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Thursday, July 31, 2003


The Independent interview the mercury music prize nominated Dizzee Rascal and veteran prog rockstars Yes

# posted by DJ Martian 6:05 PM report Susumu Yokota will release an album: Laputa in October.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:11 PM

The Independent review Broadway Project - The Vessel

# posted by DJ Martian 5:03 PM have information on the next Plaid album: Spokes, due October 20th on Warp.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:25 PM

This week's One World show on Radio 1 features: Mighty Crown Soundsystem (from Japan) - 2 Hrs of mixed up dub madness

Details: One World - Mighty Crown Soundsystem

# posted by DJ Martian 12:58 AM have exclusive news relating to the forthcoming Zyklon album: Aeon.

The full track listing for Aeon is:
1. Psyklon Aeon
2. Core Solution
3. Subtle Manipulation
4. Two Thousand Years
5. No Names Above the Names
6. The Prophetic Method
7. Specimen Eruption
8. Electric Current
9. An Eclectic Manner

DigitalMetal will launch Zyklon�s "Psyklon Aeon" MP3 on August 3, 2003. Zyklon's Aeon is set for release on September 8, 2003 in Europe and on September 2, 2003 in the United States through Candlelight Records.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:51 AM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature Patrick Wolf

This week's front cover choice features Patrick Wolf, who has just released his debut album: Lycanthropy this week on Capitol K's Faith & industry Label. Patrick Wolf's music mixes a blend of laptronics, folk, blistering breaks, synth pop, passionate vocals and lyrics, classical compositions, and sublime melodies. Many people have compared his vocal style to Marc Almond, particularly on the track: Bloodbeat.

Patrick Wolf is on the John Kennedy X-posureshow, Xfm - Thursday night.

patrick will be joining John Kennedy on Xfm 104.9
on thursday the 31st of July at 11pm. He will be broadcasting
a session of three album tracks and previewing a brand new song
as well as talking and taking part in the show
if you arent in the london zone.. you can pick up the station
on the internet..
or on sky digital channel 864

Playlouder interview Patrick Wolf

Tracklisting for Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy

1. Prelude
2. Wolf song
3. Bloodbeat
4. To The Lighthouse
5. Pigeon Song
6. don't Say No
7. The Childcatcher
8. Demolition
9. London
10. Paris
11. Peter Pan
12. Lycanthropy
13. A Boy Like Me
14. Epilogue

on record label: Faith & Industry:

Lycanthropy" is the journey young Patrick Wolf has made from boy to WOLF. It is a collection of songs that he composed from the ages of 11-18, marking his journey through puberty and self discovery.

This journey spans vast emotional, physical and sonic ground. From the desolated vigour of "London" and "To the lighthouse" via the fairytale folk of "Peter Pan" and Pigeon Song" to the danceable pagan punk of "Bloodbeat" and "Don't Say No" (written on Mayday in a remote Cornish bungalow). Such Wolf stories sit alongside the disturbing confessional of "The Childcatcher" to the joyous resolution of "Lycanthropy" and brutal exodus of "Paris".

Musically, Wolf sees himself as a 21st Century folk artist, which includes playing viola, accordion, and ukulele as well as keeping his trusty laptop by his side. With laptop, the folk artist can go ANYWHERE and record, from a city squat to a forest cabin. The result is a mixture of haunting melodies, beautiful strings, glitch core beats, cut up field recordings, and passionate singing and lyrics. His musical influences include: Joni Mitchell, Meredith Monk, The Pixies, Vashti Bunyan, Chet Baker, Lucia Pamela, Pierre Boulez, PJ Harvey, Osvaldo Golijov, Digital Hardcore Recordings, Bjork, Clara Rockmore, John Cale and Nico.

Comments from arranger, composer David Whitaker "He seems to cover a lot of ground, twixt folk and avant-garde. Very good arrangements. For me, 'London' had the best song development with clever use of chimes and is quasi fugal. Well written."

Wolf's live performances have entranced and entertained many, from wild pogoing tracks like "A Boy Like Me" to the beauty of "Demolition", club and gig audiences alike have been returning to gig after gig after gig.

"Lycanthropy" is an LP that will appeal to everyone from new folkies to left-of-centre clubkids, angst-ridden students, chin-stroking anorak musos and last but not least, your mum. It is an LP that in 20 years time, a whole new generation of people will pick it up to enjoy it and its honest, vital sentiments.

debut album on faith and industry by patrick is a superbmj album of lush laptop folk symphonies with viola,harmonium,accordian and clarinet.would fit nicely between marc almond's serious work,morrissey and nico.sentimentsl,sincere and touching
Info from: Rough Trade

# posted by DJ Martian 12:35 AM

Wednesday, July 30, 2003


BBC Music review the superb second Circulation album, Circulation - Colours Two

# posted by DJ Martian 8:45 PM

Kate Bush is 45 today, still working on her album, no sign of a release date. Mick Karn [of ex Japan] is playing bass guitar on one track.

The album was originally scheduled for September 2003, I can't see this happening now [if Kate is still working on the album], knowing how major labels work [no big releases in November or December] - i reckon it's more than likely to be 2004 release, unless EMI go for an October release if the album is ready in time?

# posted by DJ Martian 7:57 PM review Pimmon - Snaps, Crackles, Pops

# posted by DJ Martian 7:17 PM

Check out the video for new The Raveonettes single 'That Great Love Sound', [released August 11th] by following the links @ The Raveonettes [Imagine JAMC fronted by a Danish blonde]

The Raveonettes new album Chain Gang Of Love is released on 25th August in the UK, and a week later in the US.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:43 PM review Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks

# posted by DJ Martian 6:36 PM report that Carl Craig is coming to London, and he is working on a studio album. [Thousands of Techno/House fans, shout: hurry up, get on with it.]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:28 PM

Reminder, that changes are coming to Pitchfork soon. As of next Monday, Pitchfork ...

we'll begin updating the newswire throughout the day, as news breaks, allowing us to cover more stories, more often, and in the most timely possible manner.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:17 PM

BBC Jazz Awards were announced on Tuesday [Yesterday], BBC News report Jazz winners span generations amongst the winners:

Swedish group the Esbjorn Svensson Trio were named the best international artists of the year

# posted by DJ Martian 12:03 PM

John Peel - On Vacation, New Schedule for 2 Weeks

Peel is away for 2 weeks from next week. Here is the replacement schedule


10PM Rock Show
Midnight Lock Up

Both bought 2 hours forward


10PM Gilles Peterson (2 hours forward)
Midnight Bobby Friction And Nihal Presents Asian beats (from Friday)


10PM Fabio & Grooverider - drum'n'bass (from Friday)
Midnight One World (as normal but from the 2nd week its carrying
1Xtra progs for a while)

Source: via Zapsmart

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 PM

Diary alert...On August 12th, John Kennedy on Xfm will have a full playback of the new Elbow, album: Cast Of Thousands.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:29 AM

Tuesday, July 29, 2003


The Shortlist Music Prize

To be eligible, albums must have been released between July 1, 2002 and June 30, 2003 and can not have sold more than 500,000 copies in the U.S. Unlike The Mercury Prize, which focuses only on British releases, the Shortlist is open to international artists.

Official website: The Shortlist Music Prize

Chartattack: Shortlist Judges Announced

The 2002 Shortlist Prize was awarded to N*E*R*D for their debut "In Search Of�," beating out the likes of The Hives, The Flaming Lips, Bjork and Doves. The 2001 Shortlist went to Sigur Ros for their Agaetis Byrjun.

These links, refer to the time span for the award, to get an indication of what albums could be considered:

2002: Q3 2002 and Q4 2002
2003: Q1 2003 and Q2 2003

# posted by DJ Martian 9:42 PM

Two reviews from BBC Manchester: Killing Joke - Killing Joke and Pedro - Pedro

# posted by DJ Martian 8:57 PM

BBC Album of the Week is Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks

# posted by DJ Martian 4:18 PM

dotmusic provide free access to Elbow's - Fallen Angel track, on video.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:13 PM report that electroclash star, Peaches will release an album, titled: Fatherfucker, on September 15th. [Doesn't Peaches, look nasty? she must have a sleazy mind to come up with a title like that. I think she enjoys playing a Bad Girl role.]

# posted by DJ Martian 4:10 PM

Pitchfork review TV on the Radio - Young Liars

# posted by DJ Martian 3:59 PM

Musique Machine review Noxagt - Turning it down since 2001

# posted by DJ Martian 3:57 PM

Dusted review The Modernist - Kangmei

# posted by DJ Martian 3:56 PM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

Bush Tetras - Boom In The Night - Original Studio Recordings 1980-1983

Along with ESG, Liquid Liquid, etc Bush Tetras were at the forefront of the early 80s NY 'no wave' movement, releasing records on the cult 99 and Fetish labels and even being produced by The Clash's Topper Headon. Fronted by three women, including Pat Place from The Contortions, they made sinuous, loose-limbed punk-funk tracks that still sound totally fresh and original tody, and have been a big influence on The DFA sound. This timely released ROIR CD brings together their three singles and some previously unreleased tracks too, all digitally remastered from the original analogue tapes

The Skids - The Very Best Of .....

What a superb singles band the Skids were. Arriving on the crest of the punk rock wave with three classic tracks, "Charles" "Sweet Suburbia" and then the breakthrough "Into The Valley" they stormed into the charts with brilliant anthemic songs led by Stuart Adamsons wonderful ringing guitar tone and Richard Jobson's declamatory vocals. Unforgettable tracks like "Animation", "Charade", "Working For The Yankee Dollar", "Masquerade" and "The Saints Are Coming" are all include as is "TV Stars" with it's 'Albert Tatlock' chorus line.

Talk Talk - Introducing ...... Talk Talk

the twelve tracks that make up "Introducing ...... Talk Talk" are, in fact, some of their lesser known tracks and because of this it emphasises the depth and range of their material. A dozen tracks of moody, introspective, quality music from the minds of Mark Hollis, Lee Harris, Paul Webb and Tim Friese-Greene. Complete with good booklet notes from Sid Smith.

Butchy Fuego - Butchy Fuego
Pickled Egg

Butchy Fuego makes music - decidedly strange music: deconstructed punk, jazz, techno, rock, electronica and pop entice the listener into wonderfully uncharted waters.

