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Sunday, June 30, 2002


The Rapture - Olio

The Rapture, the American post punk band that created an impact with the house of jealous lovers track, have a forthcoming single, Olio due on the 15th July on Output. They have moved on from Gang of Four inspirations to.. The Cure, that vocalist does a wicked impersonation of Robert Smith and the track has a Cure vibe about it. I wonder what Robert Smith thinks of the tribute.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:56 PM

The Rise - Signal To Noise: A strong fusion of electronic and intense hardcore rock music

The Rise are a US band from Texas that have an experimental art-electro-rock direction mixed with metalcore heavier breakdowns. An unsual mix as their sound incorporates Depeche Mode alike keyboards right up to the intense experimental rock metal/hardcore sounds of a band such as Zao, and the unpredictable changes in tempo of Botch.

The Rise do have their own unique sound which is not confined to a particular style, probably their closest overall reference point would be the now defunct: Swedish band Refused, however If you are into artists such as Botch, Minus, Narcissus, Taken, Zao - then check the The Rise website, sounds section for downloads from the new album.

The Rise are not the finished article at the mo, (see Isis for that) but The Rise have the desire to do something different and the potential to develop in the future.

Ferret Records describes The Rise as Revolution of Sound and Thought

Ten tracks that move in, out, and around elements of hardcore, rock, and punk, adding electronics, piano, keyboards, and samplers to keep things evolving

# posted by DJ Martian 9:30 PM

Dredg - El Cielo

Like Nirvana destroyed the heartless hair metal sludge of the 1980s, Dredg will deal a serious blow to the current era of commercialized rap/rock. Dredg have the potential to be one of the most important bands of our time Source: Shoutweb

Shoutweb have the latest details concerning Dredg who IMHO along with Cave In are one of a select few highly creative dynamic rock bands to sign for a major label since A Perfect Circle.

... Their musical abilities, desires, and many influences allow them to cover all ends of the musical spectrum; everything from rock to jazz to ambient drum and bass.

Dredg's album El Cielo will be released on Interscope in October (maybe October 15th) . More information on the official Dredg website.

PRP interview with Dredg earlier this year.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:06 PM

Interpol - Turn On the Bright Lights - August 20th

an Interpol fansite states the Interpol album, entitled: Turn On The Bright Lights will be released on August 20th on Matador. The front cover art red centre on a black background looks stunning.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:33 PM

Saturday, June 29, 2002


Aquarius Records - New Arrivals - Number 140

Another selection of new arrivals get reviewed @ Aquarius Records including:

BORIS - Heavy Rocks (Fangs Anal Satan / Quattro/UK Discs)

Heavy Rocks" is -- to state the obvious if you've heard it -- a more than apt title for this newest (and long-awaited) collection of tuneage from everyone's favorite Japanese heavy rockers, Boris. Yes, the thunderous Tokyo trio of Takeshi, Wata, and Atsuo are back! We promised last year in our write-up of their amazing (but uncharacteristically mostly mellow) album "Flood" that Boris' next disc would be a return to the ROCK. And it is. .............

LUDICRA - Ludicra's Hollow Psalms (Life Is Abuse)

Finally, the debut record from this fearsome local black metal fivesome sees the light of day. Ludicra is yet another project from the fertile metal mind of John Cobbett (Hammers Of Misfortune, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Iron Cemetary, etc.), this time with the help of local rockers/scene fixtures Aesop (Hickey, Dr. Dre Del, etc.), Christy Cather (Missile Command), Ross Sewage (Impaled), and Laurie Sue Shanaman (who works at the veterinarian where Andee's girlfriend and Erik his housemate take their cats!).
Ludicra's debut reveals them to be a highly advanced black metal creation. They're complex, moody, darkly psychedelic, and 'post-rocky' like AQ-faves Enslaved -- a very good thing. The droning savage trance rock of another AQ black metal fave (and fellow San Franciscans) Weakling is also evident. Maybe it's Aesop's punk-derived drumming, or the song-writing dynamics, but while this is very metal indeed it also betrays an awareness of other strands of underground rock. And of course it's heavy, textured, and exceedingly well-crafted, as you would expect from the pen/plectrum of Sir Lord John Cobbett. ..........

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (Relapse)

Second full length by this outfit led by Scott Hull (of Pig Destroyer and formerly of Anal Cunt). The distinction between Hull's other project Pig Destroyer and ANB (both are furious grind metal units) is maybe a little nebulous, but the most obvious differences are: ANB uses a drum machine instead of a live drummer, and their songs are way more varied and for the most part, WAY weirder. Totally inhuman, lightning speed hyper-blast beats, harsh and brutal guitar tone, insane riffing, and super distorted totally sick vocals. Most of the tracks are blazing fast and brutal as fuck, but occasionally they slow it down to a midtempo old school thrash attack (speaking of old school thrash, there's even a Nuclear Assault cover with Dan Lilker on bass/vox!). The production is really bizarre with lots of samples, weird electronic bits, and lots of digital fx and processing on the vocals and guitars. There's even a weird almost techno number that manages to be just as fearsome as the rest of the more metal tracks. All the production craziness and occasional electronic bits remind us a little of James Plotkin's WAY far out glitch-grind Atomsmasher album we dug so much. And the cover art courtesy of Hydra Head honcho and member of Isis, Aaron Turner, is also very cool. So far, "Frozen Corpse" is easily the best grindcore record this year, as far as Andee and Allan are concerned!

AMP - L'Amour Invisible (Space Age)

Once closely affiliated with the Bristol post-rock crowd alongside Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, Third Eye Foundation and the underappreciated Crescent, Amp has all but completely dissolved the post-MBV guitar luminescence found on their first records. Nevertheless, the core duo of Richard Walker and Karine Charff has held onto strains of that scene's sleepy miserablism in the form of languid, vaguely trip-hopped rhythms swathed in hazy atmospheres, distant guitar delicacy, and Charff's pleasantly downer voice. Strange as it may seem, Amp has slowly been turning into a rougher version of Coldplay or Doves.

BENEATH THE LAKE - Inside The Passage (Glass Throat)

Beneath The Lake is the new ambient drone project of Nicolas Lampert, who was one third of AQ faves Noisegate, a bay area crusty, death-drone-ambient project with two records out on Andee's tUMULt label. Beneath The Lake finds Nicolas and new partner Dave Canterbury exploring similar sonic space as Noisegate did on their last full length 'Suspended Animation', but with more emphasis on the nature of sound and a much more dense and heavily layered approach. Utilising cello, guitar, pedals, processors and environmental recordings of sea lions, water, whales, wasps, wolves, owls and wind, Beneath The Lake manage to create rumbling pulsing drones that feel somehow alive, with organic thrum and cavernous shimmers, sounds slipping in and out of the sonic landscape, sparse and desolate one moment, lush and overpowering the next. Haunting and chillingly beautiful. One of our new favorite drone records.

REMOTE VIEWER, THE - Here I Go Again On My Own (Towerblock / City Centre Offices)

No, not the Whitesnake song, though surely a somewhat ironic reference. Craig and Andrew of Leeds outfit Hood bring us their second album (not including a handful of singles) of pretty downpop electronica. Much like the electronic efforts of their former group or a melancholic Aphex Twin, the combination of minimal breakbeats and soft atmospherics offer listeners a pleasant, though sometimes tedious exploration of the coalescence of organisms and digitalia. Nice, but nothing groundbreaking here. Featuring guest vocals by Nicola of Empress / Boyracer fame.

SPEAR - Sapphire Flower (IGNIS projekt)

Spear is a Polish post-industrial / dark ambient ensemble who appears to have picked up where the nearly forgotten Cranioclast left off with their cryptographic adventures for linguistic puzzles and deep dronescapes. Amidst glowing ripples of prepared contrabass, tape reversed bells, time-stretched ambience, and fluidly sustaining reverberations, Sapphire Flower maps out a metaphoric narrative that delves into the weighty topic of the twilight between life and death, through the sporadic intervention of computer manipulated voices. The pace of the album is suitably slow and funereal, but never gets too heavy-handed or ghastly partly due to Spear's dedicated emphasis upon the construction of crystalline electro-acoustic droneworks. Thus, the music tells the majority of Sapphire Flower's story rather than the text itself. Certainly fans of Biosphere and the more subtle atmospheric work of Current 93 / Nurse With Wound would do well to check this out.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:59 PM

Side-Line - Issue 40

Details of the forthcoming edition of Side-Line magazine, Issue 40:

Yep, the 40th issue of Side-Line Music Magazine will be soon leaving the printing plant. Included in this issue is an interview with In Strict Confidence (coverstory), Moby, Peter Murphy, Praga Khan, Death In June, Indochine, Lunascape,, Plastic Noise Experience, 18 Summers, Machine In The Garden, Artwork, Perfidious Words, Ivory Frequency, Cenobita, Neuroticfish, Epsilon Minus, Votaire, Angels Of Venice, Informatik, A Challenge Of Order, Melek-tha, Neuro d, Ego Likeness, Onkeio,, God's Bow, Aslant faction, Savak, Lusine Icl 40, State Of The Union, Colony 5 and an open heart interview with Clan Of Xymox! As usual you'll also get a shipload of reviews (over 300!!!) and the checkline of 10 albums by our staff! You can order your subscription / seperate issue starting from today!

# posted by DJ Martian 3:13 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

Drexciya - Grava 4 - Clone

Oh yes.....taking us further down deep towards sub-aquatic rumbles and alien conspiracies, the ever-mysterious Drexciya have produced their finest material to date with this devastating new double pack for the Clone label. Having bought and registered their own Star (check coordinates ra18h35m37.73 d3'22'31.12" if you have some time), the obvious move was to make a concept album on the subject, in finest alien electroid fashion. This is Drexciya at their widest, cleanest, most absorbing. The opening �Cascading Celestial Giants� sets the scene with a deep underwater ambience, pulsing cinemascopics rendered via all manner of progressions that recall 70�s Sci-Fi and Artificial Intelligence with equal measure. Lunged into open waters and staggered beats, from this point on Drexciya fly with pure, crisp, spacious, electroid crunches that, in truth, only they produce with this much understanding of the music, its origins and its effect! �700 Million Light Years From Earth�, for example, utilises the same spacious beats that made their �Other People Place� project for Warp so enticing, while the crushing �Drexciyan Star Chamber� simply oozes twilight suave and atmosphere with its precise electro pulse and caressing midnight sounds. 9 Tracks in all of killer futuristic electro that really is just too good. Immense.

