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Thursday, August 30, 2001


OREN AMBARCHI - Suspension

Touch Records have just released an album by OREN AMBARCHI - Suspension

Oren Ambarchi is an electronic guitarist and percussionist. Born in Sydney in 1969, he has been performing live since 1986. His work focuses mainly on the exploration of the guitar, "re-routing the instrument into a zone of alien abstraction where it�s no longer easily identifiable as itself. Instead, it�s a laboratory for extended sonic investigation".(THE WIRE, UK).

Oren Ambarchi is a Sydney-based musician with a longstanding interest in transcending conventional instrumental approaches. He has worked with artists as diverse as Keith Rowe, Christian Fennesz, Sachiko M and Phill Niblock. Suspension is Ambarchi�s second release for Touch, after Insulation [Touch # T33.16, 1999]. Although continuing his explorations of the guitar, Oren has almost completely discarded the deconstructed, fragmentary approach to composition that he employed on 1999�s excellent Insulation. This disc is more akin to his remarkable Stacte series of LPs (treasure them if you have them, for they are all but gone), where compositions have the exploratory freedom, spontaneity and fluidity of improvised music, yet contain the determination, discipline and solidity of composers such as Alvin Lucier (of whom Ambarchi is an open admirer). As the title suggests, the listener is suspended in dense tonal fields or complete silence; adrift, never touching the bottom, never reaching the surface but continually held in the realm of the instant. Movement and flux contend with stasis and rigidity. Sounds continually unravel and solidify. These works are endless, eternal, never opting for obvious resolutions or easy destinations. Often beginning in abstraction, seemingly random and irregular pulses and tones coalesce and converge. All elements are part of a greater logic, which reveals itself through intense, immersive and repeated listenings. Suspension is Ambarchi�s most total and completely realised effort to date.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:17 PM

The milkfactory: September Reviews

This month the milkfactory delivers the following album reviews. [Summaries taken from an e-mail newsletter]


Air prot�g� Rob explores with Don't Kill, the outer limits of
pop, by
injecting his compositions with tacky melodies and cheesy
arrangements. It is somehow dificult to resist these outrageous
songs. Don't Kill is definitely one of the best records released this


Legends don't come any bigger than this. David Axelrod started
a name for himself in the fifties, when he became one of the most
respected jazz record producers of his time. He went on to record his
own music, with the Electric Prunes, and in solo. This new album uses
rhythmic sections recorded in 1968, on which Axelrod layers.


Dark and intriguing, Internal Dissident is partly based on the
fourteenth Century epic poem The Divine Comedy. Andrew Diey collects
sound from all over the world and injects them throughout this
inspiring record.


When it was first released, in 1993, Tango N' Vectif was one of the
defining electronic records of the post acid area. Re-issued by
Rephlex on CD, and including the full original LP track listing, it
sounds as modern and inventive today as it did then.
Don't miss the interview given by Mike Paradinas to themilkfactory.


This new Pole album is actually based on Raum 1 & Raum 2, two tracks
originally released in 1998, as a 12". R also includes reworkings by
Burnt Friedman and Kit Clayton, as well as some new tracks.


Schlammpeitziger's Jo Zimmermann has been releasing music since 1993.
However, the man has remained pretty unknown outside his native
Germany. Collected Simplesongs From My Temporary Past collects some
of his best work to date, introducing his playground lo-fi to a much
wider audience.


This American duo presents its second proper album, and it is no
ordinary work. Situated at the point where the glitch of Autechre and
the sonic experimentation of Mille Plateaux meet, Twine create a very
original soundscape, at once intricate and accessible.


Although not as original as their first album, Way Out West continue
their journey through trance, with beautiful vocal tracks and
absolute floor stompers.

SULPHUR: COMPOUND compilation.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:45 PM

Review: Stereolab - Sound-Dust review Stereolab - Sound-Dust

# posted by DJ Martian 2:12 AM

Review: System of a Down - Toxicity

DrownedinSound review System of a Down - Toxicity

System are probably the most vital band around in the big, wide world of metal right now. In a world where metal is becoming a predictable laughing stock, System are a shining light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

I have heard a few tracks so far - once again the vocalist does remind me of Dead Kennedys, other reference points would be Faith No More and Machine Head's debut, one of the tracks also has a tripped out vibe that is influenced by Pink Floyd.

Many critics have tipped this as the best Metal album of 2001 so far.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:07 AM

Rabies Caste - Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein

Earache Records this week released an album Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein by a Russian Israeli based band called Rabies Caste.

Combining sounds inspired by Neurosis, Coalesce and Godflesh, Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein is set to be one almighty violent aural assault when it hits the streets in late August.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:51 AM

Wednesday, August 29, 2001


Fridge - Happiness

Posteverything have some information on the forthcoming album by Fridge - Happiness.

Emotions are fleeting and inconstant. That's why we have music, to preserve the memory of mercurial human emotions. Fridge describe themselves as, "Three close friends, making music quickly and directly from what we feel. Completely safe and at ease, late in the night, warm and loving." This is the sound of Happiness.

Recorded in sessions between October 1999 and December 2000, Happiness is the fourth album from Kieran Hebden, Adem Ilhan and Sam Jeffers, who've been making beautiful music together as Fridge since 1997. Lately, their concerns have shifted toward the naked and unadorned. 'Cut Up Piano and Xylophone' is a tune featuring... cut up piano and xylophone. The literal and prosaic nature of the song titles bypasses the always entertaining (and always distracting) art of being self-consciously artful. The true nature of this record is the transference of pure emotion - the intimacy and intensity of the trio in the studio together.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:59 PM

Review: Converge - Jane Doe review Converge - Jane Doe that is released on September 10th. Comparisions are made to Isis, Today is the Day and Cave In: Until Your Heart Stops. This looks set to be one of the key extreme rock releases of the year fusing many complex sound elements together.

...and with their most recent release Jane Doe Converge raise the musical standard that they so effortlessly set during their inception.

Jane Doe takes an almost introspective look at the scene and its current makings, and without blinking an eye, blends them together for an utterly amazing listen to say the least. All of this just proves the fact that Converge can do no wrong. Jane Doe takes emotionally captivating hymns and metal intricacy of modern day hardcore to the next level, but then again, that was always their specialty

# posted by DJ Martian 3:53 PM

Tuesday, August 28, 2001



Post rock band Landing have just released their second album Oceanless, a MP3 track from the album is available for download.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:56 PM

Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets review Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets summing up Neurosis has set an unbelievably high standard for itself. I don't know how they're ever going to top this in the future.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:51 PM

Red Harvest - new album due Feb 2002

Red Harvest report that:

Red Harvest has teamed up with producer Neil Kernon for the recording of their next album. The Album is due to be recorded and mixed around November this year, and the release is set to February 2002.

A new fan driven Red Harvest website has been set up, including a brand new interview where the band are interviewed about their forthcoming plans.

As regular readers know Red Harvest's last album Cold Dark Matter took my album of the year award in 2000, so I eagerly await the new album.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:44 PM

My Dying Bride - New Album

My Dying Bride have a new album called The Dreadful Hours coming in October:

The Dreadful Hours the title of the forthcoming album by My Dying Bride. According to Peaceville, the scheduled release date is October 22. The track listing for the new album reads:

The Dreadful Hours
Raven and The Rose
Le Figlie Della Tempesta
Black Heart Romance
A Cruel Taste of Winter
My Hope The Destroyer
The Deepest of Hearts

# posted by DJ Martian 11:28 PM

Satyricon report that Satyricon have signed to EMI Norway for Scandinavian territories.

"Therefore we are very proud of having Satyricon on our label. Black metal is an exciting genre, constantly progressing, and we wish to bring this music to a wider audience."

"This is the first time, in Norway and internationally, that a major label signs a contract with a pure black metal band," said an EMI press release.

"Satyricon play dark and somber music of an extreme caliber. They are the best in the world at that," said EMI head Nils Heldal

Satyricon are currently in a studio in Denmark working on the follow up to the awesome Rebel Extravaganza which should be with us in 2002. There sound has an avant garde experimental edge that sets Satyricon's music up to be pioneers of pushing extreme music to new levels. Satytricon impressed on their last album, along with twisting guitars it was very rhythmic and bleed with industrial/distorted electronics. I look forward to the new album.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:15 PM

Mina - A to B

Bungalow Records will release a new album by Mina called A to B on September 3rd.

Masha, Norman, Christoph and Hannes are from Berlin. And they're young. Classic alternative rock music was part of their upbringing as well as modern DJ club culture. Therefore it is not really surprising that Mina is capable of welding two different musical directions together into one homogenic mixture, which has always been dogmatically seperated in the past. Music, telling great stories without the use of words. Instrumental epics in pop formats, way too shiny and clear for living rooms. Music for relaxing days on the seaside that can even make you enjoy a terrible rainy summer day. Recently UK-Dance magazine Jockey Slut released a 7' with a new track of Mina and another one of Luke Slater on the other side.

"Four German Types from Berlin who can't seem to help making their brand of Krautrock somehat discofied" Jockey Slut

# posted by DJ Martian 8:54 PM

Llips - Dos Partes

Llips - Dos Partes is a 4 track double album of warm melancholic and subtle post rock/electronica hybrid. It is available in the UK via Pinnacle distribution.