George - The Magic Lantern
Pickled Egg

Debut album from this Manchester-based duo, following a couple of now deleted, 7"s on Earworm and Bad Jazz. The duo share all instrumentation and writing duties, building a cabinet of curiosities from many voices, guitars and basses, drums and loopings, Wurlitzer organ, drones, bells and chimes, birds and strings, keyboards and chairs.

Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy
Faith And Industry

Debut album from hotly tipped Patrick Wolf on Capitol K's Faith & Industry label. It's a mix of mellow acoustic (made using viola, harmonium, accordion, clarinet!) - electronic laptop folk symphonies, introverted avant-angst rock and electroclash.

Brand X - Introducing ...... Brand X

Moments of melody and calm between bouts of fusion frenzy is the best way to describe Phil Collins 'other' band: Brand X. With the stupendous bass of Percy Jones, the slick and quick guitar of John Goodsall and the ubiquitous keyboard work of Robin Lumley Collins took contril of the drummer's stool and the band took flight. I've alwyas maintained that as a vocalist Collins made a damn fine drummer and here's the proof. Jazz-rock instrumentals of the highest order.

Captain Beefheart - Introducing ...... Captain Beefheart

Seventeen tracks that conjure up Don Van Vliet's voodoo dolly wierdness as the good Capt'n. That's Captain Beefheart to you, one of the most unique voices in rock and one of the most surreal views of life. An introduction to his work on Virgin and Liberty labels between 1968 and 1982.

Steve Hillage - Introducing ...... Steve Hillage

One of Britain's finest guitarist /producers Steve Hillage first came to prominance as part of the definitive Gong line-up before going solo with a series of superb 'space-prog' albums in the 70s. "Fish Rising", "Green", "L" and "Motivation Radio" all had excellent songs many of them to be found on this introduction to Hillage's work.

Yes - The Ultimate Yes

As if the world needed another Yes collection!! Then you read the track listing and every track is a classic. Two CDs featuring "Survival", "Yours Is No Disgrace", "Roundabout", "Then", "I've Seen All Good People", "Heart Of The Sunrise", "Wonderous Stories", "And You And I", "Soon", "Siberian Khatru" and loads of others.

Various Artists - Back To Mine - Underworld

The Underworld duo bring us their 'personal collection for after hours grooving', and provide a proper eclectic party mix. The tracks include Gil Scott-Heron "B Movie", TLC "Creep", Rave Signal "Horsepower", Remy & Sven "Piano Power", LFO Vs FUSE "Loop", Toots & The Maytals "54-46 Was My Number", LTJ Bukem "Music", Dead Prez "Hip Hop", D'Angelo "Brown Sugar", Ali Farka Toure "Machengoidi" and loads more

Pepe Deluxe - Beatitude

Consisting of the core duo of James Spectrum and JA Jazz, Pepe Deluxe work with samples as well as live vocalists and instrumentation played by 34 musicians from around the world. Their sound is an all over the place mix of lush, sensual downbeat, weird funky grooves and crazy breaks. Includes the singles "Salami Fever" and "Girl!".

Various Artists - Deadly Avenger Presents Straight To Video

Deadly Avenger invites some friends to score the soundtracks to their dream movies on this great compilation. The concept is that each track is inspired by a specific scene, or loosely based on an entire film. Inspiriations include Rollerball, The Shining, Night Fever and Lassie(!). Of the 14 tracks here, 12 are totally exclusive to this CD, and include Cinema Recorded Music Library, Deadly Avenger, Blue States, Faze Action, Fort Lauderdale, Jadell, Jack Planck (AKA Jacknife Lee), King Of The Wild Frontier, Howie B etc.

Various Artists - Den Of Thieves - The Sound Of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Eighteenth Street Lounge

Thievery Corporation lovingly compile this selection of tracks from their ESL roster, including a previously unreleased track by themselves! From the outernationalism of Thievery Corporation, the Argentinian Soul of Frederico Aubele, the jazz obsessions of Les Hommes and Nicola Conte to the dub-drenched hip hop of Sofa Surfers, the near eastern rockers of Karminsky Experience or the lush soundtracks of Blue States, ESL music continues to scan the musical spectrum of the world's finest sounds.

Various Artists - Ils Presents Y4K
Distinctive Breaks

Breaks supremo Ils, shows us some of the current tracks and new releases from his boxes: Ed 209, Roni Size (Ils Mix), Evil Nine, Initial Research etc.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:38 AM

Monday, July 28, 2003


A message for all XTC fans [that are visting this weblog for a specific reason], that XTC - Introducing XTC album, has been delayed. [EMI are starting a series of introducing albums, including Talk Talk, Steve Hillage, Brand X, Be Bop Deluxe. Note, EMI own Virgin label]

The only store to list, XTC - Introducing XTC is a US import store: Siren Disc under Future Releases, however no UK Online stores have it down as a new release - so it's obviously been delayed.

Anyway XTC fans as you here - bookmark this weblog and become a regular reader.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:01 PM

Killing Joke

Killing Joke emerged in the post punk fallout. A time of death to trad rock, a re-writing of the rule book. A time when anything went as long as it wasn't a twelve bar. Tearing down the house and all that. Don't let flimsy Rough Trade "post punk" compilations retell the story for you� There was plenty of deranged wild action going on in the period, and the Joke's powerful mix of the power of punk rock with the rhythmic sensibility of dance music combined with a dark vision and some pile driving guitars marked them out as one of the most influential bands of period.

John Robb @ Playlouder interviews Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke.

Killing Joke's new LP may well be the best rock record you'll hear all year. And there is a reason for the harshness

BBC Manchester: Interview with Killing Joke's Geordie

They are one of the most influential bands of the last few decades, inspiring a generation of loud and dangerous music (and in Youth's case, producing it too!), and now Killing Joke are back. Their ever affable guitarist Geordie found time to chat with Chris Long about the comeback.

Killing Joke are back !

Killing Joke - Killing Joke

# posted by DJ Martian 10:52 PM

new release selection - 28/07/03 @ Rough Trade

# posted by DJ Martian 6:56 PM report Terranova will release an album: Peace Is Tough, on September 15th on K7.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 PM

Dusted review Jaga Jazzist - The Stix

# posted by DJ Martian 1:34 PM

Junkmedia interview Mike Paradinas

# posted by DJ Martian 1:32 PM


Key new album releases for July 28th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: July 28th

Alex Cortex - Inwards (Ann Aimee)
Cyne - Time Being (Botanica Del Jibaro)
Enchant - Tug of War (InsideOut)
Gorgoroth - Twilight Of The Idols (Nuclear Blast)
David Jack - Without Vocabulary (KFM)
Eyvind Kang - Virginal Co-ordinates (Ici D'Ailleurs)
Killing Joke - Killing Joke (Zuma)
Makota - Human Elements (Good Looking)
1 Mile North - Minor Shadows (Ba Da Bing!)
Pepe Deluxe - Beatitude (Catskills)
McCoy Tyner - Land of Giants (Telarc)
Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy (Faith & Industry)

For Reference:

Last Week: July 21st

Abstract Thought (Drexciya) - Hypothetical Situations (Kombination Research)
Aurelie - desde que nac�' (Swim)
Beecher - Breaking The Fourth Wall (Calculated Risk Products)
Beyond Dawn - Frysh (Peaceville)
Ketil Bjornstad - Nest (Emarcy)
Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner (XL)
I Monster - Neveroddoreven (Dharma)
Jane's Addiction - Strays (Parlophone)
Kid606 - The Illness (Tigerbeat 6) EP
Metamatics - Mind Mushing Git (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Meteorites - Dub The Mighty Dragon (Rise Robots Rise)
Bill Nelson - Whimsey (Fabled Quixote)
Ohgr - Sunnypsyop (Spitfire)
Pedro - Pedro (Melodic)
Pimmon - Snaps, Crackles, Pops (Tigerbeat 6)
Plej - Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast (Exceptional)
Stars As Eyes - Loud New Shit (Tigerbeat 6)
Benjamin Wild - Wie Es Sein Wollte (Source)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:13 AM

New Releases @ Fopp week beginning: 28th July, with added press quotes.

Including, this David Jack album that John Peel has been playing tracks from:


Sometimes termed 'cinematic funk' and often likened to RJD2, Scottish hip hop artiste David Jack is back with another selection of sample-adelic and addictive instrumental melanges...

"The talented Mr Jack emphatically demonstrates that last year's 'Texture Freak' was no one-off, producing a sequel that further refines and rarifies his hop-hoperatic sound. The strength of this record is in Jack's own musical driving force, and uncanny ability to subvert and compress recognisable sounds such as a fairground organ or a cello into something


# posted by DJ Martian 12:09 AM

Sunday, July 27, 2003


For Americans, one of the finest metasearch engines: ZapMeta, have launched ZapMeta Shopping in conjunction with

ZapMeta Shopping - Music put in an artist and album title in the search and get comparative prices.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 PM

Ephel Duath - The Painter's Palette: Italian band creates rock masterpiece

Starvox review one of the most distinctive and ambitious rock albums, released so far this year: Ephel Duath - The Painter's Palette

Download the Ephel Duath track, The Passage on the record label website @ Elitist Records

Official website for Ephel Duath

Record label website: Elitist Records

The Painter's Palette is out now and is getting some astonishing reviews across the globe. Here's just an example:

Kerrang! - Printed - UK - KKKKK (out of 5)
"This is the stuff Albums Of The Year are made of"

Metal Hammer - UK
"The Painter's Palette is a dizzying concoction of sounds and dynamics that defies categorisation. Splendid"

Terrorizer - Printed - UK
" of the most acute triumphs in recent memory of eclecticism and artsy introspection alike"
"I can see this album gaining widespread recognition, and even if this is not the case, I believe Ephel Duath have created what could easily become a cult, genre-defining release."

"...for those with a taste for true musical art, "The Painter's Palette" is a piece that rivals the works of Picasso in the field of abstract brilliance."

Metal Review - Online - US - 6 out of 6
"This is a release that doesn't come along too often, and if you're looking for an album with a twist to metal, look no further than The Painter's Palette. I foresee this making a lot of top-ten lists this year." - 6 out of 6
"On "The Painter's Palette" Ephel Duath look as the most talented, original, and inventive followers of the legacy of the bands and performers pioneered uniting such seemingly incompatible styles as Metal and Jazz: Sieges Even, Watchtower, Cynic, John Zorn, to name just a few. Furthermore, these youngsters, yet, early developers reached the elevations that none of the other artists working in this genre had set foot on. If you're always eager for something really fresh in music and aren't limited by any stylistic and complexity-related framework, don't miss this masterpiece on any account."

