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Sunday, September 30, 2001


October Preview - A Summary of Some of the Key Album Releases in October

Without a doubt October is a very busy month for new and reissue album releases, with so smuch stuff being released, here is a brief summary of the more interesting releases. [Release dates apply to the UK, and are subject to change]

October 1st

Anathema - A Fine Day to Exit (Music For Nations) melancholic atmospheric rock par excellence

Eardrum - Side Effects (Leaf) afrobeat dub beat, percussion is astonishing - O'rang fans will love this.

Fun>DA>Mental - There Shall be Love (Nation) another strong percussive album with an array of guests from Asia and Africa.

Green Velvet - Whatever (Music Man) of the big House releases of the year, La La Land being the single.

J Majesty - 23 (Some) post hardcore with hard psychedelic art rock touches

Christian Kleine - Beyond Repair (City Centre Offices) Sublime melodic IDM, highly rated by Nick Luscombe on Flo-Motion/ Xfm.

Koma & Bones - Blinded by Science (TCR) breakbeat crunch meets techno sounds

Les Savy Fav - Go Forth (Southern Records) post punk influenced album

Norken - Spring Themes (Hydrogen Dukebox) sublime Detroit techno via Devon

Solvent - Solvent City (Morr Music) ah sublime BOC style sounds mixed with electro pop

Symptoms - Apathy (Swim) - Austria has Fennesz, Denmark has Laus Ammitzb - Aka Symptoms

Symptoms - Apathy @ Posteverything

Proof positive that it�s ideas that matter, 23 year old Klaus Ammitzb�ll, holed up in his bedroom somewhere with a bare minimum of resources, has managed to craft a quite stunning album. Jonathan Bunn SLEAZENATION

a schitzo cloth cut from dub/club bass underpinning with swathes of jagged guitar peak and magnetic sturm. Ian Pennman THE WIRE

A record that contains power and beauty that far outstrip The results you might expect from one man, a PC and a guitar. Steve Nickolls WAX

Geoff White - Questions And Comments (Force Inc) provides a captivating debut album of warm, delicate, soothing beats that are designed for the DJ, but work exceptionally well in the bedroom More info @ Force Inc

October 8th

Diablerie - Seraphyde (Avant Garde) black metal with electronic influences

Frontline Assembly - Epitaph (Metropolis) Frontline Assembly release another fine electronic album

Herbie Hancock - Future 2 Future (Transparent Music) back after all these years with help from a range of contemporary artists

Lamb - What Sound (Mercury) melodic style moody electronic music with lush female vocals

Royksopp - Melody AM (Wall of Sound) very chilled out atmospheric electronic music getting good reviews all over the place

Solefald - Pills Against The Ageless Ills (Century Media) one of the finest contemporary experimental rock bands twisted dark atmospheric dark metal with electronic influences

Swans - Soundtracks for the Blind - 2cd re-release (Young God Records) (R) Reissue of an album rated is one of the most expressive and panoramic of the 90s by Terrorizer Magazine

Tipper - Holding Pattern (Fuel) breakbeat sounds - Tipper is one of Brit leaders of Nu Skool breaks.

October 15th

A Silver Mt. Zion - Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward (Constellation) Gospeed You Black Emperor offshoot.

Billy Mahonie - What Becomes Before (Southern Records) instrumental rock taking in a range of styles including post punk, jazz and heavy rock.

Bolz Bolz - Human Race (Longhaul) superb electro from Germany getting a full UK release.

Fad Gadget - The Best of Fad Gadget (Mute) (R) Reissue of synth noir weird elecronic pop music from the early 80s.

Fugazi - The Argument (Dischord) post hardcore genius.

Lali Puna - Scary World Theory (Morr Music) classic pop motifs, pulsing electronic rhythms, and sleek European styling

Neil Landstrumm - She Took A Bullet Meant For Me (Tresor) top techno sounds.

Playgroup - Playgroup (Source) British leftfield hip hop.

Rothko - Not Gone Not Forgotten (Lo Recordings) live recordings of this highy regarded British post rock band.

Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder (Fat Cat) the best post rock album of 2001? yet another Godspeed You Black Emperor offshoot project

Teebee - Through The Eyes of A Scorpion (Certficate 18) sublime drum n bass/ jungle from Norway - dubbed a leader of widescreen jungle combining techno and techstep sounds - with a stunning production.

Twintone - World Domination (Position Chrome) extreme electronics from the same label as Panacea

October 22nd

Aphex Twin - Drukqs (Warp) the most high profile IDM release of 2001?

Emperor - Prometheus The Discipline of Fire & Demise (Candlelight) black metal legends return with a complex art rock direction for their last album ever.

4 Hero - Creating Patterns (Talkin Loud) funky varied broken beats.

Godflesh - Hymns (Music For Nations) Justin Broadrick returns with another unique blast of industrial rock.

Mr Len - Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind The Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummy Smacks (Matador) Leftfield Hip Hop stuff with connections to Company Flow.

Lovesliescrushing - Glissceule (Sonic Syrup) sublime MBV influenced space rock from Scott Cortez.

Motorpsycho - Phanerothyme (Stickman) mad eclectic rock sounds from Norway put everything and anything into the sound mixer.

Stina Nordenstam - This is Stina Nordenstam (Independiente) Sweden's Ice maiden returns with a new album, lets hope it's as good as Dynamite.

Pulp - We Love Life (Island) the only successful big 90s Britpop generation band that still matters (although they have been around since 1983), melodic inventive pop rock sounds with a sparkle and cheeky smile. Trees is a fine single.

Justin Robertson - Presents Revtone (Nuphonic) this album is being bigged up in the dance music press front cover of the months Jockey Slut magazine ..displaying a range of influences from house, techno, synth pop, and post punk funk.

16 Million Dollar Man (AKA Omid Nourizadeh) - The Which Equation (Under The Counter) sublime tech house sounds from Omid, with his pedigree you know this will be special.

Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid (Kranky) Instrumental album of the year according to one critic, this will appeal to La Bradford fans.

23 Skidoo - Seven Songs CD [reissue] (Ronin) You know this by now - legends of avant post punk funk

23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan CD [reissue] (Ronin) You know this by now - legends of avant post punk funk

Will Haven - Carpe Diem (Music For Nations) One of the key US metalcore bands with an experimental touch

October 29th

Miss Kitten & the Hacker - The First Album (International Deejay Gigolos) those damn sexy vocals and electro it can only be Miss Kitten from Switzerland.

..I will keep track of reviews for these releases throughout October. I will also be looking out for other releases across the music spectrum.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

Chessie - Overnight

I received this info from an IDM discussion group on Yahoo Groups. Chessie - Overnight will be released on Plug Research on November 14th.

Comparisons to such disparate artists as My Bloody Valentine, Laika and Aphex Twin are all equally valid and give some idea of the wide-ranging influences at work on the Chessie sound


Artist: Chessie
Title: Overnight
Format: CD / 2xLP
Label: Plug Research (CD), 2.nd rec (LP)
Cat. Nr.: PR 31 / 2-nd 004
Distribution: EFA
Release Date: 14.11.2001

Electro-Motive, Daylight, K-Tower, Lineside, Pantograph Up, Cross
Harbor Interchange, Northern Native Junction, S To U, Eyes And Smiles

- "Overnight" is a ghostly meditation on the aesthetics of late night
train travel.

- One of the first projects to combine post-rock and experimental
electronic music.

- A swirling, indistinct realm of sonic abstraction with influences
ranging from the Beach Boys to My Bloody Valentine and Satie.

- 3rd album by an artist who combines live instruments, found sounds,
and non-sequenced electronics.

Somewhere between asleep and awake there is a suspended dream state
where sounds float and pulsate, where you can no longer trust your
senses. Chessie is the soundtrack to this special place.

Over the course of three albums, Chessie's Stephen Gardner has
plumbed a swirling, indistinct realm of sonic abstraction. Inspired
by the sounds of railways, his work has blended electro-acoustic
techniques, live playing and non-sequenced electronics in an effort
to capture the spirit and emotion of rail
travel. The propulsive, inexorable clank of steel on track forms the
rhythmic backbone of the Chessie
compositions, and makes a particularly American counterpart to the
motorik rhythms of much post-Kraftwerk music.

Begun in 1993 as a solo project, Gardner released two brilliant and
highly acclaimed albums of Oakland, CA's Drop Beat: "Signal Series"
in 1997 and "Meet" in 1999. Sparked by a love of chance composition
and avant garde rock and electronica, these seminal albums combined
acoustic instrumentation and processed found sounds and beats in an
entirely unique and seamless way. Comparisons to such disparate
artists as My Bloody Valentine, Laika and Aphex Twin are all equally
valid and give some idea of the wide-ranging influences at work on
the Chessie sound.

During the production of "Meet", Gardner began working with Ben
Bailes, and it is this very fruitful partnership that brings us
"Overnight." The nine songs on "Overnight" are a deliberate
meditation on the aesthetics of late night travel, and especially
travel by train. Tracks like "Cross Harbor Interchange" and
"Daylight" are positively mesmerizing with circular rhythms, graceful
strums of melodic guitar and pulsing, gated blasts of steam-like
noise. More abstract cuts like "Electromotive" are tone poems
constructed from samples and
displaced, skeletal sounds. The overall effect is ghostly and
penumbral, redolent of echoey tunnels and that last bit of darkness
just before the sun rises.


