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Friday, November 30, 2001


Etronik Frontline Issue 118

etronik Frontline includes news of a forthcoming album from Crossover :

Crossover, the recent signings to DJ Hell's (pictured)Deejay Gigolo label, release their debut album, �Fantasmo� in February 2002. Consisting of New Yorkers Desmond and Verona, the act were formed in 1998 and mix �cosmic music, early electro, foreign disco, new wave and punk rock.�

# posted by DJ Martian 6:02 PM

the Milkfactory - Top 10 albums of 2001

the Milkfactory - Top 10 albums of 2001

R�YKSOPP - Melody A.M.
WALLCD027 - Wall Of Sound

FRIDGE - Happiness
TEXT002CD - Text Records

BJ�RK - Vespertine
TPLP101CD - One Little Indian

PLAYGROUP - Playgroup
CDSOUR014 - Source

MANITOBA - Start Breaking My Heart
WIGCD94 - Domino Recording Co.Ltd

FOUR TET - Pause
WIGCD94 - Domino Recording Co.Ltd

AUTECHRE - Confield
WARPCD128 - Warp Records

310 - After All
BAY19CD - The Leaf Label

ZERO 7 - Simple Things
UDRCD016 - Ultimate Dilemma

LEAFCUTTER JOHN - Microcontact
ZIQ022 - Planet Mu

# posted by DJ Martian 4:56 PM

Thursday, November 29, 2001


Anti NY compilation - on Gomma Records

Anti NY Compilation - Something that caught my interest in an advert in the new Jockey Slut magazine:

An art rap soundclash that couldn't get fresher ! The Cream of rare & lost sound grafitti from the melting pot of punk funk electro hip hop that was downtown New York, reissued and remixed by today's kindred spirits. The Face

Forced Exposure - Anti NY - Gomma

Rare music from the early 80's New York underground and some contemporary re-interpretations. A collection of what we think are some truly fine (groundbreaking) songs -- music that mainly comes from New York's early 80's Mudd Club scene: hip hop & graffiti -- legend Rammellzee on an electropunk tune together with Death Comet Crew (later the Dominatrix). An obscure recording of Jim Jarmusch's band the Del-Byzanteens. The only recorded and previously never released music by Jean-Michel Basquiat's band Gray. A sweet little song by the now well-known writer Vivian Goldman. And more. We took the original stuff and asked some friends to re-interpret them: while the Compost-band Syrup replayed the Sexual Harassment tune, Funkst�rung goes electroboogie with Ike Yard, Protein makes Rammellzee sound like it's 2010 and Mowax-act the Psychonauts reworked Gray... you get the whole spectrum from 1979 to 20XX."

Muzik magazine: as intriguing as 9 O'Clock drop and Disco Not Disco

# posted by DJ Martian 10:58 PM

Meanwhile, back in Communist Russia - Indian Ink

DrownedinSound review Meanwhile, back in Communist Russia - Indian Ink

# posted by DJ Martian 3:40 PM

the Milkfactory - December Reviews

the Milkfactory have a new delivery of reviews for December, below are the summaries - visit the website for full reviews !

GOTAN PROJECT - La Revancha Del Tango

French trio Gotan Project explore the realms of Tango music, giving it a very modern twist. However, as they have collaborated with Argentinean musicians living in exile in Paris, La Revancha Del Tango has a real seal of authenticity to it.


This Dutch duo have gained a lot of respect in Europe, Japan and, more recently, the US, since they started to work together, in 1994. We Are A & C is a melting pot of influences, from pop to hip-hop, which never fails to surprise.

CHESSIE - Overnight

On this album, Chessie draw a non-conformist map of sonic abstraction, as close to the foggy atmospheres of My Bloody Valentine as to the electronic permutations of Kraftwerk, inspired by the sonic realms of the railways.

E.A.R. - Continuum

Experimental Audio Research is the most experimental and challenging project by ex-Spacemen 3 founder Sonic Boom. With this album, he continues he exploration of sound and develop further the conceptualization of sonic structures started on previous work.

LLORCA - New Comer

Despite the undeniable resemblance with St Germain, New Comer is disarmingly fresh. As the record alternates between vocal and instrumental tracks, Ludovic Llorca affirms himself as one of the most talented new artists.

MONOLAKE - Cinemascope

Fourth album for Berliner Robert Henke and Gerhard Bekles, Cinemascope pursue the duo's sonic explorations at the frontier of minimalism. Abstract and atmospheric, this record remains nevertheless incredibly accessible.


Japanese artist Aoki Takamasa is one half of art unit Silicom. With Masakazu Tagaki, a visual artist, he has produced a series of audio visual installation in Japan, and the pair have gained recognition for their pioneering work. This album uses some of the music used during these performances.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:39 AM

These Records

These Records the London based Avant Garde/ Experimental music mail order company have a new website, at the moment it is basic text - a full updated, redesigned and extrapolated version will be operational in 7 days !

# posted by DJ Martian 12:28 AM

More Links

A collection of Record Label links and also more links @ Mondo Alacran

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 AM

October 2001 Releases

Once again it is time to prune back my blogger template, so for reference here is a recap of October 2001 releases:


Anathema - A Fine Day to Exit (Music For Nations)
Bathers - Desire Regained Best of the Bathers (Wrasse) (R)
Eardrum - Side Effects (Leaf)
Fun>DA>Mental - There Shall be Love (Nation)
Vincent Gallo - When (Warp)
Garbage - Beautiful Garbage (Mushroom)
Green Velvet - Whatever (Music Man)
Her Space Holiday - Manic Expressive (Wichita Records)
J Majesty - 23 (Some)
Christian Kleine - Beyond Repair (City Centre Offices)
Koma & Bones - Blinded by Science (TCR)
Les Savy Fav - Go Forth (Southern Records)
Locust - Flight Of The Wounded Locust (GSL)
Machine Head - Supercharger (Roadrunner)
John Matthias - Smalltown Shining (Lifelike)
Mogwai - Ep6 (Chemikal Underground)
The Opposition - Breaking The Silence (Via Red Sun Records) (R)
Bogdan Raczynski - My Love I Love (Rephlex)
Marc Ribot - Saints (Atlantic)
Solvent - Solvent City (Morr Music)
Symptoms - Apathy (Swim)
Teardrop Explodes - Greatest Hit (Mercury) (R)
Uziq - Tango N'Vectif PLUS (Planet Mu) (R)
Geoff White - Questions And Comments (Force Inc)
Wolfgang Press - Everything is Beautiful: 1983-1995 (4AD) (R)
Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs (Metropolis)
V/A Juan Atkins - The Legends (Om)
V/A Adam Freeland - On Tour (Marine Parade)
V/A Luke Slater - Fear & Loathing (React)


Czars - The Ugly People vs The Beautiful People (Bella Union)
Diablerie - Seraphyde (Avant Garde)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Strategies Against Architecture III (Mute) (R)
Electric Company - Greatest Hits (Tigerbeat6)
[Embodyment] - Hold Your Breath (Tooth & Nail)
Frontline Assembly - Epitaph (Metropolis)
Fugazi - The Argument (Dischord)
Markus Guentner - In Moll (Kompakt) German Import
Gigi - Gigi (Palm)
Herbie Hancock - Future 2 Future (Transparent Music)
Lamb - What Sound (Mercury)
Gerard Langley - Record Player (Art Star)
Lotus Eaters - Silent Space (Vinyl Japan)
Madrigal - I Die, You Soar (Nuclear Blast)
New End Original - Thriller (Jade Tree) (R)
Radioinactive - Pyramidi (Mush) Import
Royksopp - Melody AM (Wall of Sound)
Skids - Absolute Game (Virgin) (R)
Solefald - Pills Against The Ageless Ills (Century Media)
Swans - Soundtracks for the Blind - 2cd re-release on Young God (R)
V/A Blackmarket Presents Rollin Best of Drum + Bass Volume 3 (Blackmarket)

ALBUM RELEASES: October 15th

A Silver Mt. Zion - Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward (Constellation)
Jamie Anderson - Blue Music (Nrk)
Billy Mahonie - What Becomes Before (Southern Records)
Colourbox - The Best of Colourbox (4ad) (R)
Cut.Rate.Box - Dataseed (Accession)
Depeche Mode - Singles 81 - 98 (Mute) (R)
Fad Gadget - The Best of Fad Gadget (Mute) (R)
Harkonen - Grizz (Hydrahead)
Kinobe - Versebridgechorus (Pepper)
Lacrimosa - Fassade (Nuclear Blast)
Lali Puna - Scary World Theory (Morr Music)
Neil Landstrumm - She Took A Bullet Meant For Me (Tresor)
Masters of Reality - Deep in the Hole (Brownhouse)
Meads of Asphodel - Excommunication Of Christ (Supernal)
Markus Nikolai - Back (Perlon) (R)
Norken - Spring Themes (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Origami Galaktika - Stjernevandring (Jester Records)
Pisces - Pisces (MDMA)
Playgroup - Playgroup (Source)
Regency Buck - Incoming (B-UNIQUE)
Rothko - Not Gone Not Forgotten (Lo Recordings)
Scritti Politti - Songs to Remember (Virgin) (R)
Sunscreem - Ten Mile Bank (Five AM/inferno)
Teebee - Through The Eyes of A Scorpion (Certficate 18)
Tortoise - Gently Cupping The Chin Of The Ape: Ltd (Thrill Jockey)
Trans Am - Futureworld (Thrill Jockey) (R)
Trans Am - Red Line (Thrill Jockey) (R)
Trans Am - You Can Always Get What You Want (Thrill Jockey) (R)
Trans Champs - Double Exposure (Thrill Jockey)
Trembling Blue Stars - Alive to Every Smile (Sub Pop)
Zohar - One Three Seven (Ark21)
V/A Arthur Baker - Breakin (Perfecto)
V/A Freezone: Vol7: Seven Is Seven Is: 4cd (SSR/crammed)
V/A J Majik - 7 Live Vol 5 (DMC)
V/A DJ Marky - The Brazilian Job (Movement)
V/A Talvin Singh - Back to Mine (DMC)

