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Thursday, January 31, 2002


Dot Allison

Dot Allison album is due for release in April.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:03 PM

Six by Seven - The Way I Feel Today

NME have the track listing details of the forthcoming album by Six by Seven - THE WAY I FEEL TODAY due for release on March 11th.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:00 PM

Wednesday, January 30, 2002


Sand - Still Born Alive

Playlouder review Sand - Still Born Alive a British band carrying on the Brit tradition of leftfield innovation ala Joy Division and Bark Psychosis.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:34 PM

Mum - Finally We Are No-one

Forthcoming release on FatCat Records by Icealandic band, Mum - Finally We Are No-one:

Stunning, highly anticipated second album (their debut on FatCat) from this Icelandic 4 piece. The album beautifully meshes some dense but intricate programming, with gorgeous vocal and instrumental melodies. Richly textured, hypnotic and unashamedly sumptuous, this is a stunning, emotive album whose pop surface belies a deep sense of exploration.

Source: FatCat Records advert in The Wire

# posted by DJ Martian 11:02 PM

Chunky Records - Coming Soon

More Forthcoming releases @ Chunky Records - Coming Soon


AARKTICA - Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life (Darla) US Import CD

"Jon Derosa aka Aarktica is composer, programmer, and does vocals, guitars, harmonium and glockenspiel. Jon has also enlis ted the help of friends lorraine lelis (of mahogany) on vocals and one of the most innovative downtempo/ambient/idm djs in nyc, aaron spectre, on programming for a couple of tracks. Jon aarktica continues his effort to break down the wall between experime ntal/ drone and modern classical

EU - Tuner (Pause 2)

"The St Petersburg electronica duo EU last y ear wooed music lovers, media and everybody inbetween with their homely, heart-warming melodic electronics. Over the 6 tracks of this ep, we see them moving away from the use of their trademark complex dsp and glitch-trickery, as their sound throughout th is ep metamorphoses into a new world of crunchy hipped and hopped beats, skewed melodic refrains, dense basslines and electronic daydreams" recommended !!

JOSHUA ABRAMS - Busride Interview (Lucky Kitchen) Ltd Import CD

"Brand new full length from abrams, better known for his work on thrill jockey with town and country, sam prekop, and david grubbs. Abrams composes and performs with instruments including contrabass, marimba, sampler, piano, organ and field recordings to create self-reflective yet sociable sound portraits. Musical enough ton impress fans of his aforementioned collaborative recordings, this project meets all the lucky kitchen requirements of greatness : careful craftsmanship, sentimentality, and warmth, while its' highly accomplished musical strength also has the balanced sensibility to be intu i tive and playful. In short, it's as cerecbrally involved or as emotionally immediate as the listener choses to make it. Lovingly packaged in the usual lucky kitchen fashion, with card wallet and tracing-paper inserts. A must for all followers of the chicago avant scene"

FANTASMAGRAMMA - Ab (Extrasensory)

"First Release From This Italian Futurist Duo. Sonic Digital Microsound Which Compares To The Work Of Ryoji Ikeda, Taylor Dupree, Raster / Noton, And The Output Of Mego. Extrasensory Have Been Staging Sonic Arts Events For The Last Two Years By Artists Such As Bernhard Gunter, Francisco Lopez, And C.M. Von Hausswolff. Future Releases Planned Include Imedia (12k), D (Soul Static Sound) And Akira Yamamichi (Staalplaat)"


MARKANT - Vice Versa (Markant) German Import

"Vice versa is the real debut full length, less abstract than 'infam', with a calm and inner strength that comes from the collection being composed and executed as a long-form set. Both continuing and reflecting upon previous work, 'vice versa' finds markant revisitng the analogue warmth of his earliest, early-90's output, but bathing these sounds in a more mature and rich emotional wash, while also taking in more complex and delicately constructed rhythmic structures, even hip hop on the album's title track. 'Vice versa' is simply beautiful modern music that happens to be electronic and instrumental, yet requires no agenda or particular level of proficiency on the part of the listener"


EAR KOMPANY - We Can Program You (Earko)

"Debut long-form release for this Birmingham duo specialisin g in electronica and electro / breaks. 'We can program you' is a collection of fine-tuned beats and restrained, subtle (dare we say ambient) electronix. Fans of idm who like their intelligence flavoured by a certain emotive passion, and balanced by a little muscle on the rhythmic side, should be paying attention"

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: The Notwist

This week's front cover choice is band from Weilheim in Germany, The Notwist who seem to be winning many new converts with their 6th album, Neon Golden (even the NME managed to get something right this week) that will be released next week (February 4th) in the UK. I have listened to fair few tracks so far, sublime artistic music - that is addictive in it's intricate melodies and clear production combing electronic and guitar sounds. One of the first gems of 2002 has arrived.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:30 PM

Charles Webster have an interview with Charles Webster who has a new album, Born On The 24th Of July - that will be released on February 4 through Peacefrog. [Charles Webster's music is in a similar vein to the deep house sound of Germany's Ian Pooley]

Charles Webster has consistently proved himself to be one of the UK�s most talented electronic artists.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:07 PM

Black Tape for A Blue Girl - The Scavenger Bride

Projekt release the new album by Black Tape for A Blue Girl - The Scavenger Bride on April 23rd.

[Black Tape for A Blue Girl have a very low profile in the UK, but as a reference if you are into Dead Can Dance you should investigate further.]

With the scavenger bride, black tape continues the neoclassical turn introduced on its groundbreaking 1996 album remnants of a deeper purity, integrating a string section into the band's unique mix of lush, hauntingly beautiful keyboards and enchanting male and female vocals.

Download two tracks @ Black Tape For A Blue Girl @ MP3.COM

All my lovers" - with it's bewitching, percussive Middle Eastern textures - is the first single from the upcoming April 23rd release from Projekt Records' Black tape for a blue girl. the scavenger bride, is a lovingly crafted album that tells the darkly romantic tale of a bride-to-be's decomposition and emotional restructuring, together with accounts of the bachelors who have wooed and lost her, all narrated by the mysterious Schavager. Elysabeth Grant and Audra's Bret Helm provide the vocals.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:42 AM

Portishead - Album due April 2002

Side Line magazine report a new Portishead album is on the way:

Subscribers to the official Portishead mailinglist received rather good news this week as the band announces its comeback to the musicfront. A new disc is in the making containing previously unreleased material and more. A releasedate for this yet unnamed album has been set for April 2002. Details concerning the release will only be made available via the mailinglist of the band

Got to...Portishead and sign up to the mailinglist.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:30 AM

Tuesday, January 29, 2002


Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors report that Norwegian band Arcturus will release the third full length album, The Sham Mirrors in April.

Arcturus' The Sham Mirrors comes out April 9 on The End Records in North America. A European release is expected to drop April 8 on VME, formerly Voices Of Wonder.

Arcturus are acknowledged by many of the critics @ Terrorizer magazine as one of the innovators in avant-garde metal, with their sublime La Masquerade Infernale album in 1997. Indeed in terms of invention mixing trip hop, jungle into avant dark metal - Arcturus unique music astounded so many back in 1997. La Masquerade Infernal album is one of rock music's most challenging albums of the 90s. It will interesting to listen to the new sounds of Arcturus in 2002.

Arcturus, featuring current Ulver mainman Garm, Mayhem and Kovenant drummer Hellhammer and other Norwegian notables, are described @ Jester Records

From their prodigous origins as classically engendered synthesized rock/metal to vaudeville/cabaret tinged progressive rock conceptuals on to a myriad of deformations into jazz, trip hop, synthpop, experimental/AI electronics, jungle, etc. - Arcturus run the gamut as gracefully as acclaimed purists in the respective fields.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:50 PM

The Cocteau Twins - remastered versions of the first 4 albums

4ad will reissue the first 4 albums by The Cocteau Twins:

COCTEAU TWINS - Their first four albums, 'Garlands', 'Head Over Heels', 'Treasure' and 'Victorialand' have been remastered by Robin Guthrie and will be reissued at mid-price in July.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:29 PM

Themilkfactory - February Reviews

Once again the excellent themilkfactory delivers a monthly load of reviews:

[Summaries below are taken from an e-mail newsletter, for full reviews please visit the website above]


Greg Davis has already released records under a handful of monikers
and runs Autumn Records from Boston, MA, but Arbor is his first album
under his own name. Cleverly mixing acoustic and electronic, he
builds powerful little pieces of intelligent music.

310 - Nothing To See Here: Short Stories By 310

American duo 310 returns with a very limited ambient album. Built
around samples lifted from old black and white films, Nothing To See
Here is much darker than their previous releases, and introduces a
whole new dimension to their sound.

Also check the milkfactory 310 Interview.

[310 released the superb After All album last year that meshed and mashed so many different ideas up to a create an intoxicating hybrid electronic rock fusion sound.]

ALOG - Duck-Rabbit

Second album from Norwegian duo Alog, Duck-Rabbit is based on
improvisations and was concieved during the band's recent tour.
Incorporating analog and digital sound together, Duck-Rabbit has a
faculty to regenerate itself constantly. Brilliant.

BEIGE - Ein K�nigreich F�r Eine Handgranate

With his first album, Cologne-based Oliver "Beige" Braun has
brought funk into electronica, and he continues here his exploration of sound
with a minimalist record that talks as much to your feet as to your

NEIL HALSTEAD - Sleeping On Roads

Neil Hasltead first appeared in the early nineties with Slowdive.
With his current band, Mojave 3, he has crafted three beautiful
albums. On this side project, he demonstrates better than ever why he
is one of the best songwriters of his generation.


Arve Henriksen is already a respected figure on the Nordic jazz
scene, and is also a member of quartet Supersilent. Sakuteiki is his
first album and showcases his quality as a trumpet player. Here, he
plays as much with silences as with his instruments, and create one
of the most contemplative records of the moment.

SANDOZ - Afrocentris

First Sandoz album for some time, and Richard H Kirk returns to his
privilidged ground with this album where he mixes once again his
techno/ambient atmospheres with African elements.

