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Monday, April 30, 2001


Tool Schism have an advance surprise for Tool fans, hint look at the schism section.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:17 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Autechre & Orbital

Autechre and Orbital

Also of interest Gareth at Surface Vs Depth asks the question Do Autechre Make Folk Music?

# posted by DJ Martian 12:52 AM

Sunday, April 29, 2001


StarVox interview Katatonia

Starvox interview Swedish atmospheric rock band Katatonia discussing their music career to date.

Katatonia website has also been redesigned.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:54 PM

Motion Album Reviews

Motion have been busy reviewing albums of late, including:

Natasha Atlas - Ayeshteni
this is released April 30th

Kante - Zweilicht I downloaded a MP3 earlier this year from Kante and was impressed - if like the band Wire then investigate.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:43 PM

Etronik Frontline

The new edition of Etronik frontline including news of

Peacefrog Compilation

Like many of their contemporaries, the Peacefrog label celebrates its tenth year in business with a compilation documenting all their finest moments to date. The double CD, �10.100� (great name!) is released on the label on May 28th, and features classic tracks from Dan Bell, Luke Slater, Moodymann, Wamdue Kids, Dan Curtin, Ian O Brien (pictured) and Juan Atkins.

London Tech-house Sound producers release debut album

Dave Coker and Laurent Webb release their debut Smart Alex album, �Straight A�s� on Eukahouse in June.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:35 PM

Mixing it - Moves to A Sunday Slot

Mixing it moves to a new Sunday evening slot, but it clashes with Xfm's Nick Luscombe. Choice and decisions to made.

Mixing It has long been celebrated as a bastion of experimental music radio. It covers a wide range of styles, including left-field areas of modern classical, dance, rock and world music. Hosted by Robert Sandall and Mark Russell.

April 29th Playlist - Mixing it kicks off at earlier at 10.30pm.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:28 PM

Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds on Melody Maker RIP

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 AM

Saturday, April 28, 2001


Andrea Parker

Dotmusic review ANDREA PARKER - 'THE DARK AGES' (QUARTERMASS) yet more electro.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:12 PM


Warp records have a Plaid MP3 download, squance from the forthcoming album, Double Figure. It sounds like a New Order instrumental remix with added electro influences, playful synths roll in out of mix like a fairground attraction, then it backs to the big slabs of electro funk - very addictive.

Electro is back in 2001.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:11 PM

Friday, April 27, 2001


Lo Fidelity Allstars

When are Lo Fidelity Allstars going to release a new album, that The All the All single sounds excellent on the radio.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:11 AM

Thursday, April 26, 2001


Easyvalue - price comparision

Have you checked out Easyvalue - music CD impartial price comparision for online shopping search engine put in the artist and CD title you are interested in. The easyvalue search engine retrieves prices from up 13 stores. It also works for pre release CDs - worth checking if you want to maximise your savings. e.g One store is selling the new Orbital for �8.99 with free postage and packing.

(PS I am very surprised of the indepth range that Tesco.Com - Music Store stock even for artists on independent labels. Normally my perception of Tesco is they stock the top 30 CDs and a few big name back catalogue CDs. Indeed galancing at the front webpage gives the perception that they deal only in a limited range.. they even have an advanced entertainment search engine that retrieves searches fast with release date information. They are not the cheapest though!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:21 PM


Elektra is a new music resource website specialising in all forms of progressive electronic music.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:42 PM

Krusafix - News

Krusafix are a new band to me, with a press release that goes like this...

KRUSAFIX has a sound that is a unique complex fusion of CyberGothic,
Progressive-Industrial, Dark-Techno, EBM, Epic-Trance, Electro, HardBeat,
Rave, Cyber-Metal, Industrial Drum & Bass.

Cyber Angel the title of the debut KRUSAFIX CD-Album & CD-Single was
released on their own label Neurogenik Transmissions & global distribution
company Cyberpulse Distribution in September 2000 & has been a hit

A new Krusafix Album will be released 30th April 2001, followed by a new
Remix Album released 28th May 2001, and a Special Edition Remix Album
released 25th June 2001.

For more news & info checkout the official KRUSAFIX website...


# posted by DJ Martian 9:37 PM


I mentioned Collide on this weblog last Autumn. I have recently downloaded some additional Collide @ tracks. Collide mix the influences of Siouxsie & the Banshees and early Curve, eastern and middle eastern influenced music with some techno and ebm sounds.

This is strong atmospheric music, with warm synth sounds the vibe is surprisingly uptempo for darkwave music inplaces on two tracks Halo and Monochrome that is similiar to the exotic electro goth sound that Switchblade Symphony achieved.

I would like to investigate the whole album Chasing the Ghost in the near future.

In the UK there is not one darkwave/industrial radio show so this music gets continually ignored. Collide deserve better this is far too sublime to be overlooked.

Collide - Chasing the Ghost reviews

# posted by DJ Martian 9:07 PM


Another positive review of Ulver - Perdition City - my copy is on order.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:09 PM

Shriekback - aberrations 81-4

Rough Trade have some details of Shriekback - aberrations 81-4

# posted by DJ Martian 7:47 PM

Zan Lyons - update

Foundry Recordings have news that Zan Lyons will release his much anticipated second album in early July, as yet the album is untitled.

Zan is currently in the studio laying down the finishing touches to the forthcoming album that will follow up the astonishing benchmark debut album release last year in Desolate.

Where is the NME to report this news?

# posted by DJ Martian 2:23 PM

Pitchfork - Review a new German band Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Yet another experimental German band Kammerflimmer Kollektief - M�ander

Equally rooted in 70's kraut-rock and 90's post-rock, the record plays out like a drug-free instrumental psychedelic jam session.
But Amon D��l II and Labradford aren't the only points of reference here. M�ander, like so many experimental bedroom recordings these days, compresses multiple genres into single track

# posted by DJ Martian 12:02 AM

Wednesday, April 25, 2001


Panacea - New Project

Recycle Your Ears review Pancea & Cativo - the Hardest Tour on Earth

# posted by DJ Martian 11:38 PM

Playlouder Album Reviews

Playlouder review albums by Violet Indiana and Pressure Drop.

Violet Indiana - Roulette

"Fine if all you want is just another Cocteau Twins album"

Pressure Drop - Tread

'Tread' is one of the year's finest albums. And corporate club land, like the media that kisses its arse, is too damn stupid to realize. Believe.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:27 PM


Recommended for fans of Dead Can Dance / Cocteau Twins are Frolic on the Projekt label.

To Dream, Perchance To Sleep
Projekt | PRO00109

Guided by the siren-like, beautifully haunting vocals of Kelly O' Brien, Frolic sets the stage for an atmospheric voyage through the land of dreams. Layers of atmospheres mix with subtle percussion and shimmering guitars to produce a windswept musical elixir with as much power to strengthen as there is to soothe. To Dream, Perchance to Sleep comes alive with a persistent heartbeat echoing in the background like a slow motion, snowflake-filled dream. And, just as in dreams, there are glorious peaks and ominous valleys.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:15 PM

The Milk Factory - May edition

The Milk Factory have their May edition ready for inspection, this month includes album reviews for:

Rotor+'s first album, 'Aileron', is a captivating journey into dark
electonica, inspired by a passion for patterns and landscapes. The
album, built around three tracks, divided into fourteen sections, is
an unforgettable record.

Confusion and disorder are instruments to Chris Clark's first album.
Ignoring any rule, Clark compiles every single sound he's ever heard
into thirty minutes of total chaos. Welcome to 'Clarence Park'.

Cologne-based musician Berndt Friedmann has had many projects on the
go for the last few years. His new album's title is slightly
misleading indeed, as the love songs he plays are all rather

Fuelled with jazz, funk, and blues, the second opus by Corydon-based
Juju is an infernal groove machine, as electrifying as their live

Classically trained Canadian Dan Snaith presents his first
album. 'Start Breaking My Heart' is set between Boards Of Canada,
Squarepusher and Miles Davies. And the result is somehow very

Richard D. "Aphex Twin" James sees his Polygon Window album re-
released by Warp Records, and it hasn't aged. A testament, if need
be, of his visionary talent.

Luke Vibert reactivate his Wagon Christ alter ego for the fourth
episode of his adventures, taking his hip-hop-influenced electro into
strange territories.

'The Braindance Coincidence' celebrates ten years of Rephlex, and
more than a hundred releases. This compilation shows how influential
the label set up by Richard D. James and Grant Wilson-Claridge has
been, and how visionary it is to this day.

Warp Records have now opened their New York offices, and to
celebrate, they have put together a compilation destined to the
American market. 'Routine concentrates mostly on the last few years
of the label history, with an impeccable collection.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:06 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2001



Details of the upcoming Terrorizer Isue 89 magazine including:

Fear Factory - I have problem with Fear Factory - their 1995 album demanufacture was such an impressive album, while their last album dissapointed, what I have heard of the new album a few tracks - it just seems to be that they are coasting on automatic pilot.

Ulver - Terrorizer supports Ulver - but no front cover this time

Susperia - More Norwegian's

Defenestration - Britiains bright new young rock rising hopefulls

# posted by DJ Martian 11:47 PM

Tool - Lateralus - More Information

Canada's Chartattack have further details on Lateralus: Sneak Peek Of Tool's New Album

# posted by DJ Martian 11:35 PM

The Chameleons set provisional date for new album: June 4th

The Chameleons have some very interesting news

Open letter from Mark Burgess dated: April 23rd

The new record is mixed, the artwork, another original piece from Reg, is on schedule and so it looks like we'll meet our release date of early June. It's actually slated for June 4, but the day will probably change because it always does. If this happens it won't be down to us but to circumstances beyond our comprehension.

