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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Almost Cool review Harold Budd / Eraldo Bernocchi - Music For 'Fragments From The Inside'

# posted by DJ Martian 9:57 PM

Almost Cool review Pelican - The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw

# posted by DJ Martian 9:52 PM

Marillion have announced a UK/ European tour this November/ December.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:32 PM

Reminder, this week's The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 features:

August 2nd
Glade Special
Two Lone Swordsmen + Cylob

# posted by DJ Martian 9:25 PM

This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat [Week Commencing August 1st 2005]

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

The Exposures (Jan Jelinek) - Lost Recordings 2000-2004
Eastern Developments

Wonderful, mysterious new side project from Jan Jelinek for Prefuse 73's Eastern Developments label. Imagine a finger clicking r'n'b obsessed sampling freak on the glitch controls and you'll more or less have some idea about what to expect here. Despite the humorous misleading liner notes giving you the full story on "The Exposures" many of you fellow Farben obsessives will have already made the link via the 2002 "Avec the Exposures' EP on Scape. This downtempo mini album (8 tracks in 25 mins) is frighteningly good in it's simplicity and uncluttered realistaion, something many artists of jelinek's ilk would do well to take note of. Imagine Dabrye's 'One/Three' given the Farben treatment with a heavy dose of glitched jazz samples and that's the recipe for this killer album. A fabulous release from one of the most effortlessly talented glitch-meisters on the scene, something fans of jelinek, farben and even Prefuse 73 should check out without delay. Essential purchase....

Kschzt - The Earth's Hum

Treating the impending vowel shortage with admirable seriousness, 'The Earth's Hum' is ex-Merck fella MD's first LP for the Blasé imprint. With an IDM draped sound that will be familiar to any follower of the scene, Kschzt takes his wire-bothering very seriously without straying into po-faced territory. Opening with '17 June 2003', Kschzt peppers the twinkly backdrop with a healthy buckshot of glitch that refrains from fidgeting long enough to achieve a sound somewhere between Bola and Frog Pocket. Elsewhere, 'Horse & Spline' goes for the misfiring electronic/sun-blushed wash approach, 'Konstellia' dabbles in some scattered beats and electro-pop synth shards, whilst 'Varkain' gets out the talcum powder and chucks some glitch-funk shapes. Admittedly it's nothing new, but, well..its alright y'know?...

Anderegg - When Rectangles Roll Under Cities

From 2001 this week we bring you the first albums from Mountains members Aero and Anderegg, both different again from their more recent work. Brendon Anderegg's multi instrumentalist talent here lends itself to structuring many different elements into a whole. Drifts, tones, bleeps, bass throbs and so much more. Equally at home in your classic musique concrete selection it would also fit into one of your Philip Jeck digipacks - lovely stuff. The second and final track, the 6 part, 23 minute 'When Rectangles Roll Under Cities' is pure organic electronics, quite simply the most personal and inspired beautifying of improv/abstraction that I've heard in a long time. Next week the last Apestaartje catalogue round up before we all look forward to the second part of The Mountains recording sessions due out before the end of the year. Highly recommended....

Blindfold - Blindfold

Due to a linguistic quirk within the development of the Icelandic language, it is possible for contemporary Icelanders to read and perfectly understand texts that date back almost 1000 years providing everyone with an undiluted, tacit link to their nations past. I have often wondered whether this language factor plays at least some part in the coherent feel (if not sound) of much of the music emanating from the island in recent years, the newest addition to which is Reykjavik's Blindfold. Best known as Biggi from Static Caravan's Ampop, Blindfold's eponymous debut opens with 'Intro(vert)'; a collection of glowing instrumentronica whose delicate foregrounds and dripping clicks can't help but bring to mind Mum. Similarly 'Sleepless Night's may have overt shades of Manual and even Ulrich Schnauss in its perfectly appointed indietronica, but it's the Sigur Ros connection which burns through the clouds as off kilter vocals become offset against broad, sun-blushed tundra's. Elsewhere 'Daze' borrows the orchestral manoeuvres of Telefon Tel Aviv, 'Blindfold' references everyone from the Doves to Bola, whilst 'Don't Despair' is a sleepy Mogwai. Closing with the Slowdive indebted 'Pokubornin (Foggy Children)', Blindfold have made a gorgeously textured album whose aural Putsch is impossible to resist. Lovely....

Felt (Slug & Murs) - A Tribute To Lisa Bonet

The first truly great hip hop album of the latter half of 2005 is here. With the subliminal attention passing from Miss Ricci to Miss Bonet Slug and Murs drop a full pimped out fifteen tracker running 50 mins. Killer fat production from Ant with wicked live touches like bass and keys on nuff tracks like the incredible 'Your Mans and Them'. Other ill tracks go by the dope names of 'Gangster Ass Anthony', 'I Shot Andy Warhol', ' Morris Day' and 'Breaker Down Like A Shotgun'. I doubt a more enjoyable hip hop album will be released this year. A very high recommendation....

Odawas - The Aether Eater

If you openly announce an album's concept as being the journey of "a Camus-type anti hero, hurtled into space to be mocked and finally humbled", then title your songs 'Virgil', 'The Bones of Pangea' and 'The Unnamed Sphinx', it seems pretty likely people are going to associate you with the type of musicians who wear capes on stage. Yet (thankfully) Indiana based Odawas' actual music seems to consummately avoid such pitfalls, with nary a Patrick Stewart voiceover in sight. Combining garage rock, avant-rythms and a choleric mix that shrouds the songs' nuclei with a miasma of whale songs and distortion, Odawas nonetheless manage to grab you early on with a whole punnet of cunningly disguised pop melodies. Whilst their pretentious lyrics reveal a familiarity with Dostoyevsky, Odawas do seem to have a sense of their potential ridiculousness, tapering any indulgence with a dash balanced musical frippery. So whilst 'The Astronaut' clatters about like The Doors jamming in the next room and 'If It Smells Like A Rain Cloud' sticks a propulsive rhythm section under some swooping rock & roll, it is the Wayne Cohen-esque vocals and syrupy production of album closer 'Virgil' that reveals the most. I repeat; no capes......

Et Sans - Par Noussss Touss Les Trous De Vos Cranes
Alien 8

With a title that got Google's language translation programme sweating bricks (holes and craniums were in there somewhere...), 'Par Noussss...' is the follow up to 2002's debut and sees Et Sans' core members of Roger Tellier-Craig (Fly Pan Am, Godspeed! You Black Emperor) and Alexander St-Onge (Shalabi Effect) bolstered by three new additions (Stephen De Olivera, Felix Morel and Sophie Trudeau). With a line-up like that, 'Par Nousssss...' could easily have turned into a Constellation love-in and it's to the band's credit that they know just when to leave a composition in order not to cripple its potential under a rimy cloak of orchestral drone. Running the spectrum from sparse electronically informed prologues, right through to cacophonous aural disintegration, Et Sans display a malignant strain of aural power that comes together in a striking sermon. Best consumed as a whole, the extended pieces will sate the appetite of anyone with an interest in the members original guises, as well as those who like their music intelligent and choleric....

Fursaxa - Lepidoptera

"In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground's where I spent most of my days..." Trust me; I could go on, but I'm sure Fursaxa (aka Tara Burke) has heard it all before. Harking from the Fresh Prince's hometown, Fursaxa produces enviably eclectic compositions that combine fuggy psych and caramelised vocals, resulting in a sound that always appears just out of sight. Opening with the choirs and organ smudge of 'Freedom', Burke then shifts our focus to the petulant chimes and abstract pipes of 'Purple Fantasy'. Undoubtedly extracted from similar lineage to Susumu Yokota, 'Purple Fantasy' allows the apparently unfocused structures to assume a sentient shape, before slipping into the ebbing Acid Temple Mothers-lite pysch rock of 'Velada'. Peaking on the sublime accordion rectitude of 'Moonlight Sonata', Burke is able to coax a myriad of pictures from a consciously restrictive palate. On 'Poppy Opera' this translates into a song which starts off like the Velvet Underground, indulges in a Mogwai slowbuild before taking off with The Birds for a grand, panoramic view. Closing on the Eastern European-inflected 'Una De Gato' (a lost twin of Tusia Beridze?), 'Lepidoptera' is a pink-hued journey that you'll want to keep getting lost on. Lovely jubbly....

Mecha Fixes Clocks - Orbiting With Screwdrivers
Alien 8

Looking not unlike Vincent Gallo on his arty cover shot, Mecha Fixes Clocks is Michel F. Cote and a whole host of contributors from the Montreal experimental scene, including Lou Babin, Jean Derome, Diane Labrosse and Bernard Poirier. Described as 'ambient improv', 'Orbiting With Screwdrivers' isn't as lacking in structural cohesion as that may suggest. Whilst opening composition 'Disability For E Motion' is certainly bellicose in it's untethered musings (a hint of The Hafler Trio?), 'Planet Genre Specific' is much firmer, taking electronically reconstituted beats and swan-song strings, then allowing them the right to ramble. With a distinct John Cale aftertaste on 'Repa's Clicking Hands' and more than a fleeting glimpse of the Boxhead Ensemble on 'Nano Rotary For Nothing', Mecha Fixes Clocks have produced a work that is obtuse and cerebral whilst remaining eminently listenable....