TELEFON TEL AVIV - Fahrenheit Fair Enough

Fahrenheit Fair Enough is the first album by New Orleans-based duo
Telefon Tel Aviv. Although intrinsincly electronic and built around
found sounds, this album also displays some interesting acoustic

CHARLES WEBSTER - Born On The 24th Of July

Respected music producer Charles Webster releases his first album
under his name. With the helps of some of the singers who already
worked with him on his Presence project, he brings a superb album of
chilled sounds and deep house beats.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:34 AM

Monday, January 28, 2002


Absorb Reviews - Sandoz & Decal

Absorb review two new albums:

An album that was delayed from 2001, Sandoz - Afrocentris (Intone) that scores a 10 from Absorb.

the solo works of ex-cabaret voltaire member richard h.kirk has always thrilled us here at absorb towers. his fusionist take on techno with african rhythms and melodies have always sounded the business. driving, focussed and with just the right balance of funk and digital abstraction. under the name sandoz (named after the pharmaceutical company) he's released his most accessible and immediate work, despite the reputation that cabaret voltaire were dark and moody buggers. and this, his first new sandoz material in three years, is just as fantastic. ...

[Sandoz - Afrocentris is released February 4th]

Irish electronic music from Decal - 404 Not Found (Planet Mu)

adapting more, dare i say it, organic attributes, they've incorporated vocals and guitars to the electronic mix to create a work of startling beauty and originality. (unfair) comparisons will be made to 'geogaddi', the latest opus by the boards of canada, but i'm gonna stick my neck out here and say that this is the better album.

[Decal - 404 Not Found is released on March 4th]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:54 PM

The Brainwashed Brain V05I03 - 01272002

This week's reviews @ The Brainwashed Brain include:

Four Tet - Paws

Cornelius - Point

Charles Atlas - Felt Cover

Colourbox - Best of 82/87

James Plotkin's - Atomsmasher

# posted by DJ Martian 6:03 PM

ShelleyDevoto - Buzzkunst

Cooking Vinyl have details of the forthcoming collaboration between Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto, with an album called Buzzkunst that is due for release February 25th on Cooking Vinyl. Buzzkunst is Shelley and Devoto recording together for the first time in twenty five years.

From the details below this sounds like a very interesting album:

ShelleyDevoto - Buzzkunst

Musically, as Devoto's timeless vocal style slides as effortlessly as
Ever between playboy crooner, punk snarler and insidious troubadour, ShelleyDevoto blend edgy electronica with primitive synthesiser beats, saxophone with speed guitars, expressionist drama with minimalist poignancy. You might
Be reminded of Bowie's instrumentals from the late 1970s, Donna Summer's
'Four Seasons of Love', Philip Glass, the melancholy pastoralism of Boards of
Canada, Can or the early Human League. What makes buzzkunst so infectious,
however, is the way it resolves these possible similarities into something entirely its own.....

Tracklisting of Buzzkunst

For further information on Buzzkunst, 3 AM Magazine article on NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS HERE�S BUZZKUNST

If you can't wait for the release date, [then I noticed via a Google search], that Manchester based Vinyl Exchange have the album on CD promo.

New PETE SHELLEY & HOWARD DEVOTO collaboration, full album, 14 tracks

[It reminds me that I must play Pete Shelley's excellent 1986 album Heaven & the Sea, that was a creative mix of electro-rock influences with distinctive vocals. 1986 was a great year for similar styled type albums with Peter Murphy's debut - Should the World Fail to Fall Apart and The Bolshoi's Friends album]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:03 PM

The Wire - February Edition

Details of the February edition of The Wire with Richard Hell on the front cover. [Another strange front cover choice ! ]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:21 PM


This website is new to me DeepHouseNetwork

Your Best Online Resource for Quality Deep House Music.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:35 AM

Sunday, January 27, 2002


Acclaimed Music

Acclaimed Music aggregates numerous critic lists to list the most acclaimed music by each year.

Acclaimed Music is a guide to the essential recordings in the history of rock music.
Best-of lists of albums and singles from critics and music industry people all over
the world have been compiled to "ultimate lists" of the most critically acclaimed
rock music. Albums and singles lists of the top 1000 records of all time, the top
100 records by decade and the top 30 records by year.

All records on the year lists can also be viewed by artist. From the page of your
favourite artist you can find similar artists within related music styles. For each
record you can see all critics lists where the record has been included.

The lists will be updated whenever a new list come to my knowledge. In the
bottom frame there is a link to a page with all lists I have used. If you have a list
that you think should be included, old or new, please send me an email.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:27 PM

Forthcoming Releases @ have updated their forthcoming releases, including the following: - forthcoming releases for 4th February

Phantom Ghost - Phantom Ghost

CD on Ladomat

Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic) and Thies Mynther (Glove/Stella/Superpunk) are Phantom/Ghost. This is their debut album, and it's all about blurred reality and cryptic gestures. Classic songwriting abilities clash with a perfect understanding for modern sounds and structures, and seems like the accoustic counterpart to the aesthetics of Dario Argento and his classic horror films. Sounds-wise its an electronic album for chilled- listening, with danceable moments as well. Organic pop wrapped in an electronic sound-collage.... More cool sounds from LADOMAT. Peel playing.. - more forthcoming releases include:

AGF - Head Slash Bauch

CD on Orthlorng Muzork

Released on 11/02/02

Agf. Antye greie-fuchs, vocalist for laub (kitty-yo), debuts her solo work on orthlorng musork with a suite of private moments--dimly lit meditations on technology and self. A departure from her more pop based work with laub, "head slash bauch", resides in an aesthetic space which will be familiar to listeners of mille plateaux or mego. Central to the album is antye�s beautiful voice and the technical text to which it gives new meaning. These whispers are surrounded by disquieting storms of tone and rhythm. In addition to her work with laub, antye greie-fuchs has been praised for her collaborations with the likes of vladislav delay and mathias schaffauser, and noted solo performances at last year�s barbican stockhausen festival and sonar 2001festival. Upcoming uk press includes an interview and review in the wire. Additionally, laub are on the verge of releasing their third album for kitty-yo, which itself looks set to grab a share of headlines.

Ativin - Interiors

CD on Secretly Canadian

Released on 11/02/02

Ativin's second full length and first in 2 1/2 years is one ass-kicker of a record. On interiors we get to watch as ativin mix driving rock songs that have the signature ativin groove mesh alongside more atmospheric moments that careen headlong into metal machine music territory and onward into campfire songs for dopefiends. Recommended to fans of zeni geva, windsor for the derby, early day miners (with whom they share a member), this heat and stars of the lid.

Eska -The Case Wrapped Up

CD on DC Recordings

Released on 11/02/02

Eska can be traced back as far as 1993,the band used to feature stuart from mogwai on drums. 2000 was something of a new start for the glasgow quartet whoose singer is also signed to mogwai�s southpaw label.2000 saw the band re-enter the fray with a new drummer and a debut album 'invent the fortune'. Their live shows turned heads when it, an explosive mix of math, prog and melody "this is music blasted in the furnace of imagination, refreshingly creative and, in places, sadly beautiful."(the list)2001 has seen an eclectic range of shows for eska, as they shared a stage with artful new-wavers life without buildings, white stripes, future pilot aka, trans am and the fucking champs.primarily, the band have been concentrating on writing the follow up to 'invent the fortune' they found the time to return to chem 19 studios and record four new songs for d+c recordings. Like black sabbath raised on a diet of don caballero.

Francisco Lopez - Untitles Number 123

CD on Alien8

Released on 11/02/02

this latest outing by spain's most prolific experimental artist was prepared with sounds recorded in montreal�s grain silo #5. Last year the experimental duo known as [the user] began the silophone project, transforming an abandoned grain silo into a gigantic instrument. The project ran for a year and artists from around the world were invited to montreal to participate, including aube, carsten nicolai, martin tetreault, and many others. Without question the year's highlight was the live performance by francisco lopez that took place in an abandoned foundry with telephone links to the silophone. �untitled #123� is not simply a recording of lopez's live performance using the silophone, also using source material harvested in silo #5 then further developed at paris� centre cr�ation musicale iannis xenakis. Packaged in slimline jewel case with very minimal artwork.

Gallon Drunk - Fire Music

CD on Sweet Nothing

Released on 04/03/02

The first new studio album proper since 1996�s city slang full length �in the long still night�, �fire music� is gallon drunk�s fifth album. Recorded in 2001 at verdict studios in nottinghamshire, �fire music� sees gallon drunk dleiver their most complete and accomplished work to date. From piano led �60�s styled melancholy (�just one word�) to funkadelicised soul stew (�out of sight�), the groups� disparate influences are distilled through the unmistakeable and influential sound of gallon drunk to create a colourful, absorbing and mature collection of songs and instrumentals. The band�s current line up is james johnston, terry edwards, ian white and jeremy cottingham with extra vocals courtesy of gillian stokes. Multi-instrumentalist james johnston is also currently working legendary film director ken russell. The limited 2lp version of the album comes with 2 bonus �vinyl-only� tracks and is in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Land Of Nod - Archive

CD on Ochre
Double cd

Released on 25/02/02

This 28 track compilation sells for the same price as a single cd. 'Archive' includes all of the non-album material from the land of nod released to date on various labels between june 1995 and april 2001. The majority on this compilation appear here for the first time on cd. 'Archive' includes previously Unreleased live and demo tracks. The land of nod have released two critically acclaimed albums on Ochre, 'translucent' and 'timeless point' as well as the 'mont ventoux' mini-cd on american label silber recordings.

Luc Ferrari - Cycle Des Souvenirs

CD on Blue Chopsticks

Released on 18/02/02

Made over a period of five years, luc ferrari's "cycle des souvenirs" is a large scale electro acoustic Work that revisits numerous periods from his five decades of composition. Heis one of the pioneers of The particular style of tape music known as musique concrete. Comes with extensive, never before published texts by ferrari in french and english.