Blaubac - Perdurance - Moth Records

Whereas �Wind Chill� displayed a delicious heart of darkness, �Perdurance� radiates a beautiful, energetic warmth. Still characteristically and unmistakably Blaubac: dynamic and unique, detailed and beat-driven electronica. Guest vocalists and instrumentalists further broaden the sound, their contributions precisely woven into each infectious, otherworldly and weird composition. Good stuff.

Inkblot - Love Your Mother - Audio Dregs

New CD on E*Vax's Audiodregs label. Keeping the same highly textural and organic experimental electronic compositions of last year's 'Language Game' album (Tomlab) 'Love Your Mother' is Inkblot's second full length release. A slightly warmer sounding record than the first, it pushes the sparkling moments of piano, guitar, bass, further into gear while keeping the shimmering field recordings in top form as well. Though highly melodic, Inkblot creator Jeremy Ballard also creates a more deconstructed album, melting rhythms into vapor and gluing them back together between bits of found sounds and solid bouncy beats. The mix of these sparse tight beats with textured ambience have lead comparisons ranging from La Bradford to Mouse On Mars, creating a mood that is often both playful and wistful.

Jeff Mills - Actual (Axis009 C/D) - Axis

Quite a surprise from the Master of Techno, Actual is a continuation of the earlier Axis 009 A and B 12�s. Released seperately (and in the case of Axis 009b extremely limited), they soon became the hottest Mills records to find. And so now we come to the new installments C and D. The feel conjured by Mr Mills is one of futuristic design, not quite Science Fiction, but offering up a glimpse of things to come nonetheless. There are alien noises throughout the album, as in the case of the opener, the moods shifting between the beat driven beginning and the Bladerunner-esque ending. Often evoking images of Eastern mysticism with harps used along with strange Tibetan bells, analogue synths offset the mood with loops and arpeggiators. Masterfully atmospheric, this is Mills at his cinematic best.

Kettel - Smiling Little Cow - Neo Ouija

With releases to date on Planet Mu and DUB (see our recent single of the Week � �Cenny�) to name but a few, this debut album for the Neo Ouija label finds Reimer Eising�s sound evolving yet again. With a playful, almost childlike theme running across 12 tracks, an open-aired innocence imbues the opening �So Obviously Vulnerable� with na�ve playground abandon that permeates much of the album, even as it strides towards fatty beats and deeper constructions. �Her Thin Voice� glides with a Plaid-ish melodicism that develops in classic electronic tradition, containing the kind of heartfelt transitions that are designed to both uplift and introspect. The echoing distant break of �A Novel In Key� solidifies the Plaid comparisons, equal parts playful and intricate, the theme here is very much one of life-affirmation and childishness, as such making for an album that defies the trend for brooding darkness and, in the process, succeeds in endearing itself throughout each one of the tracks on offer. Heartwarm yum.

Phako - Shipyards and Engineering Co Ltd - DUB

Compiling two increasingly assured eps for cd, the reliable but ever improving DjaxUpBitch succeed invariably in building releases you will love, repaying with repeat listens, rewarding the frequent visitor more readily. �Slide Slip� opens with an unusual blend of dark atmospherics, crunchy beats and a central hook that�s reminiscent of Squarepusher�s �Music is a rotted One Note�, minus the free indulgences. �Blue Villa� gets to the crunchy stuff with panache, layered atmospherics and intricate sound design, the beat playing second fiddle to the atmosphere that�s brought to life with crisp production and more than just a little eeriness. �Tri Repetae� fans take note. Across more intricate and punchier beats, the crushing �Scaffolding Shop� displays some seriously intricate percussive manoeuvring, flickers of warmth scattered with jazz-tinged glimpses once again. The CD includes all of DUB 21 and 22, as well as some extra works - a remix for Math released on Music aus strom and a bonus quick time movie with the works of 010, a video artist who supports Phako, Speedy J and EOG with video art during their live performances. Ace.

Phon.O - Partition B - Cytrax

Cytrax come correct with the new CD from Phon.o, mastered by Kit Clayton and coming across with the dub inflected rhythms that have defined the Scape label. 10 tracks in total blend superbly across the CD, a feeling of vast space is conjured up through the use of delay�s and reverbs, with the dub vibes gliding to the fore on several occasions. Check �Postident�, a skank through modern electronics that brings the Jamaican influence to life, with superb echoes enhanced alongside some serious sub-bass movements. The feel of the album is quite architectural, with the music sounding like it�s been designed for spaces, huge empty ones with large acoustics, just so you can feel the echoes hitting you. Warmth is the key here, �Avus� being a good example, a 4/4 cruise through a lush summer night, with some killer stabs bouncing across the speakers. Check and check again.

Scorn - Governor - Hymen

My god, Mick Harris created these tracks just over a year ago but the sound sytem destroyers on this release must be heard to be relieved. An air of darkness inherent in parts of the skam live sound, with a kind of stripped, industrial strength timbaland feel to the beats and some impressive (mis)use of bass technology. Surprisingly awesome.

Section 25 - The Key Of Dreams - Ltm

Filling the picture of the boys from Blackpool�s all too short career, comes this original follow up to their debut album, with one of the most expensive record sleeves of all time. Easy to see why inevitable comparisons with Joy division were made initially, but frankly this was lazy journalism, and in retrospect its possible to see the moments of delicacy and refinement as entirely the band�s own. Sure there�s amazing Hannett wide-eyed production to link the two, but Section 25 almost seem to go further out into the realms of extended form on the sprawling but beautiful Sutra. Additional bonus cuts are drawn from Factory and FactoryBenelux singles now nigh impossible to find. Great band, well worthy of your attention.

Somatic Responses - Touching The Void - Hymen

Titles like this are a bit of bugbear of mine, don�t do it kids! this tiny gripe aside, there are some staggering cuts on this album from John and Paul Healey. �Adeladia� is simply put, one of the finest shockouts you�ll hear all year, sublime angelic keys, distressing Aphexish destroyed beats, just the right side of industrial and out into hardcore. On the CD full album there�s futher brilliance on �Stuff ArbeNnig�, it�s the only other debit mark for not including it on the 6 track vinyl edition. �Rwy eisiau dy gariad� (present on both formats) has ultra fly broken, dark bass, drums and enough industrials to make Ancoats look like a sanitised newtown this morning. There�s an excellent Carpenter gone darker moment on �wandering�, then �onwards�, until finally one for our dentally challenged friends, �extrakshun�.

Supercollider - Raw Digits - Rise Robots Rise

Now available on CD. Without doubt the most striking album to be released for one hell of a long time, this second full-length collaboration between Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell is a continuation of a space funk odyssey that began several years ago and looks set to blow up in a blaze of undeniable originality and inspiration with the release of this malladjusted masterpiece. Having so far failed to gain the recognition it so fully deserves, Supercollider have pieced together 9 tracks of the most sumptuous, deep, disturbed, futuristic and outright funky twisted music that you�ll ever hear this side of Prince at his prime. The production itself is truly hard to digest, the kind of low-end manipulation that goes down, down, down and deeper still, a wobbling aqua-tinged deliciousness that�s never been assembled this lovingly, together with percussion shots that sound cut-up even though they seldom are. Oh, and the voice. That voice. Lidell is one of those rare creatures that stretches so much sonic distance into his frame it�s often hard to believe that you�re listening to a human voice. The man is pure soul. Pure...pure....SOUL. Head straight for �in the beams� (without doubt the most played tune in our office for the last 6 weeks) - and understand why this project is nothing short of visionary. Deep, spacy textures that hover around a distant echo of Lidell�s voice..a scatter of lazy percussion...and then......Crunch! The deepest space hip-hop ballad, echoes of the Neptunes jamming with Leila in another Galaxy. Just....simply....too....TOO.....GOOD. Essential.

Supersprite - Color Mixing - Audio Dregs

'Color Mixing' is Supersprite's first full length release. Frontman Howard Gillam works hazy melodies from dense sonic tones, fuelled by mellow down-tempo beats for a spaced-out pop effect. Though the sampler is his instrument of choice, samples don't come from pre-recorded sources, rather from an arsenal of synthesizers, drum machines, and programables (or sometimes the cat) spinning your head into the clouds or creating colourful dreamscapes that would play well as an alternate soundtrack to Fantastic Planet. Produced and recorded by E*Rock (Audio Dregs) appearances by E*Vax and Nudge (Omco) makes for a well developed debut from this Portland artist and Audiodregs.

Takagi Masakatsu - Eating - Karaoke Kalk

Takagi is known to us from visual collaborations with one of our current idols, Aoki Taskamasa on his dvd for the marvellous Progressive Form label from Japan. There�s something of the short film at work here, on this fine album for the unmissable Karaoke Kalk. Perfect, yet somehow open ended short pieces work in the same way as vignettes, suggesting time before and after with great aplomb. Never do you feel that these beautiful, sonorous pieces are unfinished, instead each sidles into your consciousness, like small flowers seen on a country walk. There�s acoustic elements aplenty, with pizzicato strings, wooden marimba tones, hopeful modal keys, muted horns, starkly beautiful accordion sounds, atop twinkling keys, all forming a cohesive and beautiful whole. This undemonstrative album is supremely persuasive, from its own wayside point of view. Impossibly fresh and hugely impressive, this will no doubt be one of the finest albums this year for your reviewer, and hopefully some of you out there as well. Essential music to warm the heart.