All Music
"Not since Faith No More's post-"Epic" albums where they had the label clout and studio time to explore their kinks in detail has there been a metal-based album as flat-out weird as Ephel Duath's The Painter's Palette."

"...this is surely one of the best album of the last 10 years of Metal history..."

# posted by DJ Martian 11:16 PM

The latest new releases and re-issues are profiled @ Aquarius Records New Arrivals #167

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

The Official website for Bark Psychosis, but still no release date for Codename: dustsucker - just "coming soon".

# posted by DJ Martian 10:08 PM

Kayo Dot will release their album: Choirs of the Eye in October. From the brief MP3 samples they have gone for a 3rd & the Mortal/ The Gathering type sound.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:02 PM

UNKLE - Never, Neverland

Advance notification, Tuesday August 26th, the UNKLE album will be played in full, on John Kennedy's X-Posure show on Xfm. The album will be released, the following Monday, i.e September 1st.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:54 PM

English atmospheric ethereal rock band, and also the trees, will release a new album, Further From the Truth, in October

and also the trees
After 5 years away, AATT will finally have a new album out in October this year. The new album titled "Further from the truth" recorded in Malvern, England between November 2002 and June 2003.

Found via Gothic, Ethereal, & DarkSynth/EBM 2003 Releases

profile on and also the trees at All Music Guide [ILM regulars note, Ned Raggett esquire reviews the albums]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:32 PM

A couple of forthcoming releases mentioned on the latest e-mail newsletter @ Music Non Stop

CombiChrist - The Joy of Gunz
Out of Line

Top quality German electro label Out Of Line present CombiChrist the brand new electro / industrial side project from ICON OF COIL vocalist Andy LaPlegua ! "The Joy Of Gunz" presents very hard edged EBM / dance / industrial in the vein of other top Out Of Line acts such as Dulce Liquido, Hocico and Soman. Pummeling dancefloor grooves and distrorted beats combine with scathing vocals and electro arrangements to produce a full-tilt dancefloor onslaught.
Released 1st September 2003.

Clan of Xymox - Farewell

Two years after their seminal studio album "Notes From The Underground" one of the scenes longest standing and most revered Darkwave / Gothic acts returns with the stunning ten track new album. "Farewell" offers ten new songs packed with ideas and creativity - a masterpiece of dark dance beats wrapped in melencholic electronic synthscapes. The usual Xymox mixture of electronic elements and guitar sounds comes to perfection on "Farewell", the album sounding fresh and modern but completely uncompromised - brooding guitar chords mix-up with dancefloor grooves and melodic wave sounds to create an album of unique quality and originality. Full Tracklisting : 01.Farewell, 02.Cold Damp Day, 03.There"s No Tomorrow, 04.Dark Mood, 05.One More Time, 06.Into Extremes, 07.It's Not Enough, 08.Courageous, 09.Lose My Head, 10.Skindeep. Limited first edition in digipak format with free sticker !
Released 8th September 2003.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:01 PM

Saturday, July 26, 2003


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - a Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Cyne - Time Being
Botanica Del Jibaro

It's hard to sum up precisely why Cyne are so compelling - why they are, for us, quite easily the most advanced, soulful, progressive, open-minded and deadly Hip Hop producers in the world today."Time Being" is their long awaited debut album and explores this enigma perfectly, shying away from a gimmicky, electronic take on the genre while, at the same time, introducing a level of development, of pioneering that should convince countless newcomers to Hip Hop that the genre contains and provides so much depth and innovation to explore. It is an album that will be loved and championed by long-time beat jugglers and b-boys, and a record that will inspire fans of everyone from Manitoba, to Xela to Christian Kleine, Prefuse and beyond to peek into its genius. '400 years revisited', is a good starting point, a highly charged socio-political diagnosis delivered with a loose, verbose tongue that charges the rhymes with an agression and integrity that counterpoints the shifted acoustic guitar and stabbed beats into a perfectly judged juxtaposition. A sort of blue melancholy wrapped within a tough, relentless message. The vitriol of Chuck D comes to mind, as does the dusty, scientific assembly process typified by DJ Shadow and the multi-instrumental arrangements favoured by the Folktronic crew, Four Tet immediately coming to mind. Cyne's angle of militancy concentrates on perspective, responsibility, personal growth and awareness. 'Samura's optic' confirms Cyne's ability to find the most acute, enticing acoustic elements, tempering the tuffest riddim. The original cut of 'Due Progress' still wades in and shocks, even after the Evolver remix on the twelve part-prepared us for its sheer flow and groove. Future music - no doubt, a highly evolved hip-hop, acoustic, electronic, organic stew of ideas and brilliance. A core part of the extended Counterflow/Botanica Del Jibaro/Metatronix task force of Miami based sound speakers - Speck, Enoch, Akin, Cise Star and guest Blak Lungz, have conceived a stand-up-and-be-counted classic of an album. La Mano Fria vs Mayx interchangable double artwork slipcase. 100% dope and insistant, heartfelt

Maps + Diagrams - Polytuft-Tech

Tim Martin returns with the second 'Maps + Diagrams' full-lengther, this time round for the ever-endearing Expanding imprint. 'Polytuft-Tech' strikes a complex and intricate electronic sound, retaining a textured, emotionally laden melodic undercurrent. As Maps and Diagrams, Tim has also previously released music for Neo Ouija, Pause 2, Tundra Music and Endorphin. In addition, he runs his own label, Cactus Island. "I prefer to create simple melodies that tend to bounce off each other and try not to get too distracted with the over-production that we hear in some music now days. I've always been into electronic styles of music and influenced by technology. Polytuft-Tech for me was a step up from that sound which i had developed from a few years back, with my debut lp Free-Time on Pause_2. With Polytuft-tech i kept similar melodies and developed a warmer more advanced structure to my music, with more emphasis on the percussion and underlying sounds that carried the music deeper". 'Vacado' bears this out with its schnauss-like euphoria in the melody department, 'Frma' builds out in another direction still, direct beats with a melodic hook to savour. 'Grenaulb' and 'Flex-i' are in fact, far from malleable, crystalline clear, almost woven electronics. Born in 1972, Tim spent most of his childhood whizzing round Nottingham on a bmx and listening to his friend's dad's collection of Kraftwerk, Talking Heads and punk records. Perhaps only the punk tunes have failed to make an indelible sonic imprint. A love affair with electro and hip hop then followed and ensued that he never looked back - Tim got his hands on a clapped out keyboard in the early nineties, soon finding the sounds he imagined when he was younger, childhood memories come flooding back during this abum, as well as a certain lamentation of teenage abandon. You have to say this is the best material we've heard yet from Tim's project and further evidence of Expanding's inexorable progress in the major league electronic stakes. Fans of Arovane, EU, Chrsitain Kleine and the like should take note. Excellent.

Horace Andy - Dance Hall Style

Throughout the illustrious thirty-year recording career of Horace Andy, with its innumerable highs, his unmistakable falsetto has lit up just three albums of indisputable greatness - "Skylarking", for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One; "In the light", for Everton Dasilva's Hungry Town label, in queens, new york; and - with the biggest original impact, by far the most contemporary of the trio - "Dance Hall Style", for Bullwackies in the bronx. Recorded at the tail end of the seventies, dance hall style reworks songs like "Money Money", first recorded by Bunny Lee and Derek Harriott's "Lonely woman" - alongside a version of Lloyd Robinson's "Cuss cuss" - and births bona fide classics like "Spying glass" (later covered by Massive Attack). The musicians include Wackies regulars, men like Owen Stewart and Oral Cooke from Itopia, Ras Menilik and Jah T.; also Horace's multi-instrumentalist spar Myrie dread from the hungry town sessions. At the desk, Lloyd Barnes, Junior Delahaye and Douglas Levy coax unequalled vocal performances from Horace Andy, in correct showcase fashion, all worthwhile extended mixes. Iconic album, essential purchase.

Alex Cortex - Inwards
Ann Aimee

Alex Cortex delivers a sublime full-length for Delsin's new Ann Aimee offshoot imprint - and it's a hugely impressive effort. Pressed up on pure white vinyl and helped out on a couple of tracks by the sublime Move D, "Inwards" is a beautifully crafted collection of warm, Detroit inspired electronic listening music. "D-3" revolves around a superb bell-like melody that's present throughout the track, backed by simplistic grooved up drums - its an ace, classic display of simplicity and warmth through soulful, deep techno. The old school vibes of C-2 with its high frequency synths and repetetive melody-line also stand out, bringing to mind some classic Sterac material, a cleaner Detroit sound and a hell of a subtle groove building behind the synths. B1 evokes a certain home-bound effervesence that's not been heard since Moufang's obscure but timeless Conjoint masterpiece - overflowing with an easy vibe and slight experiments on the percussive front, another tapestry of ideas, another standout moment. Lovely

Noize Creator - Deferred Media

Stefan Senf has been a consistent force and presence in the hardcore techno scene since he started producing back in '94, selling a ton of straight 4/4 hardcore with his own labels Brutal Chud & Russian Roulette. He branched out into more experimental breakcore territories in '97 with his existing labels Suburban Trash Industries & Appareil. A first outing on a UK label by this drum & noise specialist, these tracks are a pulverising sonic barrage that are guaranteed to tear down more twisted dancefloors and experimental sessions in the Ambush tradition. Noize Creator's achievement here is a measured combination of fast (and refreshingly clean) breaks, troughs of tense, brooding silence and sheets of visceral, tooth-jarring noise, all executed with clinical precision and fused into complex arrangements. Adrenalin city - fans of Scud should check this out without delay.

Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy
Faith and Industry

Much hyped new release on Capitol K's Faith and Industry label, courtesy of electropoppin' folktronic eccentric extraordinaire - Patrick Wolf. This album will appeal to laptop folkies, left of centre club kids, angst ridden students and chin stroking anorak musos alike with its bizarre blend of hodgepodge instrumentation, plastic beats and off-kilter compositional skills displayed to full effect across 14 tracks.

