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Monday, June 30, 2003


The News section of UK Dance provides frequent links to news articles relevant to dance music and club culture.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

Nick Kilroy associated with [Gabba.amp] has started a weblog that is heavy on images: Zabriskie Point

# posted by DJ Martian 11:26 PM

Music website previously known as Fresh Dirt has now changed into: Clink

# posted by DJ Martian 10:42 PM

New music weblog to check out: Let's Get Incredible!

# posted by DJ Martian 10:30 PM

BBC Music review Robert Poss - Distortion Is Truth

Robert Poss is a veteran of the New York avant garde. Guitars, electronics and drones have been his life's obsession. He's probably best known for his Band of Susans who gave Sonic Youth a run for their money in the guitars/art/noise/rock stakes in the eighties. Band of Susans split up in 1995 and this is his first solo CD since; very good it is too.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:10 PM

Musique Machine interview Black Dice

# posted by DJ Martian 5:38 PM

Musique Machine review M83 - DeadCities, RedSeas and LostGhosts

# posted by DJ Martian 5:33 PM

On this week's Breezeblock show on Radio 1, a FatCat records special:

Check out Radio One from 12:45 tonight, where FatCat's Alex Knight, Dave Cawley and Dave Howell will be playing a 40-minute mix set on Mary Anne Hobbs 'The Breeze Block' show

Source: FatCat e-mail.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:31 PM

Changes are coming soon @ Junkmedia the weekday music reviews website:

On July 5, 2003, Junkmedia will be two years old. To celebrate, we're going to introduce several new regular features as well as a new and improved design on Monday, July 7. In the meantime, while we tighten down the screws, we've put together a review of some of the best feature articles we've published so far this year. We've also got three new album reviews to keep you busy until we return.

See you next Monday,

The editors

# posted by DJ Martian 5:26 PM

Pitchfork review Sunn O))) - White1

# posted by DJ Martian 5:18 PM


Key new album releases for June 30th [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: June 30th

The Animal Collective - Here Comes The Indian (Paw Tracks)
Colleen - Everyone Alive Want Answers (Leaf)
Faith & Disease - Passport To Kunming (Projekt)
John Foxx & Louis Gordon - Crash and Burn (Metamatic Records / Artful Records)
Larry Heard - Where Life Begins (Alleviated/Trackmode)
Him - Many In High Places Are Not Well (FatCat)
Man In Formaldehyde - Copper Sulphur Crystals (Pointy Bird Records)
Mass - Mixed Media (Paratactile)
William Parker Violin Trio - Scrapbook (Thirsty Ear)
Poison the Well - You Come Before You (Velvet Hammer/Atlantic)
Prong - Scorpio Rising (Locomotive Music)
Razed in Black - Damaged (Cleopatra) [Import]
Steve Roach - Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces (Projekt)
Simple Minds - Our Secrets Are The Same (Virgin)
Thighpaulsandra - Double Vulgar (Retractor)
Ui - Answers (Southern Records)
Yellotone - Geen Mayo (Ai Records) EP
Dhafer Youssef - Digital Prophecy (Enja)

For Reference:

Last Week: June 23rd

Bartok - Few Lazy Words (Ghost Records)
BLIM - Lost in Music (TCR)
Lisa Carbon - Standards (Rather Interesting)
Chungking - We Travel Fast (Tummy Touch)
Comets On Fire - Comets On Fire (Alternative Tentacles)
Decal - Brightest Stars (Rotters Golf Club)
Delerium - Chimera (Nettwerk)
Gd Luxxe - The 21st Door (Interdimensional Transmissions)
The Hacker - Melodies En Sous-Sol (Good Life Records)
Hella - Bitches Ain't Shit But Good People (Suicide Squeeze) EP
Martin Horntveth - Skull (Smalltown Supersound) EP
Ahmad Jamal - In Search Of (Dreyfus Jazz)
The Mars Volta - De-loused In The Comatorium (Universal)
Medicine - The Mechanical Forces of Love (Wall of Sound)
Octagon Man - Magneton (DC)
Julian Priester - In Deep End Dance (Conduit) Import
PFN - Fascination (10 Kilo) [AKA: Proper Filthy Naughty]
Rameses III - Folk Hymns (Firefly)
Slipstream - Transcendental (Enraptured)
Chris Watson - Weather Report (Touch)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:10 AM

Sunday, June 29, 2003


James Hyman on London's Xfm 104.9 fm, just announced that starting next Saturday a 4 hour music show will commence, between 3pm - 7pm. This will be in addition to the new-ish slot for the Sunday Remix/ Rinse shows, between 7pm - 10pm.

Update: this show will have a dance music element, between 6pm - 7pm, the rest of the show will be a general selection.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:18 PM

The Guardian review this just released jazz album from Scotland's Dave Milligan: Dave Milligan - Late Show

pianist Dave Milligan, a loose stylistic compatriot of Brad Mehldau and Keith Jarrett, whose vocabulary has been augmented by years spent on his local folk scene. He has a technique that opens rich possibilities in almost any contemporary piano style.
This excellent disc features Milligan with the same sharply sensitive trio that accompanied him on that occasion - Tom Lyne on bass and Tom Bancroft on drums - and a remarkably varied and high-quality original repertoire.

More info/ reviews @ record label Caber

# posted by DJ Martian 5:13 PM

The Independent interviews David Sylvian

David Sylvian was a pop pin-up when he led Japan. Now, after years on the frontiers of the avant-garde, he has produced his most personal songs yet. Martin James talks to the man behind the big hair

# posted by DJ Martian 5:07 PM

Splendid interview Kieran Hebden of Four Tet

# posted by DJ Martian 4:44 PM

Paddy McAloon is scheduled to be on 6 Music: Andrew Collins tomorow, Monday 30th June. Paddy McAloon will also be on Radio 3's Mixing it show, on Sunday 6th July.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:37 PM


Listening to the Annie Nightingale on Radio 1 from Glastonbury, she played an exclusive radio premier of Hybrid's forthcoming single 'True to Form', with Peter Hook playing bass guitar. [Annie, was handed the promo at Glastonbury]

What surprised me that Annie bumped into Peter Hook at Glastonbury, and interviewed him: what are your doing here? Peter Hook: I am playing with Hybrid, Annie: Wow, I never knew that ! [Annie, has been a big supporter of both Hybrid and New Order in the past, so how did she miss out on the news?]

Anyway the single 'True to Form', It's classic New Order, if your a fan of New Order: circa Brotherhood, or the last album - you will love this, huge dollops of Peter Hook's bass guitar mixed into electronic beats.

Reminder: Hybrid will release their allbum Morning-Sci-fi on July 21st.

Morning Sci-fi offers a crossbreed of beats, electronic, rock and of course, Hybrid's trademark orchestral sound.

Judging by the single, and reviews on the album i have read so far, i reckon this album could be a big success particularly with New Order fans. It also reminds me of the musical approach taken by The Aloof, on Seeking Pleasure, in the late 90s - of an electronic band blending atmospheric guitars into their music.

You can listen to the Annie Nightingale show from Glastonbury: @ the Radio 1 website [anytime, until the next Annie Nightingale show i.e next Sunday]

# posted by DJ Martian 4:18 PM

Marcello Carlin @ The Church of Me has published the transcript of his recent radio broadcast about No Wave/ Mutant Disco/Punk-Funk: CLEAR SPOT 2: TRANSCRIPT OF RESONANCE FM BROADCAST � 27 JUNE 2003

# posted by DJ Martian 3:33 PM

Saturday, June 28, 2003


aquarius records new arrivals list #165

Selected highlights from aquarius records new arrivals list number 165:

Locust, The - Plague Soundscapes (Anti)

Who would have thought that The Locust and Tom Waits would ever be on the same label? And that that label would be run by the guy from Bad Religion? Certainly not me. But it's true. San Diego's The Locust (the 'the' is mandatory) find their new home on Anti, part of the mighty punk rock label Epitaph, and have thankfully made the always daunting major label leap with their stupid/funny song titles, camoflage bug-boy costumes, and grinding new wave hyperblast pummel intact. Twenty three songs, averaging about 55 seconds each, all with song titles like "Identity Exchange Program Rectum Return Policy", "Earwax Halo Manufactured For The Champion In All Of Us", and "Late For A Double Date With A Pile Of Atoms In The Water Closet." The Locust are a crushing grindcore juggernaut, that somehow ended up with new wave keyboards, that bloop and bleep and fart over everything, turning what could have been run of the mill grind into a wild circus-y funhouse of splattery blast beats, riffs that slither from metal to no wave and back again in the span of seconds, and rumbling, fuzzed out synths that make the whole thing sound like Adult or Fischerspooner having the shit beat out of them by Agoraphobic Nosebleed. If only!!

Animal Collective - Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks / Carpark)

Who is this gathering called The Animal Collective?
Why it's noneother than these fine artists Geologist, Deaken, and -- perhaps most familiar to AQ customers -- Avey Tare and Panda Bear.

With the help of Carpark Records, they've started up their own label on which this very album appears. Animal Collective throw everything into their sonic cauldron: prog, jazz, techno, noise, krautrock, punk rock and psych -- making for some intriguing ramshackle dissonance. Sometimes you'll get one, sometimes you'll get all at once. Faint melodies barely take shape and drift away. Raw percussive clatterings start and stop. Almost gutteral chants and barks materialize to keep time with the rhythms. This is some very 'out-there', unpredictable music... perhaps not for everyone, but we certainly dig it!

Curse Of The Golden Vampire - Mass Destruction (Ipecac)

Ipecac unleashes the latest chapter in the saga of the Curse Of The Golden Vampire -- otherwise known as Alec Empire and Techno Animal (Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin). The last CotGV was a crushing super distorted
dub/breakbeat/jungle free for all that we all pretty much dug. The new one is too, sort of. It's a much sloppier and noisier affair, which could be a good thing I suppose. But for me, it's lacking the huge beats that made the first one so appealing. Well, they're still there, but they're buried under so much nosie and skree and shkkkkgghhhhhhh that the whole thing sometimes veers closer to Japanoise territory than their DHR lineage would have you expecting. So, if you need a noise fix, and like your noise with some beats, this may be just what you need.

