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Friday, September 30, 2005


New Kayo Dot Album

A new Kayo Dot album will be released on January 10th, 2006 titled Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue

Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue -- Kayo Dot -- Rate Your Music to listen to a 3 minute sample of a track: Aura on the Asylum Wall

Musicwise think Radiohead meets Explosions in the Sky meets Neurosis meets Swans meets The Dirty Three meets Ahvak meets The Boredoms plus vintage jazz fusion.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:53 PM

New Nils Petter Molvaer Album

Nils Petter Molvaer releases a new album: ER

Nils Petter Molvær, Norwegian trumpet player, composer and producer, connects stylistic extremes - jazz, ambient, house, electronic and breakbeats - and effortlessly melts them into convincing soundscapes of deep intensity

Nils Petter Molvaer: More European release dates for ER including UK: October 10th

[alerted via]

# posted by DJ Martian 7:59 PM

Blabbermouth.Net report MOONSPELL To Record New Album In November

# posted by DJ Martian 6:00 PM

Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 5:52 PM

Barcode review BOARDS OF CANADA - The Campfire Headphase

# posted by DJ Martian 4:28 PM

The Guardian review Manu Katché - Neighbourhood

# posted by DJ Martian 4:18 PM

The Guardian on The taste-makers

So you think you decide what goes into your music collection? Wrong. Alexis Petridis speaks to the people who control what you hear, like and buy

A Media Studies case study on how certain key people in the UK, exert control & influence on the music listening and ultimately consumer behaviour of the masses.


Related theory: The Psychology of Consumers: Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Introduction to the psychology of consumer psychology and consumer behavior. Teaching material by Lars Perner.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:07 PM

Kate Bush Profile & Tracklist for Aerial

Today The Guardian profile: Kate Bush

After 12 years the enigmatic singer-songwriter prepares to break her silence with a 'properly eccentric' new double album

via ILM Sweet Jesus, when will Kate Bush release another album?

The tracklist for Aerial

Disc One: A SEA OF HONEY(Audio)

1. King Of The Mountain
2. Pi
3. Bertie
4. Mrs. Bartolozzi
5. How To Be Invisible
6. Joanni
7. A Coral Room

Disc Two: A SKY OF HONEY(Audio)

1. Prelude
2. Prologue
3. An Architect's Dream
4. The Painter's Link
5. Sunset
6. Aerial Tal
7. Somewhere In Between
8. Nocturn
9. Aerial

# posted by DJ Martian 3:49 PM

Kayo Dot's Toby Driver releases album on Tzadik

Tzadik will release the debut album from Toby Driver next month.

Toby Driver is a member of Kayo Dot and previously Maudlin of the Well

Toby Driver: In The Li Li Library Loft [#8019]

A beautiful collection of modern compositions by the brilliant young mastermind of Maudlin of the Well/Kayo Dot, a cutting edge band combining a classical ear for structure and orchestration with the power and immediacy of heavy and black metal. Featuring several of his band mates in key roles, and a number of special guests, this is music of great detail and searing passion. Years in the making, this is a CD that will surely catapult Toby into the eyes and ears of an exciting new audience. Four moody masterpieces of magic and horror.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:41 PM

ILM 80s Poll - Voting has started

So the nominations have been assembled and you can now Vote in the ILM 1980s poll - albums and singles: ...THE ILX 1980s POLL NOMINATIONS LIST AND VOTING INSTRUCTIONS THREAD

Upto 100 albums and singles can be voted for.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:36 PM

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Issue 53 of Earplug


Earplug is a twice-monthly email magazine, delivering a handpicked selection of news, sounds, videos, and original features to the international electronic-music community.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:49 PM

Aborym - Generator

Blabbermouth.Net report ABORYM Announce New Album Title, Track Listing

The new album titled: Generator due on Season of Mist before the end of the year.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:25 PM

AngryApe report Ulrich Schnauss Live In London

Ulrich Schnauss + Malory + Sennen + Sleepless

Club AC30
Kings Cross Water Rats
October 21st

# posted by DJ Martian 1:17 PM

Piero Scaruffi Update

Music Historian, Piero Scaruffi provides the following:

New Chapter: The History of Avantgarde Music: post-jazz music [from a forthcoming book]

Revised Chapter: The History of Rock Music: The ambient avantgarde in the digital age

Revised Chapter: The History of Rock Music: Glitch music and Digital minimalism

# posted by DJ Martian 1:11 PM

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Burst 2 Tracks from Origo


Burst - Origo (Relapse)

Relapse E-card featuring two tracks from the album. EXPERIENCE this supreme music NOW !

BLOWN AWAY ! this is A+ grade sublime !

epic riffs
multidimensional production
explosive energy
stunning dynamics and twists
cathartic intensity
hypnotic engulfing and evolving power
versatile vocals

sure you can hear varied vintage sound inspirations: Neurosis, Killing Joke, Botch, Tool, Cave In, Paradise Lost and Isis .... but who else in 2005 can match the complex dynamics and musical ambition of Burst?

When music this brilliant comes along - you just know it ! you experience it !

Burst have once again reached out, experimented and delivered.

UK release: October 17th
Rest of Europe: October 24th

Reminder for America and Canada - Relapse have delayed the release till 2006. You will have to import it from the UK if you want it this year ! e.g. try

# posted by DJ Martian 5:44 PM

Stylus interview David Keenan

The name David Keenan is well known to musicians, writers, and music obsessives alike. As one of the most descriptive and evangelical writers for The Wire, a member of improvisational act Taurpis Tula, and the co-owner (alongside partner and solo recording artist Heather Leigh) of Volcanic Tongue (a UK-based mail-order for underground music and record label), he’s made a huge quantifiable impact on underground and experimental music culture.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:46 PM

Stylus review Between the Buried and Me - Alaska

# posted by DJ Martian 3:24 PM report Goldfrapp Announce New UK Tour for February 2006.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:15 PM

Blabbermouth.Net report CELTIC FROST: New Album Mastered

# posted by DJ Martian 3:13 PM

Cocteau Twins Singles Box Set

Via ILM: What's all this about a Cocteau Twins box set, then?


For the first time all the non-album tracks from across the Cocteau Twins� entire career have been compiled together and offer a unique view of their musical journey from the perspective of all their single / EP releases which incorporate most of their best known tracks.

This is an unusual de-luxe package containing all 4 CD�s that will be available November 21 (UK / Europe) and November 22 (USA) in a worldwide limited edition of 10,000. The discs are contained in a fold-out package made of a material that itself sounds like a Cocteau Twins title � Curious Soft Touch Milk. It�s all very tactile, minimal and v23.

DAD 2513CD and DAD 2514CD
These are the regular versions of the box set which will be available early 2006. Each package is a digipak with 2 CD�s. Volume One covers the 4AD era (1982 � 1990) and Volume Two the Mercury / Capitol years (1993 � 1996).

The 4AD material was previously available in a 10 x CD box set which had a CD for each single, though this set features alternative mixes of "Pearly-Dewdrops� Drops" and "Aikea-Guinea". Volume Two has never been anthologised and has tracks that were limited as singles as well as the Christmas tracks "Frosty The Snowman" and "Winter Wonderland".

Feathers Oar-Blades
Alas Dies Laughing
It's All But An Ark-Lark

Peppermint Pig (7-inch version)

Sugar Hiccup (12� version)
From the Flagstones
Because of Whirl-Jack

The Spangle Maker
Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops (alternate version)

Aikea-Guinea (alternate version)

CD 2
Pink Orange Red
Ribbed and Veined
Plain Tiger
Sultitan Itan

Great Spangled Fritillary
Pale Clouded White
Eggs and Their Shells

Love's Easy Tears
Those Eyes, That Mouth
Sigh's Smell of Farewell
Orange Appled

Iceblink Luck
Mizake the Mizan

CD 3
Mud and Dark

SNOW (1993)
Winter Wonderland
Frosty the Snowman

Bluebeard (acoustic version)

Rilkean Heart (acoustic version)
Golden-Vein (acoustic version)
Pink Orange Red (acoustic version)
Half-Gifts (acoustic version)

CD 4
OTHERNESS (1995) Mark Clifford remixes
Feet-Like Fins
Seekers Who Are Lovers
Cherry-Coloured Funk

Primitive Heart
Flock of Soul
An Elan

Tranquil Eye
Circling Girl

# posted by DJ Martian 1:36 PM

Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 137 / 28.09.05]

This week's Kultureflash - Headlines from London

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:32 PM

Blabbermouth.Net report HEAD CONTROL SYSTEM: ULVER Mastermind's New Project Changes Name

# posted by DJ Martian 12:12 AM

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Drowned in Sound review Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites

# posted by DJ Martian 9:56 PM

Pitchfork review Vibracathedral Orchestra - Tuning to the Rooster

# posted by DJ Martian 7:47 PM

Music blog to check: Chemistry Class

# posted by DJ Martian 7:44 PM

Fertilizer Festival - London - October 20th - 23rd

Fertilizer Festival is coming to London, the theme German Music.

Fertilizer Good Shit from Germany – Music Festival

A super-concentrated four-day festival of the finest new music from Germany today…The good shit that fertilizes the mainstream. Music that inspires. Music that redraws the map. Music from beneath the radar. A fertile mix of music, artists and cultures you won’t find anywhere else.

Events: Fertilizer Festival – what’s happening and when

Fertilizer Feeds – links to all things Fertilizer related

Find out more about the artists who are part of Fertilizer ...