Begun in 1993 as the project of Stephen Gardner from Arlington, VA,
Chessie explores the physical,
emotional, and aesthetic aspects of railways through sound. Gardner,
who has worked for and traveled extensively on railways, processes
his railroad experiences through various Electro-acoustic production
methods including analog tape techniques, acoustic instruments, and
sequencer-less recordings. Following two full length LP/CD's (Drop
Beat's 1997's "Signal Series" and 1999's "Meet") and various singles,
Gardner was joined full-time by Ben Bailes, a sound engineer and
producer based in New York City, who has been listening intently to
the world around him for as long as he can remember. The two started
collaborating in 1998 while Gardner was recording "Meet", and came to
enjoy working as a duo. In the summer of 2000, Gardner and Bailes
began writing and recording "Overnight", a new LP/CD that features 9
compositions dedicated to railways and train travel throughout the

# posted by DJ Martian 1:57 PM

Saturday, September 29, 2001


This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck include the following new albums

CHRISTIAN KLEINE - Beyond Repair - City Centre Offices

At long last we can offer you the debut album from Christian Kleine on City Centre Offices. Christian has been involved with our label since the beginning as one half of Herrmann and Kleine and, crucially, as co-writer and co-producer of much of Arovanes Tides LP. His music has a kind of purity and simplicity to it that perfectly follows on from Tides - a love of the guitar, an innate ability to create rich atmospherics out of the most basic of components, a construction of beats that come from and head towards the fattest territory. An album that has lived with us for a long time, slowly permeating itself into our lives and affecting us day to day in our respective city centres. Beyond Repair contains 8 wonderful tracks, all dominated by an epic elegance, from the ambient crackles of Kritzel to the pulsing title track beyond repair, the 8 tracks melt day & night, melancholy & happiness, fragility & strength. Little melodies meet popsongs meet beats meet big, fascinated childrens eyes.

TEAM DOYOBI - Cryptoburners - Skam

The Team finally land with their debut full-length for the Skam label. Displaying a mastery of squashed beats, DSP Funk and an oblique, double-folded mass of melody in the right places, Cryptoburners perfectly explores the mathematical technification of electronic music production with a sense of deep, grinding fatty funk. Horse and Trap opens up with a funneled flow of slowed down Altern-8 semi rave keys and gradually dozes off into a world of manmachine beats and b-boy passages. The key to these tracks is an ever-changing time signature that flows with immense fluidity; diverting tempo, chop-up and balance from passage to passage. Music for Cat is a lovely 8-bit ambient interlude, oddly reminiscent of Mouse on Mars at their more relaxed and consistent best, before the midnight club blur of Uberfunk steams-in, dripping with the fattiest of hip-grinding stripped down beats and a funk strum made up of wires and microchips rather than wood and string. The overall acheivment here is the successful endeavour to imbue the digital audio form with a sense of creeping humanity lurking somewhere in the background; pushing all the right buttons. In the tradition of similarly conceived albums by the likes of Matmos and Matthew Herbert (albeit in a totally different stylistic direction), the Team succeed in delivering an album of raw funk with a machine-bound coating. This isnt self-generated DSP over indulgence, this is funk music with a new set of instruments at its disposal. As such, funk to it at will. Essential.

BOGDAN RACZYNSKI - My Love, I Love - Rephlex

Bogdan comes of age, chills out and discovers melancholy, accoustics and heartache. My Love... is a gorgeous album, varied stylistically in much the same way as Leilas phenomenal debut LP for Rephle. The host of instruments is inspiring : from wallowing trumpets to parisian accordians and delicate, broken electronic tones and a scattering of fragile beats. No mentalism here folks, instead we get subtlety in oodles and even Bogdan singing to great effect. If records were candy this would be a liquid-centred cherry drop...and we all know how addictive those are. Gorgeous.


An album that reads like a fantasy collaboration Maverick film-maker, producer, actor and musician Vincent Gallo, and electronica label of choice Warp. The notion of it alone is oddly captivating, and the reality is almost overwhelmingly lush, accomplished, rich, rewarding. Think back to Gallos brilliant Buffalo 66 motion picture and imagine him at that time scheming...hmm, Id like to put a record out on warp. What a tantalising daydream. To say that this album is a revelation is somewhat of an understatement, with reference points as diverse as To Rococo Rot, Tommy Guerero, Money Mark, Pearl Bailey, Astrud Gilberto...and a million unnamed late night films that leave a distinct aroma and entrench themselves in your memory. Flowing with a mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks, Gallos voice is deeply alluring, effeminate to some extent, oddly androgynous, singing songs of love and regret with a tinge of sadness that permeates every moment and creates a sense of longing and nostalgia that seems destined for a nameless past. A release that could have so easily reeked of opportunism and misplaced intentions has, instead, created an arena where traditional songwriting can be entwined with the most unconventional of recording techniques and production sounds; to be appreciated by a generation of electronica-bound music followers. Addictive in its growing subtlety, this is an incredibly bare album from and for the heart. Highly Recommended. **Vinyl copies are incredibly limited and come in a hand-bound linnen packaging, as does the limited edition CD.

STORE - Autopilot - Charizma

The work of one Marcus Sterz, Christoph Kurzmann's label continues to impress with every release. After the beat-driven excellence of The Beige Oscillator album, we step into a world of chilled electro acoustic ambience. Beginning with the sound of some Tuvan throat singers giving it plenty with the old double harmonics, Rancho tranquilo (relaxista) does exactly what you might expect, before a short, beautiful section with sampled violin. This signals the moment when the mood of the album alters, the pulses, bass and flow pick up on the lovely Nomad, Isofront Park explores sine wave based micro-minimalism beautifully, before the two part Roedelieske skirts the chromatic terrains of Chromium Nebulae era Anthony Manning. Wonderful. Androidengebet opens with the sound of a couple of souzaphones in conference with robots about the depressing state of world peace, before some tightly-edited, melodic dsp action lifts the mood completely. The album is closed with a 13 minute tonal piece which would fit perfectly on some of the recent 12K material, developed and involving. In all a genre spanning album which makes for a very entertaining listen, leaving you altered and inspired. The sleeve features some ace Scalextric chic as well!

SO CALLED ARTISTS - Paint By Number Songs - Mush

At long last Mush have brought forth the So Called Artists. After the shocking picture disc single we have an album of truly epic proportions. The brooding psychedelic dub of I dont know how to start this is enough to disorientate you sufficiently enough to prepare you for twelve tracks of some of the most developed Hip Hop ever commited to wax. The production has an edge and a bite that so much other music in this field lacks, quite simply it just rocks. The interplay between the vocals of Sole and Alias and the sharp scratches of Mayonnaise is ingenius, thus providing the album with a captivating central thread to carry you along. The first phase of the Anticon story appears to be at an end as this album is well ahead of all previous efforts. Just like the Clouddead project this is a benchmark of a release. My opinions on this release matter little as whoever listens to this will have their own version of events to take away with them. Artistic music for the deepest regions of your mind.

EARDRUM - Side Effects - The Leaf Label

Side Effects is testament to the methods of both improvisation - afrobeat, free jazz, musique concrete and carnival street music - and the insularity of studio manipulation. Inspiration comes from Miles Davis, Lee Perry, Fela Kuti, the limitless influence of African Music and the auralchaos of London life. Check.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:16 PM

Friday, September 28, 2001


Arthur Baker

Interesting article/interview in The Guardian today on Arthur Baker who discusses the music he grew up with and came involved with as a producer in the 80s, also Arthur Baker name checks Roots Manuva and DJ Zinc as new British talent.

He still DJs regularly, and he's put together a two-CD album on Perfecto Records that features all of his old-school classics on one CD, and a series of collaborations with modern DJs on the other.

A compilation compiled by Arthur Baker - Breakin (Perfecto) will be released October 15th. Also Arthur Baker can be heard on Xfm radio on Friday night's between 10 and 11 and repeated on Saturday night too.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:43 PM


Drum N Bass Arena have put up six tracks from the forthcoming Teebee - THROUGH THE EYES OF A SCORPION LP - This album will be released on October 15th.

[I have heard a few tracks off the album on the radio - this is definately set to be one of the key drum n bass/jungle album releases of the year. ]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:09 AM

Absorb Reviews

If you like your electronic music extreme, hard and distorted ala 2nd Gen then explore this review of Hellfish - meat machine broadcast system (planet mu)

If your searching for something more melodic and free flowing then check yet another positive review for Fridge - Happiness (text)

# posted by DJ Martian 1:44 AM

16B, aka Omid Nourizadeh

The UK's closest answer to Carl Craig, 16B set to release a new single in November details @ what they don't say that along with $16 Million Man project album, another album will follow next year under 16B project name.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:17 AM

Etronik Frontline

Etronik Frontline have news of:

Drexciya offshoot

One half of legendary Detroit electro duo Drexciya releases a new album under the Transllusion guise on Tresor�s spin off label, Supremat. The grandly titled �The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate� is available on November 19th

# posted by DJ Martian 1:09 AM

Thursday, September 27, 2001


New Fortnightly Music Magazine - Careless Talk Costs Lives

Everett True ex of Melody Maker and a previous editor of Vox plans to start a new fortnightly music magazine, late October called Careless Talk Costs Lives. In this thread on ILM Everett True explains some of the aims of the new magazine and invites discussion on its future direction.

As regular readers of this weblog will know that I have ben stating all year that there is a gap for a new diverse music magazine title - and I have indicated that a fortnightly frequency was the right option. I seems that Everett True is on a similiar wavelength to me:

There is a massive gap full of disaffected and disenchanted readers, half of whom were reared on the music press at the tail end of the 80s, and half of whom wish they had been.

My comment ..�Writing about music that matters with equal passion was paramount, actively setting and creating your own distinctive agenda based on individual writer instinct and subjective response regardless of the profile/sales potential of an artist�s music�� ET replies well, I can hardly disagree with those parameters, now can I?

Clearly I don't need to go into great detail again, but this year the NME has become increasingly banal, irrelevant and out of touch - it's smugness and mainstream agenda and tight editorial control - that does not serve: creative music, talented writers and falls way short of readers aspirations - it's choice of front covers often bemuse and are subject to ridicule.