Essential Logic - Fanfare In The Garden (Kill Rock Stars)

Over the course of Essential Logic's brief existence, this seminal UK post-punk ensemble led by Lora Logic traversed a mightily broad spectrum from sax-laced, herky-jerk propulsion to angelic dream pop. We're pleased to report that the "Fanfare In The Garden" 2cd anthology captures the Essential Logic oeuvre quite wonderfully and also features four previously unreleased songs!

Essential Logic came to be in 1978 after Lora Logic, who'd spent some time playing sax for the X-Ray Spex and The Stranglers, decided to assemble her own challengingly, off-kilter punk band. Throughout Essential Logic's history, Lora Logic surrounded herself with some extrordinary members of the UK post-punk / art-rock community, including a young guitarist named William Bennett who later went on to form the confrontationalist power electronics outfit Whitehouse, Charles Hayward of This Heat, and DNA / Pere Ubu bassist Tim Wright.

Yet throughout the constant turnover of members, Essential Logic always centered around Lora Logic's vocals which jumped about erratically from howls to shouts to throaty croons. Confrontational, outspoken, and energetic, Essential Logic is one of the cornerstones of the female vision of punk, bringing to mind the likes of the Raincoats, X-Ray Spex, Liliput / Kleenex, and even Yoko Ono.

Mars Volta, The - De-loused In The Comatorium (Universal)

Seeming galaxies away from their former band At The Drive-In, Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez have crafted a most artful and expansive major label debut which surges forth beautifully from their 2002 "Tremulant" 3-song EP. Bixler's vocals take untethered flight into the upper stratosphere bringing to mind the highly affecting vocal acrobatics of forefathers Jon Anderson of Yes or Rush's Geddy Lee. Actually at some points, Bixler's voice soars to near-Bjork heights of emotionality. Rodriguez's songwriting moves even further into mind-spinning prog, psych and jazz-imbued complexities.

The Mars Volta stampedes unrelenting through most of this album only occasionally slowing things somewhat to draw the listener through mysterious subterranean drones and pulses. Looming like the most foreboding of thunderheads, and coming down in taut, torrential downpours, the stirring tech-rock maneuvers are precise and skillfully executed.

This release will undoubtably receive much attention for the band members' lineage as well as the notable individual playing bass -- Flea! -- however this is by no means the Flea Hour. His playing fits seamlessly, but it's the chemistry between the five core players which is the dynamic key. The two fellows were joined once again by Jon Theodore, Ikey Owens, and the late Jeremy Ward. Produced by Rodriguez and Rick Rubin. A most challenging and rewarding listen. An additional note: Cover design by Hipgnosis mainman Storm Thorgerson and Coil's Peter Christopherson.

Mass - Mixed Media (Paratactile)

British avant-garde "stereo" guitarist Gary Smith unleashes the third release from his power trio Mass, wherein he's joined by the equally out there and extreme rhythm section of Gary Jeff and Lou Ciccotelli. You might know these guys from their contributions to projects like God and Aufgehoben No Process. Mass is a bit less oppressive than those bands, closer to "jazz" but not what most people think of as jazz, of course. Yessir, their electronics, improv moves, and rock-derived power combine for another satisfying head-bender.

UI - Answers (Southern)

Nearly a decade ago, Sasha Frere-Jones began what has amounted to a prolific career as a music critic for The Village Voice and The Wire, often providing insight into the slippery logic of the groove whether that be about his childhood love of Liquid Liquid and ESG or recent musings on the newest Missy Elliott record. During this time, Frere-Jones has been actualizing his own boogie machine with the sporadically active Ui, which centers on Frere-Jones playing bass alongside percussionist Clem Waldmann and a supporting cast of multi-instrumentalists. "Answers" is just Ui's third album, and is a far cry from the current strain of mutant disco from bands like The Rapture or Tussle which boast a similiar lineage dating back to the golden era of Arthur Baker productions and Gang of Four punked out grooviness. No, Ui would never be caught wearing hotpants or delving into the facile behavior of Fischerspooner; rather, Ui's take on the groove is based upon complexity and willfull angularity, paralleling much of the organic composition found on Tortoise's "Millions Now Living Will Never Die," any of the Minutemen's albums, and the perpetually obscure prog-punk band the Embarrassment. "Answers" is a series of intellectual explorations of the interplay between two basses, drums, and a number of quirky flourishes which counterpoint the mathematically challenging times and herky-jerky chord progressions. This is a solid recapitulation of where post-rock might have gone, if it didn't devolve into banal jazz-fusion pretense.

Seiichi Yamamoto - Nu Frequency (Tzadik)

The fourth solo album from the undeniably talented and deniably normal Boredoms guitarist (also of Omoide Hatoba, Rovo, etc.). There's less "fuzzy groove" than his last album, more of the abstract textural noisescapes and improv guitarisms heard on his first two solo discs on Alchemy, though with a distinctly "cool" vibe, jazzier than those other records for sure. Definitely makes sense it's on Tzadik, it's as much downtown New York as downtown Osaka. It's a varied menu of avant-delicacies from glitchy gamelan-like tones (generated with guitar?) n' skittery percussion to jazz bass and high-pitched electronics, all sorts of stuff goin' on -- some of it quite pretty. Far from Boredoms insanity/energy however. A nice album, though it probably can (and will) be safely overlooked by those without already a shelf full of Boredoms/Zorn/Tzadik stuff, though you'll never know what you might be missing...

V/A Good Night: Music To Sleep By (Tigerbeat6) 2cd

These days, the phrase 'electronica compilation' sends shivers down our spines. And not in a good way. Especially when it's the same people, doing the same thing for the umpteenth time. So we were pleasantly surprised by this particular electronic compilation, even though it features many of the same folks -- they've all decided to put us to sleep. On purpose this time! (Ha, just kidding.) This is a gorgeous collection of warm and gauzy, wispy, dreamy, electronic minimalism. Soothing and droney, thick and lush, beautifully late night sounding. And I actually HAVE listened to this going to sleep and it's perfect! Features the ubiquitous Kid606 as well as Stephan Mathieu, Kurt Ralske, Electric Company, Main, Pimmon, Tim Hecker, and Oren Ambarchi. Both discs also feature movies playable on your computer by Kurt Ralske, Electric Company and Pimmon. Our favorite Tigerbeat6 release in a while!

# posted by DJ Martian 3:33 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - a Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Bola - Soup

And so Skam wheel out the goodness once again, this time round re-releasing one of their most sought after gems, complete with brand new re-designed packaging and a lovingly re-mastered representation of the original audio. "Soup" is quite simply a classic album in the truest sense of the word, regarded alongside Autechre's "Incunabula" and BOC's "Music Has The Right To Children" as an album that defined so much of what would eventually become known as the "IDM" scene. In some respects it's a deeply innocent piece of work, free of much of the digital trickery and processing that would eventually become so popular, instead relying on beautiful arrangements and crisp, futuristically warm sounds. The mesmerising melodic cascade of "Forcassa 3" has become so well known that the opening sequence has almost passed into electronica clich�, while the truly moving epic "Aguilla" is nothing short of immense. A cinematic meeting point between Carl Craig's "69" project and Ennio Morricone. With beautifully detailed new artwork from Michael England (Meam) and spectacular gatefold vinyl, it's another must-have Skam joint. Essential Purchase

Various / Cactus Island - Friends We Met Along The Way
Cactus Island Recordings

Second release from the Cactus Island label, collecting a diverse spread of talents as a sampler for the label and a record of musical acquaintances made. Contributors include Apparat, Bovine Life, Commander, Tim Koch, the excellent Stendec, Maps & Diagrams and a surprise bonus remix of Verbose by man of the mo, John Xela. Commander's opening salvo "slumber" is a horizontal beginning to a lush seventeen track exploration of the state of melodic idm circa summer 2003. Stendec's bassy, engaging head nodder `aileron' bodes extremely well for their forthcoming project on Expanding records, as does the gorgeous Maps & Diagrams tune contained within. Apparat delivers the kind of form we've come to expect from him on his outings for Shitkatapult, and on recent collaborations with Modeselektor for Bpitch. Skurken and Chico Rockstar from Iceland employ the particular and original electronic angles on drums and harmonies the natives of the island execute so brilliantly, while Xela's version of "Alloneword" for Verbose highlights once again just how deep and crunchy the man's production really is, not to mention his flair for a devastating melody. All in all, an assured, unfailingly melodic and beautiful collection of tunes. Lush

Anthony Rother - Sex With The Machines

Kanzleramt presents the re-release of Anthony Rother's classic, seminal, long unavailable "Sex With The Machines". People like Andrea Parker, J Saul Kane and Dynamix II have mentioned this mini album many times as one of THE most important electro records EVER. In reality its an excellent slice of teutonic machine music - nice and analogue, sufficiently retro, sufficiently crunchy - check it now.

The Octagon Man - Magneton
DC Recordings

Now available on CD. J Saul Kane returns with some digital mash up breaks fo yo head! Sounding like he's crunched the beats into metallic almost harsh bits he pulls of a startling new album retaining that Depth Charge funk. Check the sharp and jagged beats of `Skanning Pattern' , sounding like DC jamming with Atom Heart for a digital biznizz session, pulling off an up to date digitized breaks cut that will vibrate the ears and please the DC fans out there. For a bit of classic Depth Charge try `Elff' with its tough breakbeat under toy like synths that almost freestyle over the top, but with that flow that reminds me of the Number 9 12" from back in the day, a bit of funk to shake ya ass to. All in all a fresh release, and some wicked tracks from the underground beat master, check.

