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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


New A Guy Called Gerald album, confirmed:

The new album will be called "To All Things What They Need" and will be out on 31st January 2005 via !K7.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:09 PM

SPOTLIGHT...KEY NEW RELEASES [November 8th, 15th & 22nd]

Key new releases for November 8th, 15th & 22nd [A more detailed release listing including other new releases, compilations and reissues - can be found further up this webpage. via this link: DJ Martian's November 2004 Album Releases Archive]

November 8th
Acid Mothers Temple - Minstrel In The Galaxy (Riot Season)
Aaron Alexander - Midrash Mish Mosh (Tzadik)
Joey Beltram - Rising Sun (Tresor)
Steve Bernstein - Diaspora Hollywood (Tzadik)
Booka Shade - Memento (Get Physical)
Boy In Static - Newborn (Alien Transistor)
Boredoms - Seadrum / House Of Sun (Warners Japan) [Now available at Piccadilly Records in the UK]
Avishai Cohen - At Home (Razdaz)
Diary of Dreams - Nigredo (Metropolis) [Import]
Jimmy Edgar - Bounce, Make, Model (Warp) EP
Electroputas - 3 (Social Registry)
The Flesh - Sweet Defeat (Gern Blandsten) EP
Frausdots - Couture Couture Couture (Rocket Girl)
Hall Of Fame - Paradise Now (Social Registry)
Yuka Honda - Eucademix (Tzadik)
Hood - The Lost You (Domino) EP
Kilo - Augarten (Onitor)
Kokolo - More Consideration (Freestyle Records)
Lazarus - Like Trees We Grow Up To Be Satellites (Temporary Residence)
Anja Lechner / Vassilis Tsabropoulos - Chants, Hymns And Dances (ECM New Series)
Steven Lindsay - Exit Music (Seminal)
Magma - Kohntarkosz Anteria (Seventh Records)
Michael Mayer - Touch (Kompakt)
Mira - The Pieces (Projekt) EP [US Release]
Mysterymen - Everything But An Answer (Disko b)
Niobe - Voodooluba (Sonig)
Samara Lubelski - The Fleeting Skies (Social Registry)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Of Natural History (Web Of Mimicry) [Now available at Piccadilly Records in the UK]
Tarentel - We Move Through the Weather (Temporary Residence)
John Tejada - Logic Memory Center (Plug Research)
Timothy Victor - Nocturnes (Snowstorm)
John Zorn - Magick (Tzadik)

November 15th
Auburn Lull - Cast From The Platform (Darla)
Cranebuilders - So What Could I Do / Trouble Is (Skinny Dog) Cd Single
DJ Elephant Power - No Si, Ni So (Sonig)
Tod Dockstader And David Lee Myers - Pond (Recommended)
The Flaming Stars - Named & Shamed (Alternative Tentacles)
Flat Earth Society - Isms (Ipecac)
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer - Songs FOR Europe (Asphodel)
J's Pool - The Wave Machine (Nature)
Kpt.Michi.Gan - Kpt.Michi.Gan (Aesthetics) [UK Release Date]
Kreidler - Eve Future Recall (Wonder)
Ed Lawes - 14 Tracks / Pieces (Planet Mu)
Lcd Soundsystem - Movement (DFA) cd single
Mcenroe - Five Years In The Factory (Vertical Form)
Mf Doom - Mm Food (Rhymesayers)
O-Type - Western Classics (Family Vineyard)
Evan Parker Trio & Peter Brötzmann Trio - The Bishop's Move (Victo)
Theo Travis - Earth To Ether (33 Jazz)
TTC - Batards Sensible (Big Dada)
Warren Suicide - Warren Suicide (Fume) Includes Dvd
The Wedding Present - Interstate 5 (Scopitones) Cd single

November 22nd
The Arcade Fire - Funeral (Merge) [US Import, Now available at Piccadilly Records in the UK]
Ascoltare - Muting In Stereo (Tripel) EP
Asja Auf Capri - Novi Ronde (Difficult Fun)
Amir Baghiri - Ghazal (Vivo)
Burmese - Men (Load)
Clogs - Stick Music (Talitres) [Now available at Boomkat]
Andrew Coleman - Demons (Tripel)
Electric Company - Creative Playthings (Tigerbeat 6)
Excepter - Ka (Fusetron) [US import, Now available at Piccadilly Records in the UK]
Flossin - Lead Singer (Ache)
Gang Gang Dance - Gang Gang Dance (Fusetron) [US Import, Now available at Piccadilly Records in the UK]
Johann Johannsson - Virthulegu Forsetar (Touch) [Now available at Boomkat]
Stephan Micus - Life (ECM)
Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori - Phantom Orchard (Mego) [Now available at Boomkat]
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer (Relapse)
Mark Sanders - Swallow Chase (Treader)
Matthew Shipp - Harmony And Abyss (Thirsty Ear) [Now available at Boomkat]
Sightings - Arrive In Gold (Load)
Solex - The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock (Discmeister) [Now available at Boomkat]
Soulsavers - Closer (San Quentin) EP
Thought Universe - Mixed Messages (Thought Universe Music)
Vinz Vonlanthen - Oeil: Solo Guitar (Leo)
David Weiss - Mirror (Fresh Sound New Talent)

# posted by DJ Martian 10:28 PM

Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile on 6 Music

On 6 Music Gideon Coe show, Wednesday morning:

Joining us live to play live on the show today is the legendary Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile. So don't miss it, should be very special

also: Our GREAT LOST ALBUM today is Dubnobasswithmyheadman by Underworld.

Note: The show will be available on Listen Again for a week via BBC Radioplayer.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:48 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON an email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 3:37 PM

BBC Music review Mark Van Hoen - The Warmth Inside You

# posted by DJ Martian 12:48 PM

Intuitive Music mention 25 years ago today Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was released

# posted by DJ Martian 12:40 PM

Dusted have an interview with Ada

Dusted's Trent Wolbe interviews German electronic recording artist Ada.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:37 PM

This month's AAJ newsletter update: All About Jazz Highlights | November 2004

# posted by DJ Martian 12:33 PM

Stuart Maconie in an article in The Independent overviews the music press.

The sound of music: the mags that matter
Radio 2's Stuart Maconie gets ready to rock 'n' roll, if you will, as he soundchecks the best of British and American music press

# posted by DJ Martian 12:25 PM

Recent Releases @ Rough Trade Shops

Some of the more obscure, yet interesting recent new releases/ reissues @ Rough Trade shops. [Source: Rough Trade Shops weekly e-mail newsletter]

29th November

65daysofstatic - Retreat Retreat
the first single from the acclaimed 'the fall of math' album

Copenhagen - Sweet Dreams...
the second full length from copenhagen further develops the band's lush, sumptuous and moody sound. cinematic and ambitious and oozing cool, think the bad seeds, the triffids, tindersticks or scott walker. this is a great collection, on flower shop recordings

The Workhouse - The End Of The Pier
a reissue of the debut album from the workhouse with 3 bonus tracks and re-sequenced. it's an intoxicating but still fresh take on mogwai, godspeed wall of sound guitar-scapes, huge and beautiful, add a touch of savage republic dynamics and hood gentle-ness and you've a fine listen. on devil in the woods

DACM - Stereotypie
DACM is a collaboration between the musician Peter Rehberg (Pita), and the singer Tujiko Noriko, whose songs bring softness and melody, and punctuate 'Stéréotypie' with moments of solace. 'Stéréotypie' is a choreographic and theatrical proposal which presents a world where setting and human bodies can belong to the same visual intention. This is a place where fiction permeates reality through the fantasy of perfection; where the friction between perfection and imperfection seems more attractive than ever.

Trembling Blue Stars - The Seven Autumn Flowers
This is trembling blue stars first new material in 3years, and moves into slightly new territory on some tracks (there's a dub vibe on 'The rhythm of your breathing' and 'All eternal things' shows trembling blue stars paying homage to their post-punk roots a la THE CURE and 80's synth pop). In all other respects, TBS' new album dives deep into self-confessed indie-pop with those ambient and chamber-pop electronic touches they are loved for. Bob Wratten's songs share the spirit of 70s songwriters such as Jackson Browne or Nick Drake's romanticism, along with a modern day focus on synth-pop elements and melodic 'wall of sound' indie-pop.

Wadada Leo Smith - Lake Biwa
four ambitious new orchestral pieces from the legendary trumpeter smith bringing together an all-star band - marc ribot, john zorn, susie ibarra, anthony coleman and more 'lake biwa' contains some of smith's most complex and original writing, lyrical and powerful with plenty of searing trumpet from smith himself. on tzadik

Souvaris - I Felt Nothing At All
long overdue follow-up to their excellent debut 12" from the 6 piece instrumental outfit souvaris. there's obvious references to godspeed, mogwai, ariel m etc but this grows away from that and creates a sound the band can call it's own. fine intoxicating head-mashing moody rock on bearos

Reverbaphon - Our Heart Beats With Joy
Scotland's Reverbaphon's freestyle take on electronica merged with conventional instrumentation, is a refreshing diversion from the preset laptop sounds of today's homogenous electronic releases. Reverbaphon's music, with elements of folk, word and celtic merged into a modern and beautifully sporadic digital drum track, is unique, but maintains a rather playful nature. cd only on benbecula

22nd November

Peter Cusack - Baikal Ice
Over the last thirty years Peter Cusack has built a reputation as an improvising musician, and is often to be found plucking an array of string instruments, including guitar and balalaika, while simultaneously triggering live electronics. 'Baikal Ice' is comparable to Chris Watson's pristine sound recordings, to be found on the Touch label. But here the glorious and mysterious sounds of nature are tempered by Peter's dry humour, and his willingness to let chance occurrences intervene. cd only on rer megacorp.