I mentioned a few things on the ILM discussion thread, while other contributors have made some interesting points and suggested ideas relating to the ethos of the magazine. I look forward to reading Careless Talk Costs Lives on a regular fortnightly basis from late October onwards. I hope it is a success.

Now when the following release new albums in 2002 I would like to see front covers for:

Zan Lyons
Cave In
Layo & Bushwacka
Elizabeth Fraser
VNV Nation
DJ Shadow
Killing Joke (lets hope a new album is released!)
The Notwist
Carl Craig
Capitol K

.. with 26 issues a year, that is a half year sorted.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:52 AM

Wednesday, September 26, 2001


Koma & Bones - Blinded by Science review the breakbeat sounds of Koma & Bones - Blinded by Science that will be released on the TCR label on October 1st.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:31 PM

Tuesday, September 25, 2001


Side Line: Magazine

A new edition of Side Line will be released soon, Frontline Assembly are on the front cover.

The new Side-Line issue is heading for its release in the upcoming weeks! In this issue you can expect interviews with Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Wumpscut, Ultraviolence, Clan of Xymox, Marc Almond, De/Vision, Kloq, Care Company, Vromb, Haujobb, Dreamside, Girls under Glass, A�boforcen, Absurd Minds, Implant, Technoir, Lacrimosa and lots more!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:39 PM

The Wire

Details of the new edition of The Wire with Kid606 on the front.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:23 PM

A Silver Mt Zion

Drowned in Sound review A Silver Mt Zion - Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward this will now be released on Oct 15th on Constellation Records.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:35 PM

Monday, September 24, 2001


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Techno Animal

Techno Animal - Brotherhood of the Bomb is released today on Matador. I have mentioned this album several times recently on this weblog. review of Techno Animal - Brotherhood of the Bomb

In the new edition of Rock Sound magazine the reviewer Alex Whitehead, writes

"A shrieking violent collison of brutal soundscape with crushing rhythmic ferocity, this is an intense, almost desperate in its savagery, primal scream. As the music throws bleak inhuman noise across hip hop driven electronics, alternately crushing then sporadic"

Brotherhood of the Bomb sounds like a companion to Scorn's Greetings from Birmingham album that was released last Autumn, that album also had deep heavy breakbeats and created a sonic imprint when listening to the album.

I intend to pick up this Brotherhood of the Bomb soon, unfortunately my local record store did not have it in stock today.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:58 PM

Fun>Da>Mental - There Shall be Love (Nation)

Aki Nawaz Qureshi (Aki) was a drummer with Southern Death Cult in the early 80s (alongside Ian Astbury) is the driving force of Fun>Da>Mental, their new album There Shall be Love is released on Nation Records on October 1st. [ Interesting tangent it is released the same day as African dub inspired Eardrum - Side Effects album that also utilizes large drum-breaks and heavy rhythms ]

I noticed that the new Fun>Da>Mental album got an excellent write up the new October edition of Wax magazine, where the reviewer Phil Meadley states

this is the freshest slice of global fusion that i've heard in a long, long while..the album is a fascinating foray into the sonic punk possibilities of true global fusion..The only thing I can say is simlpy treat yourself to one of the most explosive albums of 2001"

However, Aki's punk ethic still remains, making this album one of the hardest-hitting but most excitingly refreshing delves into the rich possibilities of digital roots to date. 'There Shall Be Love!' demands attention from anyone with an open mind and a willing spirit. It may be the case that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but he can sure as hell teach you a few.

"There Shall Be Love!" by Fun>Da>Mental is released on 1st October.

The album is also advertised in new edition of The Wire with qoutes from other magazine reviews

"Awesome" DJ Magazine

"If you can keep up with the pace this is an exhilirating album" The Wire

"There's rage, fury, angst, funk, hope & glory all rolled into one" NME

The article that appears in Wax is on the Nation Records website. I have reformatted it below as it is chopped up amongst pictures and difficult to read on the Nation Records website.


Big words by Phil Meadley from Wax & fRoots mag)

It's taken nearly two years, lots of plane trips and about a thousand cups of tea but the new Fun>Da>Mentalalbum is now complete and due to be released on 1st October. "There Shall Be Love!" is a huge step into anuntested area of music, particularly for F>D>M who are probably more well-known for their angry, political raprants. The large drum-breaks and heavy rhythms remain but vocal duties have this time been handed over to an array of sources.

The album title refers to a feeling that certain people in power should not be able to operate on a level that will hurt or negatively affect people of any background, creed or race. "A lot of injustices are not acceptable to me", Aki states defiantly."Too much damage has been done and we shouldn't tolerate it anymore".Kicking off with the heartfelt gospel vocals of legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, the current single,"The Last Gospel" dissolves into a gargantuan dub-heavy beat, complete with searing strings, overdriven guitar squalls, and the distinctive sound of devotional Qawwali vocals.

After recording with band mainstay Nawazish Ali Khan on the last F>D>M long-player "Erotic Terrorism" and several successful live collaborations with Aziz Mian (the 'Sun Ra' of Qawwali), F>D>M main-man Aki Nawaz felt this collaboration could be taken to extremes and leapt on a plane to Pakistan to record some earth-shattering work with the Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali Group, the prodigal nephews of the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Indeed, the anarcho-dub-tabla-hiphop groove of "Pollution" has been described as "Talvin Singh meets The Dead Kennedys"!

A trip to Johannesburg led to some recording with musician Zamo Mbhuto and the result is probably one of the most authentic and explosive recordings of a South African choir in a contemporary setting yet. "Sunday School", for example, is a mesmerising chant taken from the days when whole neighbourhoods would walk together to church on a Sunday. Elsewhere Mhbuto and comrades are joined by heavy bhangra rhythms to startling effect on "Fire Water", and their roar of released oppression is utilised to its full
potential on the startlingly powerful "Tagai Soul".

Refusing to be bound by any geographical limits, Aki also sought to collaborate with Bengali artist Bapi Das Baul and celebrated Tuvan Throat singers Huun Huur Tu. Bapi's musical family heritage stretches back hundreds of years, and his desire to experiment and update Baul tradition via fusion has resulted in'Wandering Soul' , a utilisation of his lyrics together with beautiful South Indian flute and deformed drum patterns. Huun Huur Tu met with Fun>Da>Mental in Russia and Aki was convinced they had to be on the album but he states, "to put them in a regular context would be predictable". The unpredictable was attained, resulting in 'More Than A Hundred Times' - most definitely the only piece of music to duet Tuvan throat-song with the voice of a G4 Mac computer (!).

Perhaps one of the most remarkable tracks on this genre-defying long player is the collaboration with legendary classical musician Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan on'All Seeing Heart'. The track is unadulterated Indian classical music to the core and is a remarkable change in emphasis from hard-hitting fusion to deep spirituality. Ustad Shaggan is clearly an artist that Aki respects enormously... "He has never compromised and it has only benefited him spiritually", Aki states. "He'd never before allowed people to touch hismusic like that (he had originally told me my music was crap!), and he's 74 now so who says the elders are stubborn!".

The rich musical depth of Fun>Da>Mental has increased as it always promised it would. However, Aki's punk ethic still remains, making this album one of the hardest-hitting but most excitingly refreshing delves into the rich possibilities of digital roots to date. 'There Shall Be Love!' demands attention from anyone with an open mind and a willing spirit. It may be the case that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but he can sure as hell teach you a few.

"There Shall Be Love!" by Fun>Da>Mental is released on 1st October.

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Sunday, September 23, 2001


Some recent key album releases: August

One again its time to prune back my blogger template, so here is a recap of some of the key album releases for August.

August 6th

Philip Boa - The Red (?) German Import

Human League - Secrets (Papillon)

Integrity - In Contrast Of Tomorrow (Victory)

Little Computer People - Electro Pop (psi49net)

Piano Magic - Son De Mar OST (4AD)

August 13th

Accelera Deck - Shadow Land (Scarcelight Recordings)

Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein (Def Jux) Official UK release

Fischerspooner - Number One (International Deejay Gigolo)

From Autumn To Ashes - Too Bad You're Beautiful (Ferret)

Neurosis - A Sun that Never Sets (MFN)

MD - Between Gaps (Merck)

MR Tobacco - Endless Night (Spotlight)

Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me (Big Dada)

Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape (Century Media)

Saul Williams - Amythest Rock Star (Columbia)

August 20th

Acid Mothers Temple - New Geocentric World (Squealer)

Anyone - Anyone (Roadrunner)

Haujobb - Polarity (Metropolis)

Christian Morgenstern - Future Is On Fire 2 (Kanzleramt)

Schlammpeitziger - Collected Simple Songs Of My Temporary Past (Domino)

Peter F.Spiess - Crystal Polymorphs (Klang)

Spring Heel Jack - Masses (Thirsy Ear)

Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork (Underfire)

Sunshine - Necromance (Day After)

Way Out West -Intensify (Instinctive)

August 27th

Grade - Headfirst Straight to Hell (Victory)

Landing - Oceanless (Strange Attractors)

Lu - Lu (pulCec/Darla) Import

Ikue Mori - Labyrinth (Tzadik)

Mus - Aida Bliss Out V.17 (Darla) Import

New Order - Get Ready (London)

Phoenecia - Brownout (Schematic) US Import

Rabies Caste - Let the Soul Out and Cut the Vein (Earache)

System of A Down - Toxicity (Columbia)

Tarentel - The Order Of Things (Neurot)

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Outburn - Issue 16 - "Subversive & Post Alternative Music"

Picked up the excellent new edition of Outburn today, contents of Outburn - Issue 16 with Orbital of the front.

Interviews with Orbital, The Cult, Squarepusher, Lennon, Utah Saints, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tinstar, Haujobb, Deathline Int'l, Mira, Waldeck, Gabor Csupo, and many more. Featuring in-depth interviews, exclusive photos, and new music reports. + over 150 music reviews.

