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Tuesday, July 31, 2001


Techno Animal - The Brotherhood Of The Bomb

Drowned in Sound review the forthcoming album by Techno Animal - The Brotherhood Of The Bomb and say its magnificent. The alnum will be released 10th September on Matador Records in the UK.

�The Brotherhood Of The Bomb� is abrasive, confrontational, and is festooned with the kind of growling, fuzzed-up basslines that tend to come in handy whenever plaster needs removing from the surrounding walls.

...Rather, it is Technological, a hybrid of hip-hop, harsh beats, and feedback, interspersed with several terrifying noise collages.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:37 PM

Felix Da Housecat -Kittenz And Thee Glitz

Playlouder review Felix Da Housecat -Kittenz And Thee Glitz once again Playlouder get it right. You must experience put it to the top of your wanted list now.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:14 PM


Pitchfork have news on a forthcoming album by Hood

Hood is completing work on their currently untitled fifth full-length album, which is scheduled for a November 1st release...

...On the new album, Hood's unmistakable space noise will take further steps away from its 90's kiwi-flavored early Pavement/Sonic Youth origins. On three of the album's ten tracks, the band worked with the west coast hip-hop collective Anticon/cLOUDDEAD.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:11 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Human League

There are a lot of crap bands cashing in on the latest 80s revival, but HUMAN LEAGUE (They've once again lost the 'The') are the real deal. Always at the forefront of musical developments, this Sheffield band now returns with a new album, 'Secrets'. High time for a career reappraisal and a chat with HUMAN LEAGUE.

by Theo Ploeg

The link above is taken from the excellent Amsterdam based diverse music website that includes reviews, interviews and features.

The album Secrets is released next week August 6th, Human League's return fits well this year with allies such as Ladytron and Felix Da Houescat, two previous hypothetical front covers that I have chosen this year.

[PS It has been baking hot in London today and I listened to the Felix Da Housecat album that sounds superb the cascading pulsating electro grooves - Just buy it - this is a strong candidate to be amongst my top 10 albums come the end of the year]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:19 AM

Monday, July 30, 2001


The Wire

Details of the new edition of The Wire with Acid Mothers Temple on the front cover.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:45 PM

EMAP Digital: and

EMAP Digital have recently launched two new websites: for the rockers there is and for the ravers/dance fanatics: both are updated on a weekday basis and compliment the established print titles.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:15 PM

Sneaker Pimps album due October have news that the Sneaker Pimps will release an album, Bloodsports on October 30th.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:56 PM

Sunday, July 29, 2001


4 New Signings to The End Records Label

The End Records label who specialise in dark esoteric atmospheric rock music have announced 4 new signings:


The End Records is very proud to announce the signing of Green Carnation. This is our very first signing of a group from Scandinavia, and things look bright for the future, as this band is made up of members from Emperor, Satyricon, Einherjer, Carpathian Forest and In The Woods, among others. Their new album, entitled "Light Of Day, Day of Darkness", will feature a newer line-up, plus a 30-member opera choir. This forthcoming release will expand on the sound of their first album (described by many as a mix of Candlemass and Pink Floyd), but will be heavier and explore their own original style even more in depth. The album will be released in the Fall by The End Records in North and South America and Prophecy Productions in Europe.


We also proud to announce we have signed Ninth Level, an extraordinary band from San Diego, California. Ninth Level is one of the most unusual and artistic bands we have heard in a long time and we were deeply impressed by their demo, which brought forth to our ears an eclectic mix of influences, including Mordid Angel, Emperor, Arcturus, eccentric rock musician Frank Zappa, and the symphonic composer Bela Bartok. The band is very busy writing material for their debut album, which is expected to come out early next year.


The band Sleepless, from often ignored nation of Israel, will soon release what can only be described as probably our least "metal" album we have offered yet. Their upcoming record, "Winds Blow Higher", scheduled to be out early in the Fall, will summon for your melancholic enjoyment a melange of progressive rock, psychedelic goth and jazz, making it the perfect soundtrack for a dark, bleak, sleepless night.


It is almost impossible to describe a band like Virgin Black in a few short sentences. Arising from Australia, they are the epitome of what is dark in music and manage to tear down and, at the same time, create all new boundaries within each of their songs. Their upcoming release for The End, "Sombre Romantic", out in the Fall, combines a myriad of musical elements and will highly appeal to those of you who like Fields Of The Nephilim, Arcturus, Enigma, Anathema, Opeth, Nick Cave or even Cradle Of Filth, among others. The album, which is already out in Europe, has received exceptional reviews (8.5/10 in Rock Hard, 14/15 in Legacy, 11/12 in Heavy Oder Was?) and ranked #2 in the soundcheck in Orkus!

# posted by DJ Martian 6:18 PM

Pelicanneck this week's new releases

Pelicanneck this week's new releases include:

ALIAS : Three phase irony double EP - Anticon

Anticon continue to astound with yet another faultless release, this time from Alias. This double EP comprises tracks taken from Alias forthcoming debut album and remixes of tracks taken from The Giga Single, Music for the advancement.. and Soles Bottle of Humans. Three Phase Irony opens things with a bass heavy track showcasing Alias heartfelt lyrics over a lone processed violin melody. After the oriental Getting by and Headbumps its on to the remixes. Divine Disappointment, from Music for.., gets a superb reworking at Alias hands as does Soles classic Bottle of Humans. We aint fessin takes an altogether darker route with Soles and Dose Ones vocals set to a stripped down beat and a muted bassline. Completing the album are some of Alias most recent works including the atmospheric instrumental Wave goodbye to Harry. Is there nothing to stop Anticon in their quest? Anticon and DefJux really are saving Hip Hop from the jaws of mediocrity. Solid.

ALL NATURAL : Second Nature - Thrill Jockey

New on Thrill Jockey. All Natural puts the basic principals of hip-hop to practice with each beat made, rhyme written and scratch laid. Second Nature is the essence of hip-hop past, present and future. Conceptually, the album goes beyond the usual underground topics of freestyling and battling, Capital D and Tone lead by example as the source of excellence that embodies The Family Tree. True to the spirit of all great hip-hop, All Natural invite the talents of The Family Tree and other likeminded Midwestern hip-hop pioneers: The Molemen, Dug Infinite & No I.D., Atmosphere, Lone Catalysts, Mr. Greenweedz, DJ 3rd Rail, and J.U.I.C.E. all make appearances on Second Nature.

ANDREW COLEMAN : Everything was beautiful - Thrill Jockey

Andrew Coleman is perhaps best known for his alter ego Animals on Wheels. Under that moniker, he released two albums and an EP for Ninja Tune, in addition to numerous 12"s and compilation appearances on his own landmark Bovinyl imprint. His debut full-length under his own name, Everything... represents both a departure and a logical progression from his Animals on Wheels work. Gone are the rapid-fire breakbeats and abrupt mood shifts of the past. Instead, Coleman has emphasized the rich melodic textures that always held the foundation of his best work. Piano & guitar lines are set adrift over a gentle bath of electronic rhythms and synthesized percussion. These sounds seem even more perfectly realized when you consider the fact that Andrew lives and records his music on a houseboat. Lovely.

BIONAUT : Lubricate your living room - Matador

One of the most influential voices in techno returns with a collection of the essential and long-out-of-print European-only tracks he released under the name The Bionaut from 1993 to 1997. A leading exponent of Cologne minimalism, Burger is also well-known for the groundbreaking work he did under the names Burger/Ink, The Modernist, Trinkwasser, and, most recently, Geometric Farms. In addition, he has run the Popular and Eat Raw labels. This is classic, lush and aheadoftime electronic soul music at its best.

NOVISAD : Seleya - Tomlab

Kristian Peters was born in 1980 and lives in Rostock, Germany. He has been producing electronic music since the winter of 1993/94, also releasing the splendid Adlib album for Kraak . The first Novisad CD from January 1999 was a wonderful early Tomlab, and a big favourite here in Manchester. Kristian Peters has been working almost 2 years on the new NOVISAD album, and the result is a delicately constructed, simply lovely album of processed acooustics and interlayed electronics that are reminiscent of the lush tones that made the recent Endless Summer LP by Fennesz so engrossing. Shame that this release is so much more low profile.....give it the attention it deserves

SAUL WILLIAMS : Amethyst Rock Star - Columbia

Amethyst Rock Star is possibly one of the most progressive Hip Hop entities in recent years. After appearing in the film Slam, Saul Williams has released a couple of low key EPs over the past few years that have both amazed and confused the Hip Hop community. This debut album transcends the Hip Hop medium completely and displays Williams masterful control of the english language with breathtaking results. Produced by Rick Rubin, this a challenging album that finds its own niche in the music world and steadfastedly refuses to be pigeonholed. The lyrics are often so heartfelt it takes a couple of listens to absorb the layers of emotion that Williams delivers. A self-contradictory release that finds itself smashing boundaries without even realising it. It is a difficult task to describe Saul Williams, which is probably just how he wants it. Listen and be amazed.

WHY AND ODD NOSDAM : Split EP - Anticon

Truly amazing new full length split EP release from these devilishly devious members of the Anticon family who are basically two thirds of cLOUDDEAD, the whole of Reaching Quiet (future classic LP for Mush) and one part of the Greenthink alliance. Why?'s You'll Know Where Your Plane Is... is his unusual poetic abstract rapperage, like the Dose One's slightly less strange brother, with a killer no taboo attitude to creating backing tracks. You even get a touching pop song that is pure enjoyment in a deep Anticon Stylee. Odd Nosdam's side >>> Eat is an eight track suite of instrumental yet widely sampladelic cross beat stiching that screams genius. Check the Muppet Show interlude. Once again the hip hop envelope is stretched so wide open... essential back up is provided by that most open DJ the magnificent!!!! Mr, Dibb's. Wicked artwork as well. So there you have it, sorry but another essential from the Anticon and fear not young wax fondler a double vinyl edition will be with us soon.