The Title: 'Why Call It Anything!'

The title Reg and I came up with was inexplicably taken seriously by everyone else around the band, who all said that they liked it and so the title remains 'Why Call It Anything!'

So The Chameleons album Why Call it Anything could be released the same day as Radiohead's Amnesiac - June 4th !

PS When will those ignorant duffers at the NME release that The Chameleons are back !

# posted by DJ Martian 1:50 AM


This weeks album reviews at Splendid Week of April 23, 2001 include

Sixto -Sixto influenced by New Order, The Cure and Joy Division

track featured on the Splendid Boombox - Which I will check out tomorrow when I have more time.

Wagon Christ - Musipal

In the at a glance section

a new band to me: XBXRX

XBXRX / Gop Ist Minee / 5RC (CD)
" the group�s mini-album produced by (of all people) Steve Albini"

# posted by DJ Martian 12:34 AM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Mogwai

This week's choice is Mogwai who will release their new album, Rock Action on Monday 30th April.

Official website for Mogwai

# posted by DJ Martian 12:17 AM

Cool Music Database

Cool Music database have a very extensive favourite albums of the year lists between 1980 and 2000. A useful guide and memory jogger to plug the missing gaps in your album collection.

In Cool Music Database you can find all our favorite albums from 1980 to the present day. More than 1500 albums are presented by year of release and order of preference. The list with our Top-50 Albums of the 90s can also be found here, as well as links to our favorite artists' sites. Check it out!

From a personal perspective I find their opinions of the 80s broadly similiar to mine, however their 90s lists begin to diverge away from mine - they tend to favour the more obvious choices in US alternative rock.

Interesting that the writers of Cool Database orginate in Greece as most best of lists normally have a UK or US perspective. However their choices are broadly similiar to say the monthly US magazine Alternative Press particularly so the 90s.

It is also interesting to note that their Number one albums of years throughout the 90s only two were British, The Fall in 1990 and PJ Harvey in 1993.

Selected Cool Database favourites of the year

Remain in Light - Talking Heads - 1980

Juju - Siouxsie And The Banshees 1981

1983 good to see Kiling Joke Fire Dances album of the year in 1983

Zen Arcade - Husker Du 1984

Songs about Fucking - Big Black 1987

Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth 1988

Automatic - The Jesus and Mary Chain 1989

# posted by DJ Martian 12:02 AM

Monday, April 23, 2001


Rioux Records

Rioux Records- New Releases another independent music retailer that provides a useful new release information section. (Updated each Tuesday)

# posted by DJ Martian 10:47 PM

Brainwashed Brain: V04I15 - 04222001

This weeks Brainwashed Brain album reviews includes:

red house painters, "old ramon"

james plotkin: trifid project and atomsmasher


couch, "profane"

panacea/cativo, "the hardest tour on planet earth"

# posted by DJ Martian 10:28 PM

DJ Magazine

DJ Mag

The latest DJ Magagine 21st April to 4th May includes an excellent free CD - mixed by Terry Francis.

Most of the freebie CDs given away by dance magazines are generally dissapointing but this is the best I have heard since Muzik - Slam Soma mix earlier this year.

�2.50 for a magazine and an excellent deep tech house mix CD - a real bargain.

Terry Francis like MR C has a natural ability to create a mix that flows through a variety of tempos and styles.

The music selected is from the UCMG collective

UCMG UK came into life in 1995 and has since been going from strength to strength. The music that comes out of UCMG UK's stable ranges from techno, deep house, Chicago house, tech house, trance to leftfield jazzy breaks. Always with an open mind, UCMG UK has had the fortune to work with some of the undergrounds' finest, as well as a few big names thrown in for good measure!

# posted by DJ Martian 10:17 PM

150 Forthcoming Albums that are due to be released in 2001 from these artists

1. Accelera Deck
2. Barry Adamson
3. The Album Leaf
4. American Heritage
5. Amp
6. Ananada
7. Anathema
8. Anyone
9. Aphex Twin
10. Appliance
11. Arcturus
12. Arovane
13. Ashfelt
14. Astrobite
15. Autchere
16. Basement Jaxx
17. Beta Band
18. Beyond Dawn
19. Boards Of Canada
20. CJ Bolland
21. Botch
22. Bridge & Tunnel
23. Kate Bush
24. Candiria
25. Cex
26. The Chameleons
27. Chemical Brothers
28. Corkyees
29. Carl Craig
30. Cranes
31. Curve
32. Cybele
33. Cyclefly
34. Dark Star
35. Deadsy
36. Death in Vegas
37. Defenestration
38. Depeche Mode
39. Diabolical Masquerade
40. Di Lacuna
41. Dillinja
42. Dillinger Escape Plan
43. DJ Shadow
44. Dom & Roland
45. Doves
46. Dredg
47. Eblake
48. Echo & the Bunnymen
49. Eighteen Visions
50. Elbow
51. Electrelane
52. Emperor
53. Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm
54. Faithless
55. Fant�mas
56. Faultline
57. Filter
58. Four Tet
59. Elizabeth Fraser
60. Freq Nasty
61. Fridge
62. Futureshock
63. Future 3
64. Gaiden
65. Godflesh
66. Haujobb
67. Matthew Herbert
68. Hocico
69. Hrvatski
70. John Hughes AKA Slicker
71. John B
72. Juno
73. Kosheen
74. Kraftwerk
75. Lamb
76. Lemon D
77. Lift to Experience
78. Lo Fidelity Allstars
79. Loveliescrushing
80. Marillion
81. Massive Attack
82. Meat Katie
83. Mesh
84. Mira
85. Mogwai
86. Moonspell
87. MR C
88. Mum
89. My Dying Bride
90. Neurosis
91. New Order
92. The Nine
93. Nobody
94. Nora
95. Raz O�Hara
96. Obeah
97. Omni Trio
98. Orbital
99. Oval
100. Ovuca
101. Plaid
102. Poison The Well
103. Portishead
104. Portal
105. Prefab Sprout
106. Primal Scream
107. Radiohead
108. Red House Painters
109. Retina
110. Rico
111. Safety Scissors
112. Satyricon
113. Sense
114. Sicbay
115. Sigur R�s
116. 16B
117. Slam
118. Spiritualized
119. Squarepusher
120. Starecase
121. Mikael Stavostrand
122. Sulpher
123. Sunny Day Real Estate
124. System of a Down
125. Systral
126. Taken
127. Tapeworm
128. Technical Itch
129. Techno Animal
130. Tindersticks
131. Dave Tipper
132. Tool
133. Rapheal Toral
134. To Rococo Rot
135. Tricky
136. Ulver
137. Underworld
138. Unwound
139. Ved Bens Ende
140. Violet Indiana
141. Viovod
142. Virus (Norway)
143. VNV Nation
144. Otto Von Schirach
145. Way Out West
146. When
147. Will Haven
148. Xpress 2
149. Susumu Yokota
150. Yellow6

# posted by DJ Martian 10:05 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2001 - Forthcoming Releases
have updated their forthcoming releases information, including these

Ananda : Profane

CD Overcome OVER004.
Released On: 14 May 2001

When DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN & BOTCH came to choosing a support band for their comprehensive European tour last year - there was really only one choice: ANANDA. This French band have been trailblazing their brand of twisted post hardcore heaviness for a number of years and this new album will confirm their stellar position. Complex, brooding songstructures and grooves are all delivered with unrelenting power, fury and passion. This really is the first time that the band's recording has matched the intensity of their live shows. Listen & weep!

Anthony Rother : Biomechanik Remixes

CD Mini album
Ps149Net EFA274582.
Released On: 30 April 2001

Continuos Mode : Disinformation Design

Klang EFA564242.
Released On: 08 May 2001

New album from the mighty KLANG label, part of the PLAYHOUSE (ISOLEE, LOSOUL) group of quality!. *ANDY MELLWIG (of PORTER RICKS) developed his technoid project "ASYNC SENSE" at the beginning of the '90's followed by his first album that emerged from the BASIC CHANNEL stable and was released on MORITZ VON OSWALD's label "Imbalance". Further recordings were released with THOMAS KONER as PORTER RICKS. *For his New CONTINUOUS MODE album, MELLWIG concentrated on late 60's FREE ROCK meets 1969 to mid 70's period MILES DAVIS. Thirty years down the line, that history has been re-united on this album CONTINUOUS MODE play history as a continuum and not as a gratuitous sample archive to be plundered. *Tracklisting: Aurora (for all my friends in Switzerland), Criminal Funk, Atmas, Running Status, Disinformation Design, Like Children, Motus (for Leila), Functional Fun, Kryptic Mode.

Diabolical Masquerad : Deaths Design

Avant Garde AV055
Released On: 30 April 2001

Fourth album from Diabolical Masquerade, a solo project of Katatonia's Blackheim. Concieved as a soundtrack for an as yet unreleased horror film Death's Design is sweeping dark Metal with full orchestration. For fans of Emperor, but with a lot more experimentation.