I.A. Bericocher - Rojo

With Rojo I.A. Bericochea gives lifeless machines a sense of humanity, injecting character and warmth into the coolest depths of their binary makeup. Interestingly, Bericochea didn't really attack electronic music until recently. In 1999 a friend turned him onto Richie Hawtin's Concept series and he was immediately taken with its use of intense bass and stereo effects. It wasn't long after that Bericochea dropped out of the Physics program at the University of Madrid, bought a computer and began composing his own tiny symphonies in the digital realm. Now he takes his influence from John Coltrane, minimalist composer Erik Satie and Tango king Osvaldo Pugliese, adding to the already complex arrangements of his first release for Minus. While Rojo may be an allusion to Pugliese (his orchestra always left a red carnation on his piano during his blacklisted absence,) Bericochea contends that the color refers to the heart and living emotions, those things that deliver far more feeling than any circuit ever could

Niederflur - Nd4

ND4 collects Niederflur's examinations of the depths of german minimalism as they sample its natural acoustics, machine manifestations and other sounds indigenous to the platforms of the Teutonic unterwelt. The duo of Hannes Wenner and Christopher Bleckmann compose human-like, emotive passages from stark field recordings of the U-Bahn while embracing their city's mechanical current. Niederflur rides the rails of rhythm and repetition to a Zen-like, hypnotic effect. Their obsession with movement, precision and efficiency reaches a new height in minimal docu-techno....

Recloose - Hiatus On The Horizon

Now operating with a similar palate and outlook to Tosca, New Zealand's Recloose produces electro-pepped soul covered in a warm Myelin sheath which, although undoubtedly engaging, doesn't tackle the mind as much as it does the feet. Opening with a glitter-fuelled re-reading of Tejada's Plug Research excursions, 'Landed' combines its superficial shine with two fantastic vocal performances from Justin Chapman and Genevieve Marenette which will be welcome balm to anyone fond of Rosin Murphy, Dani Siciliano or Galia Durant. Whilst at times coming across a little too airbrushed (see 'Still Beyond Me' and 'Dust'), Recloose includes enough pep to keep you interested, with the ratchet-beat House makeover of 'Turkish Delight' and 'Makutu Man's appropriation of a Jimi Tenor/Talking Heads collaboration, worthy of a special mention....

Richie Hawtin / Pete Namlook - From Within I

Part 1. Reissues of these collaborations; the first 3 volumes of which were originally issued by the Fax label. "The fusion of electronic masters Richie Hawtin and Pete Namlook has set its own course of time and tone. Three chapters of musical departure and introspection have made these three albums some of the most sought after ambient recordings of the last decade. Elements of classical, jazz, atmospheric and world rhythms are all present, brought together by analog and digital synthesis. Hawtin and Namlook are currently planning the fourth and final installment....

Richie Hawtin / Pete Namlook - From Within Ii

Part 2. Reissues of these collaborations; the first 3 volumes of which were originally issued by the Fax label. "The fusion of electronic masters Richie Hawtin and Pete Namlook has set its own course of time and tone. Three chapters of musical departure and introspection have made these three albums some of the most sought after ambient recordings of the last decade. Elements of classical, jazz, atmospheric and world rhythms are all present, brought together by analog and digital synthesis. Hawtin and Namlook are currently planning the fourth and final installment....

Richie Hawtin / Pete Namlook - From Within III

Part 3. Reissues of these collaborations; the first 3 volumes of which were originally issued by the Fax label. "The fusion of electronic masters Richie Hawtin and Pete Namlook has set its own course of time and tone. Three chapters of musical departure and introspection have made these three albums some of the most sought after ambient recordings of the last decade. Elements of classical, jazz, atmospheric and world rhythms are all present, brought together by analog and digital synthesis. Hawtin and Namlook are currently planning the fourth and final installment....

Theorem - Ion

Beginning with his debut album Nano on Plus 8 Records in 1995, Detroit based producer Theorem has kept on course maturing his blend of ambient, minimal techno, house and dub. After the end of Phase I of Plus 8 Records, his TH Series of 4 singles was released by Minus during 1998. He's been teaming up on 'virtual' collaborations with the THX Series (2000-2001). CD compiling the TH series from its vinyl releases over 1998-1999, Ion features: Debris, Embed, Cinder, Shift, Fallout, Igneous, Emerge. CD only....

Theorem - Thx : Experiments In Synchronicity

Theorem vs. Sutekh, Stewart Walker & Swayzak. "Experiments in Synchronicity compiles Theorem's THX series of net-based collaborations with like-minded producers of the minimal tech-house massive. Originally released as a collection of 12-inch singles during 2000-2001, the THX project was an experiment borne of technology. With the use of phone Lines, CDRs and FTP uploads, Detroit's Theorem (a.k.a. Dale Lawrence) provided source materials and Swayzak, Stewart Walker and Sutekh tweaked, layered, arranged and produced the end result. In the case of Swayzak and Walker, new ideas were bounced back to Detroit where Lawrence took over production duties, culminating in even more tracks. While trading (c)licks back-and-forth, Theorem and friends grafted new technotic hybrids rather than simply remixing each other's work. The end result is a fantastic display of risk and restraint. While straddling the line between minimal dub/techno and micro-house, all four collaborators push and pull, allowing each other's fingerprints to firmly embed themselves in the mix....

Various / Plus 8 - Plus 8 Classics Volume 1
Plus 8

First in this 3-part compilation spanning the life of one of the most important and influential Techno labels ever - Plus 8. The label was born over ten years ago, the brainchild of two fanatical Canadians : Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, and never abandoned its militant and single-minded stance. Resolutely independent and fiercely determined, Plus 8 provided a welcoming stable to artists from around the globe, establishing a name for itself as a forward thinking label that refused to pander to whim or fashion. The label continued to diversify right to the end in an attempt to remain one step ahead of the trailing pack - it's single-minded approach and refusal to be swayed by fad or fashion marked it out as an individual. In seven years the label has managed to alter the course of electronic, artists on this first volume (1990-1992) includes killers from : Kenny Larkin, Fuse, Speedy J, States of Mind, Cybersonik, Psyance, Final Exposure, V-Room. Plus an Alan Oldham comic book (PDF on enhanced CD-rom). Bargain....

Various / Plus 8 - Plus 8 Classics Volume 2
Plus 8

Second in this 3-part compilation spanning the life of one of the most important and influential Techno labels ever - Plus 8. The label was born over ten years ago, the brainchild of two fanatical Canadians : Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, and never abandoned its militant and single-minded stance. Resolutely independent and fiercely determined, Plus 8 provided a welcoming stable to artists from around the globe, establishing a name for itself as a forward thinking label that refused to pander to whim or fashion. The label continued to diversify right to the end in an attempt to remain one step ahead of the trailing pack - it's single-minded approach and refusal to be swayed by fad or fashion marked it out as an individual. In seven years the label has managed to alter the course of electronic, artists on this second volume (1993-1994) include : Fuse, Speedy J, Utu, Plastikman, Sysex, Born Under a Rhyming Planet, Himadri. Plus Matthew Hawtin's "Blue Neuron" (JPEG on enhanced CD-Rom). Bargain....

Various / Plus 8 - Plus 8 Classics Volume 3
Plus 8

Third in this 3-part compilation spanning the life of one of the most important and influential Techno labels ever - Plus 8. The label was born over ten years ago, the brainchild of two fanatical Canadians : Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, and never abandoned its militant and single-minded stance. Resolutely independent and fiercely determined, Plus 8 provided a welcoming stable to artists from around the globe, establishing a name for itself as a forward thinking label that refused to pander to whim or fashion. The label continued to diversify right to the end in an attempt to remain one step ahead of the trailing pack - it's single-minded approach and refusal to be swayed by fad or fashion marked it out as an individual. In seven years the label has managed to alter the course of electronic, artists on this third volume (1995-1997) include : Plastikman, Speedy J, The Kooky Scientist and Fuse (aka Ritchie Hawtin) vs LFO, Born Under A Rhyming Planet, Silvershower, Richie Hawtin and Theorem. Bargain....

# posted by DJ Martian 7:14 PM

BW & BK report on Paradise Lost: PARADISE LOST Announce UK [& European] Tour Dates

# posted by DJ Martian 4:20 PM report on Editors: Editors Announce New Gigs And London Upgrade

# posted by DJ Martian 4:12 PM

Cut Copy are special guests on the 6 Music - 6 Mix later today.

# posted by DJ Martian 3:50 PM

Friday, July 29, 2005


John Harris explores progressive rock in this The Guardian article: Progressive tendencies

# posted by DJ Martian 5:05 PM

BW & BK report on Voivod: VOIVOD Sign With The End Records - a new album is expected in early 2006.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:51 PM

Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 4:43 PM

Lightning Bolt - Scribblemania 2

Pitchfork report Lightning Bolt Prepare New Album titled: Scribblemania 2 due for release October 18th

# posted by DJ Martian 4:19 PM

Black Dog are Silenced in September

A new Black Dog album will be released on September 19th: Black Dog - 'Silenced'

# posted by DJ Martian 12:00 AM

Thursday, July 28, 2005


NME.COM briefly interview Sigur Ros

# posted by DJ Martian 11:27 PM

The latest issue of DJ Magazine comes with a free mix cd by Justin Robertson and CagedBaby

# posted by DJ Martian 11:22 PM

The Black Dog

Legendary 90s Warp electronic act The Black Dog are in session on Radio 1 tonight: Rob da Bank - The Black Dog

# posted by DJ Martian 11:13 PM profile new 4ad signings Celebration

# posted by DJ Martian 11:08 PM

This month's All About Jazz Highlights | July 2005

# posted by DJ Martian 10:49 PM

Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 133 / 27.07.05]

This week's Kultureflash - Headlines from London

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:19 PM

collective blog on house music: House Is A Feeling

# posted by DJ Martian 9:36 PM

BW & BK report on Ephel Duath

Italy’s EPHEL DUATH have completed work on their next album, tentatively titled Pain Necessary To Know, at Studio 73 in Ravenna, Italy with producer Paso

# posted by DJ Martian 1:30 PM review Xiu Xiu - La Forêt

# posted by DJ Martian 1:28 PM

DiS review Editors - The Back Room

[I notice that only British websites are reviewing this album, do the Editors have any media profile in the US? ]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:24 PM

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


ISLE OF MTV 2005 Festival - London - July 31st

Unusual one day festival organized by MTV Europe this coming Sunday:


[from email newsletter]