Tarentel - Ephemera (Singles 1999 - 2000) Temporary Residence

Inspired by pioneers like Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine, Tarentel properly began in 1998. Rabidly thirsty for new sounds and influences, the band dug deeper and deeper into 20th century minimalist composers (Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Terry Riley) and avant rock legends (This Heat, Zoviet France). Their sound transformed gracefully, shifting from twinkling guitar and sturdy rhythms to visceral walls of triumphant noise and orchestral textures. Not since their stunning debut album �From Bone To Satellite� has there been a Tarentel release that more accurately compliments their dynamic shifts and subtle nuances. Check.

V/A - Instrumentals : Staedtizism 3 - Scape

Shockout essential selections, this is a truly brain-breaking exploration of squahed, re-wired, cut-up and destroyed instrumental Hip Hop compiled by Stephan Betke (Pole) for his Scape Label. Perhaps realising that the broken Waldorf dub sound was starting to show its age a little, Betke has returned to address a theme that�s touched on the fringes of electronic music for some years now, but has rarely been adressed with this much creativity, innovation or futurism. The name�s involved betray the ecclecticism on offer; with John Tejada, Kit Clayton, Jan Jelinek, Andrew Pekler, Bus, Thomas Fehlman, Process, System (otherwise known as Opiate�s Future 3), Cappablack and more contributing to the finest compilation of its kind by a long, long way. Typifying the out of character contributions on board, head straight for Kit Clayton�s Crushing �!Etymon, No!�, complete with its stuttered hiccup B-Boy funk and broken beats, total fattness delivered sizzling hot. John Tejada, however, goes home with the golden sash, his �Cyberspace Visual� cementing years of hip-hop exploration with a deep scratch aesthetic that wipes away any contenders with its shere late night bounciness that is produced with pure tweaked genius. Not a dud contribution on board, the Scape label returns to relevance and excellence with one fell swoop. Awesome.

Jimpster - Domestic Science - Kudos

Brand new album from Jamie Jimpster now that he's gone back down south. A noticeable change from the supreme 'Messages From The Hub' recorded in Manchester. This album is more eighties soul disco grooved based. Banishing the live stuff it's a slick trip fuelled by guest vocalists and smooth licks. A worthy follow up.

Playgroup - DJ Kicks - K7

Latest DJ Kicks installment, Trevor Jackson�s Playgroup bringing together cuts from Random Factor, Smith N Hack, Metro Area, Zongamin, The Human League, Dexter, Parallax Corporation, The Rapture and many many others.

Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly - Rhymesayers

Now on CD. One of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the summer is here. Alongside his battle rhyming spar Sage Francis, Slug is one of the most gifted lyricists operating today, a veteran of Scribble Jam where he is virtually barred from entering plus his many Anticon appearances (Deep Puddle Dynamics comes to mind) make the timing for this triple disc delight monster perfect. His producer >>> DJ, Ant is dope, a skilled scratchmeister and producer, think Premo at his supreme height. Eighteen tracks that stand up individually. Intense, deep hip hop.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:10 PM

Morr Music Compilation - blue skied an' clear

Details of a forthcoming Morr Music compilation:

v/a - blue skied an' clear (morr music 030)


future 3 - alison
isan - waves
lali puna - 40 days
ulrich schnauss - crazy for you
b. fleischmann & ms. john soda - here she comes
limp - souvlaki space station
solvent - when the sun hits
styrofoam - altogether
skanfrom - here she comes
isan - celia's dream
komeit - when the sun hits
manual - blue skied an' clear
herrmann & kleine - dagger
m�m - machine gun


manual - summer haze
isan - my last journey
guitar - house full of time
ulrich schnauss - wherever you are
styrofoam - fade out your eyes
populous - clijster
future 3 - stuff
solvent - discontinued parts
herrmann & kleine - leaving you behind
b. fleischmann - take a day off
icebreaker / manual - into forever
komeit - same, same
ms. john soda - solid ground
limp - silent running

# posted by DJ Martian 2:48 PM

John Kennedy X-Posure - Guest/Session Schedule July/August 2002

John Kennedy on Xfm 104.9 has some interesting artists/ groups lined up for the rest of the Summer:

Week Beginning Sunday 7/7/02

8/7: James Yorkston - Artist In Residence
9/7: X-Posure Album Playback: The Flaming Lips 'Yoshimi Battles The Pink
11/7: Ruisort - One Night Stand 11/7: X-Posure Live - Fingathing / The Rapture / Audiowhore

Week Beginning Sunday 14/7/02

15/7: Earl Zinger - Artist In Residence (rpt) / Audiowhore - X-Posure Live Set
16/7: The Crane Builders - One Night Stand / The Rapture - X-Posure Live Set
17/7: Fingathing - X-Posure Live Set
18/7: DJ Krash Slaughta - One Night Stand (Mix)

Week Beginning Sunday 21/7/02

22/7: Jeffrey Lewis - Artists In Residence (rpt)
23/7: Barth - One Night Stand
25/7: Recloose - One Night Stand (Mix)

Week Beginning Sunday 28/7/02

29/7: David Grubbs - Artist In Residence
30/7: Desert Hearts - One Night Stand
1/8: Dr Rubberfunk - One Night Stand (Mix) (tbc)

Week Beginning Sunday 4/8/02

5/8: The Flaming Lips - Artists In Residence
6/8: The Von Bondies - One Night Stand
8/8: Blue States - One Night Stand
8/8: X-Posure Live - Athlete / James Yorkston & The Athletes / 53 MPH (tbc)

Week Beginning Sunday 11/8/02

12/8: Xinli Supreme - Artists In Residence
13/8: Danny Connor - One Night Stand
15/8: Seelenluft - One Night Stand

Week Beginning Sunday 18/8/02

19/8: Audiowhore - Artists In Residence
20/8: Flotation Toy Warning - One Night Stand
22/8: Murcof - One Night Stand

Week Beginning Sunday 25/8/02

26/8: Beachwood Sparks - Artists In Residence
27/8: Slumber Party - One Night Stand
29/8: Hint - One Night Stand

Xfm can be picked up on digital radio in selected cities in the UK, sky digital (864), on the internet and of course in London on 104.9. FM.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 PM

Friday, June 28, 2002 is a London based online record shop covering a range of contemporary dance music genres.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:28 PM

s t j � r t l a p p

s t j � r t l a p p covers Swedish house & techno music.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:22 PM

KindaMuzik Rock Reviews

Some more recent rock reviews @ KindaMuzik including:





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The band from Austin and New York are stretching the idea of a "song" to its outer limits. Acoustic guitars, roaring saxophones, gentle piano playing, and sighing vocals put together in mathematical formulas. There seems to be a contradiction in the compositions: They�re both light and complicated at the same time.

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Roger Smith - Green Wood

BBCi review the improvised guitar sounds of Roger Smith - Green Wood

Smith's choice of nylon strung classical guitar marks him out from his steel string totin' contemporaries John Russell and Derek Bailey.

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Junkmedia: Reaches 1st Anniversary

Weekly music website Junkmedia looks back on their first year, with a best of special.

To commemorate Junkmedia's first anniversary, we've put together an issue of our favorite articles from the last year. We're going to be taking the next three weeks off, but we'll return full-force on July 22 with a brand new issue. Until then...

Happy reading,
The staff of Junkmedia

The Future:

coming to junkmedia in August:

- An interview with Faust and a review of their new remix album

- An interview with the American Analog Set and a review of their new remix EP, Updates

- An Ugly Cassanova concert review

- Photo galleries of Cat Power, Neil Michael Haggerty, Bonnie Prince Billy and Califone

- Reviews of new releases from Thrill Jockey, Tigerstyle, K Records, Sub Pop and Jetset

And much, much more...

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Fischerspooner Interview

Simon Price in The Independent interviews Fischerspooner.

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Almost Cool

Almost Cool have some new reviews including:

DJ Shadow - The Private Press and Sybarite - Placement Issues

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Thursday, June 27, 2002


DJ Spooky - Optometry

Thirsy Ear record label will release an album by DJ Spooky on July 9th, caled Optomery

DJ Spooky - Optometry

Continuing in the spirit of Thirsty Ear's Blue Series, this record seamlessly brings together one of the masters of DJ culture with real musicians and the results are staggering.

Joining Spooky are Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Joe McPhee and Guillermo E Brown. These "all stars" of the Blue Series provide the inspiration to bring this concept to a new plateau.

[See Thirsty Ear website for more info and sound samples]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:14 PM is making the switch from aportal-based site to an editorial-based site.

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Dusted Magazine Reviews

Some new reviews @ Dusted Magazine - Reviews including:

o.lamm - Snow Party

Interesting click-and-glitch electronics, both with and without beats. While it�s definitely in the realm of Mego-style laptop work, the CD notes indicate that Olivier Lamm considers the work to be pop music, and there�s some merit to his claim.

Everyone's alt-rock faves Sonic Youth - Murray Street

and Avant heavy psychedelic rock of Oneida - Each One Teach One

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002


Flunk - For Sleepyheads Only

Yet more creative electronic music from Norway, this time on the Beatservice label by Flunk: Flunk: - For Sleepyheads Only that has just been released in the UK, and being picking up some considerable praise:

DJ Magazine - Album of the [Fortnight !] - Flunk - For Sleepyheads Only

Norway is on a roll. There's been the wayward electronic jazz mayhem of Jaga Jazzist, the classy electronica of Kim Hoirthoy, and the smooth blend of breaks, electronica and nu jazz that is Slopho. And now there's Flunk. One producer, one guitarist, one vaguely Bjork-ish vocalist, and apparently, one too many beer and curry fuelled nights leisurely crafting this unfolding,
sumptuous sound oddessy.

Put aside if you will, all the times you've ever smugly mocked the Scandinavians for their naff appropriations of British pop culture. For this time, geographical distance has an advantage: Flunk have simply pilfered the styles they genuinely love, without being subconsciously swayed by any electroclashed media storms in tea cups. Hence, they've expertly melded disparate strands whilst managing to glide and slink their way into a state of bliss. No cabaret pile up here folks.