Warren Suicide - Warren Suicide
debut album from berlin's warren suicide. the album is a thrilling journey of electro rockabilly enhanced with pop sensibilities. the sounds is dirty and beefed up 80's electro with weird samples, super heavy bass lines and messed up guitar work. if the kills or sons and daughters used synths in a hypnotic and repetive way then that would be warren suicide. it comes with a bonus dvd of 6 videos and a live adventure in russia.

Asja Auf Capri - Novi Ronde
a fantastic long player from a new german/american duo that delves into the early german new wave sound made up of primitive rhythms, crude synths and menacing german vocals. this has a real edge and deserves to be heard.

Andrew Coleman - Demons
rustic folktronica and digital 'ponder-phonics', similar to xela or greg davis' sound. andrew coleman aka ninja tune's animals on wheels- acoustic guitar with external sounds and dsp trickery ona similar tip to fennesz, colleen, fourtet or oval.

Kreidler - Eve Future Recall
Kreidler formed in 1994 as a Düsseldorf-based project of Stefan Schneider , bassist with Cologne neo-Krautrock group To Rococo Rot, Schneider moved on some years later but Kreidler, in common with To Rococo Rot, continued to combine catchy, acoustic-based compositions (e.g., guitar, bass, drums) with electronic tangents, a tact that allies them with such American post-rock outfits as Tortoise and Trans Am. However, Kreidler's approach is both more filled out than the former and less derivative than the latter, and is probably closer to countrymen Can or Faust than any of the more contemporary rock-based extrapolators. 'Eve Future Recall' continues the theme of the 2002 mini album 'Eve Future' by treading the path of chamber music, leaning towards Baroque, minimalist _expression, creating a concerto of electronic music

Mark Sanders - Swallow Chase
First solo recording by one of the world's great improvisors. Recorded from the drummer's perspective, a beautiful virtuoso percussion performance in 9 parts moving from minimal tonal pieces to rhythmic clusters. on treader

Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen
the neu! and harmonia guitarists 1977 solo album mixes tonal minimalism, with neu! / la dusseldorf symphonic motorik sound scapes to hypnotic effect. rother plays almost everything (guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion) with can's jaki leibezeit guests and production is shared between rother and conny plank.

Various - Blu Tribunl
On this unusual compilation, Akufen, Freeform, and The Rip Off Artist each contribute electronic music inspired by the blues. Akufen chops sampled guitar into glitchy bursts of sound over the simplest beats. 'Ain't Gonna Beg Ya No More' is reminiscent of Brinkmann's Soul Center project, looping the source material into a clean, computerized funk. Freeform has a more complex take, laying his production on thick over a lick with 'Blue Movies.' The bass rumbles along with howling electronic wind and synth stabs until the track breaks down to syncopation and thunder. The most unusual track is The Rip Off Artist's cover of the old Julie London song 'Must Be Catchin'.

Various - Soma Compilation 2004
The 2004 edition of the annual Soma Compilation extravaganza has arrived. This bumper package features tracks from envoy, slam, funk d'void, vector lovers, adam beyer and jesper dalhback, hystereo etc

Stephan Micus - Life
bavarian multi-instrumentalist stephan micus's16th ecm album is inspired by an ancient zen koan or teaching-story, about the essence of life. it's a simple but highly intriguing piece concerning a monk who returns to the monastery he left at a young age to travel though china, and the response of his old master. a deeply spritual piece, it's the work of a genius, a unique talent, a painter of soundscapes and one of europe's strongest and most original musicians.

15th November

Chris Cutler And Lutz Glandien - Domestic Stories
the 1991/1992 recordings reuniting old slapp happy / henry cow pals chris cutler, fred frith, dagmar krause and creating seriously abstracted new wave / jazz avant rock with keyboards / sampling / computers from lutz glandien. on rer

DJ Elephant Power - No Si, Ni So
Nicolas Baudoux aka DJ ELEPHANT POWER (one half of SCRATCH PET LAND) is an extremely nimble turntablist. One could mistake his debut 'NO SI, NI SO' for the lost Zappa-album 'Jazz From The Dangerous Kitchen'. Musical themes are introduced and then left by the wayside, only to reappear in the most unexpected places. The percussion, which at times seems to have more in common with a domestic accident than with beats, is cushioned by a surprisingly jazzy Rhodes-piano and obliquely filtered moog-sequences. on sonig in a digipack

Asmus Tietchens - Notturno
minimalist composer / sound artist asmus tietchens shows a different side to his oeuvre with this set of abstract pepared / processed piano pieces. surreal, dark and dramatic this is like walking through a very strange factory full of very odd resonating machines. on barooni.

Christopher Willits - Pollen
christopher Willits long-awaited release 'Pollen' finally sees the light of day. Initially a precursor, but now a follow up to his widely acclaimed release 'Folding, and the Tea' on 12k, 'Pollen' - created in 2001 - is a collection of beautiful folded guitar recordings. Willits plays guitar and uses a series of self-built signal processes that fold smooth guitar lines on top of and into each other, generating patterns within patterns, and an unbounded stream of similar yet different forms. on fallt

O-Type - Western Classics
o-type features folks from the enigmatic and legendary mx 80. here they facilitate a dark venture into electronic ambience within a six string frame. taking inspiration from morricone to feldman these tracks take inspiration from classic american film (song titles such as 'the searchers', 'mccabe and mrs miller (with deleted scenes)' etc) and serve up a haunting abstract soundworld. on family vineyard.

Burmese - Men
San Francisco-based BURMESE spew forth a bile stuffed plume of thick dirge on their third full length. Recorded by Weasel Walter this blackened-to-the-core slab manages to fuse the bleak WHITEHOUSE (the band not the building) world vision to an underwater plastic explosive dolphin attack on all that is right and just with family values. The sounds here tend to generate comparisons to mud pilots like the SWANS and EYEHATEGOD except that BURMESE use two drums AND two basses. Previous records for Planaria and Tumult have sketched out a similar murky vision, but this record raises fidelity to a notch nearer to the seconds right before the hammer falls on any given weekend's convenience store heist. Not depressing musically, just very realistic and heavy. Features a member of the current FLYING LUTTENBACHERS!

Sightings - Arrive In Gold
Never before has a band managed to erase themselves. New York City's SIGHTINGS have risen to the challenge of negation with this "what the fuck" of a record that rolls the twenty sided dice to dematerialize any trace of guitar, bass and drums into proton dust floating microns on top of the speaker cone. Minimal, yes. Previous records have gone from favorites at magazines as chocolate and peanut butter as the Wire and Terrorizer. Past records have been steaming knee burn befuddled by German technoid impulse and Yoko-damaged Beatles-busting intensity. A new icy coolness is added to the steaming soup this time allowing the sounds of mouth breathing to open up the record into a drug-fueled nightclub beast humping a bass bin as the sun rises. Features three breakaway singles that have Jay-Z scrambling for answers. on load

8th November

Khonnor - Handwriting
Khonnor is a 17-year-old wonderboy from smalltown Vermont, usa - who has somehow managed to craft the most startling singer-songwriter debut we've heard in years. he has bedtime nostalgia for the days of Flying Saucer Attack, early Silver Jews, Palace Brothers, when 'lo-fi' actually meant somethin'. swathes of digital noise, distortion, very heavy reverb and clever vocal effects in rich, thick and complex layers is a sign of great ambition and determination. like My Bloody Valentine and Talk Talk sneaking love letters from the afterlife under the paws of Four Tet. a good example of beauty, aesthetics and finesse for all older artists. one of our pick's of this month

Kokolo - More Consideration
from the tangled streets of new york comes kokolo who are an eight piece afro-beat combo. they bring music back to the days of mavericks like Fela Kuti and Ruben Blades, when music addressed the unrest endemic to the '70s. Their music is always danceable, always grooving and has something to say. this red hot album is a kaleidoscope of New York City life and cuts a wide cross-cultural swathe that hails the birth of a new universal sound. on freestyle records

Der Zyklus - Biometry
heinrich has been working on ways to reflect the new bio technologies in music - dark emotions, but energetic and positive musical arrangements with and without rhythmic structure. this is conceptual dance music kids, on dub / clone.

Mystery Men - Everything But An Answer
Mystery men were born in 2001 out of the industrial North East of England, and set up their studio on the banks of the River Tyne. Their debut album 'Everything But An Answer' on Disko B features a diverse range of tracks such as 'Fast Bitches' with its trashy noise beats and ominous Atari vocals and the warm melodic beauty of 'Sleepy Elvis'. Overall the album is dark synthy groove mixing Numan-esque slo-mo techno and classic Moroder styles with 80's chic.

Niobe - Voodooluba
Yvonne Cornelius aka NIOBE - glamorous guest vocalist on the recent MOUSE ON MARS album - releases her follow up to critically acclaimed 'TSE TSE'. 'VOODOOLUBA' is an album full of new signals from the multidimensional world of Niobe! Cornelius knows ways and means to merge New Music, Pop-Electronica, Excortica and above all a style of singing that creates its own literariness. Far Eastern, African and American particles shine through in her music. She introduces her listeners to carnivalesque rhythms including timpani and trumpets, then changes direction almost unnoticeably and picks up a new theme just to dissect it a few moments later. She samples catchy melodies as well as her own complex vocal arrangements on sonig.

Tarentel - We Move Through Weather
tarentel's most focused release to date sees the band creating fine, flowing and epic cuts from sweeping drones, expansive improvisations and waves of discordant feedback, then adding meticulous guitar melodies, forlorn piano, horn blasts and thunderous drumming. immaculate and huge, their best yet. on temporary residence.

