debut album from fellow Canadian Taylor Savvy who appeared on several tracks on the PEACHES and GONZALES albums. Warm and tender, joyful and funky. Every song an anthem for love and celebration. As in "Do You Wanna Party" featuring 16 people singing with him aged from 2 to 45 years old"


Kohn - Koen (Kraak) Belgian Import 2CD

"Very much anticipated worldwide, and a long while since his previous full album it finally was and is clear that the third album would been something of a classic. Meanwhile he released records / contributions on tomlab, bip-hop, darla, and mixer to state only a few. But nothing of all this stand in real proportions to the immense impact of this double album. 130 minutes of pure ecstacy for brain, feet and boiling emotions . Taking up anything you can find in musical history and transforming it into which can only be described as kohn. Going of raping glitch, initiating electronica fans to contempory classical movement, introducing pure popriffs in a completely fucked up surrounding, incorporating the c80 revival into something which will last forever. Taking the term drone into a structured masterpiece, and reconstructing the term twisted beats\ it is clear that everyone can and should be amused, thrilled. It takes you a full two hour of this planet into a world where you wander where you are when the final seconds are vanishing"


Do Make Say Think - & Yet & Yet (Constellation)

"Absolutely lush new album from Do Make Say Think.....the kind of album the likes of Tortoise would kill to make nowadays. Superb packaging, chipboard jacket with opaque, silkscreen quality inks. CD is similarly printed on a gatefold chipboard jacket. Their third and without question, finest album to date, the groups melodic sensibilities are on fine display , guitars and horns wind along a bubbling brook of fat analogue synths and phased percussion, tiny subtle details are worked into the mix on every track, the whole record just pulses with warmth and soul"

Geez N Gosh - Nobody Knows... (Mille Plateaux)

"New album from one of the founders of 'Click House' aka ATOM HEART / SENOR COCONUT. For those of you who know ATOM HEART know that he stands for surprises - whether it be covering versions of pop classics, his recent latin covers of KRAFTWERK songs (as SENOR COCONUT), pornographic hip hop sung in Spanish, psychedelic ambient music or Japanese pop, ATOM HEART has brought together a world of magnificent oddities unlike any other composer. 'Nobody Knows' , like so many other productions we know from Mr. Heart, this release basically provokes a question mark of remarkable size. These question marks are ATOM HEART'S way to communicate to the listener...throwing or leading him/her into a realm of references codes, styles, truths, fallacies, emulated or simulated realities. In fact like so many of his releases, this is not an album "about" anything at all"

Maximilian Hecker - Infinite Love Songs (Kitty Yo)

"STUNNING album from KITTY YO's next superstar (after Gonzales and Peaches) , destined to be one of the most acclaimed singer songwriter albums of the year. Released in USA already, this album made the NEW YORK TIMES TOP TEN ALBUMS OF THE YEAR. Hecker writes all the songs and lyrics himself, whispering in SIGUR ROS-esque falsetto to harmonies and arrangements that just want to explode. 'INFINITE LOVE SONGS' BURNS BRIGHT WITH AMBITION AND JOY"

Lazyfish With Mewark - Lazyfish With Mewark (K2O)

"LAZYFISH, one of the most talented artists from Moscow's electronic music scene releases his second album in collaboration with ALEXANDER PETRUNIN aka Mewark. LAZYFISH has already released an I.D.M. album on the Russian Label ART-TEK and some more dubby techno tunes on Trapez.His interactive track on the Native Lab Compilation (WMF RECORDS) highlighted LAZYFISH's outstanding creative potential. ALEXANDER PETRUNIN aka MEWARK works as a sound designer & jingle creator for MTV-Russia, both met about 2 years ago programing for NATIVE INSTRUMENTS' "Reaktor". 12 tracks of dark, atmospheric ambient-dub somewhere between PLAID / AUTECHRE and COIL"

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002



Xfm's John Kennedy Xposure Live last week featured an unsigned band from London, called Rubicks. I believe they have a bright future - they are a sort of cross between Life Without Buildings and Throwing Muses - the female vocalist has that energy, passion and emotion in her vocal delivery. Remember the name Rubicks - expect them to be signed up soon - I agree with DJ John Kennedy, Rubicks are very special.