Opening with 'I Love Music', we get a classy melange of hip-hopping orchestral lushness and subtle funk that gradually becomes infused with the spirit of roots dub. Next up is 'Blue Monday' - yes THAT 'Blue Monday'. Normally, taking on one of New Orders finest moments would be an act of insanity - but Flunk twist it into Southern fried yearning with their gentle guitar acoustics, rolling beats and kooky, soul-folk singing. They showcase the song as the classic piece of songwriting that it is, yet radically reinvent it too.
Elsewhere those elfin blues vocals compliment 'Miss World', where Massive Attack moodiness is injected with Spanish chordings and gliding strings.

Despite the title of the exotic, chilled funk of 'Kebab Shop 3AM', we get the perfect soundtrack to cruise through the heat haze of a long dusty open road. Syrupsniph' meanwhile utilses touches of atmospheric guitar twangs melded to minimalist Bristolian moodiness. Getting the picture? Flunk simply follow their desires and craft sounds around them. Occasionally you even think you're hearing tinges of Neil Young, latter day Cocteau Twins, John Barry or Serge Gainsbourg - like ghostly presence's that momentarily appear before dissipating into the ether. Crazy, I know. What we're actually hearing of course, is the distillation of Flunk's wide range of influences into one seamless whole. So much so, that each listener will probably hear something unique. Flunk, we can be sure, are music obsessives with a virtual library of sound, NOT dance heads inanely nodding to four to the floor.

'For Sleepyheads Only' might not be a 'boundary shifting' slice of sonic innovation, and it's true that other releases on these pages - Daedelus for example - are far more 'out there'. But for once, that's beside the point Flunk get 'Album of the Issue' status simply because this is a classy ride possessed of an honesty and beauty that's refreshingly devoid of any cynicism or posturing. What's more, they are the missing link between Bristol, Jamaica, Norway, and North and South America. Heat dust and polar ice become one, and a hundred emotions are gently uttered in the process. This is downbeat sophistication that screws the zeitgeist with a capital 'F'.

(4/5) Gal D�tourn

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Sonic Youth - Murray Street

Pitchfork review Sonic Youth - Murray Street

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Flint Glass - Hierakonpolis

A forthcoming release mentioned @ Music Non Stop

Flint Glass - Hierakonpolis

Flint Glass appear in the foreground of finest electronica, like an architect who built up his constructions in different layers and channels, Flint Glass work with the method by using sampling tools only. Hierakonpolis could be compared in some ways to projects like BEEFCAKE or AUTECHRE. But the sounds of this album have already surged off on a totally different, and very personal tangent. Almost everything imaginable in sound is being collected, deconstructed and re-built afterwards. This is a unique and vast collection of sounds, ranging from catchy melodies and samples mercilessly interrupted by distorted beats. The cold polyrhythmic drumcodes are bent into a melted ambience of different experiments. It?s the warm timbre of this dark ambient recording which creates its own unique sonic profile. This outstanding debut also contains 5 remixes by artists such as Dither, Oil 10, C-Drik (Ammo/Axiome/Xingu Hill), HIV+ and Kom-Intern !

Released: 1st July
Label: Brume

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Seven Update - This Week - Layo & Bushwacka front cover

Details of this week's Seven Update magazine:

ISSUE 156 out 26 JUNE 2002 - price �1.00

In this issue:

Layo & Bushwacka : Live and direct in Barcelona ~ DJ Heather ~ Adult ~ Quantic ~ Ralph Lawson ~ Ils ~ James Zabiela ~ JSJ ~ Death in Vegas ~ Autechre ~ Non Phixion ~ Eminem ~ Moby ~ FC Kahuna ~ Win tickets to Big Chill's Enchanted Garden ~ The Seven Buzz Chart ~ 7 Deadly Sins ~ FAD ~ Parallel Universe ~ The Magnificent Seven ~ Expanded reviews section ~ and more charts than ever�

# posted by DJ Martian 2:58 PM - July 2002 Reviews deliver another fine selection of album reviews: [the summaries below are themilkfactory's, please visit their website for full reviews]


The Black Dog returns with this unsettling album resulting of a
collaboration with Scottish beat poet Black Sifichi.


Formed after being challenged by promoters of mixed-gay Manchester
club Homoerotic to come up with a live electronic set in just a week,
Alpinestars now come back with their second album. Still inspired by
80's electro, White Noise is more straightforward and upfront

ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY - Jun Ray Song Chang

Contrasting between the untutored style of Asa-Chang and the more
conventional approach to tabla of U-Zhaan, the compositions of this
album, completed by the electronic inputs of programmer Hidehiko
Urayama and mixmaster Kiyoshi Kusaka, take time to reveal themselves,
but the effort is all worth it.


This collaborative work between producer Boom Bip and Doseone, one
third of Clouddead, is a fascinating take on abstract hip-hop. Both
active members of the West Coast Anticon collective, Boom Bip &
Doseone offer here a controversial and fascinating take on hip-hop.

DAEDELUS - Invention

Hailing from Santa Monica, California, young producer Daedelus was
first heard on the Dublab compilation released just a year ago. He is
now bringing out his first album, Invention. Combining hip-hop beats,
30's and 40's hollywood soundtracks and melodic electronica, this
debut reveals a brilliant new talent.

FREEFORM - Audio-Tourism: Vietnam & China/Audio-Tourism

Freeform's six album, Audio-Tourism: Vietnam & China is the result of
two months spend recording environmental sounds in Asia. More than a
remix project, Audio-Tourism Reinterpretations emulates the original
constructions of Simon Pike and take them to new heights.


This third album by Norwegian duo Information is by far their most
accomplished work. Affiliated to the Troms� school of electronic
music, Information's use of environmental sounds rivals that of
Biosphere in beauty and precision.

MARGO - The Catnap

This quartet formed in France while they were still at university,
approach music as one art form amongst others. They also attach a
huge importance to visual expressions and fashion. This first album
encompasses the innocence of Fan�oise Hardy or St Etienne with the
electronic beauty of To Rococo Rot.

PIANO MAGIC - Writers Without Homes

After six years, Piano Magic finally reach their spiritual home with
4AD. Proud offspring of Ivo Watt-Russels's seminal This Mortal
Coil, Piano Magic present with this sixth album a collection of
delicate songs, faithful to the spirit of the label.

SPUNK - Den �verste Toppen P� En Bl�malt Flaggstang

Improvising quartet Spunk return with their second album. Integrating
musical instruments and voices in a very unique way, the band
continue their exploration of the sonic realm.

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Layo & Bushwacka !

This week's front cover choice is Layo & Bushwacka, their second studio album, Night Works is released next week on XL Records in the UK, however US folk will have to wait till September 10th. Layo & Bushwacka are long term favourites of mine, I hope this album is a big success for them. I have already tipped it as the big summer dance album by a British artist, however August will see some stiff competition with Sasha's Airdrawndagger album due for release.

We both believe in the same things, good people, good parties, good music. Acid house, basically." Idealists, hedonists, prophets, call them what you will, but Layo & Bushwacka!'s love affair with music started as teenagers under 1988�s strobe lights and its led the both of them through techno, breakbeat, electro, dub and electronica, emerging blinking into the light a decade later with a sound that fuses all their influences and channelling them into 2002�s most anticipated dance floor album.

It's the same outlaw spirit of eclecticism that still informs their five hour DJs sets, whether at their spiritual home in London's The End, or on a beach in Brazil or a state of the art superclub in Ibiza or Argentina. Layo seamlessly segueing cutting edge sounds, while Bushwacka! tears the arse out of the crossfade, turning nondescript breakbeat battle weapons into a compulsive collage of beats and breaks. The same spirit that took the "for the fans" thousand-copy only 12" Untitled into a global club anthem. It's now 'Love Story' - renamed with the title given to it by the fans in Argentina who sit down rather than dance through the track as a mark of respect for its majesty. "I thought that track was a bit cheesy initially," muses the ever-analytical Layo. "Of course now everyone loves it, I've warmed to it a bit." And you can't get much more acid house than the legal minefield that is Bushwacka!'s much bootlegged remix of Michael Jackson's �Billie Jean' - surely the biggest bootleg mix in a year inundated with white label remixes of dubious legality. If only, as Matthew shrugs, he'd done the bootlegs himself, as everyone assumes.

Layo and Bushwhacka! have come a long way from the teenager who frequented Clink Street's infamous acid parties and the kid who dropped classical music to hang out on the hardcore scene: two motor-mouthed refugees from the underground enjoying their position as new leaders of clubland's cutting edge. Layo & Bushwacka! have both served their time supporting British underground music when no-one wanted to know. Layo opening The End, a purpose-built club dedicated to breaking new music to the right people. Matthew jacking in a lucrative career as a rave circuit DJ when the moody music had gone too far for him, both taking the emergent strains of techno, tech-house, electro and breakbeat and forcing them together with the blues, classical and film soundtracks of the last hundred years to create the dance floor sound of the new century.

Matthew 'Bushwacka!' Benjamin has always been into music: as a schoolboy in Ladbroke Grove, West London, he was playing percussion in the London School Symphony Orchestra." I played the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican. We toured Italy when I was 13. It was a magical time of my life." It was 1988, and hooked on hip-hop and DJing, his life was about to take a sharp left turn. "In August '88 I went to a Rat Pack warehouse party. I left there at 11 o'clock the next morning and come home to an angry mum." Handing out flyers by night and working in Harrods by day, he began working for the Rat Pack. By 1989's summer of orbital rave he was DJing for them, as well as on London's legendary �Radio Rental� pirate station Sunrise FM.

Graduating from a studio engineering course, Matthew - now widely held in awe by other producers for his crisp beats and heavyweight production techniques - went to work at Mr C's new studio "making cups of tea 80 hours a week". The Shaman front man had ploughed his pop earnings back into the studio, and he was also planning on opening a club with another young prot�g� of his: "That's where I met Layo," Matthew remembers. "About the same time as the End idea was coming about."

Layo Paskin had a different upbringing in a liberal North London household: the son of an architect and a writer, he was putting on funk parties at sixteen while working at weekends in Camden Market. "When I was 17," he recalls, "I went to my first acid house party, and straight away I was blown away by this thing." From then on he too was immersed in underground dance and within a couple of years he was throwing warehouse parties with Mr C. "We found this site for a party," he explains, "and that became The End." The End was designed by his father, and became Layo's life... taking in nights from future superstars like Fatboy Slim and Roni Size it quickly became the leading underground music club in the capital and one of the most influential dance clubs worldwide.

