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Monday, September 30, 2002


Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends review Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends

To restate my first point, it�s criminal Botch are no more, but An Anthology of Dead Ends is to be the finale, the display will be remembered long after the embers of their peers have faded.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:01 PM

Satyricon - Volcano review Satyricon - Volcano

# posted by DJ Martian 8:57 PM

Agalloch - The Mantle

Musique Machine review Agalloch - The Mantle

They didn�t throw out their influences (Bergtatt era Ulver, Brave Murder Day era Katatonia, etc) but instead made them a little off-center to permit the new post-rock (I hear mostly Godspeed You Black Emperor!) and neo-folk touches to have more space in the spotlight

# posted by DJ Martian 4:12 PM

The Brainwashed Brain V05I37 - 09292002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Savath + Savalas - The Rolls and Waves EP

Jonathan Coleclough - Cake (alternate version)

Trans Am - Extremixxx
Thrill Jockey

Wauvenfold - 3fold: a compilation of three eps
Tiger Style

# posted by DJ Martian 3:24 PM

Mr. Lif - I Phantom

Pitchfork review Mr. Lif - I Phantom

# posted by DJ Martian 3:16 PM

themilkfactory - October 2002 reviews

As per usual the excellent themilkfactory deliver another selection of fine new album reviews. Summaries below are themilkfactory's please visit their website for full reviews.

Rotoscope - Great Curves Cr�me de la Cr�me", the album of the month.

Formed at the tail end of 1999 by Norwegian musician and Jaga Jazzist
member Andreas Mj�s for a live performance, Rotoscope combines the
diverse talents of six visionary Nordic musicians. Great Curves is a
collection of ten tracks ranging from modern jazz to noise terrorism.

The genre-bending first album from Norwegian collective Rotoscope is a rewarding piece of jazz and electronic abstraction indeed. Pilling up references into air-tight compositions, bringing jazz improvisations, noise terrorism, contemporary club ethic and articulate electronica together, Great Curves is no less than an imposing tour de force

Future Sound Of London Present Amorphous Androgynous - The Isness

After six years of complete silence on the Future Sound Of London front, the duo resurect their alter ego Amorphous Androgynous for a surprising journey into prog-rock. And it is not as bad as it sounds...

His Name Is Alive - Last Night

Following his amazing collaboration with gospel singer Lovetta Pippen on Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth, Warn Defever returns to a guitar-based sound and crafts more beautiful songs for the soul diva.

Also the milkfactory: His Name Is Alive: The Interview

Nightmares On Wax - Mind Elevation

Twelve years after the release of the first Nightmares On Wax album comes Mind Elevation. Only the fourth album from George Evelyn, this record continues to explore the dopey beats and soulful songs championed by the Nightmares.

Schneider Tm - Zoomer

Zoomer is Schneider TM's second album. Combining intricate electronica with a brilliant pop ethic, this opus is as exiting as it appears out of time.

Spaceheads - Low Pressure

Formed toward the end of the eighties, Spaceheads have shaped a particular sound fueled with jazz incurtions in electronic settings. This album, their sixth, is groovy and inspiring.

Supersprite - Color Mixing

Supersprite main man Howard Gillam spent his formative years playing live sets around his native Portland, Oregon. Color Mixing, his first album, is a brilliant collection of melodic electronica.

Tarwater - Dwellers On The Threshold

After exploring the dark realms of their inspiration on their last album, Tarwater offer here a much more upbeat and straightforward collection of songs.

Upland - Upland

Dark and atmospheric, the first Upland album is impressive by its sonic manipulations and abstract settings. Far from being distant and inaccessible, this album is in fact inhabited by creative human inputs.

Venetian Snares - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006
VSNARES - 2370894

Relative new comer Aaron Funk has made a strong mark on the noise scene with his first couple of albums, released last year. With two more albums released this year, and a third one on the way, could be accused of being a bit over-active. These two albums are different in many ways, and work as complementing each other.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:05 AM

Absorb Reviews

Some new reviews from Absorb including these:

coppe - peppermint (mango + sweet rice)

dj vadim - the art of listening (ninja tune)

mileece - formations (lo recordings)

wasteland - amen fire (transparent)

so, those expecting anything remotely conventional here, will be pretty disappointed. however, those who appreciate the experimental weirdness of the avant-noise camps will surely enjoy, as for those into some of the new, noiser tigerbeat6 stuff. and of course, any merzbow or boredoms fans should be into this shit like salt on a pretzel.

xinlisupreme - murder license (fat cat)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:40 AM


Key new album releases for September 30th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues -can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: September 30th

Below The Sea - Les Arbres Depayseront Davantage (Where Are My Records)
Carrera - Carrera (Subway)
Cex - Tall Dark & Handcuffed (Tigerbeat) Import
Covenant - Northern Light (ka2/epic)
d'arcangelo - Broken Toys Corner (Rephlex)
Deadly Avenger - Deep Red (illicit)
Food - Veggie (Rune Grammofon)
Yukihiro Fukutomi - Love Each Other (King Street Sounds)
Hazard - Land (Touch)
Male or Female - Recalled Moments (Alfa Matrix)
Mr Velcro Fastener - The Otherside (i220)
Pilote - Kingfood (Certificate 18)
Ghislain Poirier - Sous Le Monguier (Intr-Version)
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia (Lava) Import [UK release delayed to Jan 2003]
Project Pitchfork - Inferno (WEA) Import
Rechord - Skokoll (
Sofa Surfers - Encounters (Leaf)
Soft Cell - Cruelty Without Beauty (Cooking Vinyl)
Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher (Warp)
Rubin Steiner - Wunderbar Drei (Obsessive)
Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon (ESL)
Wire - Read and Burn 2 (Pink Flag) only available from

For Reference:

Last Week: September 23rd

Beck - Sea Change (Geffen).
Digitonal - 23 Things Fall Apart (Toytronic)
DJ Vadim - USSR The Art of Listening (Ninja Tune)
Peter Gabriel - Up (Real World)
Darin Gray - St. Louis Shuffle (Family Vineyard)
Robert Hood - Point Blank (Peacefrog)
Jori Hulkkonen - Different (F Communications)
Karate - Some Boots (Southern Records)
LAB 4 - Virus (Tidy Trax)
Limbonic Art - The Ultimate Death Workshop (Nocturnal Art Productions)
Low - Trust (Rough Trade)
Jeff Mills - At First Site (react)
Multiplex - Pinghaus Frequencies (Toytronic)
Myrkskog - Superior Massacre (Candlelight)
Schneider TM - Zoomer (City Slang)
Snapcase - End Transmission (Victory)
Spring Heel Jack - Amassed (Thirsy Ear)
Thine - In Therapy (Peaceville)
Unstable Ensemble - Liturgy Of Ghosts (Family Vineyard)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:27 AM

Sunday, September 29, 2002


Covenant - Northern Light: Update

Some Covenant news about the release date of the new album:

Covenant - Northern Light (ka2/epic)

On 30th of september *NORTHERN LIGHT* will be released in GERMANY,
AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND and SWEDEN! The US release (by Metropolis) will
be probably 2 months later.No more releases in other countries are
confirmed at this time!

The Covenant single:
CALL THE SHIPS TO PORT* is the most successful single in the german
alternative charts (DAC) of 2002! Congratulations!

Source: e-mail from Covenant's record label in Germany.

Tracks from the new album can be listened to here

However those in the UK you can purchase this album from Music Non Stop

# posted by DJ Martian 5:13 PM

Porcupine Tree - In Absentia

Art rock band Porcupine Tree released a new album in the US last week: In Absentia. A full UK release is due on January 13th, 2003.

However it is available as an import from as of tomorrow.

Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree Current listening:

Bjork - Vespertine
Bjork - Selmasongs
Johnathan Coldclough - Period
Squarepusher -Do You Know Squarepusher?
Monos - Nightfall Sunshine
Ora - Rosea
Organum - Ikon
Underworld - AHundredDaysOff
Henri Chopin - Revue Ou?
Mirror - Islands
2nd Gen - Against Nature
Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts

(Sep 29th 2002)

Also a Google cache of a previous Steve Wilson listening list:

DJ Shadow - The Private Press
Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts
King Crimson - Earthbound
Opeth - (forthcoming albums x 2)
Thomas Koner / Asmus Tietchens - 1 / 0
MB - Regel
Future Sound of London - The Isness
The Incredible String Band - U
Paul Schutze - Dressing the Air *
Meshuggah - Chaosphere
Kevin Coyne - Sanity Stomp
Farben - Textstar
REQ - Sketchbook
Nektar - Remember the Future
Autechre - Gantz Graf
Chicago - II / III
Pete Townsend - Empty Glass

(Sep 2nd 2002)

# posted by DJ Martian 4:46 PM

COH - Mask of Birth

Junkmedia review COH - Mask of Birth on the Mego label.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:10 PM


Splendid have a feature on Colin Newman's Swim record label.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:42 PM

Christian Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke & Peter Rehberg - The Return of Fenn O'Berg

Splendid review Christian Fennesz, Jim O'Rourke & Peter Rehberg - The Return of Fenn O'Berg

You'd be hard-pressed to find many conventional rock bands that make music as humanistically engaging and breathtakingly challenging as O'Rourke, Fennesz and Rehberg have here.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:37 PM

The Aluminum Group - Happyness

Splendid review The Aluminum Group - Happyness

Thus, on the surface, you have here a big, soft, fuzzy blanket of a record -- and to its credit, it only gets more inviting as you dig through the layers of bubbly electronics, strings and cornet (provided by an actual third of the Chicago Underground Trio, or whatever fraction of however many there are in the band now) to the sometimes cranky, sometimes wistful, always large-hearted sentiments at the album's center

# posted by DJ Martian 3:34 PM

Phil Asher - Sweet and Sour

Kudos Records profile the forthcoming album from Phil Asher - Sweet and Sour, due for release October 21st on Versatile.

