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Saturday, November 30, 2002


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immediate Action #8 - Hefty [4 track ep]

Ah, the long awaited return of Messrs Eustis & Cooper, also known as Hefty's golden duo, Telefon Tel Aviv, who finally re-enter the arena. Bound to be met with enormous acclaim, this 4 track EP includes 2 brand new compositions by Telefon, along with 2 superb remixes by Prefuse 73 and Slicker. Source material for the remixes was taken from Telefon�s critically/listener hailed, top selling album, �Fahrenheit Fair Enough�, yet all music on this EP is exclusive to this release. "Sound In a Dark Room" features vocals on a Telefon tune for the first time ever, with a guest appearance by Lindsay Anderson (member of L'Altra and Pulseprogramming, both of Chicago's fine Aesthetics label). Lindsay's collaboration here, finds TTA delivering one of their best compositions to date. This is a slow and sultry burner... a perfect fusion of deep, dubbed out, electronic g-soul, an almost R&B groove, an intoxicating vocal line, and a sexy Rhodes line that is simply irresistible. Anthem material. Slicker revisit the second cut from the album "TTV" and come fully correct, with fattest mid tempo beats, and double speed drums to further align the project with the flavour of melodic, almost jiggy, electronica. Featuring hand-sprayed, illustrated cover-art drawn from the recent Strokes-connected Broken Wrist Project volume, we flip to "8 Track Project Cut" which shows some prime head nod licks from our heroes, before Prefuse 73 arrive to redefine the title cut of "Fahrenheit Fair Enough". Scott Herren's bonus beats sit perfectly with his body of work so far, chunking up the original into more hip hop fuelled nuggets of quality. Immediate and very, very good.

Cex - Tall, Dark and Handcuffed - Tigerbeat 6

The full length follow up to the 'Bad Acne' 12" by born again new white glitch hop fresh b-boy Cex. The man's humour in conveying unconventional sound manipulation still shines even behind an M.I.C. - Cex dressed in full adidas jump suit underneath his dapper threads. The CD is full of killer/thriller bouncy hip hop with revealing truthful lyrics, naughty at times, brutal battle styled the next. Cex does not take himself too seriously and this way it sounds like he's in self therapy with his contrasting emotions. Eating disco burritos throughout, the Tigerbeat edgyness still oozes through but this fully deserves an audience beyond the TB6 followers. Any of these tracks could grace labels such as Anticon and Mush. Simply a killer hip hop album with Cex's wide eyed approach making it fresh and a lot of naughty fun. Ace.

Dim Dim - Kiwi - Audiodregs

New on E*Rock and E*Vax's Audiodregs label. Jerry Dimmer, the man behind Dim Dim, resides in Bruxelles, Belgium, creating his own musical universe just outside of most known genres, electronic, pop or otherwise. Imagine old styled childrens programs with a soundtrack by a couple of clowns behind laptops while thrusting custard pies in each others faces. Not as awful as that may sound, if you dig the easy glitchening sounds of Tipsy then this is for you. Bonus is an incredible animated video by the one and only Mumbleboy.

Ilpo Vaisanen & Schneider Tm - Angel - Bip Hop

Angel is the collaborative project of Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM and Ilpo Vaisanen from Pan Sonic. Angel is "freeform-avant soul music" according to the label (whatever that means). To us it sounds akin to a Thurston Moore/Jim O'Rourke guitar and efx improvisation and on that fronting this fully succeeds in pin pricking our ear drums. An interesting departure for Mr Schneider and another impressive piece of work for Ilpo. Recommended.

Metamatics - Rewired In My Manor - Hydrogen Dukebox

The first in a series of three remix projects involving Lee Norris, 'Rewired In My Manor' sees Lee operating as Metamatics (parts two and three are under his Norken and Nacht Plank guises). What links these projects together is not only that they stem from the same person, but the fact that all three are reinterpretations of Lee's tracks done by artists that have found Lee through the internet. The result of brief conversations of appreciation and inspiration which developed into friendships and have now become regular brainstorms via the chat room, those involved became part of the 'family' through sharing a common love for glitchy electronics and seductive, pulsing rhythms - it is these parameters by which they have reinterpreted the Metamatics project. With the exception of 2 tracks taken from Metamatics most recent album, '>From Death To Passwords When You Are a Paper Aeroplane', the bulk of 'Rewired In My Manor' started as one previously unreleased track, 'Pod'. All the remixers were given elements of the track via the internet, which they interpreted and sent back, also via the net. The result is a fusion of melody, clicky percussion and warm, blissful ambience, blending sounds that will in turn please the ear and assault the brain with the unexpected. Remixes come courtesy of (the mighty!) Yasume, Kettel, Kero, Ilkae, Xela, Aeiou, Bauri, Mati:K and more. The lush. Recommended.

V/A The Academic Rise Of Falling Drifters - 2nd Rec

Featuring new impressions by STYROFOAM, DNTEL, HERRMANN & KLEINE, NITRADA, OPIATE, ISAN and TURNER, of the seasonal drifts we first presented to you on the fine double ten inch by Giardini Di Miro, for his native Homesleep records. The mood is delightfully warm and sunny, drifting accoustic originals, albeit with the occasional, reflective, cooling breeze: Arne van Petegem delivers a Strofoam flavoured shockout, resequenced string loops merging above one fat acoustic break, some glorious horns and shakers lend the track a natural deep breakdown before the dsp stylings kick in - a hard act to follow. Herrmann & Kleine pick up the challenge though, stalactite shaped melancholy, with real soul to temper the delayed, chilled precision of their setting - redolent of the finest moments from Hood's fantastic "Cold House" album from 2001. Nitrada straddle an imaginary divide between Tortoise flavoured indie and poised electronic pop, and emerge accredited and safe from harm, while Turner finds time when he gets home from the disco to knock out some tasty minimal fourfour action for the kids. Thomas Knak, aka Opiate, adds further credentials to his impressive curriculum vitae, with solo bowed strings and muted guitar motif over a downspeed mutation of some original jungle drums - brilliant stuff. DNTEL add some luscious widescreen drama to proceedings, while Isan continue to supply some of the best analogue material you�ll hear this year. All in, an excellent collection where the rare feat is achieved of having all your remixers understand and be into what you're actually doing. Excellent.

Frank Denyer - Fired City - Tzadik

Composer, theoretician, inventor and instrument builder Frank Denyer is a legendary figure in the Harry Partch/Scelsi tradition. His music is utterly unique and intensely personal, often requiring specialized new instruments of his own design and radical playing techniques. Fired City presents six of his most dynamic compositions in definitive performances supervised by the composer himself. Having worked closely with Denyer for many years, The Barton Workshop is unsurpassed in this repertoire and performs it with passion and a meticulous attention to detail. These very special recordings, the group's best, show various sides of this enigmatic composer, making Fired City the best place to enter Denyer's mysterious and imaginative musical world.

Jaga Jazzist - Livingroom Hush - Ninja Tune

Licensed to Ninja Tune after its highly acclaimed release on Smalltown Supersound, this excellent outfit features members from the Norwegian jazz, improv and electronics scene to make up what is akin to the Charles Mingus big band for the 23rd century. Influenced by 70's Weather Report to the manic rhythms of Squarepusher from darkness and serene light (there are some truly beautiful melodic sections). So if you like electronics and jazz this album comes strongly recommended though it's more jazz than anything else and in so is one of the most mischiveous jazz CD's of 2002 that's had strong reviews across the board. Excellent.

Offwhyte - The Fifth Sun - Agenda / Galapagos 4

Second long awaited album from Offwhyte, mainstay at Chicago's finest hip hop label Galapagos 4 . If you've been listening or reading this list for the last couple of years you'll realise how much we love this label. 'The Fifth Sun' contains fourteen dope tracks, Off's impassioned vocals fusing real life lyrics with the killer raw production of new school board rocker Meaty Ogre with extra input from Open I. Check 'Beta Alpha' with the crafty Herbie Hancock sample from Future Shock and 'Text' with the Def Jux science in the flow for two initial examples. Alongside the new Qwel album (vinyl soon I promise) these two albums will thrust Galapagos 4 to the top of your needs list. Licensed to Agenda in the UK and only on 2LP in this licensed edition. Essential, future hip hop action - now.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:03 PM

Xiu Xiu - A Promise

The latest Xiu Xiu news:

The next Xiu Xiu full-length, A Promise, is on the road to a February 2003 release on 5RC.

A new interview with James Stewart of Xiu Xiu @ STNT

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 PM

Friday, November 29, 2002


Q Magazine Readers Best Albums of Alltime

More proof to mock Q readers: - Entertainment report on the Q Magazine Readers Best Albums of Alltime. Have a big laugh at the 3 albums released in 2002 that made the list. [For the record Nirvana - Nevermind was voted top dog]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:11 PM

Dusted Feature: Hermann & Kleine

Find out in the Dusted Feature what Hermann & Kleine: Thaddeus Hermann / Christian Kleine are currently listening to.

Hermann & Kleine are one of Germany's premier electronica groups. Thaddeus Hermann runs City Centre Offices, while Christian Kleine has received plenty of accolades about Valis, his solo debut LP on Morr Music. Together, they released Our Noise (available on Morr Music), one of 2002's dreamiest exhortations in electronic pop.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:19 PM

Christmas Decorations - Model 91

Splendid review Christmas Decorations - Model 91

# posted by DJ Martian 4:14 PM

FatCat Releases 2003

FatCat records have set out their agenda for 2003:



BLACK DICE - 'Beaches & Canyons' - CD
GIDDY MOTORS - 'Magmanic - 7"/CDS

SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU 'Une autre Decembre' - EP
PARTY OF ONE - 'Shotgun Funeral' - 7"
SET FIRE TO FLAMES - 't.b.a' - CD / LP

PARTY OF ONE - 'Caught The Blast' - CD / LP

SIGUR ROS - 'Vaka' - CDS / 10" and DVD.

later releases


Source: FatCat Newsletter

# posted by DJ Martian 4:08 PM - Issue 39 December 2002 deliver another fine selection of reviews including:

[Summaries below are the Milkfactory's, for full reviews see link above]

Bj�rk - Family Tree / Greatest Hits

Iceland's most famous child closes the first part of her musical
peregrinations with a greatest hits selected by her fans on her web
site, and a box set featuring some of Bj�rk's songs from the
last twenty-five years.

Boards Of Canada - Twoism / Hi Scores

Long before Music Has The Right To Children, the Boards Of Canada
sound was already fully defined. The welcome re-release of the
seminal Twoism and Hi Scores give for the first time the chance for
the masses to experience the Boards in their pre-stardom environment.