17 Hippies
Bernadette La Hengst
B. Fleischmann
Carsten Jost
Chicks on Speed
Eddy Temple-Morris
Enders Room
Fauna Flash
Fiona Talkington
Jan Jelinek
Kevin Blechdom
Markus Stockhausen
Michael Sauer
Nick Luscombe
Sonarkollectiv / Jazzanova
T. Raumschmiere
Von Spar

# posted by DJ Martian 5:45 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON [Issue 101 - September 27th - October 3rd , 2005]

flavourpill LONDON is an email magazine covering a hand-picked selection of music, art and cultural events — delivered each Tuesday afternoon.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:11 PM

CMJ present CMJ NEW MUSIC REPORT: 25 Years Of CMJ Music Marathon: 25 Most Influential Artists By CMJ Staff

# posted by DJ Martian 2:02 PM

From The Guardian: David Peschek talks to pianist Brad Mehldau

In a rare interview, pianist Brad Mehldau tells David Peschek how jazz is devouring every other kind of music - making it more vital than ever

# posted by DJ Martian 1:33 PM interview Opeth

# posted by DJ Martian 1:27 PM

London Jazz Festival 2005

Radio 3 - London Jazz Festival

Details of this year's festival which features McCoy Tyner, Archie Shepp and Tomasz Stanko among others.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:20 PM

BBC Music review Julian Priester - Love, Love

Long awaited CD issue for former Herbie Hancock trombonist's early 70s fusion masterpiece.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:16 PM

BBC Music review Simple Minds - Black And White 050505

# posted by DJ Martian 1:13 PM

The latest The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 includes a DJ Set from Warp's Jackson.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:05 PM

Pitchfork interview Boards of Canada

# posted by DJ Martian 12:52 PM

DOTSHOP.SE profile Free Fall - Amsterdam Funk featuring: bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, reedist Ken Vandermark, and pianist Haavard Wiik.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:29 AM

Monday, September 26, 2005 present 100 Albums that Changed Our Lives - Part 1

To be continued...

# posted by DJ Martian 11:19 PM

Cultural critic Michael Bracewell interviews Siouxsie Sioux in The Guardian

Growing up in the suburbs, Siouxsie Sioux realised she wasn't like everyone else. Then she discovered music and clothes ... and became a punk icon. She tells Michael Bracewell how she did it

# posted by DJ Martian 10:37 PM

new noise review Skalpel - Konfusion

# posted by DJ Martian 3:55 PM

new noise review Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites

# posted by DJ Martian 3:51 PM

New release on Pi Recordings: Fieldwork - Simulated Progress

Hailed as one of today’s truly original and groundbreaking ensembles by publications as diverse as The Wire, Mojo, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Village Voice, Fieldwork sets forth a dynamic, high-impact group sound that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Simulated Progress, the band’s second release, brings together three of creative music’s most exciting young composer-performers – Vijay Iyer on piano, Steve Lehman on alto & sopranino saxophones, and Elliot Humberto Kavee on drums & percussion – who use the collaborative organizational model of a rock band to advance a unique vision of 21st century music.

Their music is informed by underground hip-hop, electronica, contemporary classical music, polyrhythmic ideas from African and South Asian music, and the American jazz tradition – but it avoids sounding like any of these musics; it just keeps sounding like Fieldwork.

All About Jazz review Fieldwork | Simulated Progress

The greatest compliment that can be paid to Simulated Progress is that there is nothing else out there that sounds like it. This is difficult music. In its risk-taking, fragility, and fearlessness, it’s also very thrilling.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:27 PM

music blog to check: inuit bikini scarlet carwash

# posted by DJ Martian 3:18 PM

New Vector Lovers Album

DOTSHOP.SE profile the new Vector Lovers album: Vector Lovers: Capsule For One

Due for release October 24th on Soma

# posted by DJ Martian 3:17 PM

All About Jazz review Hardcell | Feign

Personnel: Tim Berne: alto saxophone; Tom Rainey: drums; Craig Taborn: piano.

Style: Modern Jazz/Free Improvisation

# posted by DJ Martian 3:14 PM

Sunday, September 25, 2005


The June Brides - Every Conversation: The Story Of The June Brides And Phil Wilson

Darla provide news of a retrospective double compilation album for The June Brides a mid 80s jingle-jangle melodic guitar pop band from London.

June Brides were from South London and had considerable success in the Independent Charts in the mid 1980's. The band was built around lyricist, guitarist and vocalist Phil Wilson. They were unusual at the time as although they operated in the independent sector they had a brass section. Their album, 'There Are Eight Million Stories' was No 1 for four weeks in the Independent Chart in September 1985 and stayed in that chart for a total of 38 weeks. This is a double album which contains all the June Brides tracks ever recorded including the BBC Radio I sessions with John Peel and Janice Long, plus the solo work from Phil Wilson which followed the break up of the band. This definitive double album 41 track package includes very detailed sleeve notes (6,000 words), rare pictures and complete discography.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:57 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat [Week Commencing September 26th]

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Vladislav Delay - The Four Quarters

Vladislav Delay continues to mine his much loved seam of dub fragranced minimalism, with a sound that seems to have really hit pay-dirt on new album 'The Four Quarters'. Divided into four extended pieces, this full length has lightness of touch that genuinely defies belief; with Delay allowing the music to unfurl like an aural orchid in both the broadest of strokes and the finest of detail. Opening with (you guessed it brains!) 'The First Quarter', Delay initially shuffles into view through a gorgeously rousing blush of diffused atmospherics, onto which he slowly needles bubbling synths, star-bursts of fractured (but in no way imposing) vocals and a spectrum of beats that mine the tradition of his Basic Channel past perfectly. All that and we're only four minutes in. Continuing in a similarly jaw-dropping style, Delay seems to have returned to the pinnacle of his Chain Reaction excursions, encouraging the listener to submerge ever further by offering half glimpsed aural edifices (some distant crowd noise here, a clutch of Arabic indebted instrumentation there) whilst always littering the foreground with enough pronounced intent to guarantee even the most casual listener will remain enraptured. Somehow massaging the best elements of people like Jan Jelinek with the deep soundscaping of Mark Nelson's fabulous Pan American, 'The Four Quarters' is a record whose beauty and absolute depth really cannot be overstated....

Piana - Ephemeral

Listening to Piana's exquisite 'Ephemeral' (the follow up to 2003's similarly stunning 'Snow Bird') I was struck by the parallels in terms of mood and outlook with the author Haruki Murakami; a drifting lightness of touch that is utterly captivating and apparently uncontrived which leads you to a dewy-eyed destination they had planned all along. I then read an interview with Naoko Sasaki (aka Piana) where she said much the same thing, making me look like a press-release plagiarist... well I oughta! So BEAUTIFUL it more than deserves caps lock, 'Ephemeral' is the kind of record that makes you look on the world in a different fashion; utterly beguiling and iridescent, albeit given a healthy dusting of pathos. Whilst Piana's last album was a genre-defying tract of glitch-pop that erred on the side of the former, 'Ephemeral' flips the tables and unashamedly embraces the latter, liberally dousing the soaring soundscapes with a grade-A vial of friable pop acumen. Opening with 'Something Is Lost', Sasaki eases the listener in through a blossom fall of rustling clicks and diffused melodies that frame the vocals to perfection. Similarlily, 'Early In Summer' takes you by the hand and reveals a swelling thicket of Puccini strings that soar with such grace you'll be left breathless, whilst lazy beats build a crystalline foundation for Sasaki's honey-dipped voice; resultant in a sound reminiscent of Mum's 'Green Grass of Tunnel'. Elsewhere, 'Little Girl Poems' ups the glitch for a composition that drips with grace and unconstrained radiance, 'Mother's Love' strips it back to the basics (guitar and piano) for a heart-wrenching nugget of aural gold, whilst the album closes with 'Beginning', a brief but eminently powerful burst of muted rectitude. If that all sounds like we're gushing; it's because we are, and on the off chance you're still undecided we'll reiterate; THIS RECORD IS AMAZING. Never mind the hyperbole, it's Piana....

Porn Sword Tobacco - Explains Freedom
City Centre Offices

Let's not beat around the bush here; 'Explains Freedom' is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Whilst it's cripplingly easy to become hyperbolic about such things, I don't think it would be overly stretching credibility to suggest that Porn Sword Tobacco's debut full-length proper may just invoke a similar rush of profound acceptance as watching a crimson sun-rise or glimpsing a shooting star. Alright; that is hyperbolic bollocks, but 'Explains Freedom' is almost indescribably good. Recorded in the heart of a Swedish forest, it's easy to imagine Henrik Jonsson (aka Porn Sword Tobacco) somehow channelled the dust speckled sunlight into his equipment, with songs such as 'Praying With Benny' and 'Old Booze, New Friends' possessing an emotionally clamorous quality that remains teasingly out of sight. Broadly comparable to artists such as Marsen Jules and The Boats, Jonsson nonetheless sounds absolutely nothing like either, combining warm analogue melodies and rain-fall one moment ('Naturens Kraft Och Klang') before coaxing you in on bleached piano and Badalamenti synths the next ('Soft airgun&electric'). So lovely it makes your teeth hurt, 'Explains Freedom' takes on Harold Budd and Eno at their own game... and wins....

