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Saturday, June 30, 2001


Aphex Twin

Warp reports the latest info on Aphex Twin:

The new Aphex Twin 28 track double album "drukqs" has just been mastered
last week in London. More news to follow.

So maybe Autumn 2001 release?

# posted by DJ Martian 5:36 PM

Human League

The new German record company for the Human League Roadrunner are offering a full MP3 track, All I Ever Wanted the forthcoming single [due out the July 16th] that will feature on the album Secrets, set for release in the UK on July 23rd.

This new sound is so similiar to what Ladytron are doing in 2001. Good electronic synth pop, welcome back Human League.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:02 PM

Omni Trio: single this week and forthcoming album review review the forthcoming album by Omni Trio -EVEN ANGELS CAST SHADOWS an award it 5/5. The album is released 23rd July on Moving Shadow. Rob Haigh has always be an innovator in jungle from the early days and this album is picking up positive vibes in many music magazines.

is Haigh�s fifth full-length effort and it represents another chapter in a musical career that�s marked by quality and innovation.

Reminder Omni Trio released a single on Monday on Moving Shadow that is now in stores. I highly recommend it only 99p for a 20 minute CD, and the music is futuristic combining a unique fusion of tech house, ambient, breakbeat and atmospheric drum n bass. Go buy it today!

Prior to next months Omni Trio Album release, this month sees the release of Omni Trio�s single, �Angels & Shadows Project�. With massive pre-sales already there is every chance of it entering the UK singles chart. This would be quite an achievement for Omni Trio not to mention Moving Shadow. Keep a look out for it...

Well lets see, if does scrape into the top 40 then this will be massive achievement, however how likely is a 41-60 position? Due to lack of airplay !

Omni Trio (SH150) Angels & Shadows Project; available on 12� vinyl or as a special 20 minute track on CD.
Released 25th June 2001

Track Info
Angels and Shadows Project Breakbeat Etiquette London Steppers Remix: A definite Omni classic. A Nu-Funk roller currently being smashed to pieces by Fabio and all the premiere league DJs.
Angels and Shadows Project Higher Ground Mix: Haunting intoxicating and melodic. Splintering piano cascades give this mix an old skool Omni feel with a touch of �Cafe Del-Mar� feel about it. Sublime.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:37 PM

Godspeed You Black Emperor! /A Silver Mt. Zion

Rockbites report that Godspeed You Black Emperor! have booked a studio in October with Steve Albini to record their next album. Also GYBE! side project A Silver Mt. Zion are working on their second album.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:26 PM

Friday, June 29, 2001


23 Skidoo - Reissues: the latest News

Tower Records provide information that 23 Skidoo will now reissue these two albums on the 16th July on Ronin Records:

Urban Gamelan
Seven Songs

The latest edition of Jockey Slut magazine also states The Culling Is Coming will be released in the Autumn, followed by a compilation The Gospel Comes to New Guinea.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:12 AM

Another redesign for the NME: another step on the road to oblivion?

The much criticised NME is to have yet another makeover to tie in with its upcoming 50th anniversary, the MediaGuardian have the details IPC to relaunch NME apparently they are going for a Rolling Stone design - sounds horrible, [which would also bring it closer to the design of the Irish fortnightly music magazine, Hot Press] anyway they need to seriously look at the content and direction of the magazine, rather than just design. I have said much about my disgust about the NME on this blog over the past 9 months.

A discussion on the need for a new music magazine is proposed on the I Love Music messageboard Is it possible for an independent music-focussed publication - be it print or online - to succeed, currently, without overly many editorial compromises? although there is not much consensus of how this could be achieved [words such as advertising, music PR - complicate things], or what it would include so far.

[If my �1.00 premium bond comes up on the 1Million monthly jackpot, odds something like 14billion to 1, then that's the finance sorted for a new music magzine!]

# posted by DJ Martian 12:08 AM

Thursday, June 28, 2001


Christian Morgenstern

Chunky records have details of a forthcoming Christian Morgenstern compilation album that will be released 30th July.

CHRISTIAN MORGENSTERN. Future Is On Fire 2. (Kanzleramt)

"Second part of Christian Morgenstern's KANZLERAMT odyssey... All 13 soundscapes on the cd were originally released on vinyl only & have been re-assembled in release order for this compilation. Features many rare & hard to get releases"

# posted by DJ Martian 8:34 PM

The Chemical Brothers

iCrunch have details of The Chemical Brothers who are in the process of recording a new album, which has the working title of 'Chemical 4'.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:28 PM

Appliance - Imperial Metric

Good to see a positive review of Appliance - Imperial Metric by Playlouder [who correctly pick out the elements of the appeal of Appliance's new direction], an album I particularly enjoy and have commented on recently.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:24 PM

Vert - Nine Types of Ambiguity

Vert, signed to Mouse on Mars' Sonig imprint, ups his stock by creating pop music from IDM skips and organ drones.

Mark Richard-San of Pitchfork reviews Vert - Nine Types of Ambiguity and is clearly enchanted with the experimental electronics approach of Vert.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:15 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2001


The Milkfactory: July Edition

Another excellent monthly selection of album reviews @ The Milkfactory [these summaries are taken from an e-mail newsletter]

Experimentation in hip-hop is not dead. Dark sarcasm and atmospheric ambiences inhabit this highly unusual and uncompromising album, as the trio put their audience to the test. Essential.

Agreed I have mentioned this excellent album before, highly recommended.

Although Joseph Dierker lives in Seattle and Tim Donovan compose by sending each other tapes across the American continent, their sound is surprisingly well constructed.

I will have more to comment on this album soon, one of my favourites this year.

Four years after its release, `Substrata' remains one of the finest ambient records ever released. Touch re-releases it with the soundtrack for the 1929 Russian film `Man With A Movie Camera', commissioned by the Tromso International Film Festival.

`La Prochaine Fois', third album by Neotropic, is also the soundtrack of Riz Malsen's eponymous road movie. As Maslen integrates the diverse influences, sounds and images collected during her travelling, she composes an emotional and beautiful piece of work.

The precocious and prolific Aleksi Per�l� releases his third album in three years. Leaving behind his drill'n'bass influences, Per�l� now gives more space to his sonic structures.

`Double Figure' is Plaid's more accessible record to date. It is quite ironic though that it only reveals itself bit by bit, as if Ed Handley and Andy Turner were throwing loads of happy melodies in this album, just to confuse their audience.

The project put together by Mike Paradinas (�-Ziq) and Jochem Paap (Speedy J) gets a serious reworking. A horde of talented electronic musicians, from Boards Of Canada to Four Tet and Matmos get their hands on the tracks from Slag Boom Van Loon and recreate them.

A year and a half after he released `Selection Sixteen', Tom Jenkinson reactivates his Pusher machine. Those who hoped for a quieter experience will be disappointed. Go Plastic is as fierce as its predecessors. Squarepusher is back, and it is just like old times.

Compilations come thick and fast these days, but rarely they offer as diverse a choice of music, ranging from acoustic electronic to free jazz and song writing. Presented by excellent music web site Dublab, this collection of exclusive tracks are all from artists currently living in Los Angeles.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:42 PM

Bella Union Label News: Forthcoming Releases

The latest Bella Union label news, taken from the e-mail newsletter:

The Devics

We are proud to announce the signing of The Devics. At the end of a three-month
European tour, this four-piece from Silverlake, California, played three stunning
shows in the UK. With references to Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Black Heart Procession,
Billie Holliday, the band fronted by the gorgeous Sara Lov, are a brilliant addition
to the stable. The album 'My Beautiful Sinking Ship' (BELLACD27) is released
on September 3. The band have 5 songs in a new film by Bertolucci called 'L'amore
Probabilimente' (Probably Love), and were recently seen in the latest series
of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Woof..

Violet Indiana

Violet Indiana follow smartly on from stand-alone EP 'Choke' and album 'Roulette'
with a new single called 'Killer Eyes' (BELLACD26) released on July 23. In addition
to the exclusive extra tracks, there will be a QuickTime movie of the new video.
We won't reveal too many details, but if you are a voyeur, and like your sex
dark and dirty, then there may be something for you here!

Departure Lounge

The next 'issue' in the instrumental set, 'Bella Union Series 7' will be 'Jetlag
Dreams' by Departure Lounge (BELLACD704). At turns orchestral, dark, melodic,
spacious, ambient, uplifting and melancholic, so it's not a Clash record then,
but it certainly ain't no muzak either!

Czars album

A new Czars album is almost complete. Simon Raymonde and Giles Hall team-up once
more to produce the follow up to 'Before...but longer'.
The new album will be entitled 'The Ugly People vs The Beautiful People' (BELLACD29)
and will be released on October 1st. Already excitement is mounting as the secret
sounds emanating from the studio walls are blowing us all away. Prepare to weep.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:26 PM

Knowledge Magazine: with free John B mix CD: and the Summer Sound of Jungle/ DnB - 2001

The new edition of Knowledge Magazine is now available featured is a free John B mix CD. Details of the tracks on the knowledge magazine website. This has a unique John B feel, uptempo fresh with a funky percussive sound.

The forthcoming album by John B is called Future Reference that is due for release on 16th July on Beta Recordings. This has been promoted as more music, more vocals, more individuality. No noise.

July 2001 promises to be the most productive new month for drum n bass album releases this year: Stakka & Skynet with the LP version (CD to follow August), Omni Trio, Dillinja and John B.

These 4 albums prove that jungle/drum n bass is back, and remember the next time some mentions that jungle/ drum n bass is over, give them a sharp dig in the ribs and tell them about these releases:

Stakka & Skynet: Clockwork (Underfire)
Dillinja: Dillinja Presents Cybotron (ffrr)
Omni Trio: Even Angels Cast Shadows (Moving Shadow)
John B: Future Reference (Beta Recordings)

It has been sometime that 4 strong albums have been released in the same month in drum n bass/ jungle scene!

Drum n Bass/ Jungle is back in full effect in the Summer of 2001 - Respect to the junglist massive - as DJ Hype would say on his Kiss 100 show.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:04 PM

Tuesday, June 26, 2001


Spring Heel Jack

Featured album of the month in the new edition of The Wire, and here reviewed by Ink 19 Spring Heel Jack -Masses: The Blue Series Continuum a sonic trip into "avant garde jazz and buoyant dub"

# posted by DJ Martian 8:28 PM

The Wire: July edition

Just got the new edition of The Wire with Radiohead on the front cover.