Kid Acne - Council Pop
Invisible Spies

Amazing second album from Kid Acne and Req on the Invisible Spies, their finest moment to date. Twelve tracks of whacked out, unique twisted viewpoint hip hop with production right out of the 'Beat Classic' era when Marley Marl set drum machines on fire on a daily basis. Incendary stylistics that will take you out with a spiked cup of tea. Operating on the outer ring road of the current UK hip hop hype explosion, this album fully deserves as much press inches as Dizzee Rascal et all.... Twelve tracks including... previous blasts 'Rap Dracula', 'Radio Music' & 'Hooligan '78' and new treats 'Gyp.o.hop', the ragtime jazz wreckage on 'Reality Raps' and the narcoleptic trip 'Junction 20'. Inspired lunacy straight at ya'. Wicked.

Yann Tiersen - Goodbye Lenin OST

`Good Bye Lenin' is the soundtrack to the film of the same name, brought to us courtesy of Yann Tiersen, composer of the much talked about soundtrack to the independent cinema classic `Amelie'. Comes with a limited edition 6 track LIVE bonus CD featuring tracks from the Amelie soundtrack plus exclusive versions of tracks from L'Absente. `Good Bye Lenin' was directed by Wolfgang Becker, and won the Blue Angel Award at the recent Berlin film festival for Best European Movie

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Friday, July 25, 2003


This week's Jazz on 3 on Radio 3 features live electronic-jazz music from Dave Douglas

Recorded a couple of months back, live in Leeds, you can hear Dave Douglas's electronic septet forging new pathways in music.

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Radio 1 report that Tiga plans to release his debut studio album before the end of the year.

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Tim @ Skykicking alerts us to a few new music blogs, including these 2 that are new to me: The Demolished Man and I Feel Love

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BBC Collective have an article on Folktronica music

Folk is alive and well (and electronic) say Four Tet and Manitoba.

Matt Walton @ BBC Collective also questions why Four Tet were overlooked for Mercury Music Prize 2003

[However someone should point out to Matt, that Zongamin was overlooked, because he is from Japan !, and The Kills were correctly overlooked as one of them is American and even if they were all Brits they would have no chance as they are limited chancers!]

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Next week's new releases get reviewed @ Norman Records

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Metacritic: Best Reviewed Albums of 2003

Never trust the collective consensus of rock critics [cross ref: with Pazz & Jop poll], yet more statistical proof: Metacritic: Best of 2003 list the top 20 rated albums of 2003 so far. [Note that an album must have a minimum of 7 reviews to qualify for the above list]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:32 PM report that epic rockers Anathema are currently in the studio recording a new album, Anathema expect to complete their as-yet-untitled eighth album before autumn for a late fall/early winter release

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The Guardian review Killing Joke - Killing Joke

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new music weblog: silverdollarcircle

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The excellent Darla Records Coming Soon section, provides advance details of forthcoming releases due in August and the Autumn Months, including these:

[Remember, Darla is an American store - so the dates/ and in some cases record labels apply to the US and are in American date format. However most of the releases should be released in UK/Europe around the same dates.]

V/A Cool As Ice: The Be Music/Dojo Productions

Coming 7/31/03

LTM are proud to present COOL AS ICE, a compilation of stone classic old school 80�s electro and dance cuts produced by Be Music, the tag used by all four members of New Order. The set will be available both on CD and as a limited DJ friendly double vinyl set. Largely produced between 1983 and 1984 for release on Factory Records and Factory Benelux, the full tracklist runs thus: 52nd STREET CAN�T AFFORD (TO LET YOU GO) 6.50 SECTION 25 LOOKING FROM A HILLTOP 8.07 * MARCEL KING REACH FOR LOVE 5.25 * QUANDO QUANGO LOVE TEMPO 6.58 52nd STREET COOL AS ICE 7.25 * PAUL HAIG THE ONLY TRUTH 7.02 * QUANDO QUANGO ATOM ROCK 6.42 * NYAM NYAM FATE/HATE 8.03 LIFE TELL ME 3.04 THICK PIGEON BABCOCK + WILCOX 3.43 SECTION 25 BEATING HEART 5.02 BE MUSIC THEME 3.04 Please note that those tracks marked with an asterisk* were co-produced by Be Music (Bernard Sumner) and DoJo (Donald Johnson, of A Certain Ratio). Nyam Nyam and the Be Music Theme were produced by Peter Hook, and Life and Thick Pigeon by Steve Morris and Gillian Gilbert. Several of these tracks, including Love Tempo, Looking From a Hilltop and Cool As Ice remain influential club classics, and have been extensively sampled and bootlegged. Several years before the great house explosion, with their own Hacienda club still empty every single night, yet way (too far?) ahead of their time, four guys and a girl from Manchester produced a whole bunch of pure sonic magic which made waves worldwide. Listen to these crucial cuts by 52nd Street, Quando Quango, Section 25, Paul Haig and the late Marcel King, and marvel that the civil list has not yet rewarded their endeavours. The album has been digitally remastered and runs for 74 minutes. The vinyl version will be limited to just 1000 copies.

Takagi Masakatsu - Eating 2
Karaoke Kalk (Germany)

Coming 8/4/03

late last summer takagi masakatsu released his debut "eating" on karaoke kalk. as a video artist, masakatsu usually works with the combination of images and sounds, as most recently in his video installation and dvd release "light park", the result of a cooperation with the fashion designer agnes b. "eating", though a purely musical project, is strongly influenced by this filmic, atmospheric approach, only that here the sounds make do without the images. now takagi masakatsu's second album appears on karaoke kalk, and its title "eating 2" is certainly more than coincidental. his new tracks pick up where "eating" ended. again, his music is very associative. it leaves room for the listener's imagination in the interpretation of the music and its potential messages. masakatsu captures very different moods that always - even when seeming gloomy - resonate with a trace of cheerfulness.

Signaldrift - Compass

Coming 8/5/03

Signaldrift is Franz Buchholtz. He has been refining and updating his electro soundtrack signature for more than a few years. With a slew of self-released albums behind him, we felt the time was right for a proper album to be presented on Wobblyhead. The sound on Compass is decidedly uptempo. Ass-shake factor � has been reconfigured but the shimmering moods and textures remain, retaining the warm flare that has always been the foundation of Signaldrift�s aural output. Signaldrift keeps the clutter in check and adds only the necessary elements to hold down the groove. The diplomatic use of drum machine and live percussion drive these songs and the Peter Hook style basslines and shimmering keyboards give the songs depth and a nagging familiarity. Imagine the soundtrack to the discoteque in Cloud City, with pilled-up shimmy-bots drifting about the fringes. Whether you�re a disc jockey or armchair enthusiast, Compass will move your feet and tickle your brain. 8 tracks of minimalist, cinematic electro for punks in pumps are on the menu. Factory records updated. John Carpenter on a bender. Not body popping zombies but rather Ginger Rogers wearing samplers on her feet. The queue starts here. ** CD copies of Compass include the now out-of-print Bremen Ep which was only available on vinyl.

Guther - I Know You Know
Morr Music (Germany)

Coming 8/18/03

Even if Guther consists only of Julia and Berend, they form a band, not a duo. This is important to them. Guther, born in the summer of 2002, is not only the band�s name but also Julia�s last name. It is a hint at her pivotal role within the band. If you ask Julia what kind of music Guther makes, she answers "girl�s music". Without irony and without naivity as well. But their debut album "I Know You Know" is a summer record, too. Julia�s songwriting and English lyrics first and foremost excel in tranquility, a bitter sweetness as well as in a clear simplicity (after aeons of classical training, Guther is Julia�s first attempt ever to do a pop project, by the way). The result is all but unintelligent though. Guther�s classic pop arrangements have an excellent timing. Every time you think you got it, their songs move into a new and surprising direction. At no point during the recording of "I Know You Know", which took place entirely in a Berlin Mitte appartment, had Julia and Berend intended to record a whole album or even to make some money with what they�ve just started. They have rather been concerned about getting as close to an idea of their favourite music as possible. At the same time they have managed to update that kind of lofi-indie-pop reminiscent of labels like Teen Beat or Slumberland. But Guther are definitely not a lofi outfit. The means of electronic production � a computer, a synthesiszer and a drum computer � have clearly left their traces in their sound.

Bobby Birdman - Heart Caves cd ep
States Rights/K

Coming 8/19/03

Bobby Birdman has two full-length records of beautiful glitch-folk music on Hush records. Heart Caves is his first foray into completely electronic territory. On Heart Caves Rob Kieswetter (AKA BOBBY BIRDMAN) trades in his nylon string for a G4 laptop, and his "lo-fi" wall of sound productions for clean-as-a-whistle hi-tech robotic sheen. But the icy production is wonderfully corrupted by the undeniable warmth of his smooth tenor. Heart Caves is a one-night stand: tender, desperate, awkwardly intimate, hott, eerily objective, disconnected and ultimately kind of melancholy. But in a good way. It�s sublime - and we are still all having fun, right?!?! OK then. Let's get it on.. This is the sunset strip late night seen through the eyes of a surfer-boy more accustomed to beach canyon sing-a-longs than steely discotheques. Which brings us to the heart of the funk: surfer boy in vans and jeans (with a voice to make any girl swoon) entering the uneasy world of glitz and glam and producing something vital, new and challenging for both the artist and the listener. The first lesson in New-Genre / No-genre RIL MUSIC, what is sure to become a prolific and ground-breaking line of releases emphasizing and exploring the new territory where computerized music processing meets a generation of musicians raised on house-shows, floor-tom folk, after-hours IDM, cell-phones, fake beards and file sharing networks.

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Cicadide
Temporary Residence

Coming 8/19/03

Combining brass and string instruments, electronics, drums, percussion and keyboards, Cicadidae sees the band communicating with each other in the spaces between control and loss of control, intuition and reflection, density and transparency. The childlike brilliance of their melodies renders you weightless, with an occasional thumping pulse to keep you from losing your balance. Formerly drawing comparisons to To Rococo Rot, Amon Düül II and Third Eye Foundation for their cold, dark anthems, Cicadidae finds more in common with the lighter side of the German underground, specifically the mates of The Notwist, Styrofoam, the Morr Music roster and Icelandic darlings, Mum. Cicadidae offers Kammerflimmer Kollektief the chance to not only grab those that have followed all along, but also the folks that have wanted to love them all along, but couldn't shake the feeling of being pushed away. Where before there was a push, now there is an irresistible pull.