JULY: 31st ISLE OF MTV 2005
1.00PM - 10.30PM
**INVITE ONLY** (For tickets visit

MTV EUROPE - in association with Speedo and Motorola - present the final 'Isle of MTV 2005' festival tour event at 93 Feet East and The Boiler House part of The Old Truman Brewery. The exclusive, invite only event will feature live performances from THE RAKES, THE KILLS, DJ FORMAT, JULIET, JAMIE LIDELL, WHO MADE WHO, and TOM VEK and DJ sets from ADVENTURE CLOSE TO HOME DJs, TOM MIDDLETON, and TROUBLEMAN. One of the most significant bands to emerge from London in recent years, THE RAKES have already earned a reputation for their incendiary live shows, which have excited critics and fans alike. With a brace of classic singles under their belt, The Rakes are set to deliver a typically chaotic, dazzling live performance in London. THE KILLS' rough-edged, blues-rooted sound has revolutionised the UK music scene since their 2002 debut. Their latest release - the acclaimed album No Wow - has been given a unanimous thumbs-up from the UK music press, and has won them a new legion of fans. The Kills will deliver a typically raw, stripped-down performance at the 'Isle of MTV 2005' event in London. Although DJ FORMAT's career began in the early 1990s, his major break came with his 2002 debut album and a support slot on DJ Shadow's UK tour. DJ Format's Music For The Mature B-Boy was released to rave reviews in 2003 and he continues to entertain club crowds world-wide with his unique hip hop stylings. Singer/songwriter JULIET RICHARDSON (aka Juliet) is a star in the making. With a critically acclaimed debut album, Random Order, Juliet has already found a loyal fanbase for her kinetic hybrid of melodic electronic, dance, pop and rock. Produced by Jacques Le Cont and referencing 1980s post-punk and new wave, Juliet's unique live sound is set to create a big impression at the 'Isle of MTV 2005' event in London. JAMIE LIDELL combines singing and beat boxing with twisted electronics to create a truly genre-blending live experience. Hailed as one of clubland's most charismatic performers, Lidell's live performances are a celebration of pure, visceral power, exhilarating and astounding, infused with true musicality and wicked experimentation. Expect the unexpected from Lidell at 'Isle of MTV 2005' event in London. Denmark's WHOMADEWHO - a rock trio fused with disco - are renowned for their intense live sound. The WhoMadeWho sound is not the average three chords rock band, but a unique mix of genres, with subtle musical shades from punk to pop. A multi-instrumentalist, an incisive lyricist, a musician at home with the equally raw, but wildly differing aesthetics of electronica and garage rock, TOM VEK is a young man with a bright future. His electrifying performance will leave the London crowd buzzing with raw garage rock energy. Legendary DJs TOM MIDDLETON, TROUBLEMAN and ADVENTURE CLOSE TO HOME DJs will also perform at the 'Isle of MTV 2005' event in London, completing a stunning night of music. For tickets and more info visit:

Isle of MTV 2005

Source: 93 Feet East

# posted by DJ Martian 3:02 PM

Playlouder review Editors - The Back Room

# posted by DJ Martian 1:42 PM

Splendid review Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats will Beckon the Thaw

# posted by DJ Martian 1:40 PM

Junkmedia inteview Mice Parade

# posted by DJ Martian 1:38 PM report SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES RE-RELEASE ENTIRE CATALOGUE starting with ’The Scream’ on October 3rd.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 PM

The Wire - August 2005

The Wire have updated their website, so details of the [new August 2005] Current Issue

# posted by DJ Martian 1:21 PM

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Barcode review JOHN FOXX - Cathedral Oceans III

# posted by DJ Martian 11:21 PM

Madder Mortem - Desiderata

BW & BK report Peaceville Records Sign MADDER MORTEM new album titled: Desiderata hopefully will be released later this year.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:02 PM

This week's flavourpill LONDON a free weekly mailer covering music, arts, and cultural events in LONDON.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:52 PM

Sigur Rós Announce UK & Ireland November Live Dates

9th - London, Brixton Academy
10th - Edinburgh, Corn Exchange
11th - Dublin, Olympia
13th - Liverpool, Philharmonic
14th - Birmingham, Symphony Hall

More European dates also announced @ Sigur Rós

Source: Sigur Rós

# posted by DJ Martian 1:27 PM

The latest The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 including Vex'D

Listen again to this week's show for a large dose of dubstep and jungle from guests Vex'd and Bruza


# posted by DJ Martian 1:18 PM

Four Tet + Explosions in the Sky

Gigwise report on Four Tet: Four Tet Announces Huge UK And Ireland Tour with Explosions in the Sky as support.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:06 PM

Monday, July 25, 2005


New-ish URL for Electroambient Space

The Discerning Guide to Instrumental Electronic Music

# posted by DJ Martian 11:50 PM

6 Music report Peel honoured

John Peel and Bob Dylan will be added to the UK Music Hall of Fame for 2005.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:26 PM

Last issue of The Brainwashed Brain

No, last week's announcement wasn't a joke: this is the last issue of The Brain, however, we will launch a brand new Brainwashed on August 1st. The reviews are not going away, The Eye is not going away, Links of the Week are not going away, the poll isn't going away, site news and tour dates and new releases are not going away—only The Brain is. Everybody at Brainwashed is excited about the new format and system and think it can only be the beginning of a steady slope of more improvements. We're too dedicated to music to pack things up and quit! Thanks for all of your support. We're inviting you to come back August 1st to see the new digs

# posted by DJ Martian 1:12 PM

This week's new releases @ Fopp

# posted by DJ Martian 1:07 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2005


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat [Week Commencing July 25th 2005]

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Album Of The Week!
Bjork - The Music From Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9
One Little Indian

Whilst this isn't the first time Björk has released a soundtrack album (Lars Von Trier's 'Dancer In The Dark'), on the basis of 'The Music From Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint' you'll certainly be hoping it's not the last. Taking a defiantly different approach to Dancer's over-blown, theatrical pomp, 'Drawing Restraint...' is (for the most part) bruisingly intimate and gleefully obtuse but never less than utterly irresistible. Opening with a wash of harps, 'Gratitude' sees Björk relinquish vocal duties to Will Oldham (aka Bonnie Prince Billy) wherein he gives a performance that closely mirrors the composers distinct delivery and intonation, leading to a thrillingly skewed introduction that comes across like a very pleasant bout of deja vu. The mood is changed immediately with next track, 'Pearl', as Björk indicates her time spent around the likes of Mathew Herbert and Matmos was certainly a two way street. Structured around a collage of speed-dubbed breaths, sniffs and sighs, 'Pearl' is a towering testament to her compositional talents, as the aural mosaic builds towards a grand conclusion you forget that what you're hearing is an update on the Flying Pickets and instead enjoy it for what it is; an incredibly beautiful song. We're four songs in before the powerful Icelandic lungs come out to play, with 'Bath' displaying Björk's skeletal fragility through a composition as superficially delicate as tracing paper. Of the other vocal performances, 'Celacea' is just sublime, whilst 'Storm' is the most conventional (and I use the term loosely) and will be familiar territory to anyone who was hooked good and proper by 'Vespertine'. Superficially shying away from her diamond cut electronica of recent releases, 'Drawing Restraint...' nonetheless borrows its structures wholesale throughout, producing an album that could happily stand distinct, without the 'soundtrack' water-wings. Formidable....

Eric Malmberg - Den Gatfulla Manniskan

When you think of organ music, what do you see? Church? Blackpool? Well maybe it's time for these outdated stereotypes to get gone, especially in light of ex-Sagor & Swing bloke, Eric Malmerg's new album. Displaying a certifiable Hammond fetish, Malmberg has produced an utterly beguiling record comprised of nothing but organ. 100% pure, guaranteed. Rather than become a one-trick pony, Malmberg somehow coaxes a smorgasbord of sounds from the organ, relishing in his key tickling necromancy as you scratch your head wondering how he did it without a synth. This record will exceed your expectations, and that isn't to damn with feint praise! Formidable stuff....

Giuseppe Ielasi - Gesine

Apparently mining his own aural Sutton Hoo, Giuseppe Ielasi is an Italian experimental guitarist and electronic botherer, who pulls all sorts of musical styles from the trench labelled 'Gesine'. Coming across as partially improvised, 'Gesine' is Ielasi's first solo work since 2003's 'Plan's, and is again witness to a veritable cornucopia of finds. Ranging from shuffling Bert Jansch folk and diet-drone, through to glitch plagued bass and waterlogged guitars, 'Gesine' is superficially sepulchral, but penetrate the surface and it's an eclectic oasis of melodious rectitude....

Sinistri - Free Pulse

"The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat". If you're left reeling from that level of profundity, then maybe Sinistri (formerly Starf*ckers) aren't for you, however if you survived the sentence unscathed, then reading on might be a risk worth taking.... The very definition of avant, Sinistri carve fidgeting hunks of jazz, funk, blues, classical and electronica, then stew them all up in a percussive lined cauldron. Sticking the rhythmic elements 10 feet tall in the mix, Sinistri needle the beats with all manner of spiky guitars, backward effects and didactic detritus that will enthuse and infuriate with equal measure....

The Anti Group - Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated
Die Stadt

First release from the consciously obtuse Anti Group in over ten years, 'Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated' (snappy, don't you think) is a right-royally limited edition affair that comes housed in a silver embossed digisleeve with a 16 page booklet full of very wordy dissertations. Comprised of one piece lasting 16 minutes and 28 seconds (on the nose!), P.A.P.D is rumoured to feature members of The Hafler Trio alongside the original members M. Hogg and R. Baker. Deeply unsettling without doing a great deal, The Anti Group revel in sparse surges of sound that leave you unsure of their origin, but in no doubt of their intent. The absolute antithesis of James Blunt... FACT!...