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Out Of Season

Making the most of a long break from Bristol's delightful Portishead,
Beth Gibbons has teamed up with ex-Talk Talk Paul Webb to produce one
of the most delicate and fascinating albums of the year.

Juryman - Escape To Nowhere

Third Juryman installement and fifth solo album from Ian Simmonds,
Escape To Nowhere pretty much lifts off where its predecessor ended,
developing further themes explored by the man in previous recordings.

J-Walk - A Night On The Rock

Manchester duo J-Walk do the North of England proud with this
eclectic collection of songs inspired by the last thirty years of the
dance movement.

Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizon

Two years after the release of, which compiled their
first three EPs, Lemon Jelly return with their first proper album,
and present for the first time the full extend of their art.

Mileece - Formations

Inspired by formations in nature, Mileece's first album is delicate
and fragile. Yet, by avoiding any association with any movement, she
produces here a very strong and personal debut.

Dorine Muraille - Mani

Dorine Muraille is French electronic musician Julian Locquet. With
Chloe Delaume, a young French poetess, he presents with Mani
beautiful and complex record, with soundscapes close to the bare
sonic experimentations of Fennesz or Oval.

Sigur R�s - ( )

Two years after the release of the landmark album �g�tis
Byrjun, Icelandic troubadours Sigur R�s return with a stripped down and
rawer sound for their third album, without losing any of their
music's evocative power.

Venetian Snares - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake

Rarely a musician has generated so much interest in a such a short
time. Virtually unknown two years ago, he has become one of the most
watched artists in the UK. This third album in less than a year is
darker than its predecessors, and Aaron Funk's strongest work to date.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:17 PM - Latest 80's News by Jez Porat

A website dedicated to news of bands/ artists associated with the 80s: good to see the Killing Joke album mentioned.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:50 AM

Side-Line Magazine

Details of the forthcoming edition of Side-Line Magazine:

Depeche Mode's Andrew Fletcher interviewed for Side-Line 42

The January issue of Side-Line music magazine n�42 is now being prepared. This forthcoming issue of Side-Line music magazine n�42 will be released on January 5th 2003 and will be featuring interviews with amongst others Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode). In the interview Andy Fletcher talks about Client, the project he's managing, Depeche Mode and the new plans the band is working on. Stay tuned because Side-Line will be posting several (short) MP3 previews of this interview online in the weeks to come. In Side-Line 42 you furthermore find interviews with Client, Sopor Aeternus, Project Pitchfork, De/vision, Terence Fixmer, Hungry Lucy, Pierrepoint, Lacrimosa, DAF, Engelsstaub, Underworld, God Module, L'Ame Immortelle, Pig, Juno Reactor, Razed In Black, Mimetic, Sina, Android Lust, Diorama, Iris, Virtual Server, Davantage, Glis, CAP, Philippe Fichot, High Level Static, Low Technicians, Z-Prochek, Squaremeter, Hiv+, Spray, Null Device and many many more!

# posted by DJ Martian 12:33 AM

Thursday, November 28, 2002


Recycle Your Ears

Music ezine Recycle Your Ears has recently been redesigned. Music covered dark ambient/ experimental electronics/ industrial/ noise/ dark folk etc.

Also see the associated record label/ mail order website Adnoiseam

# posted by DJ Martian 11:49 PM

MusicNonStop - New & Forthcoming Releases

Just received a massive new & forthcoming releases update from MusicNonStop


Alunared - Slmzk!

SLMZK! is a nine song electronic beast machine fused with smashing
drums, frigid / punchy beats, digitally-skewed with electronic
arpeggios and synthesizers thrashing and blurting out beefy tones.
Describing a sound is never easy, although fans of music abroad will
find elements reminding them of COIL, SKINNY PUPPY, THE VSS,
contrasted with mellower moments that could fit in nicely in a later
SWANS or 4AD catalog.

Label: Action Driver.

Antimatter - Saviour

The long announced and eagerly awaited debut "Saviour" from
Anathema�s former lead song writer Duncan Patterson, is now finally
available and is already causing a stir in press circles ( Album of
the month in Orkus, No.2 in the Sonic Seducer Soundcheck, amongst
others ). Antimatter�s "Saviour" combines film electronica with
relaxed guitar sounds, and Anathema�s typical melancholy
of "Eternity" and "Alternative 4". Anathema�s Danny Cavanagh
collaborates on one piece.!

Label: Prophesy

Arcana - Inner Pale Sun

Eagerly anticipated follow up to "The Last Embrace", Peter
Pettersson returns with a new full length record "Inner Pale Sun"
where the strings flow as gently as ever, and where the rolling
drums and the sonority of chimes accentuate the various moods
spelled out by the music. The added, haunting, heavenly female
voices further transport the compositions to even more celestial
spheres. This albums stands as magnificent proof that Arcana are
back in a leading position among the host of bands within the
romantic / ethereal fringe of the darkwave scene. Full
Tracklisting : "My cold sea", "Lovelorn", "Icons", "We rise
above", "Innocent child", "Song of the dead sun", "Season of
thought", "Closure".

Released 6th January 2003.
Label: CMI.

Dense Vision Shrine - Magic & Mystery

Dense Vision Shrine "Magic & Mystery" is the new project by
Norwegian Artist Karsten Hamre of Arcane Art and the, now defunct,
project PENITENT. Penitent released music on various labels
including CMI, Memento Mori and Prophecy Productions. "Magic &
Mystery", the debut album, spans 6 track of dark ambience and is a
stunningly beautiful artefact that grows with each listen.
Recommended for all fans of LUSTMORD etc...

Label: Iris & Light.

Dioxyde - Torschlusspanik

New discovery from Johan Van Roy ( SUICIDE COMMANDO ) and the lastst
signing on the Dying Culture (ex-bloodline) label. Musically DIOXIDE
offer high quality industrial EBM sounds in the vein of Hocico,
Suicide Commando, Feindflug and Leatherstrip. An abolute MUST HAVE
for all fans of these bands ! Pumping, pummeling hard sounds and
rhythms combine with rapid fire electronics. Tracks such
as "Convert" or "Panzerfaust" could be out takes from the test room
of a gun factory - total electronic annihilation with the sequencers
fixed on devastation ! Spanish and German voice samples accompany
the technically balanced mixture of EBM and Industrial. The
influence of acts such as Suicide Commando, Hocico and Sonar are
clearly hearable - but they are not a mere copy of these - on the
contrary - one listen to explosive tracks such as "Primary
Structures" and "Scent of Flesh" prooves that Dioxyde have succeeded
in carveing out an electro niche all of their own. An truly
outstanding debut that meets the demands of the electro scene for a
harder sound !

Label: Dying Culture.

Mago - Definition Of Raw Moments From A Different Perspective

MAGO is a new project by SANCTUM (Cold Meat Industry). Ever since
they started writing music, the swedish artists Jan Carleklev and
H�kan Paulsson have torn almost every instrument and genre into
their own particular approach. Emerging from what was supposed to
become a soundtrack to dance performances, this first album by MAGO
is tapping its inspiration from a more electronic direction, and
allowing these musicians' skills to bloom here in a completely new
way. The 9 tracks of this album move and seduce, presenting a very
up to date feeling for deep and varied electronics and drawing their
intensity from the seduction of their melodies.

Label: Ad Nauseam.

Magwheels - Evebuildingbomb

With his first full length CD, David Sullivan, a.k.a. Magwheels,
works his magic, building heavy and poetic tunes that carry the mind
away. Beauty is the keyword of "Evebuildingbomb", an album in which
Magwheels steps outside of every known musical path and breeds the
most emotional post-rock guitars with massive and yet flowing
drones. Rich, subtle and constantly charming, here is music that can
be at the same time powerful and moving, vast and close to the soul.

Label: Ad Nauseam.

Naevus - Behaviour

"Behaviour" is the third album from Naevus and possibly their most
ambitious and fully realised to date. Marries stark acoustic
arrangements and driving bass with acute modernist sensibility.
Naevus members Lloyd James (voice, acoustic and electric guitars,
percussion, keyboard, loops) and Joanne Owen (bass) are joined by
Karl Blake of Shock Headed Peters, Lemon Kittens, Sol Invictus, etc.
(contributing electric guitar to three tracks) and John Murphy of
Knifeladder, Shining Vril, SPK, etc. (contributing drums and
percussion to seven tracks). 14 tracks, 72 minutes of exeptional

Released 2nd December 2002.
Label: Operative Records.

Narcissus Pool - Rehearsing For Dementia

THE NARCISSUS POOL deliver a truly stunning and dynamic crossover
album. Searing, crunching guitar riffs have been coupled with almost
tribal electronic bass-lines and drums. There are none of your
standard 4/4 EBM / Electro dance floor anthems here � just a
collection of very varied, accomplished and performance led songs.
Lyrically the band have become less autobiographical and turned
their trademark social commentaries to reflect Britain in this new
millennium. REHEARSING FOR DEMENTIA is the UK's first classic
crossover goth album of the decade, and a fascinating insight into
the concept that living in the space age can induce insanity ! Full
Tracklisting : "Rehearsing for Dementia", "Culture Jamming", "Alien
Nation", "Alan Smithee Presents�", "This Is Not 4 You", "One Night
Standard", "The Haldol Shuffle", "Nobody's Fool", "(I Am) The
Quitter", "Without Chemicals he Points�", "Gutter".

Label: Resurection Music.

Various Artists - Projekt : Gothic

"Projekt: Gothic" is a compilation focusing on the gothic / heavenly
voices / wave / dark ambient side of the US Projekt
label. "Projekt:Gothic" includes Projekt bands Unto Ashes, Audra,
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Lycia, Attrition, This Ascension and
many more ! Included on Projekt : Gothic is Unto Ashes's cover of
Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper," recorded especially for
this compilation, as well as classic tracks from Voltaire, Attrition
and Lycia. Also included is a stunning track from Human Drama which
is taken from their mail-order only CD "Cause and Effect" which
Projekt will release later this year. 72 minutes of American gothic
bands at a special price ! Full Tracklisting : 01.Audra - "What Your
Eyes Had Seen", 02.Voltaire - "When You're Evil", 03.This Ascension �
"Mysterium", 04.Black Tape For A Blue Girl - "All My Lovers",
05.Attrition - "A Girl Called Harmony", 06.Mors Syphilitica - "My
Virgin Widows", 07.Lycia - "Excade Decade Decada", 08.Mira -
"Cayman", 09.Thanatos - "Splinters" (re-stripped),10.Human Drama -
"Lonely" (previously unreleased!),11.Rajna -
"Rajna",12.Lovespirals - "Swollen Seal",13.Unto Ashes - "Don't Fear
The Reaper" (previously unreleased)

Label: Projekt.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:29 PM

Playlouder @ the ICA December 3rd - 7th

Those in London may be interested in a series of 5 music shows organised by music website Playlouder, details: Playlouder @ the ICA provide details of the Playlouder Week at the ICA.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:46 PM

One World - DJ Zinc

Tonight on Radio 1, The One World show features DJ Zinc

DJ Zinc takes us for a journey through junglism - from beginning to end.