Elbow : Asleep In The Back

Released On: 07 May 2001

Any Day Now ~ Red ~ Little Beast ~ Powder Blue ~ Bitten by the Tailfly ~ New Born ~ Don't Mix Your Drinks ~ Presuming Ed (Rest Easy) ~ Coming Second ~ Can't Stop ~ Scattered Black and Whites In 1998, Elbow released the five track "Noisebox" EP on their own Soft Records. Immediately championed by John Peel, the band went on to the final of that year's In the City and a deal with Island Records promptly followed. The buy out of the label at the end of 1999 by Universal saw Elbow leave the label with no releases and an LP on the shelf. Still labelless in the summer of 2000 Elbow released an EP on rejuvenated Manchester independent label, Ugly Man. The lead track, "Newborn" was heralded by critics and became Single of the Week in The Independent, Melody Maker and on Mark and Lard's Radio 1 show. Elbow were seized upon as a bright hope for 2001 and support slots with The Doves coupled to a blistering live performance of "Newborn" on the soon to be seminal "Barfly Sessions" Channel 4 music programme confirmed the air of expectation growing around the band. Series presenter Dermot O'Leary singled out Elbow from the 10 week run of shows as the outstanding performance of the series. 2001 beckoned and Elbow were listed almost across the board in articles looking for the important bands of the coming year. Having signed to V2 Records at the end of 2000, Elbow fulfilled their word of mouth commitment with a second EP for Ugly Man, "Any Day Now", which was promptly awarded Single of the Week by the NME. . "Asleep in the Back" is released by V2 on May 7th on CD and double vinyl LP (including additional track, "Vum Garda").

Electrelane : Rock It To The Moon

Lets Rock .
Released On: 30 April 2001

Electrelane release their debut longplayer "Rock It To The Moon" through Let�s Rock Records! Last year Electrelane receiving acclaim from all quarters and performed roadblocked live shows with the likes of �And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Animalhouse and Le Tigre. "a lurking slice of fresh-faced invention" (Sleazenation) "elegant with a murky sub-cultural edge" (NME) "tear stained and trumulous, as sad as a lover leaving for the final time" (Melody Maker) This year they present their epic, �., album �Rock It To The Moon� which features the sold out singles �Film Music�, �Le Song� and �Gabriel� and new celebratory single �Blue Straggler�. The album will be released on their own 3mv/PIAS backed Let�s Rock! label. Tracklisting: The Invisible Dog / Long dark / Gabriel / Film Music/Blue Straggler / Many Peaks / Le Song / Spartakiade / U.O.R /The Boat / Mother

Electro Organic : Roots Wreck Remix

Varunee VARUNEE002.
Released On: 08 May 2001

Three years in the making, the long awaited follow up to Herbanism (now out of print) from this Boston collective (founding member of the Toneburst Collective). An ambitious and warm hour long flow of dub, ambient, and sampled beats forming patterns of chill-out electronica and distorted psychedelic jungle, in three distinct thematical sections (Roots,Wreck, Remix). EOOS have performed with Looper, DJ Spooky, Yo La Tengo, We, Hrvatski, u-Ziq, Tranquility Bass, among many others, and they are currently collaborating on the next Cul de Sac album. This CD features guest remixers Tube (aka Hearnow, Frank Heiss, Liquid Sky Records) and Hrvatski. The first album sold out completely, this is a wonderful follow-up.

Estel : Angelpie, I Think I Ate Your Face

Alpha Relish LPT2CD.
Released On: 23 April 2001

after spending two years consistently gigging, practising, and honing their sound, estel have finally managed to capture the minimalist beauty of their music on record. Recorded in a mere two days, �angelpie...� combines post-punk influences and a fiercely independent mindset with a gentle, cathartic songwriting sensibility, to finally prove that pretentiousness is not inherent in instrumentally-based music.the album exudes emotion in its sheer simplicity, with thumping drums and solid basslines providing a base for carefully picked guitar and subtle, orchestrated keyboards. Hot press, ireland's answer to the nme, opined "virtually flawless". Think sonic youth / mission of bhurma / joy division

Funckarma : Solid State

Dub Recordings DUBCD04.
Released On: 30 April 2001

After storming the world league of modern electronica with a series of exquisite eps and remixes, the dutch brothers don & roel funcken finally unveil their debut feature length cd of advanced melodic sounds and free musical structures. Alongside artists like autechre, aphex twin, funkstorung, boards of canada, and the miami axis ofchocolate industries / schematic / beta bodega, funckarma have been instrumental in bringing a new approach to �thoughtful� electronic music to a wider audience, and their mark is being made on an unwitting mainstream by way of their influence on the likes of bjork and radiohead. �solid state� is a massive leap forward from the �parts� series, and sees the brothers reaching new heights in terms of the fine balance between advanced programming and beautiful atmospheres. Where they go, others are sure to follow.

Systral : Black Smoker

Chrome Saint CSM001.
Released On: 14 May 2001

Post grindcore heroes SYSTRAL have some pedigree. Formed in 1995 from the still smouldering remains of two of Germany's chaos-core outfits ACME & CAROL. Originally a duo, the combo expanded into a six man killing team adding other members of their previous bands plus a couple from fellow German noisemongers MORSER. After some extremely well received singles comes their debut album proper. A boiling chaotic cauldron of crust, grind, death, straight up metal, and that modern indefinable quality that sets apart new bands like BOTCH, DROWNINGMAN & ISIS from the rest of the pack. 11 tracks of breathtaking abandon all executed with the precision and subtlety of a blind butcher. Imagine a post apocalyptic battlefield - all scorched earth and churned debris. As the ashes rain down upon you - this is the soundtrack. Full bore armageddon for fans of extreme post metal damage.

Trurl and Klaupacius : Sing Sweet Software

Supremat EFA019612.
Released On: 14 May 2001

Trurl and Klaupacius are robots. In Stanislav Lem�s Cyberiad mid-60�s novel, they�re busy flying around the universe building machines.(Each machine they build makes up a chapter from this visionary book.). CHRISTIAN VOGEL was reading these stories while pursuing his hobby in the studio: recording the variation of modules of modular systems he programmed himself - modulating each other for periods of time. Borrowing the names of Lem�s robots in reference to his own automated studio work, the Vogel experiment turned into a project when he picked his favourite musical modules - computers and their software - and let them go to work on their own. In his own eyes, Vogel is not the composer of the work so much as the executive producer. Tracklisting: 1 Roll Call 1:38 2 Drop Tiny Things 1:41 3 Engage In Out 5:42 4 On the Way To 1:07 5 Breathe Bad Hair 7:12 6 Iknewit 1:07 7 Hydra Tree Sweets 7:20 8 Why So Hungry? 5:56 9 Pass D 4:33 10 Outboard 3:30 11 Why So Lonely? 5:35 12 No More Hand On Floor 5:04 13 ...Pass Through Toluhu 4:07 14 Django Bin 5:11 15 Roll Call (Reprise) 1:40

Woe : Last Stop

Some SOME15.
Released On: 23 April 2001

The origins of WOE, NY label SOME records first European signing, lay in the hardcore scene of the early 90's. John Hannon was then playing guitar in Southend Emo/Hardcore heroes UNDERSTAND. All the while he was dreaming up a new sound - based on the energy and emotion of the hardcore scene but with mood and ambience taking the place of melody and harmony. The opportunity arose to put this theory into practise, when a young filmmaker asked John to score a short film. Enlisting help from his longtime musical collaborator, Pete Wilkins, the duo set about scoring, using trumpet, trombone and double bass - instruments none of them could play at the time. Pleased with the results they began writing and recording seriously. Fastforward to 1999, the duo added a full time bassist and saxophone player and set about recording this album for Some. Aiming to achieve a more bass heavy, repetitive sound than their previous recordings, using a lot of dub effects and track layering, what they ended up with was a beautifully orchestrated chaos. Unusual and arresting, WOE brings a new dimension to Jazz, not unlike TORTOISE bought to electronica, TRANS AM to rock and STEREOLAB to 60's pop. Woe manages to fuse elements of all three, forging their own unique brand of ambience: dissonant hooks and smooth, jazzy instrumentation..FOR FANS OF: Tortoise, Trans Am, 70's Miles Davis & Isotope 217.

V/A : Infasonic Waves

CD Double cd
Ochre OCH025LCD. Released On: 14 May 2001

Fantastic double cd compilation of 33 tracks featuring the cream of the electronic & experimental underground and selling for the price of a single cd. Features: magnetophone, avrocar, the freed unit, stylus, mount vernon arts lab, yellow 6, five way mirror (featuring windy & carl), 90 degrees south, a.m.p studio, pen llithrig (john ex-gorky's), the serpents, aarktica, ucm, our glassie azoth, landing plus various longstone, grimble grumble, land of nod, tystion and ectogram side projects. The serpents track features amp, windy & carl, members of the bunnymen, amp, windy & carl, gorky's, super furry animals, skyray, melys, ectogram etc etc. The avrocar track is a tele:funken remix and was a breezeblock single of the week on mary-anne hobbs bbc radio one show and also included as one of ed o'brien's (radiohead) favourite tracks of all time when guesting on lamacq's radio one show. Expect favourable airplay from john peel & mary-anne hobbs on radio one plus adverts etc in the likes of the wire & nme. Cd1 is volumes 1 to 4 of the legendary ochre 7" ep 33rpm series. Cd2 is made up of 17 new tracks.

Zero 7 : Simple Things

Ultimate Dilemma UDRCD016
Released On: 23 April 2001

Let�s get one thing straight from the start; this is not chillout music. It may be mellow music for relaxing, for pondering both melodies and life itself, but it�s steeped in so much soul and funk, that earmarking it as �chillout� barely begins to make sense. A lot of people have claimed Zero 7 are the British Air. Don�t be fooled, this is more like the result of years spent listening to and absorbing the lessons of masters like Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Charles Stepney, while still feeling the impact of hip hop and house music. Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, both 29, have known each other since they were in short trousers and still live only a few minutes from each other. Their passion and love of music (one on hip-hop, the other on soul, jazz and classical) saw them both opt to study sound engineering. It was their link with old college mate Nigel Godrich (producing �OK Computer� at the time) that led to their remix of �Climbing Up The Walls�). Gilles Peterson heard their talents and commissioned them to give an orchestral sheen to some of Terry Callier�s work. Following two limited, critically acclaimed eps, Zero 7 present the debut longplayer �Simple Things�. It�s beauty and musicianship are something quite remarkable. From the awesome African-influenced instrumental passage �Likufanele� to perfect modern soul masterpieces, be warned; this is an album you�ll put on in the background and find it running round your head all day. From the velvety �I Have Seen� (next single; due 21st May), featuring the vocal talents of Mozez, to the sultry, quiet storm of �Destiny� (vocals by Sia and also a future single). This is an album of hope, sadness and happiness wrapped up in a big comfort blanket. Don�t analyse, though, just enjoy.