Also noticed a new krautrock website connected with the Ultima Thule record shop in Leicester. [That was mentioned in The Wire] This website includes Julian Cope's 50 favourite Krautrock albums.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:05 PM

Brainwashed Brain: V04I24 - 06242001

This Week's Brainwashed Brain includes reviews of:

Sonna, "we sing loud sing soft tonight"

The press release says this band will certainly grab fans of Tortoise, Papa M, Codeine, and Yo La Tengo. I couldn't agree more.

Spring Heel Jack, "masses"

SHJ are still around but seem to be more favoured over in the US than the UK these days.

Retina, "volcano.waves,1-8"

Italian's answer to Richard H Kirk ex Cabaret Voltaire.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:52 AM

Monday, June 25, 2001


Splendid Reviews : 2 Weeks June 18th & 25th

I never got round to Splendid last week, so here are selective highlights for 2 weeks of Splendid Reviews:

Splendid June 18th

Splendid Reviews June 18th

more leftfield hip hop in 2001: All Natural / Second Nature / Thrill Jockey

the European electronic sound explosion continues Tennis / Europe on Horseback / Bip Hop

" an impressive blend of Brian Eno-esque ambience and modern punk" Candies / Leaving Our Homes / Turn

Others Reviewed include

To Rococo Rot and I-Sound / Music is a Hungry Ghost / Mute (CD)

Below the Sea / The Loss of Our Winter / Where Are My Records (CD)

Waterdown / Never Kill the Boy on the First Date / Victory (CD)

Splendid June 25th

Splendid Reviews June 25th

Deep electro-acoustic music on the respected Rephlex label Robert Normandeau / Sonars / Rephlex

post punk slab of sound it does sound a bit like PIL The Rapture / Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks / Sub Pop but can an album lasting only 20 minutes be called an album surely it is an EP.

Irish drum n bass DJ Dara pumps the jump up grooves DJ Dara / Future Perfect / Moonshine

Dead Can Dance meets Muslimgauze sounds, if eastern chant and sensual vocals and deep swirling middle eastern sounds interest you then go explore Rhea's Obsession / Re:initiation / Metropolis

Other Reviews include

Squarepusher / My Red Hot Car / Warp (CD)

Woe / Last Stop / Some

A wonderfully crafted and beautifully executed record, Last Stop is a testament to the greatness not only of jazz, but of the music it, in turn, inspires

Project Pitchfork / Daimonion / Metropolis

George Zahora suggests a 35 minute Ep would have been better than over a hour of industrial-gothic sounds..

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 PM


Playlouder review the new album by Laptop - The Old Me Vs. The New You and come to conclusion that stylish synth pop can still be done well in 2001.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:07 PM

If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: The Chameleons

This week's front cover would be The Chameleons of course. The article/interview would be an appreciation of The Chameleons music to date, the motivations for reforming and detailed discussion on the new album, that is due out Monday July 2nd - Why Call it Anything?

# posted by DJ Martian 12:44 PM

Most anticipated 150 Forthcoming Albums in 2001 - Second Half of the Year

What is there to look forward to over the next months? below are listed 150 artists that are expected to release albums between July 2nd and the end of 2001.

You may have also notice that I have recently expanded the expected album release date information in 2001, see the section above the updated weblog entries, new information is updated on a continual basis so keep checking back. [Release dates constantly change]

This will be one of the key places on the web to keep to update with forthcoming album release date information. I compile it from various sources as my individual musical interests are scattered over numerous genres, sub genres and often music that offers a hybrid or musical mutation approach that falls in between particular set music scenes.

I hope you find some of the information useful.

150 forthcoming albums are due from these artists in 2001:

1. Accelera Deck
2. Barry Adamson
3. Anathema
4. Anyone
5. Arcturus
6. Arovane
7. Ashfelt
8. Astrobite
9. Audiowhore
10. Beta Band
11. Beyond Dawn
12. Bjork
13. Philip Boa
14. Boards Of Canada
15. CJ Bolland
16. Botch
17. Kate Bush
18. Cave In
19. The Chameleons
20. Chemical Brothers
21. Chimaira
22. Clan of Xymox
23. Converge
24. Corkyees
25. Carl Craig
26. Curve
27. Cybele
28. Cyclefly
29. Dark Star
30. Deadsy
31. Departure Lounge
32. The Devics
33. Diary of Dreams
34. Di Lacuna
35. Dillinja
36. Dismemberment Plan
37. DJ Shadow
38. Dom & Roland
39. Tanya Donnelly
40. Doves
41. Dredg
42. Dykehouse
43. Eardrum
44. The Emerald Down
45. Emperor
46. Perry Farrell
47. Fant�mas
48. Faultline
49. Felix Da Housecat
50. Fields of the Nephilim
51. Filter
52. Flowchart
53. Elizabeth Fraser
54. Freq Nasty
55. Fridge
56. From Autumn Unto Ashes
57. Frontline Assembly
58. Fugazi
59. Futureshock
60. Gaiden
61. Garbage
62. Godflesh
63. Grade
64. Haujobb
65. Hellfish
66. Hocico
67. Howie B
68. Hrvatski
69. Human League
70. Interpol
71. John B
72. cEvin Key
73. King of Woolworths (Mantra)
74. Kosheen
75. Kraftwerk
76. Lamb
77. Leftfield?
78. Lemon D
79. Lo Fidelity Allstars
80. Loveliescrushing
81. Lustmord
82. Zan Lyons
83. Massive Attack
84. Mercury Rev
85. Mesh
86. Moonspell
87. MR C
88. Mum
89. Mum & Dad
90. My Dying Bride
91. Narcissus
92. Dave Navarro
93. Neurosis
94. New Order
95. The Nine
96. Nobody
97. Nora
98. The Notwist
99. Obeah
100. Omni Trio
101. The Opposition
102. Oval
103. Panoptica
104. Piano Magic
105. Poison The Well
106. Portishead
107. Puressence
108. Radio 9
109. Regular Fries
110. Rico
111. Rival Schools
112. James Ruskin
113. Satyricon
114. Sense
115. 7 Hurtz
116. Sicbay
117. Sigh
118. Sigur R�s
119. Six by Seven
120. 16B
121. Smart Alex
122. Soulwhirlingsomewhere
123. Spark Lights the Friction
124. Spiritualized
125. Stars of the Lid
126. Stakka & Skynet
127. Stanton Warrriors
128. Starecase
129. Stereolab
130. Sulpher
131. Graham Sutton / O�rang members
132. System of a Down
133. Taken
134. Tapeworm
135. Technical Itch
136. Techno Animal
137. Thine
138. Dave Tipper
139. Rafael Toral
140. Tricky
141. Underworld
142. Vex Red
143. Virus (Norway)
144. Voivod
145. VNV Nation
146. Way Out West
147. When
148. Will Haven
149. Saul Williams
150. Xpress 2

Often record companies decide to put schedules back, so I have no doubt as 2001 rolls on not all these artists will release an album in 2001, i.e some releases will come out in 2002.
[Particularly for the crowded Autumn release schedules in September and October, some releases may get overlooked - decisions are made that an early new year release would be better promotion wise for some artists.]

# posted by DJ Martian 2:20 AM

Top 250 Albums of 2001 So Far The first 6 Months - a memory jogger list

Already this year thousands of albums have been released most deserve to well forgotten. But what of the most creative album releases of the year so far?

The list below covers a wide spectrum of contemporary sounds.. Jungle/drum n bass, industrial/ electro-industrial/synth sounds, dark metal, darkwave/ gothic/ ethereal, shoegazer/dream pop sounds, techno/tech house/progressive house & trance, electro and breakbeat, epic alt-rock/ art-rock/ electro-rock, IDM/ experimental electronics/ ambient sounds, Leftfield instrumental electronified hip-hop, post rock/ spacerock, hardcore/ metalcore/ noisecore, and many other hybrids and musical mutations.