By the time Layo and Bushwacka! started working together it was the mid-90s and dance music was changing. The hardcore scene that Matthew had been such an integral part of was already shifting into drum & bass, while new hybrids - that would later be termed tech-house and breakbeat - were emerging out of clubs like The End. Matthew had started his own Plank records, and was making and playing what he terms "good quality music to go out and dance to."

In 1998 Layo and Bushwacka! released their first album �Low Life� on End Recordings, the label that had begun life the day The End opened. A deceptively smooth collection that mashed together electro, techno, underground house and old skool breakbeat, but stretched into delta blues and dub reggae for inspiration, for a trippy down-tempo atmospheric breakbeat sound. It was rather brilliant.

They also started DJing together more often - first at the End's Subterrain nights, later across the country and beyond. They make a good combination: Matthew tearing his crossfade through anonymous tech tunes and electro breaks Layo taking a more considered approach to playing "proper" tunes. Now, a year since they released the half-jokey 'OEUntitled' as a 1000 copy only Christmas present to their fans, their DJing has gone supernova. They can afford to play only clubs that allow them a five hour slot, so they can play an hour each at a time, building the intensity then dropping the tempo to play the odd vocal or hip-hop track.

Now their second album - add title here - takes their blueprint onto a bigger, broader canvas. All the elements we loved about �Low Life� and singles like the breakbeat blues of �Deep South� are still there - there�s still the adherence to low end theory bass lines, but this time wrapped in a comfort blanket of synapse-tweaking soft chords. Once again its edited and tweaked into a non-stop collage that lulls you into a false sense of security at home, where you can't feel the monster bass lines these tracks unleash over a club sound system. Already planning to take their live performance on the road, the garrulous odd couple are keeping their hardcore fans happy by starting a monthly club night (at the End, where else?) where they will be the only DJs. Not to mention residencies at Space in Ibiza and Sirena in Brazil � two more of the finest clubs in the world.

" The music industry is an industry where the best business people do the best and the most creative people don't," reflects Layo, "that's life I suppose. But I'm hungry for that creativity. I'd like to be really good at what I do, rather than hugely successful. You need to be able to look yourself in the eye and say the route you�re taking is a good route, be proud of what you do, and on the other hand also enjoy it. I'd be much more happy if this album had good reviews, rather than sell a million copies. Something I can visit in a few years and be really proud of."

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002


Astrobotnia - is this Richard D James in Disguise?

Ink 19 review three albums from the mysterious named Rephlex artist: Astrobotnia, [that is strongly linked with an alter-ego of Richard D James of Aphex Twin.]

Parts 01, 02 & 03

An ambitious project from techno / electronica group Astrobotnia, these are the first three installments in a series of recordings that sees them slowly unfolding a carefully construed glitchy landscape, soft melodies resting on top of rhythm patterns that constantly threatens to fall apart

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Farben - Textstar

German electronic artist Jan Jelinek follows his incredible Loop-finding-jazz-records LP with an equally stunning singles collection.

Farben - Textstar
[Klang Elektronik; 2002]
Rating: 9.5

Mark Richard-San @ Pitchfork review Farben - Textstar with one of the highest ratings for an album I have seen on Pitchfork.

Textstar is a sonic feast if you want to dissect the myriad timbres and underlying structure, but you'll probably just want to turn off your mind and dance. And that's alright. Either way, it's clear that Jelinek is one of the most inventive producers working in this field today. This compilation is a must-own.

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STELLA LUNA - Star Gazer

Listed as a forthcoming release @ Darla Coming Soon

STELLA LUNA - Star Gazer cd ep

COMING 7/16/02
Summer 2002 ushers in the debut release by stateside guitar atmospherists Stella Luna. The 4 song EP will be a precursor to their full-length follow up later this year. Our outer space explorers completed the project at Retrophonic Studios with 35 year recording veteran Jim Devito. The EP was recorded entirely analog to tape through all vintage recording equipment, using only tube gear, tube mics, and vintage amplifiers to achieve a very big - warm expanse of sound. A non-stop voyage from the shattering opener "Change" and intensely cinematic "Stargazer" to the swirling, organ-like Leslie guitar tones of the sci-fi "Antares" and the climaxing album closer - "A Bridge to Nowhere". The sounds heard on the Stargazer EP via understated drums, percolating analog synths, wildly-effected guitars and the layered vocal bliss of Hanson and Smith all combine to create a feel for the future, one of space, and of beauty... a true listening experience. Primarily influenced by pioneering guitar-based bands of the 80s and early 90s - Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine - Stella Luna are continuing in the tradition of textured guitar experimentation. The group has developed their own sound into dense guitar washes and sleepy, dream-time vocals. This high vol-ume affair combined with grinding bass guitar, electronic sampling, and tight knit percussion promises a true listening experience as well as a disarmingly powerful live show. The group has a lengthy history - one almost too long to describe in detail.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:37 PM - Forthcoming Releases

A few more forthcoming releases listed @

To Infinity and Beyond

Dureforsog - Engine Machine

Kool Arrow
Released on 15/07/02

Engine machine is the third album from denmark's unpredictable and completely inimitable d�refors�g. Their second release on kool arrow, the label set up and run by former faith no more bass player billy gould. D�refors�g, which translated into english means "animal testing", are blazing new trails in the music scene by culling their vast, diverse range of influences (residents, this heat, melt banana) and honing them into their own unique sound. Produced by the band themselves and mixed by billy gould and flemming rasmussen (metallica), the album is presented more as a series of sequences rather than as traditional fixed compositions, with a number of themes running throughout the entirety of the album ensuring that the overall structure is kept intact. Billy gould plays bass on a couple of the tracks.

Hermano - Only A Suggestion

Released on 15/07/02

Hermano�s long awaited debut album �only a suggestion�, is finally here. Hermano features john garcia, stoner rock�s version of ian astbury driving force behind bands like kyuss, unida and slo-burn. Garcia rears his ugly head for the first time since unida�s �coping with the urban coyote� album In 1999 on the now defunct man�s ruin records. Hermano also features dandy brown (orquesta del desierto), mike callahan (disengaged), david angstrom (black cat bone) and steve earle (afghan whigs). This hard rock collective lend their high decibel riff work to the project and create a sound that both burns and soothes. �only a suggestion� includes 8 tracks that are reminiscent of classic kyuss strained through soundgarden at 100 miles an hour. John garcia is back in town, and hes rocking hard!

Not From There - Latvian Lovers

Kool Arrow
Released on 15/07/02

With a history that includes several deportations, a stay in bratislava and a hit single sung in a foreign language, not from there are arguably one of the most popular independent bands in australia. Not from there have opted to make their second album, 'latvian lovers' available in the uk / europe on kool arrow records (the label formed by billy gould (ex-faith no more), raymond herrera and dino cazeres of fear factory and juan brujo of brujeria). The music - though completely original - has a vague familiarity about it, inviting (distant) comparisons to the fall, sonic youth, and girls against boys. They then decided to record their next full length �latvian lovers�, taking the approach of recording with only small glimpses of musical ideas in place. Nft surprised all with their disco flavoured 'frisco disco' a track that gained radio rotation across the board and perfectly introduces the bizarre transition that is 'latvian lovers' an album which fuses their past style with a mutated electro meets mexicana disco vibe .

Releases For The Week After Next

Jello - Voile

CD on Peacefrog

'Jello' is the work of Darryl Fitton, otherwise known as the mysterious Bolaman or more widely known as 'Bola' � an artist synonymous with electronic music in every sense, having assisted in the production and engineering of Autechre�s first ground breaking album �Incunabula�, being a founder member of the ultra low key production outfit Geskom as well as being a key artist on Skam Records. Picking up where the Bola project left off, Jello takes things into entirely new territories by adopting a more diverse and alternative approach to the format of modern experimental music that is known as electronics. With the fusion of both male and female vocals, live piano, live drums and fender rhodes alongside more traditional Bola styled production techniques the project provides an insight into the varying influences to the Bola sound!

Interpol - Interpol

CDS on Matador

The band originally formed in 1998 and have released 2 EPs (one a limited edition on Chemikal Underground, the other self-released) and developed a strong following both at home and overseas. The band toured the UK in April 2001 capping off their visit with a session for John Peel. They also figured in the NME last year alongside The Strokes, ARE Weapons and The Moldy Peaches, as one of THE most exciting, crucial and life-changing new bands to emerge from New York, as part of the �We love NY� special. Perhaps the finest new band you will hear this year, Interpol�s songwriting is very strong, with riffs that get under your skin and macabre vocals that will send chills through your very core, yet maintaining that pop zest which creates a unique and incredibly vibrant sound. Their mixture of early 80s British influences, punk rock and atmospheric soundscapes define a music that is uniquely Interpol.

Playgroup - Dj Kicks

Studio K7

For !K7 this is the perfect time to ask the man for a DJ Kicks mix. For it, Trevor came up with a selection that reflects many of his musical influences from the past years. You�ll find all time heroes like the Human League or KC Flightt as well as current hotsters like Smith n� Hack or Metro Area. There�s New Yorks no-wave revivalists The Rapture close to original punk funksters The Flying Lizards, Manchesters Jay Walk and the great I:Cube Mix of Ana Rago. Trevor Jackson blends music from more than two decades of club and dance culture into a superbly funked up mix. No doubt, the "DJ-Kicks: Playgroup" will boost Mr. Jackson into orbit.

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Monday, June 24, 2002


The Timewriter - Diary Of A Lonely Sailor

Details of a forthcoming album by The Timewriter - Diary of A Lonely Sailor on Plastic City in the tech house vein, there is full real audio playback of each track. Already this album is getting a stack of praise on the tech-house mailing list.