Medusa Cyclone - Tangier

CD on Smallstone

Released on 18/02/02

After releasing 4 critically acclaimed lps in the late 80�s with viv akauldren, keir mcdonald spent the 90�s pursuing his musical career as medusa cyclone, a bunch of obscure singles and two widely Receved full lengths were released as well as a huge selling split 7� with pavement. In the three Years since the release of the second medusa cyclone album �mr devil� on the thrid gear label, Mcdonald has honed his art to perfection, this is textural ambience drenched in sonic euphoria. A Swirling vortex of blissed out distortion and psychedelic drone. Mcdonald gets help on some of the Tracks from mike alonso, and john nash.

Mono - Under The Pipal Tree

CD on Tzadik

Released on 11/02/02

Mono is a young instrumental band from tokyo combining elements of minimalism, psychedelia and trance rock to create a distinctive and powerful new sound via john fahey, sonic youth, and the grateful dead. Austere and intense, their music is simple, beautiful and incredibly direct. Sheets of sound, lyricism, wailing guitars and pounding rhythms evolve slowly, morphing into a ritual of noise and ecstasy. A remarkable debut from this exciting new japanese band.

Shalabi Effect - The Trial Of St Orange

CD on Alien8

Released on 11/02/02

following the success of shalabi effect's staggering and epic self-titled debut double cd, this second effort is made up of a slightly more restrained six tracks, clocking in at just under an hour, continuing their exploration of middle eastern-influenced psychedelia. Rich in texture and organic in feel, this is psychedelic music done in a way that emphasises lush colours over rocking out, like the more ethereal side of acid mothers temple. There is also influence drawn from morricone�s horror / drama soundtracks, most notable in the20 minute closing epic. Handsomely packaged in custom gatefold jacket with beautiful psychedelic photographs by guylaine b�dard.

V/A Tangent 2002 - Disco Nouveau

CD on Ghostly International

Released on 05/03/02

Not content with unearthing dabyre (poised to become a leading light in instro-hiphop-influenced digital circles), this new michigan label now presents a standard-setting compendium of the robot disco sound as seen through the eyes of contemporary electronic musicians. The disco (or �disko�) in question is the late 70�s / early 80�s electronic dance music spawned from the icy textures and synthesized basslines of giorgio moroder . Contributors include mat-101, adult, legowelt, solvent, daniel wang, charles manier, ectomorph, i-f ft. Nancy fortune, dmx krew, perspects, lowfish, susuma yokota, hong kong counterfeit, and memory boy. �tangent 2002� is highlighted as one of the key releases in the huge synthcore cover feature of this month�s sleaze nation, which, given the line-up, is hardly surprising

Xiu Xiu - Knife Play

CD on Rue Christine

Released on 25/02/02

Neo-wave noise pop is the main sound from this new rue christine release by xiu xiu (pronounced show Show or shoe shoe). Guests include members of deerhoof and mr bungle. For fans of Mark Hollis, Joy Division, detroit techno, Henry Cowell and Cecil Taylor.

Zmrzlina - Katastrophe Vol 3

CD on Incidental

Released on 18/02/02

Coming on like an absurdist velvet underground under the drunken conductorship of captain beefheart, this bunch of san francisco oddballs have been confusing audiences since 1995 with their off kilter psych / folk / drone / electro / pop explorations. Sonic youth meets the klezmatics? Captain beefheart meets the thinkin fellers?? Lou reed fronting the plastic people of the universe?? All good reference points!!

# posted by DJ Martian 10:36 PM

Chunky Records - Coming Soon

Forthcoming @ Chunky Records - Coming Soon has been updated, including these that I have not mentioned previously:

RELEASED 4th February

AGF - Head Slash Bash (Orthlorng Musork) US Import

"Great solo debut album from Antye Greie-Fuchs of the Kitty-Yo band Laub. Her vocals and music are personally felt, coming across with an overall feeling similar to that of Bjork's Vespertine album at it's most abstract"


CON DOLORE - This Sad Movie (Claire) US Import

"Formerly Of The Band Polar Who Released Two Full-Length Albums On Clairecords , Con Dolore Mix Heavily Effect- Ed Guitars With Melancholy Lyrics And Slow Tempos. Using Movie Music As An Underlying Concept In The Production Process, Con Dolore Attempts On "This Sad Movie" To Capture The Moments In One's Life, Both Joyful And Sad, To Create The Sound-Track We All Live By.The Vocals Are Mature In Con-Fidence And Detail, And Are Easily Hear D On The Cd As Well As In Live Performances.Much Of The Drum Work On The Album Features Pat Wood, Who Created The Samples And Rhythms That Were Sliced And Diced For The Final Songs. For Fans Of Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins And Julee Cruise"


BABY FORD - Sacred Machine (Klang)

"Baby Ford returns after sensational projects MINIMAL MAN, SUNPEOPLE (with THOMAS MELCHIOR), Birds (with MO + KOTAI & JOCHEN BADER) with a sublime album of minimal techno and minimal house. Here you get the impression you can still hear the hysteric acid pop of "Chikki Chiki Ahh Ahh" between the lines. Despite all the musical changes and the "mellower sounds, BABY FORD still resounds in unmatched beauty"

DAVID GRUBBS - Act Five, Scene One (Blue Chopsticks) US Import

"Act Five, Scene One" Is An Hour Long Instrumental Piece That Features The Trio Of David Grubbs, Tony Conrad, And Dan Brown. It Is Divided Into Four Psychedlically Digestible Fifteen Minute Slices"


BAKUNIN'S BUM - Fight To Win (G7 Welcoming) Import CD

"This is a project between Norman Nawrocki of Rhythm Activism and Aidan Girt from GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!. It's what you might expect from the pairing, the Constellation/Godspeed ingredients of subtle warm tension, symphonic ambience and tasteful collage are all intact and in abundance, with the political meter turned up a notch. "Incorporating spoken word by OCAP activists, drums, strings and assorted instruments to make a passionate musical documentary which, along with the included 20 page booklet, will hopefully inspire people to act in their own communities" (an anti-Poverty benefit)"

BURNING BRIDES - Fall Of The Plastic Empire. (File 13) US Import

"The Debut Full Length From Philadelphia Noise/Scuzz Trio Burning Brides. Incorporating Elements Of Sonic Youth, The Stooges, The Beatles, Black Sabbath And Nirvana In Equal Measures. Supporting The Icarus Line On Their Uk Tour"

LAUB - Filesharing (Kitty Yo)

"After touring and recording with CRAIG ARMSTRONG, VLADISLAV DELAY/LUOMO and MATTHIAS SCHAFFHAUSER, Laub return with their new album 'Filesharing'. Having left the traditional band concept behind this new laptop project incorporates a modern futuristic sound with innovative digital production concepts, a mixture of pop, experimental electronics, processing, vocal treatment"

MOUNTAIN GOATS - All Hail West Texas (Emperor Jones) US Import CD

"After Two Years Waiting, The New Full Length Fro Mthe Mountain Goats Is Finally Here. The Fractured Lo-Fi Esoterica Of The Mountain Goats Is The Work Of One Man John Darnielle. He Literally Bashes His Acoustic Guitar Like A Snare Drum And Almost Literally Sings His Heart Out With Primarily First-Person Tales Of Woe, Heartache, Infidelity And Scandinavia"

# posted by DJ Martian 9:52 PM

Bob Mould is back ! report that Bob Mould is back and will release a new album, Modulate in March. It will be half-guitar-based and half-electronic album. A further two albums will be released later this year.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:55 PM

Saturday, January 26, 2002



A documentary starts on Radio 2 next week LIVERPOOL - THE NEW WAVE

Presented by Janice Long
Starts Wednesday 30 January 22:00 - 22

Over six parts Liverpool's own Janice Long looks at what happened to the city's music scene after the Cavern closed. Starting with her own early punk days at Eric's, she traces the city's musical development over the last 25 years from the psychedelic beginnings of The Teardrop Explodes to the 1980s phenomenon of Frankie goes to Hollywood, and from the disco soul sensations The Real Thing to the dance club success of Cream.

Once again this shows the shifting demographics - 10-15 years ago this documentary would have definately been on Radio 1. Say someone who was 20 in 1980, they would be 42 this year - So I suppose as time rolls on Radio 2 has become the station for this sort of documentary.

But it is still strange as my perception of Radio 2 is still that of melodic pleasant tunes for the over 50s, even though I know they have gradually switched over to cover more rock oriented music over the past 10 years. Ex Radio 1 jocks have been shunted over to Radio 2 to realign changing demographics, changes in music and station music policies.

Radio 1 has shifted to a contemporary youth oriented station targeted at a stated core audience of 15- 24 [where anything released before 1990 is hardly recognised - indeed 1990/1991 could be deemed the year zero for Radio 1 - the introduction of Manchester/ baggy and the growth of dance music as the dominant popular youth music with the start of Pete Tong shows - this would also tie in with someone who is 24 this year would have been 12 back in 1990.]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:47 PM

Aquarius Records - New Arrivals 129

Once again an excellent overview of new releases @ Aquarius Records - New Arrivals 129 including reviews of:

LARSEN Rever (Young God)

BOLA Fyuti (Skam)

CORNELIUS Point (Matador)

KONER, THOMAS Daikan (Mille Plateaux)

16 / TODAY IS THE DAY Zodiac Dreaming (Trash Art) split cd

GREEN CARNATION Light of Day, Day of Darkness (The End)

PHONEM Ilisu (Morr Music)

SCHOLOMANCE The Immortality Murder (The End)

TAKEMURA, NOBUKAZU Sign (Thrill Jockey)

# posted by DJ Martian 5:20 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck include:

STATIC - Eject Your Mind - City Centre Offices

Pop music is a funny old thing. We often make reference to �pop� in these pages, perhaps bemusing those people out there whose associations with the genre only stretch as far as the chart-bound implications of the word. And yet listening to the debut full-length from Berlin�s Hanno Leichtmann, one can�t really think of a more adequte term to describe the sounds and emissions that are brought together to create �Eject Your Mind�. An electronic record that keeps within it a deeply warm and subtle aesthetic, fragments of glitch, shuddering basslines and copious amounts of the crunch, the everlasting impression that sinks in with us listen after listen is that this album is simply full of Tunes. Songs, you know, those things with structure, melody, narrative. Kicking off with the sublime �Crusing�, we�re thrown headfirst into a world of sweeping synth tones, rustling clicks and a gradual compulsion to nod the head, before a brusing bassline stampedes in and we�re in a slow, delicious quasi-electroid moment that brings with it dub elements through to a deeply cinematic world that takes place late at night lit be red neon. 7� track �Headphones� is up next, Ronald Lippok�s (To Rococo Rot / Tarwater) disjointed vocal taking us to the next chapter in this story, melancholy and assymetric sounds flowing in and out to create an urban lullaby that keeps to richness and depth throughout. The sounds of �Eject Your Mind� are incredibly multi-faceted, an infusion of styles that aren�t so much disparate as not accustomed to sitting alongside one another. The result, to take us back to the beginning, is an album of pure future-vision genius..... pop. Gorgeous.