The List

1. Aarktica - Morning One (Ochre)
2. Abigor - Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity) (Napalm)
3. Dan Abrams - Stream (Mille Plateaux)
4. Adult - Resuscitation (Ersatz Audio)
5. The Advent - Time Trap Technik (International Deejay Gigolo)
6. Air - 10,000 Hz Legend (Virgin)
7. The Album Leaf - One Day I'll be on Time (Tiger Style)
8. Alder And Elius - Parental Guidance (Skam)
9. Ambidextrous - Errorism (Shaped Harmonics)
10. Amp - Saint Cecillia Sinsemilla (Space Age)
11. Appliance - Imperial Metric (Mute)
12. Atlon Inc - Main Things (Force Inc)
13. AndOceans - A.M.G.O.D (Century Media)
14. Angels of Light - How I Loved You (Young God Records)
15. Aphelion - Aphelion I-iV (Iris Light)
16. Appendix Out - The Night is Advancing (Drag City)
17. Arab Strap -The Red Thread (Chemikal Underground)
18. A Quiet Revolution - A Quiet Revolution (Poptones)
19. Assemblage 23 - Failure (Gashed)
20. Atomsmasher - Atomsmasher (Hydrahead)
21. Autechre - Confield (Warp)
22. The Avalanches - Since I Left You (XL)
23. Bad Company - Digital Nation (Bad Company Recordings)
24. Badmarsch & Shri - Signs (Outcaste)
25. Bardo Pond - Dilate (Matador)
26. Basement Jaxx - Rooty (XL)
27. Bed - The Newton Plum (Ici d�ailleurs)
28. Below The Sea - Loss of Our Winter (Alice in Wonderland)
29. Beneath Autumn Skies - Enki Dus Mono (Hefty)
30. Justin Berkovi -Transit (Music Man)
31. Blue Foundation - Blue Foundation (April)
32. Bogus Blimp - Cords.Wires (Jester)
33. Bolz Bolz - Human Race (Feis) German Import
34. Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun (Birdman)
35. Bows - Cassidy (Too Pure)
36. Frank Bretschneider - Curve (Mille Plateaux)
37. Bridge & Tunnel - Without Ghosts (Harmsonic)
38. Bronx Dog - Enviro (Marble Bar)
39. Paul Brtschitsch - Venex (Frisbee)
40. Burnt By The Sun - Burnt by the Sun (Relapse)
41. Cage Decay - Radio Penetration (Syncromesh Productions)
42. Calla - Scavengers (Young God Records)
43. Cane141 - Garden Tiger Moth (D�cor)
44. Cannibal Ox - Cold Vein (Def Jux)
45. Nick Cave - No More Shall We Part (Mute)
46. Cex - Starship Galactica. (555) CD Ep
47. Chris Clark - Clarence Park (Warp)
48. Nels Cline - Destroy All (Atavistic)
49. Clouddead - Clouddead (Big Dada)
50. Coloursound - Auspicious Beginnings (Space Age)
51. Loren Muzzacane Connors - Portrait of a Soul (FBWL)
52. Continous Mode - Disinformation Design (Klang)
53. Couch - Profane (Kitty Yo)
54. Crane A.K - Pink Eyed Pony (Force Tracks)
55. Cranes - Future Songs (Dadaphonic)
56. CRUNCH - Nullpluz.Nz (Musik Aus Strom)
57. Daft Punk - Discovery (Virgin)
58. Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come To Fear the Most (Vagrant)
59. Defenestration - One Inch God (Dream Catcher)
60. Delarosa and Asora - Agony (Schematic)
61. Vladislav Delay - Anima (Mille Plateaux)
62. Depeche Mode - Exciter (Mute)
63. Richard Devine - Lipswitch (Warp)
64. Diablerie - Seraphyde (Avant Garde)
65. Diabolical Masquerade - Deaths Design (Avant Garde)
66. Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Nuclear Blast)
67. DJ Shufflemaster - Exp (Tresor)
68. Downer - Downer (Roadrunner)
69. Durutti Column - Rebellion (Artful Records)
70. Eblake - Limit (Deluxe)
71. Echo & the Bunnymen - Flowers (Cooking Vinyl)
72. Elbow - Asleep In The Back (V2)
73. Electrelane - Rock it to the Moon (Let�s Rock)
74. Electric Company - Slow Food (Planet mu)
75. Electro Group - A New Pacifica (Omnibus)
76. Eltro - Velodrome (Absolutely Kosher)
77. Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm - Drawn From Life (Virgin)
78. Ester Drang - Goldenwest (Burnt Toast)
79. EU - Reframing (Pause 2)
80. The Ex - Dizzy (Touch & Go)
81. Exos - Strength (Force Inc)
82. Fennesz - Endless Summer (Mego)
83. Fidel Villeneuve - Kill Life (Digital Hardcore)
84. Flux Information Sciences - Private / Public (Young God Records)
85. Foetus - Flow (Nois O Lution)
86. Four Tet - Pause (Domino)
87. Burnt Friedman - Burnt Friedman Plays Love Songs (Nonplace)
88. Frolic - To Dream, Perchance to Sleep (Projekt)
89. Funckarma - Solid State (Dub) US Import
90. Funk D� Void - Dos (Soma)
91. Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down (Solid State)
92. Anja Garbarek - Smiling & Waving (Virgin Norway)
93. Geiom - Sellotape Flowers (Neo Ouija)
94. Gimmik - Slow Motion Process (Worm Interface)
95. Gnac - Biscuit Barrel Fashion (Poptones)
96. Gridlock - Trace (Possesive Blindfold)
97. Hanged up - Hanged up (Constellation)
98. Haste - When Reason Sleeps (Century Media)
99. Herbert - Bodily Functions (Studio K7)
100. Jori Hulkonnen - When One is Watching (F Communications)
101. Icarus - Squid Ink (Output)
102. The Icarus Line - Mono (Crank)
103. Ikon - On the Edge of Forever (Metropolis)
104. Isan - Lucky Cat (Morr Music)
105. Isis - Celestial (Hydrahead) European Release
106. Jan Jelinek - Loop Finding Jazz Records (~scape)
107. Juno - A Future Lived in Past Tense (de Soto)
108. Kammerflimmer Kollekief - Maander (Temporary Residence)
109. Kante - Zweilicht (Kitty Yo)
110. Karaboudjan - Sbrodj (Relapse)
111. Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Peaceville)
112. Keelhaul - Keelhaul 2 (Hydrahead)
113. Inigo Kennedy - The Bigger Picture (Missile)
114. Kettel - Dreim# CD (KracFive)
115. Kinski - Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle (Pacifico)
116. Alexander Kowalski - Echoes (Kanzleramt)
117. Labradford - Fixed Context (Kranky/Mute)
118. Ladytron - 604 (Invicta Hi fi)
119. Leafcutter John - Microcontract (Leaf)
120. Hakan Lidbo - After the End (April)
121. Hakan Lidbo - Tech Couture (Poker Flat)
122. Leisurehive - Spasm (Operative Records)
123. Life Without Buildings - Any Other City (Tugboat)
124. Lift to Experience - The Texas Jurasalem Crossroads (Bella Union)
125. Longstone - Static (Ochre)
126. Low - Things We Lost in the Fire (Kranky)
127. Lowsunday - Elesgiem (Projekt)
128. Machine Drum - Now You Know (Merck)
129. Madder Mortem - All Flesh is Glass (Century Media)
130. Mahogany - The Dream Of A Modern Day (Darla)
131. Jake Mandell - Love Songs for Machines (Carpark)
132. Manitoba - Start Breaking My Heart. (The Leaf Label)
133. Manual - Until Tomorrow (Morr Music)
134. Markant - Infam (Markant)
135. Martin - Male Caucasian (Skint?)
136. Matmos - A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure (Matador)
137. Chris McCormack - There are Better Ways (Potential)
138. Meat Katie - Long to Belong (King Size)
139. Melodium - QuietNoiseArea (Disasters by Choice)
140. The Mercury Program - All the Suits Began to Fall off (EP) (Tigerstyle)
141. Robert Merdzo - Wide/Out (Disko B)
142. Metamatics - Dope for Robot (Hydrogen Dukebox)
143. Mice Parade - Mokoondi (Fat Cat)
144. Minus - Jesus Christ Bobby (Smekkleysa)
145. Mira - Apart (Projekt)
146. Mogwai - Rock Action (Southpaw)
147. Monomorph - Departure Can�t Wait (Nature)
148. Roy Montgomery - Silver Wheel Of Prayer (VHF)
149. Christian Morgenstern - Hawaii Blue (Forte)
150. Mouse on Mars - Idiology (Domino)
151. National Skyline - This = Everything (Exit 13)
152. Neotropic - La Prochaine Fois (Ninja Tune / Ntone)
153. The New Year - Newness Ends (Touch & Go)
154. No Man - Returning Jesus (3rd Stone)
155. Raz O'Hara - Reality (Kitty Yo)
156. Old Man Gloom - Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism (Hydrahead)
157. Ooioo - Feather Float (Kool Arrow)
158. Optic Nerve - Pharaoh�s Doorway (Delsin)
159. Orbital - The Alltogether (ffrr)
160. Roland Orzabal - Tomcats Screaming Outside (Eagle)
161. Ovuca - Wasted Sunday (Rephlex)
162. Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri (Mute)
163. Paradise Lost - Believe in Nothing (EMI Chrysalis)
164. Andrea Parker - The Dark Ages (Quatermass)
165. Penfold Plum - Scribbled I Infant (Wichita)
166. Penumbra - Skandinavien (Iris Light)
167. Laurent Pernice - yypah (Moloko)
168. Phoenecia - Brown Out (Schematic)
169. Phonem - Hydro Electric (Morr Music)
170. Pilote - Do it Now Man (Certificate 18)
171. Plaid - Double Figure (Warp)
172. Anton Price - Collapse of the State Vector (Audioview)
173. Portal - Tristesse (Alice in Wonder)
174. Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives (Warp)
175. Project Pitchfork - Daimonion (east west Germany/Metropolis)
176. Proem - Negativ (Merck)
177. Stacey Pullen - Today is the Tomorrow you Were Promised Today (Science)
178. PSI Performer - Art is a Division (Kanzleramt)
179. Radiohead - Amesiac (Parlophone)
180. Rainer Maria - A Better Version Of Me (Polyvinyl)
181. Re: Mnant - Remnant (Constellation)
182. Red House Painters - Old Roman (Sub Pop)
183. Retina - Volcano Waves (Hefty) US Import
184. Rollerball - Trait Of The Butter Yeti (Road Cone)
185. ROTOR+ - Aileron (Statra Recordings)
186. Rothko - In the Pulse of the Artery (Bella Union)
187. Rovo - Imago (Incidental)
188. Esa Ruoho (Lackluster) - Spaces (Undercover)
189. Ed Rush & Optical - The Creeps (Virus)
190. Safety Scissors - Parts Water (Plug Research)
191. Salvatore - Clingfilm (Racing Junior)
192. Janek Schaefer - Above Buildings (Fat Cat/Bubble Core)
193. 2nd Gen - Irony Is (Blast First)
194. Duncan Sheik - Phantom Moon (Atlantic)
195. The Shipping News - Very Soon, And In Pleasant Company (Quarterstick)
196. Shudo - Shudo (Quatermass/555)
197. Shun - Michael in Reign (Own)
198. Shur-i-Kan - Advance (Freerange)
199. Silo - Alloy (Swim)
200. Sirius - Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius (Nocturnal Art)
201. Sister Sonny - While Others Dance (Sister Sonny)
202. Skitz - Countryman (Ronin)
203. Skycamefalling - 10:21 (Ferret)
204. Slam - Alien Radio (Soma)
205. Somatic Responses - Augmented Lines (Hymen)
206. Sonna - We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight (Temporary Residence)
207. South - From Here on in (Mo Wax)
208. Spoon - Girls Can Tell (Touch & Go/Merge)
209. Squarepusher - Go Plastic (Warp)
210. Starflyer 59 - Leave Here a Stranger (Solid State)
211. Mikael Stavostrand - Reduce (Force Inc)
212. Styrofoam - The Point Misser (Morr Music)
213. Supersilent - 5 (Rune Grammofon)
214. Systematic - Systematic (Elektra)
215. Nobukazu Takemura - Hoshi no Koe (Thrill Jockey)
216. Dave Tarrida - Paranoid (Tresor)
217. Thorns - Thorns (Moonfog)
218. Thread - Abnormal Love (Middle Pillar)
219. 310 - After All (The Leaf Label)
220. Thursday - Full Collapse (Victory)
221. Andreas Tilliander - Ljud (Mille Plateaux)
222. TLM - Electrastars (Hydrogen Dukebox)
223. Tool - Lateralus (Music For Nations)
224. To Rococo Rot - Music Is A Hungry Ghost (City Slang)
225. Tortoise - Standards (Warp)
226. Trance to the Sun - Atrocious Virgin (Precipice Recordings)
227. Twig - I Sweat Tobasco (Rabid Badger)
228. Ufeari - Killing Time (Isolated)
229. Ulver - Perdition City (Jester Records)
230. Underwater - This is Not a Film (Submarine)
231. Unearth - Stings Of Conscience (Eulogy)
232. Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You (Matador)
233. Ilpo Vaisanen - Asuma (Mego)
234. Gez Varley - Bayou Vardis (Force Tracks)
235. Vert - Nine Types of Ambiguity (Sonig)
236. Violet Indiana - Roulette (Bella Union)
237. Void Construct - Estramay Aleph (Cyronica)
238. Vitriol - I-VII (Neurot Recordings)
239. Otto Von Schirach - 8000 B.C (Schematic)
240. Windy & Carl - Consciousness (Kranky)
241. Woe - Last Stop (Some)
242. Xploding Plastic - Girlfriends Go Proskirt (Beatservice)
243. Susumu Yakota - Grinning Cat (Leaf)
244. Yellow 6 - Music For Pleasure (Rocket Racer)
245. Kevin Yost - Road Less Travelled (Distance)
246. Zao - Self Titled (Solid State)
247. Zero 7 - Simple Things (Ultimate Dilemma)
248. Zorn - The City's Collapsing (But Not Tonight) (Lux Nigra)
249. Zoviet France - The Decriminalization of Country Music (Tramway)
250. Zyklon - World OV Worms (Candlelight)