Various - Comin' From Tha D
Intuit Solar

The Intuit Solar compilation is available again, and any compilation that starts with the Japanese Telecom track `Cigarette Lighter' is a winner in my book. Also featuring DJ Godfather, Keith `Optic Nerve' Tucker, Detroit Grand Pubahs, the reclusive Sean Deason, Dopplereffekt, Tony Ollivierra and Adult among others. Godfather's `Whatchulookinat' is a highlight, phat beats and minimal melodies combine with the extremely politically incorrect voice samples to deliver a ghetto slice of techelectro, very similar to office fave Mr De. Also Tony Olivierra's `Capture' is an amalgamation of jazz drums and filtered synths with the odd vibes line thrown in over the maelstrom of drums, a class slice of mad jazz. And lastly I'll leave you with Dopplereffekt's `Porno Actress', a crisp and awesome electroid monster with wicked synths and vocals in a true Detroit style, brilliant, a class Motor City collective.

Various - Jack To Future

Excellent homage to Chicago House from some of the world's leading micro-house producers, including : Baby Ford, Rob Acid, Hakan Lidbo, Dub Taylor, Misc, D.Diggler and lots more. In total, 13 frighteningly catchy tracks, perfect for every dancefloor, excellent summer listening. Check.

As One - So Far (So Good)

Phew, I could write an essay on the man and his music, Kirk DeGiorgio has been responsible for many a twist and turn in electronic music, he was the man behind the mythical A.R.T. (Applied Rhythmic Technology) label that brought us such luminaries as Stasis, Black Dog, Carl Craig, B12 in the very early 90's, releasing a slew 12"s that were and still are at the peak of techno/electronic music and incidentally the collectors market. His album releases have been as varied as the labels they came out on, Reflections (New Electronica), In With Their Arps and Moogs and Things (Clear), Planetary Folklore (Mo Wax), Art Of Prophecy (Shield) are all warm, soulful and beautiful releases that have endeared many a listener to Mr DeGiorgio. Here Ubiquity get the holy grail and the pick of the crop of Kirk's trax, both the tunes and selection are top notch, taking in tracks from the first two A.R.T. 12"s, the rare Celestial Soul and Reflections LP's (New Electronica) the Clear LP and the French Art of Prophecy LP. 'Amalia' is the opener, a rare number from the first A.R.T. 12" which has the blueprint warm Detroit sound with lush strings and a heavy bass line that flows under like water, classic 808's combine with otherworldly synths to sew a dreamlike piece of music, timeless. Next 'Isatai' from A.R.T. 2.1 drops with ethereal strings and a subtle but infectious rhythm that fetches back some wonderous memories of when I first heard it, the quality and depth of the track is beyond description, you need to hear it. Other mentions are the Celestial Soul tracks `Celestial Soul', and `We No Longer Understand' which show a progression to a slightly tougher more techno sound, and also showing the first signs of his foray into jazz. The Art of Prophecy tracks have been rarely heard due to the album being released in France, and only available on import in the UK, (it took me a few months to track it down!), but there the choice tracks are laid bare for all, `Return of The Kingpin' is one of the strangest tracks, spannered drums and Drexciya style detuned synths show the difference in styles he uses and go to show how he has stamped his name on UK electronica for good. Comprising of 17 classic tracks and 3 unreleased tracks across 3 LP's and 2 CD's makes this an essential purchase, nuff said.

Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

"Everyone Alive Wants Answers" is the haunting work of 26-year-old Parisienne Cecile Schott. Her debut album release, she has previously released a gem of a 7" single (Babies) on Active Suspension, which brought her to the attention of The Leaf Label. An effortlessly charming album, naive instrumentals filled with warmth , melody and soul, played on a broken music box, a glockenspiel or a guitar. The recordings seem pieced together from an array of field recordings and home tapes, melodies and aroma's slowly infused to create a homespun exercise in delicacy, beauty and a joyously moving appeal to nostalgic sensibilities and abandon. Gorgeous stuff, highly recommended.

Various / Fat Cat Branches and Routes, A Fat Cat Records Compilation
Fat Cat

Branches and Routes is a stunning and adventurous compilation that stretches its scope across the six years of Fat Cat's existence as a label. Serving as a neat introduction to the label, the compilation showcases material from its, present and future. As well as the inclusion of such classic tracks as M�m's 'Green Grass Of Tunnel', Funkst�rung's remix of Bj�rk's 'All Is Full Of Love', Set Fire To Flames' 'Steal Compas', and Matmos's unbeleivable 'Freak N You' (available on CD for the first time - what a tune!!), plus there are unreleased exclusive tracks from Sigur R�s, Drowsy and Stromba, as well as forthcoming ones from Crescent, HiM, and Party Of One. Informative liner notes and many tracks appearing on CD for the first time especially those from the Splinter 12" series (Kid 606, Team Doyobi, Duplo.Remote, Fennesz & Com.A). 27 tracks in total, highly recommended.

Mitte Karaoke - Aufschlag
WMF Records

Finally fully available in the UK!! This twelve track album from the residents of Berlin's hippest district is yolked around 5 tunes drawn from their series of twelves for the label, but borrows their splendid `Ticktakttaktik' back from Ellen Allien's `Berlin2001' compilation on Bpitch, where it first appeared, updates it and supplements all of these winners with six brand new tunes, exclusive to this fine album. The Mitte boys employ a stripped, pleasingly raw attitude to their tunes, the vibe is party, acid and electro and house, with elements of wicked, dark, acid twostep with better programming, seeping in through the bass department on tunes like `Tiebreak' and `Letzter auf schlag'. Killer. The wit of `Pandabar' is fully tempered with the antic, edgy live funk of `Robotertanz'. Appropriate that a live track should be included, seeing as WMF has been one of the cornerstone clubs for berliners, something of a moveable feast in fact. Mitte Karaoke are perhaps ready to bring some of their much needed clubbing attitude to brighten up our summer. Lovable stuff, especially the tennis themed artwork, perhaps even poptastic we could say.

Animal Collective - Here Comes The Indian
Paw Tracks

With several releases and tours over the past 4 years, the Animal Collective have created something of a stir, and have now given themselves something of a "home" in forming the Paw Tracks label in association with new york electronic label Car Park. Their sound is informed by the psychedelic freakouts of nineties west coast isolationists like Caroliner and Sun City Girls, the emotional hooks and bursts of punk, the textures and structures of berlin & cologne style minimal techno a la Kompakt & Basic Channel, the earthiness of Amon Duul and Can, and the organic looseness of the best of the free and improvised music world. They are everywhere and nowhere, aware of tradition but not beholden to it, unconcerned by borders and definitions. 'Here comes the Indian' is a passionate and mind-altering new narrative, promising transcendence, intensity, articulation and the sublime. Fat Cat will be reissuing the first 2 Animal Collective recordings later in the year, and are co-ordinating the press campaign for this album

Glenn Branca - The Ascension

When first released in 1981, the chief debate surrounding 'The Ascension' ran, is this a rock band performing classical pieces, or an experimental ensemble tackling rock music? One thing the critics did all agree on, however, was the sheer awesome power of Branca and his band. These days it's hard to hear Branca without thinking of Sonic Youth ^ Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo both served tours of duty in Branca's guitar armies - but the main critical reference points in 1981 were the repetetive minimalism of Philip Glass and Steve Reich on the one hand, the "hard rock" of The Ramones on the other, but aside from those, the 5 compositions on 'The Ascension' were cut adrift from any other sonic anchors. For this new, re-mixed cd issue, the original 40 minutes of music are joined by a short but intense video clip of Branca performing live in 1978, and extensive liner notes have been supplied by one of the records, 4 guitarists, Lee Ranaldo.

Various / New York Noise New York Noise
Soul Jazz

Dance music from the New York Underground 1978-1982. Soul Jazz do the right thing, providing the suitable companion piece to their english post-punk set here. Honing in acutely on the works of primarily the labels 99 and Ze, we get sixteen tracks from the epicentre of the downtown NYC scene. The shockwaves of punk are all around, from Arto Lindsay's seminal punk as DNA, through the jazz punk of The contortions, yet the influences of disco, hip-hop, modern composition and free jazz are as, if not more important. Check the break on Liquid Liquid's still thrilling `Optimo,' new york,s answer to 23Skidoo, Konk's distilled funk, the effortless art-school-cool hip-hop. Further attractions in the shape of Arthur Russell's Dinosaur L classic, mixed by Kevorkian `Clean On Your Bean#1' used to have dancers spinning on their heads at Mancuso's Loft and Levan's Paradise garage by all accounts, northern soul style. Defunkt, one of the most underrated funk bands of all close the set appropriately, and we've still Not mentioned the delights of Glenn Branca's guitar piece, ESG, Mars, Material and much much more. Superb compilation, and bang on, timing wise, as per usual.

Cherrywine - Bright Black

The return of the man called Butterfly from the amazing Digable Planets. Sadly now it's 2003 and times change. Gone are the fuzzed jazz/hip hop politics of the two classic DP albums instead we have a new alias for Butterfly and a new lyrical flow. Half sung/half rapped the musical base is kind of retro/future hip hop r'n'b soul. I don't know what to make of this, maybe i'm too much in love with the Digable sound to take anything less. Ace digital production though!

Odd Nosdam - No Wig For Ohio

Finally available on CD!! New on Anticon from the third member of Clouddead. "No Wig..." is the official follow up to 'Plan 9' issued on Mush in 2001 and was first issued on a limited CDR edition at Anticon shows. It's a twenty four part hip hop inspired sound odyssey. Ace dusted hip hop breaks fused with TV commercials, pop samples, crackly old records and a bit of wired menace. Limited copies. Ace!