ALBUM RELEASES: October 22nd

Anaal Nathrakh - Codex Necro (Mordgrimm)
Anathema - Resonance (Peaceville) (R)
Aphex Twin - Drukqs (Warp)
Ballboy - Club Anthems: The First Three EP's (SL Records)
Cex - Oops, I Did It Again (Tigerstyle)
Dismemberment Plan - Change (De Soto)
Emperor - Prometheus The Discipline of Fire & Demise (Candlelight)
Eyeless In Gaza - Rust Red September (Cherry Red) (R)
Terrence Fixmer - Muscle Machine (International Deejay Gigolos)
Freeform - Audio Tourism (Quatermass)
Funker Vogt - Code 7477 (Metropolis)
Godflesh - Hymns (Music for Nations)
Heaven 17 - Remix Collection (Virgin VIP) (R)
Beth Hirsch - Titles & Idols (K7)
In The Nursery - Engel (ITN Corporation)
Mr Len - Pity the Fool: Experiments in Therapy Behind The Mask of Music While Handing Out Dummy Smacks (Matador)
Loscil - Triple Point (Kranky)
Mogwai - My Father My King (Southpaw) Cdep
Jackie O Motherfucker - Liberation (Roadcone)
My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours (Peaceville)
Orange Can - Home Burns (Regal)
Piano Magic - Seasonally Affective (Rocket Girl) (R)
Pulp - We Love Life (Island)
Reign Of Erebus - Humanracist (Blackend)
Robert Rich - Bestiary (Cold Meat Industry)
Justin Robertson - Presents Revtone (Nuphonic)
Run Level Zero - Symbol of Submission (Memento Materia)
Schindler - Raising Cain (Eastworld)
Schmoov - While You Wait (DIY Discs)
Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder (Fat Cat)
Soft Cell - Twelve Inch Singles (Mercury) (R)
Peter F Spiess - Crystal Polymorphs (Klang) UK release
Jimi Tenor - Utopian Dream (Sahko)
Terre Thaemlitz - Oh,No! It's Rubato.. (Mille Plateaux)
Tomahawk - Tomahawk (Ipecac Records)
23 Skidoo - Seven Songs CD [reissue] (Ronin)
23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan CD [reissue] (Ronin)
Twintone - World Domination (Position Chrome)
Will Haven - Carpe Diem (Music for Nations)
V/A Chicago Trax (Unisex)
V/A - A Drum N Bass Mix album (Trust the DJ Records)

ALBUM RELEASES: October 29th

Aktivate Sin - Psychology of the Hateful (Luidspreker)
Ancient - Proxima Centauri (Metal Blade)
Azure Skies - Azure Skies (Ant Zen)
Ben Christophers - Spoonface (V2)
Clan of Xymox - Notes from the Underground (Metropolis)
4 Hero - Creating Patterns (Talkin Loud)
Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea Translations (Jumpin & Pumpin) (R)
James Hardway - Straight from The Fridge (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Ken Ishii - Flatspin (Exceptional)
Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down: Ltd edition (Peaceville)
King Crimson - Vroom Vroom (Discipline) (2CD) (R)
Kirlian - De Todas Partes (Disko B)
Tim Koch - Shorts In Alaska (deFocus)
Le Tigre - Feminist Sweepstakes (Chicks On Speed)
Lu - Lu (Pulcec)
Mountain Men Anonymous - Mountain Men Anonymous (Cytherea)
Phoenecia - Odd Job Discrimination (Schematic)
Sombre View - I Want To See The World Go Under (Life Is Painful)
Sophia - De Nachten (Flower Shop)
Stormcrow - Bubonic Jukebox (Insomnia)
Tenth & Parker - Twenty Twelve (Disorient)
Tricolor - Nonparticipant And Milk (Atavistic) Import
Tweak - Hybrid Organics (Straight Ahead Records)
Ultravox & Midge Ure - The Very Best Of (Chrysalis) (R)
Reinhard Voigt - Im Wandel Der Zeit (Kompakt)
Xingu Hill & M2 - This Anxious Space (Hymen)
V/A Anti NY (Gomma)
V/A Deep Dish - Moscow (Global Underground)
V/A DJ Spooky - Under the Influence (Six Degrees)
V/A Joey Negro - Nite Life 08 (NRK)
V/A Planet Mu Compilation: The Cosmic Forces Of Mu (Planet Mu)
V/A Revelation mixed by Nick Warren and Danny Howells (Renaissance)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:04 AM

Wednesday, November 28, 2001


Laurent Brondel - Weld

Tone Casualities have just released an album from Laurent Brondel - Weld an artist that mixes contemporary electronic sounds with inspirations from Kraftwerk, Magma, John Coltrane and Tangerine Dream.

Larent Brondel's musical vision is one to be shared. Starting from the building blocks of contrived electronica and occasionally flirting with dance, Brondel begins the album with the vocoded dance sensibilities of the stop-start 'Somatic Propeller' before plunging into the punchy dance beat of 'Cotton Candy', punctuated with spiralling classical piano amidst the female sampled vocals. From then on 'Weld' takes a more introspective, experimental feel, inspired by a combination of 70's and 90's electronic music, the clean detached electronics of Kraftwerk merged with the film soundtrack sensibilities of Tangerine Dream and the warmer, more vague philosphies of modern electro. This pays dividends too, particularly on '21st Century Lounge' where Brondel provides surreal ambient soundscapes, touched up with elements of jazz and electric guitar, truly inspiring. This theme is expanded further on the pacy jazz bustle of 'Mental Intruder' which is no less effective in painting a hallucinatory slice of dark, brooding filmic electronica of the highest quality. Brondel then pushes the soundtrack element of his music to the max with a trilogy of interconnected contemporary film-stye electronica tracks, culminating in the jazz-guitar improvisation of 'No Time To Die Anywhere'. Ending with the experimental, dubby, drum and bass of 'Death Machines', you realise that Brondel has glided effortlessly through a welter of styles with not only some ease but certainly some style too. 'Weld' is one of the surprise releases of the year and well worth forking out for.

Source: Barcode Review of Laurent Brondel - Weld

# posted by DJ Martian 1:35 AM

Cave In review a 2 track promo ep from sublime epic rockers Cave In bring on the new album in 2002 !

# posted by DJ Martian 1:20 AM


The weekly rock comic Kerrang has noisecore kings Will Haven on the front cover, also Mogwai are interviewed (On sale Wednesday 28th) and it comes with a free 22 track CD - some of it is utter crap (Andrew WanKer, Adema included) but there may be a few gems on it including Will Haven.

Also Emap the producers of Kerrang are out to make money this Christmas I noticed Kerrang Yearbook 2001 in stores today. I had a quick flick through in Tower Records most of it was filled with generic awful big name rubbish. However there was one page where they highlighted 10, 5K albums not to miss in 2001, including Converge, Candiria, Thorns and Ulver's Perdition City - as if the Slipknot metal youth will be getting any of these albums for Christmas !

# posted by DJ Martian 1:09 AM

Tuesday, November 27, 2001


Lasse Marhaug - an experimental electronics artist from Norway

Lasse Marhaug an experimental sound artist from Norway who released an album earlier this year on Smalltown Supersound that is now being distributed in the UK via Cargo Records


Lasse Marhaug is one of the innovators of the norwegian noise/experimental scene. With over a hundred releases under various constellations on labels all over the world, this is actually his first full lenght solo album since 1996's "Science Fiction RoomService". The last couple of years Marhaug has mainly focused on his glitch/electronica duo Jazzkammer. After the sucessful and critically acclaimed albums "Rolex" (Rune Grammofon) and "Hot Action Sexy Karaoke" (Ground Fault) and the upcoming remix album "Rolex" (with remixes from Reynols, Merzbow, Pita, Thurston Moore, Francisco Lopez and others), Marhaug felt the time was right for a new solo album. Marhaug shares the same background as Merzbow (with whom he has collaborated with) as they are both noise artists who has gone on to produce all their music on powerbooks. The sound of Marhaug has similarities to the Japanese noise scene with Merzbow and Otomo Yoshihide, and to Austrias Mego label with artist such as Pita and Fennesz. But one can also find references to the beautiful and arctic sounds of Biosphere, Pan Sonic's minimalist techno and to Oval and Microstorias glitch electronics. But Marhaug has his own style. His music is extremely rich on details. Layers of sound slowly reveal themselves as you listen. The music ranges from open spaces and ambient soundscapes to cut-ups and extreme digital brutalism. His use of blips and clicks often with deep soundscapes in the background, creates a shimmering and swirling sound. "Nothing But Sound From Now On" is a masterpiece; abstract, captivating and beautiful in a bizarre way.

BBCi have a feature on Smalltown Supersound as part of the New Room feature.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:58 PM

VNV Nation - Futureperfect - January 28th, 2002

Side Line report the release date for VNV Nation's delayed Futureperfect album as Jan 28th on Dependent Records, this will follow up the esteemed last album Burning Empires.

It's taken months of unofficial murmerings, but now Dependent can finally announce the release date for VNV Nation�s long awaited album �Futureperfect�. It has been set for January 28th, 2002.

VNV Nation are electro-industrial/future synth artists of the finest calibre.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:28 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Minotaur Shock

[I am bit late with this week's choice, I had meant to do this feature last night.]

So this week's choice is Minotaur Shock, that also feature as Rough Trade Album of the week on John Kennedy's Xfm show

The album Minotaur Shock - Chiff Chaffs and Willow Warblers

debut album from folktronica combo minotaur shock on melodic.sublime,woozy,melodic folk tinged electronica equating roughly to boards of canada gone pop

was released on November 19th on Melodic Records

'Futuristic fractured folk music� cutting a swathe through the competition with it's fragile brilliance' - The Face

'Sublime, woozy, melodic, folk-tinged electronica' - NME

'Equating roughly to Boards Of Canada gone pop or Radiohead gone merrily leftfield' - Mixmag

Well here you go, the Minotaur Shock album. What can we say? 'Album of the year', of course!

Maybe, maybe not. But a more beautiful listening experience in a folk / electronica stylee will definitely be hard to find this year.

Also won Album of the Month in Style Magazine Dazed & Confused

I have heard a few tracks so far and am impressed this is in the same sublime sound terrain as one of my favourite albums of the year - Four Tet - Pause, i.e warm melodic electronic arrangements and free flowing guitars.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:09 PM

The Wire - December edition

So this month Mercury Rev are on the front cover of The Wire - I will be picking up my copy tomorrow.