Phil Asher doesn't much care for musical boundaries; you are just as likely to catch him spinning classic New Jersey garage at the Ministry as testing out new west London wares at the Notting Hill Arts club. Asher's debut album for Versatile, contains numerous tracks intended for-and perhaps inspired by-both clubs, yet the labels granting of an almost free reign (mysteriously, the saxophone was banned) is demonstrated through the more diverse, and unexpected inclusions. HAL is just that: sublime techno (think vintage Carl Craig), underpinned by lithe drum programming and fluid percussion. Journey To Jupiter, Never Giving Up, and previous singles, Find Myself and Having Your Fun, also impress; however, as a computerised voice midway through the album suggests: if you have time, try to check out the whole CD. (4/5)
Dave Stenton, I-dj - 8/2/2002

# posted by DJ Martian 3:25 PM

Fennesz - Field Recordings 1995 - 2002

Kudos Records profile the forthcoming album from Fennesz - Field Recordings 1995 - 2002, due for release October 21st.

is his first release since Endless Summer [Mego, 2001] and a prelude to his next studio album, which will be released on Touch in January 2003.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:20 PM

Moss - Corporation Pop

Kudos Records profile the forthcoming album from Moss - Corporation Pop on Pork Recordings. Due for release on October 14th.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:16 PM

Philip Jeck and Jacob Kirkega - Soaked

Kudos Records profile the new album from Philip Jeck and Jacob Kirkega - Soaked on the Touch label.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:12 PM

Hazard - Land

Kudos Records profile the new album from Hazard - Land on the Touch label.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:07 PM

DJ Vadim - USSR The Art of Listening

Kudos Records profile the new album from DJ Vadim - USSR The Art of Listening.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:06 PM

Deadly Avenger - Deep Red

Deadly Avenger would like to take you to the movies. Damon Baxter's debut album "Deep Red" is the culmination of a lifelong passion for films and the music that brings them to life. It boasts blockbuster action, noirish suspense, romance, sex, violence, a club scene and a bit with a spaceship. The supporting cast includes legendary former Special Terry Hall, production genius Howie B, Mercury-nominated troubadour Tom McRae and a 47-piece Hungarian orchestra. Like David Arnold, David Holmes and Craig Armstrong, Deadly Avenger thinks in widescreen. And his adventures to date, as label boss, DJ, remixer and dance producer, are only half the story. Cue flashback Source: Deadly Avenger Biography

September 30th sees the release of the new album from Deadly Avenger called Deep Red on Illcit Recordings.

Official Deadly Avenger website:

The album is released on the 30th September 2002 and is a departure from what many DEADLY AVENGER fans may be expecting. Drawing inspiration from his favourite film soundtrack composers, the album is an atmospheric journey through moving string led compositions such as 'BLADE' and 'LOPEZ', the ambient 'LOVE SOUNDS' and 'DAY ONE' to the dark electronica of 'BLACK SUN' and 'OUTRO'.

Introducing Deadly Avenger from Vitamanic. have a feature on Deadly Avenger.

Seasoned electro-assassin, Deadly Avenger, real name Damon Baxter, is due to make waves in the movie soundtrack arena with his forthcoming album, Deep Red, a mind bending collection of symphonic and beat-addled synergies. If the Hinckley beat-freak has his way, the Hollywood set will be making room for another capricious Brit composer to join the likes of David Holmes in taking on the old school and creating visionary sonic backdrops for the silver screen. .... provide an opportunity to HEAR THE DEADLY AVENGER album.

Deadly Avenger - Deep Red is MoS album of the month for September

# posted by DJ Martian 2:55 PM

Genaside II - The Return Of The Redline Evangelist

Copasetik recordings release an album from Genaside II on October 7th.

Taking it down a notch or two, the lush strings, audio landscapes and sweet vocals of Mary Joy make �The Upside� and the album�s John Barry-meets-Enigma-meets-Lalo Schifrin farewell �A Redline Requiem� round up the experience, and it truly is an experience�

# posted by DJ Martian 2:38 PM

Metro Area report that the self titled Metro Area album will be released on October 21st on the Source label in the UK. Metro Area consist of electronic producers Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani, who are well known as producers and remixers in house music.

According to Andy @ Permafrost this is an essential listen for 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:26 PM

Gus Gus - Attention report that Icelandic band, Gus Gus will release a new album on October 14th, called Attention.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:20 PM

EU - Warm Math have details of a forthcoming album from Russian Experimental Electronics artist, EU.

EU - Warm Math is released on November 11 on Pause2.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:18 PM

Stereolab - 'ABC Music - The Radio 1 Sessions'

Pinnacle provide info on an archive album from Stereolab:

Strange Fruit is proud to announce the release of Stereolab's 'ABC Music - The Radio 1 Sessions' on 14th October. ...

# posted by DJ Martian 2:14 PM

Jazzkammer - Pancakes

Pinnacle provide info on Norway's Jazzkammer: Jazzkammer - Pancakes

On October 14th Smalltown Supersound release 'Pancakes'; and here John and Lasse expose the quieter side of their soundworld. It's still clicks, drones and digital mayhem, but on a more gentle level. Layers of soft noise slowly mutates and unfolds into different abstract soundscapes, creating a feeling of cinema

# posted by DJ Martian 2:11 PM

The Montgolfier Brothers - The World Is Flat

Leonard's Lair reviews The Montgolfier Brothers - The World Is Flat

# posted by DJ Martian 2:07 PM

Saturday, September 28, 2002


Air Formation - Ends in Light

Brighton based shoegazers/ dreamy space rockers Air Formation have a new album due October 14th through "Drive-in Records".

Of course it's the easiest trick in the book. You hear songs awash with layer upon layer of lush guitar textures and reach for your big book of blissed out metaphor. AIR FORMATION sidestep such tired clich�s with deceptive ease. What makes these songs amount to considerably more is the same thing that makes any truly memorable song. A neat line in concise melody that lends structure to their monumental washes of sound (there we go again) and a voice-as-instrument vocal delivery that charms by being far better than it thinks it is.

"ENDS IN LIGHT" is the sound of a band grown up way past the frontal assault of their eponymous 2000 debut. Carving out a space in their previously favoured wall of distortion and delay has allowed Air Formation to evolve a dazzling array of sonic texture and colour. The assurance that radiates from these songs� gleaming, perfectly crafted surfaces is matched 100% by a growing emotive depth

# posted by DJ Martian 1:01 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory - Magic Radios - City Centre Offices

We greet the release of this fabulous record with a big sigh of relief here at CCO, having been in the making for a good two years and worked on with a ruthless attention to detail and insistance on perfection, it is quite easily the longest in-the making project we have crossed paths with since our inception, and the label�s most ambitious album release to date. Kamal Joory (aka Geiom) distracted himself momentarily from his work for Skam, Nature, Neo Ouija and friends way back in early 2000 and hooked up with multi-instrumentalist and all-round sound doctor Morgan Caney, an initial flurry of vision and catharsis giving birth to one of our most beloved 7� releases - �Blanket�. With its almost whispered blend of deep deep double basslines and twinkling high frequencies, we were hooked on first listen and the collaboration seemed destined to continue. And so, two years on and opening with the same effervescent track, �Magic Radios� presents itself to the world as a shimmering, groundbreaking, life affirming, glowing, pulsating organism. Transporting us from one mood and tone to another, we flick through the airwaves and jump from the flutes, horns and microbeats of �3000 Miles� to the vocal-fuelled campfire accoustic balladeering of �Take my Light� and the sambafied electro/accoustic sizzle of �flyaway� to the simply huge strings, guitars and waves following waves of melody and crunchy beats that is �Crispy Leaves Underfoot� - a meeting point between Boards of Canada and Ennio Morricone, a track too big to contain within words. Dear to our hearts and improving with every single, multiple, involved listen, �Magic Radios� is a deeply optimistic record, sunkissed and groomed in anticipation for its inevitable status � Classic. Essential Purchase.

Multiplex - Mixt - Senton

My my, following hot on the heels of their excellent album for Toytronic, the brothers Dormon have managed to assemble a tantalising list of contributors for this hugely ambitious remix project for their Multiplex material. OK, here goes, reworkings come courtesy of : Herrmann and Kleine, Funckarma, Isan, Monolake, Eu, Mr Projectile, Kreidler, Kettel, Mitchell Akiyama, Lackluster, Phonem, Fuxa, Animals on Wheels and more...... The material is of an almost unbeleivably high standard here � ranging from the opening texture and cinemascope scene-setting of Herrmann and Kleine, through to Funckarma�s deliciously warm and crunchy vocoded electrosizzling twinkles, Eu�s electropopped frozen module, Monolake�s shocking breakbeat-driven crunchy weave of blue moods and that entirely unique Henke vibration, Mr Projectile�s playful skip through choppy beats and layers of neon melody, Mitchell Akiyama�s sublime static ambience (just too good!), Kreidler�s reduced dubby disco, Kettel�s immense fractured breaks and chops, Lackluster�s stop/start/stop squashed lectrobreaks, to Phonem�s dissected laptop microscopic inspection. Add some killer artwork and packaging to the mix, and you�ve got yourself an essential CD. Killer.

D'arcangelo - Toys Corner - Rephlex

Firing back with their second album for Rephlex following work for the likes of the Nature label and Miami�s Orange imprint, and their excellent foray into Boards-isms with their Monomorph side project, this latest full-lengther from Italy�s D�arcangelo marks itself in sharp contrast to the frantic electroisms of the �Shipwreck� album � released by Rephlex in 1999. Utilisng a much lighter frame of reference, this is a considerably more chilled-out affair, floating synths and hip-hopisms projecting a playful mood that�s reflected perfectly within the album�s title. Tracks like �Chair Theme� juxtapose increasingly intricate and processed beats with a more relaxed neon mood of tone and shimmer, while �K59� is more stripped down and affected, a mesmerising percussion-heavy trip through eeriness and underwater exploration. In all, home listening at its finest. Ace.

Kid 606 Vs Dalek - Ruin It EP - Tigerbeat 6

The long awaited debut of real hip hop influenced madness from Kid 606 is finally with us. It's a collaboration with the ace three man crew Dalek who's recent Ipecac album needs to be heard by all. 'Ruin It' started when Dalek remixed tracks from the Kid's 'Down With The Scene' album and the Kid being so impressed he started the cross continent sound file exchanges until this mini album was completed. The Dalek re-version of 'Ruin It...' is sonic hip hop paranoia with dope vocals. The 'Revenge Of The Circuit Burners' remix has the Kid remixing and cloaking Dalek's vocals in static adding a dangerous booty bass beat. The original version is Kid 606 at his most inventive a killer breakbeat sonic mash-up. 'Now I'm Completely Ruined Rmx' is deranged brutal techno devastation miami style. Bonus for the CD edition are 'Vague Recollection' - bright dronesque harmonic distortion and 'Satans Hard Drive' 9 mins of intense Merzbow influenced noise, Kid 606's broken hard drive fighting back. The best TB6 in quite a while. Investigate.

Machine Drum - Urban Biology - Merck

Second CD from Merck�s flagship artist, delving again into the fusionistic realms of the cutting edge tricks of IDM rubbed up against the chopped vocals and hard beats of hip hop. 15 intricate tracks that took 18 months to deftly craft and splice, the composition of which is entirely head nod for deep thinkers. More relaxed and streamlined than previous Machine Drum material, but still well in touch with it�s rhythmic centre and guaranteed to move the crowd at top volume.Check!

Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher - Warp

Amid rumours of tipping into insanity and doolallyness, the Pusher returns in mighty fine fettle to tinker with some breaks and get on the jiggy tip once again! Opening with the title track which, as it turns out, is the same track featured on the mighty �untitled� 12� that appeared late last year � complete with killer hellium vocals and mettalic breaks, 2-step stylee, �F Train� follows and explores an industrially delivered Tom Jenkinson narrative that weaves in and out of splintered beats and time stretches that, despite the odds, eventually fit into a totally crushing groove � albeit a seriously spannered one. Killer. Following the percussive abstraction of �Kill Robok� (very Aphex!), �Anstromm-Feck 4� unleashes itself with a destroyed junglist attitude, intricate to the core and fuelling itself on pure adrenalin � this is �pusher at his absolute abandoned best - free, loud, crushhhiiinnng tumblin jackin amen!! Freak yourself out to the desolate experimentation of �Mutilation Colony�, before launching into the already acclaimed cover version of �Love Will Tear Us Apart� - a surprisingly muted affair : live drums, lo-fi aesthetics, dank vocalising....very similar to the original in fact. Which is no bad thing, of course. Before crawling back to the beginning and trying it all on for size again, stick CD2 on for a swift view of Squarepusher Live � recorded in Japan, 2001. And that�s it, another devilishly fast merry-go-round ride through the mind of a percussion psychopath, running on his own fuzzy logic, leaving us all slightly bewildered but resolutely happy and appreciative to the core. Killerness indeed.