... a lot has been going on this year in music most of it on the creative margins away from the mainstream press/TV/radio, when I have the time I will explore some of these themes in more detail.

Use the list as a memory jogger or to explore further as most of these releases have been mentioned on my weblog this year, [also remember the Atomz search engine can be used to search this weblog's archived previous months, to save you time.]

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Sunday, June 24, 2001


Pelicanneck this week's new releases

Pelicanneck this weeks new releases, yet again another big for new releases [a trend emerging this summer is that there is no summer slowdown, i.e from my previous experience even for the summer of 2000 and 1999 there was a remarkable slowdown in the number of quality releases in the summer, this year they just keep coming]

SQUAREPUSHER : Go Plastic - Warp

Album of the Week!! Da Pusher returns! Go Plastic sees Mr Jenkinson largin it, unbuttoning his shirt and pimpin it with a little bit of the funk, a little bit of the fusion and a large obliterating dose of pure breakbeat cut-up mentalism! Following the deep and free excursions of Music is a Rotted One Note and Buddakahn Mindphone, this LP finds a return to the junglist mayhem that solidified Squarepushers allure with the release of his debut LP for Rephlex almost 5 years ago. Kicking off with the still-killer Red Hot Car (two-step really has never sounded so large), Boneville Occident and Go Spastic freak into junglist drills complete with uber-aciditic Basslines that Jenkinson seems to have all but monopolised. My Fucking Sound reads as a fack you to all those who have failed to understand the free jazz arrangements of more recent Squarepusher LPs - dense with echoing reverberations and eerie spex, this is Jenkinson in Academic mode. The best track of the LP, however, is saved to last with the incredibly, seriously, unfathomably good Plaistow Flex Out - kicking off with a slimey hairy voiceover, the beat goes into half-speed hip-hop and includes the funkiest, deepest, most evocative refrain of tweaked, funky, effected basslines heard forever. Seriously good.

BENEATH AUTUMN SKIES : Enki Dus Mono - Hefty

The increasingly good and influential Hefty label bring us yet another excellent release in the form of a superb five track Mini-LP from Beneath Autumn Sky. The instrumental hip-hop duo BAS formed in the summer of 2000 when Smaze (best known for his work in the world of graffiti art) arrived in Jacksonville, Florida where he hooked up with his old pal and comrade DJ Zane3. They quickly set up shop in the back quarters of a dive record store where they were surrounded by towers of dusty records full of treasure breaks. They dug deep through it all, taking notes along the way. The duos methods differed dramatically - from making beats via pause button/4-track trickery to the old skool routine of cutting and pasting tape loops. Following a hook up with man of the moment Scott Herren (Savath+Savalas, Prefuse 73, Delrosa & Asora), B.A.S had their sound refined. The point where Electronica meets Hip Hop is reached with absolute ease as the opening bars of Skyheadings delve into an untouchable, double bass driven groove. The backbeat, plaintive funk of Meditations eases in next with subtle beat programming keeping the groove on point. Track three comes in the form of A recollection, an atmospheric almost beatless track carried by tender chromatic percussion. The Hip Hop ethos slams in soon after in the form of the breakbeat driven and effortlessly funky Creep. The closing Zealots awaken has a melody with the kind of touch that evokes with little effort. A superbly concieved mini-album that finely tunes the growing production of Hip-Hop/Electronica crossover music and imbues it with a deep sense of organic depth. Highly Recommended.

DAN ABRAMS : Stream - Mille Plateaux

Dan Abrams is the producer behind the stunning Shuttle 358 project on Taylor Deuprees 12k label. He follows his contribution to the Clicks and Cuts 2 compilation with a fine debut album for Mille Plateaux. Abrams trademark warm tones are evident from the opening Hello, its microscopic rhythms are at first hard to decipher but the essence of its meandering groove soon becomes clear. Like SND, Abrams has a talent for making this form of minimalism an accesable and uplifting experience....drenched in warmth. This release shows a much deeper side to his work though, especially in the subterranean groove of pieces such as Academic and Monsters. Around halfway through the album the uplifting melodies return on the beautiful Sim Sun and Bendy. The drifting Duck Beam reaches to the higher extremes of the frequency spectrum with airy reverbs adding an extra dimension to the crisp beat. The closing Mr Fish is the albums highlight though, a simple circular melody that evokes the same life affirming feel of Shuttle 358. Abrams is a true master of his genre, and has added to his his ouvre another outstanding album. Brilliant.

GORODISCH : Thurn and Taxis - Leaf

Leaf are on fine form at the moment with this superb follow up to Susumu Yokotas lovely Grinning Cat LP. Over the course of seven tracks Gorodisch weave their way through a host of stlyes with shimmering ease. The opening Setting Sail is a calming sub-ambient piece that sets the tone perfectly. Moth to the flame follows this with a guitar led, lite latin groover punctuated by double bass and a gorgeous lone violin. The meandering piano intro of Bof leads into a folky acoustic breeze that is, unfortunately, criminally short. Next up is A time to listen, its double bass rhythm blends into Latin drums and a brief Rhodes flourish before the groove takes over, taking you into subliminal territory. The sharp Jazz of The strangest feeling lets the Rhodes loose imbuing the track with a warm, shining glow. The jangly Blues for Pablo Money shocks out all of a sudden, waking you from an enchanting trance, while the brief guitar excursion of Homeward closes a fine mini album that sees Leaf slowly edging ahead of the game.

KID 606 : PS You Love Me - Mille Plateaux

KID606 returns with remixes of tracks lifted from the acclaimed P.S. I Love You LP. Force Inc recording artist Twerk resounds the Kids high-wave, multi-layered skills into a euphoric treatment for the techno masses. Farben (Jan Jelinek) pulls out a click-house masterpiece that resonates the sweet ambience of sometimes. Matmos are up next, tackling twirl into a humorous dance floor killer. Atom Heart brings forth a remix that totally crystalises the click-house genre he helped revolutionize. The lovely Pan American offer up a mesmerizing interpretation in beat driven splendor. Shitkatapukts Rechenzentrum also use the 4-4 but totally re-animate and shift up the Kids sound. Finally, Electric Company renovates the purpose
of the remix with a definitive twist while Fennesz imbues proceedings with his consistently lovely, subtle sound. Two new versions of together and twirl are included by the Kid himself, and a video of a brand new Kid 606 track is on the CD directed by Dan Abrams

MILLSART (JEFF MILLS) : Every dog has it's day - Axis

The legendary Jeff Mills has long been at the forefront of Techno music, a fact that doesnt need reiterating. Thats exactly what he has done, though, with this definitive collection of electronic music that has previously only been available in an ultra-limited vinyl edition. Mills untouchable electronic funk graces this huge eighteen track album oozing with Detroit sensibilities which are to be found atop every measure of this collection, sensibilities that Mills has helped to define over the past ten years or so. It is perhaps only music from this school of thought that can touch the emotions in this way. Standout tracks are hard to find as the level of quality is so high. The subliminal Dr Ice is an early moment that shines as does the percussive The Algarve. The beatless Arcadia is simply crushing. Mills journey also takes us to the Place De La Bastille and the simply joyous Shibuya Ku, whose field recordings add an extra dimension. The brief yet tender With perfectly sums up an album of electronic music for the mind, body and soul from a true master. Unmissable.

PETER F SPEISS : Crystal Polymorphs - Klang

Crystal Polymorphs is one of the most developed excursions into the Micro House and dubby techno sound that we have come across recently at the Neck. From the opening tones of Sleazy Jazz the scene is set for an intelligent excursion into the most interstallar regions of 4/4 based music. Hot on its heels Awesome Noises and Malfunction delve into the abstract with sound sources of an unfathomable nature and uber-sharp digital rhythms. Kinderspiele reaches toward Detroit with analogue tones forming a simple groove for the delicate percussion patterns to shift around. The second half of the album opens with the haunting, electro based Meat Slicer. The delicate beats slowly start to get crunched up as Poor Worm and Ein Nackter Mensch takes the album toward a slightly abrasive conclusion. Lush.