William Basinski - Silent Night

Everythiung this man does is just so so good. A single composition clocking in at 60 minutes, 'Silent Night' is a new work from the veteran American composer William Basinski, wherein he embarks on an indescribably tranquil and variegated mediation which will submerge you completely. Allowing aural tendrils to rise slowly (almost like smoke), what at first seem indistinct and untethered soon begin to take on a greater significance as structures loom through the shrouded, ineluctable broadcasts. Slow-motion it may be, Basinski nonetheless gets you where you're going in no time at all. Incredible music....

William Basinski - Variations : A Movement In Chrome Primitive
Die Stadt

Having sat through two full cd's of some of the most sublime, drifting piano based variations I've ever heard im not quite sure how to go about putting the experience into words. Whilst 'archival' may bring to mind dusty stacks in library basements, there's a slew of old material being reissued by labels at the moment that might just serve to extinguish this semantic connection. Latest to enjoy a digital reappraisal is American composer William Basinksi (of 'Disintegration Loops' fame), whose extensive 'Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive' is now being put out on a 2CD, lavish little digisleeved release. As a peer of Ryuichi Sakamoto and with a sound that has gone on to influence the likes of Mark Evan Burden, Basinski deals in miasma draped compositions that unfurl like an unhurried cat. Mixing waves of ambient detritus with glimpses of more concrete structures, Basinski snags the ear through ethereal webs of sound that straddle the line between dream-flecked soundscapes and timeless piano, then makes sure you don't want to leave. Aural balm; utterly immersing and totally lovely....

Luke Haines - Luke Haines Is Dead : A Collection Of A Sides, B Sides, Rarities, Sessions, Unreleased and Classic Tracks

A truly WHOPPING three discs of A-Sides, B-Sides, rarities, sessions and unreleased tracks from one man music machine Luke Haines. Having led the vanguard through the likes of The Auteurs, Baader Meinhoff and Black Box Recorder, Luke Haines is one prolific fella; with 'Luke Haines is Dead' clocking it at a vets sized dose of 63 tracks. 63! Massaging political polemic into outwardly charming pop songs is Haines calling card, and in doing so represents a venerable tradition of British musicians. With far too much many treats to mention, 'Luke Haines Is Dead' may be a completists wet dream, but rather than turn into a backward glancing crate digging exercise, it is instead an accessible and highly rounded collection of songs that can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Add to this a shitload of liner notes which include '63 Ways To Begin An Essay On Luke Haines' (sample; "One shivers slightly when Luke Haines enters a room"), and you've got yourself a done deal....

Various / Karaoke Kalk - Kalk Seeds
Karaoke Kalk

Karaoke Kalk was established as a record label with no pre-set ideas or trajectories to follow. it released it's first music all the way back in 1997, a series of minimal raster-prototype 12"s by Jens Massel's Kandis and Senking alter ego's, soon followed by the debut album from Jörg Follert (now better known as Weschel Garland) called "Wunder". This album became one of the most important and popular artefacts of Germany's burgeoning ecclectic scene back at the tail-end of the 90's, fusing a host of Blues samples with fractured electronics, strings and strangely unplaceable musical instruments, a record that is considered by some to be the true precursor to the folk-tinged and gently plunderphonic scene that has dominated the home-listening market since. Karaoke Kalk marked itself apart from its contemporaries and became known for its ecclectic musical policy - confidently releasing minimal Cologne techno and Saccharine pop music within the same breath at a time when record labels rarely dared to deviate from what was expected of them. These 16 tracks and one videoclip display the label's broad spread of interest perfectly. 10 of the tracks included here are brand new and exclusive to this release, opening up with Roman's elegantly formulated pop and a preview of his sooncome second album.Hauschka's lyrical miniature on a manipulated piano acts as a tantalising forward to the imminent release of the lovely "prepared piano" album while Le Rok's odd beats and gentle harmonies take us to another place altogether once again. Takagi Masakatsu produces lilting song-excursions infused with introspective Japanese melancholy as the handsomely sweet, mathew herbert endorsed Donna Regina offer up the title track from their soon to be released "slow killer" album.It's the particular treatment of forms that may best describe the sound of Karaoke Kalk : be it techno-structures, Beach Boys-harmonies, abstract electronica, minimal music or pop-experiments, it stems from a special kind of energetic space that champions good music regardless of where exactly it happens to be pigeon-holed and why. In this current climate of record labels and industry heads scrambling to nurture and cultivate new music of every kind, it's time to take a closer look at a label that has done so ferverently for almost a decade..

Xiu Xiu - Life And Live

For those familiar with Xiu Xiu from last year's 'Fabulous Muscles', 'Life and Live' may come as something of a shock. Whilst that record was meticulously produced, featuring layer after layer of intricate compositions, this new release (recorded on tour with Devendra Banhart) is effectively a solo album from Jamie Stewart, with the Xiu Xiu sound stripped right back and left self consciously raw. Somewhere between Shack and Smog, 'Life and Live' allows Stewart's vocals (always the focal point of their work) to really take centre stage, imbuing the likes of '20,000 Deaths for Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths for Jamie Peterson' and 'Dr. Troll' with a level of eye-contact intimacy that is both shamelessly compelling and a little scary... Taken on its own merits 'Life and Live' is a formidable record, but when sat next to 'Fabulous Muscles' it becomes an essential comparison that you can't help but enjoy making....

Orange Juice - The Glasgow School

When Edwyn Collins suffered a stroke earlier this year, news reports were quick to crack open 'A Girl Like You' as backing music, with barely a mention paid to his Orange Juice days. Unfairly shunned for years, Orange Juice are now garnering the praise they deserve, due in equal parts to Simon Reynolds splendid 'Rip It Up & Start Again' and Franz Ferdinand constant name checking in every interview they give. Ever. All of them. Packaged in a XXX lavish hardback book (initial copies...) with extensive liner notes from bandmember Steven Daley, 'The Glasgow School' constitutes a complete collection of their Postcard recordings and the aborted 'Ostrich Churchyard' album. As Scottish as Irn Bru and The Dandy, Orange Juice tackled post-punk with typical Ecosse force, fusing elements of northern soul, disco, punk, the Velvets and (on 'Moscow Olympics') The Shadows... More inviting that Gang of Four and with less overt attitude than A Certain Ratio, Orange Juice's sound is at times purposefully derivative (see The Clash's fingerprints all over 'Blue Boy') and often rides roughshod over accepted recording techniques, yet never is it ever anything but thrillingly essential and delinquently infectious (if you can withstand the staccato pomp of 'Poor Old Soul', you must be dead!). A timely reminder that DFA aren't just ripping off New York, 'The Glasgow School' still sounds fresh, exciting and innovative, 25 years on. How many of the NME-cabal will have that written about them in 2030...? Brimming with vitamin C....

The Wire - Issue 258 : August 2005
The Wire

With Mayo Thompson's Red Krayola on the cover, plus features/articles on Bjork, Marissa Nader, This Heat, Carla Bozulich, Pierre Schaeffer - and all the usual extensive reviews, listings and opinions from the higher regions of musical academia....

Exile - Pro Agonist
Planet Mu

Growling subterranean bass? Check. Epic breakdowns? Of course. Seven- shades-of-shit beat pillage? How much do you want, cos 24 year old Tim Exile has got the lot. And a bit more. Having gained an MA in electroacoustic compositions, Exile has been releasing stuff left, right and centre for the past few years, clocking up appearances on Moving Shadow, Ram/Frequency, Beta, Renegade Hardware, Mosquito and now Planet-Mu. Opening as he means to go on, Exile ushers us into 'Pro Against' through the cavernous 'Silicon Chop', wherein a mass of crushed electro is shattered by a cluster-f*ck of drum & bass indebted beats and film noir atmospherics. Things continue to rattle along at this breathless pace with 'Open Mike' plundering Squarepusher's back catalogue for all manner of snare kicks and acid infected licks, 'The Forever Endeavour' teetering on the very brink of breakcore, before 'Sure You Did' strips it all down with muted beats and distant choirs for a much needed breather. However the undoubted highlight is the colossal 'Broken Language (Exile Mix)', where ghost-train melodies and a vet sized dose of broken biscuit beats are given an ace breakdown, before clawing their way back into your ears. Wormwood for the ears....

Peter Grummich - Switch Off The Soap Opera

According to the gonzo press release, "Peter Grummich could have succeeded as a carnie hypnotist with those eyes of his...". Right. Very much in pursuit a fabled vein of Cologne school minimal techno, Grummich has been knocking about for almost 20 years now, with 'Switch Off The Soap Opera' a deeply textured sediment of precision beats, dubby fingered bass and aquatic funk. A must for anyone with a pronounced minimal Kompakt affliction, 'Switch Off...' opens with the camera flash whines and informed beats of 'Incoming (There's No Way Out)' which tickle all the senses. Elsewhere, 'Orange Mood' is bass ruptured perfection, 'The Animal (Das Tier)' stomps all over the privet techno, whilst 'Alien Radio Duststar' goes all Dr Who, with filtered ambience and misshapen vocals. You'll never watch Neighbours again......

Various / Mutek - Mutek 05

Double CD featuring material from Monolake, Apparat, Emisor, Radian, Klimek and a whole haversack more. Released as a companion to the Montreal based festival of the same name, MUTEK 05 is an attempt to capture the annual event's electronic cross-section, showcasing what the curators feel to be the cream of their formidable crop... Taking a similar approach to the Sonar comps, MUTEK is relatively cohesion free affair, which each artist given room to introduce their sound as they see fit. Opening though the chiming minimal tech of Danieto, Disc 1 turns out to be a fairly open affair, with Luci's strangely ominous southern fried electro, Monolake's distortion soused beats, and Mendoza's rimy clattertronica, all resulting in a positively charged atmosphere. In contrast to this, disc 2 prefers a more introspective camber, with Gunter Muller's mealy clicks&cuts a good indication of the wares on offer. Broad, brumious and eclectically representative, MUTEK is a treasure trove of electronic delights....