See webpage for complete tracklisting details.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:42 PM

Ammo City - Relaunching 2003

Some of you will remember the excellent London based leftfield/alternative culture music and media website Ammo City

The good news it's under new ownership, and plans to relaunch in 2003.

Also see Subspace

Ammo City - Digital Media for the Jaded Generation.
Relaunching for 2003, this is the place for music, media, protest and much more.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:50 PM

Jan Jelinek - New Album February 2003

Details of a forthcoming album from Jan Jelinek

We are very proud to announce Jan Jelinek's 2nd
full length album by JAN JELINEK on ~Scape.
JELINEK's 2001 successful album debut
'Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records' was highly acclaimed
by critics and listeners. Now he's busting out in
2003 with another killer album. Mastered by
~Scape mastermind STEFAN BETKE aka POLE. JAN
JELINEK is also known as FARBEN and GRAMM

La Nouvelle Pauvret�
Streetdate: February 11 2003

JAN JELINEK has always enjoyed the play with
concept and consistency - in the reassessment of
soul music phrases (as FARBEN), reduced
flirtations with the dancefloor (as GRAMM) or by
shifting linear loop fragments on his first ~Scape
album 'Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records' (EFA CD/2xLP
27107) under his own name. After a number of
consistent and concept-based works, a productive
urge to create an heterogeneous album with equally
varied references and tracks has now resulted in
'La Nouvelle Pauvret�'. The term is borrowed from
a Belgian anti-fashion movement who once countered
the overladen 80s pompousness with deliberately
angular, prudish creations. In the search for
depth and true pathos JAN JELINEK turns his
production tools into pure means - centre stage is
again taken by the actual material. Sources are no
longer blurred, encoded or retouched - samples may
betray their heritage and even his voice is
allowed the part of an additional instrument.
While JELINEK's previous explorative and sampling
exercises were based on black music, house or dub,
he now supplements these with a segment of musical
history new
to his compositions - classic white rock, pop and
folk. Playing with the means and structures of
traditional music, THE EXPOSURES act as his
fictitious backing band, JAN JELINEK's alter ego
and extended self, bolstered by the new, carefully
introduced rock references.

Source: Rooftop PR via IDM-M Yahoo Group

# posted by DJ Martian 1:42 PM

Laika - Lost in Space - Volume 1 (1993-2002)

There is a tracklisting of the Laika best of album:

other news, a 2-CD compilation of the best of Laika is scheduled for release on Too Pure/Beggars Banquet 27th January 2003. Entitled "Lost in Space - Volume 1 (1993-2002)" and clocking in at almost a full 2 hours, the track listing is as follows:

CD1: 1. T. Street 2. Sugar Daddy 3. Breather 4. Coming Down Glass 5. If You Miss (Laika Virgin Mix) 6. Bedbugs 7. Go Fish 8. Uneasy 9. Shut Off/Curl Up 10. Lower Than Stars

CD2: 1. Beestinger (new & unreleased) 2. Prairie Dog (Maxwell House remix) 3. Looking for the Jackalope (Peel Session) 4. Badtimes (Peel Session) 5. Go Fish (Peel Session) 6. Red River (live Monza, Italy - Villa Reale) 7. German Shepherds (cover version) 8. Lie Low (b-side) 9. Lyin' Goat (b-side) 10. Squeaky (b-side) 11. Marimba Song (Boo Boo's Gone Mambo) (b-side) 12. Looking for the Jackalope (Jack Dangers' 236 mix)

In other news: Kevin Shields

After helping Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine/Primal Scream) build and wire up a new studio in Camden, London, Guy and Kevin have recorded a new single with The Beatings for the Plastic Fantastic label

Does this mean that Kevin Shields will release new material soon? - as what is the point of building a new studio !

# posted by DJ Martian 12:36 AM

Isis - Oceanic

Musique Machine review the masterpiece of Isis - Oceanic.

Is this shaping up to be the rock album of the year? Expect a high ranking in the Terrorizer end of year poll.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002


Calla - Televise

Michael Goldberg @ Neumu briefly profiles the forthcoming album from Calla, due out January 2003.

Calla's new album, Televise, is one of those great albums that mixes dreamy, so-called 'shoe-gazer' rock � hypnotic guitars and dour vocals � with powerful, almost anthemic songs such as the album's killer opener, "Strangler." Ten tracks; all good.

Press Release @ Big Hassle

Calla makes a music circulating; pulsating with jagged emotion. It is the cutting away at a deep darkness with sheets of white light. A music quivering between noise and silence, a lullaby made of last breaths. Occupying both the garage and the temple, Calla is at once dissonant and pristine, harmonious and rhythmic. They cling to the dirty residues of NYC with an attention always affixed upward to cosmopolitan refinement. A fact perhaps explained by the group's roots in Texas and their emigration to Brooklyn.

Unlike most of their contemporaries, Aurelio Valle (guitar/vocals), Wayne Magruder (drums/programming/percussion) and Sean Donovan (keyboard/bass/programming) understand the way in which the dirtiness of rock intersects the world of high art. From their 1999 self-titled debut (Sub Rosa) to 2001's SCAVENGERS (Young God), Calla drew upon this understanding. Not wishing to rest on their existing answers, their third release and first for the Arena Rock Recording Co., TELEVISE pushes harshly against complacency with stunning sophistication. The music allows avant gestures to collapse into supple pop while catapulting their dark breathless aggression into a furious swelling of feedback. This is the moment when the curtains are opened and light floods the room....

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Incursion Music Review - issue 062

The latest Incursion Music Review includes the following reviews:

issue 062

25 November 2002

DOMENICO DE CLARIO: Shaker Road: Quit Existing
EA: �L
FROG POCKET: Baral Orgen
HRVATSKI: Swarm & Dither
JAN JELINEK / COMPUTER SOUP: Improvisations and Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001
THILGES 3: Die Offene Gesellschaft
WANG INC.: Risotto in 4/4
WE'RE BREAKING UP: love distance endless endless
PETER WRIGHT: Distant Bombs
VARIOUS: Archival Series: Musique Concr�te Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films 1956-1978

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A one day experimental music festival, taking place in Glagsow on Sunday December 1st: Instal

See the website for artist profiles:



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.tape - Flying over Banugues

BBCi Music review .tape - Flying over Banugues

If you're into Chicago post-rock or anything approaching it, Flying over Banugues should tickle your lo-fi aesthetics with a feather of abstract electronica..

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BBC Radio London - Londumb Campaign

As many Londoners are aware, recently BBC Radio London axed it's specialist music shows, but a campaign to reinstate the shows is under way Londumb

BBC London drops five great music shows - but 'Londumb' campaign in motion to get beeb to wise up

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Ladytron - Light & Magic

BBCi Music review Ladytron - Light & Magic

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Philip Jeck - Stoke

Pitchfork review Philip Jeck - Stoke

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Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush

Another fine review for Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush, this time by

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LCD Soundsystem

John Kennedy has just interviewed James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) on Xfm, the good news expect the LCD Soundsystem debut album, circa June 2003.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002


Ex Ultraspank members re-emerge as: Lo-Pro

thePRP alert me to the fact ex Ultraspank members have formed a new band Lo-Pro.

featuring Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey of Ultraspank fame, are currently in pre-production for their upcoming Geffen/Interscope

More info @ Blabbermouth

As I have mentioned before Ultraspank released a brilliant debut album, that mixed sound inspirations including: Tool, The Cure, Dead Can Dance and Killing Joke. It was definately the best debut rock album on a major label by a US band in the second half of the 90s.

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Guitar - Sunkissed

Absorb review guitar - sunkissed (morr music)

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Shy FX and T Power

This week's front cover featutres, Shy FX & T Power who released their debut album 'Set it Off' yesterday, it Includes the singles 'Shake Ur Body' 'Don't Wanna Know' as well as 'Feelin You' featuring Kele le Roc.

'As consistent as it is crucial. Some landmark bizniz. Get on it today.'

BBCi Music review Shy FX and T Power - Set It Off

dotmusic review Shy FX and T Power - Set It Off

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Fast N Bulbous - Best Albums of 2002 So Far

Fast N Bulbous has been updated with 135 albums released in 2002 graded in order, and a further 151 alphabetically listed.

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Keith Tenniswood - Fabric Mix Compilation report that Keith Tenniswood will release a compilation, on January 6th as part of the Fabric series of releases.

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Out Hud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.

Splendid review Out Hud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.

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Black Box Recorder R Back for 2003 report that Black Box Recorder will release a new album, Passionoia in February 2003.

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Monday, November 25, 2002


Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush

A new strain of Norwegian jazz emerges from the lab as Jaga Jazzizt engineer collisions between electronica, dub, avant rock and anything else that crosses their path...

BBCi Music review Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush

This album was released on the Smalltown Supersound label earlier this year, but is now being repromoted on Ninja Tune.

It is featured as Album of the Week on the Beeb website and you can listen to every track in real audio.

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Lanterna - Sands

Delusions of Adequacy review Lanterna - Sands

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Centaur - In Streams

Hum's Matt Talbott offers a new take on space rock with a new band. It's not Hum, but it's awfully good.