AGF - Head Slash Bauch - Orthlorng Musork

Kit Clayton�s Orthlorng Musork label returns with yet another release designed to stretch our preconceptions and push the boundries of �out there� just that little bit further. Antye Greie-Fuchs, or AGF for short, first came to our attention on her astonishing collaboration with Vladislav Delay for Mille Plateaux�s Clip Hop compilation released at the very end of last year. With a day job as the vocalist for Kitty Yo�s Laub project, AGF�s music puts her delicate and distinctive voice at the forefront of proceedings that are decidedly fresh and organic. An amalgamation of clear-as-water stream of consciousness pronounciations and some static-led electronic emmissions, �Head Slash Bauch� retains a certain Mego-ish air of laptop experimentation, though the overall impact is spine-tingling warm. Her voice lends itself perfectly to digital manipulation - sounding almost unreal to begin with, the juxtaposition with sounds that range from industrial to concrete marks this as yet another noted exception to a world full of laptop symphonies. After introducing the world to the madness of Blechtum from Blechdom and the spannered Hip Hop of Gold Chains, Orthlorng Musork, it appears, are on a mission to introduce us to an alternate reality where the glitch can chart. And how nice would that be? Highly Recommended.

VARIOUS - In The Beginning There Was Rhythm - Soul Jazz

...and God created Manchester! Soul Jazz bring us the most formative fucked up electronic jazz funk from the aftermath of punk : 23 Skidoo, The Slits, ACR, the brilliant Being Boiled from the Human League, the Pop Group, The Cabs, This heat, Gang of Four and Throbbing Gristle. Working primarily as an illustration of just how influential music from this era and this genre has become, you�ll be surprised by just how good some of these tracks till sound. Inspirational stuff.

VARIOUS - 10-100 Part 2 - Peacefrog - 2CD

After the phenomenal success of the 10/100 compilation, Peacefrog bring us 20 more rare and sought after gems from their vaults to celebrate their 10 year anniversary . From their early techno releases from the likes of Stasis, Apogee, Dan Curtin, DBX through to the deepest sounds house has to offer from the likes of Moodyman, Theo Parrish & Roy Davis Jnr Worthy of note here are some of the most frequently requested tracks from some long deleted releases. The Shake track �Sonar 123�, a classic slice of Detroit techno funk, �Someday� by Roy Davis Jnr, not only a big track house wise but also created some stirrings on the soul scene! Dbx�s �City On The Edge Of Forever� which was co-written with Maurizio is taken from the �Alien� EP which changes hands for a substantial sum. Essential listening. Vinyl to follow.


Takagi masakatsu is a musician and film-maker who is wholly dedicated to exposing and preserving the human experience as it is now, and has travelled the world in search of sound & vision to construct a fluid picture of our current human condition. He employs samples of children talking alongside "real" sounds like the weather, his own piano, and a wealth of sounds & musics recorded in his and others' home environments. This is all blended into his laptop arrangements and manipulations to create a very new type of ambient music. This double disc set comprises one cd of melodic audio creations, while the second is a cd-rom carrying 5 audio / video pieces which have already been presented in various galleries and live settings throughout japan. Recommended.

THOMAS KONER - Daikan - Mille Plateaux

Thomas Koner has established himself as one of the late 20th Century�s most respected and revered electronic music composers. As well as his deep involvement with the Basic Channel family, as one half of the excellent Porter Ricks, over the past 13 years, Koner�s dedication to intensive sound research in the recording studio has taken him towards collaborations with some leading film artists like Jurgen Reble, Max Eastley and Yann Beauvais. This is Koner�s first new material in 3 years, taking the form of a textured hour-long piece that explores layers of sound, drift, organic pulsation and drone. Superbly rich, this work was awarded the New Media Prize 2000 at FCMM Montreal. Highly Recommended.

NEW FLESH - Understanding - Big Dada

Greatest re-invention of UK based hip hop that this old sleeping cat has ever witnessed. We've been down with the New Flesh For Old crew from way b4 the Dada times. Stamping originality and a refusal to suckle to the US
acsent from the get go, they've always ripped it large and loud. But here...Toastie stills sounds like a 12 feet tall alien ragga love poet and Juice Aleem the perfect spar, but it's Part 2's retwisting of Timbalands futurism's
that grabs your attention. Totally futuristic and inspiring - this will still be fresh in 3002. Funky as hell as well. Head off track �Move Slow� is pure killer. Lifting deep synth's take off around Juice and Beans from Antipop injecting electricity directly into your synapses. �More Fire� finds Toastie in heaven, fully expressing sci-fi raggasoul pulsations, feel the bass, the car horn the cartoon noise and the power. Too powerful. Brain twisting science. Seriously I can't remember any other UK hip hop album to have had this impact on us. Believe!!! A classic in the making.

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Friday, January 25, 2002


WZBC Radio - Best Tracks of 2001

Rather than select albums, this 2001 list from WZBC, Boston College Radio station provides a selection of the best tracks of 2001:

Top 90.3 o f 2 0 0 1

THE TOP 90.3 SONGS of 2001 on WZBC Newton, 90.3FM
Boston College Radio, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
as aired on Monday, January 21, 2002

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People Talk Too Loud

A music weblog that I have not previously linked to People Talk Too Loud has been nominated in 2002 Weblog Awards in the Best Music Category.

[It is well designed, updated frequently and of the nominations it deserves to win]

# posted by DJ Martian 6:00 PM

X-PRESS 2 ALBUM: Muzikizum

X-Press 2 release an album called Muzikizum on April 22nd on the Skint Records label. The single Lazy featuring David Byrne is released on March 25th.

Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beedle, aka X-Press 2, have finally finished work on their debut album for Skint Records, and look set to score their first major chart smash, muzikweekly can reveal. The album - which is titled 'Muzikizum' in the style of last year's club hit - will be preceded by 'Lazy', the trio's much-loved hook-up with former Talking Head David Byrne.

Skint's Damian Harris was typically upbeat about the track, saying "I think it's the best record we've ever released."

'Muzikizum', featuring further guest vocals from Yello's Dieter Meier on 'I Want You Back' and Steve Edwards on 'Call It Love'.

Source: Music Weekly e-mail newsletter.

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Vikter Duplaix

Profile of Vikter Duplaix an American vocalist/ electronic producer/ DJ that has an unique smooth yet unusual, distinctive vocal style mixed with deep slo-motion electronic backdrop to be ranked alongside talents such as Robert Owens and Romanthony.

Vikter Duplaix - DJ Kicks compilation on Studio K7 is released next week.

"makes other eclectic compilations seem rather half baked" - Mix Mag, 2001

"monstrously uplifting CD" - Straight No Chaser, 2001

"Lessons in how to mix start here" - Dazed & Confused, 2002

"Philadelphia�s smoothest export ain�t cream cheese � its the sound of Vikter Duplaix" - The Face, 2002

Vikter Duplaix releases a single called Sensuality in February. The track is lush, warped slo-motion deep and as the track states sensual.

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Thursday, January 24, 2002


New February edition of Jockey Slut Magazine

The new February edition of Jockey Slut magazine is now at the newstands, check the website for details of this month's edition.

Sven Andersson article

Including details of the Swedish tech-house artist Sven Andersson who has a new album Hem Ljuva Hem that is released through Longhaul on February 11.

Many DJs from MR C at Kiss FM through to Nick Luscombe and John Kennedy at Xfm - having being playing tracks off this album.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:55 PM

Luke Slater album in April provide details of the forthcoming Luke Slater album, on Mute Recordings called Alright On Top due to be released on April 8th. Ex-Aloof singer Ricky Barrow appears on 8 out of the 10 tracks on the album.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:49 PM

Bathyscape - Road Movie

Olli Siebelt @ BBCi Experimental Music reviews Bathyscape - Road Movie (Lykil)

Bathyscaphe are part of the new breed of post-rock band atmospheric instrumentalists like Godspeed You Black Emperor !, Tortoise and Set Fire To Flames, promoting a musical aesthetic that focuses more on actual performance than cute programming tricks.

I have never heard of this French post-rock band, Bathyscape but the reviewer does rate them highly:

Kicking off with an ambient bed of guitar drone and feedback, the band soon veer off into several directions at once, embracing atmospheric soundscapes, industrial noise, classical string pieces and some very captivating guitar melodies.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:09 AM

The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us

Playlouder review The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us

# posted by DJ Martian 12:01 AM

Neumu - needle drops

An excellent series of articles @ Neumu - needle drops by Philip Sherburne. [I mentioned this once before in 2001 - I have now added to be my links - so not to forget it !]

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002


A Certain Ratio - Double CD Reissue of the early years - 25th March

In the Future Releases section of Siren Disc details of an A Certain Ratio compilation covering the early years called Early : (these is very rare material, that is very hard track down - many people will be pleased with this CD Reissue ! )

A Certain Ratio - Early, 2CD

SOUL JAZZ label release features the best of the first 5 years of ACR plus a bonus CD featuring rare sessions, B-sides & 12" mixes. Country: UK. Release Date: 25-Mar-02

A Certain Ratio were mentioned in Simon Reynolds's recent post-punk article in Uncut as being one of the key post-punk groups. [Here is the extended article if you have not seen it before.]