Thomas Brinkmann - Row - Max Ernst

Since his Soul Center project went global, with the muscle bound backing of Mute records, new offerings from Thomas have been thin on the ground. This tentrack CD therefore plugs a gap in any number of ways � staving off the ravening hordes of Brinkmann acolytes with all new versions of MaxE�s 3 and 4 and an unreleased cut �Toothpaste�, lifting �Isch� from a Cd on Canada�s Oral label and reclaiming �Ribosom� from Suppose. Peppered with the fine pieces, nay favourites �Loplop�, �Mexico� and the �Corvette� collaboration with Markus Schmickler, this Cd strikes a good balance for the uninitiated and hardcore listeners. Sadly no �46 Valentino� though, which will disappoint a legion of Depeche Mode fans. Beautiful cover photography too.

Sofa Surfers - Encounters - Leaf

Austria's no genre beat heads at last find their feet on this collaboration heavy album, new on Leaf licensed from Klein Records, Vienna. This fusion-pollination kicks in straight away with 'Formula' - the man like Sensational (Wordsound, Jungle Brothers), riding a dark snare bruiser with menacing cinematic influences and some double fat drum attack. Blunted vocalising that continues with the crisp dust breeze on '21st Century Man' with Dalek man Oddatee adding the paranoia, later on the Dalek posse return on the uptempo bomb 'Elusive Scripts'. Then a rapid change of direction with office fave vocal wonder Jeb Loy Nichols wrapping his gorgeous chords around another Sofa winner beat, organic static and ace percussive elements take this track to magical places. The middle of this album gets a reggae soaking from Junior Delgado and even Mark Stewart turns up before the only strictly instrumental track 'Gamelan' brings this album (easily Sofa's best) to an excellent end.

Subculture Soundystem - Darkness & Light - Electron Soul

Debut album from a collective of DJ's and producers who have appeared on numerous compilations, including the �Stone� set on Tokyo�s much praised Play label. Fusing electronica and electro with a dubwise production ethos, �Darkness + Light� is a distillation of diverse influences, including punk, krautrock, and the experimental approach of artists such as Sonic Youth, King Tubby, Mad Professor, and Psychic TV, held together by the dub soundsystem culture of frequency and sonics. From bass-heavy electro to downtempo chill and dancefloor breaks.

V/A Documenta III - Agenda / Peacefrog

Seriously fine leftfield hip hop compilation from Peacefrog's new showcase label. A wide survey of all that's good in forward thinking hip hop stylings 2002 style and all acts that are firm faves down here at the Boomkat. All tracks have been released previously in one format or other but so varied and hard to obtain is most of it that this sampler is a perfect place to start or refresh. Tracks come from the NYC skill spit posse - Aesop Rock, Sonic Sum, Mike Ladd, Cannibal Ox and Antipop. The canadian new guardians truth/reality lyrics and deep original hip hop musicality - Josh Martinez and John Smith w/ McEnroe. Then Anticon are in the house - Them, So Called Artists, Deep Puddle Dynamics and Telephone Jim Jesus (Restiform Bodies). One of the strongest tracks is from Offwhyte from the killer Chicago based Galapagos 4 label, who, when he drops his second album (jointly released by Agenda and G4), will blow up big style. Many tracks are first time on vinyl as well. Excellent.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:15 AM

Friday, September 27, 2002


Sofa Surfers - Encounters

BBCi Collective review Sofa Surfers - Encounters on the Leaf Label.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:48 PM

Beth Gibbons and Rustin' Man

Marcello Carlin on his blog The Church of Me enthuses over the forthcoming album from Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man

# posted by DJ Martian 4:03 PM

Saint Etienne - Finisterre

The Guardian review Saint Etienne - Finisterre

# posted by DJ Martian 1:31 PM

Suede - is this the end?

Suede release their new album next week, the reviews so far that I have read in print suggest they have run out of ideas. For a band of Suede's size the build up to the album has also been strangely low profile there is no buzz of anticipation. Is this the end? I just can't see this album selling apart from a small core of Suede loyalists that are left.

Playlouder review Suede - A New Morning

The Guardian review Suede - A New Morning

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 PM

Underworld - A Hundred Days Off

Almost Cool review Underworld - A Hundred Days Off

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 PM

Spring Heel Jack - The Blue Series - Amassed

Almost Cool review Spring Heel Jack - The Blue Series - Amassed

# posted by DJ Martian 12:52 PM

Futurism 2

City Rockers latest compilation, �Futurism 2� is due to be released on October 21st.

[Don't bother going to City Rockers website it takes ages to load, and there is no uptodate info]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:51 PM

Thursday, September 26, 2002


Mixing It - Coming Soon

The next two Mixing it shows on Radio 3:

29th September 2002

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a
unique mix of musical styles and influences,
including an interview with Rune Kristoffersen
about his Rune Grammofon label, devoted to
the most adventurous Norwegian new music.

6th October 2002

GOING DUTCH - 10.30pm start

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall investigate Amsterdam's
vibrant experimental music scene and talk to Elisabeth
Esselink aka Solex, Israeli-born composer Daniel Landau,
legendary punk outfit The Ex and Dadaist "sound poet" Jaap
Blonk. They also visit the studios of STEIM, the city's
centre for electro-instrumental music, and talk its director,
composer-inventor Michel Waisvisz.

The latest Mixing It show can be listened to here

# posted by DJ Martian 9:32 PM

Norwegian Avant Jazz: Atomic and Kornstad Trio

The Next JazzOn3 programme features: Atomic, and the Kornstad Trio, both from Norway.

27th September 2002
Scandinavian acoustic double bill

On this week�s programme Jazz on 3 offers the opportunity to judge whether the current hype surrounding the Scandinavian Jazz scene is deserved. Jez Nelson presents a double bill of two groups attracting much of the attention, Atomic, and the Kornstad Trio.

This will be available @ BBC Radio Player on demand upto 7 days after broadcast.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:56 PM

DJ Vadim - USSR... The Art of Listening

BBCi music review DJ Vadim - USSR... The Art of Listening

# posted by DJ Martian 8:34 PM

Moving Fusion - Start of Something

The latest news on Moving Fusion from Drum N Bass Arena.

Jeff Langton & Dan Sparham, aka Moving Fusion, are set to release their
superb debut album on October 14th with 'The Start Of Something' LP, and
we've got an exclusive audio preview of the whole album

See Drum N Bass Arena - 2002 Albums

# posted by DJ Martian 8:01 PM

Life Without Buildings - decommissioned.

Life Without Buildings are sadly no more.

Some of you may have guessed this already by the lack of activity on our website and elsewhere, but we feel we should make it official and announce that Life without buildings is no longer a band. We want to say how much we appreciate all of the support that's been given to us over the past couple of years - thank you ;) it's been a lot of fun.

There was a certain passion in their debut album, in more enlightened times they should have achieved front cover status (in Sounds and Melody Maker), however the NME never gave them the support they deserved.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:14 PM

Isis - Oceanic

Pitchfork review Isis - Oceanic with a deservingly high 9.1 rating.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:48 PM

Bark Psychosis - News

From electroambientdreampop the latest news on Bark Psychosis:

Vinita from Rocket Girl is saying that the new Bark Psychosis album
should see light "early next year" and is no longer called
dirtsucker.. the new name is "Smoke and Bone"
the album is only Graham Sutton, not the whole original line-up, but
sounds like a BP album, and is very good (well, thats what Vinita
told me)

The is also a new Bark Psychosis live album called "Replay" on the
Horizion from Third Stone..

it wasnt clear who would be releasing "smoke and bone" but it wont be
parlaphone, whom were suppossed to release "dirtsucker"

[the dirtsucker should ofcourse be dustsucker]

# posted by DJ Martian 10:53 AM

Echoboy - Giraffe

Echoboy have postponed the release of their next album Giraffe to February 2003.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:18 AM

Wednesday, September 25, 2002


Twisted Individual and DJ SS

Drum 'N' Bass Arena report that two albums from Formation Records are on the way:

Twisted Individual - TOOLED UP! LP - 28th October 2002
Feat: Gimp Mask - Bitch Muzzle - Thumb Screw - Throbbing Gristle + More.

DJ SS - The S-Files LP - Feb 2003
Feat: Leroy's Afro - S's House - Dual Voltage 2002 - Lighter 2002 - Recycle + More

# posted by DJ Martian 9:52 PM

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - The Year of the Elephant

Mostly though, this is exploratory, passionate jazz that's made with love and skill by four singular talents; a supergroup in the truest sense of the word. Recommended.

BBCi Music review Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - The Year of the Elephant on the Pi Recordings label.

Like many of his Chicagoan colleagues, Wadada Leo Smith's work has stretched way beyond 'jazz' to include compositions for string quartet, studies of ethnic musics and free improvisation. As a trumpeter and composer, he's been responsible for some pretty amazing (and sometimes undervalued) music, from his 70s work with Anthony Braxton to the spiritual classic Divine Love and his Yo! Miles project with guitarist Henry Kaiser, which paid homage to Miles Davis' electric period.

The Golden Quartet line up was a dream Smith had nurtured for some 30 years till their formation in 2000. The dreaded word 'supergroup' may be in order here; we have pianist Anthony Davis (whose association with Smith stretches back to the mid 70s and who's no mean composer himself), legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago bassist Malachi Favors Maghostut, and the estimable Jack de Johnette (star drummer for Miles, Keith Jarrett and pretty much everyone else)....

According to this was released as an import on September 17th.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:18 PM

Richard Pinhas - Event and Repetitions

First solo outing in 5 years from electronic guitar experimentalist Pinhas, here offering maximalist dronescape action...

BBCi Music review Richard Pinhas - Event and Repetitions on the Cuneiform label.

For nearly 30 years French guitarist Richard Pinhas has been a rather shadowy figure on the art rock fringes (in itself a rather shadowy place, and in France maybe even more so). As leader of the band Heldon, Pinhas mapped out out a musical territory somewhere between the sequencer pulse of Kraftwerk and the intellectual heavy metal of King Crimson.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:10 PM

Ein�ma - Undir, Feiln�tum

Darkcore electronica that soundtracks the end of the world ? Apocalyptic fun from Iceland with Ein�ma.

Olli Siebelt @ BBCi Music reviews Ein�ma - Undir, Feiln�tum

A fabulous and highly original work.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:07 PM

Food - Veggie

BBCi Music review Food - Veggie on the Rune Grammofon label.