Delusions of Adequacy review Centaur - In Streams

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Suicide - American Supreme

Dusted review Suicide - American Supreme

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The Brainwashed Brain V05I45 - 11242002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Cex - Tall, Dark and Handcuffed

Sybarite - Nonument

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Key new album releases for November 25th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: November 25th

Masami Akita & Russell Haswell - Satanstornade (Warp)
Dim Dim - Kiwi (Audio Dregs Recordings)
Lovesliescrushing - Voirshn (Projekt) Mail Order from Projekt Only
Yves Robert - In Touch (ECM)
Terje Rypdal - Lux Aeterna (ECM)
Shifted Phases - The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J Rosinthrope (Tresor)
Shy FX & T-Power - Set It Off (Fffr)
Turner - A Pack Of Lies (Ladomat)
Ulver - Lyckantropen (Jester Records) [Film Soundtrack]
Vince Watson - Moments in Time (Alola)

For Reference

Last Week: November18th

Agalloch - the Mantle (Grau)
A1 People - The Yellow Album (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Bad Company - Shot Down on Safari (Bad Company Recordings)
FS Blumm - Ankern (Staubgold)
Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends (Hydrahead)
Crack: We Are Rock - Silent Fantasy (Tigerbeat 6)
Dictaphone - M.=Addiction (City Centre Offices)
Fairmont - Paper Stars (Traum)
Guitar - Sunkissed (Morr Music)
Hausmeister - Weiter (Karaoke Kalk)
Kettel - Cenny Crush (Dub Recordings) Dutch Import
Lotus Eaters - Mind Control for Infants (Neurot Recordings)
Nagisa Ni te - On The Love Beach (Jag Jaguwar) US Import
Ohkami No Jikan - Mort Nuit (Fractal)
Stars as Eyes - Enemy of Fun (Tigerbeat6)
Supersoul - 40 Acres And A Moog (Metatronix) US Import
Ten and Tracer - An Hour Brighter (U-Cover)
Kevin Yost - Hypnotic Progressions (i records)

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Sunday, November 24, 2002


KindaMuzik: Some Recent Reviews

Some recent reviews from KindaMuzik













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Green Carnation - The Writings on the Wall report that Green Carnation will release a new album, The Writings on the Wall in 2003.

[Green Carnation include ex members of the esteemed and now sadly defunct Norwegian band, In the Woods]

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The Blood Group - Volunteers

Splendid review The Blood Group - Volunteers

This was recently a top seller @ Darla [it is currently 3rd in their top selling list]

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Saturday, November 23, 2002


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

Boards of Canada - Twoism - Warp / Music 70

Oh my, where to begin? It�s unlikely that any of you will need any sort of introduction to this legendary lost album, or need telling about just how much money copies have been changing hands for on ebay, blah di blah di blah.. The short of it is, however, that this has long been our favourite Boards album, darker and stranger in tone to any of its counterparts and ludicrously evocative..breathtakingly so. Just listen to the lullaby space beats of �Oirectine� or the detuned nostalgic childhood giggle of �Twoism�, or any of the blinding 8 tracks on offer, for that matter, and just close your eyes. Hard to remember amid all the perfection at work here that Twoism was, for all intents and purposes, a vinyl demo of sorts from a band who weren�t even signed at the time. Go figure! Sublime, luscious, seminal, perfect, loveliness.

Populous - Quipo - Morr Music

Just when you thought Morr Music had gone all indie, Populous emerges to dip the label�s toes once again into more wired-up terrain. Populous is the debut work of Italy�s 22 year old Andrea Mangia who, at the beginning of 2000, discreetly despatched a demo CD over to Thomas Morr, finding its way into a pile of demos kept by him on his desk. Having eventually worked his way round to listening to it, the music of Populous strikes a familiar chord with Mr Morr, reminding him of early Opiate and Boards Of Canada, complete with a distinct and positively simple musical expression which the compositions on board managed to exude. Over the course of two years a constant exchange between the italian province and the german capital began to flourish, eventually helping to form and mould what would eventually becomes andrea�s debut album, named after the ancient numerical system �quipo� with which the Inca kept track of taxes and goods in storage. Populous� personal quipo now consists of the �ones and twos� a hip hop DJ uses to rearrange the popcultural �goods in storage�. It also consists of the �zeros and ones� used by a computer to synthesize new compounds from those elements. The result is sublime, starting with the guitar, hip hop beat and spine-tingling flute melodies on �Bottom 01� and ending up with the more glitched-up and spliced hip hop arrangements of �Bottom 02�, encompassing an array of melodic elegance that devestates most immediately on the magnificent �Hi Hat The Ro� complete with its melodica and introspectove piano accompaniment. One of Morr�s finest debut releases to date, investigate immediately.

Caustic Window - Compilation - Rephlex

Rephlex are just being too good to us at the moment, first bringing us Aphex Twin�s entire Analogue Bubblebath 3 collection onto one vinyl edition for the first time, and now re-issuing the vinyl tripplepack Caustic Window compilation after a good few years of being out of print. Remastered and repackaged, Joyrex J4, J5 and J9 are on board, and you don�t need us to tell you just how much money the individual 12�s are going for these days. Caustic Window has always been the most abrasive of Aphex�s pseudonyms, pure tweaked out acid mentallism and 4/4 brutality at it�s finest. Limited copies only!!

Dwayne Sodahberk - Don't Want To Know You - Tigerbeat 6

Full Tigerbeat debut album album from this swedish artist who first appeared on the TB6 6 Inc 2CD' comp. Deeply inspired by all forms of music, Dwayne sites influences like Unsane, Blonde Redhead, The Seeds, and Velvet Underground to Autechre, Super_Collider, Fennesz and Mike Ink and this album bears that out. Spiky electronica, noisy in your face but equally filled with reflective tendencys. Interesting.

Kettel - Cenny Crush - DUB

Since the release of the �Cenny� 12� a good couple of months ago, we�ve been totally buzzing about Reimer Eising and his rather unusual Moniker. Opening with the utterly sublime acoustic echoes of �An Inky Moon� we�re thrown into a wash of guitar, warm glitch emissions and melodies to die for. Sybarite�s classic �Meusic� comes to mind. �I Live You� is up next and, no messing, this is a truly HUGE affair : crunchy hip hop styles in that Dabrye/Machine Drum stylee, one of those tunes that really requires little by way of explanation, except to say that you�ll more than likely be as floored as we have been listening to it endlessly over the months that have gone by since its appearance on �Cenny�. �Kinny the Cow�, �Kyn� and �Quasi Combustion� meanwhile, are far more playful and Plaid-like, reaching through white crisp beats that employ oscillating, deep melody lines - classic electronic territory, delivered to most devastating effect on the last of these 3 tracks. �No Comfort At All� is different once again, a gloriously melancholy piano line and guitar set the scene with some delicate drum sweeps and a shifting melodies that complicate and enhance their surroundings to a heartbreaking crescendo. By far the most complete and developed work Mr Eising has delivered to date, �Cenny Crush� is a lovely, eccentric, deeply enjoyable piece of work. Recommended.

Shifted Phases - The Cosmic Memoirs of the late great Rupert J. Rosinthorpe - Tresor

Yet another Drexciya offshoot, this time brought to us by the Tresor collective. �Cosmic Memoirs...� features 11 goddamn fine tracks and another look into the heart of Detroit�s finest electro pioneers. Opening with the sublime �Solar Winds�, the album drops straight into beat, complete with bass and melodies stripping to groove away underwater. You can tell this will be a joy to listen to as the tracks all grab you first time, featuring some classic sounds as well as new digitized blips and whirrs they have recently flirted with. �Dance of the Celestial Druids� retains a fluid groove backed by squelchy synths and computer bleeps that give an astral feel to the track, in keeping with the album�s theme. �Waveform Cascades� errupts with a digital screecs that enhances the beat, complete with a 1950�s sci-fi sound that floats in the background to add to the atmosphere. Halfway between the lush Other People Place and the mashed up rhythm�s of Translussion it�s another excellent release from the now sadly departed Drexciyan warrior, Tip!!

Stars As Eyes - Enemy Of Fun - Tigerbeat

The new full length album from Providence ex-patriates Stars As Eyes, "Enemy of fun" is eleven tracks of pure musical reinvention and rebirth, orchestral in its scope but punk at heart and expounding on the musical themes explored on their "Important Youth Movement" 7�, forsaking ambience for drums and turning down the synths and pads and turning up the guitars and samples. Written at the piano and guitar as well as through rusty digital technology. From minimal to psych to idm to krautrock to electro to providence rock plus their vocal track - all executed seamlessly. Live pounders, melodic counterpoints - full Tigerbeat 6 flavor. Overall, like the imaginery soundtrack if Afx, Ae and Flying Saucer Attack were in rehab with only a computer to keep them sane. Recommended

V/A Teutonic Disaster - Gomma

Obscure German new wave funk, trashdisco and hobbyrock, recorded between �77 & �83, compiled by Munk for Gomma records. Two years ago they started researching this collection of obscure goodies, applying the same level of enthusiasm and attention to detail as they did for their acclaimed �Anti NY� comp. The tracks on �Teutonik disaster� were made during a time when there was a big german rock and electronic scene. Since 1977, after Can and Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Amon D��l, masses of new bands were experimenting with different styles. Dilettante wannabes worked with professional musicians, psycho rock freaks jammed with electro/ new wave experimenters, punks played with disco kids. While the majors realised something was up, the underground continued to develop and became even more expressive and eclectic, and some of the results were completely ahead of their time, and stand up well to 21st century re-inspection, both as a historical document and a collection of fresh sounding music. 17 tracks from a bunch of groups you never heard of, some of whom might make you shivver at first, but just like alcohol, the taste is quickly acquired and before long getting drunk is the avowed intention.

Embedded Studios - Presents Bedford Files - Embedded

Genius next school abstract hip hop funkd science album from these Brooklyn kids Hipsta and Ese, feeding their music from the classic styles of the old school bronx/brooklyn crews to the new school style splicers Antipop, Tes and Def Jux - who's key field marshalls all feature here. Kicking off we have two tracks with the freshest emcee from Brooklyn in time, Tes (now signed to Lex) - his tracks 'BKLYN' and 'Kamikaze Concepts' have mad spit lyrics over brittle twisted beat backdrops, incredible. Antipop's M.Sayid flows on the killer 'Scratch', def APC flow, tongue wrap style. 'Inner City Hustle' wraps a bugged jazz bass over hard snap beats with Aesop Rock and new star MC L.I.F.E. Long trading city reflective lyrics. Dope. Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire spits on the bouncy 'Tippin Dominos', his lyrics are incredible on a raw hip hop backing. Aesop and Vast also feature on on the killer 'Tap Dancin For Scratch'. Fifteen incredible tracks with a bonus dope RJD2 remix tagged onto the end this is cold essential. Imagine being inside the Def Jux control centre, this is the soundtrack - next level.

Nagisa Ni Te - On The Love Beach - Jagjaguwar

Debut album from this great japansese psych folk rock combo brought to most of our attention via the great Geographic compilation in 2001. This album also features Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Eleven tracks of revitalist, melodic, wonderful folk rock dreamtrips.

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Friday, November 22, 2002


Electronic Music from Down - Strewth!