ZAMMUTO : Solutiore of Stareau - Infraction

It is easy to forget, but a few years ago the release of Systemisch and Diskont 94 by Oval saw a quiet, subtle take on electronic minimalism become and grow into a conceptual field that has since then spawned the birth of a myriad of some welcome, and some not so welcome sub genres. Interesting, then, to listen to this long 70-minute piece by Nick Willscher that was recorded several years ago in New York and only now given a full CD release. Interesting because there is a very appealing parallel to be found here with Markus Popps early works a kind of overwhelming, almost na�ve approach to drift and tone that doesnt really require any grounding in the academic side of music and music theory. If we forget for a second about the concept and concentrate instead on the sound what we have here is an exploration of an ambience that is steeped in organic pulses and a warmth that cannot be reduced to Click or Pop. Raved about by Hrvatski and I:Sound amongst others, this is simply and truly gorgeous.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:17 PM

X reissues have news on X To Reissue First Three Albums With Bonus Tracks

The first three albums from Los Angeles punk rock heroes X will return to record bins with additional tracks courtesy of Rhino Records on September 18. X's Los Angeles(1980), Wild Gift(1981), and Under The Big Black Sun(1982)

# posted by DJ Martian 1:07 PM

Saturday, July 28, 2001


The Milk Factory August reviews

This month the Milk Factory reviews these albums, [below summaries are taken from an e-mail newsletter.]


Before his death at the end of 2000, Suba, born in Yugoslavia, had
become one of the most respected producer in Brazil, where he moved
to in the mid eithies. For this first, and sadly last, album, Suba
presents his particular fusion of electronic music and traditional
Brazilian ambiences. Magnificent.


Detroit musician Mike Dykehouse mixes the influences of his home town
with more European electronic wizardry to present an exiting hybrid


Formed in Brighton at the end of 1999, this experimental psycho post-
rock all-girl band blends ice and fire into a magmatic series of
instrumental tracks.


For this second album, Fort Lauderdale have widened their sonic
spaces to incredible extend. 'Time Is Of The Essence' is
distinguished and perverse. Quintessentially British!


As Hudini was a master of escapism, Warren Defever is a master at
renewing himself. For this sixth studio album, the man leaves behind
his twisted rock to explore RnB. But far from the commercial end of
the genre, there are jazz lights and blue souls.


Formed in Birmingham over ten years ago, Pram have gained, over the
years, a faithful following. This new album, part-compilation part-
remix project, displays more than ever the carachteristics of this
very special band.


Soulo's background is classic. Two guys meet at art school, suffer
from the limitations of rock, and start experimentating with
electronic music. The way Soulo mixe their early influences with
their more recent experiences is rather interesting though...

# posted by DJ Martian 8:33 PM

Thyrane: The Spirit of Rebellion - the best black metal album of the year so far? introduce a new album by Thyrane - The Spirit of Rebellion (Spikefarm) that has the reviewer making bold and enthusiastic statements:

Fresh off their bold move from Woodcut Records to Spikefarm, Finland's Thyrane has released what might possibly be one of the greatest symphonic black metal albums of all time. The Spirit of Rebellion brews with such originality and stellar musicianship that from the immediate opening of lead track, "Insidious Dream of Inhuman Fear," one will realize that this album deserves many more spins..

The Spirit of Rebellion just did. I'll be damned if I can find another black metal release this year so addictive and enticing as this. Highest Recommendation.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:49 PM

Solefald - new album September 24th from one of Norway's leading dark metal bands have the excellent news that Solefald will return with their third album Pills Against The Ageless Ills on September 24 that will be released by Century Media. Their debut Linear Scaffold is an album I rate amongst the best experimental rock albums of 90s.

After two full-lengths on Avantgarde, Norway's strange black metallers Solefald have confirmed they've signed to the ever-bulging Century Media Records.

Solefald surprised the black metal scene with its 1997 debut The Linear Scaffold a few years back, taking unpredicable songwriting and progressive musicianship to levels unheard of for the genre. Solefald consists of Cornelius Jakhelln (vocals, electric guitar and bass guitar) and Lars Nedland (vocals, synthesizers and drums, also a member of Borknagar).

The outfit's newest record, Pills Against The Ageless Ills, contains nine tracks of bizarre and adventurous post-black metal. Fans of the band's first two albums are sure to find Pills Against The Ageless Ills another lesson on how Solefald are re-drawing the lines.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:41 PM

Atomic 80s

Yet another early 80s compilation this one is marketed as Atomic 80'S - the definitive 80s album so many of these tracks recall my youth / comprehensive school days.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:44 AM


Allmost cool review the new album by Marumari - Supermogadon on (Carpark Records). This has been picking up a few plays on Nick Luscombe's excellent Sunday Night show on Xfm.

. On Supermogadon, there's not really an overt concept binding all the tracks together, but if I had to say, it sounds like it's about the future and if the cover art is any indication, this could very well be a great soundtrack to some yet unmade sci-fi movie. There are dancy tracks, and some downtempo ones as well, but Marumari is once again on top of the game.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 AM

Friday, July 27, 2001



Swim ~ records will release the second album by Symptoms called Apathy on August 13th. Details:

The 2nd Album release by Denmark's Klaus Ammitzb�ll (brother of Silo's Fred) AKA Symptoms takes the listener on a deeper more introverted journey than his highly acclaimed debut "symptoms" yet retains that attractive mix of �one guitar, one PC� lo-fi and a breathtaking harmonic skill.

Klaus is exploring here music produced to have a direct effect on the body and corresponding with an internal sensing of it�s states. He says �The physical, the actual state of the body becomes a source of inspiration, and there is a dialogue between the listener's body and the music. The listener finds his body influenced by the music in return, in much the same way the musician's state influences the music he is making."

�This doesn't mean there are no such things as spiritual or intellectual music. These are simply different ways of exploring the physicality of being. In my opinion thoughts have a distinctive feel to them, which can be translated into physical music."

# posted by DJ Martian 7:16 PM

Eardrum: release limited edition Deadbeat Ep, with Side Efects album to follow in October

Eardrum will release limited edition EP Deadbeat on the Leaf label that includes the lead track 'Escape From Evil on August 6th. This track is astonishing John Kennedy on Xfm has played it a few times track it is very rhythmic, dubby and intense the closest recent comparision for me is O'rang.

The music is very physical and oraganic the rhythms pound away at a fast rate creating psychedelic music for the mind and body. The improvised full live drum sound creates an atmosphere that shudders through you - it connects and locks you into it's intense rhythmic sonic journey.

Track listing

1.01 'Escape From Evil (First Journey)'
2.01 'The Bone Room (Tempo Mix)'
2.02 'Deadbeat (Beaten)'

"sheer heaviness and a swirling undercurrent of hazy psychedelic malevolence. Redolent of 23 Skidoo's best bits or a more twisted African Head Charge, this is easily their best yet" 4/5 Muzik

Their first new work in nearly two years, Eardrum return with this three track 12" (strictly limited to 1,500 copies for the world). On these recordings, taken from sessions that will comprise the group's second album, Side Effects (to be released in October), all instruments are played by the core of the group, percussionists Richard Olatunde Baker and Lou Ciccotelli. Largely improvised in the studio, they use a wider range of instruments than in the past - among others talking drums, Sakara (Nigerian tonal drums) and Brekete (bass drums with a buzzing sound from Ghana, played on 'Escape from Evil' by Nana Tsiboe). These mixes of the tracks will only be available on this 12".

These new recordings take a significant step further into the realms of Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew, Sun Ra, afro-beat, ecstatic jazz and a particular strain of tight, syncopated, talking drum music from Nigeria known as Fuji. Played live in it's entirety, then ruthlessly edited in the studio, Eardrum's music evokes the wild experimention of Teo Macero's finest 70s work. There's an unsetlling, dark carnival atmosphere at play here, chaotic but always under control.

Eardrum's second album Side effects will follow in October, and along with Techno Animal and Ashfelt these will be the key British abstract experimental rhythmic albums to look out for in the Autumn, distinct from the more electronic IDM/techno releases.

Keep a look out for further information on the Leaf label website in the upcoming weeks in relation to the highly anticipated Side Effects album by Eardrum.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:20 PM

EMAP closes [the useless] Kingsize magazine: just as predicted!

I said it would not last the year EMAP closes Kingsize after 6 months the useless raprock/nu metal/pop punk/thug hip hop music and lifestyle magazine. This must rank as one of the worst music magazines ever launched in the UK, indeed Kingsize was so useless that stacks remained on the shelves unsold. Kingsize in reality was aimed at low-IQ white trash youngsters aged 13-17 you now the annoying teenage types that infest our streets: Durst, Blink 182 & Kid Rock worshippers.

These kids have barely enough pocket money for Kerrang never mind an expensive glossy monthly. Where the market research/business development planks at EMAP thought that mature ex Kerrang readers would pick up this useless magazine was ridiculous proposition from the start. There was absoltuely nothing mature about this magazine it was juvenile teenage trash rubbish.

Whether EMAP will launch another music magazine remains to be seen, but as mentioned a couple of weeks ago I firmly believe a gap does exist for fortnighly title to take on the ever worsening NME and to be more frequent and responsive than the monthlies.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:05 PM

Thursday, July 26, 2001


When - Writers Cake Box 1983 - 1998 Compilation have details of a forthcoming compilation by Norway's When.