[I have a problem with Mercury Rev - the vocalist with his silly high pitched singing style - I am sure there must be a few others that agree - although MR are COR - Critic Oriented Rock - no doubt many will be putting their album on end of year lists - not me !]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:04 AM

Monday, November 26, 2001


The Brainwashed Brain V04I46 - 11252001

This week's The Brainwashed Brain has a stack of reviews, including these:

Dntel - Life is Full of Possibilities

Boxhead Ensemble - Two Brothers

Bovine Life - Social Electrics

Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By

Shimmering guitar sounds bring back memories of Cocteau Twins tricks, lush keyboards can easily sink the Boards of Canada and crisp beats are tasteful and never oppressive. 'Far Away' is absent of clicky glitches and is an incredibly clean recording, one which always prompts callers to my radio shows when being played

Chessie - Overnight

'Overnight' flawlessly swirl and flow together, creating an engrossing and abstract sonic landscape of abstract samples, ambient electronics, guitar, piano and more. Fans of artists like Labradford and Stars Of The Lid will very likely find much to appreciate here.

Single Unit - Family of Forces

Mokkelbost's musical mission seems to include that of merging metal/hardcore with electronica, believe it or not. Appropriated snippets of guitar/bass/drum onslaughts are painstakingly re-assembled alongside electronic and organ-like melodies into new songs

# posted by DJ Martian 11:15 PM


Starecase the Bristol progressive breakbeat band will release their debut album, Firstfloor next year (April)

More information @ Hope Recordings

# posted by DJ Martian 2:04 PM

Sunday, November 25, 2001



Freq have updated their music reviews including:

Alva.Noto - Transform
Label: Mille Plateaux Format: CD

Bovine Life - Social Electrics
Label: BiP-HoP Format: CD

Eardrum - Side Effects
Label: Leaf Format: CD, limited 2LP

[This is a startling intense album and definately will be near the top of my end of year list]

Lou Ciccotelliand Richard Olatunde Baker
draw on a pool of guest musicians from London's pan-cultural village to whirl out s fine selection of percussive travelogues through the virtual domains inhabiting their studios; it's a fertile journey too, skipping on the rattle of shakers and congas at the junction of electronic effects, swinging into and out of reach of the ears and stirring the ground under the feet with non-4/4 rhythms which owe much to Dub and Jazz and still more to the future and past sounds of West Africa.

The Flying Dutchman - Pathfinder
Label: Tone Casualties Format: CD

Mixing elements of Trip-Hop and Ambient styles this is a beguiling and spacey journey led by Hanyo van Oosterom, the Flying Dutchman himself. Enlisted as support and fellow travellers are vocalist Ciska Ruitenberg and Edwin de Herder among others. Comparisons, however odious, are inevitable. Jon Hassell-style trumpet voicings can be heard on a couple of tracks and there are hints of Massive Attack and Portishead in other places. I don't have a problem with this, I'm all in favour of cross-pollination, musically speaking.

Richie Hawtin - DE9 | Closer To The Edit
Label: NovaMute Format: CD,LP

HiM - New Features
Label: FatCat(Europe)/Bubble Core (North America) Format: CD,2LP

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Hysteria
Label: Bubblecore (North America)/Afterhours (Japan) Format: CD

Rehberg And Bauer - Passt
Label: Touch Format: CD

There's much more to Passt than simple purgative eviscerations of the contents of the duo' hard discs; rapid-fire loops build dynamic structures out of the aether, heartbeat motions become shuffly patches of bass and crackle; progression rides on post-vinyl pops and static crepitations snake themselves from the depths of an eviscerated loop into the foreground of demi-semi-consciously applied sonic decay in action. In other words, it's a multi-layered sampladelic noise feast, and one that's not to be sneezed at (because Rehberg and Bauer will probably try to sample the sound) in a zeitgeit awash with the sound of laptops uncoiling themselves with all the glee of an emetic fetishist on a binge and purge mission the hard way. Snap, crackle and squelch have become the new Rock'n'Roll for some, somehow; and more simply the best way to get sine-tinglingly lost, deleriously at that, in the inner malfunctions of sound for others.

Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Masters Of Confusion
Label: Spoon/Mute Format: CD

Between them Schmidt and Kumo construct a variety of musical textures, sometimes harsh, sometimes melodic, never dull. They seem to challenge and inspire each other. The setting of grand piano with all its cultural associations alongside the newer culture of Kumo's world works perfectly. A truly creative meeting.

Set Fire To Flames - Signs Reign Rebuilder
Label: 130701(UK, Europe)/

To Rococo Rot - K�lner Brett
Label: Staubgold Format: CD

23 Skidoo
-Seven Songs
-Urban Gamelan
Label: Ronin Format: CD

# posted by DJ Martian 11:53 PM

Sand - Still Born Alive album due Jan 2002

Last Thursday John Kennedy on Xfm played a track, Body In The River by a band I was previously unaware of Sand who are set to release their second album in January 2002.

Body In The River' (Satellite) from 'Still Born Alive' out January 2002

This provoked an interest in finding more about this innovative and unusual /different band - a strange mutant envigorating dense electronic and avant rock hybrid.

Satellite Records state

Having completed their second album SAND are now rehearsing their new live show featuring a heavier sound plus moody and disorientating video projections. You can expect dark electro, melancholic disco and metallic riff grinding. Recordings and performances that will be burned into the consciousness of audiences worldwide.

Satellite Records Discography states that Sand first album:

STL027 Sand "Beautiful People Are Evil"

Their debut LP. Noise / techno / punk / jazz / dub / industrial? Haven't a clue how to describe it but it's bloody good. The NME said "Black Sabbath do Krautrock voodoo music - as gritty as it gets".

Sand website

More information at the Discography of Sand

stl 027 lp/cd oct 1999
this heat, can and 70s miles, all parts fed through a scabrous grindcore riff mincer. guaranteed to both confuse and scare the living shit out of your neighbours.

Key players in Sand by a following a few links I found it interesting that John Richards a member of Sand is also an academic at De Monfort University @ Music, Technology and Innovation - Research Group (MTI - RG)

This group was formed in September 2001 with the establishment of a Research Professorship. It is connected to the Centre for Technology and the Arts (CTA).Its current membership currently includes all full-time staff, two Visiting Professors, one part-time staff member, associates from outside of the Faculty as well as all postgraduates. It describes its research focus as follows:

To investigate praxis in musical innovation (practice being informed by theory and vice-versa), particularly in the following areas:

sonic arts/electroacoustic music (including interdisciplinary art work)
applications of music technology
acoustic and electroacoustic communication
popular music supported by a commitment to:
access (e.g., reaching and involving both new/alternative musical
appropriate studies in musicology
This is articulated similarly in the RAE2001 RA5 document as follows:

alternative music communities
upgrading and expanding the musicology of electroacoustic music

Why innovation? Innovation is the driving force of music technology and has always been the driving force of any artistic evolution. By including this word in the research group's name as well as all courses at DMU, the MTI members state clearly that their work, both in artistic as well as scholarly research terms concerns innovative aspects in their fields.

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Speedy J

Mute inform us that Rotterdam based Jochem Paap, aka Speedy J, is set to release his new single 'Krekc' on novamute on November 26th a new album will follow next year.

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Saturday, November 24, 2001


The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar single.. sounding like New Order

I heard the forthcoming single by The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar - details described @ on the radio today. They are sounding more and more New Order alike, with a Peter Hook style guitar sound mixed with electronic beats.

The Chemical Brothers will release the new single �Star Guitar� on January 14, following the huge success of �It Began In Afrika�.
It will be the second single taken from the duo�s forthcoming album �Come With Us�.. [due January 28th 2002].

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ILM Best of 2001 Music

I still think it is too early to be doing this sort of thing - best music of 2001 - when December has not even began, but a thread has started on the ILM messageboard

I am always impressed with Melissa W's lists because she is very knowledgeable about contemporary electronic music and incredibly young - only 18. [Also note the quick take up of ...Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By @ 38]

The list reads like an esteemed exploration of Grooves magazine and covers much of the excellent music Nick Luscombe plays on his 3 hour Xfm show Flo-Motion on Sunday's 9pm - 12pm GMT, that can be accessed via the web - for non London readers of this weblog.

Melissa W's Top 50 albums [at 24th Nov]

01. Radiohead - Amnesiac
02. Lali Puna - Scary World Theory
03. Noriko Tujiko - Shojo Toshi
04. Akira Rabelais - Eisoptrophobia
05. ISAN - Lucky Cat
06. Fennesz - Endless Summer
07. Jan Jelinek - loop-finding-jazz-records
08. The Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of the Stars of the Lid
09. Stephan Mathieu - frequencyLib
10. Low - Things We Lost in the Fire
11. DNTEL - Life is Full of Possibilities
12. Arovane_Phonem - Aer (Valid)
13. Bogdan Raczynski - My Love I Love
14. Random Inc. - Jerusalem
15. Autechre - Confield
16. Vert - Nine Types of Ambiguity
17. Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings
18. Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
19. Mia Doi Todd - Zeroone
20. Pierre Bastien - Mecanoid
21. Labradford - fixed::content
22. Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri
23. Ilpo V�is�nen - Asuma
24. Natacha Atlas - Ayeshteni
25. Kristin Hersh - Sunny Border Blue
26. Hood - Cold House
27. Herbert - Bodily Functions
28. Stereolab - Sound-Dust
29. Styrofoam - A Short Album About Murder
30. Shannon Wright - Dyed in the Wool
31. Matmos - A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure
32. John Zorn - Love, Madness, & Mysticism
33. Neotropic - La Prochaine Fois
34. Kevin Blechdom - The Inside Story
35. Scratch Pet Land - Solo Soli IIIII
36. Beta Band - Hot Shots II
37. Mouse on Mars - Idiology
38. Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By
39. Tara Jane O'Neil - In the Sun Lines
40. Nobukazu Takemura - Hoshi No Koe
41. Mira Calix - Prickle EP
42. Plaid - Double Figure
43. Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat
44. Andrea Parker - Dark Ages EP
45. Boxhead Ensemble - Two Brothers
47. Broadway Project - Compassion
48. Jackie-O Motherfucker - Liberation
49. Minotaur Shock - Chiff Chaff and Willow Warblers
50. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein

[I also admire the discipline of Melissa of actually numbering her lists, I normally can manage the top end of list, but deciding the rank order down to 50!]

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Carbon Disks

Carbon Disks overview the latest/and forthcoming leftfield/avant rock/electronic/IDM/ambient/Industrial etc releases.

