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Sunday, August 31, 2003


Whisperin & Hollerin review The Wild Swans - Incandescent with a top 10/10 rating.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:42 AM

Mick Karn

ex Japan Bass Guitarist, Mick Karn has a new album: More Better Different on Invisible Hands

Mick's solo album 'More Better Different' will be released on the Invisible Hands label on 29th September. Credits and tracklisting below:

recorded, mixed and produced by mick karn during 2002

instruments: wal bass guitar, guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, keyboards, samples, vocals

the jump
atyan b-boot
it's his birthday this year
never thought
the show
the end gag
wishy-washy wishing
pulsating puddles
great day in the morning

mastered at abbey road studios by sean magee
design: simon davies
photography : jeff cottenden
artist management: debi zornes

# posted by DJ Martian 3:34 AM

Saturday, August 30, 2003


Mildly amusing stats @ BlogStreet:

Popular Music in the Blog world for the Week ending - August 27, 2003
Popularity is decided by counting links to Music items on Amazon

# posted by DJ Martian 4:19 PM

DanceFrontDoor have the tracklisting for Tricky - Back to Mine compilation due for release on September 15th on DMC.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

The Cure - 'Lullaby'
Little Kings - 'How We Ride'
Eric B & Rakim - 'My Melody'
The Beat - 'Mirror In The Bathroom'
Doctor John - 'Loop Guru'
Rodagan and Tricka - 'Believe This'
Morphine - 'Potion'
The Buzzcocks - 'You Tear Me Up'
Le Tigre - 'Much Finer'
Gregory Isaacs - 'Night Nurse'
Kat Cross - 'Symphony For Irony'
Kate Bush - 'Eat The Music'
Constanza - 'Desire'
Chet Baker - 'My Funny Valentine'
Little Kings (feat. Shola) - 'Days Like This'

# posted by DJ Martian 3:52 PM

New A Perfect Circle video for the single: Weak and Powerless can be viewed on Yahoo ! Launch

# posted by DJ Martian 2:28 AM

BBC Music review Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People

# posted by DJ Martian 2:24 AM

Musique Machine review Bulbul - Bulbul (Trost) name checking reference points Neurosis, Lightning Bolt and Outhud.

Avant-rock, art-rock ? Whatever� 4th studio album for the austrian band, and what an excellent collection of songs !

More info @ Trost Records
regards to BULBUL, the windig path is definitely the best. on their new, fourth album BULBUL unhesitatingly follow an inner card through various modern musical genres. mighty, improvisational noise-driven rock, white noise and electronical echo- and space effects build up to energetic songs.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:14 AM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - a Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Donna Regina - Late
Karaoke Kalk

Donna Regina is the collaborative work of Cologne duo Regina and G�nther Janssen. Over the course of their two previous albums, the pair managed to create a sugar-coated hybrid of traditional songwriting, electronic production techniques, acoustic overlays and the unique, unforgettable vocal delivery of the fabulous miss regina. Having been noticed early-on by Matthew Herbert, Donna Regina have released material on his Accidental imprint and Matthew provided production assistance on their highly acclaimed debut full-length "A Quiet Week In The House". Their last album "Northern Classic" has been the strongest selling release to date on Karaoke Kalk, capped with appearances at countless festivals including last year's vintage line-up at Barcelona's Sonar. This fabulous new album from Donna Regina sees the pair shifting their sound once again, developing the saccharine pop of previous outings into a more compositionally complex lineup of songs. Unmistakable, however, is Regina Janssen's way with words and flow, injecting each and every track on board with a slightly melancholy though always uplifting undertone. This is evident from the opening spanish-tinged lullaby "Late", to the goosebump inducing romanticism of "Passer-by" and the spacious autumnal quasi-house of "Rain". A record that will appeal to fans of Lali Puna, Herbert, and St Etienne, "Late" is one of those rare albums that flows into the open waters of the mainstream while retaining its own, uncompromised agenda. A myriad of samples, instruments and overdubs, always playing second fiddle to uncommonly good songwriting and that glowing, unforgettable voice. Gorgeous pop.

Daedelus - Rethinking The Weather

If the full force of The Weather is too much for you then check this. Using the instrumentals of that album as a base, Daedelus has chopped, relayered, remixed, twisted, and given life to a new instrumental project dubbed 'Rethinking The Weather'. This is more or less Daedelus freestyling with his sample banks, cross wiring breaks, killer old school hip hop and ancient music styles in perfect company. Highly recommended.

Busdriver and Radioinactive with Daedelus - The Weather

The album once rumoured to have been picked up by a major UK electronic label which may or may not have delayed it's shipping cross the atlantic to us is thankfully hear at last. Following the ace 'Touch Type' 7" the music continues the eclectic easy glistening textures but now in the more naturally suited hands of the man Daedelus. Of course are as important, hyperactive conscious outpourings which can be dismissed as nonsense but for me it's more akin to the Beasties' 'Paul Boutique' shot through with an Anticon vibe. Wrong but very right.

Why? - The Early Whitney EP

By now you'll know what to expect from Why?. Un hip hop folk psych prog blues. Or something. Guests include Jel (scratching up chicken croaking on 'Darla') and Blevin Blectum (playing violin on 'The Crest'). Hopefully next time we'll hear Why? he'll be deep in the mix on the new cLOUDDEAD or Greenthink projects.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:05 AM

Friday, August 29, 2003


The Wild Swans

via Dr. C on ILM who mentioned this retrospective compilation from The Wild Swans: The Wild Swans - Incandescent available to order now via mail order from Renascent, but gets a full UK release on September 15th.

The Wild Swans were from Liverpool who started making atmospheric guitar music in the early 80s, led by onetime Teardrop Explodes organist Paul Simpson.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:08 PM

BBC Collective interview Jon Kennedy and review his new album: Jon Kennedy � Take My Drum To England

Listened to a few tracks from this - very impressive [ala Broadway Project/ DJ Shadow]

[Note this Jon Kennedy not to be confused with Xfm DJ John Kennedy]

# posted by DJ Martian 3:53 PM

BBC Collective review Anjali - The World Of Lady A

# posted by DJ Martian 3:50 PM

Mid Price Madness from Mute Bank

New sales promotion @ Mute Bank

There are now over 300 brand new Mid Price titles available from Mute Bank from just �6.99 (or �5.95 Non EU) to �8.99 (or �7.65 Non EU).

This massive selection of back catalogue CDs will be available at these prices for a limited period only (until end October 2003).

The MID PRICE MADNESS campaign features a huge selection of Mute artists including:

Erasure, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Einst�rzende Neubauten, Fad Gadget, Diamanda Gal�s, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Laibach, Moby, Nitzer Ebb, Non, Wire, Yazoo, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Irmin Schmidt, SPK, Plastikman, Speedy J, Suicide... plus many many more.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:16 PM

Next week's new releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 2:38 PM

23 Skidoo - The Culling Is Coming is available now via LTM/ Boutique Label mail order, but gets a full UK release on September 29th.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:27 PM provide info on Colin Newman - Commercial Suicide that gets a re-release on 15th September

The album�s distinctive timbre comes from it�s marrying of a simplistic drumless electronic basis and orchestral instruments played by a cast of musicians emanating from a variety of backgrounds (Jeannot Gillis & Claudine Stannakers from avante-classicists Jules Verne, Luc Van Lieshout from Tuxedomoon, Patrick Codenys from Front 242 and the improbably named Rino Christ who was a mate of Luc�s from the circus band!)

Some Press >>> Back in 1986

"You can place 'Commercial Suicide' alongside Robert Wyatt's 'Rock Bottom' or Syd Barrett's 'The Madcap Laughs' in your record collection... just like these elders, Colin Newman is an excentric, in the better sense of the term"
Rock & Folk France

"File under Genius, mad"
Sounds UK

"One of the few Englishmen to whom I would give carte blanche to make pop."
Melody Maker UK

"He's one of these tightrope walkers who throw narrow bridges between pop music and so-called 'new music': experimental, neo-classical, minimalism. Music with strange angles, biased perspectives... one thinks of paintings by Tanguy where mineral ectoplasms float in empty landscapes"
Lib�ration France

"Insidiously powerful"
Record Mirror UK

"If Colin Newman isn't careful he'll soon find himself horribly close to becoming popular"

# posted by DJ Martian 2:13 PM

The Guardian review The Rapture - Echoes as do BBC Collective

# posted by DJ Martian 1:38 PM

Dusted review HiM - Many in High Places Are Not Well

# posted by DJ Martian 1:24 PM

e-mail from 4ad regarding Rema Rema re-issue

We're re-releasing "Wheel in The Roses" by Rema-Rema, which was 4AD's first ever single back in 1980 (although there were four previous records on the Axis label). This will be the first time the single has been made available on CD.

Rema-Rema were a London based five piece exploring post-punk music in the late 70�s before moving on and forming various influential bands in the 80�s.

The Musicians :

Gary Asquith - guitar (later in Mass, Renegade Soundwave)
Marco - guitar (later in Adam and the Ants)
Mick Allen - bass (ex-Models, later in Mass, The Wolfgang Press)
Mark Cox - keyboards (later in Mass, The Wolfgang Press)
Max - drums

The Music :

The �Wheel In The Roses� EP - one side recorded in the studio and one side live - is the only record of a band that had already split up by the time it was released.

Feeback Song (includes extended introduction) (7.20)
Rema Rema (4.23)
Instrumental (4.00)
Fond Affections (4.02)

�Fond Affections� is known to 4AD fans thanks to its appearance on the first This Mortal Coil album, �It�ll End In Tears�. Additionally, the song �Rema Rema� was covered in 1985 by Steve Albini�s Big Black on a very rare one-sided 7� single.

This re-issue is the first time that all the tracks have been available on CD and it is released in a strictly limited edition of only 1000 copies.

The packaging is a card sleeve which is a minature of the original jacket; there's also an inner sleeve and a 4 page booklet with psychobabble by Kevin Mooney (ex-Adam and the Ants). The CD label is a facsimile of the original vinyl label.