ROVO : Imago - Incidental Music

Imago is the 1999 debut full-length release from Japanese underground super-group Rovo. Rovo is centered on the duo of guitarist Yamamoto Seiichi (also of The Boredoms) and electric violinist Katsui Yuji (Bondage Fruit, Demi Semi Quaver), joined by bass, keyboards and electronics, turntables, two drummers and an array of traditional percussion, gongs, and wind instruments. On record, and onstage during their mind-blowing live performance, Rovo brings these ingredients together to create a rich sonic stew comprising elements of Kraut-rock, indie space-rock, dub, electronix, and jam-oriented psychedelic drum-circle freak-out. Rovo makes head music your ass can relate to. And vice-versa. Imago was originally released by Sony Japan, and its live polyrhythmic, two-drummer attack and calculated buildup to frenzied climaxes made the album one of the most hypnotic and persuasive Japanese releases of the year.

SLICKER : The Latest - Hefty

The second offering from Hefty this week comes from label-head John Hughes Slicker project. A variety of genres are pushed to the limit over twelve brilliantly programmed tracks. The brief Hard Track kicks things off, a fast paced 4/4 workout. The 4/4 tempo is slowed down with the lush Frust Rache, its static atmospherics covering its deep house axis. Oper Huru intoxicates with a sub-bossa groove hiding underneath delicate programming and live piano and guitar. The shimmering House atmosphere of Lucas is then followed by a sublime collaboration with Matmos entitled Swap Track. Its jazzy rhythms draped with Drew Daniels guitar playing and spasmodic programming. A variety of moods and rhythms are covered on subsequent tracks such as 7words and For Late with the quality kept at an absolute maximum. The jazz feel is never far away with contributions from Samadha Trio's Chris Case blasting the occasional trumpet and piano solos creeping underneath, through and above concise programming.

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Saturday, June 23, 2001


Perry Farrell

You can now listen to the title track of the forthcoming Perry Farrell album. Definately influenced by early Roxy Music and this track has also as a similar texture to a Brian Eno electro-rock production. I also detect a similarity to Gavin Friday's music circa Shag Tabacco.

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Forthcoming Releases: music have updated their Forthcoming Releases including these:

Dureforsog : Exploring Beauty

CD on Kool Arrow
Released on July 23rd, 2001
Cat No: KACA008.

"exploring beauty" is the second album for denmark's always unpredicable and completely inimitable dreforsg. This is their first release on kool arrow and this quirky quartet is gearing up to strorm the states, hot on the heels of their wildly successful, one-night-only jaunt to nyc's legendary knitting factory. Dureforsg, which translates into english as "animal testing", are blazing new trails in the music scene by culling their vast, diverse range of influences (residents, this heat, melt banana) and honing them into their own unique sound. They travel through moody exotic soundscapes, trashy electric outbursts of noise, groovy and unusual beats, optimistic melodies with hauntingly unsettling lyrics, and they top it all off with the patented anarchistic dreforsg inferno of growls, screams and distortion. In general, a more ambiguous but also more accessible style that is both odd and beautiful. A full year and eight different studios were required to get this mixture right, and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece of modern aggressive music. .

Einsturzende Neubauten : Berlin Babylon Soundtrack

CD on Our Choice
Released on July 23rd, 2001
Cat No: 19738392

BRAND NEW ALBUM FROM AVANT / INDUSTRIAL LEGENDS : EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN : the project: "Berlin Babylon" is the soundtrack for feature film/ documentary of the same name by Berlin director Hubertus Siegert. The movie will be released in Germany on september 20 - other countries to follow. .

Future 3 : Like

CD on April
Released on July 23rd, 2001
Cat No: APR050CD.

After a three year absence, Future 3 make a grand return with their third album, "Like..." Since "Stay With...", which included the cross- european club hit "The Boy From West-Bronx", the trio, consisting of Anders Remmer a.k.a. Dub Tractor and Jet, Thomas Knak a.k.a. Opiate, and Jesper Skaaning a.k.a. Acustic have been working succesfully with their solo projects and Knak's exclusive 12" label Hobby Industries. In between this, they have been trying out new forms and expressions at their liveshows around Europe and on their homepage, On "Like...", they recover the original sound of Future 3: Dry and jumpy layers of dub beats topped with lush and thrilling electronica. A formula, which has gained Future 3 wide recognition on the international scene since their first collaborations on the "Boredom Is Deep And Mysterious" series through the albums "We Are The Future 3" ('95) and "Stay With..." ('98). Kruder & Dorfmeister have shown their respect by naming "We Are The Future 3" one of the five essential albums of all time, Pole invited Future 3 to take part in the "Staedtizism 2" project on his ~Scape label under the System monnicker, and Future 3 have remixed Coldcut, Piano Magic among others. The last three years' extra-curricular activities have left their discreet marks on "Like...", where both guitar and vocal - by Mew's Jonas Bjerre - have found their way into the sound of Future 3 .

Peter Murphy : A Live Just For Love

CD on Metropolis
Released on July 23rd, 2001
Double cd

Legandary frontman of early art rock pioneers BAUHAUS, Peter Murphy went on to build a succesful solo career, selling out shows and wowing crowds all over the world. Metropolis Records is now proud to release this live performance from the 2000 US tour .....'A Live Just for Love' is the full, uninterrupted set from the El Rey show in Los Angeles on November 30th during the Peter Murphy Just For Love Tour 2000, featuring Peter DiStephano from PORNO FOR PYROS on guitar. The entire live acoustic disc is brilliantly recorded, crisp and clear, with rich vocals, and elegant strings. All the Peter Murphy favorites are included such as 'Indigo Eyes,' 'I'd Fall With Your Knife,' 'A Strange kind of Love,' and 'Cuts You Up.' A Live Just for Love also features a bonus disc, containing the live acoustic encore with former Bauhaus member David J from the December 1st show in Los Angeles. This supplemental disc features versions of the Bauhaus songs 'Who Killed Mister Moonlight,' 'All We Ever Wanted,' and 'Hope.' As another added bonus, the disc features a cover of Elvis's 'Love Me Tender.' Peter Murphy 'A Live Just for Love' is an incredible album perfect for existing Bauhaus/Murphy fans and for those just discovering Peter Murphy...Tracks Disc 1 : 1. Cool Cool Breeze 2. All Night Long 3. Keep Me From Harm 4. Indigo Eyes 5. Subway 6. I'll Fall With Your Knife 7. M. D. F. P. 8. A Strange Kind of Love 9. My Last Two Weeks 10. Big Love of a Tiny Fool 11. Gliding Like A Whale 12. Cuts You Up 13. Time 14. Angelic Harmony Disc 2 : 1. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight 2. All We Ever Wanted 3. Hope 4. Love Me Tender .

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Friday, June 22, 2001


Candiria - Multimedia online single

Candiria are offering a free Multimedia download of the title track off the new album, 300 percent density. If Candiria are new to you imagine a cross between The Deftones and the intensity of Dillinger Escape Plan. Brutal complex heavy art-metalcore that is precision sharp in execution and delivery. Worth seeing for the cutting edge Multimedia production even if this music isn't part of your regular listening experiences.

Oh and also Candiria are from NYC so along with Interpol - that is 2 NYC bands this year that are far superior to retrospective rock cliche of The Strokes. Using a Parody of the NME infamous end sentence - I have a waited a lifetime for great NYC bands since Television, I should be grateful that they've both come along this year.

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Perry Farrell

A review of PERRY FARRELL - SONG YET TO BE SUNG (VIRGIN) by, an interesting album that mixes electronic influences into rock music.

More importantly, it moves into new musical territory and, coupled with his brilliantly versatile voice, makes 'Song Yet To Be Sung' a triumphant return for the latter-day chameleon of rock.

This album will be released July 16th.

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Ministry compilation

Dotmusic review the Ministry retrospective compilation MINISTRY - 'GREATEST FITS' (REPRISE) that was released on Monday 18th June.

I actually enjoyed the last album by Ministry Dark Side of the Spoon that in places was still razor sharp.

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Thursday, June 21, 2001


Spiritualized new album in September

Drowned In Sound have details of the forthcoming album by Spirtualized called 'Let It Come Down' to be released September 10th.

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Trance to the Sun - Atrocious Virgin

Trance to the Sun no not a trance band, but one of the most expansive darkwave bands around have released an album called Atrocious Virgin in March this year on the Precipice label.

Imagine the epic luxury of Siouxsie & the Banshees: on JuJu or A Kiss in the Dreamhouse and The Cocteau Twins: Treasure and X-mal Deutschland and The Gathering: How to Measure a Planet mixed with the ambitious creative expansive ideas displayed on the latest albums from The Boredoms: Vision Creation Newsun and Tool: Lateralus then add in lots of electronic influences including Massive Attack.

Trance to the Sun deliver deep sensual music, on the evidence provided from the 2 tracks I downloaded Trance to the Sun must be rated alongside Collide as a leading darkwave band.

Trance to the Sun - Atrocious Virgin (Precipice Recordings)

If you haven�t heard Trance to the Sun, you haven�t heard the most original
form of music in years. Trance is made up of singer Ingrid Blue and multi-
instrumentalist audio wizard Ashkelon Sain. On their latest release they
continue their 11 year heritage of melding unworldly elements from goth,
psychedelia, and classical music to form a sound that feels like it�s
entering our world from another reality.

Trance to the Sun music can be downloaded at start with the track sleeping with the natives, from the latest album. One of the most epic, passionate and atmospheric tracks I have listened to this year and it lasts 7 minutes.

The album can be ordered from Projekt

sleeping with the natives | MP3 Download & Streaming Real Audio
thistle lurid | MP3 Download & Streaming Real Audio
icicle song
map of the lost
reach for the throat
horse head lake
terrible parties
virgins with scissors
song of the silent crew
playing time: 78:59

A review by MIKE VENTAROLA includes:

Old and new fans alike will find the latest Trance To The Sun recording, "Atrocious Virgin" one that will leave mouths gaping. This is surely the band's best work to date and it will be some task for another band to follow behind this March 2001 release in order to become the next talk of the town

Needless to say, all of their work will continue to be regarded as legendary, groundbreaking and proficient.

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Freaky Trigger Relaunced June 21st.

June 21st has arrived so soon music ezine Freaky Trigger will be relaunched at the new domain sometime today.

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Fennesz: Endless Summer

You can listen in real audio tracks from the new Fennesz: Endless Summer album [this is the current album of the week at Pelican neck music store: Christian Fennesz further confirms his status as one of the most admired electronic music composers, improvisers and visionaries ]

Eight songs of sublime texture, solid melodies intertwined over vast valleys of digital sound. 'Endless Summer's geographic location is where analogue and digital worlds meet, however this is no battle or pointless pro/contra argument, but the perfect balance. A balance that many strive for but rarely reach.