After 4 years of going trough cold turkey, the long-awaited third album of The Timewriter is coming at you. This House music prodigy (whose sound once was referred to as �the real 21st century soul�) has set hallmarks of excellence with his album releases �Letters From The Jester� (1997) and �Jigsaw Pieces� (1998).
As the title already suggests, The Timewriter has processed his experiences of the last 4 years into sound � and the result is multifarious like the diary of a sailor who has travelled the seven seas:
from breezy Vocal House and lugubrious Dub House up to groovy Tech-House.
The 15 tracks on the album come up to all expectations. With �Diary Of A Lonely Sailor�, The Timewriter underpins his ambassadorship in the ocean of this year�s House releases. Engines full speed ahead!

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Ijamming interview Richard Butler

Ijamming interview Richard Butler of Psychedelic Furs

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Max Tundra: Mastered by guy at the exchange (domino)

Listed on the Absorb playlist the forthcoming album by Max Tundra is called: Mastered by Guy at the Exchange. [No further info either on Max Tundra's website or Domino records at the mo]

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TIEFSCHWARZ have a profile of German deep house duo TIEFSCHWARZ

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Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma

Stylus Magazine review the extreme cathartic experimental noise sounds of Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma - Mego

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Speedy J - Loudboxer

Ink19 review Speedy J - Loudboxer

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Chunky Records - Coming Soon

A few more updates @ Chunky Records - Coming Soon including these:


Banabila - Spherics (Tone Casualties)

Rhythmic and beat driven in places, sparse yet richly atmospheric in others, 'Spherics' occupies an area on the electronic scale somewhere between 21st Century output by Eno and Pole, where programmed beats and basslines give way to glacial synths and drones which in turn yield to a series of clicks, scratches and moody dark ambient sounds


Astrobotnia- Astrobotnia Part 3 (Rephlex)

Third part of the three distinct volumes by the acclaimed new mysteryRephlex artist ASTROBOTNIA. Full length album and the last of the three titles, this recording completes the series in stellar form. Somewhere in style between the more ambient Part One and the heavier Part Two EP, the album sounds like deep space drum and bass programmed using broken components from the flight deck of an old space shuttle, with radr bleeps and the sound of supernovas, unearthly chimes and strange children talking

Scion - Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks (Tresor)

SCION (PETE KUSCHNEREIT aka SUBSTANCE and RENE L�WE aka VAINQUEUR) have reworked clasic tracks from the mighty BASIC CHANNEL label. The selection is focused on the more clubby tracks from the label including CYRUS (Enforcement, Recall, Inversion), PHYLYPS (Trak I, Trak II), QUADRANT (Q 1.1, Infinition), OCTAGON/OCTAEDRE, THE CLIMAX - BASIC RESHAPE and also atmospheric tracks as found on the BASIC CHANNEL CD. Most of the tracks were previously only available on (import) 12-inches


The Fire Show - Saint The Fire Show (Perishable) US Import

"Saint The Fire Show" is the third release from Chicago's THE FIRE SHOW. This album documents the band's progression from the high-contrast art punk of their first two releases to a truly unclassifiable hybrid of Birthday Party/PiL post-punk, startling prog-inspired harmonic interplay, Tricky-esque textured beat interludes, forlorn ballads of raw-nerved heartbreak and funereal New Orleans horn dirges. Joined by members of CALIFONE, RED RED MEAT, VANDERMARK 5, WE RAGAZZI, ERIC ROTH TRIO

Sand Pebbles - Eastern Terrace (Camera Obscura) Aussie Import CD

Debut CD for Melbourne, Australia band The Sand Pebbles. "an informed and doughty synthesis of 60s fuzz-pop & creative film scoring". The album is chock-full of soulful, guitar-driven sunset psychedelia, from shimmering Spacemen 3 style neo-psych pop-songs to acid-country balladeering to extended soundtrack rock bliss-out instrumentals. Including a cover of Julian Cope's "Out of My Mind on Dope & Speed". Initial orders come with free, bonus live CD

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Murcof - Martes

Another superb review for the excellent: Murcof - Martes album, this time by Junkmedia.

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Junkmedia - Krautrock Primer

Junkmedia have a Krautrock Primer

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Pitchfork reviews: Cranes and ShelleyDevoto albums

Pitchfork finally review two albums by these British artists:

Cranes - Future Songs

ShelleyDevoto - Buzzkunst

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The Brainwashed Brain - V05I24 - 06232002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Panacea - Underground Superstardom
Position Chrome

ISAN - Clockwork Menagerie
Morr Music

David Grubbs - Rickets & Scurvy
Drag City (North America) / Fat Cat (Europe)

Yume Bitsu - Golden Vessyl of Sound

Main - Tau

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Key new album releases for June 24th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: June 24th

Aphrodite - Aftershock (V2)
Astrobotnia - Astrobotnia Part 1 (Rephlex)
D Product - Process of One (Full Cycle)
Diary of Dreams - Freak Perfume (Accession)
Icarus - Misfits (Unknown)
Percy X - Where's the Music (Soma)
Prefuse 73 - 92 Vs 02 Collection (Warp) Ep
Rumah Sakit - Obscured By Clowns (Temporary Residence)
Somatic Responses - Touching The Void (Hymen)
Univers Zero - Rhythmix (Cuneiform)

For Reference:

Last Week: June 17th

Akufen - My Way (Force Inc)
John Beltran - Americanos (Exceptional)
Bloodlet - Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees (Victory)
Crazy Penis - The Wicked is Music (Paper Recordings)
Dabrye - Instrmntl (Eastern Developments)
Dom & Roland - Back For The Future (Moving Shadow)
Flunk - For Sleepy Heads Only (Beatservice)
Lawrence - Lawrence (Dial)
Lovespirals - Windblown Kiss (Projekt) Import
Joseph Nothing - Dreamland Idle Orchestra (planet mu)

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The Year So Far: Best Albums of 2002

Lists, Opinions and Ratings of the best albums of the year so far:

Uncle Fester Fast 'n' Bulbous

Scaruffi - Best Rock Albums of 2002

ILM Mid Year Best Of and ILM What good / great albums have been released this year?

Paul Ilechko - Best Albums of 2002

and finally DJ Martian Tracking the Best Albums of 2002

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Sunday, June 23, 2002


Ulrich Schnauss

Barcode have an interview with Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schnauss debut album, Far Away Trains Passing By, was one of the best electronic albums of 2001. It scooped a number of 'Album Of The Month' awards in the British music press, and it's mixture of ambient soundscapes, stunning keyboard melodies and faultless production make it an essential purchase for any electronic music lover, especially those that have an affinity for the genre.

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Saturday, June 22, 2002


The Wire - July 2002

The July edition of The Wire is now available, On the cover:

Keiji Haino

The Tokyo shaman has conducted a 30 year quest to outdo The Big Bang with his Fushitsusha and Aihiyo groups, solo guitar noise, percussion rituals and DJ sets.

Also featured:

Wordsound, Philip Jeck, John Coltrane, Invisible Jukebox: Simon Fisher Turner, The Primer: Nurse With Wound, Goodiepal/Mainpal Inv, DJ/Rupture, Al Margolis and more



Akiyama/Sugimoto/Wiget, Alva Noto/Komet/Byetone/Signal, Oren Ambarchi, Alma Fury/Otani/Otomo/Charles, Laurie Anderson, Baron/Sharp/Zorzi, Peter Br�tzmann Trio, Butthole Surfers , John Cameron, Asa-Chang & Junray, Alice Coltrane, Cursor Miner, DJ/Rupture, DJ Spooky, Gratkowski/Graewe/Lindberg, Bernhard G�nter, John Wilkes Booze, Guy Klucevsek, Gy�rgy Ligeti, Main, Massimo, Mimir, Naked City, Otomo/Rowe/Sugimoto, Charlemagne Palestine, Pere Ubu, Michael Prime, Rovo, Janek Schaefer, Scion, Sender Berlin, Roger Smith, Taku Sugimoto, Akio Suzuki, The Treehouse Project and many more


Plug into the office ambience with The Wire's imaginatively named DJ team...

Showroomdummies (Mego)
Yasunao Tone - Wounded Man'yo (Alku)
Franz Pomassl - Antonin Artaud (Laton)
Gossip - Arkansas Heat (Kill Rock Stars)
SSSD - Home (Grob)
Numbers - Numbers (Tigerbeat6)
Olli Ahvenlahti - Countenance (S�kh�)
Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile (Shanachie)
The Fille Qui Mousse - Se Faire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle (Fractal)
Jackie O Motherfucker/Vibracathedral Orchestra (Textile)
John Parish - How Animals Move (Thrill Jockey)
Harald Zack Siegler - Kopf Zahl Bauch (Staubgold)
QPSM Unit - The Seriousness Of The Matter (Quadraphonic)
Soft Machine - Facelift (Voiceprint)

Details taken from: The Wire Conduit e-mail

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New Album by Gez Varley - Avanti

A new album by Gez Varley is listed at Chunky Records - Coming Soon


G-MAN - Avanti (Force Inc)

GEZ VARLEY aka G-MAN first came to prominence in 1990 as one half (with MARK BELL) of the ground breaking leeds based duo LFO, who were credited as the first electronic act to reach the UK Top 40 charts and collaborated and remixed the likes of RICHIE HAWTIN, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, BJORK, ART OF NOISE and YMC

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Medicine 8 - Iron Stylings report that Regal signings Medicine have changed their name to Medicine 8 for legal reasons. Medicine 8 are expected to release their debut album Iron Stylings late August/ Early September on the Regal label.

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DJ and Dance Music News

DJ and Dance Music News is a frequently updated music news website in a weblog format.

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This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

ASTROBOTNIA - Part One - Rephlex

Who exactly is Astrobotnia? Described in the press release as a �Mystery Rephlex Artist�, it seems almost inconceiveable that anybody but Richard D James could be behind this staggeringly well-produced material. OK, so that�s precisely what we�re meant to think, right? But, alas, you really would have to conclude that no one but the Twin is capable of production at this level. Take �Everyone�, for example, percussive treatments lifted straight off Icct Hedral, sped up funky drummerisms stretched into Drukqs-flavoured breakbeat mentalisms, all the while accompanied by pure Aphex strings and harmonies. Or �Miss June�s� stripped crisp tweaks and slight harmonic adjustments that ever so slightly Jar, all thrusted so unbeleivably effortlessly into perfection. As if to confuse or affirm your suspicions even further, the closing �Applause� even sounds as if it employs the same Prepared Piano that sprinkled Drukqs with it�s Satie-esque charm late last year. To conclude, this really has to be the Twin, and if it ain�t.....erm....Rephlex have just landed themselves the debut electronic material of the decade. Essential.