For the Rema-Rema artist section, head to Rema Rema

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 AM

And Also the Trees will be releasing the new album 'Further from the truth' on the evening of 24th October 2003.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:52 AM

Thursday, August 28, 2003


Junkmedia have an interview feature on Ima Robot

# posted by DJ Martian 11:07 PM report Jade Tree is set to release Cex�s upcoming full-length, Maryland Mansions on November 18th. [Just how many record labels has Cex been on to date?]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:52 PM

Sonomu review Broadway Project - The Vessel

# posted by DJ Martian 6:36 PM

Musique Machine review David Sylvian - Blemish

# posted by DJ Martian 6:34 PM

TWINE: New Album set to be one of the essential experimental electronics albums of 2003

Twine release a self titled album on Ghostly International on October 21st

04_Girl Song
05_Kalea Morning
07_Asa nisi masa
08_Counting off again
CD includes "C_Song" Video
by Phase 4.
LP Contains additonal track:
-Catalog number: GI-18
-Format: CD (Digpak 6) / 2xLP
-Street Date: October 21, 2003


-An eerie and romantic classic of
ethereal warmth and sinister
-Follow-up EP (CD/12") scheduled
for Spring 2004
-Beautiful 2xLP mastered by Roger
Siebel with bonus track.

Friends talk about nothing over the phone; a gentle guitar strum mutates into a
gauzy substance; a swell of sub-bass and firework crackling ensues. Fuzzed-out
scanners capture distant conversations, and otherworldly voices emerge through
the noise, haunting like a recurring dream.

Twine�s self-titled album, their debut release for Ann Arbor�s Ghostly
International, is a record about the difficulties of 21st-century communication and
the universal threads that unite the physical and immaterial worlds. The
experience of Twine is the static on telephone lines, the nighttime whispers, the
sounds of the aether; a record of dizzying percussive glitch, eerie textures and
vocals grated into a dense fog, a collective but coded dialogue.

Cleveland, Ohio�s Greg Malcolm and Boulder, Colorado�s Chad Mossholder
comprise a unique musical entity. Twine is the culmination of their extended
history, which includes their acclaimed 2002 LP Recorder for France�s Bip-Hop
and their distinguished catalogue for Chicago�s Hefty Records and Sweden�s
Komplott. Their self-titled LP contains a mysterious and unresolved quality, the
result of the musical relationship which the group�s two main practitioners share.
Making music together from across the country, their collaborations are exercises
in postmodern abstraction. Songs become experimentations in the virtual realm,
with files bounced back and forth across time zone and singular ideas becoming

As much a noisy, ambient experience as any heard today, from Fennesz�s Endless
Summer to Black Dice�s Beaches and Canyons, Twine also draws influence from
the free-floating, sand-blasted vocals of Cocteau Twins. This is a story of the
fuzzy lines that connect and distance humanity, and the spiritual in-between that
emerges in the nighttime hours.

Source: Press Release from Ghostly International

# posted by DJ Martian 6:26 PM

This week's One World on Radio 1 features: Tru Thoughts Label mix and Suncycle Showcase

# posted by DJ Martian 2:49 PM

a new issue of Careless Talk Costs Lives will be available soon:

Issue 2 out September 1: Young People, Slumber Party, Cat Power, The Slits, Dizzee Rascal, The White Stripes, The Rapture, Dexys Midnight Runners, Booty Bass, Holly Golightly and a plethora of album reviews, in a handy, albeit back-breaking, A-Z format.

Contents: of this issue of Carless Talk Costs Lives

# posted by DJ Martian 11:41 AM

BBC Music review the K7 label compilation: K7 - 150

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 AM

dotmusic report Echo And The Bunnymen will reissue remastered versions of their first five albums in October: 'Crocodiles', 'Heaven Up Here', 'Porcupine', 'Ocean Rain' and 'Echo & The Bunnymen', that will include new artwork, photos and comment from the band.

This will tie in with a 25th anniversary of the band and a 3 date tour taking in Glasgow, Liverpool and London.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:45 AM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature Mu

This week's front cover choice is Mu, who finally release their album: Afro Finger and Gel on Output Recordings in the UK on September 1st. Mu music is an exotic blend of sounds mashed up into an intoxicating aural delight: sensual, spellbinding and super delicious.

Mu along with artists such as: Adult, Ellen Allien, Aspera, Bangkok Impact, Colder, Dinky, Goldfrapp, M83, Ulrich Schnauss, Patrick Wolf, Zeigenbock Kopf and Zongamin - are all putting exotica in electronics back on the agenda in 2003.

MU - Afro Finger and Gel (Output)
Nobody (except perhaps Kool Keith) can claim to sport as many musical signatures as Baltimore-born globetrotter Maurice Fulton. After compiling an impressive rep sheet of twisted house programming as Ladyvipb, Syclops, Stress, Basement Boys and Eddie And The Eggs, he finally settled in Sheffield and got married last year to Japanese-born Matsumi. They started making beautiful music together and the resulting Mu album, Afro Finger And Gel, is the best punk electronics you�ll hear in 2003. It�s a poppers-fuelled blurring of the lines between goofy techno, body-popping Latin, Japanese pop, Skinny Puppy, Ministry and rousing horndog Basement Jaxx blitzes. Source: I-D

MU - Afro Finger and Gel
'Afro Finger And Gel' is the debut full-length offering from MU, a blistering new beat combo based in Sheffield. With all tracks written and performed by Mutsumi Kanamori, and produced by Maurice Fulton, 'Afro Finger And Gel' is a grand collection of punked up, spliffed out madness, that looks set to punctuate dancefloors worldwide, with its unique blend of demented disco savvy and sheer bloody addictiveness. Source: Vital/ RT

# posted by DJ Martian 12:06 AM

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Junkmedia review Growing - The Sky�s Run Into the Sea

Olympia, WA's Growing has created an album full of textured soundscapes that fall way beyond the realm of post-rock while maintaining an organic familiarity that keep their songs from going off the avant-deep end.

The ambience of Eno, the progressions of Pink Floyd, the epic sweeps of Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Landing-style segueways all come to mind when listening to The Sky's Run Into The Sea

# posted by DJ Martian 4:37 PM

Mark Richardson @ Pitchfork reviews So - So

It's a positively sublime closing track that perfectly illustrates the genius of the So collaboration, the finest record Popp has been involved with since 94diskont.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:23 PM review The Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love (Columbia)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:59 AM review Laibach - WAT (Mute)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:56 AM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

Cardia - Cardia

New York City's Cardia reveals and invokes the romance, vastness, and lush aspects of pop music. Self recorded and self produced, this eponymous debut resonates with a passion for song craftsmanship. This new band feature Ian Love (Rival Schools), St. John Scott (Shudder To Think), Brad Vanderark (Verve Pipe), and Andy Action (Speedball Baby). Seamlessly merging analog depth and studio prowess, combining textured ambient guitars with a driving rhythm section to lay the backdrop for Ian Love's rich soaring vocals.

The Faraway Places - Unfocus On It
Bella Union

Debut album from LA's The Faraway Places. Wearing their musical hearts on their sleeves, they play 60s guitars, psychedelic keyboards and sweet harmonies, with songs ranging from funky garage numbers to West Coast pop, with obvious influences: Sun Ra, T-Rex, Motown, The Small Faces, Fleetwood Mac, The Velvet Underground, Fela Kuti, The Byrds and Memphis soul have all played their part.

The Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love

Second album? Same as the first! But 13 tracks, 33 minutes and in the more optimistic B Major chords, it's GENIUS obviously. Chainsaw rock, sixties girlgroup harmonies, Buddy Holly, Suicide, Blondie and J.A.M.C. Add unbelievably catchy songs, a decadent B-Movie glamour, a gorgeous singer-it's the perfect formula. Second album then: same as the first, but bigger, brighter and even better!

The Silver Mt. Zion - This Is Our Punk Rock

This third album from Silver Mt. Zion, is by far the most melodic album released by any Godspeed You Black Emperor project. On this release, they expand on their core six piece line-up, to include guests on drums and a couple of dozen folk on choral duty! Dense layers of strings collide, blend and differentiate against a backdrop of ragged repeating guitar figures and noise treatments. Their long instrumental passages are there as ever, but there's a much stronger vocal presence than before.

TV On The Radio - Young Liars
Touch And Go

Five songs about lost loves reincarnated and beautiful eulogies for a dead century, from New York's TV On The Radio. On this their first EP for Touch And Go, they're joined by Nick and Brian from The Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

Jorma Whittaker - Jorma Whittaker
Secretly Canadian

With his debut full length, Jorma Whittaker bursts out of the indie heaven known as Marmoset, the dark pop band he has fronted since 1995. Whittaker has created his best and most personal album to date, for fans of melancholic latter day Jesus And Marychain, the Ladybug Transistor, Television and the Clientele.

Various Artists / Hotel Pelirocco

Compilation of tracks from the legendary Brighton hangout for rockers, mods and gutter punks and includes tracks from Henry Mancini, Dusty Springfield, The Bees, Noonday Underground, The Damned, Scissor Sisters, Add N to X, Primal Scream, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Small Faces, Sister Sledge and Minnie Riperton amongst others.

Rebel Powers - Not One Star Will Stand The Night
Strange Attractors

"Not One Star Will Stand The Night" is the eerie debut release by Rebel Powers, a lonely, sorrowful wander through stark tonal passages and cinematic despair. Rebel Powers explore minimalist sound layering via two long, improvised tracks. Sustained guitar notes resonate and sarangi buzzes swirl while chiming waves of concrete percussive clatter and plaintive vocal wails slowly build momentum.

Tsurubami - Gekkyukekkaichi
Strange Attractors

Comprised of Emi Nobuko (drums) and fellow Acid Mothers Temple compatriots Kawabata Makoto (guitar) and Higashi Hiroshi (bass), the inception of Tsurubami harkens a densely churning, deeply immersing whirlpool of sound, spun from a total state of ecstatic improvisation. Upon entering Tsurubami's sphere for the first time, it is immediately evident that a higher form of consciousness is at play. Resonating, ringing guitar fractals are drowned in layers of echo-chamber effects, swelling with intense volume over restless bass pulses and feathery multi-directional drum patterns, scattering sonic debris like clouds of pollen over unsuspecting heads.