Sack Und Blumm - Kind Kind
Staubgold (Germany)

Coming 8/25/03

three years after their phenomenal "shy noon" album on the seminal gefriem label harald "sack" ziegler and frank sch�ltge blumm continue a home recording series that travels between their postboxes since 1999. sack & blumm are not a band or a studio project, but may be described rather as a home recording project that was conceived independently in their bedroom studios in berlin and cologne. instead of being sequenced on computers, the music lives from the experience of two true musicians. folk themes are set against digital fragmentations. sounds are taken from everywhere. instruments include horn, kalimba, tabla, bass, knitting needles, toy drums and toy piano, melodica, mbira and more. even rod stewart is hidden somewhere on this album. sack and blumm like it best to produce their music mechanically/physically in the room, using more or less everything that they can get in their hands. structures arise from their curiosity in the origin and the physicality of sounds (wood, stone, sheet metal, paper, air ... ) and from experimenting and playing with the materials (plucking, beating, rubbing, blowing...).

Cott Horscroft - 8 Guitars
Quecksilber (Germany)

Coming 8/25/03

8 guitars is a totally absorbing and trance-inducing work of psychedelic beauty. here eight guitarists are patched to a computer; recorded and manipulated live with no overdubs. each player observes strict, unchanging rhythmic patterns over the course of the recording. however, the dense, shifting rhythms in 8 guitars are derived not from the physical attack of the performers, but through the complex interaction of the overtones and harmonic characteristics of the instruments themselves. this makes for one of the most unique and compelling works for electric guitars in recent memory. 8 guitars is a finely balanced exploration of restraint and delicacy and is at the same time a full-blown raucous electro-catharsis. the sort of work that will satisfy not only the chin-stroking lovers of abstract electronica but also power-chord enthusiasts. 8 guitars is the first release by 24-years old scott horscroft from sydney/australia.

Pepe Deluxe - Beatitude
Emperor Norton

Coming 8/26/03

When Pepe Deluxe�s 2000 debut CD Super Sound hit US shores it was widely embraced by the electronic music tastemakers at KCRW, KEXP, URE, Paper, Spin Magazine, NPR All Things Considered and also the film and ad community. In the past years Pepe Deluxe�s tracks have littered the airwaves during spots for KIA, two campaigns for Hewlett Packard, Skechers, multiple episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and movie trailers such as Jimmy Neutron. Back with their follow-up, Beatitude the Finnish duo have created an album that flows as if DJ Shadow hosted a noisy drunken BBQ for a diverse crowd of characters. Ranging from hip hop scraching of �Just Let Go� to the soulful �Girl� and the Egar Winter �Frankenstein-esque� - �Daddy�s Blazin� BBQ,� this is a CD bound to be played at a playful party and bound to overtake the airwaves again soon.

Donna Regina - Late
Karaoke Kalk (Germany)

Coming 9/8/03

late is the new donna regina release and the third album by the cologne duo regina and g�nther janssen to appear on karaoke kalk. steffen irlinger is in on it again, contributing sounds and samples as he has done on the former albums a quiet week in the house and northern classic. with this and his participation in several donna regina live shows, he has by now almost advanced to the status of full band member. musically, late clearly follows northern classic. unmistakable is regina janssen's way to create and interpret her lyrics, while her singing appears to be more head-on - certainly also a result of their many live concerts. the vocals take up more and more space in the overall context and are now up front together with the music.

Tied & Tickled Trio - Observing Systems
Morr Music (Germany)

Coming 9/8/03

With their third studio album "Observing Systems" the Tied & Tickled has delivered their most complex self-portrait of a freely-operating music collective. Altogether, the 15 pieces on "Observing Systems", some of them not more than highly elaborate and articulate "ideas" , form a very tight system itself - based on musical references, different modi operandi and scientific research - which reaches less and less for an unconditional formal unity. With "Observing Systems" the Tied & Tickled Trio does refine the idea of "space", both: sonic and spiritual, in which experiences and emotions echo, in a new and ultimately refreshing purity. Sudddenly, what you hear becomes as important as the blanks in the music. In these regions of ruptures and uncertainities a fantastic vision evolves, which leads the Trio through an intense and continuously inspiring musical past. In these ruptures, music history becomes lively again.

Asume - Where We're From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song
City Centre Offices (Germany)

Coming 9/8/03

Yasume is the collaborative effort of 22 year old Midlands resident John Xela and 24 year old Californian Gabriel Morley. John is probably best known for his work on the Neo Ouija label as 'Xela' and Gabe has just released a dark and crunchy EP on (Warp approved) Team Shadetek's imprint under his anagram-moniker 'Logreybeam'. John is a classically trained musician who set off on his musical journey with a deep love for Jazz before being dragged wholeheartedly into the indie scene and all its curious traditions, playing in various bands to that effect throughout his teens. Gabriel is also classically trained and there are, to our knowledge, very few instruments that the man cannot play. Studying at the prestigious CalArts University in California has set him in good stead for making the most devastatingly complex percussion and dsp based constructions theoretically possible. The two musicians met while working on remixes for Metamatics, developing a mutual admiration for each others work and eventually deciding that a collaboration was in order despite geographical restrictions. Yasume was born.

Crawling Chaos - Homunculus Equinox
Boutique (UK)

Coming 9/9/03

The Boutique Label and LTM is pleased to announce a second CD from baffling cult pranksters Crawling Chaos. Hailing from Tyneside, the band first came into being in 1979. In 1980 they released the cult �heavy modern� single Sex Machine on Factory (Fac 17), which reached number 3 in the indie charts but attracted a fistful of atrocious reviews surpassed only by those for their album The Gas Chair, released on Factory Benelux in early 1982. Think Nurse With Wound locked in an airing cupboard with Joe Meek and H.P. Lovecraft. Or as Factory�s January 1980 newsletter had it: �Three short-haired awkward types who are a cross between Status Quo and Orchestral Manoeuvres.� The Gas Chair was recorded at the band�s own studio, The Pits, and edited down from many hours of tape. Factory somehow lost 15 minutes of material intended for the album, and so the same Pits sessions resulted in a cassette released on their own Foetus Productions label in late 1981, titled Homunculus Equinox. This has now remastered for CD with two extra tracks, Danger In Paradise and Block Numbers. Please note that Crawling Chaos was never an elaborate joke by more famous musicians, as is often rumoured. In April 1980 the NME demanded that the band �come out with their hands up.� Well, they�re still not going to, but The Boutique Label can reveal that the stunning Homunculus Equinox cover image is by A. Chester

Felix Da House Cat - A Bugged Out Mix By
Emperor Norton

Coming 9/9/03

In the past year Rolling Stone named Felix their DJ of the year while Spin, URB, Mixer and the New York Times heralded Felix�s groundbreaking album Kittenz and Thee Glitz one of the albums of the year. Always know within the rave and dance circuit as a premium DJ Felix da Housecat is back with A Bugged Out Mix a DJ mix bound to please fans of his cutting edge sets plus those looking to add a bit of flavor to their parties.

The Rip Off Artist - Pet Sounds
Vertical Form (UK)

Coming 9/15/03

close on the heels of his recent little tiny eight inch jack 12� taster, californian electronic auteur and modern wit the rip off artist is set to release his svelte new album pet sounds � his eighth - on vertical form. yes, he�s aware that title might just have been used before and, yes, that�s (partly at least,) why the man known to his mates as matt haines, has adopted the rip off artist monicker� (previous roa albums include electric ladyland, pump and brian salad surgery� you get the picture�) top drawer, esoteric techno house with a melodic undertow (often just plain old fashioned �catchy�), pet sounds blends acrobatic digital workouts with occasional droll lyrics and never-less-than-propulsive neo-funk grooves. the rip off artist is the alias of los angeles resident matt haines who runs his own inflaltabl label and is infamous for re-inventing his personal history on a regular basis. whether or not he�s really a mexican �migr�, part-time country session musician or an off-duty oilrig operative, haines has recorded for the likes of mille plateaux, bottrop-boy and massive advance and has worked with atom heart�s uwe schmidt, amongst others.

23 Skidoo - The Culling is Coming
Boutique (UK)

Coming 9/25/03

23 SKIDOO Boutique and LTM are proud to announce the long overdue CD reissue of the classic lost album by 23 SKIDOO, The Culling is Coming. First released on vinyl only by Crepuscule�s Operation Twilight arm in February 1983, Culling flagged two radical new directions for Skidoo following their funky indie chart-topper Seven Songs the previous year. Drawn from two live performances, Culling combined a collaboration with the Balinese Gamelan Orchestra recorded at Dartington College of Music in October 1982, together with extracts from a more extreme, improvised set at the first Womad festival in July 1982, using scrap metal and tape loops. Both sides of the album were exactly 23 minutes long, and side one signed off (or rather didn�t) with a stylus-hostile lock groove. �The mixes are diamond sharp. The Gamelan music drifts serenely across great canyons of nothingness, fairybell tinkling and enormous booming which disregards all forms of rhythm, ideas elongated into an immense drip-feed of sound� (NME); �Culling is a densely packed, closed and clenched fist of a record� (Sounds); �The Womad side offers tape-looped phrases segueing in and out of focus, electronic twitterings and squalling ethnic wind instruments all clawing at each other like an orgy in an abattoir� (Melody Maker) Long deleted, this, challenging misunderstood album was light years ahead of its time. Now digitally remastered for release on The Boutique Label, it has been expanded by the inclusion of a complete (and equally extreme) 26 minute loop performance at Tielt, Belgium, on 8 October 1982. Recorded as part of Crepuscule�s short Move Back/Bite Harder tour with Cabaret Voltaire, Tuxedomoon and Pale Fountains, this material has never before been released. The extended CD runs for 70 minutes. The booklet features the original artwork and contextual notes by Skidoo�s Alex Turnbull. The remainder of the band�s back catalogue is available on the Ronin label.