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Friday, April 20, 2001


Etronik Frontline News - Forthcoming CJ Bolland and Carl Craig

Etronik have news on two of the leading techno artists, CJ Bolland and Carl Craig.

CJ Bolland

Bolland also said his new album was called �Storage Media Netherworld�. �It�s called that because it consists of tracks that have been around, music that could have been released but wasn�t and has now escaped. I�m really productive nowadays; just wait until you hear what I�m about to release

CJ Bolland has also set up his own record company Mole Industries that will be releasing electro, techno and drum n bass on three seperate labels.

Carl Craig

Carl Craig is busy in the studio working on new album that will be released on his Planet e label

This is excellent news as Carl Craig released one of the finest techno albums of alltime in More Songs About... I look forward to the new release.

In the meantine there are two upcoming EPs

Carl Craig�s Planet E label celebrates its tenth anniversary this May by launching a special series of four hard to find EPs from the Planet E vaults. The first EP will be Carl Craig�s hard to find �The Climax�, which is released on May 22nd, featuring a new remix from Basic Channel. The second EP will be released in September and will feature two more hard to find Carl Craig classics recorded under his Shop guise as well as one previously unreleased track

# posted by DJ Martian 7:14 PM

Ulver - Perdition City

Yet another brilliant review of Ulver - Perdition City

Ulver in its current phase is undisputedly its most creative, explorative and, furthermore, important

Ulver is unquestionably at a high note in its post-metal career with his its newest work. Sure, there are still soundscapes to iron out, beats to manipulate and songs to sample, but, in the end, Perdition City is a mammoth work of electronic genius.

Ulver are one the leading highlights of innovation and creativity in music in 2001.

I have imformed you enough on Ulver..if you don't take up the sound challenge - then you are missing out:

The album is finally released on Monday April 23rd on Jester Records. Exceptional and compulsory - make the RIGHT DECISION ! in 2001 get this album, take up the sonic challenge and experience it - immerse yourself in the Ulver sound.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:01 PM


The NME review Electrelane -'Rock It To The Moon' album that will now be released on April 30th.

on the quite staggering 'Mother' - 11 minutes of psychotik motorik, with the four screaming like banshees as their speeding juggernaut hurtles off the end of Brighton pier - that seals the deal.

spot on I have heard this track on the radio - the way it builds up has to be experienced.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:53 AM

Dave Clarke - compilation album of the year ?

Dave Clarke - World Service is released May 22nd. Check that track listing, a double CD of underground techno and deep electro.

Electro is coming back ! in 2001.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:13 AM

Mouse on Mars

Pitchfork review the Mouse on Mars - Idiology album

"German electronic duo breaks away from their often minimalist tendencies to create an album packed with whirling melody and organic instrumentation."

Mouse on Mars - Idiology - Rating: 9.6

On the Pitchfork rating scale this rates as 9.5-9.9 Spectacular!

This is not the first review which has stated that this is an exceptional album.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Thursday, April 19, 2001


Mira - Cranes and The Chameleons fans ..welcome to the sound of Mira

�words just don't capture the raw emotional power of the album to suck you in and spit you out, staggering in wonder.� - ink19

Mira are a band on the Projekt label

Mira are set to release a new album Apart in June.

So what do they sound like? Check for yourself at Mira @

The first track I downloaded Space is sublime imagine Alison Shaw of Cranes fronting The Chameleons instead of Mark Burgess.

Regina Sosinski�s (the female vocalist of Mira) draws you in with her interesting edgy yet clear mellow and epic vocal style, while the band create a churning big echoey sound - crushing drums and blistering guitar sounds , guitars then chime and float like the best Chameleons tracks - waves of waves textured guitar, then it picks up with hyperspeed bass guitars, then back more reflective - those Guitar chords are so Chameleons alike and then regina's brilliant voice reaches epic cresecendo followed through a few brief drum solos and some epic guitar breakdowns, like The Comsat Angels specialise in.

The other track Plastique is more reflective, sparse, melancholic and definately more in the Cranes sound terriority, impressive and interesting.

"apart tears at the edges, pulling mira�s sound apart to recompose it into something new, delicate, touching, aggressive and surprisingly accessible. apart combines dreamy shoegazer pop with edgier angular guitars and rhythms; all in support of regina sosinski�s ethereal soprano, which speaks with a yearning and intimacy so beautiful, it is subtly unnerving. drifting from the slightest whisper to an aching scream; her voice is nothing less than captivating".

"apart �s swirling torrents of heavily drenched guitars at times blister and rage, and just as suddenly transform into clean contrapuntal lines. a sense of continuity between the voice and music reveals a great depth, taking the listener through every shade of emotion and leaving them with a spinning head and aching heart."

The album apart by Mira is released June 5th on the Projekt label.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:37 PM

Wednesday, April 18, 2001


Lift to Experience

Bella Union record label are set to release an album by a very fine American band called Lift to Experience, from Denton Texas.

The Bella Union label has a free download, the closest reference for me would be Whipping Boy, early Puressence and imagine the wall of guitars sound of early Ride.

Lift To Experience couldn�t be making music anywhere but Denton, Texas, and at no time but the dawn of a new century. But, like all the best rock�n�roll, their sound is both steeped in their immediate surroundings, their everyday lives, and utterly out of time. There�s something elemental in this music; the same primal charge that rattles through The Pixies, The Birthday Party, The Gun Club; the heady incantations of Jeff Buckley�s �Grace�; the dreaming, visionary soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine; the haunted, starlit swirl of Slint. Lift To Experience don�t really sound anything like these bands, but they do share their spirit. This is beautiful, evangelical, unexpected, intoxicating music, sure, music to surrender to � but it�s also a call to arms. Singer Josh Pearson rages as the night gathers around him, in his right hand The Book Of Revelations, on fire.

Lift to Experience will be on John Peel radio show on April 19th.

Lift To Experience recorded at ULU for 1 Live In London
This is the debut appearance on the programme for Lift To Experience who are a three-piece from Denton, Texas. Their new album will be coming out in May and they'll also be recording a session while they're over here.

Lift to Experience album - The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads is released on May 14th on Bella Union.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:28 PM

Isabel's Dream - "Blissbeat" shoegazer sounds meets artcore jungle

Isabel's Dream are a Canadian band that have been dubbed part of the blissbeat scene. The closest reference point would be the sublime 4AD band Insides the glacial guitars mixed in with lush artcore drum n bass and electronic music.

Who are Isabel's Dream?

Its a blurred wall of swirling cascading guitars washing over dirty jungle/d'n'b/electronica beats, delicate angelic male/female vocals, rolling baselines and soundscapes that take the listener to far off places. Canadian Blissbeat.

Originally conceived as a vehicle for his ambient guitar and loop work, Isabel's Dream is the brainchild of Toronto-based musician Michael Ulrich. Beginning in 1997 as a series of experiments involving his cassette four-track and home computer, the project gradually took on a life of its own, and soon programmed beats began to surface from beneath the steady wash of guitar. The sound was further refined during the summer of 1999, when Ulrich invited his friend Rachel Keeler to add her voice to the mix. He then recorded and released his debut 'Monomara' E.P.(Out Now) on Aporia Records.

Through out this period, Ulrich had been corresponding regularly with Scott Cortez of Lovesliescrushing, keeping him informed about the Isabel's Dream experiments. With the encouragement of Cortez, Ulrich continued to evolve and develop his sound into what Cortez has dubbed "blissbeat." In addition to providing this type of moral support, the relationship between Cortez and Ulrich has resulted in plans for a collaborative project that will likely appear in the near future under the name Monocroma.

The track I downloaded first Blue Morning starts with dreamy echoey guitars - imagine Cocteau Twins, - pulsating swirls of guitars, over a electronic background with artcore jungle underpinning the music - this sound juxtaposition suits the music - then dreamy female vocals emerge and the electronic pulsing music gets stronger, hi hats scurry over the mix then half way through the track the guitars float more into the music - the sound is similiar to the ex 4AD band Insides.

An EP is available The Monomara EP released on on Aporia Records label.

available to buy from Clairecords

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Loveliescrushing (LLC) - update

Further to yesterdays weblog news here is the latest information concerning the transcendental Loveliescrushing who released Xuvetyn one of my favourite albums of the 90s - will be releasing their third album scheduled for this summer.

the new loveliescrushing album,yes the third lovesliescrushing album! is almost completed it is a matter of finishing up the mastering and finalizing artwork. hopefully if funds permit it will be released through the uncomparable
blue sanct musak label. set your sites for the summer release kids,it is here and soon will be on your stereo. from scott's
bedroom to yours.

and a remix album

there will be two more lovesliescrushing albums, one is comprised of new material and the other is a remix album where the deconstructed LLC sound is destroyed even further

Never heard them before? think Cocteau Twins - garlands, early Laika mixed with MBV loveless and Bark Psychosis, with added electronic and jungle influences. Intoxicating - investigate and re discover them in 2001.

PS the date on the LLC website should read Summer 2001 not 2000 !

More LLC information on the Astrobite site.