Cobra High - Sunset At The Edge Of The Darkness
Gold Crush

This is the debut release from the best and most exciting new band in the NW of America today. Cobra High make instantly familiar, catchy, edgy, fun, sexy music. They have been described as the Damned meet the Faint, that's pretty much on the mark, but there's more, mixing up a more punk rock and mashing up an 80s styled electro clash, keyboards and synths add a real new wave sound overall.

Richard X - Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1

Rocketing to fame with his mash-up of Sugababes and Tubeway Army, Richard X is obviously a big part of the whole electroclash / 'mashing' (as featured on BBC Breakfast News) scene, but, as is proved by his debut LP, he's lightyears ahead of the chasing pack. The reason for this is partly his choice of tracks that he covers (Lil' Louis' "Club Lonely", Bacharach & David's "Walk On By" etc) and partly because of the singers he works with (Soul II Soul's Caron Wheeler, Kelis, Annie, Jarvis Cocker, Deborah Evans-Stickland of The Flying Lizards as well as pop's Sugababes and Liberty X etc).

The Black-Eyed Snakes - Rise Up
Chairkickers Music

After the success of their debut, "It's The Black Eyed Snakes", and after several tours of the USA, the band reconvened and recorded their long awaited second album. The 'Snakes play the blues the way you wish they were played, taking advantage of the grit spawned by punk and the sonic freedom of modern artists - anyone who can cover Soft Cell, Swans and Bo Diddley without even flinching is worth a look. Tim Rutili of Califone makes guest slide appearances on several of the songs, but at the core is the distorted preacher meets doomsayer vocals of Chicken Bone George (AKA Alan Sparhawk of Low).

Fila Brazilia - B2

This is Fila Brazilia's second "Brazilification" collection that rounds up their mixes of other artists. It opens with their mix of Fluke's "Tosh", which you'll know as an Electric Chair anthem from a few years back, and also includes mixes of (in all different genres!) Jose Padilla, The Truth, Cal Tjader, Sven Vath, United Future Organisation, Future Loop Foundation, Mellow etc.

Req - Car Paint Scheme

This is the fourth LP from Brighton's nocturnal beat creator Req, and it sees the rest of the world catching up with the avant electro-acoustic hip hop instrumentals he's been cutting since 1997. This Warp LP gives light to standout tracks from the past three years.

Jon Kennedy - Take My Drum To England
Grand Central

Jon Kennedy ploughs a similar furrow to Mr Scruff, Hint or Aim - the one marked slightly quirky instrumental hip hop or dreamy downbeat. Among the instrumental tracks, there's also vocals by Kate Rogers and Karen Wilson.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:12 AM

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Reminder: John Kennedy on Xfm tonight [UK time 11pm - 1am] will be featuring the new UNKLE album in full with James Lavelle talking us through the Never, Never Land tracks.

Those outside of London can tune in via the web @ Xfm

# posted by DJ Martian 6:39 PM

As profiled on End Records - The Omega one of the most challenging avant rock albums of the year? The soon to be released debut album from Norway's Virus

VIRUS - Carheart

The eccentricity of Virus lies at it's core as it features members of the prominent Ved Buens Ende. Virus is a new beginning though and conjures avantgarde auras of darkwave rock (Talking Heads) with unorthodox metal (Voivod). For the ones that seek adventures and new discoveries, Virus will plaque your ears for quite awhile...

# posted by DJ Martian 6:05 PM

Jazzwise blog, notify what to expect in the September issue of Jazzwise magazine:

On the cover is the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, and inside the trio members are interviewed ahead of the release of their latest much anticipated CD. Inside there are features on bassist Dave Holland, Alan Skidmore, John Coltrane's Transition, new singer Gwyneth Herbert, Malian superstar Oumou Sangare and piano whiz Matthew Bourne plus news and a big review section.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:57 PM

Photek will release an album: Do or Die in early 2004, as reported by

# posted by DJ Martian 1:23 PM report that Massive Attack plan to spend the rest of the year in a recording studio, working on new material.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:14 PM

Splendid review Tujiko Noriko - From Tokyo to Naiagara

# posted by DJ Martian 1:09 PM

Polmo Polpo

5 tracks, 47 minutes. Debut album. Multi Layered drones & loops, fused with guitars. A beautiful album which simply transcends genres. Must not be missed. Distributed via Southern Records

Constellation will release Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling on September 22nd

Building on foundations of multi-layered full-spectrum drones & loops, the music of Polmo Polpo is distinguished by slide guitar motifs that are more naive pop pastoral than spaghetti western. Opening track "Romeo Heart" builds inexorably from silence to jet-engine pink noise squall, coaxed along by descending bass & guitar lines -- an excellent introduction to a record that gains in emotional resonance and structural complexity with every song. "Requiem For A Fox" introduces the techno-inflected, underwater heartbeat pulse that marks much of Sandro's earlier work, with whirring ring tones, detuned filters & a sardonic melody gradually giving way to the jauntier acoustic guitar groove & exuberant slide solo at song's end. "Farewell" is a darker interlude rounding out Side One, based on bowed bass, cello & timpani-sized drum samples.

"Sky Histoire" has the most overt rhythmic foundation of any Polmo Polpo track to date, anchored by brilliant interweaving bass & string lines while leaving plenty of room for guitars & keyboards to soar. The juxtaposition of melodic figures as the song hits maximum density is glorious, fittingly giving way to a reprise complete with celebratory bells & chimes. The title track & album finale features Gen from Hangedup, looping & weaving her string work into a verdant organic landscape of squeaks, skronks & moans while accordion sways over top: a gorgeous display of sonic fauvism to close the record.

Polmo Polpo has crafted a subtle, enveloping, kaleidoscopic instrumental pop record, brimming & bursting like hearts swelling.

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Absorb interview Patrick Wolf

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Fantomas, who feature Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo, release new album: Delirium Cordia on October 6th on Ipecac

1 track, 55 minutes. The third album from Mike Patton, Buzz Osbourne, Dave Lombardo and Trevor Dunn. A more ambient and dark record than their previous albums.

Source: Southern Records

# posted by DJ Martian 12:26 AM

Abacus Records will release Radiation 4 - Wonderland, in the US on September 9th, [ list it as import for UK folk]

With an aching and yearning to break free from the normal confines of hardcore and metal, RADIATION 4 was born, a band bent on raising the bar both creatively and aggressively as evident on their debut album, Wonderland. To those in the hardcore/metal underground: prepare for a breath of fresh air�

The Los Angeles-based quartet formed in the spring of 2001 in Diamond Bar, California with its core members, Chris Negrete (vocals), Jon Windham (guitar), Jose Escobar (bass) and Aaron Windham (drums), all prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their collective musical aspirations. In October 2001, the band produced and released 1,000 copies of their self-titled EP, which eventually drew the attention of Abacus Recordings, who quickly signed the band. Drawing comparisons to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle, Botch and Fantomas, among others, it�s no question that RADIATION 4�s debut will turn heads in all scenes while earning themselves legions of fans in the process. �I could never understand how bands just play the same thing time after time,� says Negrete. �They don't really set themselves apart from anyone. Our goal is to get everyone excited about something new.�

From rampaging fits of spastic energy, on tracks such as �Tick, Tock, Tick� and �When Animals Attack� to carefully crafted, epic yet eerie journeys such as �The Prize� and �John Vs. The Elephant,� it�s clear that the listeners� attention will never wander from this disc. Equally captivating are the vocal purgings from Negrete, who is as entertaining and amusing as he is gripping and powerful, with a resemblance toward Mike Patton�s acrobatics. Forgoing the typical lyrical path of countless hardcore and metal bands, RADIATION 4 base their lyrics around the musical theme of their songs, which will (certainly) confuse, (sometimes) astound and (definitely) provoke the listener.

Wonderland was mixed by Matt Bayles (Botch, Isis, Burnt By The Sun) at Studio Avast and features a breathtaking layout by Chandler Owen (Hopesfall, Shai Hulud) to aid in visually spellbinding the already sonically entranced audience. As a group, RADIATION 4 places no limitations on the scope of their songwriting, and Wonderland is solid proof of that.

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Monday, August 25, 2003


Just listened to this band: The Keys [a new signing to Too Pure records] on Xfm. The single: Love your Sons and Daughters which is released on September 8th, is a complete carbon copy of The Comsat Angels - 20 years + late.

The Keys have the exact timing, style, textures - vocals and guitars as The Comsat Angels, circa Fiction.

The recently completed self-titled debut album from The Keys is now set for an autumn release on October 6th.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:34 PM

Stafr�nn H�kon

Resonant release Stafr�nn H�kon - 'Skvettir edik � ref' on September 22nd [although available direct from the label now]

Stafr�nn H�kon - 'Skvettir edik � ref' (RESCD005) CD in stock now . This is the first of two Stafr�nn H�kon albums coming out on Resonant in 2003, the second one '� �standi rj�punnar' (RESCD006) will follow before the end of the year and a third brand new studio album will be released in spring 2004 .. YAAHHOOO !


Stafr�nn H�kon is the musical project of Olafur Josephsson, a young Icelandic experimental musician. Since early 1999, he's been experimenting with guitars, drum loops and various instruments in his basement using a 4-track recorder. The concept of music has always been in it's basic form for Stafr�nn H�kon, mostly played on distorted guitars and an acoustic guitar along with drum loops and melodica. Both these albums are presented as digipack CD's and will appeal to all those with a love of drifting, ethereal soundscapes ala Labradford, Tarentel, Aerial M, an instrumental Sigur Ros etc etc

'Skvettir Edik � Ref' (RESCD005) will be released worldwide on September 22nd 2003 although mailorder customers can buy copies now from us direct.

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Prefix magazine provide the latest music news and reviews, covering alt rock and hip hop.