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BBC Music review Editors - The Back Room

BBC Collective interview Editors

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Forthcoming The Breezeblock shows on Radio 1

July 26th
Vex'd Mix
Dupstep, jungle and a whole lot of sub...

August 8th
Drum'n'Bass Special
Pendulum in for their second mix...

Coming Soon

Glade Festival special
Matthew Jonson
Exile Mix
Sage Francis live

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Decibel 2005

Where: Seattle
When: September 22nd - 25th
What: Electronic music festival


[Press Release via Tech-House mailing list]

As the 2nd Annual Decibel Festival approaches one thing is eminently
clear: electronic music has gained acceptance in the Northwest. The amount of
producers, promoters, journalists, performers, visual artists, venues
and fans exploring electronic music as an art form is staggering and
growing exponentially. Seattle has given birth to a culture as diverse,
creative, technological and ideological as the city itself and much of this
second wave of electronic music is still boiling up under the surface.

The 2005 Decibel Festival will be happening September 22nd through the
25th, once again in Seattle's Capitol Hill district. Activities this year
will include: audio clinics, panel discussions, product fair, film, art
installations, laptop battle championship and over 75 electronic music
performances spanning across 5 venues. Expect nothing less than the
best in quality concert sound, electronic music performance, live visual art
and comfortable venues.

>>> 2005 DECIBEL LINE UP (more to come)
Decibel's goal is and has always been to create an environment where
technology, art and music exist as one uniform body. Through the advent
of digital media, electronic music and art have developed a symbiotic
relationship involving new performance tools and technology that are
just now being explored. This exploration is at the very heart of the
Decibel Festival and the artists we select to perform at every event. Each
Decibel artist, in their own unique way, is bridging the gap between
production, composition, performance and interactive technology. The result is a
more personal and entertaining approach to electronic music and performance.
As for musical styles, the 2005 line up will be bringing together a
multitude of electronic hybrids including ambient, experimental, techno, house,
dub, hip hop, breakbeat, IDM and electro pop. These styles will be
represented through various showcases that highlight specific labels, genres and
even geographic similarities between the artists (check for showcase descriptions and artist bios).

Confirmed 2005 Decibel artists include (many more to come):

Isolée: Germany (Playhouse, Classic)
Fennesz: Austria (Touch)
Thomas Fehlmann: Germany (member of the Orb – Kompakt, Plug Research)
Akufen: Canada (Mutek, Musique Risquée, Perlon, Force Inc., Fabric)
Styrofoam: Belgium (Morr Music)
Deadbeat: Canada (member of Crackhaus - Mutek, Revolver, ~Scape)
Tim Hecker: Canada (Mille Plateaux, Alien8, Substractif)
Aeroc: Barcelona (a.k.a. Geoff White – Force Inc., Ghostly/Spectral)
Loscil: Canada (Kranky)
Noah Pred: Canada (Sentient, Immigrant, Morris Audio)

Pan American: Virginia (member of Labradford – Kranky, Vertical Form)
Machine Drum: Florida (Merck)
Her Space Holiday: California (Mush, Wichita)
Cepia: Minnesota (Ghostly)
Deru: California (Neo Ouija, Merck)
Proem: Texas (n5MD, Merck)
DJ Merck: Florida (Merck)

Bruno Pronsato: Seattle (Orac, Telegraph, Philpot, Musique Risquée)
Lusine: Seattle (Ghostly, Hymen, Delikatessen)
Jeff Samuel: Seatte (Spectral, Trapez, Pokerflat)
Strategy: Portland (Orac, Omco, Kranky)
Jerry Abstract: Seattle (Shitkatapult, Semisexual, Flixelplix, Decibel)
Jacob London: Seattle (Squid, U-Freqs, Classic)
Deceptikon: Seattle (Merck)
Caro: Seattle (Orac)
Gel-Sol: Seattle (em:t)
Nudge: Portland (Kranky, Omco)
Nordic Soul: Seattle (Synth Club, Decibel)
Mercir: Seattle (Paste Music)
Hakea: Seattle (Click Pop)
Paul Edwards: Seattle (PG Series, Oscillate, Decibel)
DJ Recess: Seattle (Shameless)
Kristina Childs: Seattle (Plasmodium, Decibel)

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Return of Bauhaus

Peter Murphy speaking to 6 Music states a Bauhaus come back is on the way, which means a new album & worldwide tour!

# posted by DJ Martian 8:34 PM review Editors - The Back Room

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THE METAL OBSERVER review CODE - Nouveau Gloaming

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Djam Karet provide info on their new album:

This release is our 16th studio recording (#7 for Cuneiform Records) and is two albums combined on a single CD. The first half, "Recollection Harvest", contains 5 compositions coming in at over 40 minutes, and is a further development of the DK sound last seen on The Devouring - a return to melody and composition with the guitars taking a more melodic and aggressive textural style and a revisiting of our "fusion" and symphonic keyboard analog roots. The second half, titled "Indian Summer" contains 6 compostions clocking in at over 30 minutes, explores the more electro/acoustic side of Djam Karet. These six tracks feature an abundance of acoustic guitars and Bazuki, hand percussion, modular analog synths, and field recordings from the Middle East that create a hauntingly beautiful vision of far-away lands and distant memories.

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New Pelt album

VHF in the US have just released a new Pelt album: vhf 90 Pelt (untitled) CD

(untitled) is a devastating set of almost pure white light from the newly upgraded Pelt lineup. The intense drone music on (untitled) represents a return to "sonic-ism" for the quartet of Jack Rose, Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, and Mikel Dimmick. Like Pelt's 2003 effort Pearls from the River, (untitled) is an all-acoustic affair. On (untitled) the group concentrates on producing dense clouds of overtones from guitar, cello, tibetan bowls, gongs, sruti, and esraj. Track 1 is an overpowering straight line ala the Theatre of Eternal Music, an atmosphere of stasis with gong and bowl flickering subtly over the massive track bed. Track 2 is a 32 minute epic that begins with the soft strains of Jack Rose's 12 string, picks up dueling cello and esraj and gradually builds in intensity with the sounds of gongs and other unusual percussion. Track 3 is the live staple "Sundogs," where Rose's Weissenborn lap guitar and Gangloff's resonator guitar produce a stream of unearthly high, singing overtones in an uncanny acoustic impression of electric feedback. The final track is an epilogue of Best's keening cello, again ignoring the usual technique associated with the instrument in the pursuit of pure weirdness. Housed in card folio printed by Stumptown. 4 tracks, 62 mins.

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The Vibracathedral Orchestra - Tuning To The Rooster

Darla provide info on the forthcoming The Vibracathedral Orchestra album Tuning To The Rooster

COMING 8/18/05
Tuning To The Rooster is so far the first and only record ever made by The Vibracathedral Orchestra using a 24 track mixing board. Typically the group records on 2 tracks despite the fact that their eccentric and complexly arranged sound practically requires 24 tracks. In what the group calls a “foolish” decision, this 24 track recording seesion, recorded with Richard Formby (Spacemen 3 engineer), was split up and released on all sorts of limited edition vinyl releases including splits with Low, JOMF and a giveaway cd made for a Julian Cope curated festival. In early 2005 the group went back into the studio and mixed this album as it was originally intended, as one full album.

"This is music as a shamanic aid, made as much for the players themselves as for the listeners. But as I’m writing from the listening perspective, I have to inform y’all that this is music to get you there. Every track sounds as though it has always just ‘been there’, it’s just you ain’t quite tuned into its peculiar frequency until now. The 12-and-a-half minute Wearing Clothes of Ash is like a piano-led PARADIESWARTS DUUL-period drone-a-thon with John Cale and Terry Riley guesting on viola and keys. Following this, the sublime Baptism Bar Blues is proof positive that they can rock the riot house with pure adrenaline rush when the decision is made. Indeed, this track is magnificent and should be available to the masses free or in pill form." Julian Cope

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Dirty Three - Cinder

Billboard recently reported a new Dirty Three album titled Cinder is on the way in October: Dirty Three Finds Its Voice On New Album

Touch & Go have the front cover artwork

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Leonard's Lair review Junkboy - Lost Parade

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Supersilent have confirmed a London performance in December at the Barbican Centre

Norweigan Voices - December 8th [Thursday]

The climax of a year of events that celebrates Norway’s 100th anniversary, Norwegian Voices explores the rich vein of music from this most surprising of countries.

Artists taking part include guitarist/composer Terje Rypdal performing with Sami vocalist Mari Boine; singer Sidsel Endresen who has been commissioned to create a new piece for this concert; Supersilent, creators of exploratory electronic sound whose line-up includes the extra-terrestrial voice and trumpet of Arve Henriksen. The Brazz Brothers will also lead an education project linked to Norwegian Voices. Ketil Bjornstad, composer, pianist, lyricist and author, plays here as leader of a new quartet including British saxophonist Andy Sheppard

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Saturday, July 23, 2005 interview Longwave

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Plan B: New Issue

Sonic Youth are on the front cover of the new issue of Plan B magazine on sale August 1st.

The new of Plan B is out on 1st August. It features: Sonic Youth,
Oneida, Kevin Blechdom, Ariel Pink, Clor, Optimo, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, The
Blow, The Grates, Les Georges Leningrad, Sonar, Smog, Delia Gonzales
and Gavin Russom, The Dirtbombs, Princess Superstar, Part 2, Espers,
Teedra Moses, Cocorosie, Buck 65, Audion, T Raumschmiere, and all the best
in film, art, DVD, comics and books.

It’s available in Borders / HMV / Virgin Megastores, your local newsagent and all good independent record stores, but if you want it first, pre-order from Plan B Magazine

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Friday, July 22, 2005


Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

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Almost Cool review Xiu Xiu - La Forêt

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Double Solefald

BW & BK report on Norwegian post-black metal band Solefald. It now seems that there will be 2 new Solefald albums, released conceptually as part 1 and a part 2

Red for Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey part 1 will be released through Season of Mist, worldwide, before the end of 2005 and will quickly be followed by Black for Death : An Icelandic Odyssey part 2 in early spring 2006.