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Bip Hop Label Profile and Current Listening from Phillipe Petit - Label Manager of Bip Hop

The BBCi Music have a feature on Bip Hop as part of their online Global Top 10 series for promoting creative contemporary electronic music.

2002 will see releases on BiP_HOp from Si-(cut).db who releases "enthusiast", where a major proportion of the sounds are samples of woodwork noises, different timbers, turning processes, shavings, planings, splintered pieces, contact mikes on veneered surfaces, acoustic instruments such as piano, fused with microsounds to create a rhythmic template between digital glitch and organic sources. Plus full lengths from Cray, Twine, Andrew Duke and a release entitled [reciprocess : +/vs.] vol. 1 which will be a series of split CDs featuring the work(s) of two sound assemblers and documenting the process of musical reciprocity between them. As the title of the Series suggests each issue in "Reciprocess" features two sound assemblers contributing a collaborative work; a series of independent works; and finally, contributing a remix of each other's work(s). The series will be co-curated by myself and Christopher Murphy (F�llt) and features artwork by Fallt designer's Fehler.

Also coming up: BiP_HOp Generation [v.5] [bleep 13] Accelera Deck (USA) / Andrew Duke (Canada) / Mikael Stavostrand (Sweden) / StudioTonne (UK) / Rechenzentrum (Germany) / D'Iberville (France)

I hope that the BiP_HOp Generation series be an accurate document of today's creative forms of Electronica. Tons of compilations documenting that scene come out but I try to make something different, where the composers are each given much longer amounts of time to showcase their talent. So that they really create a special piece of music for BiP_Hop. The label is devoted to spread unconventional sound adventures, adventurous & creative electronica. I'm interested in original music, ambient, abstract but with melodies. Besides the compilations BiP_Hop is releasing full-lengths by sound assemblers from all over the place, and very soon we'll be a real family of talented creators growing altogether.

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Workshop - Es liebt dich und deine Koerperlichkeit, ein Ausgeflippte

Press release from Sonig distributed via email of a forthcoming album from Workshop:

new Sonig release

sonig 19CD/sonig 19LP

"Es liebt dich und deine Koerperlichkeit, ein Ausgeflippter."
("You and your physicalness is loved by a dropout.")

CD 10 tracks, 44 min., also available on LP.

'It is indeed the future in the present, and it seems: there is a
good deal that is possible'

Workshop have completed their sixth album, their most personal and
most political to date. This band resembles a dragon breathing
saviours, exhorters, seditionists, anarchists, levellers and rockers
from its mouth. A German band most difficult to pigeon-hole. Ten
songs- extended, brief, sudden, incomprehensible sounds, annoying,
true, break-neck stories, complex and compact rhythms, pauses, noise,
guitars, fluff, images, voices and grimaces. "Es liebt dich und deine
Koerperlichkeit, ein Ausgeflippter." is a cleverly though-out,
unconventional, ambivalent, German language Rock album, geared
against the apolitical sloth which besets our minds. Having already
released two albums on the Indie label Finlayson and a further three
on Ladomat, Workshop have now signed with Sonig.

They share the roster with Mouse On Mars, Vert, F.X.Randomiz and
Scratch Pet Land and as such are the first 'classic' band on the
label. To compare Workshop with Ton, Steine, Scherben, Can, Faust,
Brigitte Fontaine, Neu, Art Bears, Witthueser und Westrupp, Gastr'
del Sol, Franco Battiato, the Red Crayola, Pink Floyd, John Zorn,
International Harvester, Boredoms, Einstuerzende Neubauten or Klaus
Kinski, is only helpful superficially.

This album will be released in the UK on December 10th.

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Cabaret Voltaire - confirmation of release dates Re: reissue compilations

There seems to be some recent confusion of when the Cabaret Voltaire reissue compilations would be released, these are the details:

Cabaret Voltaire - Conform to Deform - pioneering sheffield electronic band Cabaret Voltaire with a 3 cd box set featuring material from 82 to 90 including unreleased material and a big booklet.essential. This will now be released on November 26th.

Maybe with this release Cabaret Voltaire's legacy will have greater awareness from those under 30: Cabaret Voltaire - With Quotes from the likes of:

Ralf H�tter / Kraftwerk: 2001, Derrick May, Jon Savage, Graham Massey / 808 State, Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti, Martyn Ware / Heaven 17, BEF, The Human League. Matthew Collin, Marc Almond, Steve Beckett / Warp Records, Bernard Sumner / New Order, Paul + Phil Hartnoll / Orbital, Andrew Weatherall, Tom Rowlands / The Chemical Brothers, Paul Morley, Phil Oakey / The Human League, Parrot / The All Seeing , Sherman and Stevo / Some Bizzare.

Available to order @ Audiostreet

Cabaret Voltaire - The Original Sound of Sheffield

The other Cabaret Voltaire collection album The Original Sound of Sheffield will follow on December 24th includes 12" mixes of Cabaret Voltaire between 1983 and 1987 tracklisting details here

Just Fascination
The Dream Ticket
James Brown
I Want You
Don't Argue
Here To Go
Thank You America

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This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck include the following releases:

Kid Acne And Req One - Rap Traffic - Invisible Spies

After designing sleeves for labels as fly as Warp, Chocolate Industries and Big Dada, and toying with our senses together with his Toah Dynamic crew on their shocking debut album �Movement�, Sheffield�s Kid Acne teams up with Warp�s latest signing, beat-juggler and graf-master Req-1 to bring us his long awaited debut album � Rap Traffic!! Rap Traffic is all about what happens when two graffiti lords collaborate on the ultimate hip hop tourist guide. Mixing up the flavours from the Kid's base in Sheffield and Req's pad in Brighton, Rap traffic brings together all that's good from the golden age of old school hip hop plus a UK style that's fresh in it's honesty. Unique vocal styling's from the Acne in a battle style, soaking up UK culture and schoolyard referances. Seriously addictive and quotable lyrics that make you flip. Req's fatter than fat production reminds you of the early stylings of old school legends like Marley Marl, Krs One, Schooly D, while there�s a feel of DJ Shadow's early productions for Solesides in the mix. Eight tracks fat with one collaboration with Invisible Spies partner the Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, this is the freshest slice of acne�d hip-hop pie you�ll hear all year. Biggitup styles allround, this is the stuff they call killer!!

Timeblind - Rugged Redemption - Orthlorng Musork

There�s a really easy way of summing this up � you NEED this record. In a year that has seen a plethora of re-jigged hip-hop stake claim to innovation and the cross-fertilisation of the B-Boy and Electronic Genres, few artists have managed to come up with an amalgam that is as original, engrossing and downright fat as this. Timeblind appears to come from a universe all his own � sounds here echo the finest lo-fi hip-hop, Berlin dubism, heavyest rudeboy basslines, jiggy, cut-up..all manner of devices modified to make u shake yr ass. The opening �Rastabomba� is immense � a midpace break of the dustiest, dirtiest proportions attaches itself to an immaculate dub refrain and is accompanied by the kind of relaxed rudeboy voiceover that Carl Craig used to such great effect on the last Innerzone Orchestra LP. �Desperado Move�, featured on the excellent �Bloatware� 12�, is crushing � instrumental hiphop filtered through a distance effect, decimated and rebuilt with the heaviest low-end you�ll hear this year. Shockout style. We could go on and on about individual tracks, but this would be a largely pointless exercise for an album that hits the spot so often and with as much flair and crushing bounce. Go on, treat yourself. Immense!

Dntel - Life is Full of Possibilities - Plug Research

Yet another fantastic LP bringing together indie sensibilities to the electronic sphere. Dntel create a sound not unlike the blissed out drifts of bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, only to rewire them via the circuitry of their electronic studio - with the end result giving fans of Seefeel, Mum and Sigur Ros much to cuddle up to across the 10 tracks included. The title track alone is astonishing - a digital bassline attaching itself to a spectacularly full and elaborate wash of sounds, a guitar gently strumming; the mood downbeat but ever so pretty. A break in tone comes with the penultimate track - �The Dream of Evan And Chan� - an upbeat vocal track in the finest tradition of Indie-Pop. Recommended.

Jonesco - Covert Clients - Engelzorn

Taking time out from his recording duties as Zorn, Berlin�s Michael Zorn has returned to his part-time label Engelszorn and has pieced together its second release � this time by Nottingham�s Jonesco. The work of Sam Greenwood-Jones, �Covert Clients� is a beautifully understated piece of work. The mood here is decidedly downbeat, although not without a comforting optimistic undertone. �Office For A Cover� straddles territory that could just about be described as �Ambient� - though the make-up of hisses, clicks, bass drops and synths is temporarily fractured and distant. The resulting noise is deeply engrossing : a train operating at half-speed under the cover of night, rushing past beautifully obscure scenery. The title track immerses itself in the kind of layered bliss that have made Isan so many friends..a beatless trip through chords and echoes...hints of melody scattered to create a picture that could only be described as serene. Jonesco has created a deeply personal debut full-length, a record that requires repeated listening and little returns to reward with a flavour that builds and purifies with time. Gorgeous.

Lightspeed Future Lullaby - The Spirit of Pop - Secret Agent

Excellent debut album from Lightspeed Future Lullaby, intricate and melancholic electronica that treads similar ground to the understated charm of artists such as Plaid, Pilote and the Toytronic label. Having already released tracks through the Dishy and We Love You labels, Lightship put out their debut 7" earlier this year that featured a remix by kindred spirit Plone. Check.

Translussion - The Opening of the Cerbral Gate - Supremat

O.K. Straight from the top, you have to buy this record, track after track of genius electro brought to us straight from the Drexciya crew, from the aquatic 'cluben in guyana' to the Drexciya-esque 'dimensional glide'. The melodies, the synth's are all there, perfected in some underwater laboratory, even the harsher tracks ( War of the clones ) are sublime, sounding akin to the killer Ultradyne track 'the robot speaks'. A slew of electro releases of late have left us spoilt for choice, a revival of sorts is taking place, but some artists hold that certain "j'ai ne sais quoi" that just makes a track, imagine the 'other people place' LP gone wild and your getting close. Liquid Acid for Liquid People. Essential.