The fourth Llips. album 'Dos Partes' takes you in a very subtle and delicate way into a fantastic world full of sounds, emotions, beautiful voices, landscapes and atmospheres. Mixture of melancholic and joyfull feelings, lofi guitar music introspective and thoughtful sound layers. It is a call to our senses, our heart and our soul

# posted by DJ Martian 8:40 PM

The Wire - September edition

The new edition of The Wire magazine can now be picked up at your local newsagent. Bjork is on the front cover.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:40 PM

The Brainwashed Brain V04I33 - 08262001

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Fischerspooner, "#1" (Superb electro sounds)

Phonecia, "Brownout" (abstract melodic electronic music)

Unwound, "Leaves Turn Inside You" (a dose of epic alt rock)

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 AM

Monday, August 27, 2001


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: New Order

No surprises this week, New Order on the front cover. Get Ready is out today.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:18 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2001


Pelicanneck - This Week's New Releases

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck include:

F.S.BLUMM : Mondkuchen - Morr Music

New on Morr Music. On his Debut LP for Morr, frank sch�ltge aka F.S.Blumm presents a multitude of lovely popsongs and atmospheric soundscapes designed and constructed with an array of accoustic instrumentation, found sounds and electronic overlays. Mondkuchen seems like a coulorful picture transformed into music, telling little stories in many layers. Its tension covers a wide field from crushed acoustic sound experiments to perfect pop tunes. Crafted mainly out of acoustic instruments like Piano, Kalimba, Accordion, Viberaphone and Guitars, the result is so deeply mysterious and original that the usual system of description by comparison simply does not work here. Its hard to believe that F.S.Blumm is a one-man-project. It shows the many skills of a multi-instrumentalist, somehow managing to sound like a perfectly tuned-in orchestra, homogenous and well balanced. Blumm works with melodious sound, with deep buried memories and inner-mind visions that are governed by a universal and archetyped rule of simplicity. Experimental ideas communicate with accessible and friendly musical constructs with an almost overwhelming sense of�ll get lost in the land of mr Blumm until you realise that the record has run out. But hey, don�t worry, you just can start it again. Highly Recommended.

PRETTY BOY CROSSOVER : The building and formation - Surgery

Australias Surgery records fire back with this inspired debut release from Pretty Boy Crossover. For those of you who fell in love with the deep and soulful Hip-Hop interpretations of Machine Drum, The Building And Formation meets its sound somewhere directly in between said LPs killer beats and Boards of Canadas lush emissions. Its hard to fault a record that is simply so FAT. Opening up with X-3 Fader you know this is a no-messing kind of record, full of the deepest kinds of B-Boy beats mangled in with nostalgic keys and late night washes of warmth. Blu-Glo is another candy-coated gem, somewhere between classic Autechre and Sweetest Casino Vs Japan...and done with such skill and refinement. Rumour has it that this record was set for a release on Skam, and this would have made a truly classic Skam release. How great to find a record this good appearing literally out of nowhere. Without doubt a Future Classic that comes with the highest Pneck recommendation. Killer!

APPARAT : Multifunktionsebene - Shitkatapult

After a decent twelve inch extended player for Jetlag in recent weeks, Sascha Ring returns with a full lengther for the wonderful Shitkatapult, and it is a beauty. The title tune shows a robust delicacy, a tranquil simplicity, melodic and very lovely. We hit rougher cut up digitally processed styles, with the tumult and shade you might expect on a Phonem record. Multifocus enjoys a similarly spring laden rhythm with once again an absolutely heart breaking sense of melody atop the crunch- worth price of admission alone. Two bonus tracks on the CD.

BJORK : Vespertine - One Little Indian

With production work included from Mr Thomas Knack (Opiate), Matthew Herbert, Matmos and Console, and even a sample lifted off Ovals groundbreaking Systemisch LP, it almost feels as if this is a Pneck record through and through, rather than a major label release accompanied by Videos, Magazine covers and the like. And herein lies the genius of Bjork taking essentially new forms of music, licking them into shape with her voice of angels, swallowing and spitting them back out in a way that comes across as both uncompromising and accessable at the same time. Take, for example, the Opiate co-written and co-produced tracks Cocoon and Undoo so thoroughly moving with their fragile beats and dubby gentleness. Tracks that would have sounded so warm and cosy amongst the finest of Knacks work and, amazingly, as the vocals drop in you come to realise that these moments of beauty are magnified and exploded into proportions larger than life. Pop music produced by the underground and imbued with a sense of occasion. After all, how often is it that pop music sounds This good?? Immense.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:59 AM

Saturday, August 25, 2001


Aereogramme - featuriong ex members of Scottish post rockers Ganger

Chemikal Underground records will release the debut album by Aereogramme - A Story In White on September 24th.

Aereogramme were formed in April 1998 by Craig B and Campbell McNeil to work on songs that Craig had written but was unable to find an outlet for through his former band Ganger.
Martin Scott joined as drummer and was the catalyst that they needed to weave their strands of aggression, raw emotion and organic electronica into the perfect springboard for Craig�s unique songs.

The band's debut album "A Story in White" will be released in September.

1.The question is complete
2.Post tour, pre Judgement
4.Hatred (new version)
5.Zionist Timing
6.Sunday 3:52
7.Shouting for Joey
8.A meaningful existence
10.Will you still find me?

# posted by DJ Martian 2:32 AM

Tarentel - "The Order Of Things"

Neurot Recordings provide information on the new release by Tarentel - "The Order Of Things"

Tarentel occupy a space that investigates both a rock and classical aesthetic. Simultaneously creating with the human voice and the instrumental framework, "The Order Of Things" reverberates with a familiar cinematic sound, yet offers a new interpretation of space and landscape

In the fall of 2000, after recording a string of singles for UK labels, Tarentel began work on a group of songs for Neurot Recordings that would eventually become The Order of Things. The line up now consisted of Trevor Montgomery on bass and guitar, and Jeffrey Rosenberg on bass, guitar and drums (although Jeffrey soon left to peruse his other band LUMEN full time). With Scott Solter (Tiny Telephones Studio) producing, Tarentel expanded their instrumentation to include everything from horns to harp to pipe organ, attempting to achieve explosiveness and grandeur without relying on distorted guitars and excess effects. The recording process was long and, at times, frustrating, symptoms associated with using the studio as an instrument. The late period work of TALK TALK as well as modern composers such as Arvo P�rt, Gorecki, and Pauline Olivarios influenced the band greatly. The introduction of vocals for the first time, as an instrument, and in a lyrical setting (by Windy Allen) was another decision based on a desire to constantly experiment with not only there sound, but also the expectations of the listener. "The Order of Thing" is the result.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:19 AM

Review: Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit = Best British Rock Album of 2001? have reviewed Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit claiming it to be nothing less than a masterpiece. As mentioned before on this blog I highly rate the last 3 Anathema albums as amongst the best British rock albums of the last decade. Now Anathema will unleash their masterpiece - A Fine Day to Exit in the UK on October 1st on Music For Nations.

Check List of References for A Fine Day To Exit

Jeff Buckley - Grace
Cave In - Jupiter
Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
The Gathering - If then Else
Roy Harper
Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Pink Floyd
Radiohead - OK Computer
Slint - Spiderland
Tool - Lateralus

Last Fair Deal Gone Down, the album is fueled by relentless emotive energy mixed with precise musical imperfections that leaves listeners awestruck and trembling. At times, the album is too much. Anathema allows a chilling personal wound to be opened for listeners to climb into, revealing intimate brutal truths about the band and their vast musical journeys. Be forewarned, escaping this release is nigh impossible, as the band intend to conquer your soul through stark, painful realism. This is what moves this album beyond simple terms like 'masterpiece' (what does that really mean anyway?), and instead lifts it into enigmatic ranking, alongside albums such as Jeff Buckley's Grace, Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left or Slint's Spiderland.

One might think the album schizophrenic, but it is quite the opposite indeed, as each song softly propels their powerful message forward in a logical manner rarely seen (think OK Computer, Lateralus or If_Then_Else).

with each successive album, Anathema is ever-changing, always moving forward. No verse is alike, no chorus the same, their music is an organic art form that truly lives and breathes. Just as no moment of our day ever repeats, Anathema interject wistful feedback, increasing layers of keyboard, folkish acoustic undertones or a new vocal harmony to make every second comfortably different. has more news on A Fine Day to Exit

A Fine Day To Exit is a collection of beautiful, powerful masterpieces performed with feeling and intelligence. From the opening piano chords of "Pressure", whose Radiohead influence cannot be ignored, through the maniacal insanity of "Panic" ('I can feel my chest pushing inwards, sucking through my skin into my brain'), to the heartfelt closing track "Temporary Peace", A Fine Day To Exit will undoubtedly find its way into the hall of fame alongside the albums of bands whose existence triggered the chain of events that resulted in this classic album.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:08 AM

Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - 'Masters of Confusion'

Mute Records will release a new album by Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - 'Masters of Confusion' on September 17th. The Mute website includes partial MP3 downloads.

Aptly titled 'Masters of Confusion' is the first recorded fruit of the collaboration between Irmin Schmidt, founder member of the legendary German avant garde rock group Can, and Kumo, the artist name of drum programmer, sound engineer and producer Jono Podmore. For this album, Kumo spontaneously constructs, collapses and reshuffles towercards of rhythms sprayed with pointillist beats, over, under and between which Irmin's grand piano and keyboards dance with the poise of a Nuevo Tango player, the reflex of a gymnast and the wit of a joker on the run. Quite naturally the music carries traces of their combined experiences, which range over raging rock and incantatory trance improvisations, contemporary composition, techno and drum 'n bass. But fully aware of the failure of the fusion con of mid 70's Jazz-rock, these two Masters of Confusion characteristically create running dialogues between the different components they bring into play. The most immediately noticeable contrast is that between the very specific cultural / classical resonances of Irmin's grand piano - his main instrument, which went untouched through all his years with Can - and Kumo's dancehall-trained electronic circuit rhythms. Biba Kopf, Wire Magazine

"You can't put this music into any category anymore," enthuses Irmin, "because it is equally new music, in a way, classical music and we are invited to play jazz festivals, though it also falls in the big field of Techno or whatever. So it brings it all together, and still it is not crossover - this word I cannot take. It's confusion, you know, because confusion holds the word fusion."