...a chance meeting of krautrock synth pioneers Cluster with Jan Garbarek and AMM in a scrapyard ...

Anyone interested in the state of modern jazz will probably have noticed that Norway is producing some of the finest and most adventurous jazz musicians on the planet at the moment, from straight ahead acoustic outfits like Atomic to the nu jazz of Bugge Wesseltoft and Wibutee or the dark electronic improvscapes of Supersilent.

Food unites the lyrical and adventurous saxophony of Iain Ballamy and the highly individual trumpeter Arve Henriksen (whose solo album Satukei was one of the highlights of last year) with the rhythm section of Mats Eilertsen and Thomas Stronen....

# posted by DJ Martian 6:00 PM

Schneider TM - Zoomer

Splendid review Schneider TM - Zoomer

# posted by DJ Martian 5:47 PM

Medicine8 - Iron stylings

Playlouder review Medicine8 - Iron stylings

# posted by DJ Martian 5:43 PM

Seven Update

This week's Seven Update magazine has New Order on the front cover.

ISSUE ISSUE 169 out SEPTEMBER 25 2002 - price �1.00

New Order: "Get twatted" ~ DMC/Technics World DJ Championships: The Results ~ Cream - it's over: full report ~ Ms Dynamite wins Mercury Music Prize ~ Pulp launch 'Sheffield Sonar' ~ Basic Channel, AFX and Carl Craig at the All Tomorrow's People festival ~ Dzihan & Kamien ~ Just Jack ~ A1 People ~ Reno ~ Phil Parnell ~ Jean Jacques Smoothie ~ Back to Mine : Andy Caldwell ~ Trainspotting : DJ Touche ~ 7 Deadly Sins ~ FAD ~ Parallel Universe ~ The Magnificent 7 club nights ~ expanded reviews section ~ and even more charts than ever, including the Seven Update/Radio 1 Buzz Chart...

# posted by DJ Martian 5:21 PM

Chunky Records - Coming Soon

More forthcoming releases @ Chunky Records - Coming Soon including these:


A1 People - The Yellow Album (Hydrogen Dukebox)

Mixing up the raw power of warped vintage keys with speaker stressing basslines, soaring Numan-flavoured synth melodies, occasional noodles, vocoders a-plenty and a few hypnotic techno throws , �The Yellow Album� has more energy than a Duracell full of angel dust


Arovane - Cicliph (Din) Ltd Import 12"

After the recently released compilation CD "Icol Diston" (51665-2), AROVANE returns with 4 new tracks. This EP is a teaser to his upcoming album, to be released early next year. Tracklisting: A1: Tabl F, A2: Driad, B1: Vraiil, B2: Evlecc

The Black Heart Procession - Amore Del Tropico (Touch & Go)

Amore del Tropico is The Black Heart Procession�s fourth long-player, and the first in their catalogue to possess a title other than a numeral. Amore del Tropico unfolds an intriguing tale of murder and mystery, broken hearts, failed schemes, and twisted memories worthy of a David Lynch film. Violin and cello flesh out many of the tracks, as well as the trademark BHP piano lines, but perhaps most striking is the chorus of female voices that provide back-up on several of the tracks on this 55-minute record. Amore del Tropico manages to propel The Black Heart Procession into a completely new and exciting direction, but without abandoning the inimitable sonic fingerprint that makes them who they are. HIGHLY RECOMENEDED !!

EU - Christmas Baubles And Their Strange Sounds (Lo Recordings)

Following the splendid compilation �RU Electronic� that featured the Russian electronic underground�s finest exponents, Lo Recordings now releases a collaborative album between two of the leading artists EU and Tenzor. Christmas Baubles goes deep into the soul of electronica , crafting sublime melodies and mood reminiscent of early APHEX TWIN or PLAID at their most beautiful

Hrtvatski / Keith Fullerton Whitman - Playthroughs (Kranky)

Keith Fullerton Whitman also records under the guise of HRVATSKI. This if the first release under his real name and showcases a new approach to music not evident on his splatterbreak Hrvatski releases. Whitman has used ring modulators , granular shuffling algorithms, delays and spectral effects in a process that owes a lot to TERRY RILEY�s �Time Lag Accumulator� and STEVE REICH�S �Piano Phases�. Technology and Whitman�s careful selection of notes combine to create shimmering drones and deep waves of sound

Low Res - Blue Ramen (Plug Research)

LOW RES aka DANNY ZELONKY from Milwaukee/US has captured the vibrancy and immediacy of improvisationally-composed music as played by an amazing ensemble but without the benefit of players, instruments, or microphones!. Staking a claim as the best (only?) non-existent composer�s orchestra working in 2002, we hear echoes of jazz, �blaxploitation� soundtracks, nuyorican salsa, bawdy stripper music, free jazz, and lots of bits which can best be described simply as LOW RES moments

Meat Beat Manifesto - R.U.O.K ? (Quatermass)

Jack Dangers constantly evolving musical persona has culminated in numerous classics such as "Strap Down", "God O.D.". "Helter Skelter","Psyche Out", "Radio Babylon", "Edge of No Control" and "It�s the Music". Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jack Dangers continues to stretch sonic boundaries and influence new generations of sound activists. As a premiere remixer, producer and sound designer, he has played a seminal role in defining tomorrow�� music today

Random Inc - Walking In Jerusalem. (Mille Plateaux)

Follow up to Mille Plateaux/Ritornell�s most controversial release, features ran in punk rock / alternative, political, and major music publications world-wide including Punk Planet, Alternative Press, Urb, XLR8R, Maximum Rock �n� Roll. Features an extensive list of well known artists: DUB TAYLOR, ULTRA-RED, ELECTRIC BIRDS, TIM HECKER, ANDREAS TILLIANDER amongst others. CD version is more reflective and features 2 quicktime videos and extensive inner sleeve notes detailing the concept behind the release, vinyl version is more dancefloor orientated

Sensational - Parts Unknown (Quatermass)

Brand new album from SPECTRE featuring SENSATIONAL, GUESS and TELEDUBNOGSIS (original Swans drummer Ted Parsons new band). Parts Unknown represents a schizophrenic amalgalm of styles , flavors , colors, textures and moods.These are sounds from the beyond to take you even further out, a new strain of The Illness, broken beats, spooky strings and frenetic riddim

Silex - Alphabet (Vibrant Music)

SILEX is a project by K.SOUBLIS aka FLUXION who has released 2 full length cds on CHAIN REACTION (Vibrant Forms 1 & 2) as well as one on VIBRANT MUSIC titled Spaces. 9 tracks, 1 hour+ of flowing moody rythmical compositions.The beats & breaks changing forms as the melodic atmospheric parts evolve to introduce new parts

Various Artists - Cherrystone�s Rocks (Lo Recordings)

A BEAT DIGGERS GUIDE TO PSYCHEDELIC ROCK, 15 TRACKS THAT EXPLORE AN AREA KNOWN ONLY TO A FEW OF THE MOST DILLIGENT HIP HOP PRODUCERS AND RECORD COLLECTORS. Cherrystones aka Gareth Goddard has released several records on TWISTED NERVE including �The Amazing Transplant EP� (a collaboration with ANDY VOTEL,) and the �Remedies and Symptoms EP� as well as releases for the highly regarded JAZZMAN label. Cherrystones is a lot closer to the true b-boy aesthetic than any number of big beat revivalists still clutching their copies of Apache and White Lines. For Lo Recordings he has curated an incredible album stuffed full of psych rock oddities from the 60�s and 70�s . Check the first track by Swedish rocker Pugh for a well known sample used by DJ SHADOW..... Obscurities from Sweden, Poland, Brazil and more spanning the whole range of psych from ESG/LIQUID LIQUID style workouts to steaming garage rock that would put The Hives to shame

Various Artists The State of E=Motion Volume 10 (E-Motion) 3CD

Volume 10 of the series, triple cd featuring the likes of AKUFEN, JIMPSTER, DNTEL, IAN POOLEY, ATOMIZER, CHICKS ON SPEED, ALTER EGO, SUPER_ COLLIDER, RHYTHM & SOUND, CRISTIAN VOGEL, MEITZ and many more .... 41 tracks over three CD's. Tracks from labels such as Chicks On Speed, Emperor Norton, ESL, Force Inc., Gigolo, Guidance, Kanzleramt, Kitty-Yo, NRK, Plug Research, Rephlex, Scape, Scandinavia, Sense, Spiritual Life, Svek, Tresor and many more. Many featured tracks are unreleased or for the first time on CD , comes in a fold-out digipack with additional booklet including short profiles of the featured labels

# posted by DJ Martian 5:11 PM

Pennyblackmusic - Next Week and The Week After Next

A couple of more forthcoming releases in the UK:

Releases For The Week After Next

Rob - Satyred Love

CD on Source

On his first album, �Don�t Kill�, Rob was probably one of the few musicians to successfully embrace a clear penchant for progressive rock, a marked taste for fat and sleek guitar sound, without falling into the trap of reactionary affectation. And he is the only one who can currently juggle variety�in the most genuine and least pejorative sense of the term�while incorporating outdated piano lines and light melodies. Rob owes his ease and success not only to his eclectic experience playing instruments (he does a little of everything: keyboards, trumpet, guitar, bass, background vocals, percussion, programming and drums), but also and more simply to his talent as an orchestrator and arranger and his obvious love of great and beautiful melodies. Work on his albums has landed him in the hospital every time. Since his first trumpet test at the age of 12, when he collapsed from blowing into his instrument too hard; to this new album, whose recording forced him to take to his bed for days under morphine treatment, Rob has tended to swallow life whole. More a pop tale than a rock opera, �Satyred Love� is structured like a novel of initiation, an epic of romantic love. Symphonic flights, pop gimmicks and catchy refrains, through precise writing and orchestration. A sweet-natured dreamer, Rob has an extraordinary talent for projecting both himself and his listeners into a chimerical, magical world outside time

Next Week's Releases

Radio 4 - Gotham

CD on City Slang

�GOTHAM!,� which will be released all over Europe in late September, is one of the most exciting, most passionate and most aggressive albums to be released in a long time. There�s no mistaking the influences from Gang Of Four to The Clash to Talking Heads to Liquid Liquid but seldom have you heard anything so fresh, so animated, so focussed, so political and so fucking full-on funky. Addictive rockers such as "Start a Fire", "Eyes Wide Open", and "Calling All Enthusiasts" are accentuated by Williams�s serrated, funky guitar workouts, while "Speaking in Code", and "Pipe Bombs" explore hypnotic dub inflections. Meanwhile, "Struggle" and "End of the Rope" could incite a dance riot. And yes, the anthemic �Dance To The Underground� does indeed sum it all up for a new movement of rock bands demanding you to shake your rump. Half dance party, half political rally, GOTHAM! is a rock record for a new era. It�s very much a New York record, made in New York about New York. It�s a militant record, and it puts the group at the top of their class

# posted by DJ Martian 1:24 AM - Forthcoming Releases

More forthcoming releases listed @ - To Infinity and Beyond to browse through, including these new additions:

Bilge Pump - Let Me Breathe

CD on Gringo

Released on 14/10/02

Years ago, Colchester gave Leeds a man called Joe Mask. Now, in a pleasing moment of cultural exchange, Leeds gives Colchester (well, Gringo) the mighty Bilge Pump in return. The jewel of the north is well known for its steady turnout of self-sufficient, trend-proof rock wallahs. The Pump are no exception. These three men have forged a sound based on clang and whallop, given shape by the rollicking bonh(a)mie of Neil Turpin, a man who has loaned his rhythm to Him more than once. Think Gang Of Four bass tumbling over Led Zep drum-rollick, slammed up against gnarled, screeching King Crimson guitar fripperies from 'Our Joe,' a chap who is also known to millions for his tireless work in Red Monkey. This is heavy and off-kilter, but never turgid. Sharp melodies and upbeat delivery jump out with repeated listening. Bilge Pump, like McDonalds, are popular both in Europe (where they have toured extensively) and America, where they have released on the supreme Troubleman Unlimited stable. They will shortly be touring with kindred spirits Erase Errata in the UK. stopping off in the following cities; Leeds, Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Newcastle. * �Let Me Breathe� is the debut album from Leeds� Bilge Pump, after some five years of playing around the UK and Europe, having had previous releases on Slampt and Troubleman Unlimited. * Bilge Pump are from the DIY hotbed of Leeds. They also share members with Him, Polaris, Red Monkey and Snail Racing. .