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Delusions of Adequacy interview Aereogramme

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Details of the next 3 Mixing it shows on Radio 3:

31 August 2003 - 23:00-24.05

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report
from Edinburgh and Glasgow on the alternative
music scenes in the two cities, and meet Frog
Pocket, Bovine Life, the Magnificents and Colditz.

7 September 2003 - 23:00-24.05

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique
mix of musical styles and influences.

14 September 2003 - 23:00-24.05

A site-specific performance from the Niemeyer
Pavilion of London�s Serpentine Gallery by Mimeo,
an international improvising group including Pita,
Kaffe Matthews, J�r�me Noetinger and Keith Rowe.

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The latest Mixing It show features an interview with Basil Kirchin

Interview: Basil Kirchin
Basil Kirchin began his musical career as a big band drummer, and played extensively with the Ted Heath Orchestra. Towards the end of the 1960s he began to experiment with tape manipulation, field recordings and free improvisation, and produced some recordings which were never released but became legendary.
However, one of these recordings, Quantum, has finally seen the light of day on the Trunk label, run by long-time Basil Kirchin fan Jonny Trunk.

>>> To listen to the latest Mixing It show, click on the link on the top right, Listen to the Latest Programme.

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Some new reviews @ Absorb including:

ambulance - the curse of vale do lobo (planet mu)
davide balula - peliculle (l'apareil)
campfire songs - campfire songs (catsup plate records)
chris clark - empty the bones of you (warp)
the grassy knoll - short stories (sixty one sixty eight)
bogdan racznyski - renegade platinum mega dance attack party: don the plates (rephlex)

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Project Dark - Gramophone De Luxe is released this week via a launch party happens on Wednesday evening in London at the Foundry, Great Eastern St.

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new release selection - 25/08/03 @ Rough Trade

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a few reviews @

Salamander - Birds of Appetite (Camera Obscura)
Bardo Pond - On the Ellipse (All Tomorrow's Parties)
Animal Collective - Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)
Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People (PIAS)

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Metal Urbain

Metal Urbain were often compared to as the French PIL/ Public Image Ltd, and recorded for Rough Trade. Some excelent news: Acute Records [part of Carpark Records] are to release a retrospective Metal Urbain anthology in November

acute is very excited to announce that we are reissuing the works of the legendary french post-punk group metal urbain and their side projects metal boys and dr. mix. we plan to release the metal urbain anthology this november and metal urbain will play some shows in the new york and LA area to coincide. for those who don't know, metal urbain were a late 70s/early 80s post-punk group that blended punk rock guitars, drum machines, and assorted analog synth noises. they were lucky enough to have the first release on rough trade records back in the day. and wouldn't you know it their records have been out of print for years and are considered expensive collector items. metal urbain's sound has influenced such groups as big black and the jesus and mary chain. the plan is metal urbain in november, metal boys in january, and dr. mix in february. more details very soon...

Source: e-mail from Carpark/ Acute records

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The Brainwashed Brain V06I33 - 08242003

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

D�sormais - Iambrokenandremadeiambroken...

Fennesz - Live in Japan

Growing - The Sky's Run Into the Sea

Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks

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This week's Breezeblock show on Radio 1 features: Phuturistix with Zed Bias + Manitoba live

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According to the ranking on Zyklon - Aeon is the best Metal album of 2003 so far. This album will be released on September 8th in the UK.

Ranking >>> Metalbite: Top 50 ranked Metal Albums of 2003

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The latest new releases and re-issues are profiled @ Aquarius Records New Arrivals #169, including:

Hella - Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass (Narnack)

That rad Sacto duo Hella is back, guitar and drums just goin' for it in a punk-prog stylee. You can still use Lightning Bolt and the Ruins as comparisons, but with the added instrumentation -- noisy, new wavey synths -- they're getting further away from the Bolt template. All instrumental save for some funny voices bookending the tracks, this album is just as kinetic and hyperchaotic as their previous output, veering into a bit o' Carl Stalling style cartoon music as befits the title. 7 songs in just under 20 minutes, plus for those with computers, a live video clip for "Brown Metal" from their first album. Definitely a treat for those into drums, math, and spinning around until you're dizzy. FUN!

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Cicadidae (Temporary Residence)

One of the few "post rock" bands to play somber organic, electronica-imbued music and have it NOT be background filler, but full of emotion, narrative, texture, and meaning, Germany's Kammerflimmer Kollektief have delivered their prettiest album with Cicadidae. The squiggly processed electronics frolic, sounding like seagulls, over warm violin, harmonium drone, and chattery, shimmering drums. There's saxophone, vibraphone, double bass, all so evocative and melodic. Exploratory experimental jazz bits contrast nicely with the epic lush resolutions, reminding us sometimes of Amon Tobin's quieter moments, also Kreidler, To Rococo Rot, the Tied + Tickled Trio. Windy's new favorite record and one of the most satisfyingly lovely albums since Fridge's Eph. Just listen to that first sound clip and my guess is you'll be hooked.

Ephel Duath - The Painter's Palette (Elitist / Earache)

Woah. The "what the fuck?!" meter is going off the scale here. Ephel Duath -- no, we don't know what that name means exactly -- are from Italy and this is their second album. They're a black metal band. So far, so good, so what. Then take a listen. THIS is black metal?? More like metalcore (the screaming vocals), prog (the schitzo song structures), and/or jazz (the horns, the drumming). Let's talk about the drummer -- the dude's a jazz drummer pushing 50, who never played a metal "date" before. Well, he shows up quite a few metal drummers with this performance. And, to backtrack, yes we said horns. Total Miles Davis In A Silent Way trumpet, y'know... Then there's also everything from prettily melodic sensitive male vocals to skittering electronic beats to funk bass to ambient synth drone to, oh yeah, epic symphonic black metal thrown in. Could be a mess, yet somehow, somehow, it works, for us anyway. They just have a knack for mixing all these ingredients just right so that the results stick in your ear. Call 'em songs, even though they don't sound much like most songs out there. So, if your listening diet contains some or better yet all of the following, you're pretty much meant to buy this Ephel Duath disc: Arcturus, Naked City, Maudlin Of The Well, Mr. Bungle, Melt Banana, Yakuza, Neurosis, Sigh, Dillinger Escape Plan, Radiohead, Opeth, Emperor... Yeah, Opeth with jazzy trumpet and more of an ADD, John Zorn styled songwriting approach, that might be a good shorthand description of this Ephel Duath thingie.

Frog Eyes - The Golden River (Global Symphonic)

Hailing from the same city that popped out Hot Hot Heat, Frog Eyes bring forth an altogether different sound from their Victoria, BC brethren. Imagine a baroque hybrid of the Brit-inflected melodrama of Interpol or Pulp and the more dissonant, hand-wringing instabilities of Xiu Xiu. Very high on moody affectation with the focus squarely on the vocals. In addition to the deeply emotional croon and warble of those mentioned above, singer Carey Mercer may also draw comparisons to Tom Waits' hoarsely heart-baring delivery or the slightly smoother sandpaper swoon of Psychedelic Furs' Richard Butler. Lyrics and song titles are somewhat cryptic, obtuse and strangely poetic. The backdrop: electric guitar string churns and howls, shimmery cymbal washes, all anchored by some velvety piano melodies. FYI: More evidence of the Vancouver/Victoria music scene being quite a mighty tight knit family? Neko Case's Corn Sister co-hort Carolyn Mark lent her lovely voice to three songs (check out the luminous fifth song "A Latex Ice Age"), and Ms Mark's bandmate Tolan McNeil engineered the proceedings. Recommended.

Ohgr - SunnyPsyOp (Spitfire)

Although the opening track "HiLO" seems to start things out in a similar fashion, as a whole SunnyPsyOp is definitely not as Numanesque and pop-oriented as Ohgr's previous album Welt. So if you were craving more of the same, unfortunately you'll just have to keep spinning the former 'cause this takes a somewhat different path. However, it's not completely off the map of Ohgr. If you're seeking more of a bridge between Skinny Puppy (the project that Ohgr is best know for, where he recorded as Nivek Ogre) and the abovementioned album - something somewhat more somber and abstract, more skin-crawling and mind-bending - this might be for you. Whereas Welt might've made you want to get up and move about, SunnyPsyOp might make you want to settle down into brood mode with a sturdy set of headphones. Shades of Nivek Ogre's Skinny Puppy roots surface here - perhaps as a result of the recent reunion of said group (that's right, we can expect a new album from Cevin Key, Ogre and co. very shortly! - listen... are those celebratory cheers coming up from the catacombs?). Of course it sounds great. Much like his SP bandmate, sonic craftsman / mad genius Key, Ogre's gained another well-suited, producer / multi-instrumentalist in Mark Walk (Pigface, Ruby). He skillfully fills your ears with rich synthesizer textures, sharply puncturing beats and intricate details and captures Ogre's deeply emotive and affected voice in fine form. With cover art by Camille Rose Garcia. Includes a video for the track "Majik".

Stars As Eyes - Loud New Shit (Tigerbeat6)

Stars As Eyes traverse through such varied musical terrain on their new cd that it almost sounds like a compilation of a bunch of different bands. Perhaps they've been drawing inspiration from their vast array of Tigerbeat6 labelmates (psst, check out the label's recent bargain-priced compilation Open Up And Say...@<%_|^[!] for a thorough sampling of their roster)? Actually this is more of a remix collection than an album proper. Of the dozen tracks, one third are new, and over half are remixes... which probably factors in greatly to the diversity of the track selection. It all starts familiarly Stars As Eyes-y. That is, chiming, airy electronic dreaminess (track 1 "Some Life"), then things darken and churn somewhat into something akin to 'industrial-lite' (track 2 "Rotten"). But wait! Let's not get all gloomy! Party down with some disco punk a la The Rapture, Outhud (track 5 "Falling Picture - Shy Child Remix"), and lighten back up with more soothing melancholic-tronica (track 9 "Our Light - Casino Versus Japan Remix"), then brood, brood, brood into some very moody Brit rock-ish songs (track 10 and 11 "La Methode Francaise - Dwayne Sodahberk Remix" and "Resistance Days - Mum Nostalgia"). Delightfully eclectic or puzzlingly wishy-washy, you decide.