Vibracathedral Orchestra - Pontiac Lady
an extremely limited triple cdr pack from the mighty vibracathedral, First vhf triple ever, celebrating the Fall 2003 tour by the UK team. The groop (Hayden, Davenport, Greenwood, Bradley, and Flower) tore it up in various shady east coast venues and now after much collating we're finally able to present the audio post-mortem. The tracks range from the atmospheric (Fredericksburg) to the raucous (Philadelphia), covering the full range of V.C.O. styles. Bower and Godbert pitch in on some tracks. The CDR's are packed in a plastic case with exciting live action photos (the one of Bower drinking a beer on stage while the band plays on pretty much sums up the tour). Liner notes by Tom Greenwood. 6 tracks, 165 mins

# posted by DJ Martian 12:25 AM

Monday, November 29, 2004


BW & BK report the latest Paradise Lost news: PARADISE LOST - New Single, Album Release Dates Confirmed

It has been announced today that the album Paradise Lost will be released on 21/02/2005. The single has also been confirmed today and will be the song ‘Grey’, to be released on 07/02/2005.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:21 PM review Scorch Trio - Luggumt

Any fan of Don Cab, Nels Cline, John Coltrane, or Miles Davis will feel right at home with Scorch Trio.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:12 PM

All About Jazz review Stephan Micus - Life on ECM

# posted by DJ Martian 8:10 PM

Vintage Art Rockers Van der Graaf Generator Reform ! New Double Album in 2005

Shock news of the year: Van der Graaf Generator the legendary art rock band much loved by John Lydon and Julian Cope have reformed. They have announced a reunion gig in London in May 2005 and a new double CD for release in early 2005.

Hugh Banton, Guy Evans, Peter Hammill and David Jackson will perform at the Royal Festival Hall in London on May 6th 2005. Tickets are available from the RFH ticket office (

During the summer of 2004, Hammill, with input from the other three, worked to put together a double CD for release in the early part of 2005.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:35 PM

ThisisLondon republish Q magazine's Top 50 Albums of the Year 2004.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:56 PM

This week's new releases @ Fopp

# posted by DJ Martian 1:31 PM

Sunday, November 28, 2004



Details of a new Theo Travis album just released [November 15th]


the latest album from Theo and his quartet featuring Theo's unique melodic writing and brilliant sax and flute playing.
The CD features eight original compositions with a guest appearance by Richard Sinclair (of 'Caravan' and 'Hatfield and The North' fame) on three songs. The album has influences from English progressive rock , folk music, 1970's flute, cool jazz, and Brazilian groove. 'Earth to Ether is already hailed as Theo's finest and most diverse album to date.

released on 33 Records 33Jazz 115

Theo Travis - tenor&flute Simon Colam - piano. Andy Hamill - bass.
Marc Parnell - drums. and special guest Richard Sinclair - vocals

full track list :
the mystic and the emporer - 21st century schitzoid man - the book - marti - the munich train - the frozen time - stewed flute - things change - full moon rising part 2

# posted by DJ Martian 8:06 PM

reactivated music blog: rockcritics daily

# posted by DJ Martian 7:33 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat

Hold those end of year lists, this is the last big week of new releases. As from the following week [December 6th] - the new releases scale right down.

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Autistic Daughters - Jealously And Diamond

Kranky manage to sieve through the muck and pluck out another breathtaking album, the debut from Autistic Daughters - a collaboration between Dean Roberts, Werner Dafeldecker and Martin Brandlmayr (Radian). Those of you out there (and there are many) who revere Talk Talk's ascent into heavenly climes with their "Laughing Stock" and "Spirit of Eden" albums will immediately find themselves seduced by this project's wondrous effervescence. Except whereas Talk Talk emerged from a pop-focused universe into more subdued, experimental surroundings, "Autistic Daughters" has as its protagonists three masters of minimalism and experimentation slowly discovering how to function as a band. "Jealousy and Diamond" is profoundly rich in texture and atmosphere - a delicate Jazz hover permeates the pores of each and every track, while Dean Roberts' guitar grounds the music in an other-worldly folk amalgamation that shimmers with its extreme, hushed beauty. Breathtaking music....

Lusine - Serial Hodgepodge
Ghostly International

Ghostly International have cleverly steered clear of the meandering IDM market, so you'll know from the start that Lusine's latest album is a step above and apart from the electronic tedium over populating the diverse spectrum of music out there. But then Jeff McIlwain (also sometimes known as L'usine or Lusine Icl) has always had a distinct ear for production : fusing layered, carefully honed melodies with a spacious arrangement of drums that he could surely take a trademark out on. So the tracks here are, as ever, instantly recognisable as the work of Lusine, beautifully produced and balanced, soulful, emotive, advanced, moving. But the transitional ambient pieces carefully positioned between tracks hum with a radiance that imbues "Serial Hodgepodge" with a glow that makes this his most astute and complete album to date, another good move from the sharp-shooting ghostly possee. Very good indeed. *Vinyl to follow in the new year* ..

Zorn - All We Can Do Is Enjoy The Ride
Lux Nigra

Michael zorn's second solo album was produced between 2002 and 2004 in his hometown of berlin, in hamburg, and on trains in between. The new album is a touch darker and more detailed than its precursor, yet retains a unique combination of melodic and rhythmic sensibilities that have become zorn's trademark. a tune such as 'morning news' with its thunderous bass and digital steppers' motion is almost instantly recognisable as a zorn production. 'city of industry' allies a comitment to finely machined music with the humanity of string swells, while 'this was supposed to be the future' displays a distinctly berlin complex of intricate bass and drum construction offset by neon focused and utterly sublime melodies. 'multiple choices' revels in the city's well documented predilection for dubwise manoeuvres, 'its been so long' delivers a seismic bass presence and an almost casual melody. From the three bonus cd cuts on offer, 'gone' inhabits a place deep in the night of the city, the title cut seems to straddle the impulses of the album as a whole: futuristic sounds feeling the encouraging tug of their forebears, both forthright and reserved, complex and simple. making music this good seems to come easily to zorn. Highly Recommended for followers of Basic Channel, Monolake, Chain Reaction and all followers of deep, heavy bass-driven machine music....

Bola - Gnayse

Darrell Fitton's long awaited return to Skam finds him at his most subdued and cinematic, despite the traditionally funny title doing its best to throw you off the scent. Wheras the sleeve for Bola's last album "Fyuti" featured Meam's intricately constructed collage of living organisms and sprouting vegetables taking on the guise of nameless insects, "Gnayse" features the same elements shorn of life, decomposed, rotting, fading away. As a representation of the music it works as a good analogy, "Gnayse" is quite easily the most intense and layered work from Fitton yet, futuristic yet almost orchestral in construction, always keeping an eye on its cinemascopic surroundings for effect. It's the classic Bola sound shorn of all excess baggage, reduced to its minimal and evocative core. The result is another classic electronic full-length from a label and an artist that have a number of them already under their belt. Excellent....

Ilkae - Bovine Rearrangement

A bit of a coup for the Merck possee, bringing together a mouthwatering selection of remixers to finish off this Ilkae series in fine style. Contributors include : Isan, Daedelus, Machine Drum, o9, Proswell, Proem, Helios, Lackluster, Tim Koch, Joseph Nothing, Shex, Md, Kettel, Secede, Octopus Inc, Vim and more across 19 tracks of crunchy, intricate and often melodic electronica. Another Merck winner - check!!...

John Tejada - Logic Memory Center
Plug Research

Finally available on cd!!! Ever the innovator, L.A. based DJ John Tejada has finally delivered an album that stands up against his breathtaking EP work, sliding past his critically-acclaimed 2003 minimal techno scorcher Fairfax Sake on Playhouse to deliver an all-digital album. "Logic Memory Center is sort of what I call my computer album," says Tejada of his 10th full-length. "One concept behind it was to move away from my synth work and concentrate on sound design." Somewhere between the funk of Matthew Dear or Luke Vibert and the pragmatic minimalism of Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin, Logic Memory Center caters to those who like their techno deep, demented, and tight. Tejada imbues Logic Memory Center with an air of breaking stylistic ground like Detroit gods Kenny Larkin and Juan Atkins--by shaping elemental electronic sounds and archetypal rhythms into otherworldly, infectious dance music. Tejada also takes cues from his successful past vocal experiments, featuring the demure, sophisticated voice of Kimi Recor of The Invisibles on the moody tech missive "Strange Creatures", Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, The Postal Service) on "Everything Will Be OK", and Carl A. Finlow (Random Factor, Silicon Scally) on "Alone With You.". Although Tejada has made a career of dazzling with collaborations and double-deep dancefloor cuts, this is without doubt his finest and most coherent full-length yet. Highly recommended....

Sickboy - Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist
Tigerbeat 6

Now available on Cd courtesy of Tigerbeat 6. Belgium's mentallist of choice 'sickboy' likes a hard party, and this is its soundtrack. 10 trax of jump-up-gabber rudeness beaten into shape with the help of fellow spazz out freaks donna summer, shitmat and droon and doubtlessly enabled through copious chemical assistance. 15 years of hard partying history are chopped, rolled, snorted and smoked into 180bpm mashups with nuff emphasis on the classic driven gabber kick. The anthems for those that want it are the andrew wk (sweaty student rock ogre) sampling 'party hard' and the purely bent remix of V Snares' 'intense demonic attacks'. Get yer gabber gurn on....

The Wire - Issue 250 - December 2004
The Wire
Mag //

Double-packed 250th issue from The Wire, complete with a fabulous Double CD Wire Tapper including new music from absolutely shedloads of good people (Bark Psychosis, Burnt Friedman, Pita, Aesop Rock, Michaela Melian, The Necks, The Fall, Andrew Pekler, DJ/Rupture, AM/PM, David Grubbs, Bonnie Prince Billy and loads more - 40 tracks in total!!) - all for a bargain price! ..