# posted by DJ Martian 1:31 AM

Soulwhirlingsomewhere - Please Sennd Help

Projekt release Soulwhirlingsomewhere - Please sennd help on September 4th.

Two tracks from the album are available to download at Soulwhirlingsomewhere @

Infused with the heartbreak of David Sylvian, the musical sensitivity of Harold Budd, the piercing lyrical inquisition of black tape for a blue girl, and the personal insight of a man reflecting on the past five years of failure, Soulwhirlingsomewhere's please sennd help is a strikingly personal album of acute soul-searching and self-awareness.

please sennd help - Soulwhirlingsomewhere's 4th Projekt release since their 1993 debut - is driven by Michael Plaster's delicate voice, atop an exquisite web of reverbed piano melodies, ambiently processed guitars and drifting electronic synthscapes. It's an elegant environment, where a sense of realization and discovery prevails.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:31 AM

Friday, August 24, 2001


Etronik Frontline: 17th August

Last week's Etronik Frontline news included information on albums by Omid Nourizadeh and Neil Landstrumm.

Omid Nourizadeh

Omid's music I highly rate the closest a UK Producer has got to the vibe of Carl Craig.

Omid Nourizadeh releases a new album, �The Which Equation� on Under The Counter in October. Omid, who is perhaps better known as acclaimed deep house producer 16B also records as Changing Shape, Phaser and Orn.

Neil Landstrumm

After a two year break, Scottish producer Neil Landstrumm releases a new album, �She Took A Bullet Meant For Me� on Tresor on October 8th.

"Having done darkness quite satisfactorily in the past, I've moved onto more melancholy atmospheres, maybe side effects from my extended stay in Brooklyn. Less abstracted, more melodic...but still with the signature weirdness." The producer plans to tour to support the new album.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:01 PM

Etronik Frontline

The weekly Etronik Frontline includes the following news:

Koma & Bones

I have heard a few Koma & Bones mixes and they are right up there with Adam Freeland and DJ Hyper i.e panoramic breaks, techno, electro and house thrown into the mix blender to create epic soundscapes.

Fresh from mixing the �Y4K� compilation, break beat act Koma & Bones release their debut album, �Blinded By Science� on TCR on October 1st


One of our favourite electronic producers, Lee Norris returns with a new album, �Spring Themes� in October. Released under his Norken alter ego and available on Hydrogen Dukebox, �Themes� was recorded in the isolated environs of Devon and is the follow up to 1999�s superb �Soul Static Bureau� album.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:45 PM

Albums by Christian Kleine, Solvent and Lali Puna - due this Autumn

Darla Records Coming Soon include pre-order background information on the following albums, (they also offer a partial MP3 download track from each album)

CHRISTIAN KLEINE Beyond Repair (City Centre Offices)

COMING October 1st

the year 2000 was a busy one for christian kleine. together with mr. herrmann, he kickboarded throughout europe, playing numerous shows as herrmann & kleine. back in berlin, mr. kleine, who is also responsible for the unique guitar work on arovane's tides (cco/towerblock001), parked his kickboard outside his studio and sat down to compile his first solo full-length release. now ... after his 7" on cco and a couple of solotracks on compilations ... ladies and gentlemen please take your seats. we at cco present: beyond repair, christian kleine's debut album.. 8 wonderful tracks, all dominated by an epic elegance, combining christian�s love for hiphop, guitar, electronica and modern software gadgets. mainly recorded in his now abandoned studio in berlin-wedding, located in quiet backyard, beyond repair reflects this secluded atmosphere. from the ambient crackles of kritzel to the pulsing titletrack beyond repair, the 8 tracks melt day & night, melancholy & happiness, fragility & strength. little melodies meet popsongs meet beats meet big, fascinated children's eyes.

SOLVENT Solvent City (Morr Music)

John Pel has played a track from this album, very lush organic atmospheric electronic music

COMING October 1st

hello, and welcome to solvent city. just pop on the monorail and we'll show you around for a day. starting from the top floor of the suction records tower, we see honorary citizen jason amm smiling down upon the city that he has built. with some assistance from fellow luminaries lowfish and skanfrom, solvent has constructed a warm and inviting cityscape, bathed in the radiating glow of vintage synthesizers bordering the city's perimeter. 'some assembly required' is the theme song, accompanying us along the highway to the city's industrial zone. here we see a team of canadian snowrobots working around the clock to the track's motorik pulse. these bouncy synth-pop melodies inspire great productivity in our robots. as we approach the downtown core, we hear 'solvent city' booming from cars, bars and beatboxes. it's a big hit with the city's youngsters, recently bumping depeche mode out of the #1 position in the pop charts. 'a panel of experts' is a song for the suburbs. this is the lushest track in town, with dusty home-organ beats and a choir of heartbroken synthesizers. our citizens are not simple robots; we grow introspective with age, and we have music to reflect this. let's stop the train here and spend some time to learn about the people that make this city tick... after returning from a busy day at the city.centre.offices, our robots head over to the supermarket. here we find berlin immigrant skanfrom offering a fine, remixed selection of 'frozen food', seasoned with majestic melodies and otherwordly bleeps. once at home, citizens will turn on their desktop tape players for a study session in synth-pop architecture. 'built-in microphone', with its octave-hopping basslines and perfectly formed microscopic melodies, is a compulsory course, along with vince-clarke-101 and moog-history. solvent city is well-known for its stunning attention to detail, and the citizens make every effort to educate themselves in the fineries of classic robot-pop. concluding our monorail tour, we'll wind down with the icy beauty of lowfish's take on 'a panel of experts'. this remix picks lost vocal snippets out of the airwaves and places them in the frosty landscape of our city's night sky. beyond solvent city there's only barren land - littered with clicks, cuts, and cold digital noise. make sure you stay within the city limits. this train is headed downtown - please put on your dancing shoes. the night is still young in 'solvent city'.

LALI PUNA Scary World Theory (Morr Music)

COMING October 15th

�Right now Lali Puna are favourites of both Radiohead and Andrew Weatherall a few months ago the latter admitted he was listening to Lali Puna on a never-ending loop...." (Les Inrockuptibles | 06.2001). For the last three years Valerie Trebeljahr has been quietly whittling away at her very own blueprint of pop music. Steering well clear of prevalent harmless geniality, her aim is to cleverly and intelligently dissect our perception of the world around us. After initial, tentative solo ventures on a four track and contributions to the Hausmusik �Reihenhaus" 7" series as well as �The Safe Side" on Belgian label K-raa-k, Lali Puna have now become a fully fledged band, carefully selecting band members (from Console, Notwist, Tied and Tickled Trio, Iso 68, Fred is Dead) as well as infrequent collaborators (Bomb the Bass, Two Lone Swordsmen). Following last years album debut Tridecoder (Morr/Darla), their latest offering Scary World Theory has now achieved the perfect combination of pop and (personal) politics. Behind ostensibly shy, almost withdrawn vocals Valerie is by no means coy about confronting the world's ambivalent status quo, bluntly documenting current conditions underneath putative fragility. And the music, too, demands our full attention. Between hummable chords and sometimes soothing, almost hypnotic monotony, each repetition discloses multi-layered complexity as well as cleverly hidden counterpoints. No matter if atmospheric (Satur-nine), exuding classical warmth (Contratempo, Lowdown) or quietly breathy (Scary World Theory) �again and again Lali Puna tear heartbreaking harmonies from the sparsest of arrangements. 50 Faces Of rewinds the beat to move our feet with funky House breaks, intersected by stubbornly chirping electronics. Nevertheless, Lali Puna's precision is best revealed on Nin-com-pop or Don't Think �here seemingly unemotional reduction coaxes its way into our ears with unflustered self-confidence and refuses to go away. Produced by Mario Thaler (a.o. Notwist, Slut) Scary World Theory is a confidently melancholic album quite happy with itself. And willing to spread that happiness. If we�re prepared to let it enter our lives, that is. �Every time I play the record to someone, they fall in love with the music and I simply have to let them have it. Coward that I am, I�m on my fourth copy now." (Colin Greenwood, Radiohead on Tridecoder).

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Wednesday, August 22, 2001


Devin Townsend - Terria - released August 27th

Devin Townsend will release an new album called Terria next monday. As I have mentioned before Devin is individualistic rock instrumental genius, some have dubbed him a modern day Frank Zappa.

As a side note a new Strapping Young Lad album (one of Devin's many other sound projects) will release a new album in 2002.

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Next Issue of Terrorizer Magazine

Next Issue of Terrorizer Magazine will be on sale late August and will feature Candiria, Emperor, Techno Animal and Ant-Zen Records.

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Le Hammond Inferno - 'My First Political Dance Album'

Pinnacle records announce that Le Hammond Inferno will release an album My First Political Dance Album on September 3rd.