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Pitchfork review Chris Clark - Empty the Bones of You

This album is album of the week at Junkmedia

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A note from Stylus about changes coming soon...

Stylus will be closed this week for summer cleaning. We will back next week with a new design, a slew of features and the same great taste in music...

This week: we'll be putting up a few reviews on the blog and, at the same time, keeping up the same torrid pace of posting that we've maintained in the recent past. If you haven't been, now's the time to start checking it out!

Stylus Blog...The Turntable

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Key new album releases for August 25th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: August 25th

And One - Aggressor (Virgin) [German Import available at Music Non Stop]
Apparat - Duplex (Shitkatapult)
Arch Enemy - Anthems of Rebellion (Century Media)
Envy - Dead Sinking Story (Level Plane) [Listed as an Import @]
The Faraway Places - The Faraway Places (Bella Union)
John Foxx and Harold Budd - Drift Music/ Translucence (Edsel)
Greenbank - Rotating The Square (Benbecula) EP
Iyunx Productions - Syrup Bones & Toast (U Cover)
Jon Kennedy - Take My Drum To England (Grand Central)
LFO - Freak (Warp) EP Single
Project Dark - gramophone de luxe (Phono Erotic) [Available at]
Akira Rabelais - ...Benediction, Draw (Orthlorng Musork)
Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love (Columbia)
Req - Car Paint Scheme (Warp)
Marc Ribot - Scelsi Morning (Tzadik)
Richard X - Presents His X Factor Volume 1 (Virgin)
Silencer - Signals (Critical Mass)
The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band - "This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather +Sing (Constellation)
The Swords Project - Entertainment Is Over If You Want It (Ryko) [Import]
TV On The Radio - Young Liars (Touch & Go)

For Reference:

Last Week: August 18th

Campfire Songs - Campfire Songs (Catsup Plate)
Cappo - Spaz the World (Zebra Traffic)
Client - Client (Toast Hawaii)
Crankcase - Model Arimetic (Pete)
The Cruxshadows - Frozen Ambers (Ferret) [Available at Music Non Stop]
Elbow - Cast of Thousands (V2)
Fluke - Puppy (One Little Indian)
Manual - Isares (Static Caravan)
Minmae - Microcassette Quatrains (BlueSanct)
Pleasure - Pleasure (Circus)
Royce - Subtleties of the Game (Galapagos 4)
Secret Machines - September 000 (679) [UK Release 2003]
Signaldrift - Compass (Wobblyhead)
SikTh - The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out, Wait For Something Wild... (Unparalleled Carousel/Gut label)

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Sunday, August 24, 2003


new releases @ Fopp for this week [Week Commencing, August 25th] with added press quotes.

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Hydrogen Dukebox release The Lithium Project - Many Worlds Theory on September 1st:

Electronic Lounge scientists The Lithium Project return...

Swerving from their most probable musical path, Jason Farall and Kenny Clarke's latest Lithium Project intrigue sees them settling into an altogether more fluid batch of songs, departing from the grit-studded production of debut album 'Passo Fundo' and allowing the music it's head.

Something's happened. A rebirth, perhaps? Whatever the cause, the effect is startling to hear. A sharper focus has pushed their sound into a zone occupied by the purest of originators, and while this album sometimes maintains a connection with dark moods, it's the stuff you're glancing into rather than peering out from.

True, scuttling beats and avant-gasdism occasionally make a break for it, but a new-found feeling for the residual 'sweetness' in their sound means that even the discord of tracks like 'Feynman's Theme' seems utterly right. Likewise, take in the Duane Eddy guitar moments on 'Spooky Action' and you might expect a looming dark-up, but once again, there's something radiant bubbling under, and the emphasis shifts before the light fades.

Like all exploratory musical forms there's a beguiling broth of tones and textures to absorb here, but with a sure-footedness that again suggests a new-found clarity. Even the rhythms, close-up and delicately understated, follow suit. Ingenuity and unselfconscious emotion have, it would seem, conspired to make Many Worlds Theory a remarkable album

# posted by DJ Martian 9:51 PM

The Creatures - H�i!

The Creatures will release a new album: H�i! on October 20th

THE CREATURES: Siouxsie & Budgie return as The Creatures with their emphatically titled new album �H�i!� Translated, the title of this Self-produced, Anglo-Japanese fusion means �Yes!� and is released on their own Sioux Records label on October 20, 2003. As mysterious as the serene yet sensual beauty of the cover image by Japanese artist Kimiko Yoshida, �H�i!� is an alchemy of distilled atmospherics and sublime minimalism. Yet as Siouxsie�s vocals soar over Budgie�s daredevil drums & marimbas, syncromeshed to the pulsing Taiko rhythms of ex-Kodo drummer Leonard Eto, �H�i!� soon splits several sonic skins to emit a roar that would rival that of Japan�s most famous movie monster, �Godzilla!�, whose paean from Siouxsie will be released as a single on October 6, 2003. �H�i!� began on the stormy Tokyo morning when fate brought Budgie and Taiko drum master Leonard Eto together for the first time. �The spirit of Japan has touched our souls and a new chapter in the story of �The Creatures� has begun� says Budgie.

Tracklisting: 1. Say Yes! 2. Around The World 3. Seven Tears 4. Godzilla! 5. Imagoro 6. Tourniquet 7. Further Nearer 8. City Island 9. Tantara

Press Release from: The Creatures

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Saturday, August 23, 2003


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - a Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Apparat - Duplex

That's the s**t im talking about. "Duplex" is a great electronic album - one of the finest of the year so far - at once daring and traditional, experimental and conciliatory, tough and soothing. An amalgamation of ideas and production tools that span across varied styles and means of execution, bringing to life an unpretentious, brave fusion of intricate electronic constructions and a seemingly unconscious sprinkling of acoustic traditions. "Granular Bastard" opens proceedings brilliantly, taking its time, carefully showing its hand from the disjointed synthesis of the opening sequence to the eventual materialisation of the crunchy complexities of rhythm and the affecting melodies. Taking it slow, one breath at a time. Awesome. "Contradiction" follows in startling fashion, weaving in a gentle backdrop of sparse guitar to the broken, slowed-down beat and the reflective vocal that uncomfortably squeezes itself in. Flawed, vulnerable, genuinely moving. The rest of the album employs these principles as its guideline - veering from a heavily processed take on IDM through to gentle reflections and vocal renditions - at times appearing robust and angry, at others exposing its flaws, but always doing so with utmost originality and a desire to innovate that once in a while just devastates. There are very few IDM albums that take these sorts of risks, a thing that should be applauded. Highly Recommended.

Greenbank - Rotating The Square

Following the massive critical and commercial acclaim heaped on Benbecula's recent album release from alleged one-time Boards Of Canada collaborator Christ, the label returns with another mouthwatering debut. This first release from Peter Brittain's Greenbank project glides across classic electronic terrain, employing at its root a love of the seminal IDM sound as employed by Aphex, Autechre and the Artificial Intelligence crew, coupled with an emotive response to delicate, crunchy soundscaping. The opening "I Need More Time" unfolds an arrangement of reflective piano cascades and squashed beats, a natural appendix to the sound of Christ that so mesmerised those who dipped into its wonders. "My Computer" is far denser, a tougher arrangement of crunchy beats and oscillating sub-molecular basslines weaved into a nostalgic, gorgeous line-up of synths in portamento - a massive electroid monster of a tune. The 8-bit pop-blitz disfunction of "Loads of Little Squares" acts as fine preparation for the simply immense opener on the flip - "Fluted". This is an awesome, perfectly executed Plaid-esque moment, all bouncy percussion and playful synths, broken beats wrapping themselves around the mix in a vaguely West London style - set to be absolutely massive. Benbecula is one of the world's most respected, closely-followed electronic imprints, this is undoubtedly one of their finest moments to date. Ace.

Iyunx Productions - Syrup, Bones and Toast
U Cover

Manchester's Iyunx Productions, aka Yunx, take a break from their own Yunx Recordings imprint to deliver this fine slice of home listening for the dependable U-Cover label. "Syrup, Bones and Toast" is a soothing blend of detroit strings and evolved' electronic beats. The opening "Casee" revolves around a headnod tempo and some haunting, almost operatic samples that weave in and out of the mix in a typically Yunx-like, soundtrackish manner. "Glue Sniffer" is more uptempo and broken, slight ambient interjections aiming the music at the heart rather than the feet. Lovely stuff.

LFO - Freak
CD single

Mark Bell is a man on a mission. He follows-up the one-sided promo release of "Freak" with this mighty, nasty 3-tracker, a devastating statement of intent for what will surely be a landmark album for Warp due in a few weeks time. "Freak" is remarkable in its ability to return to that nasty, dark warehouse acid sound that typified LFO's early work, doing so with an updated slant that comes across like vintage acid mangled in with Mr Oizo's Flat Eric. To be able to root out such an overtly rude, bunker club sound after producing material for the likes of Depeche Mode and Bjork is surprising and something to be greatful for - crossover status beckons for one of Warp's finest club outings in years. "Butterslut" on the flip is another menacing beast of a track, all grinding, grating oscillations and spastic synths, before a deep warehouse acid segement spins the track off and into another time. "Whistle While You Jerk" is more intricate and overtly "Electronic", a spannered arrangements of bullet-fast complex percussive constructions and tight as f**k beat-editing - definitely NOT home listening. Good to see the man letting off some steam - it's gonna be some party. Ace.