Chessmachine - Live In Los Angeles

Accompanying the release of Steve Roden, 'Live In Los Angeles' is another high art concept from L-NE that you kind of wish would fail for being so ball-achingly pretentious... However the briefest of encounters with Chessmachine proves that any preconceptions are thoroughly unfounded. A collaborative performance project conceived and delivered by Richard Chartier and Ivan Pavlov, Chessmachine is "an austere and chilling tête-à-tête over the chessboard that reconstructs the somber milieu of a bygone Europe..." Riiiiight. Yet for all its wordy justifications, 'Live In Los Angeles' happily exists on its own merits with a sound that matures before your ears. A single 40-odd minute composition, 'Live' opens with such fragility you doubt it's even there; a state it sporadically returns to throughout. Yet just as you can't have light without dark, nor can you comfortably construct complex bouts of near silence without providing a textured juxtaposition; in this case ranging from crackling clicks and cuts through to modem-ripped detonations of white noise. Fragmentary in practise, 'Live In Los Angeles' doesn't however feel fractured, with Chartier and Pavlov weaving a firmly delineated sense of cohesion and thematic intent that guides you through the piece in a manner that appears totally organic....

Global Communication - 76:14 (New Edition With Bonus Cd)

Considered by many to be one of the key Ambient releases of the last 20 years, listening to 76:14 again now im struck by how it hasn't dated as much as I thought it would have by now. These tracks work best when their at their simplest and most ethereal, and complete with a bonus cd of Single tracks and exclusives this is a pretty essential release for anyone who has followed electronic music with any interest an any point between Eno, Artificial Intelligence and the re-emergance of minimal soundscaping in more recent times. Lush....

Mitchell Akiyama - Mort Aux Vaches

Second essential Mort Aux Vaches of the week is from Mitchell Akiyama. A 40min+ untitled composition focussed around a glitch to harmonius drone transition with guitar notes, ratting micro percussion, heavy bass passages, white noise all melted into a wonderous semi classical framework. Warning, the packaging of this CD is crazy - the wrap around is made out of a soft sheet copper substitute with the artists name embossed into the front. Please keep the sharp edges away from any soft fleshy areas. We cannot be held responsible for your hospital bills if you treat this CD incorrectly, but if you do at least you'll have Mitch's ace soundtrack to help you through your recovery. Ace!...

Steve Roden - Airforms

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's get chatty. Steve Roden is (as you may well know) a knob-on sound and visual artist who first presented his 'Airforms' project at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona. Inspired by a group of experimental house designers in the 1940's (led by Wallace Neff) who sprayed concrete onto inflated balloon structures, their intent was to examine the relationships and aesthetic possibilities offered by air in an attempt to create organic living spaces. Phew. So where does Roden come into this? Well, using an old wooden organ pipe and his formidable lung capacity, Roden set about recording his (for want of a better term) emissions, then digitally sculpting the results into a single hour long composition. If you're thinking this errs on the side of self-indulgent aural masturbation, you might well be right (The Wire love him after all), but I guarantee that a couple of minutes in and you'll have forgotten any pretentious caveats you initially placed on the record. Broadly comparable to his own exquisite 'Light Forms' or the ever present William Basinski, Roden really does conjure up a sense of scale and efficaciousness that isn't readily describable. At times little more than muffled soundscapes ameliorating towards a cloaked conclusion, Roden sporadically introduces new elements (static fizz, crackling digitalis) which serve to sharpen the contrast even further. Beatific from start to end, 'Airforms' is an hour off from the real world....

Goodiepal - Mort Aux Vaches

Always defying categorisation, heres the press release for Goodieapl's latest - see if you can make sense of it! "The music of Goodiepal is often described as emanating from playgrounds, fairgrounds and other surreal locales, yet that image is wrong. The significance of his music is found in other places : it is the sound of death, though death in the form of play. Modern anthropology tells us that neolithic inhabitants of Northern Europe were unable to see their own faces. In a time of no mirrors, in a land of moving waters, one could only see what an other looked like.Some accepted this fate, but for others this grew into madness. Scientists have discovered that many even killed themselves, hoping that when their souls left the body they would get a glimpse of their face in passing. Hovering over the dead body, seeing their face for the first time, they heard sounds like these made by Goodiepal. They are the remnants of a form of life in which only the signs are preserved. The things for which they stand are gone, never to be rediscovered. If this is folk music, it is the music of an extinct, unknown culture.Only their sounds linger on, sounds that do not belong anymore. Worldless music, speaking only of death.". Erm, okay! Strictly limited edition housed in custommade rubbery foam, 35 minutes....

Bochum Welt - Elan
Fuzzy Box

Bochum Welt is back! Elan offers nine spacious compositions ranging from ambient soundscapes to synthesized electro-pop - all computer-generated by Gianluigi Di Costanzo and Brian Salter. "The project began in 2001," says Gianluigi about Elan, "with Brian and me working on interactive audio content at Beatnik Inc. We realized that we could complement technological strengths with our fascination for timeless electronic music. After a fast start, we had to slow down because Brian moved to Tokyo, and at the same time I was focusing on new mobile audio projects at Vodafone in Milan." The end result of this long distance collaboration is Bochum Welt's most inviting work to date, at points abandoning the robotic determination of his early material in favour of something much more at home under the banner of imaginary Soundtracking. Fans of his Rephlex material and largely ambient last album for the Device imprint will find much to sink their teeth into here, as will followers of electronic shoegazers like Ulrich Schnauss - especially on the closing strains of "Blue Part 3". Lovely....

Marclay / Tone / Wolff - Event

How's this for a threesome; in the red corner we have Christian Marclay with a box of records and his trusty turntables, in the blue corner it's twinkle-toes Yasunao Tone and his prepared CD's and players, whilst in the, erm, green corner stands Christian Wolff and his one man band of bass, percussive stuff, radio-cassette recorder and melodica. FIGHT! Recorded live way-back-when in 1998 as improvised accompaniment to a Merce Cunningham Dance Company performance, 'Event' is a single 50 minute piece which sees the performers involved in an aural tug-of-war in which we are the ultimate winner. At times suffocatingly intense, before breaking free with glowing strings and carpel-tunnel scratching, 'Event' is an intriguing recording that twists and turns in a manner that guarantees it will infuriate as many as it will delight....

Cage - Hell's Winter
Def Jux

While he was on Eastern Conference either in solo mode or wrecking shop with emcees like Tame One the man like Cage was a dangerous emcee whose diss powers scared half the sh*t out of anyone in his sights. It was with a slight underwhelment that I greeted the news that Cage was now a Def Jukie, the label that has not hit classic must own album status since Lif's I Phantom joint in 2002 even though Rob Sonic's 2004 offering came damn close. The preview hype for this album has been unbelievably strong, many sites claiming this to be one of the best hip hop albums of the 21st century never mind this year. It's with great excitement that I agree whole heartedly. No emcee in recent years attacks with Cage's intent, a classic Def Jux flow, in places touching on Aesop's madness, no compromise. If that wasn't enough the production squad assembled for this album is scary - El-P (back on massive skyscraper rocking form), RJD2, Camu Tao, pAWL and Blockhead. Shock out instant bomb is the DJ Shadow production track 'Grand Ol' Party Crash' an incredibly amped track with drums of death and a manic Jello Biafra ranting and apping the true character of Dubya unwrapped. Believe this album is truly scary, as politically sharp as Botanica Del Jibaro mixed with the danger you associate with late eighties Ice T. It's so rare that any album could hit this hard, an unreal quality that sticks like glue on all fourteen tracks. The bassist from Yo La Tengo, James McNew even adds that authentic low end to many tracks. Too needed!...

Harold Budd / Brian Eno - The Pearl

With the beatific noises currently wafting from the window of labels like Type and artists such as Marsen Jules, Hauschka and Deaf Center, this is one heck of a timely reissue! Originally released in the Orwellian depths of 1984, 'The Pearl' sees the coming together of two visionary musicians whose influence on current musical trends really couldn't be over-stated; ladies and gentlemen be upstanding please for Harold Budd and Brian Eno. Presuming you won't need any background on this pair, we'll instead focus on the fruits of their collaboration, and what a bumper-crop it is! Taking the piano as a starting point, Budd and Eno then weave ethereal webs of melody around the gorgeous keys, allowing rich and creamy soundscapes to submerge you completely. With florid treats too many to mention, 'The Pearl' is brimming with the kind of glistening music that could see a bumper-sized thesaurus pissed up the wall in futility. 20-odd years ahead of the game, Budd and Eno here prove why they demand such unbridled reverence. Sublime...

Earth - Hex
Southern Lord

Initially seen as something of a curate's egg on Sub Pop, Earth have gone on to be one of the most influential bands of recent years, spawning the entire dronecore / death metal scene (Sunn O))) etc.) as well as helping to mould the likes of Mogwai, Jim O'Rouke and (if their reverential appearance on the recent 'Legacy of Dissolution' LP is anything to go by) even Autechre. Back with their first proper album for 9 years ('Hex; or Printing In The Infernal Method'), Earth seem eager to discard the overly distorted sound that has come to stereotype them, preferring instead to embark on a journey through "black Americana"... Woooh. Possessing an almost bluesy feel, tracks such as 'Land Of Some Other Order' and 'The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves' whilst sounding like chapter titles in a Stephen King novel, are nowhere near as skull crushingly intense as Earth's reputation may have you fearing. Referencing Merle Haggard, Duane Eddy and Roy Buchanan, Earth seem to have hit on a fertile seam, with the overt optimism of the harmonica layered 'An Inquest Concerning Teeth' and the bourbon twang of 'Lens Of Unrectified Night' testament to their confidence and talent. Unwilling to rest on their laurels, 'Hex...' is the sound of a band reshaping their legacy....