You don't get these sections in the NME !

AFTERMATH: Aggro, Industrial, and Cybercore
STRUCTURE: Techno, Trance, and Progressive House
ELECTRONEX: Digital, Electronic, and Drum & Bass
DARKLANDS: Gothic, Ethereal, and Darkwave
PURGATORY: Black, Death, and Doom
ARMCHAIR: IDM, Braindance, and Leftfield
CRUELSPACE: Noise, Drone, and Dark Ambient
AUDIOCLECTICA: Eclectic, Innovative, and Unusual


: Aghast View, Appliance, Natacha Atlas, Curve, Deep Dish, Darren Emerson, Emperor, Entwine, Everything But the Girl, Faithless, Perry Farrell, Flightcrank, Foetus, Glampire, Gridlock, Hana, Hazard, Ken Ishii, Isis, Lowsunday, Lucyfire, Mercury Rev, Mors Syphilitica, Peter Murphy, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, New Order, No One, Placebo, Pleasure Forever, Project Pitchfork, Psyche, Radiohead, Robert Rich, Tweaker, Violet Indiana,...and more!

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Saturday, September 22, 2001


Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases

this week's new releases @ Pelicanneck include

SOLVENT - Solvent City - Morr Music

Canadas Jason Amm has been developing his Music for Robots for some time now, assembling his array of analogue synths and beatboxes and re-arranging them for a sound that hasnt quite been heard before. Yes, this is electropop, but there is a sensibility here that is entirely fresh. The emphasis on melody here is second only to the loving attention to the beat and how it plays its part in charming you into submission. Not quite as camp as Fischerspooner, not quite ac acidic as Adult and not quite as lo-fi as Skanfrom, Solvent look to a sci-fi future that isnt dominated by dark lights and menacing cyborgs, but to one where friendly robots sit beside you eating Ice Cream and asking you for a bodypop. The CD version includes both the tracks that came out on the Bad Jazz 7 A Panel Of Experts and both formats come with a killer Skanfrom remix of the Frozen Food track that appeared on the CCO compilation Cashier Escape Route.
Addictive to the last drop of pop, this is another blinding release on the ever wonderful Morr Music Label. Essential.

POST HUMAN - The Uncertainty Of The Monkey - Seed

The enigmatic Post-Human follow up their limited CD-R runs and the recent contribution to Skams first Smak EP with the debut album on their Seed label. This is, indeed, a very Skam record in the classic sense of the word. Reminds me of listening to Gescoms Disengage show on Kiss FM in the mid 90s - and believe me, thats some compliment. Jacson Of Israel opens things up in crushing style : orchestral synths that step up gradually before a beast of a crunchy beat comes in, kind of Amber-like but with a much darker, much more processed vibe about it, complete with straddling echoes of voices drifting in a vacuum. Grathard Debacle is another stunner, hard to not overuse the word Crisp, but it serves purpose perfectly here if electro was inverted into something mid-paced with machines sequenced up to jerk into activity, this would be the perfect soundtrack. Closing track Jabba Sun is another industrial blitzkrieg, again sailing the seas of cables, processors and all things metalic. Excellent.

FRIDGE - Happiness - Text Records

Fridge were always one of those bands almost faultless with the competence with which they carried out their post-rockish strummouts, yet lacking in a feel for originality and experimentation. Hapiness is where things have changed. Big time. Basking in a range of musical styles that veer from almost Steve Reichian cutups to Matmos-esque forays that indulge in a wide-ranging assemblage of what sound like household objects building up percussive layers and off-kilter melodic slants, this is a truly wonderful and engaging LP of varied music for varied people. The majestic Drum machines and Glockenspiels sounds much fuller than the title suggests, whereby the use of the term organic becomes more than just another way of saying live but, instead, refers to a collection of noises that sound wholly disperate and real, fusing here to create a track that reeks of indulgence (in the best way) and bewildering beauty. Five four Child Voice and Drum Bass Sonics And Edit see a return to more familiar Fridge territory a UK slant on the understated post-rock that Tortoise have become best known for. Long Singing finishes things off with a mixture of old and new modulated electronic drums and soft echoing distortions mingle with the clearest of guitar overlays almost traditional songwriting emerging with a simple and almost withdrawn vocal. Highly Recommended.

KERO - CFC Windsor / Detroit - Shitkatapult

Shitkatapult return in fine form with the debut full-length from Sohail Azad, aka Kero. This is an LP in the tradition of the Miami sound of recent years heavy/dark processed pecussion and glitch manipulation in a Schematic stylee. Franklinfranklin drops with a flanged-out metallic beat structure and a post-appoccalyptic drexciyan synth line. Stripped and nice. Midgetpumper comes across all Confield with a disjointed beat structure that forms into another heavily brooding anthem for dark days and abandoned factories. Killer. The tone changes for the closing track Floating In The Science a slowed down hip hop break sits nervously with all manner of calculations and technical operations, kind of like Mike and Rich without the Kitsch. The Shit throwing label have always excelled themselves with a varied and developed roster of artists, and this is another ace LP as part of that formation. Check.

RADIOACTIVE MAN - Radioactive Man - Rotters Golf Club

The first album out of the blocks on Andrew Weatheralls Rotters Golf Club label is the debut solo from Lone Swordsman Keith Tenniswood. Nine tracks of Subtle electronic tinged with bass heavy electro. There is a distinctly analogue flavour to proceedings here, at times sounding like lost Drexciya classics and at others coming closer to the tough electro rollers that TLS have flirted with from time to time in the past. Solid and crunchy dancefloor action.


The return of Marcus [Pluramon / Sator Rotas / Wabi Sabi] Schmickler on A-Musik. Here flexing his music in a whole new sonic ballpark - 21st century minimalist classical music and musique concr�te, with wondrous results. Param is a fascinating, emotional work which shows the talent of all the supporting cast of musicians involved, the natural glow of brass timbres deployed over restrained, then spiralling strings, the human voice, flutes and Marcus orchestrating everything. The album consists of seven works, covering the whole span of human emotions, all undergoing Schmickler's own editing and electronic treatments - never intrusive, always thoughtful and with purpose. The title track is a version of an electronic piece taken from Wabi sabi, rearranged for a 14 piece ensemble Highlight for this writer is the sidelong closer Agogh, which takes a piece for choir and vocal soloists in to processed territory with tenderness and warmth. The music brings to mind reference points like the space and poise of Morton Feldman, the density of Var�se and in places the intensity of Gyorgy Ligeti, but manages to find an envelope of sound which is quite unique. This album comes with a strong recommendation, a release of such outstanding quality and longevity should not be missed. Serious.

TECHNO ANIMAL - The Brotherhood of the bomb - Matador

The Brotherhood of the Bomb, fuses mutant hip hop, warped metal and depth trawling dub into one almighty soundclash. It features guests drawn from the cream of the burgeoning underground hip-hop scene, such as Anti Pop Consortium, EL-P (Def Jux/Company Flow), and Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), as well as Chicago's Rubberoom, d�lek and Toastie Taylor (of Big Dada/Ninja Tune's New Flesh). Dark to the core, this is a fierce grind of appoccalyptic beatz for a phat generation. Check.

FLUXION - Spaces - Vibrant Music

Following his two full-length productions for the Chain Reaction label, K.Soublis aka Fluxion returns in fine style with his first album on his own Vibrant Music label. Rich in texture and space, Spaces is a lush stream of carefully sculpted dubbout ambience the flows from start to finish with a density of sound that contemporaries like Vladislav Delay have brought to popular attention in recent years. The 12 tracks included glide with a beatless beauty from the opening caress of Field 1 - an aquatic slow moving wall of atmospheric nuances to the deep popping washes of Unechoic Room - sparse in every way, replete with concr�te organics . Emergence is stunning, bringing into fuller formation the dub nuances that were only hinted at on the opening tracks...fading out almost before it begins. Subtle in every way, this is a masterfull exploration of minimalism and how it can, when done properly, sound full and incredibly deep. Highly recommended.

SUSUMU YOKOTA - Zero - Exceptional Records

Susumu Yokota follows up his acclaimed Grinning Cat album and the Will LP from a couple of weeks back with a collection of grunting dancefloor sex vocal house music that is incredibly commercial and incredibly good. This is an ace discofied mesh of everything that youd want from a house record, much in the same way the Vladislav Delay freaked the masses out with his Luomo project, Yokota return to his roots and slinks it up. Check.

TIMLIN - Landing On Planet T - Punkt

Excellent new full length from the increasing skitzo Punkt family who seem to flip between hard edged and sinister micro techno vinyl and spot on soulful electronic genre fusions on CD at the drop of a hat. Marko Timlin has been a floating member of many of Berlin's club and group based explorers in sound for the last few years with the appeal headed to the head and hearts that appeal to the electronic beat heads as much as the nu jazz field headed up by Jazzanova, Fauna Flash and Rainer Truby. This album has a special organic feel and coming from electronics into this soulful arena a kinship with Herbert is also realised, melting through jazz, electronics, subtle drum & bassish rhythms and pure soul. This is a solo debut of some stature. Well recommeneded.