When - Writer Cake Box 1983 - 1998
CD on Jester
Released on August 13th, 2001
Double cd

This 39 track career spanning double CD documents the most important works in the history of Norway's most established experimental/industrial artist Lars Pederson. Having formed Holy Toy in 1983, it wasn't until 1987 that the world was exposed to When's debut album 'Drowning But Learning'. Recorded between '83 and '86 'Drowning' saw Pedersen take a few more steps into the leftfield, away from the Holy Toy sound. The next quantum leap in When's evolution happened with the 1988 release of the Death In The Blue Lake 12", a haunting twenty- one minute suite, celebrated by many as one of his finest works, and later sampled by the infamous Norwegian black metal act BURZUM, which exposed Pedersen to a much wider audience. 1990's Black White And Grey, album, a collaboration with long time fan Chris Cutler of (Henry Cow fame) and released on Cutler's RER Megacorp label helped push When into a more accessible market of experimental music enthusiasts. Three more albums followed throughout the 90's on Norway's Tatra label. The first release for Jester, 1999's Psychedelic Wunderbaum, saw a reunion with former Holy Joy member Bjorn Sorknes. Pederson's most humorous and accessible work to date. ..This concise 39 track double CD compiles for the first time When's most important and influential works. An absolute must for any fan of dark ambient/dadaesque soundscapes. .

# posted by DJ Martian 9:44 PM


Fischerspooner have a debut album called No 1 that is reviewed by that will be released August 13th in the UK on the International Deejay Gigolos label. [The same label that released the recent sublime electro album by The Avent]

Plundering electro-techno and nu-romanticism,... their debut is a hearts-racing, posters-on-the-wall triumph pitched somewhere between �Never Mind The Bollocks�, �Computer World� and �Rio�.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:36 PM

Bark Psychosis - DustSucker album on the horizon

Following on from the news earlier this year via DreamPop links, that Graham Sutton was back working in a guitar direction Andy @ Permafrost alerts us to further detailsof the return of Bark Psychosis, via The [Gri:n] Files who have an interview with Graham Sutton.

The album will be released under the Bark Psychosis name and will be called DustSucker that will feature ex Talk Talk/ and current O'rang member Lee Harris, no definate release date yet but it is planned for release before the end of the year.

DustSucker will feature 10 tracks and will be released on the Parlophone label. Graham Sutton:

I really think its the best record I've ever worked on - I'm so happy with it, and can't wait to get it out. Took a while coming, (been working on it for the last couple of years) but you can't rush these things.

This will be a welcome return as anyone who has listened to the Bark Psychosis album Hex will tell you that this was one of the seminal albums of the 90s.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:22 PM

Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein

Two more positive reviews for Cannibal Ox's Cold Vein album. This album was first reviewed in The Wire several months ago so it is surprising that both NME and Independent review it this week.

NME review

Carving one of the most potent, profound albums of the year, Cannibal Ox's reality-drenched psychedelia renders most of the empty, clich�-ridden braggadocio of hip-hop today totally obsolete. A 'What's Going On?' for the hip-hop age, its pathos and poetry will scar you for life.

The Independent review

With "The Cold Vein", their old-skool faith in the inspirational impetus of words and music alone helps go some way towards rescuing rap from the bowdlerised, booty-fied grip of MTV clips

# posted by DJ Martian 7:46 PM

Richie Hawtin

iCrunch have news on a forthcoming Richie Hawtin album, Richie Hawtin releases a new LP 'DE9: Closer To The Edit' on Sep 17 on Novamute Records.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:24 PM

Wednesday, July 25, 2001


The Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady

Ananova have news on The Buzzcocks reissue singles album The Buzzcocks album Singles Going Steady is to be re-released.It will feature eight bonus tracks and will be released on August 20.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:36 PM

The Stranglers Documentary on Radio have details of a documentary on The Stranglers: 'Men In Black - The Stranglers Story' is broadcast at 8pm BST on August 11 on BBC Radio Two!

# posted by DJ Martian 8:15 PM

New Order - Get Ready Pre Order only �8.99

Checking out Ananova I noticed this pre order offer New Order - Get Ready CD via CDWow for only �8.99 free P & P. Bargain !

# posted by DJ Martian 7:29 PM

Two Lone Swordsmen - Further Reminders

I have seen mixed reviews for this remix album by Two Lone Swordsmen - Further Reminders - but the reviewer at loves it giving it the full 5/5.

Further Reminders is a remix album of last Autumn's sublime electro Tiny Reminders album that will feature in my alternative Technics Mercury Music Prize ! (That's another revealed!)

# posted by DJ Martian 1:27 AM

Fluke - Progressive History X

Virgin Net review the compilation album by Fluke - Progressive History X

# posted by DJ Martian 1:10 AM

The Chameleons - Why Call it Anything

The second web review for WCIA that I have spotted so far Virgin Net Review of The Chameleons - Why Call it Anything

[Listening to the album it is more melodic than I expected, I am reminded at times of Julian Cope, Echo & the Bunnymen and last years Doves album]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:06 AM


The underground buzz of the supreme chaotic complex intense Icelandic rock band Minus reaches the American folks at - Minus - Jesus Christ Bobby Album Review

# posted by DJ Martian 12:58 AM


ICrunch have news on Pole, NEW POLE LP FEATURES GUITARS

Cult and acclaimed Berlin dub artist Pole aka Stefan Betke releases his fourth LP 'R' on Sep 10. The LP is the first Betke LP has recorded with other musicians including contributions from Burnt Friedman, Kit Clayton and guitarist D.Meteo....

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 AM

Markant - Infam

Absorb review the new album Markant - Infam

while it can be said that there are numerous other artists working in exactly the same field (arovane and bola to name two), this work can be distinguished by a slightly darker feel to the overall sound. beats crackle and spit rather than click and cut and the underlying constant drone can be traced back to the sound effects used in the 'alien' movies.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:51 AM

Tuesday, July 24, 2001


Technics Mercury Music Prize Shortlist 12

See the I Love Music messageboard for a discussion on Technics Mercury Music Prize 2001 Shortlist 12 as announced earlier today in London.

Once again I disagree with the choices made. I will be running my alternative version of TMMP on this weblog. The same criteria (British/ Irish artists that released an album from early August 2000 to late July 2001) except there was no entrance fee to pay on my version!

Expect my 12 to be highlighted closer to the awards ceremony.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:26 PM

Monday, July 23, 2001


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Dillinja and John B and Omni Trio

A triple bill on my imaginary music magazine front cover this week.

The Summer 2001 Sound of Drum N Bass/ Jungle I have mentioned these artists respective new albums on this weblog previously. Dillinja (Dillinja presents Cybotron) and John B (Future Reference) released albums last week and this week Omni Trio release their new album, Even Angels Cast Shadows.

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Sunday, July 22, 2001


Chunky Records Forthcoming

Chunky Records have updated their forthcoming releases webpage, including these that I have not mentioned before:

30th July:

COLUMN ONE. Electric Pleasure. (Alice In Wonder)

"Debut for this Berlin German collective who play out-there electro pop with a twist. From experimental open spaces to industrial urban atmospheres, electric pleasure is like a tangle of several 50's sci-fi-paranoia movie soundtracks all playing at the same time, underpinned by minimal rhythms and electronic grooves, while kraftwerk, dmx krew, lb and electronicat all attempt to play along"

EARDRUM. Escape From Evil. (The Leaf Label) Ltd 12
Not an album but this astonishing, the album will follow in September !

"Their first new work in two years. These new recordings take a significant step further into the realms of Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew, Sun Ra, afro beat, ecstatic jazz etc"

NOVISAD. Seleya. (Tomlab) German Import

"Kristian Peters was born in 1980 and lives in Rostock, Germany. He has been producing electronic music since the winter of 1993/94, also releasing the splendid Adlib album for Kraak . The first Novisad CD from January 1999 was a wonderful early Tomlab, and a big favourite here in Manchester. Kristian Peters has been working almost 2 years on the new NOVISAD album, this new material is very emotional, almost overwhelming ambient music that should set higher standards than his previous NOVISAD release. Personal but highly sociable music from the wonderful Tom Family"

6th August:

LITTLE COMPUTER PEOPLE. Electro Pop. (psi49net)

"New album from Anthony Rother, the man setting the standards in electro at the moment. Formed in '98, the debut 12" was Little Computer People which featured ex KRAFTWERK member Karl Bartos and Kanzleramt chief Heiko Laux. The album explores 'Electro Pop' in all its variations with distorted vocals, fat beats, vocoder voices.."

20th August:

LISA CARBON TRIO. Trio De Janeiro. (Quatermass)

"Long overdue UK release of this classic Atom Heart (aka Senor Coconut, LB etc) production. Originally released on the Rather Interesting label in Europe in 1997, this is the follow-up to the now highly collectable second Lisa Carbon album on REPHLEX (Polyester, 1995). Partly recorded in her home town of San Jose, "Trio De Janeiro" was mainly completed under the guidance of her long time companion Atom TM in his Frankfurt studio. Twisted programming, unique humour and futuristic improvisations are some of the many characteristics of Lisa's oft-copied, rarely-bettered, never-sounded-more-current sound"

CHURCH STEPS. Criticism. (Flapping Jet) US Import CD

"San Fransisco duo THE CHURCH STEPS have been astonishing listeners with its complex mix of electronic beats, minimalist acoustic guitar work, crashing ambient waves and hushed vocal melodies and have been compared with such electronic luminaries as Boards of Canada, Autechre and u-Ziq"

27th August

IKUE MORI. Labyrinth. (Tzadik) CD

"Eleven new earsplitting, brain-twisting electronic compositions by downtown legend ikue mori, one of the most respected composers in the contemporary electronica community. completely unique and utterly original, mori has developed a personal language through the combination of modified drum machines and triggered sa mplers. this, her second cd of solo music for tzadik, is a multi-faceted collection of complex compositions for the apple powerbook. after twenty years, she continues to create some of the very best cutting-edge electronic music around"

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Kosheen - Resist

Kosheen's much anticipated Resist album is scheduled for release September 3rd.