A compilation of abstract electronic music from Australia and New Zealand gives an interior landscape view of systems and machines

Junkmedia review Various Artists - Strewth! - Synaesthesia

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Jessica Bailiff - Jessica Bailiff

Splendid review Jessica Bailiff - Jessica Bailiff

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BBCi Collective interview Ladytron

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Radio 1 - One World

This week's Radio 1 - One World includes J-Walk, Brooks and also Next Men.

The show will be available to listen to at anytime over the next 7 days after broadcast @ BBCi Radio PLayer on Demand

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 AM - Forthcoming Releases

Some more forthcoming releases detailed @ Pennyblackmusic:

To Infinity and Beyond

Circle - Raunio Squealer

CD on Revisited
Released on 11/12/02

Born in the bucolic city of pori, finland, circle has been defying expectations since 1991, and have refined and perfected its technical drones and heavy riffs over the course of numerous european, american and japanese releases. Circle's soundfield encompasses skewed progressive-rock rhythms, distorted guitar firepower, gleaming minimalism, kraut-influenced phrase repetition, and hymnal incantations written in a made-up language called meronian. The band plans to embark on a european tour in november, including a few uk dates in december. They also just did a session for john peel at the bbc. 'Raunio' is a u.s. reissue of a recording released late last year on the finnish label ektro, which is run by bassist lehtisalo. This cd-only reissue also includes the 12 minute Bonus track "raubonmix".

Releases For The Week After Next

Clogs - Thoms Night Out

CD on Brassland

Clogs have blended the sounds of contemporary classical music, the traditional rhythms and harmonies of folk, and the raw energy of rock to create a challenging and beautiful album. Their structures use episodic forms, variations, and micro-minimalism and are often spatial and open-ended. Clogs write their own compositions, allow them to evolve in rehearsal, and improvise in the live setting. Their sound led one critic to proclaim, "few new bands in any genre will do as much to challenge the way you listen to music" (Philadelphia City Paper). Clogs are more influenced by the quiescence and brevity of Erik Satie and the raw primitivist energy of Bela Bartok and Igor Stravinsky than they are by any of their contemporaries, but The New Yorker writes that, "fans of Sigur Ros, Rachel's, and other post-rock ensembles who know how to listen in respectful silence to a live performance will have no trouble appreciating these softly evocative compositions." *Their profile among the indie set will be raised after a series of US dates with Shipping News (ex-Rodan; Rachel's ; June of 44). * Clogs critically acclaimed debut garnered positive reviews everywhere they went during a barnstorming, cross-country North American tour in 2001,

Monster Movie - Preface

CD on Graveface

Preface is a split e.p. between clairecords� monster movie and graveface records� . Tracks 1 and 2 were written and recorded by mm at wired studios in reading, england and the remaining 3 were recorded by dreamend at alien sound studios in chicago. Mm is comprised of 2 seasoned musicians from the uk,christian savill and sean hewson, the former being once part of the noteworthy band,slowdive.they have already released one full-length album and one e.p., with a third�s music is everything you loved about shoegazing sprawl wound into tight little bundles of digestible pop. Preface is packaged in custom-made cardboard stock squares courtesy of starshaped press (tortoise, shellac,).each cd is also wrapped in one of two colourful inserts, a fairytale girl contributed by mm or a curious collage designed by dreamend.

Next Week's Releases

Deadbeat - Wild Life Documentaries

CD on Scape

More quality electronic dub from Stefan Betke's Scape label. *SCOTT MONTHEIT, aka DEADBEAT has been an intregal part of Montreal's lively and inspring new electronic scene since the beginning, working with the likes of AKUFEN and Jeff Milligan. *'Wild Life Documentaries' delves deep into this heritage: the entire idiomatic richesse, the aural trade marks, the delays, the white noise, the tape echo, all the compressions and manipulations the history of dub has produced have found their place in his work. A dub epic, a suite of nevertheless autonomous tracks, a listening journey stretching from the melancholically smoky opener 'Open My Eyes That I May See' via more forceful tracks (like 'Dub For Akufen' and 'To Berlin With Love') to the relaxed, hopeful 'Kezia'.

Llywbr Llaethog - Anomie-Ville

CD on Crai

LLYWBR LLAETHOG's 7th & most commercial album release to date. 'Anomie-Ville' has a blend of beats and melodies that'll charm even the most conservative of tastes. Tracks featured range from the dirty dub of 'Pyrdferthwch' (featuring vocals by Dafydd Iwan), the teutonic stomping beats of 'Mandolino' and the harmonious, atmospheric title track which features Del E on vocals.

Offwhyte - Fifth Sun

CD on Agenda

Offwhyte is a face to watch from the ever growing and popular US alternative hip hop scene. This album will appeal to fans of Anticon, Cloudead / Mush, Def Jux / Ozone, Anti Pop Consortium etc. Peacefrog subsidiary Agenda releases the latest album from US based �Offwhyte� in conjunction with burgeoning alternative hip hop empire �Galapagos4�. After the release of his debut CD �Squints�, Offwhyte returns with a fourteen track album that will strain the necks of hip hop heads and challenge the feeble-minded. The album has already gained heavy airplay across the USA & Europe. Delving deeper into his abilities as a songwriter �The Fifth Sun� cleverly demonstrates his skills as a lyricist with opening cut �Ups� and with the poetics getting even deeper in the songs that follow, such as the Brave New World-inspired �Beta Alpha� and the confessional �Complex Destiny�. Other highlights include collaborations with Typical Cats emcees Qwel (on �Masonry�) and Qwazaar (on �Get a Hold�).�The Fifth Sun's production is top-notch, with beats handled by Meaty Ogre, Open i, Alias of Anticon, the late Chicago producer Metrognome, and Offwhyte himself. The album is sprinkled with minimal live instrumentation and scratching by Dallas Jackson and DJ Norman Rockwell of the Pacifics.

Parker And Lily - Here Comes Winter

CD on Houston Party

The moody N.Y.C. angst-pop duo Parker & Lily compose simple melancholy indie rock melodies, similar to Galaxie 500 and Stephen Merritt's Magnetic Fields, with dreamy atmospheric woozy instrumentation. Comparisons have been made to both Tindersticks and Mazzy Star's noir-ish pop and Arab Strap or Broadcast's smoky minimalism, and are often described as 'perfect soundtrack to an imaginary David Lynch movie'. Charming vocalist Parker Noon and pianist Lily Wolf, (formerly of Valentine Six), have been local favourites for a couple of years around N.Y.C. clubs like the Knitting Factory and CBGB's. After the release of their critically acclaimed 2001 debut album Hello Halo (Orange Recordings), for this their second album, Here Comes Winter, floating pretty vibraphone work, amplified & distorted, was added to flesh out the stripped-down sound of the original duo. Oblique glimpses into dysfunctional love, failure and neurosis laid over sweet, shimmering harmonies, minimal, ironic bossa novas & mechanized teen-beats. Here Comes Winter stands as a highly entertaining collection of pop gems, although at times Lily's trebly, layered organ melodies switch from their usual intimate role to a strident, disharmonious attack. Their appearance points towards a retro-pop accessibility that is, however, refuted by the tense, complexity of these thoroughly modern love songs. Songs for a grey autumn afternoon in a New York City apartment. "already leading gape-jawed hipsters to mention them in the same breath as idols Black Box Recorder and Tindersticks"- Austin Chronicle, "A sweet, sad NYC duo... like stepping into a lost Twin Peaks episode..." - NME,

Radio Vago - Black And White Photo Enterprise

CD on Buddyhead

RADIO VAGO is the latest LA sensation brought to you from those fine people at Buddyhead. They are a 5 piece all girl band currently wowing them stateside with the modern take on fusing art rock and post punk... This is their debut mini album and bodes well for their full length due early next year, also on Buddyhead... Like YOUR ENEMIES FRIENDS, prepare for a lot of press coverage on this one... "Radio Vago's electric following of riot grrls, goths, art-punks and new wavers keeps growing.. everyone realized they were in the presence of something special..." LA WEEKLY FOR FANS OF: SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, JOY DIVISION, BIKINI KILL & YEAH YEAH YEAHS

Richard Pinhas - Event And Repetitions

CD on Cuneiform

Composer, guitarist and electronics innovator Richard Pinhas is recognized as one of France�s major experimental musicians. A pivotal figure in the development of electronic rock, Pinhas' stature in France is analogous to Tangerine Dream's in Germany: father figure of an entire musical movement. Pinhas first came to public attention as leader of Heldon, whose violent fusion of electronics and guitar is acknowledged to be a precursor of today�s industrial music.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002


Chunky Records - Forthcoming Releases

Chunky Records - Forthcoming Releases has been updated, including these two additions:

The Necks - Aether (Rer Megacorp)

The Necks are an improvising jazz trio from Australia, it's jazz that has been stripped of all its excess, and re-forged out of the belly of minimal trance club culture. �Hanging Gardens� used a single rhythm held for an hour, on 'Aether' they�ve gone even further; they�ve dropped the rhythm altogether, and what remains is just a single chord which emerges and then fades into nothing, again and again. This record is so minimal it makes the pips squeak


Abilene - Two Guns, Twin Arrows (Polka)

Abilene�s second full-length (Slowdime released their debut), and first with Fred Erskini, is the album for which some critics pined when reviewing their much more mellow, spacious debut. "Three great songs, three OK ones" they opined, much to our surprise (we had it as five to one in Abilene�s favor). However, with Two Guns, Twin Arrows, Abilene has upped the ante, and slowly, one-by-one, laid eight aces across the table, all while maintaining a grim poker face. Alex Dunham�s bristling yet atmospheric guitar playing and the subdued, complementary trumpeting of Erskine crest atop grooves as bassist Craig Ackerman and drummer Scott Adamason mine soul, dub and jazz for their subtle, fluid rhythms. At times, Abilene is more insistent than ever, coursing manically through odd-time signatures beneath acrid lead guitar and shifting rhythmic tenacity. Still, at its core, it�s engaging ambient music for those who like it played with standard instrumentation. And no one does that like Abilene. Recommended to Fans of: Hoover, the Sorts, Fugazi, Lungfish, and Karate

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The Healers - Boomslang

Jam Showbiz relay the news that Johnny Marr's new band The Healers will release their debut album, Boomslang on iMusic on February 4.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:39 PM

Primal Scream - Greatest Hits

Expect a Greatest Hits album from Primal Scream next year, see

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

Tarwater - Dwellers on the Threshold

Dusted review Tarwater - Dwellers on the Threshold

# posted by DJ Martian 12:46 PM

Sybarite - Nonument

Splendid review Sybarite - Nonument

# posted by DJ Martian 12:41 PM

Tim Berne - The Sevens

The mighty Tim Berne teams up with guitarists David Torn and Marc Ducret plus a saxophone quartet...