Prefuse 73 - Extinguished : Outtakes

Those of you who found Scott Herren's last full-length outing as Prefuse 73 a bit disjointed, a tad over-ambitious, will be pleased to drop into this much tighter collection of out-takes, re-workings and edits for this 23-track, 40 minute long Mini-Album excursion for Warp. Full of short segments, interludes and cut-ups weaving in and out of lengthier pieces, "Extinguished" is a much more consistant effort from Herren. The opening "Suite for the way things change" emulates DJ shadows approach to sectioned arrangements, although with much more derranged samples and toys at its disposal. Veering from skewed string edits to the obligatory vocal snip, the movement flows into stutterd beats, time-changes and a more organic selection of drums towards its end. The demented scuzz funkline of "I Got No Time" deploys a big nod of approval towards Dabrye's focus on electric structures and 100 ton beats to blinding effect - knowing to end itself sweetly at the 1.30 minute mark for maximum impact. "Robot Snares", one of the longer tracks on offer at a staggering 3:17 minutes, is a much more traditional Prefuse outing, piano slaps and melodic vocal enhancements bringing to life a more traditional "song" vibe, done the Prefuse way, of course. Good work from artist an label - a useful, addictive alternative / appendix to its much more sprawling older brother - "One Word Extinguisher". Really good fun.

Req - Car Paint Scheme

Req's fantastic "Car Paint Scheme" has been in the making for a long time, pieced together and carefully compiled across 3 years of painstaking, constant work. Differentiating itself with a severe attitude, distinct from his work with Kid Acne and his previous effort for Warp "Sketchbook", "Car Paint Scheme" is a much more solid, extreme piece of work. The opening "Runout Scratches" is an abstract assembly of runout groove manipulation and obtuse turntablism reminiscent of Pure's "End Of Vinyl" work for Mego. The avante Garde approach, however, offsets itself perfectly against the relentlessly oldskool, stripped turntablism that follows. Tracks like "Ry Drum", "Worthing Line", "Cosmic Elements" and "Blimpot" reducing themselves to a tight beat structure, not unlike some of the finer battle tools, although augmented by tiny manipulations and some deft, awesomely timed scratching. "Mirror Beats" sticks to a vaguely similar formula, but stretches the boundaries to make room for some genuinely breathtaking beat/machine editing routines. Awesome stuff. "Train Jam" and "Soul Plot", meanwhile, steal the show with more uptempo expositions of tight funk sections, as good a combination as what one might expect had DJ Krush collaborated on the mighty Smith N Hack album. Brilliant, showstealing work from Req and Warp. Highly Recommended.

Richard X - Richard X Presents his X-Factor Vol.1

Love him or hate him, Richard X has a good story to tell. A sort of musical tale of rags to riches, setting the enigma off with his fantastic Girls on Top 7"s and the pathetic bastard pop scene that followed, the man did it better than the rest and, well, before too long swapped dodgy Czech-pressed 7"s into major label deals and a queue of manufactured bands lining up to get a dose of his X-Factor. The "sell-out" was inevitable, but listening to this album you get the impression that our richard is a bloody smart little sod. There are some genuinely brilliant production touches scattered across the 15 tracks on offer but, bizarrely, the album falls on precisely those splicing techniques that got him there in the first place. Perhaps the idea that all samples have been cleared has taken something away from the buzz, for in the end the whackest r&b tunes stateside have used similar techniques for years, or maybe the popularisation of something once undeniably underground is just a tad too crass - in either case, there's nothing dangerous, daring about what's on display. With all said and done, however, it's a good fun pop album, and you just can't help but admire the man for, well, you just sense he's at times really taking the piss, having his cake and eating it like. Good on ya Rich.

A Silver Mt. Zion - This Is Our Punk Rock.....

This third full-length recording by Godspeed offshoot band Mt. Zion finds the band continuing to work as a six-piece, with guests on drums & a couple dozen folks on choral duty. The core personnel remains Efrim (guitar, piano, tapes, effects, vocals), Thierry (bass), Sophie (violin), Beckie (cello), Ian (guitar) & Jessica (violin). The new record was sketched in rehearsals through the autumn of 2002 & then extensively arranged in studio at the hotel2tango. The result is four long pieces, each in two or more sections, all featuring group and/or lead vocals. Efrim's increased vocal presence is the most obvious evolution from past efforts, yielding the most direct articulation of themes & emotions that have run throughout his work with Mt. Zion & Godspeed you! black emperor. Long instrumental passages remain however, marked by the most compositionally deliberate, complex & precise writing the band has set to tape thus far. Dense layers of strings collide, blend & differentiate against a backdrop of ragged repeating guitar figures & noise treatments. The choir assembled for the `Fasola' sing-along on the opening track sets the tone for an exuberant community-rallying protest music that constitutes the spiritual foundation of the record. Destruction of communities (foreign & local) are lamented & eulogised in the following tracks. Limited edition, with Constellation's trade-mark beautiful packaging.

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts [Note from another source: this gets a full UK release on September 22nd, however there is limited edition of 250 copies in a playstation style slip case distributed via indie stores - so grab double quick. ]

Labels / Gooom

France's electronic duo M83 return with their second album, their first to be given a more overtly international push. Good timing, for its an adequately analogue collection of electronic pop songs mounted on a bed of fuzzy guitars and computerised vocals - hitting the zeitgeist with considerable aplomb. The tracks often contain a warm, almost romantic undercurrent, something which isnt often associated with music of this kind, and the soundscapeish scope of the composition, rather than the execution, hints at a deep love for My Bloody Valentine and their pioneering execution of electronic pioneering via acoustic means. Surprisingly moving.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:46 AM

Tsukimono - Sketches

a new label MechanizedMind release an album from Tsukimono. The website, includes 2 MP3 downloads.

Title : Sketches 6-27
Artist : Tsukimono
date : 20-8-2003
length : 40:34
Medium : CD-R
Price : 5,00 Euro

The first release of MechanizedMind is this cd by tsukimono. Continuing his efforts on Garmonbozia and Fukkgod, Tsukimono again cuts and slices guitar and piano, and re aranges to form something completly new, without ever loosing the feeling of the original recordings. His music is a perfect balance between acoustic music and experimental electronics.
Tsukimono is often compared to Fennesz and the likes, a great honour ofcourse, but it�s too easy. They might share the cutting and slicing, but what is done with it afterwards is different. Sketches 6-27 might sound hectic at times, or noisy, but sit back, let the music take you on a ride, and you'll see it's really just dreamy music, made to enjoy with closed curtains, late at night and as little light as possible
Starting out with a stunning piano piece, the cd slowly builds up to the end, introducing guitar and many more (treated) sounds.

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Friday, August 22, 2003


BBC Collective interview UNKLE

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Next week's new releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 2:19 PM review the sonic extremes of Halo - Body Of Light due for release on Relapse on September 1st in the UK.

Lyrical content aside, the pure subsonic devastation on this album is unreal... I would put this alongside anything by Khanate, Godflesh, Swans, and so forth... very heavy, nausea-inducing bass, pounding drums, spit-pissed vocals.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 PM

The Guardian review Richard X - Richard X Presents His X-Factor, Vol 1

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 PM

Stylus highly rate Keith Rowe and John Tilbury - Duos For Doris One of the finest documents of contemporary electroacoustic improvisation....

# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 PM

Stylus review Tied & Tickled Trio - Observing Systems

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BBC News report on the rather pointless Kerrang Awards - the most entertaining part of the evening: step forward Jaz Coleman for big mouthing those glam hard rawk duffers, The Darkness

But The Darkness, who supported Robbie Williams at Knebworth, were booed by Jaz Coleman, of the band Killing Joke.

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New music blog alert: Worlds of Possibility found via N's Watchlist

[Previously known as astronauts' notepad]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:44 AM have details of the Master H album:

Soma�s French fashionista spinner, Master H, is set to release �Thirteen�, his hotly touted debut album, September 8.

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Splendid review Miles Tilmann - Over and Through

Tilmann is known for his evocative digital squiggle-scapes, and Over and Through's seven tracks find him further developing his pastoral yet vaguely threatening sound. Tilmann does a lot with seemingly little; rather than muddying the compositions with too many instruments, he places his minimal melodies and rhythms carefully.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003


New edition of online e-zine Earplug packed with reviews and features:


Earplug is bi-weekly email newsletter, delivering a handpicked selection of news, sounds, videos, and original features for the international electronic music community.

This is our last issue before many people go on their end-of-the-summer holidays, but the music keeps coming � and while we're sad to see the late sunsets go, this fall is gearing up to be a noisy good time. We can't wait for the rowdy, rockin' albums coming soon from The Rapture, Adam Freeland, and Basement Jaxx, whose Kish Kash is really going to leave you wondering where your head's at. Kid Koala might be the busiest man with two turntables and a felt-tip pen, but he took the time to draw this week's header just for us. Thanks Eric. Cue it up and plug it in...

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The Independent interview Elbow

How would you respond if your first album became a Mercury prize-nominated bestseller? When it happened to Elbow, they were paralysed by arguments, illness and insomnia. But they're over that now, as Guy Garvey, the band's front man, tells Alexia Loundras

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The Independent review UNKLE - Never, Never, Land

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dotmusic report The Rapture to make instore appearances at Fopp in Glasgow and London next week. The Rapture re-release the single 'House Of Jealous Lovers' on August 25, with the album, 'Echoes', following on September 8.

The punk-funk outfit will play the first of two shows at Fopp in Union Street, Glasgow next Monday (August 25) at 12.30pm, and the second at Fopp in Earlham Street, Covent Garden on August 27 at 6pm.

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Hung Drawn & Quartered taking place October 2nd across various locations, in Shoreditch - London between 7pm - 3am. One Ticket - Access All Areas for �15.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:12 PM report ICA TO HOST TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS MUSIC FESTIVAL on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 October @ ICA, London.

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Broadcast are special guests on 6 Music: Andrew Collins this afternoon.

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BBC Music review the re-issued Supersilent - Supersilent 1-3 on Rune Grammofon

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As alerted by It's a trap details of two upcoming releases on esteemed Norwegian record label Rune Grammofon

September 15
Jono El Grande: Fevergreens CD

And now for something completely different. The young Norwegian composer leads his
9-piece orchestra through a collection of instrumentals musically close to early seventees Rock In Opposition/Canterbury/Henry Cow/Zappa but more arranged and polished with nods to TV series music/easy listening/Bacharach.Art music with hooks.