Entre Rios - Idioma Suave

CD on Elefant

Released on 21/10/02

This three-piece from Buenos Aires, Argentina, present a gentle sound postcard, a collection of placid, delicate songs; music to dream to with your eyes wide open. Elefant released "Litoral", a seven inch on their legendary Singles Club in 2001. This brought the music of ENTRE R�OS to many new audiences; among them BBC Radio One DJ John Peel, who played the record several times. 'Idioma Suave' is their debut album, thirteen songs influenced in part by Angelo Badalamenti, Phil Spector & Brian Eno (all experts in the art of creating enigmatic atmospheres). Fabulous electronic sound scapes shored up by ethereal vocals make this a very fine example of avant garde pop

Ink And Dagger - Ink And Dagger

CD on Buddyhead

Released on 21/10/02

This is the self titles, third and final full length release, from Philadelphia's night stalkers INK & DAGGER. Over the course of 3 years, Ink & Dagger made a name for themselves as one of the most progressive, controversial, and sensory provoking bands around. Throughout their existence, the group successfuly explored their punk and hardcore roots while developing their own brand of sonically powerful rock. The band forged their reputation by touring the world with the likes of Refused, Atari Teenage Riot and the Misfits. "Ink & Dagger" is destined to be a classic, the groups dark imagery and precarious bite combines with a deadly scope of sounds extending from sharp explosive energy bursts to spacey instrumentals and delicate rhythms. For fans of : My Bloody Valentine, Black Sabbath

Mani Neumeier - Birthday!

CD on Funfundvierzig

Released on 21/10/02

Drummer /keyboardist MANI NEUMEIER from prog/krautrockers GURU GURU celebrates his birthday bigstyle. On his sixtieth birthday Neumeier and long time comrades got together at the Mannheim Lagerhaus on May 6th 2001 to perform classics from the repertoire of Guru Guru, Tiere der Nacht and Lover 303. Born in 1940 Mani N was part of the experimental jazz circuit of the sixties, playing with the Irene Schweizer trio, Alexander von Schlippenbach and Peter Br�tzmann, recording with Champion Jack Dupree and Wolfgang Dauner. Dissatisfied with the conventional sound spectrum of the drum kit, he invented the so-called "Mani-Toms" with adjustable pitches, integrated tablas, Indian bells, Tibetan cymbals and Balinese Gamelan parts into his wide-ranging arsenal of instruments. "Jazz pope" Joachim Ernst Berendt praised him as "the most gifted rhythmician of German free jazz." 11 tracks in total, kicking off with the trance-techno "The Volunteer" created by Maly and Neumeier. Spacey psychedelics are produced on "Liquid Systems" & "Bird of Pray"... Guru Guru present themselves on 3 tracks- the heavy rocker with Bavarian wit "Rastafari in Bayuwari","Mexicana", which breaks out in wild mariachi orgies over a ska groove & a trashy soundtrack for the new millenium "Der Euro kommt". Neumeiers virtuosity on the drums is best captured in "Kan Reki Drum", a showcase for his hypnotic drumfire. The closing track is a tranquil blues track from his friend Hans Reffert. "Birthday!" is a vivid showcase of the art of drumming from one of the most important personalities in German rock history.

Text - Text

CD on Buddyhead

Released on 28/10/02

TEXT is a Swedish group featuring all members of the late hardcore band REFUSED, minus one lead singer. David Sandstrom, Kristofer Steen, and Jon Brannstrom have collorated with numerous musicians to bring about what appears to be an experimental brand of sound that is as far away from Refused as one can get. Although the sound is a departure from Refused, this album was actually recorded before they broke up. The result is a peek into the final creative gasps of one of the greatest punk bands ever. ALL MUSIC GUIDE "Text has created the one of the most impressive, bewildering, and genre-blending records of the late '90s/early 2000s. The songs themselves are separate pieces, yet they are held together musically through excellent production, bold instrumentation, and overall vibes. This record contains songs that blend spoken word and jazz, hardcore rock and reggae, and others. The standout track on this album is "Sound Is Compressed; Words Rebel and Hiss." The 11-minute epic starts with a Euro-gospel/reggae groove that is very beautiful. The track moves slowly into a something darker. A somber male/female duet moves into a free jazz freakout that is amazing, powerful, and important. "We Have Explosives! - Schmexplosives" is an instrumental avant-garde piece that shockingly alternates from disarmingly spare to disarmingly abrasive and loud. Some of the record could be seen as pretentious, but with something as interesting as this record, pretense is welcome. The only problem with this record is finding ways to describe it. The only way to thoroughly describe the album is to listen to it. Fans of hardcore music, avant-garde music, and certainly Refused fans will not be disappointed."

Theoretical Girls - Theoretical Girls

CD on Acute

Released on 14/10/02

The theoretical girls may just be the most influential group you've never heard. This seminal late 70s new york no wave band created a body of songs and sounds influential on many of their contemporaries, yet external pressures and internal politics thwarted any official public release of their music at the time.and his emergent vision was to combine the raw energy of punk with his own classical compositions. To this end, he recruited glenn branca (guitar, bass, vocals), margaret dewyss (organ, bass, vocals) and wharton tiers (drums, vocals), and the theoretical girls were born. In their day, no other band better combined the visceral accessibility of punk, new wave and plain rock & roll with such avant garde takes on classical composition and sheer noise, and the quartet quickly became both a cutting edge assault on noise and an incredibly catchy rock band. This cd contains over an hour of original material, all unreleased except for one song which appeared on a ridiculously rare 45 over 20 years ago. After their demise, lohn returned to composition and the visual arts, branca found enduring fame as a creator of symphonic guitar music, wharton Tiers forged a career as a grammy award winning producer, engineer and studio owner, and dewyss recently returned to music with a vocal release on smells like, the label owned by sonic youth drummer steve shelley.

Tocotronic - Tocotronic

CD on L Age D Or

Released on 28/10/02

New from L'age D'or (home to Ascii.Disko, Golden Boy, Spillsbury etc�..) TOCOTRONIC are an alt. rock group who take the occasional detour into the electronic scene, both as TOCOTRONIC & in their side project Phantom Ghost . The new single 'This Boy Is Tocotronic' has something for everyone. Anthemic rock + electro + goth. "Excellent icy electro-guitar-clash-pop�.a meeting of movements that comes good on the title track , landing somewhere between Grandaddy and New Order " NME Tocotronic are: Dirk von Lowtzow (Vocals, Guitar), Jan M�ller (Bass), Arne Zank (Drums) - three twenty-somethings from Hamburg, Germany. A German pop phenomena, Tocotronic are signed to the small but perfectly formed L'AGE D'OR Records & have recently dented the top 10 National charts. Their first, self-produced and self-released 7-inch in 1994 "Wir sind hier nicht in Seattle, Dirk" (This isn't Seattle, Dirk) appealed to fans of the lo fi / home-recording scene. Their debut album "Digital ist besser" (Digital Is better) rocked with attitude. They have a way with angular language: the rhymes sound simple but the lyrics, while not overtly political express anti-nationalism, anti-censorship & a general mistrust of bourgeois media. Tocotronic's words and music strike a chord with their audience. They are playing pop music in the broadest sense of the word and their brand of upbeat electro - punk-pop has become increasingly sophisticated, without losing its instant hummability. More cool stuff from Germany

# posted by DJ Martian 12:49 AM

Tuesday, September 24, 2002


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Covenant and Soft Cell

This week choice is a twin-headed synth pop special, with two of the most important European Synth pop bands of the past twenty years. England's Soft Cell need no introduction, however Sweden's Covenant have a fairly low profile in the UK, due to the atrocious media channels (print, TV, radio) - however in Germany Covenant have a built up a reputation as one of the leading electronic bands in Europe.


Covenant release their new album Northern Light on September 30th. Covenant's last album was a stunning success crisp electronic pop ala Cabaret Voltaire circa 1985, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order Circa Technique and even touches of Pet Shop Boys circa Disco.

Official Covenant website

Covenant - Northern Light ( Euro Release )

CD. The Swedish electro masters return with their brand new fifth full length album ''Northern Light''. Following in the path of their recent single ''Call The Ships To Port'' this is a return to the sound of classic era Covenant but with a re-vitalised, seductive, sweeping and dynamic electronic sound ( Courtesy of production work from Rammstein producer Jacob Hellner ) Only COVENANT sound like this because only they can : Covenant re-invent themselves again but remain true to their own sound as only classic and acomplished acts can. A simply essential release. Full Tracklisting : ''Monochrome'', ''Call The Ships To Port'', ''We Stand Alone'', ''Bullet'', ''Atlas'', ''Prometus'', ''Invisible Silent'', ''We Want Revolution'', ''Scared'', ''Rising Sun'', ''Winter Comes''. Released 30th September 2002. Sony / K2A * please note - release dates between European and US issues vary*

Source: Music Non Stop

Soft Cell

Official Soft Cell website

Soft Cell - Cruelty Without Beauty is released on Cookin Vinyl on September 30th.

Soft Cell release their first album in eighteen years

The legendary duo of Dave Ball and Marc Almond has written and recorded 12 tracks in a London studio which stand alongside their greatest work. Their recent sold out concerts across Europe previewed many of these new songs to ecstatic audience responses. The group have managed to preserve their highly distinctive and edgy sound whilst featuring a lyrical outlook that is true to their maturity and perspective - both harshly honest and bleakly humorous. Their first single "Monoculture" typifies this with its furiously catchy hook and fatalistic lyric. "Why don't I just give up and do myself a favour" Marc announces as he surveys and analyses the spiralling industrial mass in what may be Soft Cell's first overtly political song. Yet with the band's unparalleled wit you can dance to it!

NME review Soft Cell - Cruelty Without Beauty.