A Feedback To The Future: A Compilation Of Eleven Shoegazing Songs From 1990 - 1992
Mobil� (Germany)

Coming 10/6/03

For a brief and almost forgotten time shoegazing dominated what passed for the British indie scene. In the early 90�s � right after Madchester and right before Brit-Pop � bands such as Lush found their way into the top 40, Ride headlined Reading festival and Curve were the darlings of the music weeklies (this was a time when you could still speak of them in plural). Influenced by the distorted swirling guitar sounds of My Bloody Valentine and the ethereal quality of Cocteau Twins songs, the music of shoegazing bands was � as US journalist Corey DuBrowa writes � most accurately expressed in liquid derivatives: „Waves of distortion, cascading guitar feedback, oceanic swirls of keyboard and percussion, rainswept sonic vistas, washes of sound where no one voice (human or instrumental) was distinguishable from another.� Named "shoegazers" by Meldoy Maker�s Steve Sutherland for their on-stage habit of staring down at their shoes and numerous effect pedals, these groups wedded blissfull guitar feedback with dreamy vocal melodies often sung by women such as Rachel Goswell (Slowdive), Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson (Lush) and Toni Halliday. Many of the bands came from the Thames Valley area of outheastern England, toured together and attended each other�s concerts � the reason why they were also dubbed the "the scene that celebrates itself" by the indie press. The shoegazers were more reflective and introspective than groups such as The Happy Mondays and Stones Roses who came before and others like Oasis that came after them. Their music was one "born in the bedroom rather than on the dancefloor" (Face 1991). The shoegazing scene didn�t last long � some bands such as Revolver and Blind Mr. Jones never got to record a second album and only few of their peers succeeded in matching the quality and success of their early releases again. Today - more than a decade beyond the shoegazing scene�s initial impact � the sounds of these groups surfaces again. Their sound had an impact on bands such as Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Mew and also feeds back in the music of melodic electronic producers like Ulrich Schnauss and M83. In Portland/Oregon indie label Reverb recently released a compilation of like minded west coast bands called NWshoegazerbliss, while Berlin�s Morr Music issued a record of electronic Slowdive cover versions called Blue Skied An Clear. This compilation offers an opportunity to listen once again to the original shoegazers - most of whose records unfortunately remain out of print. Tracklisting: 1. Revolver "Heaven Sent An Angel" 2. Moose "Last Night I Fell Again" 3. The Telescopes "All A Dreams" 4. Ride "Like A Daydream" 5. Blind Mr Jones "Small Caravan" 6. Slowdive "Catch The Breeze" 7. Pale Saints "Sea of Sound" 8. Lush "De-Luxe" 9. Drop Nineteens "Winona" 10. Adorable "Sunshine Smile" 11. Swervedriver "Rave Down" - featuring out of print shoegazing/dreampop classics by bands such as Ride, Slowdive, Lush and Pale Saints - extensive linernotes including a history of shoegazing and band biographies - booklike CD package by Herzog-Idex (Asthmatic Worm, Jazzanova, Disco Nouveau...) - artwork by Julian House/Intro (Primal Scream, Stereolab, Broadcast, Asthmatic Worm...)

Fax - Ruido de Fondo
Static Discos (Mexico)
Coming 10/7/03

FAX returns with a second brilliantly produced full length. This time, Fax's post wallpaper techno is argumented with various sound process patterns and background noise interludes. Syncopated clicks scatter all around, warm dreamy melodies abound while dark moisture slips through the cracks. The rhythms are minimal and comfy, the bass heavy and round, the pulses are blunted and dubby while the landscape is expansive and full of sun. Perfect for relaxed home listening, extended dance club sessions and audio excursions at the beach or the park. This is microhouse for the common man

Ladytron - Softcore Jukebox
Emperor Norton

Coming 10/7/03

In the past year Rolling Stone named Ladytron�s Light & Magic one of the best albums of the year while the band came to America for two sold-out tours including a stop at the Coachella Feistival. As avid DJs and musicologists it was a logical step for Ladytron to pull together a DJ mix of influences, up and coming underground tracks and a few of their own rarities. Ladytron - "Oops (Oh My)", Ladytron - "Blue Jeans ( Delta Version)", Plus tracks by: !!!, Barbie & The Kens, CJ Bolland, The Fall, Seelenluft, The Source/Candi Staton, Codec & Flexor, Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood, Wire, My Bloody Valentine, Pixeltan and more....

# posted by DJ Martian 12:05 AM

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Musique Machine review Eyvind Kang - Virginal Co-ordinates

The 10 tracks are very melodic and I think you can situate it somewhere between the very melodic The Story Of Iceland and the more droney Live Low To The Earth�. The music is written and recorded live at the Angelica Festival in Bologna with a band consisting of Michael White (violino), Mike Patton (voice & electronics), Tim Young (guitar), Tucker Martine (live sound processing), Evan Schiller (sound movements), Eyvind himself on violin and the 16 instrumentalists of the Playground ensemble.

The Independent reviewed this album recently:

Taken as a whole, the album is immensely soothing, a restorative immersion in the harmonious oneness of music. One of the albums of the year, impossible to recommend too highly.

Eyvind Kang - Virginal Co-ordinates gets a UK release on July 28th.

More info on what musicians took part on this album, see this webpage about Eyvind Kang - Virginal Co-ordinates

# posted by DJ Martian 5:32 PM

Musique Machine review Minamo - Beautiful

My interest in improv music is quite new. I do not intend to pose as an expert of the genre. However, I am not going to pass the review of this album on to the hands of better connoisseurs: this album is too good for me to refuse the chance I have to share my thoughts on it...
Minamo is a four piece from Tokyo (yeah, Japan apparently...). Founded by Tetsuro Yasunaga (computers and electronics � he has worked with Toshimaru Nakamura and Ami Yoshida) and Keiichi Sugimoto (guitar and computer, plays in Fonica �review here), Minamo has already released two albums and incorporated various guests as well as two permanent members, Yuichiro Iwashita (guitars) and Namiko Sasamoto (keyboards and sax). Their third album (first for Apestaartje) is named Beautiful. Short

More info @ apestaartje

apestaartje is honored to be releasing the eagerly anticipated third album by Tokyo's Minamo. Compiled from a series of live improvisations the album comes across less like a compilation of live tracks and more like a carefully crafted series of events. An electro-acoustic excursion incorporating elements from classical minimalism, psych folk, krautrock, electronica, free improv etc. Gently strummed guitars are coaxed from within glassy tones and noisy electronic textures to bring you something that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. A fine document of one of the most exciting creative groups currently exploring new sonic territory. Extremely gradual music

# posted by DJ Martian 4:39 PM

Pitchfork review Tujiko Noriko - From Tokyo to Naiagara

# posted by DJ Martian 2:34 PM

Yet another storming review for the new Killing Joke album, this time from veteran punk John Robb @ Playlouder: Killing Joke - Killing Joke

Fiercely intelligent, heavy as fuck, powerful and utterly concise, it's a perfect reminder of the potency of great guitar music and a kick up the jacksy of rock bands everywhere. Yup, it's that damn good. This is a stunning return to form a reminder of who are truly the prime purveyors of primal feral music. The challenge has been thrown down - battle has been called. And no-one is joking.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:27 PM

New August edition of Jockey Slut magazine has 2 Many DJs on the front cover.

Album of the month is The Rapture - Echoes [released September 8th in the UK]

Details from Jockey Slut of new August Issue [from Jockey Slut e-mail]

In it you will find.....

An exclusive interview with the band Soulwax, better known as 2 Many DJs. The Belgian brothers take time out to discuss their approach to music and why DJing is their "hobby that's gone way too far".

Dizzee Rascal chats about his new Mercury-nominated LP, 'Boy In Da Corner', life on the street and his regard for Nirvana: "They would shout and scream and not really give a shit."

DJ Hell talks us through his new material and why P Diddy went bananas when he heard his music.

An Audience With... Shaun Ryder.

We're on the road from New York to Boston with electronic wizards Manitoba and Prefuse 73.

Ewan Pearson reveals his fear of 'getting wood' on public transport.

Lee Burridge, Danny Howells and Paul Woolford review the month's big tunes blindfolded and without ears. Actually, that's a lie, it's just blindfolded.

And we give the low down on the Sonar and Glastonbury festivals.

We give you 10 free big ones, starring...

Psychonauts, Calexico, Broadway Project, Blake, Prefuse 73, Aceyalone, Amateur Night In The Big Top, Big Two Hundred, Grafiti and Duplex.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:56 AM

New August edition of The Wire - New Weird America, theme front cover.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:54 AM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature Killing Joke

No surprises this week, as Killing Joke get the front cover slot. As you should be aware by now Killing Joke return for the first album since 1996, on July 28th with an album simply titled: Killing Joke.

In recent media interviews on Xfm and 6Music, Jaz Coleman has been in fine form taking an an angry opinionated stance on world politics. Jaz has also stated that the media response to Killing Joke is at an all time high with positive feedback everywhere Killing Joke go. See the News section of the Killing Joke website for all the latest full reviews from the press.

Well known rock critic, and ex Melody Maker writer Dave Simpson even suggested that Killing Joke should have been considered for the Mercury Music Prize shortlist, see The Guardian it certainly would have been welcomed, what sort of plank could possibly rate the ghastly 60s retro melodies of The Thrills or the simpleton blandness of Athlete.

Simon Frith the pop professor and his panel of mercury chums must be tone def ! The anger and realism of Killing Joke is just the sonic tonic to flush the cultural stale dead air that Frith & co are polluting the media atmosphere with - regarding some of their weak choices this week.

Even past enemies such as NME, have positive things to stay - with a 7/10 review of the new album. However the NME are unable to have the guts and conviction to put Killing Joke on the front cover, instead this week they select a bunch of retro nomark chancers: The Coral - who have nothing to say, and whose music - is a karaoke museum piece stuck in the stagnant 60s.

If Sounds magazine were still going to today, I guarantee that Killing Joke would have been on the front cover.

2003 seems right for Killing Joke, even an average comeback single - gatecrashed the UK top 40 singles chart, at number 26 - this being their second highest single chart position apart from the seminal classic Love Like Blood in 1985.

tracklisting for the Killing Jole album

1. The Death & Resurrection Show
2. Total Invasion
3. Asteroid
4. Implant
5. Blood On Your Hands
6. Loose Cannon
7. You'll Never Get To Me
8. Seeing Red
9. Dark Forces
10. The House That Pain Built
11. Inferno (UK Bonus Track)

this is what i had to say about the track impant: [on this weblog back in May]

and it's very futuristic, think Young Gods on the last 3 albums, synths mixed with bass guitar and laser guided guitar riffs - yes there are elements of previous Killing Joke eras - put they have taken the sound further with modern production and technology. There are guitar parts that sound abit like Motorhead - Aces of Spades fed through a powerful sampled loop that shudders with intensity and impact.