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Friday, September 21, 2001


Summary of Key Album Releases in September

[With the quantity of album releases in September escalating (and also jumping around i.e albums being delayed by a few weeks), this list recaps some of the key releases in September]

September 3rd

Departure Lounge - Jetlag Dreams (Bella Union)

Fort Lauderdale - Time is of the Essence (Memphis Industries)

Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System (planet mu)

Him - New Features (Fat Cat), Howie B - Folk (Polydor)

Howie B - Folk (Polydor)

The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop (Warp)

Planetary Assault Systems - Atomic Funkstar (Peacefrog)

Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Masters of Confusion (Mute)

Si Futures - The Mission Statement (Mute)

Soulo - Soulo (Plug Research)

Soulwhirlingsomewhere - Please Send Help (Projekt)

Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork (Underfire)

Ulver - Silence Teaches You How To Sing ep (Jester)

September 10th

Calibre - Music Concrete (Creative Source)

Converge - Jane Doe (Equal Vision Records)

King Of Woolworths - Ming Star (Mantra Recordings)

Last Rites - Guided by Light (Dreamcatcher Records)

Mina - A to B (Bungalow)

Taken - And They Slept (Goodfellow)

Devin Townsend - Terria (SPV)

September 17th

Brothomstates - Claro (Warp)

Cult of Luna - Cult of Luna (Rage Of Achilles)

Curve - Gift (Hip-o/Universal )

Jetone - Ultramarin (Force Inc)

cEvin Key - The Ghost of Each Room (Metropolis)

Kosheen - Resist (Arista)

Love As Laughter - Sea to Shining Sea (Sub Pop)

September 24th

Aereogramme - A Story in White (Chemikal Underground)

Clan of Xymox - Notes from the Underground (Metropolis)

Fridge - Happiness (Text)

Moonspell - Darkness & Hope (Century Media)

Radioactive Man - Radioactive Man (Rotters Golf Club)

Suv - Desert Rose (Full Cycle)

Techno Animal - The Brotherhood of the Bomb (Matador)

Trans Champs - Double Exposure (Thrill Jockey)

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Lamb - What Sound? - Confirmed for October 8th release

The ever alert Dan Perry @ Grr keeps track of recent changes on the Lamb website. A new section of the Lamb website informs us Lamb - What Sound? will be released October 8th. Also Louise & Andy give their insights into the album . There are also three tracks to preview.

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Forthcoming Releases @ have updated their forthcoming releases including these

Lefthand - On Discovering Fire

CD on Rayman

Released on 22/10/01

On Discovering Fire is the second album from London's Lefthand. It is the follow up to 1999's "Minus Eight" which was a vinyl only release but still well received by the Sunday Times, Losing Today, Record Collector and Record Mart. The band released their first ep through Rough Trade marketing in 1997, another ep followed on Earworm in 98 before the debut LP. This second album shows a more focused side to their song writing. There are many influences which include hints of Spaceman 3 in "Accelerator" , Joy Division and Can at the end of 6.66 Hertz" but generally however Lefthand have created their own sound. This is best shown on tracks like "Lullaby" and "Broken Machine".

Lu - Lu

CD on Pulcec

Released on 29/10/01 (this has already been released in the US)

lu features former members of washington dc's lorelei, gloworm, the saturday people, whorl, and the lilys. This, their debut, hits sonically between neu! And new order. Lu is something new, almost like a musical manifestation of op-art. Or, like early squarepusher working from a hi-fi, live-band context. When in 1998 matthew dingee, dan searing and kristaps kreslins set out to form lu. An aural cut-up of electronic music's past and future, a sound might just be locked in the molucules that created it. So please, sample the air in washington dc in the year 2001. Produced by trevor holland. You can hear the holland trademark throughout.

Stormcrow - Bubonic Jukebox

CD on Insomnia

Released on 29/10/01

Following the release of three well recieved singles, adjust your head now release london based sample artist stormcrows debut album "bubonic jukebox". The album takes the listener on a 70 minute journey into stromcrows murkyand dark, yet infectious world of recycled and twisted beatscapes. Echoing the moods and beats of artists such as massive attack and third eye foundation, but with sound very much of its own, "bubonic jukebox" will appeal to all fans of downbeat experimentation.

Tricolor - Nonparticipant And Milk

CD on Atavistic

Released on 29/10/01

comprised of tatsu aoki (fred anderson trio) on bass, jeff parker (tortoise/isotope/boxhead) on guitar, and david pavkovic (t.o.e./boxhead) on drums, tricolor has delivered a great second full-length album entitled nonparticipant+milk. Recorded live at chicago's hothouse, n+m finds them at their elemental best- the telekinetic vibes are flowing more freely than ever. Less composed and much more adventurous than their debut, mirth+feckless (which was recorded over a period of two years) , n+m superbly documents tricolor's uncanny improvisational sense as well as their uniquely tuneful nature.

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Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

Motion review Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

Guitars feature prominently in the band's catalogue; chords are played and drawn out, slowly reverberating like waves rippling off a macadam road in the summer. They employ this same heat-weary approach on 'The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid', except more instruments come into play: strings, piano, horns, and field recordings. The effect is relentless organic drones, transmitting waves imbued with both loneliness and a meditative clarity.

This album is released October 8th on the Kranky label.

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Etronik Frontline

This week's Etronik Frontline includes

Miss Kitten

Yep the wonderful Miss Kitten returns again, after seducing us with her sexy vocals on Felix Da Housecat's album. Twice in one year - yes!

Fresh from her appearance on Felix Da Housecat�s acclaimed �Kittin & Thee Glitz� album, French DJ/producer Miss Kittin teams up with long time collaborator The Hacker for their own debut album. Called �First Album�, it�s available on International Deejay Gigolos on October 29th

Trevor Rockcliffe

Trevor Rockcliffe one of London's most respected Techno DJs:

With �Need You�, the third release on his Mentor label currently causing a storm, Trevor Rockcliffe releases a mix album, �Influence� on October 7th on Mix Connection. Featuring tracks from Samuel L Sessions, Carl Cox, Mr. G, Gateano Parisio, Valentino Kanzyani, Rino Cerrone and Trevor himself, the album is available on US import. Rockcliffe plans to release his own debut artist album on Carl Cox�s Intec label next year.

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Mike Patton joins Dillinger Escape Plan for one ep ! reports Mike Patton joins Dillinger Escape Plan for one ep

This should increase Dillinger Escape Plan's profile.

In other news, yes it�s true...Mike Patton will be lending his vocals to the upcoming 18 min Dillinger ep. Which will include two more typical Dillinger songs, a more melodic electronic type song, and a cover. The Escape Plan is almost completely done recording these pieces so keep an eye out for some audio samplets."

Meanwhile, The Dillinger Escape Plan continue writing material for the follow-up to the highly acclaimed Calculating Infinity album

# posted by DJ Martian 12:30 AM

Will Haven - Carpe Diem review Will Haven - Carpe Diem name checking Zao and Neurosis as reference points.

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Thursday, September 20, 2001


Fake Jazz - Reviews Issue 19 and 20

Fake Jazz Issue 20 includes reviews of the following albums

New to me are Explosions in the Sky - Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever

With the band's size, pageantry, and doom and gloom tone, this clearly puts them in the same territory of post-p-rock as Godspeed You Black Emperor!, but that is not intended to label them as some sort of style hound. Explosions in the Sky are much too earnest for that, and the evidence is in the music. It is not an emotionless carbon copy; it is cinematic and evocative, like a dusty old film reel showing a pure, unaffected glimpse of moments in time, whether its tales of sorrow against an open sky or tragic moments of not-so-quiet desperation.

This band always seem to get namechecked although I am unfamiliar with their music Pelt - Ayahuasca

another excellent review for one of Britains leading bands Fridge - Happiness

Each track features a different assortment of instruments--mixing up modern with traditional, and digital with analog--but maintains a consistent overall tone, which proves the album's title to not be, as might be expected, ironic. The vibe through all of these pieces is not the agitation of rock music, or the frenetic drive of electronic music, or the antiseptic difficulty of experimental music. It is one of harmony.

Landing seem to big Fake Jazz favourites this year Landing - Oceanless get top marks 12/12

Oceanless, Landing's newest release, contains five vivacious songs created with Landing's unmistakable pulsating synthesizers, airy drums, and gliding guitars. There is a lot of contrast between songs and within the songs on the album. Each song has its own mood and intensity, and the sounds in each song play off each other, bringing out different elements.

I have mentioned this Portuguese ambient guitarist earlier this year Rafael Toral - Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance

Like Keith Roe and Christian Fennesz, Rafael Toral searches for new uncharted territories of sound with the electric guitar as his guide. Unlike his peers though, Toral tends to gravitate towards glacial sounds, bathing his guitar in layers of blurry glassy effects, hardly ever allowing a recognizable strum of a chord or pluck of a string to come through. Instead, his compositions open slightly, inviting you in to his world of suspended notes and frozen melodies.

another brilliant review from one of America's most distinctive and passionate rock bands in recent times Lift to Experience - The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

some more to catch up Fake Jazz - Issue 19 including these reviews

the excellent reviews keeping coming for Tarentel - The Order of Things

Where The Order of Things is remarkably successful is in taking all of the powerful moments from the rest of their discography--the sweeping grandeur of "Steede Bonnet" from From Bone to Satellite, the noise manipulation from the end of "Looking for Things," the shorter and more straightforward song structures from the Two Sides of Myself 7"--and mix them all together into a sort of "Best of" package. You get everything that you would want. This record is not only one that would certainly please Tarentel fans but should just as easily create a number of new converts. A solid and well-produced release from a band that is doing little except growing and becoming one of the best voices in American music today. Period.

This band are new to me, Need New Body - s/t

Need New Body is a rare record that is able to pull you into its world and keep you there, combining elements from rock bands like the kraut of Can and pre-post-rock of This Heat and jazz bands like Sun Ra. There are elements of the band's sound that aren't enjoyable (the flamboyance of the narrator can be grating). However, these distractions take up only a small amount of space on the album, and when the band comes together to form one dense, thick rhythm, it is total immersion.

another brilliant review Fennesz - Endless Summer

and John Hughes sound project Slicker - The Latest

This is a great step forward for Hughes. It seems very much in line with what his friends The Aluminum Group did with John Herndon on their latest album, only the beats and rhythms are more complex and enticing. Everything that was hard to like about Slicker's first album has been filtered out, and what was left was enhanced and strengthened. This is just an enjoyable organic techno album.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2001


Panoply Academy Legionnaires - No Dead Time

Bloomington's Panoply Academy goes beyond the simple traditions of punk, adding off-kilter rhythmic sensibility and complex post-punk dissonance. The sound is both jarring and melodic, a subtle manipulation of familiar rock and roll elements into something new and undeniably catchy. This group has energy to burn, and you can't help but be affected by their relentlessly inventive creations. Epitonic

The strangely named Panoply Academy Legionnaires first came to my attention via the forthcoming lists on pennyblack last week. I then saw them listed as a free Mp3 download on, yesterday I downloaded one of the tracks off the forthcoming album No Dead Time. Then I saw the album reviewed in the NME where they had a good write up talk of post punk, art rock and Peru Ubu meets Tortoise etc.