Lichens - The Psychic Nature Of Being

As Jack White once gurned; "I know I've said it once, but it bears repeating", a phrase that applies to the superlative nature of the Kranky imprint. They just keep getting better! The latest hunk of gold to spill from their vault is the subterranean album 'The Psychic Nature of Being' from Lichens, otherwise known as TV On The Radio and 90 Day Men's Robert Lowe. Borrowing heavily from drone (in terms of structure at least), 'The Psychic Nature of Being' opens with a flood of windswept noise on the truly haunting 'Kirilian Auras', wherein Lowe ferments an overcast soundscape of growling low-ends with incremental splashes of colour. These range in shade from rattled percussion to Deep (spaghetti) South acoustic tracts, all sharing a strangely ominous predilection which is brought to the boil by an animalistic howl on Shore Line Scoring. The kind of record which leaks an ambience similar to drawing heavy velvet curtains on a sunny day, it is nonetheless full of broiling music which will heighten any mood; beautifully done....

Andrew Pekler - Strings + Feedback

This latest excursion from Andrew Pekler (for Staubgold this time) deconstructs his full-bodied soundscaping into a much more subtle paint pot of piano and string samples carefully assembled into a minimal tapestry of evocative textures and open-ended lullabies. "Strings + Feedback" is one of those rare albums that successfully manages to tread the line between conceptualism and openness without falling flat onto either side. "Ongondok" creates a Gamelan template and turns it upside down : the sounds and patterns are recognisable - the end result manages to sound like an anachronistic juxtaposition of disciplines that were somehow always meant to be. "Pluck'd" is more cinematic in scope, a beautifully reverbarating piano setting the tone and pace for two minutes of aural bliss that's almost immeasurably beautiful. Strange and rather wonderful....

Boduf Songs - Boduf Songs

Although initially recorded at home as preliminary demos for Kranky, the good folk at the label saw that there was a special something contained within the guitar, violin, toy piano, field recordings and computer compositions produced by Mat Sweet (aka Boduf Songs) that they feared could be lost in a more formal, re-record set-up. And you know what? I think they were well on the money. With a low-key charm that is only accentuated by the hissing state of the self-titled debut, 'Boduf Songs' is a consummate straddling of the singer-songwriter/home recorder/psychedelic boundaries. Intimate without becoming overbearing, songs like 'Claimant Reclaimed' and 'This One Is Cursed' share a predilection with Elliot Smith, Matt Elliot and even Adem, taking a hushed approach to songwriting which belies a concealed intensity. Sketchy in the most complimentary fashion imaginable, 'Boduf Songs' closes with the string pepped 'Vapour Steals The Glow', proving that you can be quietly epic without a six-figure budget propping you up. The musical equivalent of a friendly whisper. Highly Recommended....

Tape - Mort Aux Vaches

Tape, Andreas and Johan Berthling with Tomas Hallonsten are the crown jewels of the Hapna label, we've sadly not yet fully realized the sales potential of this incredibly talented trio of musicians due to some early glitches in Hapna's UK distribution setup. This will change come late October when their third album 'Rideau' arrives. Until then we have this latest edition of Staalplaat's occasional Mort Aux Vache CD's series. To recap each packaged in a way that defies any kind of sane logic and each session recorded at the VPRO radio studios in Holland, this CD wrapped inside a plastic hole peppered wrap bound together by Tape tape!. Recorded September 2004 this six track, half hour album finds the trio successfully exploring alien world drone and harmonic glitch. An incredible fusing of live instrumentation (acoustic guitar, harmonium, vibraphone, melodica and rustic percussion) with the kind of grainy noise you love from the 60's and 70's. Check 'Reversed Frames' which is like Baden Powell jamming with Pierre Henry and 'Summonspipe' which feels like what La Monte Young's Theatre Of Eternal Dreams might have summoned up if they let more sunshine into their hearts. This CD is sadly very limited, 500 only for the world - be extra quick. A massive recommendation....

As Mercenarias - The Beginning Of The End Of The World
Soul Jazz

In the game of obscure record collection Top Trumps, this album from the all female Brazilain post-punkers As Mercenarias will take some beating. With audible references traceable back to The Dead Kennedys, The Slits, PiL, Liquid Liquid and even Joy Divsion, As Mercenaries are nowhere near as abrasive as you might imagine, mixing some truly sepulchral bass into their needle guitar work. Very much aware of their home nation's musical heritage, songs like 'Lembrancas' and 'Imagem' reference samba and Bossa Nova as much as they do James Murphy's record collection. Credited with having a hand in the development of Peaches, M.I.A. and just about every other independently minded female musician you care to think of, 'Brasilain Post Punk 1982-88' is a poised musical document that has more than it's fair share of thrills..

Fire Engines - Codex Teenage Premonition

Featuring a great reproduction of their first NME appearance back in 1981 (replete with accompanying microphone advert: "Starmaker Series, a new look for the 80's"), the Fire Engines are one of an increasingly burgeoning set of bands (see also Orange Juice, A Certain Ratio etc.) whose true influence is only being fully realised in double decade hindsight. A collection of songs recorded live at their first ever show (Leith Town Hall no less) and bolstered by some rare studio cuts, 'Codex Teenage Premonition' is as scratchy and level dipping as you'd expect; yet it's a testament to the music on show that it still shines despite the wall of fuzz. Sharp and jerky, songs like 'Sympathetic- Anaesthetic' and 'Everything's Roses' bristle with their post-punk posturing, displaying a sound that has since been 'borrowed' by everyone from DFA and Blur through to Franz Ferdinand and Bis (you heard!). Even managing to introduce Ye Olde cowbell without a negative reaction, 'Codex Teenage Premonition' is much more than a mere aural time-capsule....

Various / Output - Channel 4

Output could oh-so-easily have gone the way of Mo' Wax; the odd flash of brilliance, backed up by a lot of nothing wrapped in cutting edge design. Thankfully label boss Trevor 'afro-man' Jackson seems to back his Photoshop skills up with some honed A&R aptitude, with 'Channel 4' featuring "new, exclusive and unreleased" music from stalwarts Colder, Mu and Circlesquare, as well as upstarts like Loneshark and George Demure. With a broader remit than Output is often credited with, 'Channel 4' opens with the art-school electro rabble of 'Dog Machine' by Von Spar; a song whose digital bass and chorus of "it's a bloody nightmare" is surprisingly sprightly, even when the high-pitched robo vocals kick in. From this they plunge straight into the computer-noir of Colder and 'All The Pretty Girls', where Nguyen gets all dead-pan over an irresistible industrialised breed of digitalis that proves he was worth all the hype bandied about a few years ago. Think Junior Boys on absinthe. Elsewhere, Mu fashion a punk-funk-cross-pennine-electro-argey-bargey with 'Tigerbastard', Pankow cover Prince's 'Girls and Boys' with a European robo-prediliction, whilst Ruede Hagelstein go for the high-heel falsetto whilst allowing you a glimpse of their 'Sweaty Balls'. Kids these days, eh?...

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Last Week's New Releases @ Boomkat [Week Commencing: September 19th 2005]

Last week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

The Boats - We Made It For You

Last year's 'Songs By The Sea' from The Boats was undoubtedly one of the albums of 2004. This year's 'We Made It For You' by The Boats is undoubtedly one of the albums of 2005. Released on, and featuring members of The Remote Viewer (and Hood) curated Moteer label, 'We Made It For You' is an absolute delight from start to finish, possessing a gentle charm that quietly instils itself deep within your core. Made up of skeletal fragments (dusty piano through to scuttling electronica), The Boats then allow the various elements to grow incrementally until you're waist deep without having noticed you'd even got your feet wet. With each track a dedication, songs such as 'Sarah Alice' and 'Darren' could easily have taken on the guise of eves-dropping a private conversation and it is to The Boats formidable credit that instead you feel as though you're amongst friends. Lacking the vocal focus of 'Songs By The Sea' allows the gently ebbing loveliness of 'Sarah Alice' and 'Chris Elaine and Lucy' to become expansive well beyond their limited foundations. Flecked with Jen Jelinek, flirting with Satie, Michael Nyman and Ryuichi Sakamoto, 'We Made It For You' is an album you'll want to fully submerge in again and again. Amazing music....

Hauschka - The Prepared Piano
Karaoke Kalk

Having graced the recent Karaoke Kalk compilation with one of its undoubted highlights, Hauschka (aka Volker Bertelmann) returns with his second album 'The Prepared Piano'; a daringly candid musical letter to his obvious one true love... the grand piano. Although willing at times to allow other instruments into the relationship (most apparent on the percussive masterpiece 'Traffic'), Bertelmann never lets them overshadow the ivories. Evidently enthralled to the likes of John Cage and Henry Cowell, 'The Prepared Piano' seems to revel in the dusty, careworn sound of a much used steed prepard with all manner of object affecting the sublime sound, with the opening 'La Seine' a rickety marriage of clockwork sensibilities and deceptively simple playing. This sound continues throughout, with the driving rectitude of 'Fernpunkt', the lazy honky-tonk of 'Two Stones' and the quixotic marriage of glitch and piano on the closing 'Morning' of particular note. Absolutely beautiful piano music....

Broadcast - Tender Buttons

It's been a long time coming, but Broadcast have made sure it was worth the wait. With a rotating membership that even the most ardent of Warp heads must be struggling with, Broadcast are renowned for tortuous sessions that go right round the houses before making it onto record; but this might just be their special ingredient. From the opening cascade of electronically numb melody and the first glimpse of Trish Kennan's bewitching voice, 'Tender Buttons' is a breathtaking achievement that is positively drenched in considered arrangements that are intricately plotted without ever losing the all important spark of spontaneity. Moving closer to their Slowdive/Kevin Shields roots than ever before, songs such as 'Black Cat' are classic Broadcast with a drum machine fuelled twist, combining a driving electro soused beat with ethereal vocals and shoegaze guitar. Elsewhere, 'Tears In The Typing Pool' strips the production right back to reveal a beautiful vocal veneer, 'America's Boy' sees them getting all political, whilst 'Goodbye Girls' is what electroclash should have sounded like all along. Good enough to eat, positively their best album to date....