Le Hammond Inferno is the endearing project of Marcus and Holger, the brains behind the Berlins Bungalow record label. Packed with 80's inspired electro-pop, their latest album 'My First Political Dance Album' is out on September 3rd. Featuring remixes by Adamski, and genius Japanese producer Fantastic Plastic Machine, it's brimming with carefully inspired quirkiness. Look out especially for 'An Apple A Day' which samples The Stone Roses 'I Am The Resurrection' and is a smash on alternative dancefloors across the country. Available on CD (catalogue number LIQ016CD) and LP (LIQ016)

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Techno Animal in 5K Kerrang review shock

Catherine Yates ex Terrorizer writer gave a glowing review 5K review for Techno Animal The Brotherhood of the Bomb in this week's rock rag Kerrang. I can't see the hordes of young Kerrang readers picking it up though, they will be too involved with 9 silly men in boiler suits with cookie monster vocals and an overindulgence of overrated sludge grind.

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Oceansize - a very still movement

Oceansize are a band from Manchester that are creating an underground buzz at the moment. Their second single is a 4 track ep, A Very Still Movement

Described by The Fly: as veering from "measured post rock minimalism to transcendent blasts of kick ass multi guitar noise"

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Morsel - Para Siempre

Morsel are a band from Michigan in the USA they are influenced by Massive Attack, Flying Saucer Attack and The Cocteau Twins, Morsel have a new album called Para Siempre on the Small Stone label.

This album is being distributed in the UK by Cargo who state in an advert - The Fragile vocals of Miriam Cabrera, backed by intricate and infectious loops and beats make this album the perfect record for balmy summer evenings.

Their record label Small Stone records has this to say about Morsel's new album Para Siempere.

Celebrate a Morsel decade with this long-awaited full-length! Passion melts into sonic intensity as Morsel dives deep into the listener�s psyche through intense and raw performance. Para Siempre, mixed by Bob Ebeling at Detroit�s power studio Rustbelt, is an emotionally-charged heavy-hitter. Rhythmic melodies interrupt spaciousness with an intrusive vitality....

Para Siempre could easily rank number 1 on the Hedonistic Food Network with a main course like �RedRedRed.� Chopped beats, pur�ed rhythms, and roasted guitar consomm�, all served on a bed of organically grown electro-mixed greens. Topped off with Miriam Cabrera�s creamy vocal Cr�me Fra�che, Morsel attacks (Massive Attack, Flying Saucer Attack) the sonic palette. Look it up: �Morsel� means �a tasty delicacy� or �one that is delightful and extremely pleasing.�
Mmm....a delicious disc.

This record reflects a band evolution, a musical maturity that has continued to warp and deliver. Said to be "music that blows the mind in slow motion", Morsel�s emotionally-charged sonic intensity conjures up feelings of personal retribution, and grants the listener entry into their dense world of corvette rides, wild chants, and brian eno-seducing forays.

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Fad Gadget - Best of

Mute are to release a Fad Gadget best of compilation on 15th October:

Electronic pioneer Fad Gadget, aka Frank Tovey, is set to release a "Best Of�" collection on 15th of October and makes his long awaited return with live shows on Depeche Mode�s "Exciter" Tour throughout Europe in September and October.

"The Best Of Fad Gadget" features 30 tracks including all the original singles and B-sides together with brand new and rare remixes.

Fad Gadget, who alongside Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and The Normal, was at the forefront of the Electronic Movement of the late 70s/early 80s and is recognised as one of the most influential acts of the last twenty years.

The first signing to the Mute label, Fad Gadget released his debut single, the ground breaking, 'Back To Nature' in October 1979. Recorded using a drum machine and synthesiser a string of classic singles followed including 'Ricky�s Hand�, 'Fireside Favourites� and �Collapsing New People�. A truly unique artist his live shows were legendary and quickly established Fad Gadget as one of the most exciting acts of the time.

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Si Futures - Mission Statement

Si Futures Si Begg, under the guise of S.I. Futures, is set to release his first long player for the novamute label on September 3rd.

I have heard a track, 'We Are Not A Rock Band� that has a deep electro vibe that is very much in the Kraftwerk mold.

"The Mission Statement" features twelve brand new tracks, including the single �We Are Not A Rock Band� and is the follow up to the brilliant 38 track cut �n� paste compilation Noodles: �The Complete Death Of Cool� released earlier this year on the Noodles/Leaf label.

Within its pages (if you like), the album is a masterful work. Opening with �S.I Futures Intro�, a welcome message as false and worthless as that of any airline hostess, the corporate world is further ridiculed by the excellent �Vending Machine�, a sideways swipe at coffee cup culture. The tremendous �Eurostar� is as good a Kraftwerk pastiche as you�ll find anywhere. T Power helps out on the abstract and haunting �I Like That (Brand New)� while �Freestyle Disco� is a devastatingly effective slice of hard funk. By its close, the vocoder fuelled first single �We Are Not A Rock Band�, you're left gasping for breath and holding your sides. It�s a brilliant mix that effortlessly glides from style to style with grace and humour and is set to consolidate Begg�s already considerable reputation.

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I can hear genius a mile off - Introducing a new British rock band - SikTh

I listened to the rock show on Radio One, as usual most of the music on the show I find predictable, boring and generic, however a new band called SikTh got played, immediately I was intrigued by the sound of the band, the best British rock band I have heard since Earthtone 9 the folks at The Organ agree !

SIKTH "Hold My Finger" - Best new band in the world warning - the hottest thing around the underground right now and finally they have a recording that goes somewhere near capturing the pronkoid metallic tantrums they throw live. Somewhere out there past the creativity of the cleverer bands like Miocene and Earthtone 9 and almost taking in hits and hints of Cardiacs at their most deranged or indeed the mighty mighty Dog Fashion Disco - yeap, Nu-Pronk spiky bendyness from a band who just could be the very very best thing out there.

Yes I can hear the Cardiacs influences - ala is this the life? thick twisting epic guitar sounds, that sprawl effectively to create a big sonicscape.

What impressed me about SikTh's music was a complexity of sound that drew on Killing Joke, Faith No More and Earthtone 9, music that startles damn this is interesting - who is this? this is something really special. I will be keeping close tabs on SikTh, they deserve success, I look forward to a debut album in 2002?

More information at the SikTh official website.

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Review: Way Out West - Intensify

Virgin.Net review Way Out West - Intensify

Way Out West don't display Leftfield's eclecticism but Intensify has enough stylistic twists to warrant your attention across its eleven tracks

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Luke Slater compilation review the forthcoming mix album put together by Luke Slater - FEAR AND LOATHING that will be released on September 24th.

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The Brainwashed Brain V04I32 - 08192001

The Brainwashed Brain this weeks has reviews of the following albums:

Four Tet, "pause"

Vert, "9 types of ambiguity"

Zorn, "The City's Collapsing (but not tonight)"

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Canadian band Grade will release a new album Headfirst Straight to Hell next week in the UK, released today in the US. I listened to a track off the album In the Wake of Poseidon from a a Cd Sampler today given away with Metal Hammer that reminded me of the direct emotional power of Husker Du. Grade however do have their own unique style that is melodic, forceful and crunchy - the energy and tripping guitar breakdowns make the music really connect with me. The production of the music is also excellent, there is texture and atmosphere.

Grade's music has been dubbed screamo-core - a mixture of different styles it will appeal to fans of Thursday,Glassjaw ,Botch ,Drowningman and Legendary mids 80s band Rites of Spring.

A recent Grade interview

Tangent rant >>>I honestly don't understand the popularity of popular contemporary hardcore/ pop punk - it is so lightweight and weedy (you know the types like Pennywise, Guttermouth, Less than Jake and many more of that ilk - horrible ghastly bands with goofy lyrics, weedy vocals and the music that is so flat and one dimensional dull, when I have the misfortune to hear it on the radio I have switch off. What I want to know why can't the kids reject this monotone lite rubbish and instead listen to the multidimensional and dynamic guitar music of Cave In, Minus, Botch, Drowningman and Grade? Maybe because this music is rarely played on the radio?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2001


New Order - Get Ready - entire album on full Real Audio Streaming! @

Reuters report AOL's Music Site Debuts New Order Album

New Order's music label is AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Reprise Records. The evidence of the emergence of a global multimedia business has arrived with AOL Time Warner merging connectivity and content.

As part of the advance premiere on or Spinner online radio service, the album is being streamed in its entirety from Aug. 20 through Aug. 27

You can hear the album now @

I don't know what to make of hearing entire albums in full before the actual release date - doesn't it spoil the anticipation of getting the album? I have heard a few tracks played on the radio so far that is OK, but the whole album in one go before release date ?

I can understand say making 2 tracks downloadable in MP3 format - I still can't believe that so many record companies both majors and independents alike don't do this as norm. That way you can sample some tracks and if you enjoy it you will pick the album up.

AOL and Spinner are both American web based services also the fact that the New New Order album in the US is not out till October. I read on the web that was due to the fact that New Order's profile in the US is lower compared to the UK, also the last album came out in 1993 over 8 years ago. So a whole generation of American teenagers and indeed early 20s many would be unaware of New Order's music. Therefore the publicity and momentum built up the earlier UK release date would filter through to the US to stimulate awareness and anticipation of New Order's album. Although I fully expect that longer term New Order fans would be willing to pick up the album on Import for a few extra dollars!

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Anyone

11 months in the making, ANYONE's self-titled album stands as an invitation to join in and embrace the sonic boom. Great hooks, explosive energy, compelling lyrics and a totally unique and new sound� welcome to ANYONE.