Astrobite is Scott Cortez multi talented multi instrumentalist and a founder member of Loveliescrushing.

There are also 3 Mp3 tracks from the forthcoming Astrobite album Crush, that is now set for release out on May 10th, on Clairecords.

I've just started downloading them now.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:59 PM

Mogwai - FREE Mogwai MP3

Those nice people at Vitamanic are offering a free MP3 download from the forthcoming Mogwai album, Rock Action.

The track You Don't Know Jesus - is over 8 minutes long and its an epic! that reaches Godspeed You Black Emperor intensity and a switch back to the quiet then loud drenched psychotic sounds of Young Team.

Fact Mogwai's last two albums (Young Team and C.O.D.Y) in the UK sold 35, 000 copies each, the UK's population is over 60 million. While the horrible ghastly whiney and dull plodding pub rock of Stereophonics sells 1 million and the bland boring nothingness of Travis are equally as popular . It has been my long held opinion that most people in Britain are stupid and dumb, these simple facts illustrate the point perfectly.

We need the chopsy likes of Stuart Braithwaite to tell it like it is - as there are precious few artists that have the courage, self belief, knowledge, intelligence and confidence to speak their own minds and impart their honest opinions when we are bombarded with conformity and mediocracy in so much of todays media.

Power to Mogwai - make the intelligent choice get Rock Action on April 30th !

Unofficial Mogwai website and the Official Mogwai website

# posted by DJ Martian 8:37 PM

Dreampop Links - with news of Bark Psychosis and Loveliescrushing

Dreampop links

This is just an attempt to keep a starting point in the search for shoegazer/dream pop related bands. This links will take you to web sites, home pages or just plain text information of the bands listed.

Also a news section that states there will be a new Loveliescrushing album !

Bark Psychosis

But now, according to some close sources, Sutton "rediscovered" the guitar sound and now he's recording an LP with ex-members of Talk Talk / O'rang. Sounds mighty interesting, but there's still more. There is also talk of a BP live album compiled by Sutton which might see the light of day at some point throughout this year. Also, watch out for re-releases of Hex and Independency!

An MP3 Radio section with downloads including Astrobite !

A best of 2000 round up.

and loads of links !

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Tuesday, April 17, 2001


Fake Jazz music ezine

Fake Jazz Issue 15

Reviews include:

Red House Painters - Old Ramon

Red House Painters

Bardo Pond - Dilate

Bardo Pond

a new band to me Kinski - Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle

This is what Kinski does, taking cues from the last 20 years of space rock, art rock, psychedelia, and even post rock and creating something new and invigorating.

Equally adept at quiet and loud, Kinski draw from several distinct movements and mix them together masterfully to create an exciting, energizing album.

Mercury Program - All the Suits Began to Fall Off EP
(Tiger Style)

Mercury Program

Mice Parade

and the wonderful Mice Parade - Mokoondi

# posted by DJ Martian 10:53 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Bows


who release their second album, Cassidy this week.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:13 PM

Botch - update

Lambgoat have the latest news concerning the innovative Botch, who released the dynamic album We are the Romans.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:54 AM

Monday, April 16, 2001


Yellow 6 Limited Edition CD - Released April 23rd

Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Chunky Records are one of the select few places top purchase this CD !

YELLOW 6. Music For Pleasure. (Rocket Racer) US Import CD �7.49

"The vinyl lovers label Rocket Racer releases its first CD! Yellow6 release another limited edition full length album featuring all the relaxing beats and melodies he's becoming famous for. more art by RAUM DSIGN and packaged in a clear yellow clam shell case complete with florescent fuzzy pearl! limited to 500 copies, be a lucky one!"

# posted by DJ Martian 11:30 PM

Tool Webcast

Remember the Tool Webcast tomorrow, April 17th 7.00 PST.

( 3.00 am London ! April 18th)

# posted by DJ Martian 11:18 PM

Brainwashed Brain V04I14 - 04152001

This weeks Brainwashed Brain includes:

album reviews for:

Arab Strap - the red thread

"Did You See" is the third various artists compilation from Surrey, UK based label deFocus.

A record label that I have championed on this weblog this year.

ULVER, PERDITION CITY [MUSIC TO AN INTERIOR FILM] - as already mentioned on Mark W's website that I pointed out at the weekend!

# posted by DJ Martian 10:58 PM


Us Against Them recommended to check out Juno last week, Desoto Records have a Juno MP3 download, from the forthcoming album A Future Lived in Past Tense.

AMG profile for Juno

Siren Discs also mentioned Juno as Husker Du/ Fugazi influenced, on their recent forthcoming releases.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:22 AM

Sunday, April 15, 2001


Ulver - Perdition City - another excellent review

Mark W of Brainwashed reviews the new Ulver - Perdition City album there are some MP3 sound samples to download as well !

I am downloading them now.

Ulver's music is genuine and never sounds contrived, regardless of what genre they're dipping into or what direction they choose to tread.

UK Release date is now April 23rd. One of the most anticipated albums of the year. !

# posted by DJ Martian 11:13 PM

PelicanNeck This Weeks New Releases

this weeks new releases including

ISAN : Salle D'Isan - Morr Music - CD

EP Of The Week!! The long awaited return of Isan on the fabulous Morr Music label!! The term isan stands for "integrated services analogue network", and it perfectly reveals their interest in using dodgy old keyboards to make dodgy old noise. Isan�s music is a kind of ambilvalent thing: simple but pure, noisy but clear, strange but true........they mention influences as varied as artists like brian eno, stereolab, autechre, my bloody valentine...and as a matter of necessity you will find yourself whistling their beautiful melodies regardless of intention and mood. This is delicately refined beauty with one eye focused firmly on the nature and sounds of analogue machinery, with the other intensly locked onto melodies that sound as ethereal and timeless as anything you will ever hear. It is a telling sign that in the short span of the last couple of years the term 'isan-esque' has become common-place within the IDM community...and what else could it be termed...?? after all, Isan really do sound like nothing else. Essential

CEX : Starship Galactica - 555

The Cexboy returns!!! After a relocation period 555 have returned with another stormer from Ryjan Kidwell following his recent LP for Tigerbeat 6. The trademark squashed hip hop vibe is still in full effect and with a name like Starship Galactica you know it's funky. Along with compadre Kid 606, Cex is starting to chill a little with the emphasis being on the groove rather than the noise. After the B-Boy opener (complete with shout-outs to his label and mates), this release strays into Matmos territory while taking in latin guitar, porno chat, and Funkadelic style basslines. The CD closes with a hilarious Atari fuelled ode to the starship of the title. The boy's done it again, what a treat. Recommended.

COUCH : Profane - Kitty Yo - CD

The excellent Couch return with this brand new LP on Kitty Yo. An instrumental album with double bass, horns, strings and sometimes no guitar, the album finely balances abstraction and melody. Gorgeous post-rock, electronica and aural soundscaping.

TARWATER : Not The Wheel - Gustaff Rec - CD

Excellent new album from Tarwater. Bringing together commissioned pieces that the band have undertaken for film, performance and theatre projects, this is a fantastically coherent LP that ranges from poetically understated instrumentals to more upfront vocal tracks. Featuring contributions from Bertram Denzel (one half of the enigmatic duo Denzel and Huhn who unleash their debut EP on City Centre Offices very very soon...), 'Not The Wheel' is a fantastic fusion of subtle electronic soundscapes and accoustic twinklings not a million miles removed from To Rococo Rot. Highly Recommended!!

# posted by DJ Martian 7:36 PM


Mute records have launched a new web section for Appliance

the result is the album "Imperial Metric", a record that is certainly their most ambitious work to date. The instrumentation has been broadened; keyboards and drum machines feature where guitar and a drum kit would have once existed. Detached vocals float above the music aiming to hypnotise the listener with strong visual imagery and inventive wordplay. They have challenged themselves and succeeded, making a record which opens their music up to new territories. Set for release in June 2001, "Imperial Metric" is an album of hauntingly melancholic, yet uplifting music.

Details of a forthcoming single A Gentle Cycle Revolution

Appliance release a new single �A Gentle Cycle Revolution� on Mute on the 28th of May.

More information on the album Imperial Metric including nice cover art.

Imperial Metric is released June 11th.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:24 PM

Mouse on Mars

Bleedmusic review the forthcoming Mouse on Mars - Idiology album.

Undoubtedly their finest album to date, "Idiology" should broaden Mouse On Mars' already considerable off-menu appeal, but crucially, will also keep the legions of leftfield loyalists sweet.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:58 PM


Almost Cool review the new album by Couch - Profane

Couch- Profane (Matador/Kitty-Yo)

The album is released April 16th in the UK.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:02 PM

Vitriol - rural dark ambient music

Epitonic are offering two free Mp3 tracks from Vitriol

Who is Vitriol?

Ben Green a member of the legendary extreme British band Godflesh.

Vitriol is an exploration of organic, unfettered noises, decontextualized and woven into alarming collages. These compositions suggest the strange, menacing sounds you might hear in a forest in the dark at night or deep beneath the earth in some strange lightless cave.

His Vitriol release, made only with an eight-track, a guitar, and a few microphones, is a record of the experience.

From listening to the tracks I draw myself to comparisions with the brilliant Yellow6, but this is way darker, some of the guitar textures are similiar to Loveliescrushing. Lots of reverb and blissed out dark ambient rock structures it is remarkable that this music was just made with a guitar.

Neurot Recordings -Vitriol

Release Date: March 20, 2001
Format: CD
Neurot Recordings (NR013)

Ben Green (Godflesh) takes us on a haunting and elemental journey of the soul. Recorded in the mountains of Wales in order to document alchemical pursuits.