Glitch electronics, mixed up samples, improvised live guitar and musical digital mayhem yet within an organic sound. This could be of the key experimental/leftfield albums of the year so far.

The album is out now on the Mego label.

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Piano Magic now signed to 4AD: 2 albums due in 2001

The latest 4ad News includes this on Piano Magic:

Piano Magic have recorded a film score "Son De Mar" that is divided into 6 untitled sections, with a running time of just under 40 minutes. . It's released on August 6th 2001.

Piano Magic are currently working on a new album, for release on 4AD later in 2001.

[Piano Magic were recommended to me by Gareth @ 1471 and I noticed that a number of other websites highly rate Piano Magic's last album Artist's Rifles, I downloaded a track from Vitaminic, called Wrong French and was impressed by atmospheric sound of Piano Magic that recalls the tension of Disco Inferno and the passion of Insides. I must explore Piano Magic's music more in the future]

Now that they are signed to 4ad ,Piano Magic profile will be lot a higher and their creative approach to music will get more recognition.

Piano Magic "Son De Mar" MAD 2105

As an introduction to 4AD's new relationship with Piano Magic, this summer sees the release of the band's soundtrack to the film "Son De Mar".

Spain's best (and, after Almodovar, second best-known) film director, Bigas Luna, asked Piano Magic to score his new film, "Son De Mar" after he'd walked into a Barcelona record store last year and heard a track from their 1998 album "Low Birth Weight." The director of 18 films including "Jamon Jamon" and "The Tit & The Moon" recognised that Piano Magic were making music for films that existed only in flickers at the back of the listener's mind and decided to give them a "real film" to work on. "Son De Mar" translates as "the sound of the sea" but also carries the sense "born of the sea". The movie, starring Jordi Molla, Leonor Watling and Eduard Fernandez, is a visually ambient tale of love found, love lost, love regained, love lost, spiced with Luna's trademark eroticism, all against the backdrop of a beautiful Valencian Summer. It's released in Spain in June and around the rest of the world during the course of the rest of the year.

The soundtrack was recorded (as was Piano Magic's last album, "Artist's Rifles") over 5 days at Woodbine Street Studios, Leamington Spa with John Rivers - once the favoured recording location of Dead Can Dance. One of the many attractions of Piano Magic's career to date has been a continuing interest in collaboration - previous releases have seen a wide range guests including Darren Hayman (Hefner), Simon Rivers (Bitter Springs), Pete Astor (The Wisdom Of Harry) and David Shepphard (State River Widening). "Son De Mar", however, was features just the band's permanent core members - Glen Johnson, Miguel Marin, Jerome Tcherneyan - together with James Topham (Whistler) on viola.

"Son De Mar" is divided into 6 untitled sections, with a running time of just under 40 minutes. And, as the MAD prefix indicates, it will be on sale at a special price point between mid-price and full-price. It's released on August 6th 2001.

Piano Magic are currently working on a new album, for release on 4AD later in 2001.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2001


James Ruskin - Into Submission review the forthcoming album by techno artist James Ruskin - Into Submission

Ruskin�s unique ability to take a few perfectly balanced elements and craft the most beguiling yet engaging techno. Killer.

The album will be released on July 3oth on Tresor.

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Ed Rush & Optical review the forthcoming single by Ed Rush & Optical - KERBCRAWLER/CAPSULE and end the review with this - Drum & bass record of the year.

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The Chameleons - Why Call It Anything?

The Chameleons provide information and a front cover image of the forthcoming album
Why Call It Anything, available 2nd July 2001:


1. Shades
2. Anyone Alive?
3. Indiana
4. Lufthansa
5. Truth Isn't Truth Anymore
6. All Around
7. Dangerous Land
8. Music In The Womb
9. Miracles And Wonders
10. Are You Still There?

The CD is released on Artful Records, distributed through Fulfill/Universal Music Organisation.

The Chameleons have an arrangement with Townsend Records to buy the album.

You can also buy Chameleons Tshirts @ Townsend Records

NME Watch

PS NME watch it is now less than 2 weeks to the The Chameleons album launch and still no mention in the NME news section. [The Chameleons front cover image on the new album is symobically laughing at the NME.] The boring NME has a travesty (get it!) of a front cover this week, and it is just as useless next week with a front cover from one of the worst rock bands around at the moment - Linkin Park - "the Savage Garden of the commercialised Nu Metal scene for clueless kids". LP should be laughed at on the funny pages, and ignored elsewhere - just what is going on at the NME? They have really picked out rubbish in LP, How do they arrive at these lame decisions?

The majority of people over 18 know that LP are a tame joke rock band with no substance, in 3 years time LP will be in the bargain bucket at 2.99 and the secondhand CD stores will be overflowing with hybrid theory. That will be LP destiny and legacy.


Honestly the NME is stumbling week - to - week with no credibilty, authority or passion grasping at the lowest common denominator [ just as predicted earlier this year] - we really need some effective weekly opposition to take on NME, [along the lines of the diversity of music covered on this weblog] or something similiar to Melody Maker circa 1988 or Sounds. Lets hope it arrives soon. With the NME utterly clueless on portraying music at the present, a properly funded weekly alternative/ rival could easily establish superiority. One that understands the past, celebrates the present and more importantly sets and shapes the agenda of the future. [ the NME is simply incapable of doing this they are just reflecting and constantly picking out lame losers and cultural conformists ]

It should be The Chameleons on the front cover not LP.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2001


Mors Syphilitica

Mors Syphilitica the latest American Cocteau Twins inspired band have their new album reviewed by Ink 19:
Mors Syphilitica - Feather & Fate
This album was released this week on Projekt.

More information at Mors Syphilitica

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If I were an editor of a weekly music magazine this weeks front cover would feature: Prefuse 73 and Squarepusher

Two artists both on Warp, Scott Herren (Prefuse 73 ) and Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) both offer their unique perspectives on electronic music in 2001.

Just got the Prefuse 73 album, Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives listened to it a few times if you enjoy DJ Shadow then it should be on your sound wavelength, although some of the vocals are bit unusual at time - hey I would prefer more instrumental electronic hip hop but you knew that already.

Scott Herren is also involved in other electronic music projects, Delorosa & Asora and Savath & Savalas.

The Prefuse 73 album has been released in the UK last week, while US gets a release on July 10th.

While representing this side of the pond is Tom Jenkinson/ AKA Squarepusher who will release his new album, Go Plastic next week Monday 25th June.

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Will Haven have some news on the forthcoming Will Haven album, Carpe Diem.

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IMPACT Press Music Reviews

IMPACT Press Music Reviews for June/ July: updated with lots of album reviews, worth a browse through.

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System of A Down: new album have news that the second album by System of A Down, Toxicity is likely to be released August 14th. System of A Down are one of the few creative higher profile metal bands that are around at the mo, their first album displayed influences from The Dead Kennedys through to Faith No More.

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Monday, June 18, 2001


The Brainwashed Brain V04I23 - 06172001

Included in this week's reviews of the Brainwashed Brain are:


Pounding rhythms � often constructed of jackhammers, shattered glass and metal on metal � lay a solid foundation for dense arrangements of horns, strings, bass, guitars, synths, samples and the one and only caterwaul

Sounds like Einsturzende Neubauten circa 1982-1984?

RAFAEL TORAL, "Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance"

His ten beautiful solo guitar dronescapes might echo influences such as Sonic Youth, Jim O'Rourke, Eno and the minimalist composers but he gives his instrument a unique voice.

Anyway, to describe Toral's magical flights as ambience would be to do them a great disservice, but this is underwater moonlight music to drift and dream to

I have yet to see a release date for this album, but it sounds very interesting from the samples.

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Old Man Gloom

Ink19 review 2 albums by Old Man Gloom an underground rock supergroup, consisting of members of Isis, Cave In and Converge - these Hydrahead bands that have been at the forefront of innovation in rock music in recent years [some tell the folks at NME this please]

What - two albums of extreme radical creative rock music!

Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism
Seminar III: Zozobra

Annihilated mathematics aside, the lessons taught on Old Man Gloom's Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regressionism and Seminar II: Zozobra are the most sonically dense, emotionally/physically punishing ones this side of Godflesh's Streetcleaner and Neurosis' Through Silver in Blood

Who are Old Man Gloom?

Featuring the considerable talents of Isis' Aaron Turner (vocals, guitar), Converge's bassist/sometimes-guitarist Nate Newton on guitar, and Cave In's Caleb Scofield on bass, the five-piece Old Man Gloom are something of a supergroup,

We are talking the most creative rock music in 2001! alongside Tool and Zao.

Much like Tool's Lateralus and Zao's Zao already this year, then, both Seminars stand bleak and billowing as monoliths unto themselves, slabs of drone-utilizing/inducing metal swathed in otherworldly colors that know no time nor space

Both Old Man Gloom albums featured in the Terrorizer albums of the month slot and were praised in The Wire. So I have yet to hear these albums but am keen to explore soon. [I finally got round to getting the Isis album Celestial last week, very original and creative in its approach combining electronics with a heavy organic guitar sound]

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Sunday, June 17, 2001


Aquarius Records: New Arrivals 115

Those dedicated folks at Aquarius Records have reviewed the latest new arrivals for sale, including some that I have highlighted below:


Sounds very interesting and avant garde:

When you first see the Atomsmasher lineup: James Plotkin (ex-OLD), Dave Witte (Discordance Axis, Human Remains) and Speedranch (of '& Jansky Noise' infamy as well as contributor of vocals to the first Venetian Snares record), you might be thinking this would be the most insane metal record ever. And maybe you'd be half right. While this -is- extreme, -and- insane, there is not a riff in sight. Instead Atomsmasher is an unholy mix of super processed, super distorted spastic sort-of-grindcore, sputtering malfunctioning electronica and howling indecipherable shrieks and howls. James Plotkin turns his guitar into some sort of bizarre sampler, spitting out slabs of sound and walls of screech, rarely resorting to playing his guitar like a guitar (to be expected from his ambient improv projects of recent years, post-OLD). Speedranch contributes a litany of caterwauls that are so heavily processed they often sound like another guitar, or even more drums?! And then there's Dave Witte, quite possibly one of the best and fastest drummers around. And this to me is the only bummer about Atomsmasher. It seems like Witte's considerable drum talent is wasted, in that all his parts are distorted and triggered and chopped up and filtered and processed to the point that he sounds like a drum machine anyway. I'm nitpicking though. So think equal parts DHR, V/VM, and Drop Dead. A jawdroppingly complex and ridiculously experimental slab of metallic electronic weirdness. Definitely Recommended.