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ATP - Barry Hogan

Dusted have a feature on the founder of ATP: Barry Hogan

Dusted's Sam Hunt talks to All Tomorrows Parties meta-curator Barry Hogan about the past, present and future of one of music's most impressive institutions.

An interesting article, B&S fans are slagged off as bedwetters !

thought the event had a lot of scope and wanted to continue it so I renamed it and got rid of the bedwetters who B+S seem to attract and focused on inviting a curator, which seems to have taken off.

[I call them cardigan wearing over sensitive whimps !]

Also Who would play at Barry Hogan's ATP?

BH: Tindersticks, Archie Shepp, Nina Simone, Love, Pharoah Sanders, Flaming Lips, Echo and the Bunnymen (only if they played the material from 1st three LPs), Au Pairs, Public Enemy, Reflection Eternal, J-Live, Ween, ESG, Codeine, Califone, labradford, A Silver Mount Zion, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Fuxa, Liquid Liquid, Vincent Gallo, Thurston Moore solo, Silver Jews, Sam Prekop Band, Set Fire to Flames, Black Dice, OOIOO, Russell Haswell, American Analog Set, Model 500, Carl Craig, Bardo Pond, Shellac, The For Carnation, Tortoise, Boards of Canada, Underground Resistance, Claude Young, The Durutti Column, Funkadelic, Steve Reich doing Music for 18 Musicians, Black Heart Procession, Letter E, Threnody Ensemble, Jim O'Rourke.

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Splendid have an interview feature on Interpol

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Ladytron - Light & Magic

Splendid review Ladytron - Light & Magic

This album will be released in the UK in November on the Telstar label !

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Basement Jaxx - new album 2003 report that Basement Jaxx have started working on the follow up to Rooty, expected to be released Spring 2003.

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The Chameleons

StarVox have a feature on The Chameleons

...there is something uniquely haunting about Mark Burgess's lyrics and vocal melodies, the way they surge bittersweetly against the guitar tapestries... It is magically humanistic. Most importantly, Burgess offers a hint of solace and peace deeper down within the sadness. It is a voice full of reason and passion, one the listener can trust and believe in without shame or selfconsciousness. ~Greg Fasolino

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Monday, September 23, 2002


How to DJ?

BBCi review a new book Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, How To DJ (Properly)

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Peter Gabriel - Up

BBCi review Peter Gabriel - Up

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gabba / AMP

I have not previously mentioned: gabba / AMP a music download website.

a temporary archive of sounds resident on our playlists this week (just right click to download) Files are regularly purged, so get em while you can!!

Mostly in the area of ..microhouse/tech house/electronic pop/IDM/ folktronica.

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Howard Devoto, Magazine, and the Post-Punk Revival

Jess Harvell @ StylusMagazine presents a long article Rhythm of Cruelty: Howard Devoto, Magazine, and the Post-Punk Revival

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The Brainwashed Brain V05I36 - 09222002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Low - Trust

Wire - Read & Burn 02
Pink Flag

Landing - Fade In/Fade Out
Strange Attractors Audio House

This Heat - Deceit
These Records

Tarwater - Dwellers on the Threshold

Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher?

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Bellini - Snowing Sun

Stylus Magazine review ex Don Caballero drummer's new band, Bellini: Bellini - Snowing Sun

[The front cover art is stunning very 4ad/Cocteau Twin-esque.]

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Kinski - Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle

Pitchfork review America's answer to Mogwai: Kinski - Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle

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can you really list your ten favorite albums?

The ILX collective are asked can you really list your ten favorite albums?

My answer no, I find it increasingly difficult to put together a numbered best of year (last I did one for 2000 a top 10), the thought of doing a decade numbered list would be an impossible task - nevermind a best ever list.

Also there are hundreds of albums I still want to listen to in the future. Have a browse through these lists/databases I am sure there are many you still would like to listen for the first time:

fastnbulbous Rock Lists 1965 to 2002 and Scaruffi - Music

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Key new album releases for September 23rd [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: September 23rd

Beck - Sea Change (Geffen).
Digitonal - 23 Things Fall Apart (Toytronic)
DJ Vadim - USSR The Art of Listening (Ninja Tune)
Peter Gabriel - Up (Real World/Virgin)
Darin Gray - St. Louis Shuffle (Family Vineyard)
Robert Hood - Point Blank (Peacefrog)
Jori Hulkkonen - Different (F Communications)
Karate - Some Boots (Southern Records)
LAB 4 - Virus (Tidy Trax)
Limbonic Art - The Ultimate Death Workshop (Nocturnal Art Productions)
Low - Trust (Rough Trade)
Jeff Mills - At First Site (react)
Multiplex - Pinghaus Frequencies (Toytronic)
Myrkskog - Superior Massacre (Candlelight)
Schneider TM - Zoomer (City Slang)
Snapcase - End Transmission (Victory)
Spring Heel Jack - Amassed (Thirsy Ear)
Thine - In Therapy (Peaceville)
Unstable Ensemble - Liturgy Of Ghosts (Family Vineyard)

For Reference

Last Week: September 16th

Aspects Of Physics - Systems Of Social Recalibration (Rocket Racer) US
Boom Bip - Seed to Sun (Lex)
Casino Versus Japan - Whole Numbers Play The Basics (Carpark) US Import
Death in Vegas - Scorpio Rising (Heavenly)
The Delta Waves - Dream In Real Time (Troubleman)
DHS - Attention Earth People (TinoCorp)
Kevin Drumm/Lasse Marhaug - Frozen By Blizzard Winds (Smalltown Supersound)
Dryft - The Mytotyc Exyt (Component) ep
DSP - In the Red (Ninja Tune)
Exhaust - Enregistreur (Constellation)
Martin Horntveth - Fast Motion (Smalltown Supersound) ep
Isis - Oceanic (Ipecac)
Johann Johannsson - Englaborn (Touch)
Kaito - Special Life (Kompakt)
Komputer - Market Led (Mute)
Ladytron - Light and Magic (Emperor Norton) Import
Medicine8 - Iron Stylings (Regal Records)
Mr Lif - I Phantom (Definitive Jux)
Rhythm Division - Divided Rhythms (Whole Nine Yards)
Swayzak - Dirty Dancing (Studio K7)
System - System (Scape)
Aoki Takamasa - Silicom 2 (Progressive Form)
Telescopes - Third Wave (Double Agent) US Import
Ten And Tracer - An Hour Brighter (U-Cover)
Trans Am - Extremixxx (Thrill Jockey) 6 track ep
Underworld - A Hundred Days off (V2)
Susumu Yokota - The Boy and the Tree (Leaf)

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Sunday, September 22, 2002


2 ILM Threads: Metal and Microhouse

Two interesting threads on ILM this past week:

metal is the new japanese psychedelia

The MicroHouse Thread

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Rubin Steiner

MoS have a profile on Rubin Steiner who has a new album, Wunderbar Drei.

Now he is back with "Wunderbar drei", a mixture of jazz structures and insistent beats, which proves that Rubin Steiner is a talented musician and subtle arranger. His music is a delight for both heads and legs!

Look for �Wunderbar drei� release date 30 September, and the single, Guitarlandia, release date 4 November.

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The Fire Show - Saint The Fire Show

Fast 'n' Bulbous Review The Fire Show - Saint The Fire Show

True to its pyrotechnic name, The Fire Show burned brightly and disappeared before hardly anyone noticed. Like This Heat, The Birthday Party, Mission Of Burma and The Pop Group, The Fire Show had their say within three albums or less, destined to be largely ignored at the time only to be deservedly revered later on. They are romantics, believing passionately that art should be expressed in everyday life, not cheapened by commerce and lifestyle marketing

This will be the last album from the The Fire Show

we are proud to go out on our own terms. the market-driven advertopolis that is the music industry has not bowed nor bloodied us. nonetheless, we mourn the watered-down, formulaic, media-centred mediocrity that music has become. music needs new blood and new passion; fresh ideas and fresh commitments to resist the charms of money, fame and comfort.

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Jivaro - Jivarodelia

Privy Magazine review Jivaro - Jivarodelia

Henrik Dahl, a.k.a. Jivaro, has proved himself a master of �digital lo-fi� with his first full-length solo album, �Jivarodelia,� which is nothing short of an electronic masterpiece.

From its opening track, Electro-fun, a minimalistic, yet ultra-groovy unedited live mix, Jivaro takes the listener on a journey through a world of DIY sound, influenced by Detroit techno, ambient house, and Jamaican dub.

More Info @ the Kindercore website Jivaro section.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:46 PM - Issue 31

Some new reviews @

Comets On Fire - Field Recordings From the Sun

Low - Trust

Bellini - Snowing Sun

Sierpinski - This Geography of Ours

Darin Gray - St. Louis Shuffle

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Oxbow - An Evil Heat review Oxbow - An Evil Heat

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Aquarius Records New Arrivals list #146

The latest aquarius records new arrivals list: #146, including a selection of reviews highlighted below:

Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons (Dfa)

It seems that art world darlings Black Dice have abandoned their super spastic noise assaults in favor of a more subtle, spacious, psychedelic approach, a path not unlike the one the Boredoms followed on the way to making "Super ae" and "Vision Creation Newsun." What happened? It's like someone set those responsible for "Cold Hands" loose in the forest with some shrooms, a couple Amon Duul records and a mission to get in touch with their primal selves. However they got their inspiration, the results are a glorious realization of intensity achieved through built-up layers of evocative, tension filled sound rather than freak-punk pummelling. This is an affair of shimmery guitars, cascading oscillations, tinkling chimes, and even a new agey wind line, worrisome until it gets obliterated via sample manipulation. An element of tribalism pounds its way into Beaches & Canyons, both through hypnotic drumming and yelping "Ah oh ah oh oh ah ah oh YEW! YEW! YEW! YEW!" vocal outbursts. The whole thing teeters precariously on the edge of hippy-dippydom, but Black Dice manages to pull off the jams while avoiding wanton self indulgence. Expansive, unexpected and awesome.

Mirror - Solaris (Idea)

Finally! The first CD release from Mirror, the AQ-favorite duo of Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann (nope, no Jim O'Rourke or Andreas Martin on this album) whose previous recordings had been all been vinyl only releases! As was hinted in their last album "Die Spiegelmanufaktur," Mirror express themselves on "Solaris" less through the quest for the drone supreme of unidentifiable tonal fluctuations and more through the delicate interplay of slowly evolving improvisations sounding not unlike recent AMM swimming in the murk of drainage-ditch reverberation. Similarly, the instrumentation has shifted more towards the free-improv territory, centered around prepared piano and clarinet with plenty of drone processing. Neither instrument come across as being typically employed, as the woodwind emits breathy rushes of sound at times and at others haunted bleats resonnating like Tibetan thigh-bone horns that had been so prevalent with the early Current 93 and Lustmord recordings. Slightly more conventional in its use, the prepared piano comes across as delicate plucks of the piano's strings and muffled clusters of notes hovering throughout the spatial plane. Nicely done.