In 1995 I moved to a remote cottage in the Cambrian mountains, at the top end of the Ystwyth valley, a place I had spent a lot of time as a child; a beautifully bleak, magickal place. The main reason for this was to escape the noise of the city in order to listen, without distraction to the sounds within, sounds that I had been feeling for a long time. I spent 12 months here in virtual total isolation, focusing not only inwards, but also allowing myself to be an elemental "sponge", initially at natures mercy, but eventually learning to coexist with all natural elements, becoming completely aware of the natural order and flow of things.

Listening to this is a welcome escape from the confines of the urban lifestyle - turn the lights out, turn the volume up and listen to the flow and purity of Vitriol's music.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:55 PM


Epitonic are offering a free Mp3 track from Isis - Constructing Towers

You can call Isis metal, but only up to a point. Without question, their crushing, chugging two-guitar violence qualifies them as a powerful grindcore outfit, but Isis brings a lot more to the table: hypnotic, repetitious guitar-and-electronics asides, cold, gothic ambient textures, and ominous, curiously baroque bridges. It's spooky and aggressive music that iterates between gloomy introspection and forceful purging.

Download it now ! Isis are one of the leading extreme rock bands around at the moment in terms of innovation.

Isis Official website

Isis album Celestial finally got a European release last week, April 9th.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:28 PM

Modern English

Epitonic are offering a free MP3 track - Rainbows End

from the recently released retrospective album by Modern English - Life in the Gladhouse 1980-1984.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:08 PM


This week's album reviews at Splendid - Week of April 16, 2001 include

Lesser / Gearhound / Matador

you can check a track on the Splendid Boombox

Dashboard Confessional The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most

from the brief sound clip I heard this would make an excellent companion to the new Red House Painters album.

Vagrant Records have more information

This brand new full length release from Christopher Carrabba is an amazing follow up to his debut LP. Containing all of the heart-on-his-sleeve sincerity of his past work along with the introduction of full-instrumentation on a handful of the songs, ready yourself to be amazed. AVAILABLE - 3.20.2001

Other Releases

Ikon / On the Edge of Forever / Metropolis (CD)

"Though their sound and mood are often reminiscent of First and Last and Always-era Sisters of Mercy, with a little bit of (Clan of) Xymox thrown in for good measure"

So they have moved on from being a Joy Division tribute band?

The Mecury Program / All The Suits Began To Fall Off / Tiger Style (CD)

The Mercury Program are an all instrumental music band.

More information at Southern Records

Since the addition of Whit Travisano as the full time 4th member in early 2000, and with several months of national touring under their belt, the Mercury Program are now fully realized as a quartet. The songs on this EP reflect the band's comfort as a 4 piece, and are musically more textured than the works on previous releases. Tom Reno's guitars are loopy and sprawling while Sander Travisano's bass lines ground the band somewhere in the country between rock, blues and jazz. Vibes and keys take a prominent role and there is the first time addition of cello into a Mercury Program song. Unlike the previous recordings, this EP doesn't include any of the sparse bits of vocals, instead these 5 songs are completely instrumental. Whiles some songs pass the 8 minute mark, there is never a dull moment and the vocals are never missed.

You can Listen to the Mercury Program here

An MP3 download a track The Secret to Quiet

If you enjoyed fellow label recording artists Tristeza than look out for the The Mecury Program

The EP All the Suits Began to Fall Off Released on April 23rd on Tiger Style via Southern

Tiger Style Information for The Mercury Program

Official website for The Mercury Program

# posted by DJ Martian 3:04 PM

Saturday, April 14, 2001



Candiria's new CD titled "300 Percent Density" is released on May 1, 2001.

You can listen to a track off the Candiria album: without water. This reminds me of Godflesh, the same brutal and powerful edge with a deep groove and a strong sense of rhythm.

Their record label Century Media introduces Candiria:

Candiria is a truly unique band destined to destroy all barriers traditionally associated with metal and urban music. They are currently recording the follow-up to 1999's Process Of Self-Development with Mike Barile at the Purple Light Studios in Brooklyn, New York. The album, titled 300 Percent Density, will be the band's fourth full-length album and has a release date of May 1, 2001. Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

A more detailed biography for Candiria

You can download a Cadiria MP3 Signs of Discontent.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:31 PM

Zao - Album Review

Digitalmetal give a very positive review of Zao - Self Titled

Well, something magical must've happened in the past few years, because Zao return with a masterpiece in (Self-Titled). Let me re-state and re-emphasize: the epitome of a masterpiece

Granted, all this may be difficult to fathom of a band coming from a hardcore background, but what Zao create here stands well outside the dogmatic boundaries of metal-core, the record squarely landing itself alongside the tar-chick avalanche-chug of Neurosis, Godflesh, and Isis

I enthused over some Zao tracks that I downloaded via MP3 last October on this blog.

On current form Zao must be rated one of the innovative rock bands on the planet. I must get this album soon.

To date I have yet to hear Zao on the radio, and the NME are unaware of them too. (Once again we are let down by the ignorant British media.)

Official Zao website.

Go to the sounds section to download 2 tracks from the album !

# posted by DJ Martian 2:56 PM

Red House Painters

Metacritic collate reviews for Red House Painters - Old Roman

# posted by DJ Martian 2:36 PM

Friday, April 13, 2001 - Forthcoming Releases

Pennyblackmusic - Forthcoming Releases has just been updated including these

Amp : Saint Cecilia Sissemilla

Space Age Recordings ORBIT027CD.
Released On: 07 May 2001

Amp create shifting focal points of sound, from scattering synthetic percussion to smears of guitar looped drones to seductive vocals to detailed piano pieces. Saint cecilia sinsemilla was recorded by richard walker and karine charff during their 1999 european tour and features additional recordings from their vpro radio 5 session in holland.since releasing astralmoonbeamprojections on kranky, amp have toured their native england and made forays into the continent. Amp formed out of the musical wanderings of richard walker, formerly a collaborator with david pearce (flying saucer attack) in the secret garden and the distance project (recorded november mist). After inspiring french singer karine charff with a cassette/short story produced in 1992, amp as we know it was born in 1995/96 when their first single �get there� was released.amp call themselves �trans european esoterrorists�. They initially recorded some material at home and in wales with matt elliot (now third eye foundation) and matt jones of �crescent�. The first single �get there� �ie petit chat� and first album �sirenes� were released in 1996. �amp douse their folk melodies in oceanic effects, with a commitment to fidelity so low it would make a philanderer blush�. Amp have created a soundtrack that actually attempts to address their imaginary film they are scoring�� christopher porter �alternative press�.

Appendix Out : Night Is Advancing

Drag City DC189.
Released On: 16 April 2001

The third full-length album from these glasgow pop balladeers edges away from the total mellow of their previous pick-up efforts, dabs on a little perfume, and comes on strong. A twelve-track pop stud that saddles up next to you with droning compliments, '90s folk heavy breathing, melodic sweet nothings, and a tribal/pagan rock hand-on-the-knee. This is the best british neo-folk / pagan rock album since the sound track to �the wicker man�. Produced by smooth movers sean o'hagen (high llamas) and chestnut station�s rian murphy. This is as exciting and as fresh as the latest will oldham incarnation

Bows : Cassidy

Too Pure PURE104CD.
Released On: 16 April 2001

Cassidy� follows on from the highly acclaimed debut album �Blush�. Hugely feted by the serious press, Luke Sutherland, the mainman of Bows (and formerly of Long Fin Killie) has created another record that refuses categorisation but sets an unmistakeable tone of melody and refinement. Inspired by the warmth and majesty of Southern Spain � the sleeve photos and all publicity shots were done in the ancient cities of Seville and Cordoba � the album, like all mood records, takes you to another place. Like candles and red wine. Luke will also be promoting his new novel a month or so after the release of �Cassidy�. His last novel was nominated for the Whitbread prize. Danish singer Signe Hoirup Wille Jorgensen from Speaker Bite Me once again guests on vocals. Tracklisting Luftsang, Cuban Welterweight Rumbles Hidden Hitmen, Man Fat, Ali 4 Onassis, Uniroyal B Boy Blunt, Wonderland, DJ, Blue Steeples, Hey Vegas, Sun Electric, Ton ten All The Way Home

Magic Carpathians : Nytu : Ethnocore Ii

Drunken Fish DFR48CD.
Released On: 16 April 2001

The third album-their first available on a domestic label-from this enigmatic combo centered around the duo of anna nacher and marek styczynski, the founding members of the now defuct polish ethno-folk group atman. Continuing their former group's unique and acoustic-based forest music sound, the two have no added an infusion of traditional rock instruments, electronics, and a host of guests. Recorded and mixed at the krakow radio station recording studio by aleksander wilk between may and november 2000, ethnocore 2: nyt� was composed and arranged by anna and marek, with tomasz radziuk (ex-atman), jan kubek, ramunas jaras, and wadada and marek miczyk (both of the european festival group suns of arqa). Also figuring into the composition are field recordings made by anna and marek during their travels to india and nepal in autumn 1999, and traces of nyt�-a mythical, archaic technique of vocalization (similar the technique used in mongolia) given in the language of slavonic rituals, nowadays almost completely lost and forgotten. Currently on tour in selected cities throughout the usa, where phrases like "patti smith fronting art ensemble of chicago," and "don cherry with amon d��l" were overheard among their audience.