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Pelicannneck this week's new releases: Part Two

[Part Two because Blogger cannot cope with large amounts of text in one go]

Pelicanneck this week's new releases include:

JAMES RUSKIN : Into Submission - Tresor

Tresor follow their recent compilation with a new LP from James Ruskin. Ruskin continues his 4/4 quest with a hard collection of brutal 4/4 cuts specifically designed for dancefloor mayhem. From the word go the pace doesn't let up with a seriously percussive set of warehouse grooves. Truly dark Techno from the epicentre of Berlin's Techno scene and its British partnet in crime.

OVAL : Ovalcommers - Form and Function

Finally available on CD!! The 6th full length release from Markus Popp (aka Oval) finds this world renowned digital mastermind extending the concept & musical platform of last year's acclaimed Ovalprocess in every way. Exploring a spectrum of sounds between the abrasive sandblast of neo desktop rock (tracks 1-3) and the alienating, timeless splendor of DSP chamber music. In between there are unique excursions in folk electronica (track 4) and pop inflected wall-of-sound tunes that could only come from the mind of Oval. Popp describes Ovalcommers as a 3D musical obstacle course, a friendly and accessible invitation to complexity. Ovalcommers surprises with poetic and playful elements (organs and layers of guitar feedback), making room for understatement, sophistication and a new, almost absentmindedly casual atmosphere. Haunting emulations of processed brass, string and woodwind sections are carefully added to the otherwise still angular desktop rock. Listeners will leave Ovalcommers with a new perspective on Oval in general, as Popp's strategy becomes clearly visible: A friendly, yet relentless fanaticism to experiment and innovate musically. Recommended.

TRICKBEAT : Musik wird Uberflussig The Freemixes Human Wreckords

Trickbeat were formed in Berlin in 1989 in the heyday of the Rave explosion. They released three LPs of seriously brutal noise/punk/electronics over the coming years. They finally split in 1995 and have since become legendary on the Noise scene. This remix album brings together various luminaries from the harsher end of music to dissasemble their catalogue. There are contributions from the legendary Merzbow, DHRs Patric Catani and Christoph De Babalon, Punk heroes Melt Banana, Berlin techno outfit Xoldog 400 and many more. A harsh collection of tracks from the masters of Noise music.

TWO LONE SWORDSMEN : Further Reminders - Warp

Weatherall and Tenniswood have selected some of their favourite artists to remix their recent 'Tiny Reminders' album. The choices are not what you would expect especially with Japanese skankers Dry and Heavy and acoustic favourites Calexico turning in excellent mixes. Weatherall collaborators C Pij are present too, transforming 'Tiny Reminder No 1' into a heartwrenching acoustic piece, much unlike the digital discharges of the rest of their work. Simulant update 'Brootle' into an electroid jack-attack while Decal hit the LFO on 'Neuflex'. The highlight has to be Morr music's Lali Puna who make a rare appearance with a superb remix of 'It's not the worst', proving yet again that their unique brand of vocal electronica (that isnt quite experimental and isnt quite pop) is utterly unique. A comprehensive remix package that disassembles a solid album in fine style.


Two years ago, the German pop music magazine Spex called the Viennese Werner Dafeldecker "a Jim O'Rourke from the Alps." Both represent an extended idea of improvisation that does not rest upon parameters like "interaction," "dynamics," or "energy," but rather that appears airy, looser, more comprehensive: space in sound becomes more important, the occasion plays a bigger role in the foreground. Just like the improvisations of O'Rourke in the 90's, Dafeldecker's music is characterized by the logical, constantly surprising intervention that breaks the peaceful current of music and continues it at the same time. Eis-9 [Ice Cream 9] is a summer record, no hermetic structures, no gloomy sounds, no freezing over. Ice cream melts. Dafeldecker demonstrates here once more how he deals with his instrument as essential sound material, the contra bass is transferred to others: guitar, percussion, found objects, PowerBook. Eis-9 is above all the product of an intensive cooperation with the Berlin/Viennese electronic musician Boris D. Hegenbart. Coming out of nowhere, he published the CD Hikuito in 1998, music developed in hand made paper that came to fragile melodies once you saw beyond its influences (Carl Stone, Oval). Improvised music as symbiosis, something that not only comes into being in the instant, but rather grows. Recommended.


Christoph De Babalon's Cross Fade Entertainment label returns with its most demanding and experimental release to date. 'Le Depeupleur features Tokyo's noise master Zbigniew Karkowski and "sleaze orchestra" founder Kasper T. Toeplitz from Paris. Both of them have been working in experimental and radical music for more than 20 years. This release best describes CFET's plan to release hard and archaic music, regardless of genre. Similar to his work for Mego, Karkowski megres his laptop noise-build with Toeplitz's grinding tones to create an amalgamation that could only be described as noise-drone. Check.

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Pelicannneck this week's new releases: Part One

Pelicanneck this week's new releases include:

ROBERT LIPPOK / VARIOUS : _Audio Lounge - Intermedium

Album Of The Week!! Following last week's excellent Philip Jeck CD, Intermedium return this week with a double album featuring four 30 minute tracks each from - Robert Lippok, Ammer/Console, Robert Merdzo/Bulent Kullukcu and Laar/Zeitbloom. Each of these four pieces was recorded at the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin as part of the 'Audiolounge : Sound and Picture' festival and showcased the improvised work of each of the above musicians in collaboration with established video artists. The opening 29-minute opus from Robert Lippok 'Callanetics' is yet another leap forward in Lippok's evolution as a groundbreaking cross-genre artist. If there was ever a way in which laptop improv could sound human and organic, Lippok seems to have discovered and nurtured it into a true artform. Static emissions interweave between gentle piano motifs, slowly-emerging vocal treatments and the night-time tinkles of a childhood lullaby. Gorgeous. Ammer and Console are up next with a surprisingly restrained journey into minimalism that develo[ps into a truly lovely and pretension-free audio-soundscape. CD2 Opens with Merdzo/Kullukcu's rather upfront contribution - 'not a question of balance' - this is the weakest link on the album - encompassing different forms of electronic music of the more dancey kind. Laar and Zeitblom, however, finish the CD off in cathartic fashion with another gorgeous display of laptop-mastery that spans from found sounds to machine functions and processed field recordings. All in all, this is a striking album that is worthy of your attention, particularly for Lippok's stunning contribution. Recommended.

BEEFCAKE : Coincidentia Oppositorum - Hymen

After providing the outstanding contribution to the recent Thrillbeat Construction double vinyl compilation, Beefcake present us with a wonderful full length offering. Strings and hushed ambience collide with some heavyweight processed beats, the sense of melody remains in the sultry piano lines, in stark counterpoint to the beautifully manipulated rhythm strucutres on show. Beefcake are Gabor Schablitzki and Volker Kahl and after this release we are sure you will be hearing a lot more about them, such is the majestic feel of this album. Unusual to find such a sculpted, melodic compositional approach to the arrangements, next to the fiercest low end and percussion constructions. Glorious and quite dark in equal measures, check it out.

ELECTRIC COMPANY : 62-56 - Tigerbeat 6

Ex Medicine frontman Brad Laner returns under his Electric Company guise for Kid 606's Tigerbeat 6 label. Recorded between August 2000 and January of this year, 62-56 is Laner's finest electronic foray yet. The opening tones of Surf Stroke soon give way to the rousing glitch funk of Hyperion, a bass heavy workout that gets things going in fine style. The 4/4 funk doesnt let up with atmospheric tracks like Siamang and Test Card proving the development of Laner's electronic style. The tempo proceeds to drop on the stunning downbeat DSP of Something akin to living, a track dominated by percussion and melody. Also included is a 15 minute collaboration between Laner, Kid 606 and Blectum from Blechdom recorded straight to hard disk after a sunday afternoon live performance. Another essential release from Tigerbeat 6 and the best yet from Electric Company. Highly Recommended.

FANTOMAS : The Directors Cut - Ipecac

Second album from Fantomas on Mike Pattons Ipecac label. This is an unhinged, brutal, grandiose and utterly ludicrous album of twisted noise metal from Patton and cohorts Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle) and Buzz Osbourne (Melvins). The album features a host of mentalist cover versions of classics and not-so-classic film-scores from films like : The Godfather, Cape Fear, Rosemarys Baby, The Omen, Twin Peaks (!!) and many more. As captivating as you like.

DAVID GRUBBS : Thirty Minute Raven - Rectangle

David Grubbs has been kicking up dust for more years than he would like us to remember. In an interview a few years back, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore commented how much Grubbs has changed since first meeting him on a tour with Grubbs' former glory Squirrel Bait.... His years in Gastro Del Sol with then nemesis Jim O'Rourke confirms Moore's observation. Grubbs isn't wistful about his years with O'Rourke, only that on his own he feels less restricted. Thirty Minute Raven Grubbs' Fifth solo recording and his second since he left the persistent indie musical think-tank of Chicago. The music found here is not surprising, given Grubbs' previous work. Pristinely captured, appropriately relaxed, almost precious in it's approach, the pieces here wash over the listener with equal amounts of clarity and originality. Includes contributions from : John McIntyre, Charlie O, Noel Akchote & Q.Rollet.

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Saturday, July 21, 2001



A new edition of Fake including reviews of:

Rothko -No Anchor No Rudder No Chart No Sails
(Burning Shed)

While you savor Rothko's recent In the Pulse of an Artery EP (Bella Union) and anxiously await the live Not Gone, Not Forgotten (due out on Lo Recordings sometime soon), No Anchor No Chart No Rudder No Sails should keep you in a state of suspended delight. A superb set of unreleased Rothko presented by the very low-profile Burning Shed label, No Anchor is billed as "an exclusive collection of outtakes." If these are our favorite English all-bass concern's outtakes, then what they left in must be pure gold. And it is--as you've no doubt divined from the praise we regularly heap upon this outfit.