Coh - Mask Of Birth (Mego)

According to Raster-Noton who first released this album back in 1999, "Mask Of Birth" was the debut recording for Coh, the Russian born programmer Ivan Pavlov. Originally, this was a vinyl only release published by Raster-Noton, who made a point of stating that they had a difficult time cutting the frequencies of these recordings onto wax. A mere three years later, Mego has taken up the task of re-issuing this album on CD, a medium more appropriate for dynamic frequencies. Despite his origins with Raster's pristine electronics, Coh has continued to present himself as a post-techno reincarnation of the bleak industrial arpeggiations from the early-'80s, sharing the common urgency of early Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, Fad Gadget, Konstruktivitis, Skinny Puppy and the like. He's just been using much more high tech gear than abused samplers and overblown drum machines. After his recent collaborations with Coil on the "Love Uncut" EP, the revisitation to his first productions draws the same conclusion of his historical citations. The darkened loops, tremolo vibrations, and static pulsations have similar tonalities to his peers on Raster (Noto, Mika Vainio, and Komet), but the structure of the his music is fixed back in time on those aforementioned references. As many of those bands have been forgotten, marginalized, or dismissed, Coh's electronica revisionism is certainly welcome!

Hazard - Land (Touch)

The Swedish sound artist B.J. Nilsen has been recording as Hazard since 1996 as a means of investigating the physical and psychological effects that natural sounds hold upon the human body. The pursuits of sonic research are refinements of Nilsen's Industrial heritage which began with a handful of epistomologically grim albums as Morthond for Cold Meat Industries and has continued with the Janitor collaboration with Baby Doll Lima of Deutch Nepal. Unlike those projects, Hazard engages a stronger poetic sensibility in the digital processing of field recordings from snow, ice, water, wind, etc. The resultant cold, cold, cold drones dappled with rich, textured detailing always imply a malevolence within natural phenonemona.

As on the Hazard album with its self-evident title "Wind," "Land" finds Nilsen collaborating with respected field recordist Chris Watson to capture source material worthy to be run through the Hazard bank of DSP patches. Again, it's wind that Nilsen is after, transforming the violent whippings of Arctic winds into huge rumblings of low frequencies that burst into climatic squalls of rushing drones crackling with a rough-hewn digital grit. As the album progresses, the sense of foreboding and dread which opens the album dissipates and reveals brighter tonalities that are worthy of comparison to Eno's ambient recordings.

All of these tracks on "Land" have been treated from live recordings made over the past year through Hazard's numerous performances across Europe. Another great album from Hazard!

Johann Johannsson - Englaborn (Touch)

Founding member of the Kitchen Motors arts organization in Reykjavik, Johann Johannsson has been at the forefront of adventurous music in Iceland, performing with the Apparat Organ Ensemble and working with some of the more acclaimed Icelandic exports (i.e. members of Sigur Ros, Mum, Stilluppsteypa, Halfer Trio, etc.). "Englaborn" is the first album for Johannsson, who reconstructed this album from the score he wrote for the stage play by Havar Sigurjonsson. Johannsson stated that "The play is extremely violent and disturbing; and basically, when faced with the script, I decided to work against it as much as possible and just try to write the most beautiful music I could."

While we do not have the benefit of witnessing the play itself or any images for that matter (beautiful Jon Wozencroft photographs of the sea grace the cover of this album), Johannsson invokes a profound sadness through his descending chord progressions for the Epos Spring Quartet which he augments with spartan use of percussion, electronics, piano, computerized voices, and harmonium. Where Sigur Ros has crafted grandiose operas of Icelandic melancholia, Johann Johannsson simplifies his scores into poignant short stories that nevertheless resonate with those emotions.

Ladytron - Light & Magic (Emperor Norton)

Here it is, the much-anticipated second full length from these four Euro-cats! Behold more pleasingly groovy, unbarbed club pop that's definitely not experimental nor groundbreaking although they've been frequently touted thusly by the media. Prepare yourself to see their name in even more electro-clash / '80s discussion-group threads! Yes, many have yet to forgive them for their shameless facsimile of Kraftwerk's "The Model" ("He Took Her To A Movie") and their general recreation of the '80s new wave dance sound, but seldom do you hear as loud an outcry about any of the recent guitar-based revivals and regurgitations. Hmmm, seems to be just a given that guitars - both acoustic and electric - are a mainstay, whereas synthesizers are somehow still viewed as novel and effortless button-pushing. Clearly it's what you do with your chosen instrument that's key, and you can do quite a lot with a guitar, but you can also do quite a lot, if not more, with a synthesizer. That said, this album does find the foursome venturing out a little further, and honing their songwriting and production skills. "Nuhorizons" and "Re:Agents" are prime examples of this. A little more complex and a little less fluffy. Yet overall, Ladytron still overflows with bubbly programmed beats and repetitive, uncomplicated arpeggiated melodies (the synthesized 'strings' sounds are put to rather abundant use). Their distinct soft'n'wispy versus droll'n'deadpan dual female vocals are much more effected and integrated into the mix, making the lyrics less decipherable than those on 604, and making the album, as a whole, less pop. Sadly however, there aren't any tracks that immediately made their presence known by locking their hooks in the way that "Playgirl" or "Paco!" did. Andee did remark however that "Turn It On" sounded like it could easily be "Axel's Theme Part Two" from Beverly Hills Cop. Whether this is a good or bad thing... dunno! Regardless, if you like sleek, stylish and playful night music, Ladytron is for you.

Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet (Red Stream)

Here's one of those crucial, seminal recordings that somehow (probably 'cause we were much less thorough about these things at the time of its release) never made it into our on-line catalog. Yet we often make reference to it, and have recommended other, subsequent albums by the band, including the recently-released "The Process Of Farmakon" cdep reviewed on list #142.

Happily, Red Stream has just reissued this album, the debut from Finnish doom-lords Skepticism, after some time out of print, and we now have a chance to list it for the first time! Originally issued in 1995, this 2002 version has been (slightly) redesigned graphics-wise but contains the same immense sonic slabs of funereal doom-trudge metal that so awed us seven years back. We hail this album as the ultimate "black-metal-meets-Labradford" listening experience. Totally morose, depressive, atmospheric ambience in heavy dirge death metal mode, with melodies to crush your soul. Medieval organ-like keyboards give this a grim, churchly air, and of course it sounds like it was recorded with the microphones quite distant from the instruments/amps, possibly in a nearby forest.

If like other Skepticism albums and/or are a fan of the likes of Esoteric, Thergothon, Shape Of Despair, Corrupted, Evoken, Burzum's "Filosofem", and other sad and gloomy things, you MUST OWN THIS. 'Nuff said.

Today Is The Day - Sadness Will Prevail (Relapse)

Praise be! Steve Austin and co. are back, delivering another dose of their unique brand of Satanic math-metallic noise. Sprawling over two discs (labelled X and Y), these tracks are less like songs proper than sonic symptoms of Today Is The Day's aesthetic and philosophical ideas -- and, especially, their darkest emotions.

With wretched rasping vokills, crushing doom riffs, maniac outbursts, and scary, atmospheric sample-littered soundscapes (normally we frown on samples we can recognize, but it *was* neat to hear the bit from Coven, y'know, from American Movie), Today Is The Day convey some dark feelings indeed. The metal parts are quite devastating, but it's perhaps the moodier elements that make this album so striking and creepy. Bass rumble and glitchy electronic synth noise are paired with sad piano tinklings, acoustic guitars are strummed in a backwoods night-time ritual, and there's even some honest-to-god melodic singing (as on the deathly-piano-ballad "Death Requiem" or the great Alice Cooper/Devil Doll styled track "Invincible", reprised from TITD's split cd with 16).

Several of us here at AQ have been TITD fans for a long time, all the way back to their sadly out-of-print "Supernova" debut on the Amphetamine Reptile label. Their rebirth on Relapse (three albums ago) moved them in a decidedly heavier, brutal direction, but, as made plain on "Sadness Will Prevail", their experimental, artistic impulses remain strong.

In some ways, the closest thing we can compare this to is the mighty Oxbow, colliding with the likes of Coalesce and Old Man Gloom perhaps. Easily a contender for "metal" (but not at all entirely metal) record of the year. There's certainly a lot here to like. Some of the production is more lo-fi than we'd expect from Mr. Austin (a well-known producer outside of this TITD career) but still manages to dangle us dangerously at the gaping mouth of hell! And wait for the hidden track at the end of disc two, wherein Austin fucks with some brutal black metal, which just happens to be from the upcoming Leviathan album on Andee's tUMULt label!

Also Reviewed:

Mitchell Akiyama - Temporary Music (Raster)
Boom Bip - Seed To Sun (Lex)
Cephalic Carnage - Lucid Interval (Relapse)
ESG - Step Off (Soul Jazz
Exhaust - Enregistreur (Constellation) Cd
Stephan Mathieu - Die Entdeckung Des Wetters (Lucky Kitchen)
Monos - Nightfall Sunshine (Die Stadt)
Vsnares - 2370894 (Planet Mu)
Zorn, John - Filmworks Xiii (Tzadik)

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Saturday, September 21, 2002


Terrorizer - October Issue 103

Details of the next (October) issue of Terrorizer with Lacuna Coil on the front cover.

'Now That's What I Call Terror 19' Covermount CD
Lacuna Coil
Eyehategod/ Labrat tour report
The Berzerker
Judas Priest
Readers' poll and questionnaire 2002
In Flames
Hate Eternal
Limbonic Art
Scottish scene report

Also details of the November edition of Terrorizer on sale late October !

cephalic carnage | satyricon | severe torture | scalplock | pale horse | the chasm | impaled | spiritual beggars | rotting christ | beaten back to pure

and whatever else we decide is bad for you

# posted by DJ Martian 1:16 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ BOOMKAT - A PELICANNECK ELECTRONIC MUSIC STORE include:

Casino Versus Japan - Whole Numbers Play The Basics - Car Park

If we were asked to name a single record that we have felt most affection for here at the neck over the last 4 years, Casino Versus Japans sublime Go Hawaii would be an immediate and easy choice. Having been released inconspicuously, without the usual hyperbole and fanfare that accompanies so much of what goes on in this scene, Go Hawaii somehow managed to capture a knowing innocence that had simply been missing from electronic music for far too long. Simple gestures that wrapped up a colour-drenched hawaiian sunset with opaque references to melancholy and childhood, spacious reverberations and an intimate understanding of melody, pop and playfulness made for a listen which simply did not fail to warm and impress on first impact. A couple of years on and a few thousand new fans later, CVSJ finally return with their long anticipated third album - Whole Numbers Play The Basics. Utilising a similar juxtaposition of tone and style, the immediate impact of this excellent record is one of familiarity and joy. The construction is a little more rugged and obtuse, but the underlying emphasis on self-reflection and euphoria is, once again, untouchable. From the bedtime lullaby of Em Essey - finding Isan and Boards floating to the same rhythm - to the closing click-ambience of Slo Bid Bellwave, this is another gorgeous, fluffy, life-affirming piece of work. Highly Recommended.