Bardo Pond - On The Eclipse

New signings to ATP recordings, Bardo Pond have often been quoted as being Mogwai's favourite band. Hailing from Philadelphia and sometimes overlooked, Bardo Pond are releasing 'On The Ellipse,' their 6th album which does indeed bring to mind vintage Mogwai with the brilliant quiet/loud interplay that is so beguiling with its slinky, rough appeal. The band have performed at the very first ATP festival as well as being hand picked by Sonic Youth for their ATP last March in Los Angeles. With a heavier and fresher sound and a new label the band are preparing to tour the US with this record in early summer and will return to the UK/Europe in October as confirmed support on Mogwai's album tour. Brilliant stuff.

Him - Many In High Places Are Not Well
Fat Cat

Amazing new album from Doug Scharin's Him group. A seven track collection that manages to effortessly fuse west african grooves with post rock, jazz and dub. Featuring the cream of Chicago's vibrant scene including Rob Mazurek, Fred Erskine and Joe Goldring. In addition the african element is beautifully captured by the kora playing of Abdou M'Boup and Mr Mice Parade on guitar and vocals to the hard jamming title track. Vocals actually play a larger role in this Him album than previously, and it's use is a massive success. Possibly the best Him album to date though all are essential to my ears. A treat, not-too-be-missed.

Ui - Answers
Southern Records

Brand new album from Ui , who along with Tortoise were at the forefront of the mid-to-late 90's Post Rock scene. After a three year gap since the release of "The Iron Apple EP", Ui have made an excellent return to the public eye, and have come back with a brand new album of twisted, unpretentious instrumentalism. "Answers" sees Ui fusing jazz, funk basslines and percussion that's tweaked to make you move, New York styles! Recorded in 2002 in New York with producer Bryce Goggin, featuring new member Erik Sanko (Skeleton Key, Lounge Lizards, Yoko Ono, John Cale). Check.

John Tejada - More Backstock

Invaluable twenty one track primer for John Tejada's productions on his own Palette imprint. After his lush excursions with guitars and instruments for City Centre Offices on the "I'm Not A Gun" album its instructive to hear John rocking the four four comfortably on this useful collection. The self-deprecating title gives a large clue to John's self-effacing nature. Here,eight co-productions with Arian Leviste continue the vein of their well-received Playhouse twelve "Syntax Free", while further, unreleased collaborative work with Daniel Bell and Titonton Duvante give up the funk in no uncertain terms. Mixed to perfection by Tejada, this is guaranteed heaven for house lovers.

Surgeon - Counterbalance Collection

This CD mix of Surgeon's work for his own Counterbalance imprint takes in the five 12" releases for the label and delivers 16 tracks of his unique and very fierce form of techno. Including the genius of `Midnight Club Tracks 1' and its storming opening track with hardcore leanings and killer drums. Also featured are the Midnight Club tracks 2, The Diametric ep, La Real, and Waiting for Me 12"s. The highlights come fast and furious, like the man's beats, La Real's 2 tracks are both staggered techno numbers with Mills-esque percussion shuffling under the hard kicks and crazy vocal snippets bounding across the groove while the beats play havoc, ace. The Diametric tracks are classic Surgeon, washy synths and beats that bounce off each other and hard bass heavy grooves spread across the 3 tracks while the subtle programming of his techno takes effect only when you play the tracks loud, the detail comes through and the reason why he is rated so highly becomes clear. Damn fine techno from the UK, classic.

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Friday, June 27, 2003


A new edition of Careless Talk Costs Lives hits the streets, July 1st.

Scout Niblett, Nephilm Modulation Systems, Todd, I'm Being Good, Young People, Chris Clark, Blues Goblin, Numbers, Northern State, The Microphones. Plus tonnes of album reviews, in a handy, albeit back-breaking, A-Z format.

Full details of "Issue 3", July 2003 of Careless Talk Costs Lives

# posted by DJ Martian 10:15 PM

Junkmedia review Coloma - Finery

# posted by DJ Martian 4:02 PM

Dusted Features: Listed: Matt Elliott + E*Rock

Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Third Eye founder Matt Elliott and audio dreg E*Rock.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:57 PM

BBC Collective review a mix compilation: Swayzak - Fabric 11

# posted by DJ Martian 3:18 PM

Pitchfork: New Office, Future Plans

News from music reviews website: Pitchfork

Well, Pitchfork is opening its first-ever office space today in Chicago. ...

Future Plans:

On August 1st, we'll be relaunching the site with a completely new design, and a brand new daily section in which we'll cover singles and individual songs-- sort of like our Repeat section, except that we'll be covering new music there instead of 1970s Elton John tracks, and-- oh yeah-- we'll actually update it (like five times a day). We also hope to switch our newswire to a live, breaking-coverage format, and to cover twice as many stories per day, by the end of the summer..

# posted by DJ Martian 3:00 PM

I highly recommend that you make the time to listen to Sasha's mix from Glastonbury [that was broadcasted live last night] Radio 1 Dance - One World with Sasha [this will remain on the BBC website to listen anytime until next Thursday night]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:10 PM

Glastonbury Festival 2003

I find Glastonbury as a music concept a mixed bag, yes there are some yawnsome, dull, mediocre bands, but also if you look through the line up there are some interesting artists.

Glastonbury Festival 2003, for those not going, you can follow the media coverage:

The main BBC Music website: BBC Glastonbury Festival 2003

Radio 1 have some coverage: Radio 1: Glastonbury and also a handy full guide to Glastonbury Line Up

6 Music: 6 Music: Glastonbury will also have on going reports and coverage. 6 music have a live weblog 6 Music living through Glastonbury

The local, BBC Somerset have a Glastonbury website: BBC Somerset: Glastonbury 2003

If you have Digital TV then BBC 3 have live evening coverage from Glastonbury: BBC 3: Glastonbury Festival

The BBC provide a sequential guide to it's coverage of Glastonbury on Radio and TV: BBC Radio/ TV: Glastonbury yes, John Peel will be presenting some live coverage on BBC 2, late in the evenings.

The Official website for: Glastonbury Festival 2003

Other media coverage:

Reports: dotmusic: Glastonbury Festival 2003
Reports: The Guardian: Glastonbury
Reports: NME

Playlouder are an official Glastonbury Festival media partner, there will be selective live webcasts: Playlouder: Glastonbury

More info on webcasts Glastonbury Festival 2003

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New official website for Manchester's epic rockers: Oceansize

Welcome to the all new, official Oceansize website. Here you can download exclusive early recordings, peruse a selection of photo's of Oceansize, watch a wee movie of a legendary live performance, check out gig and release news, travel onwards through the links page to other great sites and best of all you can join the Oceansize mailing list so that you can be informed of all things Sizelike, including certain 'exclusives' that we are planning throughout the year.

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Thursday, June 26, 2003


Side-Line: Issue 44

Advance notification of the next edition of Side-Line magazine, due early July.

Side-Line issue 44 in pre-order now
The forthcoming issue of Side-Line music magazine n�44 to be released early July, will have a bunch of very exclusive interviews, namely with amongst others Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Laibach, Miss Kittin, Fischerspooner, Praga Khan, Armageddon Dildos, Bruderschaft, Delerium, Dulce Liquido, Velvet Acid Christ, Razed In Black, In The Nursery, Oil 10, G-Nox, Collide, Killing Ophelia, Accessory, Rotersand, Dark Runner, Revolution By Night, Statemachine, Colony 5, E-craft, Project X, Lights Of Euphoria, Jericho One>, Ionic Vision, Seize, Diskonnekted, Ayria, Spetsnaz, Stark, Autoform, I Parasite, The Dust Of Basement, Android Lust, Hulet and many many more! Be sure to purchase your copy now

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According to the Radio 1 schedule, tonight at Midnight till 2am Friday morning it is epic progressive dance DJ legend: Sasha live from Glasto

12am One World
Live from the Glastonbury with Sasha

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Giardini Di Miro

Following on from Todd Burns's Stylus review of Italian avant-rockers, Giardini Di Miro that i linked to earlier today.

Giardini Di Miro have an extensive English language website:

Including a 7 minutes 31 seconds track [When You Were a Postcard] that can be downloaded, as a zip file, then use Winzip to unzip.

Giardini Di Miro also have a micro promotional website, for their new album Punk ...Not Diet which includes streaming of all tracks.

Connect the Machine to the Lips Tower.. is one of my fave tracks, the epic splendour of the guitar build up is impressive, shards of spiralling atmospheric guitar chords, with deep rambling bass guitar lines [that remind me of Danish band Silo], that are interplay superbly, then harsh powerful hypnotic drums, then the track changes down a tempo.

If Mogwai had released this album, the critics would be all over this, as it is by the Italian Giardini Di Miro = destined for obscurist gem category.

From their German record label: 2nd Gen

Long misunderstood, it took Giardini di Mir� a string of EPs and the excellent long player �Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting� to shake the constricting postrock tag they had been labelled with. To the Italians, their music was always about creating their very own take on pop: expansive, epic, orchestral, but always with a focus on the underlying melodies.

For last year�s �Soft Touch� EP GdM therefore invited various guest singers to add a new dimension to each of the instrumental compositions. Very happy with the results they decided to repeat this experiment on �Punk... not Diet�. With Alessandro Raina, a friend and long-term fan, GdM discovered a singer whose voice and vocal parts perfectly matched their intricate sound. Initially invited for just the odd song, the early recordings proved so convincing that he ended up supplementing six of the tracks, one of which is only available on the single �Revolution on your Pins!�. Scottish �Soft Touch� contributor Kaye Brewster, too, was re-invited to join GdM on the microphone. Together with sister Christy her voice can be heard on �Last Act in Baires�. Joining the list of guest musicians are Arne van Petegem (Styrofoam), Thaddeus Herrmann (of Herrmann & Kleine) as well as Christophe Stoll (Nitrada) who, with a lot of sensitivity and understanding for the band�s unique sound, added electronic elements to some of the tracks.