Rehberg And Bauer - Passt - Touch

Five years ago, Fa�t declared itself to be entirely made up of the 'mistakes' and system errors of the digital processes Rehberg & Bauer had used in its making, thus finding themselves at the front end of an emerging tendency in new music that came to be known as 'glitch'... frustratingly to those actively involved, because it freeze-framed the more critical dimension of such works into a genre that quickly became a clich�. Following Fa�t and ballt, and originated live on their tour of Australia last year, Passt completes Rehberg & Bauer's trilogy for Touch; as such, it provides a window through which to monitor the progress (and atrophy) of this phase of development, now that the laptop seems as commonplace as the electric guitar. In 2001, surface abstraction is easily output. Passt therefore is an attempt to relocate this mode of music-making into something once again more progressive. Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) & Ramon Bauer (aka General Magic) run the Mego label in Vienna, Austria.

Anti Pop Consortium - The Ends against the Middle - Warp

Long awaited first release for the mighty Anti Pop consortium for the Warp label! With the seemingly unending (but welcome) torrent of avant class hip hop that has come our way over the last year, Antipop must surely still stand at the top of the genre. Back in around 1995 we first came across the Priest 12" �Mind Control� on the newly formed Antipop Records and even then we knew something intense and immense was just around the corner. And then, nothing.... silence for five years bar the odd guest appearance under camoflage. Then a 10" snuck out on Wordsound, followed by the news that the Automator was to launch his new label (75 Ark) and that he'd signed Antipop. Finally Priest, M.Sayid and Beans had their chance to burn. With the 12" Lift and album Tragic Epilogue that followed the world of hip hop finally took notice, got cold flipped upside the head and thrown to the floor. Then in 2001 the fearsome High Priest 12" for the re-launched Antipop Recordings, brain crushing hip hop instrumental brutality rarely heard performed with such suss. Then, a real surprise, we came across the sadly Japanese-only CD �Shopping Carts Crashing� that furthered the sound even more, and now..... to the present. Warp signed the group and the buzz became deafening, here is the initial launch, a 16 minute manifesto of future intent, Tuff Gong starts with judder beats and a Morricone styled riff along with lyrics that rip at your synapses, then the main bomb Splinter an AntiPopClassic in the flesh, while the instrumentals that come along Dystopian Disco Force and Pit/Perpendicular shockout before the vocal artillery on 39303 and Vector rounds out one dope release. Class is in session.

Charles Atlas - Felt Cover - Static Caravan

A full-length silver disc from San Francisco�s Charles Atlas and the first CD on Static Caravan. Charles Atlas are Charles Wyatt; Matt Greenberg and Alexander Kort. Charles was previously a member of Half Film and the highly respected and much recorded new 4AD band, Piano Magic. Alexander Kort (formally a student of Tony Conrad) who played cello on Felt Cover is now a full time member of the band. The record was recorded by Monte Vallier - a member of Jet Black Crayon who was also an original member of the band Swell. Think �Piano Magic polished to within a few helium band widths using a Tony Conrad and La Monte Young polish and a Stanley Kubrick buffer�. Drones, Noise, Space, Great tunes; subtle Bridget Riley beats and gentle Anish Kapur strings are all present and correct. 1000 copies on CD only in Montelimar sleeve. Previous Charles Atlas releases have included two sold out discs for the US label Star Star Stereo and a split seven-inch single with Alan Spearhawk (Low).

Club Off Chaos - Par Et Impar - Eternity

As the drummer for legendary Krautrock outfit Can, Jaki Leibzeit's name has become synonymous with master drumming, much the same as Jazz-Fusion pioneer Billy Cobham. Leibzeit first used the Club Off Chaos moniker on the first release on Tim Simenon�s Electric Tones label. He returns with a full exploration of the Club Off Chaos sound on this impressive double album. Classic Leibzeit polyrythms feature heavily throughout but are counterbalanced by precise digital programming and ethereal, almost ethnic melodies. A progressive, genre blurring release from an undisputed sonic innovator.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:54 PM

High Contrast - Forthcoming album True Colours in Feb 2002

Grooverider on the Radio 1 jungle show dropped a brilliant track into his show tonight by High Contrast called Make It Tonight released as a single by Hospital Records

High Contrast have sound that combines the futuristic widescreen jungle of Teebee with the funky uptempo bounce with vocals sound of John B.

The long awaited "Make It Tonight" b/w "Mermaid Scar" by High Contrast's is out this month. Being championed by all the key players, from Fabio to Bad Company. ::VIP::Watch for his mammoth album "True Colours" droppin in Feb and the sampler available from January.

[Also it is good to see creative music coming out of Cardiff - a fine city that I spent 4 years of my life in]

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Friday, November 23, 2001


Future Beat Alliance - Disconnected

Delsin records release debut album from Future Beat Alliance - Disconnected which is available in the UK from next week.

Ten tracks warm & soulful, groovy techno debut album by Matthew Puffett from Brighton. The music has been compared to Carl Craig.

After being in musical action for almost ten years, Future Beat Alliance now comes up with his debut album: Disconnected. The album brings ten gorgeous warm funky tracks, with techno as main element, shifting towards deeper house and jazzy grooves as well. The album sums up what his music has been all about until now: futuristic, haunting for beauty, deep funkiness, groovy and there always seems a link with the original Detroit techno vibe. Future Beat Alliance (FBA) is Matthew Puffett and most of his releases came through his own fine Void label. After quitting the label and putting out two more releases on the Archive & Ferox labels, FBA find a new home at Amsterdam�s Delsin Records. This album brings very soulful, funky techno tracks, in style of Ian O�Brien, Kirk Degiorgio and others, proving deep romantic techno still exist!!

See Delsin records site for Disconnected - track listing & sound snaps (downloadable mp3)

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FRIDGE reissues

3 Fridge albums will be released on 17th DECEMBER


FRIDGE - Ceefax (Output)

FRIDGE - Semaphore (Output)

FRIDGE - Sevens And Twelves (Output)

Source Chunky Records

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Music Non Stop - New Releases

New releases listed @ Music Non Stop include:

Judith - Play of Light

With Judiths third full-length CD, Judith have reinvented themselves
as a trio, bringing a cleaner, more intense interpretation of their
sound to the surface. Cinematic lyrics, stunning guitar overtures,
driving bass grooves, majestic violins and smooth vocals, with just
the right touch of seduction to keep you intrigued.

label - Neue Asthetik

Leechwoman - Three 3Zero

This is the third album from UK industrial veterans "Leechwoman". The
band continue with their distinctive sound - experimental industrial
which relies heavily on percussion. The songs on "Three 3Zero" are a
touch more melodic than on their previous releases and after
excellent live appearances in the UK at Infest and Black Celebration
3, the bands appeal is likely to have been broadened considerably.

Synthetic - A.D.S.R.

This the brand new album from English EBM/Synthpop act "Synthetic".
Their much praised debut "Midi Slave" of 2 years ago was a good
seller and the band has grown and matured significantly over the last
few years. Synthetic have already played the Euro-Rock and other
Festivals in Europe and toured successfully in Italy. This new album
reflects the evolution of the band. They are now producing a blend of
EBM and Synthpop which is highly polished, very danceable and very
catchy. Definitely a band to watch and listen to carefully.

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etronik frontline Issue 117

etronik frontline Issue 117 includes news of:

Grandmaster Flash album

[this was due to be released back in October, but is delayed to 2002]

Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash releases a new compilation album, �The Official Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash�, on Strut on January 28th, 2002.

Leaf Event in London on December 10th

Underground label Leaf host their biggest party to date at London�s Cargo on December 10th. The event features seven piece act Eardrum (pictured) playing their first ever London show, along with live performances from Manitoba and Gorodisch and DJ sets from Graham Sutton from Boymerang, Kieron Hebden from Fourtet, label boss Tony Morley and Rob Ellis. All those in attendance will receive a CD featuring new and exclusive music from Leaf artists. Advance tickets for the event cost Stg �7 from Ticketmaster and all usual outlets, while entrance on the door is Stg �9.

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oh no its VH1 Top 100 albums of alltime poll!

Take look at some of the miserable and dull entries in this VH1 Top 100 albums of alltime poll - as mentioned in this Guardian article [voted for by 250, 000 VH1 viewers.]

What No Joy Division! ..but the masses prefer rubbish such as Dido, Robbie Williams, Texas, Alanis Morissette, Travis, Coldplay, David Gray and Macy Gray, Shania Twain, Dire Straits, Oasis, Craig David, Gabrielle etc at least Ocean Crapping Scene have disappeared from the Top 100 this time around. This poll is a deeply disturbing snapshot - but that is the lamentable world of mainstream Britain ..Q reading, Capital FM, Virgin FM, Jools Holland's Later, TFI Friday, VH1 and MTV UK viewing British public.

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Thursday, November 22, 2001


Absorb Reviews

Absorb have updated their reviews section, including these:

Pierre Basten

pierre basten - mecanoid (rephlex)

bastien describes his music as ambiguous, and calls the style 'mechanica' and 'acoustica' in the liner notes.

The Boy Lucas

As the reviewer mentions this release has a very low profile re promotion and reviews the boy lucas - out of the wires (output) this is one of the finest records i've heard this year. very lo-fi, the album weaves a web of analogue sounds through electronics, all making for a fucked up experiment of sound and glitch, while maintaining a solid base of natural instruments, and occasional soft singing. 'out of the wires' maintains a dark moody atmosphere throughout its 12 tracks, but never becomes tedious or boring, it's consistently flowing through bizarre amalgamation of sound. drums and guitar work is evident

Gotan Project

uptempo dance sounds from gotan project - la revancha del tango (xl)


electronic and avant rock mixed together from mina - a to b (bungalow)

DJ Teebee

Widescreen techstep jungle from dj teebee - through the eyes of a scorpion (certificate 18)

Stewart Walker

minimalist techno / house from stewart walker - reclamation: 1997 - 1999 (persona)

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Ammo City - Closes (for now)

Confirmation that the London based leftfield culture website Ammo City is shutting down - for now. They have sadly run out of cash to keep it going, although existing content and radio archives will remain.