Today I downloaded the other free track off the new album, and have listening intensely to the tracks this evening. There is a real strange fluidity in the music, stop start dynamics, and off kilter rhythms - the vocalist sounds possessed clearly influenced by Gang of Four.

"The 7th Direction" and "I, Bloomingtonian" each appear on The Panoply Academy Legionnaires' No Dead Time (2001, Secretly Canadian)

Panoply Academy Legionnaires music would suit fans of Dismemberment Plan, Fugazi, Les Savy Fav, J Majesty, Shudder to Think, Juno, Unwound etc.

There does seem to rising of these experimental post punk influenced art rock post hardcore albums at the mo, early this year Juno, Sunshine and forthcoming releases with Les Savy Fav, Billy Mahonie, Bluetip and J Majesty operating in similar sound terrain. No doubt there are other upcoming bands exploring similar ideas that I am unaware of.

The experts/enthusiasts on reviewing the US guitar underground are Delusions of Adequacy a site I visit now and again - I must admit that well over 80 % bands mentioned on DOA website I have never heard of. But they seem to dedicated folks plus they rated Cave In - so that is always a good sign.

By a stroke of luck in the current edition of their review section they review the latest release by Panoply Academy Legionnaires @ Delusions of Adequacy

The closest comparisons for The Panoply Academy's music is the herky-jerky rhythms of the current crop of DC bands like Q and Not U and The Dismemberment Plan, both of which also take a unique approach to their vocals.

The Panoply Academy continues to develop their sound while keeping it, entirely, their own original sound. You may not be able to sit back and just enjoy the music, but it is highly enjoyable. Frantic and energetic, it's impossible to listen passively.

I just know that Josh Blog and John Kennedy on Xfm - would love this band.

Panoply Academy Legionnaires - No Dead Time is released on October 1st on Secretly Canadian.

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Bethany Curve - You Brought Us Here

Dreampop / shoegazer types from Santa Cruz , CA Bethany Curve have just released a new album, You Brought Us Here, on Unit Circle Records.

Bethany Curve's website includes links to Mp3 sound snippets. 10 years on from the Slowdive/ Chapterhouse debuts - that influence still holds strong here. Bethany Curve's music is sombre and spiritual the stuff of cathedrals of sound as the classic Melody Maker writers would describe it. The are also hints of The Cocteau Twins influence circa Head Over Heels and Treasure.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:21 PM

Review: Radioactive Man - Radioactive Man

Playlouder review Radioactive Man - Radioactive Man and only give it 3 and half stars. Tut Tut.

In contrast I noticed that in the latest edition of Irish fortnightly Hot Press magazine this was dance album of the fortnight, with the review ending like so

An inspired combination of deep and dancefloor sensibilities, Radioactive Man is an understated classic

If you enjoyed last years Two Lone Swordsemen album then you will love Radioactive Man album from the tracks I have heard to date. The album is out next week on the Rotters Golf Club label.

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Review - Love As Laughter - Sea to the Shining Sea

William Luff @ Playlouder reviews Love As Laughter - Sea to the Shining Sea

Love as Laughter seem to picking up a fair bit of praise recently, with Uncut calling them America's greatest undiscovered Artrock N' roll band. Although their sound is retro inclined there is an energy and passion to their music that comes through on the tracks I have heard on the radio.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:18 PM

Gerrard Langley - Record Player

Gerrard Langley of art post punk band The Blue Aeroplanes releases a new album, Record Player on his own label Art Star. [Also a new album by The Blue Aeroplanes is due out later this year.]

Taken from a press release:

The second solo album from the blue aeroplanes� leader, and the first on his own new label, recorded live in the studio over two weekends with some of bristol�s top musicians, including massive attack�s guitarist angelo buschini, and gerard�s brother john, now in witness. �record player� echoes langley�s interest in early 70s music and his roots in post-punk bands, arriving at the listener�s ear like the sound of 1971 played in 1978 as if prog never happened in between. Mixing acoustic and electric styles with influences like status quo, can, ronnie lane, bert jansch and television, �record player� is bound to appeal to anyone who has a soft spot for the blue aeroplanes, and quite a few who don�t.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:48 PM

The Cure - Greatest Hits

NME report that The Cure - Greatest Hits album due for release on November 12th will include a new single 'Cut Here', which is released on October 29. There will also be a limited edition double album that will include acoustic tracks of big Cure tracks.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:32 PM

Skinny - Taller - new album

Skinny will release their second album on October 1st entitled Taller on Cheeky Records.

As ever, at heart are Paul Herman's powerful songs, galvanised by Matty Benbrook's post-club production, and the influence of Dave Nally and Tim Vogt's musicianly sensibilities. The result is electrified, utterly-modern pop music that flirts with all manner of genres while remaining, at heart, it's own.

The album takes in a range of styles from big beats to dub to disco, according to the Fly fanzine.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:27 PM

New Order - 2nd Single - 60 Miles an Hour

Neworderonline report that the second single taken from Get Ready will be 60 Miles an Hour. This is a UK only release and will be avalable as a 2CD set on October 22nd.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:18 PM

Pulp change album title again!

NME report that once again Pulp change the title of their forthcoming album, this time to We Love Life. [First Tool play games with titles and now Pulp.]

I must say once again that Trees single is a fine track -the more I hear it the more infectious and addictive it becomes its like a son of The Go Betweens - Cattle and Cain.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:02 PM

Review: Fridge - Happiness

The NME have an interesting review of Fridge - Happiness that will be released on the text label, next week.

A year on from Radiohead Kid A - but how many of the people who bought that album would even be aware of Fridge's music?

[NME watch - in a year with so much interesting music - why do the NME persist on backing whiney losers such as Starsailor ? (a sub Richard Ashcroft/ Verve generic guitar songs bores band], one front cover was bad enough but another just goes to show how out of touch the NME editorial direction is. More worringly those sad showbiz mancunian retro fools Oasis are on the NME front cover - a complete and utter irrelevance to the 21st century - they should either be ignored or ridiculed, not covered as a front cover news story. Instead the NME should be supporting creative British talent on the front cover such as Techno Animal, Radioactive Man, King of Woolworths, Fridge, Suv, Omid Nourizadeh/ 16 Million Dollar Man and Anathema etc.]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:41 PM

Review: Sunshine - Necromance: Digital Urban Icons

Sunshine are a post punk influenced band from Czech Republic their second album Necromance: Digital Urban Icons is reviewed by Ink 19

locating fondly familiar influences yet placing them into a hallowed trajectory that�s all their own, one that nods as much to The Birthday Party as Public Image Limited, Scientists as The Sweet, Rozz-era Christian Death as Movement-era New Order.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:12 PM

Machine Head - Supercharger

I have heard on the radio a few times now a great track [Only the Names] off the new Machine Head album Supecharger due for release October 1st on Roadrunner Records.

The track is definately influenced by Tool and also has an atmospheric guitar sound that would not be out of place on a Cure album. This is not suprising as Rob Flynn has stated that The Cure are an influence on Machine Head's music in the past.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:03 AM


One of Britain's leading heavy art rock bands earthtone9 (alongside bands such as Anathema and Cortizone) hope to have their next album recorded by October, [they are rumoured to be close to signing a major record deal very soon having demoed 4 tracks to Island Records] .

earthtone9 will also be undertaking an Autumn tour that takes in England and several European countries.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 AM


Lamb will release their new single Gabriel on October 1st. This is taken from their forthcoming album, What Sound. The single is picking up some airplay on Xfm in London.

At the moment I have yet to see a (new) confirmed specific UK release date for the album. [Although I have seen it listed on Siren Disc website as an Australian import dated 8th October.]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:16 AM

Passion Play - Dreaming Spikes

Passion Play have just released their second album Dreaming Spikes on Resurrection Records.

A review by Pete Scathe on on uk.people.gothic who states To me, this is one of the best albums of the year, not merely one of the best goth albums of the year.

It's difficult to say what bands they do have anything in common with,
which is always a good sign. There are occasional echoes of, perhaps,
"Faith"-era Cure, Chatshow, Lush, March Violets and Play Dead, and some
slight parallels with their modern goth peers such as the Horatii and
Manuskript[1], but this is a far more sophisticated and mature album
than that might suggest.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:07 AM

Stina Nordenstam - new album in October

Today I was looking for further information on the web for the forthcoming album by Stina Nordenstam that was reviewed as Welcome to the Happiness in Uncut . It now transpires that the album will now be called This is Stina Nordenstam.

Source: Stina Nordenstam fan site Seek You Danger

The album "This Is Stina Nordenstam" with this amazing cover will be released October 22nd.

The single with the tracklist "sharon and hope / the thing about fire / walking too fast" will be released on October 8th.

According to Uncut the album will be released by Independiente (the same label as Travis - the Scottish mainstream dull and tedious rock lite band)

The worst record company website of the year goes to Independiente

Here we have fancy and pointless multimedia art with next to nothing content and uselesss navigation. It looks like it was put together by a mad techy (not so good) show off with absolutely no concept of user interaction and zero business/marketing awareness.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:34 AM

The Opposition

English epic rock band The Opposition who were peers of The Chameleons, The Comsat Angels and The Sound in the early 80s will finally reissue their debut album, Breaking The Silence on October 1st via Red Sun Records

also The new album has been completely recorded and is in the final stage of mastering.