Zorn - All We Can Do Is Enjoy The Ride
Lux Nigra

Michael zorn's second solo album was produced between 2002 and 2004 in his hometown of berlin, in hamburg, and on trains in between. The new album is a touch darker and more detailed than its precursor, yet retains a unique combination of melodic and rhythmic sensibilities that have become zorn's trademark. a tune such as 'morning news' with its thunderous bass and digital steppers' motion is almost instantly recognisable as a zorn production. 'city of industry' allies a comitment to finely machined music with the humanity of string swells, while 'this was supposed to be the future' displays a distinctly berlin complex of intricate bass and drum construction offset by neon focused and utterly sublime melodies. 'multiple choices' revels in the city's well documented predilection for dubwise manoeuvres, 'its been so long' delivers a seismic bass presence and an almost casual melody. From the three bonus cd cuts on offer, 'gone' inhabits a place deep in the night of the city, the title cut seems to straddle the impulses of the album as a whole: futuristic sounds feeling the encouraging tug of their forebears, both forthright and reserved, complex and simple. making music this good seems to come easily to zorn. Highly Recommended for followers of Basic Channel, Monolake, Chain Reaction and all followers of deep, heavy bass-driven machine music....

Food - Last Supper
Rune Grammofon

New on Rune Grammofon from Arve Henriksen's exceptional Food project! Food was formed at the 1998 Molde international jazz festival when the profiled English sax player Iain Ballamy was invited to perform with three exceptional young norwegian musicians, including the incredibly gifted Arve Henriksen. It soon became clear that the blend of Iain's distinctive saxophone and Arve Henriksen's breathy trumpet textures was the perfect foil for the entrancing bass and drum trips created by Mats Eilertsen and Thomas Stronen. A key aspect to "last supper" is the delicate balance between the melodic and lyrical nature of Ballamy and Henriksen´s playing and the electronic soundscapes that Food started to explore with their previous album "veggie" - all glued together by an astonishing rhythm section. Another boundry-pushing album from one of the most innovative labels and musicians of our day - Highly Recommended....

Hafler Trio - I Didn't Know That's Who You Thought You Were

Beautifully packaged 20 minute epic construction from legendary sound sculptor andrew mckenzie's Hafler Trio. This is the third in a series of limited edition cd's, every copy of this disc comes with a professionally printed photograph taken by andrew mckenzie and housed in deluxe 3 panel screen printed jackets designed by andrew mckenzie and hand printed by neil burke at monoroid press. Limited to 500 copies only

Jarboe - Anhedoniac

A deluxe reissue of jarboe's limited edition private press 1998 album, remastered, with 3 bonus tracks, presented in a six colour, 16 page booklet, with exclusive richard kern photos. This is the third in the atavistic reissue series for the avant auteur / ex-swans / chanteuse Jarboe, deploying her malladjusted dense and disturbing sonic waste with some acoustic guitar based numbers and some harsh pieces like early swans. Heavy going....

Kaada - Patton - Romances

This is the eagerly anticipated follow up to Kaada's debut on Ipecac, `Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time' in which he collaborates with Ipecacs very own honcho and legendary Faith No More / Mr Bungle ringleader Mike Patton. This is a tremendously odd and often beautiful collection of tracks that play around with harmonies, melodies and forms inspired by composers Gustav Mahler, Chopin, Brahms and Liszt. The song titles were chosen from French songs of the 1800', while the tracks reference fifties and sixties sci-fi sound effects. As odd as you'd imagine, and as original as you'd expect. Check!...

Lukas Ligeti - Mystery System

A fabulous string quartet, a dynamic piece for percussion ensemble, a bizarre miniature for string quartet with drum machine and a classic composition for two marimbas from this interesting young composer of hungarian descent, who was raised in vienna, has lived off and on in africa, and now makes his home in new york. Featuring repetitive patterns, complex cross rhythms and a sly sense of humor, mystery system is another brilliant cd of adventurous music from the ligeti family....

Merzbow - Merzbird

Masami Akita, aka merzbow, follow's up 2003's beat oriented "Merzbeat" with this bird-riddled venture into crushing analog beats and weaving noise textures for compositional complexity. Great track titles, good to see the master explore new ground with such command of ferocity with or without beats. Be brave....

Phonophani - Oak Or Rock
Rune Grammofon

Rune Grammofon has probably already secured our label of the year award (if we had such a category) and that's even without talking about the upcoming Scorch Trio, Food & Nils Økland CD's. 'Oak Or Rock' is the third album in 6 years from Espen Sommer Eide following the also recommended 'Genetic Engineering' CD and the hard to find debut for Biosphere's Biophon label. This album is a wonderfully warm and organic cacophony of sound. Not quite microscopic shards of sound fall into place within each track as if composed and played back by a large orchestra. 'A Lion Lies Listening' changes the style with a quite awesome stop/start track, rewiring female vocals, flute and keyboards - the only track I can compare to this is the classic Aphex Twin remix of Nobukazu Takemura. 'The Boiling Fjords Orchestra' is pure nature blasted into sound with what sounds like altered found sound, ascending classical strings, brushed percussion and a hushed Ligeti'esque choir - stunning. Borderline insane vocalist Maja Ratkje quells her more riot fuelling tendancies for a moment to offer vocal samples for the ace 'Cloudberry' which is very reminiscent of the more out tracks on Bjorks 'Medula'. Finally the title track is alive with a ghosted feeling, like listening in to nature's most innermost thoughts. 'Oak Or Rock' - at times reminiscent of Tape from the the Hapna label then at other times you can make out touches of early styles of Pita and Fennesz in the construction. Ten tracks, 43 mins. Another mighty recommendation from Rune Grammofon....

Richard Crandell - Mbira Magic

One of the finest and most accessible releases on Tzadik for some time, Richard Crandell's carefully realised collection of hypnotic and beautiful music for Mbira brings to mind the work of Terry Riley or Harry Partch at their best. A colleague of leo kottke, john fahey and thomas mapfumo, richard crandell has been captivating audiences with his intricate mbira tapestries for years. minimalism meets world music in this charming and delicate series of west coast etudes for modified mbira, like a spritely Gamelan cascade. Highly recommended....

Roberto Juan Rodriguez - Baila! Gitano Baila!

Another charming collection of music from the imaginative mind of composer/performer Roberto Rodriguez, whose first cd El Danzon De Moises is one of tzadik's best sellers. Celebrating the elusive jewish community of cuba, roberto has fashioned an exotic new music that brilliantly blends both latin and jewish traditions. Baila Baila!!...

Scorch Trio - Luggumt
Rune Grammofon

New on Rune Grammofon!! "Raoul Bjorkenheim, the highly original finnish composer and guitarist, is representing the perfect balance between raw electricity and restrained elegance. Here he is paired with norway's hottest young rhythm section in what can only be described as a classic power trio, burning with an untamed, but still focused energy. Bookended by two lenghty tour de force workouts, this is a more varied collection than their selftitled debut from 2002. Björkenheim was raised on hendrix, zappa and other rock music before he discovered miles, coltrane, mingus and eric dolphy. he played in several groups before being invited into the circle around the late, legendary drummer edward vesala to play on three records with him before forming krakatou and recording two strong albums for ecm. He has written film scores and orchestral music, toured everywhere and recorded with bill laswell, henry kaiser, jah wobble, peter erskine, paul schütze, mats gustafsson, nicky skopelitis, lukas ligeti and others. The scope of their improvisational ideas is breathtaking, to be able to both listen and react at this level of intensity is a rare gift." The Wire...

Stronen / Storlokken - Humcrush
Rune Grammofon

New on Rune Grammofon!! This excellent debut release from Supersilent keyboardist Stale Storlokken and Food drummer Thomas Stronen is a quite intense, challenging and exquisite display of modern jazz modifications and skills. "Humcrush" is a set of improvisations recorded live in the studio, more often than not sounding like meticulously composed and programmed pieces of music. The sound here varies between breakneck rhythmical constructions and lyrical beauty and should appeal to Supersilent fans and followers of the most developed electronica, like a cross between Autechre and the backing music employed by Tom Waits. Highly Recommended!...

The Classic Guide To Strategy - Vol 3 : The Fire Book

volume 9 of the 50th birthday celebration series! two outrageous compositions dating from 1978 in brilliant realizations by some of zorn's most illustrious longtime collaborators: the gamecall-hocket etude "hockey" and the first release of his genre twisting game piece "fencing". both were to be recycled many times in future zorn compositions from cobra to cat o'nine tails and are part of the foundation of zorn's compositional vision. also included is his rare and striking solo performance, the classic guide to strategy: the saxophone as you've never heard it before. zorn's unique saxophone style is a microcosm of his entire body of work, and this set of improvisations are some of his best. the basic building blocks of zorn's concepts of compositional form, pacing, juxtaposition, tension and release, sound and silence are revealed here in their rawest possible state....

Thurston Moore / My Cat Is An Alien - From The Earth To The Spheres Vol.1
Very Friendly

CD edition on Very Friendly of the ridiculously limited opax vinyl release (100 only). Thurston Moore starts things off with a 21 minute piece called "american coffin" engaging in improv piano action that recalls both dave burrell's genius on the legendary "echo" lp on jazz actuel and textures on some of stockhausen's wildest masterpieces. the track is fragmented by splinters of sonic feedbacks, howling guitar and every sort of musical collage inserts, all permeated by a cloud of dust and debris. My Cat is an Alien's track is entitled "brilliance in the outer space", - influenced by early american minimalism and the conceptual and philosophical modus operandi of avant-pioneers such as john cage and sun ra. ..

Yamataka Eye / John Zorn - Naninani Ii

Yamataka Eye of the Boredoms and John Zorn first met in tokyo back in 1986. they have travelled together, toured, performed, laughed, cried, recorded and collectively been responsible for some of the strangest music ever conceived. in 1995, nine years after their first meeting, They went into the studio to create one of the first releases in the Tzadik New Japan series: nani nani. in 2003 they returned to the studio to create Naninani ii, a wild and crazy compendium of fragile screams and tender fire. File under: avant garde....