By the way Simon has just added in 3 new articles on his Blissout website and there is an updated Links webpage including links to many music weblogs.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:56 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: VNV Nation

Another week, a new front cover choice - this time VNV Nation - a band that I have mentioned many atime on this weblog. Their 1999 album Empires was an album that should be rated alongside the best albums by Cabaret Voltaire, New Order and Depeche Mode.

On January 28th VNV Nation release their new album Futureperfect, this interview describes their new music direction, dubbed futurepop

You are affiliated with the ��futurepop�� movement. What is this sub-genre exactly?

Well, I invented this name (laughs). Actually, VNV Nation has often been catalogued as an ��industrial�� or ��alternative�� band, which doesn�t really have any meaning nowadays. Also, being referred to as an ��ebm�� , ��techno-industrial�� or ��electro�� band didn�t really applied to us either. So, along with Apoptygma Berzerk and Covenant, we concluded that the word ��futurepop�� was a precise term that described best our music. There�s also a moral concept behind this word that is about seeing the future in a constructive and positive way.

VNV Nation - Futureperfect can be ordered from Music Non Stop


1. Foreword
2. Epicentre
3. Electronaut
4. Liebestod
5. Holding On
6. Carbon
7. Genesis
8. Structure
9. Fearless
10. 4am
11. Beloved
12. Airships

The American release date for the album is March 5th on Metropolis Records

However American's can order the allbum as an import @ Metroplois Mail Order

PRE-ORDER NOW! Possibly the most highly anticipated release of 2002! VNV Nation returns with a new release filled with intellectual lyrics and lively synth lines. A limited quantity of the import version on Dependent Records are expected to arrive around January 28th.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:18 PM

Hocico - Signos de Aberracion - YES NEW album in February- by the Mexican masters of electro-industrial

Excellent news: Mexican electronic-industrial artists Hocico will release a new album in February called Signos de Aberracion translated in english it means: Signs of Degeneration.

NOW I know that many people that will read this will say Hocico - WHO? - let me inform you - I consider Hocico amongst the most creative artists operating in Industrial/ or indeed any style of contemporary electronic music [they were listed on New Years Day amongst my top 100 anticipated releases in 2002], their sound is expansive, powerful, innovative, very electronic, addictive & intense.

Lets face facts most industrial music released these days is very derivative /carbon copies of well worn models of the past. However Hocico have a sound which is their own and I remember the first time I played their last album Sangre Hirviente I was blown away - with the sonic imprint of the music, cascading synths, harsh vocals and the sound was panoramic, orchestral and deep - the music filled the room and it engulfed you - swept you up - very much the same effect of Zan Lyons this was deep 360 degrees surroundsound - there is melody as well noise/harshness - both co existing to create an INTOXICATING sonic-concrete mix.

With increased interest in electro/synthcore music at the moment - then hopefully Hocico in 2002 will get more attention - they certainly deserve as much publicity as the hyped NYC band ARE Weapons - but I can't see the NME running a Hocico feature or review in February - they will be too busy covering rubbish lame generic indie Brit-rock such as the absolutely awful Haven (new Travis-style bog standard rock songs yawning boredom) and Electric Soft Parade (who on one track sound like a whiney cat being stepped on - complete trad crap).

Mexico does seem to be an emerging country for creative electronic artists last year on Certificate 18 label there was Panoptica, and also watch for new signings Ruisort and last week I mentioned the instrumental experimental sounds of Murcof who are new signings to the Leaf Label.

A well known UK Industrial music reviewer Penquinboy sums Hocico up

that Mexican dark electro giants Hocico are not only one of the very greatest acts working today in their genre but also one of the most prolific.

Musicnonstop have details of the new Hocico album:

Hocico - Signos de Aberracion CD
CD. Standard CD edition of the brand new album. Released 11th February 2002. Out of Line �11.75

Hocico - Signos de Aberracion Limited Box

Box. ''Signos de aberracion'' (Signs of Degeneration) is without a doubt one of the most eagerly awaitied albums in the electronic scene. For the first time with a Hocico album, there will be a limited box set available (1500 copies worldwide)! The box contains lots of items for your money. Contents include :- The regular ''Signos de Aberracion'' CD, a special bonus CD EXCLUSIVE to this box set entitled ''Silent Wrath'' which includes alternative versions / remixes from the album, a very special and EXTRA HEAVY Hocico Keyring (with the official Hocico Logo in metal), an Exclusive T-Shirt, plus some extras such as postcards and a Hocico sticker. Released 11th February 2002. Pre-order now! Out of Line

Hocico official website, will soon be moving to a new URL.

More Information at their record company Out Of Line

No Hocico show in Britain

I find it disappointing that Hocico coming to Europe will not be playing any dates in the UK, not even London - I blame it on the conservative British media and I include NME, Uncut, the BBC and Xfm etal - for not supporting electro-industrial/industrial music.
[We are influenced by systems - each and everyone of us - if the music is not given exposure - then how can the music create interest, desire and action - outside of the specialist industrial music press/scene.]

Once again Britain left out in the cold, isolated and to scared to embrace European modernity:

07.03.2002 Erfurt - Centrum / Germany
08.03.2002 Bochum - Matrix / Germany
09.03.2002 Hamburg - Markthalle / Germany
10.03.2002 Rostock - M.A.U. Club / Germany
12.03.2002 Paris - La Locomotive / France
13.03.2002 Gent - Twieoo / Belgium
14.03.2002 Berlin - Knack / Germany
15.03.2002 Leipzig - Moritzbastei / Germany
16.03.2002 Dresden - Reithalle, Bunker / Germany
17.03.2002 Prague / Czech Republic
18.03.2002 Wien / Austria
19.03.2002 Erlangen - E-Werk / Germany
21.03.2002 Rome - Black Out / Italy
22.03.2002 Vicenza - Midian / Italy
23.03.2002 Livorno - Karma / Italy
24.03.2002 Z�rich - Abart / Switzerland
25.03.2002 Frankfurt/Main - Nachtleben / Germany
27.03.2002 Copenhagen - Club Metropolis / Denmark
28.03.2002 Stockholm - Tech Noir / Sweden
30.03.2002 Gothenburg - SAMA / Sweden
31.03.2002 Bergen - Dominion / Norway
01.04.2002 Oslo / Norway
04.04.2002 Tallinn / Estonia
05.04.2002 Helsinki - Gloria / Finland
06.04.2002 Tampere - Klubi / Finland
13.04.2002 Athens / Greece

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Crud Magazine

Crud magazine is a website that I lost track of in 2001, but seems to update frequently with news, features and reviews.

Including details of Cornelius - Point album, that will now be released in the UK in February.

[For me Cornelius and The Notwist - seem to be operating in a similar sound terrain, both experiment with melody and mix the acoustics up with the electronics - experimental high IQ art-pop for 2002]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:16 AM

Tuesday, January 22, 2002


Totallywired -

Totallywired is an alternative music website for Brighton, includes online radio shows.

I am surprised at how many record stores there are in Brighton.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:03 PM

Deadsy - Commencement - the big synth-rock sound for 2002

Deadsy - what a strange band they are for 2002, synth electro-rock - and the synths are at the forefront of their sound, that borrows from John Foxx, Bauhaus (Deadsy's vocalist does sound like Peter Murphy) and Peter Murphy solo stuff - think: Cuts You Up, Sisters of Mercy, there are touches of Depeche Mode circa 1993 and Duran Duran around Rio.. and Gary Numan, indeed the closest comparison would be the epic electro-rock sound that Gary Numan exceuted so well on the 2000 album Pure. Sure Deadsy are going to heavily marketed, the sound and imagery is art-drama and OTT, just read their ridiculous manifesto for starters. [Deadsy are fronted by Elijah Blue who is Cher's son.]

If you don't take Deadsy too serious - this is art-entertainment - their addictive sound could inject some much needed fun, glamour and style into commercial rock music in 2002. Deadsy along with the more underground types ARE Weapons and The Faint will be bringing electro rock back on the agenda in 2002.

Deadsy have lined up the tentative track listing to their forthcoming new album, "Commencement", it is as follows:

01 - "The Key To Gramercy Park" (Feat. Jonathan Davis of Korn)
02 - "Winners"
03 - "Brand New Love"
04 - "The Mansion World"
05 - "Lake Waramaug"
06 - "The Elements"
07 - "Flowing Glower"
08 - "Future Years"
09 - "She Likes Big Words"
10 - "Cruella"
11 - "Seagulls"
12 - "Le Cirque En Rose"
13 - "Tom Sawyer" (Rush Cover)
14 - "Commencement"

..the album is slated for a May 14th release through Elementree/Dreamworks.