A new space rock band to me Landing - Circuit

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Friday, July 20, 2001


King of Woolworths - Update

The debut album by King of Woolworths on Mantra Recordings called Ming Star will be released in August. Background info on the album:

Like a good tradesman, Mancunian Jon Brooks got his alter ego, the King of Woolworths, out to the people by peddling it himself. Whether it was simply name checking his music on message boards, making it available to download on music sites or sending CDRs out to his wish list of celebrity fans, he took to the spirit of his stage name like Del Boy sniffing out hooky car stereos down the Nags Head.

That was just a year ago. Now he has a record deal, three singles under his belt and an album imminent, not to mention a list of fans as long as Man City�s transfer list. His big break came when Mary Ann Hobbs picked up on his stuff off the internet, championed him on her Breezeblock show on Radio 1 and catapulted him in to mini-stardom. She even gave him his own DJ mix slot on her show, an honour usually only bestowed on dance music�s elite.

Given all this, �Ming Star� is now in sight - the baby he�s been hard at work on is finally about to be unleashed but it might just be not what you're expecting. A cinematic feel runs throughout with the King trying to recapture his childhood in audio form (for example, tracks like �The Watchmakers Hands� and �Theydon� hark back to the days when he watched TV programmes like the old Friday Film Specials). Other inspirations do creep in like French films of the 60�s, London (�Kentish Town�, �Bakerloo� and �Kite Hill�) and Hammer Horror with �Stalker Song� appearing in its full technicolor glory. The plan with this album was to mix up the styles without making it an incoherent listen. Well, he's done that alright.

This album is very special indeed, it�s both autobiographical and earnestly honest. �Ming Star� is also as close as you and I will probably get to seeing the world through the eyes of the King. Enjoy it while you can.

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Planet Mu Compilation - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

Planet Mu have details of a label compilation:

We can finally bring you details of ZIQ030 - the Planet Mu compilation. Entitled "THE COSMIC FORCES OF MU", it features 26 exclusive* tracks over 2 cds (I've tried to include everyone but there are a few ommisions like SBVL and HORSE OPERA - but so what?). I think it flows like an album (or 2 albums) and we hope you like the way it has turned out when you finally hear it. Tracklisting below:

The Cosmic Forces Of Mu (ZIQ030 - 2cd)
24th September 2001

[01] Jega - Geometry (�-Ziq Remix)
[02] Capitol K - Capitol Beat Sticky (Posh mix)
[03] Kettel - Buxom Berceuse
[04] Luke Vibert - Funky Acid Stuff
[05] Joseph Nothing - Twin Mother
[06] Leafcutter John - Khom?s
[07] o9 - No Delay For Days
[08] Correctional Facilities - Crowd Dispersal
[09] Hellfish - Turntable Savage
[10] Kid Spatula - Shakermaker
[11] Doormouse - Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix)
[12] Dykehouse - Again, Again
[13] The DJ Producer - Rude Attitude

[01] Hrvatski - Lullaby
[02] Correctional Facilities - Rock Parrot
[03] Venetian Snares - Defluxion
[04] Speedranch vs End - Tea
[05] Nautilis - Janem
[06] Tusken Raiders - Pansy
[07] Electric Company - Olvido
[08] Nicole Elmer - Beef Bouilion
[09] Tim Tetlow - Cyrenic
[10] Bit_Meddler - Shitmix2000
[11] Rude Ass Tinker - U Can't Touch This
[12] Phthalocyanine - Fashion Vs Conscience
[13] Decal - Star Of The Sea
(* to cd)

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More German electronic music this time Domino will release a new album by Schlammpeitziger on August 6th.

Schlammpeitziger - Collected Simplesongs of My Temporary Past (Domino)

Schlammpeitziger is Jo Zimmermann. A Koeln based electronic artist; Jo has made six albums in 7 years for a variety of labels, and has found a home with the a-Musik label in Germany. Self-tought and suspicious of music theory, Jo has ploughed a distinctive furrow through the German �E� vocabulary. His music is at once melodious and thoughtful, clean but with depth � all manner of interesting juxtapositions.

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Skimo Pre Releases

Skimo Pre Releases includes details of another album on the prolific Force Inc label

JETONE: Ultramarin CD (FORCE INC.)

Montreal based Jetone aka Tim Hecker has been producing in the realm of electronic music for the past six years. Jetone has used his front as a graduate student in Critical Theory to further his research in digital acoustics and software terrorism. As things like this tend to work out, these musical projects have received the lion's share of his time, leaving his academic work on the backburner. This time has been spent exploring his boundries and fault lines between rhythm, texture and melody. While Tim has influences which stem from the hybrids of hip-hop and techno, such as Germany's Wolfgang Voigt and England's Autechre, his textural and melodic inspirations often find comraderie with groups such as My Bloody Valentine and artists such as Christian Fennesz. That is to suggest that the lineages explored in his work have been an attempt to reorganize the digital, without heeding toward empty trajectories of bohemian-like nostalgia for any such pre-digital era.

Release date: August 20th

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Photek - Solaris: rediscovered this week

An album that I have rediscovered in my collection this week is the last album by Photek, Solaris. I must have played it at least a dozen times a week and it just keeps getting better and demands more listens. I remember when the album came out last Autumn there were sharp differences of opinions from those that were saying it was a masterpiece, while others who just could not a grip on Photek's change of direction and gave it a right slagging.

As some one who is not a music purist I welcomed the introduction of Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Ambient, Dub and Electro into Photek's music. This diversity gives the album a spatial and deep sound, from a few tracks that feature the sublime Robert Owens whose vocal style I have liked since 1990 through to the more instrumental sections this album flows and floats along. Solaris has more in common with the latest album by Slam than the previous drum n bass offerings by Photek.

Solaris will definately feature in my alternative version of Technics Mercury Music Shortlist 12.

Here is a review by Playlouder who offer a perspective on Photek - Solaris that I strongly agree with.

For anyone that likes creative deep electronic music I highly recommend that you experience Photek's - Solaris album. It also sounds just right for this time of the year.

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Etronik Frontline

The weekly Etronik Frontline has news on Octave One, Susumu Yokota, Way Out West and Lee Burridge.

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Depeche Mode in rage against the Radio 1 playlist

Side line report on Radio 1 blocking of the Depeche Mode single I Feel Loved from the playlist.

Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has slammed Radio1 after the station refused to playlist the band's new single, "I Feel Loved". "It really pisses me off," says Gahan in a reaction. "They say we're irrelevant. (...) I thought the BBC was supposed to be a public service, created for the people. (...) It's depressing that in Britain there's only one radio station that influences the charts. (...) Radio 1 wields too much power. It's just a bunch of men in suits making decisions on behalf of a public they know nothing about." As a result of Gahan's flaming, DM fans worldwide have started a petition action to awake the Radio 1 DJ's. If you want to join in the action, follow the link underneath to get all necessary e-addresses. And while you're spamming the poor chaps at BBC's Radio 1, you might consider adding some other names as well that are less big than Depeche Mode... they need the support as well.

DM Messageboard

If Depeche Mode are been blocked what hope for other electronic artists to make it on the playlist such as Appliance, Ulver, 310, VNV Nation, Prefuse 73, Eardrum, James Ruskin, Dillinja, Faultline, Circulation, Accerleradeck, Hocico, Carl Craig, Dan Abrams, Clouddead, Photek, Ed Rush & Optical, Cannibal Ox, Omni Trio, Fout Tet, Icon Of Coil, Meat Katie etc and then there is a whole host of other music sub genres that are ignored by the Radio 1 playlist.

Too right Radio 1 ignores a lot of music I enjoy and plays a lot of popular rubbish as for Radio 2 that station is boring and complacent.

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New Order's Comeback Show: Unpredictable, Emotional, & Spot-On

Dave Simpson with a review on New Order's comeback show in Liverpool on Wednesday New Order's Comeback Show: Unpredictable, Emotional, & Spot-On

PS John Peel has also started playing tracks off the new album and I have enjoyed what I have heard so far, the guitars are definately back in New Order's music.

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Thursday, July 19, 2001


New Order - Crystal have details of how to download the forthcoming single by New Order called Crystal.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2001


Tower Records: Online Promotion Sale till July 23rd

For the UK readers of this weblog Tower Records have a special online promotion at the mo until 23th July with discounts across the board, if you spend over certain amounts.

Note this offer has now been extended to 23rd July.

[Watch out for their delivery charges though, they have three different UK order status: preorder, available, special - if your items are mixed you incur added delivery charges - if Tower had a more customer friendly and simplier postage charges system - they would do alot better as their range of CDs is impressive and extensive]

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Splendid Reviews

Splendid Reviews Week of July 16, 2001 includes review for:

Andrew Coleman / Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt / Thrill Jockey

Andrew Coleman is among them. While at the moment I hesitate to describe Coleman as the type of visionary that the Orb or Richard James have proven to be, this disc clearly demonstrates that he listens to his internal BPM and takes advantage of the capabilities his machines have to offer. By skillfully wedding a rich piano tone to unnatural accompaniment, he achieves a steady state that hovers between the organic and the plastic.

Splendid Reviews others reviewed include:

Clan of Xymox / Subsequent Pleasures / Metropolis

Kammerflimmer Kollektief / M�ander / Temporary Residence, Ltd.

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The Brainwashed Brain: V04I27 - 07152001

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes a review for Lightning Bolt, "Ride the Skies".

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Tuesday, July 17, 2001



More information on the forthcoming album Darkness and Hope by Moonspell @ there are also two MP3 tracks that are available for download.

Expect the album to feature an exquisite mixture of darker ambience, great melodies and the heaviest atmospheres Moonspell has ever written.