Funckarma - Refurbished One

The first in a proposed series, 'Funckarma - Refurbished One' sees the N5MD label releasing an album of remixes by Don and Roel Funcken's aptly named Funckarma project. With the digital scalpel reigning down on the likes of Plaid, Funkstorung, Mr Projectile, Jaap Boots and Blamstrain, there's a relatively broad palate of work for the brother's Funcken to tackle here. Opening with their filtered interpretation of Speedy J's 'Hayfever', things certainly appear to be all accounted for, with brittle electronics clashing with sunset IDM; creating a sound that might remind you of something else. Moving on, the refit of RA-X's 'Korrupted By Power' sounds not unlike Bola, Shingetsu Ensemble's 'Nipponnized' casts a Yokota sized shadow over the musical environs, whilst Mr Projectile's 'Love Here' is given a queasy Jenkinson rub-down - made all the more acute by the choral backdrop. Closing on the textbook Plaid of 'Cold' (massaged enough to make it pleasingly tougher than the original), Funckarma galvanise the belief that a remix can exist for more than filthy lucre....

Jackson - Smash

Lock up your daughters; Jackson's here and he's wearing a dinner jacket... The product of 26-year-old Parisian Jackson Fourgeaud, 'Smash' is a spasming ram raid of lop-sided beats and shattered electronic noisiness that does to pop and indie what Prefuse did to hip-hop; i.e. gut it then f*ck with it. A long-time cohort of Mr Oizo, Fourgeaud has a similar weak-spot for rubbery electro, forcing it face first into a fleet of oncoming digital AT-AT's. Hyperbolic maybe, but 'Smash' is one of those records that's difficult to lexicalise, with the opening track 'Utopia' jack-hammering 'Girls on Top'-style bastard pop, Scott Herron shattered sensibilities and punked-up electro into a wholly successful proposition. Continuing a gold run with the Mike Ladd guesting 'TV Dogs', the Cornelius ADD of 'Tropical Metal' and the strangely melancholy pop-shrapnel of 'Fast Life', 'Smash' is all over the place, but thanks to the undeniable talents of smooth operator Jackson, it's a glorious mess as opposed to one that needs cleaning up.

Marc Hellner - Marriages

Do you like Telefon Tel Aviv? If the answer is yes; then you'll love this. If the answer is no, there's still a good chance 'Marriages' will have something for you. Honest. Having toiled away as half of Chicago's "revered" Pulseprogramming, Marc Hellner has adjudged the time to be right to go it alone... Well, apart from the stellar line-up of guests he's drafted in. Featuring John Herndon (Tortoise), Fred Lonberg-Holm (Boxhead Ensemble) and Josh Abrams (Town & Country), it is Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper (aka Telefon Tel Aviv) who make the biggest impact. Producing the whole album as well as making an actual appearance, the sound brought to fruition on last year's 'A Map Of What IS Effortless' is again released from its Pandora's Box to suitably grand effect. Yet whilst this may suggest 'Marriages' is somehow a Telefon side-project, it most resolutely isn't. Hellner has a hushed predilection which juxtaposes joyously with the often orchestral backing; lending a huge sound some priceless personality. Thoroughly indebted to the classic shoegazers, songs such as 'Mine Is Made Of' and previous single 'Asleep On The Wing' inject the kind of effervescent atmosphere last seen on Ulrich Schnauss or Manual, drawn spiralling down like a moth to Hellner's out of reach voice. Really beautiful in places, 'Marriages' is like an aural hot-water bottle......

Safety Scissors - Tainted Lunch

The Scape label will no doubt benefit hugely from having the colourful personality and maverick skills of Matthew Curry at their disposal - serving to answer all those critics who have accused the label of being a bit one-dimensional when it comes to its rosta. Safety Scissors is one of those artists that remained largely overlooked despite delivering an utterly sensational debut album for the Plug Research label all the way back in 2001. With his blend of hiccup funk, micro House and, above all, a large dollop of pop styling, Curry stood out from a largely faceless crowd by virtue of his willingness to sing over the type of music that was intended for geeks hiding behind laptops. This blend of pop and innovation continues on this new album, though the balance of power has ever so slightly shifted towards exubarence and melancholic fun. Featuring contributions from the usual Berlin suspects : Erlend Oye, Kevin Blechdom and even Vladislav Delay, this is a Safety Scissors album through and through, with Matthew's brilliantly touching delivery managing to completely move you even at those times (and there are a few) when he sounds a bit like Nik Kershaw. The closing "Where is Germany and How Do I Get There?" is most moving of all - matthew desperately trying to get back home to rekindle his love life : "...This small boat that bobs and floats , I paddle and it hardly goes, with an oar to row it's super slow, how much further? Well, I don't know." and you immediately think of the cover artwork to his last album, a hero stranded at sea. Brilliant....

Mike Boo - Dunhill Drone Committee
Alpha Pup

Alongside his like minded artist friends D-Styles and Ricci Rucker, Mike Boo is shaking up the scratch composition scene. With Ricci Rucker, Mike delivered what upto that point was the definitive statement 'Scetchbook' from 2002, an album that even today I still can't quite fully comprehend. Now in 2005 Ricci has already brought us the future classic 'Fuga' and now we have Mike's solo joint. A ten track suite of dusted future blues, again blurred lines between straight sampled and scratched, looped, layered music making evoking a mood similar to the Express Rising album on Memphix. A wide range of emotions hit you while listening to this album - peaceful contemplation, noir'esque fear of the unknown, through ancient blues, righteous modal jazz and spaced low down funk - a deep chilled mellow trip. This album would make an excellent surrogate soundtrack to many thoughtful movies, instantly coming to mind is 'The Hired Hand', check the windswept 'Resolution', incredibly haunting music. 'Laid in Soyetyland' brings to mind Yusef Lateef's 'Eastern Sounds' album. If DJ Shadow became more introspective rather than bombastic after his early singles then he may well have made an album like this one, but he didn't which gives you even more reason to check out this awe inspiring album now. A behemoth sized recommendation. ...

Johann Johannsson - Dis
The Workers Institute

Ditching the orchestral manoeuvres of his last album, Iceland's wondrous Johann Johannsonn has instead embraced the more traditional song structure for 'Dis'; a kind of soundtrack project, but for what I'm not sure. One moment as happy as Larry, the next pondering the fragility of mankind, 'Dis' sees Johannsonn's mood-ring flashing like a disco. Opening with 'Bangkok Nordursins', Johannsonn approaches with a gleaming (if not pathos dusted) smile, taking a healthy leaf from the books of Hermann & Kleine and Mum, before dredging indie-fried riffs for '10 Rokkstig'. After this bucolic opening, the first real taste of a darker Johannson comes on the stunning 'Ja, Hemmi Min', wherein a muted exuberance leads to a sound reminiscent of Vladislav Delay collaborating with Sigur Ros. If you're not sure how that would sound, let me summarise; it's an unqualified success. Elsewhere, both 'Jardarfor' and 'Flugeldar' tickle the ivories in a fashion that will please anyone recently bewitched by Hauscka and The Boats, whilst 'Efripides Og Nedripides' makes real the intriguing spectre of a Mum/Supergrass hook-up. Featuring members ofReykjavik bands Funerals, Slowblow and Trabant as well as renowned Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jennsson and one of Iceland's most beloved singers, Ragnheidur Grondal, this is a very different and wholly unexpected album from one of our favourite producers of the moment - check it immediately....

Capitol K - Nomad Junk
Faith and Industry

Released on his own Faith & Industry label, 'Nomad Junk' sees Capitol K's Kristian Robinson further exploring the sound last seen on 'Happy Happy'. With a warm, analogue/instrumentation sound that is in some way comparable to Four Tet ('Hong Kong') or Caribou ('Barcelona'), Robinson draws on his formidable heritage to create an album which is able to gradually illicit a multitude of emotions from a deceptively limited aural palate. 'Nomad Junk' opens with the creamy and swirling (Chi-lites sampling) orchestration of 'Jamboree', which on first glance is nothing more than a pretty, 4hero-style concoction. However, delve in further and (when placed in context) it becomes apparent that the superficial breeziness of 'Jamboree' is in fact underscored with a formidable depth; drawn into stark contrast by the queasy electronics of 'Taipei' or the Dick Dales' influenced breaks of 'Pan Continental'. Broadly textured and eminently listenable, 'Nomad Junk' is a proper variegated treat!...

Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown
Sunday Service

Nearly ten-years old, and Jullander's post-rock origins haze ever more pleasingly into the background as the Hamberg-quartet seemingly discover jazz, electronica and the more esoteric fringes of pop. Having cut their teeth at a slew of labels (Twisted Nerve, Beau Rivage and Stupid Cat), their 3rd LP 'Phobos In Funkytown' is released on Sunday Service and comes with a bag of catchy hooks... gratis! Sounding not unlike Gorky's Zygotic Mynki, or SFA on 'Der Tragödie Erster Teil' as they freely trade languages, Jullander also seem engrossed by the overt pop of 80's bands, lacing their work with knowing allusions that remain tantalisingly out of sight. By no means as boringly conventional as many of today's 'experimental guitar groups', Jullander pepper what at first seem traditional surroundings (see the folktronica opening salvo of 'Undo History (Der Tragödie Dritter Teil)') with mid-sections that thoroughly defy expectation (in this case; Elliot Smith harmonies and ACR/Orange Juice/House stylings). If Badly Drawn Boy had continued in the vein of his early EP's, he may well have sounded like this by now......