Christina Rosenvinge - Foreign Land
Smells Like Records

Absolutely fabulous new album from Christina Rosenvinge, featuring half of Sonic Youth as her backing band (Steve Shelley and Lee Ranaldo) together with the Soldier String Quartet (who have provided backing for luminaries ranging from john cale to guided by voices), the result is a bitterseet album of supreme skewed pop songs : one part Nouvelle Vague, one part Chanson, one part Masha Qrella or Stina Nordenstam. "Foreign Land" is an absolute must for all of you looking for a perfect pop-folk album to warm the cockles for those long winter evenings. Gorgeous....

Various / Kompakt - Pop Ambient 2005

Featuring the Orb, Gas, Thomas Fehlmann, Triola, Klimek, Andrew Thomas, Markus Guentner, Popnoname, Pass Into Silence, DJ Koze, Peter Grummich and Ulf Lohmann. The time of year is upon us again when the drum machines and sequencers of cologne are allowed to run their course, expiring in a delightful haze of pop ambience. The variety on offer on these excellent compilations has been growing incrementally over the years, proving theirs an implicit and timeless quality inherent in the concept. At the same time, there's always a feint recollection of brother techno, noticed somewhere in the crackling round of strings and fanfares, a guitar without a guitar player, an acid bell or ghostly dancefloor sequence gone horizontal. Pop ambient music does not perpetually require reinventions, nor to change direction - we are actually floating in mid-air, carried by the invisible wind of eternity. o.k., that's all ....

Stark Reality - Now
Stones Throw

Deluxe European only double CD edition of one of Stones Throw's classic back catalogue albums, released alongside recent reissues from Quasimoto, Lootpack and PBW among others. Vibraphone prodigy Monty Stark moved from Oklahoma to Boston in the late 60s to form one of the baddest, weirdest jazz/funk combos of all time. `Now' compiles Stark Reality's ultra-rare LP of Hoagy Carmichael covers (termed the `holy grail' of beat digging) with a bonus disc containing Stark-penned rarities and even a Boston public TV appearance. This is fuzzed out virtuosity at it's left-field finest. Exceptional value for two CDs at a bargain price. ..

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More Morrissey

Stuart Maconie on the Freak Show on 6 Music just mentioned that he spoke to Morrissey earlier in the week.

Morrissey stated that he expects there will be a new album in 2005.

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Brian Eno - CURIOSITIES Volume 2

Now available @ Enoshop a new Brian Eno compilation: CURIOSITIES Volume 2

Unreleased, unfinished and unrealistic tracks from the Eno lab.

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DGM Robert Fripp's Diary mentions that Adam Jones [Tool] and Robert Fripp are recording together.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:48 PM review Alter Ego - Rocker - one of the big dance tracks of 2004.

# posted by DJ Martian 6:32 PM

BBC NEWS report Pink Floyd pupils claim royalties

"We Don't Need No Education" - we just want to cash in !

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San Francisco Chronicle have an article on Fred Frith [found via Avant Music News]

# posted by DJ Martian 5:59 PM

JahSonic provides a brief Post-Punk summary.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:51 PM

ILM are organizing a 2004 poll, your chance to vote: OFFICIAL THREAD FOR 2004 ALBUMS & SONGS POLL

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Saturday, November 27, 2004


6 Mix - Andy Fletcher

This week's 6 Mix on 6 Music features Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode

Broadcast: Sunday 28th November 8pm - 10pm

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Shriekback to release new album in 2005

Mike Coles of malicious damage record label just mentioned on the Killing Joke: The Gathering e-mail list:

the new Shriekback album will be released on malicious damage in the new year

# posted by DJ Martian 4:45 PM

Uncut Magazine - Albums of the Year 2004

Rocklist now have Uncut Albums of the year for 2004. [For the benefit of those that have yet to see this year's list.]

Once again print magazines in the internet music era struggle to represent the diversity of music and also select many boring albums.

Update: With album front covers: Uncut New Albums Of The Year 2004

A list by dfcook
The top 70 albums of 2004 as voted for by the writers of Uncut magazine (Dec 2004 issue)

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Friday, November 26, 2004


This week's Jazz on 3 show: Jazz on 3 - A day at the London Jazz Festival

Broadcast: Friday 26 November 2004 23:30-1:00 (Radio 3)

Jez Nelson takes a trip around many of the events on a day at the London Jazz Festival, talks to those involved and hears some of the highlights, including tonight's main act, Celebrating Tony Williams. Star drummer Jack Dejohnette, guitarist John Schofield and Hammond organist Larry Goldings revisit some of the repertoire of Lifetime, the seventies power trio of John McLaughlin, Larry Young and legendary drummer Tony Williams.

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This week's Mixing It show: Mixing It - 26 November 2004

Broadcast: Friday 26 November 2004 22:15-23:30 (Radio 3)

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall with a double bill from the London Jazz Festival, featuring saxophonist Trevor Watts with percussionist Jamie Harris and chamber rock group Clogs.

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BW & BK report the latest Novembers Doom news: NOVEMBERS DOOM Issue Album Update, Mixing Complete - it's been mixed by the legendary Dan Swano - who is famous for his epic atmospheric sounding production/ mixing.

Novembers Doom are expected to release The Pale Haunt Departure through The End Records in early 2005.

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TrusttheDJ report John Digweed to release Fabric compilation on January 17th.

The 14-track mix itself features work by other Fabric compilers – with both the Soma and Kompakt labels contributing tracks by Slam and Michael Mayer respectively.

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Next week's releases are reviewed @ Norman Records

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Free Guardian CD

This maybe of interest to some Brits, mentioned in the weekly Xfm e-mail newsletter:

Buy the Saturday Guardian this weekend and get a free music CD featuring Paul Weller, the Trashcan Sinatras, Sons and Daughters, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Mull Historical Society, and The Delgados.

Available Saturday 27 November with The Guardian.

Can my copy come without the wretched Weller track ?

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BBC NEWS report Peel autobiography to reach shops next Autumn.

Meanwhile two other publishers have unofficial books on John Peel - that will be in the shops within the next week.

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The Independent interview The Delays

The Delays: Small-town romantics
The Delays' singer, Greg Gilbert, tells Steve Jelbert why he and his brother want to be the Benny and Bjorn of British rock

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The Guardian review Steven Lindsay - Exit Music

People the wrong side of 30 may remember Steven Lindsay in the late 80s melodic artpoprock band The Big Dish

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Almost Cool review Manual And Syntaks - Golden Sun

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BBC NEWS report UK music sees record album sales

UK record companies are celebrating their best ever year for album sales, with a record 237 million sold in the 12 months to September

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New Esbjörn Svensson Trio Album Viaticum

Esbjörn Svensson Trio [also known as e.s.t.] are the most esteemed contemporary European jazz group of the 21st century.

Record label ACT have the press release of the new Esbjörn Svensson Trio album Viaticum due for release on January 24th:

» Viaticum - e.s.t. Esbjörn Svensson Trio - ACT 9015-2

Release Date: 24. January 2005


Esbjörn Svensson – piano
Dan Berglund – bass
Magnus Öström – drums

Track list:

1. Tide Of Trepidation
2. Eighty-eight Days In My Veins
3. The Well-wisher
4. The Unstable Table & The Infamous Fable
5. Viaticum
6. In The Tail Of Her Eye
7. Letter From The Leviathan
8. A Picture Of Doris Travelling With Boris
9. What Though The Way May Be Long

All songs written and produced by e.s.t.
Recorded between August 30 and October 11, 2004 at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, Sweden

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The Independent interview Jan Garbarek: Jan Garbarek: Keeping it current

The saxophonist Jan Garbarek is a giant of jazz. So why is he experimenting with electronica?
By Martin Longley

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LCD Soundsystem

NYC based music writer, Yancey Strickler reviews the debut LCD Soundsystem album - in a track-by-track analysis style.

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

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Garbage - Bleed Like Me

Garbage have a new name for the forthcoming album: Bleed Like Me

The album is due April 2005. According to it will be released on April 4th.

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Thursday, November 25, 2004


Academic Book on Radiohead

Oregon State Daily Barometer Online report Radiohead gets the academic treatment

The result is a collection of essays and writings, "The Music and Art of Radiohead," which will be out January or February 2005.

Details of the book: The Music and Art of Radiohead

[Alerted via Avant Music News]

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All About Jazz review Scorch Trio - Luggumt

Personnel: Raoul Bjorkenheim (electric guitar, electric viola da gamba), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (double-bass, fender bass, electronics), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums, percussion)

Style: Modern Jazz/Free Improvisation

One listen to “Kjøle Høle” on Scorch Trio's sophomore effort, Luggumt, and you quickly realize that this may be one of the most aptly-named groups on the scene today. Blistering in its intensity, the trio combines the searing energy of a rock power trio with the broadest freedom and exploration that jazz has to offer. Kind of like Jimi Hendrix meets Albert Ayler, but with a more elastic Scandinavian time sense.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:06 PM

All About Jazz review Strønen/Storløkken - Humcrush

Personnel: Thomas Strønen (drums, electronics), Ståle Storløkken (keyboards, electronics)

Humcrush is an album that could only have come from the Norwegian nujazz scene, with precedents including the more disturbing textures of Supersilent, the groove-centric work of artists including Bugge Wesseltoft, and the more atmospheric sounds of Eivind Aarset. But equally there is a lineage to Joe Zawinul and especially Sextant and Crossings-era Herbie Hancock.

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All About Jazz review Food - Last Supper on Rune Grammofon

Personnel: Thomas Strønen- drums, electronics; Iain Ballamy- saxophones, electronics; Mats Eilertsen- bass, electronics; Arve Henriksen- trumpet, voice, electronics

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Norway's White Willow Voted #1 Progressive Rock Release of 2004

The Progressive rock community have voted in the Mister Poll: The Global Progressive Rock Top Discs of 2004 Music Poll organized by the weekly Gagliarchives radio show.