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The Guardian review Orange Juice - The Glasgow School

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The Guardian review Clor - Clor

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The Guardian interview Siouxsie Sioux

Nearly 30 years after the Banshees burst onto the scene at the birth of British punk rock, Siouxsie Sioux is still a defiant musical maverick, and was recently honoured with Mojo's icon award. Here, she reveals her own icons

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The Guardian review Editors - The Back Room

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This week's flavourpill LONDON a free weekly mailer covering music, arts, and cultural events in LONDON.

[plus last week's flavourpill LONDON]

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Kultureflash - Headlines from London [No. 132 / 20.07.05]

This week's Kultureflash - Headlines from London

KultureFlash is a free, weekly newsletter covering contemporary culture in and around London. Each week we track down some of the more unusual and interesting events taking place in the Capital and deliver them straight to your inbox. Featuring art, gigs, films, talks, clubs and more -- we are committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of the most stimulating events in London.

[also last week's Kultureflash 131 - Headlines from London]

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Depeche Mode - Precious

Follow the links, to listen to the forthcoming Depeche Mode track Precious: :: arjanwrites music blog ::: New Depeche Mode Single

This track is definately stronger than anything on the last album, it reminds me of a cross between Black Celebration era and Violator era DM.

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BlogPulse has a new interface.

BlogPulse is a window into the blogosphere…open it daily to discover the people, issues, blogs, posts, commentaries, tidbits and news that bloggers are discussing

Over 14 Million blogs are in the system.

Search Engine Watch provide an overview of the changes at BlogPulse Deeper Insight into the Blogosphere

BlogPulse, Intelliseek's suite of tools for tracking trends and monitoring activities in the blogosphere, now has a cleaner look and a host of new features.

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Blogs Search Engine: BlogScour

IceRocket search engine have recently developed a blogs search engine. If your blog is not in their database, you can add your blog.

Soon to be relaunched as BlogScour

As reported: Mark Cuban to relaunch IceRocket

BlogScour will search for the latest postings across the so-called blogosphere and return a list of results.

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Register to listen to new Opeth music: OPETH LISTENING LOUNGE

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New issue of Terrorizer magazine on sale Thursday 21st July. Including:


Plus free Unsigned CD special.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The latest The Breezeblock show on Radio 1 features Dalek live in session.

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Playlouder review Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Mercury Prize Nominations 2005

The 12 nominations that make up this year's shortlist are:

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
MIA - Arular
The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
Coldplay - X&Y
The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning Strike
Antony And The Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now
KT Tunstall - Eye To The Telescope
Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger
Seth Lakeman - Kitty Jay
Polar Bear - Held On The Tips Of Fingers usual too many simpleton trad songs artists !

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Mercury Prize 2005 Shortlist Predictions

Later today [Tuesday] at around 11.30am the Nationwide Mercury Prize shortlist of 12 albums will be announced.

To be honest, overall the last 12 months of British and Irish music has been rather disappointing too many artists going the easy route of copying the past.

Predicting What the Mercury Prize Shortlist Nominations will be:

Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco [this is hotly tipped to be the jazz nomination]
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm [the best crossover British rock/ guitar album of the past 12 months]
British Sea Power - Open Season [another rock album in the 12 shortlist]
Go Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike [the uptempo fun art-pop album]
Kaisers Chiefs - Employment [this ghastly simpleton singalong student band will get in. The panel wll say it represents English culture and songcraft zzzzz]
Kano - Home Sweet Home [that will be the urban album]
Jamie Lidell - Multiply [maybe an outsider]
The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers [dull media darlings cross ref with 6 music, xfm, mojo etc]
MIA - Arular [probably will get nominated]
Malcolm Middleton - Into the Woods [A Scottish entrant, distinctive album and vocal delivery]
Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue [dull faux sophisticated wine bar muzak will get the nod to be inclusive, another female and the only Irish nomination]
Tom Vek - We Have Sound [another media darling, Mr Vek is way overhyped]

Note: If Coldplay get nominated the whole panel of judges deserve to be openly ridiculed. That whiney Chris Martin voice is nauseating, coupled with the predictable wishy washy dull guitar backdrop - it's a ghastly bland combination.

Other Eligible Albums:

I have developed a list using RYM: Mercury Music Prize 2005 -- Rate Your Music

Mercury Music Prize 2005
A list by djmartian

Some Eligible Albums for the Mercury Music Prize 2005. i.e British or Irish Artists who released an album between July 26th 2004 and July 18th 2005

What should be Nominated?

In terms of idealism and a well balanced mix of styles, imagine a 12 Shortlist as follows: it's not going to happen like this though !

#1 Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco
#2 Bark Psychosis - ///Codename: Dustsucker [If I were voting this would be the overall winner]
#3 Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
#4 Brooks - Red Tape
#5 Richard Davis - Details
#6 The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike
#7 High Contrast - High Society
#8 Jesu - Jesu
#9 Kelpe - Sea Inside Body
#10 Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness
#11 Ryan Teague - Six Preludes
#12 Van Der Graaf Generator - Present

Another 38 Eligible Albums: Will any make it to the official shortlist ?

#13 Axis of Perdition - Deleted Scenes From the Transition Hospital
#14 Tim Bowness - My Hotel Year
#15 British Sea Power - Open Season
#16 Broadway Project - In Finite
#17 Calyx - No Turning Back
#18 Ben Christophers - The Space In Between
#19 Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs
#20 The Emperor Machine - Aimee Tallulah is Hypnotised
#21 Brian Eno - Another Day on Earth
#22 Freeform Five - Strangest Things
#23 Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic
#24 Githead - Profile
#25 Martin Grech - Unholy
#26 Guapo - Black Oni
#27 Homelife - Guru Man Hub Cap Lady
#28 Hood - Outside Closer
#29 Influx UK - 2 Million and Rising
#30 July Skies - The English Cold
#31 Nostalgia 77 - The Garden
#32 Piano Magic - Disaffected
#33 Polar Bear [GBR] - Held on the Tips of Fingers
#34 Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
#35 Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep
#36 65 Days of Static - The Fall of Math
#37 Slam - Year Zero
#38 Alex Smoke - Incommunicado
#39 State River Widening - Cottonhead
#40 Stromba - Tales From the Sitting Room
#41 Theo Travis - Earth to Ether
#42 Tunng - Mother's Daughter And Other Songs
#43 Twin Zero - Monolith
#44 Mark Van Hoen - The warmth inside you
#45 Vector Lovers - Vector Lovers
#46 Cristian Vogel - Station 55
#47 Vince Watson - Sublimina
#48 Whitey - The Light At the End of the Tunnel Is A Train
#49 Patrick Wolf - Wind In The Wires
#50 Yellotone - Tar File Junction

# posted by DJ Martian 12:07 AM

Monday, July 18, 2005


This week's new releases @ Fopp

# posted by DJ Martian 1:38 PM

Top 100 rated albums of 2005 on Rate Your Music has been updated.

A quick scan roughly a third of the top 100 are on my long 2005 list, however there are some awful artists currently in the Top 100.

Selected Highlights

The Mars Volta [5]
Porcupine Tree [6]
Dark Tranquility [10]
Strapping Young Lad [14]
Bloc Party [18]
LCD Soundsystem [26]
Dalek [38] - one place ahead of the dull Coldplay !
Jesu [40]
13 & God [42]
Jaga Jazzist [47]
A Silver Mt. Zion [48]
Red Sparowes [51]
Nile [54]
British Sea Power [58]
Pat Metheny [60]
High on Fire [62]
Caribou [66]
Dredg [74]
The Books [81]
Roots Manuva [84]
Quasimoto [96]
Colleen [100]

A general observation rock / guitar music is the predominate type of music in the top 100, maybe most of the electronic / dance music fans prefer to use the Discogs database?

# posted by DJ Martian 1:16 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2005


This Week's New Releases @ Boomkat [Week Commencing: July 18th]

This week's new releases @ Boomkat include:

Album Of The Week!
Vex'd - Degenerate
Planet Mu

Its only been just over a year since the first subtext 12" by vex'd 'pop pop/canyon' dropped into range with a neck snapping kick/snare and bass wobble combo that sent heads either running for cover or shouting from the rooftops. With a succession of 12"s and tracks on labels like destructive and planet mu now under his belt, vex'd has found time to deliver a defining moment in the development of the genre loosely termed dubstep or grime. Distilling the most essential elements of 15 years of hardcore/breakbeat research by players from 2 bad mice to Photek or Technical itch and a healthy respect for soundsystem culture into one cohesive collection of warped hardcore science for 2005 and beyond, vex'd has in a very short time carved out a niche for himself as a purveyor of the rawest and freshest sound currently wrecking heads and feet up and down the country, at once appealing to the disparate factions of drum and bass, breaks, grime and breakcore. Anyways, onto the music, first 1000 copies of the cd release come with a bonus disc of the aforementioned singles on planet-mu and subtext, ya don't want to get left behind! The 1st CD is entirely new material, kicking off with a V.I.P version of 'pop pop' with added bleeps and a reconfigured rollidge factor. The lights are cut for track 2 'thunder' with a haunting intro giving way to some half speed grime with distorted gabber kicks business, 'corridor' is a bleeping 2 step wobbler, Track 5, pure bassline pressure with horror strings lurking somewhere above. Vex'd's sense of spatial awareness for sounds and respect for simplicity works to perfect effect on tracks like 'crusher dub' and closer 'slime', a minimum of ingredients are used to create maximum pressure from sinewy snare led rhythms and cavernous bass space. Tracks like 'Gunman' and 'Lion' will no doubt appeal massively to the breaks and d'n'b heads, classic samples coupled with an uncanny knack for aggressive and up-to-date synth sounds and ruffneck riddims can't fail on any floor. Vex'd has realised a hardcore statement of intent, constructed from bare elements, and destined to become a classic. Mighty.