Dear You,

AMMO CITY, the greatest ever online magazine and radio station, is in a spot of bother. There we were, certain of the ���s to last far into 2002, when suddenly bad investor 'stuff' knocked us down. We hope to be back (we'll get to that bit in a minute) but for now, let us reminisce�

�It's been fuggin' fantastic. In one year, we've seen our monthly audience grow from 8,000 to 122,000. We covered everything from the socio-political - the aftermath of September 11, Mayday, race, anti-globalisation - to the severely purile - trainers made from fish, meat lollies, male chastity belts - with equal pace and style. And having got over the Eighties thing quicker than most, we've been oddly stylish, too. Step forward pioneering content on antique chic, the aggro gent, dressing like you're from Surrey - that and frequent accusations that we're based in delightful Hoxton. Not guilty, your honour. Has this level of excellence been hard to achieve? Courtesy of the savviest pool of contributors ever assembled online, no, far from it. We're immensely grateful to every one of them.

Then there's AMMO CITY Radio. The Jockey Slut show featured the Plump DJs, Zoot Woman and James Lavelle. Indie superclub Trash broke its radio virginity, bringing an astounding rabble of tunes, plus Peaches and her fruity cousins the Moldy Peaches. Club dons Bugged Out spread twisted house with Rob Bright, Justin Robertson and Midfield General. Rough Trade brought incredible independent releases, while Rob Da Bank and Tim 'Love' Lee's administered our chill pills. Twice As Nice delivered the 2step. Sean Rowley convinced the likes of The Avalanches, St Etienne and Arthur Baker to reveal the tunes that keep them alive. Hip hop heroes Scratch, with guests like De La Soul, joined in. Coldcut's Solid Steel came with Roots Manuva, Super Furry Animals and David Axelrod in tow. AMMO CITY has had the best DJ mixes you could find anywhere - this is where The Avalanches' Gimix took up early residence; where Lemon Jelly unleashed the soft rock phenomenon; where sets from Paul Daley, Jon Carter and Richard Fearless shook the web. Mucho thanks to all involved.

Purveyors of "slightly randy social issues," that's just one of the many things that's been said about us. "Bin Laden-loving pinko scum" - that's another. Whatever, we believe AMMO CITY encouraged heartfelt opinion, savage wit, fabulous music, incisive commentary and a truly loyal following. This, we hope, is the end of a chapter rather than the story. There's so much more for AMMO CITY to achieve, after all.

What now? Firstly, the AMMO CITY website goes into hibernation - we'll leave the first year's worth of content (there's almost 3,000 articles, radio shows and videos) online for you to look at. Then we'll get thinking how best to bring it back. Go here - - if you're the kind of person/company who wants to get involved - financially or otherwise - with our website, our newsletter, our parties and events, our plans for further development, our hugely talented team; ultimately, with our informed and influential audience. If you can't help, ah well, we hope we've brightened up your PC no end and we wish you all the best. For hate mail, offers of casual sex and the like, individual members of the AMMO CITY team can be contacted at the email addresses listed below. Ta-ra! Don't cry, y'all.

AMMO CITY - it's been better than good by quite a long way�

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Diskant weblog

The Diskant collective have a music related weblog.

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More Information on Forthcoming Releases @ including:

December 10th onwards

From Autumn To Ashes - Too Bad You're Beautiful

CD on Ferret

Released on 10/12/01

Ferret Music brings us an uncategorisable yet wholly breathtaking debut albums from this young NY band. Taking slick metallic riffing, chaotic breakdowns, erratic time signatures and emo melodies, they have created a masterpiece of musicianship, energy and passion. This is pure intense hardcore the way it should be played: nothin held back - creative, unique and blistering. Ferret Music is fast becoming a label you can trust to bring you the best in modern metal & hardcore alongside REVELATION, HYDRA HEAD, VICTORY, RELAPSE etc.

Otto Von Schirach - Escalo Frio

CD on Schematic

Released on 10/12/01

The 2nd full length otto von schirach album, following up his devastating spring 2001 release �8000 b.c� on schematic, and the more recent �el golpe avisa� ep on rice & beans / beta bodega. Featuring guest appearances from matmos, dr. Flamenco, takeshi muto, jeswa, mr. Egyptian hologram, queeph brothers & mr. Soundwave. You know what to expect from a schematic release by now, and this keeps up the unfeasably high standard.

Sunseth Sphere - Storm Before Silence

CD on Hammerheart

Released on 10/12/01

Sunseth Sphere's music incorporates stylistic influences from such diverse acts as Pink Floyd, The Gathering and Nightwish which revolves around the mystical ancient egyptian concept of the lyrics.

Workshop - Es Liebt Dich Und Deine

Released on 10/12/01

Workshop's sixth album is probably their most personal and political to date. The title translates as "There's love for you and your corporeality - a freak" and the album is a cleverly thought-out, unconventional, ambivalent, German language rock long-player. Workshop are often compared to Faust, Brigitte Fontaine, Neu, Gastr Del Sol and Pink Floyd, which gives you some idea of where they're coming from but definitely not the whole story.

December 3rd

Esa Ruoho - Spaces

CD on Ucover

Finnish 21 year old ESA RUOHO (also known under his 'LACKLUSTER' moniker) already had releases on Defocus, on the Squadron compilation (Merck) and on the limited 7label Zealectronic. Now it's time to move on with a release on the acclaimed U-Cover imprint (known for the internationally acclaimed LUSINE ICL, QUENCH aka FUNCKARMA, LLIPS. and STARFISH POOL releases) which drifts into complex ambient and intimate drones sparsely curved by fase-shifting rhythms. Excursions into dark and moody soundscapes, desolate frozen places and old forgotten stories. Esa Ruohos sound is definetely Scandinavian. The CD version contains seven unreleased tracks

Knut - Knut

CD on Hydra Head

Hydra Head keep pushing the Swiss Metalcore heroes on us with 4 new tracks of dirty, twisted, city levelling power and technicality. After an extremely successful US tour with labelmates ISIS, the band are working on their follow up album at home in Geneva. In the meantime, here is another example of why they are becoming one of the most respected European metal/hardcore outfits. ""KNUT are Metalcore like no other, prowling about with bloodlust like "Fun House" era STOOGES, only 100 times more weighty and bloodsoaked... There's no 2 ways around it - KNUT are godly" 9/10 Terrorizer. .

Miriodor - Mekano

CD on Cuniform

Miriodor is the main Canadian exponent of the R.I.O. (Rock In Opposition) sound, and one of only a few bands worldwide whose works convey all hallmarks of that school: adventurous and inspired compositions, rigorous musicianship, a distinctive and highly personalized sound, periodic references to folk music, and a steely determination to make music without compromise. A perfect marriage between the more chamber-oriented sound of bands like Univers Zero and (later) Henry Cow, and the more symphonic woodwind-oriented sound of bands like Happy the Man and VDGG. ..Miriodor of 1984 was a meeting ground of many of the best elements progressive rock has to offer. .

On Thorns I Lay - Angeldust

CD on Black Lotus

6th album from the masters of melancholy. "Angeldust" is intoxicated with beautiful melodies, nostalgia and postmodern soundscapes. Mid-paced dark metal meets melodic art-rock!

Pale Forest - Exit Mould

CD on Listenable

Third album from the rock/metal female fronted group from Norway. PALE FORESTdid two albums and a minicd distributed worldwide on the VOICES OF WONDER label. Their new album shows the band in top shape. Their music is packed with mood and sheer class. PALE FOREST , thanks to their open minded mixture of styles and musical textures, don't exactly belong to the current trend of female fronted gothic metal bands. PALE FOREST can mix both groove, happiness and utter sadness and melancholy through the same song.

Richard Devine - Aleamapper

CD on Schematic

Devine's last lp, 'lipswitch' (on warp in europe), was intended to be a full length project, but ended up being trimmed down to the essential rhythmic core. What was left over is the heart of 'aleamapper'. The re-assembled result is not unlike a film score, and devine guides the music in the style of cinema's great directors, the 16 tracks appearing as a series of varying scenes that add up to a 64 minute whole suggesting an overall widescreen experience. Those pointing to a lack of musicality in modern electronics will be please with 'aleamapper', devine's new compounds of sound being wide open for aural exploration, his subliminal details freely accompanying and frequently saturating the remaining spaces. If the first movies were silent visual films, perhaps the most modern are blind audible experiences. .

Rip Off Artist - Pump

CD on Mille Plateaux

MATT HAINES, a.k.a. the RIP-OFF ARTIST, releases his seventh album on MILLE PLATEAUX. This album, appropriately entitled Pump, is a story of oil and love, petroleum and sex. Music about longing in the midst of grindingly hard work. The RIP-OFF ARTIST captures this bizarre juxtaposition of flesh and metal on Pump. Tracklisting: Ubble-Tight Soft Seat, 07/Downhole, 15/Pipeline Pig, 19/Pop Tank, 21/Swage Nipple, 28/Ball And Swing, 36/Stuffing Box, 43/Honeycomb Coke, 48/Utility Ash, 54/Eye Of The Impeller, 61/Hydrocracking, 66/Packing Gland, 68/Fluted Drill Collar .

Sandoz - Afrocentris

CD on Intone

CABARET VOLTAIRE's RICHARD H. KIRK RELAUNCHES HIS INTONE LABEL WITH THIS AWESOME NEW ALBUM FROM HIS OWN PROJECT SANDOZ....'Afrocentris' is in true Sandoz style, a blend of funky electronics, African and Latin American rhythms with elements of Jamaican dub, ragga, all underpinned with the trademark Kirk cut and paste of found sounds, radio programmes and processed human voices. TROUSER FLAPPING BASS MEETS BLISSED OUT AMBIENCE IN THE HEART OF THE CONGO!. Best known as the musical force behind the hugely influential Cabaret Voltaire, he also recorded as SWEET EXORCIST as well as numerous other releases for WARP (Virtual State 1994 and Number of Magic 1995). FILE NEXT TO : Cabaret Voltaire/ON U Sound/Warp .

Starfish Pool - Illusions Of Move : The Golden Cycle

CD on Hymen

The next step in the ongoing series of koen lybaert's 'illusions of move'. This release features contributions by two female vocalists (laura rebuttini and ivy smits) and two female soundartists (chantal yzermans and esther santoyo). From driven ambient to minimal techno or breakbeat. An imaginary soundtrack with sweet female vocals and realistic soundrecordings taken from the streets of mexico city and new york.