Congratulations to Norway's White Willow! #1 Progressive Rock Release of 2004

Selected reviews:

Prog-Nose: WHITE WILLOW - Storm Season

Nice thing about this album is the mixing of different styles into one extremely captivating piece of music. Folk, rock, symphonic rock, gothic rock… they all blend into one another as if it were only normal. Apart from the magic of the cello, White Willow has chosen for heavy guitars, alternating between rock and gothic.

Ground and Sky: WHITE WILLOW - Storm Season

Official website: White Willow

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Primordial name new album: The Gathering Wilderness

BW & BK report the latest Primordial news: PRIMORDIAL Complete Recordings For The Gathering Wilderness

Irish dark metal masters PRIMORDIAL have finished recordings for their upcoming album. The Gathering Wilderness is the band's fifth full length album and their first for Metal Blade Records.

The Gathering Wilderness is due for release on February 7th, 2005.

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Alexander Kowalski - Progress Album Re-Issued

Kanzleramt will re-issue Alexander Kowalski's Progress album in January 2005.

kanzleramt will release a special 3 years anniversary edition of Alexander Kowalski´s "Progress" album the end of January 2005 !

The re-issue of that since longer sold out cd will contain a free bonus disc with about 30 minutes of an earlier Alexander Kowalski Live Set as well as 2 non album tracks. This is the first ever live recording from Alexander officially released ! Track 2 on the bonus disc will be an unreleased radio edit of "Hot Spot" (another big Kowalski club classic) and track 03 "Delicious" also as an unreleased radio edit of it´s vocal mix feat. once more the great Raz Ohara. After already been voted "Album of the Month" and "Album of the year" in various european magazines in 2002, most recently "Progress" was voted by the french Trax magazine as one of the most important electronic albums of all times ! This longplayer is a milestone for Alexander Kowalski, Kanzleramt and the complete genre itself finally available again in this special edition !

# posted by DJ Martian 4:27 PM

BBC Music review Harold Budd - Avalon Sutra

# posted by DJ Martian 2:36 PM

BBC Music review Ame - Ame on Sonar Kollektiv

Meet Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, two amiable switch-doctors from a tiny West German town who, they say, modestly join the dots between Detroit techno, Parisian/NYC deep house and London broken beat.

# posted by DJ Martian 2:34 PM


The Wire provide news on the Subcurrent festival taking place at Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
3-5 February 2005

Acts so far confirmed for next year's Subcurrent festival, co-curated
as before by The Wire's David Keenan, include Tony Conrad, Decaer Pinga,
Double Leopards, Es, Kemialliset Ystävät, Kiila, Virgin Eye Blood
Brothers and Wolf Eyes.

With so many events taking place in Glasgow over the last few years, it surely must be UK's second most important music city after London in the 21st century.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:58 PM

Hyponik & Haywire Xmas Session

Hyponik - Haywire Xmas Bash!! - Fri 17th Dec @ The Elektrowerkz

Two of Londons finest join force for a full on xmas wing ding. Come down and get in the festive spirit with a good old tipple of electro, techno, breaks and grime!

The Haywire & Hyponik Xmas Session:

Room 1

» SI Begg (Novamute)
» Marco Passarani (Peacefrog)
» Plasticman (Terrorrhythm)
» Warlock (Rag n Bone)
» Hyponik DJ's

Room 2

» Radioactiveman (3 hour set)
» DMX Krew (Rephlex/Breakin)
» Scan One (Decks and FX)

Visuals by the new bleep cinema

Friday the 17th December, 2004
10pm - 5am
The Elektrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, Behind Angel Tube station, EC1 /
£12 / £10 NUS

# posted by DJ Martian 1:47 PM

Volcanic Tongue

New mail order operation set up: Volcanic Tongue

Volcanic Tongue is a UK-based mailorder for underground music & associated cultural ephemera. Our focus is basically anything birthed from the fists and throats of free thinking humans worldwide: free folk, new weird america, psych, industrial, experimental, outsider, avant garde, free jazz, minimalism, sound poetry, blues, hillbilly, jugband, noise, punk, bluegrass, american primitive, basement scum, garage punk, etc. Featured labels include Alga Marghen, Apostasy, Child of Microtones, Eclipse, Ecstatic Yod, Ecstatic Peace, De Stijl, Fonal, Glass Eye, Heavy Blossom, Heavy Conversation, HP Cycle, PSF, Qbico, Revenant, Sound@One, Strange Attractors, Time-Lag, Wholly Other, etc. We only stock new items on volcanic tongue

I wonder if David Keenan is involved with this !

# posted by DJ Martian 12:32 AM

Sturmgeist - Solefald's Cornelius Side Project

As long term readers will know Solefald are one of my favourite rock bands of the past ten years - due to their innovative and unique music style. Well Cornelius from Solefald has got involved in a new project: Sturmgeist.

BLABBERMOUTH.NET report STURMGEIST: SOLEFALD Side Project To Release Debut In January

STURMGEIST, [the solo project of SOLEFALD mastermind Cornelius von Jackhelln], will release a debut album, Meister Mephisto on January 24, 2005 on Season of Mist

According to an official press release, the CD, which features guest appearances by members of BORKNAGAR, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and DIABOLIC, "will take you on a hellride to Goethe's Weimar, through the Black Forest and over the mighty Alps. STURMGEIST blends the ambient aggression of Norwegian black metal with the affirmative attitude of the Viking virtues, presenting a lethal soundtrack to any hardcore party."

[alerted via it's a trap]

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


SOUTHERN | word - November

New newsletter from independent music distributor: Southern Records SOUTHERN | word

You can read in this edition :

* A Fabulous competition!
Win loads of CDs and show off your obscure musical knowledge in the

* Forthcoming and new release information
A round-up of all our wonderful treasures.

* Neurot Recordings
An interview with Steve Von Till about the label founded by members of
Neurosis, now a part of the Southern family!

* Fly Pan Am
An interview with the visceral noise artistes from Constellation's
Montreal family.

* Medications
An interview with Dischord's latest find.

* Growing
An epic interview with the epic drone ascension artists who have just
released their epic second album on the epic Kranky label.

* Isis
A fabulously in depth article and interview with the band, done on the
eve of the release of "Panopticon" on Ipecac.

* Lair Of The Minotaur
Traditional metal stalwarts featuring Pelican's Larry Herweg on drums
reveal their most metal thoughts.

* Channels
New band featuring J. Robbins (Burning Airlines, Jawbox, G.I.) and
Darren Zentek (Kerosene 454, Oswego) tell us about their debut EP on
DeSoto Records.

* Gig Reviews
- Todd play on a boat in the Thames

* Now Playing and Top Ten lists
- Find out what goes round and round in the Southern offices in
London, Berlin and Chicago.

Source: Above summary from Southern e-mail newsletter

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Splendid review Lazarus - Like Trees We Grow up to Be Satellites (The Backwards America)

# posted by DJ Martian 3:02 PM

Splendid review Khonnor - Handwriting

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Blazinvibes report Goldfrapp are recording a new album, for a projected Summer 2005 release.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 AM

The Guardian on The Beta Band: 'I always thought we'd be as big as Radiohead'

What happens when a group £1.2m in debt tours for the last time? Dave Simpson joins the Beta Band to find out

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Stylus review Triola - Fünftonraum

# posted by DJ Martian 10:33 AM

Terrorizer - December 2004 Issue #126

New issue of Terrorizer has Nightwish on the front cover.

Details of this issue: Terrorizer Issue #126


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Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 103/ 24.11.04]

This week's Kultureflash

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

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Festive 50 Vote Reminder

You have until the end of November to vote 3 tracks in Festive 50 2004 Vote

Any track newly released in 2004 [album track or single]/ or indeed a John Peel 2004 session track is eligible.

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John Peel Night on Radio 1 - 16th December

John Peel Night on Radio 1 [see website for full schedule]

BBC Radio 1 will pay tribute to the late John Peel through a night of live music to be broadcast on Thursday 16th December from 7pm.

The night will be hosted by Steve Lamacq and come from the world famous BBC Maida Vale studios, the scene of many a Peel Session.

Throughout the evening every studioat Maida Vale will be taken over as a whole host of bands perform and talk about John and the music he loved.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:17 AM

Vote: The 2004 Annual Nightingale Awards

For dance music fans, your chance to vote in Radio 1's Annie Nightingale: The 2004 Annual Nightingale Awards

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


This week's flavourpill LONDON an email magazine covering music, art, and cultural events

# posted by DJ Martian 11:46 PM

New Releases @ Piccadilly Records - for week commencing November 22nd

Some new releases listed in the weekly guide [via e-mail] from Manchester's music emporium: Piccadilly Records

The Arcade Fire - Funeral

Get ready for a splendid new band, everybody. This is a massive album, from the label that's brought us American Music Club, Lou Barlow, Magnetic Fields, East River Pipe and Lambchop. Their sound is a mixture of Canadian folk, new-wave disco beats, quirky David Byrne-ish vocals, Pixies' agression, Mercury Rev's sense of magic, big band drama, organic chamber pop and just an all round multi-instrumental sense of anything's possible, that you'll be setting up your own toy orchestra and playing along. Though talented players, and loads play on this record, it's this sense of fun and cookiness that pervades; this lot are clever but well beyond cool. It's music ripe with the joys of music-making. And the songs are really catchy. That always helps. Maybe chuck a bit of Sugarcubes and a bit of New Order even, into their melting pot, stir in with crashing operatic crescendos and tiny, sweet lullabies and you'll be a little bit nearer to the sound of this band. They're making a splash Stateside. It's obvious why.