Ofcourse Jaz Coleman is still barking mad, from the the hushed atmospheric spoken vocal parts to the harsh brutal vocals ala extremities era that are reflected on this new Implant track.

I have often stated that I hoped artists would take the Young Gods futuristic rock template of the 90s and extend it, Killing Joke have taken the challenge and delivered, and what a contrast to the ghastly retro rock bullshit that the NME have championed in recent times.

Killing Joke are back better than ever ! You better believe it

Another track that has grabbed my attention: The Death & Resurrection Show - a superb shuddering bass line runs through the track, and it explodes with a powerful vocal peformance from Jaz.

You can also read the 5K review of the new album by Jonathan Selzer in Kerrang, On this webpage

Also fan driven website for Killing Joke

Words, words ...stop you need to get the new Killing Joke album next Monday in the UK, a week later in the US. Just put it on and let it sonically energise you.

Killing Joke are back and better than ever.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:30 AM

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Recoiler interview Curve, a new album is expected to be released in 2004. Curve are busy recording their new album at Todal Studious with Alan Moulder and Flood. [via Side-Line]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 PM report HUMAN LEAGUE TO RELEASE GREATEST HITS LP Human League - 'The Very Best Of'.

Is this the third time for a Human League best of/ greatest hits album?

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 PM

Pitchfork report The Books will release a new album: The Lemon of Pink on Germany-based electronic imprint Tomlab, on October 7th.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:41 PM

Junkmedia review Daniel Magg - Facets

# posted by DJ Martian 12:33 PM

This week's One World show on Radio 1, includes a Hybrid special.

24th July
Hybrid in session with 12 piece string section, Peter Hook on bass and Kirsty Hawkshaw on vocals / Ikon preview their new album

TranZfusion have more info, and also note that the Hybrid album 'Morning Sci-Fi' is is released by Distinct'ive / k7 on September 23.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:04 PM

Xfm 104.9

Xfm, London's "alternative music station" [i wish they played more of it] gets a brand new look website: Xfm

Xfm also have a new marketing slogan/tagline?, London's new music radio station.

It looks a lot smarter than the old website, that had a very awkward design from a navigational point of view.

a few points on the new website:

* There is no mention of the station's frequency on the front page.
* The Listen Now button looks strangely out of place, a top right sided position would have been far better.

There is a new issue of X-Ray magazine that has Thom Yorke on the front cover, looking pensive. It will be in the shops on Thursday.

Issue 7 of X-Ray, Xfm�s New Music Monthly, hits the shelves on July 24. For �3.50 you not only get news, reviews and features from some of the best writers in the business but a CD packed with exclusive Xfm session tracks.

The website has been developed by a US web design company: First MediaWorks

# posted by DJ Martian 12:46 AM

Tuesday, July 22, 2003


John Foxx & Harold Budd

According to

John Foxx & Harold Budd - Translucence/Drift Music will be released as a double CD on August 25th on Edsel

Official Ultravox website has the tracklisting info

Harold Budd & John Foxx

Momentary Architecture
Rain Dust
Here and Now
A Change in the Weather
Long Light
Almost Overlooked
Spoken Roses

Treated piano pieces which follow Harold Budd's tenet of beauty and simplicity. This collaboration was forged after Harold attended one of John's early performances of Cathedral Oceans.

Harold Budd & John Foxx
Drift Music

Sunlit Silhouette
The Other Room
Some Way Through All the Cities
Weather Patterns
Resonant Frequency
Curtains Blowing
Coming Into Focus
After All this Time

Calm and enveloping themes, unfolding textures of sound characterise the intriguing partnership of Harold Budd and John Foxx. A further exploration in this series of compositions.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:49 PM

David Sylvian and Japan Re-Issues

Received via the latest newsletter e-mail, details of David Sylvian and Japan Re-Issues.

Virgin re-releases of solo albums

Following the announcement of the forthcoming revisit to Japan's catalogue,
Virgin are now very pleased to confirm the release of David Sylvian's
extraordinary solo work, remastered with extra special packaging, on
29 September.

'Brilliant Trees', 'Alchemy An Index of Possibilities', 'Gone To Earth'
and 'Secrets Of The Beehive' have all been redesigned under the personal
supervision of David himself, and long time Sylvian photographer Yuka
Fujii, to create a stunning matching series. A metallic gold theme will run
throughout the packaging, with rare textures and colours, and beautiful
candid photographs, some of which have never been seen before.

Additional tracks and rare cuts enhance the special nature of this
remastered series. All tracks listed below marked with * and in bold are
extras or changes made to the original.

'Brilliant Trees'
Extra Special Packaging


Clamshell Box containing 6 panel digipak and 24 page booklet. 5th colour
gold / metallic colour used on box and CD body. Previously unseen photos
from Berlin recording session and Chamonix included on digipak and
throughout the 24 page photo booklet (no text in booklet). Non-standard
grey gloss CD tray.


1. Pulling Punches
2. The Ink In The Well
3. Nostalgia
4. Red Guitar
5. Weathered Wall
6. Backwaters
7. Brilliant Trees
Cat No: CDVX 2290

'Alchemy An Index Of Possibilities'


6 panel digipak with 5th colour gold used throughout the artwork plus extra
new photo. 4 colour red CD plus non-standard gold CD tray.


1. Words With The Shaman Part 1 (Ancient Evening)
2. Words With The Shaman Part 2 (Incantation)
3. Words With The Shaman Part 3 (Awakening (Songs From The Treetops))
4. Preparations For A Journey *(Previously available on cassette version of 'Alchemy')
5. The Stigma Of Childhood (Kin) * (B-side to Pop Song)
6. A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce *(B-side to Pop Song)
7. Steel Cathedrals * (Previously available on cassette version of 'Alchemy' and 'Weatherbox')

Cat No: CDVX 23

Gone To Earth
Double CD * previously only available as single disc


8 panel digipak with 5th colour metallic sepia / gold on digipak and CD
body. With instrumental tracks added and includes remixes of 3 tracks.
Previously unseen photos (some treated) by Yuka Fujii and also Alastair
Thaine photo. Poster booklet using gloss art paper also included.. Non-standard sepia gloss CD tray x 2.


CD 1
1. Taking The Veil
2. Laughter And Forgetting
3. Before The Bullfight
4. Gone To Earth
5. Wave
6. River Man
7. Silver Moon
8. Riverman (Remix) * (Remixed by David Sylvian and Richard Moakes)
9. Gone To Earth (Remix) * (Remixed by David Sylvian and Richard Moakes)
10. Camp Fire: Coyote Country (Remix) * (Remixed by David Sylvian and Richard Moakes)

CD 2
1. The Healing Place
2. Answered Prayers
3. Where The Railroad Meets The Sea
4. The Wooden Cross
5. Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples *(previously on vinyl / cassette versions and Weatherbox)
6. Camp Fire: Coyote Country *(previously on vinyl / cassette versions and Weatherbox)
7. A Bird Of Prey Vanishes Into A Bright Blue Cloudless Sky *(previously on vinyl / cassette versions and Weatherbox)
8. Home
9. Sunlight Seen Through Towering Trees *(previously on vinyl / cassette versions and Weatherbox)
10. Upon This Earth


Secrets Of The Beehive


6 panel Digipak on art board, using duo tone type 4 colours and 5th
colours. Incorporating images from original vinyl plus extra
photos. Includes poster booklet, off-white CD body and non-standard brown
gloss CD tray.
May also include lyrics to 'Orpheus'.


1. September
2. The Boy With The Gun
3. Maria
4. Orpheus
5. The Devil's Own
6. When Poets Dreamed Of Angels
7. Mother And Child
8. Let The Happiness In
9. Waterfront
10. Promise (The Cult Of Eurydice) * (Previously only available on Japanese version)
Note: 'Forbidden Colours' is no longer track 10.

CDVX 2471

* * * * *

JAPAN SERIES remastered, repackaged, revisited

On 15th September, for the first time ever, the band members and Virgin
have got together to revisit four classic albums which have until this
date, been kept in their original format. 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids', 'Tin
Drum', 'Oil On Canvas' and Rain Tree Crow's eponymously titled Japan
'reformation' album, have all been remastered and lavishly repackaged to
create a beautiful matching series with rare cuts and photographs.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:21 PM interview Danny Howells

Danny Howells is in amongst a growing breed of DJs who defy categorisation. The Hastings lad once known for his futuristic blend of progressive house and breaks, has lately taken to splicing Prince with Primal Scream and the Beastie Boys in his blends and coming over all eclectic (convincingly too) on his latest outing for Global Underground.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:58 PM

The token jazz entrant on the Mercury Music Prize 2003 shortlist, was reviewed by John Fordham in The Guardian earlier this year: Soweto Kinch: Conversations with the Unseen

A stunningly accomplished start to what's likely to be a glittering career.

BBC Music review of Soweto Kinch - Conversations With The Unseen

Though there'll be much speculation as to what the future lies in store for this gifted young player, there's no doubt that this is a sound, intriguing start to his recording career.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:10 PM

Comment: Mercury Music Prize 2003 Shortlist

Well once again, the Mercury Music Panel have messed things up: is this the best they could come up with?

The Thrills - 'So Much For The City' - dullness bland shameful retro rock stuck in the 1960s, a ghastly band..always one big turkey in the mercuries, previous years the turkeys have included electric soft parade and turin brakes.

Coldplay - 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' - so predictable the big british melodic rock band of the decade, so safe: radio 2 and virgin will play it. I can't stand the whiney vox style of Chris Martin.

Radiohead - 'Hail To The Thief' - predictable choice, i and thousands of others correctly guessed this nomination.

Athlete - 'Vehicles and Animals' - simpleton music, naff lyrics, bland and boring sums up athlete .. sound like bad steely dan of the 1970s

The Darkness - 'Permission to Land' - naff panto hard rawk music for the dumbed down masses.

Dizzee Rascal - 'Boy In Da Corner' - predictable urban choice, correctly guessed - deserves it's place

Lemon Jelly - 'Lost Horizons' - having listened to a few few tracks of this on the radio - it doesn't deserve to be on the shortlist - downtempo sound working a very familiar template..