Mercury Program : All The Suits Began To Fall Off

Tiger Style TS013.
Released On: 23 April 2001

Follow up record to last year's extremely well received "From the vapour of Gasoline" CD- this new 30 minute mini album finds Mercury Program really hitting their stride. Produced again by Andy Baker (Macha, Causey Way etc.), they have bought some new instruments to the fore: chiefly electric piano and cello - adding a swirling psychedelic grounding to their post rock charm not unlike TRISTEZA. You want a genre? Try "Nu Gazing" on for size - they'll all be saying it by next week.... "This Florida quartet avoids the blatant idol worshipping and overbearing emo leanings of many of its peers, instead choosing to define itself as a serious, but never pretentious mood rock ensemble" CMJ Magazine.

Burning Airlines : Identikit

De Soto BU36.
Released On: 08 May 2001

BURNING AIRLINES formed in 1997 just as frontman J ROBBINS' previous band JAWBOX was grinding to a painful close. PETE MOFFETT was the obvious choice for drummer: he and Robbins had served together in DC Hardcore legends GOVERNMNET ISSUE, and he had just returned home from LA after playing in WOOL. Plus he is one of the greatest drummers still playing - simple as that. Anyway, together with ex JAWBOX gutarist BILL BARBOT they recorded "Mission:Control!" - their extremely well received and critically acclaimed debut album. After touring it solidly for a year and a half the world over - the time came to record the follow up. "Identikit" is that album, and the first featuring new bassist Mike Harbin's super catchy melodic bass skills. It builds perfectly on the 80's Rock/Punk/Post Punk influences from the first record: (PIXIES, early XTC, WIRE, GANG OF FOUR, MISSION OF BURMA) adding new twists and turns - Dubby production, dysfuntional blues guitar, and, shock horror, poppier FOO FIGHTERS-esque moments.All wrapped up in an absolutely boss die-cut cover designed by JASON FARRELL of BLUETIP (responsible for all those great DISCHORD sleeves you love). 21st Century Rock for fans of JETS TO BRAZIL, BRAID, DISMEMBERMENT PLAN.

Nobukazu Takemura : Hoshi No Koe

Thrill Jockey THRILL094.
Released On: 23rd April 2001!

Another blurp-and-bleep tour de force from japanese electronic composer nobukazu takemura released under his nom de plume child view, hoshi no koe is a celebration of the different sounds and styles that have inspired him thoughout his career. Eleven new tracks that draw from free jazz, hip hop, and contemporary musique concrete that runs from the baroque innocence of "white sheep and small light" to the digital deconstruction of "honey comb," with a lot more fun in between. This album is not to be confused the delayed �sign� mcd which will be in stock in two weeks. Takemura has earned massive worldwide acclaim not only through his solo work, but through his remixing work with steve reich, tortoise, ice, pizzicato five, coldcut, and blue note records. This release is up there with the latest matmos release.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:17 PM

Siren Discs - Future Releases Information

Browsing through the very comprehensive and useful Siren Discs Future Releases I noticed this

Easterhouse Contenders, CD

Reissue of this classic '80's album from band formed in Manchester in the mid '80's, championed by Morrissey and signed to ROUGH TRADE Records. Includes bonus tracks. Country: UK. Release Date: 28-May-01

An album that appears on many personal best albums lists like this and and this


B Movie BBC Sessions

The complete BBC sessions of the early '80's Post-Punk keyboard and guitar combo, taken from 4 sessions dating from 1981 to 1984. Country: UK. Release Date: 21-May-01

Birthday Party John Peel Sessions

Country: UK. Release Date: 28-May-01

Danse Society Seduction

The backbone for the album is the ultra rare & collectable "Seduction" album that was released in 1982 along with "Somewhere/Hide" & "Woman's Own". Country: UK. Release Date: 23-Apr-01

E.M.F Very Best Of, CD Country: UK. Release Date: 11-Jun-01 Is this really necessary? No

The Ex - Dizzy Spells,

After it's start in 1979, The Ex developed over the years into a melting pot of divergent musical styles, noise, jazz, improv, & ethnic music. In late November 2000, they went into a French studio with Steve Albini to record this new album. Country: USA. Release Date: 24-Apr-01

Gaye Bikers On Acid Everythings Groovey - Useless Grebo band in 1987, still useless now

This 16 track CD contains all the tracks from the first two singles plus additional tracks that have been hidden in the vaults for the past few years. Country: UK. Release Date: 21-May-01

Juno A Future Lived In Past Tense,

This is the Seattle band's 2nd F/L. The record ups the ante thrown down by their '99 debut, building on their long-held interest in combining the intensity of Fugazi & Husker Du with elaborate soundscapes and mood. Country: USA. Release Date: 7-May-01

Mighty Wah - 3 albums

A Word To The Wise Guy, Country: UK. Release Date: 23-Apr-01
Maverick Years,
Remastered from original tapes, 12 tracks plus 5 rare bonus tracks. Country: UK. Release Date: 23-Apr-01
Nah Pooh, The Art Of Bluff,
Remastered from original tapes, 9 tracks plus 6 rare bonus tracks. Country: UK. Release Date: 23-Apr-01

Neu - 3 albums

Neu! Neu!,
The band continues to top the influential krautrock charts & are seen as the leaders of this genre of music. 1st time on CD (Legally!). Liner note quotes from popular artists. Country: UK. Release Date: 23-Apr-01

also Neu 2 and Neu 75

Neu 75 influenced PIL and early Simple Minds

Nightingales Pissed And Potless, CD

The CD booklet features sleeve notes written by former frontman, Robert Lloyd, a complete Nightingales discography and features the original sleeves. Country: UK. Release Date: 21-May-01

Nurse With Wound
Music from the deleted EP's "Yagga Blues" and "Soresucker", coupled with the unreleased full version of "Funeral Music for Perez Prado". Country: UK. Release Date: 30-Apr-01

Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark B-Sides,
Country: UK. Release Date: 30-Apr-01

PS how do Siren Discs know what is on the front cover of Q in July(Radiohead) and October (Nirvana) 2001? Does the conservative Q plan that far in advance? and tell others?

Siren Discs - respect, top site updated regularly - why can't more music e-commerce websites - be this informative?

# posted by DJ Martian 2:06 PM

Chunky Records Forthcoming Album Release Date Information

Chunky Records - Coming Soon has been updated, including these that caught my interest

April 23rd

BOLZ BOLZ. Human Race. (Feis) German Import

"Exponents of weird asymmetric beat constructions, Bolz Bolz erupt once again with this storming double pack. The title track pummels forward with a kind of acid ferocity that makes yr bones twinge...a spasmodic hybrid of electro and monster 4/4 that breaks in the right places. All in all, highly unusual, twisted, totally wrong and the soundtrack to the most bizarre rave you'll ever go to"

MIRO. Subtidal. (Varunee) US Import

"Moogs, organs, pianos, glitches, bleeps, beeps & beats create strange quirks and funny turns... produced by Matthew Lux of Isotope 217, CMJ says "a warmly woven, patchwork quilt feel...beneath this warm blanket, Miro artfully weaves a consistent mood, as the burbling music beds ballast the contemplative vocal ruminations."

April 30th

FUNCKARMA. Solid State. (Dub) US Import

"After storming the world league of modern electronica with a series of exquisite eps and remixes, the dutch brothers don & roel funcken finally unveil their debut feature length cd of advanced melodic sounds and free musical structures. alongside artists like autechre, aphex twin, funkstorung, boards of canada, and the miami axis of chocolate industries / schematic / beta bodega, funckarma have been instrumental in bringing a new approach to thoughtful electronic music to a wider audience"

# posted by DJ Martian 12:59 PM

Special Preview - Forthcoming Album Release Date Information for April 16th, 23rd and 30th

There are a lot of albums that will be released over the next 3 weeks. This is is the current release date information (all dates subject to change) .

April 16th

Aarktica - Morning One (Ochre)
Alton Inc - Main Things (Force Inc)
Appendix Night - the Night Is Advancing (Drag City)
The Avalanches - Since I Left You (XL)
Bardo Pond - Dilate (Matador)
Bows - Cassidy (Too Pure ) Possible release date?
Cabaret Voltaire - Remixes (EMI)
Cex - Starship Galactica (555) CD Ep
Couch - Profane (Kitty Yo)
Ddamage - Harsh Reality Of Daily Life (Alice In Wonder)
Havergal - Lungs For The Race (Secretley Canadian) Import CD
Hypercity - v/a - mixed by Andrew Weatherall (Force tracks)
Magic Carpathians - Nytu : Ethnocore Ii (Drunken Fish)

April 23rd - the biggest new release day of the year so far

Astrobite - Crush (Claire) US Import
Bolz Bolz - Human Race (Feis) German Import
Danse Society - Seduction Reissue
Eblake - Limit (Deluxe)
Electro Organic Sound System - Roots Wreck Remix (Varunee) US Import
Fear Factory - Digimortal (Roadrunner)
Firebird Band - Setting Sun & It's Satellites (Headhunter)
Keiji Haino - Abandon All Words At A Stroke, So That Prayer Can Come Spilling Out. (Alien 8) Import
John Hughes (Aka Slicker) - Scarlet Diva (Hefty)
Mercury Program - All The Suits Began To Fall Off (Tiger Style)
Mighty Wah � 3 Reissues
Miro - Subtidal (Varunee) US Import
Mouse on Mars - Idiology (Domino)
Andrea Parker - The Dark Ages (Quatermass)
Red House Painters - Old Roman (Sub Pop)
Re:mnant - Remnant (Constellation)
Retina - Volcano Waves (Hefty) Import CD
Ruby - Short Staffed At The Gene Pool (Wichita)
Shriekback - Aberations 81-84
Shudo - Shudo (Quatermass)
Mikael Stavostrand - Reduce (Force Inc)
Neu � Reissues � Neu, Neu 2, Neu 75 (Gr�nland, Germany)
Nobukazu Takemura - Hoshi no Koe (Thrill Jockey)
Ulver - Pedition City (Jester Records)
Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You (Matador)
US Maple - Acre Thrills (Drag City)
Otto Von Schirach. 8000 B.C. (Schematic) Us Import
Xploding Plastic - Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt (Beatservice)
Zero 7 - Simple Things (Ultimate Dilemma

April 30th

Autechre - Confield (Warp)
Candiria - 300 Percent Density (Century Media)
Brian Eno - Drawn From Life ( Virgin)
Defenestration - One Inch God (Dream Catcher)
Electrelane - Rock it to the Moon (Let�s Rock)
Funckarma - Solid state (dub) US import
Mogwai - Rock Action (Southpaw)
Nurse With Wound - Funeral Music for Perez Prado (World Serpent)
OMD - B-Sides (Virgin)
Orbital - The Altogether (ffrr)
Ovuca - Wasted Sunday (Rephlex)
To Rococo Rot - Music Is A Hungry Ghost (City Slang)
Violet Indiana - Roulette (Bella Union)

All dates subject to change.