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Drowningman review the latest ep from Drowningman -Drowningman Still Loves You the follow up to last year's intense, heavy cathartic sound of Rock & Roll Killing Machine.

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Integrity - Closure

Ink 19 review Integrity - Closure an album with an extreme dark metalic hardcore sound.
don't think the Integrity aesthetic can get any more dense and refined than this. Ambitious and varied, it reminds me at various times of Master Of Puppets, In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up, November Coming Fire, Goat, In the Flat Field, and even some of Skinny Puppy's experimental abandon here and there.

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Technics Mercury Music Prize 2001: contenders for the shortlist?

I have started a thread on the I Love Music Messageboard Technics Mercury Music Prize 2001: contenders for the shortlist? listing 101 albums that match the qualifying criteria for the award.

I also predict what the panel will select:

1. Basement Jaxx - Rooty (XL)
2. Beta Band - Hotshots II (Regal)
3. Four Tet - Pause (Domino)
4. Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain (Mute)
5. PJ Harvey - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (Island)
6. Oxide & Neutrino - Execute (east west)
7. Photek - Solaris (Science)
8. Radiohead - Kid A (Parlophone)
9. Squarepusher - Go Plastic (Warp)
10. Skitz - Countryman (Ronin)
11. One token Classic album TBA
12. One token Jazz or folk album TBA

For a few outside bets see the ILM messageboard.

Time will tell to see if these predictions are accurate or wide of the mark. [If I get 10 right I am not psychic or an insider - honest!]
If Goldfrapp makes it I expect it could well win.

The rules of eligibility are simple:

The artists must be British or Irish, and have released a new album between the start of August 2000 and the end of July 2001.

The Time scale for the Technics Mercury Music prize 2001, shortlist announced late July - normally the last Tuesday of the month, awards show early September.

I will also be running my own version of Technics Mercury Music Prize shortlist (like last year), there are a number of new releases, recent releases and a few others that I want to listen to before selecting my 12.

I will announce my 12 for 2001 closer to the ceremony in September.

[Last year Zan Lyons - Desolate and Faultline - Colder Closer were my favourite British albums in the qualifying period - a big improvement on the whimsical re heated Aztec Camera left overs of Badly Drawn Boy]

To see my overview of the choices I selected last year September 2000 Archives

My 12 last time were

1. AVRO CAR: Cinematography
2. DOVES: Lost Souls
3. FAULTLINE: Colder Closer
5. PRIMAL SCREAM: Exterminator
6. RICO: Sanctuary Medicines
7. SIX BY SEVEN: The Closer You Get
8. THE THE: Naked Self
9. VNV NATION: Empires
10. ZAN LYONS: Desolate
11. ECHOBOY: Vol 1
12. CIRCULATION: Colours

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Pelicanneck this week's new releases: part two

Pelicanneck this week's new arrivals including these releases:

[part two: because there are problems with Blogger posting large posts at the mo]

MARUMARI : 4 Supermogadon - Carpark

Marumari follows last years superb The Wolves Hollow with an astounding new LP for the Carpark label. Supermogadon is Marumaris finest work to date, a faultless twelve track album that takes his unusual sound one step further. The uplifting midtempo funk of Rocket Summer opens the album in a psychedlic twirl of reversed vocals and melody that springs into a slightly detuned dose of uplifting melancholy that sounds like Boards partying with Herrmann and Kleine. Like contemporaries such as Safety Scissors, Marumari infuses his music with a human sensibility that is so sorely lacking from a great deal of electronic music. Buried underneath the DSP rhythms and unplaceable female vocals lie what sound like a collection of 80s soul loops that are so subtly filtered their true origins shine through in an almost subliminal haze. Tracks like Indigo Forest and Holograft are simply stunning with frequently surprising arrangements that flow with a liquid ease and melodies that vanish as soon as they appear. The Mutated Wisdom echoes Mouse on Mars circa Glam with mischievous moments leaving a smile on your face. The closing Super Botany (mazar) is the albums most restrained moment, resonating with an almost childlike bliss that sums up this dazzling album perfectly. This is a truly lovely LP : heartwarming, inspiring.....if records could smile........Lush.

PHILIP JECK : Vinyl Coda IV - Intermedium

This is a quite stunning live set from Philip Jeck recorded at the Bongo Bar in Munich, April 2000 and follows on from his previous Vinyl Coda I-III. Working primarily with dansette turntables, giving each affected passage space to speak then carefully selecting the next wave of sound from a distance, true turntablism thats equally as valid an artform as it is for Q-Bert and his contemporaries. Life enhancing music comes in all forms and maybe on first listen this would seem the strangest, but those of you already in the know share Jecks vision of friendly ghosts of the past entering our headspace. A hauntingly beautiful and important work that only furthers Jecks reputation. Awesome.

PLUXUS : Och Resan Fortsatter Har - Rocket Girl

Finally available on Vinyl!! Swedish analog electric instrumental electropop with soul!! Experience your electronic lineage from polka and organ music through Kraftwerk on to Ultravox and then... Pluxus mostly makes instrumental electronic music, which has been described as Kraftwerk meeting Sesame Street. "If a chair by Danish designer Verner Panton could sing, it would sound something like this". New features on "och resan forts�tter h�r" are male choirs and vocoder-vocals in Swedish. Lovely.

RAFAEL TORAL : Violence of discovery and calm of acceptance - Touch

Now available on CD. New album from Portugese ambient guitar sound specialist Rafael Toral. Luxury CD released in conjunction with Staubgold (who provide the vinyl version available now). Ten tracks recorded between 1993 and 2000, focusing mainly on the possibilities of ambient music sourced via the electric guitar as a sound generator and improvisation explorer with higher levels of risk (using instruments or systems that behave in unpredictable ways) in real time sonic exploration. Jim ORourke and Lee Renaldo amongst others are big fans. Usual outstanding sleeve design from Jon Wozencraft with stunning photography from Heitor Alvelos.

SENSE : A View From A Vulnerable Place - Neo Ouija

Metamatics Neo Ouija label rapidly follows the Acceleradeck LP with a lush album from Sense. Previously known for his release on Aural Industries and a contribution to Mercks Squadron compilation, this album displays Adam Reisbecks talent in full. Melody is the prevalent aspect of Freilands work with each track centred around the melodies rather than the rhythms. The mood shifts from being melancholic as on the opening Elran to the uplifting on Starwalk v2. Another quality collection of melodic electronica from Neo Ouija. Check.

STARS AS EYES : Freedom Rock - Tigerbeat 6

This could well be the finest album yet to come from Kid 606s Tigerbeat 6 label and is in our view one of the most impressive debuts youll come across this year. The Stars are Rhode Island warriors Steve Ferrari and Craig Four with able contributions from Marumari and DJ Eightlegs. Their musical journey traverses Can and Neu fuelled motorik landscapes on Golden Experiences. If Tortoise more fully realised their electro potential over their trademark acoustic fusions, you would be getting close. In places to us reminiscent of Herbie Hancock of Future Shock vintage, especially on Project Famous, and primetime Material. Elsewhere the primal bass and puttering polyrhythms show affinities with the Berlin massive. On tracks like Tell Her I Dont Care you have some of the most tender and beautiful music to emerge from the States in a long while. Overall the Stars have a sound all their own, familiar but refreshingly new and alive. Freedom Rock personified. Essential.

ULTRA LIVING : Transgression - Artefact

Ultra Living is the brainchild of Takuma Nonaka who pitches experimental Jazz with electronica with some amazing results. The first track on this album features Mice Parades Adam Pierce on drums and guitar with lyrics written by The Dylan Groups Dylan Cristy. This sets the tone for an engaging album full of off-kilter changes and impressive musicianship. The programming is superb throughout with some inspired moments included. There is an impressive cover version of Ornette Colemans Skies Of America with some stunning Saxophone soloing. Also present is Preppy MC death of Hip Hop Vol 1, an inspired collaboration with Mike Ladd. Finally available on CD for the first time.

VARIOUS : Tresor Vol 9 - Tresor

Latest comp from the Tresor camp - new and exclusive tracks from : Herbert, Cristian Vogel, James Ruskin, Neil Landstrumm, The Advent, Daniel Bell, Surgeonand many more.

VARIOUS : Ru.electronic - Lo

Finally available on Vinyl! Lo Recordings bring together 16 tracks of contemporary Russian electronica selected by the critically acclaimed EU. Tracks come from PCP, Fizzarum, Lonyx, Cabina, Vesna, Solar X, EU, Klutch, and lots more. You'll probably know the works of Fizzarum, EU and Solar X, but this is a fantastic collection of sounds from an array of new and hitherto undiscovered talent from the brimming Russian scene. Check!

# posted by DJ Martian 2:25 PM

Pelicanneck this week's new releases

Another week to demonstrate that there is no summer slowdown in 2001 for album releases in the electronic music underground as listed @ Pelicanneck this week's new arrivals including these releases:

MIMI : Enthusiast - Cross

Album Of The Week!! .....and now from Japan a debut label and artist appearance that has shocked us with its quality, originality and realisation. Carefree listening personified by the digipack artwork child on playframe, adult on deckchair, child on swing - Enthusiast continues Nobutazu Takemuras visions of updating japanese traditionalism for the digital age while giving full due respect for composers like Steve Reich, especially in certain reflective cross rhythmic patterns and some choice sampling of Electric Conterpoint and the electronic playfullness of Mouse on Mars. Whilst spanning a diverse spectrum of sounds and delving into gentle avant-garde territory at times, Enthusiast is a thoroughly accessable and delicate album that cannot fail to soothe and uplift. Believe in the land of the rising sun and soak up the warm currents that this music surrounds you with. Stunning.