Black Dice - Broken Ear Record

I love the fact that thanks to DFA this record is on a Major label. Picture the scene - EMI's A&R department scratching their heads.."..but..but...we thought this label was disco!". Major label or not, Black Dice continue to show a complete and utter lack of regard for any kind of generic categorisation, jerking from crushed beats one minute to absolute cacophanous chaos the next, only to head straight over to guitar strumming oddball loveliness. How can you fault a band that refuses to compromise in any way and STILL manages to roduce music you can just about dance to? Brilliantly original....

Alex Under - Dispositivos De Mi Granja

After 2 successful Trapez 12"'s, hugely well received by all the usal suspects, and several eps on his own label imprint Cmyk, Alex Under has rapidly become one of the best known top techno house producers in Spain. A reputation actually rising all over europe, as his psychedelic acid, tripping techno and druggy, minimal house is the sound of now for many people. His productions are based on construction and deconstruction, hypnotic melodies over blunt electronic rhythms, jacking beats and fine basslines. "No prejudices and no frontiers". "Dispositivos de mi granja" is Alex Under's debut lp, and includes an explosive version of his hit "las bicicletas son para el verano" from his first Trapez ep. Ranging freely between playful minimalism, deep techno to the most psychedelic track "el establo queado", which is produced in the vein of his remix of oliver hacke's subject carrier on trapez 054, still dogging many a wants list nationwide. The track balances hypnotic techno with a plastikman flavour against dan bell's chicago magic. Under is playing live twice a week in european clubs, and all the tracks speak of sweet, riding rhythms and nights full of action. Quality assured. ...

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Kate Bush - Aerial

Kate Bush News & Information provide the front cover of Aerial:

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Friday, September 23, 2005


Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

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Top 100 Albums of 2005 @ has once again been updated.

Some highlights/ comments:

Still holding on to top position: Pitchfork poster-boy Sufjan Stevens.

In the Top 10 art-rock from

3 Opeth
4 Sigur Ros
7 Porcupine Tree
9 The Mars Volta

also: most surprising
6 Macca [Biggest MOR tosser in the Top 100]

Hot Molten Metal

12. Dark Tranquillity
16. Strapping Young Lad
27. Nile

Top Climbers:

15 Pelican
19 Animal Collective
31 Dredg
41 Ulver
63 Broadcast

Still Performing Well:

25 Red Sparowes
38 Jesu
39 Jaga Jazzist
50 Dälek
65 13 & God

Nice New Entry:

83 Port-Royal {Italian post-rockers}

Spot the Pitchfork Influence:

30 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Never Heard Of:

60 Dane Cook [Who the heck is this?]

Holding on to a Top 100 Slot:

98 Colleen

Coldplay Watch:

86 Coldplay - X & Y - Sliding Down from 59 to 86 [Ha, oncourse to get kicked out of The Top 100 ! yes ! what a snivelling dull album.]

In the Real World the NME has NO Influence:

still NOT in The Top 100... NO Kaiser Chiefs ! ...hooray

Most Pretentious Album Title Award:

35 Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness

The Future:

With the busiest month for releases still to come: [October] and for people to still rate and listen to this month's releases, I would estimate the bottom 20 to 30 places currently in the Top 100 are under threat of being kicked out of the Top 100 albums of 2005 on come the end of the year.

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New Richie Hawtin Mix Compilation provide news of a new Ritchie Hawtin mix compilation.

Richie Hawtin - DE9 : Transitions

From tinkering with his father's electronic equipment to religously taping The Wizard's mix shows on local Detroit radio and trying to get to grips with pal John Acquaviva's small home studio, Richie Hawtin is dreaming of the future yet again. More than 15 years after he began exploring new frontiers in electronic dance music, he is redefining the idea of what a DJ can be. From his stark techno tracks on the Plus-8 label to the spectral acid minimalism of his releases as Plastikman, Hawtin has always been, as he puts it, "searching for what’s next". Now his new mix album, DE9: Transitions, has made another quantum leap of the imagination.

DE9: Transitions has been realised in 5.1 surround sound, using the latest recording techology to create an immersive sonic experience: 95 minutes of altered perception. Hawtin has used Abelton Live and DigiDesign ProTools software to strip apart then reassemble his component tracks to make completely new compositions, combining multiple elements simultaneously into a constantly shifting collage of sound. Technique aside, DE9: Transitions is a powerful and compelling trip.

DE9: Transitions combines everything from original Hawtin productions to unreleased tracks straight from the studios of cutting-edge producers like Ricardo Villalobos, Marc Houle, Daniel Bell, Alex Under et al and adds flashes of classic techno moments including Robert Hood, K. Alexi, Sahko, Pan Sonic etc, which inspired him when he was a young clubber. But most of the tracks are fundamentally transformed from their original states. Some fade in and out over a period of minutes, others are reduced to one single sampled note. The on-screen read-out on the DVD version of DE9: Transitions illustrates that its smoothly shape-shifting outline, this is a remarkably complex project. In fact the tracks are so close to becoming entirely new compositions that Hawtin has made the decision to give them his own names.

“It’s taking a chance, doing a mix CD and giving the tracks my own titles representing what these pieces have become,” he admits. “But I believe it’s gone far enough that I can do that. Some people might get pissed about it; we’ll see. The CD artwork plays with that, it’s a picture of my face which is totally made up of these track names, so it shows you that although this is made by me, I’m no greater or lesser than the information I’m using.”

In 2003, after leaving Canada to spend a year in New York, he moved to Berlin – which has been the world’s second techno city since the fall of the Wall opened up creative spaces in derelict buildings left abandoned by the march of history. It’s an environment he’s found genuinely inspiring.

“I’d always wanted to move to Europe,” he says. “I needed somewhere that was inspiring and where there were like-minded musicians and artists, somewhere you could still experiment with music and with life. Berlin is so liberal in so many different ways; there’s an amazing club scene, there’s a great development software tech scene, there are so many resources here for people who think different.”

Hawtin has sometimes been portrayed as some kind of scientist-intellectual figure within techno culture, partly because of his innovative use of music technology. And yet there’s also something of the night about him. Berlin has amplified that, too. “I think I’m a little crazier now, perhaps I’ve let my hair down,” he says (with a grin). “I’ve been dancing a lot, listening a lot, going to crazy parties with a bunch of really good friends – being part of the scene and really enjoying what I’m hearing.”

Hawtin was the force behind some truly twisted warehouse parties in the Detroit area in the 1990s, until a local clampdown cooled the ardour. He now does his own club nights in Berlin, although much of his time is taken up crossing contintents to play anywhere from 10,000-strong raves to tiny sweatboxes for 300 people.

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Supersilent 7 has a new look to promote the new Supersilent dvd concert film, Supersilent 7
an unofficial site of the norwegian group supersilent

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Brainwashed Releases A listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases brought to you by feedback monitor and Brainwashed has been updated.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Blabbermouth.Net report on Norwegian art-rock band Winds: WINDS Mastermind Offers Update On New Album

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The latest The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 includes a Broadcast session.

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The latest One World on Radio 1 features:

Traum Schallplatten, Jah Wobble & Fat Freddy's Drop
Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 19 September 2005: 0100-0300 [Available on Listen Again]

On this weeks One World we have a label showcase from Cologne Based Techno label Traum Schallplatten. The label was started in 1998 by Jacqueline Klein and Riley Reinhold. They started the label after a trip to Buenos Aires when they put out their first CD, 'Elektronische Musik aus Buenos Aires'.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM review Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites

# posted by DJ Martian 4:32 PM

The Wire - October 2005 Issue

Boards of Canada are on the front cover of the new issue of The Wire magazine.

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Knut - Terraformer

Swiss avant metal/noisecore band KNUT announce a new album: Terraformer

Terraformer is now scheduled for a november 8th release in the states through hydra head, while conspiracy will be ready to unleash the beast on november 21th in europe. vinyl lp should come as well - at least in europe and probably a little later stateside. the new album features 12 tracks

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Carl Craig selects tracks for Fabric 25 Compilation

Via ILM details of Carl Craig - Fabric 25

01 Yang Yang Twins / Wait [The Whisper Song] / TVT Records
02 Carl Craig / Angel (Caya Dub) / Planet E
03 Trickski / Sweat / Sonar Kollektiv
04 Kerri Chandler / Bar A Thym / Nite Grooves / King Street Sounds
05 Just One / Love2Love [Phlash Edit] / Neroli Productions
06 Megablast / Jupita [Stereotyp Remix] / Luv Lite Recordings
07 Scott Grooves / The Journey / From The Studio Of Scott Grooves
08 Africanism / Imbalaye / Yellow Productions
09 Blaze Presents UDA Ft. Barbara Tucker / Most Precious Love [DF Future 3000 Instrumental] / Nite Grooves/King Street Sounds
10 Rayon / The Panther [Rubber Re-Edit] / Crosstown Rebel Music/Rebelone
11 Soundstream / 3rd Movement / Soundstream
12 Dark Comedy / Good God / Art Of Dance Records
13 D'Malicious / Alive / Wave Music
14 Pasta Boys / Limit / Disco Inn
15 DJ Yoav B. / Energize / Wabi Sabi / Nomorewords
16 Nick Petty & Shamus Coghlan / Crushing / Missing Unit
17 Carl Craig / Darkness / Planet E
18 Tokyo Black Star / Blade Dancer [Dixon Edit] / Sonar

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Kranky Records - New Releases for Autumn 2005

Reminder Kranky releases this Autumn:

Sound samples and images are now available for all fall 2005 releases from kranky:

krank085 - Boduf Songs, 'Boduf Songs' CD - September 19: USA / September 5 UK
krank086 - Lichens, 'The Psychic Nature of Being' CD - September 19: USA/UK
krank087 - Christopher Bissonnette, 'Periphery' CD - October 10: USA / October 3: UK
krank088 - Brian McBride (of Stars of the Lid), 'When the Detail Lost its Freedom' CD - October 31: USA /UK
krank089 - Dawn Smithson, 'Safer Here' CD - October 10: USA / October 17: UK
krank090 - Windy & Carl, 'The Dream House' - November 7: USA / November 14: UK

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SightSonic 2005 October 14th - 16th

[Christain] Fennesz will be appearing @ SightSonic 2005 festival, on Saturday 15th October at the National Centre for Early Music, York, England as part of SightSonic 2005 - York International Festival of Digital Arts.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:37 PM

Folie - Eyepennies

Check out the brand new Folie video by Anders Weberg at mitek [from the new Folie album]

Folie is Stefan Thor, and this album has been mastered by fellow Swede Andreas Tilliander. It's a superb slice of glitchy dubby electronic music.