BBCi Music review Tim Berne - The Sevens

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Grooves Magazine

Advance notice from Grooves Magazine Issue #9 Coming Soon!

fennesz, suicide, mum, amon tobin 150+ reviews and more...

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Ladytron

This week's front cover choice is Ladytron who finally release their second album, Light & Magic in the UK on December 2nd on Telstar, and distributed by Pinnacle

[It was released back on September 17th in the US on Emperor Norton]. The current single Seventeen is an addictive slice of electro pop that is picking up extensive airplay on Xfm.

Metacritic collate reviews for Ladytron - Light & Magic

Marcello Carlin @ The Church of Me has listened to the album, and offers his thoughts on the album, by summing up:

Ladytron put their collective finger precisely on the nerve where the peculiarly British strand of fatalistic futurism in pop achieves its most phenomenal results.

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Aereogramme - Sleep And Release

As reported by DrownedinSound expect a new Aereogramme album early next year, entitled 'Sleep And Release' on Chemikal Underground.

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Robin Guthrie - Imperial

Robin Guthrie will release an instrumental album, Imperial, (BELLACD48) available on Bella Union in February 2003. The next Violet Indiana album will also be released next year.

Source: Bella Union e-mail.

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Skeleton Key - Obtainium

Splendid review Skeleton Key - Obtainium

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Guitar - Sunkissed

Pitchfork review Guitar - Sunkissed

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Taylor Deupree - Stil

Stylus review Taylor Deupree - Stil

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New Order - Retro with Limited Edition Bonus CD report that there will be a limited edition bonus CD with the new box set, Retro..but only the first 3,000 copies - Hurry whilst stocks last.

According to the NME this will now be released December 9th in the UK.

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808 State have a feature interview on the legendary Manchester dance band 808 State.

808 State have just released a new album, Outpost Transmission on the Circus label.

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The GrEEN DoLPHiN's PoLL # 10 - All Time Best Albums

What is The Green Dolphin's poll?

The Green Dolphin's poll is a poll where participants, who are voting for the Best Albums, Bands & Artists, are critics, writers and publicists, musicians, distributors, producers, promoters, radio DJ's & collectors.
The Green Dolphin's poll covers mainly innovative & creative music: Avant-Progressive, Avant-Rock, Chamber-Rock, Jazz-Rock/Fusion, Out-Rock, Post-Rock, Progressive rock, Rock in Opposition etc.

So to find the best albums voted within these areas Avant-Rock, Out-Rock, Post-Rock, Progressive rock... , see the The GrEEN DoLPHiN's PoLL # 10

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002


Radio Magnetic

I am currently listening to web radio station called Radio Magnetic who are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

They broadcast the full 24 hours each day, mostly on the leftfield electronic tip (similar in scope to say Jockey Slut/ XLR8R magazines), check their schedule out - highly recommended listening.

Music Policy of Radio Magnetic

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Pitchfork Best Albums of the 80s: Part 2 No 50 - 1

As promised yesterday Pitchfork present their second and top half of their top 100 albums of the 80s:

050: Spacemen 3 - The Perfect Prescription [Fire; 1987]
049: Mission of Burma - Vs. [Ace of Hearts; 1982]
048: R.E.M. - Document [IRS; 1987]
047: John Zorn - Naked City [Tzadik; 1989]
046: XTC - English Settlement [Virgin; 1982]
045: Prince - Sign 'O' The Times [Paisley Park/Warner Bros; 1987]
044: Kraftwerk - Computer World [Warner Bros; 1981]
043: Run-DMC - Raising Hell [Profile; 1986]
042: Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session [RCA; 1988]
041: Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill [Def Jam; 1986]
040: Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me [SST; 1987]
039: The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses [Silvertone; 1989]
038: The Cure - Disintegration [Fiction/Elektra; 1989]
037: The Replacements - Tim [Sire; 1985]
036: Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes [Rough Trade; 1983]
035: N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton [Ruthless/Priority; 1988
034: Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden [EMI; 1988]
033: The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour [Kamera; 1982]
032: H�sker D� - Zen Arcade [SST; 1984]
031: Sonic Youth - EVOL [SST; 1986]
030: U2 - The Joshua Tree [Island; 1987]
029: The Replacements - Let It Be [Twin/Tone; 1984]
028: New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies [Factory; 1983]
027: Michael Jackson - Thriller [Epic; 1982]
026: Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Get Happy [Columbia; 1980]
025: Black Flag - Damaged [SST; 1981]
024: Gang of Four - Solid Gold [Warner Bros; 1981]
023: The Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy [Blanco y Negro/Warner Bros; 1985]
022: My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything [Creation/Sire; 1988]
021: Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts [Sire; 1981]
020: This Heat -Deceit [Rough Trade; 1981]
019: Public Image, Ltd. - Second Edition [Virgin; 1980]
018: De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising [Tommy Boy; 1989]
017: Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime [SST; 1984]
016: Galaxie 500 - On Fire [Rough Trade; 1989]
015: XTC - Skylarking [Virgin; 1986]
014: Sonic Youth - Sister [SST; 1987]
013: The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace [Beggars Banquet; 1985]
012: Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain [Warner Bros; 1984]
011: Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones [Island; 1983]
010: Joy Division - Closer [Factory; 1980]
009: Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back [Def Jam; 1988]
008: Tom Waits - Rain Dogs [Island; 1985]
007: Pixies - Surfer Rosa [4AD; 1988]
006: The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead [Sire; 1986]
005: R.E.M. - Murmur [IRS; 1983]
004: Pixies - Doolittle [4AD; 1989]
003: Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique [Capitol; 1989]
002: Talking Heads - Remain in Light [Sire; 1980]
001: Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation [Blast First/Enigma; 1987]

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Monday, November 18, 2002


Splendid Reviews

3 new reviews of interest @ Splendid:

D'Arcangelo - Broken Toys' Corner

HangedUp - Kicker In Tow

Llorca - New Comer

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Stylus Magazine Reviews

3 new reviews of interest @ Stylus Magazine:

Destroyer - This Night

Jan Jelinek & Computer Soup - Improvisations and Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001

Ladytron - Light&Magic

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Pitchfork: Best Albums of the 80s

Pitchfork have a special feature on the best albums of the 80s. Today we get 100 to 51, with the top half due tomorrow.

It's said that the 1980s are responsible for the worst fashion, fads, and music of any decade of the 20th century. But as we see the decade recycled and updated with post-millennial minimalism, it's becoming clear that the 1980s had more to offer than we've given them credit for. As the calendar left the classless earthtones and polyester of the 1970s behind, musicians looked to the future for inspiration in new genres. With this feature, Pitchfork seeks to prove that, amidst the smooth-jazz of Kenny G, the vanilla soul of Hall & Oates, and the white-trash hair-rock of Warrant, lied a revolution in sound. It is to the vision and perseverance of many of these artists that we owe the roots of hip-hop, synth-pop, and most notably for this publication, alternative and indie rock. Respect is due

100: Minor Threat - Out of Step [Dischord; 1984]
099: Gang of Four - Songs of the Free [Warner Bros; 1982]
098: Cocteau Twins - Treasure [4AD; 1984]
097: Mekons - The Mekons Rock 'N' Roll [A&M; 1989]
096: Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring [Dischord; 1985]
095: Duran Duran - Rio [Capitol; 1982]
094: Meat Puppets - II [SST; 1983]
093: David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [RCA; 1980]
092: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love [EMI; 1985]
091: X - Los Angeles [Slash; 1980]
090: Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking [Warner Bros; 1988]
089: Boredoms - Soul Discharge [Shimmy-Disc; 1989]
088: Spacemen 3 - Playing with Fire [Fire; 1989]
087: Prince - Dirty Mind [Warner Bros; 1980]
086: The Police - Ghost in the Machine [A&M; 1981]
085: Paul Simon - Graceland [Warner Bros; 1986]
084: ESG - Come Away with ESG [99; 1983]
083: Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring [EMI; 1986]
082: The Fall - Perverted by Language [Rough Trade; 1983]
081: Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll [4AD; 1988]
080: H�sker D� - New Day Rising [SST; 1985]
079: Manuel G�ttsching - E2-E4 [Spalax; 1981]
078: They Might Be Giants - Lincoln [Fire; 1989]
077: The Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come [Sire; 1987]
076: The dB's - Stands for Decibels [IRS; 1981]
075: Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded [Sugar Hill; 1987]
074: Mekons - Fear & Whiskey [Sin; 1985]
073: Coil - Horse Rotorvator [Relativity; 1987]
072: Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun [SST; 1985]
071: Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me [Sire; 1987]
070: Elvis Costello - Trust [Columbia; 1981]
069: The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms [A&M; 1980]
068: Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense [Sire; 1984]
067: The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy & The Lash [MCA; 1985]
066: The Dukes of Stratosphear - Psonic Psunspot [Virgin; 1987]
065: The Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight [Armageddon; 1980]
064: Television Personalities ...And Don't the Kids Just Love It [Rough Trade; 1981]
063: Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth [Rough Trade; 1980]
062: R.E.M. - Reckoning [IRS; 1984]
061: Nurse with Wound - Homotopy to Marie [United Dairies; 1982]
060: Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska [Columbia; 1982]
059: Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction [Geffen; 1987]
058: Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom [Columbia; 1982]
057: Pixies - Come On Pilgrim [4AD; 1987]
056: King Crimson - Discipline [Warner Bros; 1981]
055: The Police - Synchronicity [A&M; 1983]
054: Big Black - Songs about Fucking [Touch & Go; 1987]
053: Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls & Marches [Ace of Hearts; 1981]
052: Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full [4th & Broadway; 1987]
051: Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man [Columbia; 1988]

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Dusted Reviews

3 new reviews of interest @ Dusted Magazine:

Ampbuzz - This Is My Ampbuzz

Faust - Patchwork 1971-2002

Out Hud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.