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Marianne Faithfull

I must admit that Marianne Faithfull's new single a collaboration with Beck called Sex with Strangers is rather offbeat, unconventional and interesting as a radio single. Marianne Faithfull is a name I recognise but I honestly can't even recall a single track that she has done before. report the details of Marianne's new album 'Kissin Time' released on 4th March.

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KindaMuzik has switched to a new database driven website.

Slint influenced post rock sounds from ATIVIN - INTERIORS


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Sunday, February 17, 2002


Kerrang! overtakes NME ! - How did this happen?

Pete Baran @ NYLPM informed on Friday of this Ananova news article Kerrang! overtakes NME as the UK's best-selling music weekly

According to new figures by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, Kerrang's weekly sales rose to more than 76,000 per week by the end of 2001. NME's remained around the 70,000 mark.

Further analysis is reflected in these two news articles:

BBCi news article Kerrang! overtakes NME news article Kerrang! rocks its way to the top

The two above accounts fail to take into account the diversity of (rock) music covered in Kerrang. Sure they do cover the Nu Metal scene but take this week's edition there is a Cave In article that included a slating of Nu Metal, an interview with epic rockers Lift to Experience and a great demolition job of Nickelback by Ian Winwood.

Kerrang also has some coverage of a range of genres including industrial, black/dark metal, post hardcore etc. In the past Kerrang has given Zan Lyons single of the week, Trans Am got a brilliant 5K review for their last album, also 5K reviews for the likes of Minus and Juno, a Mogwai interview, Emperor front cover (the NME didn't even acknowledge they existed) and there are many more examples that are far from Nu Metal. So painting Kerrang just as a Nu Metal magazine is too simplistic.

However how does a magazine's circulation figure jump from just under 50, 000 to over 75, 000 in a year ? this needs further analysis, as the above articles mentioned the kids are getting into music younger these days. Also there has been the growth in specialist rock shows on satellite TV both Kerrang and Metal Hammer have a presence, the emergence of Total Rock radio - now available via satellite, on UK digital satellite channel 885. I read somewhere that it claims to have over 1 Million listeners worldwide?

Teenagers also have increased access to the web at home now that unmetered net access kicked in big style in 2001 in the UK. Kerrang launched a website in 2001 including a thriving messageboard so there is more scope to network and discuss new music/ bands than ever before. This therefore intensifies interest/passion/discussion in music, something that in 2000 did not exist to the extent of the 2001 Unmetered net access era !

Also there is the peer pressure of needing an identity as a teenager, and lets face it looking at the appaling state of the charts over the past few years - you can see why Tool, Deftones, System of A Down, A Perfect Circle and the boiler suited faves Slipknot would appeal to some teenagers - compared with the charts dominated with lightweight.. RNB, commercial UK garage, manufactured girl/boy bands, mainstream hip hop and watered down trance dance pop with wailing diva singing about castles in the sky - i.e much of the Radio 1 playlist - therefore rock teenagers have reacted against this.

How the NME reacts to losing their top dog weekly status and their future editorial strategy is indicated at this IPC Press Release relating to their ABC audited circulations - July to December 2001

Mike Soutar the head/ Managing Director of IPC Ignite publishing:

�The weekly music magazine market is the strongest it has been for a number of years with younger readers expanding the marketplace, driven by changing music trends towards UK and US rock. Under the keen eye of editor Ben Knowles, the title is developing in leaps and bounds with each issue and NME is well placed to take advantage of this emerging new market over the coming year.�

So it looks like in 2002 NME goes rock. Poor NME they are always jumping ship to follow any convenient bandwagon, unable to set their own agenda . Mind you in the case of the NME what does rock constitute? Unfortunately there will be a lowering of standards to cover any gormless band that has "guitars" and an adequate PR management/ record company backing (see this week's coverage of the awful cliched Puddle of Mudd) - no attempt at being discriminating.. to seek out the most creative artists towards the margins and extremes.

A reader's letter in the current NME suggests the NME should cover Strapping Young Lad, Anathema and Voivod - I don't think that many critics at the NME know these bands exist never mind having opinions on them, no there too busy wanking over the Oasis comeback, saying that Andrew WanKer is the future of rock and sucking up to the The Strokes, playing the awful trad songs of Electric Soft Parade on their stereo. It is no wonder the teenage kids laugh at the NME and buy Kerrang instead.

Kerrang has a much stronger cohesive identity than the NME, the NME can't make its mind up what it is - it's just an aimless mish mash - does it appeal to the 20s somethings that grew up with select/ britpop era or it does go after the new younger rock audience or why can't it have the courage to go radical diverse music weekly covering the best in both electronic and rock based music - with strong opinions, more reviews, relevant news, insight, knowledge and passion.

[I noticed that in the ABC circulation figures that Uncut increased 20,000 sales to 73,186 (37.6 per cent year-on-year) probably many ex Melody Maker readers at one time. This further suggests if the IPC Ignite had not turned Melody Maker into a joke younger magazine under Mark Sutherland - then it could have still been with us today! But IPC ignite are set to repeat the same mistake with the NME. Would not it be better for IPC Ignite to actually launch a targeted specialist new fortnightly rock/ metal magazine to compete with Kerrang and develop NME into a more credible diverse leftfield/radical direction along the lines I have suggested ]

This main focus on "rock" will mean that NME will continue to FAIL to give coverage of so many music genres and artists that I cover on this weblog - i.e the dream of wanting a return to the spirit of celebration/ discovery/passion of vintage 87/ 88 era Melody Maker. [The NME's coverage of lDM/ experimental electronics, tech-house, Jungle, industrial and avant/post rock is appallingly inadequate and in some cases non existent - and the NME's rock coverage excludes most of Terrorizer style metal/ rock .]

The NME has no personality or identity - it reflects and never sets the agenda. Remember this time last year, it stated rap/hip hop was the future - where is it now in the NME? it fizzled out and now the NME goes rock.

Ofcourse the man responsible for ineptness of NME is none other than ex editor Steve Sutherland who get promotion ! in December from NME brand director to Editorial Strategist for NME and - playing with semantics - surely they are the same thing? Anyway IPC Ignite have actually given Steve some proper work to do:

NME Originals the idea is that Sutherland will be sent down to the IPC NME archive storeroom to go through manky old copies of the NME looking for original articles reflecting a particular theme/ artist and then collating them into published special editions:

The first collectible issue is dedicated to one of the world�s greatest bands - The Beatles - and will go on sale February 27. Other glossy publications in the series will commemorate the Punk era, Britpop, The Rolling Stones, and U2, and will be produced on a bi-monthly basis.

Finally this is how Kerrang's publishers EMAP look at the Kerrang success EMAP Analysis of their ABC audited circulations

"Kerrang has helped people get excited about rock music for the past two decades. With a huge 63.5 per cent year-on-year increase, Kerrang! now regularly sells 76, 841 copies a week. The Life is Loud generation is now on top".

.. at least NME will not be able to use the slogan the biggest selling rock weekly - during their 50th Anniversary Year !

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Overload Media

Overload Media have a new selection of reviews including one for Geogaddi.

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Mr C - Change - Debut Album in MAY

Britain's leading tech-house DJ, Mr C will release his much delayed debut album, Change in May on End Recordings

I have listened to a few tracks on the radio and this is up with Layo & Bushwacka and Circulation in the quality stakes. An essential electronic album for 2002.

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Saturday, February 16, 2002


Leonard's Lair

As promised Leonard's Lair the weekly updated music review website from Lincoln, England has a brand new look. V.Smart.

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Review: Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

NME review Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

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Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases

Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases - it seems that the new releases are picking up now that we are into the third week of February, including the biggest electronic/ IDM album of the year from Boards of Canada through to a host of more obscure gems on small independent labels:

BOARDS OF CANADA - Geogaddi - Warp

It�s the biggy, set to be analysed, dissected, and discussed for years to come, Boards are finally back and the question on everybody�s lips it any good? The answer is, you�ll be pleased to know, yes, very much so. An album as highly anticipated as this (four years in the making) is always going to come under much unwanted fanfare. The short of it is as follows : Geogaddi doesn�t necessarily break any new ground for Boards, but succeeds in bringing together more of the BOC magic that�s reached so deeply into our collective psyche�s since �Music Has The Right...� was first released in 1998. The blueprint is similar, with short interludes scattered across and in between the �full tracks�, starting with the opening 60 seconds of �Ready Lets Go� - a distant wildlife documentary soundtrack to your dreams in glorious childhood Lo-Fi. First track proper - �Music Is Math� sees Boards in classic domain : lots of echoed spoken fragments, a vocoded refrain, simple and deeply evocative melodies and the trademark treated hip hop beat. Loveliness assured. �Sunshine Recorder� gives up the first Boards Smash featured on Geogaddi, finding Mike and Marcus in devestating, classic territory; deep, developed, loveliest lovely and simply impossible not to fall in love with instantly. Once again, this is all very familiar territory, but it works flawlessly. �1969� is another spine-tingler, ever so slightly out-of-tune and almost harrowing, drenched in sweetness and a slightly uneasy feel. We could go on forever - �The Beach at Redpoint� - making you realise the term �cinematic� could never be levelled at a track with more accuracy. Keeping to the idea of progress, however, Geogaddi also offers up some new developments - �Gyroscope�, for example, features an uncharacteristic mesmerising tribal rotation of drums put through the BOC filtration system, sounding like a lost tape unearthed and carefully restored, retaining the mark of antiquity that directs Boards tracks so instantly to that part of the brain reserved for our earliest memories, but doing it via a new route. �The Devil Is In The Details� also follows new turns, bringing to mind Autechre�s �Overand� : subliminal use of rustling found sounds over a single delayed synth beats.... untypical and totally devestating. 23 tracks wide, this is very much the kind of record that I�d rather be listening to drifting off to sleep..leaving the analysis and description to that part of the brain that�s rooted within the unconcious. Predictably awesome.
*Limited edition CD comes in a special edition hardbound cover and a 12 page booklet. These won�t be around for long.

THE ROGER TUBESOUND ENSEMBLE - Plays just notes - Rather Interesting

Yes, Atom Heart is back !! A long time gone since his Pentatonic Surprise CD spun the world of digital jazz trickery on it's head. Mr Tubesound steps out of retirement once again to flex those fingers over his keyboards .45 mins of more of Atom Heart's genius for confounding expectations, here going on a Flanger tip but ejecting Burnt Freidman just so that Roger can do his thing. Roger's Back cut's a swing number into bit's, adding nifty electric piano licks and flailing rimshots left, right and centre. The album's Sun-Ra influences come to the fore on Dear Lost Listener like one of Sunny's 60's piano trio's shot into space and bounced back gathering all kinds of rhythmic displacement on it's voyage home, true cut up genius. Music (For The Library Of God) tips a nod into more abstract waters, piano lines, sampladelic's, stabs, rapid drum flurry's and a sublime / blissful ending.... here and in many other places this CD brings to mind the awesome Erik Satin CD (RI 052), in itself a huge compliment. Interchangable Intervals starts like a classic John Coltrane spiritual, solid double bass and searching drum shuffle's, then piano and rhodes to infinity and beyond / .... and finally the 20 min plus epic ...and plays just notes rounds things out travelling the spaceways / stretched time phases.... smoking tenor sax, hip and extra crazy... just the right side of genius. Possibly the finest RI release since Los Samplers, highly recommended for atomjunkies old and new. Train your brain!!

JOSHUA TREBLE - Joshua Treble - Pitchcadet

The finest release on the label to date, Pitchcadet return in a blaze of originality with this fantastic full length from Joshua Treble. The scene is set perfectly with the opening �Rewind� - 60 seconds in comforting slivers of reverbed accoustic guitar that form like a ghostly apparition, before �All we ever flaunted� slips in � a full bodied display of treated guitars and backward edits, once again bringing to mind the revered Fennesz circa �Plays�. �Confess This Mess� finds us in more familiar Pitchcadet territory � crushing broken beats and a waterfall of warmth, the accoustic interjecting to sound like a more ethereal Casino Versus Japan. The rest of the album is judged to perfection � an interplay between developed electronic fractures and delicate accoustic flows, doing so with remarkable aptitude : one minute crystalising into the metalic decimated hip hop of �Batchi 5754�, the next releasing catharsis flows with the warm accoustic washes of �Sentiment is Piss�. Highly recommended ineed.

MULTICAST PRESENTS - Further Obliq presents - K2O

Long time readers of this list will know that we�re big fans of Multicast and the Obliq crew here at the Neck. With a handful of EP releases behind them, last years fantastic debut LP �Rural Sessions� paved the way for Multicast to get the deserved recognition for their homegrown brand of precise and shimmering electronic home listening music. This excellent collection of tracks brings together new and unreleased gems from all of the Obliq family � the aforementioned Multicast, Crix Madine, Ted Sturgeon and Freqmodif. Distancing themselves from the fractured/decimated school of electronic sound, all Obliq artists shine with the ability to combine warmth with space, at times employing the accoustic (as in the glorious sea breeze of Multicast�s opening �Spitfire�), and at times keeping to an old-skool electronic aesthetic that brings to mind Aphex at his most chilled out pop self (as in the exotic �..theme� from Crix Madine, sounding not unlike �We Are The Music Makers�). This is extravagantly spacious stuff, deeply cinematic and often moving, making for an aesthetic and ideal that could be seen as the stateside equivalent to the UK�s Toytronic label. Highly Recommended.

VARIOUS Annexe : Cottage Industries 2 - Neo Ouija

Second label compilation from Lee Norris�s Neo Ouija label � this time bringing together a massive 24 tracks across two CD�s from : Eu, Funckarma, Sense, Bauri, Phonex, Ambidextrous, Proem, Kettel, Novel 23 and absolutely shitloads more. Electronic listening music in the loveliest sense � lots of crunchy beats and buttered melodies, the flow is superb with standouts coming from Sense with the sublime opening strains of �Icyltap�, the Hip-Hop Gescomisms of Qeshi�s �Schem�, Sica�s kindergarten lullaby �17llow�, and the beatless closer �Flaurent� from Ilkae. Much loveliness throughout, so tuck in!

VARIOUS - Other Animals - Couchblip

The Australians are doing it once again, the loveably named Couchblip crew kick off their journey into the unknown with a strong compilation CD featuring mostly new and exclusive tracks from : Funkstorung, Plod, +One, Fibla, Novel 23, Yee King, 8 Bit Orchestra as well as homegrown talent - Pretty Boy Crossover, Pellarin, Disjunction Reunion, Robokoneko, Ckid and many more. As for the established artists - Fibla reunites with some earthy, mechanoid percussion and deep melodic textures, while Funkstorung�s �Test� keeps the syncopation to a minimum and gives up a tasty crunch-up of half recognised melodies and pops. The Plaid produced +One once again keep to the Black Dog aesthetic with a fruity little number � melancholic jangles and interesting time changes, all in perfect midtempo. Russia�s Novel 23 come flying with �Figure� - a delicious hybrid of electropop and velvet synths, deliciously electroid and addictive � a standout track here. Plod, meanwhile, go the Arovane route with some blue mood electronix and lovely tinkles, while Rephlex signees Yee King finish things off in suitably spannered style. The real revelation on this comp, however, are the gems offered up by the local Aussie talent, notably the mouth watering Toytronicisms of Disjunction Reunion, the schoolyard electronic b-breaks of the excellent Pretty Boy Crossover, and the delicate music box twinkles of Reef Project. Strong throughout, keep a close eye on this label!

FRANK MARTINIQ - Schwingkomplex - Boxer

Two straight years since his debut album Pmf Acht woke us up to one seriously talented producer. Having that special touch that twists existing styles and formulas into something fresh and oozing quality. Enter into the Schwingkomplex : funked up click house meets deep jazzed harmonics and kicking rhythms, even when a hammond b3 organ sinks into click house it works wonders. If you'll imagine the killer klick-kick of Akufen delving into more traditional funk patterns, and more widescreen sound scaping then you'll have this album pumping thorough your stereo. Ten tracks, one hour.... vinyl leaves off the truly awesome Adriano, but worry not we still have a few copies available on 12". Truly superb.


AF_M is the result of a collaboration between Main (Robert Hampson, formerly of Loop and Godflesh) and Antenna Farm (David Howell and Alastair Leslie). As the very first artists in Staalplaat's new Brombron series, both artists were kindly invited to spend a week living and working at the Extrapool studio in Nijmegen, to collaborate together, and then release the results on a CD. These recordings were made utilising a variety of tools - Powerbooks, contact microphones, guitars, mixing desk, fx, and and field recordings gathered from around Nijmegen. The three of them spent long hours in the studio working alone processing sounds, and then coming together at the end of each day to improvise collectively with them. Becoming increasingly focussed, these improvised sessions were recorded directly down onto DAT. At the end of the week (July 7th - 13th, 2000), they returned to London with around 3 and a half hours worth of music. After a short break, they came together again at Robert's studio in Croydon and began to isolate sections and edit together this material (again on powerbook). This editing was simple and truthful to the original recordings - no new sections were added, there was no reprocessing done. They simply isolated what was felt were the strongest recorded sections and then bolted these together. There were some crossfades created, but everything was kept in chronological order. The resulting audio coheres into a focussed document that slips from extreme quiet to scratchy, crackly ambience, drone passages, and occasional bursts of a more violent nature. Not something that works as a background music, the 5 tracks have been carefully placed together and require close listening.

BOURBONESE QUALK - On Uncertainty - Korm Plastics

Final emergence from hibernation of Bourbonese Qualk. A group who originated in the UK in the early 1980s and remained at the forefront of experimental music in europe for the next decade. Bourbonese Qualk were never a purely electronic band, but incorporated 'traditional' acoustic instruments and musical forms alongside computers and synthesisers. Bourbonese Qualk were known for their anarchist political views and involvement in events such as the Stop The City and Trafalgar riots in London and the underground political scene in eastern europe before the fall of the Berlin wall. Bourbonese Qualk are back and it sounds like they were never away. On Uncertainty is their new studio album, displaying their skills with ambient like guitar pieces, funky beat driven electronic rhythmical soundscapes - sketches with noise. Bourbonese Qualk after two decades remain true to their original sound.

DAVID GRUBBS - Act 5, Scene 1 - Blue Chopsticks

Act Five, Scene One is an hour-long instrumental piece that features the trio of David Grubbs, Tony Conrad, and Dan Brown. You'll find it divided into four psychedelically digestible fifteen-minute slices. Ah, the places you'll go - it's an hour of sawing and banging and riffing and cutting and (let's not mince words) shapeshifting. What the hell. . . here are a few possible reference points: Brian Eno's Music for Films and Discreet Music; Rodney Graham's Verwandlungsmusik; Workshop's longer pieces; Sun Ra (New Stream mode); The Fall (but languorous and wordless); Bruce Witsiepe's guitar sound on the first Circle X record. Also highway driving (solitary); a pinball game; a dream about breathing underwater. Adventures a plenty from Grubb's on his own label, Blue Chopsticks

ROSY PARLANE - Getxo - Sigma Editions

The tenth sigma release comes four years after sigma, 001: Parlane's #1-4. Getxo, shows the recognizable Parlane sensibility; an interest in sublimity, minor keys and mesmerizing repetition. versa, with its simple repeated four note phrase, degenerates over the course of the track, ending in an enveloping, ever stronger fuzz. elements of wolfgang voigt's majestic Gas project are strong, as is the influence felt from recent work with the mighty fennesz. Getxo is lighter, looser, takes itself less seriously. Since making #1-4 Parlane has shifted from relatively lo-fi techniques of construction to the digital realm of computer music and this shift in technology is reflected in the intricacy and quality of the sounds. #1-4's dark and urgent rumblings have been superceded by crispness and clarity. the bell-like tones sustain in a beautiful way in pinxit and are then completely dissembled for the title track. The climate at the moment is perfect for the evolved and evolving Parlane aesthetic. seductive and affecting, full of quiet and not quiet catches and hooks, so easy that the difficulty is camouflaged. Excellent release.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:13 AM

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