"Eyepennies" is the long anticipated second album after Folie's 2002
debut "Misspass", which got overwhelming response from international press (rated second
best album of 2002 by german magazine de:bug). A long wait indeed, but his new album
will leave no one disappointed, and for sure build on his reputation as one of the
most talented artists from Scandinavia.

Folie delivers 12 stunning tracks of swirling electronica with
undeniable pop appeal.

His slightly surreal constructions of melancholic melodies, funky
little beats and laid-back harmonies create a flow for easy afternoons as well as
intense club nights.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:34 PM

Robert Wyatt - Radio 2 Documentary

Radio2 - Documentaries details of a Robert Wyatt documentary this Saturday:


Saturday 24 September at 8.30pm

Presenter Phil Manzanera talks candidly and humourously to Robert Wyatt about his time in Soft Machine, the art rock band of the era, his solo work, and collaborations in the music business.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:30 PM

Now that's what I call John Peel Music !

John Peel – A Tribute, A 40 track double album celebrating the music that John Peel championed, through the late 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

Xfm report John Peel Tribute CD Announced

Also NME.COM report John Peel tribute CD to be released on October 17th, titled: John Peel – A Tribute

The full tracklisting is as follows:


01 Lonnie Donegan "Lost John"
02 Tyrannosaurus Rex "Deborah"
03 Pink Floyd "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"
04 Jim Hendrix Experience "Spanish Castle Magic"
05 Van Morrison "Sweet Thing"
06 David Bowie "Life On Mars"
07 The Doors "Five To One"
08 Tim Buckley "Song For A Siren"
09 Rod Stewart/The Faces "Stay With Me"
10 The Misunderstood "I Can Take You To The Sun"
11 Country Joe & The Fish "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine"
12 Fairport Convention "Meet On The Ledge"
13 Captain Beefheart "Big Eyed Beans From Venus"
14 Loudon Wainwright III "Be Careful There Is A Baby In The House"
15 Roy Buchanan "I Am a Lonesome Fugitive"
16 The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band "Mr Apollo"
17 The Ramones "I Don't Want To Walk Around With You"
18 The Clash "Complete Control"
19 Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
20 New Order "Ceremony"


01 The Undertones "Teenage Kicks"
02 Altered Images "Happy Birthday"
03 The Smiths "How Soon Is Now"
04 The Cocteau Twins "Pearly-Dewdrops Drops"
05 Jesus & Mary Chain "Sidewalking"
06 Blur "Song 2"
07 Culture "Lion Rock"
08 Billy Bragg "New England"
09 Robert Wyatt "Shipbuilding"
10 The Wedding Present "Brassneck"
11 PJ Harvey "Sheila Na Gig"
12 Pulp "Common People"
13 The Fall "Theme From Sparta F.C."
14 Super Furry Animals "Something For The Weekend"
15 Nina Nastasia "Bird Of Cuzco"
16 The Delgados "Pull The Wires From The Wall"
17 Belle & Sebastian "Lazy Line Painter Jane"
18 Laura Cantrell "Two Seconds"
19 Orbital "Chime"
20 Elmore James "Dust My Blues"

Proceeds of the album will go to various charities: The Salvation Army, East Anglia's Children's Hospices and The Kariandusi School Trust.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:15 PM

New Grandaddy Album

Billboard report Grandaddy Finishes Up New Album strangely titled: Just Like the Fambly Cat

Expect an early 2006 release date.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:58 PM

Pitchfork review Jason Forrest - Shamelessly Exciting

# posted by DJ Martian 2:54 PM

Satyricon Album Set for Spring 2006

Norwegian Black Metal band Satyricon provide a news update:

Sorry for not keeping touch lately, but we've been busy working! We are in middle of pre-production for our new album and we will start recording October 17th in Puk Studio in Denmark where we did most of "Volcano". We aim to finish the album in January followed by a late spring release. This means we should be ready to do a big festival run throughout the summer and hit the clubs in the fall. Things change and they can change fast too in this industry, but this is what we plan to do as it looks now. We'll keep you posted about this and other projects we are working on too , throughout the fall

# posted by DJ Martian 2:49 PM

Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 136 / 21.09.05]

This week's Kultureflash - Headlines from London

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


sonomu review the black dog - silenced

# posted by DJ Martian 4:22 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON [Issue 100 - 20-26 September, 2005]

flavourpill LONDON is an email magazine covering a hand-picked selection of music, art and cultural events — delivered each Tuesday afternoon.

including: CD REVIEW: Jackson and His Computer Band, Smash

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New Look NME Magazine

This week the NME magazine has yet another redesign, this time to compliment the new look website.

Those pop rock poseurs The Killers are on the front cover.

Marketing blurb..New Look NME! More Reviews! Bigger Radar! All new sections!

Free 14 track CD:

[Advertised in last week's issue, includes tracks from The Arcade Fire, The Editors plus 12 other artists, mostly NME type bands that I don't rate.]

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Monday, September 19, 2005


Pitchfork review Broadcast - Tender Buttons

# posted by DJ Martian 2:28 PM

yahoo dotmusic report John Peel day is shaping up with various events across the UK.

Including a triple treat: New Order, The Fall and the Super Furry Animals - at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:20 PM

An Official Kate Bush website is now in place.

However a full web launch will be activated on November 7th.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:10 PM

New Biosphere Album Dropsonde

I have just listened to one of the finest tracks [Birds fly by flapping their wings] of the year from Norwegian electronic artist Biosphere [via Nick Luscombe's Flo-Motion show on Xfm]

The track has a microhouse sound meets deep spacey electronic jazz. The sound is streched out, pulsing, flowing, hypnotic. If the track is representative of the album we could have an A+ Grade album ready to experience !

You can order the LP Vinyl version of the album @ TouchShop now. A CD version will follow later in the Autumn, probably October / November. [In Norway the album will be released on the Beatservice label]

Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists, Biosphere's [Geir Jenssen] career spans nearly two decades, several albums, lots of remixes, various sound installations, commissions, soundtracks and even the odd Himalayan summit.

You may recognise his work without knowing it, so frequently does it crop up on TV trailers and idents. In the early 1990s he was a pioneer of so-called 'Ambient Techno', but since then, he has refined his sound into something more magnetic and enduring.

Dropsonde' isn't a soundtrack like the interwoven 'Substrata' nor an episodic journey in the way that 'Autour de la Lune' is. Here Geir Jenssen is pushing new directions towards the jazz colours of Miles Davis and Jon Hassell, whilst re-invigorating the pulse and projection of his signature sound: a hypnotic combination of pleasure and dread.

The spatial aspects some have dubbed "Arctic sound" but it summons strong feelings, or as Exclaim from Canada put it, "in order to climb higher, you must first go deeper". Jon Savage adds: "As with all of the Biosphere albums, the music draws you in and makes you want to listen and feel. Jenssen's work acts on a very emotional level, one that encourages you to drift away into a haze of images and scenes brought to you by the music, where spectacular beauty hides unseen danger. Intense and moving, but comforting and soothing at the same time."

[A 'dropsonde' is a weather reconnaissance device designed to be dropped from an airplane or similar craft at altitude to take telemetry as it falls to the ground. It typically relays information to a computer in the dropping airplane by radio. The fall may be slowed by a parachute. Information collected by a typical dropsonde may include wind speed, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.]

This is Biosphere's 5th release for Touch, after "Cirque" [Touch # TO:46, 2000], "Substrata 2" [Touch # TO:50, 2002], "Shenzhou" [Touch # TO:55], and "Autour de la Lune" [Touch # TO:62, 2004]. He has also contributed to various Touch compilations, including "Spire - Organ Music, Past, Present & Future" [Touch # Tone 20, 2004), and more recently to the Storr walk on Skye, Scotland, a guided tour through stunning landscape accompanied by illuminations and sound recordings.

Sweden's DOTSHOP.SE - Biosphere: Dropsonde states:

Biosphere's best album ever. Godlike ambience, spiderweb details, angelic lushness with nice hints of uneasyness. Take a dive!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005


music blog to check: Rottenmeats

# posted by DJ Martian 10:47 PM

Confutatis Album on Ai

ePM provide a press release: Confutatis - Built In Anger - AI

Artist - Confutatis
Title - Built In Anger
Label - AI
Format - CD
Catalog No. - Ai011
Release Date - 10/10/2005

Once again this eminently collectable London label keeps up its album release schedule with yet another fine musical product, this time by long standing DJ/producer Bernhard Pucher. This time under his Confutatis alter-ego Bernhard gives us a musical album of electronic nuances, guitars, saxophones, melodic chords, lo-fi atmospherics, glitch-house, crunchy hip hop beats and distorted vocals for a journey along the outer edges of the night time world. Taking his name from the opening line of Mozart�s Requiem: confutatis maledictis (when the wicked are confounded) �Built In Anger� is a dark and beautiful soundtrack, brooding with unseen menace and salvation.