KARABOUDJAN - Sbrodj (Relapse)

The album that out does Tool in the epic stakes:

If you remember the Pan-Thy-Monium disc we raved about years ago, then you'll have some clue about what Karaboudjan sounds like, and how weird and amazing it is, as it's basically Pan-Thy-Monium mastermind (and celebrated Swedish metal producer/songwriter/drummer/etc.) Dan Swano revisiting the John Zorn-inspired bizarre experimental realms of P-T-M. That means a mindboggling collision of fuzzed-out superheavy bass lines, free jazz sax skronk, caveman vocal freakouts, fusion Moog keyboards, noise grind drum blasts -- it's all here. Three tracks, each one weirder than the last. We'd been waiting for this to come out for a LONG time, ever since a track appeared a couple years ago on a Relapse sampler, and the wait was worth it. Apparently the delay was caused in part by the label's concern over the Tintin-derived artwork (yes, Tintin, the Belgian comic book hero boy reporter with his little dog Snowy), the legal problem of which was solved by dropping that art concept entirely -- although the band name, song titles, and musician aliases still all reference Herge's cartoon adventure saga (i.e. sampler/fx by Agent Sponz, mix by Laszlo Careidas, drums by General Alcazar...) Very cool, for fans of both weird metal/music and Tintin alike!

SENSATIONAL - Get On My Page (Ipecac)

Though we at AQ love the mumbling, narcoticized lo-fi rapping of Sensational, three albums of the same production -- sloppy beats with Sensational mixed way too high in the mix -- was a bit much. The ongoing argument here has always been which of his first two albums (Loaded With Power or Corner The Market) was the better, and that if you needed more than one, either of these would make a fine companion to the other. His third disc, Heavyweighter was more of the same. This new release on Mike Patton's (Mr Bungle) Ipecac label finally steps out of the production ghetto that Sensational was stuck in -- providing a wider variety of musical and sonic elements, varied beats, and a more reasonable vocal balance in the mix -- but it's almost too little too late. So, once again, we can tell you that if you haven't had enough of Sensational after three releases, by all means pick this up. But if you have yet to make a plunge into the strange world of Sensational definitely start with either Loaded With Power (if you believe Allan or Andee) or Corner The Market (if you believe Jim, Jeff or Byram).

SUPERSILENT : 5 (Rune Grammofon)

Yet another positive review for Supersilent:

Another brilliant disc from this Norwegian "death-jazz" outfit! Bandmember and producer Helge Sten (aka Deathprod) took some 30 hours of material recorded live (direct to DAT) in various European locations (London, Oslo, Bologna) and edited it down to fit this cd. At first, "5" threatens to be a quieter, gentler Supersilent, as almost every track starts off with restrainted, ambient-jazz loveliness/loneliness like some sort of glacial Miles Davis... With Rune Grammofon now being distributed by ECM, we thought perhaps Supersilent were perhaps making a bid for ECM's semi-New Age market. But these are long tracks, and they often build into louder, scarier, more unsettling (yet still quite beautiful) realms. Witness the soundscape of heavy, doleful bass-buzz, electronic rumblings and intermittent percussion that track one (there's no titles) eventually reveals. Of course, Supersilent has always used space and (near)silence -- their sparse, abstract jazz-noise aesthetic being what's unique about them (although reminding us at AQ of the "rock concrete" of Italian improv-rockers the Starfuckers). So there *are* lots of mellow parts on here, indeed hauntingly mellow, and that's fine. We might consider this the "psychedelic" Supersilent album. Gorgeous.

The folks at Aquarius also go loopy over this dude, one of the records of the week:

(Aquarius have also marked this out as a contender for album of the year.)

WAINWRIGHT, RUFUS Poses (Dreamworks)

lot of it is similar to Radiohead (minus the overriding moroseness), with all of the epic drama but none of the hype, and thus much more intimacy. At times the album also reminds me of '70s-pop-era Brian Eno (think Taking Tiger Mountain) and there's a hint of paino bar / cabaret in his tone. but mostly it's an intimate record free from the relentless bombastic experimentation that Radiohead has set themselves to.

From the Real Audio samples if you are in to: Jeff Buckley and like the vocals style of Red House Painters, then you need to investigate further.

NEOTROPIC La Prochaine Fois (Ninja Tune / Ntone)

It's always been hard being a woman in a male dominated scene, but it must be doubly hard when you're driven to explore and expand and alienate the dance floor the way Riz Maslen is. But the scene's loss is our gain. This double cd (disc two is a cd-rom movie watchable on your trusty computer) takes the far out sound of the first Neotropic full length even farther out, strips it down, adds a handful of guitars and flutes and harmonicas making 'La Prochaine Fois' sound a bit like Portishead meets Morricone, but even murkier and more sinister. The opening track shows Mazlin's Morricone worship in full effect, with plucked guitar strings and harmonicas over a soundscape of grimy electronics and burping bass. The rest of the record is a really abstract, non-linear collection of sounds and sort-of-songs; flutes, field recordings of children playing, organs, gently strummed guitars, chopped up sambas, processed vocals, and the occasional sultry Portishead vocal, that all come together brilliantly into choppy breathy deconstructed trip hop, lush Bjorkish instrumentals and epic DJ Shadow-like soundscapes with melancholy pianos and ominous drones. This is so good. She just keeps getting better as she gets more experimental. Too bad she had to finish the record off with a totally forgettable, totally pedestrian hip hop track. So skip the last track, and quench those parched ears with one of the best records to come out of this current desert of unoriginality, of boring laptops and electronica-compilations-featuring-Kid606!

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Pelicanneck - this weeks new releases include:

FENNESZ : Endless Summer - Mego

Album Of The Week! Always an event, not just another CD, every release from Christian Fennesz further confirms his status as one of the most admired electronic music composers, improvisers and visionaries. This is a reputation founded on genuine substance, not just indolent industry hype. Endless Summer summons forth eight tracks of natural soul, warmth, humility, and organic depth, from that most traditionally fractured of genres, laptop experimentalism. Simultaneously rending and then repairing heartfelt subjects. After a dislocated, cut up first tune, vibraphone and acoustic guitar spring forth on the title track. Subtle noises act as a canvas upon which these strokes of poised melody and live instrumentation are added and built upon, creating colourful aural objects of indescribable beauty and deceptive melodic simplicity. 'A Year in a Minute' finds the most amazing harmonic core amongst surface confusion and apparent disruption. 'Caecilia' carries the emotional tug of a childhood sweetheart, or the poignant memory of an unrequited love. The album as a whole plays with notions of timelessness; if summer really did carry on forever, how could you reminisce, what would you look forward to? Very rarely does an album speak out in such a compelling way. 'Endless Summer shares its title with a mid 70s Beach Boys compilation. It might well provide for 2001 as instant a reaction as first hearing Pet Sounds in 1966. Fennesz is almost creating a new language for music, elements of the past combine with a mastery of machines which appears almost intuitive. When things come together like this, it's a very special time. Huge recommendation.

AMBIDEXTROUS : Errorism - Shaped Harmonics

The new shining star of the Russian electronic music brigade Nick Zavriev, aka Ambidextroius, releases his second full length album for Novel 23s Shaped Harmonics label. A ten track album that delivers DSP rejecting analoguesque crunchy electronica both in a chilled sense and in uptempo electrofied style. Highly addictive and optimistic melodic inventiveness that is shared with label boss Novel 23. Check the flow on the killer Croquet and the angelic vocals displayed on Equilibrium, also Visotopia makes a welcome additon to this CD having previously appeared on the vinyl spit release with Novel 23. The closing 'Black Glass' and 'Antima' take the album back down to a moody downbeat conclusion, rounding off a highly acclompished collection of electronica moments that grace melodicisms and toughness with equal aplomb.
This is a refreshing record that will put Ambidextrous up in the light alongside his contempories EU and Fizzarum.

FRED FRITH : Clearing - Tzadik

Since the early 70s composer & performer Fred Frith has been at the forefront of avant garde music, and is recognised as one of the worlds great originals on guitar. Clearing is his first solo guitar recording in over 20 years, and his first studio work since 1974s groundbreaking Guitar Solos. Of the 3 existing solo sets by this quirky musical master, this is undoubtedly the most dynamic, the most direct, and sonically the best recorded. An absolute must for all fans of guitar improvisation and avant garde rock.

MARKANT : Infam - Markant

Carsten Endrass returns to the fray after a bit of an extended absence with new Markant material and the first ever Markant release on CD. Featuring previously unavailable material, together with tracks from Cat27 and Cat28, what we get is Endrasss usual blend of atmospheric ambient and dark crunchy electronica. No surprises here, unfortunately, with a sound that retains a deep and soulful electronic buzz but veers too often towards the less appealing side of predictability.

SAVVAS YSATIS : Select - Tresor

Inspired by Dub and House influences and the early electronica of Kraftwerk and JM Jarre, and with 7 albums under his own name and collaborations on 10 others under various guises&Mac226; Select compiles the cream of Savvas Ysatis laid-back 4/4 grooves.