Source: PRP

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 AM

Larsen - Rever

Details of a forthcoming release on Young God Records by Larsen: Larsen - Rever

# posted by DJ Martian 12:16 AM

Darla - Coming Soon

More forthcoming releases @ Darla - Coming Soon including:

ZIPPERSPY - Glass Bomb Baby - Fuzzy Box

COMING 2/26/02

Long before Fuzzy Box, Maria Moran (a.k.a. Zipperspy) has already broken ground elsewhere with her trademark electronic experimentalism. Zipperspy has previous releases on labels like Vinyl Communications, Mixer, Nihilist, Ground Fault, Homewrecker Foundation, KK Tus Tribe, and others. Plus, this prolific art-slurping noise-junked veteran is constantly touring--consistently playing all over the U.S., Japan, U.K., France, Holland, Spain, and elsewhere. On her latest full-length CD, "Glass Bomb Baby," Zipperspy pulls you through an hour-long, 23-track joyride through digital disorientation, jarring glitch-core, spliced n' diced broken beats laced with gritty techno, psychedelic laughter, bubbling noise, ambient textures that are soothingly mentally disturbing, and inharmonious melodies that poke heartily into the center of your inquisitive brain. Some have already deemed this recording as a darker, more head-trippy, and more gothed-out version of sounds spawned by her labelmates, LSR (a.k.a. Lesser) and Kid606. Aside from delving in her "icky beats" -- sinister, abstract, post-punk/post-rave, industrial-ish, techno-laced, sample-heavy experimental music for the elite sum of us that crave the ear-torture of rhythmic ambient vs. digital hardcore-inspired pure cacophonic noise -- she intertwines her gurgling, clattering sounds with conceptual multimedia installation art. Her pedagogical pieces and videos can pose questions in your mind like, "What replaces the disappearing laboring bodies in the age of industry's decline?" or "What are the disruptive powers of the human body?" or "Is it really true that the body, subject to decay and obsolescence, vanishes beneath the apparatus that watches it, only to be resurrected as simulacrum?" or "Are we dead amidst capital's search for a 'final solution' to the problem posed by living labor?" Her 1993 concoction, "Pauly Ester," for example, revolves around instruments made with large pieces of metal, old rusted water tanks, and galvanized water pipes -- all becoming functional with the use of piano strings, iron railroad tiles, and springs. By using tape loops of former CIA members and terrorist interrogations, a statement can be acknowledged about our society and how it ignores mistakes made throughout history instead of recycling and learning from that of which we throw away. And Zipperspy's list of visual vs. sonic productions, manipulations, and conceptions go on and on and on. Indulge yourself. Catch a didactic glimpse. Or, if you think you can handle it, saturate yourself in it completely

LIMP - Orion cd - Morr Music (Germany)

COMING 3/4/02

20. A healthy age to topple old icons and leave prejudice behind. Not only have Limp, four youngsters from Odense/Denmark and (besides Lali Puna) second band project on Morr Music, been making music together for 10 years but their current release �orion" manages to stake out delicate tranquillity while leaving ample space for electronic influences. With a twist. When Limp, inspired by intelligent electronica and Chicago rock, are also self-confessed admirers and recyclers of �rock and pop elements from the 80s and 90s" � a universal red flag for any conscious human being � and innocently cite stadium largesse and touching pop moments of mainstream-compatible alternative phenomena such as The Cure, Depeche Mode or even U2, this is done in such a way as to quell any critical protest in its infancy. Irreverently objective when it comes to the dubious reference works of an elder sibling generation (for whom these are still inextricably tied to maudlin red wine beach dramas, traumatic teenage passion, first gig disasters or flagrant fashion faux pas) and without a second glance at source or zeitgeist coolness "orion" displays the fresh and differentiated influence of four musicians with their own electronica projects (Manual, Aerosol, Syntaks) in this perfectly balanced interplay of classical instruments and digital aids. Ostensibly relaxed and dreamy, simultaneously as epic and stratified as Mogwai or selected snippets from Slowdive to Boards of Canada, �orion" is not afraid to exploit incredible melodies for minutes on end. Contrasts blend and forget about their origin to lend the six tracks a continual narrative structure that sneakily conjures up vivid images. Deceptively laid back and playful Limp betray a meticulous dedication to honed perfection behind their youthful punk rock spirit, no matter if in basement practice, their own radio show or as tour support for Sea and Cake, Trans Am and Do Make Say Think, amongst others. limp related release: Manual/ Morr Music (d), aerosol/ Active Suspension (fr), syntaks/ Static Caravan (uk).

CRISPY AMBULANCE - Scissorgun cd - Darla

COMING 4/9/02

THE RETURN OF CRISPY AMBULANCE !!!Former Factory Records band Crispy Ambulance are about to end an extended lay-off by entering the studio in Manchester to record an album of all-new material. Titled �Scissorgun�, the album will comprise songs written over the last six months by the original four-man line-up. Production duties will be handled by long-time band associate Graham Massey, whose previous credits include 808 State, Bjork, Blue Pearl and Biting Tongues. The album is due for release on Darla in April 2002, and will be backed up by select live performances. We are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to bring you Scissorgun in coordination with LTM Publishing. Please see for a detailed history of the group.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:04 AM

Monday, January 21, 2002


Faultline - new sound, new direction, guest vocalists & the second album Your Love Means Everything due May 2002

As long time readers of this weblog will know I rate Faultline / David Kosten as one of the leading sonic composers/producers operating in music today, and therefore I am pleased to bring the latest news regarding Faultline's second album

[although I am surprised to say the least of one of the [Brit] guest vocals ! Go to the link for more details. ]

Second Faultline LP/Collaborations/News Update January 2002

Faultline release their second album 'Your Love Means Everything' in May 2002 via Blanco y Negro/Warners.

The album will be a combination of instrumental tracks and, for the first time, song-based music featuring collaborations and co-writes with guest vocalists. The direction has shifted to a more melodic and organic sound than previous album Closer Colder, though the darkness, atmosphere and strong sense of rhythm still remain intact. The most significant musical change seems to be the purity and simplicity of the sound, and the sheer beauty of the moods and melodies.

Advice - In the meantime spin Colder Closer to the max ! & await Your Love Means Everything as a compulsory listening experience in May !

# posted by DJ Martian 10:40 PM

Electronic Music World

Electronic Music World is a frequently updated website covering news and reviews.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:36 PM

The Brainwashed Brain - V05I02 - 01202002

This week's The Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of

Isobella - A 24 Syllable Haiku

Twelve Thousand Days - The Devil In The Grain

Nobukazu Takemura - Sign

# posted by DJ Martian 6:39 PM - new look for 2002 has been redesigned.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:30 PM

Sunday, January 20, 2002


Industrial Evolution book by Mick Fish - published March 2002

Industrial Evolution book by Mick Fish published by SAF Publishing in March 2002.

In Industrial Evolution Mick Fish takes us on a journey through the eighties via the Sheffield music scene of Cabaret Voltaire, the Human League, ABC, Clock DVA, Hula and The Box, offsetting it against a background of rampant Conservatism and local authority politics.

About the author:

Mick Fish is the author of Cabaret Voltaire - The Art Of The Sixth Sense, a book of interviews and history about the pioneering Sheffield band. First published in 1984 and updated in 1992, this is a sequel to the original book and contains the original interviews as an addenda.

ISBN: 0 946719 46 2
288 pages. Paperback

Publication: March 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 7:08 PM is a frequently updated alternative music news/ reviews/ features/ interviews website based in Denver. Includes features on Cex, Michael Gira and Paul Van Dyk.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:04 PM

Saturday, January 19, 2002


The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us review The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us

# posted by DJ Martian 3:57 PM

The Notwist - Neon Golden

KindaMuzik have a feature on The Notwist

The Notwist, hailing from Weilheim (Germany), have come a long way since their post-punk roots. Their latest album, 'Neon Golden', is a pure pop masterpiece with rough, experimental edges. Time to sit down with Micha Acher to find out just what 15 months in a studio does to a man.

I have heard a few tracks so far - and it's sublime - ice cool melodies and addictive interesting arrangements. Neon Golden will be released on February 4th in the UK, on the City Slang label.

KindaMuzik also review the album Neon Golden...

'Neon Golden' is an understated little masterpiece of a record and the first truly great album of 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 3:42 PM


More epic rock reissues, this time from The Waterboys:

The first two Waterboys albums, 1983's "The Waterboys" and 1984's "A Pagan Place" will be re-issued by EMI Records on March 11th 2002. Both albums have been completely re-mastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road and for the first time include unedited versions of Waterboys classics "Gala", "All The Things She Gave Me" and "The Thrill Is Gone".

In addition a total of thirteen extra songs from the years 1981-84 that have either never been released or have never been available on CD, are spread over the 2 CDs, including many magical vintage recordings. The albums come complete with full track-by-track musician credits (for the first time) and new in-depth sleevenotes by Mike Scott. On the albums' re-release date we will add a special section to this website with full lyrics, interviews and track-by-track notes.

The complete tracklistings are :


1. December
2. A Girl Called Johnny
3. The Three Day Man
4. Gala (unedited version : 9.30)
5. Where Are You Now When I Need You ? (previously unavailable on CD)
6. I Will Not Follow
7. It Should Have Been You
8. The Girl In The Swing
9. Savage Earth Heart
10. Something Fantastic (previously unreleased)
11. Ready For The Monkeyhouse (previously unavailable on CD)
12. Another Kind Of Circus (previously unreleased)
13. A Boy In Black Leather (previously unreleased)
14. December ( previously unreleased original 8-track mix)
15. Jack Of Diamonds (previously unreleased)


1. Church Not Made With Hands
2. All The Things She Gave Me (unedited version : 5.31)
3. The Thrill Is Gone (unedited version : 5.28)
4. Rags
5. Some Of My Best Friends Are Trains (previously unreleased)
6. Somebody Might Wave Back
7. The Big Music
8. Red Army Blues
9. A Pagan Place
10. The Late Train To Heaven (previously unreleased mix)
11. Love That Kills ( previously unreleased instrumental mix)
12. The Madness Is Here Again (previously unreleased early version of "Be My Enemy")
13. Cathy (previously unreleased version of a Nikki Sudden song)
14. Down Through The Dark Streets (previously unreleased)

Source: The Waterboys

# posted by DJ Martian 3:01 PM

THE SOUND - 3 New Re-Releases

Red Sun Records provide details of The Sound reissues:

The remastered rereleases of The Sound's first 3 albums "Jeopardy"," From The Lions Mouth" and "All Fall Down" which have never been (fully) available on CD before are scheduled for release on 25-01-2002. You can pre-order your copies here at Red Sun. These albums will be shipped as soon as we have received stock. If you pay by creditcard, we will not charge your card untill we are ready to ship the albums to your shippingaddress.