This week I have chosen Anyone a hard psychedelic rock that are in 2001 are unique playing their own style of rock music. I mentioned Anyone earlier this year on this weblog and marked them down as band to watch out for after.

The closest reference points are Warrior Soul and Jane's Addiction the band also have other influences including Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Tool.

Many interviews about Anyone in the press correctly state that Anyone's music does not conform to the cliched scenes that demonate high profile rock/metal in 2001. I have heard about 3 tracks so far and the music is very tripped out, expansive and psychedelic.

Anyone have arrived, I intend to get the album soon.

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Sunday, August 19, 2001


Pelicanneck - this week's new releases

The ever detailed Pelicanneck this week's new releases lowdown includes:

AROVANE_PHONEM : AER (Valid) - Vertical Form

Berlins Uwe Zahn (Arovane) and Marseille resident Elliot Perkins (Phonem) have been working together on and off now for a couple of years. Since the release of his Phonetik EP for the Morr Music label, Elliot has been dropping into Uwes studio and the two have been swapping Ideas and commenting on eachothers work. It was only a matter of time before the fruits of these collaborations came to bare. Aer (Valid) doesnt really sound like youd expect featuring 4 fully collaborative pieces and two individual pieces each from both artists, the atmosphere here is dense and quite dark. The opening Valid Rand is a short, beatless piece similar to the clicking dubby echoes that opened up Arovanes excellent Atol Scrap LP. From here on, the sound aesthetic is almost industrial crunchy and processed rhythms with the melodic lines buried so deeply within the mix that the overall effect is reminiscent of a distant Television set echoing somewhere unkown in the background. (Fard) Ent:r, a solo Arovane piece, is classic material a grasp of melody and chord progressions so intuitive that its hard not to be moved by its simplicity despite the accompaniment of rigid, bass-heavy percussion. The equally stunning Neyem is even more blissful in its pairing of chiming melodic refrains and beatless melancholy. Of the collaborative pieces on offer, its perhaps the closing echoes of Blacksoil that works best here. Again, dark and almost menacing beatlessness with underlying orchestral beauty. Recommended.

PHOENICIA : Brownout - Schematic

Long awaited full length from the Miami duo of Josh Kay and Romulo Del Castillo. The title refers to a period when power stations reach a period of critical demand and electrical devices run at a slower rate and street lights covering the Southern Florida freeways are lit by what look like 40-watt bulbs. The record's name is telling, because it is Phoenecia's decisive break with their past. And that can be heard in the slow, contemplative way in which the record moves, almost as if it were being powered by a 40-watt generator itself. And, most surprisingly, the textures and shapes of Brownout have a far greater affinity for classic 70s roots dub than with the Roland Corporation's range of standard techno equipment, the 303, 606, 808, and 909. But that dub influence is immensely subtle. It's not of the Chain Reaction / Maurizio / Pole variety. This album is an electronic dub record where the dub implements are put to use in-between the beat. They slip into the cracks, peer around, then disappear again. This is not cold, lifeless, machine music. It draws the listener into a vast sound chamber where certain features remain constant, but others are restlessly shifting and squirming, like sea creatures. Brownout is, without doubt, Phoenecia's magnum opus, the place where the ideas found in the preceding records are allowed to come to full fruition. Recommended.

SCHLAMMPEITZIGER : Collected songs of my temporary past - Domino

At the forefront of the current wave of Germanic electronic action, the fabulous Schlammpeitziger, aka Jo Zimmerman hails from Cologne. From the same school of electronica as his friends Mouse on Mars he is a graduate of that citys exploding scene. Spanning six years and five LPs, Collected Simplesongs Of My Temporary Past sparkles with timeless space age pop, this is music for the autobahn mixing chilled late night grooves and motorik rhythms with the finest in Kindergarten electropop lullabies. This LP collects tracks From Schlammpes 4 A-Musik LPs and tracks from the ultra-rare split LP from 1994 with Marcus Schmickler. Killer.

SOGAR : Basal - 12k

Basal is the debut full length recording from Sogar who appeared as the opening track on 12k/LINE's double cd compilation Between Two Points earlier this year. Born in Nuremberg, living in Paris, Sogar's J�rgen Heckel manipulates accidental sound into gentle and brittle melodic textures with arrangements using guitars as well as mixing desks, amplifiers and cables as instruments. The sounds are then further processed and treated via his laptop into light hisses, crackles and granular melodic passages rich and warm, exploring the extremes of spatial oscillations. The microspic sounds do bring to mind the ultra-warmth of the Shuttle 358 material, but the overall ambience here is somewhat more stripped. Highly Recommended.

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE : New Geocentric World - Squealer - CD

The Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. hail from Nagoya in the central region of Japan, but they may as well be from the moon. A self-described 'freak-out group for the 21st century', the band was founded in 1996 by members of the Acid Mothers Temple soul-collective, led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto (from Musica Transonic and Toho Sara). New Geocentric World continues the development shown on their previous albums for the pioneering Japanese label P.S.F., with intense music veering between blitzkrieg maelstroms of electricity and gently lilting garden psychedelia. This is their fourth official album, following three full length releases on P.S.F. The band has also been active on other fronts, with the recent double LP Live in Occident a documentary of their 1999 world tour, and the La Novia LP a foray into Japanese folk. Their previous releases were delirious communal Gong/Hawkwind patchouli collisions, colorful as a Life with the Hippie Jetsons cartoon, but with an acid punch that proved their music was beyond any idea of pastiche or irony.

ASMUS TIETCHENS : Menge - Ritornell

Asmus Tietchens is one of the most interesting representatives of the remote field of atonal music. He has released an abundant number of albums where he plays with the analog and digital, pleasuring frequencies withtone generators and low pass filters. �-Menge demonstrates the journey of the tone, the sine tone, transforming and modulating the tone until a complex structure is developed. Asmus Tietchens music molecularizes sound matter and in doing so becomes capable of forces such as duration and intensity. Music is also structure and like mathematics, music is an expression of intelligence. Music is sound that has different colors. Sound and structure. Minimalism and reduction. Asmus Tietchens makes the sound travel. The tracks are a result of an investigation of sound material, the repertoire is endless, and the organization of sound follows no rules. Recommended.

IKUE MORI : Labyrinth - Tzadik

Eleven new earsplitting, brain-twisting electronic compositions by downtown legend Ikue Mori, one of the most respected composers in the contemporary electronica community. Completely unique and utterly original, Mori has developed a personal language through the combination of modified drum machines and triggered samplers. This, her second CD of solo music for tzadik, is a multi-faceted collection of complex compositions for the Apple Powerbook. After twenty years, she continues to create some of the very best cutting-edge electronic music around. New on Tzadik.

PULLMAN : Viewfinder - Thrill Jockey

Second album from this loose collective of free spirits headed up by Curtis Harvey of Rex, Chris Brokaw of Come and Douglas McCombs of Tortoise alongside new members Ken Brown and Jim O'Rourke's percussionist Tim Barnes. Beautifully loping guitar interplay between the multi-stringed-wonderboys that brings to mind anything from the lushed harmonics of Sam Prekop's Sea & Cake to the rustic beauty of John Fahey, Bill Frisell and Nick Drake. A much more expansive canvas is explored here in relation to their debut album as well as great leaps forward in compositional quality, purest songs with an edge. European cinematic influences are on display as well as windswept American landscapes. This could be Thrill Jockey's finest album this year. Makes you want to cut off the electricity for good and move out into the country, well maybe not but everyone should find a space in their soul to let this magic in. Truly wonderful.

THE CLEAN : Getaway - Matador

Pioneers hailing from Dunedin, NZ, The Cleans influence on later generations (Pavement, Guided By Voices, Superchunk, Yo La Tengo) has been acknowledged time and time again - now they return with their first new album in 5 years. The trio of David Kilgour, Robert Scott (the Bats, Electric Blood) and Hamish Kilgour (Bailter Space, The Mad Scene) arent merely the South Pacifics Velvet Underground; their new material is as breathtaking and vibrant as their 1981 debut, and shows that 20+ years onwards the rest of the rock world is still struggling to keep up. Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo lend a hand on two tracks.

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Friday, August 17, 2001


Review: New Order - Get Ready review of New Order - Get Ready

As for the front cover of the album am I the only one that thinks it is very dissapointing? thumbs down for the graphic designer/creatives involved in the project.

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Sonic Youth report on the latest news concerning Sonic Youth

Though they'd rather be making their own movies, Sonic Youth are back in the studio laying down atmospheric music for a French film and noisy dinosaur rock for their next album.

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New Radiohead album set for 2002 report Amnesiac Follow-Up Due Next Year

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Thursday, August 16, 2001


Curve - Gift - New album in September - a sublime return to form - hard edged electronic music with piledriving guitars

Billboard inform us at Curve - Gift will be released on September 18th.

More information at the official Curve website, two tracks of the gift album include Kevin Shields on Guitar.

Produced Engineered and Recorded at Todal Studios
by Curve and Ben Grosse
Mixed by Ben Grosse at The Mix Room Los Angeles
Toni Halliday Words Vocals and Guitar Noise
Dean Garcia Bass, Guitar, Programming and Noise

I have heard Mp3 demos of some of these tracks and the Curve are back to their sublime best of the first 3eps back in 1990/1991! Don't overlook this album !

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Wednesday, August 15, 2001


Roots Manuva

An album that is picking up universal acclaim Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me reviewed here by playlouder.