BENEATH AUTUMN SKY : Enki Dus Mono - Hefty

Now available on vinyl!! The increasingly good and influential Hefty label bring us yet another excellent release in the form of a superb five track Mini-LP from Beneath Autumn Sky. The instrumental hip-hop duo BAS formed in the summer of 2000 when Smaze (best known for his work in the world of graffiti art) arrived in Jacksonville, Florida where he hooked up with his old pal and comrade DJ Zane3. They quickly set up shop in the back quarters of a dive record store where they were surrounded by towers of dusty records full of treasure breaks. They dug deep through it all, taking notes along the way. The duos methods differed dramatically - from making beats via pause button/4-track trickery to the old skool routine of cutting and pasting tape loops. Following a hook up with man of the moment Scott Herren (Savath+Savalas, Prefuse 73, Delrosa & Asora), B.A.S had their sound refined. The point where Electronica meets Hip Hop is reached with absolute ease as the opening bars of Skyheadings delve into an untouchable, double bass driven groove. The backbeat, plaintive funk of Meditations eases in next with subtle beat programming keeping the groove on point. Track three comes in the form of A recollection, an atmospheric almost beatless track carried by tender chromatic percussion. The Hip Hop ethos slams in soon after in the form of the breakbeat driven and effortlessly funky Creep. The closing Zealots awaken has a melody with the kind of touch that evokes with little effort. A superbly concieved mini-album that finely tunes the growing production of Hip-Hop/Electronica crossover music and imbues it with a deep sense of organic depth. Highly Recommended.

DAVID AXELROD : David Axelrod - Mo Wax

David Axelrods contributions to music are endless. He is steeped in musical history, from his days as A&R guru at Capitol to recording his latest album for MoWax. He has produced both jazz giants and Hollywood film stars, and released an album preaching environmental awareness years before most had even heard of the ozone layer. This brand new LP features one of Davids longest standing collaborators Lou Rawls and the street poetry of LA rapper Ras Kass. Recorded last year in the famous Capitol B studio (which David made his home in the 60s), over rhythm tracks originally laid down by Carol Kaye, Earl Palmer, Howard Roberts and Joe Sample in 1968, David Axelrod features 9 new Axelrod compositions lovingly composed, arranged and conducted by David Axelrod, produced by David Axelrod and H.B Barnum and featuring a roll call of some of the best studio musicians in the world.

DYKEHOUSE : Dynamic Obselence - Planet Mu

Mike Ps Mu imprint is continuing its frantic roll at the mo with this ace debut album from Detroits Mike Dykehouse. Entrenched in the Motor Citys Techno tradition but with an alarming (over)dose of IDM beat-pop in an ace Rephlex stylee. Standout release in its inherent popiness, accessability and uplifting booster injections of break madness. If yr into the idea of a mashed up slice of Aphex, Mu-Ziq, Adult and Detroit depth, check this. Large.

LESSER : Mensa Dance Squad - Tigerbeat 6

Hyper fly wild, funked up brain mashup brand new CD from San Francisco's favorite mentalist breakbeat/broken hiphop glitchmeister Lesser, the musician responsible for such confrontational and controversial releases like "Welcome To The American Experience" and "Excommunicate The Cult Of The Live Band" and much jamming with the likes of Disc and Matmos. Much more beaty, rhythmic and flowing than his recent Matador full-length debut Gearhound, this release truly covers the gamut of the best of what Lesser is capable of, an overacheiving concept record against the current trend of supposedly "intelligent" dance music. Mensa Dance Squad shakes yr ass back into detention with bpms faster than yr average intelligent dance musician's IQ scores and some of the most hyper and inventively programmed "unintelligent" dance music youll ever hear. Add in a nine minute slamming dancehall-inspired ragga-jungle-techno-gabber remix by the Kid 606 and we are, well, sorted. Aaaaay.

MARTIN LANDSKY : In Between - Poker Flat

Following the sexy adventures of H�kan Libdo, Poker Flat come once again with a funk fuelled slinky bedroom/dancefloor day trip to the hot spots of summer dance styles from former breakdancing kid Martin Landsky. For those of you who like that extra bit of care and feeling in those selected dancefloor moments mixed up with a soulful attitude and an incentive for getting busy with the person in front of you without selling out your music principles, In Between is for you. Tight as you like. Available on eight track vinyl and twelve track polycarbon.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:23 PM

Monday, July 16, 2001


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Perry Farrell

The new album Perry Farrell: Song Yet To Be Sung is released Monday 16th July it is Available @ Audiostreet

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 AM

Sunday, July 15, 2001


The Update Message Board

This is interesting The Update Message Board so to see the inner workings of the music media industry in the UK

The Update Message Board is for the UK's music media professionals and associated music industry people to spread: gossip, news, questions/answers, playlists, tips, other banter.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:35 PM

Out Patients 2 compilation on Hospital Records

Following on from the well received out patients compilation earlier album comes "out patients 2" on Hospital Records.

various artists

"out patients 2"
cat. no: nhs33cd
(click the track titles
on the right
to play the audio)

Out Patients 2 contains a full variety of speed settings, with much summertime flavour: from the soul weekender vibes of Audiomontage, to Landslide's 2-stepping Hear My People, through Jazztronik's 4/4 latin soul, and a slice of millenial jazz from Sweden's secret weapon Swell Session. Sprinkle with herbal remedies from Compost's Les Gammas, percussion explosiennes of Solid Roots, and nuevo bossa from Pulcinella, whose Neopolitan rhythms were discovered on the web. (ain't technology wonderful?)
London Elektricity flip the script with some electro jazz, and Tokyo's Fukutomi makes a welcome return to the OP series with his uplifting version of Changes. Finally, two production's from Elektric alter-egos Future Homosapiens who deliver some bassbin pressure straight out of tomorrow's world.

You even get double the value with the finished product, courtesy of a lovingly crafted 13-track mix by Landslide, representing the left wing of Hospital.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:14 AM

Jungle Voodoo

Jungle Voodoo have just updated their jungle/ drum n bass reviews for July.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:52 AM

Reminder: Dillinja presents Cybotron CD

Reminder one of the most anticipated drum n bass/ jungle albums of all time Dillinja presents Cybotron is finally released on CD, Monday 16th July via the Valve/ffrr label.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:41 AM

Drum N Bass Arena

Drum N Bass Arena have the latest news on junglist Ray Keith including a forthcoming album on the Dread label called 'Dark Soldier: Sinister'.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:35 AM


Bombsounds have updated their website with all the latest drum n bass/ jungle news. Including Aphrodite returns to V2 with a new album in the summer.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:28 AM

Kiss 100: update

Following my rant earlier in the week about Kiss 100 and the weekly drum n bass/ jungle show it has resurfaced at this new time slot Sunday mornings 3am - 5am British time.

Kiss 100 can be heard on the web - so you US, Canadian, European and non London readers of this weblog can join in the sound experience.

The entertaining, knowledgeable and brilliant DJ Hype is in the studio night so I am very happy - Yeah ! lets here it for Hype 100 !

Slamming the drum n bass from dark/hard to the atmospheric/funky stylee ! Drum N Bass/ Jungle is back in full effect 2001!

# posted by DJ Martian 3:17 AM

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester has one again updated his favourite albums of the year so far list.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:30 AM

Saturday, July 14, 2001


Splendid Reviews: July 9th

I am nearly a week behind linking again to Splendid Reviews: July 9th included this week:

another review of Squarepusher / Go Plastic / Warp

a remember these fierce women from the early 90s Babes in Toyland / The Further Adventures of... / Fuel 2000

Other Reviews include

Piano Magic / I Came to Your Party Dressed as a Shadow / Acuarela (CD)

# posted by DJ Martian 11:15 PM

Aversiononline: July Reviews

Always a goood read Aversiononline: July Reviews included are reviews for:

Atomsmasher "s/t" CD
8/10 - [Hydra Head]

Dolorian "s/t" CD
9/10 - [Wounded Love]

Isis "SGNL>05" CD
9/10 - [Neurot]

Keelhaul "II" CD
7/10 - [Hydra Head]

Nostromo "Eyesore" CD
7/10 - [Mosh Bart]

Old Man Gloom "Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism" CD
8/10 - [Tortuga]

Old Man Gloom "Seminar III: Zozobra" CD
8/10 - [Tortuga]

Vision of Disorder "From Bliss to Devastation" CD
7/10 - [TVT]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:26 PM

Aquarius Records: New Arrivals reviews

Aquarius records give the low down on the latest releases Aquarius Records: New Arrivals 117 and also Aquarius Records : New Arrivals 116 as I did not link to to it 2 weeks ago.

Aquarius records reviews: highly recommended reading.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:13 PM

The Smashing Pumpkins: best of

Billboard report that The Smashing Pumpkins will release a greatest hits package scheduled for release: November 6th on Virgin.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 PM

Breeders have the latest news on the Breeders: Breeders Days Away From Completing New LP that is scheduled for an Autumn release on 4ad.

Tentatively titled Title TK, a clever reference to the journalism symbol meaning "to come," the album was produced by �ber-producer Steve Albini in his Electric Audio Recording Studio in Chicago.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:43 PM

The Cure: two new tracks for a best of

Music 365 have the latest news on The Cure who are to go back into the studio to record 2 new tracks.

Robert Smith and the rest of the band are to record two tracks for inclusion a greatest hits album.

This best of compilation will be released later this year in time for the Christmas ca$h in. This will be third significant The Cure compilation album, not counting Mixed Up and Live releases. At least there will be 2 new tracks and if they get the track listing and sequencing right it could prove to be a nice listen in one go.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:39 PM

The Damned

I do not know what to make of this The Damned are back! It seems that in 2001 anything goes, with Captain Sensible also in the line up ! whatever next.

In just over one month, British legends THE DAMNED will be releasing their brand new album, "GRAVE DISORDER" which will hit stores on August 21 (Nitro Records).