For the first time since their inception (nigh on seven years ago) the band took their time in the studio to truly explore their sound for �Punk�not Diet!�. Many of the guitar parts spawned by absentminded experimentation during nightly recording sessions found their way onto the album. ��Punk...not Diet!� probably comes closest to the sound we had envisaged in our heads� says guitarist Jukka Reverberi, �It simply took some time to get it all down on tape.�

# posted by DJ Martian 10:02 PM report on the winners of the Jazz Journalist Awards 2003 - Complete List

# posted by DJ Martian 5:13 PM

Just been notified of this music weblog: Demonstration Bootleg essential if you enjoy long articles about experimental music, ala The Wire magazine.

More resources @ the homepage Demonstration Bootleg

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Ink 19 review Landing - Passages Through

# posted by DJ Martian 2:36 PM

aurelie - desde que nac�'

PostEverything provide info on the debut release by Aurelie that will be released July 21st. [including 2 tracks from the album that can be streamed]:

aurelie -desde que nac�' [on Swim record label, owned by Colin Newman of Wire]

....The hum of technological intervention, though never far off, does little to disrupt the music's organic ambience. Unseen landscapes roll past: sometimes as vast swathes of sound; sometimes as edgy, abrasive promontories. Although resolutely linear in structure, this record plays as a resolved whole - as if composed from varied observations of a single vista. Perhaps desde que nac� is an entity in itself, discrete and enclosed. Or perhaps it is an horizontal sweep across terrain that aurelie are yet to explore. Either way this contemplative sonic work invites listening

Fans of Telefon Tel Aviv, Boards of Canada, Manual etc willl be interested in Aurelie.

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Pitchfork alert us to the fact that the next: The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band album has been announced.

Full details @ Constellation

The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band
With Choir

"This Is Our Punk-Rock,"
Thee Rusted Satellites Gather +Sing,
cst027 2xlp/cd

25 august 2003:

02 september 2003:

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Pitchfork review Kpt.michi.gan - Player, Player

# posted by DJ Martian 1:43 PM

Splendid review In The Nursery - Praxis

# posted by DJ Martian 1:35 PM

Splendid review the avant rock sounds of Larval - Obedience

While Obedience borrows instruments, scope and elegant symmetry from classical music, syncopation and free association from jazz and driving rhythms from rock, it uses those elements to create something entirely new. Whatever you end up calling it, Larval's music is astoundingly compelling, sometimes repetitive but never boring even when tracks stretch well beyond the 10 minute mark.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:33 PM

Todd Burns @ Stylus highly rates Giardini Di Miro - Punk�Not Diet

.. Giardini Di Miro is what the Mogwai of Rock Action and Happy Songs for Happy People wants to be. The significant changes that have made this gulf apparent are the addition of vocalists (Alessandro Raina and Kaye Brewster) on a majority of the tracks, a sense of tasteful experimentation that supplements rather than supersedes, and a lack of reliance on the typical post-rock song structure. These elements each working in balance with the striking songwriting that has already been a trademark of the group, shows Punk�Not Diet to be one of the best pop records released in 2003.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:31 PM

BBC Music review an artist from Portugal, totally new to me: Longina - !Siam Acnun

!Siam Acnun is the latest release from the excellent experimental Portugese label Cronica, which (a mere five releases into its young life on the experimental music scene) is really giving the big boys like Warp and Mille Plateaux a run for their money.

Check the Cronica label for audio streams and downloads.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:42 AM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Circulation

This week's front cover choice is Circulation, who are key players on the London tech-house scene. Their second album, Circulation - Colours 2 is released next week on their own label.

Circulation consist of Paul Davis & Matt Jackson, who are known for their distinctive deep tech house production style and that their records are named after colours.

Progressive Sounds review Circulation - Colours 2.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003 review Plumps DJs - Eargasm

# posted by DJ Martian 9:03 PM

Peaceville have once again put back the release of the Beyond Dawn album Frysh, this time to JULY 21st !

# posted by DJ Martian 5:06 PM

Narcissus - Crave and Collapse

Narcissus state a new website is on the way, and the forthcoming album is entitled: Crave and Collapse, on Abacus Recordings

The Cleveland, Ohio natives are preparing to unleash their all new full-length for Abacus Recordings early this Fall, eyeing a September release date.

Abacus Recordings press release on

Passionate and artistic, heavy and progressive, beautiful and devastating. Just some of the parallels found within Narcissus� upcoming full length on Abacus Recordings (due out this fall). With a post-hardcore mentality, this Cleveland, Ohio quartet cleverly laces beautiful melodies around their metal/rock hybrid with total aplomb

# posted by DJ Martian 5:01 PM

According to MTV the second album from A Perfect Circle, is tentatively scheduled for release September 30

Other sources, have suggested the first single from this album will be The Outsider

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LTM Reissues - Autumn 2003

Something I should have mentioned earlier this month LTM outline their re-issue agenda for Autumn 2003, notice that 23 Skidoo - The Culling is Coming, finally gets a release !

Fall 2003 will bring CDs from the Blue Orchids (The Greatest Hit), Paul Haig (Warp of Pure Fun, Coincidence vs Fate), Artery (an extended Oceans) and Quando Quango (Pigs and Battleships), Swamp Children (So Hot) and - hopefully - new albums from The Wake, Ludus, Crispy Ambulance and Blue Orchids. Also look out for our compilation Cool As Ice, featuring classic electro productions by Be Music (ie New Order) for 52nd Street, Quando Quango, Paul Haig, Section 25, the late Marcel King and a host of others.

Sister label, Boutique continues to develop apace with CDs from the mysterious Crawling Chaos (The Gas Chair, Homunculus Equinox), Gilbert and Lewis (Mzui) and Sex Pistols (The Heyday). Boutique will also be releasing enhanced and remastered back catalogue from 23 Skidoo (The Culling is Coming) and The Royal Family and the Poor (Temple of the 13th Tribe, We Love the Moon, In the Sea of E), whose Mike Keane is very much alive and well and working on new material in sunny Liverpool.

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Interpol are special guests this afternoon on 6 Music - Andrew Collins

# posted by DJ Martian 2:06 PM

I Satellite

ALERT ! Sensational new synth-pop artitst: I Satellite

Ink 19 review I Satellite - Auto: Matic

I Satellite
Auto : Matic

Here is the future time forgot.

Auto : Matic is one of the best albums of 1981. Liquid-smooth space-pop sound pools, dramatic keyboards and computerized instrumental bits of sprightly electronica combine to make a record that will almost certainly be the sound of the future.

What's that you say? It's 2003, not 1981? That's kind of the point. This is an album made by and for someone who wants to go back in time to that all-too-brief period when it seemed that deceptively facile-sounding synth pop would rise in a euphoric crescendo and cover the whole earth.

.....Half of these songs (give or take) could slip imperceptibly onto any OMD/Human League/Naked Eyes/Yaz/Depeche Mode set of the era�and that's part of the problem. OMD, Yaz and Depeche Mode don't need him, they had Bowie, Kraftwerk and Roxy to contend with�but I Satellite needs them.

Official website for I Satellite

I Satellite

Take a seat in the autodrone for a retro-futuristic glide through the world of tomorrow. From the clangy robot pArade, to the poppy bUbbleboy, the pulsing autoMat, to the brooding out of spaCe, I SATELLITE blend electronics and emotion at every turn :creating a streamlined view of the future reminiscent of 70s Kraftwerk & 80s New Wave.

listen to three tracks: I Satellite @

track I want you - the voice sounds EXACTLY like Gary Numan, and the music sublime icy synths ! if Cursor Minor rocked you boat last year, wait till you listen to this ! the synths sounds also remind me of Swedish synth pop band Covenant

track, Auto-mat another Gary Numan-alike performance, wow this is impressive - futuristic vocoder, spacey production, visions of autobahns, yes Kraftwerk creep in, and then it all goes into a spiralling synth vortex like John Foxx.

Utterly stunning, if I were an A&R manager for a large independent label, I would sign I Satellite immediately tomorrow !

According to this album was released February 20, 2003, obviously i am not looking in the right places !

Also available at CDBaby and more stunning reviews.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003


BBC Music review the new album from Ekkehard Ehlers: Ekkehard Ehlers - Politik braucht keinen Feind

Politically charged electroacoustic ambience from German electronic minimalist

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 PM

New album by 310 on the way, entitled: Recessional

as reported @ PostEverything
EXCLUSIVE 24 Jun 2003

310 release their fifth album album this October on The Leaf Label. Entitled 'Recessional', the album is undoubtedly their best and most cohesive yet, the product of two year's work in Seattle and New York. The album is focussed thematically around the ideas of cities and oceans, water and streets.

The album will be available on CD and vinyl, with artwork by Non-Format, and will be preceded by a very limited edition 7" single including 'Opposite Corners' from the album, and the otherwise unavailable 'Extra Virgin'. The 7" will ONLY be available through PostEverything on a first come first served basis, so keep your eye on the site for more news.

The group (Joseph Dierker, Tim Donovan and Andrew Sigler) are also set to release a limited edition live album themselves later this year, which will be available through PE.

310's last proper album release was 'After All' in May 2001. Since then, their first two albums were reissued as 'Downtown & Brooklyn Only' (November 2001), and around the same the extremely limited 'Nothing To See Here' ambient CD was released on the US Desolat label.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:01 PM

Fluke will release their new album: Puppy on August 11th, Progressive Sounds profile the album, including a track-by-track review by Jon Fugler of Fluke.

DJ Mag overview the album:

Next is Fluke, and their album 'Puppy' which has all the right ingredients to fulfill your summer music needs. It combines house, breaks, choirs, techy squelches and punk-style vocals.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:45 PM

New promotional microsite for Echoboy with streams, downloads, a competition and more. New Echoboy single: Lately Lonely is not available in the shops, only online, see Mute for details.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:27 PM

The official Pole website has just been launched.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:19 PM

Blu Mar Ten

This current track by: Blu Mar Ten - 'The Feeling' [only available on 12"] has a vocal performance that reminds me of Mark Hollis/ David Sylvian/ The Blue Nile/ Bryan Ferry, there is a 48 second sample at Juno Records very dreamy atmospheric music, ice cool.