Mr. Pucher has been actively DJing and producing for almost ten years under various alter egos including Brian Aneurysm, EchoPilot, and for this outing, Confutatis. After originally producing progressive house and trance he experienced a completely different environment for electronic music when he moved from Vienna, Austria to Dallas, Texas in 1998. His influences then grew into a much bigger realm, reaching from industrial (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails) to hard techno. But as the production quality increased, he slowly but surely stuck with the techno sound as people around him introduced him to minimal and the growing tech-house phenomenon. After increasing his reputation with his Iron Box Music imprint other labels including Poker Flat, Traum, Spectral, Onitor, Ware Records and Sub-static started picking up on his musical talent.

This is Bernhard�s second release on Ai after the well received �Light Reflects Sound EP� last year opened the world to the sound of Confutatis. Now with �Built In Anger�, Confutatis delivers his dark and brooding style over a whole album�s worth of material. From the opening sax filled glitch house of �Faith� and hip hop inflected beats and vocals of �Just Ask� to the rolling bass filled tech-house of �My Statement� and the title track�s melancholic soundtrack, �Built In Anger� is an album made for the head, heart and dancefloor.


�One of the most collectable labels in the world today.�
�Slick, emotive and more than just a pretty face. Electronic music has never sounded nor looked as seductive as this.�
�If you�ve ever heard a record by Drexciya, Boards of Canada, Carl Craig or Richard D. James you�ll have a good idea of what Ai have to offer.�

# posted by DJ Martian 10:37 PM

OMM review Manu Katche - Neighbourhood on ECM [reviewed by Stuart Nicholson]

"This is music that grows on you - the beautiful, sensual sounds of Tomasz Stanko's trumpet and Jan Garbarek's saxophone weave melodic shapes while Marcin Wasilewski's piano provides the perfect counterpoint with elegant musical inventions of his own."

# posted by DJ Martian 8:48 PM


Debut album ‘Quique’ re-issued for d'load

Formed by Mark Clifford, Sarah Peacock, Justin Fletcher and Daren Seymour (some of whom would go on to form Scala) Seefeel released their debut album, 'Quique', on too pure in 1993. A constant source of inspiration to those experimenting on the fringes of ambient pop and electronica (Aphex Twin remixed the bands 'Time To Find Me') the long out-of-print album is now being made available as a digital release and can be purchased from iTunes..

via Too Pure email

See Too Pure News section for download link.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:38 PM

Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel now has a UK release date of October 31st. [Previously slated for October 17th]

[Confirmed at both and]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:26 PM review John Cale - blackAcetate

# posted by DJ Martian 8:16 PM

Pendulum present the Essential Mix on Radio 1 [Now on Listen Again]

TX Date: 18/09/05

This week we hand the decks over to one of the hottest drum n bass acts of the year, Pendulum

The Australian trio who have dominated the scene for the last 12 months and broke the national charts make their debut on the show

# posted by DJ Martian 8:10 PM

OMM review Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase [Reviewed by Simon Reynolds]

# posted by DJ Martian 8:03 PM

Speakers Push the Air review Jackson and His Computer Band - Smash

# posted by DJ Martian 7:43 PM

Speakers Push the Air review Murcof - Remembranza

# posted by DJ Martian 7:39 PM

The Nurse With Wound List

In 1979 Nurse With Wound released their debut album: Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella.

The album came with a recommended list of experimental music artists: THE NURSE WITH WOUND LIST...

I doubt that any of Nurse With Wound realised it at the time, but the list that accompanied the first Nurse With Wound album, (and also the revised version, included with their second) has become almost like a bible for the intrepid musical adventurer. Sporting the enigmatic text: "Categories strain, crack and sometimes break, under their burden - step out of the space provided..." it has become legendary, as a reference list of revolutionary music, and a challenge to Nurse With Wound collectors around the world, who curious enough to want to hear all the music on it. Of course, this is not an easy task, as the full list nears 300 artists, and many are extremely obscure! As Steve once pointed out, some artists are listed for obvious reasons, some less-so, some are there just for one track!

Stuart Maconie on BBC 6 Music just mentioned that a forthcoming Freak Zone show will feature music from some of these artists.

email suggestions to Stuart: 6 Music - Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone

# posted by DJ Martian 7:23 PM

New Order Singles

Saw the visual ad of the all the singles in today's Observer Music Monthly magazine.

Reminder, yet another New Order Singles Comp on the Way released on October 3rd in the UK.

Disc One

Everything's Gone Green
Blue Monday
Thieves Like Us
Perfect Kiss
State of Nation
True Faith
Touched By the Hand of God

Disc Two

Blue Monday-88
Fine Time
Round and Round
Run 2
World in Motion
Ruined in a Day
World (Price of Love)
60 MPH
Here To Stay
Waiting for the Sirens' Call

Latest New Order information: New Order Online

# posted by DJ Martian 6:40 PM

John Peel's Record Collection

Paul Morley in The Observer explores John Peel's record collection: Peel's box of secrets

A privileged glimpse of the most prized seven-inch records of the late DJ tells you all you need to know about pop..

# posted by DJ Martian 5:49 PM

Almost Cool review Tujiko Noriko - Blurred In Mirror

# posted by DJ Martian 2:45 PM

Almost Cool review Safety Scissors - Tainted Lunch

# posted by DJ Martian 2:42 PM

Friday, September 16, 2005


Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 7:34 PM

Playlouder interview Warp's Jackson

# posted by DJ Martian 7:31 PM

Is Yahoo Blog Search Coming Soon?

Yahoo's notice:

Search has temporarily been disabled

tracking 19190755 blogs [i.e over 19 Million blogs in the system] - this figure has continually jumped up since the Yahoo acquisition of earlier in the Summer. New blog feeds are being added to the system every minute.

Back in July Micro Persuasion blogged Yahoo Testing Blogs and RSS Search

More Backend Evidence of a Yahoo Blog Search including comments regarding Yahoo RSS spidering activity this week.

Yahoo are definately working on a blog / RSS search. How soon for the launch of Yahoo Blog Search ?

I reckon that Yahoo will systems integrate the tech-infrastructure of to a Yahoo search interface for blogs. Now that Google have launched their blog search, maybe the pressure is on the Yahoo search technology team - to launch a competitor service fast - that's why they have taken down the basic search function on

So watch out for Yahoo blog search !

# posted by DJ Martian 5:47 PM

The Independent review Capitol K - Nomad Junk

# posted by DJ Martian 2:04 PM

The Guardian review Echo and the Bunnymen - Siberia

# posted by DJ Martian 12:59 PM

The Guardian review Global Communication - 76:14 a reissue of one of the finest ambient / electronic albums of the 1990s.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:58 PM

The Guardian review Broadcast - Tender Buttons

# posted by DJ Martian 12:55 PM

Debut Album from Judith Juillerat

Artist: Judith Juillerat

Title: Soliloquy

Label: Shitkatapult

Cat No: STRIKE 067

Release date: 11/08/2005

In early 2005 Judith Juilleratopened her music to the public for the first time, when she won a remix contestfor Bjorks "Army Of Me" put on by Unicef, leaving 600 othercontestants in the dust. Now she presents her impressive debut album, fittinglycalled "Soliloquy." For those quick to compare one can alreadyname her in same breath along with Barbara Morgenstern (Germany) or Gustav(Austria), without taking away from the original artistic expression of thesethree ladies.

Judith’selectronic songwriting feeds off of a rich repertoire of whimsical musicalfigures and fancy tousled sounds. But in its perfect aesthetical balance itresembles imaginatively superposed calligraphies in which every single sweepand stroke, each twist and turn, on the different layers of its notation leadto an inspiring, meaningful expression. "Soliloquy" arrests attentionwith a paradoxical casualness that develops an irresistible attraction. Analmost compelling voyeuristic element can hardly be dismissed while listening.You become an ear-witness attending an unexpected occasion of intimate andstirring moments. Melodies composed with little bugs, a mature composure intempo, the intertwining free flow, plus freely interfering fragments unfoldingan oppressing yet unrestrained beauty, all beckon to question the back-breakingoverly styled pettiness of daily routines. And it turns out that Judith'ssupposed soliloquy is nothing less than a tricky elaborate artifice thatominously engages the listener in a debate with their own soul from a magicallytwisted "third" perspective.

Judith finds her musical expression through improvisation and spontaneity, and sheinfuses her compositions with intuition and morals quite audibly. Listening tomusic is her daily food, she says, admitting a fondness for German cooking whenshe quotes bands like Can, Amon Duul, Einsturzende Neubauten, Tarwater or Apparatas sources of inspiration. It should not go unmentioned that"Soliloquy" was produced without a computer. For ten years now JudithJuillerat has been making music in her home studio in the dinky town ofBesançon near the Jura mountains. She has been playing with old and new analogand digital synthesizers and beat boxes, a mini sampler, effect machines and amicrophone as well as with acoustic instruments such as the piano and guitar.Track by track, she puts her songs and sound-scapes together using amulti-track recorder. Whether this kind of old school production technique canbe understood as the reason for the maturity of her music remains to be seen.In her mid-thirties and as a mother of two children (6 and 8 years old), Judithis definitely a genuine gain for our label plus a late and solid gift for ascene that is known to be predominantly younger, male, and geeky.


Source:FE Publicity Email

# posted by DJ Martian 12:28 AM

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