October 27
Various artists: Money Will Ruin Everything 2CD/book

30 tracks from known and unknown Norwegian electronica, ambient, improv, jazz
and contemporary.

Mostly exclusive tracks from the likes of Supersilent, Biosphere,
Kim Hiorth�y, Food, Deathprod, Arve Henriksen, Alog, Phonophani, Nils �kland, Jaga Jazzist, Information, SPUNK, Arne Nordheim, Lasse Marhaug and several others.
Comes with a beautiful 96-page hardback book designed by Kim Hiorth�y, including
graphics, photos, discography and texts by Wire editor Rob Young and design writer Adrian Shaughnessy as well as Kim Hiorth�y interviewing RG�s Rune Kristoffersen.

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Pitchfork review Tied & Tickled Trio - Observing Systems

Latest entry from Willheim, Germany's beautiful jazz/electronic hybrid, a side project for members of The Notwist and Lali Puna.

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The new X-Ray magazine, is now on sale:

X-Ray Issue #8 September 2003 with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on the front cover.

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Details of the new [September] issue of Jockey Slut magazine, now in the shops:


In it you will find...

The Chemical Brothers - 10 years down the line Ed'n'Tom match the music to the memories and recount a decade on the forefront of dance music whilst Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips chats about collaborating with the Chems and chooses fancy dress for them.

The Psychonauts are back! But now they're knocking about with DJ Hell, playing with Gigolos (nooo, the label) and generally getting a bit psychedelic. In other words they're a bit different...

An Audience With... Norman Jay.

God-like electro grandads Kraftwerk are releasing their first album in 17 years. Jockey Slut gives you the break-down, track by track.

"What does the X stand for?" we asked. "I'm not telling you" said Richard X. But he did tell us all about his love affair with pop music and his desire to work with Mariah Carey. Yes, Mariah Carey.

Dunravin' House - retirement homes for disco grandads.

Plus Chris Clark, Off The Rails with Ty, and all the usual rubbish.

Thirteen red-hot tracks, and for nowt! Including...

Cody ChesnuTT, John Kennedy, Sidewinder, Soulsavers, The Bumblebeez, Willis, H-Foundation, Modeler, Leon Nine, Chris Korda, Legowelt, Pepe Deluxe, The Vanden Plas.

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Music weblog previously known as The Rub now transformed into: god's audio/visual aid [with smart two column section web design]

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Music weblog to check: Future Mythologies

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The latest e-mail newsletter from dense promotion: Berlin, profiles forthcoming albums in the experimental electronics/ avant rock/ free improvised /avant garde sectors, i.e the types of music that gets reviewed in The Wire magazine: [unfortunately no release dates supplied, but i would expect most of these will be released September/ October]


In the summer of 2001 we got a recording from Alessandro Bosetti, saxophone player, improviser, composer of musique concr�te and at that time having lived in Berlin for less than a year. The recording has pieces that he had just recorded with the guitarist Annette Krebs. The decision to release this recordings was made quickly, and in the summer of 2002 it should have appeared. Due to an unlucky chain of events, the recording is appearing only now, nine months later. But nothing has changed about its radical nature, its unconditional modernity.

Krebs and Bosetti are among some of the most exciting musicians from Berlin, both have long been well-known in international circles. Annette Krebs, who plays an electro-acoustically prepared classical guitar, belongs on an equal basis with improvisers (and composers) such as Andrea Neumann, Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakemura or Axel D�rner, with whom she has worked with, she belongs in a category of those musicians who have expanded the concept of improvisation beyond Free Jazz, Post-Serialism or the �English School� in the last few years. Stillness, minimalism, noise (but the later is not meant in the sense of a racket, but as a kind of unmediated sound), rustling, consciousness of structure and spontaneity, all of these experience a new value through these musicians � above all through Annette Krebs� way of playing the guitar.

The saxophone player Alessandro Bosetti has also devoted himself to a radical noise-like way of playing, and yet one always senses how strongly he has been influenced by Steve Lacy and modern jazz of the 60�s and 70�s. In their duets, they do not, however, simply extend their work on noise. The music is formed by a pronounced sense of structure. They work on short units, with many pauses and stillness � but never for the sake of a pause (or stillness). Each pause has it exactly defined place in the dynamics of the music. Bosetti and Krebs savor monochrome tonal colors, research the gray behind the gray � and nonetheless this music is not monumental, not simply noise, not a hermetic block. It is a very exact, reflected music that never becomes overbearing or stiff. It has something casual, in the best sense of the word, it�s non-ambitious. Although one really senses the work involved in it and necessary for it, the music remains unstrained, completely nonchalant and cool.

The artwork is from the musicians, made after a model from Franz Hautzinger.

FIBLA - Lent [CD/LP spa.RK sp7cd/sp7lp]
Spa.RK Releases

Vicent Fibla started the spa.RK label in Barcelona, during 2001. �Lent� is the eighth release in total and the first full album on the label, after a series of mini cd albums and the latest 12�� issues from Eedl and Zooey. In this time, the label has found an audience for its warm, emotive electronics and internationalist approach to its impressive roster. Gathering Mitchell Akiyama from Canada, Artificial Duck Flavour [Zorn] from Berlin, Si-Cut.db and Tennis from England, Phluidbox from Florida, Mikael Romanenko from Scotland under its welcoming umbrella, the label has proved itself fully this year with a series of brand new artists, more than capable of holding their own in the electronic forum. More than two years have passed since "Landscopes", Fibla's first album was released on the Sub Rosa/Quatermass label in 2000, whilst in 2002 Vicent produced The Congosound album, a more club and pop oriented project with video artist Carles Congost, issued on the spanish Cosmos label. These were interspersed with a series of guest appearances and collaborations: with Expanding on seven inch, on compilations for Worm Interface, Benbecula, Klangkrieg, Couchblip!, and remixes for Lisa Carbon, Stol and Marumari. Live work has included appearances in Tel Aviv and Tokyo, as well as his work on the �D-Fuse and Fibla remix Koyaanisqatsi live�, based on Philip Glass' soundtrack which was shown at the ICA and Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona 2002.

FRITZ OSTERMAYER - Kitsch Concr�te [CD mego070]

"For ages now I've been excited by the so-called 'Kommerz Bands' in the country, and especially their keyboards. I love the synthesized sounds of these groups: the presets of the Korg M1 (those heavenly fake mandolins!), the cheap sampled saxophone of the DSS1, not to mention the tacky strings of my Crumar Bit1! I would never change one iota of these factory preset sounds -- or maybe I'd slap even more reverb on the fake acoustic guitars in my 03R/W. This ballroom aesthetic, which is soon to die out, is the basis of my music. The rest is taken care of by digital disturbances, my dilettantism, and the presumptuousness of wanting to sing along with all of it. A precarious mix that's good for hardly anything."

When Fritz Ostermayer says "kitsch", it means "the craftsmanship of emotionality" which was developed in the Baroque era but continues to survive as a submerged aspect of culture: in the banal hits of the 60s, in the simple three-chord pop song, and not least in the sentimental electronic dramas of the German forests and fields that appear in Kraftwerk ("Ohm Sweet Ohm"), Cluster, and Harmonia, right up to the kitsch-laden pieces of a Schlammpeitziger or Ulrich Schnauss. The point is that certain harmonic progressions and melodic lines can produce specific effects, that euphoria can be a psycho-physiological construct in just the same way that melancholy is, and that a good songwriter can play this keyboard of the emotions just as a highly talented dictator does -- or, for that matter, that terrorist of sentiment, Lars van Trier.

"Kistch Concr�te" also features guest contributions by Martin Siewert, Franz Hautzinger and others.
Fritz Ostermayer, lives and works in Vienna as broadcaster ("Im Sumpf"/FM4), author, DJ and musican.

JOSEPH SUCHY - calabi.yau [CD/LP Staubgold 43]
-> promo only in UK, FR, Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

"Not a rocker. Not an electronic artist. A sensual, a feeling person. No copy-art. In these times of senseless struggles for sovereignty at the musicians' regular table, Suchy is the cowboy with the Indian's face."
This is what one of Germany's biggest daily newspapers recently wrote about Joseph Suchy, "Cologne's very own professor of guitar research".

They got it spot on.
In the global improv & avantgarde community, the born Franconian is no
unknown person. He collaborated with artists like David Grubbs, Ekkehard Ehlers, Niobe and FX Randomiz; he is a permanent member of Burnt Friedmann's Nub Dub Players; and he was one of the founders of Cologne-based cult-improv-label Grob. The musical sensitivity of this slightly odd artist in his mid-forties is hard to match.

"calabi.yau" is Suchy's new solo-outing. It's a music of delicate sounds, in which acoustic guitars and electro-acoustic signals are woven into non-linear, fragile sound sculptures. At times, this music borders on sensory deception (what is this sound? Electric or acoustic?); it is an illustrated broadsheet of a strange, yet familiar reality. Suchy cunningly and imperturbably evades the categorisations of contemporary modern music: What he does is giving his listeners a carte blanche to dream. Or, as the artist himself puts it: "Music in search of the freakwave".

PHILIP JECK - Host [CD Sub Rosa SR194]
Sub Rosa

Philip Jeck's last opus 'Host' are 4 pieces based on de-structured sounds and accumulation - choirs, electric guitar, vinyls material, echo chamber, voices, electric voltage, distorsions� eroded, mixed and "reduced" to a new simplification. With these compositions, Jeck continues his exploration of musical stratification.

Composed and performed by Philip Jeck, recorded in London and Brussels between 2001 and 2002, this album includes a 20 minutes film on double screen based on a radio session performed in Brussels. This video shows another aspect of Philip Jeck: quiet, intimate, performing and creating in "real time".