According to The long awaited Blu Mar Ten album, The Six Million Names of God, will be released around September on the Exceptional electronica label

Official website for Blue Mar Ten

# posted by DJ Martian 3:06 PM

Pitchfork report The Rapture - Echoes gets a September 8th release date for the UK, strangely Americans will have to wait till October 14th.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 PM

Some New Releases @ Piccadilly Records

A selection of new releases, mentioned in this week's new releases e-mail from Piccadilly Records

Comets On Fire - Comets On Fire
Alternative Tentacles

First full-length release by psycho-psyche freaks Comets On Fire. Comets deliver dark and damaged acid rock served in a crude and blown out speedball of the Butthole Surfers, Blue Cheer, High Rise, James Williamson and a shit-faced-drunk Roxy-era Eno. Methamphetamine and schnapps-drenched lullabies take it straight into the sonic shit storm, shifting from 4/4 power rock to imploding free form. Echoplex treated tales of drug-crazed space travellers, graverobbers in love and cosmic cannibals.

Hella - Bitches Ain't Shit But Good People
Suicide Squeeze

Experimental noise rock heroes Hella follow in a long tradition (from Captain Beefheart to Don Caballero to Trans Am to Lightning Bolt) of music-making madness with their two-piece rock. Four new tracks of blurring proficiency that will make you swear these two men are secretly hiding an army of guitars and drum lines behind the curtain! This new EP features the first appearance of vocals on a Hella recording!!

The Nod - The Other Side Of Harpy

A collection of ten leftfield-pop songs from this London duo, tackling urban life, relationships and the emotional flotsam and jetsam that follows. Kate's soaring vocals and Pete's museum of dodgy Ebay purchases ensure a unique fusion of ananlogue and digital sound and a profoundly refreshing take on electronic pop: more organic than robotic.

Rameses III - Folk Hymns

The Firefly label's new band Rameses III's debut "Folk Hymns" contains seven tracks of fragile melodies underpinned by sparse and atmospheric music. There are elements in their music of Mark Hollis, Nick Drake, Red House Painters, Gastr Del Sol, John Fahey, Will Oldham, Songs:Ohia, and many others but at the same time it doesn't sound like any of these. This South London trio's first recordings are whistful, melodic and very listenable.

Slipstream - Transcendental

Prior to Slipstream Mr Refoy cut his teeth as a member of both Spiritualized and the legendary Spacemen 3, appearing on the latter's final album "Recurring" before space walking to join the cosmic crew of Jason Pierce. From the opening track, the sensually touching "Everything And Anything", "Transcendental" explores and utilises feelings, styles, imaginations and tempers them to sublime effect. A perfect cruise control companion for the dreamers and spaced out cadets. The album also contain an additional three tracks, remixes from the creative mixing desk of Jon Attwood aka Yellow 6.

The Octagon Man - Magneton

After three years in the making (he always was a bit unproductive wasn't he) J-Saul Kane finally resurfaces with a fantastic second electro LP as The Octagon Man. It was made almost entirely using vintage synths, but sounds totally fresh for 2003.

Chungking - We Travel Fast
Tummy Touch

This brilliant debut LP from Chunking combines lush, dreamy downbeat with a 70s pop / singer-songwriter sensibility - Kate Bush on Valium anyone? A real grower.

Forss - Soulhack
Sonar Kollektiv

Forss uses his laptop to blend electronica, hip hop beats and jazz to create the drifting, often cinematic soundscapes on this LP - check "Journeyman" with Rich Medina's poetic spoken vocals. An LP that needs further investigation.

Blim - Lost In Music

Blim's LP finally comes out! The two sampler 12"s seem like an eternity ago now (July and October 2002), and TCR has changed distributors in between. However, good things come to those who wait, and the tracks here are real crackers. Check the EPIC driving house breaker "Dust" - are tracks allowed to just keep building like that, do they need planning permission? On the flip is Koma & Bones' remix of "Crazy Things" from one of the samplers.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:07 AM

Monday, June 23, 2003


Memphis Industries: Broadway Project and Fort Lauderdale Albums Announced

Incoming news via email from state51 conspiracy concerning record label: Memphis Industries: 2 forthcoming albums:

Broadway Project - The Vessel [4th August]
Fort Lauderdale - Pretty Monster [September]

Broadway Project new single I Believe in Superman - released 30 June

Broadway Project makes a stunning comeback with the single I Believe in Superman. Featuring mixes of I believe in Superman by Gorodisch and new track Sufi by The Soulsavers. New Album The Vessel is out on 4 August. It looks set to be one of the leftfield albums of the year.

Fort Lauderdale new single Rock 'n' Roll - released 14 July

Fort Lauderdale herald their return from pop's lonely wilderness with their own ode to the beast that is Rock 'n' Roll. Over it's three and a bit minutes Rock 'n' Roll charts a journey from the regret of the morning after the night before, through, (with the help of hard-riffing synths, piano, strings and, of course, guitars) to the euphoria of yet another night of decadence. Its taken from the wildly eclectic new album Pretty Monster, slated for a September release.

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Ima Robot

I just noticed that the 4 track ep from Ima Robot, is released in the UK today, [including the track: 12=3 (Here Comes the Doctors) ]

Ima Robot : Public Access

1: 12=3 (Here Comes The Doctors)
2: Black Jettas
3: Sex Symbols On Parade
4: The Beat Goes On

Imagine an intriguing mix of Devo, Adam And The Ants, Pavement and Blur and you might get somewhere near to the electroclash-punk sound of these 80s-influenced LA residents.

Source: Piccadilly Records, Manchester.

Reminder, Ima has the track 12=3 (Here Comes the Doctors) to stream, and also an video [that i have yet to view, will later..]

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Splendid review 1 Mile North - Minor Shadows

# posted by DJ Martian 4:26 PM

Junkmedia review The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

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Pinnacle provide info on The Associates - The Radio One Sessions Volume Two 1984�85 that is released on June 30th.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:35 PM have an interview feature on John Foxx

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Key new album releases for June 23rd [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage.]

This Week: June 23rd

Bartok - Few Lazy Words (Ghost Records)
BLIM - Lost in Music (TCR)
Lisa Carbon - Standards (Rather Interesting)
Chungking - We Travel Fast (Tummy Touch)
Comets On Fire - Comets On Fire (Alternative Tentacles)
Decal - Brightest Stars (Rotters Golf Club)
Delerium - Chimera (Nettwerk)
Gd Luxxe - The 21st Door (Interdimensional Transmissions)
The Hacker - Melodies En Sous-Sol (Good Life Records)
Hella - Bitches Ain't Shit But Good People (Suicide Squeeze) EP
Martin Horntveth - Skull (Smalltown Supersound) EP
Ahmad Jamal - In Search Of (Dreyfus Jazz)
The Mars Volta - De-loused In The Comatorium (Universal)
Medicine - The Mechanical Forces of Love (Wall of Sound)
Octagon Man - Magneton (DC)
Julian Priester - In Deep End Dance (Conduit) Import
PFN - Fascination (10 Kilo) [AKA: Proper Filthy Naughty]
Rameses III - Folk Hymns (Firefly)
Slipstream - Transcendental (Enraptured)
Chris Watson - Weather Report (Touch)

For Reference:

Last Week: June 16th

Bed - Spacebox (Labels)
The Blueprint - Ecliptic (Copro) EP
Breathless - Behind the Light (Tenor Vossa)
Bride of No No - Bride of No No (Atavistic) [Import]
Ceephax - Exidy Tours (Firstcask)
Kory Clarke - Opium Hotel (Livewire)
Dead Meadow - Shivering Kings and Others (Matador)
Electronicat - 21st Century Toy (Disko B)
Freeform Arkestra - Metamorphosis (Straight Ahead)
From Monument to Masses - The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Simple Steps (Dim Mak)
The Galan Pixs - Boredom International (Motor Music) [Import]
Ghost Cauldron - Invent Modest Fires (Studio K7)
Giardini Di Miro - Punk...not diet! (2-nd record/hausmusik) [Import]
Green Carnation - A Blessing In Disguise (Seasons of Mist)
Nikki Iles Quintet - Veils (Basho Records)
Joe Locke - 4 Walls Of Freedom: Feat Bob Berg (Sirocco Jazz Limited)
Nudge - Elaborate Devices For Filtering Crisis (Tigerbeat6)
SCSI 9 - Digital Russian (Force Tracks)
Teledubgnosis - Magnetic Learning Centre (Wordsound)
Keith Tippett & Peter Fairclough - Imago (Jazzprint)
Type O Negative - Life is Killing Me (Roadrunner)
The Vanishing - Songs For Psychotic Children (Gold Standard Labs)

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Christian Morgenstern

Side-Line report this very tragic news:

Yesterday morning we learned the very sad news that Christian Morgenstern, born on the 10th of november 1975 in D�sseldorf, Germany, had died 3 days earlier of what apparently seems to be a heart failure.

From Covenant's Joakim we received the following message: "We are big fans of his music and work. We were very proud that he agreed to remix our song "Call the Ships to Port". It's a loss to the progress of electronic music that such a dynamic and inventive artist has left us. May his name live on through all of us who enjoyed and appreciated what he did for us."

I am completely shocked that someone so young and talented as died, it was only a week ago i received an email from Forte records about Christian Morgenstern 's forthcoming single.

Germany and Europe has lost one of the finest techno/ house/ electronic producers, although Christian was not a well known name in the UK, those that have listened to his music across the globe will know his immense production talent and musical ability.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003


Fast 'n' Bulbous has been updated, 113 albums released in 2003 have been ranked, Radiohead are still in pole position.