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Loveliescrushing - Glissceule - More Info & MP3 download

A mp3 track, eishglinl from the forthcoming album by Loveliescrushing - glissceule is now available for download.

Track listing of Glissceule


The track listing of made up names is very Cocteau Twins/ Xmal Deutschland inspired.

More information at Sonic Syrup website:

sonic syrup will release the long-waited third album by loveliescrushing in early Autumn. The 17 tracks are in the final stage of being mixed right now, and the running time will maximize the disc space, making the album almost 80 minutes long. The initial recordings utilized analogue technology to maintain a warm, organic feel, then were restructured using the latest in digital technology to push the sound as far as possible. We hope you will be pleased with the result.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2001


The Brainwashed Brain

The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews for Cex, Prefuse 73 and the Tigerbeat 6 compilation.

and last week's The Brainwashed Brain includes LPD reissues, Dead Voices on Air, The Double Life of Veronique, K, Phil Western, Berkowitz/Lake/Dahmer, Ukiyo-E, the Bip_hOp Label, Dream Brother, Four Questions with Diamanda Galas, "Who Let the Dogs Out" and new Coil slogans.

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Two electronic music compilations reviewed review LEE BURRIDGE - NUBREED on the progressive and breaks tip

Absorb review an electro compilation electrocuted groovetechnology v1.2 - sexmachinemusic

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Fugazi - Argument - Due Oct 8th

Playlouder have more information on the forthcoming album by Fugazi - Argument

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Billy Mahonie - What Becomes Before

DrownedinSound have details of a new Billy Mahonie album, and from listening to tracks right now on Xfm - it is chock a block of twisting post rock guitar dynamics. According to John Kenedy on Xfm the album will now be released October 15th

Billy Mahonie's 2nd album, their first for Southern Records will be titled 'What Becomes Before'

New Billy Mahonie website includes free downloads.

Southern Records website Billy Mahonie - What Becomes Before

14 tracks, 70 minutes. Billy Mahonie's 2nd album, first for
Southern. Mixture of heavy rock, jazz and folk with a heavy
sharp and focused sound. Vinyl in deluxe gatefold cover!

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Haujobb

Haujobb new album Polarity is finally released in the Uk on August 20th, with this album Haujobb have extended their sonic remit further into complex mixture of ambient, electro and breakbeats.

The long awaited return of the architects of sound. ''Polarity'' marks the end of a two year hiatus for Haujobb, who take this release to the edge of electronic extremes and beyond. Packed with electro breakbeats and ambient structures, the album deliver s a wide spectrum of sounds to fill the quietest void or the largest chasm

Polarity is available to buy in the UK @ Music Non Stop

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Monday, August 13, 2001


December Wolves forthcoming album in October

December Wolves to release second album in October, Blasterpiece Theatre.

Dangerously unhinged US dehumanizers December Wolves are close to completing work on their second album, 'Blasterpiece Theatre.' Recorded at the band's own Last Sound on the Left Studios, the record will incorporate more diverse elements than were heard on 'Completely Dehumanized,' with programmed drums and samples mixed with the raw guitar that was so effective on the last album..........its gonna be harsh!

October 15 : December Wolves "Blasterpiece Theatre" - WICK07CD - Harsh post-black metal in the vein of Dodheimsgard, Satyricon

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The Other People Place

Absorb review the forthcoming album by The Other People Place - lifestyles of the laptop cafe (warp)

according to the press release this is the work of an infamous member of underground resistance.

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Primal Scream Live report on Primal Scream Live at London's Astoria with Kevin Shields on guitar.

The band performed two of the new songs, 'Detroit' and 'Bomb The Pentagon' as the opening two songs of the set.

Eyewitnesses at the show described the new tracks as a "natural progression" for the band, with mainman Bobby Gillespie singing politically acute lyrics over the heavy basslines of Mani and guitar of former My Bloody Valentine guitarist Kevin Shields.

The band also performed one other, as-yet-untitled new song, which Gillespie introduced as "like a murder ballad". The track was the slowest of the three new numbers, with a more electronic feel than its predecessors.

The next Primal Scream album will be released early 2002.

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Two MBV influenced albums: Loveliescrushing: new album glisseule and After the Flood: Cessna a new project by the founder of Accelera Deck

Brainwashed a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases
has listed Loveliescrushing to release a third album on October 22nd: (the same day as Aphex Twin: Drukqs)

Lovesliescrushing - glisseule CD (Sonic Syrup, US)

After the Flood

After the Flood is summed up by Intrinsic responses to electronically treated guitar and glitch.

After the Flood is the new sound project of of Accelera Deck

Cessna, the debut album, is complete. ATF are in the process of finding the right label to release it, & shooting for a release towards the end of this year or early part of 2002. The group had to cancel the tour with Lovesliescrushing, but plans to tour behind the record are being sorted.

track listing

A Melody That Is Other Than Whole & More Than All / Half-Life / Ghosts, Magic & Electricity / Copper / Northern Lights / Port_End / Galaxy String / Panoramic / VCL Rendering / Smile / Viewscreen Static / Clit Drum / Eventide / What Is Left But To Love You / Luxury In July / Up

There are two tracks to download.

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Sunday, August 12, 2001


Pelicanneck This Week's New Releases

The ever excellent Pelicanneck This Week's New Releases includes reviews of the following albums:

MR TOBACCO : Endless Night - Spotlight

Album of the week!! Mr Tobacco really is a superstar. Hip Hop, in the last year or so, has found its way into many a genre. From the messy chop-ups of kid 606 to the timbaland inspired crisp beats of skams team doyobi, to atom hearts latino swearfest teatime featuring xxx and back again to scott herrens genius spliced beats and rhymes on his prefuse 73 releases for the warp label. Mr tobacco sees the next step in the evolution of hip-hop into something for the electronica kids with an added dose of cheeky and chopped electropop. This is, like all the good ones, a truly bizzare record. Hip Hop spun on its head, injected with some adrenalin and ripped to shreds by the hounds of digi-funk. Mr tobacco loves you all. thats why, especially for you, hes made up this special kinda music. electro boogaloo has been thrown into the mix and, to top it all of, bits of popish hundreds and thousands have been sprinkled on for some aural delight. Mr tobacco really is a superstar. Essential.


Why bother trying to sound like early Depeche Mode, Human League, Yazoo et al when you could Be early Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Human league et al?? There is something oddly sinister and terribly camp about the sound of Fischerspooner and yet the undeniable fact is that each and every one of the 9 tracks on offer here is a simply classic pop tune. I guess that this album works best with the irony removed, the resulting realisation that this is the sound of an 80s childhood is actually a thoroughly reassuring one. For all the often misplaced 80s revivalism that has become so commonplace recently, this is one LP that shines with its complete and utter insistance that every tune should be instantly recognisable and instantly embedded in yo headz. Fischerspooner arent really trying to be an 80s band, they are one. Totally ace.

MD : Between Gaps - Merck

In the time since the release of the mighty Machine Drum album and the lovely Negativ debut from Proem, Miamis Merck label has been subject to much attention within the electronica fraternity. Sitting amongst fellow related labels : Schematic, Beta Bodega and Chocolate Industries, Merck has carved its own niche with an emphasis on classic, involving, accessable and engrossing electronic music. The second full-length from Denmarks MD, Between Gaps, is a mellifluous, liquid arrangement of sounds into something thoroughly emotive and deep. The vibe is decidedly bass-heavy and often dark as on 5N9 with occasional forays into raw introspection as on the gorgeous The Fall. There is a refreshing circumvention of over-processing here, the beats are crisp and crunchy and the melodies arent muffled by distorton or effect. This is a raw album of direct and utterly lovely electronic listening music. Highly Recommended.

ROOTS MANUVA : Run come save me - Big Dada

As they saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and with this LP Mr Rodney Smith has fully proved what the fuss is about. Run Come Save Me is Smiths finest hour, a fully UK-centric Hip Hop classic. West Indian sensibilities flow throughout each and every one of the sixteen monsters contained within. For those who missed it, the recent single Witness(1 hope) is included in all its skanking glory. It is swiftly followed up by Bashment Boogie, a crushing collaboration with Jurassic 5s Chali 2na. Other highlights of this flawless collection include the analogue bump of Artical and the dancehall spookiness of Trim Body. Roots Manuva has crushed the opposition, UK and US, with this groundbreaking album. Well essential my son.