# posted by DJ Martian 12:27 PM

Simian: Chemistry Is What We Are

Three more reviews for this electro-acoustic psychedelic album, Simian: Chemistry Is What We Are:

Dotmusic and Drowned in Sound and Playlouder

" experimental mix of folk, dub and electronica, part Pink Floyd, part Kraftwerk..." dotmusic

# posted by DJ Martian 12:05 PM

Friday, July 13, 2001



Worth a mention is the daily music and culture news / reviews website Neumu run under the stewardship of music critic Michael Goldberg.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:46 PM

Etronik Frontline

Etronik Frontline with the latest news on Green Velvet, including an album in September called Whatever.

Chicago producer Cajmere aka Green Velvet makes a comeback with a new single, 'La La Land' on Music Man on August 6th. Known for deranged and twisted house classics like 'Flash' and 'Answering Machine', the single is the first release by Green Velvet since his 1999 album, 'Constant Chaos'. A taster for his new album, 'Whatever', due out in September, 'La La Land' also features a remix from Geo Vogt, yet another Cajmere alias.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 PM

Beta Band

Two views of new Beta Band Hot Shots II album:

The Independent review and The Guardian review

# posted by DJ Martian 12:52 PM

Dillinger Escape Plan have the latest news on Dillinger Escape Plan who are set to release an EP before the end of the year.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:36 PM

Oval - Ovalcommers

Mark Richard-San of Pitchfork reviews Oval: Ovalcommers an album that is finally set for release next week in the UK.

IDM pioneer Markus Popp adds near-distortion to his skipping CD techniques on his fifth full-length.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:33 PM


I agree with this review of Slam - Alien Radio by playlouder I have been playing the album a lot recently. Turn the volume up for maximum effect.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:48 AM

Thursday, July 12, 2001


Losing Today magazine

There is a new edition of Losing Today magazine, it is available in the UK via

Losing Today - Summer 2001 - MAG � 6.5 On Losing Today - LT004 Ref 36170

Described by one critic as "quite the loveliest thing I have ever seen", the lavish and sumptiously presented Losing Today has developed over the course of the last four years from being a fanzine into a magazine, and was the subject of a Pennyblackmusic interview last year. Italian but written in English, it has become an increasingingly indispensable reference for fans of the post rock, gothic and shoegazing movements. Its fourth and current edition features interviews with Mojave 3, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Daomis and Naomi, Cortez, Alphastone, Echo Boy, Laytron, Sea and Cake and Yume Bitsu and also has twenty pages of reviews.As always with Losing Today, there is a compilation CD to accompany the magazine. The latest CD, simply entitled 'Orange Pop'm specialises in the "increasingly melancholy, introspective and ethereall" and has tracks from new and up-and-coming acts Ian Crause, Shallow, Highspire, Sr. Chinnaro, Experimental Aircraft, Landing Gear, Silver Scotter, Cody, Con Dolore, Ashes, Twelfth of Never, Resplandor, Shoes and Rider, Jessica Bailiff with the Dithering Effect and A Beautiful Machine.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

Lightning Bolt - Ride the Skies

Many different reviewers highly rate the freestyle extreme instrumental rock sound of Lightning Bolt - Ride the Skies reviewed here by Pitchfork, to date I have yet to experience anything by Lightning Bolt but I am intriqued to explore.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:00 PM

Departure Lounge

Bella Union record label have some details on the forthcoming album by Departure Lounge called Jetlag Dreams set for release September 10th 2001.

Departure Lounge have recorded a very special full-length album of instrumental music which comes out in September 2001.

This is the sound of four people on a communal search for peace of mind: at turns orchestral, dark, melodic, spacious, ambient, uplifting and melancholic, Jetlag Dreams is overflowing with what the Portuguese call suadade, defined by Nick Cave in his essay, The Secret History of the Love Song as �an inexplicable longing, an unnamed and enigmatic yearning of the soul�. It is an album which will sit comfortably alongside Brian Eno, Air, Arvo Part, Sigur Ros, Angelo Badalamenti, Michael Nyman and Keith Jarrett in your record collection.

Mp3 tracks are available to download at Departure Lounge

The first track I downloaded, Starport is similar in style to Tristeza's spacey ambient rock music.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:00 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2001


Moonspell: Darkness and Hope

Metalhammer report that Moonspell: 'Darkness And Hope' will be released by Century Media on August 28th.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:07 PM

Anathema: Fine Day to Exit report that Anathema: Fine Day to Exit will be released September 11th.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:45 PM

Clicks + Cuts 2 compilation on Mille Plateaux

A strong candidate for best electronic compilation of 2001 Various Artists - Clicks + Cuts 2 - Mille Plateaux reviewed by Pitchfork.

Three CDs clocking in at over an hour a piece, 36 different artists from all over the world..

The German imprint at the forefront of the IDM movement releases a massive three-disc sampler with Kid606, Fennesz, DAT Politics, Kit Clayton, Pan Sonic, Farben, etc

# posted by DJ Martian 7:53 PM

Tuesday, July 10, 2001



Faultline has updated his website:

The second faultline album is due for release in February 2002.
This site will be expanded significantly closer to that time.

It is going to be a long wait to follow up the startling Closer Colder album !

If you have not heard it yet, here is a review by Almost Cool go buy soon!

# posted by DJ Martian 6:22 PM


NME have news of a Ride box set and remastered albums from their back catalogue.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:11 PM


SceneOne gather together reviews of Simian - Chemistry Is What We Are - Manchester's answer to The Beta Band.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:03 PM

Trail of Dead


# posted by DJ Martian 5:57 PM

Monday, July 09, 2001



Metal Hammer report Ministry are to go back into a studio to record new album that wil return to the heavy sound of The Mind is Terrible Thing to Taste.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:25 PM

The Brainwashed Brain: V04I26 - 07082001

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Tomas Jirku, "Immaterial"

the end, it's quality, not quantity that matters.) Immaterial is four 10+ minute songs, with a strong laptop glitchery foundation, completed with a healthy amount of field recordings and dub effects.

Fennesz, "Endless Summer"

Perhaps suffering from recently being prematurely hyped in the press as being "classic", "Endless Summer" is neverless a startlingly good album both on its own or placed next to releases of all his laptop contemporaries; suffice to say that it's brilliant music for beginning your day or ending it, regardless of season.

Slicker, "the latest"

The Latest from John Hughes III under the Slicker incarnate is another milestone for him, with zesty electronics accompanied by thick low-end grooves, continuously evolving songs and sprinklings of organic Chicago post-jazz instrumentality

HiM, "New Features"

There is music for the masses, music for the soul, music for the heart, and those hungry of it, and even music for the malls -- or is that just Muzac? HiM is music for musicians, and "New Features" is an impressive display of the musicianship this group encompasses.

Call it what you will: afrojazz, dub fusion, whatever. It's good. That's the only real label this kind of music needs.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 PM

HiM: New Features

Pitchfork review HiM - New Features album, that is the quick follow up to Our Point of Departure album that was only released last Autumn.

Traces of afrobeat, dub, jazz, and electronic treatment co-exist amicably, sounding more open-minded than stylistically self-conscious. Treated trumpets, electric guitars and electronic percussion weaves in and out over the dub beats and basslines. And the occasional African polyrhythms in these songs: truly great.

. Out of stylistically disparate, but historically connected musics, HiM have created an inspiring and truly original album full of artistic integrity and genuinely imaginative sounds that deserves the attention of any fan of modern instrumental music.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 PM

Twerk - Now I'm Rendered Useless

Pitchfork review the new album by Twerk- Now I'm Rendered Useless that is released today in the UK on Force Inc. Twerk is from the US, and is part of the expanding US lap top / IDM scene.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:16 PM

Squarepusher: Go Plastic

Another positive review for Squarepusher's new album Go Plastic by Playlouder

# posted by DJ Martian 1:10 PM

The Chameleons: Why Call It Anything

Playlouder review The Chameleons: Why Call It Anything

# posted by DJ Martian 1:04 PM

Kiss 100: mess around with the schedules: where has the jungle/drum n bass slot gone?

Those dumb executives at Kiss 100 have moved the drum n bass/jungle show to a new slot? instead from tonight they now have the Groove Armada Show, it is not my bag - its just too smooth and bland - jazzy chillout, some hip hop, funky house lite and mellow watery downtempo grooves. [Now and again a track emerges that catches my interest e.g Susumu Yakota.] Its now got to 1 am and I have had enough of Groove Armada.

It just not my scene its just background muzak that becomes annoying after 20 minutes and makes me want to switch off the radio, much like Giles Patterson on Radio 1 - I never can understand alot of the music he plays - I tune in now and again and have to switch the radio off/ over to another station its just bland music - I call it groove lite background muzak.

Kiss 100 website is rubbish no announcement of the change. Now it is gone from this slot, I am not happy with this. As I mentioned a few weeks a go there are hardly any decent underground electronic music shows left on Kiss.

This just feels so strange, DJ Hype/ Frost were an important part of my life : the perfect end/ and start of a new week - playing the latest jungle/ drum n bass tracks - my life will never be the same again !

Bring back the Hype/ Frost - I hope they have relocated the show to a good slot.

Ed Rush & Optical

Recently I listened to the latest album by Ed Rush & Optical on full blast and I came to the conclusion that they are the most exhilarating electronic music artists in Britain today. The production is so futuristic, so dynamic, so full of life, the tempo changes, the speed of the music the full deep sound production. No one can match the electronic production of Ed Rush & Optical in 2001 in any dance/electronic music scene.

It was DJ Hype that introduced me to Ed Rush & Optical's music several years ago.

PS On a related note good to hear MR C (tech house, and techno music) back from his honeymoon, yesterday on Kiss he was in fine form. Where does he constantly find the tracks he plays? mostly on obscure eps and 12" from small labels that you never hear other DJs spin. Respect to MR C.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:25 AM

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