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The Brainwashed Brain - V05I44 - 11172002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Meat Beat Manifesto - Ruok?
Run (North America) / Quatermass (Europe)

Yo La Tengo - Nuclear War

Fennesz - Field Recordings 1995:2002

Isis - Oceanic

His Name Is Alive - Last Night

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Key new album releases for November 18th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: November 18th

Agalloch - the Mantle (Grau)
A1 People - The Yellow Album (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Bad Company - Shot Down on Safari (Bad Company Recordings)
FS Blumm - Ankern (Staubgold)
Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends (Hydrahead)
Crack: We Are Rock - Silent Fantasy (Tigerbeat 6)
Dictaphone - M.=Addiction (City Centre Offices)
Fairmont - Paper Stars (Traum)
Guitar - Sunkissed (Morr Music)
Hausmeister - Weiter (Karaoke Kalk)
Kettel - Cenny Crush (Dub Recordings) Dutch Import
Lotus Eaters - Mind Control for Infants (Neurot Recordings)
Nagisa Ni te - On The Love Beach (Jag Jaguwar) US Import
Ohkami No Jikan - Mort Nuit (Fractal)
Stars as Eyes - Enemy of Fun (Tigerbeat6)
Supersoul - 40 Acres And A Moog (Metatronix) US Import
Ten and Tracer - An Hour Brighter (U-Cover)
Kevin Yost - Hypnotic Progressions (i records)

For Reference

Last Week: November11th

Appleseed Cast - Lost Songs (Deep Elm) US Import
Phil Asher presents Focus - Sweet and Sour (Versatile)
Charles Atlas - Worsted Weight (Ochre)
Errorsmith - 2 (Errorsmith)
EU - Warm Math (Pause_2)
The Future & Human League - The Golden Hour of the Future (Black Melody)
Jackie O Motherfucker - Change (Textile)
Jan Jelinek + Computer Soup - Improvisations (Audiosphere)
Transllusion - L.I.F.E. (Rephlex)
Transparent Sound - Emotional Amputation (Electrix)
Wobbly - Wild Why (Tigerbeat6)
Yunx - So*_What Type of music Doyoumake* (Yunx Recordings)

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Sunday, November 17, 2002


aquarius records new arrivals list #150

Another excellent new arrivals list from Aquarius Records including some reviews highlighted below:

Ruins - Tzomborgha (Ipecac)

Wow. Probably the best album from this band in a long time. And they're always really good. Still, their last two studio albums (2000's "Pallaschtom" and 1998's "Vrresto"), although amazing musically, might have actually taken their insane technicality to an almost detrimental, one-dimensional extreme, when compared to more melodic and memorable earlier Ruins classics like "Burning Stone". But, with this new release, we're really excited about the Ruins again. It's got more ideas, more variety, more inventiveness, more surprises -- and of course, more of that insane technicality.

Let's pause for a quick update for those not familiar with the band: Japan's Ruins are a drums and bass prog-core duo who play crazy, complex, heavy compositions and improvisations. Both members sing operatically in a made-up language, with one of 'em riffing and soloing w/ bass and effects to put most metal guitarists to shame and the other bashing the drums in an impossibly octopus-like fashion. Totally over the top masters of riff and timing they are. They worship French prog gods Magma, and are worshipped themselves equally and deservedly by fans and bands all over -- such as Mike Patton, who's just released "Tzomborgha" on his Ipecac label. And if you've never heard them before, this disc is in fact a great place to start (which is saying a lot).

"Tzomborgha" features weird (for them, even!) vocal stylisms, psychedelic fusionscapes, truly melodic and pretty parts, improv spasticity, and even some spacey atmospheric jamming, as well as plenty of the shredding bass/drums workouts with rapidfire, mindboggling changes like you'd expect. Continuing a Ruins tradition, this disc concludes with not one but two of their infamous medleys, the subjects of which in some way sum up the Ruins' appeal: one is devoted to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, the other to Black Sabbath! The later is particularily amusing when they attempt to approximate (or parody) Ozzy's vocals... Earlier in the disc you'll also find two cover songs, one supposedly an Olivier Messiaen theme even though it sounds like a Ruins original, and the other the Shankar piece "Chittam Irangaayo", which is especially great. Indian classical music meets jazz meets the Ruins!

Tempering their complexicore excesses with a show of some diverse musical interests (along with getting a heavier bass sound that harkens back to older Ruins albums/bassists) results in this disc being the most vital in-the-studio display of their genius since, say, "Hydromastgroningem" back in '95 or 1993's "Graviyaunosch".

Yep, "Tzomborgha" is definitely impressive. Think about it. These guys have been around for, like, almost 20 years!! (I believe Ruins debuted in 1985.) They're at that point in their career where their last three releases before this consisted of two live albums and a best of! Isn't that like some Blue Oyster Cult shit? Most bands like that you could write off, yet here comes "Tzomborgha" to kick our asses. Awesome.

Conrad, Tony With Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate (Table of the Elements)

Excellent reissue! Out of print since its release in 1972 when it went almost completely unnoticed, this album is finally available in special 30th anniversary boxed double disc format! A shorter version of it was available briefly in 1993 but this features a whole other disc of extra material.

It wasn't until after playing and performing for over ten years that the now-legendary experimental violinist Tony Conrad finally put his music down on wax. This was after his tenure as an integral member of the Theater of Eternal Music's Dream Syndicate with Lamonte Young, Marian Zazeela, John Cale, and Angus MacLise (NB: the latter two being founding members of the Velvet Underground, which got its band name from a paperback Conrad found lying in the street.) The Dream Syndicate's raison d'etre was exploring the sonic depth, meaning and sound of the almighty DRONE. A chance meeting with producer Uwe Nettelbeck resulted in an intense three-day recording session at Faust's secluded farm slash studio and it was here that Conrad finally got to breathe life into his own take on the drone. The Faust fellows supply a warm, insistent drum beat and a just as unstoppable bass throb. Both the bass *and the drum* are 'tuned' to specific notes over which Conrad lays his droning violin. And that's it. For half an hour. So great! Not boring at all -- your ears quickly become attuned to the waverings, harmonies, and other minute changes amongst the three elements. Fans of Neu, Can, Kraftwerk, and of course Faust NEED this. As does anyone into hypnotic droning rock ala AQ faves Circle, Highly recommended, definitely seminal album by one of the pioneers of drone.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Black Earth (Wonder)

"Black Earth" is the dark as night new album from an old AQ fave. Is it the heaviest album on this list? It is if you understand Bohren's concept of "quiet heaviness", using their self-described "horror jazz" instrumentation of subtly-brushed drums, down-tuned double bass, sparse piano, Fender Rhodes, mellotron, and melancholic saxophone to create an atmosphere of heaviness "which is otherwise only achieved using distorted guitars and lots of noise."

Our appetite was whetted for his release by an email from Bjoern Eichstaedt (of Caacrinolas), our German friend who originally introduced us to Bohren. He described a recent Bohren concert in which the band played in a cubic room, the walls painted completely black, on a black stage, without light -- all wearing black suits. Live, they used two basses for maximum bottom end. He spoke to them afterwards and learned that black metal is their main influence, noticing also that they were all wearing t-shirts from such bands as Immortal. Yet Bohren's music is far from loud and fast. Metallic or not, it's certainly DOOM. Creeping, plodding, yet gorgeously, sleepily melodic. Each note played on the piano, each hit of the snare, carries great weight, and beauty. Their music falls like thick drops of liquid into a still, dark, black pool, rippling the surface with unknown echoes. Foreboding, and entrancing. Certainly more than deserving of this disc's black on black, skull embossed packaging.

The sultry, smoky saxophone introduced on their previous album "Sunset Mission" is still in evidence, though not so much as before. When it's present, it only adds to the noir-ish vibe, great for wandering the rainy streets of night-time San Francisco with this playing in your Walkman, let me tell you. And compared to "Sunset Mission", this new album definitely extends Bohren's methods to further extremes: slower, moodier, dronier, lovelier: "heavier". Quite quietly heavy, indeed.

Opeth - Deliverance (Koch)

I'm going to make this a short review -- only because mere words cannot adequately express the godliness of this band. And because, chances are, you know that already. This new release (their sixth album) will sell itself. Formerly a totally underground cult act, Sweden's Opeth are now extreme metal superstars, and deservedly so. Taking modern brutal, technical death/black metal and melding it with the '70s progressive, psychedelic rock aesthetic that they love so much, Opeth have forged a new style of super heavy, epic & melodic metal of which they are, simply, the masters. Dynamics -- extreme shades of light and dark -- are an important element of their sound, and "Deliverance", um, delivers as you'd expect: you get both thrashing, heavy riffing with Voivod-like twists and gargled death metal vocals, AND pretty, Pink Floydian space-rock with tuneful, folkish singing and acoustic guitars, all in the same song. But, as you may know, "Deliverance" does intentionally lean towards the "heavy" side of the Opeth equation, as they've recorded another album called "Damnation" for release in March with which to explore their more gentle side. This one certainly sounds like an Opeth album (i.e. amazing), we'll see if that one does too.

Out Hud - Street Dad (kranky)

Impressive full length debut from ex-Californian, now Brooklynite band Out Hud. This group plays the instrumental, angular dance music that the indie rockers currently adore. You know the type -- think ESG, Liquid Liquid, Cabaret Voltaire, the Disco Not Disco comps, etc. And of the many bands that now sport this sound, I think Out Hud do it best. Icily precise guitar gets the echo dub treatment and is used sparingly. Metronomic drumming. Spacy stereo separation tricks. Warm, not melodramatic, cello. Strange metallic crashes. Doesn't annoy or call too much attention to itself, and pleasantly low key and slow to mid tempo. Really restrained in a good way. All of that, plus actual melodies that show off the group's rock roots. Highly recommended!

Loscil - Submers (kranky)

The second full length from Loscil (aka Scott Morgan) doesn't sonically stray from the dreamy, hypnotic path he began with his debut, Triplepoint, but it does come with a theme - submarines. Apart from the song titles which are the names of submarines (eg. Kursk, Triton, and Argonaut), there is definitely a languid deepsea feel to his music. Slowly swellling and enveloping sometimes to the edge of claustrophobic, the layers of echoing pulses, translucent drone washes and subtle hints at melody combine for an overall serene listening experience. Close your eyes and visions of such antiquated colossal vessels drifting through the shadowy depths easily emerge. Lovely!

Rapture- Songs For The Withering (Spikefarm)

Gloomy, gothy melodic metal from Finland's Rapture (not to be confused with NYC's The Rapture!), who are kind of a Katatonia clone band. Nothing wrong with that, though, you can't have too much doomy yet catchy Nordic misery wethinks. This is quite good. Compared to recent Katatonia, Rapture perhaps remain MORE "metal" (though both bands are quite heavy): Rapture's vocalist still does the RAWRRRAAHH death-metal growling thing along with some more melodic, clean singing, and you can hear some Metallica and In Flames in there along with that hypnotic Katatonia downer-groove and Cure vibe. (If, after reading this, you're wondering who the heck Katatonia are, please find their reviews on our website and check 'em out...once you've become a fan, come back for the Rapture cds!)