Chris Brokaw - I Was Born But... OST

For his third full-length solo release, Chris Brokaw teams with acclaimed New York filmmaker Roddy Bogawa on the film score for Bogawa's third feature length. Brokaw's (The New Year, Consonant, Come, Evan Dando Band, Codeine, Steve Wynn) instrumental score for electric and acoustic guitars and percussion, by turns pensive, combative and hypnotic, embraces and propels the film while standing alone as bracing and compulsive listening. A free flowing series of memoirs, "I Was Born, But..." touches upon issues of memory, mourning, place and identity.

Delays - Lost In A Melody
Rough Trade

Mad Eighties synth riffs, a stomping, jerky but funky groove: what's happening? Delays have got the dance bug and made a clattering, brash but still sung-like-a-girl (and therefore excellent) one-off single. They've surprised us. Not many bands do.

CDS - RTRADSCD197 - limited cheap price
The CD single also includes "Wanderlust" and "Lost In A Melody (Tom Middleton Cosmos Remix)" and comes in lovely shiny silver packaging!

The Fall - A Part Of America Therein, 1981
Castle Music

An expanded edition of this classic Fall live album recorded on their second American tour in the summer of 1981. Includes four bonus tracks, "Middle Mass", "The Container Drivers", "Session Musician" and "Your Heart Out".

The Prefects - Amateur Wankers

The Prefects, are the great coulda-shoulda been post-punk band of the late 70s. Rubbing shoulders with Wire, Joy Division, the Slits, and the Clash, the Prefects garnered critical acclaim for both their terse and witty punk outbursts and their intense art / post-punk experiments. This CD collects for the first time ever their complete studio recordings plus two live tracks for the definitive Prefects collection.

Rebelski - Play The School Piano
Twisted Nerve

Rebelski is, as I'm sure you know, the keyboard player with the Doves. This single is the first track to be taken from his second solo album. Whilst his acclaimed debut album (released on Heavenly in 2003) was beautiful rolling electronic instrumentals, here are the first fruits of his decision to bring guest vocalists and acoustic instruments into the mix. This track materialized after several meetings between Martin Rebelski and Montgolfier Brother Roger Quigley. They swapped covert ideas and vocal lines until each was satisfied with the end result. Rebelski's rolling piano compliments perfectly Roger's half-whispered, half-implied vocal as if the two men were side by side in a studio somewhere.
The CD single includes "Everything A Pound" and "Two Cans And A Piece Of String".

Arthur Russell - World Of Echo

Out of print for over fifteen years, Arthur Russell's most extraordinary work, "World Of Echo" is issued for the first time on CD by Audika Records with previously unreleased bonus material and a DVD of rare video filmed by Phil Niblock. Originally released on LP in 1986, "World Of Echo" is a deeply meditative and seductive work of awe-inspiring beauty, grace and passion. Arthur's aim was to achieve what he calls 'the most vivid rhythmic reality', with just cello, voice, and echoes - 'In outer space you can't take your drums - you take your mind'.
2xCD - AU1002-3 - - limited cheap price
Ultra-limited deluxe CD / DVD package in long box with full colour glossy booklet and bonus tracks not on original LP. 300 copies only!!

Solex - The Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock

Everything you know about Solex remains true; the one-woman juggernaut otherwise known as Elisabeth Esselink creates her percolating rock tunes out of samples and loops; and she's a blazing wit whose music, lyrics and song titles betray a cutting sense of humor. This, Solex's first new album since 2001's "Low Kick And Hard Bop", thus provides continuity, but there are also quite a few new tricks up the proverbial Solex sleeve. Expect to hear live instrumentation, male vocals and a record-closing space jam that extends nearly seven minutes. For many of the songs, the well-known sample manipulator recorded guitar, drum and bass parts, then spliced them into memorable melodies, jolting rhythms and irresistible grooves.

Soulsavers - Closer EP
San Quentin

The Soulsavers music is a synapse-shattering blitzkrieg: a convergence between the lysergic hypnosis of Massive Attack and the melodic malevolence of My Bloody Valentine; a meeting of Primal Scream's righteous ire and DJ Shadow's adventures into hi-fi; a rough-edged, yet fragile, symbiosis of the cut and paste antics of the Beastie Boys and the fractured beats of the Aphex Twin. This six track EP / CD single takes us through Axelrod / Shadow-style filmic psyche-breaks, intimate spoken word cuts that hint at Alice Coltrane's Eastern jazz epics, and sweeping downbeat lushness.

Various Artists / Beneath The Surface - A Bella Union Sampler
Bella Union

This sampler is a compilation of the latest signings by Bella Union. All tracks are taken from the albums released in the last 12 months! The track-listing is an indication of the diverse selection of bands championed by the label (The Dears, Explosions In The Sky, Laura Veirs, Trespassers William and more).

Various Artists / England's Dreaming

To coincide with the European publication of Jon Savage's book 'England's Dreaming', which chronicled the punk revolution of the 1970s, Trikont Records of Germany release this compilation of international classics from the years before, during and after Punk 1970-1979. Compiled and liner notes by Jon Savage. Includes tracks from: Iggy And The Stooges, Electric Eels, Patti Smith, Ramones, The Saints, Penetration, Devo, Buzzcocks, Wire, Residents, The Germs, The Dils, The Avengers, The Diodes, The Weirdos, The Zeros, Eno & Snatch, The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire, The Urinals, Bizarros, Metal Urbain, X-Ray-Spex, Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Adverts.

Burmese - Men

San Francisco-based Burmese spew forth a bile stuffed plume of thick dirge on their third full length. Recorded by Weasel Walter this blackened-to-the-core slab manages to fuse the bleak Whitehouse (the band not the building) world vision to an underwater plastic explosive dolphin attack on all that is right and just with family values. The sounds here tend to generate comparisons to the likes of the early dirge style of the Swans and Eyehategod except that Burmese use two drums and two basses.

Cul De Sac / Damo Suzuki - Abhayamudra
Strange Attractors

"Abhayamudra" is a two CD collection of what Cul De Sac and Damo Suzuki consider to be the best moments of the 45 dates they played recently together - nearly 138 minutes of stunning psychedelic avant mayhem. Cul De Sac refract clusters of electronics, sorrowful violin and genre-defying surf / middle eastern guitar over chugging bass and astounding polyrhythms, while Suzuki concocts his vocal somersaults over the affair, manipulating the direction of the tunes like it was liquid in a vessel. "Abhaymudra" immortalizes some very special moments captured on stage.

Excepter - Ka

Excepter is the new group spearheaded by J F Ryan, former electric tree branch swinger for the No-Neck Blues Band. Guaranteed to make you dream in colour!! Gone is the clattery, free folk hippy drum circle jams of the No Neck Blues Band, and in their place, haunting, throbbing, gothic soundscapes of sequenced drones and haunting vocals, muted pulsing grooves, like Can jamming at the bottom of a pool.

Excepter - Vacation / Forget Me

Excepter is the new group spearheaded by J F Ryan, former electric tree branch swinger for the No-Neck Blues Band. Guaranteed to make you dream in colour!! Gone is the clattery, free folk hippy drum circle jams of the No Neck Blues Band, and in their place, haunting, throbbing, gothic soundscapes of sequenced drones and haunting vocals, muted pulsing grooves, like Can jamming at the bottom of a pool.

Flossin - Lead Singer

The sounds on Flössin's debut full length are not accidental, nor are they created by 18 people all playing shitty alternative rock - they are created by three stunning improv musicians, Christopher Willits, Zach Hill (Hella), and Miguel Depedro (kid606), who play off echother like some uber modern jazz trio. The combined history and previous efforts of these three artists becomes the soil from which new, prickly forms emerge.

Gang Gang Dance - Gang Gang Dance

'The calculated noise collective' unleashes improvisatory near-tribal voices against an erratic and crumbling wall of clashing rhythms, alongside the likes of the Sightings, Animal Collective, Double Leopards, and Excepter, Gang Gang Dance are carving a solid niche for themselves in the new noise field, taking their cues from Can, and Sunburned Hand Of The Man.

Kites / Prurient - Load Split Series #4

Another jammed elevator mismatch between two of Providence, RI's hottest pedal jackers and circuit board melters. Kites have a record out on Load already and this side of the split evokes a crunchy square toned melodic flair with organic almost organ fueled Disneyland melodies. Prurient is another Providence based sound artist doing low toned rumble jammed up against cassette culture screech. Live shows are a blur of power and volume.

The CD version of the previously lp only release. Features a bonus collaboration track between Kites and Prurient.

Sightings - Arrive In Gold

On Load records, and seemingly part of a whole new avant noise scene featuring the likes of Gang Gang Dance, Animal Collective, Double Leopards, Excepter and more. Imagine Can melded with Throbbing Gristle and Sunburned Hand Of The Man.

Stars Of The Lid - Avec Laudenum

Originally released on Sub Rosa in 2000, this ultra classic Stars Of The Lid album has been out of press for years. An expansive and ambitious album, this at the same time is probably Stars Of The Lid's most cohesive and accessible album, a moving work struck through with subtle melodies and a compositional aesthetic.

Telephone Jim Jesus - A Point To Far To Astronaut

"A Point To Far To Astronaut" is the debut album from Restiform Bodies member and Sole producer Telephone Jim Jesus. It's a psychedelic collage of spacey samples, droning synths, hard-hitting drums, pretty guitar riffs and sweet piano melodies, interwoven with surreal poetry pieces (sounding like they're recorded from a dictaphone source). Includes contributions from Pedestrian and Passage.

Various Artists / Kompilation

A superb double CD from Kranky featuring 21 tracks and over 148 minutes of music from 18 artists at one cheap as chips price!! A diverse sample of sounds past, present and future from the Kranky katalogue. Includes Stars Of The Lid, Pan American, The Dead Texan, Growing, Charalambides, Out Hud, Jessica Baliff and many more.