Album Of The Week!
Autechre / The Hafler Trio - Aeo3/3hae
Die Stadt

Hugely anticipated second collaboration between Autechre and The Hafler Trio, housed in an incredible deluxe handmade cover, goldleaf printed card insert and mysterious items inside - strictly limited to a one-time edition of 1000 copies only. This is heavy going stuff spread across two cd's, ranging from minimal concrete stretches to sharp, fast and awe inspiring digital spasms. Do not sleep on this one!!...

Mutamassik - Definitive Works

Ever since picking up the genre melting 'war booty' 12" on DJ/ Ruptures soot imprint 3 years ago I've been clamming for some more Mutamassik. Internet searches have returned very little, I've only been satiated with the 'high alert' 12" on sound ink last year, and the bidoun sessions split mix CD with Rupture. 'Masri Mokkassar: Definitive works' is a very welcome collection of Mutamassik's incedibly unique blend of lush and heavy egyptian drumming, baladi breakbeats and sa'aidi hardcore, meshed with the typically western 'amen' junglist break and Wu-tang style instrumental hiphop. Hailing from Brooklyn N.Y.C. hence the sound-ink connection, Mutamassik's work is an aural reflection of the tense atmospheres of the current global situation, not afraid to use a healthy spot of distortion or RZA weighted basslines, the most unique and driving element of her music is the Muslimgauze-referencing percussion. The definitve track 'babomb' is a thick and tumultuous blend of traditional drumming laced with a neck snapping hiphop break, belicose strings and droning eastern vibes floating somewhere in the distance, desert ghetto business. Double time, stop/start rhythms control the flow of 'M28' a remix of an Arto Lindsay track, switching between industrial sounding Arabic drumming and bursts of tech step D'n'B, yet never losing its inherent hypnotic swing. A vocalist is introduced on 'we-do' featuring Cyra Unique, sounding like a hyped Divine Styler over uniquely itchy programming and sweeping strings. More unreleased material with the Cyra Unique on 'sa'aidi hardcore', filtered hand drums are stretched and morphed into a ruff-assed junglist flex-out. Anyone with a passing interest in world music, hiphop instrumentals or breakcore needs to check this out. Completely essential. (When's the vinyl release!?!)...

Fourcolor - Water Mirror

After our late introduction to the amazing Apestaartje label last week with the massive Mountains set - this week we introduce two further catalogue gems from late 2004. Fourcolor is Keiichi Sugimoto, a member of electro-improv quartet Minamo who like Fourcolor have since had material released on 12k plus he is also 50% of Fonica who's 'Ripple' for Plop/Tomlab was a 2002 highlight. Somehow he also finds the time to run esteemed Japanese minimal label Cubic Music. 'Water Mirror' continues the theme of guitar drone experimentalism focused on by artists such as Oren Ambarchi, Akira Rabelais and Keith Fullerton Whitman in recent times. 'Dip' feels a little like a Steve Reich update, like a stripdown of 'Electric Counterpoint'. 'Fount' is a gorgeous variation on the cloudscape drift studies I associate with Keith Fullerton Whitman's 'Playthroughs' album, an amazing track. 'Soaking' does for your ears what sinking into a deep bath of water does for your joints after a hard day's work or play. 'Snow Soup' offers warm tones and deep bass-scape bleep pulses, tune! The final epic twenty four minute 'Steam' is a soundtrack to the short film 'Frontire' by Japanese experimental filmmaker Jun Miyazaki. Spacious on/off pulses with steam bursts, twinking light refractions, high tension guitar plucks with children playing plus bassy droplets - an amazing piece. Seascape meets industrialism artwork equals 'Water Mirror'. A very high recommendation - very limited copies....

Growing / Mark Evan Burden - Self Titled

Two contrasting and lengthy pieces from the Growing and Mark Evan Burden on this split release, wherein the respective artists do what they do in autonomy whilst somehow managing to run a united theme throughout. First up is Growing with 'Firmament', whose avant rock/subharmonic drone/ambient (delete as appropriate...) is garnering much praise following their recent ATP performance. Revelling in the internal turmoil created by layering introspective chunks of bellicose drone on top of one of another, Growing conjure a refreshing calm from what can at times be a sensory pummelling genre. In utter juxtaposition, '10 24 02' sees Mark Evan Burden indulging in spiralling piano and grimy (literally, not Eski) sonic bursts that are both beautiful and ugly simultaneously. At times they may feel weighty (one could say an aural burden), but give it time and they'll be all over you like ivy....

Sebastien Roux - Pillow

After our late introduction to the amazing Apestaartje label last week with the massive Mountains set - this week we introduce two further catalogue gems from late 2004. Sebastien Roux follows in the footsteps of fellow french melodic minimalists Gel, Encre and Sylvain Chauveau with this glorious multi faceted drone based album. Roux may be known to you for his input alongside Keith Fullerton Whitman, Fonica and Christopher Willets on the 12k comp 'E.A.D.G.B.E'. For 'Pillow' layers of ambient noise are crafted into electro classical suites - guitar phrases lift the music to more familiar places - the glitch approach brings Christopher Willets to mind, in fact 'Pillow' is like a denser variation of 'Pollen' on Fällt. Drones build like those Fennesz would deliver for Raster-Noton (dream on). Nine tracks, recorded in 2003 in Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam and on trains. Oddly evocative artwork. Very limited copies, be quick. ..

Piano Magic - I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow

The kind of music Piano Magic make is normally liable to get me agitated in all the wrong ways, stirring faux-intellectualism and crumbly soundscapes into a pink-flushed whole. Yet despite this inherent aversion, I always find myself swept away by their releases, whilst my usually bullet-proof cynicism melts down to a pliable husk. The bastards. And so it continues with 'I Came Toy Your Party Dressed As A Shadow', an EP of previously unreleased and exclusive songs that would act as a perfect accompaniment to 'The Opencast Heart' EP released earlier this year. Opening with the title track, Piano Magic augment a prickly consignment of rustles and clicks with a dousing of warm analogue syrup that somehow manages to bestow the overlay of dead-pan female discourse with a profundity it doesn't deserve. Of the other two songs, 'Blood & Snow' is a mischievous coalition of chimes and digital detritus, whilst 'The Drowning Of St. Christopher' is as epic as the title suggests. They'll slip up one of these days, just you wait and see......

Ivan Smagghe - Fabric 23

Uber-fashionista and king of the filthy dancefloor, Blackstrobe's Ivan Smagghe delivers probably the most anticipated Fabric mix since Michael Mayer gave the wheels of steel a good rinsing early last year. Smagghe takes much pleasure in displaying his unquestionable zeitgeist straddling selection skills and his ability to procure some exclusives - most notably the massively anticipated Roman Flugel remix for Audion - a track that will be released on spectral later on this year. Also includes the obligatory Michael Mayer track (backslapping and vol-au-vent's are often the order of the day on mix cd's) plus hits from Konrad Black, DJ Koze, The Kills, I-Robot, Lopazz and so on. Good fun....

Various / Charm - Motion Picture Soundtrack
5 Rue Christine

Two disc soundtrack and DVD set, including the full length feature film 'Charm' by Sarah Reed and Sandie Shaw (not the Eurovision one I presume...) and a CD with contributions from Deerhoof, Tim Green, Aislers Set, Replikants, Black Ice and an awful lot more... Filmed for four grand in and around San Francisco, 'Charm' is a Ye Olde revenge flick centering around a young affluent madam who gets disenfranchised with the IKEA world around her so sets about drawing some blood from those in arms reach. With a kitchen knife... Whilst the premise may sound familiar, the soundtrack is a commendably rich collection of juxtapositions and curveballs that lack cohesion, but somehow hang together like an Ozwald Boateng. First up is the film's main theme, provided by Tim Green, which aims squarely for cinematic bombast through big drums, sweeping atmospherics and more than a dash of Slowdive fandom. This is soon put into contrast by the Aislers Set's double header, of which 'Attraction Action Reaction' scores most points through a propulsive clatter of Buddy Holly-esque fragments all held together by a college.alt membrane. Elsewhere, The Face Family Players use 'You've Really Got A Hold On Me' to put forward a bitter reading of the classic US high-school prom music, David Scott Stone delves deep into the drones with 'Pause On The Street' (think diet Earth), 27 Faces indulge in some 8-bit F*ckery, whilst Xtinct crossbreeds stereotypical Rephlex noise and Josh Wink beeps to a surprisingly successful end. I think I'll sleep with the light on tonight......

# posted by DJ Martian 11:14 PM

Porcupine Tree announce new European tour dates:

2nd December - Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Den Atelier
3rd December - Belgium, Antwerp, Hof Ter Lo
4th December - Holland, Tilburg, 013
6th December - UK, Wolverhampton, Wulfrun
7th December - UK, London, Shepherd's Bush Empire
8th December - UK, Manchester, MDH
9th December - UK, Glasgow, Carling Academy
11th December - UK, Cambridge, Junction

Opening act at all the UK shows will be legendary guitar player Robert Fripp

# posted by DJ Martian 10:50 PM

2005 Releases

I have updated by my long A-Z list of 2005 albums using RYM: 2005 Albums -- Rate Your Music

Combined Tracking List: Best Albums & Anticipated Forthcoming Albums of 2005. [Mostly related to releases for January to September]

I have also started a sequential forthcoming list: Forthcoming 2005 Albums

Over the next 6 weeks the release schedule is fairly quiet, however come September & October there will be the usual overload of releases.

Hopefully with this new system in place, it will be easier to keep track of forthcoming releases.

Albums yet to be officially confirmed with album title/ and release date include: Biosphere, Boards of Canada, Kate Bush, Portishead, Tool, TV on the Radio and Scott Walker.....and many more !