Yakuza - Way Of The Dead (Century Media)

No, Yakuza aren't Japanese (but the way they blur genre lines is typical of quite a few Japanese underground acts). They're a Chicago-based metalcore band on giant metal label Century Media, but one that's weird enough to get reviewed in The Wire! Imagine Coalesce or Dillinger Escape Plan colliding with the Vandermark Five. Avant-jazz, post-rock, death metal, hardcore, etc. get blenderized here, thankfully without any of the tongue-in-cheek affectations of a Mike Patton or John Zorn project. Weighty grooves worthy of Neurosis find common cause with jazz saxophone soloing, the emotional vocals bleed into droning soundscapes and furious mosh pit frenzies both... Bands like Isis, Engine Kid, Hint and Guapo that also operate(d) at the fringes of metal and avant-rock come to mind. Along with Japan's Sigh, Yakuza are definitely one of the most extreme, inventive, unusual bands on Century Media. If you have any doubts about that, check out the eighth and final track on this disc, "01000011110011"! It's an ambient, electric, instrumental, psychedelic Miles Davis-ish jam that goes on for 43 minutes!! Pretty cool indeed.

Other Albums reviewed include:

Clayton, Kit & Safety Scissors - Ping Pong (Carpark)

Crunch - Crunch 2 (Colony)

Destroyer - This Night (Merge)

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O. (Constellation)

Pure - Noonbugs (Mego)

Swire, Ben - Equilibrium (Foundry)

Windy & Carl - Introspection (Blue Flea)

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Saturday, November 16, 2002


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

V/A Pop Ambient 2003 - Kompakt

10 track cd features: All of the above plus Klimek, Thomas Fehlmann versus The Orb, Leandro Fresco, Markus Guentner. Klimek's underestimate at your peril, latest gorgeous twelve "Milk and Honey" kicks off the CD of this latest armchair thriller from the K�ln nerve centre of Kompakt, and its attendant host of lovely labels, party rockers and deckchair worrying chilled ambient. Actually, Kompakt's year end, year beginning compilations always seem to benchmark the no beats scene, like a good afternoon reasoning in a hammock. This is simply delightful stuff, All's subtle rhythm under "Alltag 5" lending a certain edgy dynamic to the chilled stasis of the drift atop it. We've waxed lyrical and at length about Markus Guentner and Ulf Lohmann's work in these pages before, and when tunes this good are coming out with pleasing regularity, bliss is in the house. Triola has the same harmonic melodic envelope of sound, but carrying an immanent expectancy which seems to characterise this always excellent series. Looking good for the nineteen oughtythree, with more zing than bling.

Bullwackies Allstars - Jamaica Super Dub Session - Wackies

Funnily enough the album i have been returning to throughout this whole recent enjoyment of riches from the house of Lloyd Barnes via the Berlin dub scene circa 2002. And really you have to consider what an assembly of studio talent this band really was - Leroy Sibles from the Heptones on bass, next to Clive Hunt fresh from genre defining stuff with the Abyssinians, and Lloyd himself bearing the colours of Lee Perry's mighty Black Ark as pedigree, you're dealing with the best basically. interestingly the streamlined, sparse lines here remind me more than anything of the stripped down roots shockouts of the uk steppers scene. Important and what's more, until now underrated session.

Dj Broken Window - Parallel Universe - Violent Turd

Tigerbeat 6's New Zealand based (yeah right) offshoot Violent Turd bring more bootleg action with the Brokenwindow. Twenty three tracks scientifically merged, acapella over original music - where this differs from the glut of material that has plagued us all in 2002 is in the technique, choice and instructional liner notes. Hip hop acapella's over cheesy classic moog pop, continuing the legacy of bootleg godfather The Evolution Control Committee and in many ways this feels like just that. Other interesting material used comes from Eminem/Thompson Twins, Atom Heart/Ella Jenkins, Metic/Information Society, Salt N Pepa/J.J. Perry and check this... Ectomorph/The Turtles and Boards Of Canada/Yes, crazy yes but very funny and this will have a longer shelflife than most releases of this type and it does come recommended by the Kid 606. Check.

Fairmont - Paper Stars - Traum

Jacob Fairley from Montreal has been filtering through slight gems for the past couple of years now, dividing loyalties between the two predominant european cities, Berlin via Sender records and K�ln's Traum imprint. And it is the Traum massive who benefit from this ambitious full length album. This year the label has consistently backed winning formulas in the album stakes, an excellent worldwide view on "Interkontinental", an inspired selection of kindred spirits for the recent "Reprocessed" set just plain old, good roster management for the sterling Iquinn set from earlier in the year. And Fairmont add and enhance this rollcall of quality with a diverse, glowing vibration at its heart. The title cut could be plucked from an outer orbit of Karaoke Kalk just across town in K�ln, yet there are fourfour based tracks which give a fresh brush to tired old house arrangements. "True North" promises to navigate a path through magnetic wastelands, tasty heavy bass synth on "Last Words" just has to be on vinyl, this totally stopped me in my tracks and only improved on second encounter. The sense of melody and definition here is remarkable, top job Jacob and good work Traum. Look out for an extended play sampler twelve for this next week, lovely.

Kit Clayton & Safety Scissors - Ping Pong - Car Park

Here at last!! This amazing project was due a long time ago, so long that we thought it would never see the light of day, but rejoice!! 36 tracks in under half an hour, an amazing document of track-making ping pong. Kit hits with a ball on table click leading to Matthews underhand return, pinklepop clicks and toytime melodies. 0-1 to Safety Scissors. Elsewhere, Hrvatskiesque drill n bounce booty expermenting, found sound, guitar fret tinkering, vocal popping, mini-epic full Safety Scissor songs, sample lines >>> 'hey what's the score'. Kit Clayton and Safety Scissors have played a blinder. But who won? Essential.

Planetary Assault Systems - Archives Two - Peacefrog

The second �Archives� release from Luke Slater�s Planetary Assault Systems project compiles various 12� releases, namely Planetary Funk Volume�s 2, 5, 6 and tracks from the Electric Funk Machine LP. Plus the added bonus of getting the ace Surgeon remix of PAS killer �Booster� track makes this quite a tasty package from Luke Slater. Having released numerous records under this and many other aliases most of his classic material comes courtesy of the PAS tracks, the hard and solid sounds of �Gruve� is a good place to start, relentless yet deep techno from one of the UK�s legendary producers. And the early �Angel Street� is a long and subtle journey that sums up the better side of Mr Slater�s techno, and an archive it is, check.

Silex - Alphabet - Vibrant Music

�Alphabet� is the excellent second release from Silex, aka Fluxion, on his very own Vibrant Forms imprint. Having previously released material on the legendary Chain Reaction label, Silex has carefully selected nine tracks replete with floating moody rythmical compositions and deep, spacious textures. The music slowly mutates into new forms as the melodic atmospheres evolve to introduce new parts. A deep and emotional work by Fluxion that is a keeper for all Chain Reaction nutters, like us.

Supersoul - 40 Acres & A Moog - Metatronix

Omar Clemetson aka Supersoul and Metatronix label owner finally releases his long awaited debut album. A killer set of wired electronica dub tracks with heavy hip hop beat tempos, bass capabilities to bring the roof down on your head and rhythms to make you jamdown. Each track has enough filtering, tweaking, the roughness to attract any head >>> so much so that the man is rated very highly from the Beta Bodega brigade down to Push Button Objects, Mostly new tracks but with cuts from his rare back catalogue 12"s - again many first time on CD. Three vocal hip hop versions, the reggae tinged 'The Sickness' that would turn Roots Manuva's head - the amazing 'Sound Clash' and 'Satt Va Guna'. Cool card slipcase sleeve with spot on artwork. Killer from track 1 to track 12. Very highly recommended.

V/A Tigerbeat 6 Paws Across America - Tigerbeat 6

Live tour back-up CD from Tigerbeat 6. Mad crazy bitmap artwork and new and exclusive tracks by every artist featured on the tour 2002 USA/Canada zig zag. Daft electropunk from Numbers, grinding post dubrock from Stars As Eyes, speak and spell jiggy hip hop from Original Hamster, ace and individualistic hip hop impressions from Cex plus more mad sonic abuse and punk electronics from Nudge, Uprock (Rhiz), Knifehandchop, Electric Company and Zeigenbock Kopf. Fourteen tracks in total. Mid priced value. Ace.

V/A Japanese Avant Garde - Sub Rosa

Extended title 'Japanese Avant Garde - Agitation/Stillness - Noise/Silence'. Ace jap underground compilation, music made in relation to the underground films of Takashi Miike and Shunya Tsukamoto. Contributions from amongst others So Takahashi, Koji Asano, Haco, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshide, Aki Onda, Ground Zero and Merzbow. Japanese language interviews with the filmmakers bookend the CD. Fascinating.

Parlour - Googler - Temporary Residence

Recorded over the last five years in various places and mixed this past summer, Googler continues the meditative flow of synth-laden drones, crystalline guitars and dense rhythms. But a dark wind blows through the album to reveal the band's angular aggression. Memorable traces of Parlour's past can be heard -- having collectively served time in Crain, The For Carnation and Aerial M, among others -- most notably in the gentle ebb and flow of 'Jololinine' and the angular, driving attack of 'Distractor.' Carefully incorporating live instrumentation and subtle layers of electronics, leader and founding member Tim Furnish draws on a wide variety of influences to develop the tactile textures. Having helped plant the seeds for the sprawling array of musical inspiration that is Louisville, KY, Googler sees Furnish blooming vibrant new shades of a favorite color.

Yo La Tengo - Nuclear War - Matador [ep]

Yo La Tengo drop the political bomb on us. Fuelled by the world war misery threat and pre-post 9/11 lunacy they enetered the studio to recut one of Sun Ra's most political and downright killer tracks. 'Version 1' is the core Tengo unit with ace vocals 'we talkin' nuclear war - yeah, it's a motherf**ker', James McNew, Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan share vocal chanting alongside percussive breakdowns. 'Version 2' adds childrens vocals and extra sheets of sound. 'Version 3' is the real deal, untilising their friends from the downtown free jazz community like Daniel Carter, Susie Ibarra, Sabir Mateen - twisting vocals dark hole propulsion and fiery horn solo's. Mike Ladd rounds things off with a broken hip hop beat remix. Limited edition.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:11 AM

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