Excellent news, now when will the rest (the other three) of the 80s albums be reissued.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:06 AM

Tuesday, September 18, 2001



Mute have details of this ten year retrospective release by EN.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:49 PM

Godflesh - Hymns

A press release detailing the forthcoming album by Legendary Industrial rock band Godflesh can be found at - The album is available on Music For Nations label in the UK on October 22nd.

Hymns, a 13 track sonic stimulant, continues the bands tradition of staying a few steps ahead of the pack. The album is a veritable Hydrogen Bomb of thunderous, cyber-organic energy, guaranteed to provide listeners with a challenging and inspirational slab of crushing industrial metal!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:12 PM

Yellow 6

I just noticed that the instrumental ambient rock band Yellow 6 will release another album soon, prolific!

next album will be called 'lake:desert' and will be released on ochre records around october. It's a 12 track 71 minute cd which I have to admit to being very happy with (good thing I guess!)�

No further info at the mo, on the Ochre website.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:47 AM

Ulver - Perdition City

I meant to link to this a few weeks ago, Jonathan Leonard reviews Ulver - Perdition City one of my favourite albums of the year so far. [I wonder if I converted/alerted JL to this album by Ulver?, as he links to my weblog]

..the result is one of the most consistently riveting and atmospheric releases that is likely to be heard this year

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 AM

Monday, September 17, 2001


Review: Techno Animal - Brotherhood of the Bomb

Chris Houghton of Bleedmusic reviews one of the most anticipated leftfield albums of the year Techno Animal - Brotherhood of the Bomb

Because despite often being the sound of the earth imploding as the last blazing white-hot sunset descends wearily over fault-lines blurring into debris, of paranoia, of panic, of desperate, suffocating ennui, "Brotherhood" is the sound of a future." Chris Houghton celebrates Techno Animal's latest triumph of internal confusion

Roll on September 24th - this is an album that I want to completely absorb into me like Techno Animal's Re: Entry album. There are some albums that stick out in terms of compulsory essential first day purchases, Brotherhood of the Bomb - is one such album.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:20 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Kosheen

Kosheen, the Bristolian drum n bass act I have mentioned many times on this weblog this past year - they finally achieved top 40 crossover success with the reissue of the Hide U single. They have also signed a distribution/ marketing deal with Arista/ BMG which will improve their profile.

Their debut album Resist with a stunning front cover of a stag is released today September 17th. The closest reference point to Kosheen is Breakbeat Era sharing a similar vocal drum n bass style. Kosheen inject a versatile number of styles ranging from the hard impact tearing style of Slip and Slide to the more bouncy and dancefloor tracks such as Hide U.


2/Hide U (Original)
3/ Catch
6/Slip & Slide
7/ Empty Skies
8/ I Want It All
9/ Resist
10/ Hungry
11/ Face In A Crowd
12/ Pride
13/ Cruelty
14/Let Go

# posted by DJ Martian 12:20 AM

Sunday, September 16, 2001


Aquarius Records - New Arrivals lists 120 and 119

A quick mention for the ever excellent Aquarius Records new arrivals list #120. These lists are well worth a browse through and real audio samples are also provided. Includes reviews for

5IVE s/t (Tortuga)

CONVERGE Jane Doe (Equal Vision)

If heard a few samples this as brutal and cutting edge as Dillinger Escape Plan.

It's raining blood in Boston with the release of this new, state-of-the-art Converge album. These New England metalcore masters (the closest rivals to the now-defunct Coalesce) have produced their most vicious, best-sounding disc yet; pummelling, complex, and super heavy. There's dizzying changes and lots of textures, from razor-sharp guitar riffing to theremin squiggles to throat-shredding screams. Going beyond your usual technical metal/hardcore brutality, Converge utilize Shellac/Slint style post-rock style dynamics and non-screaming vocals as well, as on the moody yet frantic "Hell To Pay". And they slow down their manic pace for such tracks as the dirgey, droney "Phoenix In Flight". If you're already a Converge fan, of course you need this, and if you're a fan of the likes of the aforementioned Coalesce, or Today Is The Day, or even AQ-faves Old Man Gloom (with whom Converge share a member), you should love "Jane Doe" too. Packaged in a slipcased jewelbox with a super-thick artsy booklet of hard-to-decipher lyrics. With so much great new metalcore coming out (see elsewhere this list) it was hard to come up with non-redundant superlatives to describe this new Converge effort, but certainly it deserves 'em, 'cause it kills.

DROWNINGMAN Still Loves You (Equal Vision)

FISCHERSPOONER #1 (Gigolo Records)

FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES Too Bad You're Beautiful

MAUDLIN OF THE WELL Bath (Dark Symphonies)

MAUDLIN OF THE WELL Leaving Your Body Map (Dark Symphonies)

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA Stjernevandring/ Eesti Lissed Silmad Suda (Jester )

What is it with Garm from Ulver (who runs the Jester label)? He just seems dead set on alienating everybody. I mean Garm and Ulver defined black metal for a while, even going so far as to record a record IN THE FOREST! Then they released an experimental double cd based on William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell. And then a techno record. And then a weird sapcey sort-of-soundtrack with moody vocals and saxophone! And then an ambient drone record. Well, if that wasn't enough, he then started a label to release even weirder shit. Like the experimental sort-of-rock of Bogus Blimp and the avant ambiencee of When (see past lists), the Bjorkish neo-drum and bass of Rotoscope (see later in this list), and now the processed filed recordings of Origami Galaktika. Six extended tracks (ranging from 10 minutes to over 30 minutes) of rumbling drones and low end hum, looped machinery, sampled tablas, monastic chants and chirping vocal cut-ups, haunting distant melodies and samples mutated beyond recognition. Lush, alien, almost industrial soundscapes. Yet another out there release from the quite unpredictable Jester label and one of the cooler drone records we've heard this year. Highly recommended.

Aquarius Records New Arrivals list 119 includes reviews for

SIGH Imaginary Sonicscape (Century Media)

GARBAREK, ANJA Smiling & Waving (Virgin Norway)

HIM New Features (Bubble Core)

NEUROSIS A Sun That Never Sets (Relapse)

PHOENECIA Brownout (Schematic)

TARENTEL The Order of Things (Neurot

ULVER Silence Teaches You How To Sing EP (Jester Records) cd ep

slowly-unfolding collage of organic drones and beats and clicks and field recordings and post-rock piano melody etc., that might remind you of everything from Tarwater to Philip Jeck to Fennesz to Mogwai... Quite mellow, dark and beautiful, a soundscape composed, in part, of static-y electro-grime overlaying scratchy vinyl looping with occasional wordless drifting vocals.
The long, lone track on this limited edition ep was constructed from material recorded in a one-night "Dead City Centre jam" last February during the sessions for Ulver's most recent full-length, the love it or hate it "Perdition City". Unlike that album, though, this ep benefits from a lack of horrendous vocal and saxophone contributions! While some of Ulver's past attempts to branch out into non-black metal genres have been, as just alluded to, kinda shaky (if commendable in spirit), this stands up well in the "experimental/electronica" category. Recommended, as possibly Ulver's best post-metal effort.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:58 PM

Uncle Fester - Best of 2001

Uncle Fester has just updated his best albums of 2001 list - over 250 releases are listed, and just under 100 albums are rated using the Uncle Fester scoring system.

A selection of 2001 albums are reviewed here

# posted by DJ Martian 11:27 PM

Piero Scaruffi The Best Rock Albums of 2001 and Stars of the Lid

The Italian rock critic Piero Scaruffi's The Best Rock Albums of 2001 has recently been updated.

The fifth highest rated album of the year, and best instrumental release is the forthcoming album by Stars of the Lid.

Stars Of The Lid: The Tired Sounds Of (Kranky)

The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid (Kranky, 2001), a double-disc collection of six suites in several movements each, explores melody and movement and it displays a more formal and austere posture.

There is a majesty and a grandeur to these pieces that recalls Messiaen's sacred music for organ.
This is a culmination of sort, as the duo veers from its psychedelic/ambient/noise (basically, rock) beginnings towards a more classical form and more classical structures.

Maybe with this release Stars of the Lid will became as high profile and praised as Labradford.

More information at the official Stars of the Lid website.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:11 PM

Les Savy Fav - Go Forth

Les Savy Fav will release a new album, Go Forth on 24th September via Southern Records

I have never previously been aware of this band's music but a few weeks a go a track was played on the radio and it reminded me of Bauhaus ! in its mixture of keyboards and guitars. I am interested in hearing more from this band.

Attention!!! Les Savy Fav march forward with their latest full-length, Go Forth, produced by the infamous Phil Ek (Modest Mouse, Built to Spill). This eleven song creation is Les Savy Fav's third full-length since the band formed in 1996. The dynamic, art-punk brigade, Les Savy Fav, has created a cult like following for their live shows and are renowned for their energy and atmosphere. Now at last with Go Forth the band has finally captured that energy on vinyl and CD.

Go Forth embodies the inner and outer struggles of this rock-foursome from Brooklyn, New York. The songs range from pulsing dance beats that verge on punk as in "Crawling can be Beautiful", to the haunting tales of the perilous German rave commute captured in "Disco Drive", to melancholy reminisces of a kidnapped youth. Evident on Go Forth is the variety of influences that make up Les Savy Fav.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:37 PM

Who is behind the mysterious project Set Fire to Flames?