SUPERCOLLIDER - Raw Digits - Rise Robots Rise

Without doubt the most striking album to be released for one hell of a long time, this second full-length collaboration between Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell is a continuation of a space funk odyssey that began several years ago and looks set to blow up in a blaze of undeniable originality and inspiration with the release of this malladjusted masterpiece. Having so far failed to gain the recognition it so fully deserves, Supercollider have pieced together 9 tracks of the most sumptuous, deep, disturbed, futuristic and outright funky twisted music that you�ll ever hear this side of Prince at his prime. The production itself is truly hard to digest, the kind of low-end manipulation that goes down, down, down and deeper still, a wobbling aqua-tinged deliciousness that�s never been assembled this lovingly, together with percussion shots that sound cut-up even though they seldom are. Oh, and the voice. That voice. Lidell is one of those rare creatures that stretches so much sonic distance into his frame it�s often hard to believe that you�re listening to a human voice. The man is pure soul. Pure...pure....SOUL. Head straight for �in the beams� (without doubt the most played tune in our office for the last 6 weeks) - and understand why this project is nothing short of visionary. Deep, spacy textures that hover around a distant echo of Lidell�s voice..a scatter of lazy percussion...and then......Crunch! The deepest space hip-hop ballad, echoes of the Neptunes jamming with Leila in another Galaxy. Just....simply....too....TOO.....GOOD. Essential.

CAURAL - Stars On My Ceiling - Chocolate Industries

Beginning his musical journey in the summer of '84 with a fisher price tape deck bumping one cassette with Thomas Dolby on one side and the 'Beat Street' soundtrack on the other, this 24-year-old chicago multi-instrumentalist delivers a unique blend of influences, only hinted at on last year's 'Paint' EP This fully-matured creature displays all colours of the sonic spectrum, a potent dose of neck-snapping abstract 'scapes rooted in hip hop and drenched in the atmosphere of life. Kid Koala styled, this sampladelic maestro will go far. Fresh artwork by Kid Acne.

DOMOTIC - Bye Bye - Active Suspension

Domotic's debut full length for Active Suspension is, alongside fellow-minded artists such as Gel and Mils, proof that much can be anticipated from our Gaelic allies. Domotic are a delicate beast, fully enrapturing the soul with mood lifting harmonics and subtle yet intricate beats. Lightly euphoric, one moment then we have spooked evocations the next with a bite and crunch to keep the senses alive. Electronica, on a reflective trip, painting pictures in the mind. At times when the peculiar vocal samples drop, it feels that extra bit special and unique. Eight tracks in total, this comes very warmly recommended.

HU VIBRATIONAL - Boonghee Music - Eastern Developments

Second release on Scott Herren�s Eastern Developments label!!! Lead by the pillow-padded-mallet-hit deep bass resonance and high-pitched hand slaps of the Udu clay drum of West Africa, Boonghee music is circular and profound. Something like a phenomenon, a mixture of minimal hip-hop, Big Black style hand drumming, and broken-beat, the colors are vast and streaming and come from many sources, primarily percussion: dusun'goni, sintir, thumb piano, harmonium, batajon, talking drums, dumbek and flute. New, ancient flavours for the ears and mind. ADAM RUDOLPH & HAMID DRAKE met in Chicago and took classes together with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) elders. Two incredibly gifted drummers / percussionists /composers from Chicago, world-renowned for their expressive styles and range, having played with Pharoah Sanders, Yusef Lateef, Joseph Jarman, Bennie Maupin, the late Don Cherry, Hassan Hakmoun, Lester Bowie, Joe Bowie, Kenny Cox and many others. In essence, the group is making some next level dance music - rock the party, the body, and the spirit. Carlos Nino served as co-musical director for the sessions, setting tempos, outlining rhythms, selecting instruments, and helping sculpt the design and texture. Nino produces concerts in LA for some stellar company, Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, Gary Bartz, Terry Callier, Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson, Saul Williams, Divine Styler, Blackalicious, DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist and his recording projects reflect this span from the afrocentric to the turntablist. A very fine release with appeal from jazz, world and beats audiences, with great potential as a totally original battle tool for b-boys. As well as illuminating Scott Herren�s inspirations, there are ancient futures locked in the grooves here � very essential .

MITCHELL AKIYAMA - Temporary Sounds - Raster Noton / Post

Utterly wonderful, deep and beguiling new CD from Raster Noton for their new Post series. In addition to Mitch's killer Eat This 12" also out this week is this exploration in the depths of the ocean waters (tracks 'Big Sur', 'Rain No Water' and 'Tied To A Mast'). Post ambience warmth and crispness, calm, measured and beautiful. Inspired by nature and fading human memories, the hiss and static taking on an organic scope as if the hiss is programmed in sync with human breathing. Ten tracks long. Echoing, peaceful and just perfect. Comparable to the finest work of Eno and Fennesz this CD is a real find and should be treasured as such. Insanely gorgeous packaging to boot.

PREFUSE 73 - The '92 Vs '02 Collection - Warp

This is the first new Prefuse 73 material since last year�s highly acclaimed �Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives� album and finds our man ditching the stuttering vocal chop-ups that not only became his trademark, but also a bit of an unwanted IDM Clich�. Undoubtedly inspired by Thad Molyneux�s work under the Dabrye moniker, Herren flows into grinding territory on the opening �Desks. Pencils. Bottles�, structuring a percussive bounce around the sounds of cuttlery, glass and all manner of organic household objects, doing for the hip hop beat what Matthew Herbert injected into household House music. �It Never Entered� is a sublime shuffle through cushioned basslines and washy synths, all underpinned by that seriously squashed b-boy beat the man produces so very well. The closing �Love You Bring� melts into a jazzier skip to ointment sore synapses; Scott�s enamour for leather-lounge R&B seeping through like syrup from hot waffles. . Niiiicee.

PRINTED CIRCUIT - Acrobotics - 555

After some excellent releases on Irritant and Catmobile, Leeds very own Printed Circuit return on 555 for more loveable home-crafted lo-fi electronic pop! Claire continues her happy marriage between Kraftwerkian old skool stylings, with computer generated stutters and pulses and a childlike awe and innocence. Perfect pop, packaging by David Figurine.

SAVATH AND SAVALAS - The Rolls And Waves EP - Hefty

Scott Herren dominates this week, what with his latest Prefuse 73 release for Warp, the second release on his very own Eastern Developments label (this time from the gifted Hu-Vibrational collective), and this � his long awaited comeback as Savath and Savalas for the excellent Hefty Label. Coming a full two years after the release of Savth and Savalas�s debut album for Warp / Hefty : �Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey�, Savath and Savalas represents Herren�s most full-bodied and ambitious material, bringing together a full range of accoustic instruments, mult-layered composition and complete cinemascopic aspirations. Herren�s recorded output under this moniker is a documentation of his varied explorations as a songwriter. As opposed to the chopped-up, beat-blasting, hip-hop focus of Prefuse 73, Savath flower multi-textured songs blooming through soft focus lenses. Sensually harmonic & melodic, gently flowing organic instrumentation (upright bass, guitar, drums, percussion, sax, etc) is accented with the most subtle digital tapestries. The magnificent opening title track finds the deeply moving upright Bass of Tim Delaney harmonised with the ethereal Saxophone washes of Ben Davis and a vibe that�s closer to Alice Coltrane (minus the Harp) than to any exponents of Artificial Intelligence. Pure bliss. �Paths...� is accentuated by the trademarked percussive work of Tortoise drummer Johnny Herndon, a lilting travel through skipping beats and what sounds like a delicately crafted Mandolin put to full daydream use. The defining moment of the EP, however, comes with the humble and moving �Folk song for Cello� - music that�s so intrinsically visual it�s hard to decipher whether or not the spring blossoms and sunshine rays that appear before you are more than just a mirage conjured up by the total sonic harmony of this beautiful piece of music. With a history of work ranging for labels like Schematic, Warp and Hefty, �The Rolls and Waves� is testament to an artist edging closer and closer towards understated perfection. Highly Recommended.

SECTION 25 - Love & Hate (in the English countryside) - Ltm

The final segment of the Section 25 jigsaw, this is the fourth album which Factory managed to sit on for two years, until in 1988 the record was released out of context, mis pressed and with the usual lack of support from the label. This swansong was pretty well created by Larry Cassidy after the band split in 1986, and there are feelings of dislocation everywhere in this music. >From the sad visit to Satie�s Gymnopedies, to the tripping fancy of "Guitar Waltz" via the Kraftwerk inflections of "Shit Creek No Paddle", the sound is still prescient and wonderful, but a lament for what might have been, as one of the most forward looking bands of the late seventies / early eighties fell by the wayside. Nuff bonus cuts, original versions, charming sleevenotes, good job. Why weren�t they massive?

SENKING - Forge - Raster Noton / Post

Yet more conceptual wonders from the Raster camp, numbered limited editions in a black folder with string release system. One long track from the man like Jens Massel, 26 minutes which build from a hushed point where perhaps Ryoji Ikeda and fennesz share notes, until the discrete deep gong tones carry us into a section where clicking pulses provide irresistible momentum to proceedings. As usual with Raster, repeat listens bring forth the depths where oblique harmonies appear from stringent rhythms, opening up deep head spaces where disfunction meets awesome sound design of the highest calibre. Play loud, kick back and enjoy the ride. Packaging to die for.