ACCELERA DECK : Shadow Land - Scarcelight Recordings

In contrast to his recent release on Neo Ouija, Shadow Land sees Chris Jeelys Acceleradeck project return to the accoustic loveliness that he first explored on his little-known September Plateaux release for the Elsie and Jack label. Shadow Land is a simply lovely album. Sparse and almost lonely, tracks like Serene envelope you in a kind of midwest warmth full of self-reflection and afterhours daydreaming. There is very little here that bares much resemblance to his electronic-based work and, truthfully, it seems that Jeelys talents come to light with much greater ease amongst this more traditional song-based setting. Excellent

# posted by DJ Martian 2:22 PM

Review: Brothomstates - Claro

Absorb review the forthcoming album by Brothomstates - Claro that will be released on Warp on September 17th. I like the hazy image front cover artwork.

sounding as familiar as any of the past classic warp releases, (hints of early autechre, rhythms of plaid, afx style ambience) this slips in as comfortably as anything that's gone on before. orchestral movements against analogue beats on 'kava' is one prime example. or the gorgeous playful melodies on 'mdrmx'. mixing both the lo-fi aesthetic (dirty sounding synth pads) and the hi-fi digital stream (clinical epic strings) makes for engaging listening

# posted by DJ Martian 2:14 PM

Aphex Twin Exclusive

Check here for details on how to sign up to listen to an exclusive Aphex Twin track "54 Cymru Beats" from the forthcoming album, DRUKQS set for release on October 22nd.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:15 AM

Saturday, August 11, 2001


Laurent Garnier's Playlist

Check out Laurent Garnier's Playlist includes Justin Berkovi, Stacey Pullen and Funk D'Void.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:00 AM

Etronik Frontline

This week's Etronik Frontline includes:

the other half of Two Lone Swordsmen: Keith Tenniswood new album

Keith Tenniswood releases his debut album on Rotters Golf Club on September 17th. Recorded under his Radioactive Man guise, the eponymously titled album follows the acclaimed �Uranium EP� released on the label earlier this year. Having collaborated with the likes of The Aloof, Red Snapper and David Holmes in the past, Tenniswood currently works with Andrew Weatherall as Two Lone Swordsmen,

Green Velvet: Whatever album has more details on Green Velvet�s forthcoming second album. Called �Whatever�, the Chicago artist�s second long player will be released on Music Man on October 1st. Combining 80s new wave influences with Chicago�s jacking aesthetic and a smattering of punk rage, �Whatever� is the follow up to his 1999 debut long player, �Constant Chaos�

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 AM

Friday, August 10, 2001


Music Non Stop: Forthcoming Releases

Music Non Stop latest newsletter includes details of these forthcoming releases:

Clan of Xymox - Notes from the Underground

After many concerts around the world, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile
and the US, and after a phenomenal Live double CD and a collection of
early material & demos (Subsequent Pleasures), living legends Clan of
Xymox are proud to announce that their new album "Notes From The
Underground" will be out earlier than expected: "Notes" is an
impressive album packed with hard thriving melodies. More than 70
minutes of BRAND NEW compositions! One of the greatest 80ies Wave-
Bands is back better than ever.

Released 21st September 2001. Label: Pandaimonium

Front Line Assembly - Epitaph

Brand new studio album which embraces a harder and darker sound than
their more recent releases. The first 25,000 will be a special
digipack version with an added surprise. Tracklisting :- 1. Haloed 2.
Dead Planet 3. Backlash 4. Epitaph 5. Everything Must Perish 6.
Conscience 7. Decoy 8. Insolence 9. Krank it Up 10. Existence.
Released in October.

Lost Signal - Catharsis

Sensational new signing on Trisol for all fans of Assemblage 23 or
VNV Nation. Lost Signal is the one-man project of Charles Rehill,
hailing from Philadelphia, USA. With a fresh & innovative sound and
approach to his musical expression, we firmly guarantee this
discovery is yet another groundbreaking artist to emerge onto the
scene, and to be delivered by Trisol/Inception Records. LOST SIGNAL
has already been receiving rave attention throughout the scene due in
to the highly successful self released demo EP entitled "Command",
numerous interviews with various zines, several high profile
compilation appearances, and growing numbers of live shows across the
United States. As expected, this has turned the debut album,
entitled "Catharsis", into one of the more anticipated releases of
2001. And for good reason! Lost Signal act as the latest proof of the
undeniable talent residing within North American borders by offering
a unique touch to an industry looking for new approaches to the more
melodic EBM sound. Incredibly emotional and impacting lyrics, crystal
clear as well as slightly processed vocals, pounding melodies,
melancholic overtures, and addictive song structures, create the
backbone of Lost Signal and immediately place this project at the
forefront of leading electronic music.

Released 14th September 2001.

Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs

Brand new studio album.The few people who heard the this album
already, have said that it a step back to the sound and atmospheres
of "Bunkertor 7". Also interesting, is that Aleta Welling, the girl
that sung on the very first Wumpscut album (tracks Shes Dead and Fear
in Motion), has participated on "WoB" and lent her lovely vocals for
3 songs. Unlike for the last 3 albums, there will be no limited Box
Set, but a special BAG. Exact contents of the BAG and price are still
unknown, but we will let you know as soon as we have details.
Tracklisting :- 1. Opening The Gates Of Hell, 2. Bleed In Silence, 3.
Troops Under Fire, 4. Wreath of Barbs, 5. Deliverance (album Edit),
6. Hate Is Mine, 7. Christfuck, 8. Dr.Thodt, 9. Line Of Corpses.
Released in October 2001. Pre-orders accepted!! Label: Betonkopt Media

All these forthcoming releases can be pre-ordered from Music Non Stop

# posted by DJ Martian 4:01 PM

Swans Reissue Soundtracks for the Blind

Young God Records report:

---Also coming out on YGR in November is the re-issue of Swans Soundtracks for the Blind 2XCD. It's in Jewel case now, but otherwise the design etc is basically the same.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:45 PM

More debate and analysis

Yawn yet another punk back in the days... 25 years on article, this time from The Guardian Punk: How was it for you? I remember similar articles 5 years ago ! When it was 20 years on.

Twenty-five years ago, punk hit Britain. Dave Simpson and Will Hodgkinson ask the people who were there what it meant - and whether it still matters

NME Bashing

Music journalists insiders past/ present and others debate the decline of the NME on a messageboard NME disappearing up its own PR while I agree with many of the points raised why the NME is useless in 2001, hardly anyone proposes what the NME should be doing in 2001.

The NME frame of reference Vs mine - is stark in 2001. My theory if you criticise something also offer alternative solutions and a different positioning/ frame of reference.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:38 PM

Thursday, August 09, 2001


Sonar Lodge - Sound Effects

Sonar Lodge release a new album called Sound Effects that is released on the Music for Speakers label this week information provided by Novarum

After getting positive feedback on their "Buzzin� EP" from the people behind Compost and G-Stone, Sonar Lodge give us a CD only release which crosses all genre boundaries, all the songs have a very distinctive flavour. Within this album influences can be heard from such diverse musical styles as 80�s new wave, 70�s avant-garde jazz and 50/60�s cult film music, but the best way to describe their sound is simply soulful, funky, leftfield dance music. �Seven� magazine said: "Positive comparisons like Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra and the murkier depths of DJ Shadow come to mind"

# posted by DJ Martian 4:32 PM

Lamb - What Sound - September 24th

iCrunch report that a new Lamb album will be served up for consumption on September 24th.

Lamb return with a new LP 'What Sound' released Sep 24 and preceded by a single 'Gabriel' released Sep 10

# posted by DJ Martian 3:31 PM

VNV Nation - Futureperfect - new album due in November by one of Europe's most important electronic artists

VNV Nation will release a new album Futureperfect in November.

We have always expressed emotion in this spirit of past and future combined. We express what it means to know you are alive, to truly feel alive, to be aware of ones surroundings and to contemplate them for every emotion and every thought is vital to what we are and what we will become.

Ronan Harris of VNV Nation discusses the background to the album, and reflects a philosophy 'retro futurism' learning from the past but always looking to embrace the future of creating a better world, based on the natural essences of humanity such as individuality, diversity, free thought and spirituality

"Futureperfect", VNV Nation's 4th Album, is in someway a social commentary. It is a reflection of where we could have gone and are going. It is the celebration of our humanity and our eternal spirit despite the efforts of flawed visions to mould us into figures and details....I am not happy with the world that I see. My fate is decided by people I have no faith in, by people elected in other countries who I equally have no faith in and by ideologies and beliefs that do not seek good for all but for the chosen. There is no great common good anymore, only repackaged remnants of failed ideologies and financial ambitions.

What makes VNV Nation music so important is a hybrid combination of thoughtful inspired words with passionate and emotive vocals and electronic music sound ideas that are futuristic, creative and inspiring. I have said it many atime that VNV Nation should be ranked alongside Depeche Mode, Leftfield, Underworld and New Order - their music is that important to me . VNV Nation are one the most important contemporary electronic British Isles artists but are totally ignored by the established media. Once again I can strongly recommend their last album Empires Burning.

Sadly I live in a Britain where I don't like how music is represented and presented in Britain on all fronts TV, Radio, weekly print titles and the Internet. Where triviality, short term fads, the generic, mediocrity are actively supported and controlled and there are set ways of perceiving music whilst creativity, diversity, individuality, free thinking and radical ideas of presentation and representation of music are suppressed or totally ignored or for example marginalised to the middle of the night in the case of radio.

Forthcoming British Music

Along with VNV Nation these are the British artists that I look forward to a creative inspiration for the rest of this year : Bark Psychosis, Roots Manuva, Stakka & Skynet, Way Out West, New Order, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Eardrum, Aphex Twin, Anathema, King of Woolworths, Fridge, Passion Play, Techno Animal, Ashfelt, Rico, Xpress 2, Polar, Curve, Massive Attack, Elizabeth Fraser, Kosheen, Piano Magic, Dom & Roland, Kate Bush, Mesh, Radio 9, Tipper, Technical Itch, Godflesh, 16B, My Dying Bride and Zan Lyons.

Zan Lyons

Zan Lyons in particular is a sonic artist that I have high regard for, his second album I can reveal will be called London Fields, due in the Autumn possibly in September on Foundry Recordings.

British music still has alot to be proud of its shame our media constantly and consistently lets it down by not supporting its creative edge, particularly on TV and so much of radio. I look forward to experiencing and embracing the futuristic vision of VNV Nation on Futureperfect in November.