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Mixing It

Reminder, of this week's Mixing it show on Radio 3, and the next 3 Mixing it shows after that:

22 June 2003 - 23:00-24.05

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report from the
Sonar festival of advanced music in Barcelona on
its tenth anniversary.
Artists featured this year include Kim Hiorthoy,
David Grubbs, Pole and Jamie Lidell.

29 June 2003 - 23:00-24.05

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a
studio session by alt-country Chicago rockers
Califone who blend elements of American folk
with electronics and noise generated from
scraps of metal.

6 July 2003 - 23:00-24.05

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic
mix of new music and talk to Paddy McAloon of Prefab
Sprout about his new album, I Trawl the Megahertz,
which was inspired by listening to the radio.

13 July 2003 - 23:00-24.05

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present more
highlights from this year's Sonar festival of
advanced music and talk to the experimental
hip hop producer Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73.

[Reminder, the most recent Mixing It show can be listened anytime for upto 7 days after broadcast]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:58 PM

Marcello Carlin @ The Church of Me enthuses about the debut album from Dizzee Rascal, comparing the sounds on the album to Cabaret Voltaire, Pil, Japan along with the urban sounds of today.

There is a greyness in this record which almost outdoes the Cabaret Voltaire of 1981, but the architecture of the landscape is presented perfectly � pizzicato synth strings, riding a rollercoaster sans brakes, wot-u-lookin-at beats snapping at your heels and ears.

Dizzee Rascal - Boy in Da Corner is released July 21st on XL.

I have only listened to a few tracks from the album, via the radio so can't comment in detail - but could this be one of the finest albums made by Black British person since the astonishingly fresh and innovative MC Buzz B - Words Escape Me album, released way back in 1991? .

[MC Buzz B was a master in combining futuristic electronic production and a distinctive free flowing rapping vocal style, at the time back in 1991: John Peel was a massive fan of MC Buzz B, the album got some good reviews, but has since been unfortunately written out of history! only remembered as that rapper on Lionrock records.]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:47 PM

According to Radio 1's Blue Room radio show there is an i Monster album on the way, [you remember that classy pop single: Daydream in Blue, from a few years back]

Unfortunately, the official website @ i Monster doesn't have any further information at the mo.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:18 PM

New York Noise - Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978- 1982, is a compilation released by Soul Jazz Records, on June 30th.

"New York Noise" sums up the point where dance music and punk rock first met. It features New York no wave artists such as DNA, Glenn Branca, Bush Tetras etc alongside New York dance music�s experimental pioneers such as Arthur Russell (Dinosaur L), Bill Laswell (Material), Konk and Joe Bowie�s funk/jazz classic group Defunkt. Another classic ESG track, Jean Michel Basquiat�s classic production of the proto-electro-hip-hop classic "Beat Bop" as well as super rare New York artists such as The Dance, and The Bloods.

Featuring exclusive photos, text and super loud pressing this is the latest musical journey by Soul Jazz Records and another essential release.


1. Optimo - Liquid Liquid
2. Baby Dee - Konk
3. Do Dada - The Dance
4. Reduction - Material
5. Wawa - Lizzy Mercier Discloux
6. 5:30 - DNA
7. Beat Bop - Rammelzee Vs K Rob
8. Contort Youself - The Contortions
9. Lesson No.1 - Glenn Branca
10. Button Up - The Bloods
11. Clean On Your Bean No.1 - Dinosaur L
12. You Got Me - Theoretical Girls
13. Can't Be Funky - Bush Tetras
14. Helen Fordsdale - Mars
15. You Make No Sense - ESG
16. Defunkt - Defunkt

This compilation is being discussed on ILM

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Simple Minds - Early Gold

Released on June 30th, a compilation of early era Simple Minds tracks, Simple Minds: Early Gold. The tracklist is as follows

1. Life In A Day
2. Chelsea Girl
3. Changeling
4. Factory
5. Premonition
6. I Travel
7. Celebrate
8. Thirty Frames A Second
9. The American
10. Love Song
11. Sweat In A Bullet
12. Promised You A Miracle
13. Glittering Prize
14. Someone Somewhere In Summertime
15. New Gold Dream 81-82-83-84

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Saturday, June 21, 2003


Tomorrow, on The Freak Zone presented by Bruce Dickinson on 6Music, special guests are Jaz Coleman and Geordie from Killing Joke.


Bruce's guests are Jaz Coleman and Geordie from Killing Joke, who are back with a new album. Jaz will be sharing his musical taste, which spans The Sex Pistols to Abba.

[Reminder, this show can be listened to anytime upto7 days after broadcast]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:57 PM

Rico: Album 2004, and a collaboration on a Gary Numan single.

The latest news from Scottish electro-rocker Rico, the much delayed second album is now due February 2004 !

MANUFRACTURED 15th June 2003

I'm currently talking to a couple of labels about funding for my own 'Manufractured' label and think that all will be in place over the next month. This is for the eventual release of my second album which I am well aware is very, very overdue. I've written about 25 tracks for it now and cos the work has been done over such a long period I've decided that a real punk-rock spirit is required and the board must be wiped clean. The working title for the new album is, 'Forward Motion'and the first sessions are on 23rd and 24th of June. I'll be keeping a journal on the site. We're currently looking at an album release date of around February 2004.

Released on June 23rd: a Gary Numan single with Rico !

NUMAN V's RICO 15th June 2003

The 'Crazier' single is released on June 23rd,which coincidentally is my birthday,so think of it as my gift to you as apparently giving is better than receiving. The single is available on 3 very different CD's and I'm told that only 3000 of each have been pressed.Crazier is a track that I wrote for Mr.Numan while playing some dates with him last year.The track was first released on his,'Hybrid'album in February of this year.....

# posted by DJ Martian 8:45 PM

Medium 21

Leonard's Lair review the debut album from Northampton's Medium 21 that I overlooked earlier this year [released back in March], Medium 21 - Killings From The Dial

Yet their overall sound is packed to the gills with the same sense of euphoria in miserablism that made Echo And The Bunnymen such a tantalising prospect between 1983 and 1984.

2 full tracks are streamed at the official website for Medium 21

Medium 21 are likely to appeal to young fans of Interpol, British Sea Power and Longwave, and 20s/30somethings into Echo & the Bunnymen/ The Comsat Angels/ Kitchens of Distinction/ The Sound/ The Chameleons and Puressence.

Some more reviews of the album:

BBC Northamptonshire

# posted by DJ Martian 8:09 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

This week's new releases @ Boomkat - a Pelicanneck Online Music Store include:

Yellotone - Geen Mayo EP
Ai Records

Well well, Ai are back!! One of the most collectable labels in the world today follow up the massive Claro Intelecto EP with the debut 6-tracker from the hotly tipped Yellotone. Slip into the opening killer "Morning Buns" and you find yourself in a gloriously colourful world dominated by a neon guitar strum and what sounds like the perfect aphex beat circa Ambient Works volume 1, a track that lodges itself deep in your mind y and can't really be described by any other name other than classic. Brilliant stuff. The lovingly titled "Kisses and Hula Hoops", meanwhile, unfolds like an untouched children's lullaby, all bell tones and washes of fluff that evaporate in a haze of cherry flavoured bliss to end off the side in perfection. Lush. "The Pulley", on the flip, lays on the crunch with a massive shuffle of beats and spastic melodies, another lilting guitar line offering structure and groove amidst all the surrounding confusion to sound like a cross between Tortoise and Max Tundra, a bleep of acid crunch interjecting itself momentarily at the very end. The EP ends with another killer, the title track "Geen Mayo". Gorgeously executed bass-heavy percussion flys the flag for the electronix while a distinctly New Order-esque bassline edges us off into addictive terrain once again, the guitar etching its melody onto your mind for the second time in the space of 25 minutes, some achievement. Brilliant stuff, brilliant label, buy!

Decal - Brightest Star
Rotters Golf Club

After the brilliant `Forget The 80's' 12" on Satamile, Decal step up with a long player on the Rotters Golf Club imprint. 12 tracks of ripped up electro biznizz released on a double album or cd. The cd features 2 extra tracks, `Superscum' and `Freekin' Empires' from the 12", but we'll start at the top. `Take it over' drops straight in with fierce electro beats and a monstrous bassline that spreads itself across the beat, while melodic almost mournful strings sneak in and out of the track, creating a dark club atmosphere. `Brightest Star' meanwhile keeps the messing to a minimum and makes the beat and bass the main theme, crisp drums and a stabbing acid bass are all that are required to create a rough-ass electro cut, with moog-esque warbles that intermittently come and go adding a touch of the analogue to an otherwise upfront track, ace. The Drexciyan `Digital Bitch' had some killer dark strings and detuned bass synths that bring back to mind the Molecular Enhancement release, the tougher and darker side of electro is definitely present on here and perfectly represented by `Digital Bitch', darkcore. Check.

Gd Luxxe - The 21st Door
Interdimensional Transmissions

Gerhard Potuznik drops the latest LP on Ectomorph's Interdimensional Transmissions imprint, sitting alongside this week's super-limited 7" release. Lots of 80's throwbacksappear referenced next to dirty ass electro (as you would expect). Potuznik has a distinguished background, being responsible for some blinding moments (and collaborations) on the ace Cheap imprint with head honcho Patrick Pulsinger, he has also graced the Breakin', Suction and Ersatz Audio labels with his unique take on music. Here he turns his hands to what has influenced him, the dark and very spooky `My Guiding Ghost' is one of the heaviest electro tracks I've heard in a while, its almost worth the album price alone for its analogue bubbling bassline that relentlessly stabs away under the 808's, while the searing and evil strings hold the atmosphere in check to deliver a Freddie Kruger vibe to the track. `Minds' has the same appeal with subterranean sounds emanating from beneath the very stripped beat, and lots of little effects and synths randomly spatter over the track, while the drum pattern seems to hold the chaotic anaolgue machines in check,ace. Also worth the wait is `Which Side Are You On?' with its digital noises and spannered construction, its almost a hark back to the golden days of Cheap with its hint of experimentation and flair for beats. The other tracks are vocal New Order-esque anthems, with Gerhards vocals tweaked to the 80's, the hard electro almost hitting Visage territory, a sign of the times. Check.