After his study in visual arts at Dartington College in Devon, Jeck began to do live performances in art galleries. In similar territory as Christian Marclay, or to a certain extent John Oswald. Philip Jeck is an avant-garde turntablist, plunderphonics ('plagiaristic' sampling) and performer. His installation, Vinyl Requiem, was based on the use of no less than 180 turntables (Performance Award from Time Out magazine, 1993). Jeck uses vinyl as material, cheap junk-shop records; played on an old record-player. He leaves the records out of their sleeves to deteriorate and accumulate their own individual personality of crackles and scratches. The progressive degeneration of original sound material through successive re-recordings is celebrated in Jeck's ecstatic, textural aesthetic.

PIERRE CRUBE - Immediate False Relief [CD Angelika K�hlermann AK018]
Angelika K�hlermann

Canada's Pierre Crube a.k.a. Pierre-Simon Weisskopf played in some electro-pop-bands until he got sick of repeating the same song structures over and over again. He decided to stop doing band-business and started out doing tracks in a new way all by himself. The result is the album "Immediate False Relief" out now on Angelika Koehlermann.

Most of the tracks are no longer that one or two minutes. Somehow a similar aesthetic to the wonderful "Michiko Kusaki" album by Anne Laplantine, that was released a few years ago, but totally different at the same time.

Instead of low-fi-cassette recordings all tracks are done with digital accuracy and seem all to be constructed on Simons laptop. A nice term to describe the music could be something like "data-pop".

The song structures are still hearable on some tracks - some songs even feature Simon's melancholic vocals, while the instrumental tracks are full of romantic desires and wonderful melodies, that stay in your head for a long time.
As a bonus, the album also shows us some earlier works of Simon, while he was still in his "pop-days". Tunes like "Uh-Oh" prove that Pierre Crube is one very talented songwriter and programmer at the same time.


What kind of sense does it make to release a five-year old recording? In addition, from musicians who release numerous new recordings year after year (the exception is Rashied Bakr, who mostly works a social worker in New York)? And above all, from a group that doesn�t exist anymore, that never really existed and only performed once in an ad-hoc formation?

The reason is a banal as radical: it is the music. One evening both saxophonists Thomas Borgman (Ruf der Heimat, Boom Box, cooperation with Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Lol Coxhill, Borah Bergman, Heinz Sauer, among others) and Peter Br�tzmann (no comment) played together with the New Yorker rhythm group William Parker and Rashied Bakr in the performance space Cooler, now long gone. It was moving and enthusiastic Free Jazz, as it was sublimely conservative and legendary. The music is so straight and uncomplicated as it can be: Parker plays a bass that nothing can shake, stable as the trunk of an old oak tree; Bakr plays the drums with a feathery pulse, but always wide awake and driving. Together this results in a foundation upon which the power players Borgmann and Br�tzmann give each other their hand, as if dreamily in wedlock, the solos pass by, they allow themselves (and us) melodic flights, but above all they celebrate a powerplay as if free jazz had finally established itself as the folk music of the 21st century.

Of course, say the connoisseurs and concert goers, that�s how it felt live in this bitter cold NY winter. But how can this sound be meditated on such a profane thing, on a CD? The point is that the concert was recorded on a cheap analogue cassette since other alternatives were lacking. The recording level was overloaded and, what�s more, hissed a lot. Last but not least, the recording devise was connected directly to the mixing board such that the bass, recorded directly, was mixed far up front. Seldom has William Parker been so present on a recording.

And this is how it happened that the raw, crackling, lightly distorted sound perfectly reflects the euphoric, even psychedelic quality of the music. The somewhat poor recording quality (that thanks to the restoration of Thomas Borgmann and Markus Schmickler is really only slightly poor) can easily be exchanged, 2 to 1, for a kind of neo-authenticity. That�s why we have released this recording, after it popped up in Thomas Borgmann�s apartment in Kreuzberg, Berlin at the beginning of 2002.

Peter Br�tzmann contributed the artwork, the liner notes were written by the well-known journalist Tobias Rapp.

V.A. - CHINA - THE SONIC AVANT-GARDE [2CD Post-Concrete post005]

This first-ever, 2-hour survey of the current experimental music and sound art scene in Mainland China features 15 artists mostly in their twenties from all over the country. The double-CD set shows what is really happening today on the cutting-edge of Chinese new music. No more concerti or string quartets with self-Orientalizing titles and pentatonic motifs. In fact, you won't even hear one Chinese musical instrument here. The incredibly wide range of styles cover everything from plunderphonics, musique concrete, experimental electronics, ambient, sample collage, plug-in modulation, text-sound, sound poetry, mixer feedback improv, hardcore noise, radio art, political satire, to post-concrete recording art. This is only the beginning of something unpredictable. Not to be missed.

V.A. - E * A * D * G * B * E [CD 12K1025]

Instrument relatives of the guitar can be traced back as far as the 3rd century. Many adaptations were made to the interface over hundreds of years: 3, 5 strings, coupled strings, no coupled strings, 6 strings, always changing with technological advances in instrument craft, new materials from overseas locations, and selection pressures brought upon by musical fashions of the day. The 20th century mixture of guitar + electricity

(pickups, amplifiers, processing circuits) changed music as we know it. The 21st century guitar, still cousin to the third century Arabian 'ud, can now be seduced by personal computers and software tools. The old stringed melody-maker, re-sonified and exploded though do-it-yourself digital signal processing, has assumed yet a new form of assemblage and mixture with modern technology. Suddenly the 6 strings seem refreshed, and open to a new notion of guitar music; a music generated from vibrating strings meshed with software processes.

12k embraces this idea by presenting four artists who create contemporary sonic hybrids of guitar and digital processing.
E*A*D*G*B*E is by no means trying to be a definitive voice of these practices, but rather a sound focused through the 12k filter of minimalism and subtle textures.

The title, E*A*D*G*B*E, comes from the root tunings of each string on a 6-stringed guitar. Fonica (JP), Keith Fullerton Whitman (US), S�bastien Roux (FR), Christopher Willits (US)

V.A. - On Paper [2CD Cr�nica 005~2003]
Tracklist CD1:
01. Vitor Joaquim: Short Wave on Paper
02. [des]integra��o: 4to
03. b.Z_ToneR: Let�s Get Lost
04. Stephan Mathieu: Stilleben mit einem Mann, der Musik auf einem Kamm spielt (f�r Walter Marchetti)
05. Pure: All This Paperwork�
06. Pal: Wrapping
07. Paulo Raposo: Mit Brief und Uhr

Tracklist CD2:
01. @c: int.3
02. b.Z_ToneR: In and Out of Love
03. Vitor Joaquim: Long Wave on Paper
04. Longina: On Voice
05. Pedro Tudela: Rasg�o.aif
06. Return: On Paper [data track/quicktime]

"When working on a piece about �collage-d�collage� I collected several heaps of posters found in walls around the city.
At the time I was interested in a matter with an enormous load of informational pre-concept, lived and changed both by human imposition as through the accidental will of nature.

Paper is a plain matter that can be expanded in space with a few meanings, among which are surface or support. If matter is manipulated as media, then the results reflect the question of the action and of the space with the same effectiveness. That amount of printed papers extends and amasses intentions that are gradually changing without seeming to deny what they were, both visually as conceptually.

With any of these positions, paper is not loosing the information that it originally borne, therefore I believe that it's possible to accept that paper is a matter that stacks information both by layering and conjugation.

At a subsequent step I decided to explore, with sound recordings, the same concept of manipulating matter, acting and imposing the separation of the parts in different scales of action. Rips of different sizes and speeds made discoveries and placed on another level of reading both the information and the realities contained in one same object. The outcome contains a new image, inevitably close to the generic concept of paper but with a strong element of space and time imposed by the performance.

This is the recording that was both media and motive for the work, now decomposed in different wills; a work that goes trough addition, submits itself to subtraction and goes back to adding new facts."
Pedro Tudela

V.A. - room207 [CD Cirque CQCD-007]
-> no promo in FR

Freshly picked French / Japanese / U.S. artists present 'Music room', nine significant pieces of music furniture by eight artists. The concept of this new series is a creation of a fanciful room with 'Music as Furniture'. The second edition called has a full sound of energy, made by the freshly picked artists from France, Japan and the U.S. This compilation album has a conceptual and pop sound by brilliant creators such as Nobuyasu Sakonda who is one of the most important computer music artist / programmer in Japan. Also Carl Stone who called is "King of Sampling" is a pionner of computer music. Discom who are called laptop punk are one of the most popular artists in France. O.lamm, Shinsei from the most remarkable label Active Suspension and the internationally-acclaimed artists, Yoshihiro Hanno and silicom/Aoki Takamasa from Japan. And the new artist Minifer from Paris.

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI - ElectroStatics [CD Post-Concrete post006]

Zbigniew Karkowski's art is always about enigma, danger, and extending our listening possibilities, and "ElectroStatics" is no exception. Yet this new work stands out in the Karkowski oeuvre for it is his first work in ten years that contains no computer generated sounds. Composed during a residency at the Atelier de Cr�ation Radiophonique at Maison Radio France, this work is about electricity, statics, and radio, yet all the sounds here are in a sense "concrete." This mesmerizing, breath-taking 42-minute long study in the mystery of electroacoustic phenomena is dedicated to Raymond Cass.

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Electronic & Dance Music: drum n bass/ jungle, electro, breakbeat/ nu skool breaks, industrial/ electro-industrial/ ebm, synth pop/ electroclash, techno/tech house/deep house/progressive house, psychedelic trance, IDM/ experimental electronics/ ambient/ glitch sounds/ folktronica/ downbeat, jazztronica/ electro-jazz, leftfield/ instrumental/ electronified hip-hop/trip-hop.
Rock Music: art-rock/ avant-prog/ avant rock, electro-rock/ epic alt-rock, experimental rock, jazz-rock, kraut rock/ math rock/ post-hardcore/ post-rock/ space-rock, darkwave/ gothic/ ethereal, dark metal, hardcore/ metalcore/ noisecore, post punk and shoegazer/dream pop sounds.
Other Orbits: Kozmigroov, avant / free jazz, dub, modern composition, improvised music and many other hybrids and musical mutations.

Age: I entered this world in 1970. A British Blogger.

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