I end this article with the thoughts of Ronan from VNV Nation I am not happy with the world that I see but that does not mean that I and others like me cannot change it

Additional Footnote

One of the most frequently asked questions is what the letters VNV stand for. They
stand for "Victory not Vengeance". The meaning behind this stylised motto is that one should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret.

The project preserves that which it seeks to express; the notion of Europe, modern and classical, clashing. So many facets representing her land. Mythology and Technology in uneasy fusion. The music? Cold energetic electronics and orchestral passion. Fast travel through consecutive cultures. VNV NATION is an expression of philosophy, art, politics, music, symbolism, all elemental in it's voice. VNV Nation does not advocate any ideology. It is a metaphor for expression.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:59 AM

Wednesday, August 08, 2001



Stars of the Lid will release a new album THE TIRED SOUNDS OF STARS OF THE LID scheduled for release on October 8th from Kranky. 2xCD / 3xLP set of all new music:

Long overdue new release from nocturnal lullabye giants Stars of the Lid finds Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie expanding their sound palette to include strings, horns and piano in addition to guitars and field recordings. "The Tired Sounds of..." shows a continued trend toward more overt melodic structures seen on their previous "Avec Laudenum" album. Six suites stretch across two CDs and six sides of vinyl combining atmosphere, texture and melody. Neo-psychedelia, contemporary classical, ambient, minimalist, maximalist, drug enhancer, drug substitute. Stars of the Lid are all these things. Stars of the Lid are none of these things. Stars of the Lid are not about outer space, they are about inner space

# posted by DJ Martian 8:31 PM

2nd Gen

2nd Gen new EP due in September:

Second single is an EP - 'Musicians are Morons', 'Black Spring' and 'Slowburn' out in Sept 2001 featuring James Johnston (Gallon Drunk), remix's by Sensational, Bonn Harris (Maven, Nitzer Ebb) and Patric C (EC8OR) - also included is the video to 'And / Or'

# posted by DJ Martian 8:18 PM

Him - New Features

Fat Cat have news on the UK release of the new album by Him - New Features.

August sees the release of a new Him album, 'New Features'. Moving away from the hard edged afrobeat of last years 'Our Point Of Departure' LP (FATLP12) towards more jazz and dub inclined territories, 'New Features' is yet another slant on the Him sound; adventurous melodies with eastern themes, pushed by the now familiar two-kit tribal rhythm section. From afrojazz and dub fusion through to an interpretation of Miles Davis 'On The Corner' and beyond, this fifth Him album is perhaps the first to show the true potential of the new line-up. Ever more fluid and open to improvisation, fusing live instrumentation, electronics and effects, the urge to experiment and cross generic boundaries is held tight by an increased focus and awareness of the collective unit, and pinned down by a taut, reflexive, rhythmic backbone.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:08 PM

The Chemical Brothers 'It Began in Afrika' and album early 2002

You can hear the forthcoming single by The Chemical Brothers at the raft website. And as the text below states the forthcoming album is another release that now will be released in 2002.

The Chemical Brothers return with the new anthem 'It Began in Afrika'. The track has already received incredible attention having been played out across clubs by the great and the godly of the dj world and is now coming out on cd in advance of the new album expected at the start of 2002. A moody beast of a record that sees Tom and Ed's feet firmly fixed behind the best decks in the UK. It is our pleasure to present....... The new Chemical Brothers track 'IT BEGAN IN AFRIKA'.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:59 PM

Spiral of Silence - Joy Division Inspired band from Belgium

Earlier this year Interpol from NYC waved the flag stateside in 2001 for Joy Division inspired sounds, now Belgium answers back with Spiral of Silence deep churning sparse bass and keyboards with the lead singer doing his best to be the best Ian Curtis inspired vocalist ever although at times it does slip into the melodramatic vibe ala Andrew Eldritch. Judge for yourself download the sample track How I Miss You.

Spiral of Silence will release an album Decadent in the near future.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:52 PM

Will Haven

Respected US metalcore band Will Haven will now release their third album, Carpe Diem on October 23rd.

The tracks are as follows:



3.Carpe diem


5.Dressed in night clothes

6.Dolph Lundgren

7Finest Our

8.Alpha Male


10. Moving to Montana

# posted by DJ Martian 7:38 PM


Still no news on the mystery new album by Kraftwerk - the news was leaked from EMI Belgium early this year that an album was due in July. We are still waiting.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:31 PM

DJ Shadow

Keep monitoring DJ Shadow News in the upcoming weeks, (there is an album slated for release that will either come out in September/October or that may well be held back to 2002.)

The official DJ Shadow website states that a full relaunch of the website is due soon. The site also has an audio backdrop that kicks in, sounds interesting - a deep dark spacey breakbeats sound.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:28 PM

Kosheen: Resist

Kosheen have a new website, they are going to re-release Hide U as a single with additional remixes and an album Resist in September.

Kosheen are now on the verge of hammering the point home with their debut LP. 'Resist' presents yet more dimensions of Kosheen, with sparkling electronic breakbeat, deep chilled drum and bass torch songs and achingly beautiful downbeat melancholia allowing Sian's emotive voice full range. It's a killer debut that is released in September 2001.

PS The latest news is that Resist will be released on September 17th.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:18 PM


Norwegian Black Metal legends Darkthrone will release an album Plaguewielder on the Moonfog label, on September 3rd. I have downloaded two Mp3 tracks but the music lacks variety its too sledgehammer sludge attack for me but no doubt will appeal to their dedicated fanbase.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:22 PM

New Order have the latest news on New Order, who are planning a UK Autumn Tour and they want motor mouth Gillespie to tag along.

PS NME Watch: The White Stripes (are just not needed in 2001)

In today's NME The White Stripes are on front cover and also feature in half a page article in the Daily Mirror! They wear Red & White and they must have the best music PR company working them in the UK as for their music it is merely competent/ average. I would not switch off when Peel or John Kennedy on Xfm play them - it will stomp away in the background - but The White Stripes are just not needed in 2001 - it's basic generic style trash noisey rock and roll.

Yet another band that certain critics like and the band's music really doesn't merit the attention. Music that is limited in scope, generic and lets be honest one dimensional monochrome. The White Stripes let their 15 minutes in the limelight fade away - in a couple of years they will be deservedly forgotten.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:06 PM

Grandmaster Flash

iCrunch have news on a Grandmaster Flash album:

Grandmaster Flash releases 'The Official Adventures of Grandmaster Flash' this October on Strut Records. The LP features a selection of original Bronx MCs and tunes that were on Flash's decks in the very early days of hip hop - underground disco, funky rock and B-boy classics.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:54 AM

Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets

Ink19 review the new album by Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets

# posted by DJ Martian 9:50 AM

Tuesday, August 07, 2001


Cyclefly - delayed to 2002?

DrownedinSound report that there are further delays to the forthcoming album by Cyclefly

Blame it on meddling A&R managers at record labels.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:21 AM

PHOENECIA - Brownout

Forced Exposure have details of the Phoenecia Brownout album

Long awaited full length from the Miami duo of Josh Kay and Romulo Del Castillo (previous EPs on Warp & Schematic). "It's a long-held belief that all music emanating from Miami can, sooner or later, be reduced to a simple connection with early 2 Live Crew, MC Ade, Pretty Tony, Dynamix II, and other pioneering Bass artists. There is nothing wrong with the comparison. Those prescient records made possible a generation of electronic music. However, the anxiety of influence often leads to such hasty and over-simplified conclusions. Which means that a great many people who hear Phoenecia's Brownout album are going to be puzzled. Obviously the title refers to a period when power stations reach a period of critical demand and electrical devices run at a slower rate and street lights covering the Southern Florida freeways are lit by what look like 40-watt bulbs. The record's name is telling, because it is Phoenecia's decisive break with their past. And that can be heard in the slow, contemplative way in which the record moves, almost as if it were being powered by a 40-watt generator itself. And, most surprisingly, the textures and shapes of Brownout have a far greater affinity for classic 70s roots dub than with the Roland Corporation's range of standard techno equipment, the 303, 606, 808, and 909. But that dub influence is immensely subtle. It's not of the Chain Reaction / Maurizio / Pole variety. Jazz drummer Max Roach once asked whether the beat lies in the drum strikes or between them. This album is an electronic dub record where the dub implements are put to use in between the beat. They slip into the cracks, peer around, then disappear again. References to and the sounds of the sea in Western art go at least as far back as Heraclitus, but here the listener gets a keen sense of slowly moving towards the ocean floor on the Mariana trench, the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean. The metallic baffles sound like a submarine emitting a faint sonar pulse at 200 fathoms and the yawning gaps suggest a depthlessness that is almost inhuman. But this is not cold, lifeless, machine music. It draws the listener into a vast sound chamber where certain features remain constant, but others are restlessly shifting and squirming, like sea creatures. Brownout is, without doubt, Phoenecia's magnum opus, the place where the ideas found in the preceding records are allowed to come to full fruition." -- Tim Haslett

# posted by DJ Martian 12:26 AM

Bolz Bolz - Take a Walk

John Kennedy on Xfm has made Bolz Bolz Take A Walk his big single of the week. Bolz Bolz have a superb sound that is stomp heavy electro with deep pulsating grooves that recall Kraftwerk and the latest The Advent album. Vocals are chopped up and distorted like a robot this is uptempo yet warped music it sounds very Germanic you could imagine steaming down a German Autobahn at top speed with Bolz Bolz blasting out. The sound of Electro 2001 continues.

The single take a walk is released in September with remixes from Paul Daley of Leftfield.

Bolz Bolz

# posted by DJ Martian 12:12 AM

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