SHUR I KAN : Advance - Freerange

Jimpsters Freerange label continues its dancefloor quest with a shimmering LP from Tom Zsirtes. There are a plethora of breathy vocals and live instrumentation peppering the course of this 80s inspired, uptempo LP. Its soulful cosmic feel is overseen with executive production from Global Communications Tom Middleton. From its Manchester beginnings Freerange are still leading the way in terms of UK future funkiness. Slick

SUPERSILENT : 5 - Rune Grammofon

New and long awaited album from a band that refuse categorisation and the act whose improvisations are sketching out the areas in which Rune Grammofon operates, being ambient, jazz, electronica, rock, techno, noise or musique concr�te. Critics have compared them to the Miles Davis band of the early 70s, to Stockhausen and groups like Einst�rzende Neubauten and Can. Producer and member Helge Sten (Deathprod) went through some 30 hours of live recordings to come up with this 70 minute collection, including selections from Oslo, London and Bologna. With typical Supersilent unpredictability, the material chosen seems to avoid the confrontational aspects of the group's live presentation. Mostly a calmer, more reflective side of Supersilent, it proposes a raw, electronic lyricism. This is free Jazz and improv at its absolute finest a truly stunning LP of timeless, classic proportions. Highly Recommended.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:39 PM

The Emerald Down

The Emerald Down profile:

The emerald down consists of four members. Drummer Jason Markin, formerly of Some Gorgeous Accident, creates a stylized rhythmic framework that both accents and solidifies their sound. Rebecca Basye, former guitar player for Kill Rock Stars, Yo-Yo and Outpunk band the Mukilteo Fairies, provides numerous layers of narrative utilizing looped lead and rhythm guitar effects and her sultry yet angelic vocal character. On second Guitar, Chad Williamson's style is the formative and beautiful sound hanging above and sometimes blending with the oveall composition of their songs. Completing the emerald down�s body, melody and vocal harmony is Bass Player Jim Rock. Previously of Columbus, Ohio�s Go Evol Shiki. The soothing, sincere and poignant weave of Rebecca Basye's and Jim Rock�s lyrics and vocal harmonies eloquently finish off The emerald down�s experiential qualities. The Emerald Down currently has two CDs, a 4 song EP recorded in 1998 and their current full length to be released this summer called "Scream The Sound" recorded in Chicago with Andy Bosnak at Engine Studios this April 2001. Make your your life...and don't let anyone tell you who to be! Source: Cringe - The Columbus Sound

Now this is a great discovery The Emerald Down brought to my attention by DreamPop Links

The Emerald Down create monumental epic atmospheric drenched shoegazer guitar dreampop sounds, this is glorious music cascading like a tilting kaleidoscope to produce bright colourful music - music that swoons, that is exciting, takes you up spins you around, that stimulates the mind and stirs the body. There are three tracks to download each showcasing The Emerald Down's versatile talent.

The first track is Caught a Wave imagine a mixing of the sounds like the best MBV, Loveliescrushing, Mira, Six by Seven and early Ride and Slowdive this track is very powerful and intense it shakes you up, shudders through you. This is sublime twisting and turning everything thing is in place, and I can see why it has been selected as single - it would sound excellent on the radio.

Apparently Caught a Wave is the first single release off The Emerald Down's new album - maybe this has not been released yet?

The second track Red Shift is more atmospheric think on the lines of The Cocteau Twins (Circa Heaven or Las Vegas) and The Cure (on Disintegration) or early Lush the same glorious swirling guitar build up.

The third track Recondite Astral Traveler is like a rebirth of a.r.kane meets Slowdive. That sublime yearning and wanting vocal style of arkane of Alex Ayuli is perfected by Jim Rock, over a dubby backdrop, atmospheric bass guitars, with harmonic female vocals by Rachel mixed in with glorious volcanic guitar sounds. This track is so a.r.kane absolutely - has a band ever captured the spirit of a.r.kane like this before?

The album Scream The Sound was completed in April 2001, and will be released this summer the three tracks are taken from the album. Download them now.

If I were A&R scout I would not hesitate to sign The Emerald Down for a UK/European record deal, a band with this amount of talent deserve to go all the way. Someone like 4ad or Mantra should sign them up.

In 2001 Astrobite, Mira and now The Emerald Down - a new wave of shoegazer music and it makes perfect sense.

[I can never understand the dull choices of NME The Strokes are so plain and ordinary yet are praised while artists as creative as The Emerald Down, Mira, Collide, The National Skyline and Cave In - go un noticed. You wonder what they do at the NME all week, their NME stereo choices listed in the paper over the past year are often perplexing and bland when there so many better options available. ]

[PS Rebecca Basye looks so damn attractive, the classic brunette with a lovely smile]

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Saturday, June 16, 2001


Appliance - Imperial Metric: take a sonic electronic rock journey far out with this dream like cinematic music

The new album by Appliance - Imperial Metric is an extremely enjoyable experience in its full context having obtained the album on Monday. Already I have championed Appliance's music having individually heard the tracks on a Real Audio several weeks ago.

So far I have yet to see a review of this album on the web, so I will strike first this is a monumental album by a band reaching new creative peaks. Appliance create a gigantic cinematic feel throughout the album, a swirling vortex of electronic pulses of analog synths, drum beats and bass guitar and some moody vocals, as demonstrated on the excellent H20 track. This music locks me in, it connects this fascinating merging and emergent sound has arrived.

Imperial Metric: track listing

Separate minds
Map of the territory
FLF (precious bodily fluids)
Land sea and air
Comrades in a Moscow hotel
Little more information
Navigating the nursery slopes
Gentle cycle revolution
Where has the space race gone

I admit I am biased some of the music I most enjoy is the merging of electronic and rock sounds, there are influences that emerge on this album from the music that can be traced through a lineage that starts at Silver Apples, Kraftwerk, Can, Roxy Music, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd: Wish Your Were Here, Neu, David Bowie Low, Suicide, This Heat, Joy Division, New Order, Simple Minds: circa 1979-81, 23 Skidoo, Cabaret Voltaire: circa 1983-1985, Shriekback, Wire circa The Ideal Copy, Depeche Mode: Music for the Masses, Spacemen 3, Underworld Dubnobasswithheadman, Fluke, Massive Attack Mezzanine, Primal Scream Kowalski, Regular Fries: Accept the Signal, and ends at last years debut by Avrocar.

Yes Appliance do sound familiar at times you can hear Kraftwerk-alike chords, and some tracks it is as if Peter Hook's bass playing has been drafted in. But assembling the sounds together is the skill of Appliance, the attention to detail the crystallising of different elements into something greater than the elements that make up the music.

It is the space and drenched atmosphere that pulses and throbs throughout Appliance music that sends you on a sonic journey, this is travel autobahn music par excellence. It demands repeated listening. I must have listened to the album over a dozen times this week, it is an experience � play it again to experience it, it is NOT an album of catchy simple songs � this is arty filmic music.

Taken from the Appliance website, these words accurately portray the music:

Appliance have enhanced their sonic arsenal and yet still retained their unique sound of control and focused simplicity. "Imperial Metric" sees the band broadening their instrumentation to an even more electronic bias. Keyboards, samplers and drum machines rub shoulders with their original set up of guitar, bass and drums to great effect.

The result is an album of hauntingly melancholic, yet uplifting music and has seen them achieve their aim in making an album that covers a wide emotional spectrum. Detached vocals hypnotise the listener with their strong visual imagery and inventive word play. While the rest of the world looks to the west and all things American, Appliance look to the old eastern bloc for stimuli. Electronic Pop at its very best, it�s an experimental record using the song as a backbone and exploring filmic soundscapes further. It is a record of light and dark, gentle and heavy, Imperial and Metric.

Where do Appliance fit in 2001 who are their British peers? They are on their own which is their strength, however Appliance music would appeal to fans of Echoboy through to New Order.

For those who remember the sublime Simple Minds albums Sons of Fascination/ Sister Feeling Calls album, then Imperial Metric is an updated trip into similar ideas twenty years later. If you are basking in the Neu reissues then similarly Imperial Metric is album you must experience.

Not since Underworld�s debut in 1994 has this meshing of electro-rock influences by a British band sounded so sublime, so addictive and so me. Just remember to turn the volume up and feel the full textures on the music.

I look forward to reading other opinions on Imperial Metric I think like say Trans Am red line album there will be people who absolutely get it and connect to it well others will miss the point completely as Appliance�s music covers so many different bases and doesn�t fall into one genre or music scene � that hybrid approach will bemuse others.

Cinematic music: an emerging trend in 2001

[Also a trend seems to be emerging with albums that have a strong cinematic electronic atmosphere feel this year first Ulver with Perdition City (that has more stronger beats, and improvised free jazz arrangements) followed by the absolutely absorbing 310 After All, album on (Leaf Records) that is more instrumental oriented and now the sublime atmospheric qualities of Appliance�s Imperial Metric.]

PS The US release date for Imperial Metric is July 17th.

Also Next week Appliance are artists in residence on John Kennedy's Xposure show on Xfm radio in London.

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Splendid Music Reviews - June 11th

Finally I get around to Splendid Reviews week commencing June 11th that include:

A band that are new to me: The Anubian Lights / Naz Bar / Crippled Dick Hot Wax

The Anubian Lights' Naz Bar. Tracking a course that goes far beyond the typical orbit, The Lights have created one of the most intoxicating and invigorating electronic releases in recent memory.

An album by Juno that follows Unwound in the epic atmospheric rock stakes Juno / A Future Lived in Past Tense / DeSoto

The Boredoms electronic offshoot project, Rovo which is set to be one of the key experimental electronic albums of the year from the tracks I have heard so far Rovo / Imago / Incidental

As George Zahora points out this will be the last TEF album The Third Eye Foundation / I Poo Poo On Your Juju / Merge [this album has just been released in the US having earlier been released in the UK on Domino]

I don't know if a lot of work went into sequencing I Poo Poo On Your Juju or if Elliott just threw the tracks together, but it actually sounds more cohesive than many single-artist albums. It is one of those rare remix albums that truly belongs on the shelf beside the artist's original works. If it is the last Third Eye Foundation release, Matt Elliott is going out on an unexpectedly high note. It's just a shame that he chose to ride into the sunset on a horse named I Poo Poo On Your Juju.

Other reviews include

Oval / Ovalcommers / Thrill Jockey (CD)

Autechre / Confield / Warp (CD)

Shur-I-Kan / Advance / Freerange (CD)

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Fake Jazz

Fake Jazz Issue 17 includes reviews for:

quiet electronic music from Isan - Lucky Cat

the Steve Albini produced Sonna - We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight

..Sonna successfully creates a solid album that flows perfectly and never gets stale. And, while We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight can't quite compare to seeing them live (really, what could?), it will easily be in my top 5 releases of 2001

another positive review for Juno- A Future Lived in Past Tense

and no surprises that the brilliant Yellow 6- Music for Pleasure is championed by fakejazz.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:02 PM

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