Takagi Masakatsu - Pia

CD on Car Park
Double cd

Takagi Masakatsu is a musician and film-maker who is wholly dedicated to exposing and preserving the human experience as it is now, and has travelled the world in search of sound & vision to construct a fluid picture of our current hiuman condition. He employs samples of children talking alongside "real" sounds like the weather, his own piano, and a wealth of sounds & musics recorded in his and others' home environments. This is all blended into his laptop arrangements and manipulations to create a very new type of ambient music. This double disc set comprises one cd of melodic audio creations, while the second is a cd-rom carrying 5 audio / video pieces which have already been presented in various galleries and live settings throughout japan. .

Tristinia - World Of Glass

CD on Napalm

The genre of Gothic Metal advances to new dimensions with the new release from Tristania. Bombastic choirs, unique female vocals and outstanding arrangements create an atmosphere that leads the listener into another world.

Venetian Snares - Doll Doll Doll

CD on Hymen

A hybrid of monstrous breakbeats and drum and bass ... a terrorising wall of sound, a splatter mix of broken drill and noise, tweaked frequencies, cut-up noises, bizarre funky samples, and straight noise attacks. it rattles the speakers, shatters the windows, drives your adrenaline to all-time high and then pins you to the floor with the thunderous percussion attacks. heavy corroded beats and constantly spinning, breaking, crushing and rolling breaks, noises, screeches, cut- up speedcore textures constantly mutate and span multiple genres with only few things remaining in common - speed, aggression, and fun. this ... hurts - and makes playing with dolls obsolete.

November 26th

A Certain Ratio / Human League - Shack Up / Being Boiled

12" on Soul Jazz
Cat No : SJR057

Limited edition (500 copies in the UK) 12�. Two classic tracks re-issued together as a sampler from Soul Jazz Records forthcoming �In The Beginning There Was Rhythm� compilation that features tracks by A Certain ratio, The Slits, The Pop Group, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Gang Of Four and more! This 12� features two songs that show the birth of dance music out of punk - A Certain Ratio�s cover of the rare groove classic �Shack Up,� originally recorded by the group Banbarra, alongside The Human League�s �Being Boiled�, the first release by the group and one of the first all-electronic dance records to be recorded in England.

Adrian Sherwood - Zero Zero One / Rizla

10" on Green Tea
Cat No : GTT008

The FIRST EVER solo release from the legendary producer/dubmeister ADRIAN SHERWOOD is a strictly limited edition NUMBERED 10". Both cuts blend JA dancehall beats and live distorted hip hop grooves with sheets of noise in a real return to Sherwood's peak form. 'Zero Zero One' deals with God and drugs with Burroughs style cut up vocals and Keith LeBlanc's relentless beats - 'Tackhead goes to JA with sulphate and a fuzz-box'. 'Rizla' features the vocals of Bim Sherman and Prince Far I over a rhythm cut with Sunjay from Asian Dub Foundation. Recorded at On-U Sound, these exclusive mixes are a taster of Sherwood's forthcoming debut early year. Essential!!!

Baz - Believers

CD single on One Little Indian

Debut full commercial release by One Little Indian priority artist Baz. �Believers� is the first single to be taken from her debut album, �Psychedelic Love�, scheduled for release in spring 2002. CD1: King Unique Radio edit; Dave Angel Mix; Firstborn Mix CD2: Dave Bascombe Mix; King Unique River Deep Mix; Circulation Mix 12" : Crispin paris je t'aime Dub; King Unique River Deep Mix; Circulation Mix

Birdwatcher - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

CD on Talitres

Debut album from dan matz frontman for windsor for the derby.matz has a home studio in brooklyn and a bunch of friends from bands like jets to brazil and home to collaborate with. Matz - primarily known for the tangential, slow-core records he made with the austin band wftd - includes trace elements of math rock; brian eno-ish absract art; frayed, frizzed, and folky guitars; and isolated, spooky bass lines.although a few tracks are mostly instrumental and incredibly atmospheric, the album isn't merely background music. When matz's vocals come in, as they do 1/2way through the 10-minute oeuvre "first bright light", the words are bare whispers that you'll fight to pay attention to, you'll discern about 3 mini-songs within this track. . The more straight - forward songs, such as "3 weeks" and "the hunt", are sparse and with trippy electronics and twisted, provoking lyrics. The album concludes with a fairly literal yet lovely translation of the rolling stones "no expectations" nme's ten to watch from cmj in nyc.comparisons hood, calla, labradford

Chessie - Overnight

CD on Plug Research

Somewhere between being awake and asleep there is a suspended dream state where sounds float and pulsate, where you can no longer trust your senses. CHESSIE is the soundtrack to this special place. Over the course of three albums, CHESSIE's STEPHEN GARDNER and BEN BAILES have plumbed a swirling, indistinct realm of sonic abstraction. Inspired by the sounds of railways, their work has blended electro-acoustic production techniques, live playing and non-sequenced electronics in an effort to capture the spirit and emotion of rail travel. The propulsive, inexorable clank of steel on track forms the rhythmic backbone of the CHESSIE compositions, and makes a particularly American counterpart to the motorik rhythms of much post-Kraftwerk music. .

Cylob - Mood Bells

CD on Rephlex

Beautiful new ambient album from Cylob, one of Rephlex's most hotly tipped artists, beloved by APHEX TWIN/BJORK/ARTHUR BAKER amongst others.. Cylob's thoughts on the album: "Mood Bells was started after a two week trip to Japan where i got to check out a few temples , gardens and mountains. The unique vibe of these places inspired me. This album is my idea of a japanese traditional music that doesn't exist, based around bell and gong type sounds.The music is intended for contemplation and relaxation. A deep home listening album that cuts through the cliches of current chill out albums, sparse and beautiful. FILE NEXT TO : Susumu Yokota/Aphex/Eno. .

Donnacha Costello - Together Is The New Alone

Mille Plateaux

Dublin based producer, DONNACHA COSTELLO has made an impressive mark for himself over the past year, establishing himself as a leading Irish based electronic musician. With a full length on FORCE INC. 'Growing Up In Public' (EFA# 04443), running his own label MINIMISE, appearing on compilations and a handful of EP's that include the sensational underground label D1, DONNACHA COSTELLO now moves towards digital ambience with a contemplative debut for MILLE PLATEAUX. The influences of BRIAN ENO, HAROLD BUD and DANIEL LANOIS integrate with precisely designed tones that bring forward a gentle rhythmic property that moves clearly in mesmerizing formation.

Electric Birds - Strata Frames

CD on Ucover

U-COVER presents the 10-track full length album CD release of MIKE MARTINEZ aka ELECTRIC BIRDS (Deluxe, Inc.US). Minimal and dubby electronica with hypnotic layered soundscapes with deep & groovy basses, while the ambient-scapes flow against clicks & cuts, resulting in an highly enjoyable album. Dark driven atmospheres that reminds us of the work of POLE, KIT CLAYTON, UUSITALO (Vladislav Delay), MAURIZIO or GAS ... yet Martinez sound has further developed into a unique sonic landscape that embraces deep warmth. Tracks like Strata, Stem or Frames give a warm organic take on minimal techdub, while Pitch Patterns and Sodona applies the influence of Steve Reichs pattern music with repetitive looping melodic patterns sycopated against clicks & cuts rhythms.

Fat Truckers - Superbike

7" on Roadtrain

�an addictive synthsquash of suicide, kraftwerk and the b-52's - reckless artronica wrapped in '80s-style warm leatherette - but they're quick to point out that "none of us went to art school". They sing of teenage daughters, barry sheen antics and unpleasant nautical mishaps

Fc Kahuna - Hayling

10" on City Rockers

FC Kahuna kickstart their relationship with City Rockers with this limited 10". 'Hayling', featuring the vocal talents of Hafdis Huld, formerly with Iceland's Gus Gus, is a sensual, slo-mo track of fragile beauty. The first track to be taken from their debut album 'Machine Says Yes' - released spring 2002 - an electrifying fusion of futurist acid house and silicon soul. With labelmate Felix Da Housecat picking up Best album at the recent Muzik Awards 2001 the future looks strong for City Rockers.

Lackluster - Wrapping

12" on De Focus
Cat No : FOC368

Last year on deFocus, the Finish born and bred Esa Ruoho enlightens the world with yet more lush electronica. *This 12" sampler gives a hint of what is to come from the much-anticipated album, 'Wrapping' (foc369lp/cd), due for release in March 02. Unlike his name suggests, Lackluster has been far from idle this past year. He has released a single with America's Merck Records, Belgium's U Cover and a 7" with both Rikos and Zealectronic. Lackluster friend, BrothmStates were snapped up by Warp after they heard the remix he did for deFocus on the 'R U OHO' single(foc354) last year. The original mix of that track, 'Suntrap' (previously unreleased) is appearing on this 12" single ONLY. 'Manual Lounge Ticket' opens the single and the album with its simple melodies and layered chords, whilst 'Glimmer' carries a more sinister insight into what is to come .

NDE - Fix

CD on Rage of Achilles

The last release in a very busy year for Rage Of Achilles, & it's the debut full length cd from heavyweight Ohio quartet NDE. Entering the studio with producer Bill Korecky (Earth Crisis, Incantation), they recorded 'Fix', fusing the NDE sound of brutal, grooving powerhouse riffage, pulverizing percussion and agonised, hate-fueled vocals for a straight ahead, bulldozing modern thrash metal hardcore assualt. And for idle reference, it falls somewhere near a bastard mix of Soilent Green and Pantera to kick your f**king ass.Their live brand of crowd control has also been creating pit carnage in support of 'Fix' in the USA, with dates in the mid-west with Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and The Misfits. .

Nad Navillus - Show Your Face

CD on Jag Jaguwar

The second album from nad navillus, their first for jag jaguwar. The record combines chicago-native dan sullivan's john fahey-esque guitar playing with his beautiful voice and timeless lyricism. The songs throughout the release demonstrate the happy marriage of a minimalist approach to songcraft with traditional fingerstyle guitar. Sullivan is known as the guitarist in songs:ohia, he displays here his own skills and this should appeal to fans of gastr del sol, archer prewitt and low.

Sr Chinarro - La Casa Encima

CD on Acuarela
Cat No : NOIS019

Brand new 4 track ep from spain�s answer to the redhouse painters, all the instruments are recorded by antonio luque, and there are times on this ep when you can hear new order and disco inferno as well as the redhouse painters.