Silicon Scally - Mr Machine - SCSI vinyl only

After being released and then abruptly withdrawn, Scsi at long last present the full-release of this awesome new album from Carl Finlow. 2002 undoubtedly belongs to Carl � after demolishing dancefloors with his tremendous Electrilogy series for the device label, reshuffling sizzling house for Sir Muziq, building up the reputation of the 20/20 Vision label as Random Factor and battling it out with the Wee Deejays on their ace Gassoline imprint, Mr finlow finally returns home to his nearest and dearest label � Scsi-Av. Having starved us for quite some time of his Silicon Scally material, Finlow finally delivers an album that will not only rank as the finest electro record of the early noughties but will cement his reputation as one of the most important exponents of new electro in the world today, sitting alongside his Detroit compatriots in innovation, precision, crunchiness and bass devastation. Auton is a perfect opening - flawlessly crisp, dark, evolved, atmospheric, the right keys shimmering and changing in the right places, the bass wobbling with the required nastiness, this is synth-fuelled electro like you�ve never heard before... Killer stuff. Downtime is shockingly good, a tougher break constructs the percussion, split keys tugging high and low, this is the kind of electro mess that fans of Dexter love so dearly, bass stabs finishing you off in true ghetto stylee. Entron already screams classic, those synths once again offering an air of expectant menace, modulated digital vocals ploughing through dark textures, industrial clanks, tough percussion, the sound of machines gone electrosizzle! And then again on Non Functional, classic material in the longest-term sense of the word, just immense. Destined for huge things, this is a seminal electro album from a living legend....check it out as soon as you can. Essential Purchase.

Jeff Mills - At First Sight - React

One of Detroit�s original techno players delivers a full length in the form of �At First Sight�, more visionary techno from the head of the legendary Axis imprint. Keeping the pressure full on he relents not a bit with his forceful vision of futuristic techno. Taking and utilising all his skills and sci-fi influences Mr Mills lays the techno law down with cuts like �Punisher : last confession� , fetching the track up to and beyond todays standards. Or the classy �Stark: detroit story�, that harks back to classic productions of the golden motor city era. Across the 13 tracks you get a feel that this is Jeffs first full artist album for a long time, it seems to be a complete document and stands up there with the sought after and highly limited �Every Dog has its day� series. Jeff continues his experiments and sci-fi sounds to top acclaim, again its a winner.

Multiplex - Pinghaus Frequencies - Toytronic

Finally available on CD with 7 extra tracks! Multiplex finally mark their return to the label with this awesome 14 tracker, all intricate beats and airy chords, a melodic body of IDM brought together with the usual Toytronic flare. With a barrage of digital trickery stepping outside of the conditioned digital maze to explore open-ended sonic territories and heart-tugging compositions, �Pinghaus Frequencies� is a full-bodied and luscious affair that fans of Toytronic, Arovane, Gimmik et al should not miss out on. With remixes thrown in from crunchmaster Scape One and Russia�s Ambidextrous, this is another essential Toytronic release. Killer!

Rechord � Skokoll -

None other than the multi-talented Andreas Tilliander, returning with a full length for under his Rechord guise after genre defining work for Raster-Static and Mille Plateaux as both Mokira and, well, himself! Where those musical identities involved themselves with the invention of 'Clip-Hop', a deconstruction and redefinition of more blinging commercial sources of inspiration. Here, Andreas concerns himself with all things dub and Scape related. There's a genuine sense of Andreas engaging with fragments of dub and float, seeking and finding gems of melodic interest amidst open fields of tiny static hisses and whispers. Rechord proves to be a bit of a pun, as many contemporaries become overly preoccupied in the process of recording, where Tilliander ultimately shapes the disparate elements into convincingly fine music. Recommended.

Robert Hood - Point Blank - Peacefrog

This is one producer who never fails to ignite the very air with his stripped cyclic and unique loop style techno. Coming from the revered home of techno, and never straying from the path he has paved for himself, Mr Hood returns once more to the fray with a killer LP. Sounding more akin to his first label M-Plant than his later Drama material, this stays true to his blueprint take on techno. The vibe across the whole LP is superb, from the modulating drums and Soft-and-Hard cut of �Sauna� to the reverb drenched sitar sounds of �Wrath Meditation� complete with pounding kicks and whirrs of percussion. Next we come to the biggie, �Memo from Thunder�, what a memo! Looped drums underly a crunched-up riff that grows and grows similar to Dave Clarke�s Red series, modulating upwards while the beat stomps away it screams Classic! at you from first listen, the Rob Hood we know and love keeps it real and firmly on the up. Ace.

Schneider Tm - Zoomer - City Slang

Brand new album from Mr Dirk Dresselhaus re-born in 2002 as a twisted robot freak love machine with a severe split personality. The seed for 'Zoomer' came with last years sublime Smith's reworking and the vibe is continued here. A digital beatdown freakdown tweaked and twisted into future electro pop greatness, forget 'electroclash' this is the way it should be done. Live instrumentation adds to many tracks and on 'Turn On' Mr Matchbox Jump and Jeepbeats himself Max Turner drops some illed rap shit. Concise at eight tracks long this is the best yet from Schneider TM. Recommended.

Ten And Tracer - An Hour Brighter - U Cover

Ten and Tracer's CD debut release is another step further in his sensitive musical output. After his very well received vinyl release on Inc.Us, this first work on U-Cover contains 60 minutes neatly divided into 22 emotional tracks full of melodic layers and subtle idm rhythms. Kinda 'Geogaddish' in feel. Now one of the leaders in the north American electronic scene, Ten and Tracer fit nicely into the melodic IDM scene. Check.

Ghislain Poirier - Sous Le Monguier - Intr-Version

New on Mitchell Akiyama's excellent label is the second CD from Montreal artist Ghislain Poirier who released the superb 'Il N'y A Pas De Sud' for Taylor Deupree's 12k last year. 'Sous Le Monguier' displays a different kind of wonder - instead of reducing the 4/4 click aesthetic/update of the Chain Reaction sound this time round he homes to a warm reference point in Mark and Moritz's Burial Mix/Rhythm & Sound structure. Extending things further he fuses minimal dub with an african devotional feeling delivered through the use of Koras and other instruments of possibly African origin. For instance 'L'hiver Neige' flickers through channel hopping warm waves of sound backed by brushed drum scapes while the dub bass flicks light up tracks such as 'Se Reprendre'. Throughout the twelve tracks Poirier returns to the same exotic landscapes that he explored a year ago but this time with even more assurance and sensitivity. Muted waves of languid melodies tumble over unhurried beats, offering shimmering widescreen soundscapes. Sous Le Manguier is a soundtrack for memories of exotic places you've never visited. highly recommended.

Stephan Matthieu And Ekkehard Ehlers - Heroin - Brombron

Full stock of this ace cut up digital glitch session from Matthieu and Ehlers recorded in the very last days of 2000 for the cool Brombron imprint. Stephan Mathieu used to be the drummer in Kitty Yo�s free improv duo Stol and since they split he works as a laptop artist. He has released various records for Kit Clayton's Orthlorng Musork label (under the moniker Full Swing) and on Ritornell (the excellent Wurmloch Variationen) and in the near future on F�llt. Ekkehard Ehlers was also in a duo, Autopoieses, a laptop micro-glitch project, but also plays techno inspired click n cuts as Auch (which has an album on Mille Plateaux) and under his name he composed the more serious side of music (a record of Albert Ayler versions is released by Staubgold). Excellent.

The Vandermark 5 - Free Jazz Classics Vols 1 & 2 - Atavistic

Chicago's broadest shoulders present a nice-price double-cd reissue of their very sought-after and critically acclaimed Free Jazz Classics discs. Originally issued as limited edition bonus discs with the V5's last two albums 'Burn The Incline' & 'Acoustic Machine', jazz legends Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, Carla Bley, Joe McPhee, Lester Bowie, Eric Dolphy, Anthony Braxton, Sun Ra, Frank Wright, Jimmy Guiffre, Julius Hemphill & Don Cherry get paid their due respect- as only The Vandermark 5 can.

Xmarsx - Xmarsx - Atavistic

Make no mistake, the vigorous aural experience known as XMARSX is just one more prime example of the fierce individualism exhibited by Chicago bandleader Mars Williams. And while XMARSX runs the absolute gamut with their rock-noise-improv-electric-funky-no-wave-jazz-punk , there's a unified focus to their sensibility. Along with Williams, guitarist Greg Suran (Blue Man Group, Slam), drummer Dave Suycott (Machines Of Loving Grace, Stabbing Westward, Slam), and Kent Kessler (Vandermark 5, NRG Ensemble, Brotzmann Tentet) comprise the potent nucleus of XMARSX. Besides the stellar musicianship of the players listed above, it's also the charismatic presence of Brother Wayne Kramer (MC5) that makes this project unique.

DJ Vadim - U.S.S.R The Art Of Listening - Ninja Tune

I'll start as I mean to go on - this is the best DJ Vadim album to date. Some statement considering his previous work - the production / the creativity is so good... that for me puts Vad up there with the other man of UK hip hop production genius Part 2. A vocally very strong album with true eclectic male emcee flows (all killer - bring... Motion Man, Blu Rum 13, Demolition Man, Gift Of Gab, TTC, Ade Soma, Task Force, Vakill, and bo!... Slug) plus the female edge is represented by Yarah Bravo who's Erykah Badu styled poetics fused with The Cinematic Orchestra's John Ellis lush keys equal perfection on 'The Pacifist' and 'She Who Is Tested'. DJ action is ridiculous throughout, from Vad himself onto Plus One, Mr Thing etcetaraaahh... nuff styles old & new. Mr Vadim finds himself chilling at the lefthand side of the nu 'Bouncement' secretely making all the moves, here the russian percussion has delivered a cold essential modern masterpiece. A mus' check now essential.

His Name Is Alive - Last Night - 4AD

One of His Name Is Alive's consistent charms has always been their songwriting, despite an uncanny ability to reinvent themselves from one record to the next. Some of Warn Defever�s most beloved influences - cosmic jazz, funk 45's, and gentle acoustic blues - shine through anew, but the haunting moods are still there, and Lovetta's extraordinary singing continues to set the music aglow. Amongst its many treasures, �Last Night� offers a couple of typically Defever-esque raids on the past (a showstopping �Teardrops�, which was originally written by Eddy Grant's Equals and a sweet nod to some friends (�Maybe�, by Ida). But it's the HNIA originals that captivate - the haunting title track, the heartmelt of �Flowers�, the stripped-down �I Can See Myself In Her� and the smoky intimacy of the closing �Train�. Check.

Low � Trust - Rough Trade

�Trust� is the most assertive and expansive Low album yet, loaded with meaningful sonic details and the caressing audio textures that the band have become so well known and worshipped for over the years. This record grazes you with a brick then knocks you over with a feather, in true seminal tradition.. Recorded with Tom Herbert at 3rd Ear Studios in Minneapolis, and mixed in London by Tchad Blake, and guest vocals contributed by Gerry Beckley of 70s soft-rock giants �America� on 'It's In The Drugs' and 'La La La Song' and Marc Gartman�s banjo on 'It's In The Drugs�, this is another masterful piece of work from a truly inspired outfit. Recommended.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 AM

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