Various Artists / Team Kitty-Yo 1994 - 2004
Kitty Yo

Celebrating Kitty-Yo's ten year anniversary, "Team Kitty-Yo" features exclusives from, amongst others, Gold Chains and Sue Cie, Maximilian Hecker, Jimi Tenor, Tarwater and Kante, plus a free bonus CD. The first disc of the CD version is a collection of unreleased material by both new and established Kitty-Yo artists, offering a thrilling view of Kitty-Yo's future releases. It includes exclusive tracks by Tarwater, Rechenzentrum, Raz Ohara, Taylor Savvy, Sex In Dallas, Rhythm King And Her Friends and Maximilian Hecker mingle with new input from Kitty-Yo freshmen Jay Haze, Richard Davis and Spyritual. The second, bonus CD was perceived as a 'Thank You' to those who have supported the label during the last decade. It features rare and unreleased tracks from Tarwater, Peaches and Gonzales, Kante, Louie Austen, Rhythm King And Her Friends, Sex In Dallas, To Rococo Rot, Raz Ohara, Rechenzentrum, Preed and more.

Various Artists / The Soulsavers Soundsystem - Staring At The Radio Staying Up All Night

You all know that we're suckers for mix CDs here at Piccadilly, and our all time favourites just happen to come from the Soulsavers. So what do we get this Christmas? A brand new double disc, 81 track Soulsavers mix! Taking its name from a Beastie Boys lyric, "Staring At The Radio Staying Up All Night" is their most complete set yet, blending famous breaks, obscure soul, psyche rock, swamp funk and the odd favourite from the "Fear & Loathing" series for the most dynamite live mixed cornucopia of exotic block rocking sounds ever.

Agnostic Front - Another Voice
Nuclear Blast

New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front have outlived contemporaries such as Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Black Flag and are, on this evidence, still capable of producing a very mean noise. It's all here; the trademark sledgehammer rhythms, chainsaw guitar hooks and street anthem choruses. Produced by Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta, and featuring Terror's Scott Vogel and Karl Bleuchner of Earth Crisis.

The Tower Recordings - The Galaxies’ Incredibly Sensual Transmission..

Almost a precursor and defiantely a reference point to the whole 'new weird folk' scene that is in abundance in the USA right now, TTR members include PG Six, Samara Lubelski, Tim Barnes, Dean Roberts, Andre Vida, Helen Rush, Matt, very much a sum of some very special parts. If you like Devendra, Six Organs Of Admittance, Espers, Vetiver etc then you need this.

Declaime - Conversations With Dudley
Up Above

Brand new studio album by Declaime aka Dudley Perkins to follow "Andsoitisaid" (Superrappin, 2001) and "A Lil Light" (Stones Throw, 2003). Produced by Oh No The Disruptor (whose Stones Throw album dropped early October '04) and his brother Madlib of Quasimoto, Yesterday's New Quintet, Jaylib and Madvillain fame, it's a typically weird-out hip hop selection. Features Wildchild (Lootpack), Medaphoar (Stones Throw), Lil Dap (Group Home) and Grand Agent. Includes the highly acclaimed singles "Still Waters", "Life" and his brand new 12" "Heavenbound".

Various Artists / Soundbites - A Cookshop Compilation

Featured on this bargain price compilation are 14 exclusive tracks from the six core Cookshop masterchefs, displaying the taste of their palette. It includes jazzed-out cinematic outings from head chef Lost Idol (also of Pork Recordings), dancefloor beats and atmospherics from La Femme, lush sampladelic cuts from Digital Midgets, cheeky electronic excursions by Johnathan Krisp and deeper, dubbier gear by Mr Candu.

Various Artists / Stones Throw 101
Stones Throw

The complete collection of Stones Throw's music videos, produced by Davon Ramos, producer of DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's "Product Placement" DVD, and overseen by Stones Throw's founder Peanut Butter Wolf. This is the first time on DVD for videos and features by heroes such as MF Doom, Madlib, Jay Dee and Lootpack, running from the classic to the unknown and the unreleased. Contains the smash Madvillain video "All Caps", plus BET favourites by Jaylib, Wildchild and Dudley Perkins. Madvillain's previously unreleased "Rhinestone Cowboy" video also premieres here.

Lemon Jelly - Stay With You

"Stay With You" is the first indication of the sound of new Jelly material taken from their upcoming LP "64-95", due in 2005, and as ever it's a rather lovely semi-acoustic track powered by a "Get A Move On" style jazz-house break, sampling Gallagher & Lyle's "I Wanna Stay With You". If you missed the 12" promos, now's your chance to get this track. Ditto if you missed the Bad Company "Feels Like Making Love" sampling "Rolled" from the hessian covered "Rolled Oats" 45, which is also here. Lastly (on the 10" and CD single at any rate) there's the sitar-tastic "The Fruity Track".
CDS - IFXLS201CD - - limited cheap price
CD single includes "Stay With You", "Rolled" and "The Fruity Track".

Electric Company - Creative Playthings

"Creative Playthings" goes where no mere IDM record ever could; guaranteed authentic polyphony, actual harmonic discourse on every damn tune, and melody up the yin-yang.

McEnroe - 5 Years In The Factory
Vertical Form

McEnroe's album hits the streets courtesy of Vertical Form, an alternative, cutting edge blast of paranoia, comedy and nu millenial observations from Canada.

Keep On - Vol 1 Issue 4

The UK's most underground magazine devoted to house, disco and beyond. Articles and interviews include Brennan Green, Osunlade (by our own Jon Freer), Larry Heard, Daniel Wang, Morgan Geist, Patrick Adams, Boo Williams, Kenny Carpenter, Dave Lee on Italian Boogie and charity shop killers!

Plan B - Issue 3 - December / January

Great writing again from Everett True's standard bearing magazine. This issue features: LCD Soundsystem, The Mae Shi, TV On The Radio, John Peel, RTX, The Ex, Nick Cave, Avenue D, UK hip hop and Jandek.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:30 PM

Intuitive Music report Matthew Dear and Swayzak Tour the US and Canada in December.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:52 PM

Pan Sonic - Finnish State Art Award

Intuitive Music report Pan Sonic Get Prestigious Award

# posted by DJ Martian 1:42 PM

Stylus review Nels Cline Singers - The Giant Pin

# posted by DJ Martian 1:20 PM

Pitchfork review Turing Machine - Zwei

# posted by DJ Martian 1:18 PM

Pitchfork review Jóhann Jóhannsson - Virðulegu forsetar

Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson returns in the wake of last year's beautiful Englabörn, attempting something altogether different, and succeeding proudly. Where Englabörn showcased pop-song length chamber pieces bowed across liquid string sections, Virðulegu forsetar is one hour-long piece in four parts for trumpets, french horns, and tubas. Though it repeats only one series of notes, the piece-- like William Basinski's Disintegration Loops-- continually undergoes remarkable shifts in mood and feel, as Jóhannsson invests the refrain with a host of different meanings by slowing it down, shifting the pitch, setting it next to unusual drones, and making it disappear completely for minutes on end.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:18 PM inteview The Raveonettes - who discuss their forthcoming album.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:08 PM

Monday, November 22, 2004


Eternal Fusion on SpydaRadio

The latest Eternal Fusion show is now available to listen online @ Eternal Fusion

Streaming available on demand until replaced with new show.

Monday 22nd November 2004


Negativland - 'The Gun & The Bible'
Fila Brazillia - 'Sidearms & Parsnips'
Autistic Daughters - 'Spend It On The Enemy (While It Was Raining)'
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Cannibal's Hymn'
Psapp - 'Rear Moth'
Ulrich Schnauss - 'A Strangely Isolated Place'
Boom Bip - 'From Left To Right'
Subtle - 'Eye Wash'
Roni Size - 'Rise Up'
Tortoise - 'Tin Cans (Puerto Rican Mix)'
Craig Taborn - 'Shining Through'
Supersilent - '4.3'
Groundtruther - 'Arctic Circle'
Charlie Hunter Trio - 'Lulu's Crawl'
Weather Report - 'Teen Town' (Live)
Tarentel - 'Everywhere The Damn Echo'
Henry Flynt - 'Echo Rock'
Pram - 'Sea Swells & Distant Squalls'
Terrestrial Tones - 'West Indian Day Parade'
Urdog - 'Ice On Water'
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - 'Let's Build A Campfire There'
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer - 'Istanbul Drift'
Lars Horntveth - '1. Lesson In Violin'
The Dead Texan - 'When I See Scissors, I Cannot Help But Think Of You'
Tuxedomoon - 'A Home Away'
Acid Mothers Temple - 'Minstrel In The Galaxy'

Source: Eternal Fusion e-mail

# posted by DJ Martian 10:24 PM

Moby's March Hotel

Mute announce Moby will release a new album: Hotel on March 14th.

# posted by DJ Martian 5:24 PM review Produced By Trevor Horn

# posted by DJ Martian 12:14 PM

Splendid interview Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is an unclassifiable experience, a cross between avant garde theater and metallic-art-performance rock. They are a collective, rolling into unsuspecting towns in a tour bus, unpacking a devilish collection of self-invented instruments, costumes and paraphernalia, and leading the locals in a wild celebration of anarchy. Borrowing members from Faun Fables, the Tin Hat Trio, Charming Hostess, Skeleton Key and the now defunct Idiot Flesh, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is a super-agglomeration of weird and wonderful talents. Their newest record, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of Natural History, is a vortex of creative destruction, leaping from god to the devil, from the Futurists' love affair with technology to the Unabomber, from quasi-operatic story songs about cockroaches to percussion-driven, groove-oriented paeans to the apocalypse. It is not exactly casual listening, and, under exactly the right circumstances (ask George Zahora for details), it can damn near kill you.

I recently spoke to Nils Frykdahl, a founding member and leader of SGM's philosophically-driven full-frontal attack, about all of this and more. It was one of the more challenging and interesting interviews I've ever done for Splendid.

# posted by DJ Martian 12:09 PM

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