The classic "Jeopardy" was the band's first release on Korova Records. The rerelease includes the lyrics for the first time, together with some great sleevenotes from drummer Michael Dudley and from Steve Budd (who managed them at that time). The 4 bonus tracks are the Live Instinct EP which was only issued in Holland. It was recorded at The Venue in London on January 14 1981 and was used as a promotional item - it was not for sale. The second album "From The Lion's Mouth" was the major turning point in The Sound's career around the world. It contains many of their greatest songs. The 3rd album on Warners, "All Fall Down" was less well received at the time, but has subsequently proved itself a brilliant record. 3 extra tracks are added from the original session which never made it onto the album. Adrian and Wally Brill mixed them shortly before Adrian's death. These songs have NEVER been heard before !

# posted by DJ Martian 2:34 AM

AC Acoustics - O

Epic glacial Scottish art-rock band AC Acoustics release an album called O on the Cooking Vinyl label on February 11th.

"Epic riff rage... and transcendent melodic splendour" NME

Paul Campion - guitar and vocals
Mark Raine - lead guitar
Caz Riley - bass
Dave Gormley- drums

Just when it seems that the guitar has been drafted into the exclusive service of the big trad wolf, Scots alchemists a.c. acoustics return to prove that, in the right hands, rock can still be vital, experimental

Released on 11th February 2002, their new album, 'O', is a collision of cloud- kissing tunes and juggernaut guitars on an epic scale. With a dynamic that effortlessly spans confessional intimacy and grand gesture it's set to become the most accomplished British rock record of the year. The follow-up to 2000's critically acclaimed 'Understanding Music' is another brilliant synthesis of noise and melody. Recorded in just 10 days, the album also features Paul Murray on keyboards and was produced by Brian McNeill.

At the centre is singer Paul Campion, a haunting and haunted presence with the wry passion of Leonard Cohen and the wired, androgynous fragility of Patti Smith. For once, it seems as though there's some point in four white boys rocking the guitar/bass/drums formula. a.c. acoustics are driven, a band on fire.

See the AC Acoustics website for information on previous releases - including the last album Understanding Music.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:03 AM

Fake Jazz

Music ezine Fake Jazz Issue 23 includes reviews of:

Jackie-O Motherfucker - Liberation

Surface of Eceon - The King Beneath the Mountain (Strange Attractors)

Portal - Tristesse

Broadway Project - Compassion

Calla - Scavengers

Fake Jazz - Best Records of 2001

also see the updated Fake Jazz - The Best Records of 2001

Readers of Fake Jazz

The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2 (K) [15%] - the same as Pitchfork Writers !

Fennesz - Endless Summer (Mego) [10.8%]

Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun (Birdman) [9.6%]

Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life (Capitol) [8.3%]

Explosions in the Sky - Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die... (Temporary Residence) [7.9%]

Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of ... (Kranky) [7.9%]

Fridge - Happiness (Brainwashed/Temporary Residence) [4.6%]

Tarentel - The Order of Things (Neurot) [4.6%]

Kinski - Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle (Pacifico) [2.9%]

Tied and Tickled Trio - Electric Avenue Tapes (Clearspot) [2.9%]

Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist - Danse Manatee (Catsup Plate) [2.5%]

Maya Shore - Farewell to Introductions (Music Fellowship) [2.5%]

Jackie-O Motherfucker - Liberation (Road Cone) [2.1%]

Landing - Oceanless (Strange Attractors) [2.1%]

13 Writers of Fake Jazz - Final Votes

Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of ... (Kranky) [6/13]

Fridge - Happiness (Brainwashed/Temporary Residence) [5/13]

The Microphones - The Glow, Pt. 2 (K) [5/13]

Kinski - Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle (Pacifico) [4/13]

Windy & Carl - Consciousness (Kranky) [4/13]

Fugazi - The Argument (Dischord) [3/13]

Low - Things We Lost in the Fire (Kranky) [3/13]

Yellow 6 - Lake:Desert (Ochre) [3/13]

Jackie-O Motherfucker - Liberation (Road Cone) [3/13]

See Fake Jazz website to see how individual writers voted.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:22 AM

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck

This Week's New Releases @ Pelicanneck include:

SMALL ROCKS - Carbondating - Hot Air

After disbanding the ever-influential Stock, Hausen and Walkman (yes kids, sh+w are no more!), Matt Wand returns with his latest excursion � Small Rocks. Picking up the pieces from the ashes of the magnifecent �Organ Transplant� LP�s, Small Rocks retains a vaguely Lounge feel, a cut-up melange of odd percussive stretches made up of all manner of organic sources, pots, pans and laptop nuggets, together with a vintage sci-fi / B-Movie feel that imbues proceedings with a decidedly mock-eerie aroma. The beat funk of �Muchachos Gordos� takes us back to a time when cut-up meant more than just a plunderphonic exercise but actually involved the painstaking assembly of beat pieces into a coherent whole. The sound throughout is like an even more off-kilter Atom Heart jamming it hard in DSP heaven and getting down to grips with a large cocktail, leopard-skin prints and a room full of laptops. This is undoubtedly Wand�s greatest work to date, to sample a slice check out the awesome �Clod Hopper� track that�s included in the most recent cover-mounted CD given away with the Wire. Awesome stuff.

VARIOUS - Montreal Smoked Meat - Force Inc - CD

Hooked into the same aesthetic as the micro-deep beat structures of the Cologne scene and, in particular, the Trapez label, Canada has emerged as the most fertile hotbed for restructuring the beat in an experimental and entirely dancefloor friendly way. We�ve harped on at you endlessly about the genius of Akufen, but what�s truly breathtaking about this collection of new Canadian music is the shere number of new artists who are forming this inspired scene and the level to which their sound has developed. The aforementioned boy-wonder Akufen opens the Compilation with another flawless excursion - �Severed Finger Samba� - all cut up and funked up 4/4 that sounds like one half Matthew Herbert and one half Autechre. Newcomer Orazio Fantini shocks-out on the awesome �Make Up� , lush and terrifyingly complex beats tweaked and rearranged with mind-bending intricacy while all along the funk levels are retained and expanded to mess with yo head. Crackhaus lower the tone with a deeper crawler, although even here the funk tweak kicks in with a slowed down lounge vocal that totally works to make you twitch. In fact every track included here hits the spot, new artists like Steve Beaupre, Suna, Mike Shannon, Mateo Murphy, Elio Brunelle, as well as more known figures like Jetone, Mitchell Akiyama and Jeff Milligan all contribute to a remarkable achievemnt � that of giving Montreal a sound which is instantly identifiable and totally unique. If you are unfamiliar with any of these artists and want to get a glimpse of the true future funk, please please please check this out. Immense.

ATTENTION INDUSTRIES - Pattern Of I - Heimelektro Ulm

On gorgeous picture disc and cd, this is a beautiful introduction if you haven�t heard attention industries yet, incorporating everything from zithers to sitars, moogs and drum machines, it is a gorgeous marriage of tracks, very soulful and quite original. Michael Zimmermann's solo work as attention disorder focuses mainly on arrangements. The album presents for the first time Mike's cooperation with singer Patricia Oakley from London. Her voice introduces a new urban flavour to Attention Industries� soundscapes. The result is a soundtrack for the film inside your head, organic ambient jazz music for lounges, not exposing the experiments this time - in some way a counterpoint to many of today�s electronica releases. For a measure of the depth of the record, check inhale exhale outro, a mesmerising piece of music, at home in any number of environments where chill is the word. Lovely.

DNTEL - Early works for me if it works for you - Pthalo

Following the success of Dntel�s lovely recent full-length for the Plug Research label, Pthalo unearth these two lost Dntel gems. �Early Works...� contains a hyperspeed bricolage of processed breakbeats put through the cuisinart, assembled in unfamiliar beatgrids and made sharp by extremely lush melodies-circa Allroy Road Tracks and the Spymania raison detre fused with indie guitar perspectives on texture and easy mood. It is an endlessly listenable collection of shining jewels. Re-Issued on manufactured CD with new bright and fully packaged artwork."

DNTEL - Something always goes wrong - Pthalo

After releasing the aforementioned collection Early Works For Me If It Works For You, Dntel digs again back into his vault of unreleased backlog to give another collection, this time a concept mini-album telling us a story about a 'hero and his arduous quest'. The tracks have the patented Dntel romanticism of melodic themes and a supersaturated drum machine sense -- occasionally moving into the zone of 'war drums'. These are classic tracks originally scheduled for release on a Japanese dance label long ago, and since rediscovered by a few L.A. techno diehards who can spot classic work even if it doesn't have a fancy label name written on it. The album includes extra Dntel tracks, plus remixes by Seq and L.A. artist Languis.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:29 AM

Rock Sound - Top 100 Albums of 2001

New Rock Sound magazine is out in the shops, they have published their writers Top 100 albums of 2001, these are the highlights:

3. Isis - Celestial (Hydrahead/Escape Artist Records)

4. Aereogramme - A Story in White (Chemikal Underground)

8. Tool - Lateralus (MFN)

20. Elbow - Asleep in the Back (V2)

21. Will Haven - Carpe Diem (MFN)

25. Minus - Jesus Christ Bobby (Smekkleysa)

28. Anathema - Fine Day to Exit (Music for Nations)

32. Godflesh - Hymns (MFN)

40. Techno Animal - Brotherhood of the Bomb (Matador)

42. Lamb - What Sound (Mercury)

44. Converge - Jane Doe (Equal Vision)

46. Mogwai - Rock Action (Southpaw)

48. Appliance - Imperial Metric (Mute)

50. Cortizone - Selling out for the Sucker (Virgin)

62. New Order - Get Ready (London)

73. Cult of Luna - Cult of Luna (Rage of Archilles)

79. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein (Def Jux)

80. Perry Farrell - Song Yet to be Sung (Virgin)

81. Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets (Relapse)

[By the way number one was System of A Down - Toxicity]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:21 AM

Friday, January 18, 2002


etronik frontline

etronik frontline Issue 123 includes:

Thomas Brinkmann album

Thomas Brinkmann releases a new album, �Soul Center III� on NovaMute on March 25th. Recorded under his Soul Center alias, the album, is, as the title suggests, the third in a series of works under this name. The first two Soul Center albums were released on his own W.v.B.

and news that Stanton Warriors have signed to a new Warners dance label - expect an album later this year.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:39 AM


Junkmedia - Issue 28 includes a review of Nobukazu Takemura - Sign Thrill Jockey, 2002

# posted by DJ Martian 12:17 AM

Thursday, January 17, 2002



Ambientrance the ambient, electronic and experimental music review website has moved to a new URL.