Once these are confirmed I will add them to the lists.

# posted by DJ Martian 4:04 PM

The Observer | OMM | review Goldfrapp - Supernature

# posted by DJ Martian 1:19 PM

Friday, July 15, 2005


Boards of Canada New Album in October

Warp News - July 2005 newsletter, make a Boards of Canada announcement:

We are extremely proud to announce that Boards of Canada have finished and mastered their new album, to be released in October - their first release since 2002's Geogaddi! The album is very much classic Boards, building on themes and sounds that can can be heard in their intervening remix work for Beck, cLOUDDEAD and Boom Bip.

# posted by DJ Martian 7:08 PM

Pitchfork review Xiu Xiu - La Forêt

# posted by DJ Martian 4:59 PM

The Guardian review Kirsty MacColl - The Best of Kirsty MacColl

# posted by DJ Martian 4:54 PM

The Guardian review My Computer - No CV

# posted by DJ Martian 4:52 PM

Next week's releases reviewed @ Norman Records

# posted by DJ Martian 4:24 PM

Junior Boys plan 2nd album for early 2006 Release

Billboard report Junior Boys are working on their 2nd album: Junior Boys Melding Simple Minds, Gershwin On New CD

Greenspan says he and colleague Matt Didemus are gleaning inspiration from: "a bizarre combination of Italo-disco, new wave (as usual, but with a heavier influence of Simple Minds, Magazine, Ultravox and others that we love) and strangely, the pervasive influence of classic Tin Pan Alley/Gershwin-esque songwriting. [It] sounds bad, but its definitely coalescing into something new."

[via One Louder music blog]

# posted by DJ Martian 4:16 PM

The Guardian interview Alison Goldfrapp

# posted by DJ Martian 11:42 AM

Killing Joke fan Alex in NYC launches a blog: The House of Vassifer: the Weblog of Alex in NYC

# posted by DJ Martian 11:11 AM

music blog to check: advance copy

# posted by DJ Martian 11:09 AM

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Jackson - Smash Album Set for September

As reported via Warp June Newsletter 2005 news of the debut album from Jackson

Jackson, The debut album from 25yr old French electronic superstar and new Warp
signing Jackson is finally mastered and in the can.

Featuring contributions from Mr Oizo, Mike Ladd and Jackson's mum, 'Smash' is released in September, with a 3 track 12' due on 22nd August.

# posted by DJ Martian 9:07 PM

Adult say Gimmie Trouble

Thrill Jockey will release a new album from Adult in October

Oct. 11th: ADULT. - Gimmie Trouble CD/LP

# posted by DJ Martian 8:55 PM

BW & BK provide a Katatonia studio update: KATATONIA - Guitar Sessions Continue, Studio Pics Posted

The material is sounding very heavy already

# posted by DJ Martian 8:29 PM

BW & BK report on Khold: KHOLD To Issue Krek In October on Tabu Recordings

# posted by DJ Martian 8:24 PM

BW & BK report on The Gathering: THE GATHERING - Track List For Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides Confirmed - to be released August 22nd via Century Media

# posted by DJ Martian 8:23 PM

Ultimate Metal Forum interview Krystoffer Rygg of Ulver

Krystoffer Rygg is an exceptional figure. The Clown of Jester-Town. After appearing in many metal bands and projects, he has a few connections with the Norwegian metal scene. His first band, Ulver, has faced many metamorphoses. In the beginning, their reputation was founded with melodic black after releasing one of the coldest black records ever. Later they flirted with electronics to an extent, and unleashed numerous ambient and soundtrack recordings. This time it’s all about Blood Inside, which opens a new direction for Ulver.

# posted by DJ Martian 8:01 PM

Details of Manchester Jazz Festival taking place 22-30 JULY '05

Welcome to mjf 2005…

…and to nine Mancunian days of exciting, innovative contemporary jazz.

It's our 10th festival - come and celebrate this landmark with us, as we bring to you over 50 bands, at 9 venues, with events at all times of the day and week, indoors and out

Norwegian artist Tord Gustavsen Trio will be performing.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:39 PM

BBC Music review Kinski - Alpine Static

# posted by DJ Martian 1:37 PM

Junkmedia interview Ellen Allien

# posted by DJ Martian 1:29 PM

Stylus review Boy Robot - Rotten Cocktails

# posted by DJ Martian 12:47 PM

Brainwashed Releases a listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases has been updated.

# posted by DJ Martian 10:34 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Confirmed final artwork for the new Opeth album: Opeth - Ghost Reveries

# posted by DJ Martian 11:47 PM

Playlouder on last week's SuperSonic festival held in Birmingham.

# posted by DJ Martian 11:09 PM

Blabbermouth.Net report AGATHODAIMON Recording New Album

# posted by DJ Martian 11:03 PM

T.Raumschmiere - Blitzkrieg Pop

Latest T.Raumschmiere news from Mute [via email newsletter]

T.Raumschmiere releases a new single, Blitzkrieg Pop, on 29th August. Available on CD, 7" and 12", Blitzkrieg Pop is the title track from his brand new album, which is out on 12th September.

T.Raumschmiere plays live in the UK and Europe including a London show at Kill All Hippies at The Scala on 16th July and festival dates in August, followed by North American shows in the autumn.

Official website for T.Raumschmiere

# posted by DJ Martian 5:34 PM

ISSUE 75 of Rock Sound

The new issue of Rock Sound magazine features Mastodon on the front cover.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:57 PM

Pitchfork article on The Lost Generation

How UK post-rock fell in love with the moon,
and a bunch of bands nobody listened to defined the 1990s
Story by
Nitsuh Abebe

# posted by DJ Martian 1:41 PM

Pitchfork review these Can reissues: Can - Future Days / Soon Over Babaluma / Unlimited Edition / Landed

Mute reissues the mid-1970s Can catalog, including the monumental Future Days and underrated Unlimited Edition compilation. [Dominique Leone]

# posted by DJ Martian 1:37 PM

Yahoo music / dotmusic report on London United

A free festival to pay tribute to those killed in the terrorist strikes in London is to take place this weekend.

The details of 'London United', which will be held in Burgess Park on Saturday, were announced this morning by Mayor Ken Livingstone.

To appear Jarvis Cocker, Madness and St Etienne.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:25 PM

Tiny Mix Tapes review Xiu Xiu - La Foret

# posted by DJ Martian 11:20 AM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Pitchfork review Piano Magic - Disaffected

# posted by DJ Martian 11:33 PM

Polish art rockers Riverside have signed to Inside Out. A second album is on the way:

"Second Life Syndrome" on Inside Out!

"Second Life Syndrome", for this is the title of the forthcoming Riverside album, will be released worldwide on Inside Out label! The album will consist of eight compositions, amongst which you will find "Reality Dream III," the track which has already been performed live. Lyricswise, "Second Life Syndrome" will continue the story from "Out Of Myself." Musicwise, it will show a bit heavier side of the band. The cover will be once again designed by Travis Smith. The album's premiere is planned for November 2005.

The band will report back on studio proceedings soon.

Riverside have a similar sound to Anathema circa the Eternity album, and deserve far more press coverage outside of the progressive rock community.

# posted by DJ Martian 1:32 PM

Stylus interview The Juan Maclean

# posted by DJ Martian 1:27 PM

Now on Listen Again: The Breezeblock a Detroit techno music special.


Martha & The Vandellas- 'Heatwave' (Gaudy)
Model 500- 'Outer Space (Vocal Mix)' (Metroplex)
Scan 7- 'No One Listens To Techno' (White)
Paperclip People- 'Throw' (Planet E)

---- Classic Techno Set- Buzz Goree ----

---- Heavy Electro Set- Aux 88 ----

---- Funky Techno Set- Dj 3000 ----

---- Soul Tinged Techno Set- Carl Craig ----

--- Detroit Booty Set- B Calloway & The Body Mechanic ---

Underground Resistance- 'Jupiter Jazz' (UR)

---- Classic Detroit Set- Model 500 ----

B Calloway- 'Late Night Ride' (Local 3000)
Kelli Hand- 'Moving On' (Third Ear)
Parliament- 'Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)' (Casablanca)
Shifted Phases- 'Lonely Journey Of The Comet Bopp' (Tresor

# posted by DJ Martian 1:24 PM

The Poke

Further presents The Poke an all nighter electronic music event in London this Friday.

Electro/ Techno / Acid / Electronica/ Noise & Stuff

According to Xfm DJ Nick Luscombe it ties in with a launch of a new electronic music magazine for London.

exile live planet-mu pro agonist album launch
b12 live warp/art
unique 3 dj bleep
stasis dj peacefrog
dub kult dj arcola raum...musik
snapmouth live seed
wheel instead of hooves djs
visuals by the spectralists

london electrics launch party
Nick luscombe dj xfm
cursor miner live uncharted audio
digitonal dj seed/toytronic
confutatis live ai
fisk industries live highpoint lowlife
jacen solo live ai
john power & sun ov dj furthur
plus more live acts & djs from london electrics

fri 15 july, 10pm-6am
Jacks, crucifix lane/Shand Street, SE1

# posted by DJ Martian 1:15 PM


Details of the new Mojo/ Q progressive rock special edition:

Mojo Special Edition

A MOJO Classic Special Edition

Take a trip to another musical dimension, celebrating the astounding tales and amazing sounds of...

PINK FLOYD: The Lost Years, The New Interviews, The Unseen Pictures.
In-depth stories, exclusive interviews with...

ELP and more...

SEX, DRUGS & WIZARDS: From Wish You Were Here to OK Computer - 40 Cosmic Rock Albums To Blow Your Mind...
PLUS: Rarities, artwork, competitions and more!

Available as a Q Classic Special Edition in the UK and a Mojo Classic Special Edition overseas, including the US. Available in all good newsagents from 14 July or by ordering online from here

# posted by DJ Martian 1:05 PM

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