The Hacker - Melodies En Sous-Sol
Good Life Records

The Hacker has been building in popularity for the last couple of years, and its because of the strength of releases like this that his reputation is so undamaged by some of the doggier collaborations he insists on taking part in. The point is, this album showcases the man's production ability with stripped,raw techno, and crisp funked up electro produced with a certain flair that hasn't been replicated by many of his contemporaries. The rough bassline of 'Nebel' is a pure standout as it swings around the beat with devestating ease that transfers to the dancefloor perfectly. The techno of the opening track 'Other Voices' is a blueprint Hacker track, very minimal yet solid with its pounding and relentless percussion. The Hacker demonstrates his old school structure with 'Lost Frequencies' featuring classic 808 beats running an electro pattern, and deep Detroit-esque strings that run beautifully underneath and show the many facets of the mans music. Wicked stuff.

Mr Velcro Fastener - Deep : Inside Vol Two
E:Motion Records

Both the Tatu's (no, not the russians, the Fins!) delve into their record boxes and pull out a dream selection of influences for this compilation. From the downright genius melodic electro of Autechre's `Bike' to the lush Detroit strings and pads of Kenny Larkin's `Tedra' they choose a selection of both rare and brilliant tracks, touching the obscure with Dr Rockit's early gem `Worm in my Foot' taken from the elusive 2x10" on the now defunct Clear records, to the early H.E.A.D. track `EFS 4', an acid wonder of a track taken from the early and rare release on Air Liquide's Blue imprint. Backed up by The Black Dog's `Sharp Shooting On Saturn' taken from "The Temple Of Transparent Balls"LP, and the dark soundscape's of Monolake's rare `Television Tower' plus more all runing together perfectly, and go to show Mr Velcro Fastener has no problems at all compiling a classic selection of tunes. Also, the album includes Carl Finlow's finest ever track, the seminal, deep "Evaluation" lifted off the Voice Stealer album and worth the price of admission alone. Ace.

Nudge - Elaborate Devices For Filtering Crisis
Tigerbeat 6

Nudge is the northwest indietronica supergroup headed by Outward Music Company label head Brian Foote and featuring musicians who've played in Fontanelle, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Emergency, Nice Nice, Jessamine, Strategy and Sunn. For the past five years Nudge has attracted an estranged ark full of talented musicians for marathon improvisations and edits that result in perfectly glitched future musics. Alongside core members Honey Owens and Paul Dickow, Foote battles the source-fragments' natural entropy by coercing them into a near-seamless collage. At its best, the fusion is both ear-pleasing and inebriating. Points of reference become irrelevant as layer upon layer of influence smudge into a unique flavor of rave-damaged art pop. Excellent stuff.

V/A / EU - Ru.electronic 2
Lo Recordings

Amazingly good value new compilation on Lo recordings, the second volume compiling the finest electronic music of all inflections from Russia. 13 tracks of contemporary Russian electronica selected by EU, 2 years after Lo Recordings released ru.electronic volume 1, this excellent installments brings us tracks from : Scsi 9, EU, Lazyfish, Lonyx, Alexandroid, PCP, Roricat, Mewark, Sensiva, Anton Kubikov/Maxim Miyutenko and more. The lineup offers a superb stretch of icy brilliance, from the warm intricacies of curators EU to the amazingly crunchy summertime dancefloor vibe of Kompakt's Scsi 9 and the exotic electronica of Lonyx. Excellent value, highly recommended.

V/A / KID 606 - Good Night.. Music To Sleep By
Tigerbeat 6

With a catalogue number of Meow 006 it's obvious that this CD has had a long ingestion period at the TB6 HQ. Three years in the making this is one of Tigerbeat's finest moments to date, bringing together a collection of late night meditative tracks from Kid 606, Electric Company, Pimmon, Stephan Mathieu, Kurt Ralske and more across 2 cd's of blissful audio and bonus video work. Avoiding the usual samples'n'rhythm schizophrenia, the Kid himself strats proceedings off with guitar/laptop compositions similar to the 'Why I Love Life' and 'Soccergirl' EP's, complete with stretches of ethereal ambience and microscopic emissions, sublime stuff. Stephan Mathieu, aka Full Swing, follows with a somber trilogy of tracks - semi orchestral soundpieces that resonate like the finest works of Ekkehard Ehlers. Kurt 'Cathars' Ralske, meanwhile, takes a momentary break from his live visual work to provide the impressively desolate 'Lilyguilding' as well as four dreamlike quicktime movies inspired by the project and its other musicians. Electric Company's ethnically flavored, shifting, two-part composition hypnotizes and draws one away from the surroundings. On CD-2 Australian ambient/experimental laptop ambassador Pimmon (whose music was the main inspiration for this project) delivers three tracks with varying shades of tension and emotion and Tim Hecker's 'Indigo Aerial' comes through with a deeply layered and beautifully resonating ambience. Finally, epic classical timeframe pieces from Main (Robert Hampson) and Oren Ambarchi emit treated guitar experiments, both mind expanding and cathartic to the soothig end. Highly Recommended.

Chris Watson - Weather Report

Wonderful album from ex-Cabaret Voltaire member and now full time natural history sound recorder. The weather has created and shaped all our habitats. Clearly it also has a profound and dynamic effect upon our lives and that of other animals. The three locations featured here all have moods and characters which are made tangible by the elements, and theseperiodic events are represented within by a form of time compression. This is Chris's first foray into composition using his location recordings of wildlife and habitats -- previously he has been concerned with describing and revealing the special atmosphere of a place by site specific, untreated location recordings. For the first time here he constructs collages of sounds, which evolve from a series of recordings made at the specific locations over varying periods of time : namely Kenya's Masai Mara, Scottish highland glens and ancient ice formations lurking deep within the Norwegian sea. Third essential chapter after the amazing 'Stepping Into The Dark' and 'Outside the Circle of Fire' CD's.

Kawabata Makota - I'm Here Still Now (Live At La Chapelle)

Lush new album from Acid Mothers Temple head guru Kawabata Makota, his third album release for Ochre. Recorded live at La Chapelle in Toulouse, France on 9th june 2002. The recording sees Makoto present what can be described as a guitar symphony! Not scary at all though there are some spooky sequences, it's slightly on edge but there is a lot of beauty on display here. The other side of the AMT mystery train.

Martin Horntveth - Skull
Smalltown Supersound

On "Skull," Horntveth has further developed the style from last year's "Fast Motion" EP, where he delicately mixed electronica (both abstract and melodic), dark electro, punk rock, cut-up and free jazz. This time Horntveth has also added elements of death metal and instrumental hip-hop. The result is even more complex and original. On "Skull" we are also treated to the mad original "Sole Remix", a track he did with Norwegian death metal band No Place To Hide. The "Skull" EP is twisting and turning in unexpected ways. Dark, elegant and beautiful.

Stephan Matheiu & Ekkehard Ehlers - Heroin + Remixes
Orthlorng Musork

Amazing Orthlorng Musork re-issue for this much slept on gem first released in 2001 on Brombron, plus a bonus cd of brand new remixes from Joseph Suchy, Nobukazu Takemura, Kit Clayton, Freiband, Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi, Carmen Baier and Akira Rabelais. All exploring experimental sound collages with highlights in Akira Rabelais' superb classical drone structuring and Christian Fennesz's five minutes of cascading guitar lines buried in his trademark shimmering haze. Highly recommended.

Tsurubami - Tsukuyomi Ni
Riot Season

Third album from this Japanese trio consisting of Emi Nobuko (Drums) and Acid Mothers Temple duo Higashi Hiroshi (Bass) and Kawabata Makoto (Guitar). All the music on this four song / 66 minute album was completely improvised, and not over-dubbed. The sounds fall through different styles of head splitting walls of sonic noise, quiet introspective lulls and freeform freakouts. Tsurubami (pronounced without the T) make their live debut in the UK & Ireland this May / June as part of the ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SOUL COLLECTIVE, tour with fellow collective members Pardons and Makoto Kawabata playing solo. Check.

9 Lazy 9 - Sweet Jones
Ninja Tune

9 Lazy 9 joined Ninja Tune when Ninja Tune was just one grey metal cupboard in a run down London loft� Operating out of Italy in 1992 they soon gained respect for their ground cracking first album `Paradise Blown'. Their sound, distinctively more sun than North Sea, is a smoky Mediterranean mix of vines and good times. �They have been working with some of Italy's finest musicians on their latest album, `Sweet Jones', recorded in the Umbrian Hills near Orvietto. �Gianluca Petrella plays trombone, Mishael Levron guitar; Manu Bandettini plays flute with Adriano Tirelli on bassoon. �The combined force brings you one of the freshest records to come out of Italy for some time, a glorious blend of dusty breaks, smokey vibes and a flair of rolling, summertime beats. Recommended.

Tommy Guerrero - Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues

Absolutely classic debut album from renowned skateboard champ Tommy Guerrero, a brilliant fusionistic ride of acid jazz, trip hop, rock and downtempo groove. Apparently a cross between Beck and Santana, which just goes to show you how off the mark journalists can be. if you havent heard this gem of an album - get it now!!

American Analog Set - Promise Of Love
We Love You

The American Analog Set make a welcome return to our shores this summer with the release of a breathtaking new album. A work of undeniable beauty, this is how love songs should be written. The band hail from Austin, Texas and have been making music together since 1995 - their gentle psychedelic lullabies and timeless pop sensibilities have drawn comparisons with the likes of Galaxie 500 and Stereolab although we'd also throw into the mix possible affinities with Slint and maybe a dash of the Jim O'Rourkes. Lovely stuff.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:29 PM

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