January 2002 Reviews @ Ambientrance

# posted by DJ Martian 1:32 AM

Cracked Machine

Cracked Machine is an irregularly updated (mostly) music review & interview site.

Cracked Machine - 2001: No Bland Commodities including best new albums of 2001:

Not necessarily in order of preference beyond perhaps the top ten or so, these are the new releases I enjoyed in 2001:

Thalia Zedek - Been Here & Gone (Matador)
Phill Niblock - Touch Works for Hurdy Gurdy & Voice (Touch)
Rafael Toral - Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance (Touch)
Bardo Pond - Dilate (Matador)
Silo - Alloy (Swim)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Berlin Babylon (Ego)
Comae - Comae (Rhiz)
Supersilent 5 (Rune Grammafon)
Fennesz - Endless Summer (Mego)
Ulan Bator - Ego:Echo (Young God)
Philip Jeck - Vinyl Coda IV (Intermedium)
Flux Information Sciences - Private / Public (Young God)
Foetus - Flow (Nois-O-Lution)
Fugazi - The Argument (Dischord)
Symptoms - Apathy (Swim)
Silver Mount Zion - Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward (Constellation)
Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Fennesz / O'Rourke / Drumm / Siewart - Live 1998 (Charhizma)
Low - Things We Lost in the Fire (Tugboat)
The Double Life of Veronique - Avec Un Pessimisme Lucide (Nameless)
Atomsmasher - Atomsmasher (Hydrahead)
Cyclo (Raster-Noton)
Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri (Blast First)
IBM - The Oval Recording (Mego) [vinyl only LP+7"]
Eardrum - Last Light (Leaf)
US Maple - Acre Thrills (Drag City)
Oren Ambarchi - Suspension (Touch)
Nic Endo - Cold Metal Perfection (Geist)
Disco Operating System - You Don't Have to Work to be Mad Here (RSI)
Tortoise - Standards (Warp)
Matmos - California Rhinoplasty EP (Matador)
The New Year - Newness Ends (Touch & Go)
The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid (Kranky)
Oval - Ovalcommers (Thrill Jockey)
Pullman - Viewfinder (Thrill Jockey)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Bob Dinners & Larry Noodles present Tubby Turdner's Celebrity Avalanche (Communion)
Low & Dirty 3 - In the Fishtank 7 (Konkurrel)
Labradford - Fixed::Context (Blast First)
Set Fire to Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder (Alien 8)
Replicator - Winterval
2nd Gen - Irony Is (NovaMute)
Rehberg & Bauer - Passt (Touch)
Lift To Experience - The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads (Bella Union)
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO - Absolutely Freakout! Zap Your Mind! (Resonant / Static Caravan)
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO - New Geocentric World
Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO - La Novia
Autechre - Confield (Warp)
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part (Mute)
Stephen Malkmus (Domino / Matador)
The Fall - Are You Are Missing Winner (Voiceprint)
Transient v Resident - Medulla (Discus)
The Rip Off Artist - Brain Salad Surgery (Hot Air)
Yoshihiro Hanno - April (Sub Rosa)
MSBR - Ultimate Ambience 2 (20 City)
David Shea - Tryptich (Quatermass)
Mercury Rev - All is Dream (V2)
Alva Noto - Transform (Mille Plateaux)
Kristin Hersh - Sunny Border Blue (4AD)
Neotropic - La Prochaine Fois (Ninjatune)
Oacis Box (Raster-Noton)
Lesser - Gearhound (Matador)
The Rip Off Artist - The Kids Are Alright (Quatermass)
Cock ESP - The Pride of North American Noise (Breathmint)
Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You (Matador)
Mogwai - Rock Action (Southpaw)

Tedious Hype.. [made me laugh..but it's so spot on with these two..]

Super Furry Animals (Status Quo butchering the Beach Boys)
The Strokes (rockin' softer than the Housemartins)

# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 AM


John Peel ended his show tonight with a brilliant track, from an artist from Mexico called Murcof

Murcof is the latest musical project by Tijuana, Mexico-based Fernando Corona. Influenced mainly, but not exclusively, by classical and electronic minimalism, Murcof works primarily with orchestral samples, processing the sound sources into new textures and fusing them with microscopic sounds and rhythms. The end result consists of lush layers of atmosphere and beat-driven landscapes -- a multi-tonal palette that brings to life deep, gray worlds in which an introspective mood always pervades. Conceived at the beginning of 2001, Murcof runs parallel with Terrestre, a musical project of the Nortec collective.

Murcof will release an album on The Leaf Label in 2002.

[Murcof also feature on the current free CD available with the January edition of The Wire magazine.]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:07 AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2002


If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this week's front cover would feature: Cave In

Cave In the US rock band that I raved about in 2000 with the epic spatial rock album Jupiter - finally make it over to Britain this week, their debut London show is tomorrow tonight with highly touted complex intense epic English rock band SikTh as ideal support.

No other US rock band this century has matched what Cave In achieved on Jupiter in terms of sonic ambition and scope, so Cave In are a worthy front cover choice this week.

[Note: at last NME publish the words Cave In - in their magazine this week at Number 8 on the NME stereo list this week ! I am gobsmacked - they have finally got around to be aware of Cave In's existence - It will interesting to see if they review the single, interview them or have a live review - maybe they will finally discover Jupiter - maybe they will pick them out as NME's hyped faves - who knows? ]

Cave In release a single this week too:

Cave In : Lost In The Air

CDS on Hydra Head

Cave In information @

It's been quite a year for Boston astronauts. CAVE IN. Their album "JUPITER", one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year, turned heads with its progression, imagination and evolution - causing reveiwers to flip their lids comparing it to everyone from RADIOHEAD & PINK FLOYD through to LED ZEPPELIN. The band also inked a deal with RCA, and continued to tour all year round, building on their success. 2002 looks to be no different, with a new single, their first UK tour and the release of their major label debut. "Lost In The Air" continues where "Jupiter" left off, offering up 2 brand new, exclusive tracks, again showing why they are creating such a stir: pure, austere pop melodies, breathtaking emo dynamics, a masterful sense of scope & space, and a killer rhythm section...TOUR DATES: 13th Jan- BIRMINGHAM (Jug Of Ale), 14th GLASGOW (13th Note), 15th LEEDS (Joseph's Well), 16th DERBY (Victoria Inn), 17th LONDON (Underworld)

Cave In's plans for the rest of the year include their debut album for their new label RCA.

[Yep I am late again with this weekly feature - will try to return to a Monday slot from next week!]

# posted by DJ Martian 11:25 PM

The Chemical Brothers - Come with Us preview The Chemical Brothers - Come with Us

[I heard this album last night - it is typical Chemical Brothers - and this stage of their development, on their 4th album they should be incorporating new ideas - but it sounds familiar - good - solid - accomplished - but not vital, startling or something different with a new twist]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:39 PM

Rough Trade Shops - Electronic 01 compilation

NME report on the first of a series of compilations compiled by the staff of Rough Trade Shops: Rough Trade Shops - Electronic 01 is a double CD released on March 18th.

Rough Trade Shops - Electronic 01 - Tracklisting


Brian Eno - 'Signals'
Rod Freeman & The Blue Men - 'I Hear A New World'
Oval - 'Kardamon'
Barbara Morgenstern - 'Die Liebe (R. Lippok: Schneekristall Mix)'
Throbbing Gristle -'Hot on the Heels of Love'
Christian Zanesi - 'Marseille 2'
BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 'Doctor Who (Original Theme)'
I-F - 'Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Radio Edit)'
Raymond Scott - 'Bufferin: "Memories" (Original)'
Schneider TM Vs Kpt. Michi. - 'Gan The Light 3000'
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - 'Day Breaks, Night Heals'
Autechre - 'Basscadet'
New Order - '586'
Matmos - 'Freak 'n' You'
Uusitalo - 'Between Kate and Naomi'
Pierre Henry- 'Atelier'
Aphex Twin - 'Inkey $'
Terre Thaemlitz - 'D.C. D.O.A.'
Kraftwerk - 'The Robots'
John Cage - 'Radio Music (Edit)'
Non - 'Out Out Out'


Faust - 'Just A Second (Starts Like That!)'
To Rococo Rot -'Cars (Variant)'
Can - 'I Want More'
Stereolab -'Freestyle Dumping'
Pan Sonic -'Arvio'
Arovane - 'Tascel_7'
LB - 'Superbad'
D - 'Firspk'
Human League - 'Being Boiled'
Aux 88 - 'Direct Drive (Edit)'
Bruce Haack - 'Mean Old Devil'
Kevin Blechdom - 'Peanuts'
Fischerspooner - 'Turn On'
Thomas Brinkmann - 'Trixie'
The Normal - 'Warm Leatherette'
Depeche Mode - 'Big Muff'
Dexter - 'Senderwahl'
Fennesz - '011'
Farben - 'At the golden circle Stockholm vol.1,1965'
Elph Vs Coil - 'Ended'

# posted by DJ Martian 2:27 PM

Xinlisupreme - Tomorrow Never Comes

Xinlisupreme first came to my attention early this month, as they were included on the free CD with The Wire - the music certainly has a sonic impact and will appeal to those that enjoy JAMC Psychocandy, My Bloody Valentine and Loveliescrushing. Xinlisupreme's debut album, Tomorrow never comes is released in March on Fat-Cat Records.

The debut album from this stunning new Japanese band. This is getting rave feedback already. If you loved early Jesus & Marychain, or My Bloody Valentine, this is for you. 11 great diverse tracks, drenched in feedback and DMX beats open out a dazzling, obsessive and highly emotional soundscape.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:01 PM

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