V/A - Rnd

CD on Pause 2
Cat No : PAUSE004

A collection of mostly exclusive tracks - the rnd series is a selection of random current electronic music from various labels, countries and cities around the world. Featuring: andreas tilliander [sweden] (mille plateaux / raster noton), eu [russia] (pause_2 / lo / art-tek), maps and diagrams [uk], carthage [uk] (twin valley falls), zan lyons [uk] (foundry / moshi moshi), draven tanks [uk] (might be someone nearly famous in disguise), novel23 [russia] (art-tek / pitchcadet), metamatics [uk] (clear / neoouija / hydrogen dukebox), sybarite [usa] (temporary residence / 4ad / static caravan), theboylucas [uk] (output), com.a [japan] (fat cat / notek / itgerbeat6),quinoline yellow [uk] (skam), wauvenfold [uk] (wichita), mati:k [japan] (sub rosa)..

# posted by DJ Martian 12:30 AM

Wednesday, November 21, 2001


Coil - The World Ended A Long Time Ago

Coil will release a new album next year:

The World Ended A Long Time Ago (formerly known as Backwards) will be released by Nothing in the Americas, and by Threshold House in the rest of the Whirled with distribution by World Serpent .

# posted by DJ Martian 6:12 PM

Witchman - The returning Witchman in 2002 - Innasylum

Witchman will release an album Innasylum in 2002 on the Deviant label. Witchman's music is the dark industrial cinematic breakbeat vein - a direction that Scorn having been moving into and also Rico. [Witchman, Scorn and Rico are all set to release albums in 2002.]

Witchman (aka John Roome) creates his very own breed of exorcised dust beats. Tripping out through soundscapes of fx-ridden breaks, Witchman melts together the haunting regions of dub-fused hip hop with the sheer energy of heavyweight breakbeat. While fitting seamlessly into the current musical climate, Witchman has the undeniable responsibility of being one of a kind, impossible to pigeonhole easily, incorporating the best of every genre.

See the Tunes section:

This is a chance to download and hear an exclusive edited versions of witchmans new material for the forthcomming cd "Innasylum"

# posted by DJ Martian 5:35 PM

Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia - Indian Ink - debut album released next week

Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia are a sixpiece "art-rock collective" based in Oxford blending spoken word vocals, sequenced beats, intricate melodies and white-noise distortion. Their sound is reminiscent of Seefeel, Insides, Laika, Piano Magic and Mogwai.

The band played an excellent live set, broadcasted on the John Peel show at the recent One Live In Birmingham.

Their debut album Indian Ink is released on Jitter Records next week (November 26th) it can be pre ordered @ Opal Music

# posted by DJ Martian 12:39 PM

Tuesday, November 20, 2001


The Cardiacs

Strange art rockers The Cardiacs will release a Greatest Hits album on the Alphabet label in February 2002.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:23 PM

Piano Magic

Pitchfork review the retrospective release from Piano Magic -Seasonally Affective: 1996-2000 [Rocket Girl; 2001]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:13 PM

Sigur Ros Win Artistic Music Prize

Icelandic ethereal types Sigur Ros Takes Home Inaugural Shortlist Prize for their album �g�tis Byrjun. [Also this album was highly praised by Pitchfork in the year end poll back in December 2000]

# posted by DJ Martian 10:33 PM


I caught that last two tracks of Lammo's show tonight (Steve Lamacq on Radio 1) a DJ I normally can't stand and rarely listen to, one track was a generic pop punk tripe but he did play something that caught my interest of band called Landshipping that reminded me of Piano Magic - that same weird atmospheric spoken word vibe. One to keep tabs on for the future.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:14 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Ulrich Schnauss

This week's front cover choice is the mysterious Ulrich Schnauss, a German electronic artist. This week sees the release of his debut album - Far Away Trains Passing By - on City Centre Offices label.

Far Away Trains Passing By grabs you by the heart. All 6 tracks, full of heavenly melodies and harmonies, do not even think about caring about unwritten laws of the so-called electronica genre, but switch on sun after sun in the sky instead, hover old drumboxes and breakbeats and explore the more than impressive collection of maschines in Schnauss' studio. Everything works and flows on autopilot here and sounds much more like a studio with wooden floors and walls rather than harddisk cooling fans. Ulrich Schnauss? No, the name should not ring any bell, although it might sound familiar to his Berlin neighbours. However, Mr. Schnauss released more records over the last couple of years than you might think, all of them appeared in quite different contextes though. And does it matter? Far Away Trains Passing By ist the most astonishing debut of the year and at the same time only the beginning of a long story. Next time, everyone will take them serious though...."


Already raved about by New York music store Other Music - as electronic album of the year.

There is very little information on the web about Ulrich, no website, no interviews and apart from the Other Music review there are no other reviews according to Google, however once the word starts to spread I expect many positive reviews appearing over the coming months. [In fact for an obscure artist I have had a fair amount referrals for Ulrich Schnauss over the past week or so on this website.]

From the track I heard on Nick Luscombe's Xfm I knew this was very special, just like when I heard Cex, something this sublime - is easy to spot.

Lets face facts albums by Arovane and Boards Of Canada - have been delayed to 2002, so there are no excuses ORDER this album this week - Ulrich Schnauss is making sublime lush organic fresh top grade electronic music.

Hedonizm Records state

Future Music - have nominated it as album of the month.

(new artist on the excellent City Centre Offices and this is set to be big - album of the month in Future Music and an incredible CD review in Other Music. beautiful electronica described as a blend of Herrman & Kleine, Boards Of Canada & Arovane)


ULRICH SCHNAUSS. Far Away Trains Passing By. (City Centre Offices) CD �10.99 LP �8.99 "Ulrich has released a considerable amount of tracks under a host of names and for a host of labels (some of them would really surprise you), this is the first collection of tracks that Ulrich has felt strongly enough about to put his real name to. This is one of those albums that touches everyone who listens to it � simple, uplifting, reminiscent of a variety of things you can�t quite put your finger on. Names like Herrmann and Kleine, Boards of Canada, Arovane...all come to mind � influences, for sure, navigating Ulrich on course to creating one of the most complete and downright addictive electronic LP�s we�ve heard in time on end. Old drumboxes, synths, breakbeats, so much warmth, bright, sunniest sunshine" TOTALLY RECOMMENDED / ESSENTIAL

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 AM

Yellow6 - Lake:Desert

Yellow6 - Lake:Desert will now be released 10th December.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:00 AM

Monday, November 19, 2001


One Armed Bandid

Harmsonic will release the debut album from One Armed Bandid next Spring:

One Armed Bandid

His debut solo album is in production and is scheduled for release spring 2002. It will reveal the other side of the artist Drew McDowall whose name behind One Armed Bandid we know from Coil and Psychic TV. But with the tracks on his debut Drew he will be able to surprise many.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:53 PM

British Underground

British Underground is an association of Independent labels that promote alternative, underground and leftfield music. Includes record label profiles and releases.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 PM

Anathema - A Fine Day to Exit

Ink19 review Anathema - A Fine Day to Exit

you'll be whisked away to the darkest underbelly of OK Computer, the angry cloud of doom n' gloom hovering above Grace, and the non-dilettantish death knell of Dark Side of the Moon -- guideposts, yeah, but apt ones, guaranteed. In fewer words, the album's epic, ringing, uplifting, depressing, invigorating, tragic, and altogether painted in hues that aren't "metal" per se, but metal in spiritual nature: Anathema are now coming to a new audience near you.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost are working on the follow up to their Believe In Nothing album:

The three tracks laid down so far are "My Religion," "Two Worlds," and "Promises." The band is said to have returned to their rehearsal studio in Bradford, England to continue writing material for the upcoming album, tentatively scheduled to be tracked in early 2002. As previously mentioned in the band's recent press, Paradise Lost are looking to reproduce their "raw live sound" on the forthcoming album, which may or may not be produced by Pennington, for a mid-2002 release through EMI Records.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:27 PM

Annual Nightingale Awards 2001

So as the year is drifting to end it means mad end of year polls take Annual Nightingale Awards 2001 run by Radio 1 DJ - Annie Nightingale - as for some of the categories/questions - totally off the wall! Ba humbug I will not be entering!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:03 PM

Dntel - Life Is Full of Possibilities

Pitchfork review Dntel - Life Is Full of Possibilities

the album is a matchless combination of scratchy indie rock and post-Oval electronics.

I've only become this ecstatic about one other album this year (Herbert's Bodily Functions), and Life Is Full of Possibilities exceeds even that landmark album. Possibly, it'll have an similar effect on you.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM

The Brainwashed Brain - V04I45 - 11182001

The Brainwashed Brain this week includes reviews of:

Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

Sunday, November 18, 2001


Fake Jazz Reviews Issue 22

Fake Jazz Issue 22 including reviews of these:

Another excellent review for Solex - Low Kick and Hard Bop (Matador) another critic Scaruffi still rates this as the best album of 2001.

From Scotland comes ex Ganger leader in Aereogramme - A Story in White (Matador)

Combining the song structure of Sigur Ros with the anger and emotion of Nirvana and much use of a Chavez-like heavy metal guitar sound, A Story in White is a powerful, personal album.

Scott Cortez makes more MBValike music Astrobrite - 8 Candy EP (Sonic Syrup)

Ever wondered what Kevin Shield's home recordings sound like? Now you don't have to! This EP, recorded entirely at home on cassette 4-track by Scott Cortez of Loveliescrushing fame, is almost ridiculous in its devotion to the faithful recreation of the "My Bloody Valentine sound".
That being said, Cortez makes a very good lo-fi Kevin Shields. The washes of guitar, the slightly "off" wavey lead lines, the simple drumbeats, the whispery buried vocals; it's all there. In truth, Astrobrite seems more suited to being a cover band, albeit a very good one!

the 22 minutes epic of a track Mogwai - My Father My King EP (Matador)

Lali Puna - Scary World Theory (Morr Music)

Pop music is not supposed to sound like this. Vocalist and keyboardist Valerie Trebeljahr, backed by two parts of The Tied and Tickled Trio, merges contemporary German electronica textures with the cool, laid back, droning pop of early Stereolab to create pop music that is sophisticated, smart, and open-armed.

Loscil - Triple Point (Kranky)

Some of the tracks on Triple Point bring to mind Seefeel and even Selected Ambient Works II era Aphex Twin. This is definitely a very good thing.

the sound of Trans Am and The Fucking Champs colliding TransChamps - Double Exposure EP (Thrill Jockey)

# posted by DJ Martian 11:11 PM

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