If there is not at least one of these albums that interests you... I suggest you leave now.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:41 PM

Thursday, April 12, 2001


Slam - Alien Radio one of the finest techno albums of 2001? have an interesting Slam interview, up for discussion the forthcoming Slam album - Alien Radio.

Slam�s new album �Alien Radio� is out on May 28. The single �Lifetimes� featuring Tyrone Palmer is out on May 14. Both are out on Soma.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:16 PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2001


Touch label forthcoming releases

Touch forthcoming releases both set for release in May

Biosphere - Substrata 2

Rafael Toral - Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance

More information on Rafael Toral

Rafael Toral is as inspired by the academically rooted sounds and writings of John Cage and Brian Eno as he is by the guitar textures of outward bound rockers My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. He's synthesized these influences in isolation into a musical imagination that is by turns mischievous, outrageous, contemplative, and lyrical.
Sound Mind Sound Body (Ananana, 1994) introduced his luminous guitar tone and slowly unfurling compositions, and Wave Field (Moneyland, 1996) is an utterly transportational wedding of shimmering, glacially paced ambience to layered, boiling guitar noise. But simultaneous with his compositional pursuits Rafael has established himself as an improvising guitarist. Chasing Sonic Booms is the first recorded evidence of what fortunate audiences in Europe and the USA have known for a few years; Rafael is a sensitive listener and a damned fine player.
None of Chasing Sonic Booms was recorded in Portugal. Since 1992 Rafael's been forging relationships with like-minded personages from other countries like Phill Niblock, Lee Ranaldo and John Zorn, as well as the excellent players showcased on this disc. By travelling abroad he renews himself by sharing with other musicians, but he's no mere pilgrim wandering from guru to guru. He's their equal, and by releasing an album of music recorded away from home Rafael Toral is acknowledging that he's no longer lost in the desert. He belongs to all of us now.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:50 PM

The Braindance Coincidence

Playlouder review The Braindance Coincidence
compilation by Rephlex.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:43 PM


Another hidden gem of a website that has has until now escaped my attention METAMORPHIC JOURNEYMAN


Music News
Music Reviews
Links - a very extensive collection of internet resources

Sample news story Susumu Yakota - new album on Leaf

There are currently two people writing for the magazine - myself, Antony Burnham, and Martyn Bates. We have gravitated to writing from actually creating music for the scene.

More information on Martyn Bates

# posted by DJ Martian 10:21 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2001



dotmusic have the news relating to the forthcoming single by Coldcut

"The pioneering dance music duo have called the song 'Re:Volution' and it features many sound bites of politicians speeches alongside "post-junglist beats" and some frenzied guitars".

I heard the single yesterday and it is pure genius, think the best KLF, Orbital, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy - with Tony Blair's voice spliced up in the mix - "the lunactics have taken over the asylum", and William Hague - with the sample "guilty".

You can discuss this single on the I Love Music Messaageboard

I predict a Number 1 single. Subversive pop music the finest since Prodigy's Firestarter Number 1 single in February 1996.

Viva the Coldcut revolution.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:36 PM

Beta Band

Playlouder announce that Beta Band to release new album on July 2nd through Regal Recordings.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:13 PM


Electrelane release their debut album Rock It To The Moon, on their own Let's Rock Records, that is set for release 23rd April.

Electrelane are an all female band based in Brighton have an arty flowing guitar sound, that will give Life Without Buildings some competition in 2001

SceneOne interview Electrelane

Official website Electrelane

# posted by DJ Martian 7:11 PM

Monday, April 09, 2001


Mouse on Mars Interview

Pitchfork have a new Mouse on Mars interview conducted by Mark Richard-San .

# posted by DJ Martian 11:46 PM

April Records of Denmark

April Records are releasing some fine electronic music in 2001. Primarily known for releasing Sweden's Hakan Lidbo one of the leading lights in the ever expanding european techno scene.

Future 3 have completed the recordings of their new album "Like..." due to be released on the 21st of May 2001.

Also released

blue foundation "blue foundation" apr054cd/apr054
the new stunning full-length from this magnificient electronic trip/hip hop ensemble!
the album have received absolutely stunning reviews and you shouldn't hesitate to check out this atmospheric, cinematic trip hop album! Already an april rec. classic!!

# posted by DJ Martian 11:12 PM

Two Player - electronic music resources

What a gem of a site this is Two Player

Based in London it provides links to underground electronic music resources,

including Nortroute

every wednesday night from 8pm-gmt/9pm-cet
expect new and old tunes from broad electronic genres. ranging from older detroit and electro stuff to new soulful idm, drum'n'bass, broken beat, detroit house and dubby berlin sounds. residents dj's are dan, stephen, marsel and lee. expect guests in the near future as well.

there are also links to record labels, playlists and providing information on forthcoming releases from independent labels.

Top site. Respect.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:42 PM

Sense - organic /emotional ambient electronic music

The record label Neo Ouija will be releasing the debut album by Sense.

Neo 10 is the debut album from Australias 'Sense'.A view from a vulnerable place'is released on cd/double vinyl in May

Check the review section of Igloo

"But one has to wonder how Sense is able to combine pleasing ambient frequencies with an almost classical soundscape. Each track on the upcoming View From a Vulnerable Place is packed with an exquisite assortment of tumbling electronics and symphonic debris. Tracks like "Choice", and "All Is You" tap into some very emotional territory where soothing ambient chords, warm basslines and tickling highs float around your mind in a very peaceful fashion."

Sense :: View From a Vulnerable Place (Neo Ouija)
"..Adam Raisbeck has been creating some of the most intriguing ambient electronics this year, and it will be no surprise to see his full length with Neo Ouija become one of the best releases for 2001.."

In the end it all makes sense; View From a Vulnerable Place is the perfect marriage of classical ambience and pure electronic finesse.

Also check the Profiles section of the Igloo website for an Interview

A press release for Fourier Transformations and an exclusive interview with Australian based Adam Raisbeck (aka Sense).

# posted by DJ Martian 10:05 PM

Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat

Audiostreet review a new compilation by the US king of electro Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat

Released this week on Tommy Boy.

Electro will be the underground summer sound of 2001. This is one of the original blueprints.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:17 PM

Nu Breed: Sander Kleinenberg - Compilation

Audiostreet review Nu Breed: Sander Kleinenberg one of the most anticipated progressive dance compilation albums of the year.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:12 PM

To Rococo Rot

City Slang have more news relating to the fortcoming album by To Rococo Rot

To Rococo Rot are blessed with the ability to create a robotically sensual soundtrack for nearly every mood, emotion and sunsetyou'll ever experience."
The Wire (UK)

"TO ROCOCO ROT's music is gentle, dreamlike, graceful, utterly engaging and endlessly imaginative, and after six years influencing and inspiring the likes of Leftfield and Bjork it is ready to penetrate a world as widescreen as its intentions. "

A free MP3 download is available on the City Slang website, from dream to daylight.

TO ROCOCO ROT are back with their fourth album MUSIC IS A HUNGRY GHOST, which was co-produced by New York DJ and
musician I-SOUND.

Released April 30th.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:06 PM

Absorb - Archiving Recent Electrocuted - Electro Music Shows

if you have real player check out Electrocuted

sherman and curley's rather spliffing sets on here in all it's glory. looking at the tracklistings makes me feel rather ill as i have probably have, at the most, ten or eleven of these tunes. which, for a trainspotter like me, is very bad news.

electro is coming back in 2001 watch out for Dave Clarke's compilation in May and Kraftwerk's album in the summer.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:57 PM

Absorb Album Reviews

Absorb have updated their album reviews including these forthcoming releases

Orbital -the altogether (london/ffrr)

"they have issued their most impressive statement yet". 10/10

Nobukazu Takemura - hoshi no koe (thrill jockey)

Plaid -Double Figure (warp)

# posted by DJ Martian 8:36 PM

The Brainwashed Brain V04I13 - 04082001

The Brainwashed Brain up for review this week: (including these)

Wagon Christ "Musipal"

Mice Parade "Mokoondi"

Ilpo V�is�nen "Asuma"

Clicks & Cuts Volume 2

Tetris "Tetris"

# posted by DJ Martian 8:20 PM


Simon Reynolds -BLOGS AND WEBZINES: fervent, insightful, highly recommended has been updated, with added DJ Martian. Thanks.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:12 PM

Cabaret Voltaire: Remixes have details of a Cabaret Voltaire remixes album due out April 16th.

This covers rare remixes from 1987 to 1990 period, taking inspiration from the American Chicago House and Detroit Techno scenes that Cabaret Voltaire themselves inspired in the first place.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:38 PM

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