Who is behind the mysterious project Set Fire to Flames ? Answer Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Set Fire to Flames will release its first LP, "Sings Reign Rebuilder," will be released on October 9th via Alien8 Recordings. Set Fire to Flames is a 13-member musical collective featuring Aidan, Bruce, David, Roger, and Sophie from Godspeed, Becky from A Silver Mt Zion, Jean-Sebastien from Fly Pan Am, Gordon from Exhaust, Michael Moya, and Genevieve from Hangedup.

In the UK the album Sings Reign Rebuilder by Set Fire To Flames will be released by Fat Cat records.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Saturday, September 15, 2001


Pelicanneck This Week's New Releases - Week 17th September

Pelicanneck This Week's New Releases include

I-F / THE PARALLAX CORPORATION - Cocadisco - Viewlexx

I-F Is Back!! Together with his partner in chime Intergalactic Gary, or I-G to his friends, I-F at long last hits us with 14 killer neo disco electro tracks under the Parallax Corporation guise. With vocals from I-f, Nancy Fortune, Melvin White and Kaori Kuwabara, added Nicotine from Texas, grind Coca leaves from Cochabamba, Coffee flavour from Paramaribo and vintage synthesisers from around the world, the Parallax sound is one of disco FX, Hague synthlines and a twisted electroid happiness that still retains that little grain of sinister gurning. This is the bastard son of MMM style funk/electro cutupness and Italian Disco......Killer.

ALVA NOTO - Transform - Mille Plateaux

In much the same way as label-mate and colleague Frank Bretschneider, Carsten Nicolai (under his recording guise of Alva Noto) has perfected a strain of clicky minimalism that is increasingly less reliant on the presence of gaps and silence, and instead focuses on the role played by bass pulses and basic groove formation. The components here are distinct and stripped, but the overall construction is not too disimillar to the more accessable compositional tricks of Dub and IDM. Silence, off course, figures in the reflective engineering of the sound space, whereby the ideology is that of space and isolation, but the interpretation is nothing short of accessable. For fans of Ryoji Ikeda and Pan Sonic, Transformation is a standout release that comes across best via headphone listening. Highly Recommended.

BLECHTUM FROM BLECHDOM - Haus De Snaus - Tigerbeat 6

New on Kid 606s Tigerbeat 6 label!! A collection of dirt ball gems from Kevin and Blevin, that features the long sold out Orthlorng Musork EP, Snauses and Mallards (on CD for the first time) plus the now deleted TB6 EP De Snaunted Haus. Twisted pop/dementia of the highest order. Big buzz on this act at the moment. "From deep within the sanitiary system of Oakland, California, USA lives the HAUS DE SNAUS, home to kevin bLechdom and bLevin bLectum from bLectum from bLechdom since Halloween 1998. Haus De Snaus, the newest release from blectum from blechdom, captures the best moments from the last 3 years of electronic Jam-A-Ram-A and snausific exploration. Featuring such dancefloor hits as "Rock-A-Mallard" and "Shithole." Short and hyper-developmental electronic crystals in slurge with a rough edge rarely heard in current electronic music. Blectum from Blechdom were recently awarded one of the top three prizes at Ars Electronica in Austria. Also featured on Haus de Snaus is the first ever printed collection of all of Kevin Blechdoms comic strips about snauses, maLLard, their trials and tribulations, their sexual stunts and confused brains. Don't miss this miraculous and diverse compilation of the Blectum from blechdom's greatest music!" Ace.


Lassi Nikko returns to Warp with his debut full-length following the Qtio EP released last month. The much-mentioned influences of Autechre and Plaid on this young Swedish musician are indeed present here with equal measure, particularly in that the complexity of the programming and the harder edge of the intricacies involved are juxtaposed with a sweet and warm grasp of melody that pervades some of the tracks on offer, but it would be unfair to describe the Brothom sound as contrived. Rather than emulating the sounds of his heroes, Lassi skillfully fuses both into a crisp and crunchy, yet almost dancey variant of electronic listening music as in the post-house sprawl of Brothomstates Ipxn or the appocalyptic samba-esque calypso of -. The LP closes with standout track Viimo - for which Brothom draws on the sounds of Arovane with a killer 8 minute trawl through the lushest of melodies and the crispest of percussive rumbles. This is a deep and carefully constructed LP of broken beats and squashed electronica that will appeal to fans of the aforementioned artists and should keep Mr Nikko in good stead for his future endeavours. Check.

POLE - R - ~Scape

R is the new album by Berlin-based producer and ~scape founder Stefan Betke aka Pole.
Central to the album are "Raum 1" and "Raum 2", two tracks produced in late 1996 and released by the ace Din label in 1998. Around this backbone, this source of inspiration, all other tracks are unreleased re-workings by Burt Friedman, Kit Clayton and Pole, the album also features Betke collaborating with other musicians for the first time. With this new version Betke substantially lightens up "Raum 1" and changes its rhythminto something alltogether fuller. "Raum 2", on the other hand, has been transformed into a dubby, groovy sound collage. Burnt Friedman contrasts the detailed, synthetic sound affairs with jazzy elements and combines abstract electronica with seductive harmonies. Kit Clayton, on the other hand, singles out the groove component, pushes it to the forefront and almost manages to create a secret dancefloor hit. For those of you who found Poles last LP 3 returning to territory that had already been pushed to its limits on the two previous full-lengths, R succeeds most in re-defining the formula that has now become widely known as the Pole Sound. Check.


An assemblage of intriguing electro/acoustic elements, Hysteria is the newest offering from Munich's esteemed Kammerflimmer Kollektief, (translation: The Shimmering Collective). Pulling from influences such as 60's free jazz masters John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy, to 70's experimentalists Robert Wyatt and AMM, Kammerflimmer Kollektief combines the knowledge of form with the whim of improvisation. Incorporating samples, analog synths, and a plethora of stringed instruments, (including an acoustic jazz ensemble), Hysteria taunts the fine line of control between abstraction and realism, with a beauty that's stunning at times. New on Bubblecore.

PIMMON - Electronic Tax Return - Tigerbeat 6

Kid 606s Tigerbeat 6 label spreads its wings that little bit further and brings us the latest LP from Australias Paul Gough, aka Pimmon. With a diversity of sound that fuses an Oval-esque glitched-up ambience with chaos-theory music in the vein of Bernard Parmegiani and Autechre, the sound here is a wide mesh of almost intangible emissions that sometimes create a hub of pops and randomised activity, and sometimes come together to unleash soundscapes that are almost unspeakably beautiful. Vovul ll is one such track, devotees of Christian Fennesz would do well to look into its washes of processed accoustic organisms and floating glitch bubbles. Slow Burn Friends is equally mesmerising....the gradual encounter of ambience through malfunction is incredibly soothing and deeply evocative. Pimmon, along with Fenneszs Endless Summer, has here created one of the finest evocations within this genre in quite some time. Essential.

ELLEN ALLIEN - Flieg Mit - Bpitchcontrol

Pure good vibes mix cd from girl of the moment Ellen Alien. This has the uncanny effect of making you hear some known music in a new light and the context is definitely congenial, from the wonderful electropop of Quarks, Meinrad Jungblut, via quality 8 bit electro from Anthony Rother's Little Computer People, with some useful house the crowd material from Christian Morgenstern, J Dahlback and Heiko Laux, beautifully mixed with more microscopic sounds from the likes of Philippe Cam. Excellent stuff.

JETONE - Ultramarine - Force Inc

Montreal based Jetone aka Tim Hecker has been producing electronic music for the past 6 years furthering his research in digital acoustics and software terrorism. He spends his time exploring the boundaries and faultlines between rhythm, texture and melody, and the conclusions of his study thrust him deep into the world of micro-textural clicktechno, albeit inspired by a wider range of artists; from Wolfgang Voigt to Autechre. Check.

RICHIE HAWTIN - DE9: Closer to the edit - Novamute

DE9 is the latest instalment from Richie Hawtin, who has established himself as one of the leading and most respected electronic musicians of current times. In a career spanning 10 years, Richie has achieved worldwide success through both his musical output and his Plus 8 and Minus labels, with releases such as Plastikman, and FUSE to name a few. Acting as a follow-up to Richies previous album - Dex, Efex & 909, released in 1999, DE9 advances that concept and utilises over 100 records, with tracks from : Rhythm & Sound, Lowtec, Crane A.K., Theorem vs Stewart Walker, Akufen, Baby Ford & Zip, Sergej Auto, Stewart Walker, Ricardo Villalobos, Roman Fl�gel, Sikora, Thomas Brinkmann, Niederflur, Peter F. Spiess, Basic Channel, Carl Craig and loads more. Ace.

SOLEX - Low kick and hard Bop - Matador

New from Dutch sound collage wizardess and master of modern Plunderphonics Elisabeth Esselink, aka Solex. Not (necessarily) a bop recording, the lost and found sounds resurrected and recombined by Solex would be mere props, not the weapons utilized by Esselink to deadly effect. A master of making something-out-of-nothing (and often less than nothing), Esselink finds source material from the crap CD's that pass through her 2nd hand record shop, bits of overheard conversation and plain old espionage (better make sure that phone isn't tapped). The results don't merely "resemble" glorious, oozing with technicolor pop songs, but are in fact, the REAL DEAL. The sharp wit and genuinely warped sensibility that made the first two Solex albums such an international success are in abundance on 'Low Kick...' but we're sure you'll agree with us that this is the Solex album guaranteed to please hardcore fans & neophytes alike. Recommended.

CARL CRAIG PRESENTS - Abstractfunktheory - Obsessive

Edition six of this constantly evolving series of leftfield grooves sees the God of the Detroit sound and owner of the globally acclaimed Planet E label, Carl Craig, at the helm of the latest instalment. The album is a testament to Carls roots and inspirations. The input of the album revolves heavily around the sounds from yesteryear of Detroit and features classics from the B-52s through to Juan Atkins, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Cybotron, Rhythm Is Rhythm and more. Check.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:10 PM

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