TANAKH - Villa Claustrophobia - Alien 8

Tanakh is a layering of sound and structure that combines songwriting sensibility and improvisational abstractions that are as thick and rich as they are minimalist. These two seemingly opposed forms fluidly combine to forge dark sweet lulling gypsy melodies dug from middle-eastern sands that have been knuckled across appalachian washboards that shadow the city in which they live. 'Villa Vlaustrophobia' marks the debut of this new project and features an all-star ensemble including Mick Turner (Dirty Three), Jessica Billey (Lofty Pillars), David Lowery (Cracker), Ned Oldham (Palace) and Nirmal Bajekal (Ravi Shankar's band) amongst others. Between them they bring vocals, violin, viola, cello, bass, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, flugelhorn horn, trumpet, clarinet, and various ethnic and home made instruments to the recording. The use of "actual" songs is mostly fresh territory for Alien 8, yet Tanakh's debut still fits alongside Set Fire To Flames and Shalabi Effect in the sense that it blends middle-eastern influenced improv alongside drone-based composition and improvisation. Haunting artwork.

V/A - Post Office - Telegraph

What a way to get your label recognised, release a compilation that not only features well known artists, but has the artists giving tracks that devestate. With 8 tracks on the vinyl and 15 tracks on the CD release I kid you not, this is an astounding compilation. Featuring Daniel �DBX� Bell, Cabanne, Ben Neville, Rob Hood, Ricardo Villalobos, Ultrakurt, Ark and Akufen. The opening track on the vinyl, Dan Bell�s �Rhodes 2� steps aside from his ultra minimal excursions and really steps up the funk quota, dropping rhodes samples around clicks and squeaks and a swinging 4/4 beat, sounding close to Akufens later productions with randomised samples cutting in and out, yet blended with the reduced elements that DBX is famed for. Cabanne open the CD with �Dawn�, a superbly crafted deep techno track that offers an atmosphere of space with the early morning strings that float over the beat, while percussive sounds keep the rhythm tight organ sounds step in to fill the beat and create a groove not a million miles away from Moodyman. Cabanne also drop �Daredard� on both the cd and vinyl versions, a minimal sub bass driven track that builds tentatively into a looped rhodes groove of the deepest kind, showing off their production skills and handling minimalism at its deepest. Next up is the king of reduced techno Rob Hood, who drops �Realm� on both formats, and there is no messing about, straight in with the groove, bass and beats combine almost to a single melody, sparse keys and noises play around the tight rhythm and collate together to arrive at a classic slice of Mr Hood�s music, minimal and excruciatingly good. Also on both formats Ricardo Villalobos has �My Life without a Wife�, a loose fitting groove backed by conga rolls giving a funky swing to a 4/4 track, robotic voices and noises hold the loose percussion together and soaring synth notes bring a sense of quiet craziness to the track. There are 4 exclusive tracks to the CD, one being Akufens �Oral 03�, which is taken from the awesome early release on Oral, a fine example of the man�s blistering cut up clicky beats with flicking synths creating that Akufen groove and building up to a spannered collection of noises and squirts with superb use of reverbs across the samples. Essential stuff throughout.

V/A - Variable Access - Active Suspension

Beautifully packaged and presented, bargain priced primer for this fine French label, spanning the harmonies of My Jazzy Child, through the heavy dsp regressions of Shinsei, to the clean and spare minimal beat lines of Aerosol. Mils deliver sonic discontinuity, electronic free jazz for martians, Hypo chop like a hyper chef, and O.Lamm proves himself a master of wringing slivers of melody from twitching beat wrecks. Dorine Muraille merges acoustic guitar with some laptop glitches and some eccentric vocalising, unfolk at its finest, while Encre softly drop the tune of the release, sotto voce horns, brilliant arrangement, jaw-dropping stuff. Osaka derive deep contemplation from a ringing guitar sustain, atop vibesy movements, inch by inch - sublime material, while Melodium introduce plaintive keys with subdued but ample crunch beneath. Its left to the Morr music warm stylings of Domotic to close up on a neat introduction to the wealth of talent on offer just across the channel. Cheaper and more direct than the ferry, there�s lots to go on here. Explore away!

BERNHARD GUNTER - Monochrome Rust / Differential - Line

The conclusion of the quartet of quiet contemplation pieces for Line from the microscopic sound scenes unofficial leader Bernhard Gunter. 'Monochrome Rust' refers to the aging process of the before heard 'Monochrome White', an imagination of the build up of decay over a fifty year timestretch. This can also refer also to the erasing of the fine details from the memory of past events and feelings. A fascinating listen made up of a series of deceptive random sound shimmers and frequency drifts. Headphone use paints the pictures of lying on a bed of sand in the simmering late at night heat while crickets chirp close by. 'Differential' reprograms the drift, shifting frequency and volume that gently shifts the scenery. Amazing.

CARSTEN NICOLAI - Auto Pilot Raster Noton - Book and CD

Stunning new book of sound art photography, theory, artist interview and an amazing 16 pages of celluloid printing. Attached inside the cover is the new Noto CD 'Auto Rec' an amazing 20 track compilation of tracks recorded as part of the sound installations featured in the book. In addition to the minimalistic patterns there are some fully developed moments of pure magic up there with .snd. Raster Noton extend there position as masters of minimalism with this totally irresistible package. A must check.

DACM - Showroom Dummies - Mego

Showroom Dummies is the latest production from Grenoble based dance company Groupe DACM, which has been received to critical acclaim from dance theatre audiences across France and beyond. In keeping with the radical nature of their works, Peter Rehberg (Pita) was enlisted to provide an electronic soundtrack for this work. For those used to the shock and tremble static bursts of Pita's 'Get Out' or even the banging contorted monster ambience of 'Get Down', one may be in for a surprise. This release offers a new perspective to Pita's world. One of more subtle twists and unnerving dynamics. This otherworldly sound world is shaped less on sine-wave bending and more on a development of deep unusual ambience, pulses, fog and static. A ghostly digital aura evoking the open and the empty simultaneously. An existential chilled out recording for the colder moments of the human sphere. Unsettling and engaging - here lies a fine addition to the abstract canon. A Mego hit for sure.

KEVIN DRUMM - Sheer Hellish Miasma - Mego

Kevin Drumm returns with a devastating sonic display on Mego. Utilising guitar, tapes, mics, pedals, analogue synthesizer and some computer assistance Drumm has concocted a sonic beast comprising 2 extended tracks bookended by shorter works. Like the output of Tony Conrad, Masami Akita, Whitehouse and others this CD has been mastered at extreme levels and demands playback of a similar nature. In doing so one is taken on an intense journey of storming feedback, open audio onslaught and somewhat savaged sonics. The extreme end of anarchic electronics and possibly a hint of nordic musical violence is present throughout the much of the disc. The two centrepiece's encapsulate it's essence: 'Hitting the Pavement' is a staggering 20 minutes of blizzard drone, whilst the 24 minute epic 'Inferno' engulfs the listener in a hail of torrential electronics, jackhammer sinewaves and general 'evil' disguised as 'music'. It's not all buzzing brimstone with the gentle 'Cloudy' providing a calm following the storm. In total? A din of arms, the fierce swell of damaged drone and the shriek of subtle shifting sonic slaughter ... for the seasoned, a bountiful sonic feast awaits, for the meek it's intense and rewarding -- noise rarely sounds this exhilarating.

RICHARD CHARTIER - Of Surfaces - _Line

Line label boss Richard Chartier releases his new micro textured CD for the less is more crowd. A reduced soundscape best listened to through headphones or at low volumes in a spacious room allowing movement to alter the ears perception of the subtle sound range flickering and drifting low and high frequencies. Alongside Bernhard Gunter, Richard Chartier is the leader of the silence is golden brigade. Superb.

MANTRONIX - That's My Beat - Soul Jazz

The legend that is Kurtis 'Mantronik' Khalee returns after more than a decade in the wilderness to compile this truly majestic homage to early electro /funk/ hip hop. From classic early block party jams like The Crash Crew�s 'High Powered Rap', T-La Rock and Jazzy Jay 'It's Yours' and Funky 4 Plus 1 'Thats The Joint', through to Street NYC seventies righteous disco funk from Suzy Q 'Get On Up and Do It Again' and Machine 'There But For The Grace Of God'. Plus spot on cuts from The Yellow Magic Orchestra, Visage, Yello, Jimmy Spicer before the genius that is Art Of Noise's 'Beatbox and Ryuichi Sakamoto�s highly sought after 'Riot In Lagos' finish you off. One of the best comps of the year so far. Welcome back Kurtis.

MR LIF - Emergency Rations - Def Jux

The Def Jux jugganuat continues to crush and destroy. This career highlight new mini album from Mr. Lif is wicked. Very self assured flows from Lif finally taking the solo stage with the fullest power. Helped by the production suss of El-P, DJ Hype, Fakts One and on two of the hyper cuts the one and only Edan. 'Heavy Artillery' finds 'Dan dropping the pure old school 'fast rap' style, killer uptempo hit to your dome. 'Pull Out Your Cut' is dirty old school funked shit, very slick. Edan returns on 'Get Wise 91' where the tempo never drops. El-P finally recreates the fantastic damage on 'Phantom', boomboxed heavyness, moog twisting dirt and doubled drum beats. Too funky. Added to the cd version are quicktime videos for 'Home Of The Brave (Live @ DJXP2 Release Party)' and 'Because They Made It That Way'. Big recommendation.

JACOB GOLDEN - Hallelujah World - Rough Trade

Second Rough Trade album from former leader of Birthday. Again produced by Faultline's David Kosten, it's a journey into inner soul searching Over tripped down glam blues with classic lifting songs all stamped with the Rough Trade seal of approval.


GROOVES - Issue Number Eight - Grooves

At last, a new issue of Grooves, the States� really excellent journal devoted to electronics - items on enigmagicians Drexciya, Hrvatski, as well as Faust, The Black Dog, the men of the moment Super_Collider, Breakcore from France, Anti-Pop Consortium, Boards of Canada, over a hundred and fifty reviews and the now obligatory (and completely honest) gear reviews. Addictive reading from this most improved publication.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:16 AM

Friday, June 21, 2002


Massive Attack - Currently Mixing Album - Due in September

The latest update concerning the forthcoming Massive Attack album @ NME.COM

# posted by DJ Martian 10:03 PM

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