Terri Walker - 'Untitled' - another melodic urban soul fem vox, there was one last year bev knight...hardly breaking new ground.

Floetry - 'Floetic' - not heard apparently soul music from London...

Martina Topley-Bird - 'Quixotic' - hardly deserves a place, safe bland coffee table muzak for the casual late 20s/30s crowd.

Soweto Kinch - 'Conversations With The Unseen' - not heard enough to comment.

Eliza Carthy - 'Anglicana' - token folk entrant, not heard.

Playlouder have their go of the snapshot comments: MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE NOMINEES Guess who's in it to win it?

# posted by DJ Martian 1:23 PM

Breaking news...Mercury Music Prize 2003 nominations

athlete, coldplay, darkness, dizzee rascal, lemon jelly, radiohead, topley bird, terri walker, the thrills, eliza carthy, soweto kinch and floetry.

BBC with the breaking news...Rock bands lead Mercury shortlist and Radio 1 Mercury Music nominations announced

2003 Mercury Shortlist

The Thrills - 'So Much For The City'
Coldplay - 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'
Radiohead - 'Hail To The Thief'
Athlete - 'Vehicles and Animals'
The Darkness - 'Permission to Land'
Dizzee Rascal - 'Boy In Da Corner'
Lemon Jelly - 'Lost Horizons'
Terri Walker - 'Untitled'
Floetry - 'Floetic'
Martina Topley-Bird - 'Quixotic'
Soweto Kinch - 'Conversations With The Unseen'
Eliza Carthy - 'Anglicana'

Profiles up on the official Mercury Music Prize 2003

Other news stories:

Ananova: Radiohead and Coldplay favourites for Mercury Prize


The Independent

# posted by DJ Martian 11:52 AM

Fed up with the poor selection of music on your FM dial ? then check: Brainwashed Radio on the web, [you will need to download winamp.]

The song count in the current brainwashed mixola is now up to 5,344: 478 hours (nearly 20 days) of unrepeated music. Contents include Brainwashed Artists plus stuff from Durtro, Eskaton, Important, Intransitive, Kranky, Output, Reckankomplex, RRRecords, Tigerbeat6, and United Dairies.

What's playing recently @ Brainwashed Radio

# posted by DJ Martian 12:46 AM

The Brainwashed Brain V06I28 - 07202003

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982
Soul Jazz

Dictaphone - M.=Addiction
City Centre Offices

Matthew Shipp - Equilibrium
Thirsty Ear

Branches And Routes
Fat Cat

# posted by DJ Martian 12:36 AM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some albums mentioned in this week's Weekly Guide e-mail newsletter @ Piccadilly Records

The Clientele - The Violet Hour

The Clientele have roots in the hazy, autumnal glare of Galaxie 500 and Felt, and have chalked up an extensive discography riddled with lush melodies of their own - think of your favorite '60s pop band and odds are they're in the Clientele's blood. Formed in London in 1997 from a love of Galaxie 500, Phil Spector, Cardinal, The Left Banke, Felt, The Beach Boys and Arthur Lee's Love, their new album of gorgeous mellow pop "The Violet Hour" features 13 new songs and two short films on enhanced CD format.

Jane's Addiction - Strays

Jane's Addiction always occupied an awkward position in the late '80s/early '90s music scene; too flash and 'stadium' sounding to have indie cred, too eccentric and perverse to be mainstream. By the time they hit the charts with "Been Caught Stealing" they had fallen apart amid rancour and hard drugs. With the benefit of hindsight, Jane's were a rarity - something of a post-punk Led Zeppelin - astoundingly good musicians with ambition, tempered by oddball personalities wilful artiness and a tatse for the dark side. They wielded a unique vision that took in The Zep, The Cure, Joy Division, metal, funk and punk and, in Perry Farrell, had a frontman who knew how to shock. Their comeback record is another rarity to be treasured, 11 tracks of sharp, angular, funk-rock, shorn of the excessive prog-isms of "Ritual De Lo Habitual" that should ensure them the success they briefly courted.

Psychid - Psychid

Psychid are more than a little special. They pay no heed to the punk garage posture of the present day fashionistas. They're an English band concerned with musical ingenuity. Envisage the psyche of classic Anglo conjurers Eno and Floyd and you're on your way to understanding their manifesto. It'd be wrong to think Psychid are purely cerebral though. They're just as obsessed about keeping things informal, fun and user-firendly. There are an indecent amount of tunes in their repertoire, which might remind some of The Pixies and Eels.

The Rain Band - The Rain Band

This is a fantastic album. It's like the best of Mancunian music rolled into something new, powerful and moving. It's bold, deep, moody, heavy, but always tuneful. Apart from the Roses, New order, Chameleons there's echoes of the Cure and even Curve or Garbage in their blend of gothy basslines, electronic beats and atmospheric otherness. It feels movingly nostalgic but (crucially) alive to today. In a neon wilderness, you're always going to feel restless. The Rain band urban hymns for lost souls.

V/A Death Before Disco

Great compilation to help kick start new San Francisco label Prince House, a real genre-defining punk funk comp of sorts, combining both dance and electronics with punk rock. From San Francisco's minimal techno funk artists Broker/Dealer to the trashy rock and roll of the Pattern. 15 tracks, including soon to be classics by Paradise Boys, Adult, Numbers, Gogogoairheart, A Tension, Hint Hint, Ghost Orchids, the Vanishing, the Pleased (like a West Coast Interpol), the Lovemakers, Dance Disaster Movement,and I Am Spoonbender.

I Monster - Neveroddoreven

80s style Northern (Sheffield) electronics, odd samples, cool Air-ish grooves and classic pop songs... What more could you want? It's the sound of Summer kids!

Pedro - Pedro

Debut album from Pedro (AKA James Rutledge from DOT). A wonderful mix of warm folk tinged songs and swirling electronica.

Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner

Eschewing hand-me-down ghetto tales from an across-the-pond 'hood, the precociously talented Dizzee Rascal instead tells it like it is from his (18 year old, East End) angle - unemployment, gun-crime, relationships, MC battles etc. Two years in the making, this LP takes in influences from UK garage, hip hop, r'n'b and drum'n'bass, but comes up with a unique sounding jagged-edged electronic sound. Definitely one to check out!

V/A Tony Humphries - Choice

After taking over from DJs like Hippie Torales and Tee Scott in 1982, Tony Humphries went on to make Newark's Club Zanzibar his own night, working there every Friday and Saturday until the club closed in the early 90s. Starting off in the early 80s with a wide spectrum of disco, electro, jazz-funk, even punk-funk, Humphries added anything new that came along, including house and Detroit techno, eventually helping to build the New Jersey 'garage' sound with his support for the tracks from the area. Here, he selects some of his favourites from his time at the club, including Mass Production, Stephanie Mills, Archie Bell & The Drells, Blackbyrds, Deodato, Liquid Liquid, Martha Wash, Cher, Pointer Sisters, Massimo Barsotti (check his amazing electro version of Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love"), Psychotropic etc.

Nathan Michel - Dear Bicycle

Lush orchestral strings float above vocoder harmonies and disjunct piano loops. Dirty, prepared guitar solos mix with out-of-step, cheap keyboard accompaniment. Scraps of samples from sources like Patsy Cline, Bach, and Spike Jones are woven into acoustic and electronic textures. While "Abc Def" (his debut album) edits the source material to bits, "Dear Bicycle" often allows the sound sources to speak for themselves, unedited. Many of the songs also feature Michel's quiet singing. The album's mix of the impersonal and formal with the nostalgic and direct is influenced as much by Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, and Erik Satie as by Nobukazu Takemura, Mouse On Mars and Christian Fennesz.

Stars As Eyes - Loud New Shit

With Rhode Island a few years behind them and Austin soon to be in their rear-view, Steve 'Ferrari' and Craig 'Four' give you a clattering investigation of what is beautiful. Using warm, reverberating synthesis, shitted-up guitars and dirty microphones, "Loud New Shit" continues where "Enemy Of Fun" left off but is a poppier affair altogether. This is an EP, but a generous one, boasting four new originals recorded after their North American tour with Numbers and Cex, as well as carefully selected remixes from Iceland's M�m, Electric Company, Main, Dwayne Sodahberk, And more.

V/A Open Up And Say...

Wham, bam, thank you, man! Tigerbeat6 brings you a full-length super-budget-priced label compilation featuring all vocal tracks. A stunning musical showcase of vocals, instruments and electronics fused in drastically varying ways, this compilation serves as a roadmap to what Tigerbeat6 has been up to recently, and where the label's going in the near future - featuring 80 minutes of music, comprised of 24 previously released, new and upcoming songs by all the best and essential Tigerbeat6 divas and troublemakers. This kickass representation of what the label's about, offered at such a low price, speaks for itself. Features the Rip Off Artist, the Bug feat. Daddy Freddy, DJ/Rupture, Kid606, Numbers etc

Ketil Bjornstad - The Nest

Ketil Bjornstad is both a famous novelist as well as a renowned pianist and composer in Norway. Classically trained he has moved into the contemporary world of improvised/experimental music and has recorded extensivly for the ECM label. This excellent new work "The Nest" features Bjornstad and special guest artist Anneli Drecker. Lyrical, expressive mood music.

Glenn Branca - Songs '77 - '79

Documents the early recordings of Glenn Branca within the realm of his legendary no-wave ensembles the Static & Theoretical Girls. Contains all the recordings from both singles by these groups, plus "outrageous and inspired home cassette recordings from the time". Crucial no-wave-into-the-eighties reference point, and some extremely influential music.

Glenn Branca - Symphony No. 5

Subtitled "describing planes of an expanding hypersphere". Recorded in 1984 but held up in a post-production stasis until now, this is music for 5 guitars, mallet guitar, violin, drums, bass, keyboards, that is being touted as the "most dense, cacophonous Branca symphony yet. Glenn's music gets quite often inaccurately described as wall-of-sound/noise/guitars/whatever. A wall exists for the purpose of containment. 'Symphony No. 5' is expansive beyond limits, smashing the wall (at least sonically) between this dimension & all others. There is quite audibly the garblings of the voices of alien intelligences banging at the doors of our world as we dream of theirs".

# posted